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rich-c: test
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hello.
rich-c: hi dale how's it going?
Dale: Busy night?
Dale: A busy time. How 'bout you?
rich-c: not here right now, but it's early yet
rich-c: but in general, I am managing to keep more than busy enough
rich-c: before I forget - saw a new, open-source Amiga emulator last night
Dale: Is it better than uae (which I hear is good but...
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Dale: I never got working personally).
changed username to BobSlopsema
Dale: "Ultimate Amiga Emulator"
rich-c: UAE is it - there is a new update, release three
Dale: Hi Bob?
BobSlopsema: howdy ya'll!!!!!
rich-c: hey Bob, where you been, man?
BobSlopsema: sure is COLd up north here.......
BobSlopsema: to Florida and the Caribbean
rich-c: whaddya mean? it got above freezing here today
Dale: Bob, it's been a while since I've seen you here.
BobSlopsema: only a;couple of weeks.....or is it 3.......
Dale: Something like that.
BobSlopsema: might be three weeks, because first week was with Doug working on 486 boxes
rich-c: at least three, seems like more
rich-c: but then we're doing two chats a week now, for now
BobSlopsema: absence makes your ol' hearts grow fonder!!! ;-)
BobSlopsema: Sat at 3PM EST????
rich-c: bingo!
BobSlopsema: gotta remember that and try to come on at Doug's
rich-c: got an eager new user with us for them
BobSlopsema: who is the long lost dude who shows up??????
Dale: I haven't made it then. Anyone we don't usually get?
rich-c: Dave Compson - he's a cop in Las Vegas
BobSlopsema: gota n email form a guy in Uraguay also who needs help
rich-c: he's the one who took the freebie Adam I was offering a couple months back
rich-c: there was a Uraguaryan on the mailing list for a while, but he had ISP troubles or something I think
BobSlopsema: says he just got a disk drive and needs help workin it
Dale: At the last MTAG meeting we talked about designing Adam hardware.
rich-c: is it the same guy back on line now?
rich-c: what needs designing for which there isn't an existing model?
BobSlopsema: if it si the same guy......
Dale: After hour 1 we decided on a project to create a hardware device to trigger the joystick fire button.
BobSlopsema: Hi i a old hardcore adam user from latinoamerica Uruguay i love the adam
rich-c: gee! a replacement for the finger!
Dale: The design was to connect to the joystick port.
rich-c: great, Dale, but what's it good for?
Dale: We used two wires, and one was connected to the strobe pin, the other to the trigger pin.
Dale: The problem was that it didn't work.
Dale: Any ideas?
BobSlopsema: adam was my first computer y recently bought a Diskdrive but i don't
rich-c: you know teh engineer's definition of hell
BobSlopsema: now where i can find software i call the local adam
rich-c: everythings perfect - it just don't work
Dale: Richard, you need to communicate from external hardware to the computer somehow.
BobSlopsema: dealer but he close
BobSlopsema: the bussines in 1998 and i can't contact him
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi Guy
Dale: For inbstance a real world application could be a mat which trigers the Adam to play music when someone enters the house.
BobSlopsema: hi Guy!!!!!
rich-c: Dale's just discussing new hardware for the Adam
rich-c: and Bob is quoting a message from Uraguay
Guy B.: Hi All, I'll be right back. I jus finished filing my income taxes electronically. Just wrapping things up with Turbotax.
BobSlopsema: etc.etc..........
Dale: Hi Guy.
rich-c: Oh, OK, you're thinking of the key to a remote control, sort of trigger
BobSlopsema: that would be to scare the H$## out of a newcomer.......
Dale: I think that I need a resistor or something. I know that the hacker's guide doesn't contain the details.
rich-c: anyway, Bob, in Uraguay they're likely to have big Customs problems
rich-c: well Bob, what Dale is looking at is basically what the X-10 system provides; X-10 is more sophisticated though
BobSlopsema: he is talking about getting software via the net and using ADAMEM to trun it inot the stuff ADAM disk drives read.
BobSlopsema: nmight just work
Dale: Bob, the principle of a new hardware design is to interface something interesting to the Adam.
BobSlopsema: like a scanner.......???????
BobSlopsema: darn great idea that never came about
Dale: Jeff Frowein had a project you could build for the ColecoVision, that used the joystick port as a slower serial port.
rich-c: me, I'd vote for an LS120 super floppy
BobSlopsema: actually it IS a serial prot isnt' it???
BobSlopsema: port
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Printing is going for my records.
rich-c: how about a kit to convert old modems to serial cards?
Guy B.: Bob, does Doug have any Pentium towers?
Dale: No, not a serial port. It receives 5 signals simultaniously. There are 2 sets of signals that can be strobed.
