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rich: Hi Dale, I had a small problem getting on
Dale: I get that impression.
rich: Opera didn't like the flavour of your Java
Dale: Maybe I should restart the chat server.
rich: Maybe so, maybe no. Came up fine in IE which I'm using now
rich: Not the first time I've had that problem with Opera
Dale: I see.
rich: Says I had an access violation on kernel32.dll
rich: that mean anything to you?
Dale: It means that Opera passed something disagreeable to Windows' core.
rich: all sorts of programs have a habit of doing that
rich: fortunately I have McAfee's Crash Monitor installed
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rich: doesn't always work but often gives me an out
changed username to james
rich: good morning james
james: morning
Dale: Good morning James.
rich: did you have any problem getting on?
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich: hello Meeka!
james: no problems at all :)
rich: guess it was just Opera having one of its nights then
james: hi dale
rich: there are times when having an alternative program available is very handy
rich: Meeka, havn't hit your site recently - how is it coming?
Meeka: haven't had time to do much to it lately. been very busy around here
Dale: HiMeeka
rich: I know the feeling
Dale: Hey, James I have good new.
Dale: news.
Meeka: hello. how have you been Dale
rich: I haven't even had time to see James' Toronto pictures yet
Dale: I found some Mel Osler publications.
james: cool :) i can certainly use them
Dale: I've been doing grat.
Dale: great.
james: rich - i've been working on the website and will be uploading a major update tomorrow i hope.
Dale: I apparently am not kitting the keyboard hard enough.
Meeka: that's ok we are used to reading between the lines.
Dale: Or maybe I should have my typing license revoked for the night.
rich: I will try to find time and remember to take a look
rich: depends on what you've been drinking, Dale
rich: that got into the keyboard, that is!
Dale: The titles are:
Dale: Basics to Basic with Adam (69 pages)
rich: Learning to ....... with Adam...
Dale: Learning to Write with Adam [Hackers Helper Vol II] (112 pages)
james: cool. i could definitely use them
Dale: The "From Basics to Basic" is billed as "Part I A beginner text for new hackers" or A Hackers Helper Preparatory Text
james: that sounds perfect.
rich: My impression is that Mel did a very thorough job on that series
Dale: And "Uncommented Disassembly of Adam Basic" -- although I recommend Rich Drushel's version available from my uwaterloo web site.
Dale: (Very thick, maybe 260+ pages)
rich: I thought the SmartBASIC disassembly was Guy Cousineaus work
Dale: I don't seem to have "Learning to Read with Adam", which I would guess is HHelper V1, but I don't know for sure.
rich: I believe you're right, Dale; I think I have it somewhere
james: i've checked into that title (learning to read) and it is hhelper v1
Dale: So, I can copy B2B and L2Write for you and send them to you.
Dale: I need to obtain L2Read to dup it for you.
james: thanks dale. i really appreciate it.
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rich: Meeka. how's the weather building up over in Michigan?
changed username to Ron
rich: Hello Ron
Ron: hey!
james: morning ron :)
Ron: evening James
rich: You're esrly tonite
Ron: we went out for supper so there was no dishes to do
Meeka: not to bad today, no sun, but no rain either
Meeka: hello ron
Ron: I am the chief bottle washer
rich: which computer and OS are you using tonight, Ron?
Ron: Hi Meeka
Ron: Wintel
Ron: Win98 2e
james: ugh.
rich: is this something new?
Ron: I know.... it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it
Ron: Had our annual Mac barbecue here last night, so thot I better even up the playing field
Dale: Hello Ron.
Ron: Hi Dale
Ron: 25 mac perverso's in attendance....and spouses
rich: sounds like quite a do
Ron: good time had by all
james: my next machine might be a mac.
Ron: worth a try James
rich: you thinking new machine again, james?
rich: reminds me, I've sent our Amiga pusher (who also does Dark Side) my specs - have to nag him for a quote
james: well not this year at any rate but the next machine i do buy might be a mac. i've had enough of this pc stuff.
Ron: You have an Amiga pusher?
Ron: Got my PC doing a mac emulation and my iMac doing Win 98
rich: yes, that's where our TPUG meetings are held the 2d Tues of each month
Ron: nothing around here is what it seems
Dale: One of the new Amigas? RISC based?
rich: there's a couple of Amiga emulators now too
Ron: should get one of those.
rich: no, I'm just after a routine DOSbox
Ron: ok
rich: not sure what this week's announcement of a new Amiga might be
Ron: everybody should have a DOS box
rich: yes, makes them appreciate real computers
Ron: true
rich: Dale, did you see Rosie DiManno in the Star this morning?
Dale: No. What did it say?
rich: she was detailing her uneasy relationship with computes - Frances found it hilarious
Ron: sounds worth reading
rich: give a try - I think they keep their columnists on line for a few days
Ron: hmm....
james: we lost dale
rich: now that's something - smart servers don't dump the boss
rich: he's likely to give them a good boot
Ron: The columns are there up to June 4
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changed username to Dale
Ron: will have to wait a day or two
rich: bet that's Dale back
Dale: Sorry. I was playing, and I killed my browser by accident.
rich: yep - go offline to look at the column, Dale?
Ron: will put her on my favourites page. If I read anything these days, I read columnists
rich: one thing I have noticed about this chat, the Java doesn't like it if you try multitasking while it's running
Ron: like their slant on things
james: who's this?
Ron: a lady writing a regular column for the Toronto Star
Dale: Well, I was restarting my window manager.
rich: well, at the moment we're taking both the Star and Globe, and there goes half the day just on the XXXXXXX papers
Ron: Rosi Dimanno?
