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rich: yep, I'm here - morning!
rich: and yes, I got your email - glad the timing was so fortuitous
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich: hello Guy - james seems to be away at the moment
Guy B.: Wonder if his wife wanted him for something???
rich: tried to ping him with the messager but he hasn't responded
rich: could very well be
rich: anyway, what weather will we inherit from you tomorrow?
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Guy B.: We hit 82 today and it will be like that again tomorrow before more storms come in and cool things off.
rich: that squares more or less with our forecast here
changed username to BobS
rich: the way the fronts move, we'll maybe have rain late tomorrow afternoon
BobS: Hiya dudes!
rich: hey, the wanderer returns - hi bob
Guy B.: I'm still using the old system for the Internet, but I have setup the Athlon for Corecomm. I still have to install Netscape on it.
Guy B.: Hi Bob!
BobS: was visiting my out-laws just home from Florida lat week
rich: this time of year Florida is getting a little on the hot side
Guy B.: My sister in-law is in Orlando right now at Disney World. The whole family is there.
BobS: downright hot when they lasft
BobS: yucky!
rich: not only that, they're into fire season in some partws of the state
rich: this is the time of year when we northerners can start to gloat
BobS: they were in Ft Lauderdale area, by Atlantic Ocean, but it was still in the 80's and 90's before theyleft
Guy B.: Florida was in a pretty rough drought for most of this past winter.
rich: yes, they had some helicopter shots of the aligators stacked like cordwood in shrunken sloughs on the new t'other nite
rich: just talking with my cursor crony in Phoenix about maybe meeting for teh Cleveland CART race July 1
Guy B.: Hye Bob, I finally got my Athlon up and running, but still have to load drivers for my AGP card.
rich: reckon if he comes up then, he'll find it cool
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changed username to Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Dale: Hi all
rich: hello Dale
BobS: hi dfale
BobS: you still havern'
BobS: got that thing running?
Dale: I was working late tonight too. But today, I checked the server earlier at least.
Guy B.: It's running, but I'm on the old system for right now.
rich: well, we all got on without any problems, it appears
rich: though we don't know where james has got to
Dale: Bob, can I pay you for that spare MI HD controller card you have?
Dale: You're on paypal, right Bob?
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BobS: right Dale
changed username to Pamela
rich: hi daughtere
Guy B.: Hi Pam!
Pamela: Hi, everyone
BobS: hi Pam
rich: james seems to be away at the moment
Pamela: Ah
BobS: sure, Dale I will figure out shipping + $55 (ANN cost) and let ya know
rich: but I got an email from him acknowledging the scans of your pictures
Pamela: thanks - did he like them?
rich: yes, and apparently they got there just in time for a new web page he's working on
Pamela: good news
rich: you'll be internationally famous, kid!
Pamela: do I have to ?
Guy B.: Spill it Pam.
rich: reckon you're committed now
Pamela: spill what, Guy
Guy B.: My error.
Pamela: These are the pictures we took at the CN tower the night James was here. I'm in one of them
Guy B.: Has anyone hear from Dr D. lately?
rich: we sent james a couple of ppictures taken at the CN tower when he was here
BobS: yes......had the wrong registration figures and he chastized my slef for that.....
Guy B.: That I noticed. I sent my registration and a deposit last month.
Pamela: I may not be able to go after all
BobS: got to get around to doing ours....
rich: I see james has vanished
Pamela: poof
Guy B.: How come Pam?
Pamela: My boss's vacation starts on the 14th and she doesn't want me out of the office at the same time she is.
Pamela: I figure the place won't disintigrate for one day, but what do I know? I'm just an adminion
rich: yes, but the 14th is a Friday and you'll be back Monday
BobS: tell her you gonna be SICK that day
Pamela: No, the 14th is Saturday
Guy B.: At least I managed to schedule mine so no one else from my section isn't gone at the same time. That's the rule in my dept.
rich: so you don't work Sunday anyway
Pamela: I would, but somehow I don't think she'd believe me
Pamela: It's the 16th I would miss, Dad
rich: tell her you have to go look after the old folks
Pamela: Also, the two days leading up to before she leaves
Guy B.: That's when we all return home.
rich: that would be in the count your blessings category...
Pamela: Yes it would, but I can't really tell her that
BobS: well. leave right after banquet and drive thru the night, what is it from cleveland to toronto????
rich: 314 miles, six hours
Pamela: Can't do that, Bob - I don't cope well with unlit highways, and I couldn't do it without sleep
rich: courtesy of the Triple A atlas
Pamela: And unfortunately, Russell doesn't drive so it would be completely on my shoulders
Guy B.: Ouch!
BobS: well geez whiz.......
rich: not to mention the likelihood of border delays, semis on their sides on I-90 or the QEW
Pamela: I'm still trying to think of a way around it, and if all else fails will try to put up a convincing argument
BobS: Rich, ya'll WORRY too much!!!
rich: just the voice of experieince, Bob
Pamela: It's in his job description, Bob
rich: these days on those roads you don't ever expect a clear shot
Guy B.: Good luck Pam. Bosses can be lenient. Hope yours is.
BobS: but ya have to have a positive attitude, and then you will breeze right thru
Pamela: the odds aren't good Guy - she can be a b with an itch sometimes
rich: spoken like one who does NOT live in a large urban area
Guy B.: You have a tought one there.
Guy B.: That's tough one.
Pamela: that is the understatement of the day
rich: well, gently work on her for a bit, Pam
Pamela: Just ask Dad about some of the names I've called her from time to time
Guy B.: That bad?
rich: though micro-managers never believe the joint will survive a day without their supervision
Pamela: Not printable
Pamela: I will have Diana trained by that point, and she will be there Thursday and Friday - it's just Monday that's the issue. I don't see what the problem is.
rich: sometimes people get strange ideas
Pamela: If Diana has a problem, there are lots of other people around she can ask for help
Guy B.: You will be coming back anyway, it's just a long drive back from Cleveland.
rich: work on it a bit - maybe Bev will see the light
Pamela: I can only hope.
rich: especially if she sees that you are really, seriously upset
Pamela: that doesn't work
Pamela: I think she enjoys pissing me off
Pamela: she's a perverse sort that way
Pamela: Say, Dad, do we have any conveniently distant relatives we could knock off?
BobS: yes, Pam there are those out there that LUV to piss their peopleoff....TOO BAD there are so many of them
rich: oh well, the Perils of Pamela; stay tuned for the next installment
Pamela: That's Pauline to you!
rich: Dale, you're very quiet - plotting something?
Pamela: too quiet - makes me worry
Guy B.: Maybe he and Jill are having dinner.
rich: sort of come on and fade out?
BobS: well, it IS his site after all
Pamela: Probably doing something else at the same time
rich: oh yes, he's definitely entitled
Pamela: Which reminds me, I never got my e-mail with the butterscotch shake attached
rich: yes, I'm sure his computer has enough memory to handle a LOT of multitasking
Pamela: Oh, and while I think about it, there's a new virus out there - it
rich: maybe he's loading it into memory now
Pamela: 's an HTML entitled Homepage
rich: did your anti-virus pick it up?
