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rich-c: test
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: good evening meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: beast the old man in tonight
rich-c: that's beat
Meeka: yea I guess I did
rich-c: do you know if he plans to join us later?
Meeka: I have a new web site I would like you to look at
Meeka: I think he will be here later
rich-c: OK, tell me about it
Meeka: The address is
Meeka: I have finally got around to putting the convention pictures up
rich-c: that's terrific, Meeka; I gather that is your site
Meeka: Doug just created the site name on Monday, so if you can't find it yet, keep trying for a couple days
Meeka: he says it might take a few days to populate to the serves
rich-c: right, I've made a note. looking for any more pictures?
Meeka: yes!!!!!!
Meeka: I will add any you wish to give me
rich-c: I will see if I can come up with any scans for you then
rich-c: meantime, james should be landing in Vancouver about now
Meeka: I am doing pretty good on the reecent conventions,
Meeka: but i don't have many of the early years
rich-c: Pamela was here earlier and may try to get on from home, but she is having a busy night
rich-c: michael hurst also said he'd try to join us
Meeka: so am i we have recently gotten a dog and he thinks that he wants to play
rich-c: anyway, for me it's a major excavation, but I will give it a try
rich-c: what is your email address?
Meeka: i have several. the most often checked ones are &
Meeka: brb. dog need to go outside a min.
rich-c: I tend not to trust freebie websites with email if there are attachments involved, especially if they are large
rich-c: by the way, tried to look at Guy's new website earlier, but the server was down
rich-c: wonder if he was busy uploading more stuff to talk to us about?
Meeka: ok i'm back
Meeka: I have not tried to look at his site yet
rich-c: god - what kind of dog did you get?
Meeka: a shih tzu
rich-c: that's good
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rich-c: they are a small dog, aren't they?
changed username to scott
rich-c: hello Scott long time no see
scott: Hi rich, meeka.
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Meeka: yes. he will only get to be between 10-16 pounds when he is an adult
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: actually let you have an hour off, did they?
Guy B.: Greetings!!
Meeka: hello
scott: I've been caught up in school for awhile now.
rich-c: ah, here's Guy now. we were just talking about you
scott: Hi, guy.
Guy B.: You were!
rich-c: couldn't get on your website earlier - were you uploading satuff?
scott: Has anyone seen Dale?
scott: Just curious...
Guy B.: It's now all up and running. Made the announcement before I went to Kentwood last Saturday.
rich-c: he isn't on yet tonight, but has been on the last few sessions
Meeka: Rich- he must have been cuz i just tried and got in just fine
scott: Guy, what is the URL to your site?
Guy B.:
scott: Is it an ADAM site?
rich-c: that's what I tried around 7.30 - 8 and got can't find server
rich-c: tried it using both IE and Opera, same result
Guy B.: It should be\~bonag\Index.htm
Guy B.: It's on the Adam Emulator Utilities.
rich-c: internet usage is a solidus, not a backslash, Guy
scott: Good stuff. Are you fairly knowledgeable regarding the ADAM Emulator??
scott: I've played a little with the emulator, like it a lot.
Guy B.: I picked this all up on my own since Marcel dekogel didn't provide any docs with his utilities.
scott: I will have to take a look at your site.
rich-c: have you noticed there's now a sort of mass emulator covering almost all teh 8-bit game systems?
scott: I would like to learn more about ADAM Emulator...
scott: Haven't noticed that, Rich.
scott: Would love to see their source code for the emulator :)
Guy B.: Even a Nintendo emulator is out there too. The 8 bit and I believe the 16 bit one as well.
rich-c: it's called MAME32 and I believe you can get it at
scott: Sounds interesting...
Guy B.: I have that. This one of the best arcade emulators around. There are tons of arcade game roms around.
scott: Hmmmm...
rich-c: it's a download of just over 3 meg apparently
scott: Not very large at all...
rich-c: is it happy to run under Win95, Guy?
Guy B.: The rom files are between 10 and 25K. Yes, it runs under Win95.
rich-c: I know it runs, but does it do so happily? Is it well-behaved?
Guy B.: No problem with me. Even with this P133.
scott: Rich -- do you have any videos that were taken from ADAMCon?
rich-c: what does it use to emulate a joystick, or does it just pick up the Windows one?
