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Jillian: This is a test.
(Everyone laughs mockingly at Jillian)
(Everyone welcomes Jillian)
(Jillian slaps Jillian playfully)
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
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Dale: Hi Guy.
Dale: Is Rich Clee coming tonight?
Guy B.: Hi Dale, can't stay long. I have some company over for our 4th of July fireworks.
Dale: Well, I guess tonight is just a bad night for the chat.
Guy B.: I know. But I know everyone will definately be here on the eve of the con.
Dale: That's for sure.
Guy B.: Did you take a look at the schedule?
Dale: Checking now.
Dale: It looks like some interesting sessions.
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Guy B.: I'm scheduled for Friday after lunch. I have four VBscript programs and a VB screen layout for setting Dcopy that I'll be showing.
Guy B.: Hi Jill
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(<s> enjoys the flowers.)
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(<s> enjoys the flowers.)
Dale: That'll be good.
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Dale: I tried downloading your scripts ...
changed username to Laptop Ron
Dale: but I must have downloaded the wrong file, but ...
Laptop Ron: Greetings all
Dale: Hi Ron.
Laptop Ron: It works!
Laptop Ron: Guess I can come to the con
Dale: All I got in the zip file was a README.
Guy B.: It should be
Guy B.: You may not have VBscript in your system.
Laptop Ron: I gotta check those out too
Guy B.: HI Ron.
Laptop Ron: Hi Guy
Dale: That is the file I downloaded, but it only contained version.vbs
Laptop Ron: Are Rich and Frances still south of the border?
Dale: I was trying to demo them at the last MTAG meeting.
Dale: Rich said something about that two weeks ago.
Laptop Ron: I know he was away over last weekend
Guy B.: I've uploaded the new file last week. And when I checked it. All the files were there.
Dale: Okay, I'll check again.
Laptop Ron: Rich Drushel was on the chat Saturday and he said that the Clees were probably getting
Laptop Ron: drenched with rain
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Dale: Hi Pam.
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
Laptop Ron: undefined Pamela
Pamela: Hi - sorry I'm late
Laptop Ron: hi
Laptop Ron: s'ok
Pamela: Small crowd tonite - where is everyone?
Laptop Ron: your Mom and Dad are still away?
Pamela: No, they're back - actually, it was only Dad who was away
Laptop Ron: hear he had rain Saturday
Pamela: I actually didn't get a chance to ask, cos when I was over there on Monday, he was involved in another race on tv
Pamela: However, he did check out the hotel and says it's quite quiet, given the location and very comfortable
Dale: Independence day in the US.
Laptop Ron: and didn't say a word to his daughter?
Pamela: He had a few words, mostly we were chatting with Mom
Laptop Ron: good. Glad to hear that
Pamela: He finds it hard to ignore me totally
Pamela: ; )
Laptop Ron: I understand
Guy B.: Ok gang. Have to go, fireworks here will be starting shortly. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: Dale, how's Jillian feeling?
Pamela: Guy, you're leaving already?
Laptop Ron: enjoy Guy
Laptop Ron: happy July 4th
Pamela: That's okay, we'll see you next week
Laptop Ron: Independence Day that is
Dale: Jillian is better.
Dale: See ya Guy.
Guy B.: Expect all of us here next week. I'm getting ready for my VBscript session for the con. See you all next week.
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Pamela: That's good to hear. I was hoping she'd be over the morning sickness by the time th con rolled around
Dale: Ron, have you noticed the gap in the schedule?
changed username to james
Pamela: Hi, James
Laptop Ron: yes, I saw that
Dale: Do you have a topic for a Sunday afternoon.
Pamela: What gap, Dale?
james: morning all :)
Dale: Hi James.
james: hi pam
james: hi dale
james: hi ron
Dale: In the AdamCon schedule.
Laptop Ron: well I could, but I don't know if he wants me
Laptop Ron: Hi James
james: how is everyone?
Pamela: All the Americans are out celebrating their independence : )
Laptop Ron: well, and even better
Pamela: great, thanks
Pamela: Our weather has improved, James, has yours?
Laptop Ron: Nice warm afternoon. Sat outside by the pool and swam now and then
Laptop Ron: interspersed with reading Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours
Laptop Ron: hows that for an afternoon!
james: it's been 33 and not a cloud in the sky all week.
Pamela: You have a pool, Ron? I'm definitely coming out to visit
Laptop Ron: Guess the whole Pacific must be clear then
Laptop Ron: yes... and you're more than welcome
Pamela: That's really hot, James - any humidity?
james: humidity has gone down from last week, thankfully.
Laptop Ron: hate humidity
james: you're living in the wrong place then ron!
Pamela: humidity bad, high pressue systems good
Laptop Ron: yeah I know
Pamela: Still haven't gotten the a/c in yet
james: ron, maybe i'll stop by for a swim sometime.
Laptop Ron: any time..... all of you
Pamela: Time to start planning your pool party Ron
Dale: I'm in for a pool party.
Laptop Ron: Gonna have the Linux group over in August
Laptop Ron: That'll be our summer meeting
Laptop Ron: 10 souls
Pamela: Life's really rough
Laptop Ron: hey.... beats sitting behind a desk on Wednesdays... golf this morning, swimming this
Laptop Ron: afternoon
james: retirement certainly sounds rough.