Dale: It worked great after I killed my old one ...
Ron: do you read the WHOLE paper Rich?
Dale: but then I was playing with another one, and that's where I killed netscape by accident.
rich: skim all of both, read what seems too important to miss
Ron: By the way, good people, I am now behind a new router and Zone Alarm.....belt and suspenders engineering
Dale: I see your letter to the editor.
rich: all the columnists have one thing in common - they LOATHE Mike Harris
Dale: Every once in a while.
rich: expected in the Star, but unusual in the Globe
Ron: about the same here as BCTV feels about Gordon Campbell, Ujjal Dosanjh, Glen Clark
rich: yes, I have been known to offer the unwashed the benefit of my superior wisdom...
james: rather than narrow it down, i don't trust any politician.
Dale: I should poke your machine, and set off your alarm then Ron?
rich: but the editors are often unappreciative; they run only a certain percentage
Ron: would be neat to see what it does
rich: why don't you just go to grc,com and test it out, Ron?
Ron: Interesting difference of opinion between my Linux group and my Mac group
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Ron: Linux guys said why did you waste the money on a router
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: Mac gurus said,
Ron: "
Ron: get a router
rich: welcome Guy
Ron: linux guys feel software firewalls are sufficient
james: hi guy, thanks for your mail this week
Ron: so being true and loyal
Ron: I got both
Guy B.: Greetings, sorry I'm late. Had my allergy shots tonight and then I had to get some money for parking.
rich: my sense is that if youre a big operation, get a router, but it's overkill for a small setup
Ron: have 4 computers behind my router
Guy B.: No problem James. I was surprised myself how small that power supply was.
Ron: guess that doth not a network constitute
Ron: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Rich, did you order your new system yet?
james: yeah, i figured coming out of a 386 it would at least be 100 watts
rich: Dale cutit out
rich: you arev driving my mahine nut
Dale: Well, I've suggested the router solution to my friend recently, and he's very happy.
Ron: Understand Shaw cable will eventually introduce new rates for those operating with routers
Dale: But I use the Linux solution. It's just more effort to set up.
Guy B.: Looks like Rich is having some trouble on his computer tonight.
rich: Dale is oinging me
james: can't be as bad as ntt
rich: pinging me
rich: or maybe did a route trace
Ron: well nobody knows for sure yet
Meeka: ony 4 Ron, I think that Doug has you beat. I think that we have at least 8 hooked up and we have network ports in almost very room in the housee ;-)
rich: anyway, I'm gettting Zone Alarm alerts like a fire bell
Guy B.: How many computers Meeka?
Meeka: LOTS!!!
Ron: yeah.... Doug holds the record all right
rich: and yes Dale, Zone Alarm tattles on teh source
Ron: getting no indication here at all
Dale: 4 machines certainly does constitute a network.
Guy B.: Rough guess, eight?
Meeka: well lets see,
Ron: well I thought so
Dale: It makes life easier to connect them together.
Ron: yeah. The router does all the work
Meeka: there is his, mine, laptop, and 4 servers that I can think of off hand
Ron: assigning address and that
Ron: What do your servers serve, Meeka?
Meeka: there are proubly ones that I am not aware of too
rich: Dale, whatever you were trying on my machine, try it on Ron's and see how his firewall stacks up
Ron: let's see.... print server, file server, graphics server,..... um.....
Guy B.: That's eight there. So, I guess more is coming.
Ron: hit me with your best shot
rich: to get back to your question, Guy, I've sent out the quotation request, haven't heard back yet
Meeka: there is a e-mail server, network server, web site server, and I think that there is on that just holds duplicate data, or it could just be an old one that isn't used much right now, I am not quite sure
Guy B.: I'm only using a peer to peer either between the P133 and the Athlon or either one of them and the notebook.
Ron: good Meeka
Ron: now I see
Ron: that works ok Guy
Dale: Rich, I guess that was me, probing your system. Was trying to find Ron.
Meeka: my computer is the print server since the printer is hooked directly to it
Ron: I'm in stealth
Ron: nobody can see me
Ron: and if you can't see me, you're blind
rich: I'm in stealth, too. But Zone Alarm was reporting every probe
Guy B.: It works and I had Wordperfect Suite 8 that came with the Athlon, but it was a network version. I couldn't install it. But, when I used DCC, I was able to install it.
Ron: yeah, I have Zone Alarm running on this one too, but it's just sitting there happily
rich: I gather, Dale, if you couldn't tell me from Ron, you drew a blank
Dale: I wasn't thinking carefully.
Dale: Once I thought about it, I found him .
rich: well, we now know for sure it works
Ron: And what am I telling you?
Dale: He is connected by
Ron: true
james: no offence, but i think i could have found that out without probing :D
rich: could you get any data from me at all, Dale?
Ron: Have some reading to do about routers - do not yet completely understand the concept
Dale: You ate all of my packets. Ping, traceroutes, and telnets. I didn't try anything else.
Ron: nasty
rich: You have no idea how much better that makes me feel
Guy B.: Whoa, trouble brewing!!!!
Ron: trouble, with a capital "t"
Guy B.: That's for sure.
Ron: how so?
Dale: Well, okay then he is connected from
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james: :D
Ron: damned if I know. Dynamic, you know....changes with the wind
Dale: (which is a cable modem connection) and is 14 hops from here.
changed username to murray
Guy B.: Hi Murray, good to hear from you.
