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Dale: Hi Ian.
Dale: Just checking the server to see that it's up.
Dale: I'll be back later.
Dale left chat session
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: well hjello Ian
Ian Primus: hello
rich-c: right, thought if I dinged you, you'd notice
Ian Primus: sorry, was working on something else
rich-c: yes, when you're first on, the temptation to go multitask is high
Ian Primus: anything new?
rich-c: test
rich-c: sorry just checking I was still on
rich-c: anyway, nothing new in Adam terms, certain amount otherwise
rich-c: had a problem with my ISP dropping me earlier tonight
Ian Primus: well, at least you are on...
rich-c: yes, it seems to be all cleared up now
rich-c: I think John was working on something but got it sorted
rich-c: question for you about the Sark handle
Ian Primus: shoot
rich-c: is that as in Jersey, Guernsey, Aldernay?
Ian Primus: ? I don't know what those are, I just made it up
rich-c: the Duchy of Sark is the smallest of teh four significant Channel Islands
rich-c: they were the only part of Britain occupied by the Germans in World War 2
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Ian Primus: heh - I never heard of that, that's pretty cool
changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello
rich-c: You may know them from the cattle breeds there
rich-c: hi Meeka
rich-c: see it took you a minute to get the name right
rich-c: just telling Ian a bit about the Channel Islands
Meeka: no, my dog was trying to jump into my lap and I was trying to distract him
rich-c: they are British possessions but are actually just off the coast of France
Ian Primus: and apparently one of them has my handle - Sark
rich-c: ah yes, pooches and computers are not always an efficient mix
Meeka: i see.
rich-c: well now Ian if anyone asks you about it, you'll know
rich-c: but there isn't any Sark breed of cattle - no bull
Ian Primus: thanks, that's pretty cool. I have never heard of the Channel Islands before. I came up with the name a long time ago, to log onto IRC and the like
rich-c: I don't have time for IRC but a handle is a good idea on most chats and bulletin boards
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rich-c: so is a diversionary email address from hotmail or such
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome Guy
Meeka: hi guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: how's life in the Windy City?
Guy B.: Meeka, I'm still bugging Dale to change my e-mail address.
Guy B.: We had some severe weather moved through this evening.
rich-c: to or from
Ian Primus: hello Guy
Guy B.: From Corecomm. Hi Ian
Meeka: ya me too. exactly which address are we to use to get him to see it
Guy B.: Any luck on the printer?
Ian Primus: nope, it's still borked
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changed username to rich-c
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi,
Guy B.: I've sent three e-mails to the coleco-admin and he's been pretty slow at it.
rich-c: pulled the rug on me, the server did!
Guy B.: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: tell me about it, I had to log on three times
rich-c: you bounced me out when you came in!
Meeka: hi Pam
Pamela: even now, I'm not sure the connection will hold
Pamela: HI, all
rich-c: had a problem with Tamco around 8.15 but it's long cleared
rich-c: this one was the chat server, though
Pamela: Sorry, I seem to be in a somewhat sour mood but this too shall pass
rich-c: you did say it was a hard day at work
Pamela: I don't think so, Dad - I got bounced off while trying to download my e-mail
Meeka: hard day at work Pam?
Pamela: No, just frustrating - I had to stay for nearly three hours just to get the stuff done I was intending to do today
rich-c: were you multi-tasking? Dale's server doesn't seem to like that
Pamela: Huh?
Pamela: You mean trying to sign on here and get email at the same time?
rich-c: once you're on chat, the server gets upset if you try to do anything else, I've found
rich-c: anyway, yes
Guy B.: Can't be that tempermental?
Pamela: No, I tried to download email first. When that failed, I gave up and logged on here
rich-c: guess John is busy monkeying around with the setup, then
rich-c: I did a fair bit of email earlier, no sweat
Meeka: I never have a problem doing other things ahile in chat Rich, I quite often surf when the talk here gets technical ;-)
Ian Primus: anyone know if Rich Drushell will be on later?
Pamela: He monkeyed with it recently, and look where it got us - no access to the chat
Meeka: he might if he has time Ian
Pamela: anyway, enough outta me - how is everyone else?
Guy B.: No problem with me either. But, I have 13 e-mail's waiting on Netzero. Tonight I'm on Corecomm and most likely the last time on the chat with it.
rich-c: Dr. D. is unpredictable, but when he is on he's usually but not always early
Meeka: WET
Pamela: Wet?
Pamela: How wet?
Meeka: we had some big thunderstorms pass through today
Guy B.: Pam, both of us had heavy thunderstorms passed through.
rich-c: headed our way, from what I hear
Meeka: they got 6 inches about 30 -45 min south of here
Pamela: We can still use the rain, even though we've had some every day for the last five
rich-c: glad you two took a little of the rambunctiousness out of them for us
Pamela: Obviously, washing the cars worked Dad
Guy B.: I was on the L when the storm hit at 6PM tonight.
Ian Primus: he was going to trade tape drives with me - I sent him my broken one, and he was going to exchange me a working one. I sent mine out the beginning of last week. I have yet to hear from him
Pamela: Can I tell everyone why tonite is special, Dad?
rich-c: with Rich, you have to be patient. He's reliable, but extremely busy
rich-c: sure, it's no secret
Ian Primus: ah, kinda like me :)
Pamela: Please wish my father a Happy Birthday
Guy B.: Well, Happy Birthday Rich!
Ian Primus: Happy Birthday Rich!
Meeka: Happy B-day Rich. we will be nice and not ask how old you are ;-)
rich-c: thank you...thank you...thank you very much...
Pamela: Elvis has left the building
Ian Primus: If I would have known, I would have baked a cake in the shape of a Coleco ADAM :)
rich-c: it's OK, I'm 71
Pamela: It's been done, Ian
Pamela: But the thought is nice
rich-c: in fact, done at the last Adamcon
rich-c: ask Rich and maybe he'll send you the recipe
Pamela: I am so mad, most of my pictures from the con didn't turn out
rich-c: what went wrong?
