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rich-c: test
rich-c: retest
rich-c: test
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi Guy
Guy B.: HI Rich
rich-c: I was wondering if anyone would turn up
Guy B.: Were the only two here so far.
rich-c: yes, I,ve been on since 9
rich-c: don't know what's with the rest of them
rich-c: how is the website going?
Guy B.: They'll come eventually. Hope Bob will be there.
rich-c: yes, you've been dealing with him on a Pentium
Guy B.: In fact, he say's that they are ready. But, there's a deal involved if I can find some monitors for him.
rich-c: good used monitors are not that easy to come by. Dubious ones - well, they're dime a dozen
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: 3..2..1.. and we're live!
rich-c: have a solution for you on that CD you wanted
Guy B.: His Computer Renaissance store closed by him and I have one near me. And Jeanene mentioned she knows of a place for some. So, I have to check this out.
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: Good evening, all
Pamela: re: the CD - me or Guy?
rich-c: gather Computer REnaissance is your local secondhand shop
rich-c: you, Pam
Pamela: What CD? I'm blank
rich-c: the one you phoned me about - I found a backup copy
Guy B.: It is. If I can get some monitors for him, he will knock $25 off each computer he has for us.
rich-c: you wanted to borrow it for Lindsay I think
Pamela: Ohhhh, that one. Sorry, took me a minute. Great news.
rich-c: I assume, Guy, that depends on the price of the monitors
rich-c: also have the latest We Compute and Computer Paper for you, Pam
Pamela: Lord, Pop, I'm still reading the last bunch - more??
Guy B.: That could range anywhere from $10 to $25 each. And I'm going to give him one of mine and get a new one for the Athlon.
rich-c: anyway, I can spare teh CD for a few days if necessary
rich-c: you can find working monitors for $15? Even 14" SVGA?
Pamela: Lindsay is somewhat housebound at the moment due to a pinched nerve, so maybe now would be a good time to borrow it
rich-c: OK, just set a time, Pam, and we'll arrange things
Guy B.: That's what he needs 14" and to be sure that they work, I'll bring my notebook to test them out.
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changed username to james
rich-c: or are you talking about monochrome monitors, Guy?
james: morning :)
Guy B.: Hi James. How's the weather in Japan?
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Guy B.: Color ones.
rich-c: morning James, how goes it?
Pamela: Bev is going to be out of the office on audit next week and so I am working late tomorrow and Friday - I will let you know what happens
james: very, very nice. it's been 18 and sunny for the last 4 days :D
Pamela: Good Morning, James.
james: morning pam :)
james: hi rich
Guy B.: So spring has arrived there.
rich-c: well, we have been up to about 6 and sunny last couple of days
james: oh yes. you'd never believe that a week and a half ago that we had 60cm of snow dumped on us.
Pamela: Colour me green with envy. We're supposed to get snow over the next couple days.
rich-c: now it's dicey if we'll have any snow to show you when you arrive
changed username to BobS
james: you can have it. i doubt we'll see snow here now until late december.
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Guy B.: We had a 3 inches of snow here in Chicago last weekend and now that's pretty well melted.
rich-c: well bout time you got here, Slopsema
Guy B.: Hey Bob
Pamela: Guy, every time you get snow, you send it our way. Think you could stop that now?
james: has it really been a week since we last talked?
Guy B.: We hit 50 degrees here, you're next then.
Pamela: Yowza.
rich-c: we'll take it
Pamela: Bring it on.
BobS: hallo......
BobS: we will DIvert it this weekend OK????
rich-c: think Guy wants to talk to you about Pentiums, Bob
BobS: prolly
Pamela: James, still no final figures? I haven't gotten that email from you yet
Guy B.: After getting hit with a case of diarrhea yesterday and today. I'm finally on the mend. Bob, I will definately check for those monitors tomorrow.
BobS: ONLY kiddin!!!!!!
BobS: hookay!
Pamela: Don't scare me like that!
rich-c: don't - james may be having second thoughts!
BobS: guess EVERYbody is sick these days
Pamela: James? Where'd you go?
james: sorry pam - yeah, it's been one hell of a busy week here. i'm working on it as we chat :)
rich-c: yes, Michael was complaining today - he had a nasty dose
BobS: ah that's better! increased font size so's the ol' eyes could see stuff
rich-c: had to go to the hospital for rehydration
Guy B.: Bob, any good hotels around the area and any that will accept pets? Were are thinking of bringing Abby, my dog.
Pamela: Russell wasn't lucky enough to pass my cold on - he's still got it. Playing hell with my love life.
Guy B.: I did a site on hotels that accept pets. There's a motel 6 in Grand Rapids.
Pamela: Guy, try Ramadas too. Most accept pets.
rich-c: just verify it with them directly, Guy, if you haven't already
james: my wife's allergies are really bad this year.
rich-c: who knows, sometimes they give a better rate for early bookings too
Guy B.: Ok, I'll check them too.
Pamela: Oh, to have to worry about allergies already.
Pamela: What is she allergic to, James?
james: guess i shouldn't tell you that i got a mosquito bite already.
rich-c: we are not into teh allergy season yet
BobS: Motel 6 is right in the neighborhood
james: just about everything 10 microns in size.
Pamela: now, how did I spell that again . . oh yeah, PTBBHT!
BobS: should be on 28th stree SouthEast.....about 3500 block
james: i can't believe that we've less than a week to go before we leave.
