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<undefined>BobS: 14
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changed username to rich-c
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ADAMCON14: hi der Richard!!!
rich-c: allo Bob!
ADAMCON14: I see you got thru Windsor, etc successfully
rich-c: as you can see, got home OK today
rich-c: yep, got the family inspected then coasted home
ADAMCON14: we diddled around until suppertime in north Detroit area, then headed home and got here about 9:30P on Monday
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rich-c: still using the fillup of gas I bought in Toledo
ADAMCON14: it is dropping here again
rich-c: and made it WindsorToronto in under four hours, even with rest stops
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ADAMCON14 changed username to ADAMCON14 - BobS
ADAMCON14 - BobS: made good time then, eh?
rich-c: yes, I noticed oil was down to $24-odd a bbl today
ADAMCON14 - BobS: lost the 3rd here........
ADAMCON14 - BobS: what does the $$$ of oil have to do with it??????
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ADAMCON14 - BobS: greed is more likely
changed username to Rich Drushel
ADAMCON14 - BobS: come on in.......!!!!
rich-c: not a great deal short term, but long term has some influence
rich-c: hello Dr. D
Rich Drushel: Greed, greed, whose greed?
ADAMCON14 - BobS: Hiya Rich!
ADAMCON14 - BobS: oil companies
Rich Drushel: Hi Bob...did you get my E-mail with the balance sheet?
ADAMCON14 - BobS: gas $$$ have more to do with gree than barrel price
ADAMCON14 - BobS: yup and replied about 45 min ago
Rich Drushel: Okay, gotta check mail...I just logged into the chat from home here directly.
Rich Drushel: Christina is here and says "Hi!"
ADAMCON14 - BobS: so!!!! Dr D pulled it off including 2 suppers in the AC13 cost Richard
ADAMCON14 - BobS: HI Dhristina!
rich-c: hello Christina, good to "see" you
ADAMCON14 - BobS: but hten again, we didn't get our usual cappacino's and latte's twice a day..... ;-)
Rich Drushel: Haha, Christina just ran off :-)
ADAMCON14 - BobS: that is....CHRISTINA!!!"
rich-c: rich, just telling Bob I got home (via Windsor) with gas left from the fill I bought in Toledo
ADAMCON14 - BobS: gotta work on that
Rich Drushel: Yes Bob, as I said, the need to cover meeting rooms at the last minute caused a small reallocation...but I didn't hear any complaints.
Rich Drushel: And $156 for supper Saturday is better than I could have hoped.
ADAMCON14 - BobS: nope, we are a happy bunch no matter what!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: CHRISTINA IS BACK!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!
rich-c: after a triumph like that, you should be getting COMPLAINTS?????
ADAMCON14 - BobS: I was surpirsed for that many peop;le
Rich Drushel: Let's say there was some internal dissention and leave it at that.
ADAMCON14 - BobS: sorry I mistyuped your very own name my dear! :-)
ADAMCON14 - BobS: but me farn dingers are not workin gut tonight
ADAMCON14 - BobS: that is a normal occurance Rich D
Rich Drushel: Me durn fingers ha' been typing all day, trying to get a paper out the door by 31 July.
ADAMCON14 - BobS: ;puyt 3 people together and at least one will disagree
Rich Drushel: I had gathered :-)
rich-c: yes, we took seven out for dinner last night and it cost $195
Rich Drushel: Ga, ga,, hope it was good, Richard!!
ADAMCON14 - BobS: WHOA! we coulda stayed in Detroit and come over for dinner??????
rich-c: wasn't bad, we went to Kelseys in Windsor
ADAMCON14 - BobS: well, Rich does like such places as Red Lobster...... ;-)
ADAMCON14 - BobS: Kelseys......never heard of it
ADAMCON14 - BobS changed username to AC14 - BobS
Rich Drushel: We gave up on RL about 5 years ago when every one around here made someone sick when they went home...
rich-c: fairly big chain up here, sort of roadhouse/steakhouse genre
AC14 - BobS: there, that is shorter
Rich Drushel: Wasn't Kelsey's where Archie Bunker hung out? :-)
AC14 - BobS: OUCH!
rich-c: since I don't eat seafood, RL is not my kind of place
AC14 - BobS: oh, they got expired cow also
rich-c: maybe so, but the smell bothers me
Rich Drushel: Being a native midwesterner with no oceans or large lakes, I never ate it as a kid. Joan, being from New Jersey however, was a different story...
Rich Drushel: She taught me to eat Chinese food, too, something we never ever had at home.
AC14 - BobS: the shrimp is great
Rich Drushel: Now I like it lots, and Indian stuff too, so long as it isn't really spicy.
rich-c: they don't catch lobster in New Jersey
AC14 - BobS: yes, xchinese.......resisted for many moons........finally got roped into it one night about 10 years ago
AC14 - BobS: LOVE the sweet/sour shrimip and plum wine!
AC14 - BobS: mostly the plum wine
AC14 - BobS: smooth and tasty
rich-c: we go for Chinese, Thai, some Indian, Mexican, lots of otehrs...
Rich Drushel: I can pretty much eat anything now...a few dishes I will eat only if starving, though: macaroni and cheese, ick.
AC14 - BobS: RIGHT Rich
rich-c: Kraft Dinner (mac and cheese, prepackaged) is a great old Canadian tradition
Rich Drushel: The girls think I'm nuts, 'cause they could live on it.
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changed username to Meeka
Rich Drushel: Me, give me chicken potpie...that's probably my favorite meal.
rich-c: Hi Meeka
Rich Drushel: Howdy Meeka, your robot constructress and ADAM disassembless, you!
Rich Drushel: :-)
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changed username to Doug S.
Rich Drushel: And Doug as well...hi.
rich-c: hello Doug
Meeka: hello from us both
Doug S.: hello all
rich-c: getting teh whole clan here - wonder where my group is?
AC14 - BobS: ever had the new pies with the mashed potatoes on top Rich????????
AC14 - BobS: they are GOOD
AC14 - BobS: Hi, HI
Rich Drushel: Haven't tried them yet, but it sounds yummy.
Rich Drushel: I think I make a good potpie myself, brag brag.
Rich Drushel: (at least I can do cakes :-) :-) )
rich-c: quite successfully, I'd say
AC14 - BobS: make???cakes, yes, WITH Christina's help.............
Meeka: I finally got Doug to get on chat.
Rich Drushel: I did the first ADAM cake on 26 June 1994, at a summer B.A.S.I.C. picnic.
Rich Drushel: I can do the cake baking part, too--it was just that I had no oven here.
rich-c: terrific - now we can get technical consultations!
AC14 - BobS: AH SO !!!!!
Rich Drushel: Christina brought me 3 rectangular cakes in pans, I did the rest.
AC14 - BobS: good girl
Rich Drushel: The reason I know the date for the first one is that I have in front of me the meeting reminder card that was mailed out for that picnic--I found it in my treasure box while packing up for the convention.
rich-c: so you can always take up cake decorating if the academic life gets tiresome :-)
Rich Drushel: I have some photos too, in the robot lab, I keep meaning to scan them in but keep forgetting...
Rich Drushel: The other reason I remember that picnic is that it was at Sandy Schwerings farm.
rich-c: reminds me - one of my sources forwarded me a notice for the annual Apple II convention in Kansas City
Rich Drushel: She had some turkeys, which all chased Elanor as a flock, with her screaming for help.
rich-c: but they're pikers - it's only their 12th
Rich Drushel: Elanor is still traumatized :-)
Rich Drushel: I get puzzled looks when I tell people that we're on #14 with the ADAM.
rich-c: yeah, getting chased by a bunch of turkeys will do that...
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changed username to Ron
rich-c: welcome ROn
Ron: Hey all!
Meeka: hi Ron
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Ron: we're all back
Rich Drushel: Hi to the Mighty Mitchell.
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: :)
rich-c: hello Guy
Meeka: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Rich Drushel: And Guy too. All we need is Pamela and HLM/GMK and Murray...not sure we could expect PJ.
rich-c: no, there just doesn't seem to be any way to get PJ on the net
AC14 - BobS: HOWDY "men" and I do NOT use that term lightly.....YOU HAVE ATTENDED A REAL ADAMCON CONVENTION, AFTER ALL......
Guy B.: Ron, I've got you CIS Cd-Rom. Fortunately, I decided to double check the room.
Rich Drushel: Have any of you braved the 4-12 MB downloads of the webcam time lapse movies?
rich-c: Pamela said she planned to be on at 9 - don't know why she isn't
Ron: Laid a number on PJ, trying to get her to use her IBM to come join us, but I don't know
Ron: are they up on the site Rich?
AC14 - BobS: not ytet
Rich Drushel: These would be just the thing for a convention CD-ROM, because the download times are monstrous if you don't have ethernet access.
Meeka: not yet, I planned to get tham tonight after chat. I just got the e-mail when I signed on tonight
rich-c: I tried a tad of coaxing too, but the prognosis is not optimistic
AC14 - BobS: I don't think the PJ even has the ibm plugged in!!!!
Rich Drushel: Yes, the webcam movies are up; the videotape from the robot lab isn't yet, though.
Ron: that's right
Rich Drushel: I did put up the digital photos from CWRU just before I left work tonight.
Ron: Bob...she doesn't want any part of it
Guy B.: I'm going to try during the weekend. I already got some movies from the Chicago L system I've downloaded and they run pretty good on this system.
Rich Drushel:
rich-c: don't think at 33.6 I'm about to try that
AC14 - BobS: BUT WHY????????
AC14 - BobS: stubborn gol darned woman
Rich Drushel: Richard, you could do it in about 5 nights if you did one per night :-)
Ron: So it's 14 eh Bob? Not OE?
Rich Drushel: It better be 0x0e...
AC14 - BobS: stillhoping that CIS wuill go back to ASCI on the ADAM and wrongfully addicted to CIS because they carried us for years while they made easymoney off us
Rich Drushel: We have Herr Clee's prophesy to fulfill...
rich-c: now that's optimism
Ron: $)E
Ron: $0E
Rich Drushel: How did Richard write it in his keynote script? He read it...Richard, you still have the file?