Pamela: whatever you do, do not open it - it's another one that replicates itself and sends to everyone on your mailing list
Pamela: I didn't get it, but Allyson did and she scanned it before opening - it didn't show up
Guy B.: Yep, I got tow of those at work today. Fortunately our computer support dept alerted us to it earlier. Just deleted them right off. The anti-virus software we used alerted us.
Pamela: tell everyone not to open it
rich: there's another freebie anti-virus that will pick up those - it's from jinran or
BobS: do they come as an attachment and no message?????
Guy B.: By the way the attached file is a VBscript.
Pamela: They are currently calling her Typhoid Allyson and debating whether to vote her off the floor
BobS: been getting those lately; don't know the sender, so I just dump them
rich: unfortunately it won't work on Win95 with USB port ability
Pamela: unfortunately Dad?
Guy B.: At least I didn't get it on my ISP.
rich: well, I have Win95 and my motherboard has USB ports
Pamela: Don't you mean fortunately?
rich: not if it means I can't use useful software
Guy B.: My new one also has two USB ports with Win95 OSR 2.
Pamela: Didn't you say something about upgrading?
rich: especially as USB is pretty useless under Win95 anyway
rich: I'm still working on it - can't get answers I need about a motherboard
Guy B.: By thw way. Good old Microsoft announced that WinXP will be released Oct. 25th.
rich: sent emails to Taiwan, to the U.S,. office, phoned the local distributor - no dice
Pamela: which one is that - Me with an attitude?
rich: ME with a prying nose - you have to register it to boot it
Guy B.: WinXP is using the Win2000 professional interface and it will be a home version and no more DOS with this one.
rich: and get a secret code from Microsoft every time you crash and have to reinstall
Pamela: brb folks, I'm having cat problems
rich: did you notice Microsoft complaining about open source software?
rich: not good for the computer industry, they claim
Guy B.: They always complain about everything involving their own software.
rich: why do I think their main gripe is it makes it hard to sell overpriced proprietary stuff?
rich: Microsoft is definitely not open source
rich: on the other hand, Linux is
Guy B.: Then they push you to upgrade.
rich: on the other hand, open source you have to track down the upgrades
rich: though I must admit on my freebie viewer, they keep me posted about every revision
Guy B.: Rich, if I'm right this is one of the reasons why they rejected the settlement from the Justice Dept.
rich: don't follow the logic of that, Guy
Pamela: I'm back
rich: what were the cats up to?
Pamela: trouble as usual
Guy B.: Before the judge made his ruling. The Justice Dept. made an offer to Microsoft and one was they had to make the Windows source code available to any computer company that wanted to see it. Microsoft rejected it.
rich: race night?
Pamela: Willow has been trying to get onto the dining room table and he knows better - Russell's been yelling for an hour
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rich: Willow has his number - has had it for years, I suspect
changed username to iRon
rich: hello Ron
iRon: Hey!
Pamela: No, this has to do with the thyroid thing I think
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Guy B.: Ron's on the Mac tonight. How are you?
iRon: good, well (but not wealthy)
Pamela: will you settle for healthy and wise?
BobS: Hi Ron
Guy B.: How's the weather up there by you?
iRon: yeah..... fer sure eh?
iRon: Hi Bob
Pamela: Hey Dad, some fog we had last night, wasn't it
iRon: Anybody remember how to rebuild a TDOS system on an IDE hard drive?
rich: yes, we weere at the Amiga meeting, and it was quite thick coming home
iRon: mine's come over flaky
Pamela: We couldn't even see the buildings on Weston Road only a block away
iRon: Toronto the fog
BobS: oh man Ronald....!!!!!!
rich: well, you're quite close to teh Humber valley, and it's a real fog generator
iRon: I know eh?
BobS: got it written doen here somewhere
BobS: as is everything elase
iRon: got strange characters appearing in the directory
rich: when I was working I often passed through there on my way to work
Pamela: It certainly was last night
rich: if there was going to be any fog anywhere on the trip, it was in the valley
BobS: yup, trashed is what it is.........
iRon: indeed it is
Pamela: What did you do, Ron?
iRon: left the damn thing unused for a period of time
BobS: had that before mine crapped out and had to be reformatted and Zonk and you I belive told me it was just amatterof time
Pamela: Ah, it's got the sulks
BobS: finally it died, reformatted from the git-go and I am stillusing it today
Pamela: I had a car like that
iRon: That's what I was thinking.....seem to recall venerable Zonk talking about such thiings
iRon: so somewhere around here I have some docs that will help.... I know there here.....question is....
iRon: where?
Pamela: Snake pit, here you come
iRon: If I can figure this out I might be of some help to James
iRon: :)
iRon: that's about it Pamela
rich: right, he's playing around with a hard drive, isn't he?
iRon: yep
Pamela: I have to see this place some day
iRon: trouble is, when you don't do a procedure for a long time, it tends to fade
Pamela: Just for comparison with the Morgue at home
rich: oh, it's no fun now that he's given away all the good stuff
rich: course give him a few months and it will all be replaced
Pamela: Then it should be even more fun
iRon: Rich, (off topic), who's the MTAG Treasurer now?
rich: have to ask Dale that, Ron - I wouldn't know
iRon: ok.
iRon: just sent money a week ago, wonder if he got it
rich: I haven't had anything to do with MTAG for 10 years, so 'fraid I can't help
iRon: ok
Pamela: You're a man of few words tonite, Ron
iRon: divided attention, sorry
Dale: Ron, the new treasurer is Audry.
Dale: She and I need to go to the bank and update the signature cards.
Dale: We did get your membership renewal though.
rich: sometimes that's the better way, Pam - despite your old man's bad examples
iRon: ok well she should have received a cheque for $70. from me
Pamela: brb folks
Dale: We got it alright.
iRon: to replace the stale dated on plus this year's membership
iRon: good
rich: Dale, what does it mean when someone is knocking on my port 3042?
Guy B.: Well gang, I'm going to get going here. I won't be able to mae it on Saturday. Have to work and I won't get home until after 2:00. But, I'll try.
iRon: Work?
iRon: strange concept
rich: OK Guiy, I'll do the usual thing
iRon: take care Guy
Dale: We found your old cheque at the February meeting, when we were reviewing the mail. It had gotten misplaced in the fall.
Guy B.: We've been bombarded and now restarting overtime.
iRon: ok. So you can tear that one up and use the current one
Dale: TTY: Guy.
rich: guess you need your rest then - nite, Guy
Guy B. left chat session
rich: Dale, I've had two probes on my ports so far tonight - that isn't your server, is it?
Dale: I'll look up 3042.
iRon: right after 3041
iRon: (somebody had to say it)
rich: it was from an ISP with first number 203 - I didn't bother to log it
iRon: New Joisey beat
iRon: Toronto
iRon: 5-1
rich: am I supposed to cheer or cry?
iRon: you are supposed to cry
rich: as a New Jersey native residing in Toronto?
iRon: but only if you're a fan of the Maple Laughs
Dale: Cry please.
iRon: keep forgetting about that Rich
rich: trust me, Harold Ballard cured me of any interest in any form of hockey
Pamela: Excuse me - I'm monitoring here - I don't see the Canucks doing so hot, Ron
iRon: true Pamela but.....
