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rich-c: hi rich
Rich Drushel: Hello Richard.
rich-c: good to see you here, and early, too
Rich Drushel: A busy day here: mowing the lawn, changing a tube in Christina's bike.
Rich Drushel: Joan just phoned to say that she is roped into working a double shift today :-(
rich-c: oh, I've been having a problem with teh anti-theft devicve on the truck. It won't let it start
Rich Drushel: So I will have to depart around 5 PM to start cooking supper.
Rich Drushel: I always said that car anti-burglar devices just keep the owners out of them :-)
rich-c: I did get it going eventually, but Frances was not pleased; it
rich-c: s her mother visiting day
Rich Drushel: About every day someone's horn system goes off in the hospital parking deck.
rich-c: mine is an immobiliser, no fireworks included
rich-c: but the company's first 800 number didn't work, the second was voice mail, a direct phone call also got voice mail, and their website is down
Rich Drushel: Sounds like modern tech support to me...
rich-c: I have a dirty sneaking suspicion I may have teh product of a company on the financial ropes
Rich Drushel: More tech, less need to help out a customer.
rich-c: I'll settle for information on how to rip it out
Rich Drushel: Well, aren't we all predisposed to that, being ADAMites and all?
Rich Drushel: Picking companies on financial ropes, I mean.
rich-c: yes, you'll recall I have a fine old yestertech car. too
Rich Drushel: I hadn't heard that FoMoCo was in trouble...
rich-c: actually I didn't pick this, it was on the van when I bought it
rich-c: oddly enough, despite the best-in-class products in a large group of categories, Ford is having problems with slipping sales
Rich Drushel: Fallout from their top-heavy Explorer, no doubt.
Rich Drushel: My physics gestalt sides with Firestone in that dispute.
rich-c: don't know how many people think that's Ford's fault and how many think it's Firestone's
rich-c: if the failures weren't so concentrated in the output of one plant, I might agree
Rich Drushel: Well, I've had Firestone tires on my minvans as replacements for the original Goodyears.
rich-c: and if teh failures weren't so concentrated in an area where owner abuse is critical, likewise
Rich Drushel: No complaints.
rich-c: all SUVs are top-heavy of course, but the Ford ones are no worse than others
Rich Drushel: Well, the typical Explorer/SUV driver in general has no business driving the vehicle.
rich-c: in fact it was others whose SUVs got "not recommended" by Consumer Reports
Rich Drushel: Too many people drive them like sports cars...and wonder when they roll over.
Rich Drushel: Or don't stop in time.
rich-c: but I agree; few people seem to buy the right vehicles for themselves
Rich Drushel: And as big as they are, compared to the other Neon-sized things on the road, it breeds a feeling of invincibility.
rich-c: that's OK, if they actually got into sports cars, they'd likely fall off the road at the first corner anyway
Rich Drushel: haha
Rich Drushel: Maybe driver's education should require experience with different vehicle types.
rich-c: I consider any SUV without at least a class 3 trailer hitch as a poseur
rich-c: sort of like the gold-chain Porsche pushers
Rich Drushel: I took my driver's test in a '78 Toyota 5-speed, 'cause I wanted to learn to drive standard transmission.
rich-c: I took my licence test in a Morris Oxford
Rich Drushel: But I had driven a '75 3-speed (column) Dodge pickup, as well as a Caprice 4-door automatic.
rich-c: I didn't even own an autopmatic until 1973
Rich Drushel: Joan took her test in New Jersey (parallel parking and all) in an enormous '72 Ambassador station wagon.
rich-c: actually a wagon amy be marginally easier, the rear corner is so close to the rear glass
Rich Drushel: Let's see the youngsters drive an SUV well enough to pass a driving test in it before certifying them to drive one :-)
rich-c: I'd amend that to anyone contemplating buying one
Rich Drushel: We couldn't have moved to our house in '88 had I not known had to drive stick-shift, as U-Haul at that time only rented diesel 3-speed manual trucks.
rich-c: maybe there should be a higher category licence required for light trucks - including SUVs
Rich Drushel: Agreed...but let's see that legislation get through...not a chance.
Rich Drushel: As for U-Haul, they have wimped out and made everything automatic.