AC14 - BobS: haven't decided what to call it yet!!!
rich-c: I don't know, I will have to go look
Ron: ok
rich-c: it may have been published on one of the early ANN discs
Ron: Rich thought that 0E was 15
Ron: so .... given his intent
Ron: I'd say we might even have 2 years before we go back to hex
Rich Drushel: ? IV + 10 = $0E.
AC14 - BobS: SHEES!!!!!! what is 14 in hex-dec............
Rich Drushel: 20 decimal
Guy B.: Rich D, I meant to ask you this. Since I've already got the changes for Smartfiler and Address Filer under Adamserve using the floppy disks. Recipe Filer is the only one left. Have you checked this one yet?
Ron: Think Mr. Clee really meant 0F
Rich Drushel: That's why I joked that you could consider ADAMcon 26 as either hex or decimal :-)
Ron: We need our university prof to teach us some math
Rich Drushel: Guy: I can't remember...but the fix will be identical, if not in an identical location, because they all have the same shared database code.
rich-c: oh, we know the conversion, it just takes us a while
Meeka: Rich, Looked at the pictures, you got some good ones. I will hopefully be posting to my site tonight. I have all the pages done, but need to make a few changes yet.
Guy B.: Ok, I did save the notes from last year. I'll take a look and try the changes myself.
Rich Drushel: Rich couldn't have meant $0F, because that's 15. ADAMcon 4 + 10 years = ADAMcon 14, or hex 0E. Q.E.D., X.Y.Z., P.D.Q.
Ron: You'll all be happy to know that the afghan is a perfect match for the lampshades
Guy B.: What color are the lampshades?
rich-c: will your mother let you look at it occasionally?
Rich Drushel: If a logo is picked enough in advance, I might be able to twist Joan's arm for some more raffle sewing goodies...
Ron: She said something about, "you don't wanna take that downstairs do you?"
AC14 - BobS: great!
Ron: I think that would be great Rich D. She did a super job
Guy B.: She did a great job on putting those together.
rich-c: yes, these little questions so loaded with meanings...
Ron: yup
Rich Drushel: Speaking of next convention stuff...I have a box with 75 leftover name badges. I could ship them to you, or print badges here and bring them along, etc.
Rich Drushel: No sense buying another box; this one ought to last a couple more cons at least :-)
rich-c: Rich, if I forward you the Apple II announcement, how about sending the 'juniors" a congratulatory message?
Guy B.: There's an expense saved right there. Take it Bob.
Ron: I'd say so
Rich Drushel: Hee to congratulate them nicely?
rich-c: who said nicely?
Rich Drushel: The whole box was only $13.xx at Office Max...but every little bit helps.
Rich Drushel: Well, some day I might need charity from one of them, so no point in making them hate me with no provocation now :-)
rich-c: us classic computer folks have to stick together - but there's room for a bit of teasing
Guy B.: You're right on that.
Rich Drushel: I could write them an Applesoft/SmartBASIC program with a welcome message..
Ron: Mother said she heard it was raining heavily in Cleveland, is that true?
Rich Drushel: Hmm, not when I came's dark, I'm in the basement now, let me go upstairs...
Guy B.: I got a rude awakening when I returned to work yesterday. 29 e-mails and a ton of work. I'm starting to catch up now.
Meeka: I wish it would rain here, ny grass NEEDS it
rich-c: now there's an idea, Roch
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
AC14 - BobS: have to remember you got the baddges
rich-c: hi daugheter, where have you been?
Meeka: Hi pam.
Pamela: Greetings, fellow AC13 survivors
Ron: Pamela
Pamela: Ronald
Ron: :)
Pamela: : ))
Rich Drushel: No rain in Cleveland Heights at this time...
Pamela: Sorry I'm late, I was involved in a murder mystery
Meeka: I have your magazine pam. I found it with my cross-stitch when I got home, Let me know your address and I will get it back to you
Guy B.: We did a heavy downpour yesterday, but none today. Some towns here have water bans since the storage tanks were emptying faster than they could fill.
Ron: whodunnit
Rich Drushel: Russell has disappeared?
AC14 - BobS: hi Pam!
Ron: Ok....
Ron: guess that's what Mom was hearing about
rich-c: don't know what happened here in our absence, but the birdbaths had wter and the garden was damp when we got home
Pamela: where do I start: Russell is in the living room watching something on the Roman empire and will come in to comment from time to time
Rich Drushel: Hello Pamela...thanks for your kind E-mail.
Ron: Hail Caesar!
Pamela: Rich, we meant every word. I was just sorry we couldn't find you before we left
Ron: Never got a chance to say goodbye to the Clee's either
Pamela: Meeka, don't worry about the mag for now - I won't get to it for at least a year anyway so you can give it back to me at 14
Rich Drushel: Caesar, Caesar, wherefore art thou, Caesar? Deny thy salad and refuse thy dressing; or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer eat a pita bread.
rich-c: Frances has just fired up our Adam
Ron: my Lord!
Pamela: was she inspired?
rich-c: good question
Guy B.: An Adam comes alive.
Rich Drushel: I woke up at 9:15 AM and was terrified that I wouldn't be out by 11:00 AM *and* would miss most of the departees.
rich-c: Oh, I'll likely be getting another in the next couple of days
Ron: She was using a LOGO disk of mine at the con that had a 'catalogue' problem
Ron: went into an infinite loop and refused to shut up
Ron: so she's probably looking for something that works
Rich Drushel: I saw PJ leave, and Richard and Frances, but that was it. Everyone else had gone.
Pamela: Rich, that sysop tape of yours still has the beginnings of my synopsis on it - you can erase it if you like
rich-c: sure you don't want an Adam, daughter?
Guy B.: I left at 8:30 Cleveland time and got home at 2:30 Chicago time. Hardly any problems going back home other than a little backup on I90-94.
Pamela: I repaet, where would I put it?
Rich Drushel: Ron, I won't peek at it; I can wait for the published version.
Ron: My P200 sustained a casing injury on the way back
rich-c: oh, with computers, there's always room for one more....
Ron: It will now be awarded a Purple Heart
Guy B.: As long as it boots up. You're Ok.
Pamela: If you can find a space here, we'l consider it. Think of it as a challenge
rich-c: if you don't believe it, ask ROn
Rich Drushel: Glue the $75 overweight baggage fine receipt on it for extra honours.
AC14 - BobS: :-)
Ron: well, ya see, it was like this
Ron: both my bags had weighed in at 64 lbs on the way out
Ron: but with the Afghan, a disk drive that had come up from Howard Pines via PJ
Pamela: We had breakfast at Dennys and left about 10:00 or so - got home at about 8:30 after a shopping detour in Buffalo
Ron: and a book that Murray had given me, the suitcase was 72 lbs
Rich Drushel: Pam, I don't think I got downstairs before 10:30.
Ron: now here in this country we allow 75 lbs
rich-c: you mean even LUGGAGE puts on weight at Adamcons?
Ron: but..... there... it's 70 lbs
Rich Drushel: Elanor and I ate at Denny's for lunch.
Pamela: We knocked about 9:00, but I think you were still asleep and you probably needed it
Guy B.: No wonder the extra weight fine. I wonder what the limit is?
Meeka: You could have left the afgan with me Ron,
Ron: and I happend across a lady on the board who wouldn't give me a break
Ron: I know Meeka, but
Meeka: :-)
Ron: that will probably be the last time I travel like that...... too much like work
Rich Drushel: I treated myself to T-bone steak and eggs...that's my "it's been a hard day/week/month and you need a treat" meal. Plus a stack of pancakes.
rich-c: Frances is busy playing Addictus
Rich Drushel: Didn't have to eat again until Tuesday lunch :-)
Guy B.: You deserve that Rich D.
rich-c: I think she was unhappy with her scores at the convention
Rich Drushel: So how many raffle tickets did it take to get that afghan, Ron?
Rich Drushel: Add 75 to the total, I guess :-)
Ron: lemmee see...
Ron: bought 5 (from you)
Rich Drushel: Frances was unhappy that I pulled the plug on her game and trashed my Addictus disk.
Ron: then another 5
Ron: then 10
Pamela: the time to practice is in about 11 months, not now
Ron: 20 bux
Rich Drushel: Now we can tell Jean Stone that her afghan raised $288.
rich-c: oh, any time she sags under six figures, she figures she needs some warmup
Pamela: That's pretty impressive!
Rich Drushel: oops, knock $25 off that.
Rich Drushel: $263.
Ron: cool
Guy B.: And she makes very beautiful ones. And I know Meeka wants to win next years.
Pamela: Perhaps we could get someone else to make one too?
Ron: Think we oughta have a rule that there can be no 2nd time winners?
Rich Drushel: Maybe we should display the afghans from past conventions the way we do the banners...I could bring mine.
Pamela: Don't rub it in, Rich
Rich Drushel: I wouldn't have accepted a 2nd one had I drawn it.
Guy B.: But, who can remember who won them all?
AC14 - BobS: Ron does the disk drive work now???????
rich-c: no problem as long as we're driving, but what about those with overweight air luggage?
Ron: that's what I was thinking..... not until Meeka has won one
Pamela: Well, Ron's outof the running now so unless Murray wins it, there shouldn't be a problem
Ron: Guy saw me pack that suitcase. He was amazed
Rich Drushel: Of course, subject to transportation limitations.
Pamela: It never fails to amaze me what a suitcase will hold
Guy B.: He managed to get everything in.
Pamela: Even the afghan?
rich-c: yes, teh challenge can change to finding who can hold the suitcase
Ron: yup
Pamela: That's why I bought one with wheels and a handle
Rich Drushel: What if he wore the afghan as a carry-on? He could say that he was a member of the ADAMite religious order.
Ron: Did I wake you up Guy going out in the am?
Guy B.: I bought mine when we went to Adamcon Six.
Ron: You know, the thought never occurred to me until after I'd gone thru security
Pamela: Guy was up before 7:30 - we caught him as we were saying goodbye to the Slopsemas
Ron: but I probably could have done that
Pamela: Scores of people in funny t-shirts
Ron: :)
AC14 - BobS: they all looked like thaey had been to a conventions or something
Guy B.: Just turning on the bathroom light. But, you didn't say good-bye. You must have been running behind a little.
