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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hi rich got my cheque yet?
Rich Drushel: Not yet, at least through today's mail...I'll let you know when it arrives.
Rich Drushel: Hopefully it arrives before you do in person :-)
rich-c: well, i'll be in town around dinner time Friday
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rich-c: anything you need that I can bring?
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Rich Drushel: Can't think of anything yet, except could bring that banner you mentioned, now that I think of it.
rich-c: ok, need any other decorations?
Rich Drushel: I got the ADAMcon 13 banner last week; it's a real beauty. I'm wondering whether I should post a photo...
rich-c: go for it
Rich Drushel: What other decorations you got it mind?
rich-c: question - are there any really nice restaurants close by the hotel?
Rich Drushel: As for photo, I didn't know if there was some precedent/rule against it.
Rich Drushel: "Really nice"? Not sure...I'll be there tomorrow night, I can look around for you.
rich-c: well, the logos have always been posted in advance, and the banners echo them
Rich Drushel: The banner is a 3-color version of the 4-color logo on the webpage.
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: *I have an old Adam advertisng poster, laminated - maybe I'll bring that
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, how's Chicago
Rich Drushel: They did a nice job on the flags, especially adding stars to the US flag where the 72 dpi logo has just white blocks.
Guy B.: Very warm.
Rich Drushel: Hi Guy.
Guy B.: HI Rich
rich-c: yes, we're up to about 86 here now, and increasingly humid
rich-c: rich, what's your forecast for the weekend?
Rich Drushel: I think hot and hotter...had a bit of rain tonight at home, but none a few miles down the road at CWRU.
Rich Drushel: Probably super Grand Prix weather, if you can stay hydrated down at the track.
Guy B.: Hopefully we'll get some of that rain.
rich-c: hot but no precip is just fine for racing, though it can get a bit heavy in the stands
Rich Drushel: Sunscreen and water bottles...
rich-c: we have tickets for teh hospitality tent - free beer and air conditioned johns
rich-c: I'm hoping I can get by with SPF15 sunscreen, I'm fairly well tanned
Guy B.: You should get a higher one. Maybe a 30 SPF.
Rich Drushel: Beer is a bad choice in hot'll get even more dehydrated.
Guy B.: Very true, water is the best drink in hot weather.
rich-c: well, long term that's true, but one can take counter measures
Rich Drushel: Burke is sizzling in August for the Air Show. The weather this week has been like August. I think I used whatever the max SPF
Rich Drushel: was the last one I went to, and I still got tanned after 8 hours out in it.
rich-c: I will likely be in and out of the sun, though there will be the race duration of course
Guy B.: I have a sunscreen with a 45 SPF and I've been using it the last two Saturday's going to my nephew's ballgame.
Rich Drushel: Yeah, 45 was the number I was thinking of.
rich-c: so far I have found the 15 works adequately for me even on full day exposures
Rich Drushel: Either sunscreen or Arab attire, arms covered...
Guy B.: The one I used worked just fine even after an hour in the sun.
rich-c: I just may wear a light coloured sports shirt, I can always roll the sleeves up or down as needed
Guy B.: Although my left arm shows more of a tan than the right.
Rich Drushel: My skin is light, so I've always burned easy. Different skins with different amounts of melanin will behave differently.
rich-c: I have always tanned easily and rarely burned, even before sunscreen was ever thought of
Rich Drushel: My daughter Elanor is the one who burns easiest in our family: light skin and a redhead.
Guy B.: You and I both. I burn easily too.
Rich Drushel: She has to swim in sunscreen to avoid lobsterdom.
rich-c: yes, I have a fw buddies like that
Rich Drushel: Guy, refresh my memory: were you looking for a single room at ADAMcon?
rich-c: rich, any idea how long a walk it is from the South Harbour station to the grandstand area at Burke?
Guy B.: I wouldn't mind sharing a room with someone. That's what I put down on the form.
Rich Drushel: Your form is in my desk at work, and I couldn't'd you like to room with Ron Mitchell?
Guy B.: Perfect.
Rich Drushel: He had initially requested a single, and then asked if he could "downgrade" to save a few $$$.
rich-c: just bring your midnight oil, Guy, you'll be burning lots of it
Rich Drushel: If Elanor had not decided to go to the convention as a delegate, and there were no other roommate choices, I was
Rich Drushel: going to have him with me.
Guy B.: I'll be bringing the notebook along with 4 VBscript programs and a VB design layout at the con.
Rich Drushel: But Elanor wants to come I will put her to work. I'm trying to get her to give a session. It would count towards
Rich Drushel: a Girl Scout badge in computing she's working on.
rich-c: hey, that's neat
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Guy B.: Good idea, Rich. This way she can gain alot of knowledge.
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi guys!
rich-c: hello daughteer
Rich Drushel: New faces, new ideas...keep me from droning on n hours about disassembling something :-)
Rich Drushel: Hello Pamela.
rich-c: we're all looking forward to your robot labshow
Pamela: What are we disassembling?
