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rich: test
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Ron: well well
rich: hi Ron you made it
Ron: Memory actually works now and then
rich: nice to see you here
Ron: you too
Ron: been watching NASA's pics of Endeavour et al
rich: wonder how many others will turn up?
Ron: yeah, wonder
rich: had a note yesterday from a "lost" user and invited him to drop by
Ron: rite
Ron: I'll be back in about 10. Just going to make myself a sandwich
rich: anyway, how is the space mission going?
rich: OK c u
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rich: (refresh)
changed username to Guy B.
rich: hello Guy - Ron's off making a sandwich
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich: how are things in Chicago?
Guy B.: I just got through having lunch.
Guy B.: Windy and nice here. Although not as warm as it was yesterday.
rich: we're in teh same air mass but at the rainy stage with warm to come
Guy B.: More storms are due in tonight. We had a band come in early this morning.
rich: need to ask you - how many motherboards did you look at for your Athlon?
Ron: back
rich: right Ron
Ron: now I can stuff my face and talk at the same time. Hi Guy
Guy B.: Well, actually I looked at two of them with the motheboards already in. Hi Ron.
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rich: right, Guy. Which did you choose and why?
changed username to BobSlopsema
Guy B.: Hi Bob.
rich: hello dere Bob
Ron: Hi bob
BobSlopsema: hi dudes
BobSlopsema: way from victoria island on an apple, eh?
Guy B.: I went with the Athlon as my sister and sister in-law have AMD cpu's in there's and I was impressed by the speed of them.
Ron: ya.....
rich: I'm trying to make up my mind among four motherboards for a new computer I'm eyeing
Ron: decisions decisions
rich: as you know Ron, some of them ain't easy
Ron: yes 'tis true
Guy B.: As as I finish here. I'm going to get the space ready for the new system. It's time to bring it up.
rich: still don't have it up and running, Guy?
Ron: My space at the moment is a mess. Parts and pieces all over the floor
Ron: Recyclers ain't gonna get nothing good
rich: funny you should say, Ron...
rich: bet the pieces end up taking up more space than the original assemblies
Ron: well, I hope not, but that might indeed be the case
Guy B.: Who hadn't had a chance. Now that I got my shopping done. I can get this thing going. I created a boot disk for the Western Digital hard drive tools.
Ron: guess I need a real computer some day
rich: I don't even want to think about configuring mine when I buy it
rich: no, hang onto the Apple - works just like a real one but lets you keep your hair
Ron: I suppose so. It will stay
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rich: oops, the evil twin is back
Guy B.: I'm going to make the inkjet USB since it has a port.
BobSlopsema: i'm back jack!
Guy B.: Lost your connection?
Ron: that's good
BobSlopsema: froze!!! between 2 of ya'll,. kill the one off, OK??
rich: yes, my new inkjet is USB capable so I may do that when..
Guy B. requested to ban BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema confirmed ban
rich confirmed ban
BobSlopsema: hope we didn't remove the wrong one!
Ron: Remove Bob Slopsema, why should he be removed?
BobSlopsema: cause I was bad mouthing Richard! ;-)
rich: we were zapping his evil twin
Ron: ok
Ron: never understand that box
Guy B.: The new scanner I have is parellel port, that's my decision real easy. So, tomorrow at the computer show I'll pickup a USB cable.
rich: even when you ask to have your duplicate removed, it wants a second opinion
Ron: Anybody want a Commodore Pet?
Guy B.: You have one of those?
Ron: plus disk drive.
Ron: Yup
rich: I'm curently running my printer on the same parallel port as my scanner - no problems (yet)
rich: I have a Pet. Have to think about teh disc drive
BobSlopsema: oh is the day for thorwing out stuff.......
rich: doubt it would be welcome though - Frances turned one down at the last Amiga meeting
Ron: Suspect there'd be a few around Toronto
Ron: even yet
rich: was talking to Michael today - he said something about having some Adam hard disc kits he wanted to sell
Guy B.: I wonder how many he has?
Ron: Interesting - IDE or MFM
rich: send him an email and ask, assuming he doesn't turn up here later
BobSlopsema: but what does he have?????? the old MFM stuff???
rich: see above
Guy B.: If their IDE, I would be interested.
Ron: Right now Endeavour et Al are 240 miles up over Labrador
Ron: Nope... make that the west coast of France
Ron: just thought you'd like to know
rich: juast hope Chris doesn't drop the Canadarm - that's a long way down
Ron: yeah right....guest they're working on preparations for that today
Guy B.: That's the most important piece for the intl. space station.
