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Dale: Hi Rich.
rich-c: hi dale
rich-c: surprised we're the early ones
Dale: Since I missed last week, I thought I'd come early this week.
rich-c: right. Dr. D. said he was coming and he is usually early
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Dale: Usually.
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi
Dale: Hi Pam.
rich-c: hi daughter
rich-c: we were expecting Dr. D
Pamela: This is not good. I started out by spelling my name wrong
rich-c: we all have days like that
Pamela: I'm pooped. Why were you expecting Dr. D?
rich-c: he said in his mailing list posting he expecxted to be on tonite
Pamela: this early though?
rich-c: he tends to be first in when he comes
Dale: Rich D is uaually on at 10 to.
Pamela: Oh. Dale, I'm sorry I'm not intending to ignore you. How are you, and how is Jill feeling?
rich-c: I try to be pretty well right on time and usually find him here
Dale: I often drop in at that time tock check to see that the server is up. So I see him then.
Dale: Jill still has good days and bad, but she's started to feel kicks.
rich-c: yes, if the server has the sulks it's disappointing
Pamela: Cool!
rich-c: although I thought you left it up almost all the time
Dale: Ever since our vacation, both of us have been tired.
Pamela: Any indication of gender and do you want to know or is it still too early?
rich-c: vacations are like that - you need another to recover
rich-c: and a third to catch up
Pamela: Amen to that
Dale: We don't want to know.
rich-c: just changed the screen - am I still here?
rich-c: yep
Pamela: Yes, you'restill here
Dale: Jill has a strong feeling that it's a girl. She had a dream.
rich-c: using the old 14" monitor tonight
Pamela: Did Jill get her sewing machine yet Dale?
rich-c: taking the 17" in for service tomorrow a.m.
Pamela: I never predict because I'm ALWAYS wrong
Dale: Yes! Se got a new Brother.
Pamela: How fancy?
Dale: Bought it at Walmart the week before the trip.
rich-c: where did you go for vacation?
Dale: We used it to make a dress for her for the wedding in California.
Pamela: Well nothing like expediency
Dale: Both she and I felt it was a long time since we had done any real sewing.
Pamela: they were in San Fran and Yosemite, remember?
Pamela: We?
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rich-c: right - senior moment
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: Good evening, Guy
Pamela: Why do I always feel so formal when I say that ?
Guy B.: Dale, are you going to change my e-mail address by the weekend?
Dale: Didn't I?
Dale: What's the new oine again?
Guy B.:
Pamela: I am sitting here picking the old pattern out of the towel I started cross stitching for Kimberly - I'm learning new swear words
Pamela: brb, I going for a pair of scissors
Pamela: I'm back
rich-c: Guy, I'm still having problems trying to find someone who wants to sell me a computer
Guy B.: Did everyone find my new website?
Guy B.: No luck, Rich?
rich-c: got the note, Guy, though I haven't made it there yet
Pamela: Haven't tried it yet, Guy - what is it?
Guy B.:
rich-c: No, Guy, no one has the ambition to find out which peripherals have DOS drivers available
Pamela: thanks
rich-c: is geocities a part of yahoo now?
Guy B.: Just got the confirmation from Dale on the E-mail. Yes, Geocities is part of Yahoo.
rich-c: be careful how you deal with them - they are not to be trusted
Dale: Guy, I've made the change.
Guy B.: Actually, the only thing you will see and you can get rid of it, is an ad square that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
rich-c: it,s not that, Guy, it's that they harvest and sell your personal information
Guy B.: Only if you don't permit them. I read it.
rich-c: their privacy statement is not to be trusted
rich-c: I wanted some information from one of their sites a while back
Guy B.: What did they do?
rich-c: so I used a unique dummy email address - only they have ever seen it
rich-c: it's now swamped with spam
Pamela: Dad, give me the address for ZoneAlarm again please?
Pamela: thanks
Guy B.: Fortunately, I don't get that hardly at all.
rich-c: or, has a similar one free
Pamela: ok
rich-c: go to to find out what it's all about, Pam
Pamela: what's
rich-c: Gibson Research Co. - a top security informa5tion site
Pamela: oh
rich-c: they will test your computer online and tell you where you'r vulnerable
Pamela: sorry, not a particularly sparkling conversationalist at the moment
rich-c: you've seen teh story on the Air Transat flight?