Pamela: anything beats sitting around a desk - I just about froze my ass of today in the freezer they call my office building
Laptop Ron: effective Air conditioning Pam?
Pamela: Oh Yah
Pamela: Everyone in my office is sitting around in long sleeves, pants, and sweaters
Laptop Ron: so much for enviromnemt
Laptop Ron: next they'll be bringing in the Christmas trees
james: hilarious. i have a/c in my school but due to the cost of hydro here, i use it sparingly.
Pamela: It was nice last week when it was so hot, but now that it's cooled off things are different
Pamela: Problem is, if they bring in the trees, it's yours truly's responsibility to decorate the thing!
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changed username to rich-c
Pamela: drum roll please . . .
Pamela: Hi Dad
Laptop Ron: somebody somewhere ought to be able to design a building enviro control system tha t works
Laptop Ron: I have yet to see one
Pamela: nice thought
rich-c: hello all
Pamela: everything okay, Dad?
rich-c: the football game is over now
Laptop Ron: Mr Clee I presume?
Laptop Ron: and the result?
rich-c: you got it, Ron
Pamela: You only watched the first one?
rich-c: well, had to say hello to the gang
Pamela: So who was playing and who won?
rich-c: where is everyone else?
Laptop Ron: So.... need group concensus here
Pamela: It's July 4th Dad, where do you think?
Laptop Ron: Am I supposed to bring the ADAMCON 1 and ADAMCON 10 banners?
james: hey rich
rich-c: oh, right. anyway, Montreal at Argos
rich-c: Montreal won
Pamela: boo!
Laptop Ron: lets hear it for Jacques Climie
Laptop Ron: oh... he retired didn't he
Pamela: Ron, bring the banners if you have room
rich-c: ron, rich sugg3ested to me the Adamcon 02 banner would be welcome
Laptop Ron: ok..... so it is written
Laptop Ron: so let it be done
Pamela: The more we have, the more we could put up
rich-c: ron, it's Jock and he caught 7 passes for 152 yards
Laptop Ron: you're right
Laptop Ron: so obviously he's not retired
rich-c: in fact he even pulled one out of triple coverage, and how I'll never figure out
Pamela: Ron, I just realized you're on the laptop - how's it working so far?
Laptop Ron: before I left Ottawa, he was the one bright spark the Roughriders had
rich-c: he's improved with age
Laptop Ron: very well Pamela.
Pamela: Don't you find the keyboard too small?
Dale: I have 2 banners set aside to bring.
Pamela: Which two, Dale?
Laptop Ron: Yes I do, and I guess that's why I never bought one before now
rich-c: 7 and 11, right, Dale?
Laptop Ron: bonnie wee machine, but not a real computer
Pamela: not enough muscle, Ron?
Laptop Ron: :)
james: i hate laptops
Dale: AC11 and AC 007 both.
Pamela: Dad, do you have 12?
Laptop Ron: Speaking of which.... if anyone anywhere happens to run accross a battery for a
rich-c: I was into thelocal glorified pawnshop today (Cash converters)
Laptop Ron: Macintosh 520C powerbook
Laptop Ron: buy it
rich-c: they had a bunch of Colecovision games
rich-c: I asked about them and they claimed to still have demand
Pamela: How much are they Ron?
Laptop Ron: about $100 bucks, but you won't find one
Pamela: Hold on while I go get something to write that down on
Laptop Ron: The one I have is about 1/2 way thru its life, and my regular after market suppliersa
james: who has colecovision games?
Laptop Ron: are telling me, good luck
rich-c: also checked out our hotel over the weekend
Laptop Ron: and the verdict Rich?
rich-c: I think we will find it satisfactory
Dale: There's a store in town that sells a wide variety of used laptop batteries for $15 each.
Dale: If I come across their web site again, I
Laptop Ron: really.... wanna give me a name and phone nr Dale?
rich-c: the district it is in is no prize - adult vidoe stores, go-go bars, and stuff
Dale: I'll send you the URL.
Pamela: Ron, they must be rechargeable, am I right?
Laptop Ron: or web site, that would be good
Laptop Ron: yes rechargeable it is
Pamela: but, Dad?
rich-c: and teh public areas could use more vacuuming than they're getting
Laptop Ron: I can run on ac mostly, but if I'm going to have one of these things, I should be able to
rich-c: but the room seemed quite satisfactory
Laptop Ron: take it swimming with me in the back yard
rich-c: and the place was surprisingly quiet
Pamela: Did it come with water wings?
Laptop Ron: sounds positive Rich. We'll fix the quiet part when we get there
Laptop Ron: No Pamela, I was speaking figuratively
rich-c: oh, even the swinging downstairs pub wasn't noticable - and the entrance was near under my window
Pamela: And here I thought you had gotten it it's own PFD
Laptop Ron: good idea
Pamela: It's a Quality Inn, right Dad?
Laptop Ron: could recline in the water chair and compute all afternoon
rich-c: yes, and teh room I had had a king bed - senior-senior upgrade
Pamela: Snow on the roof gets em every time
Pamela: I'm jealous
rich-c: well, anyone over 50 gets one discount, over 65 gets more plus an upgrade
Laptop Ron: Snow on the roof, or salt and pepper.....
Laptop Ron: ??
Pamela: I already have salt and pepper - doesn't help
Pamela: That's why I'm trying to cover it
Laptop Ron: What, at your age?