Pamela: How's the packing going?
rich-c: even less with teh time difference
Pamela: Very funny, dad
BobS: then you better get cracking with the reservation James!!!!
james: packing won't take me long. i'm bringing one small carry-on duffel bag. 'tis it.
rich-c: depending on your departure time, you'll be flying back into yesterday
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Pamela: Men. Just don't understand how to pack
changed username to Ron
rich-c: hello there Ron
james: actually, we do. we leave osaka airport on march 28th at 6 pm and arrive in vancouver on the morning of march 28th at 10 am
Ron: hey!
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Pamela: Hi, Ron
james: speaking of the west cost. hi ron :)
BobS: RONALD !!!!! as me lives and breathes also........
Ron: and here I be
Pamela: Neat trick.
Ron: large as life, twice as ugly
Ron: so?
Pamela: there's that ego again
rich-c: you going to be meeting james in Vancouver, ron?
Ron: has the plan changed?
rich-c: didn't know there was a plan
Ron: Last I heard, James wasn't gonna be in YVR
Pamela: me either
james: nope. we'll be stuck in vancouver airport from about 10 am until 2 pm
Ron: date?
james: it's a 4 hour layover. long enough to be a serious pain in the ass and too short to go very far.
rich-c: well hey, that's four hours to be usefully employed
Pamela: You'll fill the whole terminal - it's not very big
james: wednesday, march 28th.
Ron: a week today....hmmm....
Pamela: Guess you're gonna miss the chat next week, huh?
rich-c: don't forget to bring the ten bucks each for teh airport improvement tax
BobS: heck no......james willlog on from ottawa!!!!
BobS: that IS the next stop afte Vancouver isn't it?
Pamela: Um, I'm freezing - brb - I'm gonna get a sweater
rich-c: he'll make the Sunday chat, Pam, just a little late :-)
Ron: Not if you're passing thru, you don't have to pay it
BobS: SUNDAY??????
Ron: you only pay if you're getting on or off at YVR
BobS: thoght it was Saturday and I forgot again......
Guy B.: You mean Saturday.
james: next stop after vancouver is montreal :)
Ron: Unfortunately James, I'm not going to be able to be there.
rich-c: sorry, yes. it's that james will be in Toronto Sunday
james: it's warm today. i have all the windows open :) it's always windy here so i want to get a wind generator
Ron: Just before you land, (about 15 minutes) throw something out the window. It'll probably land in my
Ron: back yard
Ron: that's correct James. The big bad airport authority will waive you thru
rich-c: Ron is likely the best authority on that so I guess he's right
Pamela: That's better. Much warmer.
Ron: been there, paid that
james: well, it would have been nice to meet you but i understand that it's a bit of a commute. perhaps if we were to be there longer sometime.
rich-c: does that apply even if he's changing airlines?
Ron: If my flight originates in Comox, and ends somewhere other than Vancouver, I get away with it
james: same airline.
Ron: but if I overnight with Jeff then go to Vancouver Airport for wherever I'm going, I pay
rich-c: Air Canada all the way?
james: yup
james: okay pam - our group is 17 people
Pamela: I don't even want to think about the airfare
rich-c: wave as you fly over Toronto. We're just southeast of teh "spaghetti bowl"
Ron: no problem changing airlines Rich.
rich-c: that's the middle of teh three big 401 junctions
james: wow, they're open pretty late too.
Pamela: James, does that include the Toronto people or just the Japanese contingent?
james: osf that is
james: that's just our group. so it depends on how many of you are joining us in toronto. friend of mine might be able to meet up with us
james: i was thinking of telling them 20 +/- 2 people
rich-c: give tehm a range and tehy won't fuss
Pamela: I need those numbers before I can reserve
rich-c: what time are you reserving for?
Pamela: I believe it was 8:30
james: okay, we are: 12 kids aged 11-14 and 5 adults for a total of 17 people. 8:30 sounds good.
Ron: Take some pictures, eh?
james: bringing *lots* of film on this trip
Ron: good
Pamela: Okay, everyone stop typing for a minute while I write that down
rich-c: yes, since that's time change day our stomachs will think it's 7.30
james: i'd bring my digital camera but quite frankly, it's too expensive to lose and the battery is always going.
rich-c: they don't last very long, do they?
james: our stomachs will likely still be over the pacific somewhere anyways. mind you, at 13, that doesn't make a big difference.
Ron: reminds me of Bart Lynch who sent his camcorder swimming
rich-c: yeah, at that age they are always empty
james: takes great pictures and if you have a 16 or 32 mb card, it can hold alot but the damn battery is a serious pain in the ass
james: my wife's camera is on the fritz, so i'll likely buy a cheap 35mm. i have a scanner so i'll be making a nice set of web pages
Pamela: What did the camcorder do, the butterfly?
rich-c: if I remember, maybe I'll haul along my 1960 Pentax
james: once i'm de-jet-lagged
james: test
Pamela: You're here, James
rich-c: you're still on, james
james: ths
james: thanks, that is.
Ron: Any chance you'll see your parents James?
james: pam, how many of you do you think will be joining us? you and your daddy?
Pamela: Damn camera is older than I am.
james: yeah, the kids are doing a one night, one day homestay during which time i'll be visiting my parents. not
james: much time but better than nothing
Ron: certainly
Pamela: Myself, Dad, Dale, Jillian and possibly my mom
rich-c: likely Pam early joining you up the Tower, me later, Frances - we'll see
james: yeah, i'll be going up the tower and bringing a second pair of undies with me
james: kids should get a good laugh out of me
Pamela: If worse comes to worst, we can blindfold you to bring you down
rich-c: what are you going to do if it's socked in and you can't see anything?
james: well, if it's overcast, there's nothing saying we *have* to go up. still, i'm sure they'll want to.
james: but if not, they'll be just as happy to go shopping at the eaton ctre or play the simulation games downstairs in the tower
Pamela: The elevator trip itself is an experience not to be missed, and we have to get them on the glass floor
rich-c: I dunno - I believe they have a video arcade at the base, or something
james: yup. checked it all out. open until 8
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Ron: Sounds like ya done yer homewerk James
Pamela: Well, who's this?
changed username to Ron's Alter Ego
james: oh yes. i've spent about 100 hours organizing and putting this trip together
rich-c: hey look who's here - Ron's Evil Twin
Ron's Alter Ego: bear with me folks
james: the anti-ron
Guy B.: Seems we have a double.
