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rich-c: test
(S enjoys the flowers.)
(rich-c winks)
rich-c: refresh
rich-c: refresh
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rich-c: refresh
changed username to WB
rich-c: hi willie
WB: Hi rich
rich-c: bout time someone showed up - I was about to leave
WB: Where is everyone?
rich-c: good question - just sent an email to the list asking that
rich-c: dont even have my daughter on and she said last night she'd be here
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changed username to HLM
WB: Unfortunately, I cannot stay long! My class is taking a break right now. I wanted to say hello to everyone.
rich-c: hello Herman, glad to see you back in action
HLM: Where is everyone hey well we are here where are You Rich.... Hello
WB: Hello Herman
rich-c: gather you got my email, Herman
HLM: hello To you
rich-c: it was good of you to respond
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HLM: What Email I don't read email Yes. sir that is what reminded me and headed me this way
WB: You don't know me. My name is Willie Burnside
changed username to Guy B.
WB: Hello Guy B
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late
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HLM: It is like I know you all along if you know Rich-c then we know you :)
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka!
Meeka: Hello
Guy B.: I'm still on overtime Rich, so I will be late getting on.
WB: Hello Meeka
HLM: Hello Guy and Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
rich-c: still on overtime, Guy?
rich-c: seems like inefficient personnel management to me
Guy B.: At least through October.
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rich-c: wow, at that rate they should be taking on more staff
changed username to ned>
ned>: ob
WB: I have to go right now. Will try to be back at 9:10 CST
WB left chat session
rich-c: hello ned, whoever you may be
Guy B.: Will be here Willie.
ned>: heyn dudes1111
rich-c: look for you then, Willie
HLM: gotta pay more benifits then cheaper to pay overtime than more medical, and more vacation and all that good stuff
ned> changed username to BobSlopsema
rich-c: true Herman but o/t has its costs too
Guy B.: Well, my company has added a pre-tax transportation benefit.
rich-c: though it depends on the strength of the union, and the local laws
rich-c: aha - Bobn has loined us - hi
Guy B.: Hi Bob!
HLM: if it is short term it works but over a long period of time yes it is cheaper to hire some help
rich-c: right, that's why I was wondering when Guy seems on for so long
HLM: hey ned is gone and bob is here :)
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rich-c: Bob types better, but not much
changed username to Pamela>
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela>: That's saying something
Pamela>: hi
Guy B.: Hey, there she is. Hi Pam
HLM: Hi Pamela
Pamela>: sorry about the delay, family meeting
Meeka: Hello Pma
BobSlopsema: Hi pam
Meeka: oops that is Pam
BobSlopsema: and the rest of ya
Pamela>: Hi, Herman - long time no talk!
Pamela>: So, what did I miss?
HLM: yea, I just got my freedom almost done working on house
Pamela>: What kind of work?
rich-c: not much - I had to send out a call to get anyone to turn up
HLM: expanding from second floor to first and second floor
rich-c: were you renting out the first floor or something?
Meeka: sorry Rich I had to wait for my pie to get out of the oven before I could get on ;-)
Pamela>: Lotta work Herman. Dad, I imagine a lot of people are still glued to their TV sets
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rich-c: judging by the 6 p.m. news there isn't much that's new
HLM: No my sister lived there and she passed in May took me this long to get a burst of energy and get started
Pamela>: still, it'
Pamela>: s pretty riveting
changed username to abrasiv1
BobSlopsema: kinda sucks too.......
Pamela>: oh yeah
BobSlopsema: go get the suckers!!!!!
rich-c: now who could abrasiv1 be?
HLM: that is what I wanted to say Rich it is informative BUT repetitive now I guess
Guy B.: Looks like we have a newcomer?
Pamela>: is that a clue or a newbie?
abrasiv1: i am an adam owner
rich-c: hope it's a nwebie, it's so great to have them join us
Pamela>: What kind of pie, Meeka?
Meeka: peach
rich-c: then you've come to teh right place
Guy B.: You are!
HLM: start dipping the icecream I am headed that way
Pamela>: Me too
Pamela> changed username to Pamela
Meeka: ok Herman. got plenty of that too
rich-c: whre are you from, ab!?
abrasiv1: i have vanilla ice cream in front of me
Pamela: I am starting to like the sound of the cuisine of the collective Slopsema households
HLM: OH BOY now I gotta track you down
rich-c: me, I prefer Presidetn's Choice Beyond Decadence
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changed username to <undefined>
Pamela: Bob, where is Judy this fine evening?
HLM: here we go again a Canidian Brand...
<undefined> left chat session
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Pamela: Face it herman, all the good stuff originates here
Meeka: you can get that here Herman
changed username to Nick
Pamela: Hi, Nick
Nick: hi all
rich-c: right, Hummon - chocolate (really rich deep chocolate) with chocolate shavings - mmm
rich-c: evening, Nick
HLM: Rich I am gonna come stay with you and learn all their is to know about the GOOD STUFF that only Canada has :)
Guy B.: Hi Nick, long time no see. How have you been?
rich-c: that a promise or a threat, Herman?
Meeka: I believe that you can get president's choice produts at D&W grocery stores
HLM: Hello Nick...
Pamela: I hope that's a promise
Nick: been pretty busy, how are you
abrasiv1: prefer turkey hill ice cream
Nick: hi herman
rich-c: to each his own, ab1
Guy B.: I get that at Jewel here in Chicago.
rich-c: just so long as you've tried them all enough to compare
abrasiv1: indeed
HLM: I prefer whatever is 2 for $5 at the super Market that is Butter Pecan
Pamela: Have you had the Canadian stuff, ab1
abrasiv1: no...been to canada only once
Nick: As long as you only shop at Tops Herman
abrasiv1: expo 67
Pamela: Well, you will have to come back and sample some of our good stuff
rich-c: that was a good show, ab!
HLM: Good Job Nick, the only way to go... :)
Nick: I had to put a plug after being there 28 years
Nick: man am I old
rich-c: really? how old are you, kid?
