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rich: test
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changed username to Guy B.
rich: hello Guy
Guy B.: HI Rich, how's the weather up there?
rich: got that clear and cool air mass in Chicago too?
Guy B.: Well, it's cool here and we are expecting seom rain tomorrow, but it will get warmer by the weekend.
rich: we're supposed to be variable tomorrowe, cold and wet Friday, and a neat weekend
rich: as usual, we'll likely be about 12 hours behind you
rich: saw your notice about your website and teh new postings
Guy B.: Finally got the doc in for the scripts. I'm planning to demostrate them at the con.
rich: I'll be looking forward to that. Won't be doing much before then on the Adam
Guy B.: I'm going to restart Adamserve with the 486. Got to get a new Cmos battery for it.
rich: right - that's something else I have to learn about
rich: by the way, I actually have an order for an Adam
Guy B.: I could use the P133 for it as well, but the 486 I put in 360K disk drives that the Adam Connection will work with. You got an order for an Adam? From who?
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changed username to rich
Guy B. requested to ban rich
rich confirmed ban
Guy B.: You got knocked off?
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changed username to rich
Guy B.: Now you have a twin.
rich: sorry about that - lost my connection
rich: John was playing with the website earlier (my ISP)
rich: must have touched the wrong connection
Guy B.: You got an order for an Adam? From where?
rich: think I'll leave the twin for a while yet
rich: anyway, chap by teh name of George Jakenta, in PA
rich: bought an Adam on eBay, wasn't happy with it
Guy B.: Well, that not that far from you. Did you send it out yet?
rich: in conversations I mentioned I had them for sale gauranteed working
rich: he said, "I Want one"
rich: no, haven't got his cheque either, but did start checking one out today
rich: true, PA shares a comon border with Ontario, but Toronto to Philly is a fair piece
Guy B.: I have two brand new soundboards that I sold thorough Excite Classified ads. I have the package ready to go. Just waiting for his money order.
rich: actually, I tried to talk George out of it - pointed out he already had an Adam
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B.: Maybe he wanted a spare Adam that works.
Guy B.: Hi Dale.
rich: he said he'd rather spend the money on a guaranteed good one than try to make his purchase work
rich: hello Dale
Dale: I just got back from the Keg Steakhouse. So I'm ready for my nap
rich: I can imagine
Guy B.: Guess you had your fill.
rich: even if you wren't into the wine, one of their steaks can floor a man
Dale: But boy was it good.
Guy B.: What did you have?
Dale: A 10-oz New York steak...
rich: that"ll do it!
Guy B.: Whoa, that's a big one. What else did you get with it?
Dale: with a baked potato with butter, sour cream and bacon bits....
Guy B.: I'm in heaven.
Dale: and of course mushrooms and vegies.
Dale: Sgtarted with areally nice Caesar salad.
rich: that's good stuff
Guy B.: No mushrooms for me, but I'll take the veggies.
rich: lots of anchovies?
Dale: No, but crisp romaine lettuce and a creamy Caesar dressing with some fresh squeezed lemon.
Guy B.: Oh, that sounds good.
Dale: And of course a pint of Richard's Red beer.
Dale: Rickard's
rich: huh - spoilsport. Real Men want anchovies
rich: yes, with steak a mild beer does work better
Dale: Jill advises that the anchovies were in the dressing.
rich: OK, charges of heresy are withdrawn
Dale: What were you just talking about?
rich: a new Adam owner, in Pennsylvania
Dale: Doing breisk trade in whole Adam's?
Guy B.: He got an order for an Adam.
Dale: brisk
rich: phopned me out of the blue one morning seeking software and information
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changed username to james
Dale: Hi ya James.
Guy B.: Hi James.
james: morning all
rich: if that's Drushel he'd better check in as Dr.D
rich: good morning!
Guy B.: How's everything in Japan?
rich: be a bit much to have three richs
james: not too bad. it's actually sunny today.
rich: we're in favour of sunny
Guy B.: Is it warm out there?
james: not sure, haven't been outside yet :)
Guy B.: Slightly cooler weather is here in Chicago.
rich: yes, with your setup you keep geezer hours
Dale: Scattered showers here, but I still had to water the plants.
james: well we're in the rainy season now, so overall it's been cool and very, very wet. we got over 50 mm of rain on tuesday.
rich: I think we got enough rain that the garden didn't need more water
Dale: My plants were still parched from the sunny days earlier this week.
rich: we had a very wet May, more than double normal rainfall
Guy B.: Same here. Expecting some rain tomorrow. Jeanene gave me two tomato plants in pots that are outside.
rich: it hasn't been that dry this month either, but no recoreds being pressed
rich: Frances is delighted - one of her tomato plants has set fruit already
Dale: Somehow April was dryer, but May was wetter.
Guy B.: Wow, that's fast. You normally get that around August.
rich: all I can tell you is that the plants love it - they're running three weeks early
Guy B.: What kind of tomato plants you have Rich?
rich: Betteer Boy, Early Girl, Sweet Hundreds
Guy B.: No beefsteak?
rich: no, they take too long to ripen here
Guy B.: Plus, they are the big ones.
rich: Frances goes for flavour, not size
Guy B.: That what counts. The flavor of a vine ripen tomato.
rich: there just isn't anything in the store that remotely compares
rich: by teh end of teh season we end up giving them away by the basket
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Guy B.: Usually, I like tomatos when they are chopped. Don't like them sliced, they get too thick. Thin ones are ok.
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
rich: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi everyone, sorry I'm late
Guy B.: You're not late. You're here.
Pamela: Thank you
rich: what were you watching tonight?
Pamela: Why do you always assume I've been watching TV?
rich: guess
Pamela: The season's over now, remember?
rich: how would I know? The races are in full swing
Pamela: We were down at Barbara's place putting in her a/c and when we got home, there were THREE messages
Guy B.: Well, ABC showed You Don't Know Jack tonight. That is one wacky game show.
rich: and football doesn't even start for a couple of weeks
Pamela: Guy, do you have the computer game of YDKJ?
rich: let me guess - alison, Kimberley, Catharine...
Pamela: Close - Allyson, Katherine and Cynthia
Guy B.: No, I don't. My sister does. She has 4 seperate games of them.