Dale: James is connected as:
Meeka: hi murray
Ron: Murray as in C. Murray McCullough?
rich: well for goodness sake! welcome, good buddy
Dale: Hi Murray.
rich: haven't heard from you since forever - where you been?
murray: Yep! It's been a while, Ron.
Ron: Well, hey!
Guy B.: How's everything Murray?
Dale: But the router doesn't allow me to initiate a connection to Ron's internal network machines.
Ron: you gonna be able to make it to Cleveland Murray?
Ron: that's reassurring to know Dale
murray: I have been online off and on. Doing research work and travelling, Ron. I plan to be in Cleveland
Ron: great!
Guy B.: Same here. Sending off my last payment this weekend.
rich: we will all be looking forward to joining you there, Murray
Ron: the Good Lord Willin, and the mountains don't rise, I shall be there too
Dale: But we also all know how to annoy Richard. Just trigger his zone alarm. <evil grin>
Meeka: we are going to be there to. Mom and Dad also will be there
rich: by the way Ron did you notice our dollar has been climbing of late?
rich: started as soon as you bought the money for Adamcon
murray: It's good to hear from you Guy. How's things going?
james: is it really?
Guy B.: Meeka, where is Bob tonight?
Meeka: ??????
Ron: no, hadn't noticed that
Guy B.: Going pretty well despite a strained left foot.
Ron: good eh?
Dale: I'm planning a talk for Cleveland, but Jill is still looking for the time off.
james: what's it up to, a whomping 65 cents us?
Meeka: haven't talked to them today. Have no idea what is up
rich: 65.19 tonight
Guy B.: Maybe Judy has him tied up with something.
murray: The Cdn. $. My it's become a third world currency almost Rich.
james: ooooh. :)
james: i'll keep my yen for now at least.
Ron: today, our new Premier announced a 25% tax reduction eff.. July 1
Ron: love them Liberals
rich: I think they're quoting the yen at $0.0127 CDN
murray: I wish my boss would give me a 20% raise!!!
Ron: hey rich, that is up eh?
james: mind you, it fares much better than an aussie or nz dollar!
rich: today it was a four-month high
Meeka: I got a 20% raise this week.
Guy B.: Us Americans will be getting a refund check this August. Singles $300, couples $600. Part of a 10 year tax reduction plan.
Ron: Wow Meeka
rich: actually, our dollar has been strong - it's just that the US dollar has been overpowering everything
Meeka: doesn't come out to much after takes, but oh well.
james: yeah, i'd like to see it go back to pre 1990 levels. i don't think i'd want parity but it's highly undervalued now
Guy B.: I wish I can get that much. My raise will be on July 1st.
murray: We got a $120 gov. check to help out with heating last winter.
rich: I have my reservations about tax cuts - I don't like busy signals when I call 911
james: if they'd just stop wasting money they'd find more than enogh for tax cuts.
Ron: well that's just it Rich. The everybody is saying the tax reduction is more than expected, and opponents are wondering if we can really afford it
james: is hrdc still around?
rich: but if they don't waste money they can't buy votes
Ron: oh yes James
Ron: the dole out money without really keeping track of where it goes
james: see, now to improve canada, one of the things that needs to be scrapped is hrdc
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changed username to Murray
rich: in Ontario they cut the provincial tax, but downloaded so much on the cities we lost the refund and more in incrased property taxes
Ron: That's what everybody was saying last fall. Minister got raked over the coals in the wake of an audit
Ron: Had to endure considerable political heat
james: the other is chretien. he's done his bit and it's time to let someone take over
Ron: agree James.
james: he and that stupid "red book". red is the colour that liberals bleed. ink.
Ron: Only I don't know who would effectively replace him.
Ron: certainly not Stockwell Day
rich: I'll settle for Paul Martin
james: heard day might be looking for a job :D
Ron: would ya Rich?
rich: I'm not a Liberal fan, but the others are so muddles these days
rich: at least Martin knows why balanced budgets are a good thing
Ron: we've left our American friends behind talking Canadian politics
james: paul martin can at least be understood when he speaks.
Murray: I see in BC Ron that a new gov. is going to move things right & more right.
Ron: expected Murray
rich: I'm not sure they'd feel the way we doi about Jim Jeffords
Ron: this is an old Socred bunch with some new additions
Ron: which passes for Liberal in this province
rich: not to be mistaken for the federal version in any way, shape pr form
Ron: our MLA is even in Cabinet as Minister of Sustainable Resource Development...... whatever that is
Ron: right Rich
Ron: and he used to be Minister of Education during the days of Wee Willie VanderZalm
rich: anyway, folks, heard from Michael today and boy do I have news
Ron: yes?
Murray: It appears that not much is going to change in Lotus Land Ron!
rich: he inherited a modest sum of money when his grandfather dies recently
rich: he went out and bought a travel trailer with it
Ron: :)
rich: a 27' Prowler 5th wheel of a certain age, but in good shape
Ron: what prey tell does he intend to pull it with
Ron: oh... a 5th wheel
rich: found it in southwestern Ontario, had it towed to a campground a bit south of Sudbury
Dale: Where is he keeping it?
rich: a campground at Alban, Ont. pro tem
rich: later to be moved to a property leased from a buddy nearby
Murray: Netscape is acting up again. Better retire it for the night. Hope to see you in July Ron and all the gang.
rich: actually managed to pay for the trailer and teh tow and the campground
Dale: Look forward to it Murray.
Ron: Great Murray....looking forward to it
rich: and still has money left, which so far he's managing
rich: this is not like our Michael!
Murray left chat session
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Ron: certainly not
Dale: It'll be great, Murry.
changed username to Pamela
Dale: Hi Pam.