Ron's Alter Ego: wanna see how independent these connections are
Pamela: the Mirror universe Ron
Ron: right
Ron: Schizoid
rich-c: you networked on the cable, Ron?
Ron: ya
rich-c: that's supposed to be one of the advantages, you can have two computers on teh same connection
Ron: seems so
Pamela: Dad, you keyboard needs typing lessons again
james: be right back. washing machine is calling me to do another load.
Pamela: Ron, does that slow it down at all?
rich-c: if not, Shaw is diddling you (so what else is new?)
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Ron: doesn't seem to. mind you, if there were other people typing from here... it might
changed username to Ron's iMac
Ron's iMac: number 3
rich-c: hey, now we've got another Ron
Pamela: And then there were three
Ron: Artificially inflating the chat attendance
rich-c: type on one with each hand, Ron
Ron: yeah right.... I only have a single channel
Ron's Alter Ego: mind
Pamela: Just like playing the piano
rich-c: so who says it has to make sense?
Ron's iMac: indeed
BobS: you just gotta show off, don't ya Ronald?????
Ron: I know... enough of this
Ron's Alter Ego: Could do a 4th, but I've proved my point I think
rich-c: yeah, rubbing us 33.6K types noses in it
Pamela: That would be showing off
Ron: ok... will the real Ron please disappear
Ron's iMac left chat session
Ron's Alter Ego left chat session
rich-c: one down, one to go
rich-c: got 'im
Ron: Am I still here?
Pamela: Well we were certainly popular there for a while
BobS: tried to use a 486 w/ 12 megs ram and 9600 baud to come tonight
(A dog howls in the distance)
Ron: modern tech
(The lights sudddenly go out)
rich-c: and what happened?
Guy B.: Ok, I'll make the formal annoucement on the list later. My website is now up. The address is http:\\\~bonag\Index.htm
BobS: but alas......I neede tot douwload virtual machine @ 4.9 megs........forever w/ 9600 baud
Ron: Think maybe not
Ron left chat session
rich-c: why did you need the VM? Still running DOS 5 on it?
Pamela: Hooray for Guy!
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Pamela: Whoops, Ron removed one too many people
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Welcom back, Ron
rich-c: it's OK, he's back
Ron: That's what I get for fooling around
BobS: VERRRY fine job there Guy!!!!
rich-c: oh, I thought it was just @Home up to their usual tricks
Ron: been wondering about that. Now I know
BobS: just checked it out!
Guy B.: Thank you. The first page, the Index was started with Microsoft Word 97, the rest were done with Netscape Composer.
rich-c: congratulations on getting Netscape to work
Ron: What's the URL Guy, I missed that
Guy B.: http:\\\~bonag\Index.htm
BobS:, I have win95 on it......when i got to this site, it said I had to download virtual machine to view the site.......
Pamela: no www.?
BobS: I just do what I am told..... ;-)
rich-c: maybe your copy of IE is too many editions back?
james: okay, i'm back :)
Ron: ok
Pamela: Laundry - what a concept. Clean clothes too. So that's how it's done.
Guy B.: James, in cased you missed my announcement. My website is up. It's http:\\\~bonag\Index.htm
rich-c: he's getting in practice - he'll have to do it in the hotel room every night
Pamela: and here I thought that's what parents were for.
BobS: IE 5.5
Ron: Guy, your forward slashes go the other way do they not?
james: thanks guy - i'll check it out :)
BobS: might not have loaded that part thou..........
rich-c: Odd - I have IE5.5 and never got such a message - didn't get it in Opera 5.02 either which I'm using tonight
Guy B.: You're right. It should be other way. Thanks.
BobS: NOPE, just ther with this url........\~bonag\Index.htm
james: some browsers change them automatically
Ron: Cool site
rich-c: yes, james, they're finally realizing how dumb us users can be
BobS: the 'puters we have are short of hd space, so ie 5.5 is custom and minimized
james: pam - i'm the magic laundry fairy in this house :) actually we split, i wash and dry and my wife folds since i can't
rich-c: right, and/or you may not have updated 95 itself
Pamela: Why is it that men can't fold? Russell has the same problem - now he's perenially wrinkled.
Ron: I was born wrinkled
Ron: I fold, but I don't iron
Guy B.: Well, that goes same for me as well.
rich-c: I clicked Windows Update teh other night and it told me I needed 8 megs of new files
BobS: FOLD????? what IS that????? just take from washer/dryer and put inm a pile and wear!!!
Pamela: It must be genetic. I fold, but I don't iron if I can avoid it
james: dunno. i just can't fold. too damn frustrating
Ron: right on Bob
Guy B.: I take Judy doesn't fold your stuff.
BobS: can update windows on the web?????
Guy B.: Windows 98 on up has that feature.
rich-c: yeah, just go to MS, they look at what you have and tell you what you need
Ron: Yeah, I need to do it
BobS: heck she irons my hankies!!! for crying out loud
Pamela: The new Downy wrinkle releaser is wonderful stuff. Ron, you should try it
rich-c: it's in Tools or About or something in IE
BobS: AHSO!!!!!!!!
Ron: iron.... hankies? oh!
