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zonker: howdy harvie-where is everyone?
zonker: hmmmm....reckon i'm a bit early....will check back here in a bit....
Harvie: Hi Zonk, I'm not sure if we are in the proper chat room
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zonker: this could be true....i linked in thru the adamcon site though so this should be it. no worries,i'll dink about and come back later....
Harvie: OK I'll hang around for a while
Harvie left chat session
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changed username to Harvie
Harvie: I just tried the Adamcon13 page and got a can'y be displayed message
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left chat session
Harvie: defined
Harvie: Hello Undefined
Harvie: R U there Zonk?
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changed username to Jeff Mitchell
Jeff Mitchell: Hey guys! :)
Harvie: Hello Jeff
zonker: hey guys....i'm here but elsewhere too....cruising the net, but will look in from time to time.
zonker: you know how these guys are at an adamcon==can't get anything right the first time! :)
Jeff Mitchell: LOL!
zonker: soooo....will be back later....
Harvie: Apparently there was a trip to Little Italy and they may be late coming back
Jeff Mitchell: Aha, that's what I thought. I just finished dinner myself.
Harvie: Of course we might be in the wrong chat server(Rich might have set one up himself)
Jeff Mitchell: I wonder. I just followed the link from the web site and it brought me to this one.
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Harvie: That's what Zonker said too come to think of it
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Jeff Mitchell: Hmmm, all the rooms seem to be pretty much the same.
Jeff Mitchell: I bet they're all still at dinner.
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Dale! :)
Dale changed username to Dale/AC13
Dale/AC13: I'm the first one back from supper.
Jeff Mitchell: I was just saying to Harvie that I figured you were all still at dinner.
Dale/AC13: We spent so much time building our robots that supper went long.
Jeff Mitchell: I bet. That must have been a blast.
Dale/AC13: Well, it's good to see you.
Harvie: HI Dale- How about that_ I was correct for once
Dale/AC13: It was great fun.
Dale/AC13: You really missed out Harvie, the LEGO project was great.
Jeff Mitchell: Dale>Did everyone's robots work?
Dale/AC13: Hey Zonker, can you send an email to coladam with a sentence that starts with a capital...
Harvie: I was counting on seeing that but had to be here
Dale/AC13: excluding CP/M, EOS, ANN and TDOS.
Dale/AC13: It is a treasure hunt challenge.
Dale/AC13: Did you know that we were doing a live webcast of the resulting robots?
Dale/AC13: Jeff, everyone had a robot that did soemthing...
Jeff Mitchell: Yeah, I saw that, but too late. Missed it. I was doing other things through the afternoon.
Harvie: For a minute I thought that was a joke about the capital
Dale/AC13: Our team consisted of Murray, Jill and I.
Jeff Mitchell: Cool! That's really neat.
Dale/AC13: Jill did the programming, while Murray and I build our robot from the custom kit.
Dale/AC13: The instructions took 35 pages.
Jeff Mitchell: Holy cats! 35 pages of code?
Harvie: Did it have any of those $75.00 Lego motors?
Dale/AC13: The Mighty Mitchell's team's robot was the third one out on the floor.
Dale/AC13: The LEGO assembly incstructions with a patiuce or two on every page.
Dale/AC13: Harvie, yes, it had two LEGO motors, ...
Harvie: I still haven't finished my robot from AC007
Dale/AC13: several gears, and various wheels, ...
Dale/AC13: and a "Handy Board"...
Harvie: I think I'll get right at it after I finish puberty
Dale/AC13: which allows for 10 sensors, and many motors.
Dale/AC13: It is programmed in an interpreted C language and has about 8k of memory, I think.
Jeff Mitchell: That is too cool.
Dale/AC13: <grin> Good plan Harvie.
Harvie: I think Rich once told me his robots use a 4004 processer
Dale/AC13: So we could write up a behaviour, and download it, then set it free to go explore the world.
zonker: aaah, i see dale has managed to call out of the hotel! :)
Dale/AC13: These use a 68HC11.
Dale/AC13: Hi Zonker.
Dale/AC13: We were still out at supper.
zonker: howdy dale, where are the rest of those louts in cleveland?
Harvie: Progress rears its head
Dale/AC13: I left a good 30 minutes before the rest of the clan.
zonker: uh-oh, that means herman is still licking the plates!!
Jeff Mitchell: Zonker>Apparently they're still stuffing their faces <g>
Dale/AC13: I expect them before 10pm though.
zonker: how many folk made it this year dale?
Dale/AC13: The official cound is 19. We had 17 at supper tonight.
zonker: hokey smoke, thats a pretty good crowd now a days.
Dale/AC13: It's been an interesting 'Con.
zonker: yeah, i was reading what you've typed in already,sounds like fun.
Dale/AC13: Where do you want to see the next AdamCon?
Dale/AC13: There is talk of having it in Comox, in Ron's home town maybe.
Jeff Mitchell: I vote for a return to the West Coast :)
zonker: c'mon y'all CANT do it again....can you? :)(
Dale/AC13: I think that it should be in Michigan.
zonker: hmmmm....a short ferry trip for me, after a long drive by car. :)
Dale/AC13: Can't do what again? There is still lots to learn about the ever expanding realm of computers.
zonker: are you twisting bobs arm dale?
Dale/AC13: I am at that. <grin>
zonker: er"bob's"
Dale/AC13: He said so where do you think that the next AdamCon should be?
Dale/AC13: I said Michigan.
zonker: so,any rumours about who IS going to take it? apparently the mighty mitchell is thinking it over, eh?
Dale/AC13: He looked a little startled. <grin>
zonker: bob looks startled on many occasions.....
Jeff Mitchell: LOL!
Dale/AC13: LOL
zonker: be back in a few minutes.....
Dale/AC13: No the only problem for me this AdamCon is that
Dale/AC13: I agreed to spread out my sessions over 3 days...
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC13: and so I haven't been able to duck out for a nap yet.
changed username to Jeff Mitchell
Dale/AC13: Welcome back Zonker.
