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KrazyKlingon: look
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Rich Drushel: Q'plah!
KrazyKlingon: hello
KrazyKlingon: I take it you are a trekkie too
Rich Drushel: :-) I read enough of Marc Okrand's book to pick up a few phrases in Klingon.
Rich Drushel: I think I misspelled it, though.
Rich Drushel: Q'plaH, maybe.
KrazyKlingon: yea, it's Q'apla, I think
Rich Drushel: At any rate, you know what I meant :-)
KrazyKlingon: anyway, I'm new here. how many people normally show up?
Rich Drushel: Well, could be 5-6 regulars.
Rich Drushel: Plus some irregulars.
KrazyKlingon: cool. I just got an Adam, and I really don't know how to use it
Rich Drushel: Most of us are the die-hards who have attended most of the last few ADAMcons.
Rich Drushel: Well, newbies are quite welcom; ask away, we can advise in lots of areas.
KrazyKlingon: well, one question I have is, what's the deal with the tape drives? I heard that they take special tapes, and that you can't have a tape in when you turn it on or it will be erased
Rich Drushel: Tape drive basics:
Rich Drushel: (1) specially-formatted tapes are indeed needed.
Rich Drushel: (2) There isn't any software capability to format new tapes, so you need a pre-existing Coleco tape to start from.
Rich Drushel: (3) But, you can use a dual tape deck to duplicate existing ADAM tapes onto standard cassette tape.
Rich Drushel: (4) You have to drill some holes in the cassette case to make ADAM tapes fit into a tape deck, and
Rich Drushel: (5) you have to drill some other holes in an audio cassette shell to make them fit in an ADAM tape drive.
Rich Drushel: (6) There are lots of existing blank original tapes around for very cheap; I can point you to vendors if interested.
Rich Drushel: (7) It is true that power surge can damage a tape if it's in the drive when you power off/on.
Rich Drushel: That's pretty much the intro to tape drives.
KrazyKlingon: I have an old high-end dual tape deck I can use, as well as some fairly decent blank tapes, all I need is one blank coleco tape (i'm on a really tight budget)
Rich Drushel: Did your ADAM system come with any tapes? Originally they shipped with a SmartBASIC tape and a Buck Rogers Super-Game tape.
KrazyKlingon: speaking of tapes, how do I get into basic/save stuff to them
KrazyKlingon: no, I have no tapes whatsoever
KrazyKlingon: I have the printer, system unit, two joysticks and a keyboard
Rich Drushel: Okay, to get SmartBASIC, you need a tape which will boot the system into SmartBASIC.
Rich Drushel: Otherwise, all you get is the ROM word processor, SmartWriter.
Rich Drushel: Or else ColecoVision games, if you have any game cartridges.
KrazyKlingon: is there a way to download tapes from the 'net in audio format, then record them to cassettes?
KrazyKlingon: I have about 200 Atari carts, but I never was able to find a ColecoVision, until now
KrazyKlingon: so not colecovision carts
Rich Drushel: Hmm...I've never seen audio images of Coleco tapes, only binaries that presuppose you have a formatted tape to copy them onto.
KrazyKlingon: theoretically, it would work
Rich Drushel: You're right, it ought to be possible...I've just never seen it tried.
KrazyKlingon: how long are coleco tapes? 60 minutes?
Rich Drushel: The person to talk to about getting a SmartBASIC tape to start from would be Rich Clee, who's usually on the chat by now.
Rich Drushel: Yes, the tapes are 60-minute. You have to dupe both sides, but the ADAM only reads the tracks in one direction.
Rich Drushel: Each track is 128K in 1-K blocks. Total capacity 256K.
Rich Drushel: Where do you live, KrazyKlingon? I could probably just mail you a SmartBASIC tape; I have extras.
KrazyKlingon: so, would the tracks have to be perfectly aligned?
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KrazyKlingon: Columbus, Indiana
Pamela: Hi, Rich
Rich Drushel: Nope :-) The tape drive firmware can sort it out.
Rich Drushel: Hi Pamela.
Pamela: Hi, Klingon
KrazyKlingon: hello
Pamela: Do you have another identity?
Rich Drushel: I'm in Cleveland, Ohio...I headed up the last ADAMcon, which we had here in Cleveland about 3 weeks ago.
Pamela: And it was fun!
KrazyKlingon: /nick Ian Primus
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KrazyKlingon: hmm, I guess it doesn't accept IRC commands
Pamela: Thank you
changed username to rich c
Rich Drushel: Nope, it's not an IRC-based chat.
Pamela: Hi, Dad, did you have trouble too?
rich c: yes, I sent an email to Dale and the list to say so
KrazyKlingon: brb
Rich Drushel: Here's Rich Clee...Rich, KrazyKlingon has an ADAM with no tapes, and would like a SmartBASIC tape.
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changed username to Ian Primus
rich c: no problem with that
Pamela: Let's hear it for A/C and pina coladas
Rich Drushel: KK has renamed himself to Ian :-)
rich c: well, who's our new and very welcome visitor?
Pamela: both of which I am currently enjoying
Ian Primus: I guess I just go used to making up names for chat rooms :)
Pamela: That's okay Ian, Krazy Klingon is a perfectly acceptable moniker for this group
rich c: Ian, if you have any Adam needs, I'm a dealer - just drop me a line and tell me what I can do to help
Rich Drushel: Us regulars all use our real names, except when last week I tried to be tricky :-)
Pamela: We are (most of us) Star Trek fans
Ian Primus: then I'm among friends :)
Rich Drushel: Pam, I greeted KK with Q'aplaH! :-)
rich c: Ron Mitchell usually has some pseudonym
Pamela: At least you know how to spell it, Rich
Rich Drushel: No, he corrected me, I got it wrong.
Rich Drushel: I originally wrote Q'plah.
Pamela: I don't speak Klingon well enough to spell it
Rich Drushel: Which probably means something completely different :-)
Pamela: too true - don't you have a Klingon dictionary you could use?
Rich Drushel: I do have the 1st edition of the KD.
Rich Drushel: But I hear tell it's been greatly revised since then.
rich c: that's Klingon-Terran, I assume
Pamela: A true Trekker
Ian Primus: I have mine somewhere, I think it's on the shelf with the rest of my Star Trek books
Pamela: That's Klingon - Standard, Dad
rich c: sorry 'bout that
Pamela: Ian, did I see that you're in Indiana?
Rich Drushel: So has the Code Red Worm hit any of you?
Pamela: Not me, not here or at work
rich c: no, I'm still on Win95 and 3.1
Rich Drushel: All my machines are Macs or *nix boxen, so they're immune...but our CWRUnet was crawling today with all the worm traffic.
Rich Drushel: Very slow response time to the outside world; too many port scans going on.
rich c: oh dear - which sysadmin is going to get hanged for that?
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Ian Primus: yes, I live in Columbus Indiana
Rich Drushel: Sysadmin not...clueless desktop lusers, IMHO, Win-weenies...can't you tell I'm happy with them? :-)
Pamela: Rich, have you talked to Herman? How's he doing? I just found out about his son tonite with e-mail
rich c: Columbus OH I know, but where in Indiana is their version?
Rich Drushel: All our sysadmins have their lab systems locked down. It's just individual desktops that are causing problems.
Ian Primus: somewhere south of Indianapolis
rich c: way down south in the state, then
changed username to BobSlopsema
Rich Drushel: Re: Herman, all I've had from him was the E-mail sent to the list today.
Rich Drushel: And before that, only George's announcement.
Ian Primus: it's a small town, we don't even have anyplace that sells Macintosh equipment
Rich Drushel: I never did see anything about his son in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Pamela: Ian, I work for Car-X - so if you ever need to get anything up here to Toronto let me know - we can work it out
Pamela: Hi, Bob!
rich c: migod! lacking the basic trappings of civilization!
Rich Drushel: Ian, Rich's E-mail address is
Ian Primus: I know, we don't even have an arcade. it's pathetic
BobSlopsema: HI KIDS !!!!!!!
Pamela: Poor you!
rich c: greetings Bob
Rich Drushel: Hello Herr Bob!
Pamela: Guess you'll have to use your ADAM to play games instead
Rich Drushel: Ian, Bob is going to run the *next* ADAMcon (#14) next summer.
Ian Primus: cool - where is it?
Rich Drushel: Bob...?
Pamela: Kentwood, MI
rich c: handy for you
BobSlopsema: Grand Rapids MI
BobSlopsema: or REAL close!
BobSlopsema: you are only a stone's throw away
rich c: just a couple of hours drive
Ian Primus: actually Pamela, I went to the extent to actually build my own arcade machine...
Pamela: A video junkie?
