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Dale: Hi Guy.
Dale: I see you made it.
Dale: Did you get my email?
Guy B.: HI Dale, What happened?
Dale: Thye server was down when I got home. It had been unplugged by accident....
Dale: The video card was loose, so I needed to screw it back in before it would come back online.
Guy B.: So that's what happened. I just checked my e-mail and Rich sent us about the server problem.
Dale: It took a minute to get it all together.
Guy B.: Did you just get home a little while ago?
Dale: Yes. I was home late. Usually I check the server at 8:45.
Dale: So the fact that I was late home, and the server was down made the chat start late.
Guy B.: Well, we hope everyone will be coming on shortly.
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Dale: If they're checking email we'll see them shortly.
changed username to Old Adam
Dale: Hello.
Old Adam: Hello
Guy B.: Well, we have a new comer. Hello there.
Dale: So has it been a good week for you all?
Dale: This past Saturday I was at the Metro-Toronto Adam Group monthly meeting.
Old Adam: Today was hectic, fires everywhere.
Guy B.: Finally got my new Athlon up, but not without some problems.
Old Adam: What speed
Dale: We talked about image file formats on the Adam.
Guy B.: 850
Old Adam: cool
Dale: I showed my TDOS utilities for viewing RLEs, SmartLOGO pictures, power paint cells, workspaces, and clips...
Dale: and of course my GIF viewer.
Dale: The 850 is quite fast I've found.
Guy B.: It is. But, the only problem I'm having now is with he AGP card with Windows 95 OSR 2.
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Dale: So I'm online from my new laptop. My old one was a shambles.
changed username to rich
Guy B.: Hi Rich.
rich: Greetings all - glad we finally got in
Dale: My new one is great. It is a Pentium III 850 with 256MB of RAM and a 30 GB hard disk. It really screams.
rich: Who's our Old Adam hand?
Guy B.: Dale had the server down and a loose video card.
rich: Naughty, naughty
Dale: My old laptop was a 75MHz Pentium I with 24MB of RAM. It had real trouble keeping up with me.
rich: I told Pamela to keep trying and sent a message round the listy
Guy B.: My Athlon has a 13gig hard drive, 128mb memory, 8mb AGP card, and a 17" monitor.
rich: Guy, before I forget I found some software you might want to look at
Dale: I sent a message to the list once I was sure that the chat server was back up properly.
Guy B.: What kind of software?
rich: thanks, Dale - we had problems on Saturday too
Dale: Of course my new laptop is what I need for work. C++ programming is pretty demanding.
rich: Guy, it's a souped-up version of DOS's XCOPY command
rich: it preserves 8.3 filenames even in 32-bit
Dale: It is actually nicer than I expected. It has a 1600x1200 LCD display.
Guy B.: Any kind of programming language can be demanding.
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rich: apparently you can copy whole directory trees, even in effect a disc image you can make bootable
changed username to Ron
Dale: I wasn't around on Saturday. That is usually a day for errands, etc.
rich: well, Ron, welcome to the Wet Coast
Guy B.: I might not need it. The Zip backup and another backup which I will download eventually supports both formats.
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Dale: Especially with MTAG and a Cabaret where Jillian read some of her poetry.
Ron: well well.... let's hear it for the LC475
rich: yes, there are lots of otehr ways
Ron: first one thru gets a prize
rich: but this is free and worth a look - go to
Ron: The iMac hasn't made it yet
Ron: hello all
Guy B.: Ok, I wrote it down for now, I'll check it out a little later on.
rich: what's the matter with teh iMac, Ron?
Ron: it's too busy trying to be all things to all people
Dale: Ron, are you running the new Mac OS, OS X
Dale: yet?
Ron: yes Dale.... amongst other things
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Guy B.: Oh by the way. Folks, the Athlon is up, but I'm not on it as I don't have any of my Internet Connections defined on it yet.
changed username to Neil
rich: how is it running otherwise, Guy?
Ron: They delivered another piece today. Now I can burn CD's under X
Guy B.: Hi Neil
rich: Hello Neil - long time no see
Ron: Neil... hey!
Dale: Hi Neil.
Neil: Hi Rich, I finally got to see some of your egg hunt!
Dale: Burning CD's are good.
Guy B.: Very fast, but I'm having a problem with the AGP card with Win95 OSR 2.
rich: it's the otehr rich here - as in Toronto
Neil: Oh yeah, I couldn't know for sure.
rich: but I peeked at the egg hunt too - it was holarious
Ron: How any self respecting company that prides itself on multi-media can release an Operating System without that confuses me
Ron: but Apple did
rich: I'm the rich who actually turns up with some regularity
rich: says he cattily
Ron: Yeah... really enjoyed the egg hunt
Neil: Anyway, I get into the egg hunt (missed it last year). I finished my last exam yeasterday, so thought I'd brop in here.
rich: and RealPlayer 7 will automatically download the plugin you need to watch it
Dale: I missed it. Bad timing for me. I'm looking forward to the clips, when they are posted.
rich: right - how is the course going, Neil?
Ron: Did you finish the exam Neil, or did the exam finish you?