Jeff Mitchell: Oops :) Closed my web browser thinking the chat window would stay open
Dale/AC13: Jeff, one of these days I hope to make it back to Vancouver again.
Dale/AC13: And this time, maybe I can arrange to meet up with out before I go out there.
Dale/AC13: Then we'd be able to at least hook up.
Jeff Mitchell: Dale>That would be great. :) Yeah, I felt bad that we couldn't hook up. Unfortunately, my evenings were spoken for when you were here.
Dale/AC13: I'm still working on projects with that Vancouver company.
Dale/AC13: So I'm bound to end up back there again.
Dale/AC13: It wasn't a problem. I'm a bit of a procrastinator when I comes to that sort of thing.
Jeff Mitchell: Hehehe... :)
Dale/AC13: I figured if you were free, then it would work out.
Jeff Mitchell: Yes
Dale/AC13: So my sessions this weekend are on how to make Adam hardware.
Jeff Mitchell: Are the parts still available?
zonker: so what did you make?
Dale/AC13: Yesterday I taught Boolean Logic and Truth Tables.
Dale/AC13: Today I taught about Schematic Diagrams, and Logic Gates
Dale/AC13: Tomorrow we build something.
Jeff Mitchell: Oh god! <shudder> I remember that stuff from my early computer science courses. Evil! Pure Evil! <g>
zonker: <frantically searching the dictionary for "boolean logic">
Dale/AC13: ROFL. Not quite as evil as all that.
Jeff Mitchell: Yes it is <g>
Harvie: Dale . that should read it is NOT evil OR confusing
Jeff Mitchell: LOL!
Dale/AC13: Boolean Logic deals with a special form of algebra used to produce either True or False.
Dale/AC13: LOL.
Dale/AC13: Harvie's got the idea.
Dale/AC13: Jill says that Harvie should come to an AdamCon and prove that.
Dale/AC13: It
Dale/AC13: It's good to see you Harvie. You've been keeping busy?
zonker: tell jill to quit lurking! :) (hi jill)
Harvie: Yes , too busy for my liking
Dale/AC13 changed username to Jill/AC13
Jill/AC13: Hey all.
zonker: and presto she quits lurking....
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Jill :)
Jill/AC13: I claim pregnant woman's priveledge to do anything I want!
zonker: hey jill, thought you'd have gotten rid of dale by now. :)
Jill/AC13: Nah, He makes good pasta.
zonker: WOAH!! the impeding arrival of tiny foot steps? cool!
Jill/AC13: I'm due Dec 27 and major excited.
zonker: i figured he HAD to do something good.(uh, i'm talking about the pasta remark here)
Harvie: Well, congratulations on the little Wick to be
Jill/AC13: Thanks.
Jeff Mitchell: Yeah, congratulations to you both :)
zonker: shouldn't that be "wittle wick"
Jeff Mitchell: <g>
zonker: oh yea mozaltov and all that there stuff. too cool.
Jill/AC13: :)
Jill/AC13: Dale says Herman will be on in about 5 minutes.
zonker: what? is he up on the roof with binoculars?
Jill/AC13: Herman came back to the hotel with his wife.
Harvie: Who, Herman or Dale?
zonker: yes, but whose wife?
Jeff Mitchell: LOL!
Jill/AC13: Herman came back with Herman's wife. :)
Jeff Mitchell: :)
zonker: no i meant is dale on the roof with binoculars looking out for adamcon attendees
Jill/AC13: He went to get soda's and spotted zHerman in the hallway.
Jill/AC13: I don't think the roof is accessible.
zonker: this is getting confusing. and if you think its confusing now just wait until everyone gets on line!! :)
Jill/AC13: Chat's are always confusing.
zonker: dont underestimate yer husband. i think he could make the roof if he tried.
Jill/AC13: Hmm.. I think I'd prefer if he didn't actually.
zonker: in fact, bet him he can't and we'll all start chanting his name.
Jeff Mitchell: <g>
zonker: dale! dale! dale!
Jill/AC13: LOL
Jill/AC13 changed username to Dale/AC13
zonker: well if this is typical of adamcons i've been too, the switchboard will overload when any other adamcon attendee tries to log on to chat.:)
Dale/AC13: They'l be coming around htre mountain when they come.
Jeff Mitchell: <g>
zonker: brb...
Dale/AC13: I think I can hear the 6 white horses now...
Harvie: Still didn't fix that spell checker eh?
Dale/AC13: Well, I type for volume, not accuracy most of the time.
Harvie: Are you in polotics?
Dale/AC13: Rich D's wife and all of their kids except for Elanor spent the afternoon here...
Dale/AC13: I was getting servailance reports from them.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC13: They had fun earlier in the pool, but they are hoping that everyone comes back for the chat so that...
changed username to HLM - GMK
Dale/AC13: Joan can get back her car, and sneak off home.
HLM - GMK: hello all
zonker: dang, dale, we were hoping you'd be up on the roof....
zonker: hey, Hey, HEY!!! it's hlm/gmk....
Dale/AC13: You know that you can change yor name with the Edit menu option.
zonker: yes but why should i?
Dale/AC13: Choose Edit -> Change Username
Dale/AC13: Well, just incase you wanted to.
HLM - GMK: well GK is here but it is me in the flesh
(Dale/AC13 smiles)
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: hey george, have you killed herman yet? :)
Harvie: Dale, I don't think Zonker saw your message about the e-mail
HLM - GMK: No but it ain't too late
Dale/AC13: No he wasn't paying attention then.
zonker: uh, did i miss sumthin harvie?
zonker: :) no court in the land would convict ya gk!
Dale/AC13: We are on a treasure hunt, and have been asked to collect some hard to get items.
zonker: uh-oh another undefined in the room. or is that me?
changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: YO dudes!!!!!
Jeff Mitchell: Hey Bob! :)
Harvie: Hello Bob
zonker: yikes! it's slopsema....kill it before it spreads....