Pamela: Oh yeah, I got it from my dear old dad
rich-c: yes, don't show it till you've really earned it
Laptop Ron: there's a lot of that around here
rich-c: Ron, anyone show for chat on Saturday?
Laptop Ron: Rich Drushel
Dale: I can't find it right now. I thikn I found their site on originally.
Pamela: Russell is starting to look positively distinguished - every time he gets his hair cut, it gets more grey
rich-c: on men, it's allowed
Laptop Ron: I showed up 10 min late, (got sidetracked), so sent out a message and he just
Pamela: Completely unfair
Laptop Ron: happened to be by his computer
rich-c: compensation for the head starting to stick up through it
Pamela: No, thank goodness he's not losing it
james: i've got grey already. junior high school kids will do that to you.
rich-c: yet
Laptop Ron: Keep an eye open Dale.
Laptop Ron: Might look in Cleveland see what they got
Pamela: Hey, he's forty. If he were going to lose it, I assume it would have started by now
rich-c: famous last wiords, Pam
Laptop Ron: I was grey before 40
Pamela: James, I started to go grey at about 25 - it was very insidious
Laptop Ron: or was it 40, grey and bald?
Pamela: Dad, can you hear the fireworks going off?
Laptop Ron: no...can't be both
james: doesn't bother me. i'll take it over balding anyways and it's not that much yet. a hair here and there.
rich-c: what fireworks?
james: i'd never colour my hair. if i have grey hairs it's because i've earned them.
Pamela: Someone's setting off fireworks to the east of me
Pamela: That's how I felt too, James, but its different for a woman
rich-c: can't imagine why - it's the Yank's day not ours
Laptop Ron: in your line of work James, sounds like it's inevitable
james: yes. funny, it was after the trip i took with 12 of my students that i noticed i had a lot more.
rich-c: actually, James, I discovered my first grey hair at 18
Laptop Ron: a displaced American maybe
Pamela: However, it's given me the freedom to go redder
james: maybe you've got some american neighbours pam
rich-c: either that or it isn't fireworks
Pamela: Lord, I hope not - I have to deal with enough of them already
james: i used to have alot of grey hair when i was in first year university but it went away.
Pamela: No, it was a roman candle followed by some poppers
james: where do you deal with americans pam?
Pamela: Through work, and they're not nearly as savvy as our friends here
Pamela: Like "Duh, where's Toronto?"
rich-c: in Ohio - pop. 640, I believe
Pamela: As for grey hair, I expected that because I am definitely my father's daughter
james: what's your work again pam?
Laptop Ron: Met a gent last night from Vancouver Washington
Laptop Ron: (just to confuse the conversation)
Pamela: I work for Speedy Auto Service (formerly Speedy Muffler) at the head office - I do claims administration
Pamela: We have shops in the US under the Car-X banner
Pamela: mainly around Guy and in WI and IN
james: ah, okay. what problems to the american customers give you?
Dale: I've got to go. I have a deadline tomorrow, and I still have much to do.
rich-c: besides not knowing English?
rich-c: OK Dale, take care and see you next week
Laptop Ron: well then get with it Dale! :)
Pamela: Well there is that, but they are also a very litigious lot and they seem to think they are entitled to the moon
james: bye dale! take care.
Pamela: Ciao for now, Dale - see you next week - literally and figuratively
Pamela: Say hi to Jillian and the baby
Dale: Bye all.
rich-c: lyes, that is one of their less endearing characteristics
Dale: Will do.
Laptop Ron: niters..
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
james: i think canadians, due to our economy and reduced purchasing power are better at "making do" with less
Pamela: That seems to have caught on, Ron
james: the "poof"?
Pamela: yes
Laptop Ron: what?
james: i started that :D
rich-c: yes, the was Zonker's signoff
james: was it really?
Pamela: Sorry, that's right
rich-c: yes, right from teh start
Pamela: It seems singularly appropriate
james: fancy that
rich-c: I like it - just sort of vanish into electronic space
james: brb
Pamela: I don't think that Canadians are making do, they are just more willing to look for a fair settlement rather than going for everything they think they can get away with
Pamela: Where did Ron go?
rich-c: Canadians generally tend to be less aggressive than Americans in most areas
rich-c: probably got sucked into the vacuum left by Dale
james: could be true. despite the prevalence of certain myths, there are alot of cultural and attitudinal differences between
james: canaidans and americans and studies suggest the differences are increasing.
Pamela: I get a lot of "well, you put a 1 square inch dent in my car, so are you going to fix everything that's wrong with it and give me my work for free?
rich-c: yes, even though oddly enough some of the American fashioins are contrarily popular here
Pamela: such as?
rich-c: note our late passion for electing right-wing politicians
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Pamela: there he is
rich-c: bet that's Ron back
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Tada!
rich-c: fell off with Dale, did you, Ron?
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changed username to Ron
Pamela: I don't know if that qualifies, Dad - but that's a topic for another night
Pamela: Looks like Ron is having trouble
Ron: Severe case of terminated applet
Pamela: Did you look for the worm?
rich-c: yes, back to square one when that happens
Pamela: or half a worm?
james: well, if the liberals could just stop spending every windfall they get before the money is even in the bank, it'd be nice.
