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rich: test
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changed username to BobS
rich: hello Bob
rich: how are things going in Grand Rapids?
BobS: GREAT!!!!!
BobS: we are all alone eh?
rich: good - wondering for a minute if you were actually on
rich: let's say you'e the second to arrive, after me
BobS: that makes sense
rich: guess Pamela has decided to watch West Wing then come on at 10
BobS: well I am watchin it and I am on
rich: so while we're alone - how's the market for Adams?
BobS: havern't tried any lately
rich: ok, I have a few I could happily unload
BobS: been trrying ibm shit
BobS: and getting rid of 486's
rich: I am sort of surprised tehy are moving at all, at any price
BobS: WHEN I find the time, I need to try a few ADAM's again
rich: I just got five working printers I could mate up with working consoles
BobS: Coleco ADAM printers????
BobS: or ibm stuff????
rich: yes
BobS: yes what?????
rich: Adam
BobS: swell
BobS: is there not ANY market in Canada for trhem?????
rich: they cost a ton to ship - but then your dollar buys over $1.50 worth of postage here
BobS: try them on Ebay one at at time
BobS: basically they sell for about $50-$60US plus shipping
rich: problem with eBay is the listing cost if they don't sell
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changed username to scott
BobS: well it costs about a US buck I think or alittle more
scott: Hi guys.
rich: hi Scott welcome aboard
BobS: Scotty, me boy!!!!!!!!
scott: Guess that makes it two weeks in a row.
BobS: a wee bit of a lad, he..........
rich: yes, that's a real surprise
scott: Bob, did you get the file I send you?
rich: Dale said Sunday he was sorry to have missed you last week
scott: Sunday?
scott: Do we have chats also on Sunday?
BobS: yea man....and it is one the ANN disk for Apr....IF Dr D ever gets me some more conventino inof
rich: we went and had dinner with james and his Japanese giggle girls
BobS: how did that go?????
scott: Wow. James is there in Canada?
rich: Frances, Pamela and I and Dale and Jillian all met with james and his crew
scott: Wow...
rich: had a quite satisfactory feed at teh Old Spaghetti Factory
BobS: neat!!!! so you DID enjoy it......
rich: yes, Scott, james brought a bunch of his students on a one-week flying peek at Canada
BobS: and the ol' ADAM came thru with contacts to set up James with some of his travels....
scott: I am jealous that I didn't get to meet he and his family.
BobS: just think if he never would have found the ADAM community, he would have had to come to Canada blind
rich: and a great time was has by all
rich: oh, he was part of the Adam community before he even left Canada - used to belong to Ron's group
scott: Bob, I'm starting to get some extra time now that my classes are winding down...
BobS: meet hsi wife too???? or did she meet up with James later?
BobS: but he jsut "refound" us lately
rich: yes, his wife was with him, and a friend, and teh parents of a couple of teh kids
scott: Since you're still doing the disks, perhaps I could find something to contribute.
BobS: winding down for the year????
BobS: ok.......
scott: Not for the year, but for the Spring semester.
scott: Got plenty more in store for the rest of the year...
BobS: giotta find some time and put this year's disk on my website and upload to Dale
scott: Perhaps I could scrape something up from my old site...
rich: looked into the University of Waterloo yet, Scott?
BobS: time....... a thing which escapes all the good guys of society
rich: amen'
scott: No, and I meant to mention it in my e-mail with Dale.
scott: Am VERY interested, though.
BobS: I gotta QUIT workin for a living!!!!!!!!
rich: from what he said, he'll definitely encourage you
scott: Would be the ideal place.
BobS: yup!
scott: With Dale there, I could learn even more...
BobS: AND!!!!! the US buck stretches furthwer in Canada also!!!!!!!
rich: yes, it's even handier to Grand Rapids than Colorado is!
BobS: yup!
scott: Does the University of Waterloo offer Ph.D's?
scott: What's the altitude out there?
rich: at the moment, the US buck is worth $1.58 Canadian
scott: A little better than here?
