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David Cobley: Greetings from Lotus Land
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rich-c: David! How are you?
David Cobley: Fine thanks Ric, and you?
rich-c: Good to see you in the chat room
rich-c: Doing pretty well here, and you?
David Cobley: Thought I( should make the effort this week based on your reminder
rich-c: Well, it depends on teh individual, but I must say a number of us find these chats very enjoyable
David Cobley: How's you weather, stll hot?
rich-c: Unfortunately the Slopsema family are away today, and Guy Bona's working
rich-c: As it happens, not too bad, around 23 today though a bit on the humid side
rich-c: can't say we have brfoken our drought but did bend it a little
David Cobley: Does Ron Mitchell usually make the Saturday chat?
rich-c: yes, though sometimes he's late as start is 6 p.m. Pacific
rich-c: Ron is not into giving up dinner for chat
David Cobley: Not likely
rich-c: sorry my error
rich-c: Saturdays Ron is irregular, but here often enough
rich-c: it's Wednesday night where his attendance pushes 100%
David Cobley: We are enjoying our first cloudy day in wedks.
rich-c: yes, you have had it very dry out on the coast, haven't you?
David Cobley: Certainly have. Its a drought really and swe've been having temps in the mid 30's
rich-c: we had our first precicpitation prediction of the month this week - like, possible passing shower
rich-c: so I went out and did my civic duty
rich-c: I washed both teh car and the truckl and left them sitting in the driveway
David Cobley: I have a dear friend in Eastern Ontario and they're suffering too, I gather.
rich-c: so OUR shower was enough to actually inspire the return of a trace of green to the grass
David Cobley: Victoria is sprouting brown lawns would you believe?
rich-c: yes, other than a swatch through northern MB, ON and PQ, there's been very little rain anywhere in Canada
rich-c: Victoria, this is hard to believe
David Cobley: There have been times when I've cursed the rain here, but not lately.
rich-c: well, I didn't hear any complaints about the showers we got either
rich-c: except from the golf and tennis tournaments, that is, and even they were muted
David Cobley: We're fortunate here we have no watering meaningful restrictions
rich-c: same in Toronto, although the surrounding regions have had restrictions for several days now
David Cobley: Sorry transposed two words
rich-c: don't fuss it, chat is very informal - more so than email, even
David Cobley: And are you and Frances planning any further RV excursions this year?
rich-c: yes, although you wouldn't believe the complications we're running into re the truck
rich-c: we bought it with an Immobiliser antitheft device fitted
rich-c: then a couple of weeks back, it wouldn't start
David Cobley: Midge and I recently bought ourselves a new toy. A pristine 1984 Fiero two-seater
rich-c: my mechanic couldn't cope, because the way teh device was wired, it affected several key circuits
rich-c: so he couldn't tell whether it was the device or the circuit
rich-c: I went on the Immobilizer website only to get a 404 on the Brit one and little on the U.S. one
rich-c: to cut it short, the company had closed down bankrupt
David Cobley: So what did you finally do?
rich-c: I had to go thru a related company to find a guy in texas who knew one in South Dakota who could refer me to a technician in Brantford
David Cobley: OMG
rich-c: got the man up from Brantford and had it ripped out
rich-c: meanthime I'd had to hav e it moved out of my driveway to get the car out
rich-c: and the towtreuck dropped it on the way
David Cobley: It gets worse!
rich-c: so now I'm getting estimates and doing the BS to get the dent fixed
rich-c: meanwhile the front seat in the Behemoth needs rebuilding
rich-c: it's sunk and Frances and I have shrunk
David Cobley: Hard to believe. Haven't we all!
rich-c: yes, it was a bit startling to suddenly discover I was eye to eye with Pamela instead of looking down
David Cobley: These modern youngsters all seem to sprout up
rich-c: anyway, I gather that you and Midge are definitely enjoying the Fiero
rich-c: yes, but Pam finished her sprouting 15 years ago!
David Cobley: We have just completed the construction of a bench seat to fir over Midge's lap so we can take dogsbody too.
rich-c: right - what breed is he?
David Cobley: Miniature Apricot Poodle, coming up to 14 years old in October
rich-c: wow - that is seriously getting on in years
David Cobley: He has epilepsy which we have under control and Cushing's Disease which vwe seem to have frightened into remission
rich-c: but I'll bet he loves riding in the car - I assume you got the convertible
David Cobley: No, there were only hardtops in 1984.
rich-c: stiffer, safer and more adapted to the BC climate - but not as much fun
rich-c: next you'll be telling me it's an automatic
David Cobley: It has a see-through sun roof which is as much fun but with lesss buffeting
David Cobley: Not likely, its a four-speed standard
rich-c: the glorious compromise - does it lift out?
rich-c: figured the old fighter pilot would want to manage the gear-stirring himself
David Cobley: You bettcha. There's a wind deflector fits in instead
rich-c: yes, with the sunroof they are a necessity
rich-c: even on the ne4wer cars where they have a better handle on the aerodynamics
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David Cobley: But the sun-roof can be locked in a slightly raise position so it give good venting
changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: HI David !!!!
rich-c: what do you know! Bob's here
David Cobley: Greetings Bob.
rich-c: thought you were up at Traverse City?
