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Ron: 10 minutes late. It's now 3:10 pm EDT....or
Ron: if you live out here..... west of the rocks.....12:10 PDT
Ron: Still talking
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Rich Drushel: I just got your E-mail and thought I'd peek in, so you wouldn't be lonely.
Ron: hey!
Ron: sorry I was looking at my Linux box..... not paying attention
Rich Drushel: Well, I'm sure you hardly expected anyone else to be here...
Rich Drushel: Poor Rich Clee; it's been *pouring* rain downtown today for the Grand Prix.
Rich Drushel: I'm sure he's totally soaked.
Ron: no, it is a pleasant surprise
Ron: how ya doin?
Ron: oh Lord! I know he was looking forward to that
Rich Drushel: We just got a thunderstorm blow through which knocked out the power for a few seconds.
Ron: sounds dangerous
Rich Drushel: Elanor was online, and I just was rebooting the machines and making sure everything was okay.
Rich Drushel: Well, sky is clearing now, a little it was just a quick storm front, I guess.
Rich Drushel: I was out on a brief errand and had the radio on the local sports talk station, which was broadcasting live from the race.
Rich Drushel: The emcee was drooling because he said it had turned into a giant wet T-shirt contest.
Rich Drushel: So I hope Rich was able to take cover somewhere...
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Ron: ok.... iMac bumped me so now we'll try Linux
Ron: we'll blame iMac anyway
Rich Drushel: What's the last text you had from me? I was typing away happily when you disappeared.
Ron: sun coming out
Ron: clearing a little
Ron: you were hoping Rich was able to duck under cover
Rich Drushel: Looks like you got it all, then.
Ron: ok. for some reason, iMac does not like Dale's server.... have no idea why.
Rich Drushel: So did you notice the little message from Zonker this morning? It'll be nice to get him into the convention chat.
Ron: no,I've not been in for my mail yet.... we've heard from him?
Rich Drushel: Yes, he posted to the list saying that, if he remembered, he would drop in on the chat at the ADAMcon.
Rich Drushel: At least I *think* that's what he said...let me recheck the mailbox.
Ron: good. Sure miss him not being around. He's one of the last I would have expected to leave the bunch
Rich Drushel: "cant wait to see the sched....unless i totally forget it, i plan to join in on the chat this year."
Ron: sounds like he intends to be there...Good Lord willin'
Rich Drushel: Well, didn't he say that ADAM was something his wife had no interest in and wanted no part of?
Rich Drushel: I could see that creating some tension, or pressure to find some activities that she would want to participate in.
Ron: yes, if I recall correctly...that was it
Ron: had that impression at 'con 11.
Rich Drushel: Zonker spent a lot of time with ADAM stuff, and it might have looked to him like continuing would leave his wife out of a big chunk of time.
Ron: and he's since told me that his activities are taking him further away from ADAM
Ron: Been there, done that, got the separation papers
Ron: looking back on it, there were some things I should have done differently
Rich Drushel: I wonder what else he's up to...anything at all with computers, do you know?
Ron: no, not sure.... he's a grandfather and I heard a lot about the grandkids
Ron: suspect he's more of a family man that I was
Rich Drushel: I wasn't trying to bring up anything bad from your past, Ron, not that I know too much about it, nor need to know...
Ron: not at all Rich. my life unfolded and hind-sight is wonderful
Ron: sometimes I think we need one life for prractice and one for good
Rich Drushel: I think I've seen it expressed as "Give me body of age 20 and experience of age 65".
Ron: exactly
Ron: so are you as ready for the 'con as you hoped to be?
Rich Drushel: No :-)
Ron: good honest answer
Rich Drushel: We know there will be food, shirts, and a banner, because I've paid for them all and/or taken delivery.
Rich Drushel: Elanor has agreed to give a 1-hour session on games, so that will be a new voice.
Ron: well, then you've got the fundamentals taken care of. The rest will happen
Ron: we go again
Rich Drushel: Herman and George are resurrecting their BBSes for me, *and* going to give a refresher course session,
Ron: hey, now that sounds interesting
Rich Drushel: because I am planning a sort of treasure hunt which will use them.
