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james: i'm early. i'm early. i'm early.
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changed username to rich
james: hi rich :)
james: beat you here today ;)
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changed username to rich
james: how's it going?
rich: hi james sorry I crashed out before
james: no prob :)
james: phone people are here today - brb.
rich: not for you - but I'm unhappy about it!
rich: don't know why but the last few days Opera has become a bit temperamental
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone!!!
rich: hi Guy james is just away for a second
rich: I was just complaining about Opera getting sulky
james: phone people tell me they'll be finished in 15 minutes.
Guy B.: What's wrong with it?
rich: trust that means you don't have to get offline meanwhile, james
rich: don't know - it has taken up crashing every once in a while
Guy B.: Do you have other programs running?
rich: may be a conflict with the chat applett - that's where I use Opera mostly
Guy B.: I guess Netscape is giving you a hard time with too, then.
rich: no, I am not much one for multitasking
james: i'll be around for awhile. they're installing the phone line for the school.
rich: and come to think of it, I've had some weird behaviour from teh otehr browsers too when I'm in an applet-governed mode
Guy B.: How's the planning for the new system coming?
rich: put out the request for quotation today
rich: found a way to get around the height problem
Guy B.: That Philips CD-RW drive I bought at Best Buy last Saturday. Was advertised in Sunday's paper. It's going for $129.99 then it has two rebates, a $10 Instant Rebate and a $30 mail in rebate. So the price after the rebates would be $79.99. I got the drive at that price Without the rebates. So I did pretty good.
james: you have a height problem?
Guy B.: How did you work around that?
rich: the space within my desk was a little small for most cases today, james
rich: finally discovered that the top shelf was removable
james: yeah, they keep getting bigger. i've had problems with the width on them before.
james: now they go and put refridgeration units for the cpu in them. one more thing to go wrong.
rich: I have 9-1/2 inches to play with on width, so I'm OK on that with 95% of teh market from what I can see
Guy B.: I got through setting up another computer that we brought back from Bob's house on Monday. The tower was too big for the desk, so it is sitting on the right side of the desk.
rich: well, not refrigeration units, but they want an extra case fan, and a CPU fan, and some want memory and hard disc fans as well
james: yeah, won't be long before you need a 500w power supply. oh speaking of which - guy, do you or bob have an extra power supply
rich: I won't mind a higher tower; it will give me more workspace inside
james: you don't need?
rich: better air circulation, too
james: friend of mine has been promising me one for three weeks now and i've given up on him.
rich: yes, AMD recommend 300w for the Athlon
Guy B.: They still make big towers. I have a midsize tower that has 4 5 1/4 drive bays and 4 3 1/2 drive bays. Three internal, one external.
rich: and that's with the tacit assumption the USB peripherals will have their own power supplies
Guy B.: I believe that's what I have for my power supply.
rich: I need at least two external 3-1/2s - floppy plus LS120
james: crazy. i bet the adam barely uses 50 watts even with the tape drives going.
rich: actually I think it's rated 80 watts but that doesn't say they're all used
james: interesting.
Guy B.: I wonder myself James. After all these years we had our Adam's. It's surprizing that it does run all that.
rich: when you realize most of the new internals are running at 3.3 volts, what does that say about their amp draw?
james: i figure even with a hard drive, i could get away with a 150w power supply.
james: it's no wonder they get so damn hot.
rich: the MI hard drives for teh Adam use the same power supply "bricks" as the floppies
Guy B.: I remember when Bob showed us how to hook one up to the Adam power supply cable at Adamcon 10.
james: you mean a hard drive?
Guy B.: Yes, a hard drive.
rich: what's possible isn't always what's prudent
james: i tried that. i guess there's not enough juice over here because it wouldn't fully spin up.
james: guy - have you seen my power supply adam pages?
james: brb
Guy B.: But, not everyone including would do that. Yes, I did James. I even remember someone having done the same thing at Adamcon 07. How's that working out?
rich: guess the phone folks are onto james again
Guy B.: Maybe they want him to try the line out.
rich: I'm sure he'll show his appreciation for the fine efforts of NTT
rich: I remember Mark Gordon talking about those big 1 meg memory cards
james: the phone people don't have their own phone to test the line. i'll be back. guy - power supply connections work great.
rich: didn't say they were hot, but remarked he could fry his breakfast bacon over them
Guy B.: Oh yes. I remember that too.
james: all i need now is a dedicated supply so i can put my pc back together.
james: be back soon.