Nick: a young 45
HLM: that long you are almost ready to retire and go to your real love the computer store
rich-c: well, you're a little older than Pamela, who is my daughter
Nick: toh oh
Pamela: He's an old man
Nick: don't talk about dad that way
Pamela: No, that's a given, I was pulling your tail instead
HLM: No younger than me so I say he is a YOUNG MAN because I am young
Nick: I decided I was going through a mid life crisis so I bought a PT Cruiser
Guy B.: What color?
abrasiv1: PT cruiser??
rich-c: well, they may be funky but they are also very useful cars, I hear
Nick: Black
Pamela: Well, I'm not sure how I feel about those so I will reserve judgement
HLM: OH BOY I wanted one, but my wife said she ain't driving it... and I don't drive much so that killed that
rich-c: the crisis model comes with flame decals now, I hear
Nick: women hate them, guys ussually like them
Guy B.: How do you like driving it?
Pamela: I guess I shouldn't talk, since my dream vehicle is an SUV
HLM: I did drive one of my Church member's and I liked it though
abrasiv1: get a jeep wrangler
Meeka: i agree with that Pam
Nick: I like it a lot, but it gets too much attention
rich-c: naw, I'm getting too old for teh Rubicon
abrasiv1: take the top off....its any any time crisis vehicle
Pamela: We already know that we have similar taste in vehicles, Meeka
Guy B.: Of course, it's a hot model. Maybe you be able to snare a girl with it!
HLM: get a HUMMER that gets attention
Nick: When I have my wife in the car she gets embarrassed and ducks down when I open the sunroof and play Beach Boys music loud
Nick: I would love a hummer, but I would have to sell the house and the kids won't fit in it to live in
HLM: oh yea Mid life crisis alright...
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rich-c: can't imagine why
Guy B.: Better have her put ear plugs on if you're going to do that.
changed username to Ron
rich-c: isn't that how the owners manual says to drive it?
Pamela: well, for such a slow start, we are certainly getting a crowd
Nick: haha
Pamela: Hi, Ron!
Guy B.: Hi Ron. On the Mac tonight?
rich-c: welcome ROn
Ron: Hello all
Meeka: Hello Ron
Ron: yeah
Ron: the iMac
Nick: Hi Ron
Pamela: Just plain Ron? I am disappointed
rich-c: took a while, but we have a respectable xcrowd now
HLM: seen a white one today going up Murry Hill for those of you who were in Cleve, that is where the Saturday dinner was at for XIII
Ron: I know. totally unimaginative
rich-c: even welcoming a newbvie
HLM: hello Ron
Ron: Nick?
Pamela: A white one? Yuck
rich-c: no, abrasiv1
Guy B.: How about a green one!
Pamela: the car, not the newbie
HLM: it was a special edition, had the swing out doors in the back
Ron: aha
Pamela: depends on the green, Guy - forest is okay, lime is definitely out
rich-c: wait till they bring out the convertible model
Pamela: Now that I would like to see
HLM: green would be just like the Army or something... If I spent that much I would NOT take green
Pamela: The eggplant is nice
rich-c: they make a nice shade of maroon metallic, Herman
Nick: yea they do
Pamela: isn't that what I just said?
HLM: so you still up and running Bob
HLM: that I seen in the PT Cruiser it looks great to me
rich-c: by the way, Guy, I finally found me a laptop
Ron: I wanna Purple Volkswagen
HLM: Doug probably has TONS of laptops Rich
Pamela: a Volkswagen what, Ron?
Ron: to match my purple iMac
rich-c: yes, but this one works
HLM: YOU in a vw Ron, that does not computet
abrasiv1: dislike small cars
HLM: compute
Pamela: Are you talking about a new Bug?
Ron: yes
rich-c: you'd love my car, ab1
Ron: I know Herman. Not sure it would really work out
Guy B.: I've given up on Chrysler. After having both a Dodge and a Plymouth and the latter had a lot of problems. I might look at a Cavalier next year.
Pamela: I know this is classic girl, but they're cute!
abrasiv1: what is it?
rich-c: it's longer and wider than a Suburban
Pamela: It's a 1973 Mercury Meteor
Ron: Guess today woudn't be a good day to bring a carload of ADAM gear over the border eh?
Pamela: Wouldn't fit in a Bug, Ron
Ron: guess I'm gonna hafta revise my travel habits
Ron: true
rich-c: no, I think they might not be in a very good mood at the moment
HLM: No Ron, You would DEFINITELY get flagged and pulled over like Dr D did
Pamela: positively crusty in fact
Pamela: Rich got pulled over? When and why?
Ron: yeah
rich-c: have you seen the reports of lineups? 30 km at Sarnia, they say
Meeka: on the way out of canada last year
Pamela: Eight to ten hours to cross
Ron: 90 minutes at Peace Portal
rich-c: you folks are getting off easy, Ron
Ron: I guess eh?
HLM: about what 5 yres ago or so we all left headed your way Rich was along with his daughter, and he answered too many questions instead of YES and NO and let me go, he tried to justify]
rich-c: Ford has had to shut Oakville because the paerts trucks can't get through
Pamela: Just goes to show you, it pays to keep your mouth shut sometimes
Ron: mmm
HLM: is all air traffic still at a stand still
Pamela: I have a friend who works for the Oakville Windstar plant
Meeka: more or less
rich-c: qwe have been allowed to fly since 3.45 but haven't heard a plane yet
Pamela: more than less
Meeka: they were letting select airports open today for minimal travel
Pamela: We had the quietest night ever last night - not even the trains were moving very much
HLM: well the post office told me today all they offered was regular service, for SO FAR, they were still Trucks only
Pamela: and since we're right next to the railroad tracks, I know about this stuff
Meeka: the had to meet certian security criteria to even be concidered to be allowed to open
HLM: was sending a pkg to Florida
Ron: oh oh
Pamela: I know Fedex was unable to get their stuff moved except by truck
rich-c: don't think this is a tactful time to send package including funny circuit boards and wires....
Ron: might be a dim view taken of that kind of thing
Pamela: Not unless you want the RCMP and the FBI at your door PDQ
HLM: This was clothes... My wife and a friend exchange baby clothes as one out grows them, the other grows into them
Ron: Our local Forces Base has changed their way of doing business. Is on high alert
rich-c: seems Bob has left on us
Pamela: temporarily, I'm sure
Ron: would hope so
rich-c: Meeka, did you or Judy pull the plug on him?
