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rich-c: test
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rich-c: greetings, Guy
Guy B.: HI Rich.
rich-c: getting ready for the road?
Guy B.: Yep, just have to fill up the tank tomorrow and I'm all set.
rich-c: I filled mine this afternoon
rich-c: we're hoping to get on the road about 10 (hollow laugh from Frances)
rich-c: Pamela says she wants to get going about 8 - hollow laugh from Russell
Guy B.: I'm planning to leave at 9 AM tomorrow and I should arrive by 4:00 their time in Cleveland.
rich-c: if we get off on time we should be arriving about with you
rich-c: how far is it from Chicago to Cleveland?
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changed username to Rich Drushel
rich-c: hello rich
Rich Drushel: I am here, hi everyone.
Guy B.: I have to take I-80-90 thru Indiana and the Ohio Turnpike. I printed a map from the hotel's website.
Guy B.: Hi Rich D.
rich-c: we'll be there, hi to you too
Rich Drushel: Any last-minute questions that I can't answer? :-)
rich-c: our horror story is the Queen Elizabeth Way, and hitting 480 in Cleveland in rush hour
Rich Drushel: When's your estimated arrivals?
Rich Drushel: Ooh, that subject and verb don't agree...
rich-c: Pamela about 2, us about 4, if everything goes smoothly (ha!)
Guy B.: Rich D, I'm going to bring a 14" monitor for my session and Ron is going to do one. That Ok!
rich-c: Pamela claims she wants to be on the road by 8
Rich Drushel: 14" monitor is fine.
rich-c: found a scanner or copy shop yet for the blueprints?
Guy B.: Great, I got this from an old 386 computer and it still works.
Rich Drushel: Re: 2 and 4 arrivals, that sounds good. I should be there around noon. Haven't heard when Herman and George are going to show up.
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Guy B.: I should arrive by 4 or so.
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hello Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
rich-c: are you driving down or flying, Dale?
Dale: I plan to leave town mid-afternoon.
Rich Drushel: Re: blueprints, if I can trust you guys alone in the robot lab for a while Saturday, I will go Xerox them onto whatever the paper size up from 11x14 is.
Guy B.: Are you ready for tomorrow?
Rich Drushel: Am I ready? :-)
Dale: So I think I'll be there after 9pm.
Rich Drushel: Not right this minute, as far as computer packing is concerned.
Rich Drushel: But almost there. I won't be up all night.
rich-c: yes, it's a six-hour drive even when you don't have to cope with rush hour
Rich Drushel: So Dale and Ron will be late arrivals (Ron later than Dale).
Guy B.: Don't drain yourself. Otherwise, you won't sleep well.
Rich Drushel: Sleep at ADAMcon, what's that?
rich-c: bet Ron makes it before Dale - you may recall what 401 and 403 and the QEW are like when busy
Rich Drushel: I'll tell you all, though, I'm gonna have fun at this ADAMcon. Nothing is gonna bug me.
Guy B.: I will be hitting the tailend of the morning rush and the afternoon there.
Guy B.: I'm looking forward to this Adamcon.
rich-c: aren't we all!
Rich Drushel: About 1.5 hours ago, George called me ask to test his is finally up and running. So we can use it for fun during the convention.
Dale: Hi Ron.
Rich Drushel: Herman's is still DOA; apparently, some time ago there was a basement flood that he didn't know about...
rich-c: Rich, is Joan a real doctor or just an M.D.?
Dale: AdamCon should be fun.
Guy B.: I did try out my PC card modem for my notebook and it worked just fine. So I'm ready.
Rich Drushel: Joan is a real doctor, but not a physician, and not a Ph.D. research doctor. She has a rather rare degree called N.D. (Doctor of Nursing).
Rich Drushel: It's sort of the highest clinical degree you can get. It was invented at the Nursing School here, but has spread to only a few other places.
rich-c: we'll take that as a real doctor, seeing it's a real doctor making the call
Guy B.: That's the first time I heard of that. What area of nursing is she in?
Rich Drushel: Joan is a pediatric nurse, specializing in premature babies that are in between intensive care and a regular ward.
Dale: Richard C, where do you recommend crossing to the US?
rich-c: the degtree is pretty new for her, isn't it?
Rich Drushel: Actually, she is the first Dr. D. in the family...1988.
