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scott: Hello...
scott: Guess I'm the only one here...
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changed username to WB
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changed username to rich
WB: Hello Rich and scott!
rich: well, hello all!
rich: seems qwe both arrived at the same time
WB: How are you doing Rich?
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rich: I assume, by teh way, that that's Willie?
changed username to Meeka
rich: ghello Meeka
Meeka: Hello
WB: Yes I am Willie!
rich: I did manage to get on your site
Meeka: what did you think?
WB: HelloMeeka!
rich: Willie, have you looked at the rogues gallery on Meeka's site yet?
WB: Yes I have!
rich: She still hasn't got the pictures up that I sent her from Adamcon 03
WB: All in do time I guess
Meeka: ya ya I am working on it. I do have 3 site's to maintain you know
rich: Considering teh time I spent finding them, scanning them and editing them, naturally I expect them up the same day
rich: what are the other two sites, Meeka?
Meeka: a personal one that has family photos
Meeka: and I am creating one that is for my cross stitching hobby
rich: neat -Pamela and Gillian will be looking forward to that, maybe Frances too
rich: pity you can't find a way to let us add identifications directly
rich: writing down a number, writing down the name, then writing an email is tedious and error prone
scott: Hello all.
scott: I was away writing an e-mail.
WB: Hello Scott!
rich: aha, he's awake
scott: Rich, I talked with my dad, and he says there's still a part to replace.
Meeka: I know. I m working on it, but me and my book for Dummies can only work so fast.
scott: Didn't sound like anything major, but I have been reminding him to get it done like I said.
rich: gee, sometimes I get my personal projects finished within the same decade (but not alwasy)
scott: I don't know why he's been soooo slow.
rich: anyway, Scott, your efforts are very much appreciated
scott: I would like to learn how to do repairs myself
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scott: Would prepare me for the computer engineering that I want to pursue as well.
changed username to BobSlopsema
scott: Hello Bob.
rich: pity you can't get the old man to teach you, but I reckon he's pretty busy
WB: Hello Bob!
BobSlopsema: hi peo;le!
BobSlopsema: people.......
rich: hi Bob - just telling Meeka I got to her site
BobSlopsema: long time no see Willie!
scott: Last time I asked, he told me there's a ton of things I'd need to know before he'd even begin to teach me.
WB: Work keeps me busy!
scott: But I can ask him what those are and take classes so that one day I can become... the man!
WB: In fact I am at work right now!
rich: yes, in electronics there's a lot of basic theory you have to pick up first
scott: WB, sorry who are you?
scott: Willie?
WB: Hello Scott I am Willie Burnside
WB: Otherwise known as WB
scott: I'd also like to learn how to design expansion boards for my favorite computer!!!
scott: Well, welcome Willie...
scott: Nice to make your acquaintance.
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changed username to Pamela
scott: Room's getting full.
WB: The pleasure is all mine
scott: Hi Pam.
rich: hello daughter
scott: No, tis all mine!
Pamela: Hi everyone
WB: Hello Pamela
Meeka: hi pam
scott: And mine...
Pamela: Willy, long time no see!
WB: Good to be here!
rich: yes, it's early and already we've got a great crowd
Pamela: I can't stay for long - I HAVE to get some sleep
WB: Sleep ? What's that?
Pamela: Yeah, that's the proble
Pamela: m
rich: by teh way, Pam, got your email and your mother and I enjoyed teh laughs
Pamela: Yes, some of those were rather good, weren't they?
BobSlopsema: sleep....that which deprived peopledo not know as a friend.........
rich: oh, it's great stuff - recommend it to anyone
Pamela: says the retired one
Pamela: the older I get, the less hours there are in a day
rich: right, and don't think it isn't about time!
Pamela: or is that fewer
scott: Cooking a pizza, but I am back...
rich: you mean you don't order in?
Pamela: Some of us actually do make pizza at home, Dad
scott: Cheese and sausage, for those who must know.
Pamela: You should try it sometime
scott: $1.50 from Albertsons...
Pamela: As long as there are no anchovies, I'm in
scott: The pizza Gods...
rich: a small one, then
scott: I've got extra, if anyone's interested.
Pamela: Send it this way
scott: But you probrably won't see it until ADAMCon...
scott: :(
rich: I tend to favour Pizza Hut's meat lover's special
Pamela: : ((
rich: but I haven't had a good pizza feed yet this year
scott: Are there any ADAM repair people around these days??
Pamela: Too much salt in Pizza Hut's pizzas
rich: yes, Howard Pines down in Florida
WB: Meat Lover's! A man after my own heart!
BobSlopsema: I switched to Pizza hut's hawaiian pizza mit da pineapples and bacon
scott: Twisty Crust...
scott: God's gift...
Pamela: For all the men in the crowd, try this on for size: Veggies!
BobSlopsema: NO WAY!!!!!
scott: Blasphemy!!!
rich: bite yer tongue!
Pamela: Yes way - it really works, believe it or not
WB: What are those?
BobSlopsema: got to have crispy cow or pig on there somewhere!!!!
Pamela: moo or oink is okay, but you gotta balance it out
scott: How about... mexican pizza... Taco Bell...
rich: actually, Frances always wants the Veggie Lovers
scott: Yum... yum!
Pamela: Where I come from they call those quesadillas and they have veggies in them
rich: I tried Taco Bell once but wasn't impressed
scott: So, Rich. Who, besides yourself of course, repairs ADAM hardware these days...