Meeka: don't know what happened to him
HLM: Nah he will be back
Pamela: What I find amazing about all of this is that in the last 36 hours I haven't seen a single commercial
Ron: it's true. Hadn't thought about that
Pamela: And I have been watching a LOT of TV
rich-c: probably trying to multitask - teh chat applett isn't too tolerant of that
Meeka: they haven't even had comercials on the radio
Ron: I'm back in CNN junkie mode again
Pamela: Me too
HLM: damn You are right... so WHO is paying for the air time the Prez
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rich-c: our regular news had teh regular commercials
changed username to Howard P
Pamela: Hi, Howard!
HLM: Hello Howard
Meeka: we aren't even getting reg nes yet
rich-c: hello Howard - how's life in sunny Florida?
Guy B.: Hi Howard
Meeka: that is regular news.
Howard P: Hi all. I seldom have time to chat with you all.
Ron: hey Howard! Just the man I want to see
rich-c: and don't think we don't miss you greatly
Pamela: We have been flipping between reg news channel, CNN, CBC Newsworld, and CTV Newsnet
HLM: Pin your pockets and ears Howard
Meeka: they just cut to a split screen when it is time for the news
Howard P: OK, Ron what
Ron: Howard.....a question
rich-c: must be wild with the airbase down if Ft. Walton Beach
Ron: PJ brought the Disk drive to Cleveland, and I got that. Was there a power supply?
Howard P: Took me 3 ID checks just to pick up meds at the pharmasy
Ron: boy
Pamela: wow
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rich-c: I can believe it - and they know you
changed username to BobSlopsema
HLM: see you look suspicious
Pamela: see, here he is
rich-c: bout time you got back, Bob
HLM: ME it would of been Just ONE and a get out :)
Howard P: Found it in the trunk of my car when I got home. give me your address and I'll send it to you
rich-c: we've been talking about you - ears burning?
BobSlopsema: I know, I know
Ron: Bob has re-materialized
BobSlopsema: got jammed, then invvolverd with a heop computer call afrom a ditz.........
Pamela: Transporter malfunction
HLM: your adam still up and running Bob
BobSlopsema: yup
Ron: Told Scotty to get the damn thing fixed
BobSlopsema: HI HOWARD and the rest of yas
HLM: very good...
Pamela: Abrasive, you're very quiet
rich-c: but his spellcheck is kinda on the fritz
Meeka: naw, it is just them farn dingers ;-)
BobSlopsema: sleelchick???????
Pamela: I canna perform miracles, Cap'n
abrasiv1: yes just watching the conversation fly by...mesmerizing
Howard P: How the heck do I send a privet message to Ron?
BobSlopsema: Mekka the darn network thingy won't work again!!!! :-(
BobSlopsema: mom ois bummed
Ron: my e-mail address is
HLM: click on his name then go for it but test first I think that is how it goes
Pamela: or you can use the bar at the bottom of the screen
Ron: oh yeah!! (silly me)
BobSlopsema: right now........EXTRAS, then invite specific member an then you can; chat privatlrey.......methinls
rich-c: and if you gather from that the private module on this chat is dicey, you're right
Meeka: not my department ;-) but I will forward your complaint with the correct department
HLM: U THINK you only got this
HLM: no that aint it
Meeka: that is to the correct department
Pamela: Hello, IT?
Pamela: problem in the senior department
Meeka: loud sigh from Doug
rich-c: leave me out of this!
HLM: (PRIVATE) ok this is private
Meeka: he wants to know what the heck you did this time ;-)
BobSlopsema: probably that darn Walmart service screwed it up
Pamela: pardon me, the sr. Slopsema dept
BobSlopsema: nuthin!!!!!!
rich-c: that's your story
Ron: tell him the money press broke down
Pamela: and I;m sticking to it
Meeka: another sigh heard from Doug
BobSlopsema: the thing is still set the way it was last week, cept for installing the Walmart connection
Ron: I know, I know
rich-c: well, what do you expect from a discount deal?
Pamela: You know, I hear a lot of those sighs at work, too
Pamela: Must be factory installed on the IT guys
Meeka: did you instal walmart on your laptops? "from Doug"
Pamela: Couldn't be me
BobSlopsema: it's the damn network program
BobSlopsema: YES Meeeka
Ron: Our Walmart is now just a hole in the ground.....they're building it.. We will come
Meeka: ok
Pamela: Aren't family dynamics wonderful?
Howard P: OK Bob, I keep getting invited, and I click ok, but then what
Guy B.: Got my Corel Wordperfect Suite 8 Service Pack downloaded. Has any tried using Adamcalc on the emulator?
BobSlopsema: heck Howard, I don't know.......I am not getting anything
Meeka: ok. Doug will have to take a look at them next time we get together
Howard P moved to room The Garden
HLM: I was just testing Howard
Howard P moved to room The Lounge
BobSlopsema: (PRIVATE) Howard, you should get his and noone else.....
Howard P moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: Howard, what's yer e-mail?
BobSlopsema: dis privAte or not?????
Howard P: Ron , I just sent you an email. My address is there.
BobSlopsema: nope
Ron: ok sir
rich-c:, right, Howard?
Meeka: brb
Howard P: or
BobSlopsema: gotta be a way
Howard P: thats
HLM: Just say OSCARS in FLORIDA the whole world knows him
Howard P: Except Oscar's is gone. Closed it a year ago.
rich-c: so you're onto cable modem too, Howard?
Howard P: The only way to fly
Pamela: can't stomach the cost
rich-c: Really? Oscars gone? You retired, then?
HLM: damn am I behind the times...
BobSlopsema: OH?????? what you doing for a living now, Howard
Nick left chat session
Howard P: Semi retired. Still doing a little work for the people I like.
Ron: Ok Howard, have replied to it
Howard P: OK Ron.
abrasiv1: they're evacuating the empire state building
BobSlopsema: RETIRED!!!!!! oh yes!!!!!! would LUV it
Meeka: right now?