Ron: we keep meeting like this, we'll have to be classified as a religious cult
Pamela: running around going "hard drive - I have to figure out how to attach a hard drive"
Ron: well actually no, Guy, I woke about 15 min earlier than I had planned to. Was pretty much on time when I finally closed the door
rich-c: or chanting em-u-la-tor, em-u-la-tor
Pamela: stranger things have happened in this world, Ron
Ron: rotfl
Pamela: LOL
Guy B.: No wonder.
Rich Drushel: xyzzy
Pamela: ?
Rich Drushel: :-)
Ron: in the Lobby there was Murray, and Dale. Dale was still pretty much asleep
Pamela: That's not a good condition to be driving in
Rich Drushel: a "magic word" from a famous text adventure game, "Zork" (and "ADVENTURE" before that)
Pamela: Ah, now I get it
rich-c: fortunately he seems to have made it home OK
Rich Drushel: did he say he got a speeding ticket?
Ron: indeed
Pamela: Well, we didn't see any green Cherokees on the side of the road, so I assumed as much
rich-c: in Hamilton, yet
Pamela: In Canada????
Guy B.: I wonder how fast he was going?
Pamela: How did he manage that?
rich-c: if he got it on the QEW, he must have been in the high 80s
Rich Drushel: K or mi?
Pamela: Really
Pamela: K
rich-c: they don't even quote fines under 120 KPH
Pamela: sorry, mi
Ron: I'll have to tell Dale that he can have my P200 to go with his Commodore 1024 monitor. They're now a perfect match
Pamela: I hit the QEW and stood on it - went up to 115 and it felt great not to have to check my mirror for flashing lights
Rich Drushel: I want to find a cheap 6" color LCD screen to make an ADAM laptop.
Rich Drushel: No emulator.
Pamela: I have to see that, Rich
Ron: build it Rich. We will come
Pamela: to gawk
Rich Drushel: Said screen is still $400 US at least...
Ron: oh
rich-c: these days, in the 6" bracket "cheap" may no longer be an oxymoron
AC14 - BobS: they rasie the limit on the QEW???????
Rich Drushel: If it falls to $139 like the 2" screens, I buy it yesterday.
Ron: sure eh?
Pamela: Nope it's still 100 but you get run over if you go that slow
Rich Drushel: But $400 is too much to risk on a prototype.
rich-c: sure is - now w3e can buy 15" LCD monitors for $600 Cdn - $400 US
Rich Drushel: It would be more like the 286 "luggables" of yore, but it would be all-in-one.
Ron: who had something like that...... from the west coast......??
Pamela: but the hernia is free
Rich Drushel: I must be looking at the wrong websites...or else prices have plummetted in the last couple months?
Ron: in a metal case
Ron: um....
AC14 - BobS: too bad we can't convert aln old laptop screen to plug onto the ADAM and then just flip it up
Rich Drushel: Oh yes, the suitcase ADAM...that was...grr, I can see him, Gene Welch!
Ron: yeah!
Pamela: hurrah!
rich-c: those screens are teh reason secondhand laptops cost so much
Guy B.: Tigerdirect.Com has been having sales on those LCD monitors.
AC14 - BobS: yes, but he didn't have amonitor
Rich Drushel: Probably an iMac type ADAM would be a more realistic type box.
Ron: sec...... there was a picture of it. in the ones that Meeka gave me back
rich-c: what are the NEC and Samsung 15" LCDs going for, Guy?
Guy B.: No, I remember the portable Adam, he had to hook it up to either a monitor or a TV.
Rich Drushel: I saw a webpage where someone put an Amiga into the case of a 17" monitor, with the LCD screen in the front.
Rich Drushel: I have also seen Amiga "laptops" with built-in keyboard and flip-up screen.
rich-c: ow that sounds cute. hope it was an AGA Amiga
Ron: Nope... it's connected to a commie monitor
Pamela: cute computers. what is the world coming to?
Guy B.: They have this Proview PT500 15" going for $399.
rich-c: converting the currency, same as the ones I mentioned at Future Shop
Rich Drushel: But is it NTSC TV input? There's a difference between VGA for computer and NTSC for TVs.
Pamela: about $600 CDN Dad
Rich Drushel: The places I've looked are e.g. suppliers for conversion vans who want an on-board TV for a VCR.
rich-c: I sorta suspect that checking electronics shops might yield a better result
Ron: where there's a will
rich-c: although I guess they've given up on NTSC many years ago
AC14 - BobS: tha's what you need Rich, so the TV signal can some right inX
rich-c: I remember seeing a small - 4 or 6 inch - lcd screen portable tv in Meijer's or such years ago, not that expensive
rich-c: maybe you'll need to cruise the garage sales
Rich Drushel: I guess I will have to do better looking. But screen in hand, I think I can see how to make a laptop.
Pamela: make it from Lego, Rich
rich-c: Bob is pretty good on garage sales - maybe he'll scout for you
Pamela: : )
Rich Drushel: It would be too heavy...a great static display, though.
Ron: I take it that an existing laptop running the ADAM emulator will not qualify?
Rich Drushel: It would probably cost $300 to buy enough LEGOs.
Pamela: If we all got together and pooled our supplies of Lego, it might work
Rich Drushel: Unless I got lucky at a garage sale, which I'm not the type to go frequent.
rich-c: yes, we were in the Lego store last night - the prices -OUCH
Pamela: Dad, did you and Mom get into the Lego outlet store?
Rich Drushel: Danish polystyrene is pricy...
Ron: That stuff was never cheap
Ron: I remember a time when I bought it for Jeff...(and if you believe that)
Pamela: Theres this bridge in Arizona . . .
Ron: yes
Rich Drushel: Used to be in London, wasn't it?
Ron: :)
Pamela: Mom inherited mine when I left home - she's been adding to it ever since
rich-c: and now it's on Lake Havusu
Rich Drushel: Or am I anticipating the wrong joke.
Ron: I loved that LEGO
Pamela: Correct, and I hear it's for sale again - this time to be rebuilt in the desert
rich-c: well, the one I heard about was in Brooklyn
rich-c: but then Yanks are SO insular...
Rich Drushel: America est insula.
Pamela: Ron, how about the Lion's Gate?
Meeka: I thought that it went ocean front property in Arizona
Ron: It's being re-treaded as we speak
Pamela: so not for sale yet?
Ron: closes down at night for re-decking, but it's still there at First Narrows
Rich Drushel: That's only *after* I set off the nukes I've hidden in the San Andreas fault to make California slide into the Pacific! Bwahaha!
Pamela: swampland in Florida is popular too
Ron: Well there's a video out here about earthquake preparedness done by BCTV
Ron: and they show the Lionsgate bridge in quite some damaged state they do
Ron: pretty graphic
Pamela: Rich, none of us would lift a finger to stop you - but save Napa for Dad's sake
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: and if they get the REALLLY big one...
changed username to Jillian
Pamela: Hi, Jillian!
Jillian: Hey all!
Meeka: hi jillian.
Ron: Then the west coast is relocated to Hope
Ron: BC
Rich Drushel: It's Jill! Hello and welcome.
rich-c: hello Jill!!
Pamela: You made it okay!
Jillian: Yeah and I was even on time for work.
Ron: Half of Vancouver island is back under water like it was 60 million years ago
Pamela: We hear Dale got a ticket
Ron: The city of Richmond sinks into the mud
Pamela: in Hamilton, no less
Ron: and we're all on our own for 72 hours
rich-c: with the San Andreas, it runs out to sea near the Golden Gate
AC14 - BobS: HI jailbird!!!!!! ;-)
Rich Drushel: ROTFL
Jillian: He wasn't paying attention to his speed and got nabbed.
rich-c: remember, Pam, you stood astride it in Point Reyes?
Ron: Hi Jillian
AC14 - BobS: oh that's right it was DALE
Pamela: Yes, I remember graphically
Jillian: We were on the 401. I'm not yet allowed to drive on restricted access roads.
Rich Drushel: He should have said that he was escaping with his pregnant wife to save her from a horde of crazed American computer nuts.
rich-c: evern photographically, if you like - we still have the slides
Rich Drushel: Ought to be worth some sympathy...
Pamela: Right. Like the cops would buy that
Jillian: It might have worked better than the truth.
Pamela: groaner, Dad
Rich Drushel: scan, scan, post a scan!
rich-c: how fast were you going anyway, Jill?
Ron: OPP = Ontario Party Poopers
Pamela: Excuse me, I'm going to hide behind a rock now
Pamela: Of course if it was on the fault line, it might not be much protection
Jillian: _I_ was asleep. The cop said that Dale hit 145. 140 I could believe. 145 nope.
Ron: 145 * 5/8
Rich Drushel: I have a slide of me somewhere as a boy standing on the Tennessee-Kentucky border in Cumberland Gap...
Ron: still pretty fast
Jillian: It's a major ticket though.
Rich Drushel: Oi! 90 MPH.
Pamela: Does it have a fault line too?
AC14 - BobS: heck that's only agbout 90 mph.........
Rich Drushel: Probably to divide the Hatfields and the McCoys in a feud :-)
Pamela: hardly anything at all
AC14 - BobS: we see that all the time on the freeway
Jillian: I blame it on the big jeep with powerful engine.
Pamela: I don't think mine would go that fast
rich-c: yes, 140 does come with a banzai price tag
Jillian: It's pretty easy to get going 120 in that buggy without realizing it.
Ron: Hell they were doing that on 28th Street in Kentwood...when I was trying to cross
Pamela: That's what you get for jaywalking, Ron
Meeka: they still do Ron
rich-c: so what's 120 in Ontario these days?
AC14 - BobS: just shyof that Ron,
Pamela: You suddenly have a big target on your back
AC14 - BobS: come on now, give them suckers a break!
Pamela: in terms of speed or fine, Dad
rich-c: I had the cruise at 110 all the way in from Windsor and got passed more often than I passed anyone
Ron: ya
Jillian: 120 is umm .. standard highway speed?
