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rich: well hello Dr. D
rich: got my email yet?
Rich Drushel: Hello...thought I would reply in bulk tonight to all the replies I got this evening :-)
Rich Drushel: Which means, yep, just read your reply.
rich: you really stirred things up, I gather
Rich Drushel: I had thought about posting a list of who the 12 committed people were, but figured I'd wait.
rich: by the way, if you're getting squeezed, we can accelerate matters a bit
Rich Drushel: After tonight, I can probably add 4 to the list.
rich: I know about Ron, Guy and the Slopsema clan
Rich Drushel: No, just made another deposit to the ADAMcon 13 bank account today; we're over $2100, and none of the B.A.S.I.C.
rich: and I assume Herman and George
Rich Drushel: people have kicked in their bux yet.
rich: will Ebeneezer John be coming?
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changed username to Dale
rich: hi Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Rich Drushel: I haven't heard anything from Ebenezer since, oh, ADAMcon 8 or it's unlikely.
Rich Drushel: Hello Dale.
rich: pity - he seemed like a decent type, and interested
Dale: How's it going?
Rich Drushel: Jean Davies is a remote possibility, but none of the other B.A.S.I.C. crew are going to be in town during the convention weekend.
rich: bummer!
Rich Drushel: Dale, I'm swamped, as usual anymore :-)
Dale: Well, I've noticed that you've been keeping a lower profile, so I guessed.
rich: by the way, have found a new Adam user and invited him to join us
Rich Drushel: I see the path through the minefield of my next 5 weeks, but I'm not relishing having to walk it.
rich: you teaching a summer semester?
Rich Drushel: But hey, hotel, food, T-shirts and banner are nailed, so nobody will have to sleep in the street.
Dale: Have you made up a session schedule for AdamCon yet?
rich: just make sure the menu is more than pizza and hamburgers -
Rich Drushel: Yes Rich, I am, starting Monday: my 2-week summer robot course for high school teachers. 10 days, 9-4 PM.
Rich Drushel: Oh Herman and George wouldn't stand for that, believe me...
rich: with Herman doing the food, I worry about his standards
Rich Drushel: George was the one who made the final deal with the food. So, don't expect to see chicken on the menu.
rich: or has he got religion on the subject nopw he's a married man?
Rich Drushel: My main concern will be to see that there is "crispy bacon" for the Mighty Mitchell :-)
rich: chicken I can live with; it's fish a can't eat
Rich Drushel: I'll remember that, Rich...
Dale: He's already talking about it in anticipation.
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changed username to BobSlopsema
rich: Frances likes to fill up on bunny food, but we'll likely bring or buy some fruit for ourselves anyway
Rich Drushel: Well, if I have to bring an electric frying pan and cook it myself in my room, Ron will have crispy bacon.
BobSlopsema: howdy boys!!!
BobSlopsema: just sent ya a message Richar!
rich: well, hello Bob
rich: !
Rich Drushel: Hello Mr. Slopsema...your $$$ arrived yesterday, were deposited today.
Dale: Hi Bob.
BobSlopsema: money uis on the way
rich: first of the Slopsemas on the scene tonight
BobSlopsema: COOL!!!
BobSlopsema: now to get the Torontorian contingent to commit..........
BobSlopsema: get Doug and Meeka's???
Dale: Jill still hasn't heard back from work.
Rich Drushel: They did; you'll have to read the chat log from before you came it.
BobSlopsema: Jill coming Dakle???
BobSlopsema: bummer!
Rich Drushel: Meeka sent me their stuff a week ago.
Dale: They wanted all vacation days booked back inJanuary.
rich: Bob, if I try to multitask from within this chat applet, I crash hard
BobSlopsema: perverts, I say!!!!!!!!!
BobSlopsema: what about Neal?????
Rich Drushel: Hey, my Powermac 6100 is multitasking this chat applet okay right now ;-)
rich: you Apple owners just don't understand what us poor Wintel users have to put up iwth
rich: or maybe you do and that's why you have Macs
Dale: Neil was trying to decide between AdamCon and the Canadian National Scout Jamboree in PEI. He usually does both, but ...
Dale: This time they are on at the same time.
Rich Drushel: Dale, you have my sympathy...Joan has worked for 13 years and still isn't high enough on the seniority to get vacation anytime between June and August.
Dale: Murray was on last week though.
BobSlopsema: oh shucks! he can only be a kid once, so that would put him in the market for both things, eh?
Rich Drushel: As for Macs, this one is a dumpster-dive rescue...opened it up to find a 250 MHz G3 accelerator board in it
Rich Drushel: (the 6100 is usually 66 MHz). Put in 72 MB RAM, add RAM Doubler, it works nice.
BobSlopsema: thought this was also your anniversary celebration Rich
rich: some guys have all the luck!
Rich Drushel: Anniversary would have been if we got the 3rd week in July (for 19 July, to be exact).
BobSlopsema: well........we can help celebrate EARLY!!!!!
Rich Drushel: Joan still doesn't even know if she's working on the 19th or not; the 6-week schedule doesn't go that far.
Rich Drushel: Joan's also working for half the might see her a bit, but she can't stay at the hotel as a delegate.
Rich Drushel: I'm planning on buying one other full delegate slot and rotating whichever of the girls is interested through it, on a day-by-day basis.
Dale: Well, we look forward to getting to say Hi to her, at least.
rich: I guess even seeing her half time will be an improvement from most conventions
Rich Drushel: I think we can all make the banquet, though, so I'll pay their way for that.
BobSlopsema: COOL!!!!
rich: that will be neat, haven't seen all your family together ever
Rich Drushel: Gotta get a little free labor from that delegate slot, though, maybe making up party trays etc.
Rich Drushel: Hmm, if I can remember the URL, I have a photo of all the kids (Easter) up on my desktop's webpage... let me look a sec.
rich: Bob, you in the part of the midwest that's having rough weather?
BobSlopsema: NOPE! it is HOT though
BobSlopsema: today was 90 fahrenheit and 75% humidity
rich: yes, we got up to 82, maybe more today, and humid
BobSlopsema: tomorrow a few degrees warmer
BobSlopsema: maybe headed your way sir!
rich: yes, we're supposed to get slightly cooler Saturday though
Rich Drushel: Ditto for Cleveland. No real rain recently.