Pamela: . . .
iRon: we have lower expectations of anything on the west side of the Rockies
rich: how are the Raptors doing?
iRon: no idea
Pamela: They lost tonite too, but their story isn't over
Pamela: Kimberly's here, Dad
rich: hello Kimberly!
Pamela: She was filling me in on the West Wing plot for tonite
Pamela: She says hi Dad
rich: see the NTN car and driver did very well on their first outing
rich: that's the Toyota Atlantic entry with Johnathan Macri
Pamela: They haven't brought it by CB yet this year - do you want another poster if available?
rich: poster I have no place for - mouse pad I'd consider
Dale: It is set aside for "journee" -- but it is most likely a Sub 7 style viurus program that they are looking for.
Pamela: She'll keep that in mind
rich: you mean the probe was trying to trigger a pre-planted virus?
Pamela: that would be nasty
rich: sometimes I record the attacking URLs - they can be quite strange
BobS: not just nasty, but downright BAD
rich: ron, you're running Zone Alarm, aren't you?
iRon: that I am, sir
rich: do you ever bother to log the source of a probe?
iRon: and a fine program it is
iRon: no. First time or two I tried it I went and had a look, but after that I did not
iRon: sorta take the attitude, 'you ain't gettin in, so I don't care who you are'
rich: I usually like to try a reverse lookup using Whois at Internic and only go for the URL if that fails
rich: oh, I know they aren't getting in, but I'm curious who's trying
iRon: there are all sorts of life forms out there with evil intent. They have their lives, I have mine
rich: the last one I tried was - a Chinese or Japanese site
rich: looking for a drive full of nucklear secrets, maybe?
Pamela: isn't that nucular, Dad
Dale: Sub 7 is an interesting virus. It allows the victim's computer to be controlled remotely...
Pamela: bad and nasty!
rich: is that the tyope used in DOS attacks?
Dale: The victim's computer can be requested to launch particular programs, do a desktop snapshop (when is sent to the controller) ...
rich: aha - do they use it in spyware like Aureat or Comet Cursor?
Dale: take a picture with any attached webcam, and put up dialog with a message.
iRon: My web cam is aimed at the wall
Pamela: Is there anything interesting there Ron?
iRon: and besides, it's attached to the iMac
iRon: nah
Dale: No the Denial of Service (DOS) is different.
Dale: So I've read of one fanmous attack, where...
rich: I gather that a malicious website can sneak in a Sub-7 in a graphic or hidden script now
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changed username to james
rich: welcome back - where you been, james?
Pamela: James is back - where'd you go James?
james: morning all. fashionably late as usual :)
iRon: Hi James
Dale: Someone installed Sub 7. It send a confirmation to the controller...
iRon: How ya making out with the hard drive?
james: so so. lots of questions actually. did you see my post to the group?
Pamela: Dale, type faster - I'm dying of curiosity over here
james: test
Pamela: you're here, James
Dale: The controller found a web cam, and took a snapshop of the desktop, and of the room the victim was in.
Pamela: And???
iRon: Pamela!
Pamela: What
iRon: curiosity killed the c
iRon: at
Dale: The picture showed (I've seen it) that the was a guy at a computer and his girlfriend on a couch reading a magazine.
Dale: The desktop showed that he was surfing porn.
Pamela: see Ron, satisfaction brought him back
iRon: :)
BobS: James, did you digest the documentaion I sent with the hd?
iRon: brb....
Dale: So, they put up a message which said "If I had a grilfriend like you do, I would surf porn."
rich: james, maybe Dale can help with your question
james: yes but i still haven't been able to make effective use of it. i hooked it up np and was looking at stuff through tdos
Dale: The next webcam shot show the guy with a shocked look on his face. <grin>
james: there was nothing on the the other drives though. just a:
Pamela: Does a Sub 7 only work if a web cam is present?
james: what's a sub 7?
Pamela: Virus
Dale: That should read "If I had a girlfriend like yours I WOULDN'T surf porn."
BobS: in TDOS, I assume we are talking.....
Pamela: I didn't know until tonite either James
james: yes, in tdos
Dale: Either way he was quite confused that his computer had opinions about what he was doing.
BobS: treat the other drives b,c,&d just as you would any disk drive ro tape drive, you can write to them or read form the, copy, etc
BobS: just like aibm machine
Pamela: and they say computers don't have a personality
james: yeah, there's no problem there
james: what's with the "volumes"? ie: a0 - a9, b0-b9 etc? i see how they work, but why?
BobS: TDOS is a complete mimic of the ibm world
BobS: simply different user areas within each lettered drive
james: okay. yeah, i noticed they just share the available partition space
BobS: you may use them OR just use a0: for everything and b0: for a lot more, etc
iRon: James, volumes 0 thru 9 are intended for EOS use only. When you set up the hard drive with partitioning software
Dale: Sub 7 does work without the victim having a webcam, but you can't guage the end user's reaction, other than with desktop captures. I think that most perps are looking to do non-destructive mischief, and want to see the reaction.
iRon: the choice is made there as to how many EOS volumes you want (and 0 is not an option)
Pamela: Gotcha
Pamela: Thank you
james: okay, i'm still looking through tdos though.
iRon: Basically from that point onward, part of the drive is partitioned for EOS use and the remainder is for TDOS
Dale: James, it is a0: to a31: instead of sub directories it is user areas.
rich: still, it would be fun to have some sort of booby trap for those attacks
james: okay, so when i boot up the drive, is what i'm looking at eos?
iRon: Now that's what confuses me, because the boot block for TDOS is located in Volume 0 of EOS
Dale: The Adam is from before the "invention" of sub-directories" -- at least on small systems.
Dale: And by and large on large systems too.
iRon: wait till I fire up mine on the other side of the room
rich: can one have user areas in Windows?
rich: wait - I think I know - the answer is yes
BobS: well Ron. you can't GET to TDOS unless youhave the boot file on the EOS side of the hd to boot you INTO TDOS
iRon: Is that the screen headed MI Hard Disk V3.9 ??
rich: the EOS part of a hard drive is limited to one meg per partition, isn't it?
iRon: that's right Bob
james: yeah, that's what i think i'm talking about
BobS: I think so Richard
iRon: Ok, that's basically your jump off to running whatever EOS software you have installed
iRon: called it a shell of sorts
james: okay then next question - is there any overlap of eos and tdos partitions?
iRon: nope. All separate
BobS: NO
james: glad to hear that. i was getting very confused
james: more questions to come:
rich: as they say, just like DOS - one bootable C partition can't see any other bottable Cs
iRon: if you have 10 EOS volumes, you have a 10 meg allocation for EOS, and the rest of the drive is TDOS
james: every time i tried to switch to "volume 1" in the hd boot screen, i'd use SK1, it'd say volume 1, then if i used
Dale: James, with the CD command, you can name the areas and jump to them (change directory).
