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rich: test
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changed username to Guy on Athlon
rich: hi Guy
rich: made it at last, I see
Guy on Athlon: Hi Rich, using the Athlon for the chat tonight.
rich: bout time - that one you have is so old it's out of production already!
rich: I was talking to the supplier yesterday and the lowest is now one gig
Guy on Athlon: Oh I wouldn't quite say that. I'm still going to use it every now and then. Besides most of my Dos games are on it.
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changed username to BobS
rich: I meant the Athlon - see what you get for taking days to assemble it?
Guy on Athlon: HI Bob
BobS: Hi guys!!!
rich: allo Bob!
rich: how's life in Michigan today?
BobS: got the new computer online I see
Guy on Athlon: Rich, how cool is it up by you?
BobS: sunny mostly, with a little rain off and on tonight
Guy on Athlon: Yep, the final step is the inkjet printer.
rich: we got a high of 18C today - that's maybe 66
Guy on Athlon: You were warmer than here in CHicago. We got up to 53.
rich: we got 6 cm of rain yesterday, that's something over 2 inches, in the evening
BobS: heck got to about 68 here
BobS: ahso!!!! you got our Mon eve rains!
rich: but today was sunny and warm despite ppredictions we'd be growing web feet
Guy on Athlon: If it did hit 60 here, then it was before the rain came back here.
rich: yes, your rain should be coming by here late tomorrow and Friday
Guy on Athlon: We've been having it since Monday.
BobS: SO!!!! yoru weathermen are just as "dumb" as ours about the coming weather, eh??????
rich: according to our weather guy, there's something unusual going on in our area that has thrown them for a loop
rich: they wre calling for six days of continuous rain, then bingo! - the sun came out
Guy on Athlon: Let's say they can't predict when it's sunny.
BobS: hey Guy what's the weather for the weekend in Chicago and parts south??????
rich: well, they did have an alibi, though it's kinda complex
Guy on Athlon: Sun was hazy here until the rain came back when I walked the dog.
rich: long as it's dry at Indianapolis and Charlotte on Sunday, I'll be happy
Guy on Athlon: Still on the cool side through the weekend. With some periods of rain.
BobS: headed for Indy for the weekend myself Richard and don't really want rain :-(
rich: oh, the city or the race?
Guy on Athlon: The best thing would be a warm and sunny day for the Indy 500.
rich: actually, you want cool air for the engines and sun to make the track hot and sticky
Guy on Athlon: Then again a slick race track is prime for more crashes.
rich: besides, with every body the heat equivalent of a 100 watt bulb, some natural air conditioning would be real welcome, I figure
Guy on Athlon: That would indeed.
rich: anyway, Bob, are you actually attending teh race?
Guy on Athlon: Hopefully I will have my updated webpage up shortly, along with some new VBScript programs. I finished the pages last weekend.
BobS: nope, just hap[pen to be hter for the weekend, on Tuesday we pick up monitors west of INDY
rich: reckon you'll have lots of fun with the traffic
Guy on Athlon: Especially on the Interstate.
rich: hope you've got a place to stay; things will be pretty booked up
BobS: EVERYBODY (almost) gets out of a motorhome's way.........
BobS: yup
Guy on Athlon: Rich, you forgot that Bob had that, didn't you?
rich: well, the Class As are intimidating, but these days a Class C isn't quite so fear-inducing
rich: and no, Guy, I assumed Bob would be using the motorhome
rich: he has bulky cargo to carry and as far as I know lacks a suitable truck
BobS: motorhome is truck!
Guy on Athlon: Ok, I figured you remembered.
Guy on Athlon: Bob, how long will it take you to get there?
BobS: Guy, from the front, we are just as imposing in the rear view mirror as a truck or class A
BobS: 2 days
BobS: leaving tomorrow eve with Doug & Meeka and hit Indy by Sat late
rich: gee, I can't intimidate hardly anyone with my truck
Guy on Athlon: I take it you be camping too.
rich: of course this is Toronto where you can't even intimidate little old ladies on push bikes
Guy on Athlon: Jeanene is heading to the Indiana Dunes with her girlfriend and if this weather remains cool, she won't be going swimming at all.
rich: you mean the lake will have warmed up for swimming this early in the year?