Pamela: Don't know - they were all overexposed, I think
rich-c: aanything salvagable left- that is, is there something recognizable as an image?
Pamela: that film also had my pictures of Megan on it, and Stratford, and the Renaissance Fair
Pamela: No
rich-c: just all blank?
Pamela: no, just hazy outlines, so hazy there's no way to define them
Pamela: Since I have a point and shoot, I don't know how they could have been overexposed
rich-c: is it colour negative film?
Pamela: Yes
rich-c: battery in the camera OK?
Ian Primus: did you have the dial set to the correct speed?
Pamela: I think so
Guy B.: Rich, looks like I'll be adding Windows 98 to the Athlon as well as Win95. Going to install System Commander then Win98. It's the full version and I'm going to try the USB with the printer.
Pamela: Don't have a dial, Ian - it's old enough not to have any bells and whistles at all, and it's not an SLR
rich-c: Sounds highly sensible, Guy. I'm still trying to find someone who wants to sell me a computer
rich-c: Pam, that sounds like a processor error - maybe you should raise some hell
Guy B.: Still haven't gotten one together yet?
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rich-c: know what I want, but I want peripherals that will work under DOS
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: and even the companies that make them don't always admit it
Ian Primus: I've had something similar happen to me - I had a roll of film in and when it was on like picture #4 or so, the speed select dial got bumped in my pocket, and all the rest of the pictures were screwed up
Guy B.: We've got twins!
rich-c: for instance, Panasonic make a CD-RW with a DOS driver, but you have to email them to find out
Pamela: Yes, my connection was terminated very abruptly
Pamela: And I don't know which of me is the right one
Guy B. requested to ban Pamela
rich-c confirmed ban
Ian Primus confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c: well, now you know
Guy B.: There, you're one now.
Ian Primus: ok, I think that solved it
Pamela: my connection currently says 4483 bytes rec'd at 3222 bps
rich-c: sheesh! I'm showing 57.6K
Pamela: Dad, can you send a message to John and find out what the heck is going on?
rich-c: I'd suggest you hang up and dial in again
Pamela: now I'm grumpy again
rich-c: maybe even phone him at 416-222-6018 and ask
Guy B.: That could solve it Pam.
Pamela: I tried that three times already - I'm afraid that if I dial again, I won't get through
rich-c: I don't want to try multitasking as it seems to hang my browser
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Pamela: Hope I don't get dumped now
rich-c: OK I'll try Pam
Pamela: Thanks Dad
changed username to Ron's Maclap
rich-c: the rest of you, hope I either (a) stay on or (b) can get back
Guy B.: Ron, on the Mac tonight?
Ron's Maclap: Yo!
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Meeka: Hi Ron
Pamela: you're on the laptop, aren't you?
Ian Primus: hellp Rom
Ian Primus: Ron even
Ron's Maclap: yup....wouldn't want it to get left out
Ron's Maclap: besides....allows me to recline upon my bed
Ron's Maclap: So how is all?
Pamela: Meeka! I almost forgot! Guess who has a second afghan for the draw next year?
Pamela: Don't ask right now Ron, it sucks to be me
Ron's Maclap: aww
Meeka: who
Pamela: ME
Meeka: cool
Pamela: I asked my mom-in-law if she would consider a commission and explained the situation, and she has one already made!
Ron's Maclap: will have to spend twice as much to win
rich-c: well, look who snuck in while I was out!
Pamela: Twice the odds of winning though
Meeka: you mean I might actually be able to increase my odds eith two of them
Ron's Maclap: Think we ought to let Meeka win
Pamela: yes - although Mom's is'nt as fancy as Jean's are
rich-c: Pam, a message has been sent, for what good it may do
Meeka: i will get it eventually Ron
Pamela: No way Ron
Meeka: it just may take some time
Ron's Maclap: yes, so say the odds
Ron's Maclap: Hi Rich
rich-c: Hi Ron
Pamela: Thanks, Dad
Pamela: Let me know if you get a reply
rich-c: some interesting information, Ron
Ron's Maclap: yes
rich-c: may be a way for me to get to Adamcon 15 with my van
Pamela: How do you figure that, Dad?
Ron's Maclap: oh?
rich-c: seems one can just bolt a V8 into it
Pamela: Ooh, nifty trick
Ron's Maclap: what's there now?
rich-c: it's apparently quite commonplace, though mostly among hotrodders
Ian Primus: what's wrong with your van, rich?
Pamela: Not enough power to tow through the mountains, Ian
rich-c: the factory engine - 4.3L V6 - is a total; slug
Guy B.: Just had one of my neighbors here and he's picking up a Pentium 4 tomorrow and asked me to look it over for him.
Ian Primus: ah
rich-c: wont hold speed on hills, too slow to pass on two-lane when pulling a trailer
Pamela: Why don't you want to take Behemoth, Dad?
rich-c: across the Great Plains in July with no air conditioning?
Pamela: Hey, you've done it before
rich-c: I was younger then
Pamela: and so was Mom
rich-c: you got it
Ron's Maclap: I'll drink to that
Pamela: Cheers
Ron's Maclap: Besides you'll need more power to escape the elevated rat population in Vancouver
rich-c: does the Pentium 4 have the same tatller as the 3?
Guy B.: That's what I'll find out.
Pamela: They'll just go around, Ron
Pamela: Vancouver, I mean
rich-c: oh, is Van having a problem with rats now?
Ron's Maclap: Couldn't have happened to a nicer place
Ron's Maclap: yeah... was on tv today
Pamela: Need more cats
rich-c: any theories as to why?
Pamela: How's the feral cat population?