james: sk3 - boot from hd, it would always go back to 0. does that mean there is no volume 1?
iRon: nothing installed in Volume 3 that's bootable
james: yeah, i figured out tdos very quickely actually :)
iRon: now here's the trick
iRon: in order to switch to another volume (other than 0), you have to have something there you can boot (or... you can access it from SmartBASIC)
iRon: however
Dale: Bob, you can boot straight to the TDOS partition from floppy.
iRon: the boot block actually has to be located inlogical drive 0 in order to work
james: okay. so how do i (for example) put smartlogo on volume1? i noticed that there is a smartlogo boot block on my volume 0
Dale: It could theoretically be done from the boot PROM. There is one minie-winnie system that has the SmartWRITER ROM replaced with TDOS-HD boot code.
iRon: if the Doc that Bob sent you are the ones I think they are, they should tell you how to install EOS software
BobS: right Dale, but ol' James here has the plain vanilla version
james: not really. they just say that there are a bunch of patches and docs on drive d:, which was very empty
iRon: you would copy Smart Logo (except for Block 0 of the floppy) onto Volume 1 (using Filemanager)
BobS: James, use FILEMANAGE from volume 0 on the HD to copy smartlogo files onto Volume 1
iRon: then you would copy Block 0 of the floppy to Logical Drive 0. However....with SmartLogo there is another something, trying to remember
james: i see, just copy blocks 1-255 or whatever to volume 1?
BobS: NO, copy the FILES
james: thanks bob - i figured that one out too :) special hd version of filemanager on there :)
iRon: Ok.... then you need the paper that went with it
iRon: Have it here I think....again....where
rich: don't you have to change the drive address in the boot block?
Dale: I have everything needed to install an IDE setup from scratch. EOS and TDOS...
BobS: the BOOT block is already on volume 0
iRon: yeah right Bob.... they're already there
rich: now explain how to install Powerpaint on the hard disc
BobS: nope!! the drive addrwess ias changed when you use SK! to get to your log volume (#1); then hit SK3 to boot the BOOTlogo file
Dale: We did it at MTAG over Sept, Oct and Nov last year when we replaced the MTAG demo system harddrive.
iRon: James, if you look at volume 0 with Filemanager, it'll show you all the files. Any file that begins with "BOOT......" is a boot block for a program installed
iRon: somewhere else
BobS: oh. powerpaint.USE IT ON DISK
rich: Dr. D. can make it work on a hadr disc
iRon: like BOOTLOGO/6 is the bootblock for smart logo which I have installed on Volume 6
james: i'll give it a try later. so is that right - copy all the blocks to volume 1 except the boot block, then boot from volume 0?
BobS: but YOU must install your PAID FOR version onto the volume you want
james: i have *two* paid for versions, boxes and everything :D
BobS: copy the FILES !!!!
rich: I think Bobn's referring to Powerpaint
BobS: the HD directory is already ther in volume 1
iRon: basically yes James, but when you boot from drive make sure you use SK-1 to select the volume you want to go to
james: yeah. i'm still gearing up. things take a little longer to come to me in the morning.
iRon: then you run your boot block
BobS: it just needs names and data
james: okay, that makes sense, ron. thanks. now, how do i determine how many eos volumes i actually have available?
james: brb..
iRon: hit smartkey1 several times, you'll see the volume number changing
iRon: when you get back to 0 you're done
BobS: ron, IF james copies blocks onto a volume; he will screw upthe volume directoryand not get the thing working, eh?
iRon: ummm..... yeah, good point Bob
iRon: what he actually has to do is copy the FILES to the volume
iRon: not the blocks
iRon: my erropr
iRon: error
iRon: that will preserve whatever directory structure is there
iRon: hope he's not actually doing this
iRon: JAMES !!
james: sorry, nature called.
iRon: stop whatever the hell you're doing and get back here.....
rich: think you're toov late, Ron
iRon: ok ok
BobS: hope all is well...... ;-)
BobS: now. Ronald........
iRon: James, I mislead you.... don't copy blocks to your intended directory/volume... copy files
james: okay
iRon: and as Bob says, they're alreadythere so you don't have to worry
james: okay, but something like smartlogo, i noticed there are files in the directory but is there an actual smartlogo prog file?
rich: yes, it's BASICPZROG or something similar
BobS: one of them is, don't know which......
iRon: Yup... if you look at it with Filemanager you'll see it, it's LOG 0
iRon: the 0 being shown where the file attribute normall y is
james: hmm. because i seem to remember trying this before - using fileman to copy all the files from the smartlogo tape, then
iRon: it's about 48 blocks or something like that
rich: that's the directory name, Ron, not the program, isn't it?
Dale: The prog file for SmartLOGO is called "LOGO"
james: using sk1 to move to volume 1 etc and it just put be back to volume 0
iRon: that's the directory name which points to the actual location of the LOGO program on the media
BobS: now, JAMES!!!!! the EOS part of the HD is actually know to the ADAM as tape drive B: when you using SK1 to select a volume,
iRon: ok, so it went from 0 to 1 and back to 0?
james: hmm. is that because i didn't change anything to bootlogo on volume 0?
BobS: you are actually doing the same as changing tapes to use
james: no, it stayed at 1 but then when i used SK3 "boot from hd", it bounced me back to 0
iRon: you only have 2 volumes?
james: no, i have 10 volumes (0-9)
iRon: ok
iRon: that would have been a little strange
iRon: possible, but strange
james: but *after* i used sk1 to change to volume 1, i used sk3 and it kept bringing me back to volume 0
iRon: do you have the LOGO files copied to volume 1?
james: i did yes.
iRon: hmmmm...
iRon: sec brb
james: do i need to set "BOOTLOGO" in volume 0 to point at volume 1?
rich: I think I've seen documentation that says that
Pamela: well folks, since you all are talking tech, I think I shall depart
james: it would make sense, i mean it has to know where to boot it from
james: oh pam - thanks for the pictures!
rich: ok Pam, see you anon. Your pix are here for pickup whenever
Pamela: You're welcome, James - they came out alright?
james: they look good :) i hope to have webpages up with the entire trip soon.
rich: pity they don't show the glass floor
Pamela: I will be there to observe. Dad, I will pick up the pictures sometime in the next few days I hope.
rich: OK, see you when you come by. Nite now
Pamela: I wasn't brave enough to take the floor itself
Pamela: James, say hi to everyone for me. I going to bed
james: good night pam :)
Pamela: Goodnite everyone, see you next week
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
iRon: It knows where to boot from James, because when you select the BOOTLOGO file you have VOLUME 1 selected at the top
james: okay, then something isn't working because that's exactly what i've done.
iRon: for some reason, the BOOTLOGO file in vol 0 isn't doing it's job
rich: I think I'd better stand aside while you experts sort things out
james: unless i'm just confused.
rich: going out to one of our Old Farts lunches tomorrow
rich: so I shall sign off - nite all
james: let's say i copy the logo files to volume 1 as we've said
iRon: well it could be corrupted, but to answer your earlier question,
james: good night rich!
moved to room Meeting Place
james: then, i use sk1 to select volume 1
changed username to BobS
iRon: so far as I know there's nothing to do to that BOOTLOGO file
james: when i use sk3 to "boot from hd" should i see volume 1 or volume 0?
rich: -30-
iRon: volume 1
iRon: niters Rich
rich left chat session
james: and what would i see?