Rich Drushel: If you want to see what we do at ADAMcons, take a look at
Rich Drushel: Your own arcade machine? Neat!
Ian Primus: I went into Galaga withdrawl when the arcade closed :)
Pamela: Just ignore the pictures where everyone has food in their mouths
Pamela: That's pretty serious!
BobSlopsema: richD, an interesting idea you put long as aDAM can read the cart in chunks
Rich Drushel: Hey, the food was good!
rich c: what sort of machine did you build, Ian?
Pamela: Not complaining about the food, just the pictures of chewing
Ian Primus: yeah - it's a rebuild Donkey Kong, it now has a Pentium II 266 running MAME
rich c: you prefer MAME to teh straight Colecovision or Adam emulators?
Rich Drushel: Complain to Meeka, she had the camera :-)
Ian Primus: so, I can choose from 2,500 games
Pamela: Oh no, if I complain, she'll have a field day next year
Rich Drushel: Woo-hoo, 2500 games, that's neat.
rich c: that should keep you out of mischief
Ian Primus: I had never seen a colecovision anything in real life 'till I got my Adam a few days ago
rich c: we can deal with that
Rich Drushel: I just posted a link to a possible multi-game cartridge design for the ADAM/ColecoVision which could hold 120+ games.
Ian Primus: I am really into Atari 2600 though
Rich Drushel: There's a 2600 adapter for the ColecoVision :-)
Pamela: Hey Dad, FYI we finally got the A/C in yesterday
Rich Drushel: Plug it in, you can then put in 2600 carts.
Ian Primus: cool
rich c: the original Colecovision (and Adam) have an adapter that plays Atari 2600 games
Pamela: tres cool
BobSlopsema: DATRN lucky Pam, because I am personally sending you a LOT OF HOT !!!!!!
Rich Drushel: Atari sued 'em to take it off the market...and lost :-)
Pamela: Thanks Bob - I'll remember that when it counts
Ian Primus: yeah, the Atari was all off-the-shelf parts
rich c: so you're a hard-case eight-bitter, are you, Ian?
Pamela: You'll fit right in
Ian Primus: yeah
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rich c: well, you have definitely come to the right place
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changed username to Meeka
Pamela: Bets, anyone?
rich c: hello Meeka
Meeka: hello everyone
Pamela: Meeka! Hi!
BobSlopsema: HI DER!!!
Meeka: what are we betting on?
Rich Drushel: Bob, as for the multi-cart, it's designed to use the 3-digit switch to pick a it can play them all.
Pamela: Who will pop up
Ian Primus: I am definitely among friends - 8-bitters and trekkies :)
Rich Drushel: Hello Meeka :-)
Pamela: absolutely
rich c: oh, we have lots of other eccentricities, too!
Rich Drushel: Ian, see me and my wife in Trek costumes at
BobSlopsema: would be a REAL winner, 'cept for the issue of cpyrights......IF they are actually in effect anymore
BobSlopsema: Iknow Telegames has ideas.........
BobSlopsema: but when do they run out and did they renew
rich c: who else would have the oldest annual computer convention (single make) by the users, for the users?
Rich Drushel: Of course they're in effect if you ever sold it to anybody other than our little "family".
Pamela: Hey Meeka, we were just talking about your award-winning mouthful photos
Ian Primus: Rich - I have been working on an Atari 2600 cart that can hold 8 games and uses SRAM chips to store data. - with a writer that hooks up to the computer. I came so close to getting it working, then ran into problems
Meeka: yes .....
Rich Drushel: My design has 3 MB of EPROM :-)
Pamela: I was told to complain to the photoarchivist but don't have any complaints
Pamela: We were telling Ian, our newbie, of the hundreds of photos available on your website
Meeka: good. the compaints dept wass shut down
Pamela: I know when to keep my mouth shut
Meeka: ;-)
Rich Drushel: All totally free! No passwords! No credit cards!
rich c: what I don't understand, Rich, is when you can archive dozens of games on a disc, why bother with an EPROM?
BobSlopsema: OR you TOO will be VOLUNTEERED!!!!
Pamela: I probably will be anyway, Bob
Rich Drushel: Rich, to get them *all* without needing a HD system to store the images.
rich c: I just have them on a bunch of 320s or 720s
Ian Primus: what about tape drives? is it possible to put a colecovision cart onto a tape and play it?
Rich Drushel: Herman and George already had ADAM HD systems with all the game images; all you need is a 64K expander to load them to and run them.
rich c: even with 32K games, that's 10 to a disc, 20 to a 720
Pamela: Has anyone talked to Dale this week? Cos I think he sent me his cold with the milkshake
Rich Drushel: Ian, the answer is yes: you can save game images to tape or disk, load them in, and run them.
rich c: disc, tape, same thing. Tehre are programs, some commercial, some PD
Rich Drushel: 32K games collide with the operating system in the high 8K of the 64K address space, though. So you need a 64K RAM expander to run those.
Ian Primus: cool. is there a way to write ADAM tapes with a PC and a tape deck connected to the sound card?
Rich Drushel: But 8K, 16K, and 24K games can be run without needing expansion memory.
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Pamela: Definitely fitting in - he speaks Greek
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
rich c: hello Guy - melted yet?
Ian Primus: hello Guy
Pamela: Hot enough for ya?
Guy B.: Greetings!!! Finally here after getting home way later than usual.
Pamela: Oh yeah, OT again tonite, right?
Rich Drushel: Ian, I'm sure that with an ADAM tape in an audio tape deck, run into your sound card's input, you could make a .WAV file of the tape.
rich c: all the overheating cars on the freeway?
Rich Drushel: Hello Guy.
Guy B.: Not only that. Train trouble on the purple line.
rich c: just the day when you need that, Guy
Pamela: That sounds so funny - like it's not real
Rich Drushel: And once you had a .WAV file, spit it back out to the tape deck to record another tape.
Rich Drushel: Or CD.
Rich Drushel: Or whatever.
Ian Primus: I wonder if it would be possible to convert it to MP3 for internet transfer. - or would that trash the data?
Rich Drushel: MP3 would trash it, it's lossy compression.
Pamela: Guy, are you on twice?
rich c: maybe we have someone hasn't decided on his name yet
BobSlopsema: NO, his alterego "undefined" is on
Guy B.: No, I don't who is the other undefined. Let's banish him.
Pamela: "who shall remain nameless"
Rich Drushel: Folks, an emergency here, gotta run, will be back if possible.
BobSlopsema: AHA, a stealth mode due.............
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rich c: c u rich
Ian Primus: bye
Pamela: Nah, let's not incase he's shy
<undefined>: bye
Guy B.: That was quick.
Pamela: come back, please be friends
Pamela: we don't bite
BobSlopsema: aw shucks, scared him/her away
rich c: he was just saying bye to Rich
Pamela: No, still here
BobSlopsema: oh OK
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Ian Primus: (PRIVATE) rich - I am in need of some ADAM software
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
rich c: now, see what you went and did?
Pamela: Oh well, I guess we'll never know
Meeka: hi Guy
BobSlopsema: boo hoo....... :-(
BobSlopsema: ANYWAY!!!! Hi Guy!
Pamela: *sniff*
BobSlopsema: how's ABBY????
BobSlopsema: was prolly RonM and he had to check the weather or something
Guy B.: Well folks, I finally trashing that old Packard Bell 486. The CMOS battery not only is dead, but is corroding the motherboard. Abby's doing fine.
rich c: Ian, for anything Adam, just send me an email -
BobSlopsema: OR I of the 6 or so ADAM stuff purchasers this week on Ebay Auctions that I emailed
Ian Primus: ok
Pamela: I can be a pipeline if necessary through the Car-
Pamela: x Shops
Pamela: Same goes for you, Guy
rich c: I came in late - are you with Car-X, Ian?
Pamela: No, I was telling him I work for them
Ian Primus: I really don't know what it is, to be honest
BobSlopsema: so what's CAR-X ????
BobSlopsema: and do I need it?
rich c: an auto repair chain
Pamela: Automotive Aftermarket repair facilities, all over the mid west and part of the Speedy co.
BobSlopsema: ahso!....BTW, where's James?
Guy B.: I found a place here in my area that wil take old computers for recycling. But, I have to wait till October to take both the 386 and the 486 in.
rich c: a subsidiary of Speedy Auto Service, where Pam works
Ian Primus: cool - so can you fix the power steering fluid leak on my Toyota?
Pamela: We can try!
BobSlopsema: trach cans take old 486's and 386's
Pamela: We welcome new business
BobSlopsema: trash
rich c: what's your nearest shop south of Indianapolis, daughter?