BobS: lower than Denver
rich: yes, Waterloo is a university, so it offers doctorates
rich: and teh altitude is I think below 1000 fett - it's 730 ft in Toronto
scott: Whatever happened when it was one to one Canadian/US dollars???
BobS: average snow of about 60-70" and temps around 10-15 degrees fahrenheit (with the usual ups and downs)....right Rich???
rich: that was before teh financial markets went nuts
scott: We're what? 5300 ft. here???
rich: the US dollar is hugely overvalued relative to every currency in the world
scott: Something I didn't know...
BobS: probably
scott: In order to be a University, the educational institution must offer Ph.D's in some shape or form???
rich: by the way, Bob, our crocuses are now up and blooming
rich: my understanding is universities offer graduate degrees, colleges dont
scott: Ok.
scott: Forgive my ignorance...
scott: I've only returned to school in under a year...
BobS: NO FAIR!!!!! ours arre up but no stalks or buds to bloom yet
scott: I was wondering what the difference was, now I feel like an idiot...
rich: so Frances and I took our undergraduate degrees at University College within the University of Toronto, and our graduate degrees in Library Science at the University's School of Library Science
BobS: dunt do dat, Scott
scott: How expensive is Waterloo???
rich: haven't a clue - it isn't free like some State universities, but compared to say Harvard, reall cheap
scott: I would assume, as all colleges/universities, out of state tuition is outrageous!
rich: I believe it is higher for foreigners, yes, but not so high as to discoruage them
rich: it is a policy at most universities to encourage a certain number of students from away
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scott: I'm wrapping up Advanced Visual Basic and am amazed how much using SmartBASIC actually helped me
scott: in taking the class...
BobS: well, scott looka t their website!!!! they probably have one......
changed username to Guy B.
scott: Hello, Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich: I looked at some stuff about VB and it did seem to have a close relationship
rich: hi Guy
scott: Some of the code (albeit very little) is identical.
rich: of course the have a website - the mailing list is on it, remember?
BobS: hi guy!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: ya sure Richard
rich: I was thinking moe of the commands and syntax
Guy B.: Hi Bob, Jeanene has told me she found some monitors.
BobS: Robert forgot, I didn't!!!!!
scott: Things such as repetition structures (For/Next loops), some of the functions (Len, Val, etc) are very similar
BobS: oh yea????
rich: also, isn't Rexx somewhat similar
BobS: where and howmuch and are they working god, and are they cheap?????
BobS: good
Guy B.: At a resale shop. For $15, I'll find out more.
BobS: please do
scott: Yeah -- it's a small amount, but it makes it a lot less painless for taking a VB class.
Guy B.: Ok, will do.
scott: It would be an excellent series of articles!
rich: yes, even the tiniest reduction in your entry fund of ignorance is helpful, I've found
Guy B.: In the meantime, I put in a soundboard and a CD-Rom drive in her computer and it worked flawlessly.
scott: Teaching someone who has SmartBasic background how to program in VB, that is...
Guy B.: Your learning VB Scott?
scott: Yes Rich, and some of us have more than others, as you've seen...
scott: Yes, Guy. I'm actually earning a certificate at the local college in VB.
scott: I'm wrapping up Advanced VB right now.
rich: we all start off with teh same supply, Scott, it's just that the attrition rate varies over time
scott: Just one more program to go...
Guy B.: I'm assuming Version 6, right? I have version 4 and got a book on it.
scott: Yes, Version 6.
BobS: yo are getting to be quite a computer tech there Guy........
scott: Version 7's on the way, though. What is it called? Visual Basic Net?
scott: Maybe a series of articles for ADAM users would be a good thing.
Guy B.: Your kidding! This one is going to involve using it on the Net?
scott: Is there interest in learning that language?
rich: I've seen some suggestions that users should disable VB on their machines
Guy B.: I'm going to try a crack on VBscript shortly for the emulator utilities.
BobS: who knows????
scott: That's just what it's called. I don't know if it has any better web compatibility.
rich: seems there's a feeling it's too easily used for malicious purposes
scott: Basically, the big thing in the new version is the inclusion of Inheritance!
