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changed username to Rich Drushel
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: hi rich how's it going?
Rich Drushel: Hello was first day of school for all the girls.
Rich Drushel: So, it was very busy.
rich-c: oh boy - I'll bet that wasn't half hectic!
Rich Drushel: Right now we're waiting for a somewhat important phone call (of course it hits right now), so I have to logout 'til we get it.
rich-c: hope you'll be able to get back to your routine soon
Rich Drushel: Could you tell everyone else that I'll be back ASAP?
rich-c: 10-4
Rich Drushel: Only one phone line around here.
rich-c: ditto
Rich Drushel: 3s and 8s, we gone for now...
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changed username to Judy S
rich-c: hello judy
Judy S: Hi, Rich
rich-c: Dr.D was here earlier but had to take a phone call - he'll be back
Judy S: Bov
rich-c: how's life in Michigan?
Judy S: good, just got home again
rich-c: yes, how was teh camping?
Judy S: got quit sunburned
rich-c: all teh group or just you?
Judy S: the weather was all rightand we had a good time
Judy S: most of us did
rich-c: that helps. did you take the motorhome?
Judy S: yes and the kids were with us
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rich-c: on a small motorhome that can get pretty crowded
changed username to ROberto!
ROberto!: RICHARD!!!!!
rich-c: hi Bob
Judy S: yes it was with a baby you have so much stuff
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changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
james: morning all
rich-c: havent seen you for a few weeks
james: i was very busy during the last 3 weeks of august teaching
rich-c: think you mentioned that would be the case, come to think of it
rich-c: how the weatehr been on your side of the Pacific?
james: rainy and cool, you?
rich-c: still warm, but our drought has broken
ROberto!: Hi james!!!!!
rich-c: if Guy shows up, ask him about breaking droughts
james: a little late i would imagine though
rich-c: they had four inches in one fast fall t'other day
james: hi roberto. that rob-s?
ROberto!: yup!
ROberto!: scary ain't it???? ;-)
james: how are things?
ROberto!: and Judy S is .........guess WHO!!!! mine bride
ROberto!: things good here
Judy S: he is trying to confuse me
james: i recently acquired an ibm aptiva piece of crap. after fixing it and using it for a few weeks the motherboard died.
ROberto!: summer is starting to recedi inot cooler weather
ROberto!: recede into
james: that means a few machines inherited ram and parts and i now have a dedicated powersupply which i've modified for my adam
rich-c: I didn't know motherboards were in the habit of dying
james: it's been cooler here too. killing off the bugs which is nice.
ROberto!: wee??? all ends well
rich-c: mind you, the motherboard in my truck engine module is going fast
james: this motherboard had some issues. i took out the battery and after i put it back in, it wouldn't even post.
rich-c: sure you didn't put it in backwards?
james: anyways, the parts are far more useful to me, especially the power supply.
james: yeah, they idiot proofed it, just for me.
rich-c: surprised with so many proprietary parts you could find enough to transfer
james: nah, this was pretty standard. standard 72pin ram, a p200 overdrive processor and some other parts that i had put in and took back out.
rich-c: Pamela has an IBM with which so far she is quite happy
james: i would never ever buy a name brand machine. ever.
rich-c: oh, this one died of old age then
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changed username to Ian Primus
Ian Primus: hello all
rich-c: hi sark
james: indeed, and if it weren't dead before, it certainly is now.
Ian Primus: what's new?
Ian Primus: I got a tape drive :)
rich-c: we are discussing james's defunct motherboard
Ian Primus: ADAM or PC?
rich-c: good-o - I assume it works
rich-c: an IBM Pent200
ROberto!: hi Ian
james: having broke it in half, my guess is that there's little chance of salvaging it. :D
ROberto!: got good and mad at it eh?
rich-c: temper, temper!
Ian Primus: well, unless you have several extra days to spare and are good at soldering...
james: yup. i'd have thrown it out my window but i didn't want to damage my deck.
ROberto!: :-)
ROberto! changed username to Bob S
james: nah, this machine was taking too much of my time and was obviously never going to work.
Ian Primus: 200 boards are cheap these days. heck, I saw a P-II 450 processor for $20
rich-c: but you're right, a "white box" is much more computer for the money
james: yup. besides i have my machine here in my study room so i'm looking at getting some wireless stuff to put it on the school network.
Bob S: AND the proprietary cpu's like HP and Compaq have built in safeties dso you have to use their stuff
Bob S: and now it appears that HP and Compaq may be ONE
james: yeah and now that HP and compaq have teamed up, look out. glad i'm not on the support end of that company.
rich-c: right- and in that cutthroat a business, you don't dare be tied to anyone
rich-c: I'm still working on a new white box but will have to put it off till we have our vacation
Judy S: where are you going on vacation, Rich
rich-c: good question, Judy, but we haven't decided yet
Judy S: how is Francis?
rich-c: you know how it is with campers - which way is the wind blowing today?
rich-c: oh, she's doing fine
Judy S: yes, sometimes that is the best kind of vacation
rich-c: we got in the pears so she made her special dessert tonight
Judy S: say hi from me
rich-c: next on the agenda: the crabapples for jelly
james: how have you been ian?