Rich Drushel: Rather, replaced their fleet with automatics as older vehicles are retired.
rich-c: no, mainly because classing them as trucks (which they are underneath) gives the manufacturers a break in meeting CAFE standards
rich-c: ever notice how many big vehicles seem to have "Darlington stripes" down the right-hand sides?
Rich Drushel: haha
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rich-c: bet that's Guy
changed username to Ron
rich-c: no, it's Ron - hi Ron
Ron: nope
Rich Drushel: Our Comox correspondent.
Ron: me.... large as life, twice as ugly
Ron: where the sun shineth
Rich Drushel: Not using CUCMe, so we're okay .
rich-c: heard from David Cobley yesterday - he was talking with PJ
Ron: ?
Ron: :)
Rich Drushel: What's the word (from both of them)?
Ron: she foned me this morning too....she must be doing the "keep in touch thing"
rich-c: even he can't talk her into gettin onto the net - in fact, she's even abandoned her computer entirely
Ron: David is well
rich-c: David is doing well, as is Midge - just bought a new toy, 1984 Fiero
Ron: he tells me he just bought a pristine (read as in West Coast Car) 1984 Pontiac Fiero
Ron: you heard it too
rich-c: midlife crisis car, no doubt
Ron: no, that's David He changes cars annually, and buys the neatest pre-owned vehicles imagineable
Rich Drushel: I thought David was older...
Ron: yes....pushing 80
rich-c: he ages well
Ron: but he's also an ex helicopter pilot, and so must have something to do
rich-c: but he still has his faithful Volvo (his fifth); does he often have second "toy" cars?
Ron: up to this point he's had two Caddies..both 2nd hand, but in great shape
Ron: so the Pontiac seems a bit out of character, but then I haven't seen it
Ron: both he and Midge had Volvos at one time
rich-c: it looks rather like the Fiat X-1-9 if you remember that mid-engine, two-seat roadster
Ron: I have a vague picture
Ron: be right back guys....gotta make myself some lunch...gimme 5
Ron: minutes that is
rich-c: not a good car as GM made too many cost-cutting compromises
rich-c: they did correct some in later production
Rich Drushel: Have a nice lunch, Ron!
rich-c: and the aftermarket offered correcting bits too
Rich Drushel: (You'd think he'd make it ahead of time and eat at the keyboard like I do :-) )
rich-c: yes, I've been known to follow that strategy
Rich Drushel: Many's the meal I've eaten at a keyboard...
rich-c: I've alos learned how to sneak out for a cigarette without my absence being noted
Rich Drushel: probably too many.
rich-c: I dunno, the food's the same no matter where you eat it
rich-c: same calories, same nutrients (or lack thereof)
Rich Drushel: I've learned how to multi-task in chats so that I can do other things.
Rich Drushel: Oh, it's not the food, it's the idea of having been busy enough to need to eat and type at the same time.
rich-c: unfortunately my computer tends to crash out if I try to multitask
Rich Drushel: Few enough times have been for "recreation".
rich-c: seems to be something about how the browser reacts to being in a Java applet
rich-c: I tend more to eat and read at teh same time, almost always at breakfast and lunch
Rich Drushel: For this SpanielChat, it's seemed to work okay with Explorer 5 for Mac (this home machine is a PowerMac 6100 with 250 MHz G3 upgrade CPU).
Rich Drushel: With Netscape I get the chat buffer overflow problem.
rich-c: I'm still working on speccing out a new computer
Rich Drushel: If I can get books which will lie flat so I can eat with 2 hands, I too will eat and read at the same time.
rich-c: seems by the time I get my decisions made, the trailing-edge processor will be 2 gig
Rich Drushel: What I'd really like to have is a PC laptop with nice active-matrix color screen, to dedicate to ADAM stuff.
rich-c: My eating literature is newspapers or magazines, so lie flat is less of a problem
Rich Drushel: I would probably use it exclusively for ADAMem stuff.
rich-c: I am also seeking a laptop, but not for dedication to the Adam
Rich Drushel: For my work data/word processing stuff, the Powerbook 1400 I use is good enough.
rich-c: Frances wants a machine she can take with us on our trailer trips
Rich Drushel: Sounds like a laptop is what you need, so long as the screen is big enough for her to see comfortably.