Guy B.: It's VB, mainly it's VBscript. That's what the I Love You bug was written in.
Guy B.: It's not VB, pardon on that.
scott: VB is an excellent entry level programming language, though. Very powerful, but you have to love Bill Gates to an extent.
rich: either way, the local gurus have been saying delete it, you don't need it and troublemakers do
scott: Only usable in the Windows environment!
scott: Is there enough interest to educate others in the ways of VB in our community?
rich: write it and they will read?
Guy B.: In my Practical Windows magazine. Harden Brothers is using VBA that's in Word97 for some program project. And the best part is any programs that you write in VBA can be imported into VB.
scott: Oh yeah, I need some help coming up with an idea for my final VB project.
scott: The final project is up to us.
scott: I'd like to do something ADAM-related.
Guy B.: Why not write a better launcher for running the Adam Emulator.
scott: Yes -- you can use VB or VBA to remote-control MS Office. It's pretty cool.
scott: It also needs to be something I can complete in a couple of weeks.
rich: or maybe a faster and more flexible version of AdamServe?
scott: A better launcher?
scott: I will have to take a look at the ADAM Em utility.
scott: I think I know what you're talking about, Guy.
scott: Just haven't used it in over a year...
Guy B.: I don't have the AdamEm launcher as I have been doing it from a menu. But, I think I could do one too.
rich: I believe it's a front end for use within Windows, isn't it, Guy?
scott: With VB you can instantiate an instance of word, like any other object, and use it's built in functions.
scott: It's called ADAMEm, right? Or was it ADAMam?
rich: I think AdamEmEm
scott: Something like that...
Guy B.: Yes, it is. I'm not running AdamEm from Windows, just from the DOS prompt. But, I bet I can do it using VB or VBscript. Just something simple.
BobS: I think
Guy B.: I think that's about right there.
BobS: the windows interface is a LOT easier Guy
scott: Anything you can do with Windows or MS DOS you can do with VB
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scott: Aha! Is this Ron???
changed username to meeka
Guy B.: Well, then I have to start a project then.
rich: hi meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
scott: Hello meeka
meeka: hello
rich: got the pictures up yet?
scott: VB's fun stuff, but there's only so much time :(
meeka: not yet, been busy the last couple days
rich: tried your website teh other day but my browser couldnt find your server
Guy B.: Meeka, I did check your website. Very well done.
BobS: hi there Meeka,. did my son wander home yet?????
scott: We'll have to talk more later about whether or not it would be worthwhile to do a VB tutorial for ADAM users.
meeka: you'll have to try agian. I heard from Jerry Vranks and he got on so I might have been updating when you tried.
meeka: no
rich: I think that's entirely possible - it was last week
Guy B.: I'm thinking of a short presentation at the next Adamcon if Rich will let me on VB and VBscript.
meeka: he is not expected untill 20 or 11
meeka: thats 10 or 11
scott: Wow. VB presentation?
BobS: hookay......was awonderin' how he made out....dir theyleave on time this morning???
meeka: yes
scott: What did you have in mind?
Guy B.: If I'm going to have programs files on my website, might as well try a short presentation of them.
scott: VB program files?
scott: Will these be self-installing packages or will they require you to also download the dll?
Guy B.: I have one page for VB/VBscript files. I have divided the projects with the utilities with four for VB and four for VBscript.
Guy B.: I think the DLL is standard on Win95. VB400run.dll I think the file is.
scott: I really haven't played too much with VBA or VB Script. I've been mostly using 6.0 to create small standalone apps.
Guy B.: I got VB 4.0 Enterprise edition and I have that on my P133 desktop and Word97 on my notebook with VBA. I'm going to use both on this project.
rich: gather you don't have the Athlon ready yet, Guy
Guy B.: It's ready, I've order that 17" monitor from Tigerdirect. I got the cables, but not the Monitor. I'm checking with Tigerdirect to see what's going on.
scott: For version 5 and 6 I think that you still need to make sure that the appropriate dll is installed in your Window>System folder.
scott: Or is it just the Windows folder? Oh well...