Pamela: give or take 20K or so
AC14 - BobS: I can believe that Rich
Rich Drushel: Maybe I am paranoid, but both times in Canada, I hewed exactly to the speed limits, figuring that my Ohio license plates were cop attractors in their own right.
Ron: our new hiway here has a speed limit of 110 km/h twixt here and Nanaimo
Ron: and if you do that, everyone is passing you including the Mounties
Jillian: I try to drive the speed limit when I'm driving even in town and I'm always shocked at how many people are willing to curse me out.
rich-c: no, our cops are equal opportunity growlers
Pamela: Rich, no one will look twice at you as long as you're doing 115 or less and aren't weaving in and out of traffic
Rich Drushel: In our southern states, northern license plates are indeed such cop attractors.
AC14 - BobS: that's it!!!! follow the leader just slightly slower
Pamela: I routinely get passed by cops going faster
rich-c: in fact two OPP cruisers passed me today with a lot in hand - and I was 10 over the limit
Ron: The South gonna rise again!
AC14 - BobS: those are DONUT SEEKERS!
Jillian: Dale was really careful to keep to the limits while in the states, but we get across the border and whammo.
Pamela: If nothing else, in traffic fines alone
Rich Drushel: What kind of $$$ are you talking for fines?
rich-c: yes, the US south is notorious for speed traps
AC14 - BobS: felt safwe on his home turf
rich-c: some towns get over half their revenue trapping tourists
Pamela: 20 over is $50 fine but no points
rich-c: locals like it - keeps the taxes way down
Jillian: The cop gave us a lecture about how most fatal accidents happen within 10 miles of home.
Ron: Out here we had photo radar, but it's gone now since we turfed our last provincial gov't
Ron: But the City of Vancouver wants to keep it
Ron: guess they were making money
Pamela: we got rid of the radar but not the gov't
Jillian: I thought it was kindof nonsenical given that we were about 2 hours out.
rich-c: and good riddance - one of the few intelligent things Harris did was chuck that
Pamela: I agree, Jill - shows you how much attn the cop was actually paying
Ron: Liberals here have done the same
Jillian: Carrying a gun breeds arrogance.
AC14 - BobS: sometimes it IS the ignorant who love the power OF carrying that gun
Pamela: now there's atopic for a Cdn vs. US debate
rich-c: oh, I think 40 over the limit is coming it a bit strong
rich-c: the QEW doesn't have the margin of error to support that much speed differential
Pamela: tell that to the people who routinely practice it
Ron: brb
AC14 - BobS: good point Rich
AC14 - BobS: EXCUSE YOU Ron......shees burping ion public......
rich-c: basically, the clue is to move with traffic
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
AC14 - BobS: ;-)
rich-c: speed doesn't kill, speed differential does
Guy B.: At least Dale will remember to watch his speed in the future.
AC14 - BobS: but when you ARE the traffic, moot point
Rich Drushel: "I vas just followink orders!"
Ron: stands for bee rite bach
rich-c: like between you and that bridge abutment...
(AC14 - BobS groans loudly)
Pamela: honestly ossifer, it jumped out in front of me
Pamela: Ah, Bach
Ron: I wanna LEGO robot and a Handy Board
Rich Drushel: for the HB
rich-c: but Ron, they don't support pushpins!
Ron: Do you offer the course by Distance Learning Rich?
Jillian: I've always felt that Dale is a safe driver. A fast driver, but I've driven with people who were going too fast at way under the limit.
AC14 - BobS: Doug wants a handy board too!
Rich Drushel: for bulk LEGOs.
Meeka: doug does to, and he says that I get one to ( so he doesn't have to share) ;-)
Rich Drushel: Or your favorite old toybox.
AC14 - BobS: tha leaves Ron out.......
Ron: aww
Rich Drushel: Well...(thinking cap on)...
Ron: lots of floor here for it to zot around
Pamela: Russell says obviously AC14 will herald another Lego competition
Jillian: I've put down my foot, Dale can't get one until we move into a new apartement.
Ron: :) (good fer you Jill)
Guy B.: Tell me about it. Jeanene is one of them. And she got caught speeding this year and had to pay a $75 fine. Her insurance rate went up because of that.
Rich Drushel: If people *really* want to play with them more at ADAMcons, 10 people kicking in $30 each can buy one for the convention to have, pre-assembled and everything.
Pamela: who wants it preasemled? That's half the fun
Pamela: um - try preassembled
Ron: Dr Rich.... is all of that LEGO stuff (switches and motors ) actually stock product?
Guy B.: At least I got a crash course in programming in the C language. That was the fun part of it for me.
Jillian: I've seen them in toys R us.
Rich Drushel: Motors and sensors are hand-made by me, from cheapo surplus stuff (LEGO motors excepted).
Pamela: Next year, same teams, different programmers
Ron: ok ic
Rich Drushel: You're seen the yellow Mindstorms board, a somewhat different animal.
Rich Drushel: LEGO-made switches etc. are way, way too expensive...$25 for a lever switch?
Ron: good point
Jillian: ahh ok. I knew it was something though.
Pamela: I think you've created a monster or two, Rich
Jillian: or maybe a addict or two.
Pamela: that too
Rich Drushel: I have thought about it...the LEGO stuff was a bit of a detour, a "special event" because we were in Cleveland and you've all heard about the robot course for so long.
Guy B.: I know someone who has one of them. He's still trying to program it.
rich-c: salvage the reed switches from defunct Adam printers
AC14 - BobS: MONSTER "trucks".......YES
Pamela: You should offer your help,. Guy
Rich Drushel: If I did it again, not sure it would be such a universally involving experience the way it was this time.
AC14 - BobS: heck buy new for $2 at Radio Shack
Rich Drushel: Some things only work once...I'd have to think of a different task. And that might be too big a detour for an ADAMcon.
Pamela: this time around, we customize
Ron: well you did have all the eqpt there Rich, but it was a real hoot
Jillian: It's been a while since I programmed C.
Guy B.: I don't have a Mindstorm. And it would probably take me awhile to learn the programming.
Rich Drushel: But of course, vox populi, vox dei...the attendees of ADAMcons can call the tune for events at ADAMcons.
AC14 - BobS: you are correct Richard
rich-c changed username to frances
Pamela: Hi, Mom
Guy B.: Heck, I'll just stick to what I'm going learn now. Visual Basic.
frances: Hi
Guy B.: Hi Frances.
Jillian: Hi Frances.
Rich Drushel: Now if I could manage to make a Handyboard into an ADAMnet device...then it would be ADAM again.
Meeka: hello
Rich Drushel: Hello Frances.
frances: Hi, Hi, HI, etc.
Jillian: I've never tried VB or any visual languages.
moved to room Meeting Place
AC14 - BobS: HI MOM!!!!
changed username to Ron
frances: I'veeen sitting at the Adam behind Richard and playing Addictus
Ron: On my head was I bounced
AC14 - BobS: oh, Frances....hello, Mrs Clee...... :-)
Pamela: ron, you're twins
Guy B.: Ron, you have a twin. Let's banish it.
Pamela: oh goody!
Ron: Oh oh we got one of the matter-anti matter things goin
Rich Drushel: Cloning gone amok...I always knew it would.
Ron: how do I get rid of myself?
frances: Dr. D, I saw you say that you do not like macaroni and cheese - could be would like mine, right daughter?
Pamela: there are many unapproved methods, most not fit for human ears
Pamela: right, Mom
Guy B.: Highlight the first one. Go to Extras and then click on Request to Remove Selected User.
frances: That's the right answer
Meeka: ok guys I had better get going. need to publish site befor I go to bed and I still have a few last min. changes that need to be done. see you next week
Jillian: Homemade mac & cheese?! mmmmn nummy!
Pamela: what's the prize?
Rich Drushel: I never liked cheese as a kid (mostly because I became milk-intolerant and it was painful if I ate it).
Ron requested to ban Ron
Jillian confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
frances confirmed ban
Pamela: Meeka, don't go!
Jillian: I voted you out Ron.
Jillian: Are you really leaving Meeka?
Rich Drushel: I just voted to axe Ron the First. Long live Ron the Second!
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: I second that
Guy B. left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
changed username to macRon
Rich Drushel: Lots of executions now.
frances: Well, I suppose if you don't like cheese, then that's kind of final
Meeka: I guess I can stay for a few more min, but unfortunatly I will have to go soon
Pamela: where did Bob go?
Guy B.: I lost the rest of the chat log.
macRon left chat session
Rich Drushel: I can eat it now, and some kinds I like in small quantities (pizza cheese has never been a problem).
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
moved to room Meeting Place
frances: If you like homemade macaroni & cheese, Jill, I can give you a good recipe
Rich Drushel: But I'm still a bit traumatized by's irrational, I know.
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Looks like everyone got the same problem.
Jillian: I've never managed to make a good white sauce as a base for the cheese.
Ron: I am confused
Rich Drushel: Also, it looks icky to me, speaking as a biologist who has seen lots of nasssty things :-)
Pamela: Mom, you never told me what the prize was
BobS: I think I am back on REAL time now
Jillian: Dale is a better cook than I in may respects.
Rich Drushel: But, as stated, if hungry, I will eat :-)
frances: White sause is a cinch. Prize for what, daughter?
Pamela: the right answer, of course
Jillian: Is is lactose intolerance Rich?
frances: We'll find out some day
Ron: I can keep myself alive
Guy B.: Ron, your twin has returned.
Rich Drushel: I believe so, though it seems to be variable based upon who appears to be living in my gut at any one time.
Pamela: I thought it was mac and cheese
Ron: I know. When I cause one of me to leave, the program shuts down
BobS: which one is evil?????
Ron: I'll never tell
BobS: so, yo has a SPLIT personallity, yes???
Rich Drushel: The evil one has a goatee.
Guy B.: You highlighted the wrong one.
Ron: One uses pushpins, and the other
Jillian: Have you tried those over counter aids? Like Lactaid?
Ron: uses inverted pushpins
frances: Okay, mac & cheese, some day in winter.
BobS: the ones with the bent over ends
Jillian: Are they available in the states?
Pamela: alright!