Pamela: I have to admit to enjoying the "Bacon Double Cheeseburger" pizza from Pizza Pizza occasionally
BobSlopsema: with say pineapple....or green pepper.....or.....or
Pamela: dare you say it Bob - mushrooms!
rich: scott, your man is Howard Pines of Oscar's Computers in Fort Walton Beach, FL
rich: don't be surprised if he hosts teh 2002 Adamcon
scott: Is he still active??
scott: Guess so...
BobSlopsema: OK, mushrooms!!!!! well done
Pamela: I approve of anyone who likes pineapple on their pizza
BobSlopsema: well.......Howard is around.........get email from him occasionally
rich: yes, I don't know how he does it, having to cope with Elizabeth's MS and all
scott: Sega just recently made an interesting piece of hardware.
rich: what's that?
scott: Their console, the Dreamcast, was reduced more or less to a single chip design and implemented in set top boxes.
scott: Which got me thinking (oh no!)
BobSlopsema: hurt did it???? ;-)
Pamela: ( I knew I smelled something burning)
scott: What if we had the Coleco ADAM on a chip solution.
rich: hey, then I could take a computer with me in the trailer
scott: Now we already have the emulator, so it's usefullness would be questionable.
Pamela: Mom would never forgive you
rich: oh, as long at it had a screen, and some sort of printer, she'd love it
BobSlopsema: meaning???? the whole ADAM on a single chip doing its thing???
Pamela: You're supposed to be getting away from it all, remember?
scott: But you could get it to run with a Ez80 chip and enable it to share PC devices.
rich: maybe so, but she keeps muttering about a laptop for writing letters...
BobSlopsema: right, you can NOT have a true vacation UNLESS you have computera long to relax with pam
Pamela: Don't tell Russell that, okay?
rich: now if someone will just write an Adam version of Free Cell...
scott: It could be 100% compatible, but again it's more of a subject of discussion than a project.
Meeka: that's what Doug thinks too. We never leve the house without the laptop. :)
Pamela: My husband, the computer game addict
scott: Any ideas there?
rich: we're thinking...
Meeka: my husband is an on-line game addict
Pamela: I see the idea fairy has left town
scott: You could have a video output from the board so that your monitor could be a developer's environment and the other output would be the ADAM.
rich: oh, do you have a high-speed connection?
Meeka: 2 isdn lines
Pamela: two?
scott: I bet Dale could come up with some good Pro's and Con's if he was here...
Pamela: I was just thinking that
Meeka: yes TWO
rich: sure makes our dinky dialup look puny
scott: Coleco ADAM on a chip would be a neat thing, though.
scott: We could have the ADAM installed in a laptop.
rich: I agree with you on that
BobSlopsema: basically an ADAMemulator on a single ibm compatable computer chip...small, compact easyto use and internet accessable....GREAT!!!!
Meeka: now he is talking about cable modem too.
Pamela: that's scary
scott: Yes, a hardware emulator. Hmmm....
rich: but getting a TI9918 to support an 800x600 display might be tricky ;-)
scott: With an embeddable hardrive.
scott: And say, 2 MB of RAM.
scott: Perhaps a couple of ROM chips of all of your favorite software...
Pamela: Keep talking Scott
scott: 2 MB of expansion RAM, that is...
WB: No Cartridge slot?
BobSlopsema: ya can't have EVERYTHING Willie! :-)
rich: yikes! Willie's shot us down aggain
Pamela: Gotta be a cartridge slot so we can play Donkey Kong Jr.
scott: One could upgrade the Word Processing so that the onboard chip is the latest and greatest...
rich: he's right - what's an Adam without a cart slot?
scott: Wouldn't need a cartridge slot.
scott: You'd just need a ROM image of the game.
scott: You would need joystick ports, though.
rich: true - they aren't hard to come by
Pamela: So is this gonna be ready for ADAMCon?
Pamela: ; )
scott: However, those joysticks really hurt the hands.
WB: Are all the coleco roms public domain?
rich: well, there are aftermarket joysticks for the Adam
scott: Perhaps there are some similar joysticks on the market that have a numeric keypad???
rich: no, almost all Coleco ROMs are still commercial
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Pamela: killjoy
WB: Then the rom image would not be legal
rich: the Amiga jioystick was made for teh Adam and has a keypad, but doesn't resemble Coleco's unit
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Meeka: hi ron
Ron: evening
WB: hello ron
rich: hello Ron - missed you last week
scott: Hi, Ron.
Ron: how is all?
WB: fine
Pamela: All is good - want some pizza? Scott has leftovers
Ron: cousin's from Charlottetown/Edmonton
rich: Willie, you're entitled to make a copy of anything for your own use
Ron: had to console the former re snow he had to return to
scott: Obviously, the "Coleco ADAM on a chip" idea needs more time to think over.
rich: so as a matter of convenience, we all have ROM images - of the carts we own, of course
Pamela: It's got some merit - keep thinking
scott: Dale was telling me about these embeddable hardrives that could be used with the ADAM.
scott: Last he looked, they were a little expensive.
Ron: Interesting
WB: What about hooking up a 250MB zip drive
scott: I believe the maximum hardrive one could have would be a 65 MB drive anyway.
rich: yes, and in teh computer context, if Dale thinks they're expensive, be afraid - be very afraid
scott: The ADAM on a chip could use ALL of the PC's hardware.
Ron: correct Scott. Because of the system's mathematics
Ron: Who's proposing this?
rich: didnt Dale say something about a partitioned hard drive being visible to Adam as two drives?