Pamela: so do I - they are pretty wacky especially the categories
Pamela: Sorry dad, that was Kimberly, Katherine and Cynthia
Guy B.: I couldn't stop laughing with those wacky catagories they used.
rich: I'm surprised you aren't still talking than
rich: none of them are particularly short-winded
Pamela: Well, I couldn't could I? not if I wanted to chat tonite
Pamela: Besides, Cynthia just wanted to verify my address so my birthday card doesn't go astray
rich: true
Pamela: I have a date with CT for lunch on Monday, barring baby disasters
rich: pity she can't be persuaded to use email
Pamela: First she has to pry the computer oout of Garth
Pamela: s hot little fists
rich: she was over visiting her parents today - saw Joseph pushing the pram
Pamela: Her parents must be over the moon
rich: Bronia's over the moon, but who can read Joseph?
Pamela: I hope you got a picture of that, Dad - that would be one for the albums
Pamela: Believe me, he's ecstatic too
rich: sorry, he was gone before I could get the camera
Pamela: shame on you - you should always have it handy
Pamela: FYI to the others - Bronia and Joseph are Katherines parents and first time grandparents
rich: maybe you should give me a video cam for my birthday
Pamela: I'll try and talk Mom into it, okay?
rich: sneaky
Pamela: Hey, I;m your daughter, aren't I?
Pamela: So where are Dale and James?
james: here, just lurking :)
Dale: We're here.
rich: afraid you'd fallen asleep, Dale
Pamela: Sorry about monopolizing the screen here - you'd think Dad and I never talk
Dale: We don't know Allyson, Cynthia or Katherene
rich: better build up the sleep now, Dale - it will be in short supply after Christmas
Pamela: Katherine, Kimberly and Allyson are my three best friends - Cynthia is my mom's sister, my aunt
Dale: Well, now we know.
rich: speaking of which, how's Jill getting on?
Pamela: James, are you more awake this morning?
james: working on it :)
Dale: She's doing pretty good.
Pamela: good - need more coffee?
rich: as I was saying earlier, he keeps geezer hours
rich: the time he gets up in the morning depends on the time he goes to bed in the morning
Dale: Her doctor gave her a special medicine that's supposed to be safe for pregnant women...
Pamela: well when you're talking to people half way round the world, that makes sense
Dale: that is really settling her somach.
Pamela: what kind of meds, Dale?
Pamela: Like Gravol?
Dale: Except when she forgets to take it.
Pamela: ; ) or is that ; (?
Dale: Gravol isn't allowed, but the right idea.
james: so what have you been up to pam?
Dale: It is the only known anti-nausia drug that is okay.
Dale: It is "Diclectin SR.
Pamela: Well, we were in Stratford two weekends ago with my cousin, and I narrowly avoided getting the chicken pox from Kimberly's godchildren - we're going to Cleveland in July - imagine that
rich: I gather teh problem goes away mostly in the second trimester anyway
james: i'll be right back
Pamela: Dale, I've heard that if one eats lots of small things so the stomach always has something in it, that helps
Pamela: something to do with not letting the blood sugar level get too low
rich: kinda hard to do that and have a night's sleep too, Pam
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changed username to Macfaker98
rich: hello Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
Dale: Well, Pam that plus this drug makes the difference.
Guy B.: On the Mac tonight?
Pamela: well, morning sickness is something of a misnomer anyway - it's most frequent in the mornings when the blood sugar level is low, that's why they advise you to have crackers by the bed for first thing munching
Pamela: Hi, Ron - we're talking about pregnancy
Macfaker98: No?
Macfaker98: Not yet?
Macfaker98: aha!
Pamela: Betcha never would have guessed that, huh?
Dale: Jill has traditionally always been a one big meal a day, and one snack type person.
Macfaker98: mac doing a Win98 emulation
Dale: So switching to eating many times a day is difficult for her.
Guy B.: Are you using that Virtual Windows I think they call it?
Macfaker98: Virtual PC by Connectix
Pamela: My problem is, I've always been a nibbler - I can't stand to be too hungry or I get nauseous too
Guy B.: That's it. How is that?
Pamela: Drove my mom nuts
Dale: But even then she found that she'd throw up for about one day a week.
Macfaker98: cool Guy
Dale: It makes it particularly hard to be on the phones for a shift.
Pamela: Most peoples reaction is to stop eating but often that makes it worse
Dale: She is only on the drug for another week, until the second trimester, when most people have much less nausia.
Guy B.: At least you can run Windows on your Mac and run my new Vbscript programs that I've uploaded to my website.
Pamela: Of course, I've havent' got any practical experience - this is all hearsay and stuff I've read
Macfaker98: Yes.... saw your message Guy. Haven't gone there yet
Macfaker98: but they should work here
Guy B.: Take a look when you get a chance. I will demostrate both of them and hopefully a third by the time the con starts.
Macfaker98: good
Pamela: In any case, Dale, she has my sympathies - being sick all the time is no fun
rich: right now my computer activities are on semi-hold while I shop for a new one
Guy B.: By the way, I did both scripts on the notebook at work during my breaktime.
james: why would anyone want to run windows on an otherwise decent machine?
Pamela: James returns with a vengeance
Macfaker98: good question James.....but there is method
Pamela: to your madness?
james: to the madness?
Pamela: Great minds, James
Macfaker98: Can't print with Mac OS X. But I can run the emulator and access my net printer from there
james: fools seldom differ ;)
Pamela: exactly
Dale: Ron does that mean you can use an Adam emulated in a PC emulated in a Mac?
Guy B.: Is Apple aware of the problem?
james: you can't *print*? that's a pretty basic function there..
Macfaker98: Mac only has facility for USB printer..... which means buying a new one..... which I ain't gonna do
Pamela: so there, nah ,nah
james: ugh. usb only. what crap.
Macfaker98: yes Apple is aware, but I have a theory about that crew
Guy B.: Get a USB to parellel cable.
Macfaker98: they will never support legacy products
Dale: Does that mean that you can network sahre your printer with the emulated PC as the print server?
Macfaker98: you got that right James
Guy B.: Just like Microsoft WinME won't support legacy hardware.
Macfaker98: Guy.... I have one. It works under OS 9.04, but nothing later
Pamela: back in a minute
Guy B.: Unusual Ron.
Macfaker98: It's a cruel and harsh plot to keep people like me angry
rich: oh well, WQin95 won't support double density drives, either
Macfaker98: oh well. Life goes on despite our best attempts to prevent it
james: still, my next machine will probably be a mac. i'm getting more than a little sick of windows.