Guy on Athlon: I don
rich: sheesh, we've barely got the ice out of the harbour
BobS: staying anywhere we can find.....Walmart, church lot, etc
Guy on Athlon: I don't think they let anyone in the water with the temps being cool. The beach should be open though.
BobS: maybe Sun and Mon eves we can get into a campground
BobS: where the wind blows, that's where we will be
rich: yes, you're self-contained, one of the advantages of a motorhome over a trailer
BobS: absolutely and we LUV it
Guy on Athlon: And you don't have to worry about a place to stay. You have it right there.
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rich: I'd noticed
changed username to Meeka
BobS: got roof air now and jusput in the mini generator to power it
rich: hi Meeka
Guy on Athlon: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: hello
BobS: got to get a fuel pump yet, but we won't need air this wekend
rich: Pam sends her apologies - otehrs obligations tonight
BobS: hi der!!!!
rich: might turn up but very doubtful
rich: I'd tel Frances about your upgrades, Bob, but she's gone to sleep
rich: or as she would say, just resting her eyes
Guy on Athlon: Meeka, I'll be putting up my updated webpages over the weekend with a link to your website.
BobS: SLEEP!!!!!!!
Meeka: thanks. I have been working on more pictures, but time is something I don't seem to have a lot of lately
rich: it's one of those things you find out about in your old age, Bob
BobS: "what" is time??????????
Meeka: the same thing as sleep :-)
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BobS: heck, I done passed that by last year, now I don't even get an after supper nap most of the time
Guy on Athlon: It takes time to get all this together. Let's say it's a long term project.
changed username to Mac Thingie
BobS: Judy cracks the whip nad I just say YES DEAR
rich: hello Ron
BobS: WHO DER?????
Mac Thingie: evening
Meeka: ha ha
Meeka: hi ron
Guy on Athlon: Hi Ron. We have a Mac and an Athlon tonight.
Mac Thingie: hows all?
BobS: Ron from 'Vouver!!!!
Mac Thingie: yeah
Mac Thingie: where the sun shines brilliantly
rich: yeah, we're getting all your rain on this side of the mountains
Mac Thingie: oh, sorry
rich: like us to send some back so you can run your hydro plants?
Mac Thingie: this is true
BobS changed username to ADAM 586
rich: we had getting on for 2-1/2 inches of rain overnight, and more coming in the next 36 hours
Mac Thingie: Couldn't have happened to a nicer place, Rich
Guy on Athlon: I guess we will be too then.
ADAM 586: Toronto NEEDS it! been kinda dry, no??????
rich: no, actually we've had a fairly pleasant if cool spring
rich: few times when I thought Ma Nature's car wash was getting lazy
rich: but eventually she came through
Mac Thingie: They're rationing water in Victoria
Guy on Athlon: We had some warm days here in Chicago, until this week.
Mac Thingie: no watering of lawns, no swimming
rich: now its all getting soaked up by the grass - man, you can see it growing as you watch
Mac Thingie: if you got a pool in yer back yard, tough
ADAM 586: in Victoria???????? ......surrounded by water.........
Mac Thingie: exactly
rich: it's salt water
ADAM 586: grass ame here Rich
rich: and besides, they dump all their sewage in it - raw
ADAM 586: well lpump it into the pool..........won't get algae very quick either
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ADAM 586: YUCK!!!!!
changed username to Scott
rich: hi Scott
Guy on Athlon: Hi Scott. All through with school?
Mac Thingie: ah, the student
rich: nice you could make it again tonight - school easing a bit?
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changed username to james
rich: good morning james
ADAM 586: "the illustrious and always jolly Scott Gordon".........
james: morning
Guy on Athlon: Hi James, wondering if you were going to get here.