Ron's Maclap: they're spotting them in places where they haven't been spotted before
rich-c: our problem is a local coyote who's wandering the west end eating catrs
Pamela: They caught him tonite, Dad
Ron's Maclap: no, not yet except that suburban sprawl is depriving the critters of places where
Ron's Maclap: they used to live
rich-c: Toronto's been sprawled for years and still going, but no rat problem
rich-c: squirrels, yes; raccoons, definiteely; deer, at the airport;, coyotes - but not rats
Ron's Maclap: true....must be something about the hand of the Almighty over Vancouver
Pamela: Skunks
Ron's Maclap: if you can imagine that
Pamela: Gee Ron, I sense hostility here
rich-c: naw, that comes with thunder and lightning, and that's been a shortage item for you folks of late
Ron's Maclap: let's just say that I lived in Vancouver twice in my life
Ron's Maclap: so I have paid my dues
rich-c: most folks we know who live or lived there loved it
Pamela: must admit it's been a while since I've been there, but I did like it when I was
Ron's Maclap: well..... just my thing I guess
rich-c: de gustibus non disputandum est
rich-c: of course us Hogtowners look down our noses at Vancouver, but that's just jealousy
Ron's Maclap: whatever
Pamela: Let's see. 2001-1986 = a long time
Ron's Maclap: world's fair?
Pamela: Expo, yup
Ron's Maclap: aha
rich-c: so long ago I even have the pictures from it developed
Pamela: Mom and Dad drove out and I flew out to join them - slept in a tent for 10 days
rich-c: if I took any - I think I did
Pamela: I think you did too Dad
rich-c: wrong glasses on - can't read the slide tray labels
Pamela: not prints?
rich-c: Meeka, where's the rest of the family tonioght?
Ron's Maclap: missing your father-in-law
Ron's Maclap: and Judy
Meeka: brb,
Ron's Maclap: go fone and give'em hell
rich-c: guess she's gone to get them
Pamela: Actually Ron, there's a funny story connected to that tent stay
Ron's Maclap: can't quite reach my tea without falling out of bed
Ron's Maclap: bummer
Ron's Maclap: go on
Pamela: I went to sleep with an empty site next to me
rich-c: Pam, when I sent that email I also downloaded the incoming - no sweat
Pamela: after having to go and give the people behind us hell for being so noisy at midnight
Pamela: and I woke up to Mom opening the door of the trailer
Pamela: so I unzipped the tent and looked left at her
Pamela: then glanced right, then back at her, then gave myself whiplash looking right again
Pamela: There was a huge motorhome parked in the site next to us - I slept through them coming in, parking and setting up
Pamela: Just about fell out of the tent
Ron's Maclap: ha
Pamela: Mom was laughing so hard she nearly fell through the door
Ron's Maclap: when you go to sleep, you go to sleep
rich-c: gets it from her old man
Pamela: Especially when I am kept up the night before
Ron's Maclap: right
Pamela: I'm told that I hold conversations while asleep too
Pamela: but only with people who are awake
Pamela: not with myself
Ron's Maclap: I do that
Ron's Maclap: Would make a terrible spy
Pamela: Russell loves to recount the conversations in the morning
Pamela: some of them are pretty funny
Pamela: Dad, any answer from John with your incoming?
rich-c: oh, I checked that when I sent the outgoing to him, havent looked since
Pamela: okay
rich-c: anyway I told him the problem was yours - maybe you should check
Pamela: Did you go out for dinner for your b-day?
rich-c: no, minor treats will cover the matter
Pamela: I would, but I'm afraid I'll get turfed again
rich-c: I doubt it, he seemed to be thoroughly messed up for about five minutes, then all OK
Pamela: although my rates keep going up
Pamela: last check was 19500/11000
rich-c: John hasn't raised his rates since I first signed up
rich-c: oh, your baud rates - right
Pamela: no silly, my connection speed
rich-c: I think Windows isn't reporting my true speed
Ron's Maclap: Any progress on the ADAM front Ian?
Pamela: Did you get the printer working yet?
Ron's Maclap: aye
Ian Primus: nope - my printer is not communicating with the computer and the ADAM has a gaping hole in the front wherer there once was a broken tape drive
Meeka: ok, i am back. did I miss anything?
Pamela: not really Meeka
rich-c: not a great deal, Meeka
Ron's Maclap: nah
Pamela: Anyone want a cupcake?
rich-c: we still have the total mystery of Ian's Adam printer
Ron's Maclap: yes, yes, yes
Pamela: since you were all so generous last week?
Meeka: i do!!
rich-c: the thing powers the computer, and does a perfect self-test
Ron's Maclap: need to get a spare
Pamela: {cupcake} {cupcake}
Pamela: there you go - they're chocolate
Meeka: the best knd
Pamela: sorry, I can't get the print to go brown yet
Meeka: kind
Ron's Maclap: tks.....delicious
Pamela: seems to work when Kimberly sends me aspirins via e-mail
Ron's Maclap: So where's the 'in-laws' Meeka?
Meeka: they should be on shortly
Ron's Maclap: good
Meeka: the had to work in Holland today at the antique mall
rich-c: maybe Bob will have some idea of how to deal with the printer
Ron's Maclap: ummm....Holland?
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Meeka: maybe that is them
Ron's Maclap: like where the flowers are?
changed username to BobSlopsema
Pamela: Speak of the devil
Meeka: sort of
Guy B.: Yo Bob!
rich-c: well, there he is - about time, Bob
Ron's Maclap: there he be
Ian Primus: on a general old computer front, I recently accquired an Atari 1040ST and an Atari 800
Pamela: Hi Bob
BobSlopsema: not me.....NETZERO>!!!!!!