Guy B.: That we knew, but DOS 6.22 does.
rich: yes, but the DOS under 95 is 7.0, isn't it?
Macfaker98: One hint James.... if you do go that route..... make sure everything you add to it was built by Apple
Macfaker98: otherwise there's a chance there will be grief
Guy B.: If you have Dos 6.22 and Win95 on the same computer. You can dualboot between the two OS's.
rich: which as you know is what I do
Pamela: and what we did with the old machine
rich: it's also why I want a Win3.1 partition on the new computer I'm seeking
Macfaker98: good question Pamela
Guy B.: Do that on the P133. But, not on the Athlon.
Macfaker98: Dale.....
james: i'll keep that in mind
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Macfaker98: no need for you to hunt for a laptop
rich: my problem is, the shops are full of guys who want a buck a minute for their services because they're technicians
Dale: As near as I can figure you can still use the format command to make a 160k floppy on Windows 2000 Professional.
Macfaker98: Think I got mine fixed
changed username to WB
rich: but none of them yet have a clue as to how to clone a hard disc
WB: Hello All!
Guy B.: Hi Willie.
rich: hello Willie
Pamela: Hi, Willie
Macfaker98: Greetings Willie....
Macfaker98: (Greet different)
Dale: USB printers are way better than parallel port printers.
Dale: Hi WB.
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changed username to Jillian
Pamela: Hi, Jillian!!!
rich: sure, but if your printer is capable of both, which do you use on a dual-boot machine?
Dale: Ron, you found one?
Jillian: Hey all!
Guy B.: Couldn't even get my inkjet to work with USB with Win95. Ended up using the parallel port.
Macfaker98: Speak of the devil
WB: Hello Jillian!
rich: hello Jill
Pamela: Congratulations, mama to be!
Macfaker98: Hi Jillian
Guy B.: Hi Jill.
Jillian: I'm just avoiding work.
Jillian: Thank you.
Pamela: this is a good way to do it
rich: right - Win95 basically won't support USB
Guy B.: When are you due, Jill?
Jillian: Dec 27, 2001
Macfaker98: yes Dale. Actually the local Mac store is going to fix the PB 180 I have
Pamela: A Christmas baby - cool!
Guy B.: Just a few days after my birthday. That's great.
Dale: Excellent. A powerbook.
Jillian: My doctor says less than 5% of babies come on the due date so it could be a Christmas or even a New Year's Baby.
Dale: I look forward to seeing it (if it's back on time).
Macfaker98: yep.... older one, but ok nonetheless
Pamela: Babies always come at the most inconvenient time - so you will just be sitting down to Christmas dinner
Dale: Something that you can carry and play with is good. Use on the plane is better.
Guy B.: A New Year's baby would get you media attention.
Macfaker98: Christmas chez Dale and Jillian........ gonna be cool
Jillian: Probably.
Macfaker98: exactly Dale
Pamela: Actually, I guess I should say that labour always starts . . .
rich: bite your tongue, daughte5r!
Macfaker98: I'll load up my Hypercard and while away the hours
WB: Pamela There is never an inconvenient time for a baby to come if it is on time
Jillian: It sort of means that we'll have Christmas dinner at our place, but I don't know how fancy I'll feel like getting.
Pamela: KFC, anyone?
james: i'm sorry, i have to go for a bit. i'll be back soon.
rich: order in pizza - with rad and gren peppers
Pamela: James, don't be long
Jillian: Swiss Chalet is more probable with the Wicks there.
james: will try :)
rich: red. green.
Macfaker98: later James
james left chat session
Jillian: I like the idea of pizza though.
Pamela: I don't think i'd eat a pizza with that stuff on it Dad
WB: I remember when my youngest was born on Dec 29. I did all the cooking for Christmas dinner!
Guy B.: My sister in-law was due back in September of 1999, the baby was finally born on October 10th. But, she needed a little help.
Pamela: Good for you Willie
Macfaker98: It's been a very long time since I was involved in such an event
Jillian: I'm sure I'll appreciate any help that comes.
Pamela: How old is Jeff, Ron
Macfaker98: he'll be 30 at the end of August
Macfaker98: whining about it
Macfaker98: is he
Pamela: C'mon - 30 was one of my best years ever
rich: tell him I lack sympathy
Jillian: I'll hit the big 30 just after Cleveland.
Macfaker98: already have conveyed that
Pamela: I'll be 36 on Tuesday
Jillian: Well, Early Happy Birthday!
Macfaker98: He just started work with the City of Vancouver on a 1 year secondment from his firm
WB: I was 43 on June 8
Pamela: Thanks!
Pamela: Wow, lots of June and July people here
Macfaker98: fire inspection officer
Guy B.: I hit 43 back in December of last year.
Macfaker98: I am Aries !!!!
Pamela: And how did that make you feel, Guy?
Pamela: Our sympathies, Ron
Guy B.: Still want to be 30 again.
Pamela: I didn't really feel like an adult until 30
Macfaker98: I was married to an Airies...... needless to didn't work out
rich: I'd settle for 60 agagin
WB: I going to be like Jack Benny
Jillian: I think my favorite year thus far was 26. or maybe 27.
Macfaker98: control thing
Pamela: Yes, i can understand that Ron
Pamela: I know some of those
Macfaker98: ya win some, ya lose some
Pamela: anybody have a cat muzzle handy?
Pamela: somebody's whining
rich: what's Willow up to now?
Macfaker98: aww.... no
Pamela: If he had a reason to whine, I could understand it but he does it just to annoy me I think
WB: Has the cat been corrected
Jillian: poor kitty. I bet you haven't paid any attention to him for hours and hours.
rich: trust me, Jill, no one ignores Pamela's cats
Jillian: and when was the last time you gave him oysters or shrimp?
Macfaker98: Jeff is whining about pushing 30, I'm whining about pushing 60, and mother is telling us both to just shut up
Pamela: Yes, the cat was fixed, and you're right Jillian, he never gets any attention at all poor thing
WB: I have four cats all female
rich: I'm with your mom, Ron
Jillian: We only have one that whines and she only does it while we're in bed and she's walking on my hair.
Macfaker98: :)
Pamela: (sarcasm drips from the screen)
Pamela: We have two and they're both male - littermates
Macfaker98: I love cats
Macfaker98: but don't have one just now
Macfaker98: but they generally do not like me much
Jillian: we have three. a pair of littermates and thier mother.
