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james: good morning :)
Dale: Hiya James.,
james: how'S it going?
Dale: It's going good.
james: i'm still a little jetlagged but otherwise holding up well :)
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james: bet that's rich
changed username to rich
james: bingo
james: morning rich :)
Dale: Hey Richard.
rich: Hi there Dale and james
rich: made it home safely, I see
james: yes, and my luggage too :)
rich: that latter is a real triumph
rich: how many days did you sleep once you got back?
james: yeah. they managed to temporarily misplace one of sharon's bags. made a little side trip to narita instead of going directly to osaka.
rich: was that for teh bag or another reason?
james: i slept very well when we got back but was up at 6 the following morning. still haven't managed to sleep past 8:30 yet.
Dale: Well, with that many flights, that's still pretty good.
james: it got checked accidentally with a large group that was beside us at the checkin.
rich: yes, I would think 8.30 would be tolerable even with your late bedtime
james: fortunately they were also going to japan.
james: managed to stay up until 11 last night
rich: gradually, your internal clock is resetting
james: yeah, and i'm crazy enough to be thinking about doing another trip *this* summer.
rich: now, now, - sit down - relax - calm down there.....
james: actually, i'm feeling quite up to it.
rich: well, as long as it includes Cleveland the weekend of July 12-15th...
james: wish it could. cleveland would be a little out of my way though. i do promise though that if there's an adamcon in vancouver to do my
james: best to make it.
rich: I am afraid that it will be some time before that comes about
rich: if they choose to nforce it, Florida (Ft. Walton Beach) has dibs on next year
james: so it seems. well at least i got to meet you all in person finally, even if we didn't talk all that much.
james: will pam be joining us today?
rich: I thought that given the other duties you did very well indeed
james: well, 12 kids in tow makes for being busy :)
rich: haven't talked to her for a few days so I don't know
rich: I know she enjoys the chats but may watch west wing first then join after 10
james: i'm assuming since i live on the dark side of the moon, that that's some kind of medical drama tv show..
rich: I can tell you she got an enormous kick out of meeting your and your group, and Jillian
rich: actually it's a politcal drama - as in White House West Wing
Dale: It was a bit of a brief meeting. You were both so busy.
james: it was nice for her to come up the tower with us.
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changed username to BobSlopsema
rich: she really enjoyed it - she likes a dose of tower every once in a while
rich: well, HERE'SD BOB!
james: hey bob :)
rich: cat';s got his tongue
Dale: Hi Bob.
rich: anywasy, I am sort of shopping for a new computer
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changed username to Guy B.
rich: thinking in terms of maybe an Athlon 800
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich: aha, now we have Guy too
james: i'm thinking very much that my next personal machine will be a mac. maybe one of the g4 cubes.
BobSlopsema: Hi DUDES!!!!
Guy B.: Ok, who's thinking about an 800 Athlon?
rich: bout time, Slopsema!
rich: I am. What's a good motherboard?
BobSlopsema: was busy....only a few seconds late anyways!!!!
Guy B.: James, how was your trip to Canada?
BobSlopsema: good motherboard for what computer?????
james: it went very well bob :) kids had a great time and i'm not too much worse for wear myself.
rich: one using an Athlon 800
james: a couple of new gray hairs, one of which i've named chiharu, after the 14 year old girl who was with us.
BobSlopsema: don;t have the FAINTEST idea on that.......
Guy B.: That's great. Good to have you back.
rich: the Microstar K7T Turbo and Pro2A models seem to have good reviews
Dale: I set up my buddy with an Athalon 800 and it screams. A very nice setup.
rich: which motherboard did you use, Dale?
Guy B.: My motherboard is an M800LMR. It will support Athlon Slot A from 500 to 850.
james: pc hardware is all very nice, now if only we had an os that didn't suck half the life out of it.
rich: yes, I can see why you want a Mac, and that G4 is a going machine
BobSlopsema: that's the truth james
rich: can you say Linux, James?
rich: bet that's what Dale has on his buddy's machine
Guy B.: By the way that new computer will finally be ready this weekend. Got my new 17" monitor.
BobSlopsema: I can, but don't know what it means
rich: about time, Guy. I expect you'll love the bigger screeen
BobSlopsema: howmuch for the 17"??????
Guy B.: $99 from Tigerdirect. Now the price went down $10.
rich: that must be pretty ancient then
BobSlopsema: dat's as good deal.....ABC warehouse (outlet sutff out of Detroit) had them for $100 this week after rebate
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changed username to Meeka
rich: hello Meeka
Meeka: Hello.
Guy B.: I picked up Saturday and it came in great shape.
Guy B.: Hi Meeka.
BobSlopsema: hello trip to mom and dad tonight?
Meeka: yes, we just got back
Meeka: would have been back sooner, but got delayed by the tonado warning
rich: ah, that big storm is into your area now, is it?
Guy B.: You had a tornado warning! Nothing like that here in Chicago yet. But, it's raining pretty good here.
BobSlopsema: no rain here, and just cancelled tornado watch
rich: we're supposed to get it later tonight in Toronto
BobSlopsema: GOOD you can have it!
rich: they say fair amount of wind, rain and thunder but the big nasties will be spent
Guy B.: We'll pass it on to you Rich.
Dale: It was an Asus with a VIA chipset. The Asus ones are quite good.
Meeka: in Kent City the sirens went off and we actually saw a little of the swirling clouds
BobSlopsema: oops!!! still a watch I guess, no warning!
rich: yes, Dale, I looked at teh review for the A7V group
rich: they thought they were very neat but a tad pricey
Meeka: we decide to get home befor we gat stuck out there
rich: do you have a weatehr radio, Bob or Meeka?
Guy B.: Guess the rough weather is heading your way Rich.
