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rich: test
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Guy B.: Hi Rich
rich: hi Guy glsad to see you
rich: how are things in Chicago today?
Guy B.: I'm starting to transport some of the programs from the P133 to the Athlon. It's cloudy and cool here.
rich: we have the cool though not chill, and it's nice and sunny
rich: by the way, did you look into that xxcopy program?
Guy B.: The sun did peek through a few times, but we had some rain this morning. That moved out. No, I didn't go to the website yet. I will after I'm done here.
rich: from the look of it, it could be useful in your file transfers
rich: I gather you don't have the Athlon on-line yet
Guy B.: I did some file transfers just using copy from My Computer and the folders on the Athlon.
Guy B.: Not yet. But, I hope to get that setup later on.
rich: xxcopy would seem to be most useful if you have more than one bootable partition
Guy B.: The Athlon has one drive for the moment. Is the xxcopy program freeware?
rich: yes, it is. not sure if there is a commercial version or not
Guy B.: Ok, I'll go check this out and see how this works out.
rich: I guess you know I have two bootable partitions and space reserved for a third
Guy B.: No, the Athlon has one partition with Fat32 on it. I'm going to setup System Commander Deluxe on it as I'm thinking of getting Windows 98 for the AGP card.
rich: even when I go to a new computer I plan to keep a Win 3.1 patition
rich: it seems that even if your drive will read/write double density mode, Win95 won't support it, but 3.1 does
Guy B.: That's a good idea for you. When I got the new drive for the P133, I couldn't run Win3.1 on it anymore. So, I left it off.
rich: I have System Commander on my computer, and also Partition Magic
Guy B.: System Commander Deluxe does have a partition resizer built in.
rich: yes, but I'd bought Partition Magic previously and wasn't about to delete it
rich: also it has a friendlier interface on partition resizing, for my taste
Guy B.: I believe a new version of the program came out. Did you upgrade?
rich: no, didn't see any point once I had SC
Guy B.: I did download the update for SC Deluxe. I have to install SC Deluxe first, then I can install the update.
rich: that's usually how it works. was the update expensive?
Guy B.: It was free. All you needed was your registration number from your current version of SC.
rich: maybe I should look into it for mine, then
Guy B.: Go to their website and click on downloads.
rich: I get inhibited about downloads, when every US$ of pricing is over $1.50 Canadian
Guy B.: System Commander 2000 is the newest version and if you want to upgrade, you can download it for US$24.95.
rich: to me that would be about $40 nad I doubt I'd get that much worth of use out of it
rich: by the way, you may have noticed that I seem to be constantly recommending interesting freeware
Guy B.: Then stick with what you have and see if there is an update for your version.
rich: have you found any of the items I've remarked on useful?
Guy B.: That xxcopy was the first one you told me about. I have seen websites dedicated to freeware.
rich: no shortage of those, for sure
rich: but I tend to go to them only on the recommendation of reliable sources
Guy B.: Even my Practical Windows CD I get some freeware programs.
rich: I think if you went to and subscribed to the free Langalist newsletter you would like it
rich: it comes out every week with material on how to deal with various aspects of Windows
Guy B.: Hmm. Might look into that. Do you have Notepad+?
rich: langa also recommends (with link) another newsletter called Tourbus
rich: I actually downloaded it at one point but deleted it when I found out it was spyware
rich: I don't want programs spying on my every mouseclick and reporting it to their head office
Guy B.: I have it. I don't think it is spyware, but this program is way better than Microsoft's notepad.
rich: if you don't believe it's spyware, get AdAware (at, I think, and you'll find out otherwise
Guy B.: Ok!
Guy B.: Have you sent your registration for the convention?
rich: anyway, I have Abiword which is an open source freebie and even includes a spellcheck
rich: no, not yet, really just procrastination - they know we're coming
Guy B.: I sent mine in last month with half payment which I'll payoff hopefully this month.
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Meeka\: Hello
rich: aha - wonder if that's Dave joining us?
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rich: no, it's Meeka - missed you Wednesday, Meeka
Meeka: had trouble logging on
Guy B.: Hi Meeka, missed you Wednesday.
rich: really? I made it in without trouble
rich: though that java chat applet takes forever to load
Guy B.: Dale forgot to connect the server Wednesday. Had to wait 45 minutes until he got home.
rich: or did you mean Wednesday? Dale didn't get the server online till 10
Meeka: yes i ment wednesday
rich: pity - you missed some fun. we had a dozen people on
Meeka: oh well
rich: today we're quiet, but maybe it will build. the wednesday chats started slowly too
Guy B.: Meeka, would you Doug a question for me if he's there?
Meeka: I can. he is in the basement, so it might take me a minuter
Guy B.: Ok, great. I still got two of the computers we got from March. I installed PCI soundboards and after I installed the drivers. Windows 95 would give me a Fatal Exception Error 07 on the one of the files. What would cause this error?
Meeka: brb
rich: While Meeka's gone, I downloaded a very nice user-friendly summary this week on how to edit the Windows registry
Guy B.: I got articles from my Practical Windows magazine on editing the registry.
rich: oddly enough, I don't buy computer magazines
rich: that's because we have three free monthly computer tabloids in Toronto
Guy B.: I've been a subscriber for the last several years. Lots of good stuff in there.
rich: there's We-compute, which is very carefully written for the average user
rich: then there's Toronto Compputes, which is given to product tests, tech news and stuff
rich: and The Computer Paper which is more technical and business-user oriented
rich: they have very informative websites, all of them
rich: and We-compute has a weekly newsletter with "cheap tricks" Windows tweaks and r4ecommended freebies
Guy B.: You get these by e-mail?
rich: in fact, take a look at - you might get a kick out of it
rich: I get the Langa list and We-compute newsletters by email
rich: but I have to pick up the papers at the library or computer store or coffee sho[p
Meeka: ok. he says he is not sure what #07 error is. I guess there are a whole busnch of diferent error messages it gives depending on what the problem is.
rich: yikes - even Doug doesn't know where to get a list of what Windows error messages mean? Bummer!