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Ron's Maclap: have one of those Ian..... Atari 1040ST, that is
rich-c: I thought you dropped core because netzero was so much better
Meeka: Hi dad, and mom
Pamela: and Judy too?
changed username to Judy S
Ian Primus: It's a neat computer
Ian Primus: do you have any software for it?
rich-c: evening, Judy
Meeka: she is proubly the undefined
Pamela: cool
Guy B.: August 31st, the last day on Corecomm for me.
Judy S: Hi, everyone
Ron's Maclap: I even have an Mess DOS Emulator for it
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Meeka: hello
BobSlopsema: price wise, but now for ther 2nd time, our netrwork connection on netzero bumbed, so we are still on here tonight
Ron's Maclap: Hi Judy!
BobSlopsema: ;usign Core for thw laast time
Ian Primus: hello Bob!
Guy B.: Same here.
Ron's Maclap: haven't changed my address book yet Bob, are you actually on there now?
BobSlopsema: HI Ian
Judy S: he had a hard time getting on tonight
Guy B.: Now, we still have to bug Dale to change our e-mail addresses.
BobSlopsema: how's school so far????
Meeka: yup
Ron's Maclap: While were' at the address change thing.....
BobSlopsema: yo u on netyzero tomight Guy????
Ian Primus: pretty good, now that I can drive there :)
BobSlopsema: I couldn't log on for some reason
Ron's Maclap: will not work after Sept 1
Pamela: Ian, are you back in school already?
Ian Primus: yeah
Guy B.: I'm on Corecomm. 11 e-mail's showed up there tonight.
Pamela: Wow, our kids don't start until the day after Labour Day
Pamela: when does your year finish?
Judy S: how was the weather today, it was really something here
Pamela: so far we haven't gotten wet, but they're threatening
rich-c: we're beautiful but they're threatening us with your weather tomorrow
Ron's Maclap: we have dropped 10 degrees ..... rain wind.....west coast misery
Guy B.: We had a big storm pass through here at 6 tonight with heavy rain.
Ron's Maclap: swimming pool is full of leaves
rich-c: that's teh first this month for you, isnt it Ron?
Ian Primus: I don't remember when it ends, but in about 9 months :)
Judy S: we had some awful storms here and we were going to Holland in the midle dof it
Ron's Maclap: yeah.. was pretty good up to yesterday
Pamela: So by the end of May, you're done, right?
Pamela: we're in till end of June
Guy B.: Got really dark there Judy.
Pamela: So who cleans the pool, Ron?
Ron's Maclap: the guy on the other side of the mirror
Pamela: pity him
Ron's Maclap: right
Judy S: yes it was really dark, bob even pulled off the highway
Pamela: on the other hand, once he's finished cleaning he has swimming rights
Pamela: So I guess we won't pity him too much
Ron's Maclap: Now let me get this straight. When you guys talk about Holland, where precisely are you
Ron's Maclap: referring to?
Judy S: it was raining so hard that you could not see
Pamela: Seems to me I've heard of Holland MI
Meeka: holland Michigan
Ron's Maclap: shows ya what I know
Pamela: Dont know where, but it's familiar
Judy S: about 40 minutes to the west of us on lake Michigan
rich-c: yes, I've hit weather like that, in the Adirondacks and Kansas among other places
Pamela: Yeah, hot dry Kansas
Pamela: (snicker)
Ron's Maclap: ok
rich-c: yes, we seem to have a talent for breaking droughts wherever we travel
Pamela: we drove all the way across Kansas in the pouring rain
rich-c: maybe we should have gone west this summer
Pamela: In '75, wasn't it?
Judy S: then they were talking about no power there, we thought we wouldn't have to work, but no such luck
rich-c: no, it was on E-70 so that would be later I think
Ron's Maclap: so this was a business thing?
Pamela: the power failure is always in the most inconvenient place, Judy
Judy S: yes we were working at the antique mall today
Ron's Maclap: aha
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back I'm sending Joe Blenkle ECN issue 3 for his project.
Ron's Maclap: good stuff Guy. Knew somebody had to have it
rich-c: can he receive graphics files?
Judy S: it would have meant that we would not have to work that would be a good thing
Guy B.: I have all the issues of ECN, Augment, Niad and that one and only issue of the Garden of Adam newsletter.
Ron's Maclap: working, as in staffing a booth at the mall?
Judy S: Oh, I got my snowbaby that I was bidding on last week
Ron's Maclap: ALL RIGHT!
rich-c: other bidder finked?
Pamela: I have some small things to do folks - I'm gonna disappear for a while. Depending on how long they take I may or may not be back
Judy S: Yes working caring keys all day
rich-c: see you later maybe then, Pam
Ron's Maclap: ok Pam.
Guy B.: Don't get lost Pam
Ron's Maclap: bee good
Meeka: ok Pam.see you later if you make it back
Pamela: Hope so. Otherwise, I'll see you next week
Guy B.: We'll see you later.
Judy S: to unlock cabinettes
Pamela: Ciao for now
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: TTFN
Ron's Maclap: where did 'ciao' come from?
rich-c: Italy
BobSlopsema: italy......
Judy S: bye for now then Pam
BobSlopsema: or a WESTERN movie!!!!!
rich-c: you're forgetting Toronto's demographics, Ron
Ron's Maclap: as in Ciao, Ciao Bambino?
rich-c: si, signor
Ron's Maclap: coupla guys out here use it in their e-mails
Ron's Maclap: a song of the late '50s I believe
rich-c: guess that was after I quit listening to pop music
Judy S: Meeka how does your freezer work?
Meeka: freezer???
Ron's Maclap: by compressing coolant and sending it through a grid where the food is....and
Meeka: we haven't gotten it from sears yet
Judy S: sorry thats right you didn't get it yet
Ron's Maclap: shutup Ron
Judy S: my mind is running behind
Meeka: that's ok
Meeka: been a logh day for everyone
Judy S: had a hard day
rich-c: yeah, I think I'm up to about 1993 - how about you, Judy?