Meeka: just a normal radio
rich: oh, the weather radios sound an alarm when there is a tornado watch or warning
BobSlopsema: none here
BobSlopsema: comesa on the TV
rich: if you're in tornado country or travelling into it, it is well worth having
BobSlopsema: we got GREAT BIG sirens placed about and they blow them.....AND your ears off
rich: yes, I've met them in the Dakotas
Guy B.: Mine is a block away and our village install lightning warning systems on five different areas.
rich: but the weather radios are still the best by far in our observation
rich: our latest kick is that the Weather Office has put their Doppler radar online
rich: you can follow a storm as it comes right into your living room
Guy B.: You can view the radar on Yahoo. That's what I did before I came online. Most of the heavy stuff is north of me now.
Meeka: Rich, thanks for the pictures. I did put them up, but I haven't had time to Quiz Mom and Dad as to the names of some people
rich: right, ours is smaller scale, with teh antenna just northwest of Toronto
rich: OK, and I've told Dale they are there if he wants to link or copy them to his site
Guy B.: Dale, my website is now up. Do you have the address?
rich: As I get the opportunity I will send you more too
Meeka: ok. Jerry Vranks sent me some this week. I am still sorting through those.
Dale: I haven't seen it yet Guy.
Dale: What's the URL?
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: It's http:\\\~bonag\Index.htm
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
BobSlopsema: PEOPLE?????? WE DON'T KNW ANYONE..........
rich: ah, here's Pam now, james
james: hi pam :)
BobSlopsema: hi Pam!
Pamela: Hi everyone
Meeka: Hi Pam
Pamela: Is there a reason why my ears are burning guys?
rich: well, james was saying he wasw lonesome...
BobSlopsema: YUP!
Guy B.: Try again //
Pamela: and . . .?
james: so how have you been pam?
Guy B.: By the way. I'm working on my first VBscript and a Visual Basic setup for running Dcopy from Windows.
Pamela: Things are a mite busy at the moment
Pamela: More to the point, how are you?
james: not too bad. still a little jetlagged.
Pamela: I can imagine.
Pamela: Did you go face down on the bed like I predicted?
james: not as bad as a few days ago though.
james: very close to it, yes :D
Pamela: So what's the date for next year?
Pamela: ; ))
james: yeah, uhmm here's the funny part, it might be this year.
Pamela: You're gonna try it again? Brave soul.
james: well, i know most of the ins and outs and could probably put it together in a matter of a few hours this time..
Pamela: Well, just let us know when - we'll be there!
Pamela: Where'd everyone else go?
rich: we're here, just letting you two say hello
Dale: It looks good Guy. I just looked it over.
james: i'm looking at august. i was originally looking at july and doing the calgary stampede but "forgot" that my brother
james: would be here
BobSlopsema: TV bulletin....2 inches of rain in less than 2 hours......headed your way Rich, Pam and Dale!!!!
Guy B.: Thanks. I'll be adding two links to the main page by the weekend. One to Meeka's site and to Adamcon 13.
Pamela: gee, thanks Bob - any more good news?
rich: oh wwell, the van needs a wash
BobSlopsema: not for the moment......
Meeka: there could be flash floods ;)
Pamela: wash? It'll be floating!
rich: though that hailstorm the other night gave it a pretty thorough power flush
Guy B.: Your getting the brunt of it.
Pamela: I was parked outside for that, too - didn't help much
Pamela: Gee, maybe we won't have to go to work tomorrow - awww
rich: just be glad you didn't get any hailstone dents - some of those iceballs were BIG
Pamela: I didn't hear any hail - maybe we didn't get it here.
BobSlopsema: rain wasn't here, Pam just north of us
BobSlopsema: no hail reported there
rich: we are apparently only supposed to get brushed by the northern edge of the system
Pamela: Hope so.
rich: mind you, it could be a nasty night in New York state
Pamela: Why do I see a lot of claims in my future? Guy, are you supposed to get this?
rich: Pam, try for full up to date info
james: be back in a few minutes. they're doing construction here and have some questions.
Pamela: heck, I'll just go and turn on the weather network. you could do that too, Dad
Pamela: Don't be gone long, James
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rich: yes, but when I say up to date I mean right here, fully local and right this minute
BobSlopsema: oh, oh
changed username to Colecoguy
BobSlopsema: MICHAEL!!!!!!
Pamela: I love a mystery man
rich: well, Michael finally makes it - hooray
Pamela: Hi, Michael1
Colecoguy: Hello All Finally made it here!!
Pamela: oops, !
Guy B.: Hi Mike. Glad you made it.
Colecoguy: Thanks glad to see a great group amased
rich: yes, we're doing fairly well tonight
BobSlopsema: HUGE bunch of 'puter-ese people
Colecoguy: So what's up with everone
Colecoguy: y
Guy B.: You can say that again.
Pamela: Michael, there's too much silence from your end of the phone lately. Are we gonna do lunch soon?
Colecoguy: Sure thats sounds like a good idea I'll call ya next week early in the day!
Pamela: Okay, sounds good.
rich: the Michiganders are busy ducking the weatehr we'll have in a fw hours
Colecoguy: Oh major blast heading our way?
rich: you mean you don't know?
rich: still haven't sounded the all clear there, Bob?
Colecoguy: Boom bang bang Boom a little thunder is always fun...specally if the floor shakes a bit!
Pamela: I think we'r about to get drenched again.
Colecoguy: Live in a apt house...
rich: you're gonna have a real fun night then, Michael
BobSlopsema: just tornado watch and flood watches
Guy B.: My dog hates being in heavy rain. Monday morning was no picnic.
Pamela: let's hope Russell gets home from work before it starts, or he'll be one wet puppy
Colecoguy: Sounds like fun when do we expect it ??
BobSlopsema: ya sure!