Judy S: sounds very good
rich-c: yes, we have a volunteer tree behind the garage with a big crop this year
Ian Primus: fine, I got a tape drive for my ADAM
rich-c: now all you need are teh tapes
james: cool. if there's anything you need, let me know. don't know if i'd be able to help but it can't hurt to ask.
rich-c: which ones do you need most critically, Ian?
james: actually, i could probably part with a few tapes if you need some.
Bob S: have you tried the SmnartBasic tape????
Ian Primus: I have a couple - I was at a computer show, and one guy had ADAM stuff. I got some SmartBasic, Buck Rodgers, and a couple blanks
rich-c: well, at least you're launched, then
Ian Primus: I have yet to get SmartBasic to load though, I think some of the tapes might be a little flakey
Ian Primus: I got buck rogers to load though
rich-c: yes, not loading is often a symptom of that
james: i think i have an extra if you'd like it. i'll check later for you when i'm over at the school.
Bob S: There is alot of software here all mint in package,thats right never open. You have (The smart filer)organize your home with easy eletronic filing.--(letters and forms) The new way to write all your like magic...only better!---(recipe filer)---(Calc)The affordabale advanced eletronic spreadsheet)---A game called--(The best of broderbund A.E and chopelifter)--and Richard SCarrys best eletronic word book ever.---(The adam home software library).---(C/PM 2.2 and assembler)---(LOGO) The programming language that grows with you.---(expert Type) The eletronic typing teacher with a personal touch Here Is all the software I promised. Good luck !!!!! I accept paypal moneyorders. 10.00 priorty shipping
Bob S: ends on Ebay Auctions on the 9th @ 6PM
rich-c: do I detect the scent of an eBay offer?
Ian Primus: don't worry about it james, it's not worth the time and effort to send a tape all the way from japan. besides, I have five of them. I will get one to load eventually
Bob S: currently @ $10
Bob S: got the tape drive form Rich Drushel?????
Ian Primus: yeah
Ian Primus: that was what I've been talking about
Ian Primus: he even sent a copy of SmartBasic 1.x
Bob S: got it plugged in to top slot w 9pin and 3rd slot w 8pin????
Ian Primus: it doesn't load though
rich-c: sounds like the boot block may be flakey, Ian
Ian Primus: I hooked it up right, I know that
Ian Primus: that
Ian Primus: on all the tapes?
rich-c: ridge to teh back?
james: more than likely the tape although you may want to double check that the heads on your tape drive are clean.
rich-c: if Buck Rogers loads reliably, it's moe likely teh tape itself
Bob S: when you do a STORE/GET. does the tape drive show up WHEN there is a tpae in it????? (drive III)
rich-c: could try reading teh blanks though in SmartWriter
Ian Primus: I got SmartBasic 1.x to load partway, it gives me a title screen, then the tape drive spins and the screen goes wacko
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Bob S: hmmmmm
changed username to Doug Slopsema
Bob S: DOUG!!!!!
rich-c: hello Doug - just when we need a techie!
Doug Slopsema changed username to Doug S
Doug S: uh oh
Bob S: Herman Mason wants to know.......are the progeams to double your spu speed bogus or what?????
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Doug S: yep.
Bob S: cpu
changed username to Meeka
Bob S: thought so, but had to ask
rich-c: welcome Meeka
Meeka: Hello everyone
rich-c: whole family's here now
Bob S: hi kids!!!!
Doug S: you can overclock the cpu, but I have not heard of anything that will actually "double" the speed of the cpu.
Doug S: and overclocking is not recommended or supported by either AMD or Intel.
Ian Primus: well, you could put in a faster processor :)
rich-c: some of the higher-end boards make overclocking very easy
Ian Primus: and so do AMD chips
rich-c: and there are geek groups that recommend it and claim useful results
Ian Primus: I personally don't bother. The last thing I need is for my PC to heat up even more. Besides, 800mhz is plenty
rich-c: but these 2-gig days, who needs overclocking anyway?
Doug S: yes, the geeks recommend it, but official stands of AMD, Intel, and all motherboard manufacturers is that we do NOT support it. If you fry your motherboard or processor, it is NOT covered under warranty.
Bob S: but don't complain IF you break your cornputer
Judy S: Hi, Doug
rich-c: still, with most manufacturers, you're pretty much on your own anyway
Bob S: 800mhz!!!!!!!!! how about 486 75 mhz........ :-(
Meeka: way too slow ;-)
Bob S: life is TOO fast!!!!!
Judy S: Hi, Meeka
Meeka: hello mom
rich-c: in the real world, my K6-166MMX is plenty powerful
Judy S: today I stained my basket
Bob S: heck, I learned multitasking on the ADAM !!!!!!! loading a program and gettign a pop at the same time !!!!!!!
Meeka: how are you tonight?
Meeka: with what?
Bob S: stain.........dyh
Judy S: not to bad, just a little tired
Bob S: duh
Judy S: spent two hours ironing today
Judy S: how about you?
Ian Primus: The only reason I have such a powerful computer is because I play video games. actually I spend more time on my Atari than with the PC games sometimes, but that's beside the point
Meeka: oh, i see it was on pourpose
Bob S: tough life eh??????? two hours of work......................