HLM - GMK: no it ain't you
Jeff Mitchell: <g>
BobSlopsema: on of them is zonkers hair!!! :-)
zonker: nah, too late he done reproduced.
BobSlopsema: hi Jeff
Dale/AC13: One of them is: find an email where zonker capitalized the first word of the sentence, but it isn't an term like EOS, TDOS, CP/M or ANN.
BobSlopsema: Hi Harvie, wouldn't let ya come to the staes, eh????
zonker: hey! i gots pleny of hair, right on me chine where it belongs.
Dale/AC13: So I asked you to send such an email to the coladam-list.
BobSlopsema: NEVER HAPPEN with the zonk!
HLM - GMK: be nice I am doing the typing so I ain't gonna hang myself
BobSlopsema: what's a "chine"???????
zonker: lol!! are you saying it has to be the FIRST word of the sentence?? that's pretty funny....
BobSlopsema: heck with you Zonk, any word will do
BobSlopsema: no james tonight????
HLM - GMK: so true
zonker: "chine" german/irish for "schmuck"
BobSlopsema: ya mon!
Dale/AC13: Nlow you're taunting us, but YES.
HLM - GMK: so now you are german or irish
zonker: right back.....(thats a hint kids)
BobSlopsema: he a "west coaster".......that's even worsere
BobSlopsema: thought maybe James was going to make it
Dale/AC13: James said that he had other comitments tonight...
Dale/AC13: but he'd try and pop in to say hi.
Harvie: It's probably #:00 AM in Nippon
HLM - GMK: Dale has Nick showed up, one of our local users
Harvie: That's 3
Harvie: ;00 AM
Dale/AC13: It is exactly 12 hours off of Cleveland time.
Dale/AC13: Nick was on on Wed.
BobSlopsema: Jean Stone was also going to try to be here
Harvie: That's good maybe I can spell 9:00 AM
BobSlopsema: but I can't raise her on email
BobSlopsema: just bounces
HLM - GMK: Yes I know but he said if he returned from vacation he woould let us know tonite in chat if he could come tomorrow
Dale/AC13: Well not yet tonight.
HLM - GMK: ok
zonker: is the treasure hunt over?
HLM - GMK: no
Dale/AC13: As a rare treat, both Herman's and George's BBSes are active for the weekend.
zonker: okay good hunting kids. tee-hee
Dale/AC13: They are set up in the hotel.
BobSlopsema: YEEHAAA!!!
Dale/AC13: The Treasure Hunt is on until tomorrow. Thanks zonk.
zonker: jeeze, that must have takin' a while to remember how to set up.
zonker: calm down bob use your words.....
HLM - GMK: and Zonker, IT CAME UP after being idle for 4 years and YOU were the last caller Apr 15 1998
Dale/AC13: They're sharing a room, so you can get to them one at a time, except when they are on the chat.
zonker: ROTFL!! now that is what i call FITTING!
HLM - GMK: It did take a minute for me to remember how it worked and the ? helped a lot :)
zonker: i called on tax day? sure it wasn't april fool's day? :) :)
HLM - GMK: Naw you know A-NET is very accurate and does NOT Lie
zonker: bob? bob,boy,what happened to ya? last we heard was yeehaaa. did judy sneak up behind ya? :)
HLM - GMK: clock was only off about 15 minutes
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: 15 minutes off? now i know you think i was born yesterday but it wasn't yesterday morning.
Dale/AC13: So the big thing this year seems to be PC laptops.
changed username to Mighty Mitch
Mighty Mitch: Finally!
zonker: you damned yuppies and yer laptops. :)
HLM - GMK: I am not lying GK seen it and you KNOW he will tell it like it is
Dale/AC13: I think that every attendee brought one this year, or very close to 1:1.
Jeff Mitchell: Hey, there he is! :)
Mighty Mitch: stopped eating finally
zonker: wa-HOOO! the mighty one arrives.
Mighty Mitch: Rich Clee is here and Guy Bona
Mighty Mitch: Hi zonk!
Jeff Mitchell: I was going to say, are you done stuffing your face? <g>
Dale/AC13: Hi Ron.
Harvie: Hi Ron
Mighty Mitch: busy place that
Mighty Mitch: Hi Harvie
zonker: ron, dale tells us that comox is looking good for next year? :)
Mighty Mitch: Comox ALWAYS looks good!
Mighty Mitch: right Jeff?
Mighty Mitch: (say yes)
Jeff Mitchell: Oh yeah <g>
zonker: :) spoken like a true polotician. :)
Mighty Mitch: :)
Mighty Mitch: gonna let the other guys say hello
Mighty Mitch changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hello all
Harvie: Hi Rich
zonker: stockwell day has nothing on YOU ron. :)
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Rich! :)
rich-c: hiv arvie good to see you on
zonker: mistah clee! howjadoo?
rich-c: ditto zonker - been a long time
zonker: indeed i don't get out much any more. :)
rich-c: well, gotta change that a bit, zonk
rich-c: we goona have to come out there again and get you?
zonker: frankly i'm surprised your switchboard hasn't crashed. :)
rich-c: oh, wait till the others get back
Dale/AC13: I'm actually getting 45.2 kbps.
zonker: well, i'm hearing whispers that indicate you all might be coming out this way?(oh that clever man)
rich-c: better let Guy say hello too
rich-c changed username to Guy B.
zonker: dang, tight lipped bunch.
Jeff Mitchell: Hi Guy! :)
Guy B.: Hey Zonker, how's the great weather there?
Guy B.: HI Jeff
Dale/AC13: I had said earlier that there have been discussions of AC14 in Comox or Michigan.
zonker: you know guy we got up to a roaring 62 f today! :)
zonker: yeah, but i was trying to get more dale. :)
Guy B.: 62? It is beautiful here in Cleveland. About 80.
zonker: <sigh> well, we HAD that weather for a few weeks so now we gotta pay the price i reckon.
zonker: could someone go to bob's room and see if he's alive? he's got me worried.