Ron's Maclap: mine is starting to regress
Guy B.: Yep, that's for sure. This Friday is my company picnic and we have a Western theme this year.
Judy S: tried to make a cup of coffee without putting the water in, didn't work too good
rich-c: don 't let it go too far, Ron, or you'll be back in Ottawa
rich-c: oh, I usually get the water in, just forget to turn the kettle on
Judy S: that is about it, maybe 1934
Ron's Maclap: yes, must watch that.
Judy S: was making one cup at a time in the micro
Ron's Maclap: Just got a 15 minute battery warning
rich-c: gueass you'll have to fire up a big computer
Guy B.: Time to put the plug in.
Meeka: better plug in ron
rich-c: that was a short 15 minutes, wasn't it?
Guy B.: Well, he wasn't fast enough.
Judy S: but stro cups don't like it with no water they just burn, didn't smell to good eithre
Meeka: Bandit is bing funny tonight. we have a fly in the room and he is trying to chase it and whines at it if he can't
rich-c: now you know why they talk about nuking them
Meeka: get to it
rich-c: have to train himm to walk on the ceiling, Meeka
Judy S: at least he can see them I don't think Snick would have
Guy B.: Abby want's to get a baby rabbit when I walk her. But, they are fast hoppers.
Ian Primus: I have a quick question - is the ADAM sound sterio
rich-c: we don't seem to have much in the way of rabbits around here any more
Judy S: send her here Guy the rabbits like my flowers
rich-c: the Adam has three mono sound channels plus a noise channel
Guy B.: The rabbits would out run her. But, I think I wouldn't want to risk your flowers.
Judy S: eats even my rose bushes
rich-c: oh, our raccoons like our garden hose
Ian Primus: so, I take it that I can get stereo sound out of it?
Guy B.: We have a big rabbit population here in North Riverside too. See the same baby rabbit every morning.
rich-c: nope, just mono, Ian
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Judy S: what do they do with it, Rich
changed username to Ron's NonMac
rich-c: leave it full of holes
Guy B.: You ran out of power that fast Ron?
rich-c: that's what I get for buying a fancy expensive rubber hose
rich-c: they never touched the old vinyl ones
Judy S: stick to the cheap ones then maybe they will leave it alone
rich-c: welcome back, Ron
rich-c: that may be the only solution, but they get so stiff in the fall when it's cold
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changed username to Ron's non-Mac
Ian Primus: I am planning on buying a cheap set of stereo amplified PC speakers and hacking them to get the proper jack to allow the ADAM to plug into them.For $2.50, I don't have much to lose.
Ron's non-Mac: Obviously I'm not living right
rich-c: what's the matter with the speaker on your TV?
Ian Primus: I don't have a working color TV
rich-c: what are you using as a monitor then?
Ian Primus: I am using a color Apple IIc monitor
Ian Primus: no speaker
rich-c: oh, I have a Commodore 1702, which haS A SPEAKER
Ron's non-Mac: the signal coming thru that jack on the ADAM is a composite Ian. There's sound there too, so the stereo thing should work
rich-c: why DO they put the a so close to Caps Lock?
Ron's non-Mac: to annoy users
rich-c: sorry - shoulda known
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rich-c: it's a computer, after all
rich-c: by the way, where did Bob get to?
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Ian Primus: yeah, there is a composite jack on the back - I am using that, once I get a din to RCA cable to plug into the video port, I'll use the sterio speakers
changed username to BobS
Ron's non-Mac changed username to Ron
rich-c: oh, there he is now
rich-c: did you get carried out when Pamela left?
BobS: nope later
BobS: whole stupid thing jsut crapped
rich-c: dropped by netzero or the chat server?
BobS: who knows
BobS: Jusy locked up in balck mode and I just got lost somehow
Ron: You'll have to get onto them about that Bob
rich-c: server usually gives a freeze, otherwise it's the ISP
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changed username to Judy S
Guy B.: Judy's back too.
rich-c: oh, now Judy's been in and out
Ian Primus: I hope to have a working ADAM setup soon - I am negotiating a deal to get a disk drive, 64k RAM card and some other stuff
Ron: you'll like all that Ian
Judy S: yes, got blown away and 98 is not the greatest
rich-c: I am still trying to figure out why your printer won't work
BobS: was;monkeying with emial to Brian, the guy with the memory expander "problem"
BobS: maybe that crapped it out
rich-c: think I asked before, but have you tried the print command in Basic?
Judy S: was not easy to get back
Ian Primus: I've tried everything but wave a dead chicken over it
Ian Primus: I can't get into BASIC
Ron: there are two plugs inside the printer which could be oxidized....(wild guess dep't)
BobS: win98...thre crowning achievement for Bill Gates on how to screw the computing consumer
Ian Primus: no tape drive
Ron: front right of the circuit card, visible under the print head bar
rich-c: you mean the edge connectors, Ron?
Ron: yes
Ian Primus: I cleaned everything inside - all contacts and such
Ron: have you already covered that?
rich-c: if the problem is there, would it check out OK on the self-test?
Ron: much for that idea
Guy B.: Well, I'll be adding Win98 to my Athlon. I bought it at last week's computer show. So, no WinXP for this system.
Ron: no,probably not
rich-c: intelligent decision, Guy
Ron: another ADAM related question....
rich-c: everything I hear about XP makes me like it less
rich-c: hope the government gets an injunction to stop them shipping it
Ron: is anybody out there familiar with Rich Drushel's AdamServe program?
Guy B.: Me too Rich.
rich-c: I keep hearing about it but never seeing it
Guy B.: I have it Ron. What's wrong with it?
Ron: what serial ports are you using Guy?
Ron: Micro Innovations, or Oprhanware?
