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changed username to rich
rich: hello dere
rich: what's the word from Lower Michigan?
BobS: hi there Richard!
BobS: where ya been????
rich: waiting for you. Where you bin?
BobS: weather here nice today.....60 degrees F and warmer coming ...
BobS: by next week mon should be in the low 80 degrees F
rich: we're still in teh cool part but getting teh goodies tomorrow
BobS: nobody here so was on ebay looking around
rich: yes I figured as much
BobS: spring should be coming now
rich: that's why I tried to ding you - did I succeed?
BobS: yup
BobS: how ya do that
rich: OK, now I know what to do if someone is listed by doesn't respond
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BobS: so how did ya do it?????
rich: clicked your name on the list then went into extras - send privatre message
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich: hey, Dale is with us now
BobS: hi dale
Dale: I'm in Vancouver on business today.
Dale: So I'll be in and out.
rich: good for you - you can tap into from there, I gather
BobS: cool!!!!
Dale: I'm on via CompuServe right now.
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changed username to Pamela
changed username to Meeka
rich: right - there has to be an advantage to an international ISP
rich: hi daughter
Meeka: hello everyone
BobS: hi there gals!!!!!
Pamela: Good evening, everyone
rich: Oh, Meeka too - neat!~
Dale: I looked up Ron's son Jeff in the phone book, and I want to try phoning him to see ...
Pamela: warning, I can't even spell my own name very well right now
Dale: if we can hook up with me while I'm here.
rich: bad day at the office?
Pamela: Just pooped
rich: yes, Dale, Jeff is a good head - like his old man
Dale: Hi Pam, Meeka.
Pamela: Hi, Dale
rich: befoe I forget, Pam, I'm thinking of getting our fire extinguishers recharged
Pamela: and?
rich: do you want to bring yours over and have it done too?
Pamela: sure - when?
BobS: ah so,........specting a fire, eh???
Pamela: My father - the most prepared person on earth
rich: a.s.a.p basically - I'll go up first convenient day
Pamela: check and see if mine has a long grey beard - it
Pamela: 's very old
rich: ours all have good pressure, but after a while the chemical inside cakes
Pamela: wondering if it might not be a better idea to get a new one
rich: getting a recharge is cheaper
Pamela: okay, you're the boss
rich: if you're going to get a new one, get it for teh car
Pamela: while you're at it, wanna get my car tuned up too?
rich: naw, troubles enough with my own
Pamela: gee thanks
Pamela: time, I need more time
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: busy night! Hi, Guy
rich: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!
Meeka: hi guy
rich: got the Athlon up and running now?
BobS: HALLO Guy!!!
Pamela: Meeka, how long does it usually take to do an average row in a x-stitch pattern?
Pamela: average being about 45 stitches
Meeka: I dont usually go in rows per say
BobS: .....depends on how many x/s there are......
rich: and how thick your fingers are?
Guy B.: Guess what Rich! After I got off Saturday, I rechecked the inside. The memory board wasn't fully seated. Then I got a bigger surprise.
Guy B.: Hi Bob!!!
Meeka: It normanly takes aboout an hoour to do an area 2 x 2 inchs
Meeka: if you go fast like I do
rich: a badly seated memory board should be surprises enough for one day
Meeka: It takes mom about twice that long.
Pamela: okay, then I'm not doing too badly - at least I know I'm not missing anything
Pamela: Pooh is taking forever to take shape
Meeka: I have that problem sometimes too
Pamela: also, for some reason half the time I can't count - I've already had to rip out six rows and start again
Meeka: I am working on pansies right now and each flower takes about an hour or two to finish
rich: that's inherited, Pam
Pamela: it's those stupid half stitches that throw me
Meeka: mom does that all the time
Dale: I'll be back a bit later. Bye for now.
rich: OK Dale look for you
Pamela: from you Dad? By for now Dale
Meeka: they say that is why I can go so much faster. I rarely have to take any out
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rich: yes - when I count my fingers the first time, I usually get nine
Guy B.: Well, the other surprise was the monitor. Boy, that thing was heavy, but it had a female plug. The cable that Tigerdirect gave me had a male to female. So, I had to get a male to male VGA cable. I can return that one back to Tiger. But, the dog exhausted me Sunday. So, the Athlon is all hooked up, but it's still not been powered up.
Pamela: I thought it was 11
rich: that's the second count, Pam
Meeka: that's one to many Rich. You should have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs ;-)
rich: Guy, you're keeping us all in suspense
Pamela: Obviously, I am going to have to observe your technique, Meeka
Pamela: I'll bring the needlepoint in trade - that's faster
rich: Guy, which motherboard did you buy?
Meeka: If you come to convention I would like to have you show me how to do needlepoint.
Guy B.: I did manage to move the P133 to the small table. And I finally did something that I should have done long time ago. Put the phone cable to the jacks on the powerstrip. I hope that will cut down the disconnections.
Pamela: I'm working on that
Meeka: iI have alwasys wanted to know , but have never tried
Guy B.: It's a M800LMR
Pamela: like I said, its basically cross stitch without the crosses - one way only
rich: Guy, I doubt it will help the connections, but it might save your modem from getting fried
rich: don't rwecognize the model number - who's the maker?