BobS: will have to try that
Ron: Laundry around here has been known to sit in the washer for a week
Ron: and the dryer for another week
Ron: And it ain't always mine!
james: our electric bill should go down alot now that we can dry outside.
Pamela: Oh??? Whose is it?
rich-c: do I hear a hint of heredity at work?
Guy B.: Bob, what would be a good time to get you at home?
Ron: mother and I are cut from the same swath
Ron: we'd both rather be on the golf course
Guy B.: We plan to leave early Saturday morning.
Ron: Oh... speaking of Saturday Rich
Ron: will be unable
Ron: big OS 10 Rollout down at the local Mac store. I'm on the volunteer staff
BobS: 5-6PM
Pamela: I learned, but it was a painful process, one I still detest
BobS: usually home for supper and not on the net yet......
rich-c: it's OK, Dave and I had quite a good chat by our lonesomes last Saturday
BobS: RYMES yes????
Guy B.: Ok, we'll come by there then.
Pamela: no, rhymes
BobS: then what do you need a hotel for?????
Guy B.: Overnight stay.
BobS: should take ya about 3 1/2 to 4 hours
james: i hate to eat and run, but i have some more stuff to do so i should get going.
Guy B.: That's what I estimated too.
rich-c: Guy may have a little less lead in his foot, Bob
Guy B.: Ok, James, see you next week.
Ron: James....have a good trip
Pamela: Okay, James, will make that reservation and send you an e-mail with the confirmation number
rich-c: and if we miss you, phone when you hit Toronto
Guy B.: I have a cruise control on my car.
rich-c: you got my email with the numbers?
Guy B.: Have a good trip James.
james: thanks pam! yes - meant to thank you for that when i came on today, rich
Pamela: James, you still have mine too?
james: thanks all. see some of you next week. see some of you in april!
rich-c: OK, see you next chat I hope, if not in TO
BobS: seeya james!
Pamela: Dad, I need Dale's number to confirm with them
james: sure thing. take care everyone!
james: *poof*
james left chat session
rich-c: OK Pam, give it to you later or when you come over for the CD
Pamela: Actually, please send it to my work e-mail tonite so I can make the call tomorrow and reservations soonest after that
rich-c: OK, remind me when you leave
Pamela: Also, I need to know about Mom's attendance
rich-c: you,ll want to call him on his cell phone - that's what Dale recommends
rich-c: I'd say assume yes - she's wavering and I think will come
Pamela: I can't imagine she would turn down dinner out
rich-c: after all, promise her pizza...
Ron: :)
Pamela: ; ))
rich-c: me too - I haven't had a good pizza feed yet this year and I'm overdue
Pamela: Okay, anyone else coming along?
Ron: You guys planning on hooking up with James?
Pamela: Absolutely.
Ron: wish I could be there
rich-c: james did say something about maybe another firend but it was vague and we didn't follow up
rich-c: just tell them 20 to two dozen and they won't fuss
rich-c: just need to know roughly how much space to set aside
Pamela: I think we're gonna end up with our own private dining room
rich-c: if they have one
Pamela: Pretty sure they do
Ron: Gotta give James credit. Taking a group of youngsters across the world
Pamela: Brave soul
Ron: fer sure
rich-c: choose one near teh bar so its easy to slip out for a smoke
Pamela: I may not have a choice - hope for good weather, just in case
rich-c: furtunately, he will have help; his wife, her parents, a friend from LA
Ron: They do appreciate it though. Jeff still talks about his Grade 12 trip to Greece
rich-c: yes, and travel is good for kids - right, Pam?
Pamela: Miyuki isn't joining him till Saturday though - that means five days solo
Pamela: I seem to recall something about a trip to San Francisco that went well
Ron: oooohh
rich-c: well, some of that will be on teh plane, and some in Ottawa where his folks are
Pamela: After twenty five years, it's a little hazy
rich-c: still, things may get a little fraught in Montreal, I suspect
Ron: yeah
Pamela: yup
rich-c: I don't think he's got much free time scheduled until Sunday anyway
Pamela: Well, I think I shall turn in and get some sleep for a change, it's been a rare commodity recently
Ron: best to keep busy
BobS: with that many kids, there IS no free time
rich-c: going back to something warlier - Bob, can you folks actually get working SVGA monitors for $15?
Ron: what have we got in EST....10:30 (about)?
BobS: sleep tight Pam ...... and don'tlet the bugs get ya!
Ron: nighters Pam
rich-c: OK Pam, give us a call and let us know when to expect you
Pamela: I banished them all to Russell's side of the bed, Bob
BobS: no, but I could use some........
rich-c: night for now, Pam
BobS: we are having a time finding them for $25 for eithe vga or svga
Pamela: Ron, 10:25 approx right now and I'm outta here. Good nite to all, maybe see you Saturday
Pamela: Bon soir!
Ron: out here it's $C40.
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: it wouldn't be much of a monitor here at $40, though they can be had I think
Ron: nobody wants the 14 inch models any more, sometimes you can get 'em for free
rich-c: most I've seen of late they should pay you to take them
Ron: One of my local 2nd hand hand hangouts said he'd give me one if I wanted one
BobS: wish we could get some for free
Ron: but I don't want one
Ron: wonder what they'd cost to ship across the land
rich-c: David Tanaka in Computer Paper has a remark that suggests even a five year old monitor is at the end of its useful life
Ron: Right at the moment I have 4 VGA's - all are at least 5 years old
rich-c: here, the used shops throw them in with their $99 Pentium packages
BobS: don't know. costs us about $15 US to ship one here from MI to Fl (approx)....UPS commercial rate and probalbly postal 3rd class insured
Ron: prolly somewhere in there.
rich-c: yes but when you ship across a border, costs escalet
rich-c: escalate
BobS: probably for that big a box.......