Guy B.: Ok! We'll be here.
rich: wonder how many of the otehrs we'll get - Pamela didn't say what she'd be on to tonight
rich: but her girl friend just had a baby daughter, and she can't get over there till tomorrow night
rich: so she must have something pretty heavy on the agenda tonight
Guy B.: I'm going to open the case on the 486 and see what type of battery I have in it. I found a place on the web that carries the battery that I might have. I'm going to use that for Adamserve.
Guy B.: Hmm. Pam's time is getting pretty busy now.
rich: thought there was a sort of generic battery you could just clip on the terminals and hang on the case with velcro
rich: well, she puts in a lot of time at the office
rich: and with Russell's odd shifts, they have to make the most of their time together
Guy B.: I have 386 that has that connection. But, I'm taking the drives out that and scrapping that. The 486 doesn't have that kind of a plug.
rich: I think the clip-on batteries came to be because the computer shops wanted such outrageous prices for original replacement batteries
Guy B.: And some of the batteries are soldered onto the motherboards.
rich: that stopped when the computer writers just told folks to look for that and don't buy any boards set up that way
rich: judging by how quickly soldered batteries vanished from the market, word spread fast
Guy B.: At least the P133 doesn't have that type of a battery. I just got a new anti-virus program for that. It's called Inoculate Personal Edition. And it's free.
rich: that's a real oldie that's been floating around for a long time
rich: one racket is to find an old but still sealed copy of McAfee Virus Scan
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rich: they offer free upgrade onmline to the latest version for 3 or 6 months after purchase
Guy B.: They just upgraded the version to 5.2. Oh, by the way, I sucessfully installed Corel Wordperfect Suite 8 on the Athlon. Using Direct Cable Connection worked.
changed username to nick
rich: hello nick
Guy B.: Hi Nick.
nick: hi everyone
james: i've just read through the rest of the conversation.
rich: must be getting old, Nick - can't place you
james: guy - that 386 you're scrapping, are you keeping the power supply?
nick: this must not be rich d.
james: hi nick :)
Guy B.: No, you need it?
rich: nope, it's rich c. Dr. D. doesn't make it on often
nick: i am the nick from way back when that started BASIC with herman
james: *yes* a friend of mine has been promising me a supply for three weeks now and still hasn't gotten around to sending it so i gave up.
rich: terrific! we going to have the pleasure of your company at Adamcon in July?
james: does it have a -5v, +5v and +12v connection and at least one hd connector?
Guy B.: It's not very big power supply. When I take out the drives, I'll see what the wattage is.
nick: hopefully, that s the same week i am going to new york on vacation, if i am back in time i will be there
james: thanks - i'm going to use it for the adam so i don't need alot.
Guy B.: James, what's your e-mail address?
rich: well, even if you can only drop in for one day, by all means do
rich: you going to NY city or state?
nick: most definatly, it has been a long time
james: it's
james: long enough eh..
nick: ny state, chautauqua lake
rich: nice country up there in the northwest corner
nick: we love it
rich: though personally I'd expect about October to be Chataqua at its best
Guy B.: Ok, got it. I'll let you know what connectors are on the power supply when I take it apart. Hopefully this weekend.
rich: that's getting to be pretty serious wine country now
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james: i'm guessing there should be a -5v connector one one of the motherboard leads.
nick: yea it is nice that time of tear but the kids like to take the boat out for water sports and such
changed username to WB
Guy B.: Hi Willie.
WB: Hello all!
nick: hi
rich: hi willie, now we have two from Chicago
james: hi willie :D
rich: nick is one of the founding members of BASIC
nick: we had a lot of fun starting that and the freenet adam sig up
rich: I'll be going through that area, nick, when I come over to Cleveland for the CART race
nick: i went to the race for the first time last year and thought it was great
rich: we have tickets for row 7 in the grandstand overlooking the chicane into the finishing straight
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changed username to BobS
nick: those should be nice seats, i haven''t got mine yet, but should get them soon, i have a friend with "connections"
rich: gangs all here! hi bob
BobS: HEY ya'll
Guy B.: Hi Bob, How was Indy?