Guy B.: That's what I'm looking forward to.
rich-c: figure that alone should be worth the price of admission
Rich Drushel: I am dissembling about what we're disassembling :-)
Rich Drushel: If any of you will have a net.connection tomorrow at 3:00 PM EDT, you can watch my summer robot course for
Pamela: Ah. Is disassembling disappointing?
rich-c: he's disassembling what the assembler assembled
Rich Drushel: high school teachers in action via live video webcast. Their Light Tag contest is tomorrow.
Rich Drushel: They build robots to run away from a bright light. I provide an "IT" robot with a bright light for them to run from.
rich-c: I have Real Player 8 now which may even be working
Rich Drushel:
Pamela: Alas, I will be slaving away at work
Rich Drushel: You can even look in the lab right now; the camera is running.
rich-c: rich, could you put that as a link in an email to the mailing list?
Guy B.: I have Media Player at work. On the Athlon I have
Rich Drushel: Fear not, I'll videotape it, and make static RealPlayer files that can be downloaded/viewed after-the-fact.
Guy B.: Realplayer and Apple Quicktime.
Rich Drushel: Re: E-mail of link, I'll send that out directly (thank you for multitastking)...
Pamela: Rich, did you receive my booking e-mail?
Rich Drushel: Yes I did, Pamela...tomorrow at 7:00 PM we go to the hotel to make the final reservations.
Rich Drushel: "The Great Oz will be glad to consider your requests." :-) :-)
rich-c: I'll remind them when I get there Friday
Pamela: Oh thank you great Wizard
Guy B.: And were two weeks away.
Rich Drushel: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!
Pamela: Hard to believe
Pamela: Time is flying this summer
rich-c: rich, how far is it from the hotel to the RTA station?
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changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: hello Meeka
Rich Drushel: Hmm, the closest one is probably the Brookpark exit on the Red Line. I'd have to look at a map to be sure.
Rich Drushel: I don't think it's far.
rich-c: walking distance, or take the bus?
Pamela: I am told that the best way to get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is to take the RT
Pamela: by my resident family expert
Guy B.: You have a rapid transit in Cleveland? Didn't know that.
rich-c: It's light rail on a dedicated right of way, isn't it, Rich?
Pamela: I also need a mall with a decent shoestore and a JC Penney - Dad is supposed to be researching these this weekend
Guy B.: There should be a mall out there.
Rich Drushel: There are 3 rail lines that are part of RTA: Red Line (Airport to Windermere, basically far west to far east),
Rich Drushel: Blue Line and Green Line (from downtown to various southeast suburbs). Oops, make that 4 lines now:
Rich Drushel: Waterfront line from downtown to Rock Hall, Science Center, Browns Stadium, Flats, and Burke Lakefront Airport.
Guy B.: Let guess that last one, the Orange Line??
Rich Drushel: No, it's just called the Waterfront line.
rich-c: and it's actually trains from the Green and Blue lines, right?
Pamela: Certainly easier to remember than the Bloor-Danforth and Yonge-University-Spadina lines here at home
Rich Drushel: It's an extension of the Blue/Green lines (which meet), so I think they show it as dotted blue/green on the maps.
Pamela: Okay, now I'm getting confused
Guy B.: Our L system here in Chicago has colors, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple and Yellow.
Rich Drushel: Nice rainbow assortment.
Pamela: Wow, a rainbow of choices
Guy B.: Oh, almost forgot the Brown line.
rich-c: South Harbour is the stop for Burke and the R&R Museum, right?
Pamela: Any idea what the fare is for adults, Rich?
Rich Drushel: You know you've gone to the dogs (or the high-rent district) if they're named Magenta, Cyan, Ecru, Ochre, etc., like a
rich-c: buck and a half
Guy B.: Blue Line goes to O'Hare and Orange Line goes to Midway airports.
Rich Drushel: box of 64 Crayola crayons :-)
Rich Drushel: Yes, $1.50 for trains.
Guy B.: Same fare as Chicago.
Pamela: that's three dollars cdn, right?
rich-c: transfers available?
Rich Drushel: Busses, too. Used to be a $1.25 local vs. $1.50 express difference, but I don't think so now.
rich-c: don't be uppity, daughter
Pamela: why not?
Rich Drushel: Yes, transfers good for 2 transfers after the paid fare.
Pamela: No zone system?
rich-c: will I need a transfer for Burke?
Rich Drushel: I think they just ran it all together because it wasn't clear to newbie riders where the historic cutoffs were on the routes
Pamela: Good advice for transit riders - always get a transfer even if you don't think you'll need one
Rich Drushel: between "local" and "express".
rich-c: yes, that's what happened in Toronto years ago
Rich Drushel: Yes. Take Red Line to downtown, get a transfer, that will be good for the Waterfront line.
rich-c: no free passage between lines, then, without teh transfer?
Rich Drushel: On the way back, pay to board Waterfront, get transfer to Red line at downtown, back out to Brookpark.
rich-c: will I need a bus along to Burke from teh station?
Pamela: I need to remember to take the hotel number with me so I can call and say "Help, I'm lost!"
Guy B.: He makes that sound easy.