Guy B.: Better be safe than sorry later.
Meeka: I know, but you know sometimes it is just eaiser to "see" it that to try to figure it out on your own ;-)
Pamela: the nice thing about it is that you can do any pattern for cross stitch in needlepoint and have it look different but just as nice. Same goes for plastic canvas too
rich: put it this way, Guy - I have whole house surge protection and consider it a good investment
Pamela: It's the one craft that Mom taught me that stuck - sewing certainly never worked for me
Guy B.: I ended up getting a new powerstrip for the Ahtlon as well. And I needed one to accomodate the power supply for the scanner once I get that connected.
rich: had a house a block away took a lightning strike last year
rich: the fie that stared in the main panel did over 15 large damage
Pamela: as a matter of fact, I took a piece that had ONE ROW left that Mom had yet to finish, snuck it out of the house while they were on vacation, finished the piece and had it framed. You should have seen the look on her face when I gave it to her for Christmas
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Pamela: which house, Dad?
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Hi, Ron!
Guy B.: Hi Ron, you made it.
Ron: hello!
rich: hello Ron - did you know Dale's in Vancouver?
Meeka: hi Ron
Ron: No, didn't know that
Ron: Hi Meeka
rich: said he was trying to look up Jeff - may be doing that now
BobS: hello Ron from the island
Ron: Good. Jeff will like that
Ron: the Island is well
rich: we encouraged Dale to try
Ron: wonder if he has a fone nr.
rich: Dale said he'd be back on later so you can check then
Ron: unfortunately, I've gotta take off in about 20 minutes, so If I give you Jeff's number Rich could you pass it on?
rich: OK - is it still a 604?
Ron: sec
Ron: yeah, 604 is the area code. I'll give you numbers
rich: ga
Ron: home phone 301-0912
Ron: cell phone 728-0912
rich: got it
Ron: office is 689-4449
BobS: is the mainland.....Judy says the trees are bloomin, the flutterbys are out and 2 chickadees are thinking about taking up residence in one of her birdhouses
Ron: 8180 Lord Ave Vancouver
Ron: (that's home)
Ron: Office address is 744 West Hastings St (not sure what floor )
Ron: but the firm is Graham, Harmsworth and Lai
rich: OK, even if I screw up, Dale can always access teh transcript
Ron: oh is Judy out here?
Ron: all of that is happening for sure right here right now
Ron: Rich - I'll send Jeff an e-mail that Dale is in town
rich: OK, don't know where he's staying but he implied he'd be there a few days
Pamela: here too - the forsythia around the corner from us is in full bloom and the trees are exploding with buds
Ron: 3 carloads of computer gear have gone to the big recycle in the sky
Ron: and that's 3 full carloads (as in trunk, back seat, passenger front seat)
rich: we had a ruby-crowned kinglet passing through this afternoon - migration is on
Pamela: How badly did it hurt, Ron?
rich: (moment of silence)
Ron: I feel the pain even as we speak
Guy B.: Robins have been here since March.
Ron: in all, 17 computers plus spare parts
Ron: Hell, I'm not that bad. Still got 9 left
Pamela: Your mother must be celebrating
Guy B.: Were they all PC's?
Ron: not counting 3 extra ADAMs
Ron: pretty much PC, 286, Xt, 486's, but there was a C128, a Commodore pet and a couple of Apple II GS
Ron: the latter did not die, they were taken by our Mac dealer locally.
Ron: who has the same affliction as I
Guy B.: That's quite a collection there. Especially the Apple's.
Pamela: computers never die, they just get passed around
Ron: ya
Ron: there is more room here now
Guy B.: Ron, did you take them to a recycle place?
Pamela: what are you gonna fill it with?
Meeka: more ;-)00
Ron: yes, they had a special day. Local Recycle Care Society had a great honkin semi at the parking lot of a local mall
Ron: along with boxes on palettes
rich: saw you coming, eh?
Ron: fer sure eh?
Guy B.: At least they will be made into other things.
Pamela: any else there with more than you had?
Ron: On the third trip, one of the ladies there said, YOU AGAIN!
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
rich: getting her a bit worried, were you?
Ron: actually from what the volunteers said, they had others just like me. They said they are considering doing this twice a year
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: We got a double Bob.
Pamela: Bob?
rich: now you'll be forever branded as the Official Community Geek
BobS: hookay, i'm back
Ron: we also had a squadron of hangers-on doing the scavenging thing
Guy B. requested to ban BobS
Ron confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Ron: One lady asked me if I had any 72 pin simms
Pamela: and did you?
Ron: bunch of others looking eagerly over my shoulder as I unloaded the trunk
rich: hey, encourage them. recycle is the word
Ron: no....only 32 (31?)
Ron: nothing I was not using anyway
Ron: I had to really keep my focus in order to avoid temptation
Pamela: It must have been terribly hard (sympathy dripping)
rich: temptation to what? take them back home?
Ron: most of the stuff I stripped out here before leaving
Ron: I now have enough 100 meg hard drives to power the world
Ron: right Pam
rich: does anybody still use a drive that small?
Pamela: send'em to NASA - may be they can use them
Ron: nope
Ron: been watching the NASA feed all week....fascinating
Guy B.: 100? I have one. Still sitting in a 386SX computer.