BobSlopsema: that was last the one before????
BobSlopsema: forget
rich-c: oh, I'd got the impression you wre going up today too
BobSlopsema: supposed to storm here this afternoon so we just hung around home
David Cobley: Forgetting things at your age?
BobSlopsema: yup! :-)
BobSlopsema: so how's David??? and Midge????
rich-c: yes, noticed that you're test-driving a bvit of weatehr for us ;-)
David Cobley: Fine thanks and you and yours?
BobSlopsema: we doing good here
BobSlopsema: was going out in the boat this afternoon but then yesterday they came up with this rain and sotrm stuff......
BobSlopsema: storm
BobSlopsema: so we packed in the idea
rich-c: yes, now that you have the network we can talk to the whole family at the same time, if they're about
BobSlopsema: yes but...........
David Cobley: I guess I'd better beat it out of here, lunch is ready Cheers.
rich-c: what type of boat do you have, Bob?
BobSlopsema: so far can only get it to work on our old ISP; going to switch to NetZero and haven't got it working on there so far
BobSlopsema: hav e to have Douglas "fix it"
rich-c: Cheers David, great to hear from you. Hope to see you on chat again soon
BobSlopsema: good talkin to ya David!!!
BobSlopsema: anybody else show up Rich????
David Cobley: Thanks Rich, you too
rich-c: nope, just David, you and I
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BobSlopsema: or were you guys lonely till I got here
rich-c: Ron didn't show and Guy is working
BobSlopsema: wel shucks darn!
BobSlopsema: one time I remember and then it is slow
rich-c: anyway, about your boat...
BobSlopsema: ya
BobSlopsema: very old, but good yet
rich-c: what is it?
BobSlopsema: have a 17' deep V fiberglass AMF Crestliner w/ a 150hp outboard on it
BobSlopsema: finally got it running good after a cou-ple of troubling years
rich-c: oh, one of those ones that goes along with its bow up at an 80 degree angle
BobSlopsema: great ski boat! no, it goes straight and flat after about the first 20 feet
rich-c: as long as you don't give it over 1/8 throttle
BobSlopsema: unless I tilt the motor WAAAY down and then it practically shoots out of the water
rich-c: but then given it's gas mileage, that's plenty
BobSlopsema: gas mileage sucks, yes
BobSlopsema: in an afternoon we can go thru 20-25 galons of petrol
rich-c: so who's the water skiier in teh family?
BobSlopsema: we all have done it, but time takes it's toll..... ;-(
rich-c: "a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money"...
BobSlopsema: after my knee surgury about 5 yrs ago, it has not been so good
BobSlopsema: matter of fact, I don't know that I have done it since....what with the kids building houses and the thing not running for toot
rich-c: no, from what I've seen, water skiing is one of those things that can bash knees real nice
BobSlopsema:'s "recreation AND vacation"
BobSlopsema: no water skiing is simple and safe, it's the softball playing that is tough on the knees
BobSlopsema: and getting older doesn't help
rich-c: softball I wouldn't have suspected - football, or tennis, yes
BobSlopsema: softball is how I screwed mine up
rich-c: don't I know it - I'll be 71 on our next chat
BobSlopsema: not much left of the right "padding" between the joints because it got all broke apart
BobSlopsema: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!!
rich-c: that's OK, my right knee is srthritic without any need for such inspiration
BobSlopsema: :-)
rich-c: fortunately the doc says no surgery on teh immediate horizon
BobSlopsema: when I had surgery, the doc said there was laready arthritis there
BobSlopsema: must start when you cross 30 or something
rich-c: guess we were never meant to walk on our hind legs alone
BobSlopsema: when the joints stop growing, the arthritis starts........
BobSlopsema: but you wouldn';t want to walk on all fours!!!!!
rich-c: no, it would sure look bloody silly, wouldn't it?
BobSlopsema: yup!
BobSlopsema: don't look like anyone is going to stop by Richard.....
BobSlopsema: think I will get back to chores here then
rich-c: and we'd likely end up with arthritis in our elbows as well
BobSlopsema: been cleaning up the mess in the basement here and got lots to go
rich-c: OK, they've had a chance - take care, see you Wednesday
BobSlopsema: plan on seeing you Wed, may be alittle late, might have to stop and see Judy's folks a bit after supper
rich-c: bye now
BobSlopsema: bye
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