Rich Drushel: Correct...but the transfer is just a little credit-card sized slip of punchcard stock with a magnetic ink stripe on it; it's free
Rich Drushel: with the initial paid fare; you just have to remember to get it at the time you pay.
Pamela: Do you have to validate them?
rich-c: and we must have exact fare, I gather
Rich Drushel: When you use a transfer, it gets fed into a slot on the fare box, which deducts one usage from it, then you get the card back.
Rich Drushel: Yes, no humans to give change on the RTA...get some quarters from the hotel desk.
rich-c: a sort of debit card type of reverse validation
Rich Drushel: The transfer is good for 2 uses before a time limit runs out (some number of hours, 4 or 6).
Pamela: Sounds very similar to our system except in Toronto you can go from one side of the city to the other on one fare and transfer
Guy B.: That transfer time is better than here. You get 2 hours.
Pamela: Theoretically, you only have an hour with ours but it would be impossible to get some places in that time and they're pretty lenient
rich-c: actually, Pam, our system allows as much time as the routes you use need, and no more
Rich Drushel: I never said hi to Meeka...hi Meeka!
Guy B.: Since I take the L into work everyday. We use the same farecard system as Rich. There are machines in the stations where you can add value to the card and for every $10 you put in, you get a dollar bonus.
rich-c: yes, that's the system they use in Washington, too. Toronto is behind the times
Rich Drushel: Yes, for dedicated users you can get a "real" fare card (like a credit card) which does what Guy describes.
rich-c: for further information, consult our website at
Rich Drushel: When I first came to CWRU, the transfers were adding machine-type register tapes. Of course, they never changed the
Guy B.: We call ours Transit cards and that signaled the end to tokens back two years ago.
Pamela: Well, we have the metropass which is a monthly pass and gets u as many regular rides as you can use in a month plus free parking at most TTC commuter lots
Rich Drushel: ribbons in the printers, so you could never readd them.
Pamela: Or a day pass, which is as many rides as you can use on a weekday for two adults or up to four kids and two adults on the weekend
rich-c: still havent told me how to get to Burke from the South Harbour terminal, Rich
Guy B.: Meeka is very quiet.
Rich Drushel: South Harbor terminal?
Pamela: Meeka, do you have a public transit system and if so, what does it consist of?
rich-c: yes, end of teh waterfront line
Rich Drushel: Okay, got it now (being clueless)...
Pamela: Guy, what are your transit fares like?
Meeka: We have busses that run down major traffic routes, but nothing as extensive as what you have
Rich Drushel: You walk up to the bridge on East 9th St. which goes over the shoreway/freeway/railroad tracks and turn left.
rich-c: it's a short walk then, no bus needed?
Rich Drushel: Once over the bridge, and crossing the street on the lake side of the shoreway etc., turn right and cross East 9th.
Pamela: I hope you're writing this down, Dad
Rich Drushel: The walkway down to Burke is ought to be able to see the Airport etc. Just keep walking east (parallel to the lake).
Guy B.: We use farecards on our L system. We also have monthly passes that are good for unlimited rides. There are even a visitor pass. For $5 unlimited use. We also have buses and suburban rail service and that runs on a zone system.
Rich Drushel: That's why there's a log :-)
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Pamela: What's the single ride fare?
changed username to Ron
rich-c: hi Ron
Pamela: good evenig, Ron
Meeka: hi ron
Pamela: that's evening with a head cold
Ron: hallo!
Rich Drushel: Fare is $1.50.
rich-c: which computer are you on tonight, Ron?
Pamela: Sorry, I meant in Chicago
Ron: everybody well?
Ron: LC475
Pamela: tres bien, M'sieur
Rich Drushel: Rich, here's at least a sketch map of the things around Burke...technically it's the map to get to the Science Center, but it
Ron: eh bien!
rich-c: niothing like the old reliable classics
Guy B.: $1.50 without a transfer. $1.80 with a transfer. Transfers are mainly used when transfering between train and bus or changing bus routes. And since our L lines connect to others. Those are free transfers.
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
Rich Drushel: shows the landmarks I talked about:
Rich Drushel:
Ron: Hi Guy!
Pamela: Sounds confusing, Guy. How do your poor visitors figure it out?
Rich Drushel: Hello Ron...I have made arrangements for your ADAMcon 13 roommate, to save your purse: you can room with Guy.
Rich Drushel: Elanor decided she wanted to go as a full delegate, so she ends up with me.
Guy B.: Oh, it's not that difficult. For the train lines, we have a color system like Rich was describing. I take 3 L lines just to get to work.
rich-c: Rich, the Burke directions also hold pretty well for the R&R Museum, right?
Pamela: Boy, I thought it was bad with two lines. How often do your trains run?
Rich Drushel: The R&R museum is on the west corner of that intersection with East 9th; Burke is on the east corner.
Rich Drushel: You'll see the icky I.M. Pei pyramid very easily.
Guy B.: About every 10 minutes during the rush hour. Every 20 minutes between them.