BobSlopsema: don't have any towers built up yet Guy
Dale: With the first set there are 8 directions and a fire button.
Guy B.: Just the two you have now then right?
Dale: With the second set it gets the numeric key pad, second fire button, and two other fire buttons.
Dale: Oh yeah, there are also signaly wires for the roller controller (spinner).
rich-c: so to speak, any female DB9 connector can be used with the pins wired where you want them in terms of function, right?
Dale: Richard, that info was in ANN and the MTAG newsletter (Syd Carter's project).
BobSlopsema: those are both desktop units, will have to give us a coupel weeks here to check out some 75's
rich-c: the fact of it was but I don't recall the actual how-to being there
Dale: Richard, that's the idea, but with my live demonstration, I was missing something. I just haven't figured out what yet.
Dale: I'll have to look up that Jeff Frowein project again. I think I have it here somewhere.
Dale: His web site has disappeared now though.
rich-c: I don't know electronics well enough to read teh details of the guts of a joystick controller board
rich-c: but maybe someone could take a dead joystick apart and see what is in the necessary circuit
Guy B.: I'm getting my website transfered Finally. Be right back.
rich-c: evidently, if just shorting two wires would work, it would be working
Dale: The SmartMODEM 1200 to 9600 baud serial port conversion project is in the MTAG library at the very least. I think anyway.
rich-c: that's assuming you picked the right two wires
rich-c: come to think of it, you're getting a lot more than nine functions out of nine pins
Dale: I've had a copy of it, but never had a SmartMODEM, so never tried the project.
rich-c: so there's got to be a logic chip of some sort in there
Dale: Richard, the documentation I do have on the joystick ports for the Adam includes the pin assignments, and signal mappings.
rich-c: I have a SydModem and Adam mouse now but have never played with them
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rich-c: yes, I know for instance 1 + * is the equivalent of the third fire button on the Super Action Controller
Dale: The SmartMODEM 1200 was the original Adam 300 baud modem (just incase you'd forgotten).
changed username to Pamela
BobSlopsema: hi Pam
rich-c: hello, Duaghter
Guy B.: Hi Pam, Webpage transfer in progress.
rich-c: oops! hi Pam
Pamela: Hi, all - sorry I'm late
rich-c: spelled that better
rich-c: did Syd build it up from an Adam modem? I didn't know that
BobSlopsema: and he did what to it?????
BobSlopsema: beefed up the speed chip???
rich-c: actually he more took the brakes off it, didn't he, Dale?
BobSlopsema: I always thougth the 1200 Sidmodem was a wirewrapped version
Dale: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi there - I'm here for a good time, not a long time
rich-c: have a hard day at the office?
Dale: The UART (Universal Asyncronus Receiver Transmitter) used by the original Adam modem could do up to 19200 baud.
Pamela: Very long and frantic right at the end, plus I didn't get much sleep last night and am somewhat dozy
rich-c: right. what shift is Russell on?
Pamela: Midnights. Plus I managed to give away my cold to him, poor guy
Guy B.: Well, the website will be up in a few minutes. I'll give you guys the address as soon as the last two transfers are done.
Dale: By changing a couple of wires, you could hardwire a different speed.
rich-c: well, you didn't need it any more
Pamela: No, it had definitely outlived its usefulness
Dale: The Sydmodem (which was 1200 baud/300 baud) was an etched design.
Dale: Not wire wrapped.
rich-c: yes - the Adam is as fast inside as I think any DOSbox up to a 386 or 486
rich-c: if it was etched, that implies it was a custom made circuit card
Pamela: You're all speaking Greek. What is baud?
BobSlopsema: cool, now why didn't we ALL just change those wires instead of putting on 2400 baud external serial port modems????
rich-c: try bits per second and you're close enough -it's modem speed
Dale: Yes. It was a custom made circuit board. The original Trisyd memory card was hand drawn, then etched...
BobSlopsema: modem speed Pam. 56k is 56,000 baud
Pamela: Ah, now I get it.
Dale: by the time the modem card was made, it was created with CAD software, then etched.
rich-c: wonder whre Syd found a fabricator to do such short runs so cheap
Dale: The problem with the UART in the original Adam modem is that it didn't have a software reprogrammable speed. So, the Orphanware serial ports were better.
Dale: I ended up with Micro Innovations hardware myself.
rich-c: wouldn't just changing the wires on an Adam modem have been cheaper?
Dale: Well, I guess it's all about timing. Syd thought up the serial port modification after the MI and Orphanware were widely available.