BobSlopsema: BUYT, the A/C is NICE
rich: we haven't had ours on yet - we use it very little
BobSlopsema: heck Rich, we had a record od 10" for May and June is raining about a total of 3" already
rich: normally the night cools down well and we can get by with exhaust fans
BobSlopsema: today is the first time this year we have turned it on
Rich Drushel: Ahh, here's where to find pix of the 4 girls:
rich: yes, we had double normal rainfall for May, too
BobSlopsema: and i think it will saty on thru tomorrow night
Rich Drushel:
Rich Drushel: May was rainy and cool, so the grass grew alot. The last 2 days have been the first really hot & muggy ones of the season.
rich: got it Rich
Rich Drushel: They're growing up fast, aren't they?
rich: just give me a nice sunny weekend for the race - with a cool breeeze off the lake
Rich Drushel: Today was Elanor's 5th-grade graduation; tomorrow is Christina's 8th-grade graduation.
BobSlopsema: but, but, where's the 'dad'?????
Dale: Yup. They look bigger all the time. <grin>
Rich Drushel: Oh, you want Dad? I got some of those, too:
rich: I have to look later
BobSlopsema: :-)
rich: maybe the conflict is between Opera and the applet
Rich Drushel:
Rich Drushel: (1st-place winner in 2000 CWRU Ugly Professor contest at Halloween)
rich: going fior the double this fall?
Rich Drushel: I've been moving up in the contest: 1998 3rd place, 1999 2nd place, they didn't have the contest in 2000, and 1st place this year.
Rich Drushel: A nicer picture of me (in the robot lab) is at
Rich Drushel:
Dale: Alas poor Yulrich
Rich Drushel: I chewed him, Horatio...
rich: you been building battle bots, Rich?
Rich Drushel: So now that you know for sure that I'm whacked out...don't hesitate to send me your ADAMcon 13 $$$, they're in good hands :-)
BobSlopsema: well, if tha pic don't scare ya nuthin will!!!!
Rich Drushel: No battlebots...however, I did co-write an article about the show for the Weekly Reader.
Rich Drushel: I got asked to be a technical reviewer of a freelance submission they got, and the article had so many errors about the
Rich Drushel: tech that I had to rewrite 5 paragraphs of it and redraw an illustration.
Rich Drushel: For that, I got to be co-author and paid $300...nice for an afternoon's work.
BobSlopsema: a second easy vocation to be sure!
Rich Drushel: The editor found me through a web search, he was just sort of looking around.
rich: that's what you get for going to school and paying attention
BobSlopsema: tell him to bring more on, a little at at ime!!!
Rich Drushel: Well, it pushed me into a higher tax I only netted about $100 of it :-(
rich: great heavens, what is your top tax rate? ours is only about 29%
Rich Drushel: I think it was just a quirk of where I was in the tax table.
BobSlopsema: yup, you were just below the jump and that put you just abover the jump
rich: or do you combine state and federal tax on your returns? that would also influence things
Rich Drushel: No, US federal is figured first, a partial result from that is the input to the state and local.
rich: fairly similar to our setup, then, except we don't have local
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changed username to ron's old Mac
Rich Drushel: I lucked out in the end, though, because I neglected to add in some daycare expenses, which created a credit elsewhere.
rich: hi Ron
Rich Drushel: Hey, another MacUser tonight! I'm on a Powermac 6100 with a 250 MHz G3 accelerator board!
rich: still refilling teh resevoirs out your way?
ron's old Mac changed username to ron's old Mac
BobSlopsema: the LOST am found!
ron's old Mac: Hi
Dale: Hi Ron.
rich: where's Ron's new Mac?
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ron's old Mac: LC475 trundeling along with 33 whole Mhz of raw processing power
changed username to Pamela
rich: hello daughter
Dale: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi there
ron's old Mac: Hi Pamela
rich: Dr. D. is on to find out hwo is sure for Adamcon
ron's old Mac: on the other side of the room Rich
Rich Drushel: Hello Pamela...your Dad tells me you might be coming to visit me in Cleveland...sure hope it works out for you.
Pamela: Hi, I got here just in time to save you from technobabble
Rich Drushel: Drat, you were needed in the writing offices of Star Trek:Voyager about 7 years ago! Where were you?
Pamela: Rich, it looks like things are working out for us - but financing is still an issue
ron's old Mac: right Pam.... I like it when you do that
BobSlopsema: HI PAM!!!
Pamela: Are you kidding? I like the technobabble on ST:V
Pamela: Hi, Bob
ron's old Mac: Rich D. Did you get my money order?
Pamela: I just don't speak it myself
Dale: She was modifying the main deflectofr dish to emit a tetrion pulse or rotating frequencies.
Pamela: Otherwise known as nuking my dinner
Pamela: Tetrion radiation is a sign of a cloaked ship - maybe we have Romulans and don't know it
ron's old Mac: you do that with a reflex klystron Pam
Rich Drushel: Yes Ron, your money arrived safely and has been both deposited and credited to the ADAMCON THIRTEEN bank account.
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ron's old Mac: good
Rich Drushel: But what about the toilets backing up into the warp drive engines?
ron's old Mac: you know what Scotty said,
Pamela: That's okay Rich, they just eject the warp core
ron's old Mac: the more complicated the plumbing
ron's old Mac: ....
Rich Drushel: ...the easier it is to stop up the drain.
ron's old Mac: :)
Pamela: But what about the Hysenberg principle?
ron's old Mac: How are you doing for presenters Rich (D.) ??
rich: that's HEi..., daughter
Pamela: the question stands corrected
Rich Drushel: As stated in my E-mail, I could still use a few.
ron's old Mac: What..... water displaced is proportional to the mass of the object displacing it?
rich: I'm uncertain
ron's old Mac: no that was Archimedes
Pamela: No, that you can never know exactly where an object is in both space and time
ron's old Mac: the guy in the bathtub
rich: eureka!
Rich Drushel: The Blinovich Limitation Effect?
Pamela: therefore, the HEIsenberg compensator is what makes the transporter work
Rich Drushel: Oops, sorry, I was in the Doctor Who universe...
Pamela: Oh lord, I forgot I was arguing physics with a PhD.
ron's old Mac: yeah.... eh?
Pamela: take off, you hoser
Rich Drushel: Ph.D. biology doesn't imply any expertise in physics. This is the "Linus Pauling Effect".