Pamela: no, which one?
rich-c: the one that came in dead-stick in the Azores
Pamela: I heard something about it - do they know the cause yet?
rich-c: anyway, Elizabeth E.'s cousin and three of his family were on it
Pamela: which cousin? Manuel da Silva?
rich-c: it ran out of fuel, apparently from a leak
rich-c: she didn't say, just her cousin
rich-c: they were on their way to a funeral in Portugal
Pamela: Wow.
rich-c: yes, just what they needed, the engines quit in mid-Atlantic
Pamela: bet our Lady of Fatima was hearing a lot of prayers that day
rich-c: and a lot of candles must be lit for St. Christopher!
Pamela: Patron saint of everyone who cant' remember anyone else
rich-c: anyway, that was sure an incredible feat of airmanship
Pamela: Was the pilot a Canadian?
rich-c: Of couerse
Pamela: that sounds so smug, Dad
rich-c: from Quebec, lots of bush flying experience in his early career
rich-c: it's not our first big glider -remember Gimli in 1983?
Pamela: sort of like the pilot who brought that AC jet down at the abandoned airfield outside Winnepeg a few years ago
Pamela: great minds
rich-c: see Gimli, above
rich-c: it was a wartime airfield now used as a sports cr racing circuit
rich-c: the RCMP had to shoo a race off the track to the plane could land
Pamela: where some company was having their annual picnic on the runway
Pamela: there was an article on it in Readers digest - it was either a co. or a family reuniion
rich-c: nope, race. I remember the original reports
rich-c: of course I knew about Gimli from my racing days
Pamela: I think we're putting the guys to sleep here
rich-c: yes, I'm surprised a techie like Dale isn't in with both feet
Pamela: Guy, you;re the perfect roommate for Ron
Pamela: You can out-snore him
rich-c: how would YOU know???
Guy B.: Except I won't be able to hear him.
Pamela: Ron said so
Pamela: Exactly!
Dale: I'm also watching TV, so I'm a little distracted.
rich-c: just a litte?
Pamela: what are you watching, Dale?
Dale: The Air-transat plane -- I heard a press conference from the pilot yesterday.
Guy B.: Dale, you did take my old e-mail address off, right?
Pamela: tell us more
Dale: I'm watching a show called Lexx.
Dale: Guy, yes.
Pamela: Russell likes that
Dale: It seems that they discovered that the plane was leaking fuel...
Dale: then 7 minutes later one engine concked out...
Guy B.: Thanks. Now, I can move all the messeges over. I setup Netscape messenger to read my mail from Yahoo.
Dale: and then they had just ten minutes on the last engine.
Dale: They were preparing for a water landing.
Guy B.: How's Jill doing?
rich-c: the big deal, Dale, is that htey landed without flaps or reverse thrust
Dale: As far as I know, virtually no-one ever syurvives a water landing.
Pamela: @#$%^&*
Pamela: still picking out stitches
Dale: Anyway they found this island,
Dale: and on limited instruments did a safe night landing...
Dale: with only minor injuries.
rich-c: no, it was daylight, Dale, though early
rich-c: do you realize what their speed had to be when they hit the runway?
Dale: Jill is progressing. She just the first kicks from the baby. The nausia is still with her.
Pamela: Would that all stories ended that way - did you see that hip hop singer Aaliyah was killed in a crash?
rich-c: I'm surprised the nausea has lasted this long - she's well into second trimester, isn't she?
Pamela: Some women have nausea throughout the pregnancy but it's not that common
rich-c: and for Aaliyah, yes - too much baggase, it seems
Pamela: they're retrieving the plane parts and the baggage to weigh it and find out
rich-c: pilot apparently lacked the guts to tell them they couldn't put it aboard - and paid with his life
Pamela: and theirs
Pamela: so how did they get it there, since they were on the way back
rich-c: did they go there as a group or meet on the scene?
Pamela: unknown
Dale: The pilot said "night landing". even if you say it was early morning.