WB: Hello Bob!
james: hey bob :)
rich: hey, how did you=all like those Indy results?
BobS: Infy was a BREEZW were traversing the freways all day and no problems
rich: CART entries finished 1-2-3-4-5-6, the few IRLs that made it to the finsih didn't have one on the lead lap
BobS: all I heard was pole sitter blew it anda rookie won it
Guy B.: I was surprised myself on that.
rich: hey, there's real open wheel racing and there's the IRL
rich: you want to see a REAL race, join nick and I at Cleveland
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
james confirmed ban
rich confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich: got rid of your evil twin, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, I lost my window. I'm back.
BobS: the only reference in Indy to the race at aLL was a sign directing you to go around the top of Indy to get to the raceway
BobS: other than that nothing hardly at all
WB confirmed ban
rich: apparently the race day crowd was good, but qualifying only drew about a tenth of usual
rich: they also said hotel bookings were thin
BobS: well they tore trhe whole business aPART A FW YEARS BACK DIDN[T THEY?
Guy B.: Bob, did it rain there in Indy on Saturday?
BobS: don't quite know about hat, but.....
james: i'm going to have to go soon. i need to buy a phone and my wife is in the hospital.
rich: after that result, amybe folks are beginning to realize the track may be something, but the league ain't
BobS: rained everyday off and on thru the day until Tursday
Guy B.: Hope she's doing better James.
BobS: hope nothing serious james!
rich: our best wishes to her, james. look after her well
james: she's fine. she went in on monday and had surgery yesterday and should be out by saturday.
BobS: good!!!!
Guy B.: That's good.
rich: sounds minor, trust it will stay that way
james: relatively minor. it's supposed to increase our chances at getting pregnant.
rich: we'll keep our fingers crossed for you two, james
Guy B.: That's good, I hope that works out for the both of you.
james: thanks!
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BobS: now quit worrying and have fun!!!!! will help....
changed username to Ron
Ron: Ok
rich: hello Ron, how's the wet coast?
Ron: Linux works
james: hi ron! bye ron!
james: bye all!
Ron: today it is living up to its name
rich: niters, james
Ron: Hi James Bye Jame
Ron: s
nick: bye
WB: bye
james left chat session
Guy B.: Bye James.
BobS: and I blinked and he was gone
Ron: like a thief in the night
rich: well, serves you right for getting here so late, Bob
BobS: solly cholly
Guy B.: Brb. A light bulb burned out in tye kitchen. Hi Ron.
rich: Guy and I were talking with him for three quarters of an hour
Ron: I have a search mission for all of you
Ron: a while back someone sent on the ADAM list
rich: oh goody, just what we need
Ron: a request for a TDOS boot disk
Ron: told him I would need to be reminded, and true to form
Ron: still haven't done it
Ron: but now I have lost his address
Ron: anybody still got their mail from around March
Ron: ??
rich: if you've got any clues to identify it, I could likely find the message
rich: a name and a date would be very helpful
BobS: MARCH!!!!!!
Ron: no idea even as to first name
rich: and I REFUSE to multi-task out of this applet after what happened last week
BobS: I prolly deleted it from Apr 25th on already
Ron: guess what I'll do is put a msg on the col-adam list and see if hs's still listening
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Ron: don't do it Rich
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back.
rich: any ideas as to subject line, any part of email address, etc?
Guy B.: Hi Pam, you made it.
Pamela: Hi, sorry I'm late
rich: hello daughter - finished watching the tv now?