Pamela: I rest my case
ron's old Mac: I know about Linus blankets
rich: except you work on Adams instead of Vitamin C?
Pamela: but have you made any blankets for the Linus Project?
ron's old Mac: betcha Linus Pauling had Linus blanket
Rich Drushel: That's the connexion, Rich...
Pamela: Seems to me I had one of those blankets, didn't I Dad?
Rich Drushel: Linus Pauling, brilliant physicist, wins Nobel Prize for physics *and* biochemistry.
ron's old Mac: since you guys are in such a creative mood tonight..... here.....give me an algorithm
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changed username to Meeka
ron's old Mac: I am the drawmaster for a curling league
Dale: Hi Meeka
rich: well, you did have a blanket of which you were inordinately fond
Meeka: hello all
Pamela: Definitely out of my sphere of knowledge
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Rich Drushel: But his views on Vitamin C are, shall we say, more belief system than science...but since Linus says it, it *must be true, right?
ron's old Mac: no need to know anything about the game
BobSlopsema: well its about time!
rich: hello Meeka
Dale: You just walked in on a deep theoretical physwics discussion.
Meeka: ya ya i have been a little busy
ron's old Mac: 6 sheets of ice, 28 teams, 3 time slots on each of 2 days per week
Rich Drushel: Hi Meeka.
ron's old Mac: draw me a schedule such that
Pamela: That's an algorithm?
ron's old Mac: each team plays the others roughly an equal number of times
Pamela: Oh. Help.
ron's old Mac: and each team spends roughly equal time on each sheet of ice....and
ron's old Mac: each team has roughly eqqual division amongst time slots
Rich Drushel: Hmm, this sounds like a data structures class assignment.
rich: anyway, Rich, I did some vitamin C experimentation inspired by Linus
ron's old Mac: Im sure somebody somewhere has done it
Pamela: Bet I could do it if I had enough time - is the convention soon enough for an answer?
ron's old Mac: sure... we dont start play till October
rich: and by the time I retired had 400 days in sick leave credits built up
Rich Drushel: Maybe we could do this as a SmartBASIC programming challenge for the convention?
Rich Drushel: Dale can't enter :-) Probably not me, either :-)
ron's old Mac: good idea. That's why I tossed it out
Pamela: no - anything but programming!!!
Pamela: (Pamela runs screaming from the classroom)
rich: well, if you can work out the algorithm, the programmers can take over from there
Rich Drushel: I have a fun contest planned for the convention, for people who consider themselves hardware types...but it's a surprise.
Dale: Ohh that's be fun.
ron's old Mac: pamela withdraws
Rich Drushel: No soldering iron required.
Dale: I'd do in in poked machine language maybe.
rich: pushpins?
Pamela: I can do it on paper but don't ask me to do the math
ron's old Mac: Dr. Rich.... I had a thought (should you need something from me in the way of a presentation).... three software programs I've purchased
Meeka: ron likes the BIG pushpins
ron's old Mac: t previous ADAMcons...that never got loaded
ron's old Mac: Dynamite Digitizer.... A Cartridge form the Walters brothers.... and one other to be determinded
Dale: The sound dig is always fun.
Pamela: What about that typing program that Scott was talking about a few weeks back?
ron's old Mac: Smartdks Cartridge...(senior's moment)
rich: that's Syd Carter's program, isn't it?
ron's old Mac: yeah Syd's
Pamela: I can't remember - woul d have to look it up in the archives
ron's old Mac: anyway Rich...keep it in your back pocket
Rich Drushel: Heck, I have hardware that I've bought/rescued that's never been fired up...
ron's old Mac: should be Smartdsk
Pamela: Dad, is Mom doing something for Logo?
Rich Drushel: An entire Powermate HD/floppy system...
rich: no, not appropriate for this group
Meeka: Rich D. -- did you get my e-mail this morning on the colors
rich: besides, she's doing most Logo on the Amiga now
Rich Drushel: No, Pamela, NO! I don't want people talking about what they usually talk about at ADAMcons...and your Mom is Ms. Logo...
Pamela: Well, at least one person (me) might learn something
ron's old Mac: Fully support that concept Rich
Rich Drushel: Meeka, yes I did...that's fine, go ahead with the colors...I'm going to use them on the T-shirt, as shown in the GIF image I posted about.
ron's old Mac: think it would be neat to have presentations from those who have never done presentations
Pamela: Better start looking for t's in 3X, Meeka - you'll need at least two
Rich Drushel: If we can get people who've never been to an ADAMcon to come, we might have a chance at that :-)
rich: yes, but what is there left to talk about?
Meeka: haven't seen it yet. just got on my computer and came here
ron's old Mac: true
Meeka: at leaset two what Pam
Pamela: Don;t look at me, Rich, I'm barely ADAm literate
Pamela: T shirts, meeka
Rich Drushel: Rich, there's *tons* to talk can even be stuff we've heard before. But a new messenger can make it "new" again.
Meeka: why, doug is the only one who wears the.
Dale: Does that mean that you now know everything that's worth knowing? Maybe ...
Dale: you sohulkd do a session on "The most valuable lessons to be learned from the Adam"
rich: no, more a reflection of vast funds of ignorance
Dale: And you can share it with us.
Pamela: I'll wear mine - we can make them into a fashion statement
Rich Drushel: And a newbie seminar is the best kind, because it's carried forth by 100% enthusiasm. And enthusiasm is contagious to the audience.
ron's old Mac: indeed
Rich Drushel: Rich C. is one of the arms I would like to twist for some public thoughts at a session...though perhaps I should save him for ADAMcon 0E hex :-)
Pamela: Can the audience heckle the old hands?
Rich Drushel: Heckle, Jeckle, Hyde, Seek, whatever!\
Dale: Always.
rich: yes, I do hope to honour that promise, Dr. D
Pamela: No, I have Jekyll and Hyde at work in the form of my boss
Rich Drushel: ROTFL don't we all
ron's old Mac: I wanna see those cute little Lego robot thingies
rich: after all, only two years to go
Pamela: Me too, Ron
Rich Drushel: I just hope I'm not somebody's J & H right now :-)
Meeka: brb
Pamela: No, you sound too stable for that Rich
ron's old Mac: stable?
Rich Drushel: Ron, you'll be buildin' some of 'em at the Saturday session!