Ian Primus: Guy - I worked at one of those recycleing events as a volunteer. Actually, that's where I got the ADAM - I rescued it :)
Pamela: I would have to look and let you know - some of thoes shops are franchises
rich c: an act of great nobility!! ;-)
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changed username to Rich Drushel
Pamela: Rich, everything okay?
Meeka: so what was the big emergency Rich
Rich Drushel: Okay...
Pamela: what happened?
rich c: not another computer fire, I hope...
Rich Drushel: Christina and a friend had ridden their bikes to a nearby park to play baseball.
Guy B.: I did get a replacement and it will be a DOS machine. A Compac P120 Prolinea 575. In fact, the very first PC's where I work. And it has two 5 1/4 drive bays, 8 meg ram. No HD, but for $30, it will do.
Rich Drushel: They were told to be home before dark.
Pamela: Ah, and now it's dark
Rich Drushel: They waited too long...and riding home, the friend hit a curb with her bike and flopped over the handlebars.
Ian Primus: I had been hunting high and low for an ADAM or Colecovision game system for about two years. Just when I thought it was hopeless, one dropped into my lap - literally. "Hey Ian - do you know what this thing is?" *plunk*
Pamela: Ouch!
Rich Drushel: She landed on the pavement on her chest.
Pamela: Major ouch
rich c: last time I did that, I broke my wrist
Guy B.: I sense a little lecture coming from you to her Rich.
Pamela: she okay?
Rich Drushel: She may have a broken rib; her mom is coming to take her to the hospital.
rich c: mind you, that was some few years ago
Rich Drushel: Neither one was wearing their helmets, either.
Guy B.: Hope they are Ok.
Pamela: I must admit, I broke mine in a unique way
Rich Drushel: Me too, Guy!
Rich Drushel: Lecture will wait...
Pamela: Poor girl - I hope it's just a bruise
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changed username to Ron
Meeka: i've never broken a bone, I not quite sure how I managed that being a tom-boy and all, but I did
Guy B.: Let's be thankful they didn't land on their heads.
Rich Drushel: They have been told about riding after dark around here...
Ron: see you made it in Rich
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: C that is
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ron: Evening all
rich c: Ian, you should search the net with "Coleco Adam" as your search term - you won't believe how much turns up
Meeka: hiRon
Pamela: I managed to break mine falling off a bridge
Rich Drushel: Olla, Senor Ron.
rich c: hello Ron
Ron: aye
BobSlopsema: MIGHTY MITCHELL !!!!!!!
Ron: bigger than life
Rich Drushel: No, not that!
rich c: Ian, Ron is on an island in teh Pacific Ocean
BobSlopsema: how's "my" weather going to be around Mon-Wed??????
Rich Drushel: Bikini Atoll?
Ron: where the wind is blowing,and it's like November
BobSlopsema: this was for Ron
Pamela: Which sounds worse than it actually is
Pamela: Ron, right now some of us could use a little November weather
rich c: yeah, out tehre in Lotus Land they have daffodils in February
Guy B.: Yep, it's been too hot here.
Ron: Hello Ian
Ian Primus: hello Ron
Pamela: Ron, play nice with Ian - he just rescued an Adam
Ron: an ADAMite long lost, I presume
rich c: more new-found
Ron: then he is an ADAMite in GOOD standing
Rich Drushel: No, a guy with a home-built 2500-game arcade machine!
Guy B.: I second that.
Ian Primus: actually, I had never seen one in person until the other day
Pamela: not even a passing acquaintance?
Ian Primus: nope, I wasn't even born when they first came out - I'm 16
Ron: something new every day
rich c: how many dozen more do you need? I have this basement....
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to have a chat with Dale about the spelling of discretion
Ron: I was 16 once
Pamela: do you remember that far back, Ron?
BobSlopsema: yea right, a while back, I think it was..........
Ron: when the earth was flat and there were dragons at either end
rich c: when dinosaurs roamed teh earth
Ron: :)
Guy B.: Speaking of Dale. I wonder how are those hard drive interface cards are coming?
BobSlopsema: DRAGON'S LAIR !!!!!!!
Pamela: Dad would rather not remember when I was sixteen
Pamela: Here be dragons
Ron: were you a difficult 16 year old Pamela?
BobSlopsema: first Dale had to make the burner for the GAL chip Guy
Pamela: and fifteen, and seventeen
rich c: oh, I don't know - back then I was only 52
Pamela: things improved around eighteen
Guy B.: That will take some time I guess, right?
BobSlopsema: heck she is STILL difficult!!!!!
Meeka: 16 wasn't that long ago
BobSlopsema: ask Russell
Pamela: its amazing how much smarter my parents got in that time
Ron: happens eh?
Rich Drushel: Haha, please tell Christina of this amazing transformation!
rich c: we studied
BobSlopsema: Pam, that is only becasue you brought them up right! :-)
Pamela: No, she has to figure it out on her own
Pamela: That was sneaky dad - you didn't tell me that!
Rich Drushel: Alas, experience can'
Ron: each of your 4 will discover it Dr. D.
Rich Drushel: oops can't be taught.
Meeka: pam, some of us are still working on that pam ;-)
BobSlopsema: ALL young people have tha stage to go thru sooner or later
Rich Drushel: "When you can snatch this pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave."
Pamela: See what happens when you mention age, Ian?
Rich Drushel: We have plenty of it...though I'm a young whippersnapper here at 38.
BobSlopsema: gets everybody all hyped up ! ;-)
Ron: but a child
Meeka: that's old Rich, I am only 25
Rich Drushel: Daisy...Daisy...
Pamela: Listen oldtimer, those of us who just turned 36 resemble that remark
BobSlopsema: BUT Rich, to Christina you might as well be 100 yrs old
rich c: that's OK, how old was the youngest presenter at the latest Adamcon?
Pamela: give me your answer, do
Meeka: 11
Rich Drushel: My mind is going, Pam...I can feel it.
BobSlopsema: 11
Guy B.: And here I'm trying to keep up with an energetic dog at 43.
BobSlopsema: trick question, eh????
Pamela: Left hand on left side of head, right hadn on right side, now squeeze
BobSlopsema: HEY, Guy is aomost retired!
Ian Primus: I worked at this computer recycling place as a volunteer - I came home with the back end of my '90 Toyota Camry sagging and the trunk so full that a single floppy wouldn't fit inside, and the back seat piled up so far I had to roll down the window to see behind me. I managed to rescue a dozen b&w macs, some Apple IIgs's, an ADAM, a really huge old webserver with a SCSI RAID in it, and a lot of assorted stuff.
Ron: I spend lots of time thinking about the hereafter. Go into a room and wonder now....what am I here after
Rich Drushel: So Ian, you have lots to teach us old dogs, so you too are eminently qualified to give a session at the next ADAMcon.
Guy B.: Long way from that Bob.
BobSlopsema: and you wil lHAVE a BALL monkeying with it Ian
Ron: Don't get lost Ian, keep your elbows up
rich c: Ian, you are almost as bad as Ron Mitchell
BobSlopsema: that's the fun of older stuff
Pamela: but first . . .
Ian Primus: considering all I know about the ADAM is how to hook it up...
rich c: he's been seen with 26 computers - all different, up and running simultaneously
Pamela: that's better than some of us were doing at first
Ron: now down to 10
rich c: you name it, he's owned it
BobSlopsema: yes, but Ron threw OUT all those computer Ian rescued!
Meeka: that sounds just like something Doug would do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Wait till the fun part comes. Getting more software to run it.
BobSlopsema: heck Doug DID it! with my help
Ron: and the way some are performing, it might soon be 3
Rich Drushel: We gotta get Ian a SmartBASIC tape, though, 'cause his rescued system didn't have one.
rich c: no problem to get Adam software. Lot cheaper than DOS or Mac stuff, tyoo
BobSlopsema: oh, oh.....trouble brewing on the island
Ron: absolutely
Pamela: Dad, Kimberly is here and says hi
Ian Primus: yes, software... I have a word processing program for my ADAM - something called SmartWriter :)
Rich Drushel: Hello Kimberly...she was in England last time, right?
Guy B.: Plus none of the royalties go to Billy Boy.
Ron: actually got a virus on the LC475 if you can believe that
BobSlopsema: give me your address Ian, I will send ya one tomorrow
Pamela: Tell the world traveller welcome back
Ron: and my ancient SAM anti virus actually picked it up
rich c: tell Kimberley welcome back - hope she enjoyed Europe
BobSlopsema: tha part is BUILT INTO the rom in ther ADAM
Pamela: she did, very much
Rich Drushel: Virus on an LC475? What was it, nVIR A?