Rich Drushel: I once bought some milk that had been treated with lactase. It was so sweet I didn't care for it.
frances: I'm sure they are, Jillian
Jillian: You'll have to teach me how to make a white sauce, Frances.
Rich Drushel: I have never tried the tablet enzyme stuff.
BobS: forget amc ans sleez, this is serious
Guy B.: Well gang, I have 16 e-mails waiting for me. I'll try for Saturday, otherwise next week. See you all then.
Jillian: I though food was always serious.
Ron: white sauce= flour and water= glue
frances: bye, Guy
Jillian: Bye Guy.
Ron: Nite Guy
BobS: ok be good Guy......well, have fun anyways!
Pamela: Guy, if you leave Meeka will too. That's no good for either of you
Guy B.: That's her loss.
Jillian: Wait, oh dear.
Pamela: Ron, white sauce=flour, milk and water
frances: Ron, you put milk in it, or cream, if you are thin
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: but white sauce on plumb pudding now....
Rich Drushel: White sauce I make for salmon alfredo is melt butter, stir in flour to make it thick and cook for a few minutes, then add some milk. Not very quantitative, I admit.
Pamela: cooking is not a science, it's an art
Ron: oh
frances: No, you got it exactly
Jillian: Meeka is being pretty quiet. I thought she had actually gone. Are you still there Meeka?
Rich Drushel: Can add dill, mustard, and/or cooking sherry at this point, too.
BobS: ah yes SHERRY!
Pamela: When's dinner, Rich?
Rich Drushel: Only 1 tablespoon, Bob.
Ron: hey! I just ate
BobS: mon sheeri..........
Meeka: yes i is here.
BobS: aw shucks
frances: Dr. D, would you care to teach Richard to cook?
Jillian: Sounds nice. most things I eat are out of a can or a box these days.
Pamela: Go for it Mom!
Rich Drushel: Well, I suppose I could whip up might be cold by the time FedEx gets it to you, though.
Pamela: That's what microwaves are for
Ron: Fax me another piece of that cake
Meeka: trying to run three programs and jumping inbtween all of them to stay here longer ( just for you ;-)
frances: Haven't got one
BobS: a little vino make-a da food slide-a down
Pamela: Aw, that's sweet
Jillian: You
Rich Drushel: I don't know how I learned to cook. I never cooked when I was a teenager. I just started doing things which made sense and wasn't afraid to try things out.
Jillian: You're sweet Meeka. Did you notice Dale has some pictures up too?
BobS: BUT I only want one with LOTS of frosting!
Pamela: I'm still waiting for one of those butterscotch shakes to come through on e-mail
frances: You can also make a white sauce by putting all the ingredients together and stir until thick
Ron: we must find the Transporter....where's the Transporter
Meeka: yes I looked at them. jam-cam does pretty good at taking pics.
Ron: Scotty!
Jillian: Haven't had butterscotch shakes for a while. I should have brought the blendar to cleveland.
Pamela: Ron, remember Heisenberg?
Pamela: put it on next year's list
Ron: indeed, but his methods were illogical
BobS: scutterbotch shaed up!!!!!!!! YUM!
Jillian: Thouse are the good ones. You have to be really careful about being still.
BobS: send me one also, please...for which I will gladly pay youTuesday
Rich Drushel: I wonder if I could make a Heisenberg compensator into an ADAMnet device...
Pamela: thank you , Spock
Ron: mother makes butterscotch pie to die for
Jillian: Heisenburg was illogical?
Ron: no, only his methods
Meeka: you will have to look at mine tomorrow. I got some pretty good ones, I was editing them today.
frances: Who's Heisenburg?
Ron: inventor of the principle
Jillian: what does he want to compensate for?
BobS: change of plans, we COMIN' to Comox for AC 14 !!!!!!!!!
Ron: insecurity
frances: What principle?
Rich Drushel: Wernher Heisenberg, formulator of the Uncertainty Principle:
Ron: humans can fly
Meeka: didn't get to far though wanted to get them up so people could see them, so I decided that some resizing would have to wait
Pamela: he's the guy who postulated that you can never know where a thing is in both space and time . . .therefore the transporter uses a Heisenburg compensator
Rich Drushel: You can't know both the exact position and exact momentum of a particle at the same time.
Jillian: I've never had butterscotch pie. I'm looking for some good sugar pie though.
Rich Drushel: The product of the uncertainty of both measurements can never be less than a certain constant, named for Herr Doktor H.
Jillian: Dale wants to know if a heisenburg compensator would make a good random number generator.
frances: Daughter, where did you learn this stuff?
Pamela: Take one butter tart and expand . . .
Pamela: I watch Star Trek, of course
BobS: from her learned lparents, of course!!!!!!
Ron: that's it, when in doubt, name a constant after yourself
Rich Drushel: No, it would have *more* order than is possible in the universe, to compensate for randomness...that's why the HC is such a treknobabble device.
frances: Yes, Pam's right, Jill
Rich Drushel: All you can say about the writers is, they at least recognized that there is a fundamental problem in how the transporter is supposed to work.
Pamela: And then promptly came up with a way to overcome it
Rich Drushel: There are lots of constants in the universe...
BobS: beam me up butter-scotty
Jillian: I used to get sugar pie made with maple sugar from my grandma's grocery store, but noone in Ontario seems to carry it.
frances: Star Trk being one
Rich Drushel: Bread always falls buttered side down, unless the carpet is cheap.
Pamela: absolutely
Jillian: Brb
Ron: now what is it they use to prepare meals with in that other world.... you could get the scutterbotch that way
Ron: comes out of a vending machine
frances: Sugar pie is a butter tart without the raisins
BobS: yum yum
Rich Drushel: Let's hear from that "Mirror, Mirror" Ron again.
Pamela: any way you slice it, I'm craving sugar right now
BobS: sucre...........
BobS: sweet.....
Ron: The guy on the other side of the mirror?
BobS: like chocolat
Pamela: chocolate . . .
Ron: He doesn't know much
frances: Bob, you know French!
BobS: and FUDGE!
Rich Drushel: The evil one in the Trek episode.
Pamela: and spanish, and german . . .
Rich Drushel: The one with the goatee, and the Agony Booth.
BobS: we
BobS: am I still alive????
Ron: think I saw that
Pamela: yes you are Bob
Rich Drushel: "oui"
Ron: no Bob
Ron: you're not
BobS: danke shoen
Pamela: bitte
Ron: s'il vous plait
BobS: oh, oh, I'm KAput, yes???
Ron: marci
Ron: merci
Ron: mercy
Pamela: no, kaput No
Ron: think we've reached a new level
BobS: merci, bucu
Rich Drushel: Spellen Sie better oder du getst dein Fingers knockelgekrakt.
Pamela: de rien, mon ami
Pamela: ROTFL
Ron: this is being logged somewhere?
Jillian: I'm back. A little confused, but back.
frances: I hope not!
Jillian: It's always logged.
BobS: get me fingers knnocked off bor misspelling??????
Ron: When we fall off the edge of the universe, someone will catch us
BobS: methinks NOT
Pamela: hang on guys, I can't breathe
Rich Drushel: Whar da chickee? Bork bork bork!
Ron: :) ROTFL
Jillian: Archives are available on Dale's site.
Jillian: LOL
Ron: there will be few marks for intelligence
frances: I think that's danke schoen
Pamela: many for silliness
Rich Drushel: Hey, all da guys say I'm a mark...
BobS: wier mussen zum schlaffen gehen!
Ron: seriously....a question for Dr. D. whilst he's still here
frances: and it looks funny with a e instead of an umlaut
BobS: bitte......
Ron: the SmartBASIC 1.x problem
Rich Drushel: Noch nicht! Bitte sehr, bleib hier ein kleines bisschen la"nger!
Ron: where did we leave that?
BobS: well what the heck is wrong with this ibm keyboard?????
Pamela: It's speaking English, Bob
Rich Drushel: Ron, I have to write you a RAM dump program...I will not get to it before next week at the soonest.
Jillian: Umm German? I understood the Swedish. but I don't get German.
Rich Drushel: Ja, deutsch.
Pamela: please - mock swedish
frances: Going back to Addictus. See you!
BobS: bye Frances
Ron: ok ... no rush...but was wondering if I had to send something from this end.....
Jillian: Bye frances. Enjoy Additus.
Rich Drushel: Gute Nacht, meine Dame Frances!
Pamela: G'nite Mom - will try and call tomorrow.
Ron: need the mem dump prog first though don't i
Ron: nite Frances
Jillian: Meeka: Any idea how many pictures you actually took?
Rich Drushel: Yep, gotta write it. Not til after I finish my research paper here, I'm afraid...
frances changed username to rich-c
Meeka: just a sec and I will find out
Ron: s'ok my friend, take your time....when you're able
Jillian: Work is such a drag, isn't it Rich?
Pamela: as Mother magically becomes Dad
Rich Drushel: I wish I could be one of Poe's mad geniuses and sit in my castle, surrounded by philosophical instruments and no deadlines :-)
rich-c: at the slightest click of a mouse...
BobS: a sex change / it were??????
Jillian: I'm really glad this week is over for me. I'm looking forward to actually unpacking.
Ron: Actually....even when there is an absence of work (a for letter word if there ever was one) there still seems to be much to do
Pamela: no, a parent swap. Want mine for awhile?
Jillian: Quite true.
BobS: nope, had enough trouble bringing up my own!!!!
Rich Drushel: You can keep him or trade him away for the box where Carol Merril is standing...
Jillian: I'll trade my parents for yours anytime Pamela.
Meeka: I have 203 in my directory (that includes some tht were taken by Herman or George)
Ron: All parents in view did a fine job
Pamela: Can I get a look at the other side of the deal first?
Ron: I mean that
BobS: got them just about right now Pam....don't want to muck it up
Jillian: My parents are far away, but still enough to drive me crazy.
Rich Drushel: Only after Jay Stewart tells you about your year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat.
rich-c: comes in the parent package
Ron: Seein' as how I didn't have a camera at the 'con
Ron: can somebody send me a groupie photo? pls?
Jillian: Actually, I wouldn't do that to you. I like you.