Guy B.: Wow!
rich-c: Dale, my route will be 401-403-qew to Ft. Erir, I-190 to 90 to I271 to I480 to whatever exit is at the start of the traffic jam from W120th on
Rich Drushel: Well, she had a little head start...I had switched from M.D. to Ph.D., plus a year out of school altogether working as a lab there was some down time.
rich-c: we didn't know that - anyway, good on her!
Rich Drushel: Re: your route, Richard...I presume you're doing 271-->480 to avoid downtown?
Guy B.: You must be the first one's I know that are both doctors, but of different areas.
rich-c: yes, I hate to think what I90 through there is likjely to be like around 3.30 - 4 p.m.
Rich Drushel: Me will drive straight to 90, then 71 south to West 150th, then south on 150th to Brookpark Road, turn right, then 0.5 miles down the road.
rich-c: (notice my Scandanavian speeling)
Rich Drushel: But that will be at noon :-)
Rich Drushel: Noting lak thos js.
rich-c: yes, if I were coming in in a non-rush hour that is what I would do to
rich-c: too
Rich Drushel: Dale, how is Jill these days? Hopefully no bad morning sickness...
rich-c: in fact considering how late he will be arrivaing, likely the I90-I71 route is better for Dale
Rich Drushel: I would opt for certainty over speed :-) Whatever way you know will get you here, take it.
rich-c: I've used both and out of rush hour prefer yours
Dale: Jill says hi to everyone.
rich-c: we're looking forward to seeing her, Dale
Guy B.: Dale, is Jill coming with you?
rich-c: Dale, given your departure time, you may find taking 401 to Milton then going down 25 to the QEW gives you less grief
Rich Drushel: Guy, when last I spoke with Dale, Jill was coming...
Dale: Jill is in fact coming.
Rich Drushel: Yay!
Guy B.: That's good. Is Elanor ready for her session?
rich-c: how about Neil?
Dale: She has to work in the morning tomorrow, hence our later arrival.
Rich Drushel: Yep, she wrote her outline today, with some coaching from Christina, and ran through the games in her presentation.
Guy B.: Just come in safely Dale.
rich-c: Dale, pick her up at work with everything packed and head direct for the highway
Dale: She had an adventure with the hospital this week, but ...
Rich Drushel: Uh-oh...
Dale: it amount to, a sprain that she shouldn't worry about.
Rich Drushel: Sprain, whew.
rich-c: and with a Nursing Doctor to hand, we aren't without resources
Guy B.: I got 15 copies of my Vbscript programs for everyone, plus I put up two more VBscripts and updated documentation to my website Monday.
Rich Drushel: Dale, anything which interferes with walking? Just thinking ahead to Saturday at CWRU...
Dale: Well, she isn't walking really well, but I thnk that she should be okay by Saturday.
Dale: How much whalking will she need to do?
Dale: I think she's planning to mostly read books and hang out by the pool for much of the weekend.
Rich Drushel: There's a walk of about 200 yards from where we park to where the robot lab is.
Guy B.: That's not too far.
Dale: That's no big deal.
rich-c: I think Jill planned to do some heavy discussions with Frances about sewing machines
Rich Drushel: Then, assuming that the weather is good and people agreeable (because of the parking situation), the walk to Little Italy for supper is probably half a mile through scenic neighborhood.
rich-c: I also gather she and Meeka and Pamela have some needlework to discuss
Dale: Definately. She's looking to by a new one.
Rich Drushel: Another ADAMcon Ladies Auxiliary?
rich-c: Looks like a fast-developing trend, Rich
Dale: I'm sure that it'll work out one way or another.
rich-c: by the way, I have the stuff you asked for in the box. need anything else?
Rich Drushel: Nope, I should be set.
rich-c: well, speak now or... I do have a roomy truck
Rich Drushel: BTW, I finally got around to uncrating the 3rd dead printer you sent. I pulled out the power supply, but it has a weak +5V line, so all the video is scrambly. Easily fixable--later.
rich-c: oh yes, please have some double-stick tape available, Rich
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changed username to Pamela
Rich Drushel: It's too bad, actually--if it had been 100%, then I would not have to bring a single ADAM printer.