Ron: sounds Good Rich. Guy, are you a sound sleeper?
rich-c: OK, now Pamela knows since I'm sure she was paying attention
Ron: appreciate your efforts Dr. D.
Rich Drushel: Do you mean "sleep soundly" or "make sounds while you sleep"? :-)
Guy B.: Yes I am. Why do you ask?
Pamela: Thanks Dad. Get me into trouble, why don't you
Ron: I'm not going there
Ron: I have no idea what I do when I sleep
Rich Drushel: Guy, were you ever my roommate at an ADAMcon? I think you might have been, once...
Ron: good. We'll see how sound you are :)
rich-c: if your roommates haven't told you by now, it's likely innocuous
rich-c: though I have heard somke question whether you ever do sleep
Pamela: Unlike our resident freight train here
Guy B.: No, we never were. I had George K last year and Dave at Adamcon 11.
Ron: true Rich. Although lately I've been doing better. Discovered that one has to lie down
Guy B.: I always visited your room with questions.
Pamela: Is THAT the secret!
Rich Drushel: Joan surprisingly has become a "sleeper with sounds" recently...much to her chagrin.
Ron: My son Jeff is nicknamed "snoreboy". I am father of "snoreboy"
Rich Drushel: Ah, *that's* why I remember Guy in my room alot :-)
Ron: Rich D. Another question.
Guy B.: One thing I won't hear is snoring. I take my speech processor off at night, so I don't hear anything.
Ron: Has anyone there a spare VGA monitor I might have access to or borrow for the 'con?
rich-c: including your roomate telling you to stop snoring?
Guy B.: I can bring one.
Ron: gonna bring my P200, but would like to dispense with the monitor if I can
Ron: and an ADAM of course
rich-c: I have one but don't know if it's spare or not
Pamela: You're gonna make the shipping co. rich, Ron
rich-c: my regular monitor has been doing strange things of late
rich-c: I am engaged in quite an email exchange with Sceptre
Rich Drushel: (looks around) CGA, EGA, 2 composite color... no spare VGA :-( Better ask Herman or George (hamfest scavengers).
Guy B.: I have a spare that I'm not using at the moment. I'll try it out to be sure it's working Ok.
Ron: ok. I'll do that. Herman oughta have one I would think
Rich Drushel: Get one from George if possible; anything from Herman is likely to reek of tobacco...if that matters to you.
Ron: Was gonna bring the iMac, but haven't figured a safe way of transport
rich-c: the P200 being, of course, expendable
Ron: oh yes.... I'm a self-righteous and completely intolerant ex-smoker
Ron: exactly Rich
Pamela: Cigarette, Ron?
rich-c: this here Mac thing is really getting to you, isn't it?
Ron: yes.... a LOT
rich-c: soon he'll be one of those reformed Windows addicts too
Rich Drushel: The static webcam at the hotel will be a Mac.
Pamela: I really hate those
Ron: have a USB cam I'm gonna bring. It'll work with the P200
Pamela: reformeds, not Macs
Rich Drushel: Static webcams, hotels, or Macs? :-)
Guy B.: I'll bring a spare VGA monitor with me. I might need it for my VBscript demo.
Ron: would be great Guy, are you driving?
Rich Drushel: My webcam is Connectix Quickcam for Apple Desktop Bus.
Guy B.: Yep, I'm driving there. Got the car all set for the trip.
Pamela: I guess we'll have to be careful not to do anything strange in the public areas
Ron: good
rich-c: like playing with a two decade old computer isn
Pamela: Sometime between now and then, I have to get the a/c fixed
Ron: anything you do at these shindigs Pamela is immediately posted to the web
rich-c: t strange enough?
Pamela: Like hiding in corners?
Ron: like Connectix's stuff. Have Virtual PC 4.0..... neat piece of work
Meeka: ya if web cams don't get you the cameras will
Rich Drushel: I'm not quite sure whether or not I'll be able to archive the still webcam pictures it's possible that
Ron: Wanna get a shot of Meeka winning the afghan
Ron: again
Guy B.: Or Judy.
Rich Drushel: nobody will be able to prove anything happened anywhere :-)
Ron: (I know..... I know)
Ron: pictures lie
Meeka: I will this year ;-) it will go great in my living room. I have already seen it.
Pamela: No, no - I'm going for beginners luck here
rich-c: by the way, Rich, how are registrations doing?
Rich Drushel: I haven't heard anything about an afghan this year, so I don't know if there's one to be won.
Meeka: jean makes one every year
Ron: Poor Jean, we've come to expect it
Meeka: It arrived at mom's last week
Ron: hey... well there ya go
Rich Drushel: Right now, I have committed me, Elanor, Herman, George, Guy, Ron, Dale, Jill, 4 Clees, and 4 Slopsemas.
Pamela: Definitely going for beginners luck
Ron: an even dozen
Pamela: Actually, that's three Clees and a Vilneff
rich-c: no extra Wicks?
Ron: no... a baker's dozen
Rich Drushel: Try again, Ron...
Ron: gee
Ron: can't count
rich-c: and no word from PJ?