Neil: I'm the one who doesn't show up with any regularity. I have to concentrate on classes during the school year.
rich: obviously a case of skewed priotities 8-))
Ron: agreed
rich: anyway, who is Old Adam?
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Neil: Despite the fact that I went to study without my textbook or notes, the exam went very smoothly.
changed username to Tada!<undefined>
Guy B.: Good question?
Ron: Anyone who would pass up a perfectly stimulating chat to study for an exam..... well I don't know
rich: Tada yourself - welcome, anyway!
Tada!<undefined> changed username to Pamela
Dale: Hello Pamela.
Pamela: there, that's better
rich: hi daughter, see you made it
Ron: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi - when did we get up and running
Dale: Sorry for the delayed start of the chat.
rich: I got in about 10 and some others were here
Guy B.: Pam, you were Tada.
Pamela: yes, I meant to sign on and then say that but got a little mixed up
Ron: will the REAL "Old ADAM" please identify
Ron: ain't me
rich: She does things like that, Guy. I tried to bring her up well, but... ;-)
Pamela: brb - I gotta get my drink
Guy B.: She likes an encore lets say.
Ron: getting to be time to make an airline reservation
Pamela: okay, that's better - I had to rescue my chocolate milk from the cat
Guy B.: Looks like my responses are slow, I'm downloading a file for the AGP card.
rich: that's the advantage of driving - don't have to deal with the airplines
Dale: Guy do you have your computers working with each other?
Pamela: Don't suppose old Adam is Michael, is it?
rich: no, Michael doesn't lurk
rich: he couldn't keep quiet for two minutes
Ron: Was wondering if we had a real ADAM on here...... working thru some sort of tin can and string
Dale: He made a few comments just after he joined Guy and I.
Guy B.: The plan is to transfer files between the P133 and the Athlon via Direct Cable Connection.
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changed username to hlm
Dale: Okay. I've used that method. It works pretty well.
Pamela: Hi, Neil, I just noticed you were there
hlm: Evening All
Ron: oH my Gosh....there goes the neighbourhood
rich: oops - another one. Regardless, welcome
Neil: Hi Pamela
Ron: Hi Herman
Guy B.: Well Herman, long time no see. How are you?
Ron: must be an ADAMcon coming up
Pamela: Hi, Herman - nice to meet you
rich: oh, that's HLM - thought the middle was an i - Hi Hummon!
hlm: Yea it has been a minute... attribute this to Ron, and Rich's email... that made me realize it was chat nite
Ron: Herman Mason, Cleveland Ohio I believe
Pamela: co-host of the con, right?
hlm: Nice to meet you Pamela
rich: yep, now all we need is Geroge to keep him in line
Dale: Hi Herman.
Ron: well... sometimes it pays to communicate
Pamela: Why do I suddenly feel outflanked by testosterone?
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hlm: yea right like it has been that long Ron
changed username to james
Guy B.: Now we need Bob
Pamela: Hi, James
rich: Herman, Frances and I are coming, just procrastinating on sending in the booking
Dale: Hi James.
james: morning all :)
Guy B.: Hi James.
Ron: yes a veteran of two such 'cons
hlm: Hello James
rich: morning james
hlm: maybe I could call GK wait a sec
james: how's everyone?
Ron: James, are you back on the right side of the Pacific now?
Pamela: better late than never
james: yeah, been back for awhile now :)
Pamela: that depends on your definition, Ron
Ron: true
rich: had any good earthquakes latel;y?
Ron: :)
james: just the other night actually :)
Guy B.: Good here in Chicago. We're having a warm spell, but that will be changing soon.
Pamela: James, I got my pictures of the CN tower developed - I will get Dad to scan them for you and send them off
Pamela: Since I don't have a scanner of my own yet
james: thanks pam. my new study room is all set up and i set up my new desk a few days ago, so i'm hoping to get some stuff scanned soon.
Ron: I take it your students enjoyed the trip James?
rich: we're missing the Slopsemas tonight - think they gave up?
Pamela: Can you print them? There's one of myself with Mr. and Mrs. Sato
james: students had a great time :) i'm looking forward to the next trip, likely next summer.
james: i can send you a print if you like pam :) no problem.
Ron: We need you to stay in Vancouver a little longer
rich: keep tellin' ya, james, mid-July - to Cleveland
Pamela: No, I have the originals, I just wanted the Satos to have their own
rich: we'll let the kids play Colecovision games
hlm: trying to get GK
Ron: yeah, wake him up Herman
Pamela: Excuse me, who's a kid?
james: gotcha pam :) just woke up 10 minutes ago so the engine is revving but i'm not shifting gears just yet :D
rich: james' satudents - don't be so touchy
Pamela: just checking, Dad
Pamela: WAKE UP!
Ron: who me?