Guy B.: I hope to get this Compac up. That's where Adamserve will run off of.
rich-c: we've lost Judy again
Ron: I have an ADAMserve Boot disk for the ADAM which is intended to work with an Orphanware serial port
Guy B.: I believe I have the Orphanware one. It's a black box attached to the side of the Adam.
Meeka: ok everyone, I am going to get going. I need to put my laundry in the dryer before bed. see you all next week
Ron: is there a different boot disk required for an MI saetup?
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
rich-c: goodnight Meeka, see you next Wednesday
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Ron: nite Meeka
changed username to Scott
rich-c: hello Scott, long time no see
Ron: Scott!
Meeka left chat session
Guy B.: Herman sent a boot disk for it and I made a copy to tape for it and it works.
Scott: Ello!
Guy B.: Hi Scott. Ready for the new semester?
Scott: Ooooh yeah. Semester starts in one week (gasp).
BobS: hey Scott!!!
Ron: ok. I'm trying to set up my oldest ADAM with MI serial ports to an old 386 server. Not getting nowhere
Ron: will have to ask Dr. D
Scott: How're you Rich/Bob/Ron???
Ron: good here.... wet, but good
BobS: fine ya'll
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rich-c: you missed our newest member, Ian
Scott: Ah! Ian. Where are you from, Ian?
BobS: says Ian is still here
Guy B.: Got the e-mail off to Joe.
changed username to Judy
Ron: Judy has re-appeared
rich-c: we're trying to figure out why his printer wont reespond to Smartwriter
Ian Primus: Indiana
Judy: It's me again
Scott: Anyone seen Dale lately?
rich-c: it does the self-test and powers the Adam fine
Scott: Just curious...
Guy B.: He was here last week, but not tonight.
Scott: Guy -- what are you taking this semester?
Ron: He was here last week
Judy: my computer just shut down, maybe it is tired too
Scott: I've got Unix Administration and Cisco II.
rich-c: comes from taking off a discount ISP, Judy
Guy B.: Well, I'm looking into a university online.
BobS: nnope win 98....our "gift" form me gates
BobS: we are on the hig priced one yet tonight reichard
Scott: University online?
rich-c: if you think 98 is bad you should try ME, from what I hear
Scott: Gotta watch out for those online classes.
Guy B.: With my goofy hours and overtime, I don't have time to attend a class at a traditional college.
Scott: I've taken two through my community college.
Scott: I have not been impressed...
Judy: spare us from that, please
Scott: Anyone else taking classes for the Fall semester?
Guy B.: I'm on a home study course with AICS, but I haven't gotten back onto that, plus now I have outdated programming language (Pascal) that I still have to do.
Ian Primus: well, I am in school - high school
Judy: I didn't have any trouble last week under 95
Scott: Wow! Pascal. I haven't heard of that programming language in a long time...
BobS: got it here for the ADAM
Scott: Ah yes! The memory is kicking in. I remember talking to you a few weeks ago.
BobS: don;'t know how to prgoram it though
Judy: too busy for school
Ron: Something like the Peter Principle. They keep making improvements to the operating system until it stops working
rich-c: oh, is the 98 a new installation for you, Judy?
Scott: Er, uh, where did you say you were from, Ian?
Guy B.: I have Turbo Pascal 6 on the P133. It's not an easy language to master.
Judy: yess, just went on Saturday
rich-c: oh, well new installations never work
Scott: I'd like to study ALL of the major languages that have been used for specific purposes.
Judy: Bob bought a new printer, won't work with 95
Scott: Unfortunately, there's only so much time...
BobS: no chit Rich
rich-c: actually it likely will if you get the last upgrade to 95 with USB support
Ron: and the older you get, Scott, the quicker it goes by
Scott: Jeez... I'd love to get some time just to study z80 assembly.
Judy: so I have 98, don't know why it didn't go on his
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. I could make it Saturday, if I'm not working. See you all later.
Scott: Go? You can't leave us...
Guy B. left chat session
Scott: Where do ya think you're goin'???
rich-c: hope to see you on the weekend, Guy
Scott: Hmmm?????
Ron: stay well Guy
Judy: bye Guy
rich-c: when a printer box says Win98 minimum it is usually because it's USB only
Judy: that is right
Judy: was cheap
Ron: Mac's latest OS doesn't even work with all USB printers.....only the high end ones
rich-c: there is actually a very late revision of 95 that does support USB properly
Scott: Rich -- I have reminded my dad of the disk drive as I have told you, and I haven't received a response.
Ron: Scott......have a favour to ask....while you're talking to Mark
Scott: If I knew how to fix it, I'd do it myself. But I have reminded him. A little frustrating...
Scott: Yes, Ron.
rich-c: I appreciate your efforts; Scott; do keep at it as you can
Ron: I need a power supply for an MI 360k 5-1/4 inch floppy.....
BobS: usb...........comoputer achronym for " YOU SUCK BUD"
Scott: His e-mail address at work is
BobS: in other words, get lost and don't call aback
Scott: Ah! Power supply. That I know we have.
Ron: it was one I bought from your Dad around 1995...and the power supply has become ...shall we say, separated
Ron: it's a 9 pin plug
Ron: Will pay
Scott: My dad showed me a few boxes of power supplies for disk drives.
Scott: Said I could have them, if I wanted them.
Scott: I believe they're still in our storage.
rich-c: Grab them quick!
Scott: I don't believe he'd throw them out.
Ron: yes, please
Scott: While I'm asking for those, I'll remind him of the disk drive.
rich-c: cunning
Ron:'s ringing
BobS: oh swell !!!!! Ron is saved at last!!!!!
Scott: I remember seeing boxes of new power supplies.
rich-c: now all we have to do is get Ian up and running
BobS: Rich, got any memory expanders?????
Scott: No exaggeration.
rich-c: maybe Scott would have a hunch
BobS: like as in 256k?