Pamela: Scott's brilliant idea
Ron: yes, there's a MOUNT program that Guy Cousineau wrote that could swap partitions
scott: I (gulp) was the originator of the idea.
scott: But it is just an idea.
Ron: Away put your weapon. I mean you no harm
scott: My dad was saying that an ADAM could be connected with up to 16 hardrives or something like that.
Pamela: that's a lot of partitions
Ron: sure there must be a way of doing something like a virtual segmentation
rich: how about an interface that would accept an LS-120 drive?
scott: I forget. But if you could have one logical embedded drive and fool the operating system into thinking it's 16 65MB drives
rich: then each 120MB disc could have two 60 MB partitions
rich: and you could have as many discs as you could find programs to fill
scott: Well... you get the idea...
Ron: Meanwhile, here in the snake pit
Ron: the population is about to be seriously culled
Pamela: things are getting snakey?
BobSlopsema: got a rattler????
rich: oops - what have you been up to now, Ron?
BobSlopsema: oh, oh.......
Ron: Sunday next the local's are having a "hazardous materials disposal day". They've specified old computers may
Ron: be brought for recycle
rich: but teh Timex hardly takes up any room at all!!
Ron: :)
BobSlopsema: and the ADAM still works
BobSlopsema: and the old 8088 still smokes alittle, but works.....
Ron: yes. No ADAMs will be so treated
Pamela: I thought you were using them for boat anchors, Ron
rich: and how could anyone abandon a Commodore 64?
scott: So, you could have the ADAM Emulator Hardware with an embeddable hardrive and expansion RAM of 2 MB.
Ron: phoned to ask if one person could bring as many as 20 systems
Pamela: Twenty????
Ron: and they said - bring 'em on baby!
BobSlopsema: hokey smokey!!!!!
Ron: That still leaves me with 7 or 8
Pamela: Okay, Dad I take it back - your morgue has nothing on Ron
scott: Could have some EPROMs with all of the documentation and Public Domain programs that have ever been written.
BobSlopsema: I take it these are all dead hulks stripped of good stuff, etc
Ron: Guess they've got a contractor in Vancouver who's agreed to do meltdowns
rich: you'll never eb able to cope with the withdrawal symptoms
Ron: Hey, I didn't say this was going to be easy
BobSlopsema: no cryin' now, hear????
Ron: Let's just say I'm under a certain amount of pressure to DO SOMETHING
Pamela: Just think of all that free space you'll have to fill with new ones
rich: don't egg him on--
Ron: my criteria was anything that has not been powered up in the past 6 months
Pamela: Like he needs encouragement
BobSlopsema: no, Pam.....other old ones........
rich: you have some like that?
Ron: yes.... in fact,
BobSlopsema: well that makes me in the area of throwin out nuthin........
Ron: I'm becoming somewhat jaded in my old age
WB: Anyone want a mattel Aquarius
Ron: If it ain't pentium or PPC it don't get much use
Pamela: A what?
scott: I also had an idea of creating a VB application where you could create software and have it converted into a binary that would execute on the ADAM.
Ron: Macintosh Power PC
scott: Of course, it's only time, right?
BobSlopsema: tha part we might jsut like Scott
Pamela: Exactly, Scott
BobSlopsema: what's VB????
scott: Visual Basic.
WB: Mattel Aquarius!
Ron: Visual Basic
Ron: Microsoft
BobSlopsema: darn!!!! knew that would mean I have to learn somthing
rich: watch your language, Mitchell
Pamela: Is that the pre-Hot Wheels version, Willie?
Ron: :)
WB: It was a computer created by Mattel. They named it the Aquarius.
scott: I was playing around with VB the other day using it to create HTML pages out of simple database structured information.
Ron: somewhere around the age of Intelevision?
Pamela: I thought I'd heard about them all but that's a new one
WB: I have acquired three of them.
rich: Atari we remember well, but a Mattel computer is a new one
scott: And I was thinking that it wouldn't be too difficult to convert it into a text file that could be converted with 22disk
WB: The age of Aquarius
scott: then brought over to the EOS environment.
Pamela: Scott, you just started speaking Greek
rich: that's geek, daughter
BobSlopsema: naw, had one oncest, but Doug sold the sucker to someone......had TI (early too with all the bells-kid sold that one too!)
Pamela: same difference
WB: It comes with MS Basic and has its own tape recorder and printer.
WB: Software comes on cartridge and tape.
Ron: seems to me there'd be a lot of re-writing Scott. Is VB BASIC -like in it's command syntax?
rich: and not even formatted tape - the old slow stuff
Ron: I have version 5 here, but have never used it
scott: Yes. VB has some similarities to SmartBASIC.
Pamela: Sounds like an ADAM wannabe, willie
Ron: oh really?
scott: But a heck of a lot more powerful.
WB: Has a mini expander with extra memory in the form of cartridges 4K and 16K. Has a slot for cartridges.
Ron: well yes I'd imagine
rich: yes, teh security folks say take it off your computer
rich: if you get a VBS file attachment, don't run it
Ron: Ok..question...
WB: Very little sofware is available for it and it is not Intellivision compatible
scott: I don't write those type of attachment, BTW.
Ron: what's the difference between Visual BASIC and VB Script?
rich: I should hope not, Scott
WB: Visual Basic is a full blown programming langauge that produces stand alone applications
scott: VB Script is a dummed down subset of Visual Basic to run in browsers, most notably for scripting in ASP.
Ron: thank you
Pamela: there's that geek again
WB: Vb Script is mainly used for web browers
scott: Don't get it confused with VBA, which is primarily used to manipulate MS Office.