Dale: The project cost less than $6 in parts, and was suggested for an external 80 column terminal for CP/M.
rich-c: Sort of why solve the problem when you have the answer already
Dale: (That way the speed could stay fixed).
rich-c: maybe that would be a project for your group, Dale - there are lots of old derelict modems around
BobSlopsema: man the easy obvious way came late!!!
BobSlopsema: troubl.e is Rich, there are no ADAM bbs's around anymore
Dale: How many used original Adam modems do you have? I have none, myself.
rich-c: I don't know, don't pay much attention. Likely about half a dozen
Dale: I could presumably use it with AdamServe. Which I'm supposed to demo at the next meeting.
Pamela: I thought the basement was full, Dad
Guy B.: Bob, could I come out to pickup the two towers this Saturday?
rich-c: not of modems - there are one or two other parts down there as well
BobSlopsema: Guyk don't have ANY towers built up, only 2 desktops!
Dale: Richard, could we swap a couple of original Adam modems for my installing Linux on your spare partition?
BobSlopsema: desktops will stand up and act as towers.......
BobSlopsema: if taht will work
rich-c: Dale, we have enough mutual interests to talk about all sorts of things. I'm always open to your approach, as you know
BobSlopsema: hmmmm, mutual interests....veerrryyy innterressttiinngg
rich-c: just don't phone this weekend - I have four separate races to watch, one a 12-hour
Guy B.: Ok, can you estimate how long they will take to build 3 of them?
Pamela: Dale, do you know (in laymans terms) how to go about transferring the information from an old hard disk to a new one?
rich-c: yes, before you came in we were talking about a new Amiga emulator
BobSlopsema: can try this saturday if we got all the parts and heve them next week
Dale: Noted. I'll keep it in mind though.
BobSlopsema: could let youknow sat or suday
Dale: Pam, how old?
rich-c: I know you aren't but I am free weekdays
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changed username to james
james: morning all :)
rich-c: hey, james is here!
BobSlopsema: put them on top of each other Pam and do ABRA CA DABRA
james: sorry to be so late.
Pamela: It's a 486 with Windows 3.1 on it, plus an older version of Lotus Smartsuite
Guy B.: Hi James.
james: how's it going guy?
james: hi rich :)
Pamela: Hello?
rich-c: Pam, the magic words are Norton Ghost or Drive Image
Dale: Hi James.
james: hey dale. long time no see!
Guy B.: Ok, I don't want to rush you. Let's make it next Saturday, that sound Ok to you?
BobSlopsema: hiya james!!!!
james: hey bob :)
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rich-c: when do you leave for Canada, James?
changed username to Pamela
james: two weeks now :) we leave on march 28th
Pamela: I tanked, did anyone else?
Dale: Pam, there are lots of ways. Does the 486 still work okay?
BobSlopsema: can try Guy., willlet you know this weekend!!!
rich-c: oh, Ottawa first, then Toronto, then work your way west?
Pamela: Yes, it's just slow.
BobSlopsema: yup
Pamela: and Bob, I already tried your idea. Didn't work.
james: we'll be landing in montreal, spending a night and half day in old montreal. from there taking the train to ottawa.
Pamela: Morning James
james: from ottawa, we'll be taking the train to toronto.
james: hi pam :)
rich-c: then to Toronto, where I'm trying to figure out how to meet you
Dale: Well, you can transfer the files onto floppy. You can get one of those external ZIP drives and hook it up to each computer....
Pamela: I plan to take a trip up the tower with him.
BobSlopsema: heck James, Toronto is a little town, NO PROLLEM MON!!!!
james: we'll be pretty busy. your best bet is if you have time, to meet us at the hotel that evening for a little bit. the following day we'll be at the tower.
rich-c: yes, but his schedule is so short it's in - out - bye
james: ;)
Dale: or you can put the old HD into the new machine. But you need to have the right connector and change one setting on the hard disl. (The master jumper to the slave jumper).
rich-c: all depends on when you're back at teh hotel - maybe... are you eating dinner in Toronto?
Pamela: I have a Zip drive on the new one but have never used it - would the old one support an external?
Dale: Yup, if you get/borrow frome someone a parallel port one.
james: we'll be arriving at the hotel late on the evening of sat march 31st. ordering in pizza most likely.
Pamela: Hold that thought, Dale, I'll be right back - Russell is heading out
rich-c: Pam's machine is new enough to have two IDE connectors, I'm sure, Dale
Guy B.: Sounds good, then. Ok, I have to make some changes on the webpages. I'll be right back.
Dale: The ZIP disks can be read by any drives.
rich-c: So even if she has the CDROM on teh first she can slave the old hard disc on the second
BobSlopsema: well, "dad"........just go over there and fix her up!