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rich-c: no, I don't have a videocam
scott: Does anyone have any ADAMCon videos?
scott: Could this be Dale???
Meeka: no, but i have lots of pictures going up on my site
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: The joystick gives me some trouble. The arrows keys works fine and the control and alt buttons are the firing buttons.
rich-c: hello Bob, you're late
scott: Hellllllo Bob!
Guy B.: Hey Bob.
BobS: not late.....just NOT early!
Meeka: hi dad
BobS: SCOTT!!!!!! the one and only Scott Gordon??????
scott: Hmmm... Pictures. Perhaps we could create a slideshow of sorts...
rich-c: so Guy if you don't have a joystick, the arrow keys are better anyway?
scott: Hiya Bob, yes it's me... what's left of me...
BobS: hi dear
Guy B.: They work better for me.
scott: School's a killin' me.
BobS: and all you "other" users....... ;-)
BobS: welCOME welcome
scott: It's taken awhile for me to get here.
rich-c: school or job or teh combination?
BobS: was Dale Here??? thought I saw his name when I entered....
scott: Nice to see that you're still meeting...
Guy B.: Hey Bob, just ordered that monitor for $99 from Tigerdirect.
scott: Brand new?
BobS: and that was a 17" SVGA???
rich-c: no, Dale hasn't shown up yet
scott: Wow. I should get one too.
scott: It's only money, right?
rich-c: that seems a little on the cheap side, unless it's a .29 dot pitch or something
scott: Currently I am studying Computer Science, which keeps bringing me back to the Coleco ADAM...
scott: Have you guys seen that ADAM Computer up for sale on Ebay???
rich-c: well, one great joy of the Adam is that it's a terrific place to make your acquaintance with computers
scott: All the packaging, everything included...
scott: Yes, ADAM has helped me a great deal...
scott: Put me ahead of many others in my classes...
rich-c: and what's teh top bid? $5?
scott: No, it's getting kind of expensive.
BobS: been watching lately as always
BobS: what is it?
Guy B.: It's a .28 dot pitch and they KDS monitors. They are calling them moniputers since a computer with an LPX motherboard can be built in them.
scott: The guy wants $300 for the Buy It Now option...
scott: It's a standalone ADAM Computer with all of the original packaging, barely used.
scott: Quite a nice collectors item...
rich-c: he's nuts - you couldn't get that money for an original unopened box
Guy B.: Who's selling it?
scott: You'll have to do a search on "Coleco ADAM".
scott: Nobody I'd recognize...
rich-c: pass on teh packaging and you can get an Adam for free (if you pay shipping)
Guy B.: $300 is quite steep. I think he won't sell it at that price.
scott: I'd forgotten what a better chat room this was over my old one.
scott: Works much nicer...
rich-c: yes, Delphi was such a mess it was unusable
Guy B.: And we can get more on.
rich-c: yours was good but it had quirks
scott: Yes, $300 is an arm and a leg. Guess he won't be selling it very quickly...
rich-c: here things seem to go quite smoothly
scott: Rich -- has my dad contacted you about the disk drive?
scott: He told me that he had fixed it, and had one last thing to do...
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rich-c: haven't heard a word, Scott, and I must admit I'm deeply disappointed
scott: But it was minor. The major work was done...
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam!
rich-c: hello daughterde
Meeka: hi pam
scott: Hi, Pam?
Pamela: Hi, sorry I'm late
rich-c: spent too much time talking to your Mom
Pamela: Very funny, Dad
Pamela: Hi, Scott - who are you?
scott: Don't dispair, Rich.
scott: Hi Pam. Nice to meet you.
Pamela: You too.
rich-c: his last name is Gordon - as in Micro Innovations - his father made the Adam stuff
BobS: HIYA pamela!
scott: I will bug my dad for you again, Rich.
Pamela: Good Evening, Robert
Guy B.: We sure haven't heard from Rich D. since he made the cost of the convention avalable. But, nothing since then.
scott: I am glad that he did actually fix it for you.
rich-c: no, and I wouldn't mind some details
Pamela: Lots of second generations here tonite
scott: Usually my dad doesn't procrastinate on things like that.
rich-c: we're really going to take a whack on that with a 64 cent dollar
Pamela: Hi, Meeka - long time no see!
scott: I guess he didn't have an ADAM fully set up to test the drive until I took it out of the box not too long ago...