Pamela: sorry, Greek
Ron: Geek, Greek, whatever
scott: Or is it GEEK???
WB: VBA-Visual Basicx for Applications. A superset of Visual Basic
Pamela: I'm still confused
Meeka: I get to listen to this kinda "greek" all the time Pam.
scott: You can think of VB Script as MS's attempt to compete head-to-head with JavaScript.
Pamela: Unfortunately, I don't have anyone who speaks it
Ron: Poor Meeka
rich: some of it must be sinking in, Meeka
WB: VBA is the programming language for MS Office applications
Meeka: well, kinda
Pamela: Except Dad, and I can't listen to him all the time
rich: you are after all doing up three websites
Meeka: I recognize all of the abbrevations and sometime know what they mean
Ron: How did the get together with James go?
Meeka: but a lot of it is still greek to me
rich: terrific
Pamela: Went well, Ron. We had a lot of fun
Ron: great!
scott: VB's a pretty good entry level programming language.
rich: he was apologetic about not having enough time to talk
scott: It is easy to learn and can be used professionally.
rich: we were amazed he made so much time considering what he had to cope with
Pamela: I'm still learning plain Basic
scott: You can make some really nice applications with it.
Ron: been on my 'roundtuit' list for some time. I've got the 'idiots' version of 5 and a freebie 6 working compiler model
Pamela: Speaking of whom I was supposed to send him an e-mail and forgot
rich: and some not so nice ones - hit a malicious website that messed me up real good
scott: If your work offers Academic Reimbursement, take a class.
Ron: spending too much time tearing apart old gear. This has got to stop
scott: That's what I did. Got the books, tuition and software reimbursed 100%!
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Work does, but it has to relate specifically to my job
Ron: Mr Bona I presume
rich: yes, but us retirees don't have that option
WB: Hello GuyB
Guy B.: Well, I'm here.
Meeka: hello
scott: Hello Guy.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
rich: hello Guy, you're late tonight
Ron: wha, doing something useful?
rich: Pam, Meeka is in teh process of setting up a cross-stitch site
BobSlopsema: misteer Guy!!!! Allo !!!!!!
BobSlopsema: whassup???????
Pamela: Cool! URL, please
Guy B.: Rich, I had to run out to a vendor tonight. I have two PCI soundboards for the two towers I got from Bob and I couldn't get one of them to work.
Meeka: it is still under construction.
Meeka: will let you know when I have it done
Pamela: As soon as you're ready, let me know.
Ron: Watch it Guy.... you too could be bitten
rich: you don'
rich: t use "www" as part of her URL
Pamela: Just finished a piece for friends who got married recently and a needlepoint piece for myself
rich: that's why I couldn't get on it
scott: Well, the "ADAM on a chip" sounds like good material for an article.
Pamela: next up is a baby announcement
scott: Rich, what is the newsletter that is still active???
rich: definitely, Scott - go for it
Guy B.: Well, I talked to someone there and he says he can get them working. I told him, I'll try again and if I can't get them to work I can bring the towers in and he can get them to work.
rich: the MTAG letter - talk to Ron or Dale
Pamela: Since the baby is due at the end of May, I have to get cracking
scott: I'll talk to Dale. Need to anyway. He'll also have plenty of ideas.
Ron: I have volunteered..... (pass the roundtuits)
scott: Well, gotta go and do homework. Got classes finishing up, then I get to jump into CISCO.
Meeka: should be now problem. plent of time till May. Right??
rich: don't forget a copy to Bob for the ANN disc
scott: :(
Ron: yeah Scott, go acquire some knowledge
Guy B.: See you Scott. Don't study too hard.
WB: goodnight scott
rich: take it easy, Scott, see you next round
Pamela: Actually, it shouldn't be too bad - it's a Pooh piece and mostly solid colours
scott: I won't forget about the ANN disk.
scott: Later.
Pamela: G'nite Scott
scott left chat session
BobSlopsema: see ya Scott
BobSlopsema: gotta find some time and catch up on putting the ANN issues ont he web
Meeka: I am currently working on pillows for my living room
Ron: Don't forget Tigger
rich: yes, I did find teh link from Meeka's site to yours
WB: Rich, are your catalog prices in Canadian amounts and do you accept money order not the post office kind
Ron: and the donkey....what's his name?
BobSlopsema: think the last is the Dec issue......
Ron: Eor?
Pamela: No, Tigger is for the next piece - this one is strictly Pooh - that's the theme for the baby's room
Guy B.: Ok gang. I'll be having an update to my website shortly. First one will be two links and an update to the VBscript file.
Meeka: eore
Ron: aha!
rich: Willie, I think you likely have my US price list
Pamela: The donkey is Eeyore
rich: to check take any US dealer's price and mine should be $1.00 more because I quote delivery included, not extra
Pamela: Needlepoint pillows or cross stitch, Meeka?
rich: and yes, I take personal cheques if you're willing to have shipment held till they clear - about 10 days
Meeka: cross stitch. But I would like to learn needlepoint one of these days
rich: or you can use any third-party method for immediate shipment
Ron: sign up for pay-pal
WB: What US dealer? The only one I know of is Coleco House.
rich: look at any old newsletter from any club or dealer - NIAD for instance
Pamela: Its actually much faster and I find somewhat easier too. I have a really beautiful pattern for pillows that I got from a magazine recently
Pamela: If I don't make it to Adamcon, I will send it with Mom and Dad
Meeka: how different is it from cross stitch?
rich: can't get Pay-Pal in Canada at the moment, Ron
Guy B.: Did you guys hear about the settlement involving the Iomega Zip drives?