ADAM 586: and now from Japan, straight from school..........
james: i made it :)
ADAM 586: no, james....evening! ;-)
Mac Thingie: the man from the west.....(or is it the east?)
Mac Thingie: Hi James
rich: it all depends on whare you sit, Bob!
james: that you ron?
Mac Thingie: yeah
rich: everyone has to have a funny handle tonight, james
rich: gofigure
Mac Thingie: large as life, twice as ugly
james: yeah. i'll stick with mine though :)
rich: as you'll notice, I tend to sympathize with that
ADAM 586: I am sitting in ther basement Rich
Meeka: me too
james: :D
rich: family gathering, plotting moe computer pushing
Mac Thingie: strategy session
ADAM 586 changed username to ADAM 586 BobS
Scott: Hey, I'm online! Hi, all!!
Scott: I just finished up a class tonight.
ADAM 586 BobS: happy gang????? :-(
rich: what's the matter, Scott, get on and then fall off?
Scott: It was a lightweight class - Intro to the Internet.
Scott: Just doing two things at once.
Guy on Athlon: Scott, we were wondering if you were awake. How did your exams go?
rich: oh, now you found out about it, they want you to practice, right?
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Meeka: better
Scott: Great. Got straight A's. No problemo.
Guy on Athlon: Good going.
Mac Thingie: congrats Scott
Scott: But CISCO's gonna be a real challenge.
rich: way to go, Scott
Scott: It's got me a little worried.
ADAM 586 BobS: Cool Scott!!!!!!
Guy on Athlon: I think you will do fine Scott. Challenge is the best part.
rich: if it weren't such a challenge it wouldn't get you such big bucks when you finish it
Scott: Yeah, big bucks. One day, hopefully!
Guy on Athlon: It keeps your mind going. I do that alot when I programming.
rich: skills always pay off, Scott. And tomorrow comes real quickly
Scott: I got no skillz!
Meeka: doug says that CISCO is easy. He works with it at work
rich: that's OK, just let the school deliver them to you - they will
Guy on Athlon: There you go Scott.
Scott: CISCO. Easy? I hope so...
rich: ha, I'm still trying to figure out why my new software makes my computer act funny - inconsistently
Guy on Athlon: My company is using Oracle for our databases.
james: does it have the letters "ms" on it anywhere?
Meeka: you have to remember wqe are talking about the boy with the computer in his brain though. :-)
rich: not my troublemaker
Scott: MS CISCO? MS Oracle??
Scott: Frightening thought!
james: let's hope not. ever.
Guy on Athlon: Microsoft, fortunately has no connection to them. Thank heavens.
rich: not frightening - terrifying!!!
Meeka: he comes home from working onm computers at work and then plugs in from dinner time til bed time
james: i'd take them over ntt though.
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changed username to WB
Guy on Athlon: It's bad enough what I heard with this next version of Windows coming out.
Guy on Athlon: Hi WB.
rich: by the way, now AOL is jacking up its prices again, aren't you guys glad you're on core?
rich: hello Willie
ADAM 586 BobS: whoa Wille B !!!!!!
Meeka: witch version guyy?
WB: Hello All!
ADAM 586 BobS: got aCROWD tonight!
Guy on Athlon: Amen on that Rich. ATT and Earthlink are considering raising their rates too.
Guy on Athlon: Windows XP Meeka.
Scott: Rate hike? Booo...
ADAM 586 BobS: heard that on the news tonight.....WHY NOT???? got half the wrold "thinking" they are the best, now stick it to 'em
rich: meantime, at least on dialup, rates here are still going down
james: xp? what the hell is that supposed to mean?
james: thanks rich. i feel much better hearing *that*
rich: james, you won't want to know
ADAM 586 BobS: a GOTTA HAVE progrm james
Guy on Athlon: Netzero you get unlimited Internet without the ads for $9.95.