Ron: yeah.....geez... NBC just reported it
rich-c: I see. What's your commercial address for that, then?
abrasiv1: right now
HLM: what a threat on it now or what
Howard P: Got it Ron
BobSlopsema: report of a bokmb sniffing dog picking something up
Guy B.: Think it might colapse?
abrasiv1: possible bomb
Ron: bomb sniffer dog has given positive indication that there is a bomb in the Empire State bldg
BobSlopsema: not because there is a bomb sitting there
rich-c: bet it has no connection to the terrorists
rich-c: just some local crank and publicity hound
Ron: copy cat maybe?
BobSlopsema: gonna have to move to Canada......where the buck goes further, you can live on an island, and no violence!!!!!
Ron: It don't go very far
rich-c: you're catching on, Bob. We like Dutchmen, too
abrasiv1: too cold
Pamela: Unless you're earning american bucks and getting paid canadian, Ron's right
BobSlopsema: dat's true
Pamela: You wouldn't have said that in July, ab1
Ron: mind you, I keep spending more than I earn
rich-c: depends on where you live, ab1
BobSlopsema: will ;ahve to live in motorhome because housing is too ecpensive
rich-c: whre Ron lives they have daffodils in February
Ron: And rain/wind in August
HLM: yea right... You talk more S than a radio Bob...
Ron: abrasiv1, are you an ADAM owner?
rich-c: where do you live, ab?
BobSlopsema: now, now Herman, just becaZuse you have a 2 floor suite of rooms
abrasiv1: yes NH
Ron: all right!
HLM: u are like George, you live in the motor home GONE all the time, and just come home to re up, and change clothes
BobSlopsema: well,. NH is colder than toronto!!!!
rich-c: New Hampshire? And you think Canada's cold? Man!
abrasiv1: no way
Pamela: And gets more snow
abrasiv1: new pastor just moved here from toronto
BobSlopsema: yo got that stuff right Herman!!!!!! on the road again........
rich-c: trust me, ab, Toronto is much warmer than NH
Guy B.: I have a live Webcast at right now.
abrasiv1: thinks its too hot here
Ron: very good
Howard P: Gotta go walk the 3 dogs. Button and a retriever and a boxer. :-)
Ron: Ok Howard. Glad you dropped in. Wondered if I missed something from PJ
BobSlopsema: be good Howard, ......less you aare vcomin back.././/././/
Guy B.: Good you dropped by Howard. Hope to see you again soon.
rich-c: OK Howard, do come again soon. Real soon
Meeka: ok. I am going to get going for now. I have a few things that srill need to get done yet tonight. see you all next week.
HLM: when I grow up, I am gonna be like Bob and Judy and George and Linda... that is life. we can only do one tank weekenders so I can be back to work
Pamela: Average temp in Toronto during the winter: -5C to -10C
Howard P: Try to get back next time.
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Howard P left chat session
Pamela: g'nite, Meeks
abrasiv1: ouch
Ron: Niters Meeka
rich-c: Yes, go enjoy teh peach pie, Meeka, till next week
HLM: bye Meeka
BobSlopsema: I WANT A PIECE
Pamela: Ouch?
Ron: fax me some
Meeka: yes that too. mmmmmm...smells good to
Pamela: e-mail it to me please
abrasiv1: -5to -10c
Pamela: That's average, you understand
Meeka: you can come over and have one Dad. Bring your computer and doug can fix that while you have your pie.
BobSlopsema: yua right..........her and Doug will polish that sucker off
abrasiv1: still cold
BobSlopsema: only IF I can get coraLeee off my back
Pamela: goes up to mid 50'sF sometimes, and down to 0F, but not for long or very frequently. And less snow
HLM: I can imagine Doug now... legs crossed eating all the pie and icecream ripping the guts out of a computer
abrasiv1: we finally got snow this year but some were saying too much
rich-c: yes, we're lower so don't have mountain and altitude weather
BobSlopsema: right Herman, he had one in the front ahll tonight when we visited and the side was off
Meeka: ok see what you can do. I will save you a piece. at least until tomorrow ;-)
Meeka: night all.
BobSlopsema: mom wants to know how Ryan wsa tinight Meeka
Meeka left chat session
BobSlopsema: too late
HLM: nite
rich-c: we have been known to have too much snow - but some years we barely made a white Xmas
Pamela: And some Christmases were passed in short sleeves and light coats
abrasiv1: love white Xmas then it can go away and warm up for all icare
Pamela: I'm for that, ab!
HLM: it was a bad winter when I came to Canada for my Honeymoon... St Catherine.... in 95 it was MISERABLE
Pamela: Ab1, what's your name?
abrasiv1: usually our xmases here are quite cold
abrasiv1: john
Pamela: Thank you, I feel much better addressing you that way
BobSlopsema: "honeymoon'....then WHAT the heck do YOU know about the weather OUTSIDE????????
rich-c: yes, john has a better feel to it
BobSlopsema: HI JOHN!!!!!
rich-c: which part of NH are you in?
abrasiv1: near concord
rich-c: nice country
Pamela: Have we been there, Dad?
abrasiv1: its not bad
Ron: I have not been to NH. Is it anything like Vermont?
abrasiv1: no
BobSlopsema: better.......... ;-)
HLM: we are all family here and been so for years... I use Initals because I am mostly known from HLM and my Partner is GMK of HLM/GMK hardware software Co
Pamela: '95 was a bad winter, Herman
abrasiv1: vermont is a state unlike any other
Pamela: Very cold
(BobSlopsema winks)
rich-c: yes, don't you remember the water slide beside the Cancamaugus highway?
abrasiv1: been there
Pamela: Oh, yeah! I had forgotten, it's been a long time
abrasiv1: Kancamuagus
Ron: I'm about 6 hours north west of Seattle
Pamela: We Canadians have to get our references in where we can
HLM: it was COLD Pam I mean FREEZING... the falls was Froze everything was Iced over, and SNOW, it was rotten but that is where my dear wife wanted to go
rich-c: oh, Niagara Falls area gets much more snow than we do
BobSlopsema: went there on our honeymoon also Herman, but who cared about the falls!