Ron: send me pity guys
Ron: I have to look at political candidates for the next 28 days
rich: they're cutting a deal with one of the banks and are on hold till it gets done
WB: yes to the Zip
Pamela: Two things - the canvas is different - bigger holes, and if you visualize doing half stitches, that is what needlepoint really is
rich: I didn't - what's the word?
Meeka: half stitchs are easy
Ron: :) tks
Guy B.: I got an email from Iomega about the settlement. It involves rebates on future purchases from Iomega's website.
Meeka: no wonder it is faster
BobSlopsema: Willie, just look upthe pricing @ my website, then eamil Richard to confirm pricing! (might be a little outdated, don'ty know)
Pamela: exactly - that's why it's so much faster
rich: nope, it's still on the same cost base, Bob, so the price holds
rich: as long as I still have it in inventory
rich: if I have to offer a used copy from my own stock, that's different
WB: Does the name Don Bueltmann ring a bell to anyone?
Pamela: I started a 6 inch square piece on the Sunday that James came in, and finished it tonite
Ron: yes. Former member of St. Louis ADAM User Group
Guy B.: Isn't he the guy that was giving away free Adam software?
rich: yes, wasn't Don with teh St. Louis group?
Ron: recently heard from him - he was selling some ADAM gear I think
Meeka: brb. got to let the dog out.
Pamela: ok
BobSlopsema: absolutey!
Ron: Who let the dog out?
Pamela: Ron, you watch too much TV!
BobSlopsema: yes, he wan'ts to sell of some stuff, have emialed back with no replies
(A dog howls in the distance)
Ron: Woof Woof - Woof Woof
Guy B.: Rich, Ron. I have two VBscript programs that I just completed on my notebook that involves Eosdisk.
BobSlopsema: and now the dog won't come bvack???????
WB: He sent me some of the software and several manuals including the ASG. Rich do you still own the copyright for the ASG and do you have any other copies.
Pamela: damn dogs
rich: I hold the copyright in t5rust for ANN jointly with the other tow
rich: and yes, I believe I still have a copy or two left (orrather ANN has in my care)
Meeka: ok. i'm back
Guy B.: That was short.
rich: must be as cold there as it is here
Meeka: sometimes I get lucky :)
Pamela: But it's been such nice weather for February
WB: Has anyone had any dealings with Coleco House ie Terry Fowler?
rich: hey, don't knock it - I managed to get the Christmas lights down yesterday
Ron: I won't say it ..... about lawn cutting, flowers and blossoms
Pamela: shut up, Ron
Ron: I know, I know
Meeka: I have flowers blooming in my yard
Ron: snow drops?
rich: Willie, I suggest you ask Herman and George in Cleveland that question
Pamela: Everywhere you look the daffodils and crocii are shivering
Meeka: hyathincs, dafidiols, and tulips are on there way
Guy B.: I ended up having snow here on Monday.
Ron: they'll make it
BobSlopsema: yes, willie......BUT buy from Richard FIRST......then Terry and USE your credit card....and don't ASSUME ANYTHING as to product
rich: yes, our crocuses have been up for some time, and teh daffodils are up and budding
Ron: there's life in the east
Pamela: Believe it or not
BobSlopsema: let's say, Teryy has been known to stretch the truth and the copyright laws, etc
rich: another four weeks and we should be out of hibernation
rich: at least down here in teh banana belt
Pamela: I hope it's closer to two - we're supposed to go to the trailer next weekend
WB: You mean he has been known to copy software and sell it as original?
Ron: NO!
Meeka: they are saying it should get around 70 this weekend around here
Guy B.: Same here for Chicago.
Pamela: Send it this way, Meeka - we could use it
rich: Willie, has words on the subject you may find helpful
Pamela: Of course in July, we'll all be moaning about how hot it is
Meeka: Pam, Did you ever make it on to my site?
Pamela: I haven't had a chance to try again but I will, probably tonite
rich: just leave out the www and you'll be OK
Meeka: I am thinking you might be having the same problem your dad did.
rich: see all your old man's neat photos
Meeka: You can not use the www in the address
Pamela: Between work, physiotherapy and a suddenly active social life, I'm lucky to get on this thing once a week
Meeka: It wont work that way.
Pamela: I tried it without the www but it didn't work
WB: Well good people it is time for me to go home and see the family before I go to bed. Rich are you still meeting on Saturdays
Meeka: Type it in like floolws http://adam.hollowdreams.comm
Ron: good to hear from ya WB
Pamela: There's that sleep thing again
rich: yes, 3 pm Eastern and I wait 15 minutes for anyone else to show up
Guy B.: See you WB.
Ron: To sleep, aye..
WB: Good night all!
WB left chat session
Pamela: Good nite Willie
Ron: Ok.... yes... back to Saturdays
Pamela: Meeka, I wrote that down - will try again
Ron: must remember......remember.....remember
BobSlopsema: Willie, THAT IS THE STORY I heard....from some reliable sources.........mind you- one scource related that it did not say "original" int he description
Pamela: write it on your forehead, Ron
rich: remember....remember....
rich: does it help if I repeat it?
Ron: zzzzz
Pamela: You are getting sleepy . . .
Ron: huh?
Pamela: WAKE UP!
Ron: Oh ook
Pamela: shades of Homer Simpson
Guy B.: D-Ohh!
Pamela: Very good, Guy
rich: Guy, how's the Duroin coming?