Pamela: I love Chris Hadfield's reaction
Ron: yeah, neat
Pamela: "Wow, what a view!"
BobS: 100 meg holds lots of stuff as long as it not the operating system from bill G
rich: is that on cable or wre you watching on the net?
Pamela: Gotta love those Canucks making history
Ron: That's right Bob. if you stay away from Windows Whatever
Guy B.: As long as it's DOS, not Win95.
Ron: the fans here loved 'em anyway
Pamela: we ran on 80 with Win 3.1 for quite a while
Ron: yea
Pamela: of course, no net hookup then
BobS: it all started w/ Win95 which takes over 60m all alone by it's own self
rich: I'm thinking 30 gig for my next computer
BobS: makes it hard to put anything els on
Ron: Actually Pamela, there was access to early forms of the net
Ron: Netscape 2 ran quite nicely with Windows 3.1
BobS: txt ;mode was great! faster too
Pamela: I haven't managed to use 10 gig yet,- what are you going to do with 30?
rich: yes, but you weren't downloading full screen hi res graphics
Pamela: not in my house, Ron
Guy B.: My Athlon has a 13gig.
Ron: that's true
rich: Pam, I haven't a clue, but it is cheap enough
Pamela: what are youlooking at, and where?
rich: minimum these days is 15 - 20, 30 is only about $20 more, sometimes not even that
Meeka: with that kinda room you will never have to buy another one cuz you run out of room ;-
Pamela: wanna bet?
rich: looking at an Athlon 850, from Bruce again if he's competitive
Pamela: price range?
Ron: With MP3 files occcupying between 30 and 40 meg apiece for a 3 minute song, it don't take long to fill several GIGS
Ron: and we haven't even got to the visuals yet
Ron: 20 minutes of exercise video takes 580Meg compressed
rich: likely a bit north of a kilobuck - Iwant Win 98/2 and a CD RW
Pamela: Unless it was recorded before 1950, he won't be downloading MP3's
Guy B.: Another solution is get a Zip drive for those MP3 files.
Ron: yep. Did that, and also a CD-$
Meeka: i wouldn't know. most of my information is stored on the server in the basement, so I rarely use my own harddrive
Ron: CD-R
Ron: (probably right the first time)
rich: I have an LS120 but the media are expensive - same is true for Zip of course
Pamela: not bad
Guy B.: Meeka, how big is that server down there?
Pamela: (yes, probably Ron)
Ron: what do you pay Rich. My 100 Meg Zips are around $16- $18
Ron: Anyway guys, I have to go make myself pretty and go eat cake
Guy B.: The Zip media has gotten cheaper if you look hard enough.
rich: I have a discount joint that offers LS120 discs at $12
Ron: hospital volunteer appreciation night
Pamela: seems high Ron - try walmart
Pamela: send pictures!
Ron: but SOON
rich: OK, enjoy your socializing, Ron. Be by Saturday?
Guy B.: Hope to see Saturday Ron. Bye.
Ron: ok see ya's nite
Pamela: nite, Ron
Ron: Sat,yep
Meeka: see ya Ron
Ron left chat session
Meeka: Guy, the server I have my info stored on is a 15gig. But that I only one of many in the basement
Pamela: oh the joys of a network
Guy B.: I thought that's what Doug had down there.
rich: you folks running an ISP on the side or something?
Meeka: htere is an e-mail server, a network serverr, and some other servers that I am not quite sure what they actually do.
rich: Bob, I have a question a maintenance guy might be able to answer
BobS: what????
Pamela: brb, folks
Meeka: something like that Doug is the isp for
Guy B.: Meeka, your computer is upstairs?
rich: yesterday our electric water heater started making funny noises
BobS: OUCH!!!! electri????
Meeka: yes, mine is on the main floor
BobS: gas is cheaper
rich: something betwwen the noise of our refrigerator and teh electric kettle
BobS: sounds like lime buildup
Guy B.: Where's Doug tonight?
Meeka: playing his on-line game
BobS: might be able to flush it out the faucet on the bottom
rich: anyway, I guess teh thermostat could have gone wonky, but we ran a lot of water and the temp was right on spec
Meeka: he is actually sitting next to me at his compputer
Guy B.: I've should have known. He's hooked.
BobS: maybe not, and the result may be new water heater
Guy B.: How;s the pup?
rich: our current water heater is not that old
Pamela: sorry, I'm back - didn't you replace the water heater recently, Dad
rich: and we never had lime buildup problems with any of teh previous ones
BobS: try draining off some wateer once and see if it has lime chuncks in it
Meeka: good. He was to the vet two weeks ago ane he gained almost 3 pounds in the mounth that we have had him
rich: sounds like a smart idea - will try it, Bob
BobS: usually the clunking is lime expanding
rich: this was more like teh noise of a refrigerator compressor running and went on a long time
Guy B.: That's good. Abby and I saw a new pup on our block and she wants to play with her.
rich: anyway once we ran a lot of water through it the noise went away and hasn't returned
Pamela: Is that good, Guy? How big is Abby?
BobS: hmmmm sounds strange
Guy B.: Meeka, I haven't forgotten about adding a link to the Adam Pictures sight. I'm going to add a fourth page just for Adam related websites.