Pamela: no, James
Ron: zzzz
Pamela: okay, you too
james: it's been raining here for the last week and cool. you have something to do with that ron?
rich: she's mad 'cause there was a big fire here and she had to take a detour getting home
Ron: Now James.... weather travels from west to east
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Pamela: not so!
hlm: It will not let GK in
changed username to gmk
hlm: wait he is here
rich: hey, the second of the Evil Twins - halleluljeh
Pamela: talk about a full house
gmk: hello all
Ron: C'mon, he ain't that ugly
Pamela: Nice to meet you, George
Ron: Hey George!
james: it could have gone all the way around or something ron :)
rich: you haven't seen him in a State Cop hat
Guy B.: HI George
Ron: We send all the bad weather to Toronto
hlm: we are not evil Just twins
Pamela: In which case blame the Newfies, James
Dale: I'm not sure if we'll see the Slopsemas at this point. They usualy only come for the early part of the chat.
Pamela: Ron, I hate to break it to you, but you missed
Pamela: It was 27 C here today
Pamela: No humidity, either
rich: actually, Frances is kvetching something fierce about the heat - it hit 30C this afternoon
Dale: Neil, you missed a pretty good MTAG meeting on Saturday.
Ron: yeah, I saw that. What the hell happened?
Neil: No bad weather today in Toronto. 30 Celsius (over 80 F)
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Same here in Chicago since Monday.
changed username to Scott
Pamela: Hi, Scott
Dale: Audry is the new Treasurer. she, and you and I need to go to the bank on Bathurst, and update the records.
Ron: you guys have gone from winter directly to summer
Dale: Hi Scott.
Dale: Hi George.
james: 30 wow. we're stuck at 15 because we've been under cloud cover for 10 days.
Ron: Scott, my son
Scott: Hello, all.
Guy B.: Hi Scott. How did your exams go?
rich: Hello Scott - you came to a full house
hlm: Hello Scott
Scott: Good -- just got one left. Advanced Unix.
rich: wish we could get a mob like this out on Saturdays
Ron: George, were you and Herman over at the robot thingie?
Scott: Wow. This must be some kind of record...
Pamela: Think so.
gmk: only came because my twin called
Neil: Dale, I just couldn't get out of work. I thought of switching to Sat. morning work shift, but Scoutrees at the Lions Trailwas on and I had to be there for Lions AND Scouts, so I couldm't do it.
Scott: 11 of us.
hlm: No I was working
Ron: aw
james: seriously, we've got a big crowd this morning
Pamela: I was at the trailer
gmk: No, by the time I got msg it was too late
Ron: looked like a real hoot
Pamela: We're only missing the Slopsemas, Michael, Jillian and Willy
Ron: who is "Old Adam". Enquiring minds want to know
Pamela: I second that
Old Adam: Just a casual observer
hlm: Like Rich said, Bob probably gave up earlier if her ran into problems
Pamela: Please, we don't bite
rich: it's a puzzler - what Adam owner was ever shy?
Scott: Could be...
Scott: Dr. Solomon Swift...
Ron: that's a thought
Scott: ???
Old Adam: Give me a break
Ron: wouldn't that be interesting
rich: OK, if he knows Sol Swift, he's an oldie
Ron: Patricia Herrington maybe?
Scott: If you know who Swift was, then you must know a little about the ADAM.
hlm: shame on you Rich
Pamela: could be a she, you know
rich: nope, females can't stay that quiet that long
hlm: Not likely only PJ and she don't do internet
james: damn, rich beat me to it.
Pamela: Oooh, you're gonna pay for that one, Dad
Ron: I guarantee you on a stack of Bibles - it's not a machine from the Snake Pit
Ron: which of course is now practically empty
Pamela: Can we have a hint?
james: dale - have you done anything wrt using an ide zip drive on the adam?
Ron: yeah Dale, either parallel or scsi
rich: I'd say a newcomer to the Adam group - not to the Adam, tho
Dale: I haven't made any progress lately.
Scott: Dale -- anything interesting going on???
Guy B.: Scott, are you learning Linux as well?
Ron: busy working....that's bad for the health
Old Adam: Are the IDE cards for the Adam not available now ?
Dale: I can't support the parallel or SCSI ZIP drive...
hlm: I vote the oldie to be Rob F on ROn C
Scott: Yes, we're being taught Unix on Red Hat Linux.
Ron: aha! he speaks
Dale: but the IDE one should work fine on the Adam.
Pamela: s/he
james: just curious. i still have the stuff i got from bob sitting in a box. 40mb hd, ide interface etc. got the parallel card sitting around too.
Ron: well yes, one shouldn't presume gender
james: thought of a really good project for my adam .
Dale: I've made a little progress on it, but not anything especially meaningful.
Scott: But we'll dig deeper into Linux itself once my Unix/Linux Admin class begins...
james: ron, yeah, these days i'm not even sure you can narrow it down to the basic m or f anymore.
Pamela: Whatcha gonna do, James?
rich: Michael has some old hard disc kits for the Adam but don't know what interface
Dale: But with the right patches, it should be possible to replace a hard disk on the Adam with...
Scott: Headed into CISCO in two weeks. Lots of networking ahead...
Old Adam: Yea, you have to allow for 'M' now.......:)
Ron: job Scott?
Dale: the 100 MB ZIP disk (with only the first 64MB available, as per usual).