Ian Primus: yeah, isn't it convenient :)
Pamela: Next stop, Mongolia with Lindsay
Rich Drushel: Keep away from Afghanistan...
Pamela: I'll tell her, Rich
Ian Primus: my address is : 3305 Grove Parkway, Columbus, Indiana 47203
Pamela: Party at Ian's this weekend
Ron: was something like MDB --- ??something or other
Ian Primus: email :
Ian Primus: bring lots of quarters :)
Rich Drushel: MDEF, probably.
Ron: ended in A/B
Ron: yeah that was it
rich c: make sure you subscribe soonest to the Adam mailing list, Ian
rich c: that way you can see what's going on and talk to everyone
Ian Primus: how do I subscribe?
Ron: now the venerable beast is on the net and I was using it last night...thru my router
Rich Drushel: Yep...a famous Mac virus...written by someone about Ian's age, IIRC.
BobSlopsema: ok, will mail it tomorrow
rich c: send an email with "subscribe" as the subject line
Ron: infected Microsoft Word 6
rich c: to
Rich Drushel: Send E-mail to Dale Wick (the list admin), I think it's, right?
Rich Drushel: Wait, listen to Rich Clee, his method is better.
rich c: se abnove is teh way he prefers it, Rich'
Pamela: He keeps telling me that Daddies know everything
rich c: thop" if he were on no doubt he'd be doing it already
Rich Drushel: That's why I retracted my suggestion.
Ian Primus: ok, i'm subscribed
Rich Drushel: Excellent!
rich c: actually, Dale's non-business address
Ron: you will fit right in Ian from the sounds of it
rich c: to post to the list, the address is coladam-list@ (etc.)
Rich Drushel: I am going to retire for the evening...but Elanor wants to take my place. So, I will do an ID change and say good-night.
Ian Primus: I take it that 8-bit game freaks that watch Star Trek religeously and collect old computers are well accepted
Rich Drushel changed username to Elanor Drushel
Pamela: Good nite, Rich - Hi Elanor!
Meeka: night Rich and Hello Elanor
rich c: so if you have any questions, just post 'em up and await the deluge
Ron: retirement is dangerous Dr.D.
Elanor Drushel: Here I am!
Ron: but Elanor is more than welcome
Pamela: She's back!
Guy B.: Hi Elanor. How are you treating the mascot?
BobSlopsema: nite Rich
Ron: Hi Elanor
rich c: night Rich hello Elanor - how's Adam?
Ian Primus: brb - I'm going to get a soda
BobSlopsema: how is Elanor????
Ron: good idea Ian. e-mail me one
Pamela: learning to type faster, I think
Pamela: andme
Ian Primus: pepsi or coke?
Pamela: Coke!
Ron: Diet Coke
Ron: no ice
Ron: heavy on the no ice
Pamela: Kimberly wants a pepsie
Guy B.: Cheeseborger, Chesseborger, Cheeseborger.
Elanor Drushel: He hasen't had anay more rips or tares
Pamela: and Pamela can't spell
Ron: glad to hear that Elanor
Meeka: that's good Elanor
Pamela: That's good, I'm not sure your mom has time to patch him
rich c: anybody got a Guiness on ice?
Guy B.: Very good.
Pamela: Any new badges, Elanor?
Meeka: he needs to keep coming to con's with you
Pamela: Got one here Dad, you want it? I can ask Russell
rich c: only if it's cold - I have a warm one downstairs
Ron: and overhead the city of Toronto the Good
Elanor Drushel: Before the chat I was playing Pokemon games.
Ron: there was seen a strange flying object
Pamela: (You see this is why my dad and my husband get along)
Pamela: Yes, it's cold Dad
Ian Primus: hmm, it doesn't fit too well in the disk drive...
Ron: resembled the shape of a bottle of beer
Guy B.: By chance Ekanor, do you have the newest Pokemon game?
Ron: you tried Ian
rich c: OK, just pour it in the modem and address it to me
Pamela: time to reformat the can
Meeka: btw, Doug says to tell everyone hi. He is playing AC tonight, so he is to busy to chat with us ;-)
Guy B.: Guess my typing is not good, that's Elanor.
Ian Primus: is sparking good?
Ron: Ian, despite what you're now reading, we're all quite sane
Ron: some of the time
Pamela: no, neither is blue smoke
Pamela: Of course, if we weren't we wouldn't admit it anyway
Ron: true
Pamela: Dad, Guiness coming your way
Ron: Sir Alec Guiness (using the Force)
rich c: depends on what you mean by sparking - back in my days, it was real neat...
Elanor Drushel: I'm still here
Pamela: Do you remember that far back, Dad?
Ron: I'm here too Elanor
Ron: I'm here because I'm not all there
Guy B.: Elanor, do you have Pokemon stadium?
Pamela: do you expect us to argue, Ron?
rich c: remind me to tell you about my buddy Julius Caesar some day...
Ron: naw
Elanor Drushel: ha ha vary funny
Pamela: back in the olden days, before the wheel . . .
Guy B.: Julius Caesar? Where did you come from? Athens!
BobSlopsema: and if you are not all can't be all here........hmmmmm
Pamela: sorry, that came before Rome, right?
rich c: right
Ron: very logical Bob
Meeka: we had to walk barefoot tweny miles in the snow......... i think you all know the rest ;-)
Pamela: History was never my strong suit, despite parental personal experience
Pamela: uphill - in our pajamas
Ron: Which side of the Rocky Mountains is Ian on?
rich c: actually, Big Julie (as we called him) had a bad attitude
Meeka: he is in Columbus Ron
Ian Primus: everything I needed to know about history I learned from watching The Honeymooners...
rich c: that's why he got done in by the Brutus mob
Pamela: I heard that once, Dad
BobSlopsema: other side Ron
Ron: aha
Ron: ok
Pamela: something about Cleopatra?
Elanor Drushel: bye everyone, i'm going to go and play my Pokemon Trading Card Game
Elanor Drushel left chat session
Meeka: ok Elanor. see you later
Pamela: That was quick
Ron: play to win Elanor
rich c: bye Ekanor, see you next chat maybe
Ron: see ya later
Ian Primus: bye
Meeka: ok everyone take a deep breath
BobSlopsema: Columbus INDIANA !!!!! Ian, is taht anywhere near Kendallville??? Angola????? Indy???
BobSlopsema: be good Elanor
Pamela: welcome back, Bob
Guy B.: Bye Elanor.
Ian Primus: about an hour away from Indy
Ron: only Columbus I know is Ohio
Ian Primus: somewhat less if I drive...
Pamela: been there, done that Ron
Ron: yes, I was late. Missed all this I'm sure
BobSlopsema: OK, waiting with baited breath.....whew ,that SMELLS
Meeka: dad, that is south of franklin acording to Doug
Pamela: and just where were you, young man? It's after dark
BobSlopsema: whic direction????
Ian Primus: south
Meeka: south
BobSlopsema: comeon Ron wrong state
rich c: it's on the Interstate about halfway from Indy to Louisville
Ron: my geography sucks
BobSlopsema: AHSO!!!!!
BobSlopsema: not dark on the island
Ron: no, but it may as well be
Pamela: sorry, wrong time zone
Ron: got 9 holes of golf in this morning before it started to rain
Pamela: the rest of us are in the dark
rich c: oh, up there with teh Inuit they almost have a midnight sun this season
Ron: indeed you are
Meeka: Dad, Doug says that Columbus is around 8 miles south of that big antique mall where we spent the night
Ron: we're about 30 miles from the 50th parallel, and even here the days are longer than in Ottawa/Toronto
Ian Primus: which antique mall - the antique mall/car museum?
Guy B.: Ok, I just updated my website.
Meeka: yes
rich c: yes, we're about 44 north
Ron: yeah
Ian Primus: yeah, that's about 15 minutes from my house
rich c: what's the capital of Indiana?
Ian Primus: err 30 minutes with road construction
Ron: um...... Des Moines?
Guy B.: Indianapolis.
Meeka: you see, antique malls are often used as driving referances in our family ;-)
Ron: told ya
Pamela: That's Iowa, Ron
rich c: and they pronounce it dez moe-ins
Ron: We're getting Wal Mart by November.... and Future Shop.....and everything!
Guy B.: I have to pass through there when I go to Cincinnati.
Ian Primus: I've been to that one a lot, but I don't have much money. most stuff is too expensive there. I'm into old radios as well as computers
Ron: place to spend more money
BobSlopsema: shees Ron, you Canadian or somethin???
Ron: :)
Pamela: only on this side of the border, Bob
rich c: have to ask you sometime about my Hallicrafters S-38A
BobSlopsema: I found it on the map just now, so I know Xactly where it is!
rich c: it's running awfully hot
BobSlopsema: :-) Pam that';s good
Pamela: thank you
Ron: a short
Pamela: brb, gotta go wash the mcflurry off my fingers
rich c: I thought you wre drinking pina coladas?