Ron: like the one that was taken after the banquet
rich-c: just download it and print it out, Ron
Pamela: thanks
Meeka: not a problem ron I can e-amil the ones I have
Ron: tks
rich-c: ah, make him work for it, Meeka
Rich Drushel: Buy a vowel, Ron?
Meeka: not all 203 you understand ;-)
Pamela: I have to admit mine are pretty good now that I'm a grown up - though you couldn't prove that by them
BobS: ya sure!!!!! Hey kids, gotta go up da stairs and see if the bride still loves me
Ron: old Radio Operator trick from when we typed verbatim logs. Eliminate vwls
BobS: and then head for the sack for today
Meeka: but a selet few form the banquet are do-able
Jillian: That reminds me. I was wondering if people would be interested in ceramic mugs hand made by me for next year.
Jillian: Subject to chairbeings approval of course.
Pamela: don't yhou have that in the wrong order, Bob?
rich-c: any mugs are always welcome
Rich Drushel: Good night Mr. Bob, Chairman of the next Legion of ADAM convention.
Pamela: Jillian, YES, YES, YES
Ron: You do that Jillian. You just do that!
BobS: Yes fur sure my dear!!!!!!!
BobS: see ya's later!!!!!!
rich-c: anyway, goodnight, Bob, best to Judy too
Jillian: Let me know if you decide on a logo anytime soon Bob.
Meeka: any and all donations to the cause are welcome
Ron: Nite Bob
Pamela: G'nite Bob - say goodnite to Judy too
BobS: will tellher for ya'll
Meeka: night dad
BobS left chat session
Rich Drushel: Good night John-Boy...good night Mary Ellen...
Jillian: Gives me a good excuse to get out of the house to do something I like. and I may need that after Christmas.
Pamela: Which reminds me, Rich, don't forget the x stitch pattern
Ron: And so from the West Coast......
Ron: farewell to all.... I'm off to take out the garbage
Rich Drushel: Haven't forgotten...just have to scan it in.
Ron: adds meaning to my life
Rich Drushel: Ron, aren't we more interesting than *that*?
Jillian: Good for you Ron. Enjoy!
rich-c: OK, Ron, wouldn't do to starve the racoons
Meeka: night Ron. See you next week
Ron: be good all
Pamela: Oh, Jillian, can you get Dale to add me to the coladam mailing list?
Rich Drushel: So long Ron.
rich-c: nite Ron
Pamela: Goodnite, ron
rich-c: both of you
Jillian: Pamela, Yes I can. With what email?
Ron: kerpoof
Ron left chat session
Meeka: ok. I had reall y better go this time. Bandit is doing circles around my chair in an effot to get noticed so that he can go outside. ;-)
Rich Drushel: tamcotec, is that an Indian name?
Jillian: Ok. I'll ask him. He's not up to chating. He's got a fever today.
Pamela: Best not to ignore him, Meeka - see you next week!
Rich Drushel: Hope Dale feels better...hope it's nothing we gave him in Cleveland.
Jillian: Ok bye Meeka. See you next week I hope.
rich-c: no, it's Tamco TEchnologies of Canada
Jillian: I think it's mostly fatigue.
Pamela: thanks, Dad
Meeka left chat session
Rich Drushel: I figured as much, but you never know.
rich-c: just a small but worthy local ISP
Pamela: Poor Dale - send him chicken soup
Rich Drushel: Plomik, maybe.
Jillian: He's really prone to colds and such when tired. and this place doesn't help.
Rich Drushel: :-)
rich-c: maybe it's a case of ticket trauma
Pamela: My mom would say it sounds like someone else she knows : )
Jillian: He appreciates the thought Pam. He feels better already.
Pamela: It might be the a/c - Russell has a sore throat too
Rich Drushel: I hope there's no such let-down in store for me; too much to do before classes start here in another month :-(
Rich Drushel: What a/c? Alas, the hotel here had none...
Pamela: The joys of being a professor - never a dull moment
Pamela: Ours worked fine!
Pamela: maybe too fine - there were a couple of nights I froze
Rich Drushel: If only I were a "Professor", then I'd be tenured and guaranteed a job. I am on soft grant money.
rich-c: our room was between frigid and arctic
Jillian: That's one thing I don't miss about being a student. The ups and downs of activity.
Pamela: not hard cash?
rich-c: tell them to tenure you or you'll take the robotics course to Ohio State
Jillian: Our a/c was loud but it worked just fine.
Rich Drushel: Ours had little a/c. In fact, the reason that the cake had toothpicks in it to support the chocolate data drive inserts was because the room was so warm that the frosting was runny.
Pamela: rah, rah, rah
Jillian: way too warm then.
Rich Drushel: And they'll say, "Don't let the door hit you on the backside on your way out."
Rich Drushel: But, fortunately, the meeting room was tolerable, and I spent most of my time outside of my room.
Jillian: That's the sentiment in a lot of work places nowadays Rich.
rich-c: well, what will State offer? That's more important
Pamela: Nobody appreciates talent when they see it
Rich Drushel: I think I have to be a bit more publicly successful with this stuff to be in a position to cut my own deal.
Rich Drushel: CHRISTINA IS BACK!!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!
Pamela: start making some noise, Rich
Jillian: Robotwars!
Jillian: Battlebots!
rich-c: given teh growth of the Easter Egg Hunt, that may not take long
Pamela: Robotica!
Pamela: Is this cause for alarm, Rich?
Jillian: Shouldn't she be coming home about now?
Rich Drushel: Hallo peoples how are you guyz 2-day? or should i say 2-nite?
Pamela: Hi, Chris
rich-c: hello Christina
Jillian: I see. Hi Christina.
Rich Drushel: Eek, she's not a "Chris"...
Pamela: We all made it home in one piece - exhauste, but in one piece
Jillian: Is she a Tina?
Pamela: sorry
Pamela: Christina just takes so long to type
Jillian: There was a while in my teens when people called me 'Ian.
rich-c: yes, that's why I like lower case
Pamela: that's original
Rich Drushel: Hey... if she wants to call me Chris she can or tina or nina or whatever it's a free country and the fisrt amendent in the U.S can provide that i don't care if she's canadian
Jillian: It evolved from Ji-Lilian.
Rich Drushel: don't make fun of my slow typing it's late
Pamela: it's better than Cleeps or Pammie, which are some of the derivatives I gont
Rich Drushel: (That's why I bought ExperType from you, Richard)
Pamela: at least you can spell, Christina
Rich Drushel: THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: yes, a wise investment, plain to see
Rich Drushel: hahahaha
Jillian: I also got lots of other less nice names.
Rich Drushel: I was originally "Ricky" and then "Rick" at home.
Pamela: Jillian, you realize that this child is destined to be an Adamite, right?
Jillian: Rick suits actually.
Rich Drushel: In grade and high school I was "Richard".
Rich Drushel: In college I was, and remain, "Rich".
Rich Drushel: If people from different groups call me by the "wrong" name, it sounds funny to me.
rich-c: I was always Richard to differentiate me from my namesake uncle Dick
Jillian: brb
Jillian left chat session
Pamela: Unfortunately I can't get my boss to call me Pamela on paper, which I prefer when using my last name
Rich Drushel: E.g., my parents talking with parents of my h.s. friends; if Mom & Dad called me "Richard", it was like they were talking about someone else.
rich-c: nice thing about having a news byline - you get to set who you'll be
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Pamela: I only got Pamela from my parents when they were ticked at me
changed username to Jillian
Rich Drushel: but to me he's still and always will be "DADDY" or if i want something or i did something "FATHER"
Jillian: I got Jillian Mary!
Rich Drushel: Yeah, the middle name means you are in deep doo-doo!
Jillian: I reeealy hated it when I was a kid.
Pamela: seriously deep doo doo
Jillian: I noticed the girls chanting that at dinner on Sunday.
Jillian: Dael fixed the Bug! He fixed the Bug.
Rich Drushel: Yep...they know what it means to hear that middle name.
Jillian: I don't know what bug but he's happy.
Rich Drushel: TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace and quiet YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: perhaps the bug that bit him?
rich-c: programmers are like that, Jill
Rich Drushel: He got a Volkswagen?
Rich Drushel: :-)
Pamela: Rich, did you remember to hug Elanor for me?
Jillian: His software works better than it has ever before. Something is upside down though.
Rich Drushel: Yes, I did. She was very happy.
rich-c: the screen?
Pamela: Thank you
Rich Drushel: I just hope she didn't talk everyone's ears off *too* much...
Pamela: Not at all, and she made a great deal of sense
Jillian: The preview of the pictures.
Rich Drushel: I told her about the "Wayne Collins Memorial Annoying Teenager Award" and how I didn't want her to be in the running for it.
rich-c: let's just say we have a pretty high tolerance for that
Rich Drushel: Wayne being (in)famous at ADAMcon IV...
Jillian: She talked alot, but it was understandable and not always about the same topic.
Pamela: and she made her points
Rich Drushel: She was out from under Christina's shadow for once, so I think that's why.
rich-c: bright girl-children can be pretty easy to take
Jillian: I didn't talk that much when I was her age, but I don't think I made as much sense either.
Rich Drushel: Christina is the *really* outgoing one, as I'm sure you observed.
Pamela: thankyou , Dad
rich-c: yes, we've noticed that of late, Rich
Pamela: They are all treasures, Rich - we are all proud of them
Pamela: I wish there were more like yours out there
rich-c: yes, having them around adds to the convention
Rich Drushel: I told Christina a few months ago that she was the kind of girl I couldn't figure out when I was her age, and that I hadn't figured them out yet, so apologies in advance if I make mistakes around you.
rich-c: a prudent move
Pamela: some people are just more together than others
Rich Drushel: Re: wishing there were more around, well, we've done our part to increase the ADAMite population :-)
Pamela: I, sadly, didn't get it together till I hit my twenties
Pamela: I think you've done your share, Rich
Jillian: I was impressed at how well they got along. Are they always that good together?
Rich Drushel: Internally, my own self-image is that I'm not together yet.
Pamela: Well, first we have to grow up and I refuse to
Rich Drushel: Haha, good together...there are fights along various lines, usually Elanor vs. Gretchen.