Meeka: I know . I have been busy lately
rich-c: Meeka has a new puppy, Pam
Guy B.: And I saw that puppy.
Meeka: his name is Bnadit
Pamela: Oooh, puppy! What kind and how old?
Meeka: oops thats bandit
scott: That's funny. I also got a puppy while I've been away.
Meeka: he is 3 1/2 months old and is a shih tzu
Pamela: How was the trip to Grand Rapids, Guy?
scott: It's a Jack Russell Terrier, now 6 months. Absolutely insane...
BobS: Looonnngggg....... ;-)
scott: Will provide pics...
scott: Bob, are you still publishing the ANN disks?
Pamela: I'll bet he's adorable, Meeka. Yours too, Scott.
Guy B.: Went pretty well, except on the way back we hit about 3 heavy squalls of lake effect snow.
Pamela: Fun, wow. Thanks for not sending it our way.
Meeka: he is cute. everyone that see him says so
BobS: yup Scott just been neglectful about getting them on my website of late
BobS: he is a Frito Bandito!!!
Pamela: My aunt has a shihtzu of about 6 yrs names Saki. They are wonderful dogs.
scott: I really should forward you some items to include with your ANN disks.
rich-c: aren't Fritos too salty for him?
Guy B.: Had my dog with me on my trip. Meeka, I bet Abby wanted to play with Bandit.
scott: So much content is sitting on my hardrive, inaccessible to the community...
Meeka: no as much as bandit wanted to play with abby
BobS: ya sure mon!!!!
rich-c: yes Scott, did you evenmanage to get any OCRs of teh ASG?
scott: My girlfriend translated an old Powermate manual into Spanish.
Pamela: look out, Dad's using acronyms
Guy B.: Abby wanted to interact with everyone there.
rich-c: puppies are like that
scott: Rich -- Only about the first 2 1/2 - 3 chapters. The text was extremely difficult to OCR.
Pamela: Just try that with cats and look out. Good thing they get along.
rich-c: tell me about it - I am not happy with my OCR function
scott: I actually gave my girlfriend a chapter to translate into Spanish, but she got sidetracked.
scott: I have planned to get back to it, Rich because I enjoyed the content.
rich-c: just having it on the net in any downloadable form would be so nice
Guy B.: I just bought a scanner for my new system myself. Got it at a steal from Sams Club.
Pamela: How's the website going, Guy?
rich-c: wonder if a pdf scan would come out usable?
scott: I can forward to you what I did OCR.
Guy B.: Pam it's up and running.
scott: Hmmm...
rich-c: I don't have a website to put it up, but Dale might like to have it
Pamela: Is Dale already in Montreal?
scott: I e-mailed Dale today. I don't think he's responded yet.
scott: That might be a good thing to start with.
rich-c: don't know, just that he will be back to join us for dinner Sunday
scott: I am getting to the end of this semester.
scott: So I can donate some time here and there where possible.
Pamela: Whatcha studying, Scott?
rich-c: Dale is busy with his company, and may be out of town
scott: I am studying Computer Science
BobS: ah yes....JAMES!!!! he should be on his way to Canada by now
rich-c: he isn't the worlds most prompt about replying to emails
BobS: OR even in Vancouver???
Pamela: I thought James was leaving tonite his time, tomorrow ours?
scott: Currently I'm add the Community College bolstering my GPA. I've got a 4.0 since returning to school.
rich-c: wasn't he supposed to land in YVR at 6 Pacific? That's 9 Eastern
Pamela: Wow. Pretty impressive, Scott.
scott: I will probrably pursue a BS at CU Boulder here in Colorado.
Guy B.: Good going Scott.
scott: Would like to get my Masters from Berkeley.
scott: Maybe even a Doctorate one day.
scott: It's just time, right guys???
rich-c: settle for one degree at a time - know your path though
Pamela: Well, if nothing else, you'll get a tour of the country. Pretty big aspirations. Go for it!
Guy B.: Get some computer experience from a good company and maybe tuition reimbursement will fill the bill for you.
rich-c: what subject do you want your degree in, Scott?
scott: I'm shooting kinda high, but it's giving me something to shoot for.