Scott: I'll send you a couple.
rich-c: I may have a used 256K but I'm not sure
rich-c: can lay my hands on 64K also
Scott: That's right, Rich. I need to purchase an MIB-3 from you.
Ron: good
Scott: But I don't have my ADAM here at the apartment.
Scott: All the ADAM stuff is at my parents house.
rich-c: anytime you like, Scott - your dad can tell you what they sell for
rich-c: I also have an MIB2 available
Ron: call was for mother...she's getting more calls than me tonight
rich-c: count your blessings
Ron: right
Scott: Rich, we need to get the old ADAM Resource site back online.
BobS: I told ya'll at about it ad AC13, he swears hi copied 159 blocks at at time before and now can only do 92
rich-c: all our calls are people who want to vacuum our ducts or sweep our chimney
BobS: I sent him a ram test disk and it says 64k
Scott: I have my puny 2 MB of space on the AOL account that no one visits.
Ron: we get those here too, usually around supper time
BobS: now he is lost........GOT an ideea thogh may be the sire, yes???
Judy: sell you something I didn't want
Ron: you'll all be happy to know that last night I took my oldest ADAM apart completely
Ron: Thought if Bob and Judy can do it, so can I
BobS: without the wire pushpinned in place, the expander whould only be recognixed as 64k
Judy: why, Ron
Ron: having some trouble with my Minnie Winnie, and the only fault I've ever had with that beast is the hard drive controller
Ron: you should have seen the DUST.....major major
Judy: just blow
BobS: hey RON!!!!!! email me the boot disk fro the mini winnie via ADAM EM will you???
Ron: yeah... that's great for an asthmatic
BobS: GK is slow to send it to my......picked up a mini winnie board and we installed it but need the boot disk
Ron: yep will do sir
rich-c: you'd put up such a cloud, Environment Canada would be on your back
Scott: Is anyone interested in seeing all of the old articles from The ADAM Resource that I OCRed awhile ago?
Judy: well, night all I have had it tonight and have the boys tomorrow.
Ron: definately Scott
rich-c: yes
Judy: so I need to retire
Ron: Bob, you got any spare mfm drives around there?
Scott: Where could we put this?
rich-c: OK Judy, sleep tight, see you next week
BobS: Doug wanted it via email but GK said he would send a physical disk, but nuthin yet
Ron: think I might have a bad drive
Scott: I've got a paltry amount of space from my AOL account.
Judy left chat session
BobS: no, just one I got from Howard @ AC9 in a case with ps
rich-c: even if no one reads it, it will still be another Adam listing for the search engines
Scott: Dale's got a ton of space, but I can't catch up with him.
Ron: ok... have to look locally first, surely one of my usual banditos has one
BobS: can work on one though and get you going next summer!!!!
rich-c: send him an email -
Ron: that'll do Bob
Scott: Tried. He hasn't replied.
rich-c: oh, he's usually fairly good from that address
Ron: the older ADAM is a spare really....have the IDE setup that works fine (touch wood)
rich-c: maybe he is out of town
rich-c: you know the Wicks are expecting?
Scott: We're both fairly busy, so I shouldn't be surprised.
BobS: expecting us??????
BobS: ;-)
Scott: No, didn't know that. That would explain a lot.
Scott: By the way, I received my official grades.
rich-c: yes, Jillian has been having a bit of an uncomfortable time of it
Scott: Got A's in my Cisco and Local Area Network class.
BobS: AND??????
rich-c: I won't ask since I don't understand the GPA system anyway
BobS: super!!!!
rich-c: As I do understand - them's good
Ron: congratulations Scott! Good work
Scott: Just gotta keep it going so that I can get into Waterloo, er, uh, Stanford...
BobS: gotta go to ;guys............won't be here next wed, going camping,.......`.see you 2 weeks from today!!!!!
rich-c: the beer is better at Waterloo
Scott: So if you wonder why I'm wishy washy doing anything ADAM related, remember that my classes are killing me.
Scott: Camping?
BobS left chat session
rich-c: OK Bob, have a good trip, see you after Labour Day
Ron: stay dry Bob. see ya in a couple
Ron: we knew that you were busy Scott, and that sounds like priority
rich-c: the Slopsemas have a motorhome
Ron: that's right.... I saw the dry they will be
Scott: That would be fun.
rich-c: the biggest shortage in the Adam community is round tuits
Ron: ah yes, the much sought after roundtuit
rich-c: Scott we are trying to figure out why Ian's printer won't work
Ron: coveted, fought over, even
rich-c: we need new ideas - want to try?
Scott: Do you realize that since I've been attending these chats I've finished 4 semesters at college?
Scott: My how the time flies...
Ron: if it wasn't so far away, I'd send a spare
Scott: What exactly is the problem?
Ron: exactly is what we're having trouble with.....symptoms Rich?
rich-c: yes, borders raise costs and postal handling isn't alwasy careful
rich-c: it selftests and powers teh Adam fine
rich-c: but will not respond to a print command from Smartwriter
Ron: I've never seen that one before
Scott: How's the connection from to SmartWriter?
Scott: Heh.
Scott: You've got power, but the printer isn't responding to commands, right?
Ron: you there Ian?
Ian Primus: yeah
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changed username to rich
Scott: Welcome back, Rich.
rich: everyone else has been booted, guess it was my turn
Scott: I guess I'm next.
rich: anyway, how is the signal from Smartwriter communicated to the printer?
Scott: Let me think for a minute.
rich: Ian doesnt have a tape drive so can't test the print command from Basic
Scott: It's been awhile since I've printed from my ADAM printer.
Scott: So he's booting off diskette?
Ron: me too
rich: I'd expect the OS call to be the same from both
Scott: Or he's just using SmartWriter that's bankswitched in from ROM?
rich: yiou have been away from Adam a while, Scott
rich: Adam is self-booting
Scott: Not SmartBASIC.