Rich Drushel: Dale said he didn't know about Neil...Neil had some big scouting event that was the same weekend, and he hadn't made up his mind.
Ron: If I know Neil, his priority will be with Scouts
Rich Drushel: Not at this point...
rich-c: and I thought Murray McCullough was planning to come?
Rich Drushel: Oh yes, Murray, silly me, he's paid up, too!
Ron: Murray, yes I think so....
Ron: good!
Rich Drushel: So, 17 full delegates at this point.
Guy B.: Oh good.
Pamela: Is that a record?
Ron: t'will be a cosy gathering of good friends
Rich Drushel: Maybe a low record...
Guy B.: That's below what we had last year.
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rich-c: any of your locals possibly day-tripping in?
changed username to james
Pamela: Good morning James
rich-c: good morning james
james: morning :)
Guy B.: Hi James, wondering if you were coming in.
Meeka: hi james
Pamela: Coffee?
Ron: James, my son!
james: how is everyone?
Pamela: Somewhat awake
Rich Drushel: Nick Poulos is the only possibility. He doesn't live in the area any more, but he said he was going to be in town that weekend on other business, and might be able to stop by.
Ron: good here
Guy B.: Good here in Chicago and warm here too.
rich-c: busy discussing the convention - it's onl;y two weeks or so on
james: that's right. i'm sure everyone is looking forward to it.
Rich Drushel: The other women from B.A.S.I.C. had some interest, but all had other commitments that weekend.
rich-c: summer is threatening to set in - at ruddy last
Ron: James, on Saturday night at 8 p.m Eastern, what time is it in Japan?
Pamela: We're gonna miss you, James
Ron: (same as Sunday night)
Guy B.: Has anyone heard from Zonker lately?
Ron: negative re Zonker Guy. sad
rich-c: very sad
Pamela: I'd say summer has arrived with a vengeance - when I went out at 10:20 this morning, it was already 92 degrees
james: would be sunday morning at 9 a.m.
Guy B.: That would be the second con he would miss.
Rich Drushel: A guy I'd love to see again is Ron Collins, but I haven't heard from him since ADAMcon 8.
Rich Drushel: Well Ron, hadn't you said that you thought Zonker had pretty much moved beyond ADAM stuff in his life?
Ron: Ron came up for supper....(think you were there Rich) That's right, AC 8
Rich Drushel: Christina says hi to all.
Guy B.: Hi Christina.
Pamela: Hi Christina
rich-c: hey, hi to Christina nad Adam too
Meeka: hi christina
Ron: yes. He told me that everything he was doing was taking him farther and farther away from ADAM....that was just prior to last Xmas
Rich Drushel: Christina: "I remember him!" (Guy) "Isn't he the one who turned really red when he laughed?"
Ron: is that Christina....owner of the ADAMCON 12 Mascott?
Rich Drushel: Elanor has the mascot, and the mascot is alive and well.
Ron: silly me!
Meeka: no, Elanor got the masvot ron
Pamela: What was the mascot, or should I ask?
Rich Drushel: Christina was last seen as a delegate at ADAMcon 7.
Ron: of course she did
Meeka: a stuffed dinasor
rich-c: meanwhile there are even new users popping up out there, but they aren't joining the community
Rich Drushel: A pink dinosaur...sort of a kinder, gentler Barney (if that's possible).
Guy B.: Might have been Christina.
Pamela: Does it have a green tummy and roar if you squeeze it?
rich-c: test
Pamela: you're here dad
Rich Drushel: It has no active internals, just stuffing.
rich-c: think i"ve been dumped - if so brb
Ron: no Rich, you're still here
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: Is everone else seeing him?
Rich Drushel: Visible to all except himself...I remember that bug.
Guy B.: Hi disappeared.
Ron: now you see him, now you don't
Meeka: i was, but he just dissapeared
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Pamela: Did anyone eat the salmon mousse?
changed username to rich-c
Ron: Rich D..... another question......this one's really far out
Guy B.: He's back.
Pamela: Dad, can you see us now?
Ron: is there such a thing as a DOS emulator for a 68k Mac?
rich-c: at least he hiopes he's back
Rich Drushel: I see that Pamela has watched some Python...
Pamela: Thank you, I'm gladd someone caught that
james: this here is an ex-parrot :)
Rich Drushel: There's a DOS emulator for a 68K Amiga.
rich-c: yes, I suddenly got cut off
Ron: back are you
Pamela: That's one of my favourits, James
Rich Drushel: There's also CP/M-68K for Macs.
james: the killer bunnies are funny too.
rich-c: actually there are two emulators, Ron
Ron: now there's something for my Laptop
james: "wots he going to do, nibble me bum?"