Pamela: It's funny how you tend to acquire them in multiples
Jillian: Somedays I wish we didn't have any but mostly I like them.
Macfaker98: When I had one, it was made quite clear that I was there to provide food, pay the mortgage and make sure the doors were open
WB: All the cats love my youngest daughter! She has been given the title beastmaster.
Macfaker98: cute WB
Jillian: That's neat, Willie. Does she get along with other animals as well?
Pamela: Ron, that's everyones role in their cats life
Pamela: that's what their humans are for.
Macfaker98: exactly Pamela
Jillian: A few years ago, there was a poster on the subway which was a letter from your cat.
Macfaker98: Only trouble ex wife took more or less the same attitude
Jillian: Text: I hate you. Now feed me.
Macfaker98: but then, that's only my perspective
Pamela: I remember that - it was so appropriate
WB: I took her to the zoo. She got along well with the elephants and the younger animals.
Pamela: Your cat or yuor daughter?
Jillian: Cats are generally less expensive than wives. I'll admit that.
WB: My daughter
Macfaker98: you got that right Jillian
Jillian: I've always wanted to get next to an elephant, but never had the chance.
WB: not when you have four
rich changed username to Frances
Jillian: I'm planning to go to the Toronto Zoo at some point this summer.
Pamela: Don't tell your wife that, Willie
WB: that's cats not wives
Macfaker98: however...I have to admit.... even in my current state.... married is probably better
Frances: Husbands too, Jillian
Guy B.: I'm still here. I'm running Oil Change to see if there are updates on my software. Quite a bunch especially for Internet Explorer 5.
Pamela: Hi, Mom - where did y ou come from?>
Guy B.: Hi Frances.
Jillian: I'll admit that too, Frances!
Macfaker98: Of course, husbands are so perfect
Frances: The living room
WB: Hi Frances
Pamela: Very funny, Mom
Frances: sewing machine,actually
Macfaker98: Hi Frances (guess I have to watch my language)
Pamela: Great - what to make me a kitty muzzle? (That's what started all this silliness)
Frances: no you don't - I brought up a teenager
Jillian: Well, she could have started a talk about pregnency and babies... but I think that's where we came in.
Frances: what is a kitty muzzle?
Jillian: I need to buy a sewing machine and soon.
Pamela: something with which to muzzle my dear feline to stop him from whining
Frances: Now you're in my department
Macfaker98: Jillian.... it was pointed out to me on more than one occasion... if having babies was a male function....there would only be one per family...if that
Pamela: Ask her anything Jillian, she Knows everything about sewing amchines
Jillian: I recently learned an interesting fact about traditional Korean births that I'm thinking of using.
Frances: no, I don't but I've had some experience
Pamela: In this case, modesty doesn't become you Mom
Frances: Ron, that's all you had, isn't it? and what about Korean births, Jillian?
Jillian: I was actually thinking about inviting you shopping, Frances. There's a second hand shop at Centerpoint Mall which seems to have good prices.
Macfaker98: just one.... yes Frances
Pamela: FYI and completely off topic, Mom, I forgot to tell you last night that Garth passed his G2 drivers licence on Monday
Frances: Jillian, if I can help I will but mechanics is not my strong point
Jillian: During labour the wife grips her husband's ...... and pulls on it so he can experience the pain as well.
Pamela: Go for it Jillian!
Frances: A great idea!!
Macfaker98: ha ha (rotfl)
Jillian: Good for Garth. Someday, I'll go for my G2 as well.
Macfaker98: What's a G2?
WB: I came close to that experience. My wife was gripping my hand in the delivery room for our first. Nearly broke it in two.
Dale: Should I feel threatened?
Pamela: We've had this discussion Jillian - you know I'm an advocate of having a drivers licence
Frances: I don't know about that G@ for Garth -ssems to me Cynthia has enough trouble as is
Macfaker98: watch the jewellry Dale
Jillian: A G2 is the second level of learner's liscense here in Ontario, Ron.
Macfaker98: ya never know but some of it might go missing
Frances: a G2 is a beginners licence in Ontario
Pamela: Ron, a G2 is the second stage of the graduated drivers licencing system in ontario - it means he can now drive by himself but can't use the highways
Macfaker98: ok....gotcha
Macfaker98: what have we got here..... something like.... 'learner' and 'novice'
Pamela: Actually, Garth is very responsible - it was Graeme who was the problem driver
Frances: it is 2-level licence
Macfaker98: yup
Pamela: Actually, three - he now has to pass his "G" to become fully licensed
Jillian: I think a G2 can use the highways if there is a fully liscened driver in the passengar seat.
Frances: he's a teenager!
Pamela: Yes, but not on their own
Pamela: Have a little faith, Mom
Frances: I try
Pamela: Cynthia won't ride with Graeme but she will with Garth
Jillian: My way of being a responsible teenager driver was not to get my liscense.
WB: We have learner permits that allow thenovice to drive with an experienced driver of more than two years. After the novice passes the drivers testhe/she can get their license and drive anywhere
Macfaker98: similar here.... restrictions of one type and another
Frances: Jillian, not getting my driver's licence was my biggest mistake
Macfaker98: Where are you WB?
Pamela: When I went for my licence, you simply had to pass a written test to get your learners permit, and when you were ready, you went on a road test for a full license
Frances: in this world - please go for it
WB: The learners permit also allows you to drive anywhere but with an experenced driver
Pamela: Of course elapsed time between writing my learners and taking the test was ten years, but who's counting?
Jillian: I was the worst, most nervous, stressed out driver when I was a teen. I had no depth perception and little time sense.
WB: I never got my license. I knew the world would be better off if I did not.
Frances: of course, after beeing driven by Richard for 40 or so years, I now know all about it except how to actually turn the wheel
Jillian: Made worse by the fact that my parents were pushing me to get my liscense.
Frances: now that's a swetch!
Pamela: Actually, Dad was a good teacher - surprising when you think that we clashed on almost everything else
Macfaker98: the old father/daughter thing
Frances: your father says, she's learning
Pamela: Who, me or you?
Jillian: They were sick of driving me around, and since my sister had just moved out of home, wanted someone else to be able to do errands again.
Frances: well Ron, she is a good driver and even her father admits it
Pamela: Quick, check and see if the heavens are falling
Macfaker98: indeed!
Jillian: Not here, Pam.
Frances: klunk!