Ron: Ian, when you pull the reset switch on the ADAM, does the printer do anything?
Ian Primus: I don
Scott: Unless he replaced his ROMs (fun experiment).
Ian Primus: I don't have a disk drive or a tape drive
Scott: So you're just running SmartWriter?
rich: doesn't matter, what does it do when you turn it on?
Ron: So it's Smartwriter or nuthin
Ian Primus: It turns the wheel and goes to the left
Ron: ok,that's normal
rich: OK, that's the POST so that's OK
Scott: Can you type in anything from immediate mode?
Ron: good question
rich: yes, that's the one we forgot
Scott: Before entering into the actual SmartWriter program?
Ian Primus: I can type, but it shows up only on the screen
rich: now there is a clue
Ron: printer doesn't respond at all to immediate mode typing?
Ian Primus: even in typewriter mode
Scott: Hmmm.
Ron: I have no idea
Scott: How's the connection between the printer and the CPU?
rich: that is weird
Ian Primus: yup, after that initial startup, the printer is totally motionless. it does NOTHING
Scott: Have you tried pulling it out, then plugging it back in, with the power turned off?
Ian Primus: fine, I checked it with my handy-dandy multimeter
Scott: How's the cable itself?
rich: in immediate mode, that's a very direct command, isn't it?
Scott: Yes.
Ian Primus: tried that several times - even tried tuner cleaner
rich: connections clean - wires aren't broken - power getting thru...
Ron: this we will have to get to the bottom of
rich: and the printer responds on POST and self-test
Scott: Sounds like it could be the cable that comes out the back of the printer and connects to the CPU.
Scott: Could be bad and need to be replaced.
rich: seems it would have to be a fault within the CPU somewhere
Ian Primus: yeah, but I checked the cable with a multimeter
Scott: Sounds like the printer is simply acting as a power supply and can't recieve commands.
Ron: brb
Scott: Otherwise, it would try to implement partial/full commands to varying degrees of success.
Ian Primus: I havent ventured under the ADAM motherboard yet, maybe there is something lurking under there
rich: Or it can receive but the commands aren't getting out of the OS into the cable
Scott: You checked the power with the multimeter, correct? You're problem isn't power related as stated.
rich: don't be surprised if you find a bit of corrosion, Ian
Ian Primus: power's fine
Scott: Yes, could also be a bad chip inside the printer.
rich: if it wre in the printer the self-test would fail
Scott: That's why I think it's a problem with the connection. It seems to be able to self-test correctly.
Ron: yeah.... a data line somewhere
Scott: Somehow the data isn't being recieved by the printer.
Scott: Otherwise it would at least try to process the printer commands.
rich: that's our reading of it
Scott: Unless the chip is bad, which could perhaps get through the self-test but not do anything else.
Ron: is there any kind of noise (clicking etc) coming from the print head Ian?
rich: the failure in immediate mose suggests the Smartwriter program isn't at fault
Ron: when you depress a key in immediate mode, I mean
Ian Primus: no noise
rich: any effect if you hit the enter key sevral times in immediate mode?
Scott: Too bad you don't have a second system to see if the problem is in the connection at the printer or the connection at the CPU.
Ron: yeah....that's how most of us trouble shoot....swapping stuff in and out
Scott: A trip to Ebay is probrably you're cheapest fix.
Ian Primus: no effect
Ron: agree....try get another system....would be good just for backup
Scott: Well guys, gotta go. Girlfriend's looking at me strange.
rich: problem is, shipping on a replacement system will kill him
Ron: hello girlfriend
Scott: I'll be in class next Wednesday, but hopefully I'll be able to join you one of these nights...
Ian Primus: namely because I have no money :)
rich: Look forward to seeing you, Scott
Ron: thanks Scott, and thanks for checking out that power supply for me
Scott: Girlfriend's name is Ligia.
Scott: See ya later!
Ron: Hi Ligia
rich: our best to Ligia
Scott left chat session
Ron: nite sir
rich: lots of people will give you a new printer or CPU, but you have to come fetch it or pay for the shipping
Ron: well...... yes, I have 4 or 5 here
Ian Primus: yeah, I found such a person - the same with the disk drive and RAM card, he will send me a heap of stuff, problem is that he is in Canada
rich: as Sands remarked, put out a request to the list and tell the respondents to take a number
Ron: :)
rich: so am I and so is Ron - that's not a problem
rich: we have a post office too, such as it is
Ian Primus: I couldn't afford the shipping. to bad there's no ADAM rate...
rich: I've already shipped two Adams to the US this year
Ian Primus: for heavy computer parts
Ron: yeah
rich: yes, that's the killer, I agree
rich: your dollar goes further here but the basic rate is higher
Ian Primus: how much is it normally?
rich: I think it cost me about $40 US to ship each Adam
Ron: sounds about right
rich: that's a complete Adam, of course
Ron: the major weight of the system is the printer
rich: but the printer is heavy on its own, and teh CPU runs into a density charge
rich: there is a minimum charge for any given volume of package, and it's high
Ian Primus: I have to go - I'll talk to you next wednesday. sorry to run, but i need to go now
rich: iOK Ian, see you next week
Ron: ok sir..takecare
Ian Primus: *poof*
Ian Primus left chat session
Ron: have no idea what that might be Rich
rich: wow, someone just took a real nasty poke at me - Zone Alam shut down the page
Ron: in all my years of ADAM experience and acquiring this unit and that
Ron: maybe we should call a halt.......memory failed last Sat...maybe this Sat it will be better
rich: yes, it's about that time. Be on Saturday?
Ron: will have to write myself a note again...that seems to work
rich: OK, maybe David will be back again
Ron: was he in Sat?
rich: see you on the weekend, then
Ron: ok sir...g'nite
rich: yes
rich: nite now
Ron: later
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