BobS: well I back
iRon: sec
iRon: ok you've hit sk-1 to select volume 1, then sk-3 to boot fromhard disk
BobS: file called BOOTLOGO
james: dale - does an ide zip drive need specific drivers or can i just hook it up and expect it to work like a hard drive?
iRon: you should then see a list of files
james: ron, that's right. now what happens is that it goes back to volume 0 and i see the same list of files as when i boot
james: the hard drive
iRon: which are the programs you can boot from there. Nothing else should show up
james: that's right. but is what i should be seeing, volume 1 and a list of the logo files?
iRon: so you move your pointer to the BOOTLOGO file and hit return?
james: i think i tried this and it just sat there stupidly.
iRon: no.... you are still in volume 0 at this point and you're going to select a file in volume 0 which is only 1 block long, that file will get you to the L:OGO boot screen
james: so i should be seing volume 0 or volume 1?
iRon: vol 0
iRon: what else do you see there beside the BOOT LOGO file?
Dale: To start LOGO from the harddisk I use 2 files: a boot loader (I call BootLogo type 02 or ^B or smile face), and LOGO (no type or LOG type O).
iRon: that's right Dale, and the boot loader is the file whose name appears in volume 0
james: lots of stuff, BOOTCALC, SMARTBasic etc.
iRon: ok, that's good
iRon: and BOOTLOGO, right? Or some variant thereof
james: ah, okay, so it is working. how would one actually go about then getting a file list of volumes other than 0?
james: yes, BOOTLOGO is there
Dale: My setup is custom, baecause I wrote almost all of my own boot loaders.
iRon: using Filemanager James, because all you're seeing on the BOOTABLE progrrams list are system boot loaders.There may be other files there too
iRon: with Filemanger you can see them all
james: ah, okay. will try that! i'm *alot* less confused now!
iRon: hopefully James I'll know a little more about this in a day or so.... my ADAM has gone flaky and I'm gonna have to re-install the whole thing
Dale: The boot loaders (or the progam if it doesn't require a boot loader), then the program goes in the data partition.
iRon: forgotten a lot of how to do it
iRon: but by the time I'm finished I should have recalled it all
iRon: another thing James....
james: thanks ron :)
james: how are you powering your adam btw?
iRon: unless your version of LOGO has been patched
Dale: Think of partition 0 at the system partiton, and the others as data partitions.
iRon: you're going to find that you can't get back to the shell from SmartLOGO
iRon: SmartLOGO has re-written some of the OS addresses above 53000 and doesn't work quite the same way as the normal ADAM setup
BobS: hey troups. see ya next week,eh?
Dale: I might actually use 3 files. The boot loader, the boot block as a file in the data partition, and the LOGO file itself in the data partition.
BobS left chat session
iRon: so there's a patch for that too
iRon: niters Bob
james: okay bob :)
iRon: that would be a neater wayto do it Dale.The trouble with the setup we've got is that it's not consistent from one program to another
iRon: Powerpaint is another example
iRon: Some of the programs (like Filemanager andSmart Basic) you just copy right into Volume 0 and they work from there
iRon: just saw your question above re power to the ADAM..... mine has a standard power supply
iRon: and that might have to change
Dale: It all depends on whether the program itself depends on some setup done in SmartLOGO.
james: by standard you mean the smartwriter printer?
iRon: with the Minnie Winnie hard drive, the standard ADAM supply is not adequate
iRon: yup
iRon: printer
james: okay, i've got a web page for you then :) just finished it last night. detailed explanation of how to hook up your adam
james: to a standard PC power supply :D
james: no soldering required.
Dale: If all programs were more like SmartBASIC, and put all of their initialization in the program itself, it would be easier.
iRon: tgo the url
iRon: exactly Dale
Dale: But MacAdam, SmartLOGO and a few others aren't like that.
james: i'm uploading the pages now :) give me about 3 minutes ;)
Dale: I think maybe the boot block for SmartLOGO that I made used the 3 files I mentioned.
iRon: is that something that the rest of us could install Dale?
iRon: That's the beauty about standards. There are so many to choose from!
Dale: Sure Ron. But I understood that everyone else uses the one written by Tom C (or something like that).
iRon: Had my first crash with OS X yesterday. And my second today
iRon: yes, Dale, that's the one's were using but if you've got something better and more consistent....
iRon: we can talk more about that at the 'con
Dale: Uh oh. Ron I thought that OS X wasn't supposed to crash, just the GUI on top (which is mostly the same I guess).
iRon: (assuming you'll be able to make it)
iRon: No Dale, as usual I'm the author of my own misfortune. I wouldn't blame this on the OS
iRon: but when I'm finished doing stuff to computer software that ain't supposed to be done....I'm gonna write a book
Dale: PowerPaint is a real challenge, but Rich D changed PowerPaint so that it wasn't quite as dependent on the block numbers.
iRon: yeah... I have his Powerpaint here, it will at least return you SmartBasic
iRon: and from there you can get back home
iRon: he tried last 'con to get my system to reboot to the EOS volume 0, but we didn't get it done
iRon: Sometimes I think that computer companies have no real concept about what users can do to Software....especially hobbyist users
james: pages are up ron :)
iRon: hold that
Dale: As for LOGO, I never figured out how to get Shift-UNDO to go back the the Hard disk menu...
james: if i run logo from the hard drive will the sound be gone?
iRon: got it
Dale: but if you type .call 64353 (I'd have to look up the number, but it goes to SmartWRITER where shift-UNDO works).
james: did you see the pages ron?
iRon: no, Dale, alls I did on that one was to write a small LOGO procedure that basically called the Smartwriter address
Dale: James, I don't remember. but only if LOGO uses the system sound facility.
iRon: the jump to Smartwriter I mean
Dale: I did that procedure for Herman. And put it in the startup file.
iRon: sec going there now
iRon: Great minds
james: so if logo has its own sound routines, it'll work then
james: test
Dale: We're still here, I think.
Dale: Except for Ron who has escaped for a moment.
james: okay. was quiet there for a bit so i was just wondering
james: dale, did you see my question earlier about ide zip drives?
james: you okay there ron?
iRon: nah......I've got this damned French Canadian keyboard installed on my Mac, and I don't know where the tilde is....will have to try later
iRon: keep getting accents
Dale: No James, I must have missed it.
