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(Someone throws a brick at Ian Primus)
Judy S: Hi, Ian, I was just seeing if I could get in
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Ian Primus: hello
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BobSlopsema: you there yet???
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changed username to Ian Primus
Ian Primus: sorry, the server borked
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changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: HEY dude
BobSlopsema: tis that time of the night, when .........forgot the rest
Ian Primus: hello bob!
BobSlopsema: how are this week
BobSlopsema: how are YOU this week
Ian Primus: fine
Ian Primus: started school yesterday
BobSlopsema: was playing around with a networking system between my computer and my wifes
BobSlopsema: STARTED SCHOOL!!!!!!
BobSlopsema: man that's early!
Ian Primus: yeah, I know, this town is odd
BobSlopsema: got t laptops hooked us on one phone line
BobSlopsema: and both on the net independently
Ian Primus: cool - we networked all the computers in the house so that we could all be on at the same time
BobSlopsema: twas me BIRTHDAY present from me boy!
BobSlopsema: ALL of them!
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changed username to BobSlopsema
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changed username to rich-c
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changed username to Ian Primus
rich-c: Hi Big Bob
Ian Primus: ugh - the server borked
rich-c: Hi Sark
BobSlopsema: I got dumped also!!!!
rich-c: did I do that?
BobSlopsema: Richard, what was last weeks problem, you figure it out???
BobSlopsema: THATS IY you did it!
rich-c: yes, my ISP had put in a new caching server to speed things up
BobSlopsema: right. NOT
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rich-c: but he hadn't added the custom configuration needed on his setup
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Well, I made it
rich-c: hi daughter - how are you set for tomatoes?
Pamela: I could use some if you have spares
rich-c: come and get them!
Pamela: As soon as I find two minutes to rub together
rich-c: but you gotta beat the racoons to them
Pamela: Hi, everyone else
Pamela: How's your hose, Dad?
rich-c: leaky
Pamela: more leaky?
rich-c: yep, they tried it for flavour in a diofferent place
Pamela: they'll never learn
BobSlopsema: PAM
Pamela: Yes Bob
rich-c: yes, I was doing my public service duty today
BobSlopsema: RACCOONS???? int da city?????
rich-c: washed both the car and the truck
rich-c: then left them out in the driveway
Pamela: In our backyard, in the trees, in the tomatoes . .
rich-c: they love the garden snails - wash them in the birdbath
Pamela: And do you think that'll make it rain?
BobSlopsema: but you are awfully far into the city to have coons.....
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rich-c: guaranteed, and we're now officially in a Level 1 drought
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello all
Pamela: Hi, Ian, you're awfully quiet
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Ian Primus: hello meeka
rich-c: Toronto has nearly as many coons as people
rich-c: good evening, Meeka
Pamela: They make a good living in our fair city
Meeka: pam you made it this week ;-)
rich-c: they keep getting up on the garage roof and peering into the dining area
Pamela: Like Dad, I couldn't get on for some reason last week - boy, was I annoyed
rich-c: well, now, we're not only on, we're on possibly faster
Meeka: that's good. you wouldn't want to be slower
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BobSlopsema: it was "dad's" fault!!!
Pamela: Tonite when I tried to sign on, I was getting the slowest download in the history of computers - something like 2212 k at 345 k persecond
BobSlopsema: he done it!!!
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Meeka: hi guy
(BobSlopsema winks)
rich-c: evening Guy
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Guy B.: Greetings!!! I'm using Netzero tonight.
Ian Primus: funny - I wish I got 345k per second
Pamela: I wish I could blame it on him, but alas, it had something to do with our ISP
(BobSlopsema reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
Pamela: Nice try, Bob
BobSlopsema: HI Guy
changed username to Judy S
BobSlopsema: didn't work eh?
rich-c: I'm used to 3.3M on a 33.6 modem
Meeka: hi MOM
Pamela: sorry, make that 345 bytes
Judy S: hi everboty
Pamela: Nope, sorry
Guy B.: Meeka, looks like you and I are still waiting for Dale to change our e-mail addresses.
Ian Primus: that's more like it :)
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Meeka: yes
rich-c: Hi Judy!!!
Pamela: Nice to see you for a change
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Pamela: now, where's Doug?
Meeka: yes, we are slowly moving them into the networking system
Meeka: Doug is playing his game like normal
Pamela: It was so bad that I couldn't even get my home page to load so I signed off and tried to connect again
rich-c: way the family is building, you'll soon need a 40-port router
Guy B.: My webpages will be moving to a new location sometime this weekend. Most likely Geocities, I'll let you all know shortly.
BobSlopsema: s...l...o...w..l...y
Meeka: brb, Bandit has decided that he NEEDS to go outside
Pamela: of course, as usual his timing is impeccable
rich-c: don't know why you had a problem, Pam; I've been off and on since 5 p.m. and really fast all through
Pamela: Got on earlier to do some surfing right after work and no problem so I don't know what happened. All I could think was, oh no not two weeks in a row
Guy B.: Pam, you and your dad have the same ISP?
rich-c: do you use Tamco as your home page or something else?
Judy S: How is everyone
BobSlopsema: but Pam, did papa tell ya WHY last week was a NO night?
Pamela: Ian, wanted to tell you I've enjoyed reading your postings to the mailing list - have you solved some of your problems?
Pamela: Something to do with a TCP being closed I think
Guy B.: Ian, did you get the Adam printer to work?
Ian Primus: nope
Pamela: I use the same ISP as Dad and yes, I use Tamco as my home page
Ian Primus: it's still not working
rich-c: did you run the test?
BobSlopsema: you like netzero aso fart?
BobSlopsema: FAR
Guy B.: Rich D had you take that whole thing apart. Did you find any wires loose?
Pamela: nice language, Bob
Pamela: Judy, we are well, we had a cold for a while after the con but finally seem to be shrugging it off. Nasty piece of work though
Judy S: thats a man thing
BobSlopsema: I joined it and the one thing I DON'T like is the time lag in gettign online
Guy B.: Beautiful Bob. I'll make a snapshot of the screen and send it to you so you know what the thin toolbar looks like.
Ian Primus: nope - I even tried resoldering the connections
BobSlopsema: seen it Guy!!
BobSlopsema: but loading up is longer than core
Pamela: Anybody got any food? I'm hungry
BobSlopsema: or don'rt you notice that?
Judy S: just a drink so far
rich-c: shall I scan a tomato and send it to you?
BobSlopsema: yup, just made White Russian's, want one?
Pamela: yes and yes
Guy B.: A little faster for me on the Athlon. I'm going to upgrade the memory on the P133 and reinstall Netzero there and see how it runs.
BobSlopsema: hungry little bugger ain't ya?
rich-c: what format scan do you prefer, jpeg or gif?
Meeka: maple cookies ;-)
Judy S: that doesn't sound very good together
BobSlopsema: I got 166 laptop and I notice it
Pamela: jpeg, please - you notice I'm slowly building a meal here
BobSlopsema: BUT it is HALF the cost!!!!