Scott: I'm just a lowly web designer at TRW.
Scott: Dale -- why not a DVD RAM?
james: pam, i'm looking at getting a wind/solar power setup for the school. actually reasonably priced too (not cheap mind you)
Scott: Common not, don't get chincy on us...
james: i want to collect data for a year on wind speed.
Pamela: Good idea, James - now if you can just hook a cell to it you'll be all set
james: cell? solar cell?
Pamela: No, cellular for phones
Pamela: power and communication all in one
rich: herman, what interface did the Orphanware drives use?
james: still shifting here :) i'm going to swallow my pride and order the damn phone line from ntt.
james: expensive at first, but still cheaper than cell in the long run and much better voice quality.
Dale: I don't have a DVD-RAM drive. But of about $30US I bought a brand new IDE ZIP drive for my Adam.
james: i'll be sure to let ntt know that their pricing structure will influence my choice of local carrier.
Pamela: ; )
hlm: it used the KAPRO
rich: well, DoCoMo is just a pup of the Great Satan anyway, isn't it?
Ron: Dale, you mean you actually have a prototype working?
james: i'd say there's no point to a dvd ram drive. i can't see the adam accessing 5.6gb
Dale: The Orphanware drives used a MFM drive on the SASI specification.
james: yeah. docomo is. there are other cell carriers, kddi, j-phone and now british vodaphone is getting into the act.
gmk: we'd be luky if ADAM used 64MB
Scott: Common now guys, we'll find something to fill it up with!
rich: yes, and didn't I hear something about Deutsche Telecom too, james?
Ron: It's supposed to be able to count that high
james: 64mb of a 100mb zip disk is fine with me. i can live without using the other 34 mb.
Dale: Go for it Scott. I'd get one if you added support.
Ron: yup agreed
hlm: yea right a TRUE ADAMITE
james: i use deustche telekom as my long distance carrier. those idiots at ntt called me asking me to switch. they were floored when i told them what i pay now.
hlm: I can deal with anything just make the ADAM work
Dale: Ron, so far, all I've got working reliably is the Eject code for the drive.
Scott: Dale -- I still like the idea of CD-ROM.
Scott: DVD-RAM was just a joke.
Ron: well, that's a start
Dale: So if you put in a ZIP drive, you can run a program under TDOS that will eject it back out.
Neil: Wow!
Old Adam: what about memory sticks ?
rich: I still like the idea of an LS120, especially if it can keep the 1.44 capability
Scott: Should be able to find affordable CD-R/CD-RWs now a days.
Ron: reminds me of the box with the hand that comes out and turns the off switch
Dale: It is different from the CD-ROM control codes.
james: so my idea for my adam project is to have the anemometer sitting where i'll eventually get the wind turbine mounted.
Neil: Where are you going to put the memory sticks? I think there's a diskette adapter. That should work shouldn't it?
Scott: But Dale -- we'll just figure that you'll come up with these codes, right?
Ron: Actually I'd be quite happy to have a 100 Meg Zip drive that worked reliably anywhere
Scott: No problemo.
james: i'd send data through the serial port (i think i have one) and compile wind speed averages. save them to the hard drive.
rich: getting the Click of Death, Ron?
Ron: yep
james: is there a maximum file size on the hard drive?
Ron: that was 2 units ago
Ron: now I just hold my breath
rich: yes, Adam can't address more than 64 MB
Guy B.: I recently printed out the proposed settlement involving the Zip 100 drives.
hlm: then don't get an Iomega then they are not reliable to me
Scott: How about 64 MBs of memory.
rich: well, then it's an LS120 or find a Syquest on eBay
james: that's not a problem. i don't see this file getting much larger than a few mb.
Scott: That would be one heck of an application to utilize all of that space...
rich: how about a memory stick - they're flash memory, aren't they?
Dale: I need to do more research on the ZIP drives.
gmk: ADAM programmers aren't bad enough to need that much room
james: was that for me scott?
Dale: There is an open source driver for Linux, that I've studied.
Dale: Maybe Scott could get me the spec for the protocol ...
james: i figure the app would be a couple of k at most. that space would be for the data.
rich: anyone got an Adam running on Linux yet?
Scott: Hey, yeah James. How about 64 MB of Logo turtles???
Dale: All I need to do is figure out what the protocol document I need is.
Neil: Actually I think the disk drive adapter will let you read the memory stick, but can you write to it? Do you know. Old Adam?
james: :D
Old Adam: sure
Scott: Spec for I'm sorry, what?
Dale: Adam on Linux, no problem. Linux on Adam, not done.
Ron: How do you guys actually know what you're looking at when you get down at that level?
rich: not done - that means you're working on it, Dale?
hlm: yea right
james: well, like i said, that would just be the data file. the prog would be tiny. just something that counts the number of ticks per minute
james: and does a few calculations.
james: then archives the results.
Dale: Spec for how to communicate with a ZIP drive over IDE/ATAPI, butI'll need to look up the exact spec.
Dale: Your Dad has said that TRW subscribes to all of the specification sources.
Scott: Really?