Guy B.: I'll have to check that out.
scott: I have VB Enterprise 6.0 Academic (full) version loaded on my machine.
Guy B.: How much disk space did that take?
rich: they still give serious discounts to students?
scott: A ton. I loaded everything -- MS Library, SQL Server for Developers, etc.
scott: Oh yeah. VB Enterprise was only $199 for me
rich: some compensation for teh workload, anyway!
scott: It's the full version as well.
Guy B.: Not bad. I got my VB 4.0 Enterprise at a computer show for $10. What do you expect for an old version.
scott: My work actually reimbursed me for it and I get to keep it.
scott: So all in all, it was free.
rich: can't get a much better deal than that, Scott
scott: $10? That's not bad! Soon you'll be able to upgrade that to version 7 for (hopefully) a fairly reasonable price!
scott: It's nice being a student sometimes.
Guy B.: Tell me what's reasonable for Microsoft.
scott: Not for the grades. No..... for those great academic discounts!!!
rich: yes, buying an older one then using upgrade rights can save a fair penny
Guy B.: I might as well learn this version now, then later I can upgrade.
scott: Guy -- honestly, you'd be better off buying a copy of Visual Studio Enterprise Academic version for $350.
Guy B.: What is that one?
rich: don't they require a student ID for that?
scott: It includes Enterprise editions of VB, C++, and a ton of other things...
Guy B.: Actually, I do have a student ID.
scott: Rich -- you can usually buy Academic software at computer shows.
scott: Guy - go to the Microsoft site and check it out...
rich: oh. but then, what I need is Win98/2 upgrade....
Guy B.: I picked up an Academic version of Wordperfect 6 at a computer show. Cheap.
scott: Yeah. I got Dreamweaver for $99.
Guy B.: Ok, I'll check it out. I can use it with Win95C, right?
scott: Can't beat those prices...
rich: what is 95C?
scott: Yes. You can, but they really want you to load it on a computer with 98.
Guy B.: Windows 95 with USB support.
scott: I have installed it on my Windos NT computer and Win 95 machines... For educational purposes, of course...
rich: In theory, Win 95B has USB support - I just haven't tried it yet
Guy B.: Well, the Athlon once I get it up will have Win95 with USB and I'm going to install System Commander Deluxe and later might get Win98.
Guy B.: No, it doesn't. I have that and it doens't have USB support. It has FAT32 on that version.
rich: My 166 has a motherboard with USB ports and Windows 95 is supposed to support them
rich: what has the File Allocation Table got to do with USB support?
Guy B.: My Athlon has it too and it included drivers for USB if you have the original or B version of Win95.
scott: Well guys, I gotta go.
Guy B.: FAT32 was created to address the cluster size of larger size hard drives.
scott: Will try to make it back next week.
rich: OK Scott, nice having you in - hope for next week, or Saturday if you're free
Guy B.: Ok, Scott see you either next week or Saturday.
scott: Hopefully, there will be less homework to do.
scott: See ya!
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rich: yes, I know, I have both FAT16 and FAT32 partitions on my hard disc
rich: not to mention both System Commander and Partition Magic
Guy B.: You must have them on either separate partitions or on separate hard drives.
rich: separate partitions. yes, teh Win3.1 partition is FAT16
Guy B.: I have two hard drives on the Athlon and I'm planning to make the first drive FAT32 and the other FAT16.
rich: why have two hard discs when you can't boot from the second one anyway?
Guy B.: Bob and Meeka are quiet.
rich: maybe they're holding a private conversation on the side
Guy B.: I plan to have Win95, System Commander and later Win98. Maybe Linux on the other drive.
rich: well of course Linux will boot from the second drive
Guy B.: I got a hard drive when I bought Win95 with USB. Something with the licensing of the OS.
rich: it doesn't demand to live on C:, it will boot from anywahere
rich: where did you buy the Win95 with USB? Who sells it?
Guy B.: I won it on Yahoo Auctions last year, but I have found them at computer shows.
rich: I honestly have never seen or heard of such a thing anywhere before
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: That was the last version of Win95 before Microsoft released Win98.
rich: hi daughter
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
Pamela: Hi, finally made it.
