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(A strange smell wafts around the room)
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(S enjoys the flowers.)
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Jillian: Greetings Mysterious Person!
Jillian: Sorry about the wait. I was away from my computer doing dishes.
MysteriousPerson: Hello...just thought I'd stop by for a while.
Jillian: Sure! All are welcome.
Jillian: Am I supposed to try and guess who you are?
MysteriousPerson: I have already finished my dishes for the evening.
MysteriousPerson: :-)
MysteriousPerson: Wait for some help.
Jillian: I've been sick and so haven't done dishes(or other housework) for a few days. It was beginning to pile up.
MysteriousPerson: Oh no, I'm sorry to hear it.
Jillian: Dale is actually still cleaning. He's terrifying the cats with the vaccum.(sp?)
MysteriousPerson: Perhaps Dale can assist you.
Jillian: Really just a cough, but combined with the heat was not condusive to housework.
MysteriousPerson: Cats and vacuum: I remember a TV commercial about that once...
MysteriousPerson: It is very hot here, too.
MysteriousPerson: It rained, but not enough to cool things off.
Jillian: I used to have a cat which would let us vacuum him. Cuts down on shed hair.
Jillian: Where is here bytheby?
MysteriousPerson: Too easy :-)
Jillian: Darn! :)
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changed username to rich-c
MysteriousPerson: "You can't fool me, 'cause I'm a moron!"
Jillian: Hi Rich-c.
rich-c: hi Jill and MP
MysteriousPerson: I wish I were an MP; might pay a bit better.
rich-c: do I detect a vague Japanese intonation here?
MysteriousPerson: Hmmm...
Jillian: Ugh I wouldn't want to work with guns.
MysteriousPerson: I thought MP=Member of Parliament.
rich-c: also Military Police
Jillian: Dale says his first guess on the identity of Mysterious Person would be Rob Friedman
MysteriousPerson: Good try, but no.
rich-c: possible, though James could be at it too
Jillian: Military Police is what I was thinking. Watching too much M*A*S*H on Prime I guess.
MysteriousPerson: Haven't seen MASH for a long while.
rich-c: saw it the first time round - some, anyway
Jillian: They show back to backs at 10pm most nights I think. I have to
rich-c: don't watch much tv any moe though
MysteriousPerson: Me too, in bits, but I watched it more regularly towards the end of its run.
Jillian: I saw some of it the first time around. I didn't understand alot of the jokes though.
MysteriousPerson: The only thing I've watched recently is the movie A.I.; highly recommended.
rich-c: won't say it necessarily improved with age, but didn't notice much deterioration eitherd
Jillian: I had a serious crush on Alan Alda.
Jillian: I'm supposed to go and see A.I. tomorrow. Do you recommend it?
rich-c: I think Pamela did too
MysteriousPerson: He worked hard to look like he aged only 2 years over the 11-odd year span of the show.
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MysteriousPerson: Yes, A.I. is wonderful.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: speaking of whom... - hi, daughter
Jillian: Hi Pam!
Pamela: whom are we speaking of?
Pamela: Hi, all
MysteriousPerson: Pamela is indeed wonderful.
rich-c: weren't your ears burning?
MysteriousPerson: But I don't think she's an A.I.
Pamela: Well, I like you already, whoever you are
MysteriousPerson: Don't let Russell see the log :-)
rich-c: I suggest you wish him good morning
Pamela: I thought jealousy was supposed to be good for a relationship
Pamela: Thanks for the clue, DAd
MysteriousPerson: It's morning for James, I thought.
Pamela: Hi, James
MysteriousPerson: Sorry, wrong moniker :-)
Pamela: Do I get any more clues?
Jillian: S/he is not Rob Friedman. We guessed that already.
MysteriousPerson: Brain is very tired after looonnnnggg last few days...not responsible for stream-of-consciousness babbling.
Pamela: Okay. This person is obviously male
Jillian: Long last few days finishing a term paper, perhaps?
MysteriousPerson: I thought I'd try to chat up Jillian, since she got here as early as I did.
rich-c: the style is very James - makes any other choice hard
MysteriousPerson: "Ehhhh...could be!" says Bugs.
Jillian: *Blush*. I'm not supposed to flirt in my condition.
rich-c: no, Dr. D doesn't write that way
Pamela: That was my next guess
MysteriousPerson: Well, rumor has it that you've been unwell in your condition, and I'm sympathetic.
MysteriousPerson: Pamela wins the prize!
rich-c: it's not Ron or Guy
Pamela: Sympathetic, not empathetic?
MysteriousPerson changed username to RichDrushel
RichDrushel: I think I meant both.
Jillian: The morning sickness has mostly abated. Just coughing fits today.
Pamela: You can't be empathetic, you haven't been pregnant
RichDrushel: Joan had it horrible with all 4 girls.
rich-c: you did a good imitation of James' style, rich
RichDrushel: I'm not channelling him on purpose.
RichDrushel: Must be fatigue...feeling a bit out-of-body.
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rich-c: maybe you should, he's been scarce lately
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: IF you're channelling by accident, I'm really worried!
rich-c: welcome Meeka
Meeka: Hello all
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Jillian: I was feeling that way with the smog recently for sure.
RichDrushel: I had 9 hours sleep total between 5 AM Friday and 11 PM Monday.
Pamela: You sneak, you got pictures I didn't know about!
Jillian: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: what???me ;-)
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Pamela: Yes you, and don't try to play innocent
Jillian: I hope you are not doing alot of driving when you're that tired, Rich.
Pamela: I saw the evidence and it looks like me
Meeka: i didn't do anything
changed username to james
Jillian: Much :)
rich-c: ah, here he is!
Pamela: And the real James stands up
RichDrushel: Nope, no driving, far at any rate.
rich-c: hi james - been a while
james: hello :) apologies for not making it to the con and last week's chat
Pamela: Welcome, James - good to "see" you
RichDrushel: I'm told I was standing in for you earlier tonight, Janes.
RichDrushel: Oops, James.
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: more or less receovered from the 'con
Pamela: Well, expecting you at the con was a bit of a pipe dream, but we misse you very much
rich-c: except for Dr. D. who has had a bit of a workload since
RichDrushel: But I got everything done for my research seminar at 9 AM Monday...wowed 'em, honestly...but at a large price...
Jillian: Dale is avoiding doing his real work by doing housework.
james: i wanted to go, unfortunately i had to go and pick up my friend
Jillian: I'm coughing lots.
RichDrushel: Late hours are harder and harder on me, it seems.
Jillian: Happens to us all Rich.
rich-c: sign of advancing old age - take it from an expert
Pamela: It's the price of growing up, Rich - you just don't have the stamina that you did at twenty
Jillian: Glad to hear things went well.
james: i've noticed that too and i'm only 26.
Pamela: I'
james: ancient by the standards of my students.
Pamela: ve just learned to get along on less sleep
Pamela: (oops)
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RichDrushel: I can do certain mindless tasks on little sleep, but truly creative things take a good night's sleep, and then I get only 8 hours or so of productivity.
Jillian: I've learned to get more sleep.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: wow - the gang's alll here - hi Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
RichDrushel: Coming up on 39 in November :-)
Jillian: Hi Guy!
Pamela: Just passed 36 - and my father is feeling every year
Meeka: hello guy
RichDrushel: Hello Guy, hope your overtime wasn't too onerous tonight.
Jillian: Some of the gang is going to be going for supper soon.
rich-c: yeah, 39 agagin next month
RichDrushel: Food is good!
Pamela: It's not like you have a choice, Jill - the baby demands it
RichDrushel: Yes Mr. Benny!
Guy B.: Just started yesterday. So, I'll be coming home an hour later than normal.
Jillian: So does keeping up with Dale.
Pamela: Food? What's this?
james: speaking of babies..
Pamela: Yes . . .?
Meeka: what a buch of old timers ;-)
rich-c: do you have news for us, james?
RichDrushel: Joan and I lucked into tickets for last night's Indians baseball game...we went (they lost), but on the way home we found a 24-hour diner. Mmmm, it was good. Had I known about it, it would have been a good road trip for us at the convention.
Jillian: We're waiting with bated breath, James.
Pamela: James, the suspense is killing me!
james: it looks like i may be a father to be.
Guy B.: And the Sox beat them.
Pamela: YAAAAY!
Jillian: Our most famous 24 hour diner is closing.
Guy B.: Hey Alright.
rich-c: how about that!
RichDrushel: Woo hoo! (not for the White Sox)
Jillian: Congratulations james!
Meeka: congrats
Pamela: Wow, that's amazing - is it confirmed?
Guy B.: When is the due date?
Pamela: How is Miyuki feeling?
james: well, we still need confirmation from the doctor. she goes for that tomorrow. probably around the beginning of april.
james: she seems to be doing fine.
rich-c: you two having really been working hard for that - glad it's been rewarded
Pamela: Yee ha! Just wait till Bob gets hear, he does a better cowboy
Pamela: oops, thats' here
Guy B.: That's a nice gift for 2002. Congratulations James.
RichDrushel: haha Re: cowboy bob
Pamela: Can't you just hear him, Rich?
RichDrushel: Yep!
Pamela: That's such amazing news, James. We are all so happy for you
Pamela: I'm getting misty here
james: i think it will be a girl.
Jillian: Why do you think that, James?
rich-c: I won't even ask where that intuition comes from
Pamela: I'm not taking any bets, James - every time I try to predict, I'm wrong
james: i don't know. all my life i've "known" things before they happen, with alarming frequency.
Guy B.: We have Jill first , then Miyuki next year.
RichDrushel: We never wanted to know, even after they started doing mandatory ultrasounds to check for gross defect...we said, leave the gender as a surprise!
rich-c: well, you've got about a 50/50 chance of being right whichever you choose
Pamela: ah, precog. way to go!