Guy B.: Memory has gotten so cheap, I might as well upgrade the memory on the older system.
Judy S: that sounds good
Pamela: anybody got an entree?
Guy B.: Send some over here.
Judy S: you sould have already eatten that
Meeka: maybe James will
Pamela: I was so busy tonite on the web and talking to my mom-in-law that I didn't have time to eat
BobSlopsema: PIZZA HUT!!!!!
Judy S: order in
Pamela: Can't, my phone line is in use - although I suppose there's always the cell
rich-c: 967-11-11
BobSlopsema: pizza's R us
Pamela: please, 416-967-11-11
Pamela: I really need to go for groceries soon
rich-c: I like 416-310-10-10 better
Pamela: too salty
rich-c: yeah, it does make for a thirsty night
BobSlopsema: drink SUDS!
Judy S: what are we calling?
Pamela: Dad, did you go to the website I sent you regarding Lindsay's big adventure?
Guy B.: I've loaded AdamCalc on the emulator and it runs flawlessly and prints fine on my dot matrix.
rich-c: the first is PizzaPizza, the second is Pizza Hut
Pamela: I'd rather have a white Russian, Bob
rich-c: yes, Pam, looks interesting
Pamela: she left yesterday
BobSlopsema: bought a HP Appolo printer tonight for $9 after rebate
BobSlopsema: only problem it is straight USB
Pamela: How do you like it, Bob?
rich-c: I thought that was the original list price foer that one
BobSlopsema: her ti comes!!!!
BobSlopsema: WHITE
BobSlopsema: COMMMIE
Pamela: gotcha
BobSlopsema: nope, 80 bucks
Pamela: (thanks)
Ian Primus: any more ideas on how to fix my printer?
Guy B.: I saw that printer with a scanner at Sam's Club bundled together. Don't remember the cost of it.
rich-c: you never said if you tried the self-tezxt
Ian Primus: I can't seem to find anything wrong - I checked all the wires
BobSlopsema: 90 bucks I thinkg Guy, saw it last weekend too, IF it was the same onre
Ian Primus: yeah, I did do the self test. it worked just fine
Pamela: Is that like a Costco type Walmart Guy?
Guy B.: I think you're right on that Bob.
BobSlopsema: could it be that the cpu is not sending the info Rich????
rich-c: OK Ian you DO have a problem - if it works on self test it should work, period
Guy B.: Yes, Sam's Club is owned by Wal-Mart.
Pamela: Thought so.
rich-c: I'd say the problem has to be that the info isn't getting to the printer, Bob
Pamela: brb, I'm gonna go get something edible
Judy S: enjoy, pam
BobSlopsema: eithere becasue of cpu not sending, cable not good, OR printer logic board bad
Pamela: seeing how the keyboard tastes awful
Guy B.: My membership is $35 a year. My company teamed up with Costco, but they were higher for the membership.
rich-c: if the printer will print on its own, it should print when it's told to
Ian Primus: yeah, I agree with you there rich, but I can't argue with reality
rich-c: and I can't see a logic board fault if it ran the self-test properly
Pamela: Costco membership here is $45.00 but that's for two people
Guy B.: I'm eyeing the board on the printer.
rich-c: Ian says he's given the DB9 a good dose of paerts cleaner, so the connection should be OK
BobSlopsema: almost gotta be......
Guy B.: Same here Pam. They have an Elite membership for $65 where you get more goodies, like AT&T long distance and Internet.
Pamela: that's a new one - haven't heard of that
Guy B.: It came out in 1999.
rich-c: Lord knows you folks deserve a discount on your electronic services
BobSlopsema: what's Costco????
Pamela: Price Club
Guy B.: They tried twice to offer me the upgrade and I turned it down.
BobSlopsema: thought you were talkin about Sam;'s Club\
rich-c: I was looking at the prices on internet and cable in Consumer Reports - highway robbery!!!
BobSlopsema: AH SO!!!
Meeka: costco is another version of sam's club
Guy B.: AOL on top of the list.
rich-c: take a look at what CU says about AOL
Judy S: I have to type more the screensaver keeps coming on
Pamela: Well, we already know we have one of the best deals going for ISP
BobSlopsema: how much $$$
Guy B.: Judy, increase your interval time on the screensaver.
rich-c: just wiggle the mouse occasionally, Judy
Pamela: Either that or to reset your screensave for a longer delay
Judy S: don't know how to do that
Pamela: For what, Bob
rich-c: we pay under $11 US a month for unlimited dialup
Meeka: ask ddad to show you mom
Judy S: I am lucky to be able to do a few things
Guy B.: Go to Control Panel and click on Display.
BobSlopsema: THA"S good!
Judy S: don't want to bott
Judy S: bother him
Pamela: Judy, start, settings,conrtol panel, display, screensaver tab, increase time, apply, okay
rich-c: there are cheaper ones around, but we get good support
BobSlopsema: was apying $10 along with Guy, going to netzero pay isp for $10 @ 159 hrs per month
BobSlopsema: d
Guy B.: For that $9.95 on Netzero it's unlimited use. And they have 8 million members who already signed up.
rich-c: oh, and we don't have to take ads or spy software
Guy B.: NO Ads. Just a thin toolbar.
BobSlopsema: think that is only 150 hours Guy
Judy S: all taken care of the computer got taken away and fixed
Guy B.: Very good Judy and you didn't have to bother Bob.
Judy S: and I even got to check on an auctioon
Guy B.: Bob, I read it's unlimited and even the ads say so too.
rich-c: still having problems getting my new computer, Guy
Judy S: he did it, after seeing the chat
Guy B.: What problems are you having?
rich-c: most shkips don't know how to image my old hard disc onto the new one
rich-c: and even fewer are willing to fit only peripherals with DOS drivers available
rich-c: shops
Guy B.: That's one thing I didn't do on this new system was put DOS on it. But, I'm going to get Windows 98 Full version and install it on a second hard drive with System Commander.
rich-c: I've written up my specification and its now out for a quote
Guy B.: Going to look for one at this Sunday's computer show.
Pamela: quote from who, Dad?
rich-c: Guy, even with System Commander, Windows will ONLY operate on a C drive
Guy B.: Not if you tell it where to install it. I did read the book.
Pamela: wow, he read the instructions! quick, tell Mom!
rich-c: I havwe SC Deluxe and I read the book too, also checked with shops and their tech folks
Judy S: what did you get to eat, Pam, it didn't take you very long
BobSlopsema: hope ;it si unlilmited, but even 150 hours a month is plenty
BobSlopsema: I don't sit on the net
Pamela: nuked swedish meatballs with egg noodles - and they're very good
rich-c: aha - you've been to Loblaws again
Pamela: trying not to type with my mouth full
Judy S: Bob wouldn't eat anything like that so I d;on't get to
Pamela: Nope - Michalenas from dominion
Guy B.: My average is usually 20 to 25 hours a month, so it's worth paying $9.95 for.