Ron: if you hear the wailing of old computing devices emanating from the west
Pamela: we'll know where it's coming from
Ron: yup
rich: let's not be too hasty about this, Ron
Ron: Sunday.....
Pamela: Since when is twenty years hasty?
Guy B.: The Athlon will be going up this weekend. I just created a new Data Lifeguard Tools disk for the Western Digital hard drive.
rich: have you tried offering them for adoption on eBay?
Ron: no
Ron: wha? 386's
Ron: XT's
Ron: a 286?
Ron: Have found homes for the 486's
rich: Bob even finds homes for Adams on eBay
Pamela: Bop can sell anything, I think
Pamela: Bob, that is
Ron: well.....let's just say that if I try that, they'll stay here forever
Pamela: Sorry, Bob, freudian slip
Ron: I want 'em OUT
Guy B.: Well, we got 3 towers built from him and Doug recently.
rich: well, if that's teh wrost that can happen ;-)
Ron: Bob, are you looking for spare parts ? (chuckle)
Pamela: Time to send your keyboard back to typing school, Dad
rich: yes, I'm getting that feeling
BobSlopsema: bop YOU!!! ;-)
Pamela: No bop!
BobSlopsema: darn connection is slow tonight!
Pamela: ; (
rich: oh? mine seems fast or slow as usual
Pamela: ditto
Ron: C128, 2 Atari 1040's - the list goes on
rich: occasionally our time slice of the server goes down momentarily
Pamela: That's really scary Ron - talk about graveyards
Meeka: mine too ;)
Ron: wait till Mother finds out I'm keeping 5 Coleco ADAMs
Pamela: Shh. Don't tell her
Ron: in case I hold an ADAMCON
Ron: some time
rich: I'd say eBay would have someone wants those - what you think, Bob?
Pamela: I thought the cons were BYOC
Ron: well yes, but
rich: oh no, they don't fit well on an airplane
Ron: it helps to have some gear lying around
rich: so the hosts just rustle up a few of teh local ones
Pamela: true to both statements
BobSlopsema: but, but EON! they are FAMILY!!!
rich: I supplied Adamcon 07 pretty well singlehanded
BobSlopsema: like shortly???? gotta get back to the island.......
Ron: indeed you do
BobSlopsema: parts only maybe Richard......Ebay is hard to get rid of older stuff
Pamela: Now everyone knows why I moved out - so you could have more room for your ADAMs
rich: yes, but Atari 1040s are among the more desired, aren't they?
Ron: May keep one 1040, because it supposedly can run LINUX
rich: got a kinda neat MIDI interface too, doesn't it?
Ron: besides, I just paid $70. CDN for a mouse for it....via EBAY
Pamela: Don't start thinking that way Ron, you'll never get rid of them
Ron: yes Rich, that too..... as yet untried...(more roundtuits please)
Ron: I know Pam, that's my problem..... Sunday....this SUNDAY
Pamela: roundtuits for everyone for Christmas
Ron: lots of 'em
Pamela: It'll take that long to get . . . wait for it . . .
Pamela: around to it
Ron: :) :)
Pamela: quit groaning!
Ron: who me?
Pamela: everyone
rich: pity is, the old computers are still useful
rich: there are people around whose ambitions will never get beynd a tad of word processing
BobSlopsema: we are just sympathizing with poor ol' Ron
Ron: Well that's what I don't like about this exercise Rich. They all still work as originally designed
Ron: yeah, hey! Cut it out. I must be tough and bloody minded
Pamela: don't worry, someone will get some use from them
rich: you don't expect ME to back off on that point, do you?
BobSlopsema: we have a push on her to turn in older coputers, etc also....what we NEED is a push to simply use the computer you need for the jobs you require REGARDLESS of the # of the cpu!!!!
BobSlopsema: HERE
Ron: exactly Bob
Ron: I couldn't agree more
rich: so when remorrse hits, Ron, I do have a few spare Adams
Ron: Our community net had a similar project a year or so ago. Got no acceptance at all from the public
Pamela: I have an old 486
rich: maybe can even throw in a barde TI or two
Pamela: a what?
BobSlopsema: a lot of computers are haing an early death becasue the public is ingrained that they need the latest greatest cpu or they can't do anything!
rich: TI99/4A, Pam
Ron: Was talking to a local consignment dealer here, and he says he can't give away 486's any more. But most
BobSlopsema: FOOLS ALL!!!!
Pamela: true, Bob
Ron: people who come to his shop only want a word processor
Pamela: I meant, what is "barde" supposed to be
rich: bare
Ron: Oh Oh. The Vancouver Canucks are about to start a game of hockey
Pamela: thankyou
Ron: their last perhaps
Pamela: Go Leafs!
rich: yes, we have a team plays that game too, Ron
BobSlopsema: now, don't that just SAY IT ALL Ron??????
Ron: indeed
rich: with luck for us tonight will be the last of this round
BobSlopsema: I tell ya, Bill Gates and co have got the entire public confused!!
Pamela: fingers, toes and eyeballs are duly crossed
Pamela: makes typing difficult, I gotta tell you
Ron: corporate boonswangled. that's what we are
BobSlopsema: I just need a word processor, not a whole computer that works......
rich: amen. Amiga lives!!! - ask Frances
Ron: let's hear it for Amiga
Ron: the one computer that never made it to my collection
Guy B.: Well gang. I have to read my e-mail, so I might as well get going. I'll try for Saturday.
rich: rah - rah - RAH
Ron: ah well... too late now
rich: look for you then, Guy
Meeka: see ya next time Guy
Pamela: btw, Dad - there should be an icon on your word pro for "show / hide paragraphs and enters" that should help you
Ron: keep that site going Guy. eager minds want to learn
Pamela: Guy, you just got here!
rich: likely is, but I've got an Adam so who needs it?