Guy B.: That's what the investigators are saying and Aaliyah usually insists on a bigger plane, but she ended up with the Cessna.
rich-c: bet the production crew were there and set up before she arrived
Pamela: Im not sure it was a production - she had some of the record co. execs there
rich-c: yes, they wre shootig a video - there were some shots of the production on CFTO tonight
Pamela: okay, i haven't been keeping up
Pamela: hello?
rich-c: just had the first probe of the evening
Guy B.: I'm doing some tape recording on my new stereo while you guys are dukeing it out.
Dale: Guy, you should have a sample message at your new email address.
rich-c: what kind of stereo did you get, Guy?
Pamela: Guy, did you go on a shopping spree or what? New stereo, new computer
Guy B.: I got the alert already, thanks.
rich-c: oh, did you get a hit too, Guy?
Pamela: My eyeballs are crossing. Time to take a break from the stitches
rich-c: yes, that's pretty demanding work, Pam
Guy B.: The stereo I got when Montgomery Ward was going out of business. The computer was a birthday present to me. In fact, I planned on this for the last four months of 2000.
rich-c: so what sort of stereo setup did you get?
Guy B.: It's an Aiwa ZL500. Has a 5 CD changer, dual tape decks, speakers with built-in subwoofer and last, but not least, a turntable.
Pamela: Is it a full size, or a shelf one?
rich-c: sounds pretty neat, and seems to cover all the bases
Guy B.: It's a shelf model.
Pamela: I think those are neat
rich-c: assume you can use it with output from the computer or your tv
Guy B.: There is a port for video, but I'm not using that at the moment.
rich-c: and ports for audio in and out?
Guy B.: The audio in has the turntable.
Guy B.: I wonder where everyone else is tonight?
rich-c: on your computer, Guy, do you have a DOS partition?
Guy B.: I have a one partition with FAT32 that has Windows 95B on it.
rich-c: prefer to use the later edition of Adamem, then?
Guy B.: I have Adamem on the P133.
rich-c: how do you cope with 5.25" double density discs, since 95 won't support them?
Guy B.: Oh, that's easy. On the P133, I have DOS 6.22 and Win95. So, I can boot between the two. DOS for Adamem and the utilities.
rich-c: ah, the dual boot is on the old machine. that explains things
rich-c: that's why I can;t find a new computer
rich-c: I want dual boot but how do I drive the peripherals under DOS?
rich-c: many of them don't offer drivers any more
Guy B.: I'm going to put Win98 on the Athlon using another hard drive after I install System Commander Deluxe.
rich-c: you don't need another hard drive to do that, unlesas you're tight for space
Guy B.: Well, I'm nearly half way thorough this current hard drive. It's a 13gb, but maybe I can designate a partition just for Win98.
rich-c: I'm doing dual boot on 8.4 gig and have lots of space, but even so I see your concern as realistic
Pamela: How did you manage to use up that much memory, Guy? I have a 10 gig and ahven't used half yet!
rich-c: you haven't tried, daughter
Pamela: Oh yes we have - we had every game known to man on this thing
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Guy B.: I have a 1gig on the P133 and along with the 4.3gb and I just bought two 32mb simms for that system. So, I can reinstall Netzero on it.
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: hello everyone
Dale: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka, we've been short of Slopsemas tonight
Guy B.: Dale, finally changed my e-mail address. What about for you?
Meeka: yes i know. mom and dad are camping starting today
Pamela: brb folks, I'm going to walk Russell to the door - he says hi and good morning - he's on his way into his last midnight shift before vacation
Guy B.: Where are they at?
Meeka: not that i have noticed
rich-c: where are they, Upper Peninsula?
Meeka: no, the are at the state park in Holland
rich-c: will they stay there or do some wandering?
Meeka: stay
Meeka: they will be home on monday
rich-c: gee, that's so close it's hardly worth the effort
Pamela: some people like to stay close to home, Dad
rich-c: oh, just a little shorty then
Meeka: yup
rich-c: that's more like your trailer weekends, Pam
Meeka: i will proubly join them on saturday
Pamela: exactly. far enough away to be away, close enough to be home in an hour
rich-c: and thoroughly enjoy it, I'll bet
Dale: What's your new one Meeka?
Meeka: for doug you just change the m to a d
rich-c: that should be easy to remember
Pamela: Meeka, what was your maiden name?