Meeka: why, we can't see it ;-)
Pamela: it usually leads to fimble ningers
BobSlopsema: I will hit maybe a hundred if selling on Ebay, but not much more
Meeka: i see
rich-c: well, 150 hours a month is about 5 hours a day - that's way beyond my average, I know
Judy S: just so you keep your mouth closed while you chew
Pamela: mouth and fingers are very connected for me cos I do so much typing while talking at work
Pamela: I will, Judy
BobSlopsema: kinda hard to hit 5 hrs every day isn't it.....
rich-c: hey, we still haven't solved Ian's printer problem
Judy S: good job
Pamela: yes, Mom
Pamela: : )
Meeka: Doug manages to be on about 5 hours almost every night
Judy S: that;s me, you never get away from it
Pamela: I notice I seem to be collecting mothers recently
Judy S: it could be worse, its better than losing them
Pamela: this is very true!
Guy B.: Rich, according to the System Commander manual, I can install Windows 98 in any drive and directory. It shows that when you run setup.
Pamela: how does Doug manage to dothat every night?
Judy S: I babysat yesterday from 7am to 11:30 pm
Meeka: stays up until 1 or 2 in the morning
Judy S: so some days it never ends
rich-c: that was my understanding, Guy, until I read some fine print and got told otherwise
Pamela: That's a long day for you, Judy - I thought the purpose of having grandchildren was to give them back at the end of the day
Meeka: he comes out of his room for dinner and to get a drink or go potty and that is about it some nights
Guy B.: What fine print? It did say it will change the letters.
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changed username to Dale
Pamela: Hi, Dale!
Dale: Hi all.
Meeka: hi dale
rich-c: maybe you've got a more recent version where they found a way around the problem
Ian Primus: hello Dale
BobSlopsema: howdy Dale
Guy B.: Well, guess who's here. Hi Dale.
rich-c: hello Dale
Meeka: Dale, did you see the message that I needed to have my e-mail changed?
Guy B.: Mine too,
rich-c: Guy was just telling us he can install Windows 98 on Drive D with System Commander
BobSlopsema: ah, I gotta do dat too
rich-c: or more to the point, on a second physical drive
Judy S: Ryan lives here with us and Mandy went to a ball game last night
Dale: I've been on vacation for the last week.
Dale: Away from email.
Guy B.: Well, guess you have some catching up to do. Where did you go?
Pamela: that doesn't explain the 7:30 am part, though!
Meeka: htats fine, just checking to see
Dale: Jill and I went to San Francisco for a wedding and ...
Judy S: I always watch Sherri's boys on Tuesday
Dale: a chance to visit Yosemite National Park.
Pamela: Well, that's different - different children
Guy B.: Wow, how's Jill doing?
Dale: Beautiful place Yosemite.
Judy S: she works one day a week at the office
Pamela: Isn't Frisco wonderful?
rich-c: how did you get into Yosemite? I've heard it's impossible in summer, even on weekdays
Judy S: how was the weather there?
Dale: I went Sunday to Monday. It was busy, but not too bad. I stade at a hostel/lodge which I booked a week or so ahead of time.
Dale: Even then there were lots of camp sites available in the park.
BobSlopsema: how is mommy feeling lately???
Guy B.: Looks like you had a great time. Did you drive there?
rich-c: from all I've heard, you wre bone lucky to get in
Dale: Richard, it really wasn't excessively busy. The best time to go is May-June. The Yosemite Falls didn't have any water flowing over it since it is August now.
rich-c: you mean they have a Level 1 drought there too?
Dale: Jill is working along. She actually ended up walking a lot more then she thought she'd be able to.
Pamela: Has her stomach finally settled down?
Guy B.: Most of the U.S. was pretty hot the past few weeks, until that cold front came through and cooled things off.
rich-c: good for her - and good for her health
Guy B.: Glad to hear that Dale.
rich-c: yes Guy, and you had real transit troubles the last couple of weeks too
rich-c: what was the accident on the Purtple Line?
Dale: No luck on her stomach. She was quite nausious at various times during the trip.
rich-c: and didn't you have a big toxic truck spill on the freeway too, that closed it in rush hour?
Dale: But she says that her ears are still popping from going up mountains and...
Pamela: Poor Jillian
Guy B.: Fortunately, I wasn't on that train that crashed into another and that happened on the morning rush. Yesterday, a freight train derailed on the Metra Electric and they had to use shuttle buses to get around the accident site.
Dale: down into valleys.
rich-c: sounds like she has a seriously messed up sinus or something, Dale
Dale: We were over 6500 feet and down to sea level a couple of times over the course of our two very full days there.
rich-c: ear popping on the plane I could see, but just over California terrain?
Pamela: We had one of those a couple ofyears ago, Guy. It made quite a mess and a couple of people were killed
Guy B.: The altitude will wreck havoc on the sinuses. It should clear within a week.
BobSlopsema: IF she is lucky, or the head thing will go on until a freeze, that is what ahppens to me
Guy B.: Although, no one was injured. That freight train knocked down the overhead wires and it took some people three hours to get to work or home.
rich-c: I remain astonished at ear popping while driving - the altitude change is too slow
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Pamela: wow, full house tonite
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Hi, Ron
rich-c: and I;ve coasted nonstop at highway limit from over 12000 ft. to under 5200
Ron: hi!
Guy B.: Hi Ron. Thought that be you.
BobSlopsema: Ronald form the west!!!!!!!
Meeka: Hi Ron
rich-c: hello Ron
Ron: indeed....large as life, twice as ugly
Dale: Hi Ron.
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Ron: Hi dale
Ian Primus: hello Ron
BobSlopsema: Ron, meant to ask you before. .....did the MI disk drive PJ brought up to 'cleveland work now???? did
BobSlopsema: Howard get the touchj???
Ron: It would Bob if'n I had a power supply for it
Ron: forgot to ask PJ if they'd brought the pwr supply with the drive
BobSlopsema: oh Man.........
rich-c: what's the obstacle to getting one, Ron?
BobSlopsema: connection
Ron: I don't know the pinouts for an IBM modification
BobSlopsema: got a funny connection on it
Ron: yeah, it's a 9 pin jobbie
BobSlopsema: R
Dale: I dropped my Disk drive off to be fixed at the same time...
BobSlopsema: ichard can ;test one out
Dale: and Howard discouraged me from including my power supply.
Ron: I'm sure there must be a way
Ron: probably with reason Dale
Dale: I have the power supply, but I haven't manged to get back the drive yet.
rich-c: well, all of us have MI drives and powersupplies, but we're not in Comox to test for you
BobSlopsema: what a deal, you got the power and ron got the drive......
Ron: like supposing one were to use an ordinary IBM power supply and route the cable directly into the drive mechanism
BobSlopsema: not i my friend
BobSlopsema: got 160k's
Dale: Ron is yours the card edge style...
rich-c: what would the controller do for power? it won't run on prayer
Dale: or the DB-9 style power connector?
Ron: then I suppose the ADAM part of it would not get no power
Ron: right Rich
Dale: MI drives used one or the other.
Ron: well, sooner or later I'll find one
Ron: Haven't contacted either PJ or Howard yet, so haven't really tried
rich-c: do you need teh specs?