Ron: nope, not yet
Ron: can't see nothin
Pamela: If the Liberals could start spending money on the right things, it would help
Ron: aha
rich-c: or more to teh point, less on the wrong things
Pamela: found something, ron?
Ron: seem to have the thing working again....don't know what that was all about
james: seriously. have they gotten around to scrapping hrdc yet?
rich-c: I've noticed those who leave sometimes drag others with them
james: i did agree with the $15b payout on the debt. a start at best though.
Ron: not yet James.... it lives on
rich-c: and also those who enter sometimes bump a previous occupant
Pamela: I heard recently that they had commissioned a study on the health care system - to the tune of $15 million. wouldn't we be better off if they simply put that money into the health care system?
rich-c: well, that's your right-wingers
Pamela: There's somethign wrong with this concept
rich-c: they keep trying to convince everyopne spending is out of control - it isn't
rich-c: but there are enough problems to warrant a knowledgable look
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Pamela: Surely not $15 millions worth
changed username to Rich Drushel
Pamela: Good evening, Rich!
rich-c: like ANYTHING that consumes 10% of the GDP is going to have a few glitches
james: i agree. i usually take the extreme views and figure the truth is somewhere in the middle.
Ron: Aha.... there's the guy who knows
Rich Drushel: Sorry I'm late...I'm in the lab, I left Joan & the girls on the roof watching fireworks.
rich-c: hello Rich
james: hi rich :)
rich-c: you're teh only Yank to turn up tonight
Pamela: Nice of you to come, Rich - every one else deserted us
Rich Drushel: Just got back in town from my Dad's...the rain has stopped.
Ron: I was working in the lab late one night,
Pamela: No, Guy was heare earlier
Ron: Sorry Rich
Rich Drushel: Well, if your Canada Day celebration fell today, during fireworks hours, the Canadian turnout might be a bit lower :-)
rich-c: yes, that cold front produced quite some weather, didn't it?
Pamela: true
Ron: yep it would that
Pamela: However, yours truly not being a fan of fireworks, I would be here
Rich Drushel: 5th floor rooftop, pretty unobstructed view toward Lake Erie...we watched at least 5 different cities' shows (still going on).
Ron: Rich D. are we supposed ta bring the banners from years past?
Pamela: Nice views
Rich Drushel: But I wanted to be sure to drop in here at least a little, ADAMcon getting so close and all.
Rich Drushel: If you have banners, and can spare the room in your suitcase...sure.
rich-c: Rich, does that cafe in teh hotel ever oven?
Ron: good. One and Ten will be there
Rich Drushel: I'll have last year's, this year's (of course), and the B.A.S.I.C. banner (which I forgot to bring last time).
Pamela: Hindsight being 20/20, I should have dropped into last years.
rich-c: and 02, and it looks like 007 and 11
Pamela: Dad, you didn't answer me earlier - do you still have 12 or does Dale?
rich-c: Dale
Rich Drushel: Hotel cafe, I think it's supposed to be was open when we were there last week to pay for the meals.
Rich Drushel: Pam, I have 12's banner.
rich-c: Oh - most times I went by it wasn't and when it was it was empty
Pamela: Of course, passing the torch, righ?
Ron: like the reference on the sked to "crispy" bacon
Rich Drushel: Yes...the lucky folks who get 14 will go home with 13's.
Rich Drushel: I promised it to you, so I gotta get some mileage out of it :-)
Ron: 0E
rich-c: any interest in 14 yet that you've heard?
Pamela: I vote for Comox
Rich Drushel: Yes, it must be 0E, so Rich Clee can give his keynote, promised at IV.
Pamela: Ron doesn't have enough to do
Ron: exactly
Ron: we can talk about Comox
james: i vote for comox ;)
Ron: but had the impression that Scott wanted to do one
Pamela: any thirds?
Rich Drushel: Nobody has expressed interest in a 14 that I know of...reportedly Scott Gordon wanted to do something sometime, and I think that Bob Slopsema was game for another turn at some point.
rich-c: I do believe the t. Walton Beach crowd have dibs if they still want to do it
james: my vote shouldn't be counted though since i couldn't guarantee that i could go.
Rich Drushel: Unless James had it in Japan...then we'd all have to do it by CU-Cme :-)
Ron: nonetheless James, your opinion is valued
rich-c: anyone heard anything on that point from Howard Pines of late?
Pamela: Of course it counts James, especially when we're trying to run over Ron
Pamela: ; )
Ron: s'ok, as long as you're giving me a hard time you're leaving nice people alone
Rich Drushel: Re: Howard, me nothing.
Rich Drushel: Ron knows this from the Saturday chat, but PJ and Bob reportedly are coming this time.
Pamela: Ya gotta understand, I only pickon people I like Ron
rich-c: Hey dynamite - I was getting worried
Rich Drushel: George phoned me late to tell me that PJ had phoned Herman at 6:30 AM...Herman wasn't pleased :-)
Pamela: I have to like you - you're related to me!
Ron: was talking to PJ Sunday on phone. She said again she's hoping to come
Rich Drushel: The girls have all just come back to my office...fireworks show is over for this year.
Ron: aw
rich-c: figured out how to get parking for the labvisit for us?
Pamela: Just another day at the office, right Rich?
james: another year of independance draws to a close ;)
Rich Drushel: Christina: They were awesome!!!!!!!!!..................and they were my idea so of course it was the BEST!!!! *smile*
Pamela: You go, girl!