Jillian: I've been told the severity of my morning sickness means a girl is more likely.
Guy B.: What do you hope for Jill?
Pamela: Jillian, do you have any idea of gender yet? And do you want to know?
RichDrushel: Joan has heard it both ways, from OBs and old wives...
Jillian: I don't have medical confirmation. Nor am I going to ask for it.
RichDrushel: We just wait 'til it arrives...
Guy B.: That's a good idea. Keep Dale in suspense.
rich-c: whichever it may be, you'll be happy with it
Jillian: But I've been talking in my sleep about girls and it feels more right to refer to the baby as Margaret then Joshua.
Pamela: Rich, did you ask James about Joan's pregnancies? Maybe he could have told you in advance that you were starting a henhouse
RichDrushel: In fact, when Joan was pregnant with Elanor (#2), we made up a name for the new baby which stuck for all the rest: "Baby Brother/Sister". All the existing kids used that to refer to the new one in utero.
Pamela: The best one I've heard is "Baby Whosit"
Jillian: When ever someone asks Dale whether he wants a boy or a girl he always resonds "Yes"
rich-c: Evelyn? Vivian?
Jillian: Officially we're calling this one Pum'kin until birth.
Pamela: Dale is no dummy
RichDrushel: Hu-man (say it Klingon style)
Guy B.: He's very excited Jill. Otherwise, he wouldn't be saying Yes.
Pamela: I thought that was Ferengi
rich-c: not to mention pleased with himself
RichDrushel: Yes, you're right.
Pamela: I'm afraid that means he want'
Pamela: s twins
RichDrushel: The way Quark would say it.
Jillian: I'm pretty pleased with him too. ;-)
rich-c: we'd sort of got hat idea
Pamela: Sorry about the keyboard errors, folks - I'm actually on Kimberly's computer and the keyboard is sorta strange
Jillian: I would have loved to have twins.
Jillian: But we've had confirmation that this one is a singleton.
Pamela: absolutely besotted
rich-c: why are you on Kimberly's computer?
RichDrushel: Who is Kimberly?
rich-c: one of my former library clubbers
Pamela: Because I'm cat-sitting. I haven't had much time to spend with Duchess while K is away, so I thought this would be a good way to spend some time with her
Pamela: One of my best friends who is currently in London, England
rich-c: where has Kim gone?
rich-c: vacation, or something else?
Jillian: Must be nice. I'd like to go to Doulton to the china factory.
Pamela: She left last Tuesday night for an all night drive to NYC, where she boarded the QE2 for Southampton and then a week in London and Paris
Guy B.: Rich D, got a question for you. I have two old hard drives that still work and I was thinking of using them on one of my Adams. They can only go up to 65mb, Am I right? The two drives I have are a 100mb and 125mb. I would just need a hard disk controller board and software then.
james: i am going to have to go soon. i have stuff to do around the house and i'm teaching from 1:30-10 for the next two weeks!
Pamela: James, why do you do this to yourself?
Pamela: You're supposed to be in charge here
rich-c: wow, you've got a serious work schedule, james
james: i enjoy teaching and i'd otherwise be lounging around doing nothing. it's a few extra bucks.
Guy B.: That is a long day.
RichDrushel: James: I thought I had a long schedule! Take care, and congrats on your impending familial addition!
Jillian: That's long hours for sure.
Guy B.: See you next week James.
james: i'm used to it now. i have sundays off and i will take a few days off in the middle of august.
james: thanks :)
rich-c: ok, hope you'll be able to chat too
RichDrushel: Guy: I believe that the 64MB limit is correct.
Guy B.: That's what I thought.
Pamela: Don't wear yourself down, James - you're going to have interrupted sleep soon enough
RichDrushel: Meeka: your website pix are very nice!
james: yes - i'm enjoying my sleep pattern while i can.
Meeka: 00000000000000thnk you
james: *poof*
Pamela: bye, Jameas
Pamela: farn dingers
james left chat session
Meeka: oops stuck key...or is that stuck finger
rich-c: I've also been told that 64 MB is all an Adam hard drive can manage
RichDrushel: I was looking at some of the old ones, especially the group pictures...I was tinkering around with Photoshop on some of the ones that were really dark, and have fixed them.
rich-c: and mine is 80 MB with 64 MB adressable
RichDrushel: Just need to get around to putting the cleaned-up versions where you can get 'em.
RichDrushel: Also, I can ID a bunch of people in the group photos.
Meeka: ya, i just never seem to get around to that
Guy B.: Now all I need is a hard disk controller card and installation software then.
Jillian: Dale is attempting to get his film pics on Kodak Photo CD and having a devil of a time doing it.
Pamela: Sorry, Meeka, I still haven't finished those round tuits - I never got around to it
rich-c: Rich, if any of the early ones were contributions from me, I can rescan at better resolution and send them to you
Guy B.: I have an old power supply box that should work with the drive.
RichDrushel: I created a virtual ADAMcon 09 group picture: I eliminated the tables in front, and removed the annoying hanging lamp that was messing up the color balance :-)
Meeka: fill out the form. i have some to change already. I got a couple messages from whooter just after convention about some of the old ones
RichDrushel: Yes Guy, it sounds like all you need is the interface card.
Jillian: Just thought I would let people know.... Dale bought the parts for the GalBlaster yesterday....
Pamela: Does he have to do that in triplicate, Meeka?
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changed username to BobS
Meeka: sure ;-)
rich-c: Hiya Bob
Pamela: Hey, Grandpa
Guy B.: There he is. Hi Bob.
BobS: sure??????
Jillian: and it's going to be cheaper than originally thought.
RichDrushel: No gal-blasting here; we need them gals to incubate our next generation of ADAMites!
Pamela: James has a new addition on the way, he thinks
BobS: be, be nice to us ol' folk, now, ;-)
Jillian: I'm working on it.
rich-c: I'll go with that
BobS: COOL, hwere is the boy anyways....
Pamela: You just missed him
Jillian: Hi Bob. did you get Dale's email?
RichDrushel: We told him you'd do a big cowboy whoop for him.
Pamela: As only you can
BobS: yes Jillian, I believe yo are referring to the issue of hd manufacture
BobS: YA MON!!!!! Me DO DAT!!!!!!!!!
(Guy B. smiles)
Pamela: Pam LOL
BobS: right nahce me do...........
Jillian: Yes I was. He changed this mind about not getting a response to you in between when I asked and you answered.
BobS: huh????
RichDrushel: This sounds like "Who's on first?"
BobS: po' ol' Terry Fowler is going to be "stuck" with the stuff he has I am afeerd
rich-c: you gotta get your ears tuned to the islands, mon
Jillian: a response 'from you' I mean. he's wandering around cleaning and sort of mumbling as the same time.
Pamela: I'm gonna sign off for a few minutes and go upstairs folks - be back shortly from my own abode
Jillian: Ok Pam.
Pamela: CU
RichDrushel: Bye Pam!
BobS: bye
rich-c: cu
Pamela left chat session
Guy B.: Don't take long.
rich-c: oh, she only has to go up five floors, and the elevator is not that slow
BobS: FIVE FLOORS, the poor young thing will be exhausted!!!!!
rich-c: trouble is, it's at the opposite end of the ahll from her and Kim's apartments
RichDrushel: So what's this about Mr. Fowler being stuck?
BobS: OK, to bring ya'll up to speed
rich-c: well, if the Adam community starts making its own hard disc controllers
BobS: I contacted Terry about the hd cards he has but has no chip for
Jillian changed username to Dale
rich-c: that will leave him small market for the ones he has
Guy B.: My idea was to use a standalone Adam for the HD and the Adam Expansion for Adamserve with the 486.
Dale: Hi all.
BobS: and he wants $35 without the chip!
BobS: hi Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
rich-c: evening, Dale
BobS: long ans short of it is Dale can make them a LOT more inexpensively
Dale: Bob, in his defence, Terry was offering the board without the GAL, but fully populated and assembled.
rich-c: by the way, what's the URL for that board maker?
BobS: I know, but.....that was not what I asked him for either
RichDrushel: How did the number of available boards end up exceeding the number of GALs?
Dale: The board manufacturer is mentioned in my AdamCon report.
BobS: probably Mark Gordon had a run of X number made and figured he would make up the chips as he went along
Dale: They are called AP Circuits.
rich-c: OK, I hope I can find timje to read it
RichDrushel: Find time, it's a nice report.
Dale: Have you read my AdamCon report? It took forever to write (5500 words).
RichDrushel: IMHO, of course :-)
BobS: which is what he did to a degree, the common stuff, he got a bunchof but the gal not so many
rich-c: what is GAL the acronym for?
BobS: NICE JOB Dale!!! I DID read it and was IMPRESSED
BobS: chat with you doing sessions and all and being short on sleep
RichDrushel: Others have accused me of not being a "business man", but if I were Mark, I think I would have made sure that all my boards sold could be fully populated and made fully functional.
RichDrushel: A bit mean to sell the remainder of the boards knowing they couldn't be made functional without a GAL only available from Mark.
rich-c: depends - if a chip is expensive, and you can burn to need, maybe buying a big stock isn't smart
Dale: Thanks Rich D.
Dale: Gate Array Logic.
Guy B.: OK?
rich-c: thanks Dale - haven't heard that term before
Dale: Terry offered to program Bob's GALs for $10 each. If Terry supplied the GALs, he had 19 ready to go.
RichDrushel: Stock are blanks; they can be burned with any logic needed for any suitable project. Like blank EPROMs, they needn't be burned with a specific program until needed, and you can use them in other projects.
BobS: Richard, the was Mark's FIRST and FOREMOST idea, but when he wanted to get out of thstuff to Terry 'as is'e business, he just sold
RichDrushel: Then I guess Terry missed the boat on not getting a matching number of GALs in the deal...