Pamela: Yes, it was a bad year - that was the year it was -26C on Boxing Day with a vicious wind
rich-c: and the Falls are really spectacular when the ice bridge forms
BobSlopsema: LOVE that term....."boxing day".........
Pamela: and why is that Bob?
rich-c: old Brit tradition
BobSlopsema: cute term and you get a holiday to box the presents back up for return!
Ron: everything you got for Christmas goes back in boxes and back to the store
HLM: yea it took Ron and Rich about an HR to tell me what that day was... it came the same time we were there
rich-c: that's when they gave the srvants their bonus
Pamela: and boxes full of appreciation too
BobSlopsema: AH HA!!!! I knew you were going to get into my income at some point
HLM: it boils down to the fact of a year end sale where they are doing their damndest to get rid of all old stock
Pamela: by that point I'm broke anyway so it doesn't maek any difference
rich-c: yes, retailers call Boxing Day week their 13th month for sales
rich-c: well, as long as you get a nice cheque for Xmas, you're OK
HLM: is it Canada wide or just the area I was in
Pamela: If I didn't buy it before Christmas, i certainly ain't buying it afterwards
rich-c: Canada wide
Pamela: And how do I cash my Christmas cheque on Boxing Day, Dad?
rich-c: we don't have some of your holidays, you don't have some of ours
rich-c: like, Ontario has August Civic Holiday
Pamela: Simcoe Day!
rich-c: can you spell ATM, Pam?
BobSlopsema: NO!!!!!!!!
Pamela: um, amt?
BobSlopsema: evil machines those
HLM: yea I am told one network went down the headquarters was in the twin towers
Pamela: problem is, if there's nothing in there, it eats your cheque and won't spit out the cash
rich-c: john, going to the NASCAR race Sunday?
Pamela: There is no race on Saturday, it was cancelled
abrasiv1: no....
Pamela: S9orry, Sunday
abrasiv1: not a race fan
abrasiv1: sorry
rich-c: the qualifying was cancelled but the website last night said the race was a go
rich-c: gee, I though big rear wheel drive cars would appeal to you
abrasiv1: the traffic here to get to and from the races is terrible
rich-c: that I can believe - it's the only northern stop on the circuit
HLM: the x10 site even closed in honor of the tragady the X1-0 site is for electronic junkies like me
BobSlopsema: you a JUNKIE.......naw
rich-c: electronic junkies are different
abrasiv1: no..4 wheel drive
rich-c: very different
rich-c: in a New Hampshire winter, that figures
HLM: Rich I got a deal for you I seen your kind of car for sale today a big Chevy wagon 4 bbl carb about a 90 wagon even had a hitch on it already
Pamela: didn't we just cover that?
abrasiv1: the loudon raceway is in a bad spot
rich-c: I'd rather push a Ford than drive a Chevvy
abrasiv1: one route into it that is just a 2 lane road
Pamela: Says the owner of a GMC van
HLM: Fix or Rapair Daily FORD
rich-c: right - because I sure wouldn't have an Astro
abrasiv1: i had a little ford pickup that got me 286,000 mile
Pamela: what
rich-c: so what did you do after you got it broken in?
Pamela: 's that in metric?
abrasiv1: sold it
abrasiv1: no not metric
rich-c: someone got a good deal then
HLM: I had a ford years ago.. about a 70 it served me well and I had 2 lincolns
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Pamela: I liek my Ford Taurus
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: Hi, Dale
HLM: hello Dale
rich-c: we4 have a newb ie - he likes Jeeps
Ron: Dale, my son!
abrasiv1: evening Dale
Pamela: Dale, say hi to John, the newcomer
BobSlopsema: goot evenING Dale
Dale: "There's only one."
Dale: And you can't have mine <grin>
rich-c: he's more a Wrangler than Cehrokee type
Guy B.: Hi Dale!
abrasiv1: either is fine
abrasiv1: my son has a wrangler
abrasiv1: my wife wants a cherokee
Pamela: brb, gotta get my glasses
HLM: My son had a Jeep it rode like a wagon to me
rich-c: speaking of sons - how is Jillian doing, Dale?
BobSlopsema: Dale. <meekly fur sure>......did you get my email about changing email address for list?
HLM: a grand Cherokee I think it was
Dale: Jill is okay.
rich-c: a Conestoga wagon, Herman?
Dale: She says Hi.
rich-c: tell Jill hi from all of us
BobSlopsema: Judy want to know if Jillian is feeling better?????
Dale: Bob, no. Let me check.
HLM: Hello to Jill
HLM: she a mom yet
HLM: or are you a dad yet
Dale: Not until the end of December.
HLM: OH ok
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: make it in this year and get the tax benefit, Dale
changed username to james
rich-c: good moprnijng, james
Pamela: that's better, no more fuzzies
Dale: It's a rough journey, we had to go to the hospital for some tests this week.
Guy B.: I'm going to go here. Got to check the e-mail. See you all next week.
rich-c: how are trhings in Japan today
BobSlopsema: hiya James
Pamela: Hi, James!
Dale: But it all looked fine.
james: morning
Ron: Hi James
HLM: Hello James
Pamela: Good nite, Guy
BobSlopsema: james meet john from New Hampshire,.......John meets james from Japan!!!!!
HLM: Nite Guy
BobSlopsema: bye guy
rich-c: goodnight, Guy
Guy B. left chat session
abrasiv1: hi james
Pamela: wow, that was impressive Bob
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: all things considered, doing fine
abrasiv1: good
Pamela: I was better when still on vacation
rich-c: how is Japan reacting to the latest events?
Pamela: however, all things considered, pretty good
BobSlopsema: I am polite if nuthin else Pam
HLM: yea wait til he orders for you he tells the waiter he wants dead cow or dead pig
Pamela: I was impressed you got it all straight!
james: your typical news coverage and program pre-emption.
Pamela: Would that be ham dead pig, bacon dead pig, or pork dead pig?
rich-c: of course - but what was teh popular reaction?