Pamela: Get ready for an "I told you so" from Dad, but I wish now I had gone on to post secondary
scott: Computer Science.
rich-c: Pam - I told you so
scott: Yes, TRW is paying for my Tuition Reimbursement 100%
Pamela: See?
rich-c: scott - maybe very seriously you should also look at Canada
BobS: cool!!!!
rich-c: the University of Waterloo has a reputation in computers that rivals MIT
BobS: get all the education in compters you can swindle out of them
scott: I was thinking of getting a BS in Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.
scott: Really?
scott: I didn't know that.
BobS: talk to "Dale
rich-c: oh yes, that's where Microsoft recruit half their staff
BobS: he went to U of Loo didn't he???
scott: I have been going by US News & World Report.
Pamela: I must admit, my ambitions were non existent at the time, and I didn't know what I was suited for.
rich-c: well that's the problem, US media are so xenophobic and provincial
Pamela: Think outside the envelope, Scott
scott: Their national rankings of Colleges ranked by Computer-related degrees w/PhD offered.
Pamela: Our universities are some of the best in the world.
rich-c: you need a long chat with Dale
scott: I wouldn't have a problem moving to Canada for a better education.
Pamela: We would welcome you
scott: It's the education that is of prime importance.
scott: Thank you, Pam.
rich-c: especially when you're carrying dollars worth $1.50+ local
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scott: This is... Ron...
BobS: ALRIGHT!!!! let's ALL move to toronto!!!
Pamela: yep
changed username to Ron
Pamela: tada!
scott: Hello Ron.
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
BobS: Ronald!
rich-c: Ron it is - hi!
Pamela: Sir Ron!
scott: Wow, gotta full house tonight...
Meeka: hi ron
Ron: alo!
BobS: The west coast IS represented!
Ron: ah yes
Ron: late, but here
Pamela: Bob, you can just come on up here anytime at all
Guy B.: Plus Toronto and the Midwest.
rich-c: we're just explaining to Scott why he should go to Waterloo for his Computer Science degree
Ron: Hi Meeka, Hi Bob, Hi Pamela, Hi Guy, Hi Scott, Hi Rich
Ron: anybody else?
Pamela: Bob, you gotta bring Meeka and Doug, too
scott: Wow, so Waterloo has a reputation along the lines of MIT and Berkeley???
rich-c: well, that sort of covers teh list
Pamela: Think that covers it Ron
Meeka: if he goes i guess we can too
Ron: :)
rich-c: ask the personnel managers at Microsoft
scott: I will have to check them out.
Pamela: If Guy comes along, we can find him a nice Canadian girl
Guy B.: Gee, that sounds mighty tempting.
Ron: Has the meet with James gone down yet?
Pamela: Nope, not till Sunday
Ron: ah
rich-c: no, he should be landing at YVR just about half an hour ago
Pamela: I thought that was tomorrow night
rich-c: then it's on to Montreal, then Ottawa, then here Sunday
Ron: ok.... by which point he'll either be used to his situation or totally insane
Pamela: That man is gonna sleep for a week when he gets home
Ron: I guess eh?
Pamela: I vote for the latter
rich-c: well, his itinerary shows Saturday as Day 4
Ron: I would not attempt such an excursion
rich-c: yes, I sort of feel we should meet him at teh train station Saturday night
rich-c: with a stretcher
Ron: 11 scouts for weekend was enough
Pamela: James has youth on his side, Ron - and not enough wisdom to know better yet
Meeka: well now that tere are more people on I thought that i would let you know that I have finally started my site of convention pictures
Ron: and that was 30 years ago
Pamela: Address please, Meeka
Meeka: The Url is if anyone is intrested.
rich-c: long silence while everyione writes it down
scott: Bob -- do you want these chapters from The ADAM Survival Guide to include on your website
Pamela: Done
Meeka: I am also intrested in any pictures you all might have
rich-c: say yes, Bob
scott: and possibly include in the ANN Disk?
Meeka: especially of the early years.
Ron: The URL makes me feel sad Meeka. Was that the intent?