Ron: Must be in some of those open source Linux kernels
james: you still with us pam?
Pamela: Yup, but you've gone way beyond me - I'm just listening and learning
rich: she is unless the cat got into the chocolate milk
Ron: speaking of which.... Dale, what the hell is a 'bogomip'
Pamela: Oh you did catch that, did you?
james: i doubt i could go that far. most people here know *far* more than i do when it comes to hw/sw on the adam.
Pamela: Rest easy, the milk is safe
Ron: as is so many bogomips per second
rich: is that the next step beyond a yottamip?
Scott: Dale - I made a note. Will talk to my dad later.
Ron: must be
Scott: But he's been slow getting back to me.
Guy B.: Well, I have to go. I'm having a problem here. See you all next week or Saturday.
Ron: when my Linux boots up it goes through a bunch of gibberish..... and that's the only word I see, because it jumps out at me
Pamela: talk about adding words to the lexicon . . .
Pamela: Good nite, Guy - good luck!
Ron: good
rich: OK Guy, look for you Saturday - try to send a reminder to the list
Dale: A bogomip is a count of the CPU speed of your computer.
hlm: nite Guy
Ron: you mean it's actually a real quantity.... well I'll be damned
Guy B. left chat session
Scott: Dale - I am planning to study EE/Computer Engineering later at the Universtiy.
Dale: Depending on the type of processor it is either accurate or a multiple of accurate for internal callibration.
Ron: Thank you Dale for clearing that up
Scott: Uhhh... the college student misspelled "University"
Dale: EE is a good course, but quite challenging.
Pamela: no, the keyboard misspelled it
Pamela: when in doubt, blame it on the computer
rich: explain to him why he should take it at Waterloo, Dale
james: yeah, i always blame the keyboard. i find it screws up my japanese more than my english too :D
Ron: Hell I blame it on the computer even when I'm not in doubt
Scott: Will have to boost my math bigtime. But my father should be able to help out as needed.
Scott: Yes Dale. Sell me on Waterloo.
Ron: from reports I've heard Scott, that's the biggest failing of computer science students
Ron: they can't do math
Scott: Wish me luck.
james: yeah, bone up on integral calculus and matrix algebra.
Old Adam: but can you add and subtract
Ron: differentials I could do, integrals no
Pamela: arithmatic is good, too
Ron: but that was 40 years ago
james: the calculus you'll need for your calculus and pysics courses. the algebra should get you through.. uhmm algebra.
james: oops. physics that is!
Scott: I've got Calculus I-III, Calculus based Physics I-II, Diff. Equations and Linear Algebra ahead of me.
Dale: Well, the math in EE is enough to make many people I know scream Eeeeee!
Pamela: more greek
Ron: just invented a new subject
Ron: must go study my pysics
Neil: You just can't get a way from math. I just finished a 40-page Linguistics paper on Catastrophe Theory and Chaos Theory -- lots of math.
Dale: You read my mine Ron.
Scott: Wow, Neil. Impressive. I'm still talking about doing things like that.
Ron: So what are the linguists doing studying catastrophe and chaos?
Pamela: Can i join your pysics class, Ron?
rich: just from curiosity, what have those theories to do with linguistics?
Dale: Wow, 40 pages!
Ron: certainly. we do it all on the ADAM
Pamela: Um, Dad, I need an ADAM for my new pysics class
Neil: Well, there are lots of diagrams that take up a lot of room.
hlm: it has been so long since I went to school, it is ALL GREEK to me
rich: you can pick it up when you bring over teh fire extinguisher, Pam
james: yeah, okay pam :)
Pamela: does it come with it's own space? I could use some
Ron: Out here we relate catastrople and chaos to the movement of tectonic plates
Dale: Neil, are you presenting something on that as applied to the Adam at ACon in July?
Dale: I'll be back. Here is Jill for a few minutes.
Neil: The paper was concerning how Catastrophe Theory can explain some language variation, in particular some catastrophic differences that occur at the Niagara river border.
Dale changed username to Jill
Pamela: Hi, Jillian!
Jill: Hey all.
Ron: Neil, obviously you're using those two words in a different context that the one I'm understanding
rich: I gather you're dealing with small catastrophes then, relatively speaking
Ron: Hey Jill!
james: well i've given ntt more money so i'm off. will have wireless going this year so eventually this won'T be an issue.
rich: welcome Jill
james: let you all know how my wind project goes. later!
Ron: niters James. Keep all tha bad weather eh?
hlm: hi Jill
rich: good to have you aboard, james. till next week, then
Pamela: good luck, James - will get those pictures out when I go to Dad's place
Old Adam: Goodbye all.
Ron: well well... now we know
rich: come back soon, Old Adam
hlm: nite James
Neil: I'm not 100% guaranteed to get to AdamCon, but I've already started thinking about such a presentation at AdamCon.
Jill: The picture from our dinner?" Did they come out well?
Pamela: Please do, and bring your alternate persona
james: bye rich. bye ron. bye dale. bye scott. hi jill. bye jill. bye pam. bye all *poof*
james left chat session
Pamela: Know what, Ron?