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: Good evening
rich: good to have you in, Murray. See you in Cleveland
Meeka: hello Pam
Pamela: I got disconnected the first time I tried
Dale: Is Michael in town this week?
rich: hello daughter, West Wing finished?
Ron: Hi Pamela
Pamela: Not West Wing, Pop - your niece is in town tomorrow and she needed a place to sleep
rich: you came in just as Murray left - it seems to upset the chat program
james: hi pam
Pamela: Hi Meeka, Hi Ron, Hi James, Hi Dale, Hi Guy
rich: Michael will be up at the trailer for the next couple of weeks he says, Dale
Pamela: FYI, Dad this is Stratford weekend
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changed username to Robert Miller
rich: OK - when away and when back?
Guy B.: Hi Robert.
changed username to BobS
rich: hello and welcome. Robert!
Dale: Hiya Bob.
Pamela: Gone Friday a.m. around 11:00, back Sunday evening
Guy B.: Meeka, He's here. Hi Bob.
Robert Miller: Hi Guys... As usual.... Long time no see hehehe.
BobS: Hiya guys!!!!!
Meeka: hi dad
Pamela: Hi Robert
BobS: finally got here before ya'll left!
Ron: Our numbers increase
Ron: Hi Bob
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Ron: Hi Robert
Guy B.: As you can see. We have a bunch tonight.
BobS: Hi Pam
Dale: Got your email. I'll be sending you some money shortly.
BobS: hi the rest of ya's!!!!
rich: hey, Granda S. finally noticed teh clock
Pamela: Don't pick on him, guys, he's not much later than I was
BobS: nope! been to great grandpa in laws abode tillnow
Meeka: witch ones?
BobS: great grandma's b-day and their 54th anniversary today, so went out for dinner then to their abode for awhile
rich: you missed all the juicy gossip
Pamela: tell all!
rich: or are your ears burning?
Guy B.: Barring no foreseen problems. I will be updating my website this weekend. Adding a couple new VBscripts for the emulator utilties.
Ron: good time had by all Bob?
Pamela: TELL!
BobS: yes Ron, good food (crispy bacon) and good wine (richard).............RED LOBSTER no less
rich: you'll have to read teh transcript - serves you right for coming late
BobS: well shees
Pamela: we have a bunch of closed-mouths here, Bob
BobS: ctrispy shrimp as close as I could come............
Guy B.: You'll like it Bob.
BobS: BUT, I had to gethome early to see you guys and gals
Pamela: oh yeah, food - I forgot about that tonite
Pamela: Now I;m hungry - thanks a lot!
BobS: like the website Guy, or the talk that went on before I got here
Guy B.: Bob, even Meeka and I were wondering where you were tonight.
Ron: well go eat something Pamela!
james: i have to go and do some banking, will talk with you all next week!
BobS: see ya James
Pamela: The cupboard, she is bare
Ron: put money in James.Don't take it out
Guy B.: See you later James.
BobS: BTW james, wife home and good??????
Pamela: James, you can't leave yet
rich: see you then, james. meantime take care
Ron: Say "Goodnight, James"
Pamela: Goodnight, James - I miss you already
james: things are good and she's been home for a week.
Meeka: bye James
BobS: GREAT!!!!!
james: sorry pam :)
Pamela: Next week, okay?
james: yup, i'll be here!
Pamela: It's a date
Ron: How has Saturday been going Rich?
Ron: only two or three gathered together?
james: thanks for the info on the manuals dale
rich: a few quite interesting one on one chats - Guy can tell you
BobS: YA too!!!! :-)
Ron: my memory has gone 'senior' again
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Pamela: bye bye : (
Guy B.: Unfortunately, I missed last Saturday and I won't be there this Saturday either. Going to a friends birthday party for her daughter.
rich: not sure I'll be doing this Saturday - there's an IRL race
rich: don't know if it conflicts or not
Pamela: Hey Meeka, what are we doing hanging around with abunch of seniors?
Meeka: don't know.
BobS: I represent that Ronald!!!!!! ;-)
Ron: gently Pamela. You too will be a senior one day
Pamela: Well thanks, Methuselah
Meeka: maybe they need us to feel younger ;-)
Ron: I'm too old to work, too young to be a senior
Guy B.: You got that right.
Ron: :)
Pamela: and bring a fresh perspective to things
Pamela: See, the younger generation is good for something after all
Pamela: Right, Dale?
Ron: Dale is not a senior
Pamela: Exactly
Dale: I'm a senior. Haven't you heard?
BobS: Dale? Dale? now where did trhat boy run off to??????
rich: in fact, he's younger than you are - but you know that
Dale: That's how MTAG get it's meeting space free.
Pamela: Senior what?
BobS: probably playing with those DARN computers again!!
Ron: oh yeah... that's right. Forgot about that. You get a deal based on seniors right/
Pamela: Neat trick!
rich: and if they give you any flak, Dale, refer them to your past president
Dale: I'm president of a senior's computer club, accordin g to our official permit.
Ron: Rich, are you the senior of all seniors?
Ron: Or do we have someone older?
rich: no, the Stones are older
Ron: oh, right
Ron: I am but a child
rich: and there are others like Dave Sands and Henderson down in Florida and such I'm not sure about
Pamela: Snow on the roof but a fire in the hearth, right Ron?
Dale: Hi Robert Miller.
Meeka: no Ron, I think that I would be the "child" of this group ;-)
Pamela: I thought James was the youngest
rich: don't know how you compare with james, Meeka
Ron: Last time son Jeff was here he was complaining about hitting 30. I'm whining about hitting 60. Mother said, "will you both just shut up!"