Dale: I have power supplies of both types. All I need to know is what type...
Ron: yeah Rich, you got 'em?
Dale: and I could do a little research for you.
rich-c: see what I can do
Ron: I mean, hey..... what can it take, a push pin or two?
Dale: They sell new power supplies of the type that the MI drives use at my local electronoics component store.
Pamela: Y'know, I'm starting to think we should start our own personal courier company
Ron: true Pamela, you're very perceptive
Pamela: For ferrying computers, parts and software from one end of the continent to the other
BobSlopsema: :-)
rich-c: the original MI power bricvk says Ault Inc, Made in Korea, 0.7A input (120/60)
BobSlopsema: there goes that western terminology again
Guy B.: Flat rate shipping.
Pamela: no duty or taxes
Ron: we'll take the lead for the rest of the nation and do everything in US dollars
Ron: I mean this nation
rich-c: just stuff it uner the seat...
Pamela: yeah, but sooner or later customs would catch on
Pamela: besides, monitors won't fit
rich-c: true, but would they care?
Ian Primus: why would customs care about computer equipment?
Pamela: are you kidding? we're talking Canadian customs here
Guy B.: Don't you know about the dogs?
Ian Primus: silicon-sniffing dogs???
rich-c: yeah, you can't ship rabies across the border
Dale: Checking my monitor on a flight to AdamCon in Salt Lake city was how the case got cracked.
Ron: Canadian Customs will ask you about whatever you don't expect them to ask you about
rich-c: no shots, no entry
Ron: rotfl
Guy B.: No, drug sniffing dogs.
Pamela: to seek out old computers, old data drives, to boldly tax where noone has taxed before
Ron: actually, I can't say anything bad about our boys. They always let me thru
Dale: Ron what does the power connector on your disk drive look like?
rich-c: it's easy dealing with Customs - just answer their questions
Ron: and I've had some er..... non standard loads
Dale: /i might be able to buy a replacement one.
Pamela: really, Ron. : )
rich-c: lityerally and minimally - if the don't ask, don't tell
Ron: Pam you shoulda seen my carload going to Seattle
Pamela: I;m not sure I want to know, Ron
Ian Primus: you should have seen my carload coming back from the computer recycling event :)
Ron: no, you don't
Meeka: that car full was very impressive Ron
Pamela: I'd love to know how you explained it though
rich-c: with that, any bureaucrat worth his perks should just look the other way and wave you through
Ron: about like that Ian. You got the picture
Dale: Last night, on my way into Canada I told Customs I had some souveners and a piece of rock.
Ian Primus: I haver knew that it was possible to get over 30 computers in a toyota camry...
Pamela: something about not seeing in the mirrors, Ian?
Ron: Camry's are good and faithful vehicles Ian
Pamela: Adn of course, they wanted to know about the rock, right?
Dale: That asked more about the rock, so I showd them my 1/2 inch by 6 inch slice of...
Judy S: just lost out on my auction in the last minute
Ian Primus: yeah, I had to roll down the driver's side window to back out
Dale: amythisist and quartz disc.
Ron: aw....... bummer eh Judy?
Pamela: what were you bidding on, Judy?
Meeka: snowbabies
Ron: this is not good
Pamela: oh, they are so cute
Dale: They admired it, I suggested that Canada was probably the original origin...
Guy B.: A last minute bidder. Don't you hate that!
Ron: I have never seen a snowbaby. Don't get out much
Judy S: it really is no one was bidding until the last 2 minutes and I lost it by one dollar
Dale: the customs agents said that that seemed to make sense since it was a sedimentary rock.
Pamela: Yes you have Ron, you just don't know it
rich-c: moral: always raise your bids by $1.01
Judy S: you can see them next year if you want to
Ron: is my memory failing again?
Judy S: I have a few
BobSlopsema: yup
Meeka: maybe
Pamela: No, just your recognition
Ron: (think Ronald, think)
Pamela: Tours of chez Slopsema - $5.00
Meeka: I have quite the colection of cherrished teddies
Ian Primus: I agree Ron - I love my car
rich-c: go ahead - tell me a douanier would know what a sedimentary rock was
Judy S: will just have to keep watching for it again, was a retired one
Ron: I've never had one Ian, but everyone I know who has a Camry speaks highly of the experience
Meeka: which
Pamela: (smoke pours from Rons ears)
Judy S: we did find several last week in Traverse City
rich-c: is a snowbaby any relation of a beanie baby?
Meeka: no. but we have those too
Guy B.: Almost forgot Pam. My lock on my truck is jammed again and will have to be replaced. Just over 6 months old.
Judy S: no it is a bisque white figurine
Ron: I shall have to go to the internet and duly educamate myself
Ian Primus: mine's a '90, and it has 115,000 miles on it or so
Pamela: No, one is a statuette and the other is a stuffed toy
Ron: in its prime Ian
Judy S: with snow on them
Pamela: Is that a result of the accident, Guy?
rich-c: hell, Ian, when are you going to get it broken in?
Guy B.: No, just the key refused to turn.
Pamela: Try some WD 40 and your spare key
Judy S: just don't start bidding against me
rich-c: no response to WD40, Guy?
Guy B.: Boy, I really had my share of problems on my car this year.
Pamela: sometimes your key wears out to the point where it won't turn the lock
Guy B.: Didn't try that yet.
BobSlopsema: snowbabies originated in
Pamela: Happened to Kimberly recently
Ron: Seems to me that playing the bidding thing on e-Bay can be something of a bittersweet thing to do
BobSlopsema: Germany about 1800
Meeka: no, I just thought that i would keep my eyes open, you never know....
rich-c: it's OK Guy, I'm off tomorrow for a bodywork estimate
Ian Primus: I suspect my car will be with me for many years - those Japanese cars run forever
rich-c: from where it got creased falling off the towtruck
BobSlopsema: small white baby faced figures with bumpy snowsuits
Guy B.: The lock is new.
Pamela: Haven't gotten that done yet, Dad?
BobSlopsema: all in various and asundry positions and doing winter things
BobSlopsema: about 4" tall
Ron: porcelain?
Pamela: which car, Dad?
rich-c: no, because I didn't get the starting jam sorted out till what- last Firday?
Dale: Take the snow babies to the freeze/thaw chamber to rescue them. Thyen collect the crystals. And don't forget thhe white and purple keys.
Judy S: yess
Meeka: ha ha very goode Dale
Dale: Oh wait are we playing AdamBomb 2?
Judy S: did that but they don't go away
rich-c: it was the van fell off teh towtruck
Pamela: Okay Dad, start at the beginning. Which vehicle got creased on what towtruck?
Ron: this story gets more interesting
rich-c: see above
Dale: Well, the babies all belong to a particular mother.
Pamela: Why a towtruck and when?
Ron: I'm getting confused.....real confused
rich-c: because the Immobiliser wouldn't let it start
Judy S: no, was talking about my collectio n of snowbabies
Dale: Take them 3 at a time with boots or shield to find the proper match.