Meeka: I thought you ment that something spilled on it
Meeka: laundry and mowing the yard
Bob S: mom say "just a minute" cappacino water is hot!
Bob S: it SUCKS to have to work!!!!!!
Bob S: Doug, got the mini winnie drivers
Bob S: and Herman's desire to help out via phone IF he can remember.;........
Doug S: hehe about time.
Judy S: yes, did it on purpose and it turned out great
Meeka: i'm glad you liked it
Judy S: Dad sprayed on finish tonight, you will have to see it
rich-c: cappachino, yet. what's the matter with plain coffee?
Judy S: that is too plain
Judy S: need to have a little zip
Bob S: oh, RASPBERRY MOCHA cappacino this weekend at the beach........AWSOME
Meeka: now exotic flavors
Bob S: si senorita
rich-c: little shot of Bushmill'sin it will do that
Bob S: hmmmm, what'
Bob S: s Bushmills?????
Judy S: ask Bob he is hooked on them ttoo
rich-c: Irish
Bob S: AH SO!!!!!
Judy S: we are out of whiskey
rich-c: I believe a shot of Bailey's will do in a pinch
Bob S: spoken like a true alcoholic, eh?
Judy S: that might be better than this
rich-c: I wouldn't know - I'm pretty much a wino
Judy S: yes, we will drink no wine until its time is it time yet
rich-c: nope, only on weekends or vacations
rich-c: and of course significant celebratory occasions
Judy S: that works
Judy S: we make up reasons
rich-c: very well - but then you know that
Bob S: well back to computer stuff
rich-c: Dr. D. must bo on a long phone call - he was here earlier but had to leave
rich-c: OK, how about a volunteer to take on the Saturday chat for a while?
Bob S: got any ideas for a banner for the next convention
rich-c: dont all answer at once
james: i'd do it but since that's sunday at 4 a.m. here...good luck.
Bob S: heck I can't even find or remember to get on!!!!
rich-c: think of what Grand Rapids is famous for
Judy S: not much
Bob S: wino''s.........
Bob S: ADAMcon 09
rich-c: drivers who dent your fenders when you park...
Bob S: naw, not here
rich-c: yep, when we went to see the Frank Lloyd Wright house, can out to find the ding
Judy S: that would be anywhere
rich-c: came
Bob S: how about a pic of the Buddy Taxi of children's story fame with a dented fender
Bob S: send the city a bill!!!!!!
rich-c: they didn't have a Buddy Taxi story in our child-raising time
Bob S: well, you missed out on a god storybook
Bob S: good
rich-c: oh, even in my time we had good kids books
rich-c: and Pamela got spoikled rotten
Bob S: that WAS a good storybook
Judy S: speaking of Pam where is she?
Bob S: james, how's the wife doing???????
rich-c: by the way, Pamela is on vacation and out of town today
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james: not too bad, we've been making regular checkup visits and we got another ultrasound picture yesterday
Bob S: well shees, can't depend on anything lately
changed username to Ron
Bob S: AND?????
rich-c: she was supposed to pick up sister-in-law in Buffalo very late Monday night
Ron: The Late Ronald
Judy S: hi, Ron
Bob S: ]lloks just like a baby right???? NOT
Bob S: senor Ron!!!!!!
Bob S: Judy was asking when she is due????
rich-c: greetings, Ron
Ron: greetings from west
james: march 27th is the day we were given.
james: hi ron!
Ron: Hi all!
Bob S: thought is was Dec.........WRONG!!!!
Judy S: how is Ron?
Ron: well, thanks. Losing no weight, but hey!
james: no, december would be far too early!
Judy S: me either!!!!
Ron: got something to do with cookies
rich-c: wonder how Jillian is doing - notice they aren't here tonight
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changed username to Geoff
james: ron, you been eating cookies again?
Judy S: yes , I was just eatting them
rich-c: well, Ron, just set your browser to reject them automaticallly
Bob S: good to see you Geoff
Ron: not that kind of cookies
Geoff: Hey hey hey everybody! :)
rich-c: Hello Geoff!
Ron: Hi Geoff
Geoff: How is everyone doing?
Ron: waiting to win my million Geoff
Judy S: got so hungry for them the other night at 9:30 started baking
rich-c: pretty happy - either just from or going into vacations
Ron: They say you shouldn't shop when you're hungry. Imagine same goes for baking eh?
Geoff: Ron: Well, when you win, just remember us little people. ;)
rich-c: you two playing a local lotto or national?
Ron: true Geoff. We will build a great gleaming ADAM building
rich-c: in Toronto
Ron: would have to be in the heart of things
rich-c: see above
Judy S: that is pr;obably true
Ron: I see Tiger Woods thoroughly trounced our Prime Minister at golf
rich-c: geographically, lower Indiana might be technically better
Ron: we will get Bob S. to build us one
rich-c: I think he might even give you a hard time, Ron
rich-c: the Prime Minister, that is
Ron: :)
Ron: he shot a 95
Ron: which is about 12 strokes under anything I could do ...... on a good day
rich-c: who was doing teh counting?