Pamela: Do we have a choice?
rich: oh, in a couple of hours, I think
Colecoguy: Ok I'll be aware
rich: just had the weather radio on - the big stuff many stay just south of us
Pamela: Bob, are you on the computer in the storm? Is that wise?
rich: no problem as long as he has surge suppression, Pam
BobSlopsema: no storm her, no rain hardly
Meeka: Major part of the storm is north of us for now
BobSlopsema: all just north about 40 miles
Colecoguy: Ya Guy our old dog P.J. doesn't like the rain either, he tends to stand out front under the awning and look at ya like you don't want me to go out there do you!
Guy B.: Got rain here in Chicago, but no lightning.
Pamela: just close enough to be annoying
Pamela: Funny thing is, Michael, I can picture PJ doing that
Guy B.: Abby hates it. But, I try to get her to she needs to do then she steers me right around to head back home.
Colecoguy: Ya don't cha know it's a really P.J. thing
Pamela: Don't look at me, I have cats
rich: yes, dogs have sense enough to come in out of the rain
Pamela: As in, what rain?
Guy B.: Abby can tolerate light and slightly moderate rain, but heavy rain? She's heading back home even before we start.
Pamela: Cats have enough sense not to go out in the first place
Colecoguy: Ya P.J. is getting to the point where now at lunch time he just goes out has a pee and back into the house for lunch...
Pamela: PJ is such an old man
Colecoguy: He is isn't he...
Colecoguy: Kinda reminds me of grumpy old men
BobSlopsema: more rain coming onshore to the west right now
Pamela: Crotchety and set in his ways
BobSlopsema: be here in about 30 or 40 minutes
Colecoguy: you got it!
rich: no, his body may creak but he's still a smart puppy
Pamela: no arguments there
Colecoguy: Yes he is at least to me!
Guy B.: Abby turned seven in February and shows no sign of slowing down.
Pamela: What breed, Guy?
Colecoguy: Well P.J. is heading into 16 or 17 as of June 1st thats as close as I can get
Guy B.: She's a mixed breed. Part sheperd and whippet. She's built like a one.
Colecoguy: P.J. is boarder collie and scotish terrier
Pamela: Aww, thats so cute.
rich: like big and skinny, Guy?
Guy B.: My sister has a border collie. 13 years old now.
Colecoguy: Looks like a boarder collie but is a bit bigger that a terrier
Guy B.: Abby is good shape and my vet says she's at a good weight for her age.
Pamela: a bit???
Colecoguy: P.J. is way over weight...poor thing... thing is he has a wait problem he can't weight to eat!!
rich: more border collie than terrier in him, to my eye
rich: I think that's because he can't move around enopugh to exercise any more
Pamela: It's those big pleading eyes - please Daddy, I'm soooo hungry!
Colecoguy: Welcome to Pets One oh one
rich: actually, what PJ wants is attention, not food
Pamela: I've got some trouble with Willow at the moment - hyper thyroid and nothing will stay down. Ever tried to force-feed a cat?
Colecoguy: Ithink if you lived here and where as whipped as lorne and I are you would quickly realize that P.J. is the one we have to say NO to!!
Colecoguy: Thats not fun pam and yes I have when Brandy passed away a couple of years ago I and lorne went through just that
Pamela: He's down to 6.2 pounds - if we can't get him to eat, we may have to hospitalize him and I'm afraid we're going to lose him.
Colecoguy: Well we hope not
rich: has the vet now decided his problem is the thyroid? he sure is one skinny cat
Pamela: More skinny now than when you saw him last, Dad. You can see all the bones in his spine, his shoulders, his ribs and his hips
Colecoguy: usually when it is thyroid they gain weight??!!
rich: there's hyper and hypo thyroids, Michael
Pamela: That's hypo thyroid - underactive. This is hyper thyroid, overactive metabolism
Colecoguy: OH Ok mays sense
rich: cat's always prowling - barel;y in teh same place two seconds running
Pamela: Yup.
Pamela: Doesn't have much energy recently though
Pamela: Maybe we should have him trade glands with Inky for a while - there's a cat who it would do some good for
rich: hey, we've lost james
Pamela: James popped out about five minutes ago
Guy B.: Probably his wife needed the phone.
rich: that or the construction workers cut teh cable
Pamela: Speaking of the west coast, where's Ron?
rich: yes, he should be joining us about now
Pamela: BTW, Dale, I really enjoyed putting a face to the name last week
rich: he usually seems to make it on about 10 p.m.
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Pamela: We're all waiting with baited breath here
BobSlopsema: yes....yes....
rich: that's bated, daughter
changed username to Exegete
Exegete: Hello
rich: hey, someone new!
Guy B.: Well, it's not Ron.
BobSlopsema: hello der!!!!!
Pamela: Hello, there
rich: welcome, visitor
Exegete: The name is Roy
Guy B.: Welcome Roy.
Pamela: Welcome aboard, Roy
Exegete: :)
Meeka: hello
rich: right - you wrote vabout teh mailing list?
Exegete: Thanks
Exegete: Yes
Pamela: I love it - a speed typer
rich: neat that you chose to drop by, then
Exegete: :-)
Exegete: I learned to type with Exper-Type
Meeka: Where are you locaterd at?
Exegete: Linocln, Nebraska
Exegete: Or was that Expert-Type?
Pamela: Obviously more effective than my eighth grade teacher
rich: hey, the highest point on Interstate 80
Exegete: The program was by Coleco....
Exegete: for the ADAM
Pamela: Dad, have I been to Nebraska?
rich: we remember it well, in fact all likely have it
rich: we just haven't been as ambitious as you in applying it1
Pamela: I can't remember
BobSlopsema: yes, it tis a GOOD program for learning to typw, I tried it but couldn't stay with it
BobSlopsema: got bored, maybe
rich: yes Pam, it's on I-80 - remember teh trip to California?