BobS: kind of.......
RichDrushel: I'd hate to see the boards just junkedd.
Dale: This particular one has a 22 pin chip with 10 inputs and 10 outputs, and you can program with the truth table you want for all possible inputs.
RichDrushel: If Mark's board and Dale's projected board are plug-compatible, then maybe some way should be found to make the remaining old ones functional before running off new ones...
Dale: I believe that Terry has the ability to program the GALs himself.
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changed username to mcq
RichDrushel: If the 2 designs are not equivalent, then it will be a very unfortunate situation.
rich-c: I think differing ideas on proper pricing arelikely to scupper that
RichDrushel: He does? Then what's the problem? Doesn't he have the program to put in them?
rich-c: Hi Patrick - good to see you back
rich-c: you haven't graced us with your presence for far too long
Dale: Rich D, who said anything about a problem? Terry just wants more per board.
mcq: Hello, I hopr you all had a good time at the convention... I kept up on the pictures now and again.
RichDrushel: Okay, I misunderstood.
Dale: But he is only interested in selling assembled boards.
Guy B.: We all did Patrick.
RichDrushel: I thought Terry had a stack of unusable boards because they lacked the necessary GAL.
BobS: and if Terry wants more per board, then Terry can sell for that price to ??????
RichDrushel: Okay, then it is soley a pricing issue. Different from what I was thinking.
RichDrushel: Oops, solely.
mcq: Sorry for the absence... been busy selling my company...Again I am a working stiff.
BobS: I tried to get a committment for just the parts only, but Terry wants to sell the product put together
rich-c: Pat, you should know a lot of us have taken your advice and put in Zone Alarm
BobS: and Dale can procure the stuff fairly
rich-c: selling the company, Pat? So what are you doing now?
mcq: No to but in... but Bob you are correct, the pricing from TF is kinda high !?
RichDrushel: Then he can price his stuff how he wants...if he prices it too high relative to Dale's new offering, then he (Terry) won't move many boards...
mcq: SSDC Same Stuff different company Mostly Win2K stuff now
Guy B.: That's for sure.
rich-c: Pat, here no one butts in - everyone is welcome - this is an Adam community!
Dale: The blank GALs, from the first source I found, will be more than Terry's price. Mine are about $5.60US each.
RichDrushel: But since until Dale gets his board into production, Terry's stock are the only known source of ADAM HD technology, I'
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RichDrushel: I'd think he would be selling them at whatever price.
changed username to Ron
mcq: Zone Alarm is cool...lately I am pushing Cable/DSL routers... very cheap for decent stuff.
Ron: Yo!
Meeka: hello Ron
rich-c: hey, now Ron's with us - welcome
RichDrushel: Ron is supposed to be curling.
RichDrushel: Did the ice melt?
Guy B.: Ron, your meeting ended early?
Ron: Fond good evening to all
rich-c: they ran out of food?
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changed username to Pamela
Dale: Hi Ron.
mcq: Ran outa food !? ,BG.
Guy B.: Pam's back.
rich-c: and now Pamela is back
Ron: yeah... we ate all that was nothing left to doo but g home
Ron: to do but go home
Ron: Hi Dale
Pamela: Sorry 'bout that, it took longer than I thought to get organized
rich-c: this isn't quite teh curling season, is it?
Pamela: Hi, Ron - I see you made it
Ron: I did
rich-c: except maybe up where Pat lives....
Pamela: Hi, Dale
mcq: Cool today... hit low 70's
BobS: YO!!!! your western continentness!!!!!
Dale: Rich D, he's in no particular hurry to sell them.
Ron: :)
RichDrushel: ROTFLMAO!
rich-c: yes, we're in the same cool air mass
Guy B.: Same here in Chicago after the dog and I got caught in a downpour this morning.
rich-c: definite improvement from near 90 yesterday
Pamela: And it is a very nice change
Dale: Why hello Pamela, and how are you on this fine evening?
RichDrushel: Okay, I guess I'll *never* be a businessman...or an makes no sense to me.
Pamela: I am well, Dale, and yourself?
Dale: I hope better, since the heat wave has finally decided to back off a little.
Pamela: Roll on autumn
Ron: hotter than H out here
RichDrushel: No no, it's too soon to rake leaves!
rich-c: hey, I'm hardly out of spring yet
Ron: which really isn't any more than about 80 deg F
rich-c: mind you, it was short and late
Dale: Sadly, I've had a sore throat ever since I got back from AdamCon.
Pamela: Heck, Dad, you're still on retirement time
mcq: I am a little confused about TF, where did he get his "stock" from???
Ron: Drink hot rums till you can't see the end of the bed Dale
RichDrushel: You talked a lot during your sessions :-)
Guy B.: It's been in the 90's until today and all of a sudden we been getting hit with severe weather and very heavy rain.
Pamela: Russell has been sick ever since, too
rich-c: yes, we saw your lightning storm on our tv this evening
Ron: this does not sound good
BobS: bought it directly from Mark Gordon
RichDrushel: Uh-oh, don't you all come down with Legionella or something!
mcq: Mark Gordon ????????
BobS: when Mark decided to pack it in
Pamela: No worries, Rich, I'm fine
BobS: Micro Innovations= Mark Gordon
mcq: Go it
mcq: Got it
RichDrushel: Markro Innovations :-)
mcq: Musta been a huge investment!?
BobS: sya WHAT???????
BobS: say
Guy B.: Didn't he have some parts leftover after he got out?
Dale: Mark Gordon took a transfer at work from VA => CO. He wanted to dump any Adam stuff.
Pamela: everyone's got fimble ningers tonite, I see
RichDrushel: Dale told us that stuff went into the dustbin (ADAMnet hard drives, wasn't it?)
BobS: supposedly PJ's hd system, but that never came about either
Ron: fimblest ningers in the west
Dale: About $10,000 worth of AdamNet hard disks were dumped.
BobS: yup
Pamela: Now that I'm back on my own system, Ihave no excuse
Guy B.: Whoa, that much?
Ron: geez!
Pamela: Major ouch
BobS: people do STRANGE things osmetimes......
Dale: After 2 1/2 years, he'd lost his firmware programmers and figured he couldn't make them work.
RichDrushel: And never thought to ask for help...
rich-c: and wasn't there something unsalvageable about the hard discs?
RichDrushel: Or just had had enough.
Dale: If I had caught up with him faster, it might have turned out differently. But that's water under the bridge now.
RichDrushel: I thought that the intial formatting was the unsolved problem.
BobS: I believe at the time, there were offers made form the ADAM community, but were ignored
Dale: He looked to Tony or Guy, and they weren't interested.
RichDrushel: Something to the effect of not being able to do it over ADAMnet, but needing to PC-format them before assembly.
Ron: what are we talking here.... 1991,, 1992??
BobS: it was strictly the TDOS side was it not????
Dale: After sitting on that much stuff for that long, he just figured that he'd been burned one too many times.
RichDrushel: Probably later than that.
Guy B.: That should be around there.
BobS: more like 96
Ron: yes.... he was last at ADAMcon IV right?
Dale: This all happened around the time of AdamCon 6.
Ron: pl
Ron: ok, i mean
RichDrushel: I remember the demo he did of the ADAMnet HD at ADAMcon 05...and the 2MB XRAM.
Ron: by then Tony and Guy were out
rich-c: these Mac keyboards are confusing...
RichDrushel: It was 05, wasn't it?
Guy B.: That would be 1994.
RichDrushel: I know he was at IV/
RichDrushel: IV.
BobS: which reminds me.........(string on digit....) DALE! both you and I have to email Bob Blair and see if we can't get the stuff he stillhas;
BobS: he emnailed me while back about it, I replied then heard nothing....
Ron: incl 1 Adamnet hard drive?
RichDrushel: How is Bob Blair? He too disappeared after his ADAMcon...
Dale: Bob Blair has the one AdamNet hard drive prototype...
BobS: email address!!!! is the latest I have for him
rich-c: someone contemplating a bit of reverse engineering?
Dale: and was thinking of buying all of the surplus Adam stuff from Mark...
Dale: but I guess Terry Fowler's offer was better overall.
RichDrushel: Hardware wasn't the problem, it was firmware (what to put in the slave 6801).
mcq: "he just figured that he'd burn ..." My opinion is that he was an entrepeneur looking to capitalize on an orphan market from people who would pay anything to keep the flame alive.... n'est-ce pas?
BobS: Bob Blair has alot of ADAM, cpu's, etc AND the 1 and only ADAMnet HD
RichDrushel: The hardware per se is not that much more complex than what Dale is proposing.
BobS: right on Pat!!!!
RichDrushel: Even the ADAMnet I/O part is not impossible.
rich-c: Mark got into it originally because he wanted to oblige Scott
BobS: you know Terry??????
rich-c: then everyone else at the Washington group wanted stuff
Dale: Rich D, I was looking at the 68HC11 manuals, and it looks like the async serial protocols look very similar to what you described for ...
mcq: An i ain't even connected......
Guy B.: Dale what slot will this board go in the Adam?
rich-c: that's where Mark's business started
Dale: the 6801 AdamNet code.
Dale: The boards that I am working on are slot 1 boards.
RichDrushel: Dale, yes, the 68xx series were all set up with the hardware basis for ADAMnet.
Guy B.: Oh good. That I have open.
Dale: Pair it with an MIB-3 (dual serial + parallel + PROM slot) and a large RAM expander for the ultimate Adam.
RichDrushel: Everyone on the shared bus listens for a network ID, and if it's not for them, they can go to sleep until the data burst stops.
rich-c: Dale, would yours work over the bus connector, or is the connector/cable hardware too scarce?
