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DaveC: hey rich
rich: hello Dave
rich: I was just about to give up and ring off
DaveC: sorry im late. i am watching the kid
rich: understood - they take some watching
DaveC: anything going on lately? the adam list has been quiet.
rich: had a call from my optician, a long-time Adam user the otehr night
DaveC: what did he have to say?
rich: he was telling me he now has a son - 2-1/2 years - how time flies!
rich: anyway, the mailing list does go through its lulls
rich: but if you want to stir things up, just ask a question or two
DaveC: my kid loves the coleco stuff. He likes the controllers, and the games. He dosent know what he is doing.. but he likes it
DaveC: lately i havent been doing much else but working
rich: yes. my optician is named Richard, too. He says teh same about his son
DaveC: lots of overtime, and i am leaving to needles california on wed.
rich: putting in a lot of overtime?
rich: what's going on in Needles?
DaveC: i am taking the police explorers out of town for a competition
DaveC: the explorers are like police cadets, just younger (14-21)
rich: sounds like a lot of fun, if you live through it
rich: herding cats is easier than hearding a pack of excited kids
DaveC: exactlly, thats pretty funny!
rich: believe it or not, james got his whole troop back to Japan with everyone intact
DaveC: i am taking down 12 of the little heathens!
rich: it may grow on you
rich: james is already talking of another trip this Summer!
DaveC: i saw an interesting show last night on t.v.
rich: really? what about?
DaveC: it was on the west edmonton (alberta canada) mall
DaveC: that it is the largest in the world!
rich: right, the Ghermazian's folly
DaveC: Pretty cool.
DaveC: yeah, thats the family who built it.
rich: haven't been to Edmonchuk since they built it
rich: but some buddies seem to have been faitrly impressed
DaveC: they showed lots of teens who said they practilly live in the mall. i can believe it.
rich: Ron who is on Wednesdays has family there and sometimes visits it
DaveC: people live in town, work in the mall and play in the mall. kinda strange..
rich: you have to remember the climate in Edmonton
DaveC: very cold!
rich: here and in Montreal we have sort of underground cities in the downtown area
DaveC: really! I didnt know that.
rich: yes, Edmonton is definitely well north, up in the 50s of latitude
DaveC: thats far.
rich: yes, here we have the PATH system connecting most major buildings in teh downtown core
DaveC: i havent played with the adam in a little while. Its not that i dont want to, its just no time.
rich: heasvens, I'm retired, and I don't have much time - I can sympathize
rich: by the way, did you see that request to be added to the mailing list about a qweek ago?
DaveC: i do want to mess with my disk drive, and maybe see if i can go online with my adam,
DaveC: there is a local 300 bps bbs still working here.
DaveC: which request was that?
rich: well, getting the disc drive going should be a major priority
rich: the guy who wanted to be added to the list
rich: anyway, I wrote back to him telling him how it's done and inviting him onto the chats
DaveC: oh! Yes , i remember that. Hey rich! It seems my kid is not sleeping.
rich: so darned if he didn't turn up on the chat on Wednesday - that was seriously neat
DaveC: i can hear him banging his crib into the wall. I think i should cut this chat short today.
DaveC: i am sorry
rich: have to go encourage him to doze, do you?
DaveC: nope, i need to remove him from his room prior to him screaming.
rich: OK,the kid has to come first, I understand. See you next week?
DaveC: actually, next saturday ill be out of town still . i wont be back until sunday afternoon. ill see you the following sat. okok
rich: OK fair enough. enjoy your trip to Needles
DaveC: thanks and take care.
rich: bye now
DaveC: bye
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