Meeka: so far the only early picutes have con from Ron, cuz i wan't around then
Pamela: Dad, get busy
Meeka: We picked it cuz of the street we live on
Meeka: Maple Hollow
rich-c: we've talked about it before you came in, daughter
Ron: Oh ok. I conjured up several stories about why
Ron: they shall remain untold
BobS: YES!!! ship them over email
Pamela: Bob, you disappoint me - I was waiting for a "Yes, Bob"
scott: What's your e-mail address, Bob?
Pamela: Please, Ron, enlighten us
BobS: OR
Ron: some day maybe
Pamela: poop
Ron: :)
Pamela: ; (
scott: Well guys, it was nice talking to you, but I have to get back to my homework.
Meeka: see you later scott
Pamela: Nice to meet you, Scott. Be back next week?
scott: I would like to stay, but I'd better keep plugging along...
rich-c: OK Scott, hope to hear about that drive soon
Ron: study well Scott...... learn it all
Guy B.: Great to hear from you Scott. Take care and come back soon.
rich-c: and any success with tgetting the ASG on line will be super welcome
scott: Yes Rich, will do my best to annoy my father.
Pamela: Always a worthy goal
rich-c: thanks - hope to see you soon again
scott: Bob, I will send you the files before I get offline.
scott: Thanks all.
scott: And will try to see you next week.
scott left chat session
rich-c: great - nite now
Pamela: What, no comments, Dad?
rich-c: well, haven't heard from Scott for some time - that was welcome
Pamela: Nice to have a full house
Ron: Indeed
rich-c: it is, miss james but that was sort of inevitable
Pamela: Well, we can fill James in on Sunday
Guy B.: Yes, that was. At least he took sometime from his busy schedule to come in.
rich-c: didn't have a single sould turn up Saturday
Pamela: Saturday is the only time I get to sleep - by the time I think of it, it's usually too late
Meeka: Guy was at our house saturday, so we kinda forgot
rich-c: I have teh feeling it's too awkward a time for most people
Guy B.: I would have been there, except I was on my way to Grand Rapids. Will try for this Saturday.
BobS: and I forgot again. was at dfoug'
Ron: Yes, with any luck, me too
Pamela: Since Saturday is the only day I have free this weekend, I may be able to swing it
BobS: was at Mekka and Doug's and forgot when the time came
Pamela: A dinner date with Kimberly doesn't count
rich-c: well, we'll be there on Saturday and see who turns up
rich-c: I've already let Dave Compson know - he emailed me today about it
rich-c: but I'm going to have my own problems getting on as the year wears on
rich-c: the IRL has a couple fo Saturday afternoon races
rich-c: and the CFL likes Saturday afternoon games in the summer
Pamela: That's what videotape is for, Dad
rich-c: yes, with tape you can at least fast forward through teh commercials
Pamela: One satellite dish and we've created a monster
rich-c: yes, but the monster is at leasst easier on your nerves
Pamela: And it means I can now tape at your place instead of mine when you're away
rich-c: yes, and even have two simultaneous tapes going at the two places if necessary
Ron: I take it something new has been added?
rich-c: I signed up with Star Choice
Ron: oh boy!
Pamela: After years of insisting he wasn't paying for TV, we finally talked him into a satellite dish
rich-c: got tired of imposing on Pamela for tapes of F! events
Pamela: He got all the sports channels and my Mom has become a TV widow
Guy B.: Rich, how much will this be costing you each month?
rich-c: $21
rich-c: that's about $14 US
Ron: And yet another ADAM computer sits in the corner neglected
Guy B.: That's not bad, how many channels?
Pamela: You should hear the ADAM crying - it's pitiful
rich-c: big basic package plus a half-dozen sports
Ron: I know that pitiful sound
Pamela: "57 channels and nothin' on"
rich-c: actually, all it means so far is that Frances gets more internet time
Ron: Was going to say
rich-c: yes, I only expect to use six to eight channels
Pamela: My parents, the techno addicts
Pamela: I come by it honestly
BobS: well then WHAT are them other channels for????
Pamela: Filler
Ron: If it wasn''t for Tiger Woods, I would watch little
rich-c: the gummint insists on them - they're there to be politically correct
Pamela: Ron, do you actually watch the Golf Channel?