Guy B.: I have a 512 expander baord with addresser card in slots 2 & 3.
mcq: I was nice to put some faces to the names... thanx for the pics.
RichDrushel: A 60-pin IDC card-edge connector is $10 US from Digikey .
RichDrushel: It's really pricey...
Dale: MIB-3, if you have one does the function of the addresser card.
RichDrushel: You need 2 to connect anything to the sideport.
RichDrushel: That's an expensive cable.
rich-c: by some standars, maybe
Guy B.: The side bus I have the Eve SP-1.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale left chat session
changed username to Dale
Dale: Sorry, I stepped out of the chat for a sec.
Ron: no outstep
Dale: It's the Windows Netscape buffer overflow problem.
rich-c: I do that sometimes, but not voluntarily
Guy B.: I get that too. Any solutions?
Pamela: Yeah. Use IE instead.
Dale: I've never been enthuastic about the side card expansions...
rich-c: oh, I'm on Opera and it seems sensitive to the Spaniel bug that dumps one when another comes in
Guy B.: Just what I don't use. IE.
RichDrushel: far, neither PC nor Mac version of IE has had this problem for me.
Pamela: Me either
BobS: Dale.......30 pin simms......8 chips on them each with a ..... -15 ......on them......?????
Dale: I find the cables to be very susceptable to problems, with the amount I move my Adam (historically one a month for MTAG meetings).
RichDrushel: Actually, it's the only time I use Exploder, 'cause I was tired of the overflows in these chats :-)
Dale: I use Linux indtead usually.
rich-c: I keep trying Netscape and keep having crashes
Pamela: And yet I prefer IE to Netscape - less confusing
BobS: some wiht # 41256 -15
Dale: Bob, that sounds like the perfect RAM for an Adam.
Guy B.: I'm the opposite to you Pam.
Ron: Think I'm the only Mac member in the Comox Valley using IExploder
BobS: that what you need for mem expandrs?????
mcq: ( Bill Gates singing) IE IE IE... It's the best... 'cause it's Free!)
BobS: got maybe 20 of them
Pamela: You prefer Netscape, Guy?
Pamela: ; )
rich-c: so are Netscape and Opera
Guy B.: That's my default browser.
RichDrushel: Are these non-parity SIMMs?
RichDrushel: Mac type, I mean?
BobS: guy said they came formMac
mcq: 30 pin Simms... Dime a dozen, I think we just through a bunch away
Pamela: Well, Russell and I had a meeting of the minds and decided he could have Netscape and I would use IE - those have always been our preferences for some reason
Ron: oh oh
RichDrushel: 'Cause I got given a box of about 30 of 'em...originally bought for SE30s in one of the computer labs here.
BobS: bought them to try to solder pins on for megaram expander, but never got around to it
Dale: Patrick, the Adam needs "really slow" 30 pin SIMMs.
mcq: As a rule... 8 chips equals non-parity, 9 chips = parity
Dale: They are harder to come by, these days.
Ron: push pins, Bob, push pins
Pamela: Ron, you seem to have a fixation there
RichDrushel: That's what I thought, Dale...
BobS: BUT, they have to be 120-150 nanoseconds........right Dale???
Dale: Almost everything is faster than 70ns, (nanoseconds) the Adam works best with 150ns complnents.
Guy B.: I do have IE 5.5 and that was installed with MGI Photosuite as part of my scanner.
RichDrushel: If I can find that box...they are probably the right vintage to be slow enough.
Ron: :) They started it Pamela
BobS: well look Rich!!!!!!!
Pamela: And you just have to egg them on, right?
BobS: bring them next summer and we can scout them out!
rich-c: Pat, are you still in the security business?
RichDrushel: Well Ron, you could always telnet to port 80 and send raw HTTP commands to do your browsing :-)
Dale: Patrick, some SIMMs have an address decoder type chip on them.
mcq: Those must be hard to find. I entered the PC scene in 1990 and 100ns was a little slow.
rich-c left chat session
Ron: Bob, Rich, did you guys get my ADAMCON offerings?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich=-c
RichDrushel: Yes, I got it Ron. I assumed you mailed it to the general list...was that an incorrect assumption?
Pamela: what happened, Dad?
Guy B.: Got lost Rich C?
Ron: yes, I did not
mcq: security no... Network consulting... still
rich=-c: sorry folks - got bounced where someone tried to probe my ports
Ron: did not put it on the list I mean
RichDrushel: Want me to repost to the list, Ron? After incorporating your erratta, of course.
Pamela: every time I hear that it sounds vaguely sinister
Ron: please Rich
BobS: yes, sir Ronald!!!!! VERY well done, my man!!!!!!! specially the part about the afghan.... ;-)
Ron: or could go on your site
RichDrushel: He said the P-word!
rich=-c: it can be sinister, but with Zone Alarm the defence is good
Ron: you liked that eh?
RichDrushel: Thank you!
mcq: Any action on where the next AdamCon is to be?
RichDrushel: I hear it so seldom...
Pamela: Kentwood, MI
rich=-c: next is Grand Rapids, then Comox
mcq: Kentwood ?
Ron: yup
Dale: LONG posts are discouraged on the list. Posting it on a web site with a URL is always welcome.
Guy B.: That's a suburb of Grand Rapids, MI.
BobS: only a hop across lake MI Pat
Pamela: I did get that right, didn't I Bob?
RichDrushel: ? when did that happen? Nobody ever griped about TWWMCA (at least to me).
BobS: yes dear!
Pamela: thank you
rich=-c: that was just text, Rich
mcq: I can take the ferry... 6 hours and I am there
rich=-c: teh gripes were about multiple graphics
RichDrushel: Well, so is Ron's report.
BobS: tentatively by popular request, first part of Aug
RichDrushel: No embedded JPEGs etc.
Ron: was down to 1700 bytes on Speedywrite
BobS: can prolly take it right into Muskegon, an hour drive to here.....
Ron: about 10 pages
RichDrushel: I see longer cascades on rec.arts.books.tolkien :-)
BobS: my 9600 baud modem handled it!!!!
RichDrushel: So Patrick, any chance of joining us at ADAMcon 0x0e?
rich=-c: text files are almost always small enough for a mailing list
BobS: what???????
Ron: Damn thing went through about 3 machines here before it got outbound
Pamela: I see someone figured out the hex
rich=-c: not hard, daughter - I'll show you sometime
Pamela: Okay
RichDrushel: Fulfillment of prophesy requires that it be named 0x0e...ask our prophet why.
BobS: what the HEX ??????????
Ron: so you gonna make it next year mcq?
mcq: Maybe... for a day or two.. I say that every year and something else pops up.
Dale: I checked my logs and as of today, 36 people have visited my full AdamCon 13 report.
Ron: that would be real good
Pamela: Hey, I'm related to the prohet - do I have a choice?
rich=-c: that's pretty good, Dale - an encouraging sign
RichDrushel: Unless you want to be human sacrifice into the volcano :-)
Pamela: No, no, anything but that!!
Pamela: ooo - scared
Pamela: You'll notice the prophet isn't commenting
rich=-c: Rich, how many hits did you get on the 'con webcam?
RichDrushel: Maybe ADAMcon need blood now to keep going (evil grin)
Ron: And one of em ain't me Dale. Was trying to avoid plagiarism. No excuse now of course
mcq: Grand Rapids is doable... When's it in Chicago... AdamCon FF
mcq: I was a hit on the WEbcam !!!!!!!!
Pamela: Sorry, I gave at the castle
Ron: we will have to rope Guy into doing one. Never bin to Chicago
rich=-c: doubt we're likely to make it to FF - and 0F is taken
RichDrushel: I still haven't made an exact tally...
Guy B.: I did download one of those webcam movies.
Dale: Rich D, I don't have a max post size, but a 100k post will cause a flurrly of unsubscribes.
Guy B. left chat session
RichDrushel: but my impression was similar to Dale's numbers.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Lost the chat log too.
RichDrushel: Personally, I don't like the flurry of bounced E-mails every time I post anything...
Ron: not getting as many here as I used to
RichDrushel: The main webpage keeps getting looked at about 5 times per day.
rich=-c: yes, it would be nice if some of the departures let us know
RichDrushel: Some of them I think are vacations, over mailbox quotas.
Ron: yup.... had one of them today
rich=-c: still, there are others that just walk and say nothing
mcq: Anybody know what happened to
RichDrushel: Yeah, it would be nice to know some demographics of all the lurkers who are subscribed, and how they found the list, etc.
rich=-c: Pat, have you looked at Meeka's website yet?
mcq: No....
RichDrushel: That's Scott Gordon's thing, right? If so, he's put it on hiatus.
mcq: Maybe....
Dale: The Adam Resource is now on an AOL web page.
Ron: Adamresource?
rich=-c: you should - lots of pictures of the whole scury crew
RichDrushel: School and work pressures.
RichDrushel: See Drushels v1.0 through 4.0.
Dale: I keep meaning to move the mailing list over to an automated list manager, that will take care of the bounced posts...
rich=-c: its
RichDrushel: I also have some photos on the convention webpage
Meeka: did I here my name mentioned?? ;-)
RichDrushel: But Meeka seems to have become our official photohistorian.
Dale: but I haven't yet.
Pamela: Just checking to see if you're paying attn
Meeka: I have been surfing the web
rich=-c: just trying to drum up some trade for you, Meeka
RichDrushel: Pulitzer is in the mail...
Dale: If I post it on, I'd need a secondary mail server, which I haven't set up yet.
Meeka: thanks
Meeka: i need ALL the help I can get ;-)
rich=-c: figure your site is worth it
Meeka: i am glad people enjoy it
Pamela: It's a pretty impressive collection, Meeka
BobS: park the board my dear.......