Dale: Rich D do you have AdamNet device controler code sources?
ron's old Mac: good....will look forward to that
rich: it's just a front he puts up - he's really a Mad Professor
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changed username to james
Pamela: Mom will love that - she is a Lego addict
Pamela: Hi, James!
Rich Drushel: Look at my GIF URLs I talked about earlier tonight (look 'em up in the log)
james: morning :)
rich: morning, james
ron's old Mac: speaking of slugs......... we have a strain out here that actually appears to enjoy Corry's slug bate
james: how is everyone?
BobSlopsema: hey! james!!!!
Rich Drushel: Hello James, long time, no chat (from me)
ron's old Mac: hi James
Dale: I'm interested in making a cable from the AdamNet to the PC parallel port.
Pamela: Great (sunburn aside)
james: hi richd! it's been awhile :)
Rich Drushel: Slug bait...what do you use?
ron's old Mac: How about a USB/serial interface
rich: out on the west coast, they come so big they use harpoons
Pamela: Try moth crystals - or is that for raccons?
Pamela: sorry, raccoons
rich: micde
ron's old Mac: It's a brand name up here..... Corry's.
Dale: I've been thinging about that since
ron's old Mac: powder sprinkled around affected plants
BobSlopsema: give them beer Ron, they love it andf then drown in it
Rich Drushel: Let me guess: MAX232 chip to bring the ADAMnet signal lines to RS-232 levels, then a serial-to-parallel converter?
rich: we have some sort of pellets
Dale: Nov 99...but USB chipsets are still a little beyond my reach.
BobSlopsema: works every time
ron's old Mac: If I could choose a topic that I'd like to hear about....... tell ya what I want, what I really really want...
BobSlopsema: course, ya gotta keep changin the beer or takin out the dead slugs
Dale: Maybe A USB joystick will sucumb to my will yet though.
Pamela: American or Canadian beer, Bob?
Rich Drushel: do tell, do tell, do tell, Ron...
ron's old Mac: would like to know how a standard overlay file is structured and a device driver file
rich: you wouldn't waste good Canadian ale on a slug!
BobSlopsema: any beer, rpeferable generic
Rich Drushel: For CP/M and TDOS, yes?
Pamela: you're gonna import American for the slugs, Dad?
ron's old Mac: beer....I knew about that, but havent' tried it on this crew
BobSlopsema: ok use the cheap us stuff.........
ron's old Mac: yes those OS particularly
Dale: That sounds like a CP/M topic if I ever heard one.
rich: will you provide an English translation?
ron's old Mac: Would like to fix the QTERM VT100 overlay so it works properly on the ADAM
Rich Drushel: There was a place in California which was selling original CP/M developers kits for $8 US, DRI original, which had
ron's old Mac: if C64 can do it, we should be able to do it
Pamela: Rich, do we have a day to day schedule yet?
Dale: Rich D, I was thinking of using either a microconjtroller, or a pure software implementation on te PC.
Dale: But I'm as always open to suggestions.
Rich Drushel: BIOS skeletons and all the low-level info like that...I bought some and I know I gave one copy to Zonker. Did I give you one, Ron?
ron's old Mac: don't think so Rich
Pamela: brb - I'm missing my glasses
Dale: Ron, I have a fixed version of that.
ron's old Mac: It's Ok Pamela, you can't see anything you haven't seen before
james: so where will the con be held next year?
Rich Drushel: Not on the website...but I can put one up. The time blocks for sessions and meals etc. are set, if that's what you mean.
ron's old Mac: great Dale.... I will take that up with ya
Rich Drushel: James, give me a chance to get this one out the door before jumping to next year :-) :-)
rich: one thought was the Florida panhandle
Pamela: Ron, if I don't have my glasses, I can
ron's old Mac: Tell and all...
Pamela: t see anything
Rich Drushel: Okay Ron, I'll dig out my copy and bring just might have the stuff you're looking for in it.
ron's old Mac: has anyone invited PJ?
rich: Howard Pines was making noises on the subject last year
ron's old Mac: tks
Rich Drushel: I spoke to PJ by phone about 3 months ago. She was interested in coming, but her finances and health were very bad, she said.
ron's old Mac: ok.... but she knows the dates
Rich Drushel: There was lots of bad karma undertone; she sounded like she was in some difficult situations.
rich: just keep her posted and hope for the best
ron's old Mac: PJ is ALWAYS in a situation
Rich Drushel: I can ring her up and see what she says. I believe she and Dale are the only remaining people who've been to them all?
rich: yes
ron's old Mac: somehow she manages to come thru it..... If I had that much misfortune....well, I dunno
Dale: Yes. everyone else has missed at least one.
ron's old Mac: 'cept you Dale?
Pamela: I shoulda come along when I was still on my parents ticket
BobSlopsema: yup, that's right Pam
Rich Drushel: Well, I'll see what I can do. Gotta see if I can find the phone number she gave me (she called me in the lab late one night).
Pamela: Hindsight is 20/20
Dale: PJ and I have made an appearance at every 'Con.
Rich Drushel: Well, there will be lots of live stuff on the net...
ron's old Mac: (407)788-6396
Dale: Rich D, did you say you have documentation on the AdamNet protocol?
Rich Drushel: Full streaming video when we're at CWRU, updating web still camera for at the hotel.
Pamela: Actually Dad, if you think about it, this is #XIII - so if # 1 was in '88, then it was already too late.
rich: oh
ron's old Mac: I do have a disk Rich (D.) that you gave me in Seattle
rich: but you could have come to 02
Pamela: True
ron's old Mac: think the whole thing is on there
Pamela: besides, I used up my vacation that year going to Pennsic
ron's old Mac: Also..... another agenda item.....
rich: well, you could have done some evening socializing
Rich Drushel: I don't think I have anything you don't have, Dale...I have the 6801 listings that Chris Braymen gave me.
ron's old Mac: (Ron's Annual late night unsolvable question)
Dale: I have none of those things Rich D.
Pamela: go on Ron
Rich Drushel: Okay, I will make a note to myself to photocopy you a set.
ron's old Mac: has to do with SmartBasic 1.x performance on my MI Hard drive......(previously described)
Dale: It is relevant to me now, I wasn't particularly interested at the time.
ron's old Mac: does not properly indicated the volume I'm logged into
ron's old Mac: wrong tense
Dale: Thanks. That'll be useful. I recently realized I have no information on the over the wire protocol other than the documented speed.