Pamela: Now if I can just get him to admit it to my face
Macfaker98: I never got that admission from either parent
Frances: don't push your luck
Frances: maybe you were'nt a good driver
Jillian: To dream the impossible dream.....
Macfaker98: that is entirely possible
Frances: Jillian get your licence
Jillian: I still don't like to drive with my younger sister. She scares me.
Pamela: Jillian, get your licence!!!
Macfaker98: But my sister was told she was a good driver
Pamela: Why does she scare you?
Frances: maybe she was
Jillian: Yes, Ma'am. Yes Ma'am. I'm planning to go for my test again on Friday.
Macfaker98: by my father..... who didn't think anyone was a good driver
Pamela: You go, girl
Frances: sorry, Ron, we are picking on you
Macfaker98: one of these sibling issues
Macfaker98: it's ok
Jillian: She drives REALLY aggresively. Does dumb things like passes on the shoulder and waaay too fast on narrow, two lane country highways.
Macfaker98: just as long as you save me some cheeze Thursday night the 12 of July
Macfaker98: won't be in till late
Pamela: we will save you dinner, Ron
Frances: when I was younger, other drivers didn't scare me - now they do - maybe it's age
Macfaker98: thank you
Jillian: I just got comfirmation of my days off for Ohio.
Pamela: No, I don't think so Mom - I think that drivers have gotten worse in the last ten years
Macfaker98: super Jillian
Frances: Jillian, she does drive too aggressively - don't drive with her
Jillian: More people on the road driving faster too.
Pamela: agreed - I wouldn't want to ride with her either
Macfaker98: Ok. That's decided
Jillian: My mother who used to be the most nervous passenger in the world doesn't see anything wrong with it. I think that Mom closes her eyes and hold the handle, and just beleives.
Pamela: I had a boyfriend like that - he was very aggressive until he was in a fairly bad accident where someone else was driving - he has since chilled out a lot
Frances: Jillian, think about what you want in a sewing machine and give me a call sometime to talk about it
Jillian: I shall, Frances.
Pamela: You going Mom?
Macfaker98: sewing machines
Jillian: Little sister will have been in Japan for two years this fall. (I think she's coming back.) But will be interesting to see if she
Macfaker98: they have needles that must be threaded
Frances: Yes, I still have things to do. By the way, did you hear the trhunder storm last nightt - your father slept right thru it
Jillian: feels like she can drive right away.
Macfaker98: and neither one of us can see the damn hole
Pamela: I slept through it too - must be my fathers kid. Sleep tight, etc.
Jillian: Storm? Did it happen at about 6:00am?
WB: Good Nite, Good People! I have to take my wife to the doctor at 8 am in the morning. Bye Bye
Frances: no, 2:45
Macfaker98: I'm learning about sewing machines.... like it or not
WB left chat session
Pamela: Good nite willie - come back soon
Jillian: I didn't hear it then, but Dale was up.
Dale: Quite a dramatic storm, I thought.
Jillian: Good nite, Wille.
Macfaker98: nite Willie
Macfaker98: go straight home now
Dale: Some spectacular lightning.
Pamela: Why are you learning about sewing machines, Ron?
Dale: I watered the plants dring the storm, bacause there was very little rain, and it had been a hot day.
Macfaker98: well.... ya see it's like this
Frances: Ron, if you can do computers, you can do sewing machines - I can help if you need it but I'm a long way off - Night-all
Frances: 1
Pamela: nite, Mom
Macfaker98: Mother still likes to sew, but has trouble seeing certain things... like the needle and the bobbin threading etc
Macfaker98: So I get called
Frances changed username to rich
Macfaker98: Oh.... so far I've made out but it ain't easy
Jillian: Good nite, Frances.
Pamela: ah - necessity is the mother of invention again
Macfaker98: yup
Pamela: Ron, if you have trouble threading the machine because it's difficult to see, hold or mount a piece of white paper behind the eye
Jillian: Mother creates the necessity for invention?
Pamela: exactly
rich: no - mother is teh necessity of invention - so he'll figure out a way to thread needles with holes he can't see
Jillian: Good tip, Pamela.
Macfaker98: and at this point it is just not politically correct to suggest that she let someone else do it
Macfaker98: hey! That sounds like a neat idea
Pamela: and lick the thread and pinch it so it's flat instead of round
Guy B.: Well gang, I'm going to go. Won't be there this Saturday. Going to watch my nephew in his ballgame in the afternoon. See you all next week.
Macfaker98: that's it Rich
Pamela: Goodnite, Guy
Jillian: Needle and bobbin threading are such a small part of sewing.
rich: OK Guy, see you next time we're both around
Macfaker98: yup. Know about that
Guy B. left chat session
Jillian: Nite, Guy.
rich: take it easy now - nite
Macfaker98: niters Guy
Pamela: but very necessary, Jillian
Jillian: The part that I find most difficult is laying out the pattern properly.
rich: by the way, I'll be in Cleveland on teh 30th so someone else will have to take on that chat
Pamela: Thanks to Mom, I can lay out the pattern - but I have the devils own time cutting it out
Jillian: My mother doesn't need a pattern for alot of things. Drives me crazy.
rich: there are hints that Marcel might turn up
Jillian: I just pin the sucker down about every two inches or so.
Macfaker98: Alls I know is that anyone at the age of 85 who is still capable of making by hand a set of slip covers for a chair..... and do ing it well
Jillian: Marcel might show up for the chat or the con?
Macfaker98: deserves encouragement
Pamela: Pins are good.
rich: Marcel mentioned he would try for the chat
Pamela: i agree, Ron
Jillian: Definitly, Ron. I've always wanted to try slipcovers but was never brave enough.
Macfaker98: was amazing to watch. I even learned some new swear words
Pamela: Something to do with all those mitred corners always had me running scared
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changed username to james
Pamela: Heeee's back!
rich: welcome back james
Macfaker98: re-hi James
james: sorry to be gone so long.
Jillian: We could use washable couch covers to help deal with cathair here.
Jillian: Hi, James.
james: hi jill :)
Macfaker98: well hey! I guess so eh?
Pamela: Oh, yeah - especially with a father who's allergic to the little beasties
Jillian: or a husband.
james: i'd just get rid of the cat.
Macfaker98: rotfl
rich: not only that, now I can';t use antihistamines
Macfaker98: we'll know where to look if we lose Dale
Pamela: And for some reason, they love him - go figure
Jillian: Under the piles of cat hair?