Ron: Hi Christina
rich-c: hi Christina, looking forward to seeing you next week
Rich Drushel: Christina: YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Hi peoples How's your fourth?
Ron: yes for sure
rich-c: it came first
Pamela: We had ours on the 1st
Pamela: other than that, very quiet
rich-c: and I spent it in Cleveland
Ron: went to the parade Saturday morning.......small town parade, but good nevertheless
Ron: Sunday morning that should be
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Pamela: We had a parade through the campground - you have never seen such a collection of silly hats
Rich Drushel: Yeah Clevelan is the best, and it's the best because i live here!!!!!!! *SMILE*
changed username to Christina
Pamela: there you are!
rich-c: aha - Christina is here on her own now
Rich Drushel: I spawned another chat window for Christina...I'm back as me.
Ron: 2 of the Drushel family now present and accounted for
Rich Drushel: Advantage of having 3 computers in one office.
james: pam, i had a nice little canada day celebration in front of my school here :)
Ron: Rich D. Did you get a presenter for the Sunday slot yet?
rich-c: I'll bet that was interesting
Pamela: What did you do, James?
Christina: Yeah I'm a big girl now, most of you won't realize it's me because i'm taller and more mature.
james: we did our own fireworks and made sharon, a teacher from l.a., an honourary canadian.
Rich Drushel: No takers yet, Ron...
Pamela: How old are you, Christina?
Christina: I'm 14 and a HALF!
Ron: Was thinking of a discussion more than a presentation...... don't know how
rich-c: and counting!!!
Pamela: Oh no, the dreaded teen years
Pamela: That half is verrrry important
Ron: interesting it would be, but would like to compare notes on the topic of
Christina: Only 1 more year and i can start driving
james: christina, just so i can get the opinion of american girls (since i deal with japanese girls every day) is 26 "old"?
Ron: backing up computer files... no matter what computer
Ron: various things that work, don't work...who's tried what, etc
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changed username to Elanor Drushel
Christina: It depends if your still in school, Yeah if you have a full family you just grew up tooo fast.
Elanor Drushel: Hi, Elanor is here!
rich-c: I think we're gradually getting outnumbered here
Pamela: I warn you Christina, everyone is going to treat you as the mascot
james: i don't have kids yet. i have my own school :)
Pamela: Hi, Elanor
Ron: Hey... the whole fam damily
rich-c: good evening, Elanor, happy 4th
Pamela: Ron, watch the language
james: pam, i should send you some pics of our little celebration.
Rich Drushel: No, Elanor will be the mascot, since she's the full delegate to the convention...the others are only coming for the banquet.
Pamela: Please do, James. I would love to see them
rich-c: post them on your website, james
Christina: Yes there are young children here.
james: i'll get around to it, like everything else, "eventually". :D
Rich Drushel: I'm out of computers now, so Joan, Diana, and Gretchen will just have to watch.
rich-c: do I detect a patronizing big sister here?
Pamela: So this means you'll be a junior come September, right?
Christina: Hey El, say something because you're boring
james: that's the tone i caught!
Pamela: Dad, did I talk to you like that?
james: pam, i think we all did.
Elanor Drushel: that's mean
Christina: El don't worry about spelling i'll figurer it out.
Pamela: This family dynamic thing is going to be verrry interesting
Rich Drushel: Just caught your discussion idea text, Ron...sounds like a good topic. If you're willing, I'd be glad to host whatever you'd like to do with it.
Christina: See i spelled it wrong
Ron: ok...let's do it Rich
james: so has anyone been outside looking at mars recently?
Ron: will send an outline
Pamela: spelling is not an issue, Christina don't worry
james: yeah, ron 's the worst among us :D
Christina: I'm not, i'm just telling Elanor that.
Rich Drushel: can give me a formal title now, or later in E-mail.
Ron: tru
Pamela: Russell wanted to on the weekend but it was cloudy at the trailer, plus it's coming up at like 3:00 am around here
rich-c: not very intently, though I've noticed it's near and bright
Rich Drushel: Come on, Elanor, type/talk!
james: 3 a.m.?
james: wow, i can see it as early as 10 pm. here.
Pamela: That's what I thought he said - maybe that's the comet he was talking about
Pamela: He's not here to consult
Rich Drushel: Thanks, Ron.
james: it's been clear the last few nights but the full moon is really washing things out.
rich-c: yes, but you are a lot farther south than 44 north
rich-c: you are also a bit further along in time zones
Rich Drushel: Comet? There's a comet somewhere? Details please!
Elanor Drushel: i like cheese everyone, i like cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james: true. i think i'm at a 35 lattitude.
james: now if only the scope i had wasn't a made in taiwan dept store special.
Pamela: No, he's right Dad - Mars is coming up around sunset or just after - it's the comet that's really late / early in the morning
Ron: Elanor, you'll have to share the cheeze with me
Rich Drushel: We were spoilt by Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp here in Cleveland...both beautifully visible.
Christina: HEy Elanor i like cheese, but Tasha doesn't because she'll break out in a rash
Rich Drushel: Time to get out my Edmund 6-inch reflector...
Pamela: You have to save him some, Elanor - he's gonna be late getting in on Thursday
rich-c: yes, Hale-Bopp was particularly spectacular
rich-c: good with binoculars and even the naked eyeball
Pamela: You have a telescope, Rich? You'll be Russell's best friend
james: rich, have you been looking at mars at all lately? that must look amazing this year through a decent scope.