Ron: Always enjoy watching people do well that which I've tried to do myself
Ron: It's all mother's fault. We wouldn''t have had tier 3 in here if it weren't for the Golf Channel
rich-c: I have five US networks, three Canadian, a whole slew of independent Canadian, the spots package and a few wild shots
Pamela: I have to admit that our channels get a workout - all 60 odd of them
Ron: And you can watch Tony Parsons out of Vancouver if you want
Ron: The 6 pm news
rich-c: yes, I believe I can get each regional Canadian feed
rich-c: they do that to allow some time shifting
Ron: That's what would attract me
Pamela: What, and miss Lance Brown?
Ron: oh..... sorry
rich-c: don't think they get him in Victoria anyweay, Pam
Pamela: A sportscaster with a head for puns - scary
Ron: nope.....instead we on the Island have Hudson Mack
Ron: or was it Mack Hudson?
rich-c: do we want to know about this?
Pamela: what, puns?
Ron: has little to do with ADAM
rich-c: Truck Rivers, or vice versa
Ron: nope, his name is really Hudson Mack
Pamela: The US contingent is very quiet all of a sudden
Meeka: sorry, busy playing with the dog too
rich-c: they've learned about Crazy Canucks on a rant...
Ron: awww
Pamela: Ron, you'll give Bob a heart attack if you keep that up
Ron: Hope they're not watching our parliament just now
BobS: I 's here.....
Ron: wha
Pamela: all that shouting
BobS: yup!
Ron: Bob, you know anybody down there who has a 1 gig scsi drive surplus?
BobS: wanna go back to Victoria!!!!!!!
Ron: 1 or 1.5
Ron: ok
Ron: we'll have to talk about that
rich-c: I know where there's a parallel port Syquest external
Pamela: Right, next year's convention site is set
BobS: DARN!!!! last weekend a place we bought stuff had them cheap and no shipping!!!
rich-c: sorry, Fort Walton Beach has dibs on 2002
Ron: oh sh*t
Pamela: Where's that?
BobS: but scsi's are cheaper everywhere than ide....
Ron: Want to beef up this here laptop
Ron: can't find any here
rich-c: local glorified pawnshop has two
Ron: sec
BobS: and you want an internal??? or external???
rich-c: they want $135 each - dreamers!!!!
Pamela: Pawnshops have come a long way recently
Ron: internal, but I'll take external if needs be
rich-c: this is cash converters
Pamela: I know that, Dad and it's become fashionable toshop in them
rich-c: but that's far too much money for an orphan drive
Pamela: Where's Fort Walton Beach?
Ron: Home of the Pines
rich-c: in fact, they had a whole lot of Syquest big drives on eBay a while back, and cheap
Pamela: Well, that was illuminating
rich-c: Florida
Ron: yes should check out e-bay
Pamela: thanks
rich-c: and he means Howard, Elizabeth Pines and family
BobS: for the mac 386 laptop???
Ron: don't know why I can't just leave these derned computers the way they come
Pamela: ADAMspeak, obviously
Ron: ya
rich-c: because they don't come built right
Ron: It'll run Linux if I can come up with some more drive space
rich-c: you don't really own a computer till you've taken it apart a few times
Pamela: Well, obviously I don't own mine yet then
Ron: exactly
rich-c: wanna borrow a screwdriver?
Pamela: Does an expert come with it?
Ron: The only one that goes to the dealer is the iMac, and it's the one that's the finickiest
rich-c: nope, you gotta find your own
Ron: hows that for a word. finickiest
rich-c: and besides, it's under warranty
Ron: yes
Pamela: Not any more it isn't - one year warranty expired in December
Ron: It got OS X installed over the weekend
rich-c: and warranty adjuducators get real shirty when they find pushpins inside
Ron: bought 2 more years
Pamela: Add it to the Ron dictionary, please
Ron: :)
Ron: I only put pushpins in the equipment that Bob is going to see
rich-c: what do you think of the new OS, Ron?
Ron: It's still green around the edges, but I'm impressed.
Ron: It's actually UNIX based, and you can actually go to the UNIX command line interface
rich-c: yes, it's really almost still a beta, I've heard
Pamela: my office gadget of choice is the paperclip, personally
Meeka: well, i had better get going. Dog needs to go out and i should get ready for bed. please let me know what you think of my site if you get a chance to check it out.