Pamela: Hi, all
rich-c: hi Pam, I think you just booted Guy
Rich Drushel: Double-stick tape? Of what strength?
Pamela: I noticed someone dissappeared suddenly
Rich Drushel: Maybe Guy underwent some, um, transformation?
rich-c: just enough to hold a heavy poster on the wall
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Rich Drushel: tee hee
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I resemble that remark - no I dont!
Rich Drushel: You mean like the weight of a banner?
Guy B.: I booted myself. Don't blame Pam.
rich-c: I see he's back
Pamela: Sorry, Guy
Pamela: Phew, I feel tons better now
rich-c: no, not nearly that heavy, though Iwill have the banner as well
Guy B.: Pam, are you all set for tomorrow?
Rich Drushel: Okay...get double stick tape at store tomorrow.
rich-c: it's just a big poster, laminated for protection
Pamela: Just about. I have my clothes packed but the extraneous stuff is still floating around
Rich Drushel: I won't get to clothes packing until tomorrow morning.
rich-c: you mean Russell?
Pamela: No, he packs himself
rich-c: (sorry 'bout that)
Pamela: He even ironed something for me!
Pamela: I think I'll keep this one
Guy B.: I just put my suitcase, a 14" monitor and my notebook in the trunk of my car tonight. Just have to fill the tank and I'm ready to go.
Rich Drushel: All that's left computer-wise to pack, however, are video cables and software.
rich-c: put in just enough to get to Cleveland - I got gas at 1.16.9 there last week
Rich Drushel: Plus I have to take down my 486 system.
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changed username to nick
Rich Drushel: Delegate folders and badges are all working on the Treasure Hunt tasks.
rich-c: hello nick
nick: hi all
Pamela: I filled the tank tonite, and got supplies for the trip, and need to remember my US money (note to self)
Pamela: Hi, Nick
Guy B.: Very important there.
rich-c: yes, your first expense will be $2.10 for the Thruway tool
Guy B.: HI Nick, how are you?
Pamela: what kind of tool is that, Dad?
Rich Drushel: Hi wouldn't be Nick Poulos, by any chance, would you?
nick: great, how are you
rich-c: unless you buy lunch at THAT PLACE first
Pamela: Is that different from the QEW tool?
nick: one and the same
Guy B.: Well, it's been a long time. What have you been up to?
rich-c: some days my daughter can be difficult...
Rich Drushel: Hello! George Koczwara told me that you hadn't got my E-mail reply with the daypass details...I sent it.
Pamela: I think I;m in trouble tomorrow
Rich Drushel: Stupid E-mail, sometimes...
nick: the usual stuff, work!!!! and repairing pc's, i wish i still had my adam
Rich Drushel: But in any case, I hope your vacation takes you into town this weekend, we'd love to see you for a while.
Guy B.: You can still get one.
rich-c: you aren't the only one, Nick
nick: what are the details, i will try to be back in town on sunday to go
rich-c: I've sold two so far this year to returnees
Rich Drushel: And I think I could set you up with an ADAM again...I'm bringing 7 to the convention :-)
Rich Drushel: Details: everything in super detail is on the convention webpage,
nick: that would be nice
Rich Drushel: Let me pull up the day pass info for Sunday, which would be the banquet day...hold a sec...
Pamela: Please come, Nick, we don't want to be the only newbies
nick: ok, cause i did not see it there, must have missed it
nick: haha
Guy B.: Hope you can make it Nick.
nick: i am an old newbie
rich-c: sounds like the rst of us, Nick
nick: true
rich-c: but we're a cheerful bunch of aimiable kooks
Pamela: multigenerational, too
Rich Drushel: Okay, the day pass stuff wasn't posted...argh
nick: that is for sure
nick: i am not as dumb as i thought then :)
Rich Drushel: Harking back to ADAMcon VIII rates (which basically is what we were shooting for here)
Pamela: Rich,I assume you are talking about con day pass rates
Rich Drushel: Sunday all sessions + lunch only, about $25.
rich-c: banquet extra
Rich Drushel: Sunday all sessions + lunch + banquet, about $50.
Pamela: such a deal!
nick: that sounds good, thats kinda where i thought it would be
Rich Drushel: I just looked at the ADAMcon VIII webpage.
Rich Drushel: Sunday banquet only would be again about $25.