Rich Drushel: It was my great uncle's...bought from Edmund Scientific c. 1960.
james: even with my cruddy 6 cm (2.5") i can almost make out the polar ice-caps on clear night with no moon.
Rich Drushel: No James, haven't had it out yet this year...I did just mark the Perseid shower on our planning calendar in the kitchen, though. Here's hoping I can get out that night...
rich-c: oops! - we'velost Ron again
Pamela: We have a 4 inch reflector, a Meade, that we got Russell for Christmas a few years ago - it was the best present we ever got him
james: august here tends to be cloudy but i get out when i can.
rich-c: yes, that's around mid-August, isn't it?
Rich Drushel: I'll take a look with binoculars...not tonight, too cloudy and a full moon.
Pamela: When are the Perseids this year?
james: i've promised myself a nice scope when i get my father in law paid off.
Rich Drushel: August 11-12, traditionally...I haven't looked at an ephemeris to be absolutely sure.
rich-c: close enough
Elanor Drushel: Christena I thouhgt you got strat As
Rich Drushel: So Russell likes astronomoy too, Pam?
Rich Drushel: oops, astronomy
Pamela: So explain why the perseids are in August and the Leonids are in November???
Pamela: Yes he does, has been fascinated for years
Christina: ELANOR YOU CAN"T SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: It's when Earth's orbit crosses the orbit of whatever comet is responsible for the shower.
rich-c: it's the constellation they come from, which no longer bears any temporal relationship to the zodiacal signs
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Pamela: Gee, thanks Christina
changed username to Ron
james: did someone call us stuffy?
Pamela: well, that just makes no sense at all
Rich Drushel: Let's see, the Perseids are from Swift-Tuttle, right?
Christina: I didn't mean you just the guys talking about stars.
Ron: bumped again
james: that would have been me.
james: hey ron, you're back.
Rich Drushel: And Leonids...not sure, but one of the annual showers is due to Halley.
Pamela: Just wait until you're star gazing with a guy, Christina - it can be very romantic
rich-c: why Christina, aren't you in favour of stars?
Ron: so much for laptops
james: christina - what grade are you in?
rich-c: they're supposed to be romantic and girls like that
Rich Drushel: Christina needs no encouragement on that front :-)
james: ron, are there stars where you are at night or do people get scared when the perpetual cloud cover lifts at night?
Pamela: Ron's been dumped yet again
rich-c: he remembers them from Ottawa
Christina: James i'm going into the 9th , and yes stars can be romantic but only if your with the right person.
Pamela: Christina, we'll chat about this next week, okay?
james: brb
Christina: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL TALK ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james: think i'll grab some lunch
Rich Drushel: I think the mooning and spooning got to Ron...
Pamela: We need to find that man a good woman
Christina: Daddy why are you talking about mooning????
rich-c: oh, he's made of sturdier struff than that
Rich Drushel: Food sounds good to me too, James...I was temperate in my picnicking today, and am feeling a bit peckish...
Rich Drushel: Full moon, stars, etc...
Pamela: It's an old fashioned word for courting, Christina
Rich Drushel: Dear $DEITY, no!
Pamela: I think Ron's in trouble
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: I think girl talk has hijacked the chat :-) tee hee
rich-c: any who can't cook crispy bacon are automatically disqualified
changed username to Ron
Pamela: But of course, Rich
rich-c: he's back - again - we hope
Ron: Sorry. Trying to find something around here that actually works
Pamela: That lets you out, Dad - you can't cook
Rich Drushel: Guess we need a Java interpreter for the ADAM...that iMac seems to be unhappy staying connected tonight.
Pamela: He a toughy though - he's already been divorced twice
Christina: The "MAE" is suposed to me "ME"
Ron: the Mac side of the house doesn't like me tonight
Pamela: Think we'll be able to find someone who'll put up with him?
Ron: did I hear crispy bacon?
Rich Drushel: Christina is typing on a Powermac 7600/150 MHz, and Elanor is on a Powerbook 1400 with a 400 MHz G4 upgrade card.
james: your ears burning ron? we're all going to play cupid for you apparently.
rich-c: it's right in the 'con agenda
Pamela: you are getting sleepy . . . when you wake up you will crave bacon
Ron: aha..... real computers all
Elanor Drushel: tgfugddsdgrgfdt. ffdsv vcfdffffhgfghg
Christina: Elanor are you asleep write talk say something
Rich Drushel: So if I don't deliver, you can sue for breach of contract.
Christina: Say something that makes sense
Ron: :)
Rich Drushel: Hmm, Elanor is talking in rot13 tonight.
Rich Drushel: Probably only Ron and James know what that is :-)
james: lunch is now in the toaster oven.
Pamela: as opposed to qwertiyuop?
james: hot again today. yesterday it was 33.
Ron: cupid..... naw..... gave that up years ago
Rich Drushel: I always liked asdfghjkl; myself.
Pamela: You all are making me hungry - I want a BLT
Ron: with cheeze
rich-c: i prefer tinstaafl
Rich Drushel: Shhh, now I'm gonna have to go out to Denny's...
Pamela: I am looking forward to a close encounter with Dennys
rich-c: I'm great at Free Cell
james: does studying count as a game?
