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Guy B from Work: Hi Rich
rich: hi guy see you beat me in
rich: checking - am I still on?
Guy B from Work: I've been here since 12:30 this afternoon. I had to rerun the Label program here at work. It bombed on some segment too small error. So, I'm running it again and it's been 1 1/2 hours already.
rich: oh, that's really great fun - just what you need, I'm sure
Guy B from Work: I also have my notebook here with me too. I'm going to try a VBscript program for running one of the utilities.
rich: like while the work computer does its thing, you can get something useful done
rich: having a minor problem - my computer glasses ae in to have the lenses changed
Guy B from Work: What else can I do. I have to check every now and then at another computer to be sure the program is still running.
rich: fortunately I haven't had the reading glasses done yet so now they're almost at the computer strength
rich: well, working on the laptop beats sitting around twiddling your thumbs, that's for sure
Guy B from Work: So your not wearing your glasses right now. I guess you have your display at a bigger font.
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Guy B from Work: Hi Dave
rich: aha - wonder if that's Dave?
rich: yep - welcome, good buddy
DaveC: hey guys, i am just trying to do more than one thing at a time as usual, whats up?
DaveC: trying to eat lunch and type at the same time
rich: oh, guy is killing time while his computer at work runs a program
rich: all he gets to do is the heavy looking on
DaveC: thats great guy!
DaveC: Well, i havent even had time to turn my ADAM on in the past week, or is it two?
Guy B from Work: And a headache as well, I started the run last night and had to rerun it this afternoon.
rich: I was just complaining - my computer glasses are out getting the lenses changed (strengthened)
DaveC: why not just turn up the font?
rich: so I'm using my reading glasses, which now aren't so far from the computerglasses prescription
rich: a blur is a blur no matter how big the type
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Guy B from Work: Try changing the font Rich. It will be easier on your eyes.
rich: hey, the gang's all here!
Guy B from Work: Hi Bob
BobS: hey dudes|!
DaveC: hello bob
BobS: how ya'll doin????
rich: hello Bob - have you met Dave Compson yet?
DaveC: i am not sure if we have met or not?
BobS: NOPE! Hi Dave....and from where when and how did ya get here?
DaveC: let me see, i am from Las Vegas, have just joined the ADAMites recently thanks to rich.
rich: Dave's the one who took the free Adam
DaveC: and it is still my favorate, of them all.
rich: I think we can all say that, even when we use our DOSboxes much more
BobS: that is true. you will NOT find an easier more friensly computer than the ADAM
Guy B from Work: And you can do quite a bit with it despite the powerful PC's that are out there.
DaveC: honestly, i cant think of an ADAM question right now, i feel guilty for not being prepared.
rich: yes, there's nothing like trying any other computer to make you appreciate our little 8-bit wonder
DaveC: i havent even scratched the surface of these great computers.
rich: so if you don't need answers, just plain socialize - we got lots of neat folks around
rich: guy is busy writing utilities for the Adam emulator
DaveC: yeah, well,,, work has been really busy lately
BobS: GUY if you are working today, whatcha doing on the chat????
BobS: ;-)
rich: big convention in town, or just the bad guys coming out of their holes in the apring?
Guy B from Work: I'm on my PC at work on WinNT.
DaveC: i have to go in soon, earlier than normal.
rich: is it tactful to wonder why?
DaveC: i am riding a bicycle now, and it is different. The city is sponsering a "corprate challenge"..
DaveC: and the other day was the opening cerominies (sp)
rich: we have bike patrols in Toronto - the folks assigned to them seem to like them
rich: why they do in a Toronto winter is beyond me
DaveC: so i rode my bike around the freemont street experience
Guy B from Work: A number of cities are doing that.
DaveC: i had to be there because the mayor and city council was running around.
rich: ah, part of the escort
DaveC: riding the bike is kinda cool, its easy to sneak up on drug dealers, and customers.
rich: if I know politicians, you'd have no problem keeping up - slowing down enough might be different
DaveC: your correct, keeping up was no problem.
DaveC: well, as for adam stuff...
rich: yes, the nice thing about bikes is that the bad guys cant get away by ducking through a narrow gate
BobS: oh, oh......Dave is cop????
DaveC: let me see,, i have established a box full of never opened stuff
rich: fantastic!