Meeka: schofield
Dale: Should I remove the old one?
Meeka: yes
Meeka: please
Pamela: so is Slopsema easier or harder?
Meeka: about the same
rich-c: one letter shorter
Pamela: at least you didn't have to change your initials
Meeka: i think the hardest part was just after we got married'it was had to get used to using a different name
Dale: Should I add Doug too?
rich-c: these days you don't have to - though most women still like to brag about the catch
Meeka: please
Pamela: I can understand that. I haven't gone through that yet personally but I am still referring to my girlfriend by her maiden name sometimes and she's been married for four years
rich-c: that's OK, you'll think of her that way for 40
Pamela: yes, I probably will. It's just that when I called the bank fo rher one day, I called her Katherine Katz and no one knew who I was talking about
rich-c: I'm still trying to get over the Erna reflex
Pamela: You get used to it
Pamela: but with a name like Ernestina Katerina Katz, you can see why she wanted the change
rich-c: no doubt, but I should live so long
Meeka: i guess so
Pamela: I used it as a mantra for a while
Pamela: she went through all of high school as Erna and once she got out, started using the Anglicized version of her middle name
rich-c: well, her parents use Anglicized versions of their names
Pamela: Actually, I don't think so. Josef spells it that way, and Bronia isn't a short form for anything I don't think
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left chat session
Pamela: we seem to have lost Dale
Meeka: yup
rich-c: yes, and don't havethe undefined
Pamela: nope
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rich-c: who's the hitman took out Dale?
changed username to Dale
rich-c: ah, he's back
Meeka: he is back
Dale: I knocked myself out by accident.
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Dale: I was playing with the buttons on my browser.
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Meeka, any suggestions for picking out stitching? I am learning new swear words here
Guy B.: Howdy Ron!
Ron: Hi
rich-c: hello Ron
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Dale: I was still listening, but not listed.
rich-c: dinner late on the Left Coast tonight?
Dale: Hi Ron.
Meeka: hi Ron
Pamela: very sinister
Ron: It seems that tonight on the iMac, I am the victom of one of the following: "bus error" "illegal Instruction" "unimplemented trap"
Ron: so it's IBM to the rescue
Meeka: don't use pattern's made by dimensions
Ron: but I have a question
Guy B.: What a time for that to happen.
Ron: if the trap is unimplemented, why am I falling into it?
Pamela: good question
rich-c: "unimplemented trap" is a new one to me
Ron: It's a Mac thing
Pamela: Actually, the pattern is a charles craft but I don't like it
Ron: I seem to be devising new and imaginative ways of shooting myself in the foot
Meeka: what is it of?
rich-c: I assume illegal instruction is the same as illegal command
rich-c: just that Apple is more polite about it
Ron: to the processor, yes
Ron: yep
Dale: The pattern for Jill's new dress is a Vogue one. Pretty easy, but not overly easy.
Pamela: It's a guest towel and it's of two kitties beside a watering can full of flowers, a bird house or two and a couple of sunflowers
Pamela: the problem is, I don't like the colours it comes in and I've been procrastinating finishing it for about two years.
rich-c: takes after her old man, doesn't she?
Meeka: not liking the colors is a problem
Pamela: Now I've found another pattern, but have to pick out what I already stitched.
Ron: I am colour blind
Pamela: Did you doubt it for a second, Dad?
Ron: I think green is blue
Meeka: usually when i have that problem, i change them to ones i like
Pamela: I guess I should have but at that point I wasn't overly confident about creating my own patterns and colours
Meeka: carefully using a seam ripper is faster and less nerve racking than undoing them
Pamela: Since then I have become much braver
Meeka: they work very well.
Pamela: I am trying that now, that and the scissors - still, it's slow going and very frustrating.
Ron: Sounds like the sort of thing you only get one chance at
Dale: BRB
Meeka: not that I have to do a lot of un-doing, but if you have to..
Meeka: then why waste time
Pamela: I try not to. Plus, looking back at it now, what's already done is a mess - knots in the back, stitches that arent even
Pamela: I guess you learn as you go. My newer stuff is much nicer
Meeka: yes i have a few of those from the begining days too
Ron: silence
Pamela: practice does make perfect after all
Meeka: right
Pamela: sorry, it's hard to type and rim stitches at the same time
Pamela: that's rip
rich-c: so Ron, what's going on on the coast?