Pamela: me too
james: that's a joke!
Rich Drushel: Elanor likes games...I just built a nice menu shell for her to run games under ADAMem without typing in all the command line options.
Pamela: What kind of games, Chris?
Rich Drushel: She will show it off as part of her ADAMcon session.
Pamela: Donkey Kong Jr!!!
Ron: we knew that Christina
Rich Drushel: I also wrote it so she wouldn't have any excuse to put off writing her session 'til the last minute :-)
Elanor Drushel: I like Poke'mon. It is so interesting.
Christina: I'm just informing PAm
james: test
Christina: Pokemon SUCKS!!
Pamela: you';re here James
Rich Drushel: There is no Pokemon for ADAM...though maybe we could hack some sprite bitmaps somewhere.
james left chat session
rich-c: you're still here, james
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Pamela: he was at least
changed username to james
Pamela: That's better
Rich Drushel: Gojira just got James...bad Toho Films, bad!
rich-c: and is agagin
james: think godzilla stepped on my modem.
Pamela: I think you need a beeger box!
james: too bad he can't crush the ntt building for me.
Rich Drushel: Read the log, I just observed that, James :-)
james: *D
Christina: Yes it does, your obsessed you even know the theme song.
Pamela: There's a theme song?
james: for what? gojira?
Pamela: No, Pokemon
Elanor Drushel: NO! It is not. You have never even seen the show.
Rich Drushel: So Pam, what do you hope to get out of ADAMcon XIII? You and Russell will be the first true newbies we've had in a long time.
james: they just celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of godzilla's creator.
Christina: Yes i have and it's terrible!
james: who collects pokemon?
Rich Drushel: Elementary school teachers, for one...bring Pokemon into the girls' school, and it gets confiscated :-)
james: do you collect pokemon elanor?
Pamela: Well, I want to meet all these people in person and be able to talk for longer than two hours. I want to swap cross stitch patterns with Meeka. I want to know more about some of the things my parents have been raving about for so long
Christina: YEs She does she draws, talks and sticks stickers of pokemon everywhere. It's horrible.
Elanor Drushel: All you wont to woch Christena is Mtv.
Pamela: I want a mini vacation
james: elanor, if you'd like some japanese pokemon cards, i can send some.
Christina: Well MTV is awesome and i get to sing dance and watch cool videos.
Rich Drushel: Well Pam, I think you'll get lots of chances to do those things.
Pamela: I certainly hope so. I have been really looking forward to it for some time
Ron: one thing seems pretty certain
rich-c: don't you also have designs on the R&R Hall of Fame?
Pamela: That too
Ron: it's going to be an interesting 4 days
Pamela: and some shopping for things I can no longer get in Canada
Rich Drushel: Tomorrow I will put up some photos of the raffle prizes that my wife Joan has been sewing (cross-stitch).
Ron: I might even learn about Pokemon
rich-c: Rich, in the Brook Park area, is rush hour traffic worse on 271/480 or 90/71?
Rich Drushel: Pokemon for Dummies: "You're too smart for this...go watch Gilligan's Island or something."
Ron: warning taken Christina
Pamela: There is something neat about the idea of talking next week on Wednesday and seeing everyone on Thursday
Ron: I will be careful
Christina: Did someone mention SHOPPING?!
Rich Drushel: Re: traffic, I have no idea...I never get to the West Side normally.
Ron: cool eh?
Pamela: Yes, I need shoes and they no longer carry the ones I want in Toronto
rich-c: when I came in I tried 271/480 and it went dead at W120th
Rich Drushel: Hopefully the people you've met only through typing won't differ too much in real life from the mental pictures you've built up of them.
rich-c: oh, she knows what they look like
james: still think we should have a con in japan :D
Pamela: I don't think they will, Rich. Everyone's sense of self comes through pretty well
Ron: my mental picture needs a bigger frame
Christina: I'll take you shopping, i need to go anyway and i can get money from Mommy...Hopefully! *SMILE*
james: wish my mom would send me money ;)
Pamela: Where's a good mall?
Rich Drushel: When I come to the hotel, I take 90 to 71, get off at W. 150th. Of course, that is east-->west. You'll be coming in the other direction, and it would be too much backtracking to go all the way downtown just to hit 71 and then go back west on W. 150th.
Elanor Drushel: Well there is Ash from Paled town, Misty from the Crilten Gym, and Brock the "Pokemon wocker.
Christina: James... you need help, your a full grown man still begging his MOMMY for money, there's a word for you a MOUCHER!! J/K
Pamela: Heck, Christina, I'm still mooching from mine too - they're too close to run away
rich-c: Rich, coming back from the race I used 90/71 to W150 and it was great - but that was Sunday night
james: ;) nah, that would be my youngest brother.
Christina: Pam.. There's Tower City or a mall called Richmond or a mall called Randell
Rich Drushel: thing I can think of is Tower City (in the Terminal Tower downtown). Lots and lots of shops, in a beautiful 1930s-era remodelled train station.
Pamela: Okay, I need a JC Penneys, a good shoe store, and a Lane Bryant
Rich Drushel: Richmond and Randall are pretty far east...
james: think the girls would hate it here. the nearest mall is an hour's drive from here.
Christina: All those are Great i've shopped at all three.