Ron: Paul Martin
rich-c: then he probably really did an 87
Ron: :)
rich-c: there is little love lost there
Geoff: On a good game of golf I'd do about 130, which is probably why I don't like to keep score. :)
rich-c: anyone know where Guy is tonight?
Ron: you and I would get along real good Geoff
Geoff: heheheh
Ron: Think he said something about having to work overtime Rich
rich-c: I know that's it on Saturdays, but weeknights too?
Bob S: no, he said something about not being here on Saturdays for awhile
Ron: yes, come to think of it
Ron: you are right.
Ron: Is Doug awake?
Bob S: what a GUY!!!!
rich-c: well, I'll be awfully scarce on Saturdays the next 8 - 10 weeks
Bob S: talked to Bob Bair and he had l hoped to be here by tonight
Bob S: guess not!
Ron: nope
Ron: What's Doug's e-mail
Judy S: how long are you going to be gone ;on vacation?
Bob S: race season
rich-c: joe blenkle asked me for teh url - I sent it but dont see him
rich-c: don't know when we're going - back late in October
rich-c: that's becasue teh campgrounds all close last week in October
Judy S: she is still here
Ron: ok tks
Bob S: thru late Oct,.......only about 6-7 weeks.......
rich-c: well, there is prep to do before going, and reorganization when I come back
Bob S: ok then
Ron: wither goest thou my son?
rich-c: and various other demands, of course...
Bob S: not if you go far enough south
Bob S: on "walkabout"
rich-c: if we go that far south, Bob, then we have no stopping places on the way home
Bob S: walmart parking lots
Judy S: we are part way
rich-c: but we haven't decided on a destination yet, if there will be one
rich-c: we have toyed with the idea of a Frank Lloyd Wright trip
Judy S: you are welcome to stop
Ron: sounds like my kinda trip
rich-c: maybe over to Wisconsin, then darkest Illinois
Bob S: lessee........on day to Toronto from here.........Kentucky one day from here........
Bob S: that is a problem if you go late then
Geoff: Frank Lloyd Wright, eh?
Geoff: I think he built a place somewhere in Alabama around here...
Ron: Lord. I don't know nuthin. Who is Frank Lloyd Wright?
rich-c: yes, Frances is a passionate fan, I just kinda like him
Bob S: a very ...shall we say......unconventional architect from about 1920-1950 (??)
rich-c: arguably teh best American architect of the 20th century
Bob S: built flat roof housed squared out, etc
Ron: thank you
rich-c: think Johnson Wax building in Racine
Ron: will have to look him up
rich-c: Taliesin, and Taliesin West
Bob S: had a plan for a 20 sstory floating office building in Chicago
Bob S: that never materialized
rich-c: very fine Unitarian church in Chicago
rich-c: Falling Water
rich-c: Marin County Courthopuse
Geoff: Yep, I was right... one in Florence... 'bout 1.5 hrs west of here.
Geoff: "Oldest Wright house in the US to occupied by its original owners."
rich-c: I'll be darned - Alabama has an FLW house?
rich-c: Hey, dynamite
Geoff: Yep... I thought I remembered seeing something about it on TV.
Ron: Ya larn somethin' knew ever day
rich-c: gotta get down to 'bama one of these days and take a look in
rich-c: right, on the PBS website - will take a look
Geoff: Pretty cool stuff. :)
rich-c: FLW was pretty cool anyway, in my book
Ron: good now I can go read all about flw
rich-c: wish I could afford to stay in the hotel he did in Phoenix, AZ
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changed username to Rich Drushel
rich-c: welcome back Rich
Geoff: Hey Rich! :)
Rich Drushel: Here at last call received and processed.
Rich Drushel: Howdy Geoff...and Ian, did you get my package?
Ron: Hi Rich D.
Judy S: hi, Rich
Meeka: hello rich
Rich Drushel: Judy, you're not usually here :-)
Judy S: how is the family?
rich-c: Geoff, didn't you have a question about SmartBasic 1.x?
Judy S: we are now a network
Geoff: No, I had a question about ADAMNet protocols.
rich-c: Now you can get the answer from the source
Rich Drushel: Haha, a Slopsema invasion :-)
rich-c: right - same thing in this case
Judy S: isn't that something?
Rich Drushel: Family: today was first day of school for everyone.
Meeka: yes doug is even making an appearence tonight
Rich Drushel: Gretchen finally went off to kindergarten.
Ron: but he's asleep
Rich Drushel: Hectic day for all...Christina started high school, too.
Bob S: last one off to daycare, eh?
Judy S: how did that feel?
Rich Drushel: Last one *out* of daycare, you mean, Bob.
Judy S: does that make you feel old?
Bob S: no I meant school "daycre"
Rich Drushel: I feel old.
Rich Drushel: School daycare, haha.
Bob S: bummer ain't it??????
rich-c: you'll get over it, when the last teenager hits 20
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Judy S: but, Doug isn't saying much
changed username to Geoff
Geoff: whoops!
Rich Drushel: Yeah, Joan and I whooped it up, we went to Baker's Square for lunch to celebrate :-)
Bob S: geoff is TWINS
Rich Drushel: ADAM in stereo, at last.