Dale: What was the question?
iRon: anyway, will check out the site
james: why don't you just cut and paste the page from this window, here you go:
iRon: these things that are always readily apparent to someone else don't always occur to me James.. but yes, that's what i've done
james: okay, he's had lots of time to cut and paste.
iRon: I'm 57 after all
james: not that we're counting ;)
iRon: grey cells are beginning to die
Dale: James, you say on your site "Chats are held every week at 21:00 E.S.T. Join us!" but you don't mention the day of the week!
james: yeah, don't they grow out? ;) that's where grey hair comes from, no?
james: oh f***. you know i've read that countless times thinking "something's not there". now i know!
Dale: I've noticed it before, but I haven't gotten around to emailing you about it.
james: dale you there?
james: okay, i'm going to fix it right now while i'm thinking of it. it's wednesday over there right?
iRon: yes
iRon: for a while yet
iRon: although Dale has pretty much kicked the hell out of Wed
Dale: James, what was the ZIP disk question?
Dale: Ron are you stealing my Wednesday?
iRon: oh there we are.....ya learnsomething new every day
iRon: all i had to do was command-option-space. and presto - instant US keyboard
iRon: now I got your site James
Dale: Much better James.
iRon: nice pics....very crisp
iRon: got the article
james: dale - can i hook up an ide zip drive as is or do i need some kind of special drivers/patch to use it with the adam?
james: cool. which pics were you looking at ron?
Dale: You need a yet to be written driver unfortunately.
iRon: the one that says "Connecting a PC Power Supply"
Dale: But physically it is just standard Adam parts.
iRon: I like that....."mechanically defunct ballast"
james: ah okay. i'm nowhere near that far that i could write a driver.
iRon: somebody finally said it
james: :D
iRon: There's a good session for you Dale, for a Con..... "How to write a driver:"
iRon: enquiring minds want to know
Dale: Well, I started writing it months ago, based on Guy's suggestion, but haven't looked at it in a while.
iRon: Nothing more confusing that going back to code that you've left for a few months
Dale: Well, I don't know what to talk about at AdamCon, since Rich D suggested that the sessions sohuld be different than the usual.
james: wish i could be in cleveland with you guys.
iRon: Well done article James
Dale: Guy Bona pointed out that ne 100MB IDE ZIP drives are now dirt cheap to buy new now.
Dale: So I went and bought one.
iRon: after hours chat maybe
Dale: My code doesn'gt do very much, and what it does do is pertty well documented.
iRon: yeah, somebody actually gave me one
iRon: it's a parallel to.... should work right off ADAM's parallel printer connector
james: thanks. i'm going to add a reference page to it today - pictures of ports etc and what to do if your printer wires are different.
iRon: sounds good
james: ron, don't think that will work. you need a bidirectional parallel port for zip drives.
iRon: wonder what would happen if I went to Iomega and asked them to prepare a coleco parallel driver
Dale: I was thinking of doing a multipart workshop on interfacing the Adam to external devices through the parallel port, maybe...
iRon: I'd like that Dale
Dale: But such a design is not yet ready. I've been working on it lately.
iRon: well..... ADAMcon 14 maybe
iRon: or is that 0E
james: can we have a con in vancouver? i could probably make it to that.
iRon: don't count it out James.....Bob and Judy Slopsema want to come west again
iRon: it's distinctly within the realm of possibility
iRon: and if you could come, we would build it
iRon: Alls we need is a customer in Vancouver for Dale
james: well, i'd like to make it to one. i was thinking too, in 2003, that's adam's 20th isn't it?
Dale: Iomega's policy is that Coleco should add the support. (ie the manufacturer).
iRon: thot so Dale.....sounds suitably 'corporate'
james: so call coleco and ask them what they're waiting for ;)
iRon: let's see.... we get Scott to do 2002, and then here in 2003
iRon: Scott wanted to do one, although I don't know how serious he is
james: where is scott?
iRon: We're down to the 'base' crowd now who'll go most anywhere
iRon: 20 folk or so
james: heck, we could have it here :D
iRon: Arizona I think
iRon: I'd LOVE that...... would need time to save my scheckles
Dale: Hard to say. But I've always thought that West coast Cons could have attracted a crowd in the heavy user group days.
james: if it were in vancouver, i could work it in on the way to my parents' place in ottawa.
iRon: They would have Dale, between Vancouver Island, California and Utah
Dale: Scott emailed me when he finished classes.
iRon: but not any more
Dale: He was on the chat recently. He is in Colorado. Not too far from the wast coast.
iRon: well we'll have to keep that in the plan eh?
iRon: yeah, that's it Colorado
iRon: we had the UK rep from Croydon England at ADAMCON 4....(can't remember the name)...
james: japan would be fun but i don't think we'd get a large crowd.
iRon: so every 12 to 15 years we invite somebody from 'away'
Dale: So what do you think the big thing is going to be for AdamCon?
Dale: Probably the robots.
iRon: hard to say Dale...... I like Richard's idea of 'rediscovering what we really liked about ADAM'....don't know how it's going to play in practice
iRon: expect there'll be robots yes
Dale: What ever happened to Gene Welch? I haven't heard from him in a while.
iRon: last I heard was probably a year ago last Christmas..... he was talking about putting in a XmAS card submission
iRon: that's the last I heard
Dale: Ron, have you thought about presenting?
james: oh yeah, i'm still in need of hacker's helper series publications. dale, do you hvae rights to print those?
james: i know where i could get them np, but i prefer not to go that route.
iRon: Think Rich Drushel has crossed the usual gang of folk off the list for this year...... I will if asked, but I don't thing I'm going to be asked
iRon: thin
iRon: think
Dale: I don't know hacker's helper. Who is that by?
iRon: gotta get a new keyboard
Dale: Maybe you mean another publication?
james: mel ostler.
iRon: um...... gent in New Mexico
james: yeah. is he still there? tried looking him up without much luck.
iRon:'s gone.....see what I mean James about brain cells?
Dale: Right, I do have permission for Mel Osler's works, but I only have originals of some of them. He wasw thinking of sending me the disks with the contents...
Dale: but he never found them.
iRon: that's him. Mel
Dale: I'll try to remember to look around for which ones I have.
iRon: Think I may have one or two
james: okay, i only have one of the publications and i could *really* use the others. been a year now since i've talked about doing
james: stuff in machine language and i still know nothing.
iRon: I have books on CP/M, Z80 assembler, and everythhing since....... still on the to do list
Dale: I have "How to write with Adam" and I think "How to read with Adam" or "How to draw with Adam".
james: can mel still be reached?
james: dale - i have none of those. can you copy them for me? i can pay you via pay pal for the copy, etc..
Dale: James, check out the link to Thomas Shearer's Z80 Home. It has lots of resources.
james: i only have hacker's helper volume 1 or something like that.