Meeka: Doug says that he has heard that XP has about as nuch problems as ME
rich: it's the latest Windows - the one you have to phone up Seattle before you can run it
ADAM 586 BobS: oh yea Guy???????
rich: and don't even ask what happens if you crash and have to reinstall
james: screw that. i'll get a mac before i buy another version of windows. i've had enough.
ADAM 586 BobS: buy another cpu!
rich: well, now that it's Unix based, write Steve Jobs and tell him to port OS-X to Wintel machines
Guy on Athlon: I got my July issue of Practical Windows and you guys might not like what your going to hear. Microsoft is going to try to take over the Internet.
rich: Guy, this isn't news
Meeka: what else is new
james: yeah, they tried that like 10 years ago.
james: the net's too big, even for ms.
ADAM 586 BobS: won't work Guy, Bill is loaded wiht cash, but that won't do it!
rich: more to the point, it's infested with bloody-minded heretics
Guy on Athlon: Oh a friend of mine and I were saying that this is the only thing Bill Gates does not have and if he succeeds on this. I'm sure the Feds will here about it.
james: i don't care how rich he is, he can kiss my ass.
rich: my perception is that Mr. Gates is going to get his face broken on this one
WB: The Feds may hear about it but the politics have changed
Guy on Athlon: Just be careful if you decide to upgrade to WinXP. I'm sticking to what I've got.
rich: I don't think his remote-control XP is going to work
rich: and I think there are enough free spirits on the internet to sabotage him there
Scott: XP = Xceptionally Pricey?
james: nope. having to dial in for an install will just piss people off and turn them onto something else *or*
Guy on Athlon: And Office XP is going out a week from tomorrow.
james: it'll be about a week until someone cracks it.
rich: I'm shopping for a new computer just to have an up to date home for Win98/2
james: win98 is garbage. i've been using it for almost a year and i hate it.
Guy on Athlon: Use Win98 Rich. I heard WinME has so many problems.
rich: yeah, I'm sort of surprised no one has craqcked it already
Scott: James - interesting article!
james: which one?
Scott: The one on using a PC power supply.
Guy on Athlon: I'm using Win95 OSR 2.1 on the Athlon.
james: like that eh :)
rich: I need to go to Win98 to use USB
james: rich - which version of 95 are you using? some versions can support usb.
Guy on Athlon: If you're lucky to find a Windows 95 with USB support. Get it.
james: though getting it to work can be painful
rich: yes, there is a USB supplement, but it is very limited and not especially reliable
james: somewhat like the os itself then.
james: you going to modify a power supply scott?
Scott: Yes, once I find a little time.
rich: well, knock wood, I haven't had a significant Win95 crash for months
ADAM 586 BobS: yes, James, visited the site early this week.....IMPRESSIVE !!!! pat...pat...pat on your back
Guy on Athlon: I had to install a USB supplement to get mine to work. But, after I got everything worked out. It's great.
Scott: Got another class beginning next Wednesday.
Guy on Athlon: Fortunately, I had that with my AGP card and the computer.
rich: at the moment, USB in 95 would conflict with some of my security software
james: thanks :) now all i need is a dedicated supply. i've got all these people promising supplies and not a single delivery yet.
Meeka: be back in a minute
rich: Bob, Frances woke up and says neat on the a/c and generator
Guy on Athlon: Win95 should be able to determine what IRQ's are free in your system for it to work properly.
ADAM 586 BobS: I think it will work out beautifully
rich: no, there's an inherent problem in SurfinGuardPro with Win95/USB
rich: the conflict do3esn't exist with Win 98 USB
ADAM 586 BobS: 1800 watt generator and a small ac unit
Guy on Athlon: Can you disable the software Rich?
rich: yes, but then I,m at the mercy of the internet vandals
Guy on Athlon: Oh, you have a firewall then, right?
ADAM 586 BobS: WILLIE, kinda quiet there lad!