Bob S: tone it down Rich, it is not THAT good
Meeka: i can't help tht ;-)
Ron: will the real Geoff please stand up
Geoff: <stands up>
Geoff: that's wierd.
Rich Drushel: Well, we did have lunch...then I went back to work.
Ron: an alter ego
(Bob S gives Ron a can of Diet Coke.)
Ron: if you look in the mirror there's 4 of you
Bob S requested to ban Geoff
james confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Bob S: Geoff stil here?????
Doug S confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: Our surfeit of Geoffs is now pruned.
Ron: tks Bob. nice
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Geoff
Ron: nope.... still two geoff's
Geoff: I think I'm a clone now.
rich-c: gues we got him twice
Rich Drushel: I guess it's the internet echo.
Geoff: I closed the window that spawned this application...
Ron: scary to meet yourself in cyberspace
Bob S requested to ban Geoff
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: So Geoff, about ADAMnet...what do you want to know (aside from everything)? :-)
moved to room Meeting Place
Doug S confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Geoff2
Bob S: heis prolific!!!!!!
rich-c: whoops! I think we have to explain removals to Geoff
james confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: Ian, are you still with us?
Bob S: who's undefined??????
rich-c: no one now, unless all that's left of Geoff is a ghost
Rich Drushel: Zork: I see no undefined here.
Bob S: had 2 undefined on thre acreen but none on the right user section
Meeka: me too
rich-c: I think that was just Geoff eliminating his twin
Bob S: velly strange, I say...........
Bob S: must be an ibm thingy
rich-c: not sure he realized someone else was doing that for him
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Geoff
Rich Drushel: Guess we need Mr. Moto to sort out the mystery.
rich-c: just explain how we get rid of twins
Geoff: I'm beginning to think you guys are antisocial. ;)
Ron: don't take it personally Geoff
Rich Drushel: I guess the zombie Geoff can't be killed.
rich-c: no, all you have to do is let us eliminate your twin
Judy S: we have to manny of you
Rich Drushel: So, just let the zombie be.
Judy S: coming and going
Ron: unless he starts talking
Geoff: How are you going to eliminate the twin?
rich-c: rich, I am getting a huge number of probes at my computer tonight
Ron: Is this one of these 'Matter-anti matter' things?
Rich Drushel: So Ron, did you solve your SB1.x serial port problem? Did I remember the boot block info correctly?
Rich Drushel: No, not SB1.x, ADAMserve, sorry.
rich-c: geoff, there's a provision in extras to remove someone
Ron: Haven't done it yet Rich. been a busy week here. Hoping to get it done tonite
rich-c: just ask Ron or Bob or someone to remove the twin
Rich Drushel: You did still have an SB1.x problem, though, IIRC...I need to write a RAM dump program for you.
Rich Drushel: In assembler.
Rich Drushel: To be POKEd in.
Ron: yep. That's the one running on my IDE
Bob S: let's just leave Geoff's twin wo he doesn't get dumped
rich-c: right, isn't doing any damage
Ron: The other version I'm going to try on the older ADAM with the MIB2 on it
Ron: that's the one I needed to change the boot for
rich-c: rich, any progress on getting those Adam schematics scanned and copied?
Ian Primus confirmed ban
Ian Primus confirmed ban
Rich Drushel: No (blushes).
Ron: tempus fugit
rich-c: the (Adam) world awaits...
Ian Primus: hello Rich Drushel - sorry, I was AFK
Geoff: I've got a rather poor copy of ADAM schematics.
Rich Drushel: No prob, Ian...did my package arrive?
Bob S: afk......awfully freaking kooky???????
Geoff: mostly legible, but they take a bit of interpretation. ;)
Ian Primus: yeah, I got the tape drive installed, but I can't get it to load SmartBasic 1.x
Rich Drushel: No!!! I made that tape from that very drive!!!!
Rich Drushel: Argh.
Rich Drushel: What does it do?
Ron: that's tapes for ya
Ron: been there, done that
Ian Primus: it loads the title screen, then the tape spins, the screen goes wacko, and the tape stopr
Ian Primus: stops too
Rich Drushel: The new blank one was okay, wasn't it?
Geoff: Maybe there's something wrong with the tape 6801 controller.
Ian Primus: I haven't tried it yet
rich-c: if there were, you'd have trouble with Buck Rogers too
Ron: and it worked fine in Cleveland Heights eh?
Ian Primus: yeah, buck rogers loads
rich-c: does it run till it beats you?
Geoff: nevermind then. :)
Rich Drushel: It sure did work...blast.
Bob S: is Smart Basic 1.x looking for a disk drive????
Rich Drushel: No, I reset all the defaults on his tape to be a tape-based system with no disk drives.
Ian Primus: I tried loading the normal smartbasic tape I have, but I can't get it to load either
Ron: Betcha it's looking for a HELLO file on a disk drive that isn't there
rich-c: or does it require a memory expander?
Rich Drushel: No XRAM required.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Rich Drushel: Well, I will have to make another tape for you.