Old Adam left chat session
Ron: who Old Adam was
Pamela: well, don't keep us in suspense
Pamela: very funny
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
Jill: I'm lost what are we talking about?
Pamela: who Old Adam is / was
Neil: Ron, yes, in a different context, but not one that's easy to explain. The explanation is somple, but quite long and involved.
Pamela: which Ron still has not revealed
Jill: Hey Neil, did the grand oopening of the brooklin store happen yet?
Scott: Wow, Neil. What do you need for a living?
rich: Neil gets by on merely enough activity to keep three people busy full time
hlm: (PRIVATE) hello
Neil: Yes, the grand opening happened. Only one spectator showed up for the ribbon cutting, but we had curious people coming in all day.
rich: Is this a new branch or did you move the original one?
Pamela: branch of what? Forgive the ignorance, Neil
Jill: Did you manage to get a bigwig to cut the ribbon?
gmk: (PRIVATE) hello
Neil: We got the town coucillor to cut the ribbon.
Jill: Video store. Close enough to a big wig. Any papers?
rich: and I trust handed out cake all around
Neil: We operate 3 video rental stores. This was the official re-opening of our Brooklin store after moving from a smaller place down trhe street.
Pamela: Okay, much less confused now
Pamela: Brooklin where?
rich: I know about Port Perry, hwere's the third?
Pamela: Ontario?
Neil: Scott "What do you need for a living?" Can you expalin what that means?
Jill: Brooklin is the north end of the city of Whitby.
Pamela: Ah, gotcha
Neil: Brooklin, ONtario, Port Perry and Fenelon Falls.
rich: please - Whitby is South Brooklin - right - Neil?
Scott: Oh, sorry. What do you DO for a living?
Scott: Sorry, I keep getting distracted.
rich: Pam, you went through Brooklin on the way to Carloine's funeral
Scott: But I'm with you guys now.
Pamela: Like I noticed - I was completely lost
Jill: Not according to the province unfortunately
rich: well, yeah, but those twerps insist North York is just part of Toronto
Neil: We actually didn't have cake, but handed out about 100 free carnations, free pop, and balloons, and had hourly draws for t-shirts and other movie paraphelalia.
Ron: trouble with cable is that the phone can also ring....which it just did
Ron: somebody to offer me more computer gear
Pamela: Okay Ron, now you have no excuse - tell us the id of Old Adam
rich: well now that you've got all that space... ;-)
Neil: South Brooklin, right Rich!
Ron: thought it was James..... they both left at the same time
Jill: Dale is home and will come back on after making butterscotch milkshakes.
Ron: e-mail me one Jill
Ron: I want one!
Pamela: One for me too, please Jill
Scott: Ahh! My girlfriend needs the computer. I'll be back.
Pamela: Okay
Ron: that's the trouble with girlfriends
Pamela: careful, Ron
Ron: In know
Neil: Re: Old Adam, I thought the reference to Sony memory sticks was a big clue. (that would point towards Zonker)
Jill: Dale says the emailing milkshakes feature isn't available in the version of Linux.
Ron: you suppose?
Pamela: A reasonable facsimile would do
Ron: could it be?
rich: tell Dale to get a better distribution, then
Neil: brb
Pamela: why would Zonker want to remain anonymous?
rich: might have been a newbie - I invited one on a week or so back
Ron: that's just what Zonker would do
Jill: Newbie's are good. Zonker would be too.
rich: anonymous, maybe; quiet, no
Pamela: I love a good mystery
Ron: The Case of the Unidentified Lurker
Pamela: Does Zonker know Pat Herrington?
Ron: no, not at all
rich: oh, YES
Pamela: there seem to be diverse opinions here
hlm: I think Zonker would of said hello to all of us
Ron: yes, he does
rich: especially with Herman and George around - I agree
Ron: think so Herman
Jill: Here comes Dale!
Pamela: goodnite Jill - nice to see you
hlm: Yea I think so
Ron: Dale where's my butterscotch milk shake?
rich: see you later, Jill
Jill changed username to Dale
Ron: niters Jill
hlm: bye Jill
Pamela: and mine?
Ron: Thinking of bringing iMac to the ADAMcon
Pamela: How does one make a butterscotch milkshake, anyway?
Dale: I'm back.
Ron: with your permission of course
Pamela: It's not exactly carry on luggage, Ron
Ron: need a suitable travel case
rich: how much overweight luggage penalty is an iMac worth?
Ron: no Pam, but it's just enticing enough
Ron: prolly about 40 lbs
gmk: we got 'big blue' why not iMAC
Pamela: Send it by FedEx or UPS
Neil: IF it were Zonker (big if), he couldn't say much without giving himself away. His spelling and syntax are disinctive. I actually concluded that it was a newby.
Ron: It can run ADAMem
rich: good point Neil
Neil: Ron, ask Dale about his cracked monitor. You really want that travel case to be secure.
hlm: I think it was definitely someone OLD but Not Z for sure
Ron: there's a local here who actually designs to order
Ron: cases, I mean
rich: Dave Sands, maybe?