Meeka: that is why I fdid it
mcq: I just updated MY wepage after 1.5 years... Literally no time for the page... I'll send ftp password to anybody who wants it.
Dale changed username to Jillian
Jillian: I just kicked Dale out of the house to go and buy milk. he'll be back soon.
Meeka: sorry, you guys were just way to "tecky" for me for a little bit there
RichDrushel: And I've got a bunch of photos cleaning out the basement for this convention, I found my photos from 06, 07, and 09.
rich=-c: I see Jill is back with us - send Dale back to the housework?
RichDrushel: #include <no_tech.h>
mcq: as a matter of fact pointed to www.adamresource up untill a couple of days ago.
Ron: good Jillian....Hi!
Pamela: Jill, can I borrow Dale for a little housework training for my other half?
RichDrushel: // this means keep it simple for Meeka
Guy B.: I have a bunch of photos too. I have to sort them out, but I know for sure I have convention pics from 03 on up.
Jillian: Hey again all!
Ron: Meeka already has mine
rich=-c: ah, she can always get Doug to help her
RichDrushel: Shoulda asked me while in Cleveland; I am a well-domesticated househusband.
Meeka: yes. I here enough of that from my husband
Jillian: Sure Pam. I've trained him well.
Pamela: He's a tough nut to crack, Rich
Meeka: i will take ALL pictures I can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Actually, what I should do is send him home to my mom for a week - that'd straighten him out
Ron: Most husbands need to be housebroken. Some never quite make it
Meeka: I will even do the scanning and sorting
Meeka: my husband sure has a long way to go!
Ron: :)
mcq: Just took a gander at Meeka's page... very nice
RichDrushel: I can scan 'em, no problem. Just need to do it...
Pamela: You'd think growing up in a house with two women, he'd have gotten it by now
Guy B.: I have a scanner. Let's see what I have and who I can recognize.
Meeka: thank you Pat
Jillian: Perhaps thats the problem, Pam.
Pamela: Of course, I can pick on him cos he's not here
Ron: makes it worse
Ron: brings out the stubborn streak
Pamela: My husband, the iceberg - 90 % of the stubborn is hidden
Jillian: My dad lived with 4 women for a good 18 years and never got it.
Ron: been there, done that. About the only thing I remembered was to make sure the toilet seat was left down
Pamela: before or after your wife fell in, Ron?
Ron: that was always threatened
Pamela: Man that china is cold
Guy B.: Well, that's one thing I was taught.
RichDrushel: Well, there is a certain responsibility to look before you sit...
Jillian: Dale and I go in cycles of clean to CHAOS.
rich=-c: we eliminate teh clean
Meeka: Guy, don't worry about if you can recognize them or not. I have quite a few now that I don't know who they are, but that is part of the reason for the site. to help identfy the early members
RichDrushel: Don't come visit us unannounced! "The management is not responsible for any clutter you may see."
Pamela: We go in cycles of - we have to clean, my parents are coming for dinner
Jillian: There are good health reasons for keeping the lid down though.
rich=-c: as if we'd notice!
RichDrushel: That's why there were no tours offered of the Drushel Dungeon :-)
Pamela: As if you wouldn't!
rich=-c: well, then, as if we'd care
Jillian: CHAOS stands for can't have anyone over syndrome.
rich=-c: you know all our guilty secrets
Pamela: We like to keep the dust bunnies under two feet if possible
RichDrushel: As Lillian Moller Gilbreth used to say in "Cheaper By The Dozen", "That's Eskimo!"
Pamela: I love that book, Rich
Guy B.: I was looking at one of the group pics from one of the earlier Adamcon's that I think I recognized that you couldn't remember who it was. I think it was from 09.
Pamela: Have you read the sequel?
RichDrushel: Did you know that Frank Jr. just died this year?
RichDrushel: Yes.
Meeka: 9 was the first one I was in
Pamela: Didn't know that, no
RichDrushel: Lillian's autobiography also just came out.
RichDrushel: Published by the Society for Women Engineers.
Pamela: any idea on title?
Guy B.: I remember. That's when I met you and Doug.
rich=-c: yes, she was very much a pioneer
RichDrushel: Lillian is badge #1 in SWE.
RichDrushel: Hmm, we borrowed it from the library...
rich=-c: a search in the LC catalogue should turn it up pretty smartly
mcq: Hey if we can stand some sorta "Microsoft/ Today's PC's/ Internet... /or whatever you can convince me talk about...session," I get extra credit from my boss.
RichDrushel: There is a webpage for the Gilbreths up that has all the a Google search on Frank or Lillian and you'll find it.
Pamela: (blue smoke comes from Rich's memory chips)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela: Library - that's that place where you get books for free, right? I think I remember it
RichDrushel: That howl was at a fatiguing level...
BobS: pc/internet........OK
RichDrushel: Wasted motions in its throat, too.
Jillian: The only thing I use the library for most of the time is as a place to pay my overdue fines.
rich=-c: Pat, he we talk about ANYTHING - as you may have noticed
Pamela: I know the feeling, Jill
mcq: I mean at the AdamCon....
RichDrushel: Ditto at ADAMcons :-)
Ron: you will be pressed into service mcq
mcq: LOL
Jillian: Speaking of anything I need opinions on sewing machines.
Pamela: No luck last weekend?
BobS: Pat, we go the WHOLE gambit and ADAMCON's.....ADAM pc's, internet, lego monster robots......
mcq: If I make the commitment.. I have to go... right!?
Guy B.: Well gang. I have 12 e-mails waiting for me. I should be able to make it this Saturday. At least I won't need to go into work. See you all then or next week.
Meeka: nise things to have around -)
RichDrushel: Yes, Joan gave her brain dump last time, now it's your turn, Pam.
Ron: keep your finger out from under the needle
rich=-c: Frances is looking over my shoulder, Jill
Meeka: that would be nice
RichDrushel: So long, Guy.
Meeka: i wish my fingers would work right;-)
Pamela: Good nite, Guy - see you next week
Ron: by Guy
Jillian: I dragged dale shopping and stood in the store for about 45 minutes while the sales person tried to convince me that three stitch lengths were all I would ever need.
rich=-c: nite Guy see you Sat
RichDrushel: Prick your finger and sleep a hundred years, isn't it?
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: right!!!! 'casue we will have your money! <grin>
Pamela: That's what we contracted at the con - a bad case of fimble ningers!
BobS: be good Guy!
rich=-c: want to talk to Frances, Jill?
Ron: no, wake up and kiss a frog
(A strange smell wafts around the room)
mcq: Soleing machine... something to do about fish ?
RichDrushel: I've had that experience...
RichDrushel: Joan's favorite animal is the frog.
Jillian: The upgraded machine with adjestable stitch lengths is another $50.00. Is it worth it?
rich=-c: shoes
Pamela: You should talk to the expert, Jill - my mom is the one with the experience
RichDrushel: We've gone on herpetological expeditions in our youth.
Ron: we get two or three around the swimming pool each spring
Pamela: souling machine - inserts souls into bodies
rich=-c changed username to Frances
RichDrushel: She even kept a giant toad in her room for a semester.
Jillian: If Frances is available, Rich, I would appreciate her resonse.
Pamela: Hi, Mom
Jillian: Hi Frances. Do you see my question?
mcq: Big people=big stiches small people=small stiches ???? Gotaa be worth $50
Ron: connect the souling machine to ADAMnet
Pamela: ROTFL
Ron: write a program in C
Frances: Jill, what the heck do they mean by adjustable stitch lengths?
Ron: send it to the Handi-board
Ron: and presto, your souling machine is programmed with Johnny Cab
RichDrushel: "Your license to exist has expired. You have 30 seconds to E-mail a valid credit card number to Chairman Bill, or your existence will be terminated."
Jillian: The cheaper machine had a long short stitch(about 6 mms) long, a medium one(about 4) and a short one(about 2).
Frances: You should be able to adjust your stitch length to anything between the longest and the shortest
Meeka: that would be the monster cab's little brother ;-)
Ron: resistance.... will not be tolerated
Pamela: 10, 9, 8, . . .
RichDrushel: "Insert first-born child, magnetic stripe down."
Frances: What kind of machine, Jill?
mcq: No Rich... It's 30 more times to "Open your eyes" after a night's sleep
Ron: At this point Frances is wondering about our sanity
Frances: Yes!
Ron: iy
Jillian: The more expensive one had a gauge from 0 to 8 with almost continuios adjustment.
RichDrushel: Sanity is over-rated.
Ron: it's gone
Pamela: Highly
Jillian: Singer machines,
RichDrushel: Sanity is how dullards justify their mundanity.
RichDrushel: Wow, that's profound...
Pamela: Mother doesn't wonder about mine, she knows it left town years ago
Ron: hey!
RichDrushel: Brain is shutting down again, I fear...
Ron: I'm impressed
mcq: Karaoke
Pamela: bless you
Jillian: Sanity is overrated.
RichDrushel: Too many long days...
RichDrushel: Not enough long nights (away from the lab, that is).
Pamela: Rich, for heaven's sake, go get some sleep
Frances: I'm baffled, Jill.
Meeka: too many short nights too
Ron: all it takes is attendance at one ADAMcon, mcq, and you become one of us
Pamela: the insane
Jillian: I may actually give in and buy new.
Ron: in fact, from what I can see, being here may do it for you
RichDrushel: "Resistance is will be assimilated"
Pamela: See? I'm living proof
mcq: " 0 to 8 with almost continuios adjustment." = analog
Frances: How used was this machine?
mcq: Ron.. is that a threat [bg]
Ron: it certainly is
Pamela: no, a promise
RichDrushel: I thought we did such a great cosmetic job when we implanted Pamela with her ADAMnet port. :-)
Jillian: We wandered through Walmart today and a new brother machine with 17 stitches was about the same price $235
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: ROtFL
changed username to Mr. GRIM reeper
Pamela: Yes, the alarm goes off every wednesday at 8:59
RichDrushel: When the ADAMnet Master talks, Pamela will now listen...