Ron: was one of the newbies who had just found us, and I believe he lives either in Victoria or Vancouver
Pamela: Wasn't watching TV - the seasons over
WB: Hello Pam
Ron: Hi Pamela
Pamela: Hi, Willy
rich: OK Ron I'll take a peek and forward you the original if I find it
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ron: much appreciated sir.... if you happen to run across it
rich: failing a senior moment, I'll try and look tonight
Ron: gotta find a sure way of backing up some of my mail
Ron: not the junk, but the important stuff
rich: I've heard it can be copied to a floppy, Ron
Pamela: Exactly what I was thinkin
Guy B.: Why not create a seperate folder for the ones you want to keep.
Ron: true, I believe it can know ... 'roundtuits'
Pamela: I told you Ron, for Adamcon
rich: just delete all the others and save what's important -a 320K disc should lap it all up with room to spare
Ron: I have a separate folder for ... Clee, Bona, Slopsema R, Slopsema M.
Pamela: Or Christmas, if I don't get a round to it by then
Ron: etc
Ron: somebody make me a'roundtuit'
Pamela: see above
WB: I have to go now good people! Take care of yourselves!
WB left chat session
Guy B.: Take a weekend to do it.
Pamela: G'nite Willy
rich: OK Willie see you next week I hope
Ron: and you sir. be well
Guy B.: See you Willie.
Pamela: He sure left in a hurry
BobS: must be becasue a GIRL came on
Ron: Even my best friends won't tell me
rich: likely checking in from work, and duty called
BobS: ;-)
Pamela: Don't let the DNA put you off
Ron: yea
rich: shape up Bob, or we;ll tell Mika on you
rich: and she'll tell Judy
Pamela: and so on, and so on
Ron: :)
rich: that seismic effect you feel is Bob shaking in his boots
Pamela: So, how is everyone?
Ron: cold and wet
Ron: but will survive
rich: got our arrangements for the Cleveland race all teede up today
Pamela: Raining, is it?
Ron: Booked my flight coupla days ago
Ron: don't get to Cleveland till 9:05 p.m Thurs night
Guy B.: I took a look at a demo of Office XP which comes out tomorrow. It looks more sophisticated than what I'm using now and get this. It won't work with Windows 95.
Pamela: What race, Dad?
rich: the CART race at Burke Lakefront Airport
rich: Dave is coming up from Phoenix
Pamela: Oh that one, I forgot about it
Ron: hey!
Pamela: What???
rich: FORGOT????? Go sit in the corner with Slopsema!
Pamela: Tremors now coming from Toronto
Pamela: Bob, will you share your corner?
Ron: make room
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: For you, Ron, always
rich: oh, you're not in anyone's bad books, Ron
Guy B.: We got twins.
Ron: wait - shortly will I be there
Pamela: Just don't remove the wrong one
(A dog howls in the distance)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Guy B.: That's Abby.
BobS requested to ban BobS
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, he's one again.
BobS: hope it is only 1th of myself now
Pamela: Reunited, and it feels so good
Ron: this time I voted 'yes'
BobS: my "wonderful" ibm laptop froze to death
Pamela: i hate it when that happens
rich: which part went phhffft?
Guy B.: What!! Not on the desktop tonight?
Pamela: don't you find the keyboard too small for this type of stuff?
BobS: the going somewhaere talkin to ya'll
BobS: was on the desk but came upto accompany my bride witht he grandchild
rich: yes, I can get the keys mixed up real good even on a standard keyboard
Pamela: Bob, are you and Judy gonna do disgusting things like hold hands in public?
BobS: oh we stil fo that yes.........
BobS: still do
Ron: sweet
Pamela: that's so sweet
Pamela: go for it
Pamela: ; )
BobS: ok
BobS: ok
rich: pam, I put out the spec for the new computer today
rich: waiting to hear back from Bruce now
Pamela: Dad, you did get my e-mails about Katherine, right?
Ron: I'm jealous
rich: oh, absolutely, and your mother is thirlled
Pamela: I'd hold your hand Ron but Russell might object
Ron: He certainly would
Pamela: Dad, tell Mom I hope to get out to see her and the baby tomorrow night and will take pics
rich: yes, that was in your second email so she knows
rich: and you'd better believe she will be bugging you for the pix soon
rich: unless Bronia has some already and is handy to the back fence!
