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rich: test
rich: refresh
rich: refresh
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Ron: Hi Rich
rich: hi - I was just about to shut down
rich: figured no one wass going to show up
Ron: Well I tell ya..... gotta go out at 1 p.m, and I haven't had lunch yet... so maybe we better call it
rich: well, we can keep it short
Ron: just saw your message.
rich: would you caer to handle opening the chat next Saturday, when I'm in Cleveland?
Ron: the reminder was well placed
rich: I know Guy said Wednesday he wouldn't make it; he's very faithful
Ron: sure, no problem
Ron: are you going there early?
rich: going over to the CART race, meeting my cursor crony and bench-racing buddy from Phoenix
Ron: ah, OK
Ron: yeah...I'll leave a note here to myself so I don't forget
rich: sent my Adamcon registration to Dr. D. last night
Ron: good stuff
rich: and by the way, Pam and hubby are coming
Ron: I got that impression the other night. Glad to see that. Will look forward to seeing Pam again. Don't think I've met her husband
Ron: In fact, I'm trying to remember when I met Pam. Probably somewhere around ADAMCON 2 eh?
rich: no, you haven't as far as I know, so it will be a new experience
rich: don't know how he'll fit in with our crowd, but he'll get by
Ron: fitting in with us....sometimes a tall order
Ron: eh?
rich: I think at one point you picked up something at her apartment when you were passing through Toronto
Ron: That's right. Then it might have been later than 02
rich: I suspect there will be a major hen party on the side - sewing, games, babies and stuff
Ron: Give Judy and Meeka some company
Ron: while the boys play with the toys
Ron: and Frances
rich: well, Meeka and Pam and Jillian and Judy seem to have really hit it off
Ron: will be with them as well
rich: I am uncertain, I think she'll split between teh camps
Ron: I feel like I should be doing something in preparation
rich: ditto and likewise. I asked Dr. D. if there was anything I should bring
Ron: Going to work up my Dynomite Sound Digitizer routine but that might not make the program
rich: I suspect there will be lots of open time - more schmoozing than work, I'd guess
Ron: Be right back Rich... going to load a couple of hot dogs onto the stove.... give me 5 min or so
rich: OK will hold
rich: .
rich: .
rich: .
rich: while you're away - having myself a computer problem
rich: my monitor when starting from cold is fading teh picture in and out
rich: it stops after the first 3 - 5 minutes, though
rich: trying to determine if its the monitor or video card
rich: tried the monitor (warm, maybe 2 - 3 hours of cooling) on the Amiga and it worked fine
rich: tried an old 14" monitor on the DOSbox and it worked fine even after overnight turnoff
rich: my current suspicion is that it is the monitor is the problem
rich: so if the 14" works properly through till Monday morning, including long turnoffs, will take the regular monitor in for repair
rich: fortunately it is under warranty
Ron: I've had 2 like that Rich
Ron: sounds like the monitor to me..... cold connection, or failing connection
rich: does that fading just after startup indicate incipient failure, then?
Ron: Actually, I get maybe 1/2 hour our of mine, then they go dead, so it's not quite the same
rich: cold connection sounded very plausible to me
Ron: When it warms up it breaks the connection
rich: since once everything heated up it was gloriously perfect for hours after
Ron: Nobody around here even wants to go inside any more.... they just get consigned to the scrap heat
Ron: heap I mean
rich: well, this one is the manufacturer's grief - it still has a year to go on warranty
Ron: maybe it's the reverse.... the connection heats up then gets made
Ron: yup, I would say
rich: yes, that's what I was figuring, so I couldn't rule out thermal creep on a video card chip
Ron: Have one here that waited for 3 days after my 'taking of stuff to the recyclers' then it failed.... knowing full well I had nowhere to take it\
Ron: so here it sits
rich: they plot these things
Ron: I think so
Ron: sorta knew it was on its way out because it was blinking intermittently
rich: anyway, I gather you've got stuff you gotta do
Ron: yeah Rich guess I better get back upstairs before the wieners boil dry... then gotta leave a 1
rich: blinking I did not get
Ron: sorry about that
Ron: see you Wed
rich: that's OK, see you Wednesday then
Ron: yup\
Ron: bye
rich: bye now
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alter: hi
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Rich Drushel: Oops, tonight isn't brain hurts.
Rich Drushel: Good night, everyone.
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