Ron: what do babies have to do with a tow truck
Meeka: yes they do, but do you know exactly which baby goes to which parent????
rich-c: so I had to have it moved to Rachel's driveway to get the Behemoth out of the garage
Pamela: Okay, so recently. So why did it fall of the tow truck, and why arent' they paying for it?
Pamela: stay with the program, Ron
Ron: There goes your inheritance Pam
rich-c: they are paying for it, I just don't have the estimate yet
Ron: right
Dale: Meeka, I did what I said. I tracked which babues the mother didn't want.
Pamela: okay. What about the scratch have you had that fixed yet?
rich-c: nope, couldn't get an estimate becuaswe the van wouldn't start
Pamela: Ron, they're spending it anyway
Meeka: okay.
BobSlopsema: GUYS!!!!! these snowbabies are Dept 56, makers of those Dickens Village houses in the stores.......
Pamela: the appraiser is supposed to come to you
BobSlopsema: made in CHINA yesterday!!!
Ron: ya I'd imagine
rich-c: yes, but first I have to file an accident claim and I couldn't get to the reporting centre
Pamela: for the scratch or the dent?
Guy B.: Are they! I have some of those Dept. 56 Snow villages.
Ron: Meeka, can you send me a pic of a snowbaby?
Pamela: me too, Meeka
Ron: enquiring minds want to know
Meeka: well guys, Doug came out of his room and asked how everyone is doing.
rich-c: the scratch, the towing company will pay for teh dent themselves
Pamela: thought so.
Ron: any better Doug, and I couldn't stand it
Guy B.: Hi Doug
Pamela: Hi, Doug, just great thanks
rich-c: greetings Doug
Ron: trying to put together $300. to pay Doug off
Meeka: I guess he is done for the night cuz he has to be on the p&c plane at 6:15 in the morning tomorrow
Pamela: So how did it fall off the tow truck?
Ron: ain't easy this time of year
Guy B.: Where is he heading off to?
rich-c: guess teh driver didn't put it on right
Pamela: and what did it land on?
Pamela: (this is like pulling teeth!)
Meeka: franklin IN. just for the day. he will be home for supper
rich-c: basically, the road, and the lift assembly of the truck
Ron: the ground came up and hit it
BobSlopsema: what's youe emial Ron???
rich-c: it was the lift assembly that tore the metal
Ron: take your pick
Pamela: ouch! where on the van is the damage?
rich-c: extereme left rear ionly - didn't even get the bumper or wheel
BobSlopsema: gonna send ya'll a jpg of one Ronald!!!!
BobSlopsema: @ mitch at home dot com
Ron: you're a GOOD MAN Bob Slopsema!
Pamela: same side as the scratch, then
rich-c: yes
Ron: no no.....
Pamela: Your luck just isn't holding, is it?
rich-c: tell me about it!
Ron: My name is Mitch, and I live on Cooke
rich-c: and I'm still having starting problems, but at least now it does go eventually
Pamela: So what was wrong with the disabler?
Ron: it's disabled
Ron: (shutup cookemitch)
rich-c: how should I know? no way to tell
Pamela: that's what it does, not what it is
Pamela: smarta**
Ron: :)
Pamela: : ))
Meeka: language Pam
rich-c: and the company that made it went broke and fired evryone and closed down
Pamela: that's why the stars, Meeka
Meeka: ;-)
Ron: sounds like a familiar story
Pamela: so who fixed it?
rich-c: yeah - wanna buy an Adam?
Pamela: sorta
Pamela: LOL
Ron: exactly
rich-c: a guy from Brantford who's in the business
Ron: speeking of which
Ron: did you all see my message to that lady in Edmonton?
Pamela: what, buying Adams?
Ron: was I anywhere close to the truth?
rich-c: sawe it
Pamela: yes - good answer
Ron: ok
rich-c: in that market, there is no truth
Ron: spoken like a true capitalist
rich-c: but I'd like to see anyone find a disc drive for that price!
Ron: being optimistic
Ron: Have bought used drives for that....give or take
Pamela: half glass of water Ron?
Ron: empty
Pamela: pessimist
Ron: :)
rich-c: makes it hard for the vendor when she gets an offer at a ralistic price
Ian Primus: speaking of drives - I should have a _working_ digital data drive soon
Ron: well actually, according to the Meteorological service, if it's half or more full then it's full
Judy S: a picture was sent to you so you will be educated on snowbabies
Ron: tks Judy S.
Ron: must go look
rich-c: I'll sell you a drive for that money, Ron - if you think you can get it to work
Judy S: wellcome
Meeka: ok people, I am going to get going for the night. see you all next week (or maybe on Saturday)
rich-c: look for you, Meeka - sleep tight
Ron: In Ottawa for a while, they were a dime a dozen
Judy S: bye for now, see you soon
BobSlopsema: what are yo two talking about. what drive. what lady?????
Ron: stay well Meeka
BobSlopsema: missed those messages i guess
Pamela: g'night, Meeka - good idea
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Guy B. left chat session
BobSlopsema: bye my dear
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: I've got a dime, you got a dozen?
BobSlopsema: of what?????
Pamela: Ron, did you notice she was from the provincial museum of Alberta?
Ron: I have 4, some will work and some will not
BobSlopsema: COLOUR me lost mon
Ron: getting close here Bob
Ron: Trouble with trying to operate two computers simultaneously
Pamela: message from someone at the Provincial museum of Alberta, wanting to know the price of a 1983 Adam
Ron: I only have a single channel mind
rich-c: I have four or six, and maybe two work
Pamela: Ron sent her a response
rich-c: also have MI drives, but they're PRICEY
Pamela: what's scary is that I think they're contemplating it for a display
Ron: Wonder if she had one for sale or was doing background research for an acquisition
Pamela: Hard to tell with the minimal info she sent
Pamela: we should ask
Dale: I'm going to duck out early. Still recovering from my trip.
rich-c: I did
Pamela: what, ask?
Ron: later Dale....take care
rich-c: yes, better get over that jet lag, Dale
Dale: Bye all.
Ron: right
Pamela: Dale, you just got here! We miss you already
BobSlopsema: be good Dale, say HI to JILL
Judy S: bye Dale
rich-c: It's hard coming east - ask Ron!
Ron: my P200 seems to have forgotten where the Internet is
Dale: I will Bob.
Pamela: Pat Jill's tummy for us and say hi to her and the baby
rich-c: and good words to Jill, Dale
Ron: like it's owner, it's not playing with a full deck
Dale: See you all next week.
rich-c: hit it, Ron
Pamela: can you say Alzheimers?
Ron: tried that already
Ron: it has no CMOS any more
rich-c: use a bigger hammer
Dale: poof
Pamela: Where did Guy go?
Dale left chat session
BobSlopsema: GOT A TV LIKE THAT....hit it!!!!!
Ron: ok
Ron: wham
Pamela: anything?
BobSlopsema: DARN chinese junk!!!!!
rich-c: time to break out the pushpins
Ron: well it would have been ok if they hadn't soldered the freeking CMOS to the freeking motherboard
Judy S: do they really work on a computer?