Exegete: Well, at the time (c. 1985) I was in grad school, and typed with four fingers, I really needed to learn the right way
BobSlopsema: because I kneow how to type already
Guy B.: I took typing in high school.
BobSlopsema: it helps Roy
Pamela: I got most of my practice at my job
rich: everyoner I've talked to who has used Expertype says it's a really effective program
Meeka: I still have to look at my finger in order to type correctly an d with any speed :)
Exegete: I certainly sped up my production of papers for classes
Exegete: Now, if I could only learn how to spell....
rich: yes, I gathered from the handle you were a teacher
Pamela: Maybe that's why my essays were so lousy
Exegete: :-)
BobSlopsema: all you really need is to learn the finger spots
BobSlopsema: and Expert type was good for tha
BobSlopsema: t with it's repetitive practicing
rich: me, I've always belonged to the search, discover and land school
Pamela: the fastest four fingers in the west
BobSlopsema: the WHAT??????
Pamela: two fingers on each hand, Bob
Meeka: hunt and peck method
rich: down, boy
Guy B.: That's why!
BobSlopsema: naw. you got to use all FIVE fingers!!!!
Exegete: So, how is Lincoln the highest point on I-80?
Pamela: He still hasn't taught his keyboard to spell, though
Pamela: Thumb too, Bob?
rich: by the way, Roy, if Dale hasn't added you to the mailing list yet, now's your chance to swear at im!
BobSlopsema: moving upto the numbers was alwasy ny problem
BobSlopsema: yup got to use the thumbs to hit the space bar
rich: oh, I thought it was that your keyboard can't spell
Meeka: just like the rest of the keyboard? :)
Pamela: seems to be going around
Exegete: I did enjoy when one of my profs said that papers couldn't be handed in from PCjrs, on that lousey thermal printer they had
BobSlopsema: heck, he's sleepin'
Exegete: but my papers on my ADAM were ok
rich: yes, I still like the Adam for formal letters
Pamela: real, letter quality printers have a lot going for them
rich: the sort that end "and you will be hearing from my attorney" type
Pamela: You have an atty?
Exegete: LOL - my ADAM cost me $300, and the PCjr boys paid c. $900 for their setups
rich: guess you got yours in teh selloff like the rest of us
Exegete: Yup
BobSlopsema: PREselloff
Pamela: repeat after me, Dad -the-the-the
rich: can't you tell I'm Canadian - eh, eh, eh,
Colecoguy left chat session
Exegete: wish I still had all the stuff I once had... but I'm in the process of gathering again...
BobSlopsema: heck they got down to $200 for the setup in MI
Pamela: Lots of people to choose from here, Roy
rich: well, all you need a few few disc drives, hard disc, memory expanders,
Pamela: I think I'm the only one in the group who doesn't have one
BobSlopsema: yes, Roy........oinly Guy, Meeka dn I are US, the rest are our Canadian freinds.....
Guy B.: With some of those hard to come by.
rich: that can be cured, Pam
Pamela: I repeat, where would I put it?
Exegete: Well, I have some games, and I'll be getting several systerms (or parts thereof) in a few weeks from a friend - a trade for my TI 99/4a loot
BobSlopsema: oh geez, PAM, IF you ask DAD real nice, he will getyou one I am sure
BobSlopsema: get rid of the cat and there will be lots of room
Pamela: I just go and play on his instead - gives me a good excuse to go visit
Pamela: Fortunately, the cats are moveable
rich: unless they're on teh table, or something...
Exegete: We had a Canadian student at the grad school - he seemed real lost in Mississippi
rich: missed the snow?
Exegete: but then, this Pennsylvania boy would have been too if my mom wasn't from the south
Pamela: He didn't speak the language maybe?
Pamela: Now, I do remember Pennsylvania
rich: which part of Pennsy, Roy?
BobSlopsema: that's IT Pam!!!! whenever we go south, they comment onthe "cute" way we talk....
BobSlopsema: and we talk english.......
rich: you do?
Pamela: LOL
Exegete: I was born on the Delaware, lived in sight of Trenton NJ all my life
rich: though you talked 'Murrican
Exegete: and an ugly sight it was too
Exegete: ;-)
Pamela: So why Nebraska now, Roy?
rich: OK, got you well placed now,
Exegete: I work here now
Exegete: I'm an exegete....
rich: yes, Trenton is the last place Pam's mother got lost while navigating the car
BobSlopsema: which ias???????
Exegete: the last time you let her navigate?
rich: high=-demand profession
Exegete: I'm a minister Bob
BobSlopsema: COOL!!! I got brother who is too!
Pamela: Okay, question to the rest of the Americans - did you move away from your home town for job reasons?
BobSlopsema: what denomination?
rich: no, just gave her such a hard time she hasn't made an error since
Exegete: Orthodox Presbyterian - we got kicked out of the large church in 1936... too conservative
Pamela: I'll bet you turned left when she said right, Dad
Exegete: You don't want to get lost in Trenton, believe me!
rich: no, but we have been very suspicious of that particular map ever since
BobSlopsema: my brother is Protestant Reformed.....have talked seriously with Pres church
Exegete: Were you on I-95, or US 1?
rich: this was a few years back, Roy - like around 1957-8
Exegete: Whoa, PR?
Exegete: cool!
Exegete: ;-) I was just a kid then rich
BobSlopsema: well, Iwas also....but IF youhit 'em hard enough, they get some sense knocked ito them
Exegete: so it was probably US 1 or US 13
BobSlopsema: he is in Gr MI now, was in Minn and WI
rich: probably - road signing wasn't quite so effective then
rich: the fact it was night and raining didn't help either
Exegete: I went to Reformed in Jackson Mississippi, and served in Kansas and here
BobSlopsema: some places the road signs sre STILL not effective
BobSlopsema: we find that traveling with the motorhome
Pamela: I hear LA is one of those places
BobSlopsema: neat!