Meeka: that's ok. it is hard to put them in while you are typing too.
Ron: preparing for a barbecue here Friday night
Pamela: I haven't tried that one yet - I'm not that coordinated
Ron: The Linux Crowd and our local Community Net folk
rich-c: still into that heat wave?
Ron: weather is supposed to fall apart about then
Ron: semi heat wave
rich-c: we have finally broken our drought
Guy B.: We have beautiful weather here.
Meeka: once you get the hang of it , it is not to bad. you just end up going in spurts.
Ron: so there was rain in Toronto?
Meeka: you type for a few min then stitch, then back to typing
rich-c: we're to get piddled on Friday, so you and Meeka should get it tomorrow
Pamela: yes, we've had lot of rain over the last week and it was welcome
rich-c: I washed both vehicles and Frances washed some windows
Ron: that'll do it
Meeka: good we could use some more
Guy B.: Right on the nose Rich. We had a really big downpour this past Saturday.
Pamela: I'm typing then listening to the tech stuff while I rip
Meeka: exactly
Ron: tech stuff? - we don't got none
Ron: except for my unimplemented trap
Pamela: example: DOS, unimplemented traps, buses,
rich-c: you missed some kvething earlier
Pamela: I don't speaka the lingo
Pamela: who, me?
Ron: s'ok Pamela, I wouldn't count that against you
Guy B.: You DOS tech?
rich-c: can't find anyone to sell me a comouter
Ron: no?
Pamela: saw that, so what'd I miss?
Pamela: oh, not me
Ron: Must change channels, Wheel of Fortune I cannot abide
Guy B.: Rich, do what I did. Keep your old one with DOS and Windows and get a new one with another version of Windows on it.
Pamela: I'
rich-c: I want peripherals that will work within a DOS partition
Pamela: d like to buy a vowel . . .
Ron: :)
rich-c: I don't have room for a fourth computer
Pamela: I like the ones I figure out before anyletters go up at all
Guy B.: You have three. Adam, Amiga and your current PC, right!
rich-c: you're sharp tonight, Guy
Ron: let me get this straight. they will not sell you a computer that can run DOS?
Pamela: And he wonders why I can't take an Adam right now
Pamela: he of the three bedroom house with a basement
rich-c: they're too lazy to find stuff like video cards and modems and mice that run under DOS these days
Ron: I would not do business with a seller like that
Guy B.: I have four computers sitting side by side in my living room. I manage to find room for them. One Adam is in my bedroom.
rich-c: we don't seem to have any other kind
Pamela: Dad, I may have a suggestion - brb
Ron: sad eh?
rich-c: definitely because I want to get it while Win98/2 is still available as OEM
Ron: right
Guy B.: That's what I picked up at the computer show. I have the full version.
rich-c: also I'd prefer to have someone else do the hard disc imaging
rich-c: and most of them have never heard of Ghost or Disc Image
rich-c: sorry, Drive Image
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Ron: Only thing I noticed about the packages my brother and I were looking at around Christmas last was that they're pushing Windows ME mostly
Ron: but that was then, this is now
changed username to Ian Primus
rich-c: hello Ian
Guy B.: I have that. I used it for transfering a hard drive for a friend from work.
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hear you have your tape drive now
Ian Primus: hello, sorry I'm late
Pamela: Hi, Ian
Guy B.: Hi Ian. How's everything with you?
Ron: we willl punish you later, meanwhile, talk
Meeka: better late than not at all
Ian Primus: pretty good, I got another ADAM setup for $5
rich-c: tried the printer from Basic yet?
Ron: good....
Ron: the right price
Ian Primus: this one is expansion module #3, but the data drive is shot
Guy B.: Does the printer work?
Ron: And the printer?
rich-c: does the rst of it work?
Ron: suspense
Ian Primus: I haven't tested the printer yet
Ron: aha
rich-c: well do it! we're all holding our breath
Guy B.: Should try that out. You can use that as a go between.
Ron: exactly
rich-c: do you have the Colecovision to make it work?