Pamela: Did I miss Guy departing?
Ron: yes Judy, trust me
rich-c: nothing works on a computer - it's a triumph of faith over reality
BobSlopsema: BUT if you can find another clock chip like it desolder it and replace it
Pamela: reality is what you make of it
Ron: yeah, that's what Doug suggested.
Ron: haven't gotten a roundtuit yet. Intend to
Pamela: desolder - is that a word?
Pamela: Sorry Ron, didn't get around tuit before the con
Ron: desolder...... as in destroy
rich-c: so get out the solding iron and desoldering wire, take five hours...
Ian Primus: I hate the way some board manufacturers feel the need to solder in all the parts that can fail, when sockets are so cheap
rich-c: they want to sell you a new one, Ian
BobSlopsema: no lie Ian
Ron: exactly Ian, but the kicker with this one is that the CMOS chip is inside a Real Time Clock Chip
Ian Primus: I can get an IC out withuot trashing it, but it's easier if you cut all the pis off
Ron: and there is no way to hook up a battery like there used to be
rich-c: sheesh, I have some nut trying to break into my computer
rich-c: four tries in the lasst ten minutes
Ron: not only that, when I tell the system what's there (CMOS setup), it says yeah, I see all that, then persists in loading the defaults
Ron: which means no secondary IDE......
Pamela: Explain to me why you're the only one they pick on, Dad
Ron: bye to my 2nd hard drive
rich-c: do you have Zone Alarm active, Pam?
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Don't think so, Dad
Ian Primus: I think you should buy a new board - what speed is it?
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Guy B.: I'm back. Had to reboot the system.
BobSlopsema: Guy, you get lost did ya?
Ron: 200 mhz....that's right Ian, I'm not going to worry about it. Sooner or later I'll come across a newer one anyway
Pamela: There's the man - I thought you'd left without saying g'bye, Guy
rich-c: you just learning the joys of netzero?
Guy B.: First the log stopped. Then the browser froze.
Ron: and then...... and then........ and then......
Guy B.: I'm on Corecomm now and my 3200 whistle is blowing.
rich-c: oh, that's the chat applet, then. Does it all the time
rich-c: noticed you got dragged along when someone left
Pamela: Judy, have you contemplated a logo for AC14 yet?
BobSlopsema: thought you dumped Corecomm Guy
moved to room Meeting Place
BobSlopsema: contmplated yers.........but secretly!!!!
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
BobSlopsema: Hiya James
Pamela: And the Japanese contingent arrives - hi, James!
james: morning
Ron: James!
Ian Primus: hello James
Pamela: why secretly?
james: i'd have been here sooner but i was up very late last night
Pamela: ah, slept in did you?
Judy S: because that is as far as we are
BobSlopsema: because you will only get more axxious to attend if we keep it sevret for awhile
Guy B.: I'm leaving at the end of the month. This will allow me to notify anyone of my new e-mail address and I still have the Coleco list under Corecomm until Dale changes my e-mail address.
Guy B.: Hi James.
james: hi guy
Guy B.: How's everything in Japan?
BobSlopsema: yes. kids!!!! m,y new email will bew
james: anyone here watch the moon occult jupiter last night? (this morning would be more accurate)
Judy S: do you have a good idea
Pamela: Just remember, any cross stitch items can be farmed out to me if necessary
rich-c: not us, though Dr. D likely did
BobSlopsema: ok, you arre IN!!!!!!!
Pamela: Not yet, but I shall study the problem
Guy B.: Mine for the list will be and
Guy B.: The latter for everything else.
BobSlopsema: send it to the list Guy, then I can write it down in the inner sanctum
Pamela: Unfortunately, Russell was at work or he probably would have
BobSlopsema: [where all my good stuff is
Ron: been watching shooting stars here like crazy for past 3 nights... (Parseids meteor shower?)
Ron: and I ain't even smoking anything
Judy S: with Meeka that may not be necessary , but will keep that in mind
rich-c: Perseids
Ron: thanks Rich
BobSlopsema: that'
Pamela: yes, it's the right time for the perseids
james: i wonder if rich would have seen it.
BobSlopsema: thats good Ron
Guy B.: Oh yes, it's that time of year for that.
rich-c: in Nova Scotia, they got a real fireball - Russian rocket booster came down
Pamela: Yes, miss superneedle will probably make me superflous
Ron: that even made TV Rich
Guy B.: I already sent Dale that. Now, just have to wait until he changes it.
rich-c: yes, handy for them lots of people wre out looking and filming
Judy S: Mandy saw some Saturday night
Pamela: superflouos
Ron: lying on my lawn chair out on the deck, wondering how many aliens are looking back laughing their fool heads off
Pamela: superfluous
Pamela: ya know what I mean
rich-c: the Truth is Out There
Judy S: Bob would agree with you Ron
Ron: indeed....but what is the meaning of life?
Pamela: actually though, Judy, I do have another idea, so let me know when the logo is ready
Pamela: 64
Pamela: or is that 49
Judy S: he never could see anything, and thought we were nuts
Ian Primus: 42
Pamela: you sure, Ian?
james: 42
Ian Primus: definitely
Judy S: will do!!
Ron: 42... c'mon Pamela...geez
Pamela: Okay, I bow to your superior knowledge
Pamela: Hey, I've never read it!
rich-c: Ford Prefect says so!
Pamela: I just listen to Russell
Ron: :)
Ron: my first car was a 1949 Ford Defect
Ron: they been making Defects ever since
Pamela: oh, so that's what the D stood for - okay, what about the L and the T?
rich-c: how did you handle all that massive power?
Ron: it wasn't easy, I tell ya
Pamela: altho I shouldn't complain, my car has been very good to me
rich-c: I drove one once and it didn't even fall over - much to my surprise
Ron: Had a Prefect, and an Anglia
rich-c: it sure felt like it wanted to
Ron: 1961 Anglia, the one with the slice-back rear window
rich-c: the little backslant-window Angular?
BobSlopsema: you had an Anglia?????
BobSlopsema: cute little bugger!!!!!
Ron: yup
rich-c: that was a neat little machine
Ron: it was indeed
Pamela: ask Dad about his Zodiac
Guy B.: Well gang, I'm going to go. Won't be able to make it Saturday. I'm going in to work for five hours. After all, I got a rather large paycheck this week. See you all next week.
Pamela: now that was cute
Ron: especially with a home made roof rack that was about the same size as the car
BobSlopsema: be good Guy
rich-c: see you next Wednesday, Guy
Ron: niters Guy
Pamela: go straight home, to quote Ron
Pamela: G'nite
Ron: no stopping at the bar getting drunk
Guy B.: Work on AdamCalc.
Judy S: Bye Guy talk to you next week
Guy B.: And I got a dog to take care of too.
james: i will have to go too. sorry all, see you next week with any luck.
Guy B.: Bye all.