HLM: depends if it is breakfast or lunch or dinner
BobSlopsema: amy dead pig is the same
Pamela: so in order, that would be bacon, ham and pork right?
abrasiv1: nothing like smoked dead pig
BobSlopsema: ALL CLEAR at the Empire State Bldg
Dale: Bob, you're all set.
james: the common reaction being shock followed by "how many japanese were there"..
rich-c: not surprised
HLM: as long as the BACON IS CRISPY right RON it is ok
Ron: ya got that right, son
BobSlopsema: thasnk so much, Jill feeling any better lately????
Pamela: yes, we wouldn't want limp bacon
HLM: we could put hair spray on it or something
BobSlopsema: God Bless America.....O Canada.........CRISPY BACON..........
Ron: not
Pamela: note to Bob: hotel with crispy bacon
james: you guys planning some kind of party?
rich-c: can't have an Adamcon without crispy bacon
Dale: Jill still has troubles. But that's the way it goes.
Pamela: AC14
james: ah
Pamela: 2nd note to Bob: COKE PRODUCTS
HLM: truthfully Rich was in a tissy til he found out the bacon was ok I think he even had a electric grille in his room INCASE
BobSlopsema: ADAMCON 14...... 2001.......Grand Rapids MI.....hopefully early August
abrasiv1: well...i am fading going to retire now
rich-c: one would expect Jill to be getting over the hump by now
Pamela: John, are you coming back again?
rich-c: john, come back again soon
abrasiv1: ya'll take care
abrasiv1: i'll try to remember
Pamela: Ya'll come back now, hear?
HLM: OH YES, PLENTY OF COKE and all will be fine by me forget the food, just have COKE CLASSIC and KOOLS all will be fine
BobSlopsema: nice to see you john.....come back again, eh??????
HLM: bye John
james: where's john from?
rich-c: New Hampshire
abrasiv1: i happened to be online and got the email that the chat was on so i tried it
Pamela: great, we have americans speaking canadian and canadians speaking american - what is the world coming to?
BobSlopsema: james me boy....ya was NOT listenin!!!!!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
james: ooops
BobSlopsema: ohn was from New Hampshire in the states
rich-c: if it works that well I'll try it next week too
HLM: see rich it SURE PAID OFF TONITE so keep sending those reminders
Ron: good idea
abrasiv1 left chat session
james left chat session
rich-c: well, I was getting awful lonesome
Pamela: we just lost James
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Pamela: Sorry about the delay, we were having a "family"meeting
rich-c: he's back
Pamela: That's better
james: test
Pamela: James, how's Miyuki?
rich-c: "we had to talk about our relationship"
HLM: I can imagine if is good if someone is online.. that is what I kinda like about MSN and Yahoo instant messenger and ofcourse AOL it tells you when friends are online
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: No, it wasn't that
rich-c: for the rest of you - private joke
changed username to neil
Dale: Jill's mother had morning sickness throughout to the end of term.
Pamela: Hi, Neil!
BobSlopsema: how hard is taht to iron out
james: you've gotta let me know, should i stay or should i go... think i'm hree now.
neil: Hi
rich-c: well look - neil is with us!
Pamela: You'rehere, James
Ron: hey!
Ron: Hi Neil
HLM: Hello Neil
james: miyuki is doing well.
Pamela: Glad to hear it. When is she due?
BobSlopsema: only see one here jamesa
james: march 72th
james: oops, let's try march "27th" i think that works better
rich-c: he gets crossed fingers too, Herman
Pamela: Cool. so we can have the Wick munchkin well indoctrined by the time we need to start on yours
Dale: Hi Neil.
BobSlopsema: nEIL,,,,, we done MISSED you!!!!!
Pamela: sorry, that should be indoctrinated
rich-c: you haven't been on much lately
james: that @me rich?
rich-c: no, neil
Pamela: You too, James
rich-c: you've been pretty regular, james
BobSlopsema: you too :James.......but I think aimed at Neil
Pamela: How's school going?
james: weird, my chat is still up despite the lack of the parent window..
neil: Most of the time, I'm working, so not available, but I'm at
james: yeah, i try to eat right, exercise, etc,
HLM: Neil is winding up the system
neil: Lions meetings 2nd and 4th Weds. so not working nights then.
Pamela: ; ) James
james: was wondering if anyone would catch it.
neil: "winding up"?
rich-c: and sometimes you get home in time to join in, then?
Pamela: I try to stay sharp
HLM: you were gone for a few so I though you were recharging or winding up the generator
BobSlopsema: oh you ARE sharp my dear
neil: I'm taking two classes this year which will complete my honours BA.
Pamela: I sense a zinger coming
rich-c: two courses to go? good for you
HLM: no
BobSlopsema: arocket????????
Pamela: BA in what, Neil?
Dale: Often anyone who arrives before 10 ET leaves by 11 ET.
BobSlopsema: HONOURS
rich-c: yes, I'll be doing that, as I'm going up to Muskoka tomorrow
Pamela: Where you going, Pop?
james left chat session
rich-c: Old Farts lunch
HLM: naw we gonna block you in rich you can't travel
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Ah.
left chat session
neil: Major: Linguistics (complete) Minor: Portuguese (complete) 2nd Minor: Anthropology (still need credits)
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: James is really having trouble tonite
changed username to james
Ron: impressive Neil
james: that's better.
rich-c: yes, he is definitely having a problem
HLM: very impressive
rich-c: Bill Gates must be mad at him
Pamela: Wow, pretty impressive Neil.
BobSlopsema: james you are just a bouncy baby boy here !!!!!!!
Pamela: Much better, James
HLM: in my day I just learned what wires to touch and not touch and thats it you are on your own
HLM: then they got cute and color coded them... that makes us look more intellegent
Pamela: Did you learn that the hard way?
BobSlopsema: DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL !!!!!!! like that Herman????
Pamela: no, don't touch that . . .ZZZzzzttt
james: electroshock thereapy w/ trial and error.. ouch.
rich-c: the hard way - as in picking yourself off the opposite wall
neil: I'm glad it at least *sounds* impressive. This year I'm studying "Language and Power Structures" ...
neil: very interesting in light of the current disaster reports.
Pamela: Neil, please try to make it to AC14 - I *have* to sit down and learn about this.