Dale: I'd like to make a AdamNet interface for AdamServe running on a PC. I think that it would be a trulely facinating project.
Rich Drushel: Dale, you need to read any Motorola 6801/03/05/11 data book about the asynchronous serial port.
Rich Drushel: It tells how to create a 1-line serial network using a built-in protocol.
Pamela: James, you're too quiet - what's happening on your side of the world?
Rich Drushel: ADAMnet is a straightforward implementation of this protocol.
BobSlopsema: so you paid it no attention eh?
Dale: Gotya. Does it the 6801 controller use the standard framing suggested by a 6801 then?
james: sorry pam, i'm a little slow this morning :)
ron's old Mac: James, my son, a question
Dale: Right. Sounds good.
Pamela: Well, go get your coffee and wake up
james: keeping busy with my school.
Dale: Is the power level standard TTL levels too?
ron's old Mac: perhaps I've already asked you
ron's old Mac: do you recall the name John Krzyzanowski from the early AUFG days?
Pamela: Are you running through the summer too?
Dale: Since you're all hear, I have an announcement to make...
james: ron, is that question for me?
ron's old Mac: here here
Pamela: dum de de dum . . .
Rich Drushel: Dale, in brief, there is a way to configure the 68xx serial port so that it can receive one message burst,
ron's old Mac: yea James...for you
Dale: Jill is expecting. So a new Wick will be due Dec 27.
james: pam, i run straight through, but will be taking 4 days off in the middle of august.
Dale: Thanks.
Meeka: yes congrats dale
james: the name is familiar
rich: oh wow! congratulations, Dale and Jill
Rich Drushel: then go to sleep and ignore any subsequent message burst until a certain idle time between characters elapses.
ron's old Mac: super Dale!
james: congratulations!
ron's old Mac: congrats
Pamela: How is Jill feeling?
Rich Drushel: Wow Dale, congratulations!!!!
ron's old Mac: the newest Adamite
Dale: Jill is excited, nervious, nautious, the whole gamut <grin>
Rich Drushel: This is how all ADAMnet devices can listen to a single line and then not talk on top of each other. You need one master and all the rest slaves, though.
Pamela: are you getting sympathy cravings?
Rich Drushel: Cravings for the nausea to stop (I speak from experience)
ron's old Mac: Ok now Dr. D. tell me..... is there any comparison at all between ADAMnet and the Apple Desktop Bus
ron's old Mac: ???
BobSlopsema: COOL!!!!!!!
BobSlopsema: CONGRATS!!!!
Dale: Naturally. I assumed that it is some type of token passing system. The Adam runs slightly slower with more AdamNe t devices doing DMA.
Pamela: James, do the Japanese kids get a summer break from regular school?
Rich Drushel: I haven't looked at any true low-level specs for ADB, but my guess is, logically similar, but physically very different.
james: if one could call it that, yes but they still have their club activities.
Pamela: So to attend with you is not a big deal then - good news for you
BobSlopsema: CONGRATS DALE!!!! (why the heck are my msgs gettin lost)
ron's old Mac: right
Rich Drushel: We see you, Bob... (I do, anyway)
Pamela: you need to speak to your ISP there, Bob
rich: they're coming up on our screens, Bob
james: since they come to me in the evenings, it doesn't interfere much but occasionally they call and cancel for some club related reason
ron's old Mac: yes, I see a Bob
james: which annoys the hell out of me. not much i can do about it though.
Rich Drushel: Alas for ADB, Apple have phased it out in favor of USB and firewire...
james: when and if i have kids, i do not want them going to jhs and hs here.
Pamela: Are you going to send them back here?
ron's old Mac: well the iMac's USB seems to perform similar tasks..... hook a CD-RW to it, a mouse, a keyboard, a cam, whatever
Dale: USB is at a high level very similar to AdamNet.
Rich Drushel: I like the big Apple ADB keyboards, AT style, not those junky toy translucent USB ones...yuck.
james: i am and they can stay with my parents or i'll move back for awhile and go back to school myself. 12 years from now is still
Dale: One master, many slaves.
BobSlopsema: albeit late.................
james: a little past the horizon so who knows.
Rich Drushel: USB is ADAMnet on non-Motorola hardware, probably...
BobSlopsema: I seem to be about 20 steps behind
ron's old Mac: except I'm beginning to discover, some USB devices don't like eachother
Pamela: true - and by that time you may not want them going to school in Ontario, given what's happening to our sy stem right now
Rich Drushel: hehe...some USB devices are more equal than others...
rich: I've heard mice and keyboards don't co-exist happily
ron's old Mac: or there isn't enough power to go around
Dale: I'm still working towards an AdamNet camera.
Pamela: where are you, Bob? What have you missed?
james: japan too is on a mission to dumb down its curriculum. i'll probably educate my children myself and consider anything they
Dale: I have a lead on a new 320x240 digital camera. Now to see if I can get the protocol specs.
james: do at school "supplementary".
ron's old Mac: Well my Zoom Cam and my interface with the VCR dont work if connected to my USB hub at the same time
ron's old Mac: individually they will work fine
Pamela: At least that way you're guaranteed they will learn to read
rich: it's OK Ron, the new USB 2.0 is out and you can have a whole new set of problems
james: yes, reading, math, the whole works.
Pamela: and spell - something that's iffy from our system
ron's old Mac: and nothing works with OS X except my XLR8 scroll mouse
ron's old Mac: oh joy
moved to room Meeting Place
james: they need to get back to basics.
ron's old Mac: as Scotty said......
changed username to Guy B.
ron's old Mac: the mor complicated the plumbing
Rich Drushel: No ADB or floppy drive access in OS X, right?
rich: hello Guy, you're late
Pamela: Altho' I must admit that spelling is a hit and miss sort of thing - some people are better at it than others
james: and in the case here, i'll be sure my kids get a version of their history that isn't glossed over.
Rich Drushel: Hello are now paid up in full :-)
Pamela: Hi, Guy
ron's old Mac: that's correct Rich D.
ron's old Mac: it's really wet off the cutting room floor
Guy B.: A friend of mine from Pittsburgh came in and we all went out to dinner.
Pamela: Cdn or Japanese history?
ron's old Mac: doesn't support much I've got
Guy B.: Thanks Dr. D.