Ian Primus: I can't tonight - I have my ADAM put away now, and an Atari ST where it was
Ian Primus: no I don't have a colecovision
Ron: priorities, man, priorities
Ron: :)
Guy B.: You need that to run the Expansion 3 module.
Ron: The printer plugs into the side of the ADAM portion
Ron: it should work with either
Ian Primus: yeah, I bought it for the printer/datadrive. unfortunately the datadrive in this one is gooey-wheeled too
Pamela: nice description
Guy B.: Well, that drive is kaput.
Ron: there are probably more of them around than there are Ok ones Ian
rich-c: Dr. D has sent you a replacement drive - got it yet?
Ian Primus: also, the thing is still in the original foam and everything. It's kinda neat
Ian Primus: not yet
Ron: the box original?
Pamela: Okay Dad, I found what I was looking for. Lindsay just resurrected her old computer for Barbara to use and the guy she deals with is:
Ian Primus: yeah
rich-c: oh dear, we remain in suspense yet another week
Ian Primus: ok, hold on, I'll test it
Pamela: Gordie Mazur, 3505 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Etobicoke. 416-259-5568
Ron: all right!
Dale: I'm back.
Pamela: I know it has DOS on it so he may be able to help
rich-c: Pam, send me that in an email please? I don't want to do a screen capture of the whole page
Pamela: okay
rich-c: this chat doesn't have any provision for a cut and paste
Ron: It doesn't, no
rich-c: does he have a company name, Pam?
Pamela: I don't know Dad - I just sent the info now
Dale: Jill says Hi.
Pamela: and of course, Lindsay isn't around to ask till Monday
rich-c: hello Jill
Pamela: Hi, Jill!
Meeka: hi to jill. how is she doing these days?
Guy B.: HI Jill
rich-c: yes, she hasn't left Mongolia yet, has she?
Ron: jill!
Pamela: No, but she's back in Ulaan Bataar as of today - Barbara got an email from here this morning
Pamela: sorry, her
rich-c: that's reassuring
Dale: Ever since our holiday, both Jill and I have been tired.
Pamela: she's healthy and having a good time
Dale: Jill still has lots of morning sickness, but the baby has started kicking!
Ron: That's what holidays are for. So you can get tired
rich-c: which won't show after a return flight of that length
Pamela: don't I know it.
Pamela: I plan to treat her with TLC when we pick her up
rich-c: you had better!
Meeka: brb
Pamela: ok
rich-c: by the way, complications on the truck - won'
rich-c: t be ready till Friday
Pamela: what kind?
rich-c: apparently they found some hidden damage
Guy B.: Well gang, I have to check e-mail. And I won't be abke to make it Saturday. Going in to work. So I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: Ron, I plan to use the first three days of my vacation to catch up on my sleep and the rest of it storing some
rich-c: see you then, Guy. Be good
Pamela: I had a suspicion they would find more, Dad
Meeka: ok. i'm back. had to find a manual for doug
Guy B.: At least, I'm off on Monday. Labor Day weekend.
Ron: Sounds like a plan Pamela
Pamela: Good nite, Guy - I'll be absent cos of vacation so have a good week
rich-c: you'll be needing the rst, Guy
Guy B.: Have a great vacation Pam.
Ian Primus: haha! it works!
Pamela: thanks.
Guy B.: We have a printer!!!!
rich-c: like, it prints from Smartwriter, Ian?
Ian Primus: yeah
Ron: YES!
Guy B.: Bye All!
Pamela: yee haw
Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: bye guy
rich-c: halleluleah
Pamela: you mean hallelujah, Dad?
Ron: so now all's we need is a tape drive
rich-c: so now we know the original printer was duff - but still can't figure why
Pamela: what's the other one? Oh yeah, Eureka!
rich-c: my spellchack doesnt work in chat
Pamela: obviously
Pamela: so how much more damage is ther to the truck, Dad?