Ron: wouldn't be worth it
rich-c: yes, you might get into density issues too
BobS: that's the problem Ron.....gotta get fro free not far to ship or local and pay some for them
rich-c: unfortunately, a few boxes of monitors might be a little hard to smuggle in my truck
Ron: yes
rich-c: vans tend to be a little short of concealment space
Ron: These days, anything below a Pentium 166 is being given away
Ron: or thrown away
rich-c: yes, teh break is at the MMX
Guy B.: I'm still here.
Ron: I just bought a Powerbook 180 Mac Laptop..... which is really the equivalent of a 386 or something like that...33 mhz
rich-c: it really shows on the laptops = the gap from a 133 to 166MMX is about $300 minimum
Ron: paid too much for it I think
Ron: $400.
Ron: but here it is
Ron: one of my Mac buddies saw me coming
rich-c: I would like an MMX laptop but the lowest price I've seen is $600
rich-c: and that's not at an outfit I'd be comfortasble dealing with
Ron: Tell ya what I want.... what I really really want
Ron: a new Titanium Mac Laptop
Ron: $4100.
BobS: YIKES!!!!!!!
Ron: Well, Rich it depends on what you want to do with it. I'm looking for some minute taking capability,
rich-c: naw - what you need is OS X ported to Wintel - then you could run it on any machine
Ron: and a little bit of diary keeping etc...
Ron: This beast will do for the moment
rich-c: Frances wants something internet-capable we can take on trips
Ron: yeah, I know Bob. Mac s were never cheap, and particularly not Mac laptops
Ron: right. I may get this one to run Netscape 3.0 or something, and I already have external 33.6 modem
Ron: plus a SCSI CD and SCSI Zip
rich-c: we also need a screen big and bright enough old eyes can see it
Ron: I dunno. Just have this feeling I was aiming a little too low
rich-c: bout all you can do is try it and see if it works
Ron: Actually, the Titanium boasts 15 inch viewable - and it's quite high quality
rich-c: that's the equivalent of a 17" CRT
Ron: Downloaded a DOS emulator for it with the idea of seeing if it would run the ADAM Emulator on top.
Ron: NOT
rich-c: Future Shop were selling off a Thinkpad for $1100 in January
Ron: What gets me is the Titanium is only 1 inch thick
Ron: sounds better
rich-c: but it only had WinMZE and no OEM disc - just a "recovery disc"
BobS: the whole laptop?????
Ron: yup
BobS: .....just the screen part........
Ron: nope, thats the whole thing carried under your arm
rich-c: that Titanium is one going machine
Ron: 5 hour battery
Ron: 550 Mhz processor
rich-c: calling Crusoe...
BobS: good lord. that IS thin
BobS: no wonder it costs so much......
Ron: Our local dealer had one over at the last Mac club meet
Ron: we all drooled suitably
rich-c: yes, I'll bet you-all had to swim out of the shop!
Ron: :)
Ron: Apple right at the moment has to do something right
rich-c: well, how about a Blue Dalmatian iMac?
Ron: they cannot match wintel's processor speed numbers, and even though that
Ron: might be meaningless, perception is reality
rich-c: my sense is that the Motorola chips are always equivalent of much faster Intels
Ron: based on my experience with iMac, I would have to say I could not recommend it
Ron: That's actually true Rich, from what I've read at least, but again... it's a matter of public perception
rich-c: even got Dale to exoplain why one, and followed part of the explanation
rich-c: Fran's Amiga 3000 seems much more powerful than a 386
Ron: In terms of performance - in my experience - there are no devils, and no angels
rich-c: now Frances wants a 68040 accelerator card
Ron: That's a Motorola chip eh?
Ron: She would notice a difference
rich-c: yes, the 68Ks are Motorola
Ron: my LC475 is a 68040 (sort of)
Ron: they call it 68LC040
rich-c: yes, one of the TPUG types has a 3000 with the accelerator board and it's visibly much faster
Ron: with 32 Meg of RAM, it will handle the cable internet
rich-c: sort of equivalent of teh Intel SLs, I'd guess
Ron: yep
Ron: But there are things I like about Mac software, and things I hate about it
Ron: same on the other side of the house
rich-c: I'm still waiting for my ISP to come up with ADSL
Ron: like you don't get that stupid "The program has performed an illegal operation....." message..that's the
Ron: good news.
rich-c: one or two local independents are starting to offer it at $30 a month
Ron: The bad news is that when it fails, it just stops working and warning
rich-c: sort of like Netscape
Guy B.: I'm going to go. Bob, We'll see you around 5 or 6 Saturday then.
Ron: nighters Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, will we see you Saturday?
BobS: say what??????
BobS: if you leave in the morning, you will be here by early afternoon
rich-c: sorry - if he's in transit to you, Bob, he won't be on the net with us
Ron: Are we winding down?
rich-c: looks like it - night, Guy
Guy B.: We should be there in the early afternoon. We can always find something to do there.
Ron: must go see to my latest casualty
rich-c: yeah, Grand Rapids is a swinging town
Ron: HP Deskjet ...
BobS: well ya might as well come on over!!!! call our house 949-9461 or probably will
BobS: be over at Doug's house 281-9349
rich-c: another left on your doorstep, Ron?
Ron: No... one I bought new.... failed.... I'm not yet sure why
Guy B.: This will be Abby's first long trip. Got your numbers, thanks.
rich-c: let the dealer find out - that's what his markup's for
Ron: moral of the story is Don't buy anything new
Ron: might just do that
BobS: tell ya gonna be home tomorrow night?????