Ron: but that doesn't explain the "BfTZPLK" stuff
Guy B.: Ok, I'm here.
Bob S: welll about time Guyu!!!!!!
rich-c: hey Guy, you're late
Bob S: we3lcome welcome
rich-c: have to wade home tonight?
Ron: Mr Bona I presume!
Guy B.: I was out to dinner.
Ian Primus: I'll keep trying - maybe I need to clean the heads?
Ron: eating? dinner? made you late for the chat???? :)
rich-c: cant hurt
Bob S: ah ha!!!! out enjoyin yourself at our expense eh?????
Ron: me too
Rich Drushel: The drive and the tape ought to have been a matched set, as the tape image was written in that exact drive, block copied from a disk master.
rich-c: if you're this late I bet you weren't eating alone
Ian Primus: I'll try that when I get time, I do it frequently on my cassette and reel to reel decks, so I know what I'm doing
Ron: so much for my HELLO file theory
Guy B.: Bob, you won't believe this. Corecomm will not cancel me until November 4th and they charged me the old rates for the next three months.
Bob S: Richard, don't pry///////
Rich Drushel: Sigh. That's why I used the drive I sent you to make the tape, in principle to avoid this very problem.
Bob S: WHY the hecknot!!!!!
Bob S: they sure cancelled me a week early toot
Ian Primus: well, it's not your fault. for all we know the box was stuck next to a carton of magnets on the way here
Ron: Yes, Guy, I can believe that. Seems like ISP's have procedures like that
Rich Drushel: Well, what I ought to do is write you a regular SmartBASIC program that you could use to test the SB1.x tape.
Guy B.: They said the current billing cycle. I'm on the quarterly payment plan.
Bob S: well shebang!!!!!!
Bob S: I was moth to month
Rich Drushel: This would have a bunch of POKEs to put in a short Z80 machine code program to do the tape reads.
Ron: same here...they didn't hassle me. But a couple of other people got told..... "you can't quit....we got your money"
Guy B.: If I have no choice, then I'll just use it for the Oil Change subscription I have with McAfee.
Rich Drushel: Have it try to read every block, and then identify which blocks it thought were bad.
Bob S: BUT,. my home page is still up
Rich Drushel: Ian, you could try a bit of isopropyl alcohol on the tape head...but I doubt that this is the problem.
Guy B.: I took my webpages off and have them on Geocities.Com.
rich-c: doesn't one of the copy programs have a block check module?
Rich Drushel: Too bad it's the SB1.x tape that's bad...I made new commands BLREAD and BLWRITE to do raw disk/tape block reads and writes without a POKEd machine code routine.
Guy B.: Rich C, I have System Commander installed on the Athlon. Next up will be Windows 98.
Bob S: I gotta find a spot, prolly going to put them up on Doug's wesite at
Rich Drushel: Oh there are lots of PD programs to check blocks, but Ian doesn't have any of them.
Ron: I've seen tapes refuse to perform on a drive other than the one where they were written, but that's not the case here
Guy B.: Ian has another problem with his Adam?
rich-c: Guy, I have to postpone my activities till after our annual trip
rich-c: too much to do between now and teh time we leave
Rich Drushel: Well at least the drive is working for your SmartBASIC and Buck Rogers tapes, right?
Guy B.: Oh yes, you take that next month.
Bob S: new tape drive won't work with wome tapes
Rich Drushel: So you can at least use your ADAM for something other than SmartWriter.
Guy B.: Which tapes?
rich-c: did you check the speed on the drive, Rich?
Guy B.: That answers that question.
Rich Drushel: I sent Ian an SB1.x tape along with his replacement tape drive, said tape created in that very drive before it was boxed and shipped.
Rich Drushel: And of course the tape didn't work when it was received.
Ron: It has been my experience that data packs don't ship well
Rich Drushel: No, I didn't do any tape speed check software on the drive...but it was one which never gave problems before.
rich-c: a speed problem could explain his trouble with the SB 1.0 tapes though
Ron: Kinda the luck of the draw
Rich Drushel: Actually, the drive in question was in one of the 2 machines used for the ADAM disassembly/reassembly contest at ADAMcon XIII.
Rich Drushel: And you all saw that both drives worked there :-)
Bob S: does Buck rogers require drive #1 location Rich D???????
rich-c: well, once when I had drives out of sync neither could read tapes made in the other
Ron: Aha! Blame it on Doug and Meeka
Ron: or Bob and Judy
Meeka: it could have been mom and dad
Bob S: nope, doug & Meeka
Rich Drushel: Hmmm, I think it does, haven't played BR for so long, let alone in a dual-drive system...
Ron: :)
Meeka: mom and dad!!!!1
Rich Drushel: BTW, in case anyone wondered, Herman showed up Saturday to talk to me, so we talked. He seems okay. Remodelling his house; he and Zandra got custody of their granddaughter, so she's moved in with them.
Bob S: IF IT does not, I keep coming back to possible drive 2 plug in instead of drive 1
Judy S: leave me out ;of this, had nothing to do with it
Bob S: that's GREAT
rich-c: yes, it's so easy to get the pins misaligned on plug 2, too
Rich Drushel: The decision of the judge was final: the Slopsemas won the contest.