Ron: now it's my time for a soda
Ian Primus: check the tube sockets - sometimes they oxidize, also, try replacing some of the old paper caps, new ones really improve performance
Pamela: She's living dangerously tonight
Meeka: don't you want iced tea Ron? ;-)
Pamela changed username to Kimberly
rich c: let's say I suspect there my be oxidation - don't think I've plugged it in in 20 years
Ron: Well I DO like ice tea
Kimberly: Hi there, I'm filling in for Pamela, can I play too??
Meeka: i got hooked on it at convention
rich c: anytime, Kimberly, and welcome
Meeka: I havn't had pop since i cane home
Ron: it was good eh?
Ian Primus: the oxidation can cause shorts and cause it to heat up faster. it whould rub off with a pencil eraser. also, those old radios normally ran pretty hot
rich c: though I'm not sure you have a sufficient level of insanity for this crowd
Meeka: yes Kimberly we will let you play to
BobSlopsema: SURE Kimberly!!!! welcome aboard
rich c: yes, when I last tried it, I'd forgotten how hot normal operation used to be with tubes
Guy B.: Hi Kimberly.
Ron: someone care to introduce me to Kimberly?
Kimberly: I'm sure my insanity level is fine considering how many years I've known you
Meeka: kimberly is pam's friend
rich c: for the younger generation - before transistors, radios had things called tubes
BobSlopsema: NO
Ron: ok
Kimberly: I'm Pamela's friend from downstairs
Ron: and Hi1
Ron: !
rich c: and my star library clubber from my teaching years
Ron: aha!
BobSlopsema: had a couple of those old tube types
moved to room Meeting Place
Ian Primus: heh - I may be young, but I live in the past. I still use 8 track tapes and records
changed username to Dale
rich c: I also still have an old Emerson portable, with tubes
Dale: Hi all.
rich c: got it for my 16th birthday, I believe
Ron: Still got 8 tracks, but nuthin to play 'em on
rich c: hello Dale
Dale: Just thought I'd peek in.
Meeka: we still have some of those around ...somewhere
Kimberly: Hi Dale (from Pamela)
Ron: but I also have a turntable, and lots to play on that
Dale: And say hello to everyone.
Ron: allo Dale my son!
Meeka: hi Dale
rich c: we have a newbie - Ian from Columbus, IN
rich c: he's already sent a subscribe request to the mailing list
Ron: gotta see where that is.......where's my map?
BobSlopsema: HI Dale
Meeka: be nice to him Dale he is just a young pup
rich c: do get him on quick - he has lots of questions
rich c: oh, I can remember Dale at 16 - it wasn't that long ago
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Kimberly: Now you're making ME feel old.....
rich c: Dale, did you see teh article in the Globe Thursday about the TRS-100?
Meeka: kimberly, it doesn't matter as long as you are young at heart
Ian Primus: TRS-100? I have a TRS-80
Kimberly: well then, I'm only 7
rich c: it was written by a guy who still uses his, and knows others who use theirs
Dale: Ian, you should receive an email welcomeing you to the list shortly.
Ian Primus: several, actually
Ian Primus: yup, I just got that message
rich c: oh, my accumulation (outside Adam) runs to TI 99/4as
Dale: Rich, I missed it.
BobSlopsema: I am sure thre TRS80 crowd is just as adement as we are/.........
Dale: Ian, have I talekd to you on Delphi?
rich c: pity - just put it out for recycling, but it made me think of you
rich c: maybe you can pick it up on the Globe website
Ian Primus: Actually, my first love was the TRS-80 Color Computer. I am a member of the CoCo list, and have been to one of the CoCoFests
rich c: did you know the AppleII users have a convention just like Adamcon?
rich c: the 12th annual will be in Kansas City in a few weeks
Ian Primus: possibly, I used to haunt the ADAM forum as KrazyKlingon, but now I actually have an ADAM
BobSlopsema: COOL
Ian Primus: the ADAMcon sounds to me like the CoCoFest
rich c: which Adam forum? there were a couple
Ron: aha! (I'm way back)
Kimberly: Ian, have you ever been on a Seatrek cruise??
BobSlopsema: AHSO !!!!!!!! I thought the name was familiar....also, were youon Compuserve at one time???
Dale: I thought so. You seemed really familiar.
Ron: 1/2 way between Seymour and Shelbyville
Ian Primus: no
Ian Primus: what's a Seatrek cruise
Kimberly: It's quite nice, a convention on water without the security separating you from the actors
Ian Primus: cool
Ian Primus: I never used compuserve
Kimberly: I've been to 3 so far but I missed the last one to Alaska this year in favour of the crossing to Europe
BobSlopsema left chat session
Ron: Tough choice Kimberly
moved to room Meeting Place
Kimberly: I know, but it was too good to pass up
Ron: I hear ya
changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: hope this is faster. here.......
BobSlopsema: ya dats' betta!
Kimberly: Considering I always travel with my mother who is definitely not a Trekker, I figured she was due to have her choice
rich c: switch computers, Bob?
BobSlopsema: nope, connection got slow, so I dumped it and started over
BobSlopsema: now I got back on the fast track
Dale: Ian, as I recall you have quite a collection of 8-bit hardware.
rich c: must be Code Red gumming things up
Kimberly: I hear it slept in this morning
Ian Primus: I need to get a modem for my laptop, I just got it so I haven't had time to get a modem or lan card
Ron: Sir Cam?
Ian Primus: yes, I have lots of 8 bits
rich c: no, any decent anti-virus caught that
Ron: yeah, pretty much although I did get a service call out of it last Fre
Ron: Fri
rich c: there's a really thorough virus scan called SurfinPro gets everything
Kimberly: Does this mean the Code Red got a Code Blue??
rich c: but unfortunately it makes your computer too slow
Dale: Jill says hi to everyone.
Meeka: Dale, Doug wanted me to ask you what we owe you for that gal burner? ( he is to busy playing AC to get on with us and ask for himself)
Ron: much ado about nothin'
Kimberly: Hi Jillian, how's the baby (from Pamela)
Ian Primus: AC?
Ron: Hi Doug!
(S enjoys the flowers.)
BobSlopsema: HI JILL........
rich c: hello Jill
BobSlopsema: DA flowers are for jill
(S enjoys the flowers.)
Ron: Hi Jill.... all's well I take it?
Meeka: Ian, AC is short for Asherons call
Ian Primus: never played it
Dale: Jill appreciates the flowers.
Meeka: he does, all the time
Ian Primus: computer game?
Meeka: it is an on-line roll playing game
BobSlopsema: guuut !!!
rich c: not a real one, a 32-bitter, Ian
Ian Primus: ah, yes. I have bee addicted to a MUSH game online as of late
BobSlopsema: A ROCK-EM SOCK-EM kill-em game he palsys Ian
Ian Primus: text only, the only way to role play
BobSlopsema: plays...that right?
Guy B.: Well I'm going to go. I won't be able to make it Saturday. Going in to work. So, see you all next week.
Kimberly: Are we speaking Klingon again??
Dale: I probably won't have time to do the GAL burner until later in August.
Ron: work?
Meeka: bye Guy
BobSlopsema: be good Guy
Ian Primus: see you later Guy
Ron: seeya Guy
rich c: OK, till next Wednesday. Take care in the heat, Guy
Kimberly: Goodnite Guy (from Pam)
BobSlopsema: will ber headed NORTh to the Cherry capital of the world....Traverse City, near Mackinaw brdige on sat
Guy B.: We're up to our ears in reports and more are coming. Bye All
Dale: Jill's good, but she says the baby is tired.
BobSlopsema: so I won't be there either
Guy B. left chat session
BobSlopsema: HOW does she know this???????
Dale: I think that it's really Jill that is tired.
Dale: <grin>
BobSlopsema: prolly more like it
Ron: while we're on the subject of Saturday Mr.Clee
Kimberly: you think??
rich c: remind me to tell you about Pamela and the Salt Lake City cherries sometime. Bob
Ron: probably won't make it either.... got the whole fam damily comin'
Ron: or what's left of us
Kimberly: Spill it, I haven't heard this one.....
BobSlopsema: please do!!!! I may find out Pam was NOT a perfect young lady, eh?
Ron: I knew that!
rich c: It hass to do with teh Cherry Hill campground
Dale: I'm going out of town after next week's chat, and will be gone for about a week.