BobSlopsema: not missing anything, but it seems my msgs are completely out of tune with the rest of ya!
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
ron's old Mac: including the Java applet on this chat prog of Dales. If I want to use the iMac I have to reboot to OS 9.1
james: well, i want them to have both, but i don't like the way they teach history here. glossing over their wartime atrocities etc.
Rich Drushel: Bob's in an alternate timestream tonight...there's technobabble for ya, Pamela!
Guy B.: Ron, which Old Mac are you on?
Dale: Bob you can always enter a second time. And see if the new window works better.
Rich Drushel: Ron, do you know if 68K programs run under the OS 9.1 compatibility box of OS X?
Pamela: Well, the Canadians didn't treat the Japanese here very well during the war either - but the truth is always a good policy
ron's old Mac: LC475 Guy. 68040 processor at 33 mhz
Guy B.: That would be one of the early ones, right?
ron's old Mac: interesting question Rich. Have never tried any. can answer that in a day or so ..... will try one or two
james: i know all about the internment camps. not good but at least we don't try to hide it. ask any korean or chinese what they think of the way
james: they teach history here. you'll get an earful, i assure you.
ron's old Mac: yes Guy..... 1997 circa
Rich Drushel: 040 at 33 MHz, that's a late 68K machine.
Pamela: Will you translate?
ron's old Mac: yes
BobSlopsema: GUY, mi boy!!!!!
james: translate what?
ron's old Mac: So what's it doing on The Cable....
Pamela: to Korean or Chinese so I can ask
ron's old Mac: damned if I knw. but here it is
james: don't speak any korean and only a smattering of chinese. :)
ron's old Mac: a tad slow for surfing, but fine for chats
Guy B.: Wow, you can't use the new Mac OS X on that. So what version OS this Mac is running on?
james: i can read more chinese than i can speak.
Pamela: Better by far than I can do
ron's old Mac: oh no Guy., no OS x on this one.... OS 8.1 is as new as it gets here
Pamela: which is zip
Rich Drushel: I have a beautiful Quadra 840 AV here at home...also dumpster-dive's good for video capture and
ron's old Mac: OS X requires a G3 minimum
james: there was a big flap recently (still going on) as the new edition of the history text book here now refers to the nanking massacre as
james: the nanking "incident".
Rich Drushel: graphics editing using Canvas 3.5.3 68K :-) It was my home Mac until I found this 6100 with the G3 accelerator hidden inside.
Guy B.: Ok, just curious. I remember that certain Macs couldn't run the newest operating systems. How much memory is that one?
rich: yes, that even made teh papers here'
ron's old Mac: I know rich....... hate to let them go
Pamela: I am envious of your kids - they will be at home in two cultures and two languages
ron's old Mac: 32 meg Guy
Pamela: obviously Bob's trying again
james: i'm going to encourage them to take canadian citizenship though. they'll have dual citizenship until they'Re 22.
ron's old Mac: sounds like a good and useful computer Rich
Rich Drushel: Sonnet Technologies makes great G3/G4 upgrade cards for things like the 7200 and 7600 PPC Macs.
Guy B.: Runs pretty well on the Net.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: why 22 - age of majority?
changed username to Roberto2
ron's old Mac: Have a 17 inch monitor on this here LC475, and it's very easy to look at
Pamela: Well, Roberto, any better?
rich: ah Bob, now maybe you'll getr it working right
Rich Drushel: We got a 400 MHz G3 upgrade card for a Powerbook 1400 (now my laptop computer), and it screams...too bad its RAM tops out at 64 MB, too small for OS X.
Roberto2: DAT BETTER?
james: i don't know why it's 22. couldn't tell you.
Roberto2: yup
Pamela: What are the drinking / driving / voting ages there?
Pamela: Oh, I should add smoking to that
Dale: Don't drink and drive Pam.
ron's old Mac: mmm
Dale: Not even on voting day.
james: driving is 18, drinking is 20 and i'm not sure about voting and it likely doesn't matter.
Guy B.: This Athlon is the best investment I made. It really speeds through on the Internet and I ran one of the Millionaire games on it and Regis is in sync with the voice. I had that problem on the old system.
Pamela: Dale, that is just no fun
rich: how do you get through voting day without a drink?
ron's old Mac: That's where the rubber hits the road these days Guy. If you can get the sound and the pic together, you ahead
Pamela: You go to work first
Dale: Well, someone has to be the responsible one. <grin>
Rich Drushel: Drink water!
Pamela: That's you, Mr. Parent to be
Dale: Hi Roberto. Welcome.
Roberto2: si senor!
ron's old Mac: upgraded my iMac to 256 Meg of Ram, and now the video stuff is almost watchable
james: i think that's bobs
Guy B.: I still use the P133 for Quicken, some old Dos games and programming. I transfered my webpages to the new one and I'm going to switch the printers this weekend.
Pamela: I see we have traded in the american Bob for a spanish one
Roberto2: from ol mehico, i of speedy gonzales!!!!
Roberto2: YEha!!!!!
Pamela: arriba, arriba, andale
ron's old Mac: i see 9 people in attendance
ron's old Mac: is that maxed out?
Dale: So are we all synched yup now?
Roberto2: was afraidk if I came back as 'bob' I'd jinx it
Guy B.: And it's bad enough that the other day. My windows got smashed by a friend of mine's brother.
Pamela: not by a long shot, Ron
Rich Drushel: I lak that Roberto2, heez so seelee!
Dale: Ron, I've had up to 15 on at once.
Guy B.: This was on my car on the driver's side.
ron's old Mac: ok
Pamela: he's not the only one, Rich
Roberto2: si senior!!!!! ;-)
ron's old Mac: So Robert S just kinda fell off the table then
Pamela: Again Guy? what is with this car?
Pamela: Actually Ron, off the wagon
ron's old Mac: nah. Not our bob
Roberto2: yup, yup, yup.........
Roberto2: smacked 'im right off, mate!
Rich Drushel: I *knew* I shoulda made that left turn at Albuquerque...
Pamela: it's the tequila - it'll get you every time
ron's old Mac: what we seem to have here is an insidious change of identity
Pamela: Um, Rich, doesn't that take you to Texas?
Roberto2: ah, yes, the leetle worm!!!!!!
Roberto2: YEha!