Mac Thingie: Am about to buy a router for the iMac here
rich: yes, sort of a supplement to my firewall and anti-virus, actually
james: if anyone is curious i've also started putting put pictures from our trip to canada. it's about 1/3 done.
rich: it creates a playpen for active content to work in
Guy on Athlon: Why would that interfere with USB?
rich: then locks the gate if it tries to get out and do naughty things
Meeka: i'm back. what did I miss?
rich: about three differnt cross conversations, Meeka
WB: Actually Apple could have provided Microsoft with competition if It had poted its OS to other machines
Meeka: that's normal
Mac Thingie: Meeka, what's your web site address?
Mac Thingie: I'm looking at
Guy on Athlon: That would be something if that happened.
james: wish they would. i'd buy it.
Mac Thingie: just filled out one horrendous questionnaire
Mac Thingie: they now know everything about me
Meeka: you need to use http:// the www. will NOT work
rich: well, with a Unix kernel they should have the possibility
Meeka: something about the way Doug set it up
rich: now how do we all convince them to try it?
james: you'd think the potential market would be enough.
WB: Unfortunately Apple instead went and kill every other GUI OS that came up with lawsuits
Mac Thingie: ok
james: think - you get all these people fed up with windows who want a change. they buy, try and a bunch of them even like it.
Mac Thingie: My Points?
Guy on Athlon: Gem was one of them if I'm right.
james: then, when they upgrade, they might get a mac. it would be a very smart thing for them to do.
WB: Gem, and HP Newwave
Mac Thingie: um.....well!
rich: tell Steve Jobs, maybe you can convince him
Guy on Athlon: Think that's what IBM was trying with OS/2.
rich: he's the guy who makes those decisions, after all
james: yeah, i've misplaced his phone number. you have it?
WB: Except Microsoft wrote OS/2
james: wasn't that ibm or was it subcontracted?
Guy on Athlon: They did? I thought IBM did.
WB: no, Microsoft was writing OS/2 for IBM.
rich: no, Microsoft used to write for everyone - the Amiga OS was done by them
Guy on Athlon: Now IBM is convincing everyone who buys their PC's to try Linux.
WB: Microsoft decided to come out with Windows and gave the code to OS/2 to IBM
rich: no - t4rying to convince them. There's a difference
james: i tried linux, and to be honest, unless you're doing networking etc, it's not very useful. i do a lot of productivity and it
james: just doesn'T meet my needs.
rich: but the way he's carrying on, bet Bill Gates convinces them to try Linux
WB: Linux is great on the server side, but has miles to go on the client side.
Guy on Athlon: If Linux continues to grow, then it present a challenge to Microsoft.
Mac Thingie: have to agree
rich: I haver the Corel Linux CD but haven't installed it yet
james: yeah - now what do we do about walmart? :D
(Guy on Athlon laughs heartily)
WB: The main sticking point with Linux is its lack of games which is a major selling point for people buying computers
rich: Go TargET Go
Mac Thingie: one is being built in our town even as we speak
WB: the number one use of computers is games
rich: for Ron, Go Zellers Go
WB: or entertaiment
james: funny, i don't play games. my problem with linux is there's nothing for getting things done.
Mac Thingie: we already got one of them
Guy on Athlon: How many companies have Linux now? Anyone know?
james: i need corel, word, a properly working scanner and printer driver etc..
rich: james, if you can afford the internet time, download Star Office - it's free
james: is that for linux?
rich: and it runs under Linux - really neat full office suite
james: will try to remember that.
Mac Thingie: either Wintel or linux there are versions for both
rich: there are Linux and Win flavours
WB: Actually there is a great deal of productivity software for Linux, the only problem is will it run on the distribution you are using
james: the other thing i need for linux is support for japanese true type fonts.
Guy on Athlon: Star Office I heard about. That would be as good as Office 97.
