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Rich Drushel: Hey Herman, is that you?
hlm: Hello Rich
hlm: yes it is I
Rich Drushel: Looks like we're the only two today.
Rich Drushel: I've missed a bunch with classes starting up again.
hlm: Yea, maybe somebody will show soon
Rich Drushel: Finally caught a little break.
Rich Drushel: If you saw my E-mail to the list, I have to go at 4 PM to cut the grass.
hlm: same here been working and remodeling my house
Rich Drushel: What part are you remodelling?
hlm: Rich Clee probably gave up on the chat with no shows he is usually here
hlm: the entire downstairs... making it one large one family house
Rich Drushel: It will give you some more room (for computer setups) :-)
hlm: we got custody of our grand child so had to make room for her
Rich Drushel: How old is she?
hlm: NO office gotta stay where it is, BUT I got both systems on desk now.. still having problems with P/S
hlm: she is 2 will be 3 dec 4th
Rich Drushel: Gotta remember how to change diapers now...
Rich Drushel: Fortunately we're done with that. Gretchen is starting kindergarten Wednesday; Christina's a freshman at Heights High.
hlm: thankfully we have potty trained her already she has accidents every so often but not regularly
hlm: got about 2 years before school but wife teaches her she knows alphabet or alphabet song anyway
Rich Drushel: That's good.
hlm: seems they teach kids by song etc now
hlm: calculators even allowed in school how do you ever learn to count now
Rich Drushel: Gretchen can sing the ABC song and write her name and a few other letters, but if you ask her to write a G, she doesn't know which letter that is.
Rich Drushel: Pretty soon they'll start teaching typing in kindergarten, and nobody will know how to write anything manually.
hlm: that is normal I guess... but I will NEVER understand how they count in school I am told that they ESTIMATE while adding or something to that effect
Rich Drushel: I see this already at CWRU, unreadable writing from people who have typed most of their teenage years.
hlm: well Bill Gates took care of that... Now do they even sell writting paper now probably just printer paper
Rich Drushel: At CWRU there are computer programs that do algebra and the intro math courses are how to use those programs.
hlm: that is sad...
hlm: I had a BOOK, a piece of paper, and a pencil... and had to come up with the right answer
Rich Drushel: Some day there will be something like Hale Farm & Village where you can go and see how people used to write and add with pencil and paper.
hlm: yea and the people will be in straight jackets when they see it... like TV with out a remote the dark ages pagers and email no more visiting go to the web and do a conference
Rich Drushel: Wait 'til computer graphics gets so good that they can create a 3D teacher who looks like a real person. Then there won't be any more real teachers because they'll be too expensive.
Rich Drushel: Microsoft Math Teacher 1.0.
hlm: make her YOUNG and good looking and I will go back to school :)
Rich Drushel: Those are adult education classes :-)
hlm: graphics are pretty good... I just broke down and got a capture card I was asking you about with 32meg ram, and they looked at me like I was crazy cuz I didn't get a bigger one
hlm: heck I only got a ONE MEG video card now 32 should be 32 times better I figure
Rich Drushel: Yep, all the gamers are using 64MB VRAM or higher now.
hlm: that is just to make you stay up to date with computers
Rich Drushel: Win98 is the last MS product I will put on a PC that I own.
hlm: I am considering going backwards... I loved 2nd edition jury is still out on ME, but I am SURE I will NEVER install XP
Rich Drushel: Not since you can only install it once.
hlm: ME is on this system but I think I liked 2nd edition better than anything
Rich Drushel: Get your CDs of it before XP debuts; everything else will disappear for good then.
hlm: that is not fair.. they got scams going on now ripping of folks for passwords etc I seen it on the net somewhere somebody must of cracked Mr gates security already
Rich Drushel: The ugly rumor I have heard about XP is: they have on purpose left lots of dangerous internet ports open for abuse.
hlm: I will just do like I did berore I had a 386 for YEARS, till I got caught up in high tech
Rich Drushel: Once the abusers start abusing, MS will use this as an excuse to say, "See, these open standards are unsafe. But MS will provide a new, safe (and totally proprietary) way to do networking."