HLM: I been lucky in about 35 years I only got zapped good once
rich-c: yes, I'll bet it would be
james: i missed it - what is neil studying?
neil: I tried very hard to make it this year, but in the end I had to choose otherwise. ...
rich-c: for some folks once is enough - I lost an uncle that way
neil: I'll try even harder to get to next year.
Pamela: I know, can't let down those scouts
Pamela: Which uncle, Dad?
rich-c: but it's just over in Michigan - you can drive it in a day
HLM: It is important to remember NEVER Ground yourself... You can touch live wires with ONE HAND just do not ground yourself
neil: It will be at least 6 years till the next Canadian Jamboree, so I'm glad I didn't miss it.
rich-c: Bill, Pam - you never knew of him
BobSlopsema: gtot youre room Neil..........# 245 WITH crispy bacon and PIZZA!!!!!
Pamela: you're right about that - whose sibling?
rich-c: your grandfather's
Pamela: I really have to explore this in more detail
rich-c: an electric lineman, lived in Detroit
HLM: I may have to twist my wife's arm this year Bob, GK may be on the road for good then he will be there I am sure, but may not be leaving from Cleveland
BobSlopsema: got out own pizza hut waitress lolng as she stays working
Pamela: Did you warn her, Bob?
Dale: James, Neil is studying Linguistics with both a Portuguese and Anthropology minor.
neil: Probably better for my weight that *you* got the crispy bacon.
BobSlopsema: not yet, Neil has NOT committed
HLM: oh boy... Years ago, BOB had a PRIEST pouring Beer for us.
james: should talk to him then, i may study linguistics when we go back to canada.
Pamela: tell us more, Herman
HLM: ask Rich
Pamela: James, are you coming back temp or contemplating a permanent move?
Pamela: which Rich?
HLM: your dad he knows
Pamela: Dad, you've been holding out on me again, haven't you?
rich-c: knows, maybe, but not necessarily recalls
rich-c: senior moments, you know
neil: James, a lot of people find it to be much more technical that they expected.
Pamela: very convenient they are, too
rich-c: on occasion
HLM: maybe you didn't know he was a priest AL FITZGERALD aka SHAMAN on the bbs from St Louis
rich-c: I just didn't recall Al being at that Adamcon
Dale: James teaches English and also has been translating SmartLOGO into Japanese.
james: we're looking at coming back permanently when our kids reach jhs age. quite awhile yet.
Pamela: Neil, why Portuguese?
neil: My other class this semester is "English Words through Time and Space" Seems about 80% of the students are Chinese-looking...
Pamela: Shucks James, you got me all hopeful
rich-c: man, talk about culture shock
rich-c: the move to jhs is a shock for Canadian kids
HLM: it was years ago probably about 4 or 5 no 5 was utah probably 4 or 6 or 7 somewhere down the line
neil: but about a dozen (of 208) left before the first class even finished. I don't think it's such
james: yes, but i've no desire for my kids to go to junior hs here. no way.
neil: a good class for ESL learners.
rich-c: well, I can understand that too, james
rich-c: anyway, got to be on the road early
rich-c: so I'm going to have to pack it in
neil: Portuguese: because I got interested at a Scout jamboree in Brazil and because Spanish and French are too "ordinary" (too much competition, you need a *very* high level to be competitive at all)
HLM: Yea, I am about due for my mid nite snack
neil: Portuguese is about the 5th most-spoken language in the world.
Pamela: How early is early?
rich-c: about your break time
Pamela: Cool. We have some neighbours you can practice on
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jillian
Ron: I'm away guys. Mother wants me to hang some curtains upstairs
Pamela: Bah. That's not early, 6:00 am is early!
james: rond, didn't even see you there.
rich-c: Hail and farewell, Jillian
BobSlopsema: or was ti possibly ac03
HLM: hello Jill
Ron: be well all
Jillian: Greetings all.
Pamela: Hi, Jillian
BobSlopsema: hi jill
Pamela: Good nite Dad, will call over the w/e
BobSlopsema: bee good Ron
rich-c: nite all
Ron: Hi Jill. bye Jill
Pamela: have fun tomorrow
Ron: ya
BobSlopsema: nite Rich
Jillian: bye Ron, Bye Rich
Pamela: Ron, be careful on that ladder, okay?
Ron left chat session
HLM: Nite Ron... Nite all...
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c left chat session
Dale: Bye Herman.
Pamela: G'nite Herman
BobSlopsema: nite herman
james: ron where have you been studying, neil?
Jillian: Nite Herman.
HLM: Rich please remind me I enjoyed tonite... Nite
Pamela: Think it's bedtime for me too
james: good night pam :)
Pamela: Snoring at my desk is not considered kosher
Jillian: Bye Pam.
HLM left chat session
Pamela: see you all next week, okay? Happy trails
Jillian: I guess I'm just chasing people off.
Pamela: *poof*
BobSlopsema: bye JPam
Pamela left chat session
BobSlopsema: well shees Jill, you emptied the rtoom ;-)
(BobSlopsema winks)
BobSlopsema: the bloody bunch left ;us
Jillian: sorry. :( I don't mean to be a poison presence.
(Dale gives Jillian a can of Diet Coke.)
BobSlopsema: Judy wants to know IF you are doing better...."MOM" is worried about ya
neil: James: Studying at University of Toronto (Is that what you wanted to know)
james: thanks, i was just curious.
Jillian: I'm doing pretty well actually. I'm starting to get kicked on a regular basis.
neil: Jill: It seems like 11:00 in bedtime for some (regardless of your presence or absence)
BobSlopsema: that is exciting in itself although Judy says that will gto old fast
Jillian: I suppose if I had to be at work at 8 or 9 I'd be in bed soon too.
james: i can't imagine working in the morning.
Jillian: Well so far it doesn't hurt. It's just at a noticable level.
Jillian: Somedays noon seems _really_ early.
BobSlopsema: and a month or two from now,,,,,,,in the middle of a good night's sleep.......Dale jumps out of bed....wondering "why"
BobSlopsema: OUCH!!!!!
(BobSlopsema laughs heartily)
(S enjoys the flowers.)
Jillian: I'm planning to go into labour at exactly 3:30am. I figure that will cause the most disruption.
(Jillian winks)
james: i'm off. got to keep my phone bill down and have lunch.