Ron: possible.... or Dave Cobley
rich: David Cobley would not be that reticent
Ron: was just talking to the latter today
Dale: Well, Pamela, I took butterscotch ripple in a 2:1 ratio with milk, and blended.
hlm: maybe but memory sticks that is not something he would say either
Pamela: Did you add any sauce?
Ron: and blended?
Ron: go on.....
Ron: you have my attention
rich: Ron, you don't need this...
Ron: shut up
Pamela: ditto
rich: stick to the Diet Coke
Pamela: yuck
hlm: shame on you both the round one can handle it
Ron: thanks Herman
Pamela: the round one?
Ron: anyway
Ron: Round Ron
Pamela: ah
Dale: Nope, just straight "Bryers" ice cream. I is quite nice.
Ron: I will take Bryers any time
Pamela: We're all drooling here, Dale - it's all your fault
Ron: and there won't be any left for anyone else
rich: The best ice cream is President's Choice
rich: I should get some dry ice and bring a cooler to Cleveland
Pamela: I thought you thought the ONLY ice cream was PC
Ron: In fact, even as we speak in the Mitchell freezer upstairs there are both
Dale: I like Bryer's because it's all natural, with no additives.
hlm: probably something you brew in your back yard Rich
Pamela: Turtles ice cream runs a very close second, however
Dale: Then I just poured and served.
rich: the problem with PC is that once they tasted that, they wouldn't be able to stand anything else
Ron: all of which goes to reinforce the theory that chocolate is better than sex
Pamela: the jury's still out on that
Pamela: depends on the sex
Dale: The next version is supposed to have a USB driver for the blender, so I could email you the shake as an attachment.
Ron: true, they're all eating chocolate and having sex
Ron: how did we get here?
Pamela: don't ask
rich: it's hard?
Ron: Herman and George won't come back again
Pamela: what???
hlm: like that SPECIAL BEER you bring with you every year
Ron: oh yeah, that
Ron: Bras'd Or
Ron: since I'm nowhere near Quebec I can't do it
rich: I think he means Labatt Ice
hlm: I will be back for food and sex anytime
Ron: probably. Since I'm currently an expert on Neither
Dale: Well, I'm not big on chocolate, though I do like Smarties ice cream. I guess they don't have that in the US either...
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hello?
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: This time it worked
Dale: What just happened?
Pamela: Dunno, suddenly everyone was gone
Dale: Same here.
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Pamela: I was feeling rejected
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changed username to rich
changed username to Neil
Pamela: Dad, ignore my e-mail
Dale: I think that my monitoring app must have incorrectly decided that the server needed to be restarted.
rich: well, we all ended up having a problem with the server
Pamela: you need to have a chat with that app, Dale
Dale: I really do.
rich: maybe the file ran it out of memory, Dale
Dale: When I got home tonight, the machine had been unplugged by accident. It took me a while to get it up and running again.
Pamela: If that were the case, would we be able to get back on?
rich: once it stops and restarts, I'd guess the memory would be empty
Pamela: well, I suppose it had good reason, with all the people here tonite
Dale: Just now, I found that mostly everyone was connected more than once...
rich: maybe we should let it have a rest so it will be ready for Saturday
Dale: and I didn't see aynthing. There were 12 active connections, mostly duplicate ones.
Pamela: I was connecting, but that was all - I didn't show up in the users list
rich: when it stopped putting up my entries, I did a reload
rich: that usually works
Pamela: Is it really 11:30? No wonder I'm tired
rich: I ended up leaving Opera and rejoining in IE
Neil: I'm only on once, but that's maybe because the Chat app closed and I had to restart it. Pam's listed twice.
Dale: Well, most weeks it works well. Today isn't one of those days.
rich: had two applet screens in Opera that wouldn't close
Pamela: Hang on, I'll go check
rich: I only see Pamela once on my screen, Neil
Pamela: Nope, only one connection from my perspective
Dale: So I guessed that everyone was having trouble, and killed and restarted it.
Pamela: Dale, if it only goes down twice a year, thats reasonable
rich: that's usually the best way
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changed username to Ron-1?
rich: I think maybe Ron, Herman and George looked at the clock and decided to quietly take a hint
Dale: Well, I'll have to make sure that it behaves in the future.
Pamela: WB, Ron
Ron-1?: Bounced was I
Neil: I still have 2 Pamelas, 2 Dales, 2 riches.
rich: well, I was wrong about Ron - course it's only 8.37 Pacific time
Pamela: well, I always wanted to be twins
Dale: Well, I only have one of each.
Neil: Ron, Dale's computer decided it was a good time to restart.
Pamela: speak harshly to the server, Ron
rich: sees like the applet persisted on your machine, Neil
Ron-1?: Then somebody came to the door
Ron-1?: yes
Pamela: You're very popular tonite, Ron - first the phone, now the door
Ron-1?: Ok .... so it weren't entirely my fault
Ron-1?: yeah..... more computer people
rich: nope - them dam Easterners pulled the plug
Pamela: I think they have your number
Ron-1?: They also know I have space in the Snakepit
rich: word does get around awfully fast, doesn't it?