Meeka: whenever you get around to it is fine Guy
Guy B.: Abby is small-medium dog and she's 7 years old.
rich: reminds me I still have to send you some photo identifications
Pamela: that reminds me, Meeka, I was on the site last week after chat and looked at some of the pictures - pretty neat. I had a totally different mental picture of you
rich: though can't Bob tell you who Tom Keene, David Cobley and Whooter were?
Meeka: I am working on being able to send then on-line from the page Rich. I have almsot got the bugs worked out. I thnink ;-)
rich: nerat if you can do it. I'll have to see how many more I can find
Meeka: good or bad Pam???
Pamela: just different - for some reason I didn't picture you as a blond
Meeka: I am not a blond. I have brown hair
rich: hey, where did Guy go?
Pamela: well, it looked blond in the pictures
rich: likely a flash effect, Pam
Pamela: maybe honey brown?
BobS: got dumped the same way i did corecomm
Meeka: maybe some of my highlights were coming through
BobS: seems they let you b on just so long and then dump ya just for the heck of it
rich: won't say my ISP NEVER dumps me - but I sure don't have the problems you guys do
Meeka: I have natural gold and red ones, and sometimes unnatural blond ones
Pamela: I was mostly looking at ADAMCONXII - I love the dress you were wearing for the group photo on Sunday
Meeka: thanks
BobS: don't think I wver et Hooter
rich: is corecomm one of these freebie ISPs or something?
BobS: nope PAY jobbie
Pamela: these days, mine are turning grey - I am trying to cover them with red
rich: Whooter was Alan Neeley's buddy at ACon 05 - the little guy
rich: Gods, my KID's got grey hair - makes me feel old!
Pamela: Well, I am sneaking up on 36 Dad
Pamela: genetics will tell
BobS: didn't get to go to AC05 Rich
rich: Ooops! didn't realize that was one you'd missed
BobS: couldn't make 01. or 05.......but been to the rest!!!!
Pamela: what amazes me is how many people I recognized since I have never been to one
rich: which means we are one Con up on you
Pamela: which one did you miss?
Meeka: well, I am sure you had to look at the pictures that your dad takes
BobS: which one didn't you make
rich: 01
Pamela: yes, and I ahve been accessing them during the cons over the years, but still
BobS: well, we were not "into" the ADAM yet for 01.....matter of fact....
rich: I took few if any pictures at a number of the Cons
BobS: the neighbor who got Doug going on the ADAM was going to go, paie his deposit then backed out and never got a refund.....
rich: but I have a pack from 02 somewhere I'll try to find and get posted
Pamela: I beg to differ - you have taken some at almost every one Dad - there are tons of prints around
rich: well, I was still working then
rich: and taking a day off when not sick was a firing offence
Pamela: ?
rich: we had one teacher whose plane had to turn back to Europe so he got home a day late
rich: he was on probation for six months - they finally let him stay on
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changed username to Guy B.
rich: well, Guiy, you made it back
Pamela: there's Guy - where'd you go?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Got disconnected, froze. So I had to reboot.
Pamela: Just be glad you're not working these days, Dad
rich: oh, he's got one of those unreliable American ISPs. Pam - not like Tamco
Guy B.: Corecomm.
Pamela: : )
Pamela: I have a lot of people vying for my internet business and still have yet to find one I like as much as Tamco
Pamela: You can't beat the price or the service
rich: I wouldn't doubt it - a lot of our friends have joined on my recommendation and they are all still there and happy
Pamela: Only when he gets high speed will I consider going to that
Guy B.: Well, it seems the DSL is getting squashed by the baby Bells.
rich: I was talking to John a few days back - he hopes to have DSL in about 8 weeks
Pamela: Just in time to renew my contract - nice
rich: here one or two independents are offering DSL at $30 a month
rich: but there's a one-time connection fee and you supply the modem
Pamela: biggest bonus will be phone use while surfing
Pamela: I am lost without my phone
Meeka: we have that. it is kinda nice
Pamela: (in case you hadn't noticed)
rich: well, if the v92 protocol gets accepted, you will have that available with dialup
Pamela: ther other reason is that I will be able to get on while Russell's asleep - can't do that right now cos of the noise of the modem
rich: though John was not very optimistic about installing v.92 any time soon - it's moving very slowly
rich: I forget Pam - is your modem separate or part of the motherboard?
Pamela: btw, suggestions please - how can I muffle my modem without risking a fire in my case? Nothing else I have tried works
Pamela: can't remember, Dad
rich: I think with Winmodems there's supposed to be a sound control in the software
Meeka: doug suggest that you trun the modem speaker off
rich: and I believe some of the old hardware modems had a volume control on the board
rich: Guy or Bob, comments?
Pamela: tried that - turned it all the way down and it's still louder than anyone else's
Guy B.: My modem doesn't have any sound.
Pamela: seems to me I tried it in DOS or the BIOS too, and that didn't work
Pamela: I'm getting rather desperate
Pamela: a rag in the speaker is my next step
Pamela: have I stumped everyone?
Meeka: Doug says that it is in the Windows control panel and got to modems and then to the properties, and you should be able to trun off the sould for the modem
rich: get a new modem, maybe - with guarantee it can be silenced?