BobSlopsema: the world is very small sometimes
rich: well, 9 provinces and 44 stats later, she hasn't lost us since
BobSlopsema: whoa!!!! don't even think about LA
BobSlopsema: from what I hear it is a nightmare
Exegete: Bob: I had pastored a Baptist and a Baptist-in-everything-but-name church before seminary
rich: why not? if you're from Toronto, LA driving is easy
Meeka: la is not that bad. I did it for a week
BobSlopsema: that is tru Richard
rich: remember, Pam, going to Disneyland? I could drive one hand on the wheel
Pamela: so I've been told - my girlfriend was there a couple of years ago and she says if you want to go anywhere, you have to know what's on the way
rich: on the freeway, in rush hour
Exegete: and one hand on the pistol???
BobSlopsema: yes Roy, that is not far off either
rich: no, they can't get near enough
Pamela: Things have changed a bit in 25 years, Dad
BobSlopsema: loved the hotel last year in toronto....our room faced the airport anfd the long line oftraffic to it
rich: oh, LA was quite rough enough when you were there, Pam
Exegete: my parents live between two little villages Yardley (founded late 1690s) and Washington's Crossing, where George proved he wasn't a sailor
Pamela: I'm not talking rough, I 'm talking traffic
rich: yes, but when teh traffic got serious you were in the convention
rich: you missed all the real fun
Exegete: Is ADAM's House a "safe" place to buy stuff?
BobSlopsema: that was OK, even at night it was 11:30 at night....
BobSlopsema: ONLY IF you use your charge card Roy
Pamela: Pearson - the airport that never sleeps
BobSlopsema: better yet, ask Rich for what you need
BobSlopsema: he's BETTER
Exegete: great
BobSlopsema: I know Terry and have bought stuff only he had, but be careful
Exegete: I'll need to get set up again before I know what I want/need to buy
rich: just drop me a line when you find out - we'll deal
Exegete: Great!
Exegete: I'll try to make the chats
Pamela: Dale has any answers you may have questions for, too
BobSlopsema: first off, visit my webpage ...... http;// .........and check out Rich's sale page
BobSlopsema: then come on back and ask in person
BobSlopsema: he's Canadian,......but you can trust him anyway......
BobSlopsema: ;-)
rich: I'm
BobSlopsema: oh. quit braging Richard! ;-)
Exegete: BRB
rich: that's just 'cause Dutchmen get along well in Canada
BobSlopsema: ya know,,,,,,I think there a LOT of people out there just like Roy
Pamela: How so?
BobSlopsema: I get some inquires from time to time but most don't even follow thru
BobSlopsema: there's a lot of them there Dutchmen in Canada, ya?????
rich: yas
Pamela: Yes, they like it here
rich: you know the tulip festival every year in Ottawa?
BobSlopsema: they have one?????
rich: that/'s "thanks" fior playing host to the Dutch royal family during the war
BobSlopsema: only one I knew about was here in Holland, MI and I think there is one in Iowa or somewhere
rich: you want to see "thanks" that mean it, see Ottawa in the spring
Meeka: they have one in North carolia too
BobSlopsema: but Ottawqa is a little far to that the mighty Mitchell has moved
Meeka: North Carolina
BobSlopsema: nOrth CarOlina.........
Pamela: Just think how much you'll get for your dollar, though
BobSlopsema: that's new
BobSlopsema: that's true..........
rich: also, it was Canadian troops that liberated teh Netherlands, at huge cost
BobSlopsema: ESPECIALLY if I could stay with freinds! ;-)
Pamela: It would be a seven or eight hour drive for you, Bob
BobSlopsema: friends
rich: actually you should take the motorhome, Bob
Pamela: Maybe a little more, seeing as how your'e comin from the other side of Michigan
rich: they have a really nice campground there
BobSlopsema: FIRSt they have to bring the price of gasoline down
rich: tell me about it - my van demands premium when towing
BobSlopsema: it si getting high again
BobSlopsema: OUCH!
rich: even regular is 76.5 a ltre today
BobSlopsema: that translates into.......$1.75 or so USD
rich: multiply by 3.8 to get gallons (U.S.)
Pamela: Talk about annoying - I went past the gas station on Tuesday at 5:00 and the price was 70.5 cents / litre - when I came back at 6:00, it had gone up to 76.5 cents / litre
rich: then by 0.63 to get it in US dollars
Guy B.: That's what we have for Midgrade here in Chicago. Give or take 4 cents a gallon.
Pamela: I KNEW I should have filled up at 5:00
Exegete: Back, until my supper is ready....
BobSlopsema: $2.89 ????? that's outrageous
rich: it's OK, we were discussing the price of gas
rich: wasn't too fit for ministerial ears
Exegete: A couple of items I know that I'm going to want to get in the future: Hackers Guide #1&2, and the tapes
BobSlopsema: supper????? a little late there Roy
Exegete: and the MacADAM assembler
Pamela: Food - what a concept - why didn't I think of that?
Exegete: Right on Bob, I slept right through supper
BobSlopsema: even Nebraska is only a hour behind the rest of us
BobSlopsema: :-)
rich: Hackers Guide is hard to come by - I may have a used copy of #1, though
Pamela: 9:30 there, right Roy?
BobSlopsema: I might have a few also
Exegete: I can bid on it on eBay, or ADAM's House is supposed to have one
BobSlopsema: of Hackers Guide I mean
Exegete: Right Pam
Exegete: or do you prefer Pamela?
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go here. Have to get my e-mail. I should be able to make it Saturday.