Ron: yes...go on Rich C
Pamela: as is the lumberjack sketch
(A dog howls in the distance)
Ron: I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok
Ron: I work all night and I sleep all day
rich-c: there's the commercial one - Amiga Forever
Pamela: I work all night and I sleep all day
Rich Drushel: "Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm bein' repressed!"
rich-c: and the freebie UAE - Ultimate Amiga Emulator
Ron: for Mac?
rich-c: though actually if you don't have an Amiga yiou have to buy Amiga Forever to get the ROM images
Rich Drushel: I cut down trees, I eat my lunch, I go to the lavat'ry...
rich-c: no, that's Amiga emulators for DOS
Pamela: "Luke, I am your father . . ." sorry, wrong set of movies
Ron: yes..... same with my emulator for the Dos box.... (does a good mac impression..but has to have ROMs
Ron: )
james: how are things in vancouver ron? still wet? it's been really hot here for the last few days?
rich-c: there is an Apple emulator for the Amiga
Ron: I love that song
Guy B.: Looks like you caught our weather James.
Pamela: Or we got his
Ron: well James let's put it this way. This morning my golf game got rained out
Rich Drushel: Pamela, best use of that line I ever saw was at a showing of Bambi: after Bambi's mother is killed, and the stag appears in the snow,
james: :) last week it was really rainy and a few days ago it was really humid, but now it's nice.
Ron: This afternoon we would have been blown away
Rich Drushel: someone yelled out in the theatre: "Come with me and together we will rule the forest as father and son!"
Ron: tomorrow we're going to try again
Pamela: Do you knwo how long it's been since I saw Bambi? Even longer than Star Wars
rich-c: it's ok Ron, right now BC needs all the rain it can get
james: i watched return of the jedi just last week.
Guy B.: It's been awhile for me too. I have the video.
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rich-c: want me to tell you how long since I saw Bambi?
Pamela: I don't think I've ever seen all of all three movies and I have yet to see the Phantom Menace
changed username to BobS
Rich Drushel: "I'm afraid your friends will find the shield generator fully operational..."
Pamela: Since you took me to see it, perhaps?
Ron: you ain't missin' nothin' Pamela
Guy B.: I haven't seen that one yet.
Guy B.: Bob, you made it.
rich-c: oh, the Bobster is here at last
BobS: yessir!!!
james: empire is great though. he goes through admirals like kleenex. i love the look on the guy's face when he gets promoted.
Pamela: Hi, Bob! Long time no see
BobS: 'LO
Ron: I mean it's Lucas Magic, but in my humble view, failed to advance the story sufficiently
Rich Drushel: PM *is* a menace; see it for completeness, but it's such a shadow of what could have, and ought to have, been.
rich-c: I have a copy, Pam.
Pamela: Of which one, Dad?
Ron: Mr. Slopsema I presume
james: i didn't care for the new starwars. too much glitz, not enough plot development and i'd like to boil jarjar in a vat of acid.
rich-c: wanna borrow it for the weekend?
rich-c: all four
Ron: so we are agreed it seems.....??
Meeka: I've seen all four
Meeka: over and over agian
Pamela: Really? I shall have to borrow them now that the VCR is working again
Ron: You watch those like I watch Ferris Buehler's Day Off
Guy B.: I love the trilogy. I have yet to see the Phantom Menace.
BobS: DA flesh!
rich-c: why dont you take them to the trailer this weekend?
Ron: sp??
Meeka: I like jarjar.
Rich Drushel: I have the them all in a 4-floppy set in Quicktime for ADAM format.
Pamela: Because I don't want to spend the entire weekend indoors - too hot
Ron: nice try Dr. D
rich-c: pity - you should take advantage of the old fart being away
Ron: Now Quicktime for ADAM.....wouldn't that be something
Rich Drushel: Quicktime 4 does some amazing video compression!
Guy B.: Bob, is it very warm up by you?
Meeka: yes
BobS: it is HOT Guy!!!!
Rich Drushel: Or is it up to QT 5 now...
BobS: humid and in the mid 80's with more to come
Ron: 5
rich-c: what you call hot, Bob?
Ron: got an OS X version that I believe is 5
BobS: it's the darn humidity in the 70% range that is the killer
Rich Drushel: Dale had a QT-like animation for the ADAM once; his dice demo, and a terrain flyby originally made with an Amiga.
Ron: speaking of things that fail to advance the plot development ---- OS X\
Ron: OS X
rich-c: that hasn't got to us yet - we're still around 46%
rich-c: but our temperatures are higher
BobS: it will rich
Guy B.: That for sure. It's was nice by the lake, but once you got away, Boom almost 90.
Rich Drushel: I think Linux for PPC is going to work out better on Mac hardware than OS X for a Unix-like environment.
Ron: I agree Rich. Have used both, and you're right
Ron: only trouble with Linux PPC is that some of the applications aren't there yet.... like REAL Networks stuff
Ron: although, maybe now it is...haven't had it installed for a few months
Rich Drushel: Well, here IMHO is the ultimate downfall of the open software movement (and more's the pity):
Ron: there was a petition afoot last time I looked at the Linux PPC site
Meeka: dad, did you have any luck tonight?
Rich Drushel: the guys who like to program want to play with the kernel guts, 'cause it's interesting.
BobS: no luck thankfully Meeka
Rich Drushel: But it needs user apps in order to be successful...but no hacker wants to "waste time" writing a word processor or a spreadsheet.