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Rich Drushel: They hope that all the corporate IT types will just buy MS.
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Rich Drushel: Your screen stopped updating? In Netscape?
HLM: see we talked about IE5.5 and it ditched me TRUTH
Rich Drushel: Chairman Bill is evil...
HLM: maybe I better be nice... my brouser shut down I had to re open it
HLM: no Big Bill
Rich Drushel: haha...
HLM: I was typing that 5.5 is way worse than 5.0 and my brouser closed on me
HLM: wonder does it have ESP in it and knew I was bad mouthing it :)
Rich Drushel: Wait till you get a Blue Screen of Death and a message to enter your credit card number or in 15 seconds it will do FORMAT /U C:
HLM: let it format.. I got it backed up on CD's even the tape was not valid... it died
Rich Drushel: I've been using Macs for day-to-day work like word processing and net.access. Nobody seems to write viruses or worms for Macs.
Rich Drushel: The only thing I haven't been able to use Macs for is my research programming; they're a bit too slow.
Rich Drushel: With my modelling programs, the faster the CPU, the more work gets done.
HLM: Mac is a better system but I never took the time to understand it
Rich Drushel: Other than that, I could probably not use PCs at all--except for COLEM and ADAMEM.
Rich Drushel: Mac OS X is throwing all the old Mac stuff out the window, though. Ron Mitchell gripes incessantly about it.
HLM: last I heard the I MAC or whatever was supposed to be the best of both worlds
Rich Drushel: I don't have any OS X machines, so I don't know for sure.
Rich Drushel: Well, the Mac is a more "closed" system. Not as much low-level info available as for PCs.
Rich Drushel: So Apple is frequently the only source for stuff; sort of a "company store" mentality.
HLM: I almost bought one thinking I would have a pure genuine MAC and CLONE in one system... maybe I was wrong
Rich Drushel: Well, maybe from an end-user standpoint.
Rich Drushel: I wouldn't recommend a Mac to be a hacker learning platform, because there's too much stuff that (by design) you can't do.
Rich Drushel: "You aren't supposed to know this, so we won't tell you."
HLM: well I don't have the programming skills as you, but from the end user, that is what I thought
HLM: or the advertisment I should say
HLM: OH where can I get a P/S for a think pad... and don't say IBM
Rich Drushel: If all you want is a graphical interface to running programs, a Mac might work for you. They seem to be more stable than Windows PCs.
Rich Drushel: Hmmm...
Rich Drushel: Is it internal or external?
HLM: external the little pan cake deal almost like the one Doug had and sold me, the Toshiba
HLM: the end is a tiny bit larger than the one I have
Rich Drushel: I take it you wanted to use the Toshiba supply for the IBM?
HLM: and I don't have a P/S to compare.. the think pad I have I never had a P/S for it
HLM: tried but no go... the pin is too small
Rich Drushel: Rats, if you knew that the specs were right, you could always put a new plug on it to fit the IBM.
HLM: think pad has a yellow circle around the pin the Toshiba has a black ring if it makes a difference
Rich Drushel: Maybe IBM has a tech specs website?
Rich Drushel: Just to ask, how much does IBM want for a replacement power supply?
HLM: maybe will check the junk bins at the next computer show first
HLM: maybe RS knows they got all kinds of different ends if voltage is the same
HLM: Never called, didn't want to be insulted
Rich Drushel: I imagine that the power supply is AC, and that all the regulator circuits are inside the laptop.
HLM: the whole laptop only cost a $100.
HLM: yes, probably so...
Rich Drushel: The Mac laptops we have in the lab, I can't remember what voltage they put out, but it's AC.
HLM: I may search the net.
Rich Drushel: Does the laptop have any power requirement specs on a sticker or on the case, etc.?