DaveC: yeah, sorry bob.
rich: yeah, Bob, but we haven't told him about you - yet
BobS: I am not sorry, jsut have to keep my eyes peeled for ya IF I ever get to Las Vegas
DaveC: let me see, (as i check inside of the magical box)
BobS: :-)
BobS: well DON
BobS: 'T!!!!!!
DaveC: two unopened boxes of smartlogo
DaveC: an address book filer, with autodialer
rich: trust you'll cure that soon, unless you have an open copy
DaveC: a adamlink modem
rich: you don't need teh dialler to use the address book program
DaveC: a coleco ribbon
rich: if it's still sealed, it should be good
DaveC: a memory (64k) expander
rich: so you can even run the programs that need one
DaveC: and a really cool zaxxon supergame (from rich)
rich: yes, it's much better than the cart
DaveC: as for the smartlogo, rich,, i have lots of open copies and the books now
rich: OK, when you come up with questions let me know and I'll get Frances to answer
DaveC: bob, if you are ever in the area, drop me a line
DaveC: i do want to play with it, although like i said, time is hard to come by
rich: yes, invite him into your motorhome for coffee, Bob
DaveC: my family is comming in from san diego tommrow
DaveC: they usually want to go to the strip.
DaveC: i keep far away from the strip, as far as i can anyway.
rich: oh, my racing cursor crony is dragging his sister out of San Diego to the Long Beach race this weekend
DaveC: i always wanted to drive up to long beach to see the races, it looks like lots of fun
rich: well, the strip is pretty spectacular, but I bet it gets pretty wearing after a while
DaveC: i just dont like fighting with crowds, traffic is always a mess
rich: yes, my buddy is hoping actually seeing what goes on will help interest his sister
DaveC: i get enough of crowds at work
rich: don't even visit Toronto, Dave - you would not believe our traffic
DaveC: oh, if i took my wife there, she would want to get into racing cars herself.
rich: Toronto drivers laze along L.A. freeways in rush hour with one hand on the wheel
BobS: wil do Dave but have no present plans to visit Vegas
DaveC: as for toranto, i have never been to canada, if i was just visiting, maybe i could take it for a short time
rich: if nothing else, it would give you a whole new perspective on things
DaveC: bob whenever, it looks like i will be here for at least another 20 years
rich: anyway, maybe you should take in the race if the IRL comes to Las Vegas
rich: they have a very good woman driver, Sarah Fisher
DaveC: we go to the motorcycle races when they are here at the lv motor speedway
DaveC: sarah fisher, isnt she the really young brunette?
rich: those I can hardly bear to look at - scary
rich: yes, she's young and cool and I belkieve a brunette
DaveC: i read an article about her, something like she is bringing a whole new group of fans to the races.
BobS: might just make it in the next 20 years~!
rich: wouldn't be surprised - but she's not a lure, she has significant talent
DaveC: i would invite you to come on a ride along, so i could show you the real city, but they are changing the ride along policy now.
rich: yes, from all I hear, the real city is very different from what visitors see
DaveC: there are lots of bad areas, right next door to multi million dollar estates,
rich: all cities have bad areas - I suspect yours are no worse than average
DaveC: after moving here from san diego, las vegas is a really nice safe place
rich: we have our beats wehre teh police alwasy go in pairs
DaveC: we try, alghough most of the time, there are not enough of us to pair up.
rich: yes, San Diego had a pretty wild heritage as a naval base
DaveC: oh yeah, a big navy town
DaveC: well, buys i hate to cut this short, i have to head in. i am working some overtime today
rich: That's one place I haven't made it to yet, but would like to
DaveC: i have to pay for all that adam stuff i just bought
BobS: gott go boys! NICE to meet you Dave!!!! Welcome to the ADAM losers, USER'S GROUP
Guy B from Work: Good to hear from you. Don't work too hard.
rich: right Dave, anyway glad you could drop by. Be here next week?
BobS: see ya's Wed evening!
rich: you gotta go too, Bob?
DaveC: hehe that's funny, take care guys, and ill be here for a longer chat next sat. take care
Guy B from Work: Bye Dave. Take care.
DaveC left chat session
rich: OK, bye Dave and Bob
Guy B from Work: Bye Bob, see you Wednesday.
rich: My cursor crony wanted me to fly down and join him for Long Beach
rich: he had tickets for a big hospitality do from Ford
rich: I was tempted till I saw the best air fare - $1,873.20!!!!!