Ron: my route is slightly different: Comox/Vancouver/St. Louis/Cleveland.....(by which point somebody should know where the airport is)
rich-c: yes, we took the RT down Saturday and even the subway floor was architecturally very attractive
Pamela: I certainly hope so Ron or you'll end up in Cincinnati
Ron: true
Rich Drushel: That stuff is in Randall Park and Richmond for sure...not sure about west-side equivalents. George would be the person to ask (as a west-sider).
rich-c: the airport is about a mile west of teh hotel
rich-c: just by the gas station with the lowest prices in Ohio
Ron: good, he can put us down there
Pamela: Well, if we're going to the R&R Hall of Fame, I'll be downtown anyway, right?
Christina: Pam... are you coming in your own car/
Rich Drushel: TT was a dump 20 years ago...they've really fixed it up.
Pamela: Yes, I am
Rich Drushel: Yes, so you can make a solid day of it, Pam.
rich-c: she's going to follow our truck
Rich Drushel: Ron, you said you were getting in about 9 PM Thursday?
Pamela: So I don't make the acquaintance of the nice state troopers
Rich Drushel: Who were out in force today...portable fireworks :-)
Ron: yes, supposed to arrive 9:07 pm
Christina: Well then i don't have to worry about finding as a car or a driver, and we can go the tower city a spend so money.
Ron: good Lord willin'
Pamela: Actually, if I can avoid driving downtown, I probably won't
Rich Drushel: The hotel has a free shuttle service, just call them and they'll come get you. Or so they told me...
rich-c: it's a small airport but very busy
Ron: ok. That's great
Rich Drushel: Take the train if possible (and if walking is congenial for you)...parking is expensive and limited.
rich-c: the Brook Park RT station has a parking lot
Pamela: Yes, I am a subway person in Toronto too. I park at the station and take the train downtown
Christina: It doesn't matter we'll find a way we're women on a mission
rich-c: and you just take the REd Line right into the underground of Tower City
Pamela: You got it
Ron: as long as ATC maintains separation standards, we should be fine
Rich Drushel: Well gang, I need to get the junior members back home...and I have to get up for work at 5:30 AM I think I'm going to rein in the Drushel clan for tonight.
Christina: And if we take the train it's only $1.50 each way.
Pamela: Christina, what's your favourite song on the charts right now?
Ron: good Rich D. nite to all, and to all a good nite
james: who's leaving?
Ron: not I, but the Drushels I believe
rich-c: goodnight Elanor, Christina and Rich
Rich Drushel: I would suggest for Christina Peggy Lee's "Is that all there is?"
Rich Drushel: She is rebelling against going home...
Christina: My favorite songS are : POP, Bootilious, and Juiptar
Ron: :)
Pamela: I think that charted about 50 years ago, Rich
Pamela: Okay, we really need to talk. No rap stuff for me.
Christina: I like everything it's just so hard to choose
rich-c: no, it was a bit after my period of intereest - 40, maybe?
Christina: I like some rap but not all rap
Ron: my son and I have a true generation gap on music
Rich Drushel: Okay Drushels, lights out! Hailing frequencies closed, sir.
Pamela: The new Faith Hill is the one I love
Ron: we've agreed to disagree
Elanor Drushel: bye
james: don't like rap
rich-c: bye all
james: good night drushels!
Elanor Drushel left chat session
Pamela: Good nite Rich, Christina and Elanor - see you next week!
Rich Drushel left chat session
rich-c: poof - poof - poof?
james: lol
Pamela: Looks like Christina is being stubborn
Christina: so long fareware my friends, i'll see you all later and i hope you all arrive safe and sound and are ready to meet me after many, many years of parting. *SMLE*
Ron: makes me wonder
Pamela: Thanks, Christina
Ron: what life would have been like if I'd had a daughter
rich-c: see you a week tomorrow, CHris
Christina: BYE!!!!!!!!!!! I know you all love me deep down inside
Christina left chat session
Ron: oh yes
james: hmm. with the sudden dominance of the y chromosome regained, it's suddenly very quiet!
rich-c: obviously we are in for an interesting time at the 'con
Pamela: You would have someone who would pick on you endlessly and would take care of you
Ron: I think so
Pamela: Excuse me, I resemble that remark
james: ;)
Ron: Son Jeff is supposed to do that
james: a wife, a mother in law and a contingent of students that is 80% female has taught me that.
Ron: so far I've had the 'pick on you' part
Pamela: Now you know how it feels - usually I;m the one outnumbered
rich-c: girls are better at it
james: never had sisters growing up.
Pamela: There is something to be said for being Daddy's blue eyed baby daughter girl - even at 36
james: i too must be packing it in. some more outdoor chores to do today.
james: *poof*
Ron: nite James
rich-c: yes, and I still have to check my email
Ron: be good...go straight home now
rich-c: nite james
Ron: I'm off to play with my laptop
Pamela: James, so soon? See you next week then. Please send those pictures
james: nite all :)
Ron: :)
james: re *poof*
james left chat session
Pamela: I'm going to bed
Ron: sleep will..
Ron: I'm gone
Ron: beam me up scotty
rich-c: well guess that winds it up, so goodnight all till next week
Pamela: Thanks and good night, all
Ron: poooooffffff!
Pamela: Talk to you soon Dad - I'm gone
Ron left chat session
rich-c: right - me too - sleep tight
Pamela: you too - I am outta here! poof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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