Pamela: Okay, I'm back - sorry about that, he's working midnights this week
Dale: If she has a ZIP drive internal, then she probably had a dard disk on one cable and the CD-ROM and ZIP drivbe on the other.
rich-c: can't - she saw teh battle I had transferring data from my old hard disc to the new one
rich-c: just because I won that battle doesn't mean it restored her faith
BobSlopsema: bloody, eh?? ;-)
Pamela: If I don't need a CDROM on the old one, I'm okay - I had to transfer it to the new one
Dale: Pam , if if you have 2 IDE cables in the new computer, then leave the hard disk conne
Pamela: I do need someone with expertise - I don't speak computer too well
BobSlopsema: you just want files Pam??? or the programs themselves???
rich-c: actually, Pam, with teh right software you don't need anything else
rich-c: you can do a full blpock copy of each partition from one to the next
rich-c: block, that is
Pamela: I want to retrieve the files that are on there and some of the programs
Dale: connected. Put the old hard disk on the second cable (by itself), connect the power, and you shold have access to all the data (not jumper settings need to be changed).
BobSlopsema: Dale, correct me if'n I am wrong, BUT, the programs won't transfer because they need an install disk, yes?????
Dale: When you're done, reconnect the CD-ROM and ZIP drive, as before (if you disconnected them).
james: i'm afraid i can't stay on too long again today.
rich-c: right, in DOS. That's why I had to image my old drive onto the new
Pamela: I'm not sure I remember what all is on there - and I have no idea whether it was Y2k compliant
Pamela: James, you're not heading out again already?
Dale: Any computers that I have seen are Y2K compliant enough to start.
james: i'm going to have to go soon. been sitting around doing too much of nothing this morning.
rich-c: yes, but some of the old software might not be
Dale: As for transfering programs, I suspect that you'll need help, unless you have the install disks handy.
rich-c: don't forget we are still using some old 16-bit Win3.1 stuff
Dale: Good to see you anyway James.
Pamela: I definitely need help for all of it, but the info helps greatly.
rich-c: OK James will try to drop you a line later
Pamela: James, you're planning on being in Toronto on the Sunday, right?
james: i've got a few minutes before i go.
Dale: James, how good are you with presentations in Japanese?
james: yeah, we'll be arriving saturday evening around 10 and hopefully at our hotel by 10:45. if we have to cab it, we will.
Pamela: What hotel again?
rich-c: believe it or not, james, the hotel you're going to, the subway is faster
james: on the sunday, we'll be leaving that morning to spend a half day in niagara falls. and back in toronto around 16:00
rich-c: unless your kids need a packhorse for their luggage, of course
rich-c: OK - from 1600 Sunday, what's your agenda?
james: might be the case though i'm insisting they travel light, they'll likely accumulate souvenirs etc.
james: agenda is to stay around the tower and eaton centre.
rich-c: do you think they'll have that much by effectively the second day?
james: well it's actually the fifth day of our trip so they might have some stuff.
Dale: Iplan to be back Sunday evening. I'll be in Montreal Saturday night though.
rich-c: how are the kid going to cope with our restaurant prices?
Pamela: What about dinner on Sunday?
james: cope? not too worried about restaurant prices.
james: dinner on sunday is open. haven't decided yet. i doubt it'll be in the tower though.
rich-c: the yen's even weaker than our dollar, and downtown feeding is pricey
rich-c: Pam, what would a decent dinner cost somewhre in the Eaton Centre?
Pamela: Hope not in the Tower, I hear the food isn't that great especially for the price. Dad's suggestion of the Old Spaghetti factory was a good one though
james: the yen, even though weak, still buys $1.30 cdn last i checked.
rich-c: actually .128 tonight, but details
Pamela: I have no idea, I haven't eaten downtown in years - at least three or four
rich-c: I'm not sure I've eaten downtown since I retired
james: comparatively strong. a canadian dollar has never been worth more than the yen in my short lifetime.
rich-c: except for our lunches at the Court, of course
Dale: Old Spagetti factory is great for large groups, but the food is only so-so. I was there in the summer.
rich-c: this is a large group of giggly tweenie girls
Pamela: We never eat downtown any more - no reason to go there. I think the last time I was at Yonge and Dundas, I went to the Worlds Biggest bookstore and then straight home
james: lunch will be in niagara falls. dinner in toronto. i'm sure there's somewhere within reasonable distance.
rich-c: downtown is stiff with restaurants, price ranging down from $200 per couple
Dale: So, what can I say. Everyone recommends Marche, but somehow I've never made it there. I guess I live too far north.
rich-c: it's got to be open on a Sunday night, too
Pamela: Spaghetti factory has the advantage of being reasonably close to everything else and is reasonably priced. It's not haute cuisine by any means
james: if budget contraints i'm sure there are places. does toronto have a mcdonald's yet? :D
Pamela: I'm sure we could find you one if necessary.