Meeka: not sure, how old is James?
Pamela: 26
Robert Miller: Hi Dale... doing three or four things at once... (boss says I cant do 2! HA!)
Pamela: what does he know, Robert?
Dale: I know the feeling.
Meeka: I won't be 26until October
Ron: but he only pays you for one right Robert?
Dale: I've met Robert at AdamCon 4 I beleive.
Pamela: Well, then you have James beat
Ron: pushing 30 Meeka! Watch it
Pamela: 36 in 20 days!
Meeka: naw, I have a few years yet
Robert Miller: yea, cant put overtime down for working at 2X... what a shame!
Ron: ok
Pamela: Feeling old yet Dad?
Ron: And then we have Grandfather Bob S
Pamela: Dad??
rich: yes, especially when teh knee acts up
Pamela: BTW, good news - I am released from physio as of last Friday
rich: it gets to you after a while
rich: especially when the teenagers offer you a seat on the bus
rich: male teenagers!!!!
Ron: really Rich?
rich: it happened
Ron: aww
Pamela: Which bus?
Ron: that's gotta make your day
rich: fortunately I don't ride buses much so avoid embarrassment
BobS: I may not be old, but Igot ya'll beat for grandkids!
BobS: well, not young either..............
rich: I don't even ask for senior discounts any more - they're volunteered
BobS: but got 3 great kids!
Ron: Amazing what I can get away with just by taking mother along.
Ron: mind you we both got grey hair
Guy B.: Bob, grandkids will keep you on your toes all day. You know how energetic they are.
Pamela: Nice to know she;s useful, Ron
rich: by the way, Pam, Catharine brought Meaagan over yesterday
Ron: right
Pamela: Oh really? Did Mom get all mushy?
Pamela: And that
Pamela: s Katherine and Mega
Pamela: n
BobS: mostly Guy; I don't have to deal with them for a day at at ime, just she gets frazzled
rich: yep
Pamela: Did you?
Guy B.: So she's worn out.
rich: I did all the heavy looking on - babies are a girl thing
Pamela: Isn't she gorgeous? Whattya mean, a girl thing - you looked after me and I was a baby at one point
BobS: she gets that way, yes
Ron: brb
rich: a really good looking kid, that's for sure
rich: takes after her mopm
BobS: si, seniorita....but that was many long moons ago, you know?
Pamela: Think so? I think she has CT's chin and her nose, and Steve's eyes
Guy B.: How old are Sherry's kids?
rich: yes, we noticed the blue eyes
Meeka: 2 years and 7 mounths
Pamela: I hope they stay that way. If her hair stays dark, she'll be very striking
Meeka: Mandy's is 5 months
Guy B.: And Mandy's is about 3 months, right?
BobS: Josh is 2 yrs 2 months, Michael is 7 1/2 months old
Guy B.: Ok, I was close.
Pamela: These are grandkids, right Bob?
Dale: Bob, I sent you that PayPal money.
Guy B.: How 's Mandy doing with hers?
Meeka: yes pam
Pamela: Thanks, Meeka
BobS: ok Dale THANKS
BobS: yes'm GRAND kids of mine OWN!!!!
Pamela: Bob, when does money for the con have to be in?
Guy B.: I'm sure it has to be by the end of this month.
Meeka: are you going to be ther Pam?
BobS: hopefully soon, but you could check with Rich D.......most likely fer sure by the last week in June
Pamela: Looks like we're gonna make it
Meeka: cool ;-)
BobS: PLEAS come Pam.....PLEASE!!!!!
rich: long as they know you're coming, you can pay at the door
Meeka: we will finally get to meet you
rich: but they sure would be a lott happier a few weeks in advance
Pamela: I need to hit the website and do some research
Guy B.: Pam, it would be great for you to be there.
BobS: O schwell..........
BobS: oh heck just follow the caravan of cars going tothe convention, prolly be about 3 thousand or so!
Pamela: Russell officially has the time off, as do I , so it's just a matter of getting the registration in
rich: with our dollar on the upswing, it pays us to stall a little
BobS: true!
Guy B.: Well, I'll be driving there this year.
BobS: just let Richard know whats going on and I am sure he can work with ya
Pamela: BTW, about my birthday present Dad . . .
Pamela: we need to chat
rich: have to speak to your Ma about it, OPam
Pamela: Gonna do that
rich: but I suspect there will be some ...assistance
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: I'll make my presentation soon
changed username to Rob F
rich: once you get back from Statford
Rob F: hi all
Pamela: Good evening Rob
rich: is this the great Rob Friedman?
Ron: back
Ron: Hi Rob!
Rob F: no it's the not so great rob friedman.. who else would say that???? oy
Rob F: hoya rich.. and ron..
rich: hey man, haven't seen you since Adamcon 02
Dale: Rich told me he needs a room count in about a week. For people he doesn't know, I'm guessing he'd want at least a deposit.
Rob F: hey.. guess who's coming by this weekend,,,
Dale: Hi Rob.
rich: tell us Rob
Rob F: thought i only went to AC6
Guy B.: Rob F, long time no hear. How are you?
Rob F: tim
Rob F: hey Guy!
Rob F: the famous Guy C?
BobS: AS me LIVES and breathes.....ROB!!!!!!!!!
Ron: former EOS sysop, Compuserve
Guy B.: No, Guy B.
Pamela: Okay, Dale I guess I need to let him know
Rob F: ok.. B
Rob F: so i'm off by a leter...