Ron: Just about had Meeka convinced that she had actually won an afghan
Jillian: The better of the two looked about 5 years old I'd say. Very clean no dings.
mcq: Brother is the largest sewing machine maker in the world !
Pamela: You think so, Rich?
RichDrushel: Brother, of typewriter fame?
Frances: I think you may have misunderstood about the stitch length.
Meeka: I have always liked singer
RichDrushel: haha...I don't have a cable long enough to reach you, however.
Jillian: Brother is a good make.
Meeka: if you take care of them they last almost forever
Pamela: That's a relief
mcq: We had a Very large (ex-football player) African-American Brother (printer) salesperson... He called himself the Brother from Brother
Frances: It should be infintely adjustable between the longest and the shortest available
Jillian: Nope the sales person tried to convince me that no one ever uses more that three elngths anyway.
RichDrushel: Hello GRIM.
Frances: Baloney!
Jillian: I din't have much respect for her by the time we left the store.
Pamela: Hey Grim, why so grim?
Meeka: i agree with Frances about the stitch lenght Jillian
mcq: Reap what you sew ????
Ron: Grim might be from Japan
RichDrushel: I'm not quite ready to go, yet, though.
Frances: Stitch widths, however, are something else
Pamela: Nope, the cross ocean contingent has come and gone
RichDrushel: I haven't reached my 3-score and 10.
Ron: mmm
RichDrushel: Unless it's Whooter finally come to join us...
Pamela: However, you will notice that Mr. Slopsema is noticeably absent
Meeka: that what I was thinking too Pam
Frances: Even so, on my 30 year old machine, stitch widths are also infinitely adjustable between the widest and narrowest available
Jillian: Stitch widths I thought I could probably get by with three different widths.
Mr. GRIM reeper: HIYA boys....and fillies!
Pamela: Yup, it's Bob
Frances: You should not have to
Mr. GRIM reeper: huh????
Jillian: Most machines I've looked at have about 6 or so.
RichDrushel: Should I tell a Grimm fairytale now?
Pamela: spaken sie Deutsch?
Mr. GRIM reeper: yes. PLEEEEZEEE
Jillian: The other thing that I don't like is only one control for tension. Not seperate for top and bottom.
Ron: boy. Talk about a multiplexed discussion
Mr. GRIM reeper: yavool!
Frances: sprechen, daughter
RichDrushel: Nicht wieder!
Pamela: gimme a break mom, isn't three languages enough?
Jillian: I'm not ready for a bed time story. I need to have supper first.
Frances: On sewing machines, you usually only adjust the top tension.
mcq: I have problem's with one
Mr. GRIM reeper: sprechen sie duetcsh.......
RichDrushel: Herr Totmeister, was geschiet hier heute abend?
Jillian: Usually, yes. My mother's machine had an adjustment for bottom to use in extreme cases.
Pamela: salmon mousse is rearing it's ugly head again
Frances: but the bottom can usually also be djusted by turning a very small screw in the bobbin case
Mr. GRIM reeper: sie haben nicht essen??????
Ron: Anyway Jillian, you're doing the right thing by seeking information. I have trouble with sales people sometimes
RichDrushel: Warum bist du jetzt hier?
RichDrushel: Alle hier sind noch nicht tot...
Pamela: okay, okay - UNCLE
Frances: Jill, you need a bullshit detector when you shop
Pamela: Mother!
Mr. GRIM reeper: biem "hElicoptor"
RichDrushel: Er will dich essen!
Jillian: This sales person also tried to convince me that you should always be able to see the bottom thread on the top of the sewing.
Frances: Daughter?
Ron: tis true Frances
RichDrushel: Er kann sich selbst essen :-)
Pamela: Such language
Frances: No!
Pamela: I must be rubbing off on you
Meeka: isn't it never see the bottom on top???
Frances: the top and bottom threads should be balanced
Jillian: Fortunately for sewing, I'm not a complete newbie. Most other things i go more by gut instinct.
Mr. GRIM reeper: I can't remembere that much german rich, been about 5 years now......
RichDrushel: I said, "He wants to eat you" and "He can go eat himself" :-)
Pamela: Sounds kinky
Mr. GRIM reeper: night WARE!!!!!!
RichDrushel: It's been 21 years for me!!!
Mr. GRIM reeper: nicht
Ron: more multiplexed discussion
RichDrushel: multiperplexed...
Jillian: Dale says 'She was earning her minimum wage. She didn't let us steal anything.
Mr. GRIM reeper: try about 34
Ron: we have languages, double meanings, subject switches
Pamela: of course, what's scary is that we're all keeping up
Ron: :)
Mr. GRIM reeper: take too much time to get west Ron?????
RichDrushel: I still haven't told a fairy tale!
Frances: Well, that's nice. Go somewhere else
Ron: well yeah, and I'm 3 hours behind
RichDrushel: Here's my favorite when the girls insist on something before bedtime:
Meeka: getting our "two cents"in is a bit harder though
Jillian: I don't know if we could all keep up with this conversation in person for sure.
Pamela: Tell a scary tale
Ron: eh?
Mr. GRIM reeper changed username to Roberto....
RichDrushel: Once upon a time
RichDrushel: they lived happily ever after.
RichDrushel: The End.
Roberto....: three hours behind and an day late, and abuck short and..........
Pamela: buenos Dias, Roberto
RichDrushel: They scream at that one...
Frances: Unfortunately, I have no place to recommend to you
Ron: what about the galaxy far, far away?
Meeka: short, sweet, and to the point. I like it ;-)
Jillian: That's sweet Rich, but not too scary.
Roberto....: sie seniorita!
RichDrushel: Once upon a time there was a little boy named Hans.
RichDrushel: He never listened to his wise papa and mamma.
Ron: Hans (no hands) Hands
Roberto....: gotta practise me spanish for this winter
RichDrushel: So one day he was out in the forest gathering firewood.
Ron: author of Pirana for fun and pleasure
Pamela: donde va?
RichDrushel: When a bear came out and ate him up.
Ron: and "The Silent Hand Clap"
Roberto....: ????
Jillian changed username to Dale
RichDrushel: That is why all good children should always listen to their parents.
Dale: I'm back
Pamela: Heee's back
RichDrushel: How's that for a Grimm fairy tale? :-)
Pamela: very grim
Ron: good Dale...inject some Sanity into this bunch
Roberto....: get your shopping done, Dale?????
Pamela: it's way too late for that
Frances: I would say that that person was ignorant of sewing machines
Meeka: or just didn't really care
Roberto....: don't be stiffing the little woman, now, she being in a motherly way and all........
Ron: Alls I know is that I'm learning how to thread one
Pamela: I asked where you're going this winter, Bob
RichDrushel: I am informed that I must go to pick up Christina from a friend's house.
Ron: both sides
Ron: Mother can't see it any more
RichDrushel: So, I shall have to break out the shuttlecraft...
Ron: so I have to do what I can
Meeka: a cruse. what else?
Frances: I think I mentioned to you that Consumer Reports will cover sew.mach. next (this?) month - why don't you wait until you read it
Dale: I bought Butterscotch Ice Cream.
RichDrushel: ...and embark upon an away mission.
Dale: And milk.
Pamela: Rich, is that safe in your sleep deprived condition?
Roberto....: going to the Caribbean for my foks 55 wedding anniversary, a cruise no less
Meeka: they always invent an excuse to get out of the cold weather
Pamela: Cool!
RichDrushel: Yes, I will be fine.
Ron: no
RichDrushel: Thank you for your kind concern.
Roberto....: BUTTERSCOTCH!!!!! would KILL for that here!!!!
Dale: All the better for potiential butterscotch milkshakes.
Ron: go straight home Dr. d
RichDrushel: SHe is just down the street...but it's too dark for her to walk home alone.
Pamela: Aha, Dale, butterscotch milkshakes all around please
Dale: But it my not be in the cards for tonight.
Ron: you guys are doing NOTHING for my blood sugar
RichDrushel: So, I will bid you all adieu for tonight.
Dale: I also bought Halls
Frances: Is Jill still there?
mcq: Bye Rich
Pamela: Good night, Rich
RichDrushel: Hailing frequencies closed, sir.
Meeka: see you later Rich
Dale: (With Mentho-lyptus)
Ron: Dristan
Meeka: watch out for the goblins in the alley
RichDrushel: <warps out of orbit>
Frances: Bye, Rich
RichDrushel left chat session
Roberto....: night Rich
Dale: Jill is around the corner, but I can shout at her.
mcq: I see Adam Con 9 was in Kentwood
Pamela: I have to admit, butterscotch and Halls don't mix very well
Dale: Jill just said something about Centre oint mall.
Meeka: yes it was
Ron: did we impart sufficient sewing machine howto?
Roberto....: yup, got EXPERIENCE now! ;-)
Frances: You don't need to. Dealing with the problems right now is rather confusingf
Dale: The sewing machine shop was at Centre Point mall.
Frances: No we didn't, Ron
Ron: sounds like the salesperson had an attitude
Ron: oh
Frances: Don't go there again
Ron: better fone her Frances
Pamela: sounds like she didn't know anything
Roberto....: forget the Hall's and do the scutterbotch thingy........
Pamela: that gets my vote, Bob
Frances: Try Sears
mcq: Meeka .. can I copy your links to I'll link to you of course
Roberto....: try sears for scutterboth thingyies????
Frances: I can't vouch for them, either, but surely they would be better informed
Ron: drool!