BobS: I will call ya...give me your phone #
Ron: but I've had it for a couple of years.... when I said new, I didn't exactly mean new
rich-c: OK, I get it
Guy B.: Yep, will be here. My number is 708-447-5636 or you can try Jeanene's 708-344-4127.
rich-c: happy to say my Canon S400 is working fine, so far
Ron: Fact that I printed out two 80 page PDF files back to back the other night
Ron: might have something to do withit
BobS: gt it!!!!
BobS: got
rich-c: I doubt it - it shouldn't - those things are made for some pretty heavy use
Guy B.: In case we might be out getting the monitors. She has a cell phone. That's 708-908-1821
Ron: ink carts look ok
BobS: talk to ya then Guy
Ron: night Guy
Guy B.: Ok, Bob. We'll see you all next week.
Ron: bee gooood
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: So now we're down to three
BobS: right ON
rich-c: what are the symptoms then, Ron?
BobS: oh,oh
Ron: when I send a doc to it , the green light blinks, (which is normal), but then it never starts printing
Ron: it's as though the buffer is receiving data, but not sending it to print
Ron: blinks on and on and on
rich-c: wonder if you could have developed a software problem?
Ron: computer waits, says it's printing, but that's it
Ron: yeah, well that could be. And I have some HP
Ron: diagnostic disks which I haven't yet had time to try....wanna do that tonight
rich-c: and if that fails you can see if reinstalling teh driver brings any joy
Ron: could be
Ron: had thought of that too.... but until roundtuits
rich-c: and though I hate to suggest it - sometimes the manual has helpful hints
Ron: And I do have one of those.... which I should read more closely
Ron: So... we'll go and see
Ron: Around here there's always something that doesn't work
rich-c: I find they tens to put me to sleep - but then maybe the dreams are helpful
Ron: my patience with manuals is....well.... (say no more)
Ron: Bob you still there?
rich-c: yes, they leve me speechless too, at least in polite company
Ron: :)
rich-c: Bob's probably off checking eBay or something
Ron: Curious as to whether he and Doug are actually dealing in used computing devices, or do they have the same
Ron: hobbyist affliction I do
BobS: yup
BobS: slow but here
rich-c: oh, Bob's got a horse trader streak in him
Ron: ok
Ron: just wondered. Does it bring you any revenue
BobS: selling 486 system for $95 bucks ....WITH crdom and sound $150
BobS: includes keyboard, montior and mice's
Ron: With CD Rom.... ok now, that might go here
Ron: I have a couple of those myself...what clock speed?
BobS: only because we got the stuff for free
Ron: aha
BobS: had some 33mhz and 66mhz and now will start on the 120 mhz
Ron: right.
Ron: Somebody actually paid me $75 bucks last week to install a larger hard drive in their 486/33
Ron: less than an hour's work
rich-c: for that money, you should have transferred teh data from the old disc too
Ron: well actually I did ... some.. anyway
BobS: they were hard up for a good amn, eh?
BobS: man
Ron: didn't use push pins
Ron: Only thing I didn't know was that the damn 486 could count any hier than 520 Megs
rich-c: did you use Ghost, System Commander, or Partition Magic for teh transfer?
BobS: could or couldn't.........
Ron: Fortunately it was a Western Digital drive... so there was a download to fix that
Ron: only saw 520 Meg of a 4.2 gig drive
Ron: until this magic little program came on the scene
BobS: or it takes another board to acess it so it can read the whole thing
rich-c: that's a BIOS limitation that applied to all the older computers
Ron: yup
Ron: some have something called LBA mode
Ron: some (as I discovered) do not
BobS: wonder if they have a program for other hd's......we got some with 1 gig hd's that only recognize 500 also
Ron: anyway.... it ended well, and I got paid
rich-c: yes, when you use that fix it can cause other complications, though
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: hey, we have a latecomer
Ron: So far as I know, Bob it's only for Western Digital Drives, but I'll send you a couple of
Dale: Hi all
BobS: hey guys gotta split and head for the sack
Ron: articles with other 'work arounds' if you like
rich-c: hello Dale
BobS: wonking man alnd all that ya know
Ron: Hey Dale!
BobS: working!!!!!
Dale: I jsut thought I'd drop by and see how things went tonight.
Ron: work?
BobS: hi Dale!!!!!
BobS: you are LATE
Ron: we're still here
rich-c: Pamela wants to confirnm you and Jill will be joining james et al Sunday April 1 at 8.30
Dale: I'll see ya Bob. Sorry I missed it all.
Dale: I siad we would last week.
BobS: yes Ron
Dale: Isn't that good enough?
rich-c: I know, but she's in a belt and suspenders mode.
Ron: nothing to chance
BobS: disgusting word, yes?????
rich-c: She isn't used to dealing with people who say it and mean it
Ron: absolutely Bob
rich-c: are you going to join them early and go up the CN Tower or just meet at the restaurant?
Dale: Well...what can I do. I'm planning my weekend around that time.
BobS: see ya all next week!!!
Dale: I'll be in Montreal in the morning.
Ron: niters Bob...go straight home now.
rich-c: take it easy, Bob. See you then
Ron: No stopping at the bar getting drunk
Dale: I'm planning to take the train back, getting in at around 5:30.
rich-c: Since you'll have your cellphone with you, should james call say around 6 and tell you where he is?
rich-c: that way you wouldn't have to go uptown then right down again
rich-c: not that it's that much hassle on the subway
Dale: I doubt that we'll join them before 8:30. My cell number is 416-451-2697.
rich-c: yes, I guess you'll have to take your luggage home and freshen up anyway
Dale: We'll want to drop our bags off probably.
rich-c: I think Pam is joining early, but likely Frances and I will meet them at the restaurant
Ron: sounds like this is going to be interesting
rich-c: I certainly hope so - james sounds like an interesting character
Ron: fer sure eh?