Rich Drushel: Depends whether I was drivin' east or west when I turned, dinnit?
Guy B.: My 93 Buick. Tell you what happened. I was going to bring the last computer over and his brother has a hot temper. He smashed my window for no apparent reason. Police were called and I filed a criminal damage report. But, I declined to press charges, fearing he might decide to find out where I live and try to hurt me.
Pamela: true
james: dale, any luck on those manuals? i've got a 5.25" drive on my pc now and i'm going to try and read my adam disk with the macadam manual
Roberto2: Rich Just "where" approx is the hotel??????
Dale: If you're following, I suggested Bob open a second window. To resynchronize his conversation with ours only...
james: and make a hard copy of it.
Pamela: Nice friends, Guy
Dale: He ended up in Mexico.
Guy B.: By the way. He won't be getting that P75 that I brought back from Bob.
Meeka: i had better go for the night. have a few things that need to get done befor bed. see you all next week
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
Roberto2: bye Meeka
ron's old Mac: be well Meeka
Rich Drushel: There's a map on the convention's real easy to get to, right off of I-480. Just a bit west of downtown Cleveland.
james: bye meeka. sleep well.
Dale: James, I haven't had time to copy them yet, but it's on my todo list.
rich: night Meeka
Pamela: Meeka - more words next time, okay? Have a great nite
Rich Drushel: NIghty-night Meeka!
Roberto2: hookay.......
Meeka left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
Pamela: James, what happened?
james: thanks :) i know you're busy. i'm going to start with macadam. actually i may need someone to make a disk image for me as i had macadam
james: on the hard drive and it seems to be corrupt.
Guy B.: Oh boy.
ron's old Mac: Rich D. fer yer info (unless I already told ya) my flight get's to Cleveland at 9:05 p.m.
ron's old Mac: save food!
Pamela: God forbid Ron might miss dinner
james: what's that question pam?
ron's old Mac: hell yes..... and I hate that
Pamela: Sorry, James, thought that was you that bounced and came back
Rich Drushel: 9:05 PM, got it...the hotel has a shuttle to the airport, which isn't that far away anyhow.
rich: if you've got Customs preclearance, the hotel's only a mile from the airport and has a shuttle
ron's old Mac: Do they have any Harvey's Hamburgers in Cleveland?
Pamela: wow, stereo
ron's old Mac: good
james: i think harvey's is canadian ron.
Dale: I'm pretty sure I have a MacAdam disk on my web site somewhere.
ron's old Mac: aw
james: i'll poke around for it then dale :)
Guy B.: I'll be driving in to Cleveland.
Pamela: No, Harvey's in the US too - they share with Church's chicken
Rich Drushel: No Harvey's that I know of...but I will personally guarantee you crispy bacon, if I have to make it myself in my room in an electric skillet.
ron's old Mac: ALL RIGHT!!!!
james: wish i could go.
rich: Rich, how is teh hotel for noise?
Pamela: We want you there, James - even if only in spirit
Roberto2: whoa Ron!!!!!!!!! just wait another 30 days for the bacon!!!!!
ron's old Mac: (fist pumping from the west coast)
rich: I see it's between the interstate, railwasy and airport
Rich Drushel: It was quiet when we were there? Hard to answer...depends if there is a big Polish wedding in there that weekend or not :-)
Pamela: should feel just like allyour KOA;s, Dad
Guy B.: Rich, do you know if we're going to have a online chat for one of the days during the convention?
rich: by location, put a pig farm upwind and it could be a KOA
Rich Drushel: Yes, of course, easy to do...we just camp out here.
Pamela: Arent' we gonna do Saturday?
ron's old Mac: tradition...
Pamela: as Ron breaks into song
Guy B.: Great, I'll bring my notebook with a modem.
ron's old Mac: :) :)
Rich Drushel: That's the usual might be later in the evening than customary because of supper in Little Italy at the end of the CWRU road trip.
Pamela: Hey, maybe they'll do Fiddler next year at Stratford
Guy B.: That I'm looking forward to.
ron's old Mac: I'd love to see that show live......
rich: no, the Saturday chat time is 3 p.m.
Pamela: Me too
ron's old Mac: cold tea....yuck
Rich Drushel: If everything works out, there may be things other than the chat to use the modem yes, be sure to bring a modem-capable computer.
ron's old Mac: nuke time... brb
Pamela: We went to Stratford last weekend - saw The Sound of Music and Henry V
ron's old Mac: iMac is coming
Guy B.: I got Corecomm Internet setup on it. Just need to get the dialup numbers for Ohio.
Rich Drushel: (Vancouver Island vanishes in atomic cloud)
Pamela: LOL!!
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
ron's old Mac left chat session
rich: seems we lost Ron
Pamela: since when does Ron have to log off to heat his tea?
james: i'm going to have to go now. my friend is coming at the end of this month, so hopefully we'll have decent net access going
james: here soon and i'll be able to stay on longer.
Rich Drushel: I still have NetZero installed on my 486 from what, 2 conventions ago? I fire it up about every 2 months just enough to keep it alive.
Dale: The 'Con chat time has usually been Sat at about 8pm traditionally. Different from all other cahts throughout the year.
Guy B.: See you next week James.
Rich Drushel: Bye James!
rich: see you then, James. take care
Pamela: see you next week, James - say hi to Miyuki too
james: bye everyone :)
james: sure thing :)
left chat session
Roberto2: bye james
Rich Drushel: My guess would be closer to 9:00 PM; depends upon how long people linger over dinner.
james: *poof*
Pamela: that's adios
james left chat session
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Roberto2: netzero is combining with juno, wonder whqat that will do to service
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Rich, how long would it take us to get to the university from the hotel?
rich: the place you've chosen - how's their wine list
changed username to Ron
rich: ah, Ron's back
Rich Drushel: Boy am I the wrong person to ask, being a T-totaller :-)
Pamela: Since when do you have to log off to heat your tea, Ron
Ron: Booted from the scene was I
Rich Drushel: I can look, though...
Ron: materialized yet am I now
rich: might affect how long we stay....
rich: what ar smoking rules in Cleveland, by the way?
Pamela: forsooth, Ronald, you were sorely missed
Rich Drushel: Just saw the flash on the latest satellite photo of the West Coast at
Guy B.: I have a cousin who lives in Medina. I might make a visit to her if I have time.