Ron: ok..... I can now stuff my face and talk simultaneously
rich-c: my problem is peripherals - I want them to work under DOS as well as Win9x
Rich Drushel: Mmmf gllbf smdslff ghgh!
rich-c: yes, on a laptop the screen size is a serious issue for old eyes.
Ron: right
Rich Drushel: Win2K has made great strides in killing off DOS apps, and WinXP will complete it, from what I've seen.
rich-c: did you watch teh Liions game last night, Ron?
Ron: my latest is an old Powerbook 520C and it just ain't got enough horsepower
Rich Drushel: If you want DOS, best stick to real DOS, or Win98 at the very very latest.
rich-c: I want a new computer while I can still get Win98/2 for it
Ron: re the football question Rich...part of it....then I got slightly ill at the progress of my team
Rich Drushel: My PB 1400 has a 400 MHz G3 card in it from Sonnet Technologies...flies along nicely now.
rich-c: I do not want any part of ME or XP
Ron: sounds like a more than adequate computer all right
Rich Drushel: Then buy your copy of 2K now, before fall when XP debuts--all the older ones will be yanked from the market.
rich-c: they got better for a while later on, Ron, but it wasn't enough
Ron: My experience with OS X tells me I don't want no more new operating systems around here
rich-c: If I buy it with a computer, bundled, the price is very much better
Ron: it's pretty, but....
Ron: exactly Rich
rich-c: like, teh OEM price is under half the retail edition
Ron: and I should have known that
Ron: my Dealer did a number on me and I failed to say 'no'
rich-c: that's always dangerous
Ron: In a coulple of weeks he's having a big lunch and 'press the flesh' meet at one of the local hotels
Ron: I am to go and talk positively about my experience with OS X
Rich Drushel: Hard to believe that the last new computer I bought was the 486 in September 1993.
rich-c: rotsa ruck
Rich Drushel: Everything else has been scavenged.
Ron: I shall smile and shake hands firmly
rich-c: and make sure you're too busy eating to talk
Rich Drushel: haha
Ron: same here Rich D. except the iMac. it's been a bit of a different experience
Ron: it was probably the first computer I haven't taken apart as a way of introducing myself
Rich Drushel: Every time I want to buy a new one for me, it just doesn't rate high enough in the budget priorities...and the lesser-tier stuff keeps being free.
rich-c: new or used, the computer isn't really yours till you've had it apart
Ron: Well.. for sure I'm going back to being 3 years behind. It's cheaper I think
rich-c: even if you don't have a "real" reason to take it apart
Rich Drushel: I'd love to spend $5K on a topflight Dell laptop...
Ron: Well, that's just it
rich-c: wouldn't we all
Rich Drushel: But this fall, a replacement for our aging '89 Caravan is more important.
Ron: I want one of them there Mac G4 Titanium thingies
Ron: priorities, priorities..bah!
rich-c: yes, at 12 years it is doubtless getting a bit long in the tooth
Rich Drushel: And the PB 1400+upgrade (paid for by robot course and lab grant) works well enough for "real work".
rich-c: what sort of mileage have you put on it?
Rich Drushel: About 92K miles.
Rich Drushel: Body is finally beginning to go, though.
Ron: Hell...barely worn in
Rich Drushel: It will look ugly after this winter.
rich-c: that all? then it's barely broken in
Rich Drushel: If we don't trade it in before then.
Ron: you see, that's the thing about the west coast. Cars last forever out here
rich-c: yes, you have salt in Ohio too, don't you?
Ron: which is why Cobley can find a 1984 that looks like it just came off the line
Rich Drushel: Rear hatch going at the bottom pinch weld, driver's door the same, 2 spots in each rear wheel well.
rich-c: yes, Left Coast and Sunbelt cars are famous for that
Ron: well, we gotta have something going for us. Sure as heck ain't our politics
Rich Drushel: Mechanically it's been well cared for. Breaks good, tires new, AC system rebuilt 3 years ago after it too rusted out.
rich-c: those are curable by a good body shop, but the worry is structural rust
Rich Drushel: It's due for another timing belt, though, and that is non-trivial.
Ron: sounds like bux
rich-c: I thought the change interval was 60,000 miles
Rich Drushel: 60K for first one, then every 30K after that. So says shop manual (which I own).
rich-c: when labour charges are a buck a minute, few things are trivial any more
Rich Drushel: Water pumps are every 60K.