Pamela: okay - hang on while I try that
rich: PCI Winmodems are quite cheap
Guy B.: If you get one like mine that is completely silent. My Athlon looks like it won't make a sound either.
Pamela: Meeka, tell Doug it's already at zero
Pamela: any other ideas?
rich: I like the sound - it tells me things are working right
Pamela: yes, but not loud enough to wake the dead
rich: Pam, did you go under modems or just under sound?
Meeka: then the sound is most likely coming out of the speakers and not from the modem
Pamela: modems
Pamela: no, unless there are speakers in the case - the sound is definitely coming from it
rich: just one modem, Pam
Pamela: under "modems", Dad
rich: OK
Pamela: the rag is starting to look like more of an option all the time
Meeka: then the only recourse that Doug is aware of is to take the case off and puncture the speaker on the modem with a pin. Preferably while the computer is off and unpluged. ;-)
rich: not at the heat you have in that case, it isnt
rich: dont try it till we get the extinguisher recharged!
Pamela: ah, surgery - I was hoping to avoid that
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Pamela: and no hair by hydro either - this is just no fun!
changed username to james
rich: hello james you're late tonight
james: morning
Pamela: Well, good afternoon James!
Guy B.: Hi James
rich: how do you like your new Prime Minister?
BobS: morning james
Pamela: Meeka, tell Doug thanks, I will try it
james: can't be any worse than the last idiot
Meeka: ok one more suggestion. More the computer so he can not hear it when you turn it on.
Pamela: Will I still get any sound after that?
Meeka: that is move
rich: not from the modem - it's a permanent disable
Meeka: ??
james: if you took the combined iq of the politicians here, you *might* be able to tie your shoes without drooling all over yourself
Pamela: not possible - it's audible all over the apartment, that's how loud it is
Pamela: if I puncture the speaker, that is
james: so how is everyone?
rich: before you get drastic, maybe we'd better consult
Pamela: Always up for a consult, Dad
Pamela: Aside from my noisy modem, not bad, thanks
rich: OK, we'll set something up soon
james: you gettig music?
Pamela: And how is life on the other side of the ocean?
rich: james, I see DoCoMo is finking on the wireless introduction
james: my wife thought she'd come by this morning during work, just to argue a bit i guess.
Pamela: I wish - no, just a modem so loud you could wake the dead
rich: or is that only G3 so it doesn't afftect you?
BobS: just uncover the motherboard, yank that modem out and use a sidecutter to chop the speaker off!!!!!
james: yeah, docomo can go fink themselves.
james: they're a subsidiary of ntt so they can go to hell for all i care.
Guy B.: Or better yet. Why not just cover the speaker with some tape.
rich: heat, Guy
Pamela: exactly
rich: she's got a fairly new machine and it's real hot in there
james: pam - do you mean it's loud when you connect or when you're online?
Pamela: now that it's out of warranty, a bigger fan and case might be an idea
Pamela: just when I connect
rich: a new modem would be cheaper than a new case
james: let me think. there's some setting you can add to the "extras" to kill the connect sound. i've been meaning to do that too.
Guy B.: Forgot about the heat. It was a thought.
rich: and if v-92 capable come out soon, you may wnat one anyway
james: is it internal or external pam?
Pamela: Internal
james: ugh. okay.
rich: and you're running Win98/2, right?
Pamela: ugh is right
Pamela: yes
Pamela: James, we tried "settings" already - it's at zero
rich: wonder if there is anything in the TweakUI package that would help
Guy B.: Pam, was there any software you installed for that modem?
Pamela: no, it came with the computer
Pamela: It's an Aptiva - everything was part of the package
james: bummer. yeah, i've had that problem too - having it set at zero but still getting the connect sound. i have an external
james: so i just stuck an audio connector with nothing connected to it to the speaker port.
Pamela: some sound would be okay, but you can hear it all over the apartment, and it is really loud
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Meeka: ok guys. Doug says I have to get off. Not quite sure why, but I guess I will get going. See you all next week.
changed username to Dale
rich: hey, Dale is back
Dale: I'm back.
rich: did you manage to get in touch with Jeff, Dale?
Dale: Bye Meeka.
Pamela: I like to be able to hear it to know that the connection is okay, but if I try to get on while Russell is asleep, it will wake him up
BobS: see ya Meeka, welcome back Dale
Meeka: hi and bye Dale
Pamela: Good nite meeka - thanks again for the advice
Guy B.: My sister's modem the sound goes to the soundboard so the sound it coming through the speakers.
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
rich: see you Meeka
Pamela: Hi, Dale - welcome back
Meeka left chat session
Dale: I talked to him. But it doesn't look like his plan will sync up with mine. Oh well. Maybe next time.
james: you could stick a piece of tape over the speaker. cheap solution and if it's an internal, the speaker should be exposed.
rich: OK, that means you havwe his phone numbers. Ron was on earlier and passed them on
Pamela: Guy, what I know about sound connections you could write on the head of a pin with room left over
Guy B.: That's what I suggested, but the heat could melt it.
Dale: I found them in the phone book, once I remembered his name.
james: that hot in there?