Dale: Compare with my documentation on
james: okay. still i like hardcopy stuff. it lasts longer and is alot easier to read.
iRon: That's a generational thing James....I'm with you
Dale: Thomas' site is linked to from my pointers page:
james: thanks dale :)
iRon: it's going to take a full generation to get people used to reading stuff online
Dale: You can print it out if you are sufficiently motivated. But Mel's stuff gently guides you thorugh an introduction to all of that.
iRon: Apple is now infuriatingly eliminating all their paper manuals
james: probably. that and i find hardcopy bound materials more convenient.
iRon: you're a teacher, of course
james: exactly why i want mel's stuff
Dale: Which publications do you have?
iRon: brb
james: i've got .. lemmie see (stuff's over at the school).. hackers helper vol 1 and the ann thing
Dale: EOS programmer's guide?
james: i've got macadam manual on a floppy somewhere and as soon as i get a printer i plan on printing it off. oh yeah, i have a
Dale: Hackers Helper Vol 1? Does it have a subtitle?
james: 5.25" drive on my pc now too. hmm.. should look at that again.
james: it probably has a subtitle but i can't remember. brb.
Dale: I have lots of MacAdam stuff. Sample programs, and Hard Disk installation information.
james: cool. i may need that stuff, but first i want to write basic z80 progs. don't even know what to use to do that yet.
iRon: joy, I know they're here somewhere
Dale: MacAdam is a good place to start. It is easy to use (the manual is not very well translated).
Dale: It took me a long time to figure out that octet means byte.
iRon: Where did that software originate Dale?
Dale: It was written by CBS (in France) for the CBS Adam (the French version of the Adam).
iRon: ok
Dale: So the original docs for it are in French.
iRon: which would not be out of the way for me to read.....don't think I ever saw the original version
iRon: Not as fluent as I used to be, but could get by
Dale: Making a basic Z80 program in MacAdam is quick because it has an integrated editor/assembler.
iRon: exactly.
iRon: Another 'to do list' item
Dale: Ron Collins had them. They may still be on CompuServe. Just a thought.
iRon: awaiting '
iRon: roundtuits
Dale: Yeah, we really need to catch up on our ne3wsletters in MTAG.
iRon: can go and check, although CIS has now farmed off all the 'classic' computers
james: okay, i'm back from the school. i have "the hacker's guide to adam" and ann's "eos programmer's manual". that's it.
Dale: What happen to the downloads section?
james: hmm. the original macadam manual is in french? i could definitely use that.
Dale: Completely different from the Mel Osler publications I have.
iRon: not sure Dale....haven't been there in months, but last I looked, they'd combined it with the other 'vintage' stuff
iRon: So far as I know Rob Friedman still has it all though
james: really, we should get permission and put all of this stuff online.
james: test
james left chat session
Dale: I guess.
iRon: it's happening slowly James
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Dale: It is mostly a matter of actually doing the putting online.
james: we here now?
iRon: but we need a place to centralize it
james: i got booted
iRon: story as always with ADAM
Dale: I've tried for ages to publish all ofthe ANNs on line, but it takes time.
iRon: and you're a working stiff Dale, you have other priorities
james: i can do it.
Dale: As for files I ahve published, there is the issue of how to get them on the Adam.
Dale: I have a whole collection of files for SmartBASIC, but how do you download them and run them on the Adam?
james: dale, can i get those mel publications from you? are you allowed to copy them?
james: hmm.. a lynx browser for the adam would be cool. we make sure those pages are text only and download them directly from the adma
Dale: Previously I had a dial up connection for my Adam through CIS, where I could downlaod stuff from my shell account.
james: of course, you'd need shell access from your provider
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to scott
iRon: wonder if they do that any more
scott: Hi Dale
iRon: Hey Scott!
james: some providers will. some won't.
james: hey scott :)
iRon: mine basically told me to get stuffed
scott: Sorry to arrive so late
scott: I was in class...
iRon: better late than not at all
scott: Get this: I'm taking a Maymester course, Intro to the Internet.
Dale: Hi Scott.
iRon: you're kidding!
scott: Not that I need an Intro course for the Internet, but I need credits.
iRon: ok...that makes sense
scott: I'm planning to get a second degree from the community college
Dale: James, I can do that. Now I just have to locate them. :-(
iRon: good for you Scott
scott: And they want me to obtain an additional 15 credit hours in order to get the second degree.
james: okay. it'd be doing me a big favour if you could.
iRon: are you on Central time Scott?
scott: It's a lot of fun. Instructor's fabulous. Even I am getting something out of the course.
scott: I'm not paying for it, so as long as it's free, why not, right???
iRon: sure
scott: I'm on Mountain time, dude.
Dale: Really I test all of my pages on for usability on the Adam with qterm and Lynx.
iRon: ok, wasn't sure...
scott: Dale -- did you receive my e-mail?
james: you mean there is an adam lynx?
Dale: That's why Scott doesn't like them, they aren't flashy enough. Too drab. Right Scott.
scott: I'm very busy at the moment, but I do want to get going again on the Ultra Mutt project.
iRon: Here I use Qterm to access a community net that still allows shell access
scott: Right, Dale.
iRon: then they have Lynx on their server
james: oh yeah. duh. now i remember.
iRon: trick is finding someone who still offers Lynx as an option
scott: Dale, I've taken a peek at your Mayan code again.
Dale: Scott, I lost some email today. I was trying to download them to my new laptop...
scott: When I get some free time, I will disect it more and create some ROM images for test.
james: ron, you going to try the stuff on my web page?
scott: I have a digital editing project on the side that will net me some extra cash, so unfortunately the ADAM stuff is on hold.
iRon: sounds like a plan
Dale: I forgot to copy over my configuration, and lost some email today.
scott: I will resend it.
scott: No problem.
james: feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions.
Dale: Scott are you coming to AdamCon?
Dale: It is July 12-15 in Cleveland OH.
scott: I am waiting on my CISCO teacher to determine whether or not I'll be able to attend.
iRon: :)
iRon: just sitting here's nice to be retired
scott: Need to see if there's any major tests around that timeframe or whether we could work something out.
scott: Money is not a factor.
iRon: sure would be nice to meet you Scott
scott: I haven't taken a CISCO class before, so I'm a little hesitant towards committing at the moment.
scott: Remember - it was school that kept me away from the last ADAMCon.
scott: I'm trying not to repeat that this summer.
scott: Should be able to find a cheap ticket on to get to Cleveland.
james: ron, i'm going to try that logo to hardisk thing today. do i need to patch anything in logo to make it work?
iRon: Anyway guys..... I'm gonna go and minister to my flaky ADAM
iRon: see if I can screw up the hard drive in some new and unusual fashion
scott: Dale - I would love to see your development environment in Linux.
Dale: I hope you can make it. If you can get the right price, you could fly out Friday afternoon, and fly back Sunday before the banquet.
Dale: Do you use Linux now?
iRon: Nope James, it should work as you have it, but shoot me an e-mail if there are any problems
james: okay. if you have any probs with the power supply thing, let me know :)
iRon: right
scott: Yes, I use Mandrake Linux on an old Pentium box that I have stuck in the corner.
Dale: No you don't need to patch anything in LOGO.
iRon: niters all
james: i'm going to take off now too! talk to you all next week!
Dale: Just copy the file "LOGO" to your data partition.
scott: Helped me get through those long Unix homework assignments.
james: dale, if you can, the manuals would really, really, really, really be appreciated :)
james: thanks dale, ron.
iRon: :)
iRon left chat session
Dale: And figure out about the other two files. Maybe try putting them all on partition 0 to start.
james: other two files?
scott: My Unix/Linux System Admin class begins in the Fall. I should really turn a corner then.
scott: Delayed *goodbye* to Ron.