Mac Thingie: They're available James. In fact most distributions provide them as part of the package
WB: There are many favors of Linux, only one Kernel but many distributions by different companies
rich: if you order the CD it has versions for several OSs on it
james: plus the benefit of no stupid paper clips or dolphins.
rich: spend some time on and see what freebies you can find
WB: The only drawbackm of star office is its lack of a database
Guy on Athlon: I know you can download it for free, but you need a CDR in order to install it.
rich: it may change your tune about lacking productivity software in a hurry
Mac Thingie: There's better than Star Office now
james: anyways, speaking of affording internet time, i should get going. pics of the canada trip are up now (not all of them) if you want
james: to take a look.
Mac Thingie: KDE has their own office suite
rich: Will look later on, james. Should be great
WB: the download for Star office is 56 MB
james: thanks :)
Guy on Athlon: Whoa, that would take all day to download that.
Mac Thingie: will go look
james: wb - ouch. it would be cheaper for me to order the cd
rich: go to and you can - just pay shipping
WB: KDE or Grome are the two interfaces for Linux. KDE is the more polished of the two.
james: bye all!
rich: see you james
james: *poof*
Guy on Athlon: Bye James.
WB: bye james
Mac Thingie: agree WB
james left chat session
Mac Thingie: niters James.... or whatever the hell time it is
rich: aren't Corel offering WordPerfect suite for free for Linux?
WB: The problem with Windows is that MS never gets the OS rock stable before another edition comes out
Mac Thingie: yes
WB: Yes you can get WordPerfect suite for free
Mac Thingie: only trouble with Corel is that if you're using any legacy equipment whatever, like an old mointor or network card
Mac Thingie: it probably won't recognize it
WB: Still a very large download
rich: well, I've heard they get the business versioins pretty stable - NT and successors
Guy on Athlon: Got a question for you all. I have a new keyboard for the Athlon and it has an FN button to program the Function keys. It looks like it ties into the Intenet. Does anyone have this type of keyboard.
Mac Thingie: You're ok as long as you can stay with the automatic install
rich: doesn't it come with docs?
WB: NT has always been pretty stabel. Most business get extremely upset if their OS crashes evry hour on the hour
Mac Thingie: cannot help Guy
Mac Thingie: no new keyboards around here
Guy on Athlon: Unfortunately, the book on it doesn't have anything on it.
rich: yeah, I'd got that impression, WB!!!
Meeka: we have the genuine ms websurfer keyboards
rich: sounds vaguely obscene, Meeka
Mac Thingie: There is an increasing gap in the usefulness of user manuals
Guy on Athlon: The name of the keyboard is Turbo Xwing.
Mac Thingie: just sent Apple a rant about their unwillingness to provide a user manual
Meeka: sorry.
Mac Thingie: becoming a pet peeve
WB: Also NT does not have to deal with all the different configurations that you may find in at home with having to support old equipment.
ADAM 586 BobS: nope
Guy on Athlon: I do have three new key buttons. Power, Sleep, Wake.
WB: Most businesses by in bulk. There most of the equipment is the same.
rich: and it doesn't have many "goodies" consumers seem to consider essential
rich: and they don't buy sond cards for MP3 or video cards for games and streaming video, and like that
WB: I have to be going home now. See you next week or hopefully Saturday. Goodnight.
Guy on Athlon: Bye WB.
Meeka: bye
rich: Look for you, WB, Gkad you came by'
WB left chat session
Mac Thingie: see ya WB
rich: Scott, surprised you wren't in the discussion
Mac Thingie: I'm afraid my esteem for computer manufacturers is currently at an all time low
rich: and sinking fast?
Mac Thingie: right
Mac Thingie: they don't respond
rich: restore your optimism - haul out the old C64
Mac Thingie: don't got one no more
rich: shame - no wonder you're losing your sense of scale
Guy on Athlon: Just read article that the reason PC sales are down are alot of people are keeping their old systems for awhile longer.
Mac Thingie: ya
Mac Thingie: faceless corporate entities
rich: why not? even my old 166MMX has more power than anyone can rationally use
Guy on Athlon: Even though this new PC is very fast and powerful. I still use the P133 for most of my work.