Pamela: Kimberly's response was "congratulations - you wouldn't have made a very good uncle anyway"
Pamela: FYI, all, my best friend and little sis had her first child on Sunday
rich: that sounds like Kim
Pamela: Since we didn't know the gender of the baby, we have been joking about whether I would be an auntie or an uncle
BobS: ok, sounds legit to me
rich: sounds like an overdose of French immersion...
Pamela: LOL
rich: by the way, NTN's new whiz kid will be in the Saturday races at Cleveland
rich: I am looking forward to seeing him in action
Pamela: I'm sure Kimberly will be pleased to hear how he does
rich: let's say cautiously that I hope she'll have cause to be pleased...
rich: racing can be so... adventurous
Pamela: we might even go so far as to say whimsical in the other sense
rich: truly so
Pamela: Hey, where'd everyone else go?
Guy B.: Saved by my Garfield screensaver.
rich: I dunno - maybe Ron just sank out of sight
rich: seems he's getting weather now like we had all through this month
Ron: no, trying to find Frasier on the online TV Guide on the iMac
Pamela: row, row, row your boat . . .
Pamela: did you succeed, Ron?
rich: yes - did you know our rainfall was effectively double normal levels?
Ron: Nah.... alls they got is listings for Edmonton
Pamela: very useful
Ron: right
rich: should have a satellite dish, Ron - they have a special channel
Ron: Oh well... prolly a repeat anyway, and I should pay attention to only one screen
BobS: we set an altime May record already and more coming tomorrow
Guy B.: And after we had rain nearly everyday last week here. We are finally drying out, but we have more coming in for tomorrow then it will finally warm up. It's been rather cool here.
rich: for May our average temperature was 6F below normal
Pamela: Seems the whole continent is getting dumped on - you could be talking about Toronto
BobS: actually, last year we set a May record and now this year we set a new record......what about next year!!!!!!
rich: now tell me about global warming again...
Pamela: It was 45 degrees when I left for work this morning
Ron: C or F?
Pamela: F
Ron: cool!
BobS: 40 hewre Pam
BobS: frost predicted for mid Michigan tonight
Pamela: No, cold - we had windchill too
rich: they're talking patchy frost in the exurbs tonight
Guy B.: That Fahrenheit Ron. It was 40 here in Chicago this morning.
Ron: don't discount the idea of 45C in Toronto
BobS: GLOBAL WARMING.............???????
Pamela: tell mom to cover the tomatoes
Pamela: I know, but I was speaking F for our American friends who can't translate
rich: well, 45C in Toronto in May would be strange. Now, July or August, that's something else
Pamela: Luckily, I grew up speaking both
Pamela: Besides, I tend to quote farenheit when it gets hot - 80 degrees sounds a lot hotter than 25
rich: besides, sometimes she has to explain things to the old man, who grew up in the old system
BobS: we no speake canadianese........
Pamela: those americans have a different word for everything!
rich: ain't that ich no spreichen for you Dutchmen?
Ron: I grew up under the old system..... well actually,I never really grew up
Pamela: Thank goodness for that Ron
Pamela: I don't plan to either
rich: she wants to follow her old man's example
Pamela: I hate to break it to you Dad, but somewhere along the way, adulthood caught up with you
Pamela: Of course, that's just your daughter's point of view
BobS: sprechen se duetch????????
rich: it did? how come I never noticed? besides, I wouldn't admit it anyway
Pamela: nein. Parlez vous Francais?
BobS: nicht ware
rich: se habla espanol?
Pamela: Si!
BobS: duos numero uno!!!!!
Ron: My second childhood does't begin till my first one has ended
BobS: worked in Acapulco
Guy B.: Oh no. we got a bunch of foreigners here.
BobS: furiners??????
Pamela: where????
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
rich: don't tell and maybe no one will notice, Guy
Ron: Est-ce-qu'y a quelqu'un ici qui parle anglais?
rich: mais oui, mon ami
Pamela: Oui, je parle Anglais. Parlez vous anglais?
Ron: je ne parle rien
Guy B.: With everyone speaking French and Spanish. It drives me in a tizzy.
Pamela: c'est ne pas vrai!
Ron: ok.