Rich Drushel: Or something which would indicate it's AC or DC (like a picture showing center pin +, which would mean DC)?
HLM: I have not really looked just had it about a week I will have to go downstairs later and check gotta take my spy glass it is probably real tiny if it is
Rich Drushel: Probably molded in black on a black case.
HLM: No I remember a silver grey label on it it may be there with the model and serial numbers
HLM: it is a older 233 pent
HLM: but newer that the 166 I got from Doug
HLM: but much better than the old black and white 286 I had
Rich Drushel: If I could ever find a cheap Pentium laptop with nice active-matrix color screen, I'd probably put ADAMem on it and use it as a portable ADAM development system.
Rich Drushel: But I only keep coming across 286 luggables...
HLM: if you have no objections to one off the "STREETS" I could probably find you one
Rich Drushel: Yeah, but how did it get to the "STREETS"?
HLM: or if I get the think pad working I will sell you the 166 P doug sold me for the same thing or less if interested
Rich Drushel: haha
HLM: but the 166 is LEGAL it came from Doug
Rich Drushel: You might be interested to know that we finally had to pitch that big B&W U-matic VCR when we moved back into our renovated lab space.
Rich Drushel: We got our broken color Sony fixed, finally, and didn't have any more room for the big one.
Rich Drushel: So, it made a loud clang as it went into the dumpster.
HLM: I know it broke your heart
Rich Drushel: Somewhere I saved the bit of video tape that was in it from when it had been "acquired". It looked like a heart catheterization.
Rich Drushel: We did use it fairly regularly at one point, when we were without grant $$$ to get the other one fixed.
Rich Drushel: Now, the people filming slugs put it straight on digital videotape.
HLM: the units are so small now I want to get a go video deck that does DVD's/CD's and VHS all in one
Rich Drushel: They probably make them, too.
HLM: seen one on one of the shopping channels
HLM: once I ever put this capture card in my system I GUESS I can put VHS on CD's
Rich Drushel: Yes. I'm not real sure about the longterm stability of CD-Rs, though.
HLM: the DVD / rw's are too expensive sitll
HLM: think they are gonna loose quality or what
Rich Drushel: We had a HD backup of a decommissioned (read: trashed) computer on CD-R. With no "mishandling" at all, it got scratched, and was unreadable.
Rich Drushel: The top surface, where the printing is on a normal CD, is just a little foil layer.
Rich Drushel: Lucky for us, I had made a local copy of the whole CD onto another HD because I needed the info, so we didn't lose the data.
HLM: then it seems that it is not readable on all systems I sometimes have problems with CD's GK done on his sysem, kinda like floppies I guess sometimes it works sometimes it don't
Rich Drushel: I really wish that magneto-optical disks had taken off...most of my research data from the last 8 years is on MO disks, and the oldest ones read and write just like new.
HLM: GK has a HP I have sanyo I think
Rich Drushel: But they cost $5 apiece instead of $0.50 for blank CD-Rs.
HLM: well it is worth it if it works
Rich Drushel: Zip and Jaz disks are notoriously unreliable, too.
HLM: I pay 30 bux for Sony Tapes 6gig
Rich Drushel: The only proven ways to store information for thousands of years are stone tablets :-)
HLM: supposidly 10 gig but I never get much more that 6
HLM: YEA RIGHT and included is the tow motor to lift them
Rich Drushel: Looking at the clock...I need to go cut the grass before supper. Joan is working, so I will have to cook.
HLM: OK nice chatting and I will remember to drop a check in your mail box for Z's dinner... When I go to Home Depot again
Rich Drushel: No hurry, I haven't even thought of it...just sent out the credit card bill which had the ADAMcon rooms on it.
Rich Drushel: The food, banner, shirts, etc. were on last months.
HLM: ok got company commig so let me get ready and will chat again
Rich Drushel: Credit rating people will like me, 'cause it was all paid on time :-)
Rich Drushel: Nice to talk to you long for today.
HLM: bye
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