Ron: a slightly off topic question for my learned friends....
Ron: what is the term used for an event that happens every two years?
rich-c: biennial
Rich Drushel: biennial
Ron: ok thnx
rich-c: every six months is semi-annual
Rich Drushel: biannual is twice a year, I think.
Ron: just bought a ticket for our bienial air show...wherein the Snowbirds are due to perform
Ron: prey
rich-c: I thought teh big air show was at Abbotsford
Ron: yes, but only every 2 years now....bienial
Ron: this is the off year
rich-c: so Comox gets its own mini edition?
Ron: our aerobatics team has been in some hot water of late......
Ron: actually, Lake Erie...that's probbly not so hot
Ron: yup
Rich Drushel: 72 F today :-)
Ron: understand that the gent who ditched his Tudor jet in Lake Erie decided to stay behind in Moosejaw for additional
Ron: training
rich-c: warmer than teh Pacific, I'll wager
Ron: much warmer Rich
Rich Drushel: 72 is our peak temperature for the lake water.
Rich Drushel: Usually not reached for another 2 weeks, but it's been a hot July.
Ron: out here the Pacific is about 56 F summer or winter
rich-c: don't think the otehr lakes get that high, but they're bigger and deeper
Rich Drushel: Woo-hoo, guess I'm glad I've never been to an ocean!
Ron: if you get a low tide on a real hot day, then time your swim to the rising tide, it can be passable
Rich Drushel: Those surfer-dudes sure don't look like they're in 56-degree water.
Ron: one the first layer of ice forms on your ankles
Ron: you won't see anyone out here doing that without a wet suit
rich-c: we have a bunch in Nova Scotia who go surfing in January
rich-c: and yes, dodging ice floes is a problem
Ron: :)
Rich Drushel: So the ocean is warmer off the California coast?
Ron: Understand it warms up to the south of us, yes. California is better
rich-c: one of them is Lesley Choyce, a writer/publisher who own(s/ed) an Adam
Ron: aha!
Rich Drushel: Is that a he or a she?
rich-c: he
rich-c: believe he's an ex-pat Yankee
Rich Drushel: Most people I've known with variants of that name are she, but there's the odd he out there.
Ron: Leslie is my ex's name, but she always said that was the boy's spelling
rich-c: yes, we offered a couple of others in the Wednesday chat
Rich Drushel: So I presume Mr. Choyce is a famous ADAMite?
rich-c: the Brits seem to do that a bit
rich-c: in a manner of speaking
Rich Drushel: Clue me in; I've never heard of him.
rich-c: you may recall I was selling his science fiction anthology at previous 'cons
Ron: Speaking of which..... Dr. D. How much of a chore was it to reformat my AC report to 80 col
Ron: Never even thought about that when I was using Speedywrite to do it
Rich Drushel: Only small chore.
Ron: hard returns
Ron: ??
rich-c: good report -read it last night
Ron: thank you sir
Rich Drushel: Yep. But I did it in BBEdit (Mac), so it was pretty easy.
Rich Drushel: The spellchecking was done in Word 5.1a.
Ron: Must try BB Edit. Have it here but have never used it
Rich Drushel: Hope I didn't miss anything else.
Rich Drushel: It's the code editor we used in the robot lab.
Rich Drushel: And free.
Ron: had a look, think you got 'em all
Ron: that's right
rich-c: I didn't notice any typos
Ron: every Mac Addict disk I get has the latest version on it
Rich Drushel: Have either of you looked at the photos I announced yesterday, to try to identify any more people?
rich-c: not yet, I've had too many other issues
Ron: just saw that message this morning Rich, and havent yet been there to do that...but will
Rich Drushel: No hurry, just curious.
Rich Drushel: Haven't been into my office today to look at the http logs.
rich-c: I see it managed to provoke some reaction from Whooter
Ron: poor old Whooter
Rich Drushel: Yeah, the bugger! He gripes about chats and then won't come to them.
Ron: he surfaces every so often, usually in a foul mood
Rich Drushel: His name is Ed Walton, isn't it?
rich-c: he does seem to feel that the world is against him
Ron: yes
Ron: met him at ADAMCON 5
Ron: he was one of the locals
Rich Drushel: I used to mentally mix him up with Pete Ames (who also could be tetchy).
rich-c: I can live very happily without styled emails
Rich Drushel: I didn't look at his JPEG, what was it?