Pamela: And did you get a copy of your estimate?
rich-c: Dr. D. has one on the way to him, Ron
rich-c: not much point if it doesn't hold - I'll try for the bill
Pamela: you should get a copy of the bill for warranty purposes
rich-c: quite
Ron: good
Ian Primus: I think I may end up using the case from the old one and the guts of the new one - this one is yellowed pretty bad
Pamela: what they write for the additional that they found should be put on a supplemental estimate and that should show the original work
rich-c: just swapping the shell is no big deal
Pamela: just ask Meeka
rich-c: just observe that one screwhole doesnt actually take a screw
Meeka: i can do that!!
rich-c: and remember when you're fastening into plastic not to overtighten
Ian Primus: yeah, I have taken it apart the thing enough to know ;)
Ron: Meeka is a master at taking Adam apart
Pamela: and putting it back together
rich-c: ditto - experience is the best teacher
Ian Primus: putting it back together is key
rich-c: as, considering the price you pay for it, itshould be
Ron: she can do that too
Ron: Doug wasn't doin' nothin'
Meeka: i did pretty good for the first time
Pamela: I;m just glad no one thought to pit Mom and Dad against Russell and I - we would have lost big time!
rich-c: trouble is, in a learning experience, you get the test first and lesson after
Ian Primus: heh
rich-c: oh, I was up in the room watching the Molson Indy
Ron: tell ya one thing though....whatching you guys do that made it easier for me to remove the dust from ADAM Nr. 1 here
Pamela: we were all very impressed, Meeka
Ron: and was there ever dust to remove
Pamela: are the dust bunnies taking over Ron?
Ron: yes, and they all have names
rich-c: most folks have dust bunnies - we have dust dinosaurs
Pamela: you missed a good show, Dad
Pamela: when all else fails, adopt
Ian Primus: you should have seen the inside of this old 486 server I took apart
rich-c: well, I didn't know it was coming so left my tools at home
Ron: not pretty eh Ian?
Ron: been there dun that
Pamela: what did you find, or should I say what didn't you find?
Ian Primus: well, I couldn't tell RAM from the CPU there was so much dust
rich-c: now that's dusty!
Pamela: even without the dust, I couldn't tell the difference
Ron: trying to figure out why a recently acquired Mac floppy drive wouldn't accept a disk.
Ian Primus: you couldn't tell by looking that there was, in fact, a motherboard in it
Ron: Inside I found a package of paper matches
rich-c: there's one in it already
Ron: imagine
Pamela: matches???
Ron: yup matches
Pamela: from anywhere in particular?
Ron: somebody's idea of a very bad joke
Ian Primus: I found a torx screwdriver bit inside a Mac Plus once
rich-c: that was revealing
Ron: Bino's Family Restaurants
Ron: had one here in Comox until about 2 years ago
rich-c: Ron, they were using the striking surface to clean the drive heads
Pamela: and where did the drive come from?
Ron: they they got sold
Ron: my Mac dealer
Meeka: my girllfriends kids put grilled cheese in the vcr after seeing a comercial on tv where they did that
Pamela: oh, that is NOT good
Meeka: she was not impressed
Ron: would say not
Ian Primus: why? did they forget to rewind it?
Pamela: and nobody believes that kids imitate what they see on tv
Pamela: LOL, Ian
Ron: :)
Ron: Oh Oh!
Ron: I'm down to 2 cans of Diet Coke
Pamela: I think we should start a line of the night archive
Pamela: that will never do, Ron
rich-c: oh, I thought maybe you were having an earthquake
Ron: indeed not
Pamela: I'm sure we have some somewhere, want one?
Ian Primus: line of the night?
Ron: please
Pamela: hang on, let me go check - yup. here you go {diet coke can}
Ron: 'snap'.....fizz...'? Tkanks
Pamela: Yes, the one that knocks everyone out of their seat from laughing so hard Ian
Pamela: welcome
Ron: so today my son Jeff turned 30
Ron: he hates it
Pamela: and you're the one who feels old, right?
Meeka: poor jeff
Dale created action SO/Give diet coke
Pamela: Personally, 30 was a very good year for me
(Dale gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: going to Victoria over the weekend..He's gonna be there...that's when we get the cake
Ron: thanks Dale
rich-c: I did that once, but so long ago I've forgotten what it was like
Dale: I made it as a new action.
Pamela: what, turn 30? that was pre-me.
Ron: it's going to be an 'ex-wife' cake
Pamela: what is an ex-wife cake, Ron
Ron: a birthday cake made by your ex-wife (not that you would have one of those)
rich-c: his mother is hosting the party?