Rich Drushel: Leave it at that and be happy that everyone got a nice prize :-)
Rich Drushel: ANd I'm satisfied that no Slopsemas broke my ADAMs.
Rich Drushel: Pbbbtttt!
Meeka: works for me ;-)
Ron: And the judge made that decision in professional fashion
Bob S: BUT if......the drive was plugged inot drive 2 postion and ian duplicated it.........then SB1.x looking for drive 1........
Ron: could be that Bob
Ron: but on the other hand......
Ron: I had warts
Bob S: could be aLIENS....OR MURPHY
Judy S: or both
Ron: General Failure
Bob S: or cap locks
Rich Drushel: I believe that SB1.x just uses whatever drive was the boot drive as default for looking for its components.
Ron: ok. So unlike Vanilla SmartBasic, it would not have to be patched to look on the datapack for a Hello
Rich Drushel: Want to hear some soccer (that's football for you English types) humor that had me ROTFL today, and me not a soccer player?
Bob S: well it should, there is no bigger pain in the a## than having a program go looking for a HELLO program somewhere where you don't got i
Ron: Go
rich-c: ga
Bob S: go man
Rich Drushel: Okay...a few years ago, Germany beats England in some big football match.
Rich Drushel: English fans are distraught.
Rich Drushel: BBC commentator says,
Rich Drushel: "While it's true that today the Germans have beaten us at our national sport,
Rich Drushel: "Remember that, twice this century, we've beaten the Germans at *their* national sport."
Bob S: loh.....dat's bad!!!!!!!! but good......
Ron: ohhhhhhh!!!!
rich-c: sounds very credibly BBC
Guy B.: That's good.
Rich Drushel: Where I saw it, I believe it's true, but it could be urban legend...funny as heck anyways.
rich-c: bet it isn't a joke but a true story
Guy B.: Well gang, sorry that I was late. Saturday, Abby goes to the vet in the afternoon, so I might noy be there. So I'll see you all next week.
Rich Drushel: Maybe it will help fans keep the games in perspective, and not riot.
Ron: be good Guy
Bob S: going so soon?????
Rich Drushel: And I ought to be going as day started before 5:00 AM today.
Guy B.: I should be on time next week, Ok!
rich-c: Guy, I'm unlikely any Saturdays for 8 - 10 weeks. You care to open things?
Ron: yeah, I keep thinking hockey fans are bad until I hear about soccer fans
Meeka: see ya Guy
rich-c: meantime see you Guy
Ron: Hell, mine didn't end till then
Guy B.: That I noticed, Rich D. has been leaving messages.
Rich Drushel: So long Guy...and so long to the rest of you.
Ron: will let you know about the patch Rich D.
Guy B.: Ok, gang see you all next week.
Guy B. left chat session
Bob S: be good guys
Rich Drushel: Starbase Cleveland closing hailing frequencies.
rich-c: nite Rich
Rich Drushel left chat session
Doug S left chat session
Bob S: the latest two are the first two to heaD TO BED........
Bob S: darn cap lock
Ron: well, when you're 3 hours behind
Ron: or is that ahead
Ron: Where the hell am I?
Bob S: out west
Bob S: WAY out west
rich-c: well, with us old folk, the time we get up in the morning reflects the time we go to bed in the morning
Ron: ok then I'm behind you
Ron: still like what Jean Stone said....
Ron: difficult to soar with the eagles in the day when you've been hooting with the owls all night
rich-c: WHOOOOO!
Bob S: yes, and she hasn't showed up lately either
Ron: she knows where we are eh?
rich-c: asctually, I have to get up a bit early to take the truck in tomorrow
Bob S: yes
Ron: in where?
rich-c: because I have to take the car in in the afternoon
Ron: so they'll both be 'in'
Bob S: she made convention after 2 phone calls to get her straight, she was going to put it in favorites so she had it
rich-c: for service - the engine control module has gone wonky
Ron: that leaves you with no vehicles 'out'
Ron: I'm being silly
Bob S: they're out, they
Bob S: are in, they are BUSTED
rich-c: well, I'll have the truck out before I take the car in
Ron: exactly Bob
rich-c: well, not busted, but a bit bent, one might say
Ron: mine gives me a 'check engine' light when climbing hills
Bob S: yavool
Ron: garage says it's an oxygen sensor
rich-c: although the metal part of bent has already been dealt with
Bob S: mine doews that any time it wants too and then goes out
Ron: must get it fixed
Judy S: that would be mine
Ron: yeah, same here which is why I haven't got to it yet
rich-c: yes, oxygen sensors need renewal at regular intervals
Bob S: must be Murphy
Ron: this is a solid gold oxygen sensor
Judy S: just did can't afford to have that much done again
Ron: $199. plus labour
Bob S: give me a car that just runs
Ron: so double that
rich-c: oh, I thought they were platinum - you must have a cheap one
Bob S: or is it 2 of them??????