ADAM 586 BobS: true rich
ADAM 586 BobS: fastest thing i got is a 133
rich: right. Guy, what rational explanation do you have for buying the Athlon?
ADAM 586 BobS: and iot works fine
Guy on Athlon: For the Internet and some of the newer games that can benefit the extra speed and memory.
Mac Thingie: Just finished upgrading the iMac to 256 Meg RAM
Mac Thingie: the fewer grey cells I have, the more memory the computer has to have
rich: in short, Guy and Ron, nothing useful, just toys
rich: same reason I'm shopping for an Athlon
Mac Thingie: yup
Mac Thingie: manufactured by faceless corporate entities
Mac Thingie: who want to know my spending habits, the details of my sex life, how many times my grandmother sneezed in 1834
Guy on Athlon: And you forgot one more thing Rich. Word processing.
rich: w/p? I do that on the Adam
Guy on Athlon: I just learned that the Corel Wordperfect Suite 8 I got is a network version.
Mac Thingie: lets hear it for VDE
ADAM 586 BobS: KISS.....keep it simple kids
Mac Thingie: that's right Bob
Guy on Athlon: At least you can do simple things with the Adam. If you need to add clipart then you need something more powerful.
rich: how about Speedywrite?
Mac Thingie: lately my experience of computers has consisted largely of installing and uninstalling software
ADAM 586 BobS: I LUV to work on the ADAM for things it ill do
Mac Thingie: think I'm gonna have to go back there for a while
Mac Thingie: to the ADAM that is
Guy on Athlon: I should do the same. I
ADAM 586 BobS: monkeying!!! what you learned onthe ADAM.........
Guy on Athlon: I'm even cataloging my videotapes with Smartfiler.
Mac Thingie: everytime I monkey these days, something catches fire
ADAM 586 BobS: it is so much easier than even win95's notepad!
ADAM 586 BobS: :-)
rich: it's those pushpins, Ron
rich: you need to buy the higher grade
Mac Thingie: indeed
Mac Thingie: It's just that there seems to be so much rampant commercialism
Meeka: naw, they aer just getting back at him for hauling some of them away ;-)
Guy on Athlon: Even though I found a Dos version of Dbase that someone was throwing out. I can use it.
Mac Thingie: I got DBase IV here
Mac Thingie: on 5-1/4'2
Mac Thingie: 1/4's
Guy on Athlon: Yep, that's what I got that someone was throwing out. Has all the manuels.
Mac Thingie: But then, life goes on
Mac Thingie: neat eh?
rich: how are you finding abiword for word processing, Ron?
Guy on Athlon: At least when I'm ready to tackle MS Access again. It can read Dbase files.
Mac Thingie: haven't used it Rich. Seems like everytime I boot the P200 I go to the Gates World. Must take the other fork in the road to where it's installed
Meeka: well, had better go. need to make sure I have things together for this weekend and the dog wants to go out.
Mac Thingie: who let the dog out!
rich: see you next week, Meeka. Take it easy
Guy on Athlon: Bye Meeka.
Mac Thingie: take care Meeka. Wring Doug's neck for me
ADAM 586 BobS: see ya tomorrow Meeka
(A dog howls in the distance)
Meeka: ok. any particular reason, or just for the fun of it?
Guy on Athlon: That's my dog doing that.
Mac Thingie: just because there MIGHT be a reason
Meeka: ok. works for me. see ya later
Mac Thingie: yup
Meeka left chat session
rich: got a note from Rob Freidman Sunday asking about the chats
Mac Thingie: must get onto the airline people
rich: thought he might like to participate
Mac Thingie: keep thinking about it
rich: so I invited him tonight but he seems to have forgotten, or missed
Guy on Athlon: Boy, it's been a long time that we heard from him.