james: i've had a few requests for spaghetti so that might be the way to go :D
rich-c: here we prefer Wendy's or better still Tim Hortons - which merged with Wendy's to the benefit of both
Pamela: Dale, Marche is good but very busy and very pricey
Dale: James, you can look up Old Spagetti Factory and Marche on OSF is definately an easy choice for a large group.
james: don't forget it's not *all* tweenie girls. there'll be some tweenie boys, a couple of adults and a tired haggard looking 25 yr old canadian.
rich-c: yes, and TorontoLifde. com has restaurant reviews too, but not the MacDonald's type
Pamela: Just remember James, you volunteered for this
james: then it's settled. osf it is. i'll put it on our schedule. heck, i should call and make a reservation tonight.
Guy B.: I'm still here. Having a little trouble, but finally figured out what's wrong.
rich-c: I think if you choose Old Spaghetti Factory you might want to make reservations for so large a group
Pamela: Call? From there? At least wait until you get into Canada
james: yup. think i'll call them tonight. say around 8:45 pm. if you guys are coming, we'll be about 20 people.
james: nah. it's not much pricier to call from here. 25 yen per minute.
rich-c: Just let Pam make the call - she has a local address and a great telephone technique
james: a reservation wouldn't cost me more than a couple of bucks to make. 8 minutes is a long time.
Pamela: Why do I always get volunteered for the phone stuff?
james: true, she's local :D
rich-c: she's also good on teh phone
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changed username to Pamela
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Pamela: Are we back?
changed username to rich
rich: I'm back
Pamela: Hello?
Dale: Did we go away?
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changed username to james
rich: seems we have a bit of a server hiccup
james: yeah, i got bumped.
Pamela: I went away - we need to chat, Dale - it's about getting turfed out
james: so as i was saying - rich, in your experience, if we finish at the tower by 8 pm., does that get our sunset in?
rich: hey, if the server bumps the boss, what hope do you have?
BobSlopsema: WIERD things been ahappenin'
Dale: Well, it wasn't me anyway. I justed started up the server fresh for tonight's session.
rich: Let's see - I'll have to check a minute, James
Pamela: Definitely, James - sun has been setting around 6:30 recently
Pamela: Check the weathernetwork website, Dad
Dale: The Sun is setting at before 6pm right now.
james: since i'm asking questions, how far is it from the tower/eaton ctre to osf?
rich: OK - sunset today is 6.24 p.m.
james: wow, our sun is actually setting later than yours now. not the case in another month or so i'd guess.
Pamela: From the Eaton Centre, about a fifteen minute walk. From the tower, about a 20 minute walk. Shorter by cab.
Dale: It is about 3 blocks from OSF to Union Station/Skydome/CN tower.
rich: and it is 18 days to April 1 - so maybe 27 minutes later?
Pamela: Hope for warm weather - the walk can be chilly otherwise
james: okay, so likely around 7 pm. is a good bet for a sunset view. do the sunset, night time view, buy some souvenirs, finish up some simulation games and
rich: trouble is, I think the change to Daylight time comes at 2 a.m. April 1st
Pamela: Dale, isn't OSF at Front and Church?
james: leave around 8. walk if it's not too cold and be there by around 8:30
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james: hmm.. damn i hate that daylight savings time.
Dale: I'd agree with 20 min from CN tower. I can walk it from Union in less than about 10 at a realtively quick pace.
Pamela: That could be a problem
rich: actually it's around the corner on the Esplanade, Pam
Pamela: Well, you know what I mean Dad
changed username to <bair
james: hmm. i still think if we make our reservation for 8:30 we should be okay. 8:45 if need be.
BobSlopsema: hiya Bob!!!!
Pamela: Good evening, Bob Bair
BobSlopsema: did you get the money mailed to Rich Drushel????
Pamela: Isn't that a bit late for dinner?
rich: Oh, I would say 8.30 at the very latest, even though the apparent sunset will be later at that height
Dale: It is on the Esplanade. One block south of Front. the Espolanade is not very long.
rich: well the Big Bad Bair! Hi there!
Pamela: Just south of the St. Lawrence Centre
Dale: Hi Bob.
BobSlopsema: the canadian contingent is being travel agents for James coming from Japan in a few weeks, Bob!!!
rich: yes, those kids are going to be totally ravenous
james: 8:30 should work then. the kids should like it and it sounds like it's family-budget oriented.
<bair: I got the money off but never heared if he got it
Pamela: Now as long as the adults don't starve, we'll be fine
james: at 13 they're always ravenous. it's a state of being for them. i'm sure they'll be snacking constantly.