Meeka: see you later Guy
Pamela: Pamela on paper, Pam if you're talking to me
rich: will look forward to it, Guy - 2 p.m. Chicago time
Exegete: Bye Guy
Pamela: Good night, Guy - same time next week
Guy B.: Of course.
BobSlopsema: byer GFuy
BobSlopsema: farn dingers
Pamela: For some reason, I have never liked the way "Pam Clee" looks on paper
rich: need a course of expertype, Bob
BobSlopsema: WHAT!!!! you go by two names??????
Guy B.: Careful there. See you all later.
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: More than two, actually. For some reason, my common-law husband's relatives seem to think I carry his name
Exegete: Well, Pamela is a beautiful name, and I don't like shortened names, normally, except my own of course
BobSlopsema: yup
Pamela: I gotta tell you, I'm glad Dad got overruled. I could have been Fiona Grace.
Exegete: Ahhh, here comes my beloved wife with my hoagie...
rich: no comment
Pamela: LOL, dad
rich: hoagie - you can tell he's from Pennsy, can't you?
Exegete: I wanted my first born son to be Abinadad Eleazar, but at the time I couldn't spell it
BobSlopsema: OUCH Pam!!!!!!
Exegete: :-) got that right rich
Pamela: Probably a good thing, Roy
rich: as in submarie, or grinder, or Italian hero, or...
Exegete: or hoagie ;-)
Pamela: Somehow, I just don't see me as a Fiona
rich: all sorts of regional names for that
Pamela: And Pam is very preferable to Fi
Exegete: Fi Fie Fo Fum??
Pamela: Or other variations on a theme
rich: oh, you'd likely have escaped the issue of abbreviation
Dale: Jill's sister isn't Fiona, but Pheona.
rich: or maybe just used Grace
Dale: More like Pam than Fiona IMHO.
BobSlopsema: as in "your grace" Rich??????
Pamela: That's a very different spelling, Dale - where did that come from?
BobSlopsema: boy that would have been a mistake for you to name Pam that!
rich: nope, a maternal grandmother
Pamela: No, Bob, as in my maternal great grandmother
rich: good Celtic name - but then, what's Dutch about Bob?
BobSlopsema: ah so!!!!
Exegete: So, does ANY one still do hard/soft ware projects for the ADAM anymore?
rich: can we call you Piet instead?
BobSlopsema: hey James never got back from Japan did he.........
rich: let Dale answer that one
moved to room Meeting Place
BobSlopsema: got me, mim just wanted a good boy I guess
changed username to james
Dale: Well, I guess her dad is an eccentric speller.
james: hey, sorry for taking off like that.
Pamela: speaking of whom . . .
rich: hey, james is back
Exegete: hello James
BobSlopsema: ah ha!!! just talkng about you James!
Pamela: Welcome Back - now your ears should be burning
james: yeah, my ears are red :D
rich: we noticed you were gone - figured teh wife wanted tehr phone
BobSlopsema: good of course.......
BobSlopsema: ;-)
Pamela: James, meet Roy - he's a newbie, so be nice to him
james: no, they're doing construction up here in the house. mom-in-law is turning my study room into a closet and i get a new study room.
james: hi roy :)
Exegete: Hi James
james: they needed to ask me some questions and questions always take awhile here.
james: where are you from?
rich: james is an old Adam hand just returned to the fold
Exegete: nebraska
Exegete: I had an ADAM in 1985-1994
rich: maybe you should say at teh moment, Roy
Exegete: I should be getting another system in a few weeks
Pamela: James, is the construction ever going to be done?
rich: if you need any more, let me know, but you'll have to pay postage
james: this is different construction. construction on the school has been done for over two months now.
BobSlopsema: got the whole building up?
Pamela: I meant construction in general, really. Must be like living in a war zone
rich: thought you were already planning an addition?
Pamela: BTW, how's Miyuki?
james: no, no. school is done and i hope it stays that way at least until i get it paid for :)
james: always something going on around here though.
rich: Roy, james is teh man to talk to if you need a Japanese translation of the Logo manual
james: miyuki's doing well, keeping buys.
Exegete: Oh my - not too likely...
Pamela: Did she go to work the day after you got home as she planned?
james: speaking of which, i've been rather negligent. do hope to get back at it soon once i've moved to my new room.
Exegete: now if he could help with my Greek or Hebrew...
james: yes and slept for 12 hours that night.
Pamela: Not surprised.
rich: and teh night after, and the night after...???
Meeka: Roy, If you would like to have faces to go with the names, I have a site with past convention pictures. Almost everyone here is in them.
Exegete: Great, thanks Meeka
Pamela: Except myself, never having attended one
Meeka: URL is
BobSlopsema: OOOOO, don't tell "Roy that!!!! then he would now us!
BobSlopsema: ;-)
rich: it's OK, I always hide in teh background so as to not scare the children and horses
Pamela: Meeka, I tried that last week and couldn't pull it up. Has anyone else said anything?
Exegete: try and some where in there are pics of the Apple club I restarted here meeting in my basement, including me
Exegete: really terrible pics of m
Exegete: me
Meeka: I haven't heard of any
Pamela: Dad's usually behind the camera rather than in front of it
rich: Meeka. I also couldn't get your site last weekend
Pamela: Okay, will try again this week
james: better for the camera that way :D
Exegete: So, how does one fix the fact that Pamela has never been pictured at a con?
Meeka: I might have been updating it. I do that when ever I have had the chance to work on it
BobSlopsema: just got there. works good
rich: thanks, good buddy!
Pamela: I have been pictured just about everywhere else - Dad was always taking my picture
james: do what i can :)
Pamela: Something to do with "Daddy, take my picture please"
BobSlopsema: she HAS to come with Richard and Frances next year!!!!