Guy B.: Same here. It was hot in Chicago, then boom. We got the 70's all this week.
Jeff Mitchell: Yeah, things sort of went downhill in Vancouver today. Cloudy, not so warm. Supposedly going to rain tomorrow.
zonker: thats what i hear down here too jeff.
Harvie: What's this, someone from Vancouver admits it rains?
zonker: <whew> he must be in hlm/gk
BobSlopsema: i's here, just dying of fear it might be in MI
zonker: room stealing software then
Jeff Mitchell: LOL! Yes, I admit it, it rains here...alot <g>
HLM - GMK: NO BUT meka is
Guy B.: We hope??
zonker: yeah, bob, dale said you got a very startled look on yer face when he suggested it. :)
BobSlopsema: NO SHIT!!!!!
BobSlopsema: ;-)
HLM - GMK: Bob is a wise man leave him alone
Dale/AC13: Where did Ron go?
zonker: if meka is in yer room where is doug? doug? doug, boy! go rescue yer wife.
Guy B.: I took over his computer!!!!
HLM - GMK: remember GEORGE IS here
Guy B.: Careful Zonk! The women are watching!!
zonker: just as long as that's ALL they are doing! :)
zonker: hey, you can't say "shit" on the internet! :)
Guy B.: Well, you caught one!
zonker: i think ron is out stealing software.....i know SOMEbody up there is....cant trust you sods....
zonker: could you guys type slower, i can't read so fast.
Harvie: Zonk, that expression is Michiganese for "wheres the exlax"
Guy B.: Ron wouldn't do a thing like that. You on the otherhand??? Maybe, so watch it!
moved to room Meeting Place
zonker: hi undefined!
changed username to <undefined>
zonker: good one harvie! :)
HLM - GMK: would it be a convention WITHOUT stealing something
Harvie: Gee when I entered I saw that and thought it said unrefined
Harvie: I wondered how they knew
zonker: true true. i figured herman has already stolen all software by now so it's gotta be some one elses turn.
moved to room Meeting Place
HLM - GMK: no it is hi tech now son, we are busy trading pics most of us got the same digital cameras
changed username to jean stone
zonker: yeah, reminds me....thanks for the pics,dale, looked at them a short time ago.
Guy B.: Hi Jean, glad you made it.
zonker: jean!!! how's the girl? long time.....
BobSlopsema: JEANIE MADE IT!!!
BobSlopsema: and only after a personal phone call to kick her in the butt
HLM - GMK: Hello Jean this is Herman
jean stone: I don't know what I would do without such smart people leading me by the hand..I wouldn't get anywhere,,Glad to "see" you all
BobSlopsema: HI Hemrna this is Bob! ;-)
HLM - GMK: glad to meet you Bob
BobSlopsema: :-)
zonker: bob, rich, rich,bob....dont you guys know each other?
BobSlopsema: nope, never met the feller before now
zonker: keep an eye on him and one hand on your wallet,son. :)
jean stone: zonker, you mean YOU made it! I wish that there had been a straight flight without changing planes and Jack and I would have tried it. It was just too much risk,
HLM - GMK: no Rich is handleing mooney :) So I am not handling any cash
BobSlopsema: WHO'S undefned here??????
BobSlopsema: come out come out!!!!
Guy B.: Maybe an alien??
BobSlopsema: zonker here???? NO WAY!!! he's home in bed
<undefined>: Doug C
Guy B.: I have Rich Clee and Francis just walked in my room.
BobSlopsema: Doug c...........I give up!
jean stone: Has the afghan been "bought" yet?
<undefined>: Dale knows
BobSlopsema: no Jean gonna raflle that sucker off tomorrow!!!!
BobSlopsema: I bet it will bring $100!!!! :-)
Dale/AC13: Doug you can change your name with Edit->Change Name.
HLM - GMK: and I am gonna win it
jean stone: Don't forget, I need help getting LOGO into my PC. It gives me a "fit" and I would really like to make it work.
zonker: jean, don't worry about not making it. your there,always, in spirit!!
<undefined> changed username to Doug C
BobSlopsema: horse pucky!!!! I am going home with it!!!!
Dale/AC13: Zonker is here only virtually.
jean stone: thanks Zonker, the party can begin when you arrive!
zonker: uh-oh,sounds like the old familiar shoot out at the adamcon corral....
Guy B.: Jean, are you trying to load Logo into AdamEm?
BobSlopsema: and Meeka wants it AWFUL bad!!!!
HLM - GMK: you may of brung it but it is NOT going back home with you for sure
Dale/AC13: Jean, Rich Drushel made a menu program that can make it easy to start the emulator with a particular set of disks.
zonker: has bob even UNPACKED it yet? :)
jean stone: guys , you sure know how to make a gal feel good
zonker: virtually? makes me feel like max headroom....
BobSlopsema: Zonk, we haven't even shown thre afghan to anyone!!!! That way they won't be tempted to buy tickets
Dale/AC13: Absolutely.
HLM - GMK: oh yea he unpacked it I seen it it looks GREAT on my lap
Guy B.: Or Homer Simpson.D-ohh!
zonker: for those of you who came in late,i understand there is a treasure hunt going on.....
jean stone: Rich Drusel is the one I need to talk to. I want to buy the program..How Much?
Dale/AC13: At lunch Bob was trading the July 1987 issue of the Inland Empire Adam newsletter...
zonker: look to the web for an item you're looking for.(or maybe not)
Dale/AC13: trying to devine the purpose and workings of a standalone DDP duplicator...
zonker: no herman i said the afghan not meeka!(and she doesn't look good on yer lap)
Dale/AC13: it required only power and two working (or mostly working) drives.
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
zonker: calm down guy.
(A dog howls in the distance)
Dale/AC13: It says you can get them from Jameco for $2.95 a piece and recommends that you pick up four at a time.
zonker: (suddenly a shot rings out)
jean stone: is rich there?
HLM - GMK: OH SHIT here we go.. now Doug is gonna KILL ME FOR SURE
Dale/AC13: On the cover of that issue was Max Headroom.