Pamela: Well, you did the other night
BobSlopsema: be good Guy!!!! good luck installing the sound card
rich: unless, of course, I'm setting up an email
Guy B.: I know, but I ran late tonight due to these soundboard problems I had. But, I'll try to be there this Saturday. See you all.
Pamela: Goodnite, Guy
rich: nite Guy
Ron: niters Guy
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: So are any of these Winnie-the-Pooh pieces going to make it to ADAMCON for raffling?
Pamela: Unless you're having a baby, unlikely
Ron: well some have said......
rich: better hit a bit harder on that diet, Ron
Ron: that I look something like that
Pamela: This is the first one I'm doing. I do have patterns though, so will try to get more done
Pamela: You have a character preference?
Ron: so that we have something that Meeka doesn't win
Meeka: teddy bears
Ron: anything
Meeka: I have not won the afgan yet Ron
rich: there's your answer, Pam
Ron: no? Then why am I thinking you've won 2 straight?
Ron: must be confusing you with someone else
rich: your mother has that graphics file she can convert to a needlepoint grid
Pamela: you mean I have to go back to Lewiscraft again? Meeka, I need that site PDQ
Meeka: sorry don't know how htat key go turned on
Pamela: stray fingers
Ron: fimble ningers
Meeka: not that on Rich
Pamela: not that site, Dad, the cross stitch one
rich: oops! OK
Ron: Now all of a sudden I'm a hockey fan
Pamela: Meeka, wouldn't it be neat if you won one of your own designs?
BobSlopsema: talked to Jean Stone the other day (Judy did) and Jack is not healing well from legs surgury, so she is not sure about ADAMCON
Ron: haven't watched a game all year
BobSlopsema: but she has ah afghan all done for it
Ron: poor Jack. He's usre had his problems
Ron: sure I mean
BobSlopsema: SHHHH !!!!!! son't tellthem that Meeka! ;-)
rich: Harold Ballard cured me of any interest in hockey, permanently
Pamela: It's called playoff fever Ron
Meeka: it could go on the wall with all my others;
Ron: something like that
Meeka: :)(
Ron: My son Jeff bought me a wireless mouse for my birthday
rich: now that I have the satellite dish, maybe I should watch your election fun, Ron
Meeka: I will get to see it first anyway. Jean sends them to Mom To bring anyway ;)
Pamela: The very first one I did, I started in grade eight and didn't finish until about four years ago. I've gotten a bit faster since then
Ron: in the instructions it said, "don't put the receiver within 8 inches of anything emitting electromagnetics"
Ron: hah!
Ron: pretty tall order around her4e
Ron: here
Meeka: Mom and Sherri compail cuz I can finish cross stitch's twice as fast as them
Meeka: that is complain
rich: think I prefer a cord, but I have designs on an optical wheel mouse soon
Meeka: we got optical wheel ones recently. they are nice
Ron: really impressed with this one Rich. it's a Logitech, and it has a wheel
Ron: yeah, heard good about the opticals
Pamela: I;ve gotten a lot more practice recently - eveyrone is getting married or having children
rich: yes, Logitech have a corded optical wheel too
Meeka: ours are Microsoft. :)
rich: since I want a new computer anyway, that should be part of the spec
Pamela: Sounds like you have the same mouse as we do Ron - I love it. Prior to this one, we were replacing our mouse on average of every four months
Ron: AllsI need here is a cat
Ron: Mice I got
Pamela: Have I got a graphic for you!
Ron: good. Send it
Pamela: address?
Ron: or
Pamela: okay, coming your way shortly
Ron: :)
Pamela: First I have to find it
rich: by the way, Pam, how is Willow doing?
Pamela: Better - things are staying down but since we took him off the meds temporarily, I think the thyroid is climbing again. He's exhibiting the symptoms
rich: like, you have a solution that works - for now. But it's still a worry
Pamela: Doc thinks it was a side effect of the meds
Pamela: too high a dose
rich: sheesh - into that merry-go-round. That's rough
Ron: medication can be a touchy thing
rich: pity you can't drain off the excess and transfuse it into Inky
Pamela: specially for a 5.8 lb cat
Pamela: Don't think I haven't thought of that
Ron: Willow is a cat?
Pamela: Yes, one of two
Ron: ah ok.
BobSlopsema: a hefty size pussycat
Pamela: Inky, short for Mr. Inquisitive, is the other one
Ron: love cats
rich: Inky is his brother, a 58 lb. cat
Ron: to me they are most often tolerant
Pamela: The fact that Inky is black is useful
Ron: indeed a weighty feeline - I can relate to that
Pamela: Excuse me, that's only about 28 lbs. thank you
Ron: I wondered
Ron: even so
rich: let's just say identical twins they ain't
Pamela: They are littermates - Willow is a ginger tabby, and Inky is all black except for the white spot on his belly. They are opposite in just about every other way too
Ron: not from the sound of it
Pamela: Willow is skinny and nervous, Inky is fat and placid
Ron: had two once
Ron: Brother and Sister, so named because they were
Ron: no imagination
Pamela: very imaginative Ronb
Ron: but talk about two opposite personalities
Meeka: Dad, Doug wants to know if you were planning on playing puter tomorrow or Friday night?