Pamela: ah, gotcha
Dale: Well I'm afraid its time for me to go. Good night all.
Ron: yeah. that's it
rich-c: night Dale, and Jill - take care
Ron: go straight home Dale
Meeka: bye dale. get some sleep
Pamela: Dale, so soon? Good night for now and see you in two weeks
Ron: No stopping at the bar
Pamela: Night, Jill
Dale: Bye all.
Ron: nite Jill
Dale: Jill says good night.
Pamela: especially to get Jill drunk
Dale: poof
Pamela: sorry, especially NOt to get Jill drunk
Dale left chat session
rich-c: that's a little better
Pamela: what is?
Ron: brb
rich-c: your correction
Pamela: oh
Pamela: anyone hear from James recently?
rich-c: Pam, would Russell like a genuine Guiness glass?
Meeka: no
rich-c: james has been a bit scarece of late
Pamela: I'm sure he would Dad - I gave him some at Christmas and he can always use more
rich-c: OK, Dave L. passed a fw on to me
rich-c: and we are - guess what? - short of storage space
Pamela: that was nice of him
rich-c: he's a pretty good type
Pamela: and we're not?
Pamela: Keep them for me for now - I can always use it as another Christmas gift
rich-c: by the way, are you going to need tapes of any of the football games while you're away?
Pamela: Dunno, will ask himself in the morning and let you know
Ian Primus: see you all next week, I have to go.
Pamela: I need to get your video tape back to you too
Meeka: ok bye ian
rich-c: OK, although I think some are moving to the CBC now so you can get them at the trailer
Pamela: Good night, Ian. thanks for the giggle
rich-c: goodnight Ian, keep us informed on your progress
Ian Primus: will do rich. bye
Ian Primus: *poof*
Ian Primus left chat session
Pamela: that boy learns fast
Meeka: i had better go to. bandit is dancing around my feet to get my attention so I will let him outside. better no make him wait to long.
rich-c: he's pretty sharp, especially for one still in high school
Pamela: and I had better go and get some sleep since i have a lot of work to do tomorrow
rich-c: cleaning carpets ain't fun, so I guess it's goodnight Meeka
Meeka: bye everyone......
rich-c: right daughter - don't forget the email
Pamela: g'nite, thanks for the advice
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: it's already done, Dad - go check!
rich-c: will do soon - thanks
rich-c: and drive carefully on your excursions
Pamela: If anything interesting goes on, I will make sure you know to pass iton next week
rich-c: OK
Pamela: Dad, I will be over either tomorrow or Friday for produce
Pamela: depending on how late I leave work
rich-c: I'd forgottn - remind me about the glasses and letter opener
Pamela: BTW, I need tomatoes for Lindsay as well - have you enough?
Pamela: that was the other item we were trying to remember last week! the letter opener
rich-c: if not we likely will by Friday - small or large?
Ron: gonna have to dive off folks.
Pamela: large, dunno how she feels about the little ones
rich-c: wondering if I could slip that by you
Ron: got a querry from a 'customer' that's gonna take a few min
Pamela: slip what by me?
Ron: how to set up a modem program
rich-c: OK Ron, will you be on Saturday?
Pamela: Ron, have a good one and I'll see you in two weeks
Ron: negative Rich.....headed for Victoria
rich-c: OK, see you next week then
Ron: yup....niters all
rich-c: nite
Pamela: Wish Jeff a happy birthday for us and tell him it'll be a good year if my experience is anyting to go by
Ron left chat session
Pamela: I repeat, slip what by me Dad, the letter opener?
rich-c: we are better supplied with big tomatoes because your mother doesnt like them as well
rich-c: and yes
Pamela: sneaky Poppa
Pamela: take comfort in the fact that you weren't the only one who forgot
rich-c: getting wise to me
rich-c: anyway, time to wrap it up - I have email waiting
Pamela: Tell Mom that the x-stitch pattern is perfect for what I want
rich-c: will pass that on. goodnight now
Pamela: Okay, do you want me to phone about which day?
rich-c: sure, why not when you know?
Pamela: will do. Hugs and kisses and I'll see you soon.
rich-c: nite
Pamela: nite - poof!
Pamela left chat session
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