BobSlopsema: ya right. in 1987!!!!!
zonker: jean your being too polite...try it like this...
zonker: see?simple
jean stone: Thanks buddy
BobSlopsema: we gave it to her last year and she lost it! ;-)
BobSlopsema: gotta get it ot again and make it self boot, and reboot, and ........then send it to her AGIN
zonker: oh well in that case, to hell with her. :):)
Guy B.: Can't be any simpler than that!
BobSlopsema: now, now Zonk
Dale/AC13: Rich is here somewhere. He hasn't make the program available yet, but I'm hoping he will before the end of AdamCon.
jean stone: I didn't lose it, it just won't load. I have tried and tried
zonker: jean, i think bob made that one special for you, just to annoy you. :)
Guy B.: Ricc C. is going to get you Zonker. Here he is.
zonker: i've been had by experts, bring him on!!
Guy B. changed username to rich c
rich c: ok, here I am - trtemble!
Doug C left chat session
zonker: :) yeah right your trembling.....
rich c: jean, Dr. D I think is off taking Joan homne right now
BobSlopsema: Doug Chappell???????
rich c: she had three of their daughters here swimming while we went out to his lab
zonker: dont know bob he seems to have left...
BobSlopsema: well geez
zonker: does this chat software saywhen someone is leaving?
rich c: no, just gone quiet, like Jeff
BobSlopsema: Dale!!!! that who Doug C was?
zonker: or do you just have to check the current users box?
Dale/AC13: Zonker, if the messages come too fast, try maximizing the chat window.
jean stone: rich, it's too darned hot here in texas to tremble..sweat maybe. it was 103 today and the old swamp cooler just keeps on keeping on as long as the humity stays below 10
Jeff Mitchell: I'm here :) Just observing the rest of the conversation.
rich c: yes, I can see you might be getting a case of the Texas Toasts!
BobSlopsema: well speak up son!!!!! thouyght the CAT got your tongue
Dale/AC13: Zonker when someone leaves the list at the right usually changes.
zonker: a hundred and three!>?!?!?!?! hokey smokes i'm glad i live where i do.
Jeff Mitchell: Bob>LOL!
rich c: hey, aren't you the guy who was complaining just a minute ago?
Harvie: Ya Zonk but with the wind chill it was only 109
BobSlopsema: dark and 75 in Cleveland tonight
zonker: we were talking earlier about it being 80 in cleveland while poor jef and i are talking 60 f or so.
rich c: just pray for rain, Zonk - it's better than blackouts
Jeff Mitchell: Blackouts?
zonker: rich, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds! :)
zonker: or earthquakes....
rich c: oh, Mt. Ranier is just hiccuping, won';t be in your lapo for weeks yet
BobSlopsema: Zonk, ya shoulda seen ol/ Mitch making a robot car today at the lab!
zonker: it hasn't quite got bad enough for blackouts yet,california seems to be bearing up well under our sacrifices. :)
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
jean stone: Boys, it has been nice talking to you and knowing what a wonderful time you're having but it is bedtime for "old" folks. I'll try to get on more often. Give my love to all and let me know where the nexr convention going to be
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Rob
zonker: would be good to see ron doing ANYthing! just kiddin' ron
Jeff Mitchell: I was in San Francisco at a conference last month, no blackouts while I was there, thankfully.
Rob: hi all
BobSlopsema: JEAN, mark this adress in FAVORITESA
Dale/AC13: Bye for now Jean!
rich c: jean, do come back soon, and maybe we'll get you a booting ZLogo yet
BobSlopsema: so's you know how to get back
Dale/AC13: Good to see you.
zonker: good night, jean! thanks for dropping by!!
Jeff Mitchell: 'Night Jean :)
BobSlopsema: Robbie me boy!
HLM - GMK: nite jean
zonker: hey rob!!
Rob: robbi your boy????? talking to yourself Bob?
BobSlopsema: night Jean
Rob: yo bart
BobSlopsema: uh huh
Rob: see no last name and you STILL know me
BobSlopsema: lonnge islanders are hard to miss
Dale/AC13: Hi ya Rob.
rich c changed username to Ron M
zonker: i figure there is only ONE rob, right? :)
Rob: how goes lucky 13 on the 13th?
Ron M: Hey Rob!
Rob: hey dale
Rob: and RonM and everyone else..
Ron M: Hi Jean Stone
zonker: thats lawn gisland bob
BobSlopsema: ok, that works too
Ron M: of the L.I.A.R.S
Rob: no no.. oy... how many times.... Lawn Guylan!
zonker: oy yet! no doubt about it, it's rob. :)
Rob: < actually went out to the north fork today
Ron M: Jeff...
BobSlopsema: dats' riight
Jeff Mitchell: Yes? :)
zonker: kids i'm gonna have to scoot.
Ron M: CMOS dies on you P200 here
Ron M: notice I sayd YOURS
Rob: so how goes all?? are all of you at the con? < or is it over??? wassup?
Jeff Mitchell: Oh no! Well, not surprised, it was a little old.
zonker: continue to have fun....
Dale/AC13: See ya Zonker.
Jeff Mitchell: LOL!
Ron M: just being broken in geez!
zonker: don't get too full at the big feed tommorrow.....
Dale/AC13: Maybe the next Con will be in your back yard.
BobSlopsema: see ya zonk
zonker: bye!
HLM - GMK: oh no don't go Zonk
Ron M: take care
Jeff Mitchell: 'Night Zonker :)
zonker left chat session
Rob: ok.. who is at the con.. and who isnt? < other than me
Ron M: Zonk, you and I will talk later
Dale/AC13: Rob, you aren't. I am.
Rob: cute dale!
Dale/AC13: BobS, Ron M and HLM-GMK is.
Dale/AC13: Everyone else is here in spirit.
Rob: still hlm0gmk.. still joined at teh hip?