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: Take care Jame
Ian Primus: bye guy
Pamela: James, you gotta start getting up earlier
Ron: ss
Pamela: see you soon!
rich-c: Nite james - till Sat or next weeek
james: well, i was watching jupiter slip behind the moon last night and then come back out so i was up until 4:30
Pamela: who are you hissing at Ron?
james: rich, glad you finally made it back on
Ron: didn't add an s to Jame name
Pamela: Okay, we forgive you this time
Pamela: ah
rich-c: yes, our ISP sorted out the problem
Pamela: was terrible, Itell you, terrible
Pamela: I felt so - disconnected
james: see you all later :)
james: *poof*
Ron: I know that feeling
Pamela: James, before you go
Pamela: How's Miyuki?
james: doing well. we saw the ultrasound last week.
Pamela: and? was it positive?
james: oh yes, we saw the heart beating.
Pamela: YAHOO!
Ian Primus: well, I have to go. See you all next wednesday
Pamela: Congratulations!
Ron: hey!
rich-c: night now, Ian - see you next chat
Ian Primus: congrats
Ron: see ya there Ian
Judy S: Bye Ian
Ron: James.... contragulations!
james: thanks :)
Pamela: G'nite Ian, see you next week
BobSlopsema: ye IAN
BobSlopsema: BYE iAN
rich-c: I'm waiting to try a Japanese cigar!
james: bye all! *poof*
Ian Primus: *fft*
Pamela: James, we're all so pleased for you. Hugst to both of you
Ian Primus left chat session
james: thanks pam
Pamela: your welcome. Good nite
Ron: Now I see the snowbaby
BobSlopsema: Cool James almost missed it!!!!!
BobSlopsema: congrats!!!!
james: nite :) i'll try to be on earlier next time
BobSlopsema: NOW ya gotta take good care of mommy!!!!!
james left chat session
Judy S: that is the one that got away
Ron: I see why you're disappointed
Ron: I would be too
Ron: are they ever neat!
Judy S: yes, but there are more out there
Pamela: Bob, will you send one to me too?
Ron: the search continues
BobSlopsema: better in person, BUT a complete WASTE of money spent on frivoulous things........
rich-c: and sooner or later, most will turn up on eBay
Ron: So how much would one of those go for?
Ron: Yeah Bob, like I
BobSlopsema: that one went for $30US........sold for about 40US
Ron: have never bought a frivolous thing in my life eh?
rich-c: only serious stuff, like computers, right?
Ron: right
Pamela: that's serious alright
Ron: Actually I'd have put them over $100.
Ron: US, Canadian, whatever
BobSlopsema: NO!!!!! help!!!!!
Ron: so intricate
Ron: but then I always buy high and sell low
BobSlopsema: actually, we are disappointed in ya'll..........did ya notice me and the bride are both on??????
Judy S: has been taken care of ,Pam
Pamela: thanks - checking now
rich-c: long ago, Bob
rich-c: assume you're breaking in a nw router
BobSlopsema: 'tis me b-day present, 3 ethernet cards ofr the laptops and a program to make them talk onthe phone line together....
Ron: yes Bob, meant to comment on that..... you mean you're not fightin' over the same computer?
BobSlopsema: nope!
Pamela: neat trick!
Ron: cool
Judy S: I would loose you n
BobSlopsema: course, Judy is very trying,,,,,being computer "slow" and all
Judy S: know
Judy S: thanks alot
Ron: Oh I don't know Judy, but let's not go there
rich-c: Pam, why don't you have Zone Alarm running?
Judy S: I am not to computer with it
BobSlopsema: retypes a LOT of sentences, she do
Ron: more or less like the rest of us
Pamela: That's really cute - just came through. I ahve seen them before adn will keep an eye out in the future
Pamela: I don't know Dad
BobSlopsema: AND some unintelligable ones too
Ron: Isn't that something Pam?
BobSlopsema: see, Pam,,,,,once you WILL see them
rich-c: the net is full of pokes, likely from computers with a virus problem
Pamela: Yes, it certainly is. It's darling
BobSlopsema: that one is a bigger one, most are single figures of the little tykes holding stars, snowballs, etc
Judy S: they get the best of you, started with a friend giving me one now I can't count how many I have
rich-c: if you don't need trouble, you do need Zone Alarm
BobSlopsema: TOO MANY!!!!!!!
Pamela: that's your opinion, Bob
Ron: now now....
Ron: don't know as I'd swap a computer for one but.....
Ron: tempting would it be
Pamela: See Ron, if women didin't collec this stuff, you all would be decorating with dead animals
Judy S: the trouble is where to put all of them
BobSlopsema: "keepin me broke is what keeps me so humble"......that's what she tells me....
Ron: is dusting an issue?
Judy S: dead animals?
rich-c: put them on the tops of the computers
Pamela: moose heads, stuffed fish
Ron: now there!
BobSlopsema: \moose, meese, deer, dogs......
BobSlopsema: frogs, polywogs
Judy S: that might work, but he might break them
Ron: Mom used to collect the Hummel dolls from Germany
Pamela: can one stuff a polywog?
Ron: There's still a few on the fireplace mantle upstairs
BobSlopsema: ya....dem's EXpensive
BobSlopsema: still got them?????
Pamela: My mother in law collects Hummels
Ron: some of 'em
Judy S: doesn't she have them anyme
Judy S: ore
Ron: they were very inexpensive at the Base PX in France circa 1959
Pamela: My mom collects owls. Like you, Judy, she got started when a friend gave her one
Ron: people were buying them like crazy
BobSlopsema: well good, then she di NOT spend money frivolously
Judy S: not anymore, they are very expensive now
Ron: I'd imagine
Pamela: and scarce
Ron: Now you see, this is one item that would be totally missing from a bachelor's apartment
BobSlopsema: nope, still making Hummels
Judy S: we see a lot of them just can't buy any, due to the price3
Pamela: yes, but not reissuing the originals
BobSlopsema: true Pam. BUT it is keeping the pricing UP on even the new ones
rich-c: only the old ones are worth money
Pamela: They're like Royal doulton figurines - beautiful, but out of the reach of most people
Judy S: not true
Ron: as I recall, there were various sizes too
BobSlopsema: heck, they are all around $200-259US
Pamela: $300-$350 CDN
rich-c: re-dickle-dockle
Ron: yup.....
Judy S: about the same size as the snowbabies
Ron: must show Mother this pic and see if she's ever heard of them.....imagine she has
BobSlopsema: I'm sure she would recognize the style Ron
Pamela: I have a collection of knicknacks that haven't seen the light of day since 1997 - need a place to put them
rich-c: me, I prefer Matchbox cars...
BobSlopsema: even the old German ones looked like these guys
Ron: they do indeed
Judy S: what kind of knicknacks?
BobSlopsema: that's just because they had lots of race cars and they are small rich
Pamela: all sorts of things that I have received over the years - Sandicast animals, Limoge boxes, you name it
Judy S: I collect to many things that s what got us into selling antiques
Ron: must be interesting
BobSlopsema: WHOA!!!! a true collector here......
Pamela: i have a couple of Precious moments too
BobSlopsema: see??????
Pamela: It's been so long I've forgotten what all I have
Judy S: It is it just doesn't make enoough money to make it worthwhile
BobSlopsema: THROW out that Russell's junk and get yours unpacked!