Pamela: did you hear PJ say to Elanor that Gretchen told her she missed her?
rich-c: a certain amount of sibling rivalry has to be expected
Jillian: My self image has changed greatly in the past year.
Rich Drushel: Gretchen is like Brain from Pinky & The Brain; I think she's scheming already how to take over the world.
Pamela: You go girl!
Rich Drushel: Yes, I hear PJ say that.
Rich Drushel: I heard, I meant to say.
Pamela: there are days when I must admit I'm glad I'm an only
Rich Drushel: (grammar police correction provided by Officer Christina)
Rich Drushel: I hope your change is for the better, Jill.
Pamela: Christina will have a lot of work to do in the future then
Rich Drushel: Whatever that change was.
Jillian: I never wished I was an only. I was lonely enough being one of three.
Pamela: Oh, there were times when I missed having siblings, but for the most part I had it pretty good
Jillian: Lots of change in importance of body size and shape for the better.
Pamela: Since my best friend had 10, she was glad to share
Rich Drushel: 10, wow.
Pamela: Good for you, Jill
Jillian: some change in expectations and perceptions of success and failure.
Pamela: Yes, there were 5 boys and six girls
Rich Drushel: Joan and I wanted some bunch of kids because we both came from dwindling families, and the people we knew who had more sibs, cousins, etc., seemed to have something that we missed.
Pamela: Russell came with a bonus - a sister, and 8 cousins
Rich Drushel: My one sister has a boy, my deceased sister had no kids, Joan's brother has no kids, my Dad is an only...
Pamela: I inherited a whole other family
Jillian: I envy people who are close to their family. I have 2 sisters, 12 or so cousins.
Rich Drushel: my friend Tasha, her mother was one of 8 and all their names started with a "m"
Jillian: I have a friend who have 4 siblings and all of thier names have 16 letters in them.
rich-c: a string like that, they should name them alphabetically
Pamela: My side of the family consists of ten other people, not including my parents
Rich Drushel: Our families were never very close, though on the Drushel side there was lots of pride in the family name. I always heard about how I was the last Drushel...fortunately, those people are all gone now, and can't be disappointed that I have no sons.
Jillian: Dale has more cousins than I can count (or name)
Pamela: Theres' nothing that says the girls have to give up their surname
Rich Drushel: Well, there is that inherited X-chromosome thingy...
Jillian: My dad and his brother got that about being an Arnott too. and they both had all girls as well.
Rich Drushel: I mean Y-chromosome, stupid biologist mistake.
Pamela: Gone are the days when your identity disappears when you marry
Rich Drushel: Daddy you should know better HAHAHAHAHAHA *SMILE*
Pamela: Jillian,why did you keep your name?
Jillian: Dale's mother was worried about what our kids would be named if I kept my name.
Jillian: It's hard to put in a few sentences.
Rich Drushel: Choices are one, the other, alternating, or hyphenated. I've seen all strategies used.
Jillian: My sisters and mother have always been really down on the Arnott clan and I felt some need to protect my dad.
Pamela: I actually know someone who took his wife's name
Jillian: Also I like my name. How it flows. I can type it really fast. ummm
Rich Drushel: In science, lots of women are using their maiden name for publications, to make it easier to track authorship.
rich-c: Ooops! Just looked at the time. Time this body headed for bed
Jillian: Lots of other reasons.
Pamela: I have heard all the arguments
rich-c: have to say goodnight, all - time to log off
Rich Drushel: haha...well, off to bed, then, Richard. Good night, and thanks for talking here so long.
Jillian: Good night rich!
Pamela: Guess it depends on whether yhou like your surname
rich-c: night all - colour me gone. Poof!
Rich Drushel: good nite and sweet dreams don't let the bed bugs bite
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: Is it really 11:30? past my bedtime. Goodnite, Dae
Jillian: I've only been up for 13 hours so I'm planning to do an hour of house work tonight
Pamela: Dad
Pamela: I guess we all should get some sleep
Rich Drushel: I am staying home tomorrow as it's our 15th anniversary, so I've got time to burn :-)
Jillian: Sleep is futile.. You will be exhausted.
Pamela: Y'know what's neat though? I am hearing everything in voices now - quite cool
Jillian: That's sweet Rich.
Jillian: That is neat Pam.
Rich Drushel: does any one have a blue pony for sale i need one asap 4 daddy and moomy's 15th
Pamela: why a blue pony, Christina?
Jillian: Hmm sorry Christina. No blue ponies. There's got to be quite a story behind that.
Rich Drushel: haha. my stock answer for "What do you want for your ___" is "A blue pony". Tim Conway used that once on the Carol Burnett show.
Rich Drushel: It was an ad-lib which cracked up the cast for 10 minutes.
Pamela: Yeah, I can see that
Jillian: I wanted a palm pilot for my 30 birthdat.
Pamela: Did you get one?
Jillian: I had a really neat dream about a blue puppy once.
Rich Drushel: I think it was Carol as Queen Elizabeth II trying to give Tim a medal for something, and he didn't want the medal.
Jillian: Not yet. but we're going out tomorrow so we'll see.
Rich Drushel: i want the world but i don't think i'm going to be able to get that any time soon
Pamela: I can't wait until Christina finds one. Then what will you do?
Rich Drushel: Um, change my mind? That's what girls are allowed to do, right? (evil grin)
Jillian: I loved the Carol Burnett show. They sometimes play it on Prime.
Pamela: When's your birthday, Jillian?
Jillian: Yesterday.
Pamela: Well, many happy returns!
Jillian: Thanks. It was a truely adult birthday.
Rich Drushel: i missed SOMETHING when i was typing clue me in HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU>>>>>
Pamela: In what sense?
Rich Drushel: A guy came out of her cake?
Jillian: Thanks Rich.
Rich Drushel: ROTFL
Pamela: No, a cake came out of her guy
Rich Drushel: I think i might want to leave before i have nightmares tonite
Rich Drushel: (Christina vanishes into a poof of smoke)
Pamela: blue smoke?
Jillian: Got up. Phoned the bank about our mortgage app. Got bad news. Went to work. Had a rotten day. Came home. Had a popsicle for supper. Went to lie down.
Rich Drushel: you wish i'm always going to be here as long as you want a happy retirement *SMILE*
Pamela: IF so, check her hardware
Jillian: Reminded Dale it was my birthday. Went to sleep.
Pamela: You had to remind him? that's not good
Jillian: He was really upset at himself.
Pamela: I can imagine
Pamela: That
Rich Drushel: the least he can do now is take you shopping
Pamela: s okay, mortgages are thick on the ground - you will get one
Rich Drushel: (that was Christina)
Jillian: I wasn't too upset. I had sortof figured that he had when he didn't say anything when he picked me up from the subway.
Pamela: Just remember, backup, backup, backup for the palm pilot
Jillian: He is planning to take me shopping on Thursday. Probably for clothes.
Rich Drushel: i'm psychic YEAH!!!!!
Pamela: What are you doing for maternity things, by the way?
Jillian: He bought me one second hand for Christmas but it died about April.
Jillian: I don't have anything yet.
Pamela: I will keep an ear to the ground - I know that Mode or BBW had a section on them recently but most of the places are in the States
Jillian: I would like to make some dresses so that I can at least wear those but I need to buy a sewing machine first.
Jillian: I buy from Junonia sometimes, but they are really expensive.
Rich Drushel: I think all of Joan's maternity stuff is worn out by well as all our baby clothes (they were just recycled with each kid).
Pamela: We need to discuss that - I have one I'm not using and would be glad to at least loan if not sell it to you
Rich Drushel: Otherwise, it's doing no good here, we'd let you have it.
Jillian: I investigated having some dresses made but any seamstress wants around $400 to make a cotton dress.
Pamela: The problem is, plus size maternity clothing is very thin on the ground
Jillian: Thank Rich.
Rich Drushel: Argh, no, don't do that. If you can already sew, Joan could advise you what machine to get.
Rich Drushel: She got Elanor an inexpensive starter machine that she uses.
Jillian: I've gotten some advice from Frances. perhaps I'll go and look at machines again this weekend.
Pamela: Sears makes very decent machines if all you want is the basics
Jillian: I have a machine which is older than I am.
Rich Drushel: Her own machine for many years was her grandmother's 1951 centennial edition Singer.
Jillian: buth it dies every time I turn it on.
Pamela: My mom's is an Elna which is older than I am
Rich Drushel: She replaced it with a Pfaf a few years ago only because the Singer never had a buttonhole attachment, and she was fed up with manual buttonholes.
Pamela: Still works fine
Jillian: My mother had the same machine for 20 years when I was growing up.
Rich Drushel: My Mom's was a White which literally was sewn on until it wore out. Mom made *everything* on that machine.
Jillian: A Singer which was just a workhorse. Made all of the clothes for 2 adults and 3 growing kids until I was about 15.
Pamela: What kind of machine do you want?
Jillian: I remember her making underwear on it every August so we'd have new ones for school.
Pamela: Wow, undies that fit. What a concept
Jillian: I want just something fairly simple. Zigzag in three or fours widths + straight stitch
Rich Drushel: Shall I get Joan to come type here?
Rich Drushel: She's still awake.
Pamela: Like I said, we need to talk
Jillian: Frances says I should get something with a hem stitch and a serpentine stitch as well.
Jillian: If Joan would like to come she's certainly welcome.
Pamela: They are always useful, especially if you plan to work with knits
Jillian: I don't know that I would do much in knits. other than T-shirts.
Rich Drushel: Here is Joan...
Jillian: Hi Joan.
Pamela: I will bow to the woman with the knowledge. It's time I went to bed anyway. Six a.m. comes mighty early. I will touch base with you soon, though
Pamela: Hi, Joan
Jillian: Bye Pam. TTYL!
Jillian: What do you sew Joan?
Pamela: Very soon. Joan, I hate to say hi and run but I'm going to bed
Pamela: Goodnite, all!
Rich Drushel: hi, there. i use a Pfaff.
Pamela: POOF!
Pamela left chat session
Jillian: I'm thinking of buying a machine this weekend. I've been procrastinating about it for a while.
Rich Drushel: IT's a really good company. but a little expensive
Jillian: I've been looking at some second hand machines.