Pamela: small case and fan
Dale: I missed Ron again? I'll have to read the transcript.
james: maybe a small piece of foam might work.
rich: james, get on and see what they say about cooling the newer chips
rich: those things run hot like there's no tomorrow
james: i hate to think what the power requirements for that are. little refridgeration units. one more thing to go wrong.
Pamela: mine is a K6, I believe
rich: no, just a humungous heatsink and three fans plus special ventilation
Dale: There is a modem command which makes the modem quieter.
Pamela: it was quite amusing, Dale
Pamela: tried it
james: nice. is that "all"..
Pamela: no luck. Think I should enter this thing to Guinness?
rich: with the new Athlons they recommend at least 300 watts
james: crazy. that's alot of power for a 5 watt chip.
rich: I gather that with the memory needed now, and hard discs too hot to touch, and stuff, it gets pretty fraught
james: surprised any of it works at all. and i thought digital data packs were warm when i took them out of the tape drive :)
Pamela: all that friction, James
Pamela: thanks for all the suggestions, folks
Pamela: now, anyone got a claim problem I can solve?
rich: Pam, I'll try to come take a look at it when we can arrange it
Pamela: perhaps I will bring it over instead - more room to work at your place
Dale: With AMD they do recommend 300 Watt, but depending on your system you may only have a maximum load <200 watts.
rich: whatever
Pamela: we seem to have lost Guy again
Pamela: Bob, you still there?
rich: perhaps they are allowing for the neat new stuff you'll find your self unable to resist adding on
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Guy, are we going to have to start taking Corecomm's name in vain along with NTT?
james: brb
Dale: They figure that you'll turn into an instant poweruser, I think.
Pamela: ok
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changed username to rich
rich: sorry - got bumped off
Pamela: I seem to be okay
Guy B.: Ok, I"m back. But, I'm should get going anyway. Have a letter to write and to retrieve e-mail. I think the connection rate is low tonight. It's been between 21600 and 28800. I usually get anywhere between 37000 and 45000.
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rich: this corecomm stuff must be contaigious
changed username to james
james: i got dumped. now there are two of me.
Pamela: will the real James please stand up
james: me too
rich: now you're just one, james
Guy B.: Ok, gang, I should be able to make it Saturday. See you then.
Pamela: g'nite, Guy
rich: look for you then, Guy
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: see ya Guy
rich: let's see, are the rest of us still connected?
Pamela: yup
james: so has anyone actually used their adam lately?
BobS: yup
BobS: yup
rich: Dale, maybe you've found a bug to report to Spaniel
Dale: I think that that was a connectivity hickup for my server.
rich: oh, cat loose again
Pamela: speak severely to it, Dale
james: what did you use it for bob?
Dale: I waited it out and it caught up okay.
BobS: ANN disk
rich: oh, I got a message that I had been disconnected from the chat applet
james: yeah, i got the same message
BobS: I got one of those the first time, and then I lost conneciton also
rich: it does seem to happen mostly when someone else enters or exits
Pamela: my line disappeared for a second and there was a flicker on my connection icon, but then the line came up on screen
Pamela: I must be charmed tonite
rich: I was able to get back from the logon screen with a refresh
Dale: Hey Bob, who should I tell if I want the ANN disk mailed to a new address?
rich: maybe a bump on the system - there has been a lot of trouble on the router that connects UUNet and Sprint down in Hamilton
rich: it went down for about half an hour last Saturday afternoon
BobS: me.......
james: test
Pamela: I think I am for bed, folks
rich: you're still here, james
Pamela: I'm starting to see one and a half of everyone
james: okay pam. take it easy!
rich: OK Pam, any idea when you might want to come by?
Pamela: no idea, Dad, will call to discuss - this is a trailer weekend, so not then
rich: OK, whenever you're ready - enjoy the trailer. Nite now
Pamela: goodnite all - Dale, enjoy Vancouver
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
Dale: Bye Pam. Thanks.
rich: Dale, how long will you be out west?
Dale: Just 'till Friday.
Dale: 3 days for some business meetings.
rich: you seem to be doing a fine job of unjustly enriching Air Canada
Dale: Well, I came out on Royal Air, but on the way bacy I'm on AC>
james: you don't like ac rich?
rich: Royal, huh? How long did it take you to unfold after landing?
rich: other than prices, I have nothing against AC
Dale: Well, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I was in a section of 3 with no-one in the middle. But the sure do pack them in.
rich: mind you, I only take a flight once per quarter century, whether I need it or not
james: like any monopoly. the don't bug me as much as a certain other company.
rich: right, we wont use any dirty words in this family chat
james: ntt is my dirty word.
rich: would you believe i was likely Aior Canada's first family fare passenger?
BobS: you think the arlines could still make a profit IF they gave just a few more inches butt room and about 4 " more legroom???
BobS: or would they go broke tomorrow???
james: it wouldn't surprise me ;)
rich: it would depend on fuel prices - that's by far the biggest part of the costs
james: i'm lucky, not being a big person and all. i can see where it would be difficult for someone larger than myself to fly
james: international.
rich: that's why they got smoking banned on airplanes - 10% fuel saving
james: yeah, we know it isn't the meals.