Rich Drushel: Per person, of course.
nick: are you expecting a big turnout
Rich Drushel: Well, we got 19 people confirmed for the whole weekend. You would be the first walk-in of any kind.
rich-c: everyone you see here, mostly with spouses, and perhaps as many more
Rich Drushel: My #2 daughter will be with me as a full delegate, but the other 3 girls + my wife will be around, and will be at the banquet.
Rich Drushel: Daughter is even giving a session...on games...on the first morning. Into the breach :-)
Pamela: Um, Dad, while I think of it, did you pack the RTA route map?
rich-c: Yes - also my trick joystick for teh games
Pamela: thank you
Rich Drushel: So do you think you might be able to stop in for the day Sunday, or part of the day?
Rich Drushel: (To Nick)
nick: i am hoping, just matters how good the fishing is in New York
rich-c: the fish will be there next week - Adamcon won't
nick: we have a place on Chautauqua Lake
nick: But I have to get the rest of the family to come home
Rich Drushel: Well, banquet is at 7:30 PM, so that's the upper time limit for getting back in town.
nick: ok
nick: I really want to see everyone again, it has been a long, long time'
Rich Drushel: If you're coming for the banquet, we probably ought to know by no later than 4 PM or so, though, to be sure that enough food is cooked.
rich-c: yes, if you're interestedenough to join chat, you ought to be back in the fold
Guy B.: It would be good to see you again too. So, I hope you can make it Sunday.
nick: I didn't even know that adamcon was still happening until I accidently found it
Rich Drushel: I can't remember, were you at any previous ADAMcons? My first one was IV, so I'm a latecomer.
rich-c: fortunately now that we have the internet, it's easily found
nick: no, i left the adam scene after 3
Rich Drushel: Then I just missed you...I had just found Herman and George in fall 1990/spring 1991.
rich-c: Dale has been to every single Adamcon
nick: and i could not go to the any of the first three cause the wife said the kids needed diapers, not a ticket to adamcon
Guy B.: Never too late to rejoin again. And we have an Adam emulator for the PC.
Rich Drushel: I was meeting with them monthly at the Newburgh Heights police station at the time of ADAMcon 3, but was too busy with my Ph.D. work to go.
Rich Drushel: Of B.A.S.I.C., there's not much left.
nick: you were getting in just as i was leaving, so maybe my time is wrong, cause I remember you at the Basic Meetings
Rich Drushel: Ron Collins pretty much left after IV...I don't even know where he is or what his E-mail address is now.
Rich Drushel: Yes, Nick, we overlapped for a bit.
nick: thats a name from the past, I used to go to his house all the time for Orphanware stuff
Rich Drushel: A year or so later George got kicked out of using the police station for meetings, so we met in my basement.
Rich Drushel: I don't think that B.A.S.I.C. has formally met since 1998 or 1999, though.
nick: Thats a shame, I helped name basic
nick: I am proud to be a part of it in the past
rich-c: that's a good credit to have
Rich Drushel: Pat Williams and Jean Davies and Sandy Schwering used to come regularly, but then Sandy moved to Wooster, Jean's husband died, and Pat moved in with her kids who didn't like her ADAM stuff...
Rich Drushel: I am custodian of the B.A.S.I.C. banner, and will be bringing it to the convention. You can see it in all its glory.
Rich Drushel: It's in perfect shape.
nick: The good old days, herman and I would talk or visit almost everyday
Rich Drushel: George resurrected his ADAM eXchange BBS for the convention. He has it up and running tonight. We're going to use it for some activities.
rich-c: things aren't so fast-moving now in the Adam world
nick: boy, i am getting teary eyed :)
Rich Drushel: When I dialed in (at 2400 bps) and went into chat, we were both typing too fast for the modems :-)
Guy B.: Brings back memories to you.
nick: you should be proud it has still lasted this long, it will never die
Rich Drushel: (216) 883-9355
Rich Drushel: I had forgotten my password...but I still remembered that I was user #36.
Rich Drushel: Christina (#1 daughter) says "Hi!"
rich-c: hi to Christina - see her tomorrow!
Pamela: Hi, Christina
Guy B.: Hi Christina.