Pamela: Oh goody, everyone brush up for the con
rich: it's OK Guy, ignore us and it will quickly go away
Guy B.: How can I not notice.
Ron: even sent money this year in advance.Bob will fall over dead
rich: well, pretend not to
Ron: registration for submitted
Ron: form that is
Guy B.: I'm sending in my final payment next week.
BobS: you did WHAT????????
rich: Bob, are you collecting the money for Adamcon?
Ron: yep
Pamela: We're working on the details - just waiting for Russell to get his vacation time approved
Guy B.: Rich D. is. He said all money be sent to him.
BobS: nope Richard is doing it himself
rich: that was what I'd thought
BobS: didn't trust me..... ;-)
rich: I keep stalling waiting for our dollar to improve
rich: not much sign of it do so though
BobS: heck Ron knows about that!
Ron: scares me every time I do it
Ron: Like what if I go south of the border and the dollar decreases to 0 while I'm out of the country?
Pamela: I know. Exchange rate at month end was $1.5464. Yuck.
rich: yes, taking in that amount and disbursing it is a serious responsibility
Ron: think that's about what I paid
BobS: it will NOT decrease to 0
Ron: good arguement for saying to Hell with it and adopting the US dollar
BobS: or we will take up a collection to export you
Ron: thanks Bob
rich: well, I do keep a US dollar account here as a cushion in case, but it has to be topped up from time to time
Guy B.: Well folks. June is Friday and time will be running out. I would get that in ASAP.
Pamela: It's okay Ron, we'll find you a place to sleep
Ron: looking forward to the 'con this year guys
Pamela: Friday? Are you sure?
rich: lots of room in the back of my van
Pamela: The last time I checked, it was still April
Guy B.: 31st of May is tomorrow. Friday is June 1st.
rich: happens every year about this time, Pam
BobS: yup /Fri is June 1th
Pamela: Damn, I blinked again
Ron: june firsfth
Pamela: 06/01/01
Guy B.: Bob you keep getting those fingers crossed on the keyboard.
rich: three weeeks to midsummer night - and this weather
Pamela: Need to send these keyboards back to school
rich: no - 01/06/01
Ron: We have our final meeting of the Comox Vally Mac Users next Tues ... right here in this year here
Pamela: learn to spell again
Ron: yard here
nick left chat session
Ron: summers' comin
Pamela: So, who was Nick?
rich: looks like we lost nick
Ron: a newcomer?
BobS: I DEPRECIATE THAT GUY!!!! farn dingers are NOT crossed onthe teeny keyboard
Ron: Found Frasier.... it just ended
Pamela: It's hard enough on a regular size keyboard
Guy B.: Ok, not crossed. Just in the wrong place.
Pamela: I correct my mistakes - you don't want to know what this would look like otherwise
Ron: misteaks
Ron: ??
Pamela: Only at the Keg
Pamela: smaller and cuter than Mr. Steaks
Ron: cuter, certainly
Ron: but we won't go there
BobS: let 'er rip!!!!!!! mistakes ar a part of the internet
BobS: and the peoplw who use it
Pamela: Bob I want you to understand me
Ron: there are nights when the Internet is a mistake
Guy B.: Oh Bob. I finally got the computer up for my other friend and they love it. The last one gets setup this weekend.
BobS: cool
Pamela: If I didn't correct my mistakes, no one could read anything I wrote
Guy B.: They said you and Doug did a excellent job.
Ron: You got any spare IBM laptops down there Bob?
BobS: no sir Ronald
Ron: aw
Pamela: given the recent info, do you really want one Ron?
BobS: not semi fast or faster
rich: they have their uses, they're just so pricey
Ron: my Powerbook 180 suffers from an undefined ailment
Ron: and I've only had it a short time
BobS: only got hte one pentium and then a couple 486 older ones
Ron: Now it rests with the 'store'
Guy B.: Sounds like the notebook is dying Ron.
Pamela: Is it a Mac, Ron?
BobS: ailment like..........
Ron: yeah
rich: creeping senility?