Ron: which, I know wouldn't impress too many people
Ron: Say Hi to Doug
rich-c: OK Meeka, nice having you here. Give Bandit a pat for us
Meeka: ok will do
Pamela: I'll be on as soon as I leave here, Meeka. G'nite and nice to see you
Ron: will check the site
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: if it's Unix based, maybe you should try it on a DOS machine
Ron: The Apple Computer corp has a way to go with X before people start talking positively
Ron: For me it's a leap of faith
rich-c: or no, it would have to be recompiled first, wouldn't it?
Ron: good point
Ron: yes, there are differences in chip architecture and all
rich-c: I've noticed teh early coverage has been cautious
Ron: but from what I've heard, the two are getting closer
rich-c: wouldn't it be nice to have a credible competitor to Windows?
Ron: Well, just to hedge their bets, the package I bought also came with OS 9.1 for those who must have software applications not yet 'carbonized'
Ron: which is the term for 'made compatible with OS X'
rich-c: something sugestive about that...
Ron: It certainly has potential to give Gates and Co. a run
rich-c: yes, everybody, now - speak nicely to Steve Jobs
Pamela: Um, bedtime for me too, I think. Things are starting to get fuzzy.
Ron: My dealer here was guarded in his enthusiasm
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
Ron: sleep well Pamela
Pamela: The James report coming next week
BobS: it can't be much worse than some functions of windows, can it?
BobS: nighty nite Pam
Pamela: Dad, will call over the w/e to arrange meetings on Sunday.. Good nite, all
rich-c: night, Pamela. Let me know how things go with the CD
Ron: Well, Bob, rightly or wrongly, I have the impression that it's rock solid. beeen trying to do wierd things with it all week,
Pamela: Will do.
Ron: and it follows along real well
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: if it can stand up to Ron, that's rock stable
Ron: rite
Ron: Only thing I find is that there's a whack of support missing... like for CD-RW, and sound thru external speakers, which is where
rich-c: and I don't mean ring of fire rock, either
Ron: y sub-whoofer is
BobS: now, does it have a windows look too?? or is it a do like llok??
BobS: YOOO!!!!
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Ron: but all of that will no doubt follow
Ron: pretty much exactly what they are saying in the write-ups
Ron: Am I still here?
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Ron: Actually, it looks more like KDE (an X-windows interface under Linux)
Guy B.: Rich got knocked off.
rich-c: well, we're all back, or was I the only one dumped?
Ron: I almost got dumped..... there was a long pause
BobS: got lost there for a few minutes....
BobS: WHAt is a X-windows interface look like?
Ron: They can swipe at us, but they can't knock us over
Ron: Well
Ron: What's the best way to describe it...... an amateur representation of Windows 98
rich-c: don't know if I've at last found the trick, or if Opera is a lot better at recovery than IE
Ron: they're trying to be just different enough to avoid laswuits
Ron: but the buttons are in the same place
BobS: got icons and such on a background screen and they take you to programs?
rich-c: here we go again - "look and feel"
Ron: It's a way of configuring Linux so the average jo doesn't have to remember command lines
rich-c: yes, maybe some day I can learn to use it
rich-c: then all I'll have to do is find the drivers for the peripherals
Ron: Oh hey Rich....guess what being distributed with the latest distribution of Linux Mandrake
Ron: Abiword
Ron: really like it
rich-c: tol ya so!
Ron: works well, looks good, and is free
rich-c: and, it will convert an html page to txt or wri
Ron: neat
rich-c: there's a lot of neat freebies on the net these days
Ron: Some day I have to settle on something and start doing useful work with my equipment
rich-c: why?
rich-c: it's much more fun to just putz around
Ron: I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time installing things and playing around with setup
Ron: but then... it's fun
rich-c: yes, I'm trying to work up the courage to get a new computer
rich-c: but I was on the AMD site the other night and man, that's scary
Ron: Brother Dave in Calgary just bought a new Seanix.... CD-RW 20 gig, 64 meg RAM
Ron: and he hasn't the faintest idea how to use it. Called me the other night to ask how to shut it down
Ron: and since I'm not running
Ron: Windows ME, I couldn't help him
BobS: ROTFL......