Rich Drushel: George didn't havethe latest backup of it, though, so all the message bases are from 1993. *That* is a trip to read (and read you will).
nick: i am calling now
nick: lets see if it connects
Rich Drushel: Christina: Did everyone like my good-bye message that i sent to everyone the last time I chatted with all of you wonderful people!!??
Rich Drushel: Good luck, Nick...
Pamela: Us old people don't have memories that good, Christina
Guy B.: I must have missed it.
Rich Drushel: Bwahahahaha!
rich-c: why Christina, you know we never like to have to say goodbye to our buddies...
Pamela: My dad, the smoothie
Rich Drushel: That's what freeze-drying is for.
Rich Drushel: Christina: You guys aren't old you can just give personal experiences from historical events. *SMILE* J/K
rich-c: are we going to have a certain pink dinosaur with us again?
Pamela: FYI, Rich C is my father
Pamela: We need a new mascot
Pamela: Did this critter ever get a name?
Guy B.: Something tells me were going to have a mascot for this one too. I wonder what color this one will be?
Rich Drushel: Yes, the faux Purple One is here...and in the intervening year, Elanor has learned enough sewing to have made the repair to his arm all by herself.
rich-c: oh, I thouight that one did just fine, and uit's in good hands
Rich Drushel: I'm not planning on a you want one?
Pamela: You can't break tradition now, Rich
Dale: We were calling it Adam.
rich-c: no, Adam of the repaired arm will serve admirably
Pamela: How original
Rich Drushel: The critter was named "Adam".
Guy B.: I thought it was cute from last year. How does everyone else feel about it?
Pamela: Sounds good to me
rich-c: see above
Rich Drushel: There are 2 issues here: (1) mascot or not, and if so, then (2) same or different?
rich-c: 1. yes. 2. same
Dale: If a mascot, I vote different.
rich-c: Elanor willing, of course!
Guy B.: 1 Yes, 2 different.
Pamela: 1. yes, 2. different
Rich Drushel: Elanor was only Adam's custodian; he was to be returned to Dale after his term of residence.
Dale: Every AdamCon is different, that's how it grows and adapts.
rich-c: but we value our traditions too - like passing the banner
Pamela: And Elanor's collection of critters will grow every year
Dale: It's important to keep AdamCon relevant.
rich-c: amen, Dale
Guy B.: I agree too.
Rich Drushel: Christina: If and only if there's to be a new mascot it will be a surprise in a very special place *SMILE* *WINK*
Guy B.: Christina, surprise us.
Rich Drushel: Dale, can you elaborate on what you mean by "relevant"?
nick: Adam exchange is not answering
Rich Drushel: Rats, George must have taken it down after letting me test it.
Dale: Well, at AdamCon 007 we talked about how to surf the Internet on the Adam.
rich-c: busy, or just not picking up the ring, nick?
Rich Drushel: He called me to say it was up, and I spent about 30 minutes poking around.
Dale: If we talked only about SmartWRITER it looses it's relevence.
nick: not picking up the ring, i am doing it now and it is still ringing
rich-c: send Herman an email and wake him up
Rich Drushel: Let me see if I can remember George's voice number...
nick: thast george k, herman is trading post, is that up
rich-c: Dale, you doing a session on using the Adam on the 'net?
Rich Drushel: Christina: HI i stole the computer from Daddy and i don't want to give it back
Dale: Not this year, but I did at AC7.
Dale: I gess that that's 5 years ago now.
rich-c: I remember, but us old folks need refreshers sometimes
Pamela: You know, Christina, that's how I got hooked on chat
rich-c: besides, I don't recall your offering any documentation
Rich Drushel: Daddy is laughing and now demanding the computer so i'm going to give it back since he can control whether i see my next B-day
Dale: My sessions are on logic, hardware and drivers.
Pamela: A wise choice
Guy B.: Just keep wishing Christina.
rich-c: well, the latter two are relevant to the subject
Rich Drushel: Can't find George's (unlisted) voice number, but Herman's is (216) 231-8813.
nick: is his bbs up>
nick: ?
Rich Drushel: And no, Trading Post is not up...Herman is working on it, but it may be dead.
Rich Drushel: George said Herman found water damage in his basement today.
nick: ouch
Rich Drushel: His ADAM stuff was buried under other stuff, so he didn't even realize there had been a leak.
rich-c: looks like we're going to have to do some sorting out of problems when we arrive, then
rich-c: doesn't matter, the resources are available to deal with problems
Rich Drushel: Well, as long as one of the BBSes is up, they have a session. Everyone is to get logged in and accounts created.