Pamela: Oh yes, the hollow leg syndrome
james: there's one girl, 13 going on 14 and every class she comes and the first thing she asks is what we're going to be eating in canada. not what we'll see,
rich: well, tell them to save some room. What OSF lacks in sophistication it makes up in quantity
james: how long it'll take, but what, where and how often we'll be eating.
BobSlopsema: I sent Dr D a message asking the same thing Bob; but havent' heard back yet
Guy B.: Hi Bob B.
<bair: Hi guy
Pamela: One has to wonder what her metabolism is like - I'm completely envious
BobSlopsema: James, tell her it will all be ethnic Canadian food.......... ;-)
james: yeah. i'll be telling them. i'm sure the words "spaghetti factory" on the itinerary should wind her up a few more notches.
BobSlopsema: that should make her think for a ew minutes
james: heh heh. yeah, beaver tails, perogies, poutine and maple syrup.
Pamela: Hey, beaver tails are GOOD!
rich: they are pretty much a local institutioin - a sort of Chucky Cheese's for a slightly older group
rich: not much older
<bair: should ispot the check
james: i like beaver tails. we have gold seats to the ottawa sens vs. boston game and a friend of my father's arranged for us to have beaver tails at the game!
BobSlopsema: no, just let it be and wait till Dr D gets back to us
james: i'm telling you, these kids are getting one hell of a trip.
<bair: ok
Pamela: They should sleep for a week when you get home
rich: I believe it. Golds at tehCorel Centre yet
james: i know i will, except that i'm teaching the day after we get back..
Pamela: Can you sleep standing up?
james: no but i can sleep while a drafting professor drones on :D
james: would explain why i did first year engineering twice.
Pamela: For me it was my history teacher
Pamela: Even my mom thought he was a complete snore, and she loves history
james: i wasn't the star pupil for my monday morning 8:30 calculus lecture either.
BobSlopsema: for me it was all th teachers, 'cept for the world history guy
james: now phyics - there was something that could keep me going.
Pamela: Don't talk to me about physics - talk about spectacular failures. I'm just not a math and science person
Pamela: I managed to tank physics and math in the same semester
rich: depends on teh teacher - my grade 12 chemistry teacher was fantastic
james: a good teacher/prof can make all the difference.
james: so i like to think when i teach these kids english. some of them are really starting to take off.
Pamela: Absolutely. I had an English teache I adored. He managed to make life bearable.
rich: hope it's not too good in the Corel Centre - that could get embarrassing
james: okay, now i'm annoyed. i went to and it assumes because i'm using japanese windows that i want to use their site in japanese. i can't override it either.
Pamela: This is the guy who promised our grade thirteen English class that if we all passed a test with better than 70 that he would teach the following class in his underwear
rich: try, they are good
james: did he?
Pamela: We did, and he did.
james: heh heh. i should try that :D
Pamela: A white union suit with bright orange yeses and noes all over it
Pamela: Thirty five kids in the class and not one of us thought to bring a camera.
james: i've got "banana" underwear. likely a little too suggestive.
rich: you can pick up some good ol' Stanfields in the Eaton Centre
Pamela: He got a nasty cold out of it, too as I recall. Even ditched his shoes and socks
james: osf has a website. i'm checking it out now. thanks everyone for the suggestion, btw.
rich: hey neat, you'll have us booked before we're offline
james: at this rate, yes :D
Pamela: tres cool. I'm looking forward to this!
james: *perfect* they've got their menu online. something to keep them busy for an hour or so on the plane.
Pamela: First you have to translate to the English. Then you have to translate that into Italian. Could be interesting
james: lucky for me i speak both :)
rich: use Netscape, 6 gives a running translation, more or less
Pamela: This is going to be interesting, I can tell
james: the menu seems to be in very standard north american english :) actually, i'd be very surprised if they *were* italian at the restaurant.
rich: who are teh other adults, by teh way?
Pamela: the word is THE, Dad
Pamela: fimble ningers
rich: my keyboard can't spell
Pamela: we need to move those keys for you so you get them in the right order
james: my wife will be meeting up with us in toronto with two other adults - the parents of two of the students (a brother and sister)
rich: right
james: the other adult is a friend of mine here from l.a. who will be helping me from the outset.
<bair: I thought my keybroad was the only one that could not spell
Pamela: Do they speak English?
rich: your qwife? this will be a real treat
Pamela: seems to be a common problem, Bob
rich: you noticed
james: so, if we count myself as an adult, that's 5 adults in our group + 12 kids aged 12-14.
Pamela: Are you an adult?