BobS: got home about 10 min ago
Ron: we find ourselves wondering here how "open source" Apple really intends to be
Ron: exactly
Pamela: Folks, I have to split - not sure if temp or perm - be back if I can, otherwise good nite and see you next week.
Ron: One of these days, I too will compile my own kernel.
Rich Drushel: So, Joe Sixpack users will never use it...and it will just be plagiarized by the commercial guys.
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
rich-c: OK Pam be good
BobS: see ya at AC13 Pam!!!!!!
Meeka: bye pam
Ron: Then General Failure and he can do their thing
Rich Drushel: So long, Pamela.
james: bye pam!
BobS: be gone next 2 weeks on vacation
Pamela: Dad, do I have to be good?
Ron: nite Pam
BobS: and then ON TO AC 13 !!!!!!!
Ron: go straight home now
Rich Drushel: Yeee-haww!
rich-c: yep, I won't be around to keep an eye on you
Pamela: Bob, I'll see you at the con and everyone else next week
BobS: i be like fastest mouse in all of mehico!!!!
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Dad, who is keeping an eye on Mom?
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BobS: yup
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: no comment
Rich Drushel: Not sure Judy would be happy to hear that...
Pamela: Smart Daddy.
Guy B.: Got stuck. I'm back.
rich-c: anyway enjoy your long weekend
Pamela: Okay, I''m gone. POOF!
Pamela left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Pam.
BobS: she alwasy said i was fast.....or was that half-faast......
BobS: seems the Vancouver Island weather of late is not so good either, eh Ron??????
Ron: So anyway James........ Saturday night, July 14....... (more like Sunday for you??)
Ron: there will be a chat from Cleveland (via Toronto to the world)
Rich Drushel: Reminds me of a pun in Tolkien's "Fellowship of the Ring": Sam talks for a while about his dumb cousin Hal...and then we casually learn that his name is Halfast.
BobS: YEE_HAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Ron: or perhaps you already knew
BobS: a telecommunications conference worldwide yet...........
james: sunday morning at 9 a.m. i'll try to make it but i might not be able to. my friend is coming from canada that day.
Guy B.: Oh good. I'll be bringing my notebook with a brand new modem that I just tried out last week. Got it for free.
Rich Drushel: Lucky Guy...
Ron: If you can make it.... would be great James
Rich Drushel: I have to go now, folks, to put some kids in bed that are up waaayy past their bedtimes.
Rich Drushel: So, 3's and 8's, we gone, bye-bye.
Meeka: see you in a couple weeks rich
Ron: later Rich D
Guy B.: Bye Rich D.
Ron: soon we be there
rich-c: 33s, Rich
Rich Drushel left chat session
Ron: 33' s ??
Ron: thought it was '73s
rich-c: it's bye now
james: i will try my best.
rich-c: sorry your right Ron
Ron: or there was another one.... 88's Love and kisses
james: my friend is coming and we're going to start up wireless and e-commerce here. he'll be here for at least six months and if it goes
Ron: naw
james: well, than indefinitely longer.
rich-c: ok james, break him in right - talk to Canada every Wednesday night
BobS: well thern you can treat him to us on Sun morn
Ron: an entreprenneur in our midst eh?
james: i've always been an entrepeneur.
Ron: civil service mindset prevented me from going there
Ron: now I have no excuse
Ron: is it 1 'n' or 2?
rich-c: I know the feeling, Ron
Ron: prendre
Ron: prennant
Ron: hmmm?
Ron: I'm too far west to know French
rich-c: one n
james: what's the french question?
rich-c: it's been taken over by English now
Ron: well the derrivation of the word 'entrepreneur
rich-c: sounds more dignified than "go-between"
Ron: true
james: as for derivation, that i'm reasonably sure is just one "r". :D
rich-c: or is that "take-between"?
Ron: been doubling up on connsonnants since grade 4
james: i've always interpreted go-between as someone who runs messages between two people.
Ron: has cost me millions of marrks
rich-c: deuthschemarks are classic marks?
Ron: teachers' marks
rich-c: that shoulda been "or"
james: i see another nascent english orthography discussion
Guy B.: Well, I'll be going. I'll try for Saturday. My nephew's ballgame is early Saturday morning.
Ron: now James. Watch your language
rich-c: Saturday is up to you and Ron - I'll be occupied elsewhere
rich-c: but enjoy till we see you again, Guy
Guy B.: I'll see how time goes.
Ron: yes..... and thanks for the reminder. Have put it on my notepad
Guy B.: Bye All!
james: brb
Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: bye guy
rich-c: I suggest a mailing list memo on Friday too, Ron
Ron: next week Guy?
BobS: I'll be ont he road somewhere between here and the Mackinaw bridge 200 miles norht......
Ron: yeah..... I've gotta find something around here that remind me of stuff
Ron: but do that .... please
rich-c: I've heard computers are good at that, Ron
Ron: Bob do you ever stay at home?
Ron: need to set one up here with a continuous slide show of reminders.....that wouldn't be too hard
Ron: but then I prolly wouldn't look at it
rich-c: screensaver, maybe?