Macfaker98: ya
rich: hiding the jewels
Pamela: Hmm, I wonder if that's where we lost the loveseat to?
Jillian: I was once told the best way to scare off a cat was to look directly at it.
Macfaker98: and rightly so
rich: I want to see anyone who can outstare a cat
james: i find hissing works. that or pressing on the gas pedal.
Dale left chat session
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Macfaker98: can't be done rich
Pamela: James!
changed username to Dale
james: can't stand cats.
Pamela: well that's it - now you're in trouble
Jillian: That's awful, James.
Macfaker98: careful James, you're in the company of STRONG cat lovers
james: i know, i know. i'd never hurt one but i'd never let one set foot near my house.
Dale: Sorry, I'm running from Windows for a change today, and needed to restart my applet.
Pamela: s'okay Dale
Macfaker98: damned applets
james: is that going to boot us all off?
rich: what do you usually run from, Linux?
Macfaker98: they get like that
Pamela: Nice to know even you get turfed once in a while
james: oh yeah, if anyone is interested, the web site for our trip to canada is basically complete.
Dale: Yes, I usually run Netscape under Linux.
rich: OK, we'll try to get on it
Pamela: Cool - same address?
Macfaker98: must go look
james: yup,
Dale: With NS under Windows, the buffer fills up and stops updating after about 75 minutes.
james: from the main index page, there's a link.
Pamela: why yoshi, James?
james: a nickname i picked up around the end of high school.
Pamela: Ahh. Gotcha.
rich: any NS after 3.04 under Windows is a pain
Pamela: what about IE, Dale?
Macfaker98: If it makes anyone feel any better, today I paid a dentist just over $1000.
Macfaker98: hate that
Pamela: Not really cos I know what that's like - the worst part is less than a year later I lost the tooth
james: ouch.
Macfaker98: gee
Macfaker98: told him I was not out to buy his yacht but..... close
Jillian: I've done that, but over the last two years put together.
james: i'm lucky. i've never had any problems with my teef.
Macfaker98: well.... necessary evil I suppose
Pamela: first it was the root canal, then the crown, then teh abcess, then the extraction - kaCHING
Macfaker98: keep up the good work James
rich: everyone gone quiet, or was I booted?
james: i brush 3 times a day for no less than 10 minutes. the dentists out here scare me.
Pamela: You're very lucky James - I have my Dad's teeth
Jillian: I have only one tooth that's bothersome, but two more that have been broken.
james: nah, we're just ignoring you rich :D
Macfaker98: no Rich we were not quiet
Macfaker98: well give the back
james: someone give rich a jab.
Pamela: poke!
Pamela: Daddy?
rich: guess I was booted - will go and come back
Dale: I don't usually use IE. But I have found that IE starts getting slow at updating after about 2 hours of chat on a Pentium 75.
(Someone throws a brick at rich)
rich left chat session
james: i have my peeves with both ie and netscape. i usually use netscape though.
Pamela: He's gonna be really pissed when he realizes what he missed
Jillian: I was told when I was young that I had really good teeth. but they've gone down hill since then.
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changed username to rich
Jillian: Did you see the brick, Rich?
Pamela: Hey Dad, you missed a lot of really good Stuff!
Macfaker98: i'm running IE through a WIN98 emulator running on an iMac
rich: sorry - got booted, missed teh last bit
james: that must be fast ron :D
Macfaker98: It's like trying to swim in a bowl of jelly
Pamela: dunno Ron, it sounds kinky to me
james: never tried.
Jillian: (PRIVATE) Dale, I'm going to need help with my assignment even if it's only a brainstorming session
james: what flavour?
rich: what flavour jelly?
Macfaker98: It is Pamela, it is
Pamela: goose
Jillian: Pamela Flavoured Jelly? Hmm...
james: beat you to it this time, rich :D
Pamela: berry jelly, that is
Macfaker98: GRAPE....definately
Pamela: all right - a man after my own heart
james: so where's the american crowd today?
Pamela: they all got tired and went home
rich: oh, that's straight, then, not like it was grape JAM
Macfaker98: mmmmm
Pamela: I think I resemble that remark, Jillian
rich: we haven't had any Slopsemas at all tonite
Jillian: I may have to do that soon as well. I have a writting assignment due tomorrow.
Macfaker98: This is not good
Pamela: what isn't?
Pamela: No slopsemas, or assignments?
Macfaker98: better go writing Jillian
Pamela: Hmm, must be 11:00 - Russell just flipped to the Simpsons
Macfaker98: what is the writing assignment to be written about?
rich: yes, writing takes so much more time than you think it will
james: that's what cut and paste is for :D
Jillian: I HATE writing. and all that I've gotten out of the course is never use a long word when six short ones will do.
rich: which course is this, Jill?
Pamela: baffle them with bullsh*t, J . . .
Macfaker98: excercises the mind Jillian
james: ;) why i'll always stick to science or engineering courses.
Jillian: I'm supposed to rewrite a poorly written memo to make it readable for one excercise...
Pamela: Oh goody, send it here - I'll do it!
Macfaker98: I prefer taking computers apart in the basement....thrashing about
rich: then none of teh management will understand it
Pamela: I love editing!
Jillian: and pretend I'm writing an invitation letter for a three day conference for my senior VP to send to the staff.
Macfaker98: I can do that Rich...... it's a civil service thing
rich: and so how are you at hidden threats?
Jillian: Theme: Commitment: Take that Extra Step
james: that's dumb. no one does that anymore. just fire off a two line e-mail, all in lowercase.
rich: or, man the pumps, it's too thin to shovel
Pamela: Hmm, maybe I should ask Russell to write that one ; )
Macfaker98: true James.... no fun....but true
Jillian: The course is called "Powerful Business Writing." It's offered through work.
james: fortunately, i'll *be* the prez so i won't have to do these things. i'll hire some poor sucker to do them for me ;)
Macfaker98: I supress a grin
rich: it's really about a skill to avoid work
Macfaker98: had one of those.... several in fact
Pamela: yes, by being too busy writing memos
Macfaker98: however..... certainly worth while
rich: master the writing of avoidances and you don't have to really DO anything
Macfaker98: not sure what they did for me
rich: then you never get blamed for any of the foulups
Jillian: One of the examples the facilitator used was "Study, skim, peruse(sp?) and read all mean the same thing. So always use read.
Pamela: you know, that never worked for me
Macfaker98: We were talking at one point about avoiding the use of acronymns
james: i disagree with your facilitator.