Guy B.: Met at Adamcon 6.
rich: the infamous Guy Bona, terror of Chicago
Rob F: hi Dale...< see he came bye my store,.
Rob F: ahhh ok
Dale: I've seen your store.
Rob F: so... rememebr Tim ?
Rob F: I know oh.. we move... to the west side.....
Rob F: by 80 feet
Ron: what is his last name.......
Dale: I haven't been to NYC for a while now though.
Pamela: Rob, are you in Toronto?
Rob F: Tim Nunes... we've always been in touch
Ron: yeah, that's it
Rob F: hell no.. the island of long.. place of the famous AC1.5 30 min weekend <grin
Rob F: anyone rememebr that???
rich: Rob, you dropped into Adamcon 02, but only for a few hours - but are still remembered
Ron: anyone remember the Long Island Adam Resource Society?
Rob F: oh yeah.. Sue and i went to letchworth the next day
Pamela: LIARS?
Ron: yup
Rob F: hehehehehe yeah... rt
Pamela: very cute
rich: gonna make it to Cleveland, Rob?
Rob F: and our famous AC1.5 was on 4/1
Rob F: why cleveland??? the RnR HoF?
Ron: had forgotten about that
Pamela: someone has a twisted sense of humour
rich: Adamcon )D
Guy B.: Rich Druschel is hosting this year's Adamcon.
Ron: ADAMCON 13.... July (what the hell is it) 12 - 16?
rich: 0D
Rob F: ron.. you remember my famous... "con"??
Ron: 12 - 15
Ron: oh yes.
Ron: Speaking of which
Rob F: no.. wont be able too... no tim,e off.. just came back from the white mtns in nh
Ron: AC 13 I mean
Pamela: yes ron . . .
Dale: And I met you, Rob for a LIARS meeting.
Ron: I don't get to Cleveland until 9:05 p.m. You guys will still be up eh?
Rob F: i gather pam was not on CIS /CSI whatever back then?
rich: no, she's my daughter
Pamela: I wasn'told enuf, Rob
Rob F: funny.. this is the first one of these I've been able to make it to..
Pamela: I'm Rich Clee's daughter
Rob F: WHAT????? holy.. < $$%^$
Rob F: damn now i'm feeling old
Pamela: Ron, if we get to bed before 3:00 am we'll be doing well
Ron: Murray McCullough was in here earlier
Dale: It's time for second gen Adam users.
Meeka: she is not the onlysecond generation here tonight
Ron: that's right. Meeka is 2nd gen
Rob F: and tim and I are what.... pre-history???
Meeka: I am Bob S daughter-in-law
Pamela: and we're missing Doug
Dale: Doug was at AC02.
Pamela: and Scott too
Rob F: hey.. Tim now works for IBM on the Linux division
BobS: we will WAIT for you great western brother!!!!!!!!
Meeka: he is sitting next to me plaing his game like normal ;-)
Guy B.: Well, I have to get going. I'll be taking care of Jeanene's cat while she's in Pittsburgh for a few days. So, I'll see you all next week.
Rob F: meeka.. I heard of you
Ron: Thanks Bob
Dale: Interesting news Rob.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
rich: OK Guy, see you next week
Dale: See ya Guy.
Rob F: niters guy
Meeka: good things i hope?
Ron: go straighthome Guy. No stopping at the bar getting drunk
Rob F: yes...
Meeka: bye guy
Guy B.: I don't drink anyway. I've got a dog to feed and walk as well. Bye all!
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: nk the water!!!!!
Ron: that's the thing about dogs. They sorta see to it that you go for regular walks
Pamela: We're gonna have to get that man drunk in July
Rob F: I drove to Fl.. 6 -7 years ago????
BobS: darn gone already
rich: he's not the type
Rob F: damn..
Ron: yea
BobS: remember Fl Rob
Pamela: Neither am I.
Rob F: yes i do... only one I "really" went to...
Rob F: and heheh i'm STILL on CIS
BobS: but what in "ADAM" is still on CIS???????
Ron: Actually Rob, I still have my membership..... but ain't been there in months
Rob F: well.. Vintage computer forum
Dale: What's happened in the Adam forums? I've not checked in recently.
BobS: open to outsidwers or only members?????
Rob F: hang on..Tim is on AIM
Dale: I use it as a backup Internet ISP.
Rob F: for my price.. I use it as my ISP
Ron: yes....that's pretty much my motivation. They have a local access number here now
Rob F: i think vintage is open now
rich: unfortunatekly, in Canadian dollars, AOL/CIS was always too rich for my blood
Dale: They have an access number for when I'm traveling.
Ron: that too Dale
rich: that's a help, but when you travel with a trailer, not much
rich: no one has a POP where they build trailer parks
rich: but I did set up a hotnmail account for when I get a laptop, if I get one
Ron: such tangled webs we weave
Pamela: make sure you check it regularly
Pamela: to clean out the junk mail and keep it active
rich: basically, only when I'm on the road
rich: I don't plan to use it otherwise
Pamela: No, I mean now or they'll deactivate it
Dale: Ron, you were looking for a laptop for this AC. Did you find one?
rich: just the occasional item to you maybe to keep it active
Rob F: just a question.. I gather everyone here is on the chat but not using an Adam?? <grin
Pamela: Correct
Ron: Not yet Dale, got one in mind?
Rob F: a laptop??? <just bought another IBM 701 for $75
Dale: If I find one for a good price, I might get it for you.
rich: more precisely, if we are using our Adams, it's simultaneously, not online
Ron: we better agree on what we're talking about--- good price
Pamela: what do you consider a good price, Dale?