Jillian: Pfaff only came to Canada about ten years ago I think, but they've really moved in.
Rich Drushel: i don't know about all the companies . I know Singer had problems the last 10 years or so
Jillian: They have. too many plastic parts from what I understand.
Jillian: Singer is what I grew up with.
Rich Drushel: Yes . the new Pfaff still has all metal interior parts
Rich Drushel: I still had my grandmoteeeerrs 1955 singer
Jillian: I remember you mentioning that you will be sewing someone's uniform for the coming year but I can't remember whose.
Rich Drushel: that will be next year, both for Elanor and Diana
Jillian: My mother had a singer while I was growing up. and when she wanted a new machine, she sold the old for as much as she paid for it.
Jillian: Do you sew alot other clothing for the girls?
Rich Drushel: I'm not surprised. People collect them
Rich Drushel: Yes, as well aas church Christmas pageant costumes
Jillian: Growing up with my mother's sewing has spoiled me for purchased clothing now.
Jillian: I'm always bemoaning the lack of quality in everything. It drives Dale crazy.
Rich Drushel: I know. Sometimes I have to resew seams in stuff I buy
Jillian: Mom put what I think are called french seams in most things. and anything really special had a lining hand sewn in.
Rich Drushel: It also saves a lot of money. I made dresses for the girls for a wedding... for 100 dollaars total
Jillian: That's why I want to buy a machine. If I can make myself a dress for the cost of the fabric, I might actually be able to keep up my wardrobe.
Jillian: My office is unfortunately _very_ political. and how you dress plays a big part n whether you get promoted.
Rich Drushel: e more craft stuu
Rich Drushel: stuff than appaeral cloth
Jillian: I think I only got part of your last message. I may have to restart Netscape.
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Rich Drushel: that sentance got messed up. the fabric stoers have more craft stuff than aparrel cloth
changed username to Jillian2
Jillian left chat session
Jillian2: Most of the ones around here aren't too bad.
Rich Drushel: look into different brands. Viking and Brother are supposed to be good, too
Jillian2: There is one in a major mall which is in the basement of the mall and about 10,000 sq ft of space.
Jillian2: I like going there. They have lots of choice.
Rich Drushel: there are alot here specifically for quilting
Jillian2: I've heard good things about brother.
Jillian2: How does a store stock specifically for quilting?
Jillian2: I always made quilts from th same things that I would buy to make clothes.
Jillian2: or from old clothes.
Jillian2: I think my session has died again.
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jillian
changed username to Rich Drushel
Rich Drushel: It hung up on Joan for some reason.
Rich Drushel: Now there are duplicates.
Jillian requested to ban Jillian
Jillian2 confirmed ban
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: We have been cloned.
Jillian2: I think it generally died.
Rich Drushel: I don't know which one is the duplicate, so removing one is problematic.
Jillian2: I've killed one of me.
Rich Drushel: I don't know how to change usernames.
Jillian2: I think that duplicates only really matter when there are lots of peopel on.
Jillian2: It's under the edit menu on my screen.
Rich Drushel: Okay, I'll give you back to Joan...not sure what happened. Anyhow, continue.
Jillian2: The last thing I asked was what makes a store specifically for quilting.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jillian
Rich Drushel: they sell pimaarikly cotton, like calicos , and mostly with small prints
Jillian: I think that the server doesn't like me after midnight.
Rich Drushel: me too
Jillian: I guess that makes sense. Those aren't very much in style right now.
Jillian: The favorite quilt I ever had a hand in making is made out of nearly indestructible polyester on top and a sheet underneath.
Rich Drushel: with machines a good mechanical machine as almost as much stuff and is cheaper than the computerized
Jillian: We made it when I was about 12 out of scrap my mother had. It's mainly purple and gold.
Rich Drushel: Unfortunately, I haaven,t time for quilting
Rich Drushel: I do haave a few my grandmother made
Jillian: I don't think I want a computerized one. Computers are too much trouble.
Jillian: Quilting is something I've always promised myself I would do 'when I have the time'.
Rich Drushel: they also haave a lot of functions most people never use
Jillian: I took a 4-h course in it as a teen and loved it.
Rich Drushel: Ive been teaching the girls, especially Elanor
Jillian: From some of the demonstrations I've seen it seems like you can almost just hand some of them the cloth and they'll do the rest.
Jillian: I wasn't that interested in learning when I was young. I think because anything I did look awful compared to Mom's.
Rich Drushel: She,s been doing sewing for girl scoouts. but the computerized stuff can be a pain to use/repair
Jillian: Did you learn when you were younger?
Rich Drushel: I did embroidery, the home ec class in middle school was a waste
Rich Drushel: i retaught myself as an adult
Jillian: I didn't get along with the home ec teacher in highschool, so I didn't take it.
Jillian: That's what I'm going to need to do.
Rich Drushel: There are a lot of baasic patters that look really nice with a little extra trim
Jillian: right now I'm looking for simple stuff for sure. I'd like to wear big flowing full skirts and you can't buy those for love or money nowadays.
Jillian: One of your clones just went away.
Rich Drushel: one of yours reappeared
Jillian: Oh well as long as things seem stable I'm not going to try to dismiss it.
Rich Drushel: you should be able to find full skirts in the pattern books
Jillian: The last time I went browsing, someone had a line of reprints from the fifties. I'll probably check into some of those.
Rich Drushel: I like Butterick, the instructions and pictures seem to make the most sense
Rich Drushel: Yeah, I found a companynthat haad actual old paatters. I got some stuff from the 60,s
Jillian: I've had good luck with butterick. Also 'Easy and Simple" from McCalls. that's not what they really call it but that's the level the patterns are at.
Jillian: Mom never used a pattern she would lay the cloth out on our kitchen table and just cut.
Rich Drushel: I once had apattern where the picture showed the exact opposte of the instructions
Jillian: Oh ugh. I would go nuts and probably burn the project out of frustration.
Rich Drushel: i figured it out after repinning it 5 times
Rich Drushel: chistine
Rich Drushel: achristina volunteered me to make 7 Lebannese costumes for her school model UN group
Jillian: I have bought a pattern or two over the past few years. I will probably start with them.
Jillian: How generous of her. Do she do the dishes while you sew for her?
Rich Drushel: no
Jillian: :)
Jillian: I learned at a young age not to volunteer Mom to sew stuff without checking with her first.
Rich Drushel: the year before it was the flag of Guyana
Jillian: I think I did the dishes for six months when I was about 10 or 11.
Rich Drushel: the church doesn,t ask anymore. It,s assumed
Jillian: Where do you get a resource for something like that?
Jillian: The church assuming is both good and bad.
Rich Drushel: there are patterns for Christa
Jillian: It's nice to be known as a reliable person. Not so good to be taken for granted.
Rich Drushel: Christmas sstuff. Actuslly, I don't mind
Jillian: What kind of a costume is Lebannese, anyway?
Rich Drushel: One year I couldn't do it, and noone bothered me
Jillian: sounds like a good community then.
Rich Drushel: Lebannese is a middle eastern robe with colorful scarves
Rich Drushel: It a wonderful church
Rich Drushel: our organist has recorded cds
Jillian: Dale and I are sortof members of the church where he grew up. that's where we got married.
Jillian: It's a really small congregation, and I don't get to go often since I have to work on Sundays.
Rich Drushel: i grew up in new jersey, so I can't go there
Rich Drushel: I know, I work Sundays too
Jillian: I grew up in Eastern Ontario, so I'm too far away too.
Rich Drushel: I have to plan my schedule around when the girls sing in church
Jillian: I just got my shift changed to Saturday to Wednesday noon to eight.
Jillian: Do you have a lot of play in your week to week?
Rich Drushel: mine is whenever, with shifts changing sometimes in the midle of the week
Rich Drushel: there is flexibility, as long as i know six weeks ahead of time
Jillian: I've worked in places like that and don't handle it well. Where I am now, any shift change takes about 3 months to put into place.
Jillian: Six weeks is long but not too bad. My previous employer wanted requests for days off etc 8 weeks ahead but didn't set the schedule until about 10 days before.
Rich Drushel: it does help to organized when everybodies activities take plaace
Jillian: and something tells me that's just ramping up in your family.
Rich Drushel: yes, now Gretchen is starting Kindergarten
Jillian: Dale and I pretty much just live day by day. That will change in the new year, I'm sure.
Jillian: How many years before another driver in the family?
Jillian: My older sister made my Mom's life easy by carting the two younger ones around.
Rich Drushel: especially whe kids star school. there are more activities now than when i was in school
Rich Drushel: christina can't drive yet but she helps with babysitting
Jillian: I can remember thinking that someone who did girl guides and 4H was really busy.
Jillian: I talked with one woman a couple of days ago who's daughter was in GG, 4H, basketball camp, and church camp. and it's the summer!
Rich Drushel: i was in various stuff, but it seems every teacher wants christina in their pet club
Jillian: She talked about being 'hounded' to take the journalism class in the fall.
Rich Drushel: I finally haad to limit what i could do this summer
Rich Drushel: the treacher called at home to request her. I think she'll like it
Jillian: Limits are good.
Rich Drushel: i can nly do so much
Jillian: I'm surprised, I don't know if teachers do that around here.
Jillian: Certainly I never was invited to take any class or club by the teacher.
Rich Drushel: I think the middle school teachers referred her
Jillian: and saying yes to everything while running yourself ragged does noone good.
Rich Drushel: it's hard for me to say no
Jillian: Does she write on her own?
Jillian: I've learned the hard way to say no.
Rich Drushel: a little. she haaas done some vewry good papers for school
Jillian: being so overwhelmed by comitments that you can't sleep for about a week solid is really unsafe.
Rich Drushel: I've been there
Jillian: I said yes to too much while in university and failed out as a consquence.
Jillian: Speaking of limits, this mom-to-be could benefit from some sleep about now.
Rich Drushel: so could I. NIce talking to you
Jillian: It was good to talk to you. Hopefully, we'll see you on a chat at a later date. (and at AC14 too!)
Rich Drushel: good nite
Jillian: Bye for now.
Jillian: poof
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