Guy B.: Meeka just went off.
rich: just as we lost eeka
Pamela: Was it something I said?
rich: ask Bob, if he's still really there
rich: they have both been very quiet of late
Guy B.: No, it's not you Pam. Bob and Meeka are very quiet up until now.
BobS: WELL!!!!! Tis about time, young lady!!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: He's alive!!!!
rich: He Lives!!!
BobS: ya sure mon!
Pamela: Sorry, Bob, but if I hadn't come home with cat food, the cats would have started a rebellion
BobS: ust listenin'
rich: so Bob, do you know anything about Win95 with USB?
BobS: nope!!! I stilluse 9pin din plugs and paralle ports! :-)
rich: like, is it 95B after you've downloaded the service pack?
Guy B.: There you go, Rich.
rich: speaking of which, wonder whre Ron is? String break?
Pamela: I was wondering the same thing.
BobS: probably a bad stormon the west end of civilization
Pamela: There's civilization out there?
rich: you've been, you say
Pamela: That explains the calls
Pamela: All the civilized ones moved out there
Pamela: I got stuck with the remainders
rich: especially in the government - no, that won't fly
BobS: gotta go for a few minutes and make a voice back soon ya'll !!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Okey Dokey.
Pamela: OK
rich: c u
Pamela: I guess James isn't awake yet.
rich: this is cause for surprise?
rich: bet he's not up till tomorrow
Guy B.: Isn't he still in Canada or did he return home?
Pamela: Not really. I fully expected him to go face down on the bed as soon as he got home and stay there for a couple of days
Pamela: He was supposed to be home last night, I think
rich: he has to start teaching again at 4 p.m. his time today
Guy B.: Oh boy, I bet he will be tired just from the flight.
rich: should have asked why Japan runs spring break Wednesday to Wednesday
Pamela: You should have seen him Sunday - I didn't think he was gonna make it thru the evening
Pamela: That's a good question, Dad
rich: yes, keeping 14 kids in line for a trip that long would be wearing
Pamela: At least he had help.
rich: yes, though I guess he'd be losing - was it sue-dan? - at Vancouver
Pamela: I didn't ask him. At least Miyuki seemed awake
rich: yes, she had a nap with teh girls before dinner, didn't she?
Pamela: I think so, but also she had just flown in on Saturday night
rich: the - the- the - the - the-
Pamela: are you sure?
rich: just to show I can do it right - fill in as required
Pamela: You really need to teach that keyboard to spell
rich: maybe I ashould trade it in for a new one - perhaps with computer attached?
Pamela: Must be hereditary - I used to do it alot too
Pamela: There's a thought
rich: OK, you have an excuse, but what's mine?
Pamela: Speaking of which, Guy, how's the new AMD doing?
Pamela: Don't worry , Dad, I'll think of one
Guy B.: It's ready to go. But, it's not been turned on for the first time yet. It's sitting to my left of the P133.
Pamela: I thought you were using it to get the website up and running
rich: maybe I'll ask Bruce if he feels like building me one next Tuesday
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Guy B.: I'm using the P133 for that for now.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: Obviously adequate for your needs then
Pamela: Look Bob is twins
rich: oh, the evil twin
Guy B. requested to ban BobS
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: oh oh, iam twins
Pamela confirmed ban
rich confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, he's one now.
rich: not any more
Pamela: you was twins, now you ain't\
BobS: hmmmmm, I is a magician!!!!!!!
Pamela: You is gooood!
Guy B.: The Athlon will be all Windows, Internet and for games that require a higher processor and memory.
rich: what happened to Meeka - Doug get home?
Pamela: Did you load an office suite as well?
rich: I don't really know why I want a new computer
rich: I think it's because I'm afraid of getting left behind on new software
Pamela: Hey Dad, can you say "techno junkie"?