Pamela: Is there a shortage of anything, Rich?
Rich Drushel: And my fallback position in the event of no BBSes was to create a virtual BBS with webpages, and use this forum during defined hours as opportunity to "chat with the sysop".
Guy B.: Guess I be bringing up Hyperterminal on my notebook.
Rich Drushel: Delegates :-)
Pamela: I can't help you with that any more than I already have
rich-c: speaking of which, a number of us have fairly challenging drives tomorrow
Rich Drushel: My dear Pamela, you are not responsible for anyone else coming but yourself (and maybe Russell, but maybe I shouldn't go there).
Pamela: Well, since I am the driver, Iguess I'm responsible for getting him there
Pamela: My dear hubby doesn't drive
Rich Drushel: Usually it's the other way around. Joan's mom doesn't drive.
rich-c: anyway, if I'm going to get on the road in good time, it's time for me to log off
Rich Drushel: Not even a lawn tractor or bicycle.
Guy B.: Bye Rich, drive safely tomorrow.
Rich Drushel: Okay Richard, thanks for chatting, go get some sleep, we can talk at length tomorrow.
Pamela: Well, he lived downtown for the first 25 years of his life, right in the heart of great transit, and never bothered to get his licence
Rich Drushel: Travel safely!
rich-c: so goodnight all - see you all tomorrow afternoon
Pamela: Good night Dad - I thought of something to ask you but it's gone so I may call when I get off
rich-c: colour me gone (poof)
Guy B.: See you tomrrow,Rich C.
rich-c left chat session
Guy B.: Guess Bob Slopsema is on the road already.
Rich Drushel: I wonder where the Slopsema clan is tonight...
Pamela: What happened to Nick?
Rich Drushel: Guy just stole the words out of my mouth :-)
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changed username to Nick
Rich Drushel: I think he got eaten...he's now capitalized!
Pamela: Did you get dumped,Nick?
Pamela: No no, Rich, underfunded
Rich Drushel: Spoken like a banker!
Nick: yea, ie locked up
Pamela: Actually the granddaughter of one, but I couldn't resist
Rich Drushel: That's why it's called "Exploder" :-)
Nick: trying to do to much at one time as usual
Rich Drushel: So Nick, did you see the voice number I posted for Herman?
Pamela: Did anyone remind James of the chat on Saturday night?
Rich Drushel: Or was that during your lockup?
Nick: no, i did not see it
Rich Drushel: I can send E-mail to the coladam list...speaking of which, Nick, maybe Dale could sign you up to the mailing list.
Rich Drushel: Okay, Herman is (216) 231-8813.
Rich Drushel: George's voice number is unlisted and I can't remember it.
Nick: that would be good,
Pamela: Since he's not here, I will fire one to him when I split, okay?
Rich Drushel: Sounds good, Pamela.
Rich Drushel: Dale, please put Nick on the coladam mailing list.
Pamela: I Still can't remember what I wanted to ask Dad
Rich Drushel: A shiny new Mustang?
Pamela: Sure, like that would get me anywhere
Nick: someone said there is a chat on Saturday?? I can connect from new york
Rich Drushel: Asking is always easy.
Rich Drushel: Yes, Nick, right here, 9 PM.
Nick: great
Pamela: Besides, Mustangs are too small
Rich Drushel: Traditionally the ADAMcon chats were 8 PM on CompuServe, but no more CIS, and we won't be back from supper by 8 PM.
Pamela: Since I'm still paying for the Taurus, asking that right now is not a good idea
Nick: go for a pt cruiser, thats what i want
Rich Drushel: My stepmother wants a PT Cruiser. My dad refuses. So, for Christmas, my girls got her :-)
Pamela: They're cute, but what i really want is an Explorer
Rich Drushel: I want a 1972 Dodge Dart 4-door!
Pamela: Or a Jag, if we're really into wishing
Rich Drushel: Or a 1932 Model A roadster.
Rich Drushel: Red.
Nick: i went to get one and they said it takes from 7-8 months to get it, so i hesitateed
Guy B.: I would probably get a Cavalier for me.