Ron: what's the range
Dale: Sadly, Internet access for Adams is not what it usede to be.
Rob F: kinda figured.. what kind of laptops are we talking about?
rich: here a P166MMX/64MB/2gig/modem is about $500
Dale: But you could always use a connection over a host system via serial port.
Ron: something capable of using the Internet (without long waits) and something capable of running the ADAM emulator
Rob F: ahh ok
Ron: those would be my stated requirements
Rob F: never ran teh emulator on my laptop.. use it mostly with my camera for storage/downloading
Ron: that would be about right Rich
Robert Miller: Well, I have to confess I'm in the process of hacking a webplayer into a PC right now... just installed a HD & Win98 is up and running.
Dale: There's lots of systems out there at that price.
rich: if you'll take a P133 or P150 it's around $400
Rob F: hey.. anyone hear from PJ ever?
Ron: would be ok
Ron: anything in that range
Meeka: I use Doug's laptop to play games when e travel, that is when he will share it
rich: not for sevral months, Rob. We worry
Ron: Around here they're more like $700
Dale: Once in a while. She droped in for the tail end of the last AC.
Robert Miller: They are selling on UBID right now for $149. 20GB HD was another $100 now its "almost" a PC.
Ron: Rob, last talked to PJ just before last Christmas
Rob F: great
Pamela: I'd like one eventually for when we're away for long periods at the trailer
rich: problem is, the screen on a laptop adds $300+ to the price over a desktop of that spec or better
Robert Miller: Wish I could hook it up to the ADAM for access to a floppy.
Dale: Ron, if I stumbled across one for about $200-300 that worked correctly, I'd reserve it for you.
Pamela: If you do, Dale, let me know too
Ron: you're on Dale
Ron: this one I just bought.... the Mac PB180 has power supply problems, and is not really up to running anything more than Netscape 3.0
Ron: presently it's in the shop
rich: RobM, what is your problem in accessing flioppies? No 5-1/4 drive?
Robert Miller: no drive at all hehehe... 2 usb ports though I'll have to go with a zip or something
Ron: Dale, keep your eyes open. Let me know if I should send money
Dale: Will do.
Pamela: well folks, I have a long day tomorrow so I had better head for bed
Dale: Once in a while I come across such deals, andI wonder if I should get them or not.
Robert Miller: they come std with a 48Mb disk on chip, but the IDE is sitting there waiting. I'm copying stuff to the HD right now (in my laptop) so I dont have to do huge dls via 56K.
Meeka: ok see you next week pam
rich: OK Pam, and say hello to Erin for us
Ron: niters pamela
Pamela: I will, and if I get a chance will bring her by to say hi
Dale: USB ZIP works like a dream.
rich: that would be neat, Pam
Robert Miller: some of The ones on UBID come std with an ethernet instead of the 56k modem, but not both.
Pamela: Will call tomorrow night for more info, okay Dad?
Ron: Robert, tell me what UBID is pls
Ron: aution?
rich: by the way, RM, Ron, Dale and I are talking Canadian dollar prices
Dale: Does anyone here have some source for AdamNet devices?
rich: OK Pam
Robert Miller: an auction site. More controlled than ebay
Pamela: Good nite everyone - see younext week
Ron: sleep well
Pamela: *poof*
Pamela left chat session
Ron: ok ic
Dale: I've been looking into an AdamNet to PC parallel port hardware interface.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rob F
rich: if you need teh MIB3 or MI serial card I have them
Ron: Rich Drushel's is serial link isn't it
Robert Miller: you can check the whole hacking process at: if you are interested
Rob F: rehi.. sorry system froze
Ron: That's what you get for being on Long Island Rob
Rob F: hey.. look..i cloned myself <grin>
Ron: happens here Rob. like a hall of mirrors sometimes
Rob F: heheh like it
Ron: Will the REAL Rob Friedman please stand
rich: usually when someone enters or leaves
Rob F: nah.. sitting here
rich: the chat applet is a beta, after all
Rob F: even so.. it's not bad
Dale: Well, I figure if I can figure out the AdamNet protocol, it would be easy to do it over the PC parallel port, because it has enough bandwidth to keep up.
Ron: it works better than all else we've tried Rob
rich: considering what we tried elsewhere, it's damn good
rich: doesn't even need cookies to operate, and that's a BIG plus
Dale: I might need something inbetween, but I'm planning a talk on Adam hardware hacking for AC.
Rob F: i can see.. nicer than the.. what is that one.. ??? very common..
Ron: So would we be talking 80 col display on EOS Dale?
Rob F: broad? something.. whatever
Ron: Wonder if the protocol is anything like the Apple desktop bus protocol
Dale: We'd be talking having a PC provide a substitute version of any AdamNet device.
Ron: ok...even that would be good
rich: isn't that sort of the essence of ADamserve?
rich: or am I missing the point - again?
Ron: yeah, Rich, but faster I think
Ron: ADAMserve is a little slow for normal use. Backup that way is ok, but for normal useage, I don't know
Dale: Rich, the difference would be to have it work without any custom hardware on the Adam. Just a "sepecial connector" to a standard PC parallel port.
rich: need to borrow an XT, Dale?
Dale: I have a P75 that I'm planning on using for the PC part of it.
rich: well for a parallel port out you've need something custom on the Adam
Dale: So the idea is that any PC supplied device would speak to the Adam at the 65kbit per second.
Ron: Any device?
Ron: scanners?
Ron: cd rw
Ron: ?
Ron: hi res inkjet?
rich: for that wouldn't you have to go in via the bus connector, Dale?