Dale: A good way to look at it James.
rich: and as many more as join for the meal - Frances hasn't made up her mind yet
james: on occasion i've been known to be somewhat adolescent but most of the time i'm tame.
BobSlopsema: these people need an ADAM keyboard!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Can Adam keyboards spell better, Bob?
rich: right. I never makes mistakes on the Adam keyboard
james: actually, i was going to ask - has anyone ever hooked up an adam keyboard to a pc?
<bair: Myself I plan never to grow up
Pamela: Personally, I have an intimate acquaintance with the backspace key
rich: not enough keys - what do you do for F11?
Pamela: Me either, Bair
Pamela: Shift F1, Dad
james: so if pam, rich join us, thats 7 big people and 12 halfers. you joining us dale? what about your qwife rich?
BobSlopsema: YUP!
james: i've never used f11.
Dale: James, it is hard to do, but I've heard that it is possible to modify the Adam keyboard to useon an Apple II GS or somesuch.
rich: she's thinking about it.
Pamela: You know, I'd better check and see if Russell is off that weekend - hold on, I'm going to get my Daytime
Pamela: r
Dale: Count me and Jill (my wife).
james: hmm. could make for an interesting project. i'd have to have some strange mappings to let me switch in and out of japanese encoding.
james: okay. at this rate we'll outnumber the hormone crazed grazers.
rich: well, if Dale is joining us, maybe he can tell you how to rig up the necessary black box
<bair: I mist out where are you going
james: i'm bringing a bunch of my students on a cross country tour of canada in a couple of weeks.
Pamela: Okay, I'm solo - Russell is on midnights that weekend
<bair: sounds like fun
james: oh yeah. should be interesting. first time too.
rich: pity- guess you'll have to settle for teh old man as escort
james: heh heh :)
Pamela: What a hardship
james: must remember to make a camera so i can make a photo album. can then do one up on the computer and make a nice souvenir for everyone.
<bair: never a hard ship
Pamela: Are you coming up the tower, Dad?
james: a good man is hard to find, eh pam? ;)
rich: let's see - is a Zodiac a soft ship?
james: of course, you can also switch those two adjective and it still holds true. :D
Pamela: Absolutely. Until recently, my friends swore I got the last good one
(A dog howls in the distance)
james: all is quiet.
Pamela: James, that is positively lewd
james: did i offend?
rich: is this a matter for sruprise?
Pamela: Nah
Pamela: At least, not me. Good thing I work in a male dominated environment - I'm used to this stuff
james: so pam, can i impose on you to make our reservation once we have final numbers and a set time?
Pamela: Sure, just send me an e-mail to let me know
james: it's no big deal if you're busy, i can do it just as easily from here.
james: thanks! i'll let you know.
rich: with a local call and good telephone skills, it's easier to iron out details
Guy B.: Seems that I'm getting the wrong files pointing to the wrong page. Should I delete all the files off the server and start all over again?
james: might be easier that way. just nuke everything and re-upload.
Pamela: Oh, James, specify smoking or non smoking, too
Dale: James, have you played with interfacing to the Adam?
james: non smoking. definitely non smoking.
Pamela: Okay, Dad and I can go outside to smoke
james: no, but i really want to. i have technical and hardware skills, just no specs.
rich: Guess we'll have to make teh odd retreat to the bar
james: ah how sweet. daddy and little girl puffing together ;) it's a hallmark moment!
Pamela: Get stuffed
Dale: As sa prohject for MTAG we were trying to makje a joystick port trigger taht would look like the fire button.
<bair: just don't light up
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: LOL
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: My text stopped.
rich: I see Guy got dumped but he's back
james: hmm. not quite sure what you mean by "look like a firebutton". do you mean physically or from a software/interface point of view?
Pamela: I hate it when that happens
rich: comes from trying to do two things at once
BobSlopsema: whoops!
Dale: I'll be right back.
Dale left chat session
Pamela: poof - that was quick
rich: wonder if it was deliberate or accidental?
Guy B.: Well, I'm having all sorts of trouble with my webpages. It's not pointing to the right pages. Should I delete the files off the server and try again?
Pamela: Speaking of which, where's our west coast contingent tonite?
rich: oh, Ron has a prior obligation - will have for the next few Wednesdays
BobSlopsema: hmmm, stillon corecomm???
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Guy B.: Yep
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changed username to Dale
Pamela: Uh oh, twins again
rich: see you're back, Dale
BobSlopsema: should work ok......
BobSlopsema: what are you making the pages with andhow are you uploading
Guy B.: I'm using WS_ftp for transfering the files.
Guy B.: And using Netscape Composer
BobSlopsema: don't know about either of them......
Pamela: James, if you don't get a response to your booking email at my home address in 24 hours, send me a reminder at work - That is the one I'm in every day, all day
james: thanks pam.