BobS: try not......
Ron: :)
BobS: got to "make hay whilest the sun shines" and the bodyis willing! :-)
rich-c: but then your computers are never unused long enough to bring up a screensaver
james: shame i can't make it to cleveland. i'm sure it would have been very educational.
Ron: this is true.
rich-c: yes, there's always something to be picked up, james
Ron: Think in August, Mom and I are going for a drive down the Oregon coast
Ron: I've never been that way
BobS: that'd be nice to try once then
james: well, in my case, there'd be alot to pick up.
Ron: ya
rich-c: use the coast road - the interstate is fast but comparatively dull
BobS: james ya just have to make sure to pick up your underwear!!!!
Ron: yes Rich, that's what I hear.
BobS: maid don't like ya otherwise
BobS: :-)
james: :)
Meeka: well, I am going to get going to. Need to get a few things done befor bed.
Ron: Time to take my annual cross border equipment trip to local customs for green carding
Meeka: See everyone in a few weeks
james: i'll have to get around one of these days to picking up a small tv and a power supply for my adam so i can use it regularly
Ron: sleep well Meeka
rich-c: OK Meeka, good to have you with us. Take caer.
Ron: ye[
Ron: p
james: bye meeka, take care.
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: I thought the green cards were permanent
Ron: actually yes they are Rich..but have some stuff to the p200 has never been out of the country
rich-c: or does your equipment change so frequently you have to get a new one each time?
Ron: and the Mac Powerbook laptop
Ron: yada, yada yada
james: they actually check stuff?
rich-c: no, but you have to be ready for the one time they do
Ron: yes James. Call it a bit of belt and suspenders preparation
james: everytime i fly into osaka airport, they wave me through. i could have weapons grade plutonium in my suitcase.
Ron: but they can
james: true.
rich-c: they are much more fussy with air travellers
Ron: especially those who are carrying 90 lbs suitcases
rich-c: with a car and trailer, they barely want you to stop
Ron: with bulges all over
james: like my wife and i a couple of years ago. we were each carrying the limit plus our two dogs.
rich-c: the suitacases, or the travellers?
Ron: indeed
rich-c: would not be surprised if I get a rougher time this weekend than usual
rich-c: solo, in a truck
Ron: why is that Rich?
Ron: aha1
Ron: !
james: bit of both :D
rich-c: it appeals to their paranoia
Ron: Still don't know how I got across to Seattle for AC 11.. with a car full of gear
rich-c: though grey hair and a senior moment experssion help
Ron: yep. That they do
james: senior moment ;) my students accuse me of having those.
Ron: guess it's all relative James
rich-c: after our meeting in Toronto, do they still think YOU're old?
Ron: I recall a grade 9 composition - made reference to a middle age man of 30
Ron: teacher was not amused
james: yeah, i get it everyday.
BobS: ;-)
Ron: :)
rich-c: I would have been - though maybe not for the immediately evident reason
rich-c: I see 30 year olds as barely out of diapers
Ron: so anyway
Ron: the moral of the story here remains....don't get sick and vote Libera
Ron: l
james: heh heh. and there are those my age who see their 50 something parents as barely back in them ;)
rich-c: thought I heard a sharp intake of breath from Japan!
james: ;)
Ron: me too
james: is bob still with us?
BobS: uh, huh
Ron: if he ain't with us, he's again us
rich-c: grandpa is muttering to himself, Id wager
james: as for voting liberal, don't know what other choice there is at the moment.
BobS: bubba huba, huna, gamma
Ron: exactly Bob
rich-c: yes, I really miss the Rhinocerous Party
james: they talk about productivity gap etc and the solution has been apparent for a very long time.
Ron: there.... I wrote it in big letters....
rich-c: Yay!
Ron: now....where am I going to put it
Ron: never mind
rich-c: tattoo it on your arm?
Ron: ok
BobS: hey guys.....gotta go now. will see you in 2 weeks, 1 day in Cleveland!!!!!!!! James 2 weeks, 3 day, yea?????
rich-c: OK Bob, we'll be looking for you and all the tribe
Ron: Am lookin' forward to that sir. Be well
rich-c: take care and good night
BobS: HI HO SILVER......AWAY!!!!!!!
Ron: are we concluded?
BobS left chat session
Ron: excluded?
Ron: extruded?
rich-c: I think so - I have to pass on some information from Rich
james: will do my best to be there *)
rich-c: to my cursor crony
Ron: good man James. Only the 2nd coming should prevent you
james: 2nd coming?
rich-c: and bring along your friend, james
Ron: whatever
james: well that's why i may not be able to make it - i have to go pick him up!
Ron: sure, why not. He'll not meet another group like us
rich-c: a serious truth, Ron
Ron: we will understand, James
rich-c: anyway, gotta go pay some attention to Eudora
Ron: good night to all
Ron: be well
james: no point in my talking to myself!
james: bye!
rich-c: night Ron, see you next week
Ron: later
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Ron: expect so
Ron: Good lord willin
rich-c: I be gone
Ron: bye
rich-c left chat session
Ron left chat session
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