Rich Drushel: :-)
Ron left chat session
Pamela: good question, Dad
rich: lost Ron aggain
Rich Drushel: You can smoke in Mamma Santas. I can make sure you get a smoking room in the hotel.
Dale: Bring no nuke with you though Ron.
Pamela: I think Ron just got booted again
rich: the hotel I did know about, as I'm booked there June 30
Pamela: How many of us are smokers?
Pamela: Aside from Dad and I, that is
Rich Drushel: You'll be in town 30 June?!?
Dale: Not I.
rich: us, Herman, don't know about any others
Pamela: Good for you, Dale
Guy B.: Well gang. Although I haven't been on long, I have to check the e-mail. I'll see you all next week. Saturday, I'm not sure yet. My nephew has a ball game and I plan to go out to see him play. See you all, then.
rich: I will be at the CART race at Burke Lakefront Airport
Rich Drushel: I'd be glad to stop by to say hi if convenient.
Dale: Bye Guy.
Rich Drushel: So long, Guy.
rich: be at the hotel Fri-Sat-Sun nites
Pamela: G'nite Guy - get a good bodyguard for that car of yours
rich: see you, Guy
Guy B.: The alarm is my bodyguard.
Dale: I have to go too. Things to do ...
Dale: Bye all
Guy B. left chat session
rich: OK, Incipient Papa. Take care
Rich Drushel: Bye Dale...
Pamela: Goodnite Dale, say hi to Jill for us and tell her congrats
Roberto2: by eDale
rich: Rich, how far is it from Hopkins to Burke?
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
Pamela: well folks, I guess it's bedtime for me too since the great departing is happening
rich: OK Pamela. Nite now
Rich Drushel: Let's see, just I-90 East, past downtown, off at East 9th. I would guess 10 miles or so?
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
Rich Drushel: 'Nite Pamela...let me know if AC13 will work out for you...
rich: pretty quick trip, then. How bad in rush hour?
Roberto2: be good Pam
Pamela: Dad, will definitely call you tomorrow - Rich, as it stands right now, we will be there with bells on
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: we meaning Russell and I
rich: OK Pam will expect it
changed username to imac
Pamela: you should have reservations from us shortly
imac: booted again was I
imac: returned have I now
rich: hello ron g'nite Pam
imac: gnite Pam
Pamela: missed were you Ron, but lo, Imust depart
Rich Drushel: Could be 20 minutes. There's a real bottleneck at Deadman's Curve (90 degree turn, about 30-yard radius).
Pamela: I go.
Roberto2: welcome back WEST Coast!!!!!
imac: aha
Pamela left chat session
imac: indeed
rich: hoo boy - that's on East 9th?
Roberto2: but now.....alas, I must boogie out too!
Rich Drushel: If you need exact specs, I'll have to drive it and time it; nothing takes me downtown during rush hour. I use the train :-)
rich: no sweat, just wondering how early I have to get up to make the first race
Roberto2: prolly won't be here next Wed....Doug's birthday and all
Rich Drushel: Adios Senior Roberto Dos
Roberto2: ADIOS!!!!!!
imac: Doug's birthday.... how old is the young lad?
rich: OK Bob I'll check that email when I leave here
Roberto2: dos numero uno!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: When is the first race, and on what day?
Roberto2 left chat session
imac: ic
rich: not sure - my cursor crony from Phoenix has the tickets
rich: but the races are Saturday and Sunday - there are supporting events to the big one
Rich Drushel: Well, you won't go wrong if you come early...
rich: for us old folks, early has a different meaning...
Rich Drushel: a car buff like you should be able to hang out productively to kill time :-)
rich: yes, and the earlier one arri es teh better parking opportunities should be
rich: that's arrives
Rich Drushel: Parking is the thing that's in short supply around Burke now...
rich: not sure whre Burke would put 20 -30 thousand cars
imac: well gents..... I shall depart and wish you well (not necessarily in that order)
Rich Drushel: When they renovated the lakefront to build the Rock Hall, Great Lakes Science Center, Browns stadium, etc.,
rich: goodnight, Ron
imac: Saturday???? (memory again)
imac: maybe this week
rich: will try, though LeMans is on
imac: poof
Rich Drushel: they demolished the old Muny parking lot along the shoreway. That was the traditional spot for parking for events at Municipal Stadium.
imac left chat session
Rich Drushel: Bye Ron...
rich: I assume the airport would have its own parking lots though, wouldn't it?
Rich Drushel: Yes, likely pricey, though.
Rich Drushel: If all you had to do was get from Hopkins to Burke, then the RTA is the way to go.
rich: Considering the race tickets alone are $90 a pop, parking extra would be pretty chintzy
Rich Drushel: Red line to downtown, transfer to the Waterfront line, get off at East 9th, you're there.
Rich Drushel: $1.50 per person each way.
rich: Is the RTA buses, streetcars, or private right of way?
Rich Drushel: Maybe the race has a website which might detail parking possibilities?
Rich Drushel: It's a train. The terminus of the Red line is Hopkins. It goes through downtown out to Windermere on the east side.
rich: no, the website in infernally uncommunicative on the things that matter
Rich Drushel: One stop is'll pass within 2 miles of my house.
Rich Drushel: RTA train lines are Red, Blue, Green, and Watefront.
rich: I will also be carrying a lot of stuff, so may want the truck on the scene
rich: still my buddy can help - see what the weather is like
Rich Drushel: So you're not coming in the Meteor?
rich: no, haven't moved the Mighty Behemoth since last fall - it's strictly for trailer hauling
rich: the difference between the car and the truck is that the car trailer rating is much more realistic
Rich Drushel: Got it.
Rich Drushel: Hope you've at least started up the Meteor since fall...
rich: anyway, I'd better go check my email or Bob will be getting upset
rich: I haven't so that's why I'm very dubious
rich: it is going to need some very specialized TLC
Rich Drushel: Well, be nice to your baby...
Rich Drushel: and go check your mail. Hope to say hi when you're in town.
rich: yes, they dont build them like that any more - literally
rich: OK, and maybe we'll catch you on a chat in between. Our best to the family too
rich: goodnight now
Rich Drushel: Thanks, and say hi to your distaff half...starbase Cleveland closing hailing frequencies.
rich left chat session
Rich Drushel left chat session
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changed username to james
james left chat session
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changed username to rich > chat > 2001-06-13
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