Ron: Think Whooter lives in Nevada, just over the border
Rich Drushel: I was hoping he would ID the rest of the locals in the 05 composite.
Rich Drushel: I'd ask Alan Neeley if I had any idea how to ask him.
Rich Drushel: His wife was also in the composite, and I can't remember her name.
rich-c: I thought Alan was still on the Adam mailing list
Ron: PJ would know
Rich Drushel: You used to be able to finger and get back a list of all the subscribed E-mail addresses. That doesn't work anymore.
rich-c: 'fraid I don't remember - creeping dementia
Ron: think I might have it here.....just bringing up the Dos Box
Rich Drushel: She looks like a "Sheila" to me, but I know that isn't her name.
rich-c: I think Dale blocked it because it was too vulnerable to spammers
Rich Drushel: There wasn't an attendees list in my 05 delegate folder when I looked (don't know if there ever was one, though).
rich-c: that's a thought - I'll have to check mine
Rich Drushel: Well, if Alan is subscribed, then maybe he'll look at the photos.
rich-c: there is usually at least a list of room assignments
Rich Drushel: I couldn't find a last name for Peter ____ from last year's convention, either. Even in the schedule, it just says "Peter".
rich-c: I think he's one of the ones who are just lurking these days - we do have quite a few
Rich Drushel: I wonder about the people who subscribe to the list...where they're coming from, etc.
Ron: just checked my ADAMcon5 list
rich-c: yes, on the bounces and such, there are all sorts of names I can't relate to anyone I know
Rich Drushel: You don't think the fact that we're "family" here scares new people off, do you?
Rich Drushel: I don't think we're cliquey.
rich-c: hard to tell - we do try very hard to draw them in when they do try the chat
Ron: Nope. No Alan Neeley in my Address book
Ron: I know I had him once
rich-c: in fact the general inclination seems to be to welcome and be very attentive to any new voice
Rich Drushel: My inner cynic says they're people who have something they want to move on E-bay and subscribed for kicks.
Rich Drushel: But Bob S. would know more about that than me.
Ron: The impression I get sometimes is that there are some out there who would like it to be more the way it was
Rich Drushel: Alan's in the 10 composite, so he must have been reachable that recently, at least.
rich-c: no, if they thought we'd buy, they'd just post to the liost, I reckon
Ron: problem with that is that the some of the people who were with us then, are not now
Rich Drushel: What is "the way it was "?
Ron: Alan Neeley was at ADAMCON 10, but only here and there. He was at the banquet
Ron: Oh I dunno Rich.....stuff for sale, newsletters hither and yon, people building stuff.....something like that
Ron: I'm guessing
Rich Drushel: *LOTS* of stuff for sale, just it's the same old stuff :-)
rich-c: there still is a certain amount of that, thought there's much family stuff too
Ron: quite honestly, I for one like it the way it is now
Rich Drushel: I think there's a ton of stuff to do yet, that people have forgotten about.
rich-c: yes, all the postings have some interest, some a great deal
Ron: however, with some we seem to be creating the impression, I think, that we're a bit of a closed club. Nothing could be
Ron: further from the truth
Rich Drushel: That's what I hoped to awaken with the Treasure Hunt etc.
Rich Drushel: "Gee, I forgot you could do that, and that was fun!"
Ron: exactly Rich.....
rich-c: I can't think of much on the list that seems in any way exclusive
Ron: and it achieved its aim
Rich Drushel: Even though it's 18 years old.
Ron: had Dale on my case.... "did you do the program yet?" etc etc
rich-c: does that mean Ron can spill Diet Coke on the keyboard now it's old enough to drink?
Ron: hahahhah
Rich Drushel: I do know of one hardware add-on that would sell like mad, especially to the video game (CV, non-ADAM) people.
Ron: a keyboard here isn't a keyboard in the 'snakepit' until that's happened
rich-c: I'm waiting for Dale to post the URL for that program he mentioned that creates PDF-readable files
Rich Drushel: If someone built a game cartridge that contained the ROM images of every CV game, you "dial in" a number on the front of the cart to select, you could sell several hundred, I bet.