rich-c: I'm beginning to worry my 166MMX /32/8.4g is falling off teh trailing edge
Ron: Anyway.... with printer and 17 inch monitor he paid $1600
Ron: Now I'm gonna have to get ME just to help my brother
rich-c: tell him to trade it for Win98/2d
Ron: that's what I got
rich-c: all the guru newsletters and sites I see say ME is a serious loser
Ron: and believe it or not, the shutdown box is different
Ron: Well that's why I didn't go there... especially when they said there's absolutely no legacy support
rich-c: I don't suppose they include a manual
Ron: my P200 is one big Legacy
rich-c: and I can guess how useful the help file might be
Ron: yes, but he hadn't read it
rich-c: figgers
Ron: right.....
Ron: Anyway, I'll have to phone to see how it turned out. He asked me if he would hurt it to leave it on, while he went to work, and
Ron: ask somebody there
Ron: presumably that's what he did. Otherwise the damn thing is running yet
Guy B.: Well. I'm going to go. I'll try for Saturday.
rich-c: depends on how good the heat management is on the Seanix and what processor he has
rich-c: OK Guy, hope to see you then
Ron: What surprised me was that he got it out of the box, put together and running as advertised
BobS: see ya Guy
Ron: its a Duron 800 meg jobbie
Ron: night Guy
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: heck, it won't hurt the sucker to stay on from now till 2002!!!!
Ron: that's what I told him
rich-c: AMD is very finicky about what they want in teh way of fans and ventilation
rich-c: if the heatsink and fans are OK maybe it's better to leave it on
Ron: well presumably it is suitably equipped
rich-c: at least you won't get heat cycling
Ron: Anyway.... so much for providing brotherly support over the phone
rich-c: My thinking, subject to revision, runs along Athlon 800/128/20+ lines
Ron: This kid is absolutely afraid of computers, but he's been under the gun from the workplace I gather
rich-c: teach him how to play free cell and find teh porn sites
rich-c: that gets to them every time
Ron: Oh, that's the other thing. He's said he's not going online until he's used to the computer..
Ron: I dunno. He'll be over here in August. Will have to talk to the boy
rich-c: make sure he gets Zone Alarm first
Ron: oh yes
Ron: I think that's the neatest little prog
BobS: some me mother-in-law...will NEVER get used to the computer!
BobS: what's Zone Alarm???
Ron: right Bob. Some nights I wish I was afraid of them
Ron: yeah Zone Alarm
rich-c: and also tip him off to adware - there's a replacement program now for OptOut
BobS: I just tell myself, .......I am BIGGER than you!!!!!
Ron: oh?"
Ron: ROTFL Bob
rich-c: Zone Alarm tells you who is trying to break into your computer, and stops them
Ron: Just to show you the level of misconcept I'm dealing with
Ron: He thinks that once a hard drive is full, that's it, it cannot be used any more
rich-c: in fact, I haven't been probed tonight, which is unusual
Ron: this despite my best explanations
Ron: we have some serious basics to cover
rich-c: never mind, he'll likely decide to open it up with del *.*
Ron: ya....wouldn't that be interesting
rich-c: I've heard it can make for some real fun times
Ron: There must be a computer user's group in Calgary...surely
rich-c: or surely he has a buddy of some sort who does know about using computers
Ron: Think there's some of the guys at work.
rich-c: give him Bob's email address - Bob knows all about computers
Ron: hey! There's a thought
rich-c: I've heard he's even advanced beyond pushpins
Ron: Well gents.....
BobS: yup, I got messy solder jobs handled!
Ron: I must go balance my cheque book
BobS: heck there is a program called FORMAT.COM....that cleans ALL hd's
rich-c: an easy out - I have to take out teh garbage and recycling
Ron: yep
BobS: yes it it getting on to bedtime here on the eastern side
Ron: that too... garbage collection here is Thurs morning.... and I don't do Thursday morning
rich-c: so I think I better run too - see ytou both Saturday?
BobS: till next week then gents!
Ron: okey
Ron: see ya's
rich-c: nite now
Ron: poof
BobS: nope got to work in a far off city in the antique mall on Sat this week
Ron left chat session
rich-c left chat session
BobS: so have to be Wed
BobS left chat session
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