Kimberly: p.s. Pam feeling pretty helpless at the moment....
rich c: which is built in - wait for it - a cherry orchard
BobSlopsema: AH HA !!!!
rich c: every site came with a tree and a ladder
Kimberly: the plot thickens
rich c: and we arrived just as they got ripe
BobSlopsema: novel idea, that
Ron: :)
rich c: before we parked, she was up the ladder
Kimberly: with who??
rich c: saw nothing but a rain of cherry pits till we were ready to leave
rich c: but she didn't eat them all - turned out she had a stash
Kimberly: Pam doesn't remember this part.....
rich c: left a trail out the window clear to the California border
Ron: got our auto sprinkling system going in the back yard, right into the back basement window...which was open
Ron: computer sitting underneath
Ron: now wet
Ron: just thought y
Ron: 'y'all might like to know
Meeka: brb, Bandit thinks that he needs to go out.
rich c: that always produces interesting results, Ron
Kimberly: Was she playing out a Hansel and Gretal story with the trail of breadcrumbs/pits.....
Ron: system is on a timer, and I always forget to close the window
Ian Primus: I hope it wasn't yurned on
rich c: tell him to cross his legs, Meeka
BobSlopsema: Ron, smoke and fire?????
Ron:'s one that should go to the dump really
Ian Primus: err. turned on
Ron: no.... it's on the inoperative list
Kimberly: No wonder
rich c: and if it wasn't before, it is now...
Ron: trying to decide if I should take my first forray inside a monitor
Ian Primus: what sort of computer
Ron: suspect bad power transformer or a fuse in there
Kimberly: Don't do it, you'll never come back!!
Ron: it's an old AAMAZING Monitor, and a 386
rich c: don't - they bite - with really large fangs - even when unplugged
BobSlopsema: watch out for the transformer, it will BITE you severely
Ian Primus: I got pretty good at fixing monitors as of late
Dale: Water is mostly harmless to computer equipment that is off.
Ron: yeah, I've heard horror stories
rich c: as in, knock you across the room, causing a SUBSTANTIAL dent in the wall
Ron: it's had a bath may times before
Dale: Just dry it throughtly before turning it back on.
Kimberly: Operative word being mostly.....
Ian Primus: I got an Apple IIe that was sitting in the rain for a year. it worked fine
Dale: You might need to run a disk cleaner through disk drives.
Ron: well this particular monitor waited for 2 days beyond my trip to the recycle 'event' back in April then it failed
Ron: smartmon
Kimberly: timing is everything
Ron: it knew
rich c: monitors are unpredictable anyway
rich c: mine is working fine today and was yesterday too
Ron: up here we don't have a place to take computer stuff that don't work...except once a year
Kimberly: and other electronics aren't???
rich c: but before I was getting screen fade on bootup
Meeka: ok, i'm back. Bandit thhought it would be more fun to chase the fireflies, but I convinced him otherwise ;-)
BobSlopsema: meaning it will take adump one day.......
Ron: Bandit rules!
BobSlopsema: FIREFLY'S ????????? I want some!!!!!
rich c: oh, the electronics in the van anti-theft are getting difficult too - wont let me start it
Meeka: come and get them
BobSlopsema: article I was in the paper said they are making a comeback all across the midwest
rich c: I haven't seen firflies in Toronto since World War 2
BobSlopsema: not as many pesticides these dayas
Meeka: we have them around almost every night
Kimberly: Sounds like you ticked off the wrong computer and word is getting around to your other electronics.....
BobSlopsema: cute little lighted up butts
rich c: Iwas really trhrilled to see them in Cleveland
Ron: don't think I've ever seen them.
BobSlopsema: you are missing a treat Ron
Meeka: you can come to our house next year ron
Ron: oh yea when we walked back from Mama Santa
Ian Primus: be kind to computers, and they will be kind to you
Ron: s
Kimberly: Ron, you saw them on the way back from dinner in Cleveland.....
BobSlopsema: you get out in farming vcountry and they just light up the area like little fireworks
rich c: little winking lights in the dusk - it's their mating call
Ron: most times yes Ian. But there are nights here when I could put all of 'em out on the back lawn
Ron: with the sprinkler on full tilt
Ron: and the whole mess plugged in and running
BobSlopsema: it's all that new junk Ron!
Ron: I know eh?
BobSlopsema: anything newer than 1985 is unreliable
rich c: you never sholda bought that iMac
Ron: 1/2 of me agrees
rich c: it's gone and spoikled you
Meeka: yes, we got one of the customary phone calls tonight. Doug, how do I.........
BobSlopsema: something that you can see the guts of, is not good...........
Kimberly: I have to agree with that Bob
Ian Primus: I always wanted to see what would happen if you poured a coke into a 386 or something while it was running
Ron: mine is not as new as that Bob....the purple stuff is sorta opaque
BobSlopsema: well, Meeka HE'S the one whho went and learned all that stuff.... ;-)
Meeka: followed by a loud sigh from Doug and a NOW WHAT?
Ron: who me/
Ron: ?
Meeka: i know that
BobSlopsema: Ron PUR a COKE into the sucker!!!!
Ron: don't tempt me
rich c: or at least he shouldn't have let on
Kimberly: Does that mix with the Guiness??
BobSlopsema: it might help ans it WILL make it sticky and hold it together
Meeka: water usually works just as good Ron
Ron: there's a sign in there that says, "No Pushpins"
rich c: that is NOT your kind of computer!
Dale: Coke is very corrosive to motherboards.
Ian Primus: I still like the Mac SE for a compact computer
Ron: no, not at all
BobSlopsema: PIECE OF JUNK......."no pushpins"....what kind of stuff did ya buy??????
Ron: I have one Ian. It serves me well as a bedside clock
Kimberly: Dale, are you speaking from personal experience??
rich c: voice of experience, Dale?
Dale: We had a customer in our video store who had their son's friend do just that...
Dale: during a party.
Ian Primus: what happened?
Ron: have it networked with an Appletalk/Ethernet bridge to the iMac
BobSlopsema: took the rust off it right Dale?
rich c: where di they bury him?
Kimberly: It's the new version of a cheese sandwich in the VCR
Dale: It ate through the controller board for the VCR.
Ian Primus: no pushpins? on what?
Ron: oh well, Ian, that's a tale someone other than I will have to tell you
Meeka: Ron uses pushpins to hold computer parts together
Ron: I have something of a reputation, it seems
Dale: You'll note that it had sat in that sate for several months.
Kimberly: Gee, really??
BobSlopsema: Ian, inside joke with Ron....he uses pushpins to poke and hold some wires thru the correct spot in the ADAM's memory expander
Dale: The logic boards have only low voltages on them, so no magic smoke from the VCR.
Ron: most people would make a solder connection eh?
Kimberly: Hey, if it works.....
Ron: exactly
BobSlopsema: AND don't forget alligator clips to clip onto the pushpins!
Ron: and as I have explained..... circuit boards don't want me near them with a soldering iron
BobSlopsema: but, what the heck, we love the mmighty one anyway!!!!
rich c: I just pushed the wire through and bent it up, then leaned the board back
Ron: hey!1
BobSlopsema: VANCOUVER ISLAND IN 2003, here we come!!!!!!!
Kimberly: How about bulldog clips instead??
Ron: right on man!
Meeka: if you have any doubts, I got a picture of one of Ron's modified boards at convention this years
rich c: now he'll never escape!
Ron: we might even rope Cobley and Sands into being there
rich c: super neat!
BobSlopsema: be nice to see David again
Ron: let's say I have expressions of interest
BobSlopsema: and never met Dave Sands.......
Dale: Anyway, much to do, so I'd better get going. Sorry I couldn't stay longer.
moved to room Meeting Place
BobSlopsema: ok bye Dale. l;uv to Jill
changed username to Ian Primus
Ron: s'ok Dale. Your're a busy dude
rich c: it's OK dale, glad you came in
Meeka: ok see you Dale
Kimberly: Goodnight Dale, nice to meet you....
Ron: be well
rich c: see you Dale
Ian Primus: I'm back - darn ISP
Ian Primus: good night Dale
Ron: ISP's do that
BobSlopsema: yup....Ian, who oyo got down there?????
Meeka: almost everyone here has that problem from time to time Ian
Kimberly: Goodnightn Dale(Pam)
rich c: so does this chat module every once in a while
Dale: See you later Ian. Nice to see you again.
Dale: Bye all.
BobSlopsema: for an ISP I mean????
rich c: and Netscape users have a problem with buffer overload
Kimberly: We have to indtroduce Ian to James
Ian Primus:
BobSlopsema: him NOT here!!!!!
Ron: you got an e-mail address Ian?
Kimberly: he will be soon
BobSlopsema: tis early in Japan.........