Rich Drushel: Of course, there are all the copyright problems :-)
Ron: probably Rich
Rich Drushel: But that hasn't stopped similar products from being made for all the other game systems--just check out the video games newsgroup.
Ron: How much can those game carts hold....guess it depends on the circuitry inside
rich-c: well, the rom image collection that "appeared" in conjunction with the emulator comes close
Rich Drushel: A cart big enough to hold 256 games would need 4 MB of ROM (assuming each game is 32K).
rich-c: the original Coleco game cartridges were 32K max
rich-c: most games are half that or less
Ron: understand that most games don't use the full 32k
Rich Drushel: The biggest EPROMs that I have seen are 512K.
Ron: but suppose you have to presume that for purposes of indexing?
Rich Drushel: Flash RAM is much bigger.
Rich Drushel: Yes, for addressing, each game needs to occupy the same size.
Ron: by the way..... speaking of chips
Ron: to show my ignorance
Ron: you guys were talking about a GAL chip at the Ann meeting
Ron: what's a GAL chip?
rich-c: gate array logic
Rich Drushel: "Gate Array Logic"
Ron: aha!
Ron: which does?
rich-c: you shoulda been on chat when I asked that a few nights ago
Ron: only stupid
Ron: the one that doesn't get asked
Rich Drushel: Think of it as a programmable substitute for discrete AND/OR/NOT chips that you might use in a circuit design.
Rich Drushel: Or an EPROM that has logic switches in it instead of a program.
Ron: ok and as applied to the ADAM world of IDE cards?
Ron: ok gotcha
Rich Drushel: You need some logic chips AND/OR/NOT/etc. to make the card talk to the ADAM.
Ron: right
Rich Drushel: You can make the card using the explicit 74xx-series parts.
Rich Drushel: It takes up lots of room.
Ron: a guy really needs to ask about these things
rich-c: back to games - I have a user wants the accererator pedal for the Exp.2 module
Rich Drushel: Or, you can have the same logic programmed inside one of these GALs.
rich-c: anybody got any clue where he might find one?
Rich Drushel: Same signals in from the ADAM, same signals out to the HD controller.
Ron: steering wheel and accelerator?
Rich Drushel: But now in one chip instead of several.
rich-c: that's the one, Ron
Ron: sec
rich-c: the steering wheels he's got - just wants the pedal
Rich Drushel: I've never seen the pedals separate from the wheels (even though the pedal plugs into the wheel console).
Rich Drushel: Someone must have lost a pedal, right?
rich-c: right - and my observation is they were the first part to break
Rich Drushel: I don't know what's in the might be a variable resistor or equivalent.
Rich Drushel: I never took apart a steering wheel setup.
rich-c: could be a simple on-off switch
Rich Drushel: (I did open a trackball once.)
rich-c: I wonder if one of the buttons on the Super Action Controller could substitute?
Ron: yes, I have one
Rich Drushel: Or maybe multi-position digital switch, because the accelerator does work as an accelerator.
Ron: and it has to be surplus, because I haven't used it in years
Ron: what software went with it?
Ron: a cart... I think
Rich Drushel: Turbo. The only game to use it, I think.
Ron: the pedal is a simple headphone plug into the steering wheel assembly
rich-c: Turbo, and I think there was an off-road game as well - and Dukes of Hazzard
Ron: right that was it
Rich Drushel: Well, I have only one pedal to go with my one steering wheel.
rich-c: Ron, I'll send you his email address and you can solicit an offer
Rich Drushel: And since Joan is working a double shift today, I need to adjourn to go put supper into the oven.
Rich Drushel: Can we reconvene on Wednesday?
Rich Drushel: Or I will, at any rate.
rich-c: absolutely. Frances just arrived home
Ron: ok..winding down?
rich-c: and I have much to do
rich-c: yes, I'd say so, Ron
Ron: Rich... if you want to make some arrangement with your buyer on this on e here
Ron: let me know
Rich Drushel: Winding down...until Wednesday from Starbase Cleveland...bye.
Rich Drushel left chat session
Ron: I have no idea if it works
Ron: but will try it
rich-c: I'll email you and let you take it from there
Ron: ok
rich-c: bye Rich
Ron: later all
rich-c: bye Ron
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