Pamela: Why not, they sell everything else
Roberto....: now Ronald, be happy with KRISPY bacon!
Meeka: yes you can. I need to change Herman & George's links though the others are all up-to- date
Ron: Frances said I was supposed to lose weight. How can I do that with you guys taliking about scutterbotch?
Frances: Come down to Sears at Yorkdale and I can meet you there, if we can work out a mutual time
Dale: Is it time for
Pamela: talk is calorie cheap, Ron
Dale: Christmas baking?
Dale: Scottish Scones...
Roberto....: well, Dale is the only one getting a scutterbotch.......
Frances: You are, Ron. Get with it!
Ron: I know
Pamela: Once a mother, always a mother
Dale: and Buttery Shortbread cookies, and all that.
Roberto....: you tell 'im Frances !!!!!!!
Ron: thanks Dale
Frances: Get on the Globe and Mail website and read the current articles on weight, etc.
Pamela: Glad she's nagging someone else for a change
Roberto....: you're NEXT Pam !!!!!!!
Pamela: Dale, you're not helping
Frances: You too, daughter
Ron: 40 lbs would be nice.....trouble is I keep losing sight of the objective
Roberto....: SEE ????? What'd I tell ya ???? I KNOW moms !!!!!!
Pamela: I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me. Woudl that be your toes, Ron?
Ron: right.
Pamela: I could have predicted that one, Mom
Roberto....: ya know,......if food was not so inviting..........
Ron: what the world needs is caloree free diet Cake
Dale: The Globe and Mail says...
Frances: And Russell. Children are supposed to outlive their parents
Dale: that fat people think that they are dim witted....
Ron: sons are supposed to outlive their mothers
Frances: Yup
Dale: especially women, when asked to do a self acessment.
Pamela: I have no influence on Russell, unfortunately
Dale left chat session
Frances: Um, would that be aSSESSMENT?
moved to room Meeting Place
Roberto....: now, WHERE int he world did they come up with that !!!!!!!!
changed username to Dale
Dale: I'm back.
Ron: dim when I sit in front of a computer\
Dale: Maybe it is a once an hour thing with NS for Windows.
Roberto....: and you turn down the brightness, yes???????
Pamela: well, I think this group certainly disproves that
Ron: oh? is that it?
Dale: Well, they asked a thousand people of all ages...
Roberto....: see???????
Pamela: no, he can't see, he turned down the brightness, remember?
Roberto....: there ya go, you can NOT ask more than 2 people or the opinions are wrong!!!!!
Dale: to do a self acessment. Their weight and height. And how often they feel that they have trouble remebersing things/solving problems.
Meeka: and are the correct liks for herman and george, but I keep forgetting to change them
mcq: thanx
Roberto....: AND those URL's are only good till Jan 1, 2002
Roberto....: then they expect to change
Dale: And what they found is that the more over weight you are the worse you preceve your brightness.
Meeka: what else is new?
Meeka: it wouldn't be any fun if everyone just stayed put
Roberto....: whew, this is getting DEEP!!!!
Ron: might be something to that
Roberto....: with that, I need to hit the sack kids.......
Meeka: see ya
Pamela: Good nite, Bob
mcq: Bye 4 now
Roberto....: see ya's next week
Ron: be well Roberto
Roberto....: hugsd and kisses to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!!
Pamela: That's a topic for long debate, Dale
Roberto.... left chat session
Dale: They were broken into 3 categories and by sex. Women really start to doubt themselves at 10 pounds over, but men are less likely to.
Pamela: back atya!
Dale: By Bob.
Meeka: ok santa ;-)
Frances: Yes and I have to put out the garbage, tomorrow is garbage day
Frances: Bye, Bob
Ron: don't know about their choice of words.. some sort of self-esteem thing happens though
Ron: indeed here in Comox tomorrow is also garbage day
Dale: So, think better about yourself. Throw off the stats. <grin>
mcq: Comox ???
Meeka: ron is on the west coast
Pamela: I have to question the results - the media's influence regarding appearance is so pervasive, people are afraid to be happy with who they are
Dale: Frances, yesterday was garbage day. And recycling too.
Meeka: on Victoria Island
mcq: "Left coast"
Ron: in Canada, in British Columbia, on Vancouver Island 1/2 way up east side of the Island
Frances: So goodnight, all. This weight thing is interesting but I'll have to give you my advice next week
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: we are 40 miles from land
Frances: Dale, not her
Dale: Okay, fine.
Ron: on an Island 360 miles long by about 100 miles wide
Frances: that's here
mcq: Cool
changed username to Gerry
Ron: yes, it is
Pamela: Good night Mom - oh, have we heard anything from the Eirases re: the death at Bronte Creek?
Meeka: oops. I knew my fingers were not doing as my brain instructed they mix everything up
Ron: nite Frances
Frances changed username to rich-c
mcq: Gotta go too, I'll try and drop in oftener
Gerry: Well maybe late, but I finally did make a contact while there were still some chatters
Pamela: Dad, did you see my question?
Ron: yeah....good talking at ya mcq
Dale: Hi Gerry.
rich-c: saw Elizabeth last night - she didn't say anything, nor did Alice
Meeka: night Pat nice to chat with you
Pamela: Okay, that puts my mind at rest
rich-c: do come back son, Pat
Dale: Nice to see you Patrick.
Gerry: Yes... Hi Dale this is Gerry St. Peter of Calgary
mcq left chat session
Pamela: Hi, Gerry
rich-c: hello Gerry - glad you chose to join us
Dale: Is this your first visit here?
Meeka: hi Gerry
Pamela: welcome aboard
Dale: No, I think I remember you on the chat before.
rich-c: Pam, your mother wants to know if you've given any thought to her suggestion in Cleveland?
Gerry: Well, I was just checking my email and there was the link and it was simple... of course you EASTIES are up pretty late
Pamela: what suggestion?
Dale: Gerry, you're never on too late as long as there is someone to talk to.
rich-c: you should have been here earlier - we even had one from Japan
Meeka: yes the thing we got through for all of you ;-)
Dale: Lots of people skadaddle at about 11pm Eastern, but ...
Gerry: Hi Meeka, Rich, Pamela and RON!
Dale: if there are things to say, the converstion can go on for an hour or more after that.
rich-c: about that thing you might want to sell
rich-c: test - am I still on?
Gerry: I read the account of ADAMCON and sensed that a good time was had by all. Nice to see that the group still musters a faithful gathering... a sound tradition
Pamela: Oh, okay now I get it - I did think about it but have not made up my mind. Tell her I'll discuss it with her at length soon
Meeka: yes rich
Ron: phone rang
rich-c: OK thanks all - got it Pam
Ron: we're like family Gerry
Dale: Gerry, have you looked at any of the photo galleries?
rich-c: every once in a while things go quiet - sometimes it means I've fallen off
Pamela: Speaking as the newbie of the group, Gerry, we all had a marvelous time
rich-c: in fact, it was one of our better Adamcons, though all have been good
Pamela: Our (absent) host made it a very worthwhile experience
Gerry: Yes, I did and thought that those blue tees were smashing...
Pamela: Sorry, hosts
Dale: This was Pam's first AdamCon. A sure sign of a success.
Ron: we have an increasing collection of tees
Ron: one for each year
rich-c: and she's already plotting to attend the next one
Pamela: and the one after that!
Pamela: Finances willing, of course
rich-c: yes, Comox is going to be a challenge
Gerry: I would have loved to have been there, and of course I say that every year since ADAMCON 2... but there is hope that I will make it again
Pamela: Let's see, if I start saving now, I might be able to ride on the wing of the plane in a couple of years
Meeka: she better. than she can have a tour of uor house and can see fro herself what kinda of a computer fiend my husband is ;-)
Ron: how far away are you Gerry from Grand Rapids Michigan?
rich-c: hey, he's a lot closer than you are, Ron
Pamela: I will take you up on that, Meeka
Ron: ic
Meeka: ok
Gerry: I am about 2000 mile plus from Grand Rapids...
rich-c: from Calgary, he can even drive the Trans-Canada to the Sault, then coast down
Pamela: Only if he has lots of time though
Ron: not THAT Gerry!
Ron: eh?
Meeka: that's not too far from here. (grand Rapids)
Gerry: Yes.... but RON FLIES... if he were to drive, he might miss a few..;-)
Ron: one of these years I'd love to drive
Ron: but not by myself
rich-c: We're hoping to drive to Comox, and so I think are the Slopsemas
Pamela: Well, stop in Calgary and pick Gerry up!
Ron: with pleasure
Dale: Ron, you drove to Washington, right?
Meeka: i hadn't heard that bit of info yet rich
Ron: yes
rich-c: you gotta go kidnap Zonker and make him share
Meeka: last time we flew out there
Ron: I would make a point of that
Pamela: Personally, I want to fly to Vancouver and then rent a car and take the ferry over
rich-c: thought I heard Bob muttering something about taking the rv
Gerry: Rich... what does ZONKER have that he must share with Ron??
Meeka: oh
rich-c: the driving
Dale: I heard Bob say, he wanted to fly to Vancouver and drive to Vancouver Island.
Ron: his time, his company, his driving skills
Meeka: that's what I though to Dale
Ron: we're losing Zonker, I'm afraid
Pamela: any idea why, Ron?
Dale: He might bite for a cross country drive though Ron.
rich-c: oh, guess I mis-heard then - it happens at my age
Dale: He did say that he'd like to come to an ACon in Comox.