Ian Primus: yeah -
Kimberly: 13 hours ahead, I th8ink
Ian Primus: please no viruses :)
BobSlopsema: no, he comes thru the wires Ron!!!
Ron: paper...paper
Meeka: dale put him on the list Ron
Ron: good
Dale: poof
Kimberly: just check the archive,s Ron
rich c: the nice thing about an Adam is that it doesn't catch viruses
Dale left chat session
BobSlopsema: see????and I had for an email
Ian Primus: yeah, and Macs get many either. I run BeOS here sometimes. it's pretty virusproof too
Kimberly: but it's users do catch colds...
Ian Primus: yeah, that one died at the end of July - stopped the service
rich c: yes, Microsoft is an easy target and big, so it attracts most of the fire
Ron: Haven't played with BeOS, but one of the guys at our community net put on a display there not long back..Impressive
Kimberly: nice juicy targegt
Ian Primus: and it was
BobSlopsema: so that's what a LOT of email addresses here to send out for ADAMCON 14 here in 2002...BUThow many will bounce.....
Kimberly: by the way, the typos are courtesy of Pam
Meeka: i guess you will find out
BobSlopsema: prolbably a LOT
Ian Primus: yeah, whatever you do, don't send stuff to - it will bounce. use
rich c: well, so far my ISP has been very stable and satisfactory
Ron: try em .... then we'll know
Kimberly: I hope you knocked on wood when you said that rich
Ron: our local here just got sold, so I moved to the 'dark side'
Meeka: see, now we lost Ron
Ron: on cable
Kimberly: ghost Ron
Ian Primus: I HAD DSL for a while, then the company went bankrupt - back to modem *snif*
Ron: the Force you know
Ron: aw
Ron: bummer
Meeka: poor baby.
rich c: I don't feel I need DSL quite $50 a month worth
Kimberly: Well it's been fun guys, but I have to go now, since I'm still working on some jetlag
Ron: Can't do it here. Am not within 2.7 miles of the 'mother' tin can
Ian Primus: they don't even offer anything faster here
rich c: OK Kimberly, do drop in again soon
Kimberly: now here's Pam back on your regular channel
Ron: nice to meet you Kimberly
Meeka: we only have isdn and i get impatient when i go to work and have a 28.8 conection
Ian Primus: the lack of broadband has been driving businesses out of Columbus
Kimberly changed username to Pamela
Ron: s'all relative how does that song go.
Ron: how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm
rich c: no one offering cable in your area, Ian?
Ron: after they've seen......(???)
Pamela: I'm sure she'll be back folks
Ian Primus: not till 2004
Ron: What I like is not tying up mother's fone
rich c: trouble is, here they want $50 a month for cable too
Ron: she likes that to
Ron: o
Pamela: brb, I;m gonna walk K. to th door
Ian Primus: Columbus - the technology black hole. all the local schools used Apple IIe's until very recently
Meeka: work pays for our isdn lines.
Ron: right
Ron: really!
rich c: hope they've now upgraded to Amiga 2000s
Meeka: one of the perks
Ian Primus: Now they have new Dell desktops - with so much anti-tampering software that the Apples were faster. seriously
Meeka: doug has to have a reliable conenction into work the be able to admin the network
Ron: neat Meeka
rich c: that's why there was a hot market for 2000s last year
Ron: probably Ian
rich c: seems a lot of school boards in Mexico are standardized on them
Ron: part of being available 24/7
Ian Primus: and the internet access is so restricted, we can't get to most educational sites, news, stock reports, email or anything useful
Meeka: yes. in fact we even have two isdn so he can test stuff
Pamela: So that's why you never fall off
Ron: interesting
Meeka: don't have to worry about speed though
rich c: yes, the Net Nanny class of software can be pretty trashy
Pamela: I must admit, that doesn't happen to us very often
rich c: they have to cater to every crank and paranoid in the country
Pamela: You seem to have found one of Dad's soapboxes, Ian
Meeka: Doug keeps talking about going to dsl, but it isn't available here yet
rich c: why go to DSL when you have ISDN?
Ian Primus: the reason we can't get to a lot of sites is because the parser can't detect spaces, so words lile class are blocked out
Meeka: ????????
Meeka: he wants to i guess
Pamela: The one thing I miss while on line is not being able to call someone
rich c: yes, having the phone line blocked is a downside
Meeka: i can do that to. in fact it is the one thing i insisted I have is a normal line for the phone
Pamela: But I won't go to cable, so I will have to wait until Tamco gets DSL up and running
rich c: John seems to think it should be very soon now, Pam
Ian Primus: and we can't check stock reports because the ticker abbreviation for Cummins Engine Company is blocked, and that really cramped the financial classes
Ron: is that on the books Pam?
rich c: I know the website was revised yesterday, but don't know what info was changed
Pamela: according to our provider, very soon
Pamela: not about DSL, Dad - something about somebody inadvertently reorganizing lines
Ian Primus: fortunately, I have REAL internet access at home, so i don't have to use to ones at school
rich c: it will depend on how much he prices it at and if Bell can provide the line
rich c: most ISPs here are asking about $30 a month for DSL
Pamela: Well, it;s gonna be more than the $200 / year we're paying now
Ron: (expressions of jealousy)
rich c: yes, that's to be expected
Pamela: Why, Ron, what are you paying for cable?
Ron: $39.95 a month
Pamela: plus pst and gst
Pamela: = ouch
Ron: ya
rich c: wonder if Bell will be shirty about my pulse dial line, after we frustrated them this week
Pamela: now what did you do to Ma Bell?
rich c: raised hell with the CRTC when they tried to convert us forcibly to tone - complete with extra charge
Pamela: oh, that - I thought it was something new
rich c: I and 3,000 others managed to force them to back off
Ron: That actually made the news out here Rich
Ian Primus: heh, one of my friends managed to fry a bell switching station with some not-so-careful phone repair
Pamela: that took talent, Ian
rich c: be nice, except that they could likely trace it
rich c: and with the American taste for litigation...
Ron: What's the population of Columbus Indiana Ian?
Ian Primus: too few, but I'm not sure. It's a semi-large town, but not big
Pamela: over 100,000?
Ian Primus: I never counted. they move around too much
Ian Primus: ;
Ian Primus: ;)
Pamela: : ))
Ron: :)... you have to shout "STAND STILL"
rich c: Toronto is a little larger than Chicago, so our ideas on "big" tend to be different
Pamela: then count really fast
Ron: 60,000 here if we count the farmers, their cats, and dogs
Pamela: something over 2,650,000 I think at last count
rich c: is that Comox or teh region, Ron?
Pamela: or was that 3 million
Ron: Courtenay/Comox/Cumberland
Ron: the three solitudes
Pamela: C cubed?
rich c: basically the Qualicum Valley?
Ron: no that's south by 40 miles
Ron: we are in the Comox Valley
Pamela: Are we gonna be able to find this place, Ron?
Ron: Ian, for your info, I'm on an Island in Canada, 23 miles off the west coast
Ian Primus: cool
Ron: ya
rich c: OK - I haven't made it up to the upper part of the Island yet
Ron: it's about 6 hours north of Seattle
Pamela: I'll just follow Dad
rich c: what if we fly?
Pamela: rental cars
rich c: from Vancouver, I'd guess
Ron: go to Vancouver, and get the Air BC puddle jumper to Comox Airport.... 1/2 hour from YVR
Pamela: tin can with wings!
Ron: puddle jumper = dash 8
Pamela: fun!
Ron: 8 flights per day...more or less
Meeka: ok you are not going to believe this one, but Doug says that it is time for bed ;-)
Ron: Comox is a large military airport with a 10,000 foot runway
Ian Primus: oh, back to the ADAM - is there a program that can convert a ColecoVision game ROM into a wav to play onto a tape. there is a program like that for the Atari 2600 supercharger, and for TRS-80 Color Computer
Ron: NO!
Pamela: Hmm, sounds fishy to me, Meeka
rich c: I like Dash 8s - they build them just up the sdtreet from me
Pamela: I was at the roll out
Meeka: I know i almost feel out of my chair
Pamela: Into his lap?
rich c: Meeka, good night, see you next week
rich c: Ian, yes
Meeka: well...
Pamela: Okay, I'm not going there. Sweet dreams
Meeka: i will let you know later where I landed ;-)
Ron: Ian re your question....
Meeka: see you all next week
Ron: I don't think it's ever been done....but now with the emulator... it ought to be possible
Pamela: bon soir
Ian Primus: rich - there is? where can I get it?