Ron: the more I hear, the better it gets
Ron: Really like your idea of trying to involve new presenters
Rich Drushel: I have hedged on it, because I didn't want to write it all up and then find out that they couldn't get the stuff out of mothballs.
Ron: good plan
Rich Drushel: I can't even remember my username or password for Herman's BBS.
Rich Drushel: George said he was afraid he wouldn't remember the root password for his BBS.
Rich Drushel: I can only remember that I was user #36 at George's.
Ron: you're not the only one.... I was on there for a while from Ottawa.... back in the days of 'long distance'
Ron: Guy Cousineau even made a point of calling Zonker in Seattle each Friday night
Rich Drushel: I would love to convert the BBSes to some net-accessible format (thus avoiding long-distance charges).
Ron: should be possible, it seems to me
Rich Drushel: I know there has to be a way to map a telnet session to a BBS login.
Rich Drushel: Just probably need to get my own Linux box and spend 6 months woodshedding with it.
Ron: my last contact here with the world of FIDO involved logging onto a BBS in Florida via the Internet
Ron: where I got the Coleco ADAM echo
Rich Drushel: Reports of its demise may be greatly exaggerated, but I read today on comp.os.cpm stuff to the effect that it really was dead.
Ron: wouldn't take you that long I don't think Rich
Rich Drushel: hold a minute...
Ron: wouldn't surprise me... The powers that be were asking us to either use it or lose it.... (back about 3 years ago)
Ron: and we didn't use it
Ron: ok
Rich Drushel: back after various children interrupts
Ron: the hierarchy ofi/o ports
Rich Drushel: hahaha
Ron: you've got 2 girls right?
Rich Drushel: I've got 4 :-) Ages 14-11-8-5.
Ron: ok... stand suitably corrected.... life does indeed get interesting then
Rich Drushel: Elanor is the 11-year-old who'll be coming again this year.
Ron: that's quite an age spread
Ron: right...she was there last year in Toronto right?
Rich Drushel: Everyone, including Joan, is coming for the banquet, so you'll see the whole brood then.
Ron: good. Will look forward to that
Rich Drushel: Yes, Elanor was in Toronto.
Rich Drushel: Christina came to 007 in Kitchener.
Ron: ok right
Ron: certainly must keep you on your toes
Ron: with an age spread like that, there's bound to be some animated discussion around the table
Rich Drushel: Yes, it's a rat-race of shuttle runs...Christina is at a party this afternoon, from which she must be picked up at 4:30.
Rich Drushel: Re: discussion
Ron: oh say nothing of the chauffeur bit
Rich Drushel: Yes, we get some different views...Christina starts high school in the fall, Elanor starts middle school, and Gretchen (the youngest) starts kindergarten.
Rich Drushel: In the fall, they'll all be in school at last, no more day care.
Ron: And you will be expected to keep all levels of knowledge of all subjects suitably current to help with school work
Rich Drushel: The only place where they beat me is in pop culture references. So far, none of the academics has been beyond me or Joan.
Rich Drushel: At some point, that may change...
Ron: good.
Ron: in pop culture my son, Jeff, and I have a widening generation gap
Rich Drushel: From what I've seen of my kids' peers, the place where so many of them start to go bad is around 5th grade--when the schoolwork gets too hard for the dropout and teenaged moms.
Ron: he brought his new girlfriend home on our May long weekend, and at points I really felt out of it
Rich Drushel: The parents can't help, because they could barely do that work themselves...
Rich Drushel: Jeff is how old? Mid-20s?
Ron: Recall that grade 10 math was the point where my memory no longer served. We hired a tutor
Ron: he'll be 30 in August
Ron: and he's whining about that
Ron: as I'm whining about pushing 60
Ron: Mom tells us both to please shut up
Ron: Another glitch in the ether
Rich Drushel: My Dad was 61 this 21 June...I'll be 39 on 3 November.
Rich Drushel: And Joan will be 40 in January...tempus is fugitting, as my Dad says.
Ron: yeah, tempus does that
Ron: Jeff just started a temporary assignment with the City of Vancouver. One of these 1 year deals
Ron: to see how the other side of the table lives
Ron: he's in their Fire Code Complianc organization somewhere
Ron: his firm submits fire code compliance plans on behalf of contractors to the City for approval.