Pamela: boy, they're not much on variety, are they?
Macfaker98: and I'm going...(inside) c'mon.... in ghe government
Jillian: No. I sat and bit my tongue for all of the first day. I expect to do the same tomorrow.
james: languages evolve with several words of similar meaning for that very reason - they are similar and not exactly the same
james: and thus convey a slightly different nuance.
Jillian: and English is one of the most complex and rich languages there is.
rich: but in business if your language is precise then people understand your ideas
Macfaker98: when used in different contexts
james: for me, "skim" does not mean the same as "read".
Jillian: I despise having to dumb down my vocabulary.
james: i have, for example, never drunk "read milk".
james: :D
Jillian: lol
rich: consider who you're working with
rich: sometimes you do have to be understood
james: he heh.
rich: otherwise it's better if you aren't
james: by the lowest common denominator, no less.
Macfaker98: Reference is made to your memorandum of the 12th dealing with the captionally annotated subject
rich: too clear, Mitchell - rewite
Pamela: Unfortunately, you have to be understood by the least educated person in the office
james: ron, did you take a course in "writing for managers"?
Macfaker98: oh
james: which is typically your boss.
Macfaker98: yah
Pamela: oh yeah
Jillian: He also says that if an employee gives you a letter which any words you have to look up in a dictionary, you should work to remove that employee.
Pamela: although, i have to admit mine has a brain in her head
Jillian: Like looking something up is a sin and something to be ashamed of.
Jillian: A boss with a brain. Neat trick.
Pamela: then he's talking at cross purposes
Macfaker98: I had one of those once
Macfaker98: he got transferred
Pamela: Yeah, its' scary sometimes - she can actually spell too. However, half the time I can't tell because her handwriting is atrocious
Jillian: I wish I did.
Pamela: I will bring a sample with me in July - no one believes me until I do show and tell
Jillian: That's how I hide my lack of spelling skill. Doesn't work so well in email though.
Pamela: I am fortunate to be a good speller - must have rubbed off from my parents
james: my favourite trick is to make "i" kind of loopy like an e and put a dot in the middle. works well for words like "receive" :D
Pamela: All those books I've read might have something to do with it too
Jillian: My mother always couldn't figure out why I can't spell, since I read so much.
Pamela: i before e except after c or when used as a as in neighbour or weigh
james: two different kinds of memory. reading is using passive memory, spelling is active.
rich: were you taught reading by phonics or look-say?
Pamela: who, me?
james: who, me?
Macfaker98: Sometimes I think I can spell
rich: Jill
Macfaker98: but it's not true
Pamela: you certainly do alright here, Ron
Pamela: or is that allright
Jillian: Hmm. I don't know. I was reading before kindergarden and don't remember ever being taught.
james: i think "okay" would solve your dilemma.
rich: i before e - sounds weird
Macfaker98: luck, blind-ass luck
Pamela: but that's cheating, James
rich: oh, another of us. can't explain the problem then, Jill
james: i teach using a blend of phonics and whole-word reading.
james: i've found that the kids i teach can actually sound out words they've come across, whereas most high school kids i've taught
rich: well, you're working in a different culture, james
james: can not read a word unless they've seen it before, and even then it's touch-and-go.
Jillian: I've got to stop procrastinating. I have eight hours before I need to be on the subway. Printouts in hand.
Pamela: I really don't remember how I learned to read - I don't know if there was a particular method
Jillian: See you all later.
Macfaker98: Ok now.... you educators and literary people....answer me this
Pamela: good luck and good nite, Jill
rich: goodnight Jill see you next time round
james: i'm not sure if this is a cultural issue though. they've found the same with kids whose native language is english.
Pamela: yes, Ron
james: exposure to phonics improves overall reading ability.
james: by jill. good luck with your memo.
Pamela: Some people simply have a facility for languages James - you're one of them
Jillian: poof
Jillian left chat session
Macfaker98: is there any relationship between learning to read using phoenics methods....and the rate of reading speed achieved in adult life?
rich: from where I sit, in English, phonics is the only proper way to teach reading
Macfaker98: neighters Jillian
james: well, you need some whole word to complement.
rich: never seen any stats, Ron, but it wouldn't surprise me if phonics had teh edge
james: for example, gone, done, bone.
Macfaker98: I am an excruciatingly slow reader
Macfaker98: and I was a phoenics kid
rich: point well taken, james, but again near unique to English
Pamela: that's a good example of how English is full of contradictions James
Macfaker98: often think now that part of my problem is that I actually verbalize words in my head as I read
james: for sure. english is horrible that way. russian is far more regular.
Pamela: also the homonyms - two, too, to
rich: and Frances says you can pronounce any German word from the spelling, it's that regular
Dale: Well, I learned to read due to a need to read my own bed time stories.
Pamela: I do find that slows you down, Ron
Dale: Fast readers don't read every letter, but simply recognize the shape of the word in the sentence.
Pamela: Most Spanish is the same way
Macfaker98: find I'm looking at words rather than sentences or paragraphs
james: i've got 21 phonics units i teach and a big unit of exceptions for the most commonly used words.
james: dale's right. phonics is an important skill for acquiring reading ability, but studies show most fast readers see the word shape
Pamela: Just from reading what's on the screen, I am finding that I too recognize the whole word, not the individual letters
james: first.
rich: yes, but Japanese treats syllables the way we treat letters in many ways, doesn't it?
Macfaker98: what it means is that there will be one hell of a pile of unread computer books around here when I leave
rich: I had some trouble with my eyes the other day - doc can't guess what it was
james: japanese is almost completely non phonetic. a single kana character represents a unique sound, such as ka, ra, te. etc.
rich: but essentially I suddenly realized I could read one line of type but not the one above or below
james: reading kanji is purely a visual recognition task.
Pamela: Ron, practice is a big part of reading - the more you do, the better you get at it.
rich: the point is, I noticed this and was bothered - what does this say about how I read?
james: kanji is difficult because characters are read differently than when used in combinations.
Macfaker98: well then I should be good
Pamela: do you mean Dad that you could only read one line at a time as opposed to two or three together?
rich: that seems to be the case
james: count me in on that. i only read one line at a time.
Pamela: still or just that once?