Ron: nothing like a good game of puter to sharpen everybody up
Pamela: what kind of 'puter?
Ron: not mugs
BobSlopsema: wasn't planning on it.....
Meeka: building computers
BobSlopsema: unless he wants too
Pamela: Ah
BobSlopsema: that si PUT THEM TOGETHER mates!
Ron: I KNOW!
BobSlopsema: and whatever female "mates" are......
rich: like stick in screwdriver, observe blue smoke...
Pamela: no that's destroy, not build Dad
rich: computers are different...
BobSlopsema: that is IT!
Pamela: besides, you missed a step - that's pull the plug, stick in screwdriver, etc.
Ron: Both have I seen right here in the snakepit
Meeka: I was thinking of making Roast for supper some night this week and Doug suggested we have you over o we don't have too many leftovers.
rich: take her up on it, Bob
Ron: an offer you can't refuse Bob
Pamela: Just put the leftovers in this container please ...(container)
BobSlopsema: si, seenyor !!!!
Ron: Can I come too?
rich: yes, give her your email address so she can send teh file to you. Pam
Pamela: bob, is your computer by any chance Mexican?
Meeka: sure
BobSlopsema: to be tomorrow night, because we got the boys Fri eve
BobSlopsema: for awhile
BobSlopsema: will tell mom to call ya!
BobSlopsema: sure Ron!!!!
rich: aha, grandfather drill, is it?
Meeka: ok. check with mom and let me know
Ron: I will think of you all, pigging out on roast beef
Pamela: I was expecting to get back (containerleftovers)
BobSlopsema: si!!!! ya'll noticed!!!!!
BobSlopsema: had a heck of a time getting the chinese off it
Pamela: Personally, I think it's having an identity crisis - part mexican, part cowboy
Pamela: smorgasbord, anyone?
BobSlopsema: gotta leave ya'll see ya next week and maybe Sat IF I can remenmber
Meeka: bye
rich: ok, this time do try to remember - hope to see you then
Pamela: Enjoy your dinner tomorrow
rich: nite for now
Ron: Saturday.....Saturday.....Saturday.....Saturday
Pamela: G'nite / adios
Ron: adios?
Pamela: Ron, pay attention. Mexican computer, remember?
rich: it is about that time - Ron has a hockey game, I've got to check email
Ron: missed something
Pamela: no comment
Ron: yeah, nothing worse than divided attention. Can't believe I'm actually watching it
rich: any score from Toronto, Ron?
Pamela: Ron, I sent that e-mail to you while we were talking so youshould have it now
Ron: they beat Ottawa
Ron: they've won
Ron: earlier
Pamela: YAY!!
rich: wow - clean sweep
Ron: yup 4 zip
Ron: not sure what the score was, but think it might have been 3-1
rich: they'll need the rest - New Jersey is up next
Ron: There is no joy in the Nation's Capital
Pamela: Russell says 7-4 for Colorado over Calgary
Ron: interesting. The Avalanche are playing Vancouver
Ron: in Vancouver
rich: well, at leasst one Canadian team makes it to the second round
Pamela: I'm getting this second hand, remember
Ron: right
Pamela: he's a little sheepish right now
Ron: So how many kids did James have in tow?
Pamela: 12 - six girls, six boys
Ron: oh Lord!
rich: abouta dozen, maybe a couple more
Pamela: five adults
Pamela: three of whom speak English
Ron: sounds like a decent supervisory ratio
Pamela: It was quite entertaining
Pamela: Well, Miyuki didn't arrive until the Saturday, so it was 3:4 for a while
Ron: yes, had heard she was arriving after the bunch
Pamela: Picture please, James in Montreal with Japanese - speaking kids
Ron: they'll love it
Pamela: entertaining was an understatement, I think
Ron: wonder if he got a chance to see his parents
Ron: who are in Ottawa I think
rich: yes, he did
Pamela: He did - he took a "home day" on Friday or Saturday
Ron: aha
rich: even got the whole gang to the Corel Centre for a Senators game
rich: really top seats too apparently
Ron: Now that would be an experience for them
Pamela: And the boys up the CN tower
Pamela: James is the only one with a fear of heights
Ron: what was the average age of this crew? 11, 12??
rich: how did he take the glass floor?
Pamela: 13, I think
Pamela: He did okay, actually. The key as with me, is not to look down
Ron: next time I'm in Toronto (and I will be in Toronto again) I must make a point of going there and to the Skydome
Pamela: That way you don't have to convince your eyes of anything
Pamela: I'll go up with you Ron, I love it
Ron: good you're on
Pamela: However, prepare to have your wallet squeezed - trip for adults is $16.00
Meeka: well folks, gotta get going
Ron: oh well
rich: right, Meeka - time presses on
Ron: take care Meeka.
rich: see you next week - nite
Pamela: Okay Meeka. As soon as your site is ready, I will be there with bells on
Ron: think I either turn this game off or watch it
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: And I will try hollowdreams tonite before I sign off
rich: well, I have to pack it in, so guess you watch teh game
Pamela: Go ahead and watch it, Ron - I have to go to bed
Ron: see you Saturday....Saturday....
Pamela: remember...remember...
rich: Saturday it be. Nite now
Ron: :)
Ron left chat session
rich: sleep tight, daughter
Pamela: Goodnite, Dad - I will try for Saturday but don't hold your breath
rich: OK, see you then. nite
rich: poof
Pamela: Tell Mom I'm going to bed like a good girl. Sweet dreams
Pamela: poof!
rich left chat session
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