Pamela: I hate it when that happens
Ron: there was a hell of a burning odour a couple of weeks ago, then the batteries didn't bat any more
Ron: and now the computer says....hey man, you're battery ain't charging
Pamela: That doesn't sound healthy at all Ron
rich: that's suggestive
Ron: thing we've dragged something down inside.
Ron: Took the charger apart, and that's where the odour was coming from.... one loose chip, burned black...along
Pamela: better send it to the doctor
Ron: with where it had been
Ron: was also black
Guy B.: Ron, is it possible that the battery is dying?
Ron: not good
Ron: my Mac dealer tried another bat. Same result
rich: sounds more like a chip in the charger itself
Pamela: toasted chips. Hmm. sounds appetizing
Ron: it was a chip in the charger itself, but we're wondering if it powered something else beyond tolerance too
Ron: Weren't pleasant
Ron: oh well... have left it in his capable hands
rich: no, there is something about blue smoke...
Pamela: or smoke of any other colour, for that matter
Ron: like Guy Cousineau used to say
Ron: ya gotta keep the smoke INSIDE
Ron: been looking at the new iBooks, but I really can't justify it
Ron: I only want a lap top once a year
Guy B.: Look for a used one.
Ron: that was a used one
rich: I've been looking too
Pamela: as have I, casually
Guy B.: Have you tried the auctions?
rich: but even for a 166MMX with a 12.l TFT screen they want $500
Ron: still debating bringing the iMac, but it's NO laptop
Pamela: and that's too rich for my blood
Ron: all's i want is one that'll run the ADAMEM, and get on the internet sufficiently to come here
Pamela: Send it FedEx Ron
rich: don't ask what it is for a screen you can read
Guy B.: I'm going to bring my notebook and with a new battery. Going to order it next month.
Ron: but then I get to thinking... hey, this is supposed to be an ADAM Convention
Ron: so bring ADAM and leave the rest
rich: I'll drink to that
Guy B.: And I have a brand new 33.6 PC card modem courtesy of a friend of mine from work that I have to try out.
Ron: yeah, I think so really
Pamela: that's really tough, Guy - how come they give you all the hard assignments?
Guy B.: Adamem should count as well. As long you have the right software for it.
Ron: I don't have a problem with that Guy
Ron: some groups would not allow the discussion of emulators
Ron: however... we...being the good souls we are
Pamela: with open minds
Ron: will allow discussion...encourage even..... just about any damn thing
Pamela: and PC addictions
Guy B.: True. After all, how many of us brought notebooks with Adamem on it?
Ron: :)
rich: if we get a notebook it will be for use on our vacation trips
Pamela: I would be for that, Dad - then you wouldn't be so out of touch
Ron: and that Rich, would be well justified
rich: but even so campgrounds tend to be rural with poor ISP connections
Ron: you need a wireless satellite ISP
Ron: with continent wide coverage
Pamela: maybe you should consider a new cell phone too
rich: yes, but Star Choice don't have theirs up yet
Ron: are they going that way?
rich: got the satellite up, but not the internet part
Ron: I mean is it their intent to provide?
rich: I gather they're owned by Shaw in partnership with Sprint
rich: there is some talk, maybe for later this year
Ron: Oh Lord. My two favourite companies :(
rich: but I suspect the pricing will be the usual model of unrestrained greed
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Ron: well put Rich
Dale: Hi all.
rich: well, hello Dale!
Ron: Dale,my son!
Pamela: It's something to consider Dad -- I would like to be able to reach you more than every three days while you're away
Guy B.: HI Dale.
Pamela: Hi, Dale!
Dale: I went for a nap at 8pm, and somehow slept until now.
rich: programmers hours
Ron: Sleep..... you mean you actually take time to sleep?
Pamela: Which means no sleep for you tonite
Ron: I'm beginning to discover that it does wonders for the human psyche
Ron: been to bed before 11:30 p.m. last two nights running
Ron: amazing
BobS: hi Dale
Pamela: Do you have to be up in the mornings Ron?
Guy B.: Well gang. I'm going to go here. I'll try for Saturday unless my sister needs me to help her with cleaning my mom's garage.
rich: we work on the basis of when we get up in the morning depends on when we get to bed in the morning
Ron: Mornings? when is that?