HLM - GMK: is this my friend FRIED MAN
Rob: who the $%# else
Rob: of course its me
Dale/AC13: They have a new web site at
BobSlopsema: I'm here
Rob: think i'm gonna act all nice and polite.. nahhh that wouldnt be my style
Ron M: who else do you need?
HLM - GMK: good you still love me then
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron M: Ok.... so we got a treasure hunt going here. we have to find out stuff
changed username to Rob
Dale/AC13: There are others here too. Did you have a chance to take a quick peek at the pictures from Yeaterday morning?
Ron M: Like... when did Dr. Drushel get his PhD
Rob: damn.. the applet dropped me
Ron M: Anybody know that/?
Ron M: gotta watch that applet Rob it's mean
Rob: yes Hoiman.. still luv ya
Dale/AC13: The hint is that it is in George's message base...
Dale/AC13: "Yesterday I got my PhD"
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to nick
Dale/AC13: It was in 1992.
Dale/AC13: Hi Nick.
Rob: so where are all of youse? < gotta keep my NY accent going
nick: hi all,
HLM - GMK: at least a few years ago
Harvie: Well I gotta back on outta here my two hours is up
Ron M: really Dale?
Dale/AC13: People have been asking after you.
Dale/AC13: Welcome to AdamCon.
Ron M: Nick Rich Clee wants to know if you'll be able to come see us tomorros
Dale/AC13: It was good to see you Harvie.
Ron M: tomorrow
BobSlopsema: Hi Nick
Rob: oh guys... guys..< and gals...>
HLM - GMK: Hello Nick
nick: tell Rich, I won't be back in time for the adamcon tomorrow
Dale/AC13: Try to drop by once in a while for the Wednesday chats.
Rob: Tim came to visit about 3 weeks ago
nick: we are staying here until monday am
BobSlopsema: nice seein ya Harvie!!!
Ron M: aww
Rob: 3rd time meeting him in person.. took him out on the island
Harvie: Nice to see you too, Goodnight
Ron M: good stuff
Dale/AC13: So how is Tim doing?
Harvie left chat session
Ron M: niters Harvie
HLM - GMK: nite Harvy
Rob: doing well.. was in poughkepsi for 2 weeks working on a linux book for ibm..< his boss now>
Dale/AC13: Ron, you can calculate it from that.
Rob: < you guys know i cant type ..even now
Dale/AC13: Ron, have you found an Adam printer? Rich D said he'd accept the dot matrix in room 100.
Ron M: from what?
Ron M: Ok... good
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC13: From a message that says "yesterday I got my PhD" and the date of that post.
changed username to Rich Drushel
Rich Drushel: At last, the bloody phone line let me in...
Ron M: hmmm.
Ron M: shouldbe possible
Dale/AC13: Hi Rich D.
Ron M: had that trouble too Rich
changed username to Pamela
Rob: anyway guys.. have fun.. gonna get going < have some things to do..
Ron M: persistance pays
Ron M: Good to see you drop by Rob
Pamela: Here is Pamela, multi-tasking on Rich's Powerbook.
BobSlopsema: ya, and an active phone line too
Rob: i saw the email from dale so i popped in
BobSlopsema: bye Rob!
Ron M: gonna let other guys talk
Rob: bob give your other half a hug
Ron M changed username to Guy B.
BobSlopsema: tell Sue HI also my man!!!
Rob: and the dynamic duo... talk to you soon..
Guy B.: I have returned!
Rob: and ron and the rest.. later..< bob..I will
Rob: hi and buy guy
Rich Drushel: My lateness was due to phone problems, in case anybody was worried.
Rob: zie gesunt
Guy B.: Glad you came Rob. Take care.
Rich Drushel: Nick, are you coming to the Banquet tomorrow?!?
Rob left chat session
nick: No I was just telling herman on msn, we are staying until monday
Dale/AC13: Bye Rob.
nick: i hate to miss it
Rich Drushel: Boo hoo...well (hustle mode on) would you like an official ADAMcon XIII T-shirt? $10 in XL or 2XL. :-)
HLM - GMK: Nite Rob
nick left chat session
Pamela: so did James ever show up?
HLM - GMK: and tell Sue Hello and Good nite
Guy B.: Good question.
Dale/AC13: James didn't think that he could make it tonight.
BobSlopsema: PAM!!!!! you here too????
Dale/AC13: I haven't seen him.
Pamela: he had to go to the airport, didn't he?
Dale/AC13: Jean, Pam is Rich Clee's daughter, and this is her first AdamCon.
Pamela: something about piciking up his borther?
Dale/AC13: I'll be back.
Dale/AC13 left chat session
Guy B.: Don't take long Dale.
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Rich and I are sharing the laptpo
changed username to Dale/AC13
Dale/AC13: I'm back.
BobSlopsema: here at convention????
Pamela: and as you can see, my spelling sucks
BobSlopsema: WPOW, yo made it!!!!
Pamela: yup
Guy B.: I'm sharing Ron's PC. Good thing I brought a monitor.
BobSlopsema: so do everyBODY else's
Pamela: yes, but i'm usually the good speller of the bunch
Guy B.: You and I both , Pam. But sometimes I do forget a letter or two.
HLM - GMK left chat session
Dale/AC13: One of these days I'll have to check into that one Pam.
Dale/AC13: I'll run a statistical analysis.
Pamela: it's hard to get used to the size of the key board but i seem to be getting the hang of it
Dale/AC13: I think Zonker will come out ahead <wink>
Pamela: at least I use capitals
BobSlopsema: it's them itty bitty keyboard thingies
Pamela: exactly
Dale/AC13: Of course he dpesn't exacly speek English.
Pamela: who, zzonker?
Guy B.: Notebook keyboards are WAY different from the desktop. But, they do the same job. Just takes a little longer.
Dale/AC13: You missed him tonght I guess.
Pamela: Yup, I have yet to make his acquaintance
Guy B.: And he was back to his old self. Cussing everyone.
Dale/AC13: My Laptop keyboard is pretty similar.
BobSlopsema: tall skinny guy with a goatee type beard
Pamela: like doug?