Guy B from Work: Whoa!
rich: yes, I took a real big gulp after that!
Guy B from Work: That really sets back your wallet.
rich: and even so, I'd have been coming home on a charter redeye
rich: I fugured for numbers like that, I'd rather spend it on a new computer
Guy B from Work: You can even get a new computer for less than that.
rich: yes, the league I'd be interested in would be around $1200, I think
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rich: Athlon 800, 128 MB, 20 0rv30 gig HD, Win98/2 OEM installed, CD-RW
Guy B from Work: I finally got my monitor today. Had to pick it up at UPS. Wasn't as big as I thought. But, I had to put it in the front seat of my car.
rich: you got a 17", didn't you?
Guy B from Work: Yep, a 17".
rich: that's what I have, and I am quite happy with it
rich: I think you will be with yours too
rich: I use the 800 x 600 resolution and rarely have to increase teh type size on web sites
Guy B from Work: I think so too. I hope when I get done here at work. I'll finally get that up, but I have to finish two loads of laundry first.
Guy B from Work: That's what I'm going to use for this new system. I have an 8mb AGP card.
rich: right - the joys of bachelor life. After 46 years of marriage, one forgets
rich: well, most websites are optimized for 800 x 600 so you might as well take the best going
rich: given your processor and AGP, I would expect you should be able to handle streaming video and stuff quite well
Guy B from Work: I agree with you and Netzero needs that display anyway.
rich: right, that's the freebie, isn't it?
Guy B from Work: Yes, if you use it up to 40 hours a month. They have a $9.95 unlimited now.
rich: well, that isn't what you'd call exorbitant
rich: I get unlimited and no busy signals for $200/year
Guy B from Work: It seems most of the free Internets are charging some money for those who are heavy users.
rich: that only seems fair -some people always want to overexploit a good thing
rich: I'm not willing to pay the breach of privacy free ISPs demand
Guy B from Work: Juno, Netzero and Bluelight.Com are the ones who are the ones that limit the free hours.
rich: I expect all will have to move that way eventually
rich: they all live by selling information about their users, and if a few bandwidth hogs are blocking out the new names for their lists, it doesnt work
Guy B from Work: I only use Netzero as an alternate and I have some e-mail that I get every now and then from Tigerdirect to there. Free up the space on my main ISP Corecomm.
rich: it can be wise to have a few alternative email addresses
Guy B from Work: I'm dropping my e-mail address on Yahoo and I have one on
rich: you can even have one for teh sole purpose of intercepting spam
Guy B from Work: That's why I use Netzero for that. I get e-mail from Cnet, Haband and
rich: from what I've seen, hotmail is a good place to hide
rich: Oh, email and newsletters I've asked for I'm happy to have come to my home account
Guy B from Work: Sometimes Netzero let's me know of some new things at both e-mail addresses.
rich: they have your other email addresses?
Guy B from Work: I set my main address with them for any new things I get from Netzero. They won't give that address to anyone else.
rich: oh, that's reserved for their own internal communications, so to speak
Guy B from Work: In a way, yes.
rich: I haven't set up any second accounts but I am thinking hard about it
Guy B from Work: Might be a good idea for you.
rich: if I end up spending serious time on auctions or newsgroups I'd consider them a must
rich: also, there's one that can be accessed from any internet computer - could be good while travelling
Guy B from Work: I can do that with Corecomm. I usually do this at work, just to see if I get anything new.
rich: could you access your email account say from a library computer in Florida?
Guy B from Work: Sure I can. As long as there is a web browser open like Netscape or IE.
rich: yes, I assume you'd do it through teh 'net
rich: a public computer might get real upset if you dialled long distance to your own ISP
Guy B from Work: Most are on networks, so it shouldn't be a problem.
rich: maybe I should raise teh question with my own ISP - there may be a way
Guy B from Work: Check to see if they have webmail.
rich: right. the small outfit I deal with, it's always the same person, and he's very helpful
rich: then the next step will be to get a laptop for teh trailer so I can use campground connextions
Guy B from Work: There you go.
rich: anyway, I think we'e hitting the end of our time for now, Guy. You going to be on next Wednesday?
Guy B from Work: Of course I will. Maybe I might be able to do it on the new system. See what I can do then.
rich: OK, I'll be looking forward to your report. See you then
Guy B from Work: Ok, I'll see you next week then.
rich: bye for now
Guy B from Work: Bye.
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rich: poof
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