Ron: yup
rich: yes, without it they can't build the rest
Guy B.: Exactly.
Ron: I find it interesting listening to the exchanges between Houston and the Space Station/Shuttle
rich: that's why they got Canadians to make and install it, of course ;-)
Guy B.: And those arms are downright dependable.
Ron: URL - if anyone is interested is....
rich: what channel is it on, Ron?
rich: right - the net
Ron: live and direct
Ron: You'll need the Windows Media Player plugin for the browser
rich: that I have - got it when I upgraded to IE 5.5
Guy B.: Yeah, just discovered that. I'll try later.
Ron: nice pictures.
Ron: Sometimes a little difficult to tell what you're looking at, but sometimes they tell you
rich: by the way, if you're going to enable Java and stuff, I have a website for you
Ron: yes
rich: it's named
rich: they make a sort of other stage anti-virus that doesn't use signatures
rich: oh yes, the 5.5 beta is free for private download
rich: it monitors what applets are trying to do to your system and stops the nasties
rich: you can run a free test on their site to test your security
Ron: gotchya
rich: my question is how does it harmonize with RegClean and Crash Monitor
Ron: sounds like useful stuff
BobSlopsema: gott go boys!!!
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Guy B.: That was quick.
Ron: Good so see you on A Saturday Bob
Ron: You don't look any different on Saturday than you do on Wednesday
Ron: we needed to know that
Ron: he gone
Guy B.: I guess you guys heard about the proposed settlement involving the Iomega Zip drives.
Ron: um..... no, tell us more
Guy B.: Some guy named Rinaldi sued Iomega claiming that a Clicking noise was made when a disk was inserted and caused loss of data. So now a settlement has been reached where all people who bought Zip drives between Jan. 1, 1995 and March 21, 2001 will receive a rebate on future purchases of Zip drives or media.
Ron: Hah!
Guy B.: There were 14 pages of legal briefs. The last one is the actual form for the rebate and if you got a drive that made the Clicking. You get a higher rebate.
Ron: I had just that problem....although no loss of data
Ron: They did replace the unit for me
Ron: but it wasn't free
Guy B.: Your eligible for the higher rebate. Although I haven't heard any clicking from my drive. I'm going to listen to it more closely to be sure before I submit my rebate.
Ron: They had a description of that problem on their site a while ago
Ron: Apparently 1 or two clicks from the drive following a Zip disk insert is normal. But the problem is when the loud and persistend
Ron: persistent clicking noise goes on after that
Ron: in my case, it was continuously, and prevented me from removing an inserted disk
Guy B.: My Practical Windows magazine mentioned about the problem too. There was some program on some website that you can download and run to determined if you have one of the bad drives.
Guy B.: I had that problem too. The only way I got that out was to shut Windows down and it did eject.
Ron: yup. got that
Ron: and used it, and it said it couldn't access the drive.... counldn't even see the drive
Ron: not too useful
Ron: So something got hung up in there real good
Guy B.: Well the problem I had was when I backed up the old 850mb hard drive. The backup program would bomb out on a bad sector and that's when the disk got stuck.
Ron: So I phoned the company. They sent me another, which did exactly the same thing right out of the box
Ron: Then I sent both back. And they sent me a third. Which has worked fine to this day....touch wood
Ron: somewhere between the jigs and the reels, I had to pay another 100 bux
Guy B.: I might decide to get a new one, but it maybe the 250 Zip drive. That one is compatible with the Zip 100 disks.
Ron: yeah, that's what I got
Guy B.: How is it?
Ron: working fine now.
Guy B.: Have you tried the Zip 100 disks in it?
Ron: local Mac dealer gave me another one, so now I have a SCSI version and a parallel port one. But they're both only 100 meg jobbies
Guy B.: Rich is quiet.
Ron: Anyway gents..... I have gardening to do and the sun is shining brightly
Guy B.: Might as well take advantage of it. We'll see you on Wednesday then!
Ron: yes sir, but briefly. There's a volunteer appreciation night at our local hospital ... so I'll have to be out of here around 6:45 or so
Ron: but I'll see ya for a little while Wed
Ron: have a good afternoon Guy
Guy B.: Rich is gone. I might as well go too. See you then. Bye Ron.
Ron: bye
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