Pamela: Pas de probleme.
Guy B.: I'll start all over again. But, I'll wait till the weekend. I'm going to go here, I'll try for Saturday.
rich: they've changed it to speedyauto now, Pam?
Pamela: Especially when Russell is on midnights, I don't get to check my mail at home every day
james: oh crap. i forgot - i'm teaching in half an hour and i still need to shower and have lunch.
Pamela: Yes, but still works Dad
Guy B.: Bye All!
rich: OK james, with luck see you next week
Pamela: Good nite Guy, good luck and keep us posted
Pamela: Have Fun, James
Guy B.: I will. First crack at everything.
rich: and Guy, if you're off, goodnight likewise
BobSlopsema: THAT is how a link should look on Corecomm
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Dale: I'm back for real now.
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: As opposed to what, Dale?
rich: have you managed to convince the server of that, Dale?
Dale: I'm logged in form windows tonight. And it is slow on my computer, unless I'm in from Linux.
Dale: I've been programming some windows code lately, so I'm in Windows today.
Pamela: I see your keyboard can't spell either Dale
rich: I'm always in Windows but I'm using Oopera
Pamela: James, go and soak or you'll be late
Dale: Well, Pamela, not everyone said spelling=literacy.
rich: and it seems to be going through fast as I can type and hit return
Pamela: True.
Dale: James,
BobSlopsema: quantity, not quality!!!!!
Dale: I'll email you the details of what I have planned. And any specs I can look up. Maybe you can look it it and find my error.
Pamela: The new chat motto!
Dale: How much experience do you have with computer hardware anyway James?
james: i can try :) i really need to go now! see you all next week. looking forward to your e-mail dale. want to talk to you about hooking up an ide
BobSlopsema: si!!!!!
james: zip drive to the hd interface too.
james: bye!
rich: bye
Dale: Bye for now.
Pamela: See, Bob's keyboard speaks Spanish
james: thanks pam and rich for all your help!
rich: see you
Pamela: No problem James, we are really looking forward to this
james: bye bob 'n bob.
james: *poof*
Dale: Rich, that's the experience I have under Linux. This Internet Explorer thing isn't as effieient, or maybe it is a better video driver for Linux.
james left chat session
BobSlopsema: nein!!!! ich deutch sprechen!!!
BobSlopsema: bye james
Pamela: No habla espanol?
rich: not having tried Linux, I don't know how much it might improve things
rich: I am still green with envy, though
Dale: Well, we'll have to work that in one of these days.
BobSlopsema: si! McDonalds.......duos numero UNO!!!!
rich: lasst night I was watching a buddy use a 933 with 512Meg RAM on cable
BobSlopsema: hey, kids, I gotta go too!!!
rich: talk about video drivers keeping up - surprised the chip didn't fry
Dale: This week I wrote a simple Windows screen saver that shows your photos from your computer.
rich: OK Bob, good to have you back - Saturday, maybe?
<bair: by bob
BobSlopsema: been fun to be back!!!! will see ya'll next Wed and hopefully sat
BobSlopsema: IF I can remember!!!!
Pamela: Nice to 'see' you Bob - are you back next week?
Dale: Bye Bob.
rich: I'll try to send you a memo, Bob
BobSlopsema: yup
BobSlopsema: gotta stay home for awhile now
Pamela: Say hi to Judy and everyone else for us, okay?
<bair: to bad
BobSlopsema: gotcha!!!!
BobSlopsema: :-)
BobSlopsema left chat session
rich: and teh last thing to vanish was the smile...
Pamela: Up a tree
Dale: I should be going too. Jill is calling.
<bair: send her to bed
rich: OK Dale, we'll check with you in due course - or you can holler at me
<bair: by dale
Dale: Bye all
rich: want to talk about those OPA expandrs too
Pamela: Yeah, it's probably time I went to bed too - I have to be up at 6:00, an unGodly hour
Pamela: Good night, Dale
rich: right - good night, daughter and Dale
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
<bair: by pam
Pamela: Good night all, I'll try to remember Saturday at 3:00
<bair: I get up at4
rich: see you then
Pamela: What a horrible hour Bob, how do you do it? Tell me next time, okay?
rich: yes, you have to keep some wild hours on your job, don't you, Bob?
<bair: some times
Pamela: I'm gone. Poof!
Pamela left chat session
rich: well, Bob, gues we might as well pack it in too. Good having you with us, though
<bair: well guess we are that is left
<bair: see you next week
rich: yes, 11 p.m. seems to be the practical limit of endurance
rich: right. look forward to it
rich: bye for now
<bair left chat session
rich left chat session
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