Rich Drushel: But our next car will probably be another Dodge Caravan.
Pamela: Guy, aren't you driving a Taurus now too?
Nick: my daughter just got a 2001 cavalier and loves it
Nick: dodge caravan, thats what i drive now too
Guy B.: My brother in-law just got one too after his Beretta was totaled in an accident.
Rich Drushel: We currently have a 1989 Caravan and a 1999 Voyager.
Pamela: Again, too small
Pamela: The Cavalier, that is
Rich Drushel: You'll see them both as shuttles on Saturday.
Nick: i have a 97 grand caravan and a 91 corsica
Guy B.: Just right for me and my dog Abby.
Pamela: '93 Taurus Wagon - Midnight blue
Rich Drushel: Guy, who looks after your dog when you're away at ADAMcons?
Pamela: And I gotta say, I love my car
Guy B.: Currently I have the 1993 Buick Century and the dog loves it. She loves sticking her head out the back window.
Pamela: Are you bringing Abby, Guy?
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Nick: hi undefined
changed username to james
Guy B.: Jeanene will be taking care of her while I'm at the con.
james: morning
Pamela: Hey, you made it - I was just about to send you an email
Guy B.: James, you made it.
james: just got up. didn't sleep very well.
Pamela: Seems to be going around.
Rich Drushel: James! Good to see you.
james: hello rich :)
Pamela: Dad ducked out early but says Hi, James
james: my cycle has fallen too far forward. i need to sleep earlier at night.
Rich Drushel: Nick, if you can make it to the chat Saturday, would you be able to confirm what part, if any, of the convention you'd be attending on Sunday?
Guy B.: James, do you teach year round in Japan?
Rich Drushel: Just wanting to make sure food is arranged for.
Pamela: James, reminding you now of the chat on Saturday night at 9:00 (Cleveland time)
Nick: thats my plan,
Rich Drushel: Cleveland is -0500 GMT.
Pamela: Which makes it 10:33 right now, right?
Nick: right
Pamela: (I think the professor just showed up)
Rich Drushel: All right! That should be enough lead time.
james: cleveland time? okay, i think that would be 14 hours behind me.
Pamela: Same time as Wednesdays but on Saturday instead
Rich Drushel: Nobody showed up this past I talked to myself for an hour. Dale, if you kept a log, you should post it: it would be entertaining.
james: but cleveland is an hour behind eastern time, right?
Pamela: No, they're on DST too
Nick: no, it is eastern time
Rich Drushel: No, Cleveland *is* Eastern...just EDT not EST.
Pamela: Just get up and go to the computer, James - you should be right on time
Rich Drushel: And looking at the chronometer, I think that I should be going...still work to do before bedtime.
james: oh yes, i forgot you did that there, fooling around with the clocks. someone just tell me, what time is it in cleveland now?
Pamela: 10:37 pm
Pamela: Toronto too
Rich Drushel: Nick, thanks for stopping by tonight; hope it works out for Sunday.
Nick: i will try and be there
Nick: see ya
Rich Drushel: Everyone but James, see you sometime tomorrow.
Guy B.: Well gang, I'm going to check my e-mail. Get a couple of bills ready for mailing in the morning. So, I have to fire up the other system. So, I will see you for those of you coming to the con tomorrow afternoon. James, hope to see you Saturday.
Rich Drushel: Travel safely, everyone.
Pamela: Rich, we will see you tomorrow afternoon
Rich Drushel: Starbase Cleveland, closing hailing frequencies, sir.
Rich Drushel: <poof>
Rich Drushel left chat session
Nick left chat session
Dale: See ya Rich.
Pamela: Okay, I guess I better finish packing and go to bed too - I'm planning an early start
james: will do my best to show up for a bit, but i'm picking up a friend on sunday.
Pamela: Please be there James, it won't be the same without you
Guy B.: Bye All. See you tomorrow or on Saturday.
Pamela: Dale, Guy, see you tomorrow. Drive safely!
Guy B.: I will.
Pamela: I love saying that!
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: G'nite, everyone, I'm outta here - poof!
james: hmm. i made everyone leave.
Pamela left chat session
james: dale, you still here?
james left chat session
Dale: Not really.
Dale: I'll see everyone at AdamCon.
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