BobSlopsema: YES!!!!
BobSlopsema: only older
BobSlopsema: Zonk is about MY age......20 or so
Pamela: and doug is like what, 10?
Guy B.: 20!!! Oh. man are you WAAAAY off.
Pamela: okay, Bob, produce some i.d.
BobSlopsema: what is this!!!! a spanish inquisition??????
Pamela: absolutely
Dale/AC13: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
BobSlopsema: GOOD!!!!
Pamela: that's the point
Dale/AC13: That's their key advantage.
Pamela: you were expecting maybe french?
Guy B.: Or German!!
BobSlopsema: yes
Guy B.: Achtung!
Pamela: je m'excuse
BobSlopsema: sprechen sie duetch????
Pamela: nein
Dale/AC13: Well, that and fear.
BobSlopsema: das ist gut
Guy B.: Danke
Pamela: bitte
Dale/AC13: Oh yeah and maybe the really great clothes.
Pamela: I waant me a pair of them
Dale/AC13: Sumimasen ga, doco wa coleco adamu desu ka?
Pamela: is that Japanese?
Dale/AC13: Jill saw that room 100 was open...
BobSlopsema: NO and ADAM is NOT a bazuka!!!
Dale/AC13: but no one was there so she closed it again.
Pamela: Never mind, I got the answer
Pamela: Did she lock it?
Guy B.: I saw Rich had someone from the hotel staff opened up the room.
Dale/AC13: She offers that yuo should yell in her general direction if that is inappropraite.
Pamela: YELL
Dale/AC13: She is gone again, but she is out wandering the halls now.
Pamela: Sorry, shouldn't yell at expectant mothers
Guy B.: No she won't Yell. Holler maybe, but not YELL.
Dale/AC13: She may be appearing in a room near you.
BobSlopsema: NO ONSTAGE.......JILLIAN!!!!
Pamela: she just arrived
Dale/AC13: Pam, that was Japanese.
Pamela: she's got that camera thing going again
Dale/AC13: What can I say.
Pamela: yes, Rich told me
Guy B.: Ron and I have Frances Clee and she's doing a program in SmartLogo. Kind of a pretty pattern she's creating.
Dale/AC13: She's a maniac on the floor.
Pamela: Say hi Mom
Pamela: she wants to know why it took you this long to figurfe that out
Dale/AC13: Well, I guess it's only us chicken now...
Pamela: we have Russell, Jillian, Rich and Elanor here with me
Guy B.: Get Elanor on here.
Pamela: here she is
Dale/AC13: Everyone who is on is physically in the building communicating by a small computer 500km away and back again.
Pamela: Guy, she's here
Dale/AC13: With my cats staring curiously at the blinking buttons.
Pamela: this is pretty silly, isn't it
Pamela: as long as the cats don't do anything but look we're okay
Dale/AC13: I'm still working on teaching my cats to log onto the chat. Maybe next year.
Pamela: kitty chat?
Dale/AC13: They are getting pretty good with the keyboard...
Guy B.: Meow!
Pamela: murrup
Dale/AC13: it is the mouse they don't get. Every time they move it, they have the urge to chase the cursor.
Pamela: I can't imagine why
Pamela: ; )
Dale/AC13: After all cat in French is chat right
Guy B.: My dog let's me know when she wants me off the computer. She come and nudge me.
Pamela: our two spend all their time whining cos I'm not paying attention to them
Guy B.: But, I'm here and she's at Jeanene's place until I come back home.
Pamela: we have a number of cat sitters depending on whoo is where on any given weekend
BobSlopsema: gonna turn in for thre night guys and gals
Pamela: Bob, it's early yet
BobSlopsema: no it's late!
Pamela: only eight hours till breakfast
Dale/AC13: I'm going to go wander around a little.
Guy B.: We'll see you in the morning Bob. Good night.
Pamela: lotsa time
Dale/AC13: I'll log off.
BobSlopsema: RIGHT!
BobSlopsema: night all
Pamela: Okay, come waner this way and get your lady
Dale/AC13: Remember you have to be awake for my session tomorrow morning.
BobSlopsema left chat session
Pamela: wander, tht is
Dale/AC13 left chat session
Pamela: Do I have to? Can't I sleep through it like Herman?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale/AC12
Dale/AC12: Bye all
Guy B.: I think we should all turn in for the night, soon.
Pamela: see you shortly!
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale/AC12: What room are you in Pam?
Pamela: 208
Dale/AC12: I'll be right up.
Pamela: the one with the sign on the door.
Dale/AC12: poof.
changed username to NoOne
Pamela: who is no one?
NoOne left chat session
Dale/AC12 left chat session
Guy B.: Who is that masked ID????
Guy B.: Now he's gone.
Pamela: whoever it was is gone
Pamela: are we going to bed
Pamela: um let me rephrasse that
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go myself. It's getting late. Ron would like to get in one more time.
Pamela: Ron my man!
Guy B. changed username to Ron
Ron: I am
Pamela: Why are you not horizontal?
Pamela: that''s how you sleep, remember?
Ron: only group I can think of who will spend hours talking to one another in this manner from the same building
Ron: I'm eating
Pamela: so true but it's fun
Pamela: notice I'm having less trouble with the keyboard
Ron: horizontal soon. Last day of crispy bacon cometh
Ron: Is anyone down stairs?
Pamela: crispy bacon from now on
Pamela: no, I think Jillian locked the room
Ron: amen!
Ron: ok
Pamela: we are up in Rich's rooom and I;m on his laptop
Ron: aha
Pamela: what room are you in?
Pamela: did you have to go and looook?
Ron: 237
Ron: sorry...was talking to Frances
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Mom's still there?
changed username to WB
Ron: found a LOGO disk here in my collection she was interested in seeing
Ron: yes
changed username to WB
Pamela: beware - people coming bearing cameras
Pamela: Hi, Willie
WB left chat session
Ron: Willie Hi!
WB: Hello all!