Mac Thingie: really eh?
rich: yes, nice to know he's still interested
rich: by the way, no one showed up for the chat Saturday
Mac Thingie: Should be there this coming, all being well and the crik don't rise
rich: good, I'm beginning to get lonesome there
ADAM 586 BobS: Rob does NOT want ot leave CompuServe for some misplaced loyalty reason
Guy on Athlon: I would have made it. But, I was transfering a file using DCC and Dialup networking would not allow me to go on while that was going.
rich: maybe the latest price increase will chanmge his mind
ADAM 586 BobS: busy arounf here man
Mac Thingie: yeah, Rich.... son Jeff and girlfriend were here for weekend last, we ended up touring
ADAM 586 BobS: be on the road on Sat
rich: just have to find a campground with a modem connect, Bobn
Mac Thingie: just lying there..... on the road
Guy on Athlon: I'll try to be there this Saturday. Lucky I'm off Monday.
rich: right, Memorial Day for you, isn't it?
Guy on Athlon: Right you are.
rich: we just had our long weekend, Victoria Day
Mac Thingie: saw more waterfalls on Vancouver Island than I knew existed
Mac Thingie: this past weekend
rich: this year the 24th of May came on the 21st (Canadian joke)
Guy on Athlon: Then I start counting the days until my first vacation week.
Mac Thingie: where do you work Guy?
Guy on Athlon: In Evanston, that's north from North Riverside.
Mac Thingie: doing?
Guy on Athlon: I'm a Data Assistant.
Mac Thingie: ok
Guy on Athlon: But, I also assist in some computer problems every now and then. Sometimes, taking a load off our systems dept.
Mac Thingie: sounds good
Guy on Athlon: Just had my review and it was far better than I expected it would be.
Mac Thingie: they like you eh?
rich: very encouraging, Guy - good reviews get scarce when the economy is softening
Mac Thingie: change of subject.
Guy on Athlon: Well, in my case. My dept will have more work due to some new changes that were made. And that will mean more overtime.
Mac Thingie: What was James' website URL?
Mac Thingie: anybody know?
Mac Thingie: thank you sir
rich: sorry
Guy on Athlon: Well, I'm going to go here. I'll try to be there this Saturday. Bye then. Bob have a safe trip down to Indy.
Mac Thingie: thought I'd written it down
Mac Thingie: niters Guy
Mac Thingie: take care
rich: hold on a sec - maybe I can get it
Guy on Athlon left chat session
rich: see you Guy
ADAM 586 BobS: don't have it here, it is on the laptop
ADAM 586 BobS: will do Guy
Mac Thingie: somebody e-mail it to me
ADAM 586 BobS: gotta leave here also boys!
Mac Thingie: stay cool Bob
Mac Thingie: be well
ADAM 586 BobS: will see ya on Wed next IF the motorhome makes it and I don't jump ship and disappear! ;-)
Mac Thingie: naw
ADAM 586 BobS: +poof+
Mac Thingie: we are left
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to "Crash"
Mac Thingie: hey! Crash!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to "Crash"
"Crash": sorry - my computer froze up totally
Mac Thingie: aha
"Crash": anyway, james is at:
"Crash": yes, it didn't like multitasking when I was in a Java applet
Mac Thingie: .jp?
"Crash": test
"Crash": no, not jp. tv. don't ask. i dunno
Mac Thingie: Ok....
Mac Thingie: thank you sir
Mac Thingie: I shall away now
"Crash": anyway, this think seems to be in instability mode right now. think I'd better quit while I'm ahead
Mac Thingie: see you Sat hopefully
Mac Thingie: right
Mac Thingie: later
"Crash": I'll be hopeful you'll be there
"Crash": night then
Mac Thingie: shall sure try
Mac Thingie: 'poof
Mac Thingie left chat session
"Crash" left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi, you're still here
Pamela: Hello?
Pamela left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Let
Pamela: s try this again are you there?
Pamela: Guess not
Pamela left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
changed username to <undefined>
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
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changed username to rich > chat > 2001-05-23
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