Rich Drushel: Does he like his work?
Ron: So now Jeff will be on the other side of the table for a while
Ron: yes he does... it's a field of engineering where there aren't many
Ron: He got his Masters a year ago just before the course died at UBC for lack of a prof
Ron: master of fire protection engineering
Rich Drushel: Bet he and my Dad could have some nice talks...Dad was a volunteer fireman for 25 years.
Ron: I bet
Rich Drushel: I grew up climbing on fire engines...and making coffee at Pancake Festivals to raise money for the Fire Department.
Ron: :) sounds like fun
Rich Drushel: Seriously, if I lived where there was a volunteer fire department, and I didn't have a crazy schedule, I'd be a volunteer, too.
Rich Drushel: It's a necessary job in rural communities.
Ron: Gather Jeff's life is more to do with sprinkler systems per square foot, and safety of exits etc etc
Rich Drushel: I bet it's fun trying to get old non-compliant facilities retrofitted...
Ron: there are two communities here, one a town and one a city, both with volunteer fire depts
Ron: I've got to know someof the guys...they're good and they're dedicated
Ron: yeah....most contractors engage Jeff's firm to write up what are called 'equivalancies'. Ie.. we 're not meeting
Ron: letter of the code, but what we propose will do the same job or better
Rich Drushel: I know that there was a lot of work to install sprinkler systems in our 1897 Biology Building which got renovated last year.
Ron: guess it would be harder in an older structure
Rich Drushel: It has a sandstone shell and wooden interior (including floors and grand staircase), 4 floors.
Ron: with the new project, you're planning for the pipes, sprinklers, etc
Ron: same as cabling for all the connectivity expected in new offices....internet, networks etc
Rich Drushel: I wonder how many new jobs are leaving empty conduits for wiring etc. that hasn't been invented yet :-)
Ron: that would be difficult to go thru
Ron: bet they are now.
Rich Drushel: I might as well tell you that PJ and Bob have decided to come to the convention after all...
Ron: Our community net just moved into a new office, and they've rewired the whole thing. Think you could get an internect
Ron: hookup in the can if you wanted one
Rich Drushel: George phoned me last night with the news...PJ phoned Herman at 6:30 AM to tell him. Boy was he mad :-)
Ron: sounds like PJ
Ron: that girl has no sense of time whatever
Ron: but glad to hear she's coming
Ron: both of em
Rich Drushel: Seems to me like the gradual fadeout of the ADAM community has hit her hardest of us all.
Rich Drushel: It seemed to provide a structure in her life that she needed, and hasn't seemed to find anyplace else.
Ron: what really stopped her was the demise of Compuserve's text mode
Ron: she was active prior to that, and downhill after
Rich Drushel: Well, there are textmode alternatives still available now...even just this chat forum.
Ron: yeah, true- re structure
Ron: could never convince here that we're still here and all she has to do is use the Wintel computer she has
Ron: here sould be 'her'
Ron: she's decided she can't learn the newer stuff
Rich Drushel: Did anybody archive the stuff from CIS before it disappeared?
Ron: good question. And I don't know the answer
Ron: Last I heard, Rob Friedman was still maintaining an ADAM presence in the Vintage Computer section of cIS
Ron: and if anybody knows where that stuff went, he should
Rich Drushel: There's a name I haven't heard for a while.
Ron: he dropped in at one of the Wed night chats not long ago
Rich Drushel: Wow, that was nice.
Ron: and I didn't have the presence of mind to ask him about the ADAM stuff
Ron: Actually I still have a compuserve account, and I haven't logged on in months... should go on a bit of a hunt
Ron: anyway Rich.... gotta go here...due out in about 20 min
Ron: appreciate the company here
Rich Drushel: Me too, time for shuttle run to get Christina.
Ron: right...driver, front and centre
Ron: see ya Wed
Rich Drushel: Glad I got your E-mail...take care, I should be here on Wednesday night.
Rich Drushel: Bye.
Ron: oksir....have a good day
Ron: or what's left of it
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Ron: All right. Finally got this figured out on the laptop...... It wasn't running the java script.
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