Guy B.: Could it be possible that these PCI boards are not compatible with the original version of Windows 95? I couldn't even get Windows up after this error and the only way I did regain control was to go into Safe Mode, removed the drivers then take the soundboards out. They are from
rich: didn't the drivers come with some sort of documentation?
Meeka: don't know.
Guy B.: Yes, it did and I followed precisely.
rich: you'd think if it told you how to install the boards in Win95 that it would do it
rich: have you tried the pinegroup website for support?
Guy B.: Win95 did recognize the soundboard and only after I installed the drivers from the Cd-Rom would the error come up.
Guy B.: Three times already and they told me of new drivers, but they are the SAME version as on the Cd-Rom.
Meeka: ok. I had better get going. I just dropped in to say hi. I need to get some yard work done, and if I don't get started it will never get done. See ya wednesday night.
rich: terrific, Meeka, see you then. have fun
Guy B.: Glad you dropped by, see you Wednesday. Bye.
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rich: I also assume pinegroup doesn't know what fatal error 7 is either or what causes it
Guy B.: Rich this xxcopy is a Windows program, right?
rich: yes, it is basically a DOS program but apparently they have now set it up to run from within Windows
Guy B.: I'm taking the boards with me to the computer show tomorrow since I know the vendor will be there and I can ask if I can return and try another soundboard that I used for Jeanene's computer and that worked.
rich: either that or maybe he'll be able to tell you how to make them work
Guy B.: The tech guy claimed he has gotten them to work in older Pentium systems. But, I don't think he will get them to work on a P75 and P100 commputers.
rich: there are also some websites around that apparently offer free technical help
Guy B.: All I know is this has been a real headache and I just gave up.
rich: you're thinking the conflict may really lie in the BIOS, then?
Guy B.: What would I look for in the BIOS?
rich: heaves, I don't know. It's just that you seemed to feel the hardwarde could be at fault
Guy B.: The Plug and Play option was set. Both of these computers are an Award BIOS.
rich: is it possible that the driver usurps an IRQ that's already assigned elsewhere?
Guy B.: I don't know. Where would I look?
rich: I'm not really teh guy to ask - I know very little about computers
Guy B.: Where do I find some free tech help on the web?
rich: but if I recall there's one of the Windows programs that tells you which IRQs are assigned where
Guy B.: I can find that on the System Icon in Control Panel.
rich: try a search engine like alltheweb or google
rich: I think I've heard of one called or or something
Guy B.: Ok, I'll try Yahoo.
rich: yes, Yahoo is a portal, not a search engine, but might be better organized for this purpose
Guy B.: It does have a search feature.
rich: yes, though it doesn't work teh way search engines do - I realize that's sort of difficult to understand
Guy B.: I see what I find.
rich: but basically it searches through Yahoo and connected website mostly
rich: don't forget the value of newsgroups, if you have a diversionary email address you can abandon when the spam gets too thick
rich: another approach might be to try
rich: they have huge libraries of categorized links, including computer sources
Guy B.: I have a program called Webferret that will do that. I put in what I'm looking for and it uses all the search engines to find it.
rich: yes, I picked up Webferret myself teh other day
rich: tried it but didn't find it as good as alltheweb or google
rich: but our Amiga pusher, Bruce, has it and use it all the time and swears by it
Guy B.: I used and I had to stop the search as the list got too big.
rich: depends on what you are looking for and how good it is at narrowing down the search to what you exactly want
Guy B.: The sun is out here in Chicago.
rich: good, after the winter w3e've had we deserve some good weather
rich: I actually was wearing shorts and a t-shirt Tuesday and Wednesday
Guy B.: I agree with you on that. Especially in December when we got all that snow.
Guy B.: So was I for most of this week until yesterday.
rich: yes. but Toronto is now at its absolutely most beautiful of the year
rich: all of the flowering trees and shrubs are pretty well out, and teh trees should reach full leaf tomorrow, right on schedule
rich: we're getting some of teh migratory birds through too
Guy B.: Even all the flowers are out now and I can smell the lilacs near the woods.
rich: right, our crocuses are long gone and teh daffodils are pretty well over, but the hyacinth are fine and teh tulips should be out soon
rich: the little forget-me-nots and violas in the lawn are showing their faces too
rich: our pear tree is in full bloom and the crabapple will be by tomorrow
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rich: got droppeddid you, Guy?
Guy B.: Lost my connection.
rich: must have been at your end, since I'm still on
Guy B.: Now I hope to stay on as I need to download some files.
rich: you seem to have a lot of problem that way - is it
Guy B.: Sometimes it could be noise in the line. They have mentioned that.
rich: don'ty know what teh quality of phone lines is like in Chicago. We never have any problem here that way
Guy B.: Every now and then this happens. Most of the time I do stay connected.
rich: We all suffer that, but generally my ISP and phone connections have been pretty good
rich: one place I have problems is when I'm dong a long download and the screen saver tries to come on
rich: it can cause a disruption that breaks the connect somehow
Guy B.: Abby is telling me that she wants to go out, so I will have to go here. I'll reconnect later and look at that program you mentioned. So, I'll see you on Wednsday.
rich: Absolutely, Guy. Take care till then. Bye
Guy B.: Bye
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