Pamela: Ron always has to be different
Pamela: You're late
Ron: exactly
Ron: Jillian just came in with a camera..... can't say I wasn't warned
Pamela: Don't tell her I warned you
Pamela: Did mom get a chance to brush her hair?
Ron: no... she says it's still standing on end
Pamela: Willie, Elanor and Rich say hi too
WB: Hows the convention going
Ron: she wants to know why you ask
Ron: Very well Willie. We went to Case Western Reserve University this afternoon
WB: Hello Elanor and Rich
Ron: very fast course on robotics
Pamela: cos in two or three days when she sees the pictures she's gonna complain that her hair is a mess
Ron: 18 people here
Pamela: 22 if you count the rest of the Drushel clan who are in and out
Ron: She says she didn't know she was going to be posing for pictures
WB: Having fun?
Pamela: I warned you!
Ron: 22
Pamela: Tons, Willie
WB: Excellent!
Pamela: We are con virgins no more
WB: Man was that loaded!
Ron: still very much alive are we
Ron: even have ADAMs that work
Pamela: amazingly enough we have enuf for everyone
Ron: Pamela is an ADAMCON Rookie
Pamela: so is my husband
Ron: but not an ADAM rookie.
Ron: that's right
Pamela: so far there have been no iniation rites - I'm hoping my luck holds
Ron: the con is not over yet
Pamela: is that a threat
WB: Ha! The Kool-aid bath comes later!
Ron: :) (evil)
Pamela: careful Ron, you're here where I can catch you
Ron: oh oh
Pamela: Willie, don't give him any ideas
Ron: Actually we are gentle souls
Pamela: this is so cool - now I can hear everyone's posts in their voices
Pamela: with a small devilish streak
Ron: neat to be able to put faces to names
Pamela: and no one was a stranger when I walked in the door - it was incredible
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to nick
Pamela: Nick, you're back?
Ron changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ron will be back in a moment. Something got into his eye.
nick: yea, i am having trouble with my connection out here in hicksville, ny
Pamela: ouch
Pamela: Rich says he never got an answer on the T shirt issue
Guy B.: Ok. He' s back.
Guy B. changed username to Ron
Pamela: Nick, he says $14 will get you the T and shipping
nick: oh, you are talking to me
Pamela: yes dear
Ron: right... had an eye problem... now it's gone
Pamela: the eye is gone,
Ron: maybe they should be closed
Pamela: Ron?
Ron: no the problem
nick: i may have to get one
Ron: Oh?
Pamela: Just let Rich know when you decide
nick left chat session
Pamela: since I'm hogging his laptop
Ron: ok the girls have left the building
Ron: or the room at least
Pamela: where did they go, are they coming up?
Ron: didn't ask
Pamela: big help
Ron: I know.
Pamela: you didn't warn me about the cameras!
Ron: Some good sessions here Willie.
Ron: watch out....
Pamela: thanks nows a good time!
WB: What are you guys and gals still doing up after a day of Adam activity
Ron: ADAMCON used to be 90% sleep deprivation. We're not as bad as we used to be
Pamela: I'm splitting now to go to bed and turning the machine back over to Rich - g'nite guys! see you at breakfast, Ron
Pamela left chat session
Ron: yup Pamela. see ya tomarraw
WB: Good night Pam
Ron: most of us are getting older
Ron: not all but some
Rich Drushel: Rich Drushel is back...
Ron: aha
Rich Drushel: Pamela vacated the chair.
Rich Drushel: The wonders of multi-tasking: one machine, Netscape and Exploder, 2 Java virtual machines, hence 2 chat windows.
Ron: tried to get my laptop on from downstairs, but it doesn't have the horespower
Rich Drushel: But only one keyboard.
Ron: oh... a block
Rich Drushel: I tried the webcam system originally, but there is no Java on a 68K Mac.
Rich Drushel: So I had to come upstairs...and it took 45 minutes to connect from my room.
WB: Goodnight gentle people. I am off to dreamland.
Rich Drushel: Good night WB.
WB left chat session
Ron: I was able to use the 520c from home with the cable modem hookup but not via Compuserve from here it seems
Ron: oh
Rich Drushel: And then there were 2...
Ron: niters Willie Good you could drop in
Ron: not long Rich....i want to dream about crispy bacon
Rich Drushel: Two little ADAMites, chatting lots for fun.
Rich Drushel: Then someone's carrier dropped...and then there were none.
Ron: Tomorrow Rich... if as and when you get a minute
Rich Drushel: :-)
Rich Drushel: I got some minutes...
Rich Drushel: Whatcha need?
Ron: I'd like you to have a look at SB1.x running on my hard drive up here
Ron: problem that I think I related some time ago
Rich Drushel: I even have a manual for it with me in my Treasure I can look stuff up.
Ron: re designation of drives
Rich Drushel: Yes, I remember...I'll see what I can do.
Ron: on the hard drive...designation of volumes that is
Ron: ok
Ron: we go?
Ron: see you tomorrow
Rich Drushel: I suppose...unless you want to continue this in person (if Guy isn't asleep) :-)
Rich Drushel: G'night, Ron...
Ron: nope, c'mon up
Rich Drushel: Okay...
Ron: it it's not too latge
Ron: tate
Ron: can't type... it must be too late
Rich Drushel: 237, right?
Ron: yup 237
Rich Drushel: Line noise from this rotten hotel phone system lkd0qq42kl~~lee3094203
Rich Drushel: NO CARRIER
Rich Drushel: :-)
Ron: gone
Rich Drushel: All right, I will come up...see ya in a bit.
Rich Drushel left chat session
Ron left chat session
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changed username to james
james left chat session
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changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to StPeter
StPeter: Well congrats to all the attendees of ADAMCON 13, would sure like to be there too
StPeter left chat session
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changed username to Harvie
Harvie left chat session
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changed username to aaa
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changed username to aaa
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changed username to <undefined>
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changed username to erroljdry
erroljdry moved to room The Hallway
erroljdry moved to room The Kitchen
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