Ron: no
Pamela: must be nice
rich: OK Guy, hope you can make it then
Ron: am pretty much of a night owl
Pamela: Goodnite, Guy
Guy B.: Bye All!!
Ron: OH, I had my years of getting up at 5:45 am
Ron: niters Guy
BobS: see ya Guy
Ron: go straight home now
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: yuck. 6:05 is bad enough. anything earlier than that is uncivilized
Ron: totally
rich: absolutely
Pamela: Unfortunately, I'm a night owl too but I'm forced into early hours for work. The bonus is, I'm finished at 4:00
Ron: bus from Suburbia took 20 minutes less to make the trip if you took a run before 6 a.m>
rich: I have problems with Adamcons that start sessions at 9
Pamela: poor Daddy
Ron: gave me more muffin and coffee time
Ron: Rich.... I can relate to that
Pamela: I have found that the time difference is about the same if we're later than 7:00am
Pamela: we save about 20 minutes that way
Ron: traffic builds
Ron: and slows
Ron: and congests
Pamela: keep talkin
rich: what would an old Ottawa hand know about traffic?
Ron: well, you know the picture well
Ron: but we were just as mean Rich
rich: you want to know from traffic, visit Toronto
Pamela: Always a seat on the subway at 7:25 - by 7:45, forget it, even from the end of the line where I get on
Ron: Traffic is a cabby dodging semi's on the road between the airport and the HoJO
Ron: thinking he's doing me a good service
Ron: I just shut my eyes
Ron: and it was only 3:30 in the afternoon
Pamela: and pray
rich: I think about six more semis on the road and the cars can just run along on top of them here
Ron: I miss the 401, really I do.
Pamela: Hey, I saw a 20 wheeler yesterday
Ron: The trucks per square foot
Pamela: it was HUGE!
rich: should make them put ramps from the trailer front to the truck bumper
Pamela: Ron, we would export it for you if we could
Ron: we got our own version now between Courtenay and Nanaimo
rich: hate to disillusion you, daughter, but anything up to 36 wheelers are common now
Pamela: personally, I avoid it like the plague
Ron: 4 lanes only, but give it time
Pamela: damn thing was a block and a half long
Ron: 55 minutes mall to mall
Ron: 110 kmh
Pamela: is that your travelling speed or the speed limit?
Ron: They shut it down last week because some Hollywood director wanted it to make a movie on
Ron: and they let him do it
Pamela: welcom to Hollywood north
Ron: that's the speed limit. I do 120
Pamela: another lead foot. i love it.
rich: don't bitch, Ron, till you see how much money the shoot brought in
Ron: not like your FATHER!
rich: probably enough to widen the road to six lanes
Pamela: No, Dad isn't a lead foot
Ron: oh... I didn'
Ron: I didn't hear too many objecting
Pamela: In fact, I'm gonna let him take point on the way to Cleveland cos I don't want to make the acquaintance of any state troopers
Ron: oh I get the picture
Ron: Are you coming to Cleveland Pam?
rich: well, not really ron
Pamela: I'm doing my best
rich: I don't go in for high top speeds
Ron: please!
BobS: hey kids, I gotta take off for parts unknown and bed
rich: but I do get some pretty good averages point to point
Pamela: which is it, Bob?
Ron: yeah... 11 p.m. right?
BobS: will see ya next week fur sure and see what sat brings
Ron: sleep well Mr. S.
Pamela: G'nite Bob
BobS: same place!
Ron: no getting drunk on the way home now
BobS: ok ;-)
Pamela: that's no fun, Ron
Ron: Say Hi to Judy
rich: see you Sat Bob - best to Judy, Mika and family
BobS: will do!
BobS left chat session
Ron: we need to make Pamela an honourary ADAMite
Ron: actually... a real ADAMite
Pamela: right now it looks like we're going to be there
rich: I keep trying to but she won't take the computer
Pamela: I have no where to put it
Ron: well. We'll work on that
rich: keeps saying she doesnt have enougbh space
rich: as if I did!
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Dale: Fatal server crash. Oh well. Shouldn't have talked about hard disk crashes.
Dale: poof
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