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rich: test
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DaveC: Hey rich
rich: hi dave
DaveC: I have been so busy with work! Lots of overtime!
rich: by the way, Michael Hurst may join us later
DaveC: thats good
DaveC: ok well, let me tell you about the final package
rich: overtime? witness in court or patrol work?
DaveC: surveillance work, and some patrol work, then i was in bicycle school a little while ago.
rich: right, it can keep you busy
DaveC: as for the package,, it contained about 40 carts, two large boxes of software (tapes) and some disks
rich: our local guys also hire out for private crowd control, funeral processions, and stuff
rich: anyway on to teh goodies - caerts, you say
DaveC: they dont let us do that. They think there might be a conflict of interest.
rich: are they all different?
DaveC: yes, i have a couple of duplicates, but the new ones are in better shape than mine.
DaveC: all of the software came with documentation, and there were some interesting documents also
rich: neat. remember Dean Brossler would like to hear about any surplus you want to sell
rich: if teh docs are there, it usually means you've got legal copies
DaveC: ok, although for now, i wast to hold onto the carts.
rich: that's reasonable
DaveC: yes, the docs make the software look legit
DaveC: some of the docs are magazines from back in the late 80's
rich: especially when the first paragraph often says "before anything else, make a backup!"
rich: oh, stuff like the MOAUG newsletter?
DaveC: they are surplus shops, for instance. there are parts listed for all kind of older computer systems
DaveC: funny, i didnt find any more moaug stuff
rich: oh right, there were a lot of them around then, but they're all gone now
DaveC: the magazine i am talking about is listing old monitor guts, along side keyboards for the ti-99-4a, and adam tape drives
rich: guess either he wasn't a member, or didn't keep them
rich: yes, I remember - forget the name, but they were in New Jersey if I recall
DaveC: its too bad, lots of books about programming cpm and smartbasic, also the hackers guide is there
DaveC: thats the place, new jersey
rich: those are still very useful documents if you have any urge to program
DaveC: i got another copy of smartlogo in the box sealed
rich: hey, neat. hope you give it a try
DaveC: i will get into programming later. i am not in a hurry
DaveC: i will, just life is busy now
rich: just so long as you're reading to help your son when he is ready - that will be a few years yet
rich: be nice if the carts included Telly Turtle
DaveC: i havent offically counted, but i think there are over 300 tapes here now.
DaveC: telly turtle is here..
rich: that should be enough to keep you going for a while
DaveC: also, all of the overlays are here for the carts
rich: good, Telly Turtle is really a Logo instructional program
rich: makes a terrific introduction for young kids
rich: next you'll tell me it even included the scoresheets for Super Action Baseball
DaveC: so far, everything works fine. i am having a little problem with the disk drive
rich: like what?
DaveC: yes, the scoresheets are here, along wi]th the orig. docs, never been used
DaveC: the disk drive just spins the disks up, never reading them. i have not finished playing with it.
rich: you do seem to have hit the jackpot
DaveC: the disks i just recieved dont all seem to work. others work though so i dont know. maybe they are bad. no big deal.
rich: right - first thing with the disc drive is to clean it. so is the second, and the third
rich: dave - hold on a minute or two - visitor at the door
DaveC: hehe, i cleaned it once, maybe ill do it again. i havent finished testing it yet.
DaveC: ok no prob.
rich: sorry bout that
rich: dave radford was delivering five surplus Adam printers
rich: he may join in this discussion in a minute
DaveC: wow five more printers..
rich: my wife is going to go ballistic
DaveC: i cant hold any more printers here. i have too many parts now.
rich: I'll let you say hello to Dave Radford for a minute
DaveC: i need to fix the systems i have here now.
DaveC: hello mr. radford.
rich changed username to dave R
DaveC: you know all the cool guys are named dave..
dave R: helo dave
DaveC: how are you ?
DaveC: five printers huh? Where did you find them?
dave R: I am using a coleco disk drive
DaveC: oh, i am learning they are tempermental, and moody.
dave R: goodwill about 3 years ago
DaveC: oh, i need to spend more time in the thrift shops here.
dave R: Taats a good idea
DaveC: you know, it must be nice to be around real people who like the ADAM. I am stuck emailing and chatting with others like myself.
dave R changed username to rich
rich: dave is having typing problems so I'm back
rich: but yes, it is really nice being part of an Adam community
rich: even though, believe it or not, most of our contact is by chat and email
rich: of course the key is our annual conventions when we meet and greet
DaveC: i know, i would really like to come and meet you all.
rich: speaking of which, look at soon
rich: that is Meeka Slopsema's new site
rich: I just sent her a couple dozen photos from Adamcon 05 for posting
rich: that was a long time ago, of course
rich: it was in Salt Lake City
DaveC: i just bookmarked it.
rich: good - Meeka will be pleased to have you visit
DaveC: ill check it out later. so rich.. how are you doing? Whats up with the wife?
rich: as I find more photos from other Adamcons I will send those too
rich: but even half the ones I sent represented an evening's work
rich: oh, Frances is over looking after her mother, as she does Saturdays
rich: she goes over to supervise things twice a week
DaveC: thats nice of her. other than that, anything interesting ? Hows your daughter? One right? Here in the states?
rich: no, my daughter is strictly Canadian. She works for the ehad office of Speedy Muffler downtown
rich: you may know the American version of the chain - Car-X or CareX
DaveC: huh, for some reason, i thought she was here. Thats too bad she is not here close. I want to change my mufflers on my caprice.
rich: don't know if they have an outlet in Vegas. You could check on the website
rich: what year is your Caprice?
DaveC: i have a 1994 caprice police package. It has the lt1 350 engine. I love that car.
rich: right, that was a serious machine
rich: my good car is a - wait for it - 1973 Mercury Meteor Rideau 500
DaveC: i wanted a big safe four door rear wheel drive car. Not alot of choices.
rich: it is a factory trailer special with a 400 cid engine
DaveC: i love your big car. Its cool, remember we chatted about it in the past.
DaveC: a 400, wow thats cool
rich: for a while I had an ex-RCMP car - an "87 Crown Vic
rich: but it self-destructed a while back - cop cars lead a hard life
rich: I'll send you a picture of my car and trailer one of these days
rich: or have I done that already?
DaveC: yes, i know.. i bought this caprice from henderson police in 1999. It had 60 k miles on it when i got it
DaveC: yes, i have a pic of your house, and the cool car somewhere .
rich: they need a lot of maintanance, but they are SERIOUS driving machines
DaveC: i really like them, so does the wife.
DaveC: rich, i am sorry, but i am really hungey. i need to go and eat something.
rich: yes, Frances liked th big seats and high seating position
rich: yes, you're on duty soon. Be here next week?
DaveC: yes, ill be here. thanks alot.
rich: OK, till next week, See you then
DaveC: take care bye..
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