Dale: Definately interesting.
rich-c: well of course you know him from Ottawa, though he's matured a bit since
Dale: Are you going to catch up with James in Vancouver?
Ron: think he was 13 or 14 years old last time I saw him
rich-c: I suspect, Dale, you two will find you have much in common
Ron: No, unfortunately. Can't get away that day -
Dale: It is quite possible.
rich-c: be interesting to see his wife, I suspect
Dale: Except I don't have 8 or so giggly followers.
Ron: listen to me.... don't even sound retired
rich-c: actually, 11. You can practice your Japanese
Ron: Do you do a little Japanese Dale?
rich-c: of course you sound retired, Ron. If you weren't you'd have time
Ron: :)
Ron: ok. Thank you
Dale: I defiantely have to brush up on my Japanese.
Ron: James' original plan called for a couple of days (or a day and a half) in Vancouver
rich-c: should be a good opportunity. Don't know how much English Miyuki's parents have
Dale: I meet Japanese people once in a while, but mostly business partners, and I don't do much experimenting there.
Ron: and I was intending on going over. But then things changed
rich-c: well, I suspect teh kids can be coaxed into being tolerant - though they may laugh a lot
Dale: As expected. :-)
Ron: Still thinking about MTAG newsletter input Dale. Sadly, that's as far as it has gone.
rich-c: right - kids are that way, especially tweenie girls
Ron: must produce something
Ron: and also payment of dues past and present
Dale: Hmm...must put together something soon.
Ron: keep getting side tracked. No focus around here
Ron: By the way guys, I now have a videocam. So my ugly mug can be broadcast to the world
Dale: Well, I'll send you a microscope. maybe. then you can focus on some really concentrated ideas.
Ron: ROTFL - good one Dale
rich-c: yes, I keep thinking of buying one, but then get sidetracked
rich-c: I suspect it's indecision - so many formats and features to sdort out
Ron: another item I didn't need.... money tends to burn a hole in my pocket
rich-c: buy some stuff from the States - that will eliminate it in a hurry
Dale: Ron, that's great. We can finally put some AdamCon videos on the web then!
Ron: So far I have used it to make a greeting to my sister in Edmonton... which got burned to CD and mailed
Ron: hey... great idea
Ron: right Rich
Dale: I just got a video exiting program on the weekend, and I'm about to try editing a video with it.
rich-c: but right now I have to get an email off to Pam, and do some other stuff
Ron: This thing is USB, and it looks like somebody's eyeball on a stand
rich-c: so I better pack it in for this evening
Ron: ok Rich
Dale: Remind Pam that I said yes already, please.
Dale: (Jill and I are coming).
rich-c: that's what the email's about, Dale. Will do
Ron: It's fun Dale, and I don't think I've used any more than 10% of the software's capability
Dale: Is it What kind is it Ron?
Ron: Want to learn more about it
rich-c: if you're not here Saturday or Wednesday, see you at the Old Spaghetti Factory, Dale
Dale: TTYL Richard.
Ron: it's a Zoom. (not familiar with the name) but it was low end price, ($140) and seems to produce a
Ron: reasonably clear pic
rich-c: OK, and night, Ron
Ron: night Rich
rich-c left chat session
Ron: I now have two video inputs for the iMac... one from TV/VCR and then this little cam
Dale: Sounds like you have your own TV studio.
Ron: So I've been playing about.
Dale: Right there at ground zero. :-)
Ron: Yeah... actually, the software presents a '
Ron: '
Ron: 'story board' sort of interface. You can take various input and combine it
Ron: the result can be a Quicktime movie
Ron: but there is a learning curve
Dale: If you convert the movie to Real Video (I think that Real Producer Basic is a free downloadI can post them on my web site.
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Ron: yeah... been meaning to get that
changed username to <undefined>
Dale: As with everything Ron.
Ron: who that?
Ron: yup
Dale: But think of how much you've expanded your mind already. By all accounts it gets easier as time goes on.
<undefined>: Dave Compson here, i am sorry, didnt think people would still be here.
Ron: Hi Dave...welcome to Wednesday night
<undefined>: i know i am late
Dale: Welcome.
Ron: Dale, Dave is in Las Vegas...usually comes Sat chat
<undefined>: work is killing me, i am so sore,
Ron: Rich just left
<undefined>: yes this is dave from las vegas
Dale: Nice to meet you.
<undefined>: damm, thats too bad, i missed rich
<undefined>: hi dale, its a pleasure to meet you finally
Ron: Dale Wick is one of our senior ADAMites .... in Toronto
Dale: Hey! I'm only 29.
Ron: I know :)
Dale: Just because all of the other members of my user group are retirement aged....
<undefined>: yes, i have read his work. I APPRECIATE the hard work you have done to keep the adam alive, and i am only 29 also
Ron: but you been an ADAM owner since you were, what, 15?
Dale: that's no reason to call me a senior ;-) ;-)
Ron: ha
Ron: I'm senior.... 56
<undefined>: hey, if you know your stuff, it dosent matter what age you are
Dale: Since I was 14 I guess.
Ron: too old to work, too young to be a senior
<undefined>: at 56, i plan to be retired. I hope i have enough money to make that happen
Ron: money?
Ron: oh
<undefined>: ron do you remimber the deal with mr. ballinger?
Ron: refresh my memory
<undefined>: its the guy that posed via the delphi list, alot of stuff his dad had in storage that he was selling?