Macfaker98: hmm.... scary Rich
rich: it's happened to me twice - about 10 - 15 minutes, then went away
Pamela: interesting
Dale: James, the manga I read have tiny hiragana above to teach me pronunciation.
rich: I think some sort of visual fatigue may have been involved
james: the problem with that is it's very easy to become reliant on them. kids who read manga don't learn to read the kanji. they
Pamela: well considering how much you read, that wouldn't surprise me. You make me look like a piker
james: learn to instinctively look for the kana.
rich: but it's almost as if I unconsciously skim ahead, read in the middle, and review above
Pamela: strange as it sounds, that makes sense
james: kids who read novels are better at both reading and writing kanji.
Pamela: that doesn't surprise me either James - pleasure is a great motivator
james: wonder if my brother is going to bother getting up today. 12:30 and he's still asleep.
Macfaker98: yes
Dale: Well, if you read aloud you have to skim ahead and back scan.
rich: and Ron, I'm usually a pretty slow reader too - but I'm far better than most at catching details and nuances
Dale: You were into reading stories aloud weren't you?
Dale: I have a freind who can't compoehend anything if he's reading it aloud.
Macfaker98: Good point Rich.
james: there's no choice in english but to scan ahead and back.
Pamela: I find it much easier to comprehend something if I'm reading it to myself - I hear and understand what's being read aloud, but it doesn't stick in my memory
rich: you may be right, james
rich: i think we do it, but subconsciously
james: words like tap, tape, etc. you have to reach the end of the word before you can pronounce the vowel.
Pamela: good point
Macfaker98: I've found that sometimes I'm reading things where the author is talking aboutsomething I already know....and If I catch myself doing that, then
Macfaker98: I can move on to next para
Pamela: I suppose as English speakers, it's something we don't consciously think about
Dale: My fiend is an okay listener, but if HE is reading a loud, he misses all of the meaning.
Pamela: since we know the vowel is a modifier, we look for it without realizing it
rich: but it's not just reading ahead in the word, it's reading ahead in the sentence
james: in russian, you generally don'T have to scan ahead. when i was doing russian, i found i could read it as fast as english
james: despite the fact it's not my native language.
rich: or aslphabet
Dale: This new keyboard isn't sensitive enough. I keep dropping characters. (friend not fiend).
Pamela: Okay, next challenge - is someone who is a better reader a faster typist?
Dale: Rich, you need to read ahead to get the right cadence in the sentence.
Macfaker98: you can have this Mac keyboard Dale...... cheap
rich: faster, maybe. more accurate? that's another question
james: hmm.. good question.
james: you get into things like kinetic memory there too.
rich: right, Dale, hadn't thought of that
Macfaker98: good question........ I wouldn't know about speed in either one
Pamela: Ron, you're very quick on the keyboard
Macfaker98: 48 wpm
Macfaker98: flat out
james: i hate the standard keyboard layout.
Pamela: maybe years ago, but not now - I think your speed has come up
Macfaker98: Japanese keyboards must be different eh James?
Pamela: the only reason the keyboard is layed out the way it is was to keep the keys from jamming up on typewriters
Pamela: originally keyboards were in alphabetical order
rich: you can always move to the Dvorak keyboard, james - it's an option in Windows
Macfaker98: several years of typing Radio communications verbatim in a log probably had positive effect
james: there are a few extra keys and there are japanese kana characters on them but no one uses kana typing anymore.
Pamela: yes - I would say so - and I get the same sort of practice at work when diarizing claim incidents
james: everyone uses roman letters and then converts the romanized input into real japanese.
Pamela: as opposed to fake Japanese, James?
Pamela: : )
james: there are several proposed keyboard layouts and i just may decide to switch.
rich: do you think Japan will eventually formally adopt the Roman alphbet, james?
Macfaker98: interesting James. I would have thought there would have been a specialized keyboard
james: i hope not.
james: romanized japanese is rather difficult to read.
Pamela: Is that because it's too formal or just worded strangely?
Dale: Speed readers are I really doubt it Rich.
Dale: Kanji are more elegant.
james: japanese is very hononymic so you need the kanji for the meaning.
rich: homonymic in spelling or pronunciation too, james?
james: even in the case when it's kana being replaced, it just takes longer to read. you have two characters or more for one sound instead of one.
Macfaker98: James you'll have me diving for my encyclopaedia any time now.....kanji??
james: only in pronunciation. the kanji characters aret totally different.
Dale: Chinese characters of which Japan has adopted about 1600 that are somewhat stylized.
james: kanji - characters borrowed from chinese.
Macfaker98: I'm educated
Pamela: ditto
james: the japanese borrowed extensively, and for awhile, almost exclusively from chinese. chinese is a tonal language and japanese is not
james: they dropped all of the tones. thus creating a plethora of hononyms.
Pamela: well folks, I think it's bedtime - the room is starting to revolve when I close my eyes
Macfaker98: The Japanese and Chinese have been at this a lot longer than we have
rich: know that symptom, daughter
Macfaker98: lie down Pamela, quickly
Pamela: I'm going to. See you next week?
Dale: Well, China and Japan at various time have taken over each other.
james: the japanse and chinese systems are nice to look at but far from efficient or memorable. a considerable amount of time in lower grades
rich: better get some shuteye - morning comes early
james: is spent just learning the characters.
Macfaker98: I must go and sort out the principles of networking on a DOS computer
rich: nite Pam
Dale: Chinese is written purely with Kanji (or whatever they're called in China)...
james: hanzhu.
Pamela: way too early - 6:00 am in fact.
james: good night pam!
Pamela: Okay, I'm gone. Good nite, all
Pamela: poof!
Dale: but Japanese adds hiragana for congugation (word endings).
Pamela left chat session
Macfaker98: it's been interesting people
Macfaker98: nite Pamela
rich: very interesting - see you next week, Ron
james: there are also native japanese readings for each character. most characters have typically two or three readings.
james: chinese is far simpler. most characters have one reading that doesn't change.
Macfaker98: I learn all sorts of things here
james: whether used alone, or in combination with other characters.
Macfaker98: later all!
rich: we should have started this discussion earlier - it's going to take more time than we have
james: night ron!
Dale: By Ron.
rich: nite ron
Macfaker98: (disappears in western sunset)
Macfaker98 left chat session
rich: I also have to pack it in - be here next week?
james: rest he must. here next week we will be.
rich: right. so to all a good night
rich: I'm gone
rich left chat session
james: now there are two.
james: or are there?
Dale: Bye James.
Dale: Have a good day.
james: night dale :) time for lunch. *poof*
james left chat session
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
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