Pamela: Truer words were never spoken, Bob
Ron: Mom and Brother David say Hi
Ron: Mom says she's never seen these before
rich-c: hello to your Mum and brother, Ron
Pamela: I;m still trying to get him to throw out his old National Geographics that he hasn't looked at in 14 years
BobSlopsema: HI MOM & DAVID!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Hi to both, Ron
BobSlopsema: oh shees Pam
Ron: hi back
Judy S: there are bunnies also, but I ddon't collect them
Pamela: that's the tip of the iceberg, believe me
BobSlopsema: saavin that old jusnk??? ;-)
rich-c: Pam, remember my old letter opener - the nail?
Pamela: especially since I got him the CD ROM NG set for Christmas - all 100 odd years on disk
Judy S: shelves that is the answer to putting them out
Pamela: vaguely, Dad
BobSlopsema: did you tell mum that we are acomin' 2 years from now????
rich-c: do you want it or should I give it away?
Pamela: Shelves are what I lack,Judy
Ron: yes, she said... about time they came west!! :)\
Pamela: Um, can I see it again before I decide?
BobSlopsema: well we were there 2 years ago! just didn';t make it that far up
Judy S: that is not good we have them everywhere
Ron: yeah I pointed that out
rich-c: of course, just come for teh tomatoes soon, and remember
Ron: and also that there are more living east than west
Pamela: sure, easy for you to say
Ron: actually right this week would have perfect for a 'con here
Pamela: Ron, tell your Mom that we expect her to make an appearance at 15
rich-c: your memory doesn't have to work as hard as mine - less stuffed into it already
Ron: West coast at it's best
Judy S: ;yes, I married a carpenter
BobSlopsema: yes, but we LIKE an island!!!!
Pamela: She is a legendary figure by now
Ron: she will
Pamela: Sorry Judy, I meant that comment for Dad
Pamela: I do have shelves and display boxes, just haven't gotten them out ye
Pamela: t
Ron: We had an event here last weekend called the "Build Bail and Sail"
BobSlopsema: wellGET CRACKIN'
Pamela: First I have to take a front end loader to this place
Ron: local buliding supply centre puts up $70. 70 for each team of two that wants to build a boat
Ron: from that they have to build something that will stay aloat long enough to go around a little sailing course in the
Ron: inner harbour
Pamela: bailing all the way, right?
Ron: yeah, it's a hoot
rich-c: do they use sails or paddles?
Ron: we even had a boat named the "Estrogen III"
rich-c: and can they add their own materials?
Ron: ladies won hands down
Judy S: we had tall ships arround here but we didn't get to see them
Pamela: but of course!
Ron: no.... they must operate within the $70. 70
Ron: materials are delivered to the dock at 9 am the day of the race, and construction begins
Ron: race is at 1 pm
rich-c: lesseee- styrofoam blocks, glue, some wood for thwarts...
Ron: yup
Ron: you got it
Ron: PVC pipe
Pamela: I have been watching a progam on Life network called Tall Ship - it's the story of 45 people sailing around the world on a three masted brigantine out of Nova Scotia
rich-c: for drainage?
BobSlopsema: they "give" each team the same materials??? or the team just has to keep the list under $70??
Ron: One entrant this year builds boats for a living, but commented he wasn't used to building anything for less than $100 grand
rich-c: folks have been doing that for hundreds of years
Ron: Well, they can have varied materials, as long as the cost doesn't exceed the max
Judy S: havent seen that program
Pamela: I think it's actually Canadian. So far, it's been quite interesting
Pamela: It addresses some interesting issues, such as coping with the lack of privacy, and getting along with 40 strangers
Judy S: we went but couldn't find where the ship was. Can you believe that?
Pamela: They must have hid it very well
Judy S: you should have been able to see them the area isn't that big
rich-c: and hiding a tall ship ain't easy
rich-c: especially if they have the sails out
Ron: ya'd have to have a tall place
Pamela: something about 7 story tall masts
Judy S: that is what we thought
Pamela: did anyone check for the magician?
Judy S: the;y showed them on TV so I know they; were there
rich-c: it's all a fake - like the moon landings
Pamela: after all, if one can make the Statue of Liberty disappear, a ship must be child's play
BobSlopsema: well, "tall ships" is a relevant term.....these are NO something you really want to cros the ocean in
Ron: But they used to
Judy S: we were early but one had come in when we were there
BobSlopsema: darn fools all
rich-c: oh, folks have crossed the ocean in a rowboat - a tall ship is nothing
Pamela: no interest in a life at sea, Bob?
BobSlopsema: on a cruise ship????? you bet!!!!
BobSlopsema: not6 a dingy
rich-c: those sails could generate the equivalent of 50,000 horsepower in a Cape Horn gale
Judy S: we woulld love to cruise all the time
Ron: the sea can be a mean and enchanting place
BobSlopsema: but who wants to be abouard in a agale
Ron: been there, done that
Ron: got sick
BobSlopsema: motor ship....the only wayt o go......
rich-c: it wasn't that long ago when if you went anywhere much you went by tall ship
Pamela: I hear they're building a boat on which you can purchase a home, and live on it 24/7 and sail around the world
Pamela: pardon me, a ship
rich-c: and as you remarked, tall is a relative term
Judy S: there are pill for that ask Bob
rich-c: ever seen the Mayflower replica?
BobSlopsema: "sheeeep"
Ron: there are those here of warped twist of mind who will not set foot on a vessel with a motor
BobSlopsema: BS, you took the ferry
Ron: not I, but some of my friends
Judy S: we like BIG ships
BobSlopsema: ok
Ron: I must have a motor. There can be sails, but there must also be a motor
Pamela: you know, the ones with a poop deck
BobSlopsema: hey gang, we got to be heading for bed..........."on the poop deck"......
rich-c: yes, and ask them - if God had meant us to have fibreglas boats, He'd have planted fibreglas trees
BobSlopsema: :-)
Ron: yeah, should rejoin the family upstairs. David is heading back for Calgary tomorrow
BobSlopsema: and metal trees for making studs
rich-c: getting on to that time, isn't it?
Judy S: bye all talk at you next weeek
Ron: good to have both Slopsema's here....... and the other Slopsema's
rich-c: night Judy, see you then
Pamela: good nite Judy, g'nite Bob - it is that time
BobSlopsema: see ya'll next Wed, gonna be At Sea in Lake Michigan on Sat
rich-c: nite Bob
Ron: be well all
BobSlopsema: say HI to Frances, mum and David, and Russell !!!!!!
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rich-c: wilco
Ron: yup
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Pamela: thanks, we will
Ron: Beam me up Scotty
rich-c: yes, about that time Ron - Saturday?
Pamela: I am heading out too - see you next week. Dad, may try to come by tomorrow, we'll see
Ron: expect so, the good Lord willin' and memory don't fail
rich-c: OK Pam, sleep tight, see you tomorrow
rich-c: goodnight all
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Pamela: energizing
Pamela: g'nite Dad
rich-c: nite
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