Ron: what was the other sound file format in the IBM world
rich c: Ron, there are all sorts of programs to move carts to tape
Meeka left chat session
Ron: yes I know that, but he's talking about WAV files
Pamela: we lost Bob again
rich c: there's even one in the Hacker's Guide, and an old CP/M one
Ian Primus: well, play the rom image through the sound card onto tape, to then stick in the adam
Ron: Ian are you talking about pulling off the sound, or the entire game graphics and all?
Ian Primus: I'm talking about putting the entire game onto tape so that it can be played on the ADAM
rich c: I use the commercial one from the Practical Programs utility group - forget the name
Ron: I can do that much with my Sound Digitizer on the ADAM. It would be just a case of hooking the output
Ron: from the sound card to the input on the Digitizer
Ron: Ok... should be possible. I can transfer the ROM files to an ADAM disk
Ian Primus: i figured that since I have no software for my ADAM, I could copy some of the ROMs from the 'net to tapes to give me some games to play
rich c: I have tapes and discs full of cart images that are playable
Ron: and there are ways of creating a tape image as well
Pamela: I think it's time I packed it in folks. There's starting to be 1.5 of everyone
rich c: goodnight, daughter. be good
Pamela: really strange image, too
Ron: be well Pamela.Good night
Ron: I'll bet
Ian Primus: can the tape images from the emulators be converted to real ADAM tapes, like with a soundcard in the PC and a tape recorder?
Pamela: Good nite all. Dad, tell Mom I will really try to call soon -things have been a bit hectic and I know she's still waiting for an answer to her question.
Pamela: Ian, come back really soon, okay?
rich c: that I'd be inclined to doubt - remember the tape must have an Adam format on it
Pamela: I'm outta here. *POOF*
Pamela left chat session
Ian Primus: yeah, but wouldn't the format be applied when the image was played back?
Ron: All you would get that way would be the sound track
rich c: no, I don't think it picks it up in sufficient detail
Ron: nope, doesn't quite work that way.
Ian Primus: hmm too bad
rich c: remember the other 8-bit computers that used a cassette recorder didn't use a formatted tape
Ian Primus: but I can copy real adam tapes with a cassette copier, right
rich c: that's why the Adam tape drive is faster than a Commodore disc drive
Ron: your objective is to get an emulator ROM Game image to an ADAM tape right?
Ian Primus: yes
Ron: yes, you can....assuming you have the right tape copier
Ian Primus: I want to get some sort of games into my adam and soon.
Ron: not all of them worked....usually it was the older ones
Ian Primus: I have a high end dual deck recorder
Ron: and do you have a disk drive?
rich c: and the tapes didn't stay stable very long
Ian Primus: not for the Adam
Ron: ok. Do you have an old IBM... XT AT Whatever?
Ian Primus: yeah about a hundred pounds of them
rich c: in short, any IBM with a double-density 5.25" disc drive
Ian Primus: yup lots
Ron: Rich Drusher (who was here earlier) hs a program that will allow you to use the disk drives and LPT port
Ron: of the IBM as a server for the ADAM
Ron: that should be Drushel
rich c: I thought it was the srial port, Ron?
Ian Primus: cool, so the adam can use the IBM as it's disk drives
Ron: it requires a serial connection between the IBM and the ADAM
Ian Primus: how do you connect to computers?
Ron: yes
Ron: serial card in the centre slot or left slot.
Ron: connected to COM 1 or COM 2
Ian Primus: there are twho cards in the ADAM, one is a modem, the other isn't really labeled
Ian Primus: I'll go get it
rich c: which slot is it in?
Ron: which slot?
rich c: the modem will be in slot 1 and is 300 baud
Ron: ya
rich c: slot 3 is usually a memory card
Ron: that's probably what Ian has
rich c: but it can be a speech synthesizer
Ron: you never know with these oldies
rich c: still not sure if teh dual serial card goes in slot 1 or 2
Ron: speaking of which..... I want to buy one of your 3. But probably won't have it in the budget till the end of Aug
rich c: no rush, Ron
Ron: ok
Ian Primus: the center card is an odd looking board - it has 6 chips, 4 caps, a resistor, and a transistor, as well as a 26 pin IDC connector
Ron: ooohhh that's interesting
rich c: sounds like a printer interface card, that's the most common in slot 2
Ron: it's a parallel printer card I think
Ian Primus: ok, so I don't have a serial card :(
Ron: if it was 20 pin it would be what we're looking for
Ron: doesn't look like it Ian
Ron: but you're talking to the proprietor of ADAM Services, Toronto
rich c: the modem can be converted - if anyone can track down the instructions
Ron: there's another option
Ian Primus: how much would a serial card be?
rich c: they run in the $10 US range, don't they, Ron?
Ron: a serial card?
rich c: sorry - serial cards are expensive - I think roughly $40 US delivered
Ron: ok
rich c: have to check to make sure, but I think they're about $55 plus postage Canadian
Ian Primus: well, I'd better start saving. I have 3 dollars and 47 cents... gas is really starting to put a damper on my wallett
Ron: The software (to the best of my knowledge) is public domain - talk to Rich Drushel about that next chat
rich c: oh. the software or some software comes with the serial card I think
Ron: That kind of setup would at least allow you to transfer games from an emulator via disk to a ADAM tape drive setup
Ron: not sure if you could actually play them via the serial hookup...might not work from a speed standpoint
rich c: by the way, they're $60 Canadian ($59.95) plus postage, so figure about $45 US delivered
Ron: if you used a 486 33 or better you could run the emulator software and the ADAMserve program on the same machine
Ron: However, Ian.... if you want to really use the ADAM the way it was on the lookout for a disk drive
rich c: those are really expensive, Ron - a new MI is $200 US plus shipping
Ian Primus: ouch
Ron: No I was thinking more about getting lucky at 2nd hand.
rich c: tell me about it - I bought tow of them at Adamcon 04
Ian Primus: is there any way to build a controller to use a PC drive?
rich c: yes, that's how MI made the disc drives. The guts are pure PC generic
Ron: the drive works from an old 360K ibm will work..... it's the controller
Ron: that's different
rich c: and with the Adam, you need an outside power supply for the disc drives, too
Ian Primus: yeah, like on the tandy color computer
Ron: most of us have several Ian, but we jealously guard 'em because with the age of this
Ron: equipment it's best to have spares....lots of spares
Ron: right... re the power supply
rich c: to give you an idea, Ian, I have a very modest setup by Adam group standards
rich c: only two tape drives, two 320K discs, two 720K discs, a 64MB hard disc, printer interface, memory expander (64K at the moment), etc
Ian Primus: wow that's cool
Ron: There is another option on the horizon Ian
rich c: that's on my primary Adam, of course; the backup is less elaborate
Ron: that 2nd slot we were talking about
Ron: at our last ADAMCOn in Cleveland, we talked about actually building some hard drive interface cards
Ian Primus: I have one tape drive - and nothing to put in it
Ron: for a stock IDE hard drive (40 meg or 60 meg)
rich c: that can be dealt with, Ian
Ron: we can do something about that sir
rich c: I should sell you the Adam version of Tetris - runs from tape -we like it best of all Tetris clones we've seen
Ron: the hard drive option would probably give you a lot more flexibility
Ian Primus: I noticed that the pinch woller in the drive is sticky - is that normal?
Ron: normal, and not good
rich c: no, that means it's about to eat any tape you put in it
Ron: I take it you've got nothing to check the tape drive out with?
Ian Primus: yeah, no tapes
Ron: Hmmmm......
Ian Primus: I have a lot old audio cassettes though
rich c: I am told that the roller "tire" can be taken off and replaced, but I have never heard of anyone who has done it
Ron: You see...... at ADAMCON 12, I won a box of 30 some odd data packs
rich c: or where they might have got a replacement
Ron: And I don't use data packs much
Ron: won't make any promises for the next two weeks or so Ian, I have family coming for a visit, and don't iknow
Ron: how much time I'll have. but eventually I'll get you some tapes, and a spare tape drive
Ian Primus: I would much appreciate it
rich c: Bob always has a bunch of refurbvished tape drives for sale
Ron: yeah that's right, and he's closer
rich c: gentlemen, it's past midnight in our neck of the woods
Ron: and on the same side of the border
rich c: and us old folks need our shuteye
Ron: right Rich
rich c: think It's time I took my leave
Ron: I must move on as well
Ron: Ian, keep in touch
rich c: Ian, a pleasure meeting and talking with you
Ian Primus: likewise
rich c: hope to see you both back here next week
Ron: hopefully....the good Lord willin
Ian Primus: I'll be around in the chats as often as possible
rich c: so - colour me gone
Ron: good
Ron: nite all
rich c: poof
Ian Primus: good night
rich c left chat session
Ron: Scotty>
Ian Primus: beam me up
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