Pamela: I'm working on Russell, Bob. We'll see.
rich: tell her, not us
rich: we always have an extra seat in the truck
Pamela: If I go, I will drive myself though
rich: coward
Exegete: It's coming up now Meeka
Pamela: Absolutely.
Meeka: go to ac 12 for the most recent pictures
Pamela: Convoys are not out of the question, however
Meeka: Some of the older convention pages are not done yet.
BobSlopsema: Pam, take the FREE ride!!!!
rich: maybe I should use teh Mighty Behemoth - if you could keep up
BobSlopsema: it is only in cleveland area though
Pamela: I'm the one with the lead foot, remember?
rich: yes, of course - I'm always well behaved
Exegete: There used to be a column in the Computer shopper by a woman from Florida, is she still active?
Pamela: At least when you have the trailer hitched up
rich: oh, that was Faye Deere - she sort of faded away when her husband died
Pamela: I wouldn't speed in the US anyway - I have no interest in making the acquaintance of Ohio state troopers
Exegete: Oh, I didn't know that her husband had died...
BobSlopsema: no, but still with the flesh
rich: though if we have an Adamcon in Ft. Walton Beach she will likely attend
BobSlopsema: haven't heard anything from her in years
Pamela: Isn't PJ in Florida too?
Exegete: Faye had interesting columns
rich: yes, but she's in Apopka (Orlando), not out in the pnahandle
BobSlopsema: p[robably about ....oh.......96????
rich: yes, some of the things she had to say were even accurate
Exegete: Pamela, my brother is a Pennsylvania State Trooper....
Pamela: Gimme a break, the last time I was in Florida I was four years old!
Pamela: Then please put in a good word for me - I truly do have a lead foot.
Exegete: in the days when the state license plate said "You've got a friend in Pennysvlania"
Exegete: if some one was a pain
Exegete: he'd had them their ticket
Exegete: and say,
BobSlopsema: AH HA!!!!! just looked at the pics of us at Pizza Hut.....memories.......
rich: you should get him on our Saturday chat - Dave Compson is a Las Vegas policeman and so's his wife (ret.)
Exegete: "Remember, 'You've got a friend in Pennsylvania'"
rich: just not him?
Pamela: One thing about the Ontario police, they don't bother you much unless you're doing 150 kms / hr or crazy stuff
rich: one of our Adamcon hosts this year, George, is ex-Ohio trooper
BobSlopsema: bet the ticket recipient LOVED that!!!!
BobSlopsema: GK was a city cop wasn't he?????
rich: by the way, Pam, heard from a certain Orlando Community Service Officer lately?
james: ontario police are too soft. i'm quite frankly tired of being tailgated by some asshole when i'm doing 20k over the limit as it is.
Pamela: Just a joke he passed along, nothing deep
Exegete: Nice pic of you Meeka, with Bob and Doug - that is, once I get my bifocals on ....
rich: no, George was a State Trooper - doesn't he look the part?
Meeka: Doug is my husband and Bob's Son
BobSlopsema: he DOES look the part, yes......
BobSlopsema: filthy rotten bunchof relatives, eh, Roy? ;-)
Pamela: There is a limit to how much they will put up with.
rich: now, you don't move over, you get the ticket, james
Exegete: So Meeka, who drags whom to the Con???
Exegete: :-)
james: sure, they can send it to me here :)
Meeka: it is had to tell sometimes
BobSlopsema: if you drive like you are on the sidewalk James......DON'T use the fast lane!!!
Pamela: The whole Slosema family gets into the act - Judy goes too
Meeka: that's hard to tell
rich: oh, the kids always want to check up on what the old folks are up to
Exegete: I've been wanting to go to KansasFest (for Apple II people) but my wife will kill me if I drag her there...
BobSlopsema: too bad we can't say the same aobut he Clee family, right Pam???
BobSlopsema: ;-)
Pamela: Until recently Bob, I didn't have a way or the means to get there
Meeka: Judy is Bob's wife
BobSlopsema: about the.......
Pamela: Also, Russell works shifts and it's hard to time it right
Pamela: He only gets every third weekend off
BobSlopsema: and, and, and, we were even in Toronto last July and ya didn't come :-(
rich: you could go alone
Pamela: Yes, but who would keep me warm at night?
BobSlopsema: we is SAD!!!!!!
Meeka: take the cats :)
rich: in July?
BobSlopsema: turn up the heat!
Pamela: Last year I didn't know you and though I did think about dropping in, I didn't want to impose
Meeka: no excusse
Pamela: Next time in T.O. for sure, but possibly this July if I can swing it
BobSlopsema: hey kids....gotta go for tonight....Judy is beckoning......nice to meet youRoy; come BACK!!!! see ya all later!!!
Meeka: see you later dad
Pamela: G'nite Bob
Exegete: Night Bob
BobSlopsema: POOF!!!! SHAZAM!!!!! GONE!!!!!
Exegete: I'd better head for the bed too
rich: OK Bob, give our best to the better half and see you next week
Exegete: Good night all, and it was nice to meet you
BobSlopsema left chat session
rich: Roy, we're delighted to have you - hope you'll revisit soon
james: bye :)
Exegete: I'll try to be regular
Meeka: it was nice to meet you too. Come back agian.
Exegete left chat session
rich: that would be dynamite
Pamela: Come back next week, Roy
rich: now that's neat - another user for our group
Pamela: Well, the ranks are rapidly diminishing and I should get some sleep or I'll be useless tomorrow
Dale: I guess Ron's not coming this week.
Meeka: ok see ya next week
rich: looks like we're out of luck on that, Dale
Pamela: James, I will follow with an e-mail soon, probably over the weekend
rich: OK, nitey-nite, daughter
Dale: I'm going to get going. I did update the chat archive with that last 10 chat transcripts though.
Pamela: Good nite all, will see you next week
rich: terrific Dale, hope you'll make it again next week
Dale: Bye all.