Pamela: Axiom of Murphy's Law: Stuff expands to fill the available space
Ron-1?: for info to Herman and George .... 2 Sundays ago they had a reclcle and disposal day here.... I dumped (literally ) 17 computers
rich: naw, that's a corollary of Parkinson"s
rich: 'fraid we lost Herman and George in the dump
Pamela: Ron, are you still shoing those two?
Dale: Something. My monitoring app got confused and started an extra copy, I think.
Pamela: sorry, showing
rich: maybe they're on too but with a connection that doesn't show here
Ron-1?: I see that... oh well....telling the rest of you what you already know
Pamela: Don't worry, I'm used to it
Pamela: I have a boss like that
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rich: so how do you reconcile the two copies, Dale?
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Ron-1?: when they meet eachother,they disappear
changed username to kkk
left chat session
Dale: The only thing I could do is kill all of the processes and restart a fresh copy.
Dale: Which decidely dumped everyone.
Neil: I still have hlm and gmk in my list too.
Ron-1?: well of course, Dale
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Dale: He was on for a sec.
changed username to <undefined>
Pamela: he who?
Dale: HLM. I saw him appear and disappear.
Ron-1?: not fully materialized
Pamela: definitely weird. I got a KKK showing up here
rich: Herman had problems reconnecting last time we had a server glitch
Ron-1?: that's a bad state to be in
Pamela: transporter problem?
Ron-1?: dammit Scotty!
Pamela: don't blame Scotty, he got caught in the transporter himself - saved his life
rich: I suspect someone's trying to reenter with teh old applet still running on his computer
Pamela: Now he's off drinking Scotch on Risa
rich: I even had to switch browsrs to get back on
Ron-1?: found the best to do here when such circumstances arise is to leave completely, go somewhere else then come back
rich: yes, in effect that's what I did
Ron-1?: answering the front door is optional
Pamela: If they're wearing nice lapel nametags, don't answer it
Ron-1?: Yes we have those here too
Pamela: they're everywhere
Ron-1?: who wish to convince me of the evil of my ways
Pamela: just offer them some of your Wiccan literature
Pamela: or Druidic, if you prefer
Ron-1?: Hey! Never thought of that
rich: I have a little sign - it says we shoot every third salesman
rich: the second one just left
Pamela: and he can't count anyway
Ron-1?: :)
Pamela: Dad
rich: me voici
Ron-1?: To return to the subject......
Pamela: never mind
Dale: What were we talking about anyway?
Ron-1?: I have to pay attention to ADAM this week. TDOS on my HD has gone flaky
Neil: Well, I have to go. I have an early morning dentist appointment.
Ron-1?: and I'm not sure I remember how to rebuild
rich: now that's something to look forward to
Dale: Bye for now Neil.
Pamela: I should too - 6:00 am comes way too early
Ron-1?: Neil, tell the dentist you're broke
rich: great having you in, Neil - take it easy - nite now
Dale: Don't foget to get together with Audry and I...
Dale: at the bank.
Pamela: Goodnite Neil - nice to "meet" you
Ron-1?: take care Neil
Dale: I need you to update the signature card.
Neil: Okay, Dale. (I was already plannig to say I was broke, but it doesn't help.)
Ron-1?: Dale, by the way, Jeff sent me a message saying he was sorry he couldn't meet up with you in VR
Neil left chat session
Ron-1?: I get the same treatment
Ron-1?: he's got a girlfriend now..... things change
Dale: That's okay. I was so busy getting ready for my trip that I couldn't arrange anything with him ahead of time.
Dale: If my client likes my first project, then I'll be back there again fairly soon.
Ron-1?: let's hope
Pamela: I am on my to bed - see you all next week, server willing. Dad, I will endeavor to get the extinguisher to you a.s.a.p.
Ron-1?: If I had a few days notice, I wouldn't mind coming down to meet you
Dale: Bye for now Pam.
rich: OK Pam, sleep tight. Nite now
Ron-1?: sleep well Pam
Pamela: Thank you - bye!
Pamela left chat session
Ron-1?: so let's hope there's reason for you to visit again
rich: Think I'd better follow my daughter's good example, folks
rich: If you can make it, like to see you Saturday
Dale: Well, a busy and problematic night.
Ron-1?: winding down
Dale: Bye Richard.
Ron-1?: Rich, I don't think I can this week. Have a deal on at the hospital scheduled for 11 am.... not sure how long it runs...
rich: yep, colour me gone
Ron-1?: volunteer week luncheon
Ron-1?: anyway...... must go and tend to my flaky TDOS
rich: OK Ron, if you can. but won't expect it. Nite Dale and Ron
rich: I'm gone
rich left chat session
Ron-1?: Actually, it's been up and running quite a while without incident
Ron-1?: take care all who are left
Dale: Yes Ron. Until tonight it has been in good shape. I didn't realize that it had come unplugged by accident.
Ron-1?: well, these things happen
Ron-1?: but you informed us all in good order
Dale: Well, I guess I'll see you later.
Ron-1?: yup...nite sir
Dale: poof
Ron-1? left chat session
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