Ron: he told me before last Christmas that everything he was interested in now was taking him farther and farther
Ron: away from the ADAM
Dale: It is just a long trip from there to the East coast.
rich-c: Michigan hardly rastes as the east coast
Gerry: Well, I noticed some list comments by ZONKER... but is he not apt to go to another ADAMCON
Meeka: and the motor home is not very feul efficient
Meeka: at least compared to a car
rich-c: though once these Left Coasters have crossed the Mississippi, maybe they don't notice
Ron: perhaps one on this side Gerry (west of the Rocks I mean)
Gerry: Well is the next ADAMCON in COMOX???
rich-c: no, the next after the next
Pamela: 15 is in Comox
Meeka: 2003 is Gerry
Ron: not the next one Gerry
Ron: that's in Grand Rapids (2002)\
Meeka: 2002 is in Michigan
Gerry: OK where is the 2002 ADAMCON scheduled for
rich-c: Kentwood is a Grand Rapids suburb
Meeka: actually Kentwood Mi to be mmore recise
Meeka: precise i mean
Pamela: Meeka, please let me have a tub that drains itself this time
Meeka: ok will do my best
rich-c: put it on the list right under crispy bacon
Pamela: thanks, I was losing valuable brekkie time every day
Ron: this is not good Pamela
Gerry: GOT IT... GRAND RABIDS >All participants must have their shots and tags
Dale: LOL
Meeka: yes they do
Pamela: shots only, it's a suburb after all
rich-c: no, they're already rabid about Adams
Ron: you still got an ADAM Gerry?
Pamela: Dale, I think we're disproving the Globe
Meeka: not just the adam's rich. also the three letter computer too (ibm)
Dale: Would you be interested in a hard disk controller for your Adam at some time in the future?
rich-c: well, yes, Meeka, but in a different way
Pamela: Just ask Doug, right?
Meeka: yup
Gerry: Yes RON... I have about 4 of them... and if I could replace the start up disk would have an ADAM BASED BBS still!
Pamela: ; )
Ron: Help might be on the way Gerry
Meeka: him and his newtork'ed house he built
rich-c: what disc do you need, Gerry?
Meeka: network'ed
rich-c: I have all sorts of stuff kicking around
Pamela: Yes, but does it make dinner too?
Pamela: (psst - Ron, want a cookie?)
Meeka: no unfortunatly it doesn't. neither does Doug
Pamela: LOL
Meeka: bummer
Gerry: Well the software that I used for the BBS was DENNY KEHOE's and the disk that I had for start up that set up the parameter got overwritten
Ron: get the behind me Satan!
Pamela: Okay, Ihave to concede that at least mine cooks
Ron: thee
Pamela: (chocolate)
rich-c: ouch - PBBS or some TDOS stuff I might have, but never got a copy of Danny's
Meeka: mine knows how to watch tv, play computer,.....let me see what else
Ron: Hey, I think I've got that around here somewhere
Meeka: still thinking.....
Meeka: maybe, no what...
Pamela: No wonder Russell and Doug get along so well
Pamela: (cookie)
Meeka: i can't think of anyhting else off the top of my head. Sorry to dissapoint you
Ron: (cookie accepted)
Pamela: (calorie free, just like the butterscotch shakes)
Gerry: No... it was exclusive to this machine, and he wrote it... and I do have the other software, but once you started up the drive was used for messages, and the messages ovferwrote the disk...
Meeka: guess i will have to work harder ant his training ;-)
Ron: ah ok. ADAM's Family BBS
Pamela: The next visit could be verrrry interesting
rich-c: so you'd have to restart from scratch then, Gerry?
Pamela: we can hold classes in household chores
Dale: Does that BBS software work with a hard disk based Adam?
Meeka: oh wait. I though of something he halls the empty trash can up the driveway back into the garage
Dale: Has it been tried?
Ron: yes, but will he finish what he begins?
Meeka: and occasionaly brings in the mail
Pamela: Okay, you got me - mine doesn't do garbage
Pamela: or recycling
Pamela: or mail
Gerry: It has been so long now since that happened that I can hardly remember the process ... but just for the statisfaction of having one going would be enought to ressurect the fossil
Pamela: unless I yell
Ron: garbage, driving, dishes
Ron: weeding
Meeka: mine won't put it out, but he will take care of the container
Dale: At AdamCon I proposed a method to put an Adam BBS on the Internet.
Pamela: mine doesn't drive, either Ron
Ron: speaking to the deer who want to eat the flowers
Dale: You just hook up the Adam to your PC over a serial connection...
Meeka: yes Ron
Ron: had 2 in the yard yesterday
Ron: basically, they asked me to leave
Meeka: deer or flowers???
Ron: deer
Dale: and run a "daemon" (a background server) that allows guests to telnet in to your Adam.
Pamela: so that's how the weeding gets done
Ron: Dale, that sounds like a great plan
Dale: You could supply a web based telnet client, or regular telnet client.
Gerry: Well. that would be interesting Dale... but I would just like to get this one working again so that it was there and anyone with an ADAM and a 600bps, or 1200 bps modem could call and leave messages
Pamela: Gerry, are you on the coladam mailing list?
Dale: I never ran a BBS, so I'm not that likely to ever do it. But, it would be interesting to set up.
Ron: I'd do it Gerry
Pamela: BTW Dale, thanks for adding me
rich-c: sounds like what Dale's proposing is a BBS without long distance charges
Dale: Ron, you'd have a good setup to do it. You'd have to change your firewall settings...
Ron: need to understand the theory, but yes
Ron: one of these days
Dale: to let through telnet traffic on some specified port to whichever machine you had connected to the Adam.
Dale: Mose firewalls I've seen that are like yours can allow that.
Gerry: Well, Denny Kehoe is a professional programmer now, but he will not even consider refurbishing this disk... he say he cannot even remember what would be required
Ron: is the connection between the ADAM and the router ethernet or serial?
rich-c: In effect, once one had telnetted in, it would be just like a traditional BBS, wouldn't it?
Ron: oh... I guess it's serial to an IBM the IBM to router is ethernet
Gerry: I blame my self for not having a duplicate disk, but it history.
Dale: The connection between the Adam and the ehernet is a PC running a program that connects the two.
Ron: ok.
rich-c: how low a speed will a current 56K modem drop down to?
Ron: Actually I've probably already done it without realizing it
Dale: Richard, that's exactly right.
Ron: just need to put it all together
Dale: It would be a traditional Adam BBS running on a regualr Adam system.
Ron: which I can do
Dale: It would then be available to anyone anywhere in the world, if they could connect over the Internet.
Ron: hmmmmmm
rich-c: Juast that you get to it via the internet instead of Ma Ball
Dale: I could make the appropriate connection software, if it isn't readily available.
Gerry: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to go button down the garage and the shed, since it is getting ready to storm here in Calgary
rich-c: by the way, did you notice we slapped down Ma Bell on the Touch-tone scam?
Dale: I proposed it to Herman, but he hasn't managed to get a DSL connection to the Internet.
Pamela: I think it must be bedtime - this is starting to make sense
rich-c: Gerry, great having you aboard, come back real soon
Ron: Good talking to you Gerry
Meeka: ok Gerry it was nice you could drop in. don't be a stranger now
Gerry: Enjoyed contacting some old faces... have a good one and will try again next WED.
Pamela: Nice to meet you Gerry
Dale: See you Gerry.
Gerry left chat session
Ron: one of the original ADAMites
Ron: in Canada anyway
rich-c: yes, he's been around a long time
Dale: Richard, what's this about a touch-tone decision?
Pamela: Yes, please expand
rich-c: Ma Bell has backed off on teh roll-in application - we can keep the pulse dial and avoid the charge
Pamela: huh?
rich-c: they were trying to redefine "basic phone service" as being touch-tone - with added charge
Pamela: Ah. Okay.
rich-c: the weasel is that that's a rate increase
rich-c: but more importantly the options are unregulated
rich-c: it was a backhanded try at getting a loophole to charge whatever they pleaseed without government oversight
Pamela: by the CRTC?
rich-c: right - the CRTC can regulate the basic rate but not options
Ron: that has been an interesting discussion Rich
rich-c: if they got away with it, they could make the tone "option" $100 a month and you'd have to pay
Dale: More Canadian politics.
Ron: they were interviewing somebody out here from Ma Bell
Pamela: and as long as touch tone is an option, they can charge what they please. Nasty
Meeka: well, i had better go. Bnadit is dancing around by my feet wanting me to notice him and take him outsice
Meeka: Bandit
rich-c: well, I and 500 others wrote the CRTC about it, and Bell backed off
Dale: See ya Meeka.
Ron: definate message there Meeka
rich-c: nite Meeka, see you next week
Ron: yes, so I hear
Pamela: Poor Bandit, he doesn't get out on Wednesdays, does he?
Meeka: not until I get off
Pamela: See you next week, Meeka - have a good one
Ron: niters Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: I had better go too - I have to be up at 6:00
Pamela: horrible hour of the morning
rich-c: OK daughter, catch you soon
Dale: Jill's dad had an arguement with Bell about that when he moved last.
Ron: watching the 2nd day of the golf Skins (Telus Skins)
Ron: so my attention is distracted.
rich-c: Jill's father got diddled -
Ron: Already know who won, but it's interesting
Pamela: Dad, tell mom I will call and discuss sales tomorrow or Friday, okay?
rich-c: unfortunately there was a 1993 decision that let Bell do the roll-in for new installations
Dale: Nope, he droped the "land line" for the time being.
Ron: see ya's all next week (or Sat perhaps)
rich-c: stupid regulators - they got had and we all pay
rich-c: good for him. Dale
Dale: By Ron.
Pamela: Gooodnite, Ron
Ron: later all
rich-c: OK Ron, we'll see you a.s.a.p.
Ron left chat session
Pamela: Until tomorrow, Dad
rich-c: nite Pam
Dale: Bye all.
rich-c: nite Dale
Pamela: good nite, Dale
Pamela: poof!
Pamela left chat session
Dale: poof.
Dale left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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