Pamela: *poof*
Meeka: bye dale
Pamela left chat session
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
rich: looks like it's that time - any further words from Japan, james?
Meeka: well, I hate to duck out to, but the dog wants to go outside.
rich: test
james: sorry, spaced out.
james: there's not much going on here now. i need lunch and a nap or i'll be in no condition to teach tonight.
Meeka: so i guess i had better get going befor I have a spot on the floor;-)
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich
rich: sorry, got dumped for a minute there
Meeka: see ya next week
james: how is frances, rich? it was really nice to meet her.
Meeka left chat session
rich requested to ban rich
james confirmed ban
james: gave ya the boot :D
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich
james: test
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich
rich: made it back - you still here?
james: in part :)
rich: I think I know what you mean - I got dumped hard
rich: had to close my browser and restart from square one
james: well, at least you didn't have to reboot :)
james: ntt will finally be dropping the $900 phone line installation fee.
rich: oh no. did it get you too? and that hard?
james: ... in 2006.. :(
james: no, i'm okay here.
rich: oh great, competition comes to Japanese telecommunications
rich: perhaps your alternative project will pan out before then?
james: yeah, big competition. i think i can still make a good go of it. my partner will be coming in june.
rich: and I'll bet you are counting the days
rich: can you do any preliminary work on infrastructure before then?
james: indeed. i may swallow my pride and order a phone line but i'll be sure to let them know that all of my carriers will be their
james: competitors.
james: at least that option is available now.
rich: be grateful for small blessings
rich: a small question about Japanese ways
rich: Europeans tend to have "general" words as names - Greenfield, Boisvert, Ferrari, etc.
james: shoot
rich: are Japanese nasmes made up similarly?
james: i think so. for example, a common name, "moriyama" is made up of "mori" - forest and "yama" mountain. etc..
rich: can I guess that even the syllables - mo/ri/ya/ma might have had historic individual significance?
james: probably not, most japanese readings for common words are two syllables. most words are no more than 4 syllables long.
rich: a very concise language, then. does that make it easy to learn?
james: i wish. :)
rich: once you have the vocabulary, how are the rules of grammar?
james: with a basic writing system of 2000 characters, most of which have at least two readings and some of which have many more
james: it takes awhile.
james: grammar for any language is easy for me, so i'm not sure but it's post positional, meaning that there are small particles that
james: describe the function of the word *preceeding*.
rich: yes, I can see why that might be teh case - how do you separate the meanings?
rich: OK, guess "see above"
rich: one might draw a parallel to the Latin and German habits of putting verbs at the end
rich: or perhaps the German compounding, and prepositions
james: japanese verbs also come at the end of a sentence.
james: you spend most of your time waiting for the verb.
rich: yes, I've always wondered how - and why - the Germans put up with it
james: well, changing a language is hard to do i think. you can't just get everyone to agree all of a sudden to doing something
rich: the Romance languages owe a big debt to Latin, but they got out of that habit fast
james: so ingrained differently.
rich: rather like metric conversion
james: yeah, english too. the whole "let'S force latin rules on english" didn't work very well i think.
rich: I have heard it said that English is one of the hardest of languages to learn
rich: and teh explanations I've heard as to why make sense
james: i can certainly say it's one of the hardest to teach. it's so inconsistent.
rich: quite - hard on both
james: nothing sounds like it's spelled, verbs are irregular, it goes on.
rich: I remember Edith Guild, a Spanish prof at York, spending all year dreading the introduction of irregular verbs
rich: she hasd the kids coasting along in a real easy language - then ZAP
james: at least english doesn'T have noun gender. now there'S one pice of grammar any language could do without.
rich: I sort of sense that teh French are more and more disregarding it in many cases
james: they should. call it cultural ignorance, but it's stupid.
rich: basically, anything that diminishes the effectiveness of a tool is dumb
rich: and language is a tool for communication - unnecessary barriers aren't rational
james: i think some english verbs are being slowly regularized too. i've actually seen the past tense of sleep written
james: as "sleeped" and not "slept". it's what you grow up with and are accustomed to hearing. "sleeped" is technically more correct
james: if you ask me.
rich: technically, yes, but that's one that will be slow to change
james: sure, but it will happen. maybe not in my lifetime but eventually.
rich: moer common is to treat plural nouns as singular - data, media, etc.
james: what english really needs is a new alphabet. 42 characters, not 26. you could write everything without spelling exceptions or
james: convocated rules.
james: that and nouns and verbs increasingly being used as the other.
rich: oh, John Dewey thought 26 was more than necessary, as I believe did George Bernard Shaw
rich: they were strong advocates of speeling reform - read simplification
james: have you ever seen the shavian alphabet?
rich: don't recall that I have; it would have been a bunch of years ago
rich: being a librarian, I was more aware of Dewey
james: it's 42 characters. it wasn't actually designed by shaw. he had it commissioned for someone to develop an alphabet and the winner
james: has thus far been called the shavian alphabet. voiced sounds (d, g, b vs t, k p) are written the reverse of their unvoiced counterparts.
rich: I rather feel that I'd prefer to deal with the odd diphthong than 16 more letters
james: i guess with my background in japanese, 16 more letters would be trivial.
rich: figures
rich: anyway, hate to spoil the fun, but I've still got some stuff to do tonight
james: it's what you grow up with i guess. if we'd had the 16 letters to start with, it wouldn't even be a topic for discussion.
rich: so I am going to have to pack it in very shortly
james: yeah, i'm off to lunch and to take a nap.
rich: OK, trust you'll be with us next week?
james: i'll do my best. should be in my new study room by then too :)
rich: Neat. We'll say goodnight for now then
james: ciao for now!
rich: Bye
james: *poof*
james left chat session
rich left chat session
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