Ron: or am I out of the park
Robert Miller: I dont suppose one of those parallel to USB converters would help to use? would bring down the number of pins to work with on the adam end?
Rob F: heheh now all we need is a digital camera for the Adam..
Ron: ok, there's another 'device'
rich: don;'t chuckle, Dale's probably done it already
Rob F: hey.. to me a digital camera is THE device..<rememebr what I do?
rich: though how the Adam's memory would handle 2.1 megapixels....
Ron: true Rob
rich: what do you do, Rob?
Rob F: dont rememebr?? i work in a pro camera store in nyc
Dale: Sure, replace any AdamNet device without patching anyt5hing on the Adam side.
rich: ah, OK - but then I only met you - once, twice?
Rob F: have <now> 2 epson digicams.. the 750z which i gave to Sue.. and teh 850z <which i also beta tested...>
Robert Miller: are you dispensing advice tonight Rob? What's the biggest bang for the buck currently?
Dale: You could concevibly add any device that AdamServe has.
Rob F: in digicams??? not sure on the low end.. rememebr..i also deal with $20,000 digital backs
Dale: That means printers, disk drives, keyboard, modem, etc.
Rob F: own personal low end favorite is the Canon G1
Robert Miller: (Well, I need a $10,000 kitchen before that hehehe)
Rob F: though I own the Epson 850Z and i'm not that fond of the 3000Z
Rob F: the G1 is around $800-900
Dale: I have a plan on how to add a Barbie cam to the Adam. I never implemented it though. I still need to buy a Barbie cam.
Rob F: the 990 <and upcoming 995> have good optics
rich: don't think the Epson is marketed in Canada, is it?
Dale: Saw one at a flea market recently. Should have bought it.
Meeka: I like my olympus d-460
Dale: But I don't take much money to such evens for that reason.
Rob F: no.. it' still a CMOs chip.. and the only one that has looked fairly ok. is the D30 Canon
Rob F: almost bought teh d450
Robert Miller: is something different about the barbie cam that lends itself to the task Dale?
Rob F: the 460 is that 1.3 or 2.1?
Rob F: < not a fan of smartmedia
Meeka: 1.3
Rob F: yeah.. was thinking about that.. and bought teh epson 750z
Rob F: now i only carry the 850z with me every day
Dale: The Barbie cam has a 240x192 which is great for the Adam.
Dale: It works by serial port communication.
Dale: I have the protocol document.
Dale: And it's inexpensive.
Rob F: true and it's not expensive.. < though i thought you might like the Jamcam3 or the WWF cam? <grin
Dale: Add computer vision on a tight budget.
Dale: I bought a JamCam, because it is a better camera...
rich: hey, will it display to my Commodore 1702 monitor?
Rob F: what was that cute blue one from Agfa??? the Smile?
Dale: but I don't have the protocol, and I've found that the serial port connection ...
Dale: is no where near as reliable as the USB one.
Rob F: it's not the same as the barbi?
Dale: So, not as suitable for the Adam.
Rob F: ahh rt.. the barbi is serial not usb??? interesting
Ron: Have a USB ZOOM camera here
Ron: works well enough
Rob F: what about older cams that were serial?? like the older DC40 and 50?
Dale: The BarbieCam does up to 320x240 resolution. The JamCam goes up to 640x480.
Robert Miller: Best PC cam I had was my hi8 hooked through the capture board
Rob F: wait.. isnt the jamcam using a software like photoGenie>?
Dale: Old digital cameras are fine, but how do I get enough for all my Adam friends.
Robert Miller: now I have a kodak, which is just 1 level above junk mail on the list of things that I want to throw away ;o)
Rob F: which one?
Ron: are wetalking product development?
Dale: So in University I built a capture board, that could interface with the Adam, but I haven't interfaced it yet.
Dale: I think that it would be a good AdamNet device. So I'm trying to learn the AdamNet interface.
rich: Time for me to get with the remaining chorse - have to chuck it in, folks
Meeka: I had better et going guys. I have to get up and go into work early tomorrow. see you all next week
Ron: be well Rich
Rob F: ok.. good tro see all of you agian
rich: nite Meeka
Meeka: nite
rich: goodnite all - see you next week
Ron: me too..... just started a Linux Install (Caldera) on the iMac
Ron: so better pay attention
rich: RobF and Robert - great having you aboard
Rob F: hehe want to ask Tim??
Dale: Rob, I'm a product developer. If the JamCam had worked out, I would have distributed it at the last AdamCon.
Rob F: he's here to help with a book on linux
Ron: say Hi to Tim for us Rob...good to see you here
rich: bye now
Ron: really1
Ron: !
Robert Miller: thanks would like to make it to Clev this year... we'll see.
Robert Miller: nite all
Ron: niteRobert
Dale: Buy Robert, Rich, Meeka.
Robert Miller left chat session
Ron: nite all!
Meeka left chat session
Dale: Bye Ron.
Ron: poof!
Rob F: by by ye.. hey Bob.. ever find any memorbilia for me?
Ron left chat session
Dale: Rob, comeback again. It's good to see you.
Rob F: gonna ahve to try
Rob F: now that start trek is over..<Grin
Dale: <grin>
Rob F: i saved the site on my fav
BobS: aah yes.......methinks the widow Slopsema is awaiting mine arrival in the upper chamber also
Dale: A good series ender. I totally missed chat that week.
Dale: Bye Bob.
Rob F: bob. hugs to judi
Dale: Well, I guess it's time for supper now.
Rob F: ok.. l;ater
Dale: bye.
Rob F: at leat I finally showed up
Rob F left chat session
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
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