Ron: I dunno....could be
Bob S: ours has 2 I guess
Bob S: at about $75 US apop
Judy S: Good night all
Ron: Alls is that the engine is in sideways
Bob S: FORD has a "better" idea
Ron: Found On Road DEAD
rich-c: goodnight Judy - ditto from Frances
Bob S: cute Ron
Ron: nite Judy. Go straight home now
Judy S left chat session
rich-c: I have a GMC - Garage Manager's Companiion
Bob S: yea, no stoppin at the bar
Meeka: ok, gotta go. Bandit is getting quite insistant about wanting to go outside. see you all next week
Ron: ha Rich
Bob S: bye
rich-c: See you Meeka - Wednesdays I can make
Bob S: james, you still awake??????
Ron: well what Bandit wants, Bandit gets
Meeka left chat session
Bob S: or you get a wet floor
Ron: true
Ron: So I'm off to patch my old ADAM
Ron: and maybe then it will talk to the 3886
Ron: 386
Bob S: got grandious ideas for next convention Ronald
Bob S: got stuff from Bob Blair in Fl
Ron: creating a networked intelligence
james: sorry to lurk for an hour - where will the next convention be?
Ron: ok...tell me more
Geoff: I just LOVE doing laundry. :)
Bob S: Michigan, just west of Toronto
rich-c: BobS is hosting - southwest Michigan
Ron: Grand Rapids MI
Bob S: one and only EOS hd unit,
Bob S: mini winnie card
Ron: hey!
Ron: Cool
Bob S: some ide hd cards parts
Bob S: sasy he has more to send, we'll see
Ron: Mr. Blair has our thanks and appreciation
rich-c: we shall be very eager to see
Bob S: how many sysstems wan I set up with all the variations for the ADAM
Ron: a veritable museum of ADAMania
Bob S: si senor
rich-c: a true contribution to civilization
Bob S: got the disks from GK to boot the mini winnie, see if they work
rich-c: the lasst reserve of sanity in a mad world
Ron: you got that right Rich
Bob S: learned the hard way about desoldering Z80's
Geoff: Well, I'm off... night everyone.
Bob S: see ya Geoff
rich-c: night Geoff, great to have you aboard
Ron: stay well Geoff
Bob S: but it was interesting
Geoff: you too... don't stay up too late. ;) over and out.
Geoff left chat session
Bob S: maybe doug will come on Sat and we can have a wack at trying it
Ron: :)
Ron: James - did you get the HD working?
Ron: some time back I think
james: awhile ago i think. haven't played with my adam for awhile.
rich-c: getting to be time for me to check out too
Ron: good.
james: that will change as i now have a dedicated powersupply (modified for adam use). all i need is a dedicated monitor and i can leave it set up
Ron: take care all....stay sober
james: and tinker as i feel.
rich-c: so goodnight all, see you next Wednesday
Bob S: isn't that a bummer, real life gets in the wya of playhing with ADAM
Ron: must get over to your site and read about that. Think I might have a need for it here
james: yeah, but what can ya do, eh?
Ron: right Bob
rich-c: colour me gone
Bob S: ok richard
rich-c left chat session
Bob S: be good
james: think you'll find it interesting. it's quite easy too.
Ron: brought a floppy drive back from ADAMCon, and it needs a power supply
Bob S: well kids, it just us and us is going to get one fewer as I totter off to bed!
Bob S: email Howard about h ps
Ron: ok Bob. see ya next when we see ya next
Bob S: hokay!!!!
Ron: that would be the thing to do all right
Ron: niters
james: hmm. never done that. i have a powersupply i raped from a dead ibm aptiva. 100 watts or so. powers the adam and hd nicely.
james: could look at the disk drive stuff for you. what kind of drive is it? coleco or mi?
Bob S: ron IF you get any interesting emails of the ADAM list, forward them to me will ya???? lost my isp and Dale hasn't switched me over yet
Ron: you got it Bob
Ron: James, this floppy was one I left with Howard
Bob S:
Bob S: see ya's!!!!!
Bob S left chat session
Ron: Pines several ADAMCONs ago. He sent it back fixed to Cleveland with PJ Herrington. But no power supply with it
Ron: It was a separate unit with a 9 pin the ADAM printer
Ron: plug, I mean
james: hmm..
Ron: so I'm not sure what voltages it requires, but must be some combo of 12 and 5 (plus/minus)
james: that would be my guess. i was thrilled to get my adam working with a standard pc supply. was fun tinkering too.
james: so you don't know what kind of drive it is though?
Ron: oh yeah, that's an achievement
Ron: No, but I can find out
Ron: haven't taken the case off yet
Ron: roundtuits, you know
james: there's nothing on the case?
james: yeah, i've got a pile of roundtuits :D
Ron: Might try Bob's suggestion and see if Howard still has the power supply lying around
james: that would be the easiest solution.
Ron: and also last Wednesday, Scott Gordon was here, and he says he has a basement full of power supplies for those drives
Ron: so sooner or later we'll get it working
Ron: nope..... Mark Gordon was not a great labeller of equipment
james: where i am, the pc powersupply and a little basic knowledge is nice to have!
Ron: fer sure
Ron: anyway sir, must away
Ron: good talkin at ya
james: yeah, i need to do lunch and the other morning stuff.
james: cheers!
james: *poof*
Ron: take care
james left chat session
Ron left chat session
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