Dale: Well, in Canada we have had quite a few airlines loose viability in the last few years.
james: really? was that because they need less air filtration?
rich: that may have been overambitious expansion - it is what kills most businesses
rich: that's what's behind most dot-com disasters - can't carry the debt load
james: yeah, look at future shop. they closed 26 stores in the states last year. we can only hope the same will happen in canada now.
james: not a big fan of future shop.
rich: james, it's because they can cut down the air intake overall - thats why you have cabin staff fainting in flight - not to mention customers
james: hmm. interesting.
BobS: hey guys, gotta go now. got a large day ahead tomorrow
rich: OK Bob, thanks for the water heater advice. See you Saturday?
BobS: so will see you probably next week...sat looks like a yard day cutting trees, etc
rich: OK, have a good nite
BobS: have fun in vancouver Dale!!!!
BobS: bye y'LL........
BobS left chat session
Dale: Bye Bob.
rich: do you realize your flight back to Japan likely used about 55 tons of fuel, james?
james: yeah. it's people like me who are good for globabl warming :/
rich: work it out - that would likely run every car you'll ever own in your entire lifetime
Dale: I guess I should get going too. Sorry I wasn't on long tonight.
rich: just making the effort to get on from Vancouver is appreciated, Dale. See you soon
james: i don't have a car, but when i do get one it'll be a hybrid, minimum. probably fuel cell vehicles will be available by the time
james: i can afford a car.
Dale: Bye
Dale left chat session
rich: nite now
rich: are you feeling green or just after fuel economy, james?
james: i've always been environmentally aware. i've got ahold of a pamphlet for a solar/wind hybrid house power system.
james: only $5000, so i might buy it next year for the school.
rich: those have a high capital cost, and renewing the batteries can be expensive
rich: but the day to day running costs are quite nice
james: well, i'm going to check it out. one for the house would be appropriate too. my father in law runs a 400 watt
rich: and power rates in Japan aren't the world's cheapest, I'm thinking
james: motor for his carp pond, 24/7/365. at 23 yen per kwh, you can imagine how much that costs per year.
rich: I have the feeling I don't want to do that mental math....
james: 30 cents cdn per kwh. everywhere in the country. likely because there's a very high reliance on nuclear
james: plus your typical japanese affinity for gouging people at every chance.
james: well, utility companies anyways.
rich: no, nuclear once installed is cheap - it's the oil fired plants that are expensive
james: then i guess they're just gouging people. wouldn't surprise me in the least.
james: actually, the company that makes this system is zephyr.
rich: unless you have a pack of influential greenies gumming up the works, nuclear plants are very competitive
james: i think nuclear, if handled properly is a good interim solution.
james: beats bush's approach.
rich: in Canada, properly handled, it is the best - completely clean
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changed username to scott
james: yes, the candu reactors have a very good record and reputation.
rich: we can design and build and run teh plants all from local supplies
scott: Can you believe it?
rich: it ain't easy, Scott, but we'll try
scott: A little late, but I made it...
scott: Had to go to the school to do some homework.
james: ironic. canada is one of the few countries that could produce nuclear weapons but never would, non-proliferation act or not.
rich: as it happens, I was about to leave, but we'll put that on hold for a minute
james: afternoon scott :)
scott: Hi james.
scott: Haven't talked to you for awhile.
james: it has been awhile :) how are you doing?
scott: How's the SmartLOGO project going?
james: been on hold for a few months since i was busy putting a trip to canada together etc.
rich: Scott, James - right, you to haven't talked for a while. I'll buzz off and leave you alone
scott: With me, good. I decided to go back to school and pursue a degree.
james: which degree?
scott: Why's that, Rich.
james: taking off rich? see you next week!
scott: I want to talk to you too.
rich: oh, didn't realize that, Scott.
scott: I would like to get a major in Computer Science, minor in Computer Engineering.
james: scott, i got to meet the gang in person about 3 weeks ago in toronto.
rich: I have been on for two hours and still have some work to do before bed, but can spare a few minutes
scott: So I can make expansion hardware for the ADAM like my dad :)
rich: I'll endorse that ambition
rich: have you taken a look at Waterloo yet?
scott: Oh, well in that case, I won't keep you up. I will ask AGAIN to my dad regarding the disk drive.
rich: I appreciate that, Scott. Any chance you'll be on Saturday?
scott: No, not yet. Will do a search on the internet for it though and request a catalog.
rich: should do it, scott
scott: Most likely I won't be around Saturday.
james: i should probably get going. my new study room is still a mess and i have to truck some crap over to the school.
scott: We can also get together at a different time if you want to talk.
rich: pity, but we all have demands on our time. Come if you can, though
scott: Thanks for the URL. I will check it out.
james: see you all next week!
scott: Oh, ok
rich: OK james, till next week then
scott: Guess I'm just a little too late.
james: bye now!
james: *poof*
scott: Bye.
james left chat session
rich: yes, it's tough on you, Scott, with teh time difference to Denver
rich: still, think of Ron Mitchell - he has to get on at 6 p.m. his time
scott: School's ending shortly and I'm spending more time on campus
rich: hitting the books in the library?
scott: Wow.
scott: Not the library. My school textbooks keep me plenty busy.
scott: Finishing up Advanced Unix.
scott: We're doing a bunch of stuff that isn't necessarily in the book and it's driving me up the wall.
rich: yes, that can be a challenge, all right. And a moving target to boot
scott: A lot of hit and miss.