Dale: The bootlogo type file/files.
james: okay, yeah, that's there already.
scott: Dale: What did you study at the University of Waterloo?
Dale: Mandrake. It works pretty good.
james: bye all!
Dale: Bye for now james.
james: *poof*
Dale: I'll try and lokace those.
scott: Night, James.
james: *poof* again :)
scott: Will pickup Red Hat shortly.
james left chat session
Dale: Computer of Science in the Faculity of Mathematiics (B.Math)
scott: Didn't think anyone would be here when I logged in tonight.
scott: Wow, tough degree.
Dale: My degree is Bachelor of Mathematics.
scott: Any intention of pursuing a Masters?
Dale: Red Hat is usually a step backward from Mandrake.
scott: Really? I thought it was the other way around...
Dale: Usually we sign off at round 11 eastern.
scott: Then good. I've got the right flavor of Linux.
Dale: So we're on late.
scott: Yeah. Almost 12:23 your time.
scott: or later.
scott: I would like to pursue at least a Masters in Computer Science/Engineering.
scott: Not sure if I want to get a major in Computer Science with a minor in Computer Engineering
Dale: I'm interested in a Masters, but purely for personal interest. I'm hoping to make a success in business, then I'll have time and money to do a masters.
scott: Or double majoring in both areas.
scott: Gotcha.
scott: I've very high on education at the moment, so the more that I can absorb the better.
Dale: The hardest program is CS triple E (Computer Science with Electrical Enginering Electives).
scott: It's also an incentive since my company is paying my tuition 100%.
scott: That's what I'd like to take through Berkeley.
scott: EE with CS.
Dale: I'm interested in a masters in Computer Graphics, or Music with an Electro Acoustic slant or maybe a MBA (with a mass market slant).
scott: But I probrably won't get my Bachelors from there.
scott: Most likely I'll pursue a Masters from Berkeley.
scott: That is, IF I can get accepted.
scott: It's only time, right?
scott: In my first year back in school I've taken 10 classes and have received straight A's.
Dale: Mandrake takes whatever Red Hat produces and tunes and configures it better. That is what they release.
scott: I'm very happy with what I've accomplished in such a small amount of time.
scott: But as we both know, there's a long way to go...
Dale: That's definately an accomplishment.
scott: Great. So I have a very capable OS environment.
scott: I've been playing with ADAMEm more and I like it a lot.
scott: I'd like to build some tools that can utilize ADAMEm.
Dale: I've used in a real sense: Slackware, Red Hat, Mandrake, Corel Linux and Debian.
scott: That is why I am presently studying it.
scott: How's Corel? I also have a flavor of that...
Dale: I've tried briefly OpenLinux as well.
Dale: Corel Linux is a dream if you have the right hardware. Mandrake is almost as easy to install.
scott: Right now I'm having a problem with Mandrake recognizing my video card.
Dale: A perpetual problem. What card is it?
scott: Although I go through a graphical setup, it won't let me select my Trident card, not even as a generic display card.
scott: Is there a utility that I can use to correct this?
scott: Right now everything is from the command line. No X-Windows :(
Dale: Well, these things can be tricky. You can always to it manually.
scott: What should I look up in the man pages?
scott: Any particular utility?
Dale: Let me think, I think that xf86config (which is a non-graphical interface) is available under Mandrake.
scott: My father seems to have also encountered this problem in the early going and also may know a work around.
scott: He still owes us some information about manufacturing the interface boards.
Dale: Did he ever get my email?
scott: He hasn't mentioned it to me.
scott: Did you e-mail his TRW address?
Dale: I prepared (many months ago) a list of questions I? needed answered. I think I sent it. I don't remember any more.
scott: If you send the e-mail to me, I will forward it on to his TRW address, that way you don't appear to be pestering him at work.
scott: He's been slow to do anything ADAM-related.
scott: He has gotten my equipment working.
Dale: For a reasonably good reason, I feel.
Dale: That's good at least.
Dale: How fresh are your electronics skills right now?
scott: Recently he helped me do some reconfiguration of TDOS on my hardrive.
scott: My electronic skills?
scott: As in hardware?
scott: As in assembling circuit boards?
Dale: I'm working on a project to computer control lights through the parallel port.
scott: Wasn't that done by Mihn Ta from the AWAUG group awhile ago?
Dale: Do you have any suggestions? I'm planning to have about 150 lights controled by addressing them through the parallel port.
scott: No, my mistake. Different interface?
scott: I'm not really a hardware guy. This is an area I'd like to learn more about, but I'm not at that level yet.
Dale: You can of course do it using an X-10 controller hooked up to the serial port, but it isn't fast enough, and can only control 99 different lights...
scott: My dad would be the best person to ask that.
scott: Is this for home security?
Dale: besides the control boxes are too expensive. I'm hoping to spend at most $2 on each light.
scott: You mention parallel port. Is this something that's also planned for the ADAM?
Dale: There are lots of parallel ports for the Adam (printer interface, such as MIB-3).
Dale: No the lights are for a light show for a recital of my experimental electronic music.
scott: When I think parallel port, I think my IBM. You're right. This interface is on the MIB3
Dale: I'd like them to switch on and off with a latency of less than 0.2 sec.
scott: Wish I could help you there. My dad would give you the best answer to that question.
scott: I will see what he'll be willing to teach me regarding ADAM hardware design.
Dale: Never mind then. I mostly need to price the components.
scott: As you know, I have his schematics.
Dale: I was jsut wondering if you had any insights into how to do it inexpensively.
scott: On pricing components?
scott: Hmmm...
scott: I don't think I'd be much of a help in that area.
Dale: I need some sort fo switch or transistor on each of the lights. Then I can turn on goups of lights or turn off groups oif lights to correspond to my music.
scott: Your project sounds intriguing, though.
scott: Would this be for ADAMCon?
scott: You should ask my dad. Wouldn't be a bad idea to establish some sort of regular communication with him anyway.
Dale: Maye it would be interesting to explain at AdamCon, but no it is for a monthly live presentation ...
scott: Sounds like a fun idea.
Dale: where different aretists preform live art (singing, dancing, etc.)
Dale: I've heard that such display's can be quite spectacular.
scott: I will take a look at your Mayan source code and try to do a little artwork in Photoshop if I have time.
scott: CISCO starts next week, then LANs.
scott: Fun stuff.
Dale: Usually I just do it with a custom computer graphics program on a project, but I want to try it this way.
scott: Somehow I've got to find a way to fit all this fun stuff in.
scott: Well Dale, I'd better get going. I've gotta get up early and drive my girlfriend to class.
Dale: Okay Scott. I look forward to hearing what progress you make. Email me any questions, and I'll try and answer them.
Dale: Bye for now.
scott: Sure. And I'll send you e-mails as I have time.
scott: See ya.
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Dale: Bye.
Dale: Poof.
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