Pamela: That too is hereditary
rich: well, I can use more memory, and a CD-RW, and Windows 98/2 before XD comes out
BobS: could be he did, can't run ICQ right now, so can't find out either
Pamela: Did Meeka just disappear or actually say goodnight?
rich: I gather AOL have started to play some sort of games with ICQ lately
Guy B.: I do have Corel Wordperfect 8 Suite for the Athlon.
rich: Linux or DOS version?
Guy B.: Windows
rich: Isn't the Linux version still free?
Pamela: Interesting, Guy. Why not MS Office? I have nothing against Wordperfect, just curious
rich: Corel being Canadian, we are in favour of Wordperfect users
Guy B.: It came with the system and I have Wordperfect 6 on my P133. It's a really good word processor. Although I haven't tried Quatro Pro on it yet.
Pamela: (go Canadians!)
Guy B.: That's Quaddro Pro.
Pamela: However it's spelled, what is it?
rich: go back, you missed
Guy B.: Quadro Pro then.
rich: t
Pamela: Is is a spreadsheet program?
Guy B.: Yes it is.
Pamela: Well, it's probably no different than Lotus or Excel
rich: I have Star Office but have barely looked at it yet
Guy B.: Corel bought the rights from Borland for it.
Pamela: Really, Dad. I never would have guessed.
Pamela: ; )
rich: you should look at Corel's Linux website - lots of neat stuff I'm told
Pamela: I am a big fan of Lotus 1-2-3 - it's great for making lists and stuff.
Pamela: Taught myself how to use it, too.
rich: you can always borrow my Star Office disc and compare
Guy B.: My sister in-law has the Lotus Smartsuite Millenium Edition. She's finally getting use to it with my help.
rich: you have lots of hard drive space - maybe you'd like it better
Pamela: What's the point? I have Lotus because that's what I'm using at the office and I like it just fine
rich: that's a hard reason to argue with
Pamela: Thank you.
Guy B.: They are pretty similar and you can import and export files to other spreadsheet programs like Excel.
rich: yes, most of teh big ones talk to each other now. Bill Gates is furious
Pamela: I have done that many times. I did find that i have to go down a step to release 7 to create a doc that Excel users can use
Guy B.: Well, what choice did he have? He can't win with everyone.
BobS: Bill don't even want to talk to YOU!
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
rich: count my blessings?
Pamela: and how
rich: just went through the Windows Update drill
Pamela: and???
Guy B.: Are you up to date??
rich: now have almost everything "critical" plus some goodies
Pamela: Ooh, how exciting
Pamela: What kind of goodies?
rich: wondering if DirectX 8.00a is worth an hour downloading tiem tho
Guy B.: I should get going. I maybe able to make it Saturday. But, it might be from work.
Pamela: Not unless you have something to use it for.
rich: that's OK Guy, work or home, you're welcome
Pamela: Is it that time already? Goodnite then.
rich: I'll be there for 15 minutes from 3 p.m. EDT - more if anyone shows
BobS: gotta go too kids......will TRY to remember (whack to the head) and come online Sat.....3PM EST yes?????
rich: EDT in our area, Bob
Guy B.: Have to run the labels and upload them to a BBS from the Net. So, I'll probably run between my supervisor's computer and mine. So, I'll see you all either Saturday or next week.
rich: but OK, night Bob and Guy
Pamela: Yes. Now if someone would just whack me, we'd be all set
Pamela: Goodnite Bob
Guy B. left chat session
rich: Guess you and I might as well pack it in too, Pam
Pamela: Yeah, maybe I'll get some sleep for a change. What a concept.
rich: we could both use it. See you Saturday?
Pamela: Mom will be thrilled. Pamela's actually going to bed.
rich: I'll tell her
Pamela: Maybe, if I don't have other things on the go - there was a rumour about a birthday party for Tina and Neil's oldest for that day
Pamela: Also, it's about the dust bunnies taking over my world
rich: OK, you'll be there or you won't. We'll see
Pamela: Comme ci, comme ca
BobS: nite!
BobS left chat session
rich: nite Bob
Pamela: Niters!
rich: So off we go - godnight, daughteer
Pamela: Goodnight Daddy. Sleep tight. Poof!
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