rich: that's both the lure and drawback of open source
scott: I'll be taking Local Area Networks and CISCO this summer.
rich: you realize up here it's Nortel or nothing
scott: There's so much I'd like to take and not enough time to take all of it.
scott: No, didn'
scott: t know that.
scott: Oops.
scott: I'd like to invest some time in an ADAM project.
rich: well, not really, it's just that you're running through life too fast to accumulate all that baggage
scott: First of all, we really need to get The ADAM Resource back up.
rich: Nortel is a Canadian comp[any
scott: Too much work went into that for it to be offline.
rich: I agree about your website - sooner the better
scott: Too many good resources that need to be available again.
scott: I also promised to advertise your company on the homepage and never did it.
rich: have you looked at the pictures on Meeka's website?
scott: Guess I let myself get too overwhelmed by everything.
scott: Yes, a little.
scott: Good site.
rich: at your stage of life, scott, everything comes along too fast
rich: dont ask me when it stops doing so - Im only 70
scott: Rich, I know you've written a million and one things for the ADAM in the past, but would you be willing to write an article from time to time when the site goes back up?
scott: I was thinking about a small article about our weekly chats.
rich: but what is there left for me to say?
scott: You seem to always be there.
rich: well, yes, I could do something on that
scott: True, but I bet you could craft a good open ended invitation for others to join us by providing some history and so on.
scott: Wouldn't be difficult.
scott: Fairly easy subject matter.
scott: I'd like to write an article about the similarities of SmartBASIC and Visual Basic.
rich: I would certainly be willing to try - I think I understand the dynamics of the Adam community pretty well by now
scott: And other about what the ADAM's Object Model would look like if Visual Basic were designed for it.
scott: Also, the idea about the "ADAM on a chip" would be fun to write about.
rich: there, you're far beyond me - I am not a techie
rich: yes, that's an idea it would be real fun to realize
scott: This isn't something that I'd be able to build myself, but I might as well discuss the idea.
scott: These seem to all be worthy subjects.
rich: havern't a clue as to how it might be done, but have ideas on how to use it
scott: My writing is horrible right now, so this would give me some much needed practice.
rich: nothing improves writing like a lot of p[ractice - with a good editor
rich: and even befoe you get your site up, Bob would love some copy for the ANN discs
scott: The "ADAM on a chip", if done correctly might be able to emulate the equivalent of several networked ADAMs
scott: You still have a web site, right Rich?
rich: why bother? much more useful would be to give it connectivity to DOS peripherals
scott: I've been to Bob's recently.
rich: no, I have never had a web site, wouldn't know how to set one up
rich: not that I couldn't get help, but I have nothing to say anyway
scott: Actually, the connectivity is the idea -- it would live inside your IBM box and be able to utilize DOS peripherals.
scott: Basically like a PCI slot ADAM.
scott: With an embedded hardrive, etc.
rich: I'd even settle for one that could live within a tiny DOS box and be itself using the peripherals
scott: So you're thinking in terms of an ADAM motherboard that hosts DOS peripherals?
rich: maybe use a 64MB Smart Card as hard disc?
scott: I was thinking in terms of an expansion board that would go in a PCI slot.
rich: why Adam motherboard? wouldn't need tape drives or ports
scott: I was thinking of something like a 256 MB hardisk that would be divided into four drives.
rich: the equivalent of a PCI card sounds just fine
scott: Or a 1 GB drive divided into many more
rich: my point is that even an unadorned Adam able to use a DOS printer would be nice
scott: I was also thinking of the PROM that would go on the board -- perhaps an 8MB chip with tons on public domain software?
rich: Adam files are measured in K - you'd never fill 64MB
scott: There's so many places to go with the idea, I'll need to write more of the article and get some insight from my father.
rich: 8 MB would hold almost all the PD stuff ever written, though there are thousands of such programs
scott: This sounds crazy..
rich: yes, I can think of a million variations, most of which would be grat fun and a number of which would be useful
scott: But I'd really like to develop that OS that I was talking about a while ago, but I know I just don't have the time to do it.
scott: You could have just 1 MB of graphic files.
rich: one step at a time - the one we have works fairly well at the moment
rich: after all, Tony and Guy gave us a pretty neat alternative
scott: The emulated ROM of SmartWRITER could be bug free.
rich: oh, no shortage of work to do
scott: And perhaps SmartBASIC 1.X could be the default BASIC instead of regular old buggy SmartBASIC.
rich: you realize this could be the size of a Palm Pilot?
scott: I thought of that too.
scott: Palms hold how much data?
scott: Sounds like I need to talk to Marcel about the ADAM Emulator software
rich: and with Adams low screen resolution, and the lowering costs of TFT screens
scott: Very, very true...
rich: could be a freindly, flexible little alternative
scott: Well, I had better let you go.
scott: I will send you some of what I've written on the article.
rich: unfortunately, tempus IS fugiting
rich: please do - I'll look forward to it
scott: And will determine the best solution for getting the website back online.
rich: good - have at it. good night, now
scott: See you next Wednesday, unless you want to talk again sooner.
rich: look for you, hope you can make it earlier
scott: Bye
scott left chat session
rich: nite now
rich left chat session
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