<undefined>: like 290 pounds of stuff?
Ron: oh ok... yes
Ron: which is now in your care right?
<undefined>: well, it appears all the stuff is workable, , yes, it is all (except one package) here
<undefined>: so much adam stuff, i have a hard time keeping track of what is out there in the garage
Ron: You know, that's what amazes me about this stuff. Despite the fact it's been transported
Ron: hither and yon, it's still operating
Dale: It really is pretty rugged, when it comes right down to it.
Ron: exactly
<undefined>: its nice to have extras now. Well, some of the cpus are in need of repair, and some of the printers are giving me a little trouble
<undefined>: but nothing i cant fix.
Dale: Beryl Wilson was saying to me recently, we all bought spare parts be cause back in '87 they...
Ron: The ADAM printer was always the weak link
Dale: would dry up soon, but then the originals really rarely break.
<undefined>: it really looks like the stuff has sat around in storage for a LONG time. I cleaned so much adam stuff up, its crazt
<undefined>: crazy
Ron: Dave, if you want to assign yourself a name here, go up to the "Edit" on the tool bar and the drop
<undefined>: sorry, i am typing really bad tonight ... i have been drinking to take the edge off of me soreness.
<undefined> changed username to Dave C
Ron: down menu will show "Change User Name"
Dale: Perfect.
Dave C: here it goes
Ron: there ya go
Ron: well... after a hard day
Dave C: well, i am happy with the deal, so far. i am awaiting one more package. Although this is the one i really wanted first....
Ron: Must have been a fascinating shipment
Dave C: the one with the cartridges, software, and books..
Dale: Ron, with a system totally loaded down with all the extras, the printer power supply would shudder in terror, but mostly they stay together okay.
Dave C: every day was like christmas, lots to open and clean, organize, and test.
Ron: had a couple of printer power supplies that creaked with the addition of the Minnie Winnie hard drive
Ron: interface
Dale: That is why in my Adam I switched to using a PC power supply. 62.5watts -> 200 watts made a big difference.
Ron: take the card out they were fine. Put the card in, they started showing strange colourings on the screen
Ron: yup
Dale: That is a common problem, Ron.
Dave C: you know, there is a way to use a pc power supply to power a full size arcade machine? Like pac man?
Ron: no two seemed to hand the problem alike.
Dale: The video RAM is far from the source, and shows up weak wattage.
Ron: so I understand
Ron: really?
Dale: Well, I actually transfered my Adam into a PC case.
Dave C: yeah, the older power supplys tent to not age well, most of the voltages fall into the range of + or - 12 volts.
Ron: Dave, you need to see Dale's ADAM. It doesn't even look like an ADAM, but he's had it
Dave C: the transfered adam probably uses less power, and generates less heat
Ron: since he was 14 .... give or take
Dale: Ron, for some reason those VRAM chips are set up that way.
Ron: it's in a PC case, and has travelled to most ADAMcon's
Ron: I believe
Dale: It has indeed. It didn't make it to AdamCon 001.
Dave C: is that the adam i have seen in the adamcon pictures? It looked like a regular pc?
Ron: that's the one
Dave C: cool
Dale: But after that I think I managed to get it to all the rest.
Dave C: i have a disk drive question
Ron: Battle scars has it numerous
Ron: but work it still does
Dave C: i am using a coleco drive, it works most of the time,
Ron: 160 k Dave/
Ron: ?
Dave C: rich told me to let it spin up for a little while prior to using it,
Ron: yep
Dale: I didn't realize that I was a programmer at AdamCon 01, and a programmer with out a computer at a convention about the computer is a bad thing. :-)
Dave C: is it just age?
Dale: I've never has an original Coleco drive.
Dave C: or where they all like that?
Ron: As far as I'm concerned Dale, anyone attending an ADAMcon without a computer is at a disadvantage
Dale: I've heard that the capacitors in those drives are very heat sensitive.
Ron: Some were, some weren't Dave. There were variations
Dave C: maybe i should change the caps inside the drive?
Ron: sometimes a cleaning kit helps
Dave C: ill just add it to my list of things to do.
Dale: Several people have at times reported in our newsletter that they need to let it cool after being on for more than half an hour.
Dave C: I have cleaned the drive, prior to testing it.
Dale: Or they have reported that they need a fan on it to keep it working reliably.
Ron: yes, have heard of that
Ron: sounds like my Minnie Winnie
Dale: I don't know. I haven't heard of someone changing the cps, but it is an interresting thing to try.
Ron: since the day it was installed, without a fan it was good for 15 minutes. With a fan, all night
Dale: Tell us if it works.
Dave C: well, guys, the wife is nagging me. I hate to cut this short, but i need to go.
Dale: TTYL.
Dale: I should go too Ron.
Ron: good to see you drop in Dave. won't be there Saturday, Our local Mac merchant is holding a big
Ron: OS10 Rollout...and I'm on the volunteer staff
Dave C: i really dont know when i will have time to get to that, you all know its hard to get to projects when your family duties are there.
Dale: Excitement. Is OS10 ready now?
Ron: We'll see this weekend. Release is Sat
Ron: I'm gonna buy.
Ron: It'll be the first time ive ever bought an operating system on Day 1
Dale: Well, I suspect that we'll still be here in a few months
Dave C: ok, talk to you later, thanks alot guys..sksk
Ron: nite Dave
Dave C left chat session
Ron: word has it... don't buy the initial release....wait till summer
Ron: well I shall go... see ya's next week sir
Dale: Well, but buying it day one is more exciting. <grin>
Dale: Bye
Ron: right.... curiousity has the better of me
Ron: night
Dale: poof
Ron left chat session
Dale left chat session
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