BobSlopsema: anytime after midnight is sure to disrupt
Dale: You're cute, Jill.
BobSlopsema: bee good james, say HI to miyuki
Dale: (As per Jill's instructions)
Dale: Bye for now James.
Jillian: Bon appitet, James.
Dale: Have a good afternoon.
james: bye
james left chat session
Jillian: Did Judy wake you up in the middle of the night Bob?
Dale: Bob, did your web site move?
BobSlopsema: when every night????
BobSlopsema: or just when time to go to hospital???
Jillian: When in labour.
Dale: When in false labour.
BobSlopsema: My webbsite WAS still up at the other day......dumped them when they doubled the price. Probably going to put site up on Doug's site @
BobSlopsema: oh, yes, you WILL know ehen the labour starts, don't worry, you will know
Dale: Hmmm...I see. Well tell me whne it's back up, so I can point back to it.
Jillian: Did you get to witness the births of your kids or were you pacing in the waiting room?
BobSlopsema: usually starts like monthly cramps only about every 10 minutes......approx....and slowly follows quicker
BobSlopsema: was in waiting room for 1st, then IN the room for Doug (tall Dougie) and Madny
BobSlopsema: Mandy
BobSlopsema: a wonder to participate in......
BobSlopsema: but my part was only at the top of the bed, bu Judy's head........ ;-)
BobSlopsema: by
Jillian: I'm looking forward to pre-natal classes hopefully they'll make me less nervous.
BobSlopsema: kinda messy in a way, but no problem if you stay at the top.......
Jillian: I've been watching 'The baby story" on TLC. Some of those births get really messy.
Dale: The Star Trek Klingon Warf says "This was much more orderly in the simulation." <grin>
BobSlopsema: that's right
Jillian: I think a holodeck would make a great birthing suite.
BobSlopsema: Mandy says.......don't watch the mirror and tell them to turn it......and Mandy says DO NOT WATCH MATERNITY SHOW
Jillian: "I want a hot tub." and Bing there it is.
moved to room Meeting Place
Jillian: What about drugs? any Slopsema women try and make it drug free?
changed username to neil
(BobSlopsema winks)
BobSlopsema: NOPE, bunch of wimps........
Dale: Uh oh, two Neils are listed now.
BobSlopsema: don't be brave, get the saddle or spinal block, whatever they call it now
Jillian: I haven't met a woman yet who says anything other than 'take the drugs, take them early, take them often and take them all"
neil: I was opening another Netscape window. I closed theold one and Chat window vanished
BobSlopsema: Mandy pooped out halfways and begged for drugs
neil: so I had to sign in again.
Jillian: "epidural"
BobSlopsema: tell the nurses you ARE a wimp and GIVE ME DRUGS
BobSlopsema: ya that's it!!!!!!
BobSlopsema: convince them you will NOT become addicted in a few hours
BobSlopsema: Judy and Mandy claim that if they give you "staydol" it stopped the labor
Jillian: I'll have to see. ideally I will be wonder woman, give birth without drugs, and get up and walk to my room.
BobSlopsema: yea right!!!!!! IF you are going to dream, DREAM BIG!!!!!!
Jillian: Staydol? haven't heard of that one. Lots of websites mention that fetal monitoring slows labour down.
BobSlopsema: you can always but Plan "B" in effect ata amoments notice
Jillian: if only I could find someone who was willing to admit to trying.
Jillian: to give birth drug free that is.
BobSlopsema: hmmmm, what do that tell you?????????
Jillian: Drugs are easier?
BobSlopsema: the slopsema "brads" are too long at this labor thing to be drugfree.........let Canaada be "drug free"
BobSlopsema: well yes, they take the feeling awasy in the pelvic area
BobSlopsema: broads
Jillian: I have little idea about what trend if any arnott women experience.
Jillian: should be ...trend, if any, arnott...
BobSlopsema: no such things as trends......jsut reality
Jillian: Gee Neil you're awfully quiet. ;)
BobSlopsema: he is scared stiff too ;-)
BobSlopsema: and he is twins too
Jillian: We're about a 25 minute drive from the hospital where we live now. and likely to move farther away.
neil: i was just repeating some of this conversation to my parents.
neil: Appearently Dale was born drug-free.
Jillian: Does that account for his bubbly personality?
BobSlopsema: see and look at him now........ ;-)
BobSlopsema: cute,. smart, good looking....
Dale: There you go Jill.
Dale: I prove that it is possible.
Jillian: he's mostly comatose in front of the tube, right now.
BobSlopsema: maybe he bubbled out...... ;-)
neil: Mom, yes, it does account for his good personality :-)
Jillian: So Dale has experience. Maybe he should give birth.
Dale: Work has been intense lately, but I'll catch up by October 1 (or thereabouts). I'm sure of it.
Jillian: BRB
neil: "Mom says, yes, ..." (should say)
BobSlopsema: RIGHT ON!!!!! now's done deal. Judy says NOW is the time because the baby is real small
Dale: My turn was next Jill.
Dale: You were going to go first.
BobSlopsema: sure sure............and I will gladly pay you on Tuesday....(as Wimpy of Popeye fame says)
Dale: Well, my Green Peppers in my garden truned out this year.
Dale: Last year I got only one and it was 1 inch long.
BobSlopsema: that's good.....NOW did you guys find a new abode for living yet?????
Dale: This year I've harvested a half dozen, with several dozen on their way.
Dale: But my tomatoes aren't anything but bright green so far.
BobSlopsema: better hurry before the frost comes Dale
Dale: Still looking. We say a perfect building yesterday, but they said, oh we rented it today.
Dale: They seem to have forgotten that they made an appointement for us.
BobSlopsema: BUMMER!!!!!
Dale: Last year my tomatoes all went bad (some kind of a fungus) a day before they truned red.
Dale: It was quite infuriating.
Jillian: Last year was a bad year for tomatoes across the province.
BobSlopsema: as 2 1/2 year old Joshua said when he saw the pictures of the plane hitting the tower yesterday...."oh, bummer"
Dale: I'm hoping my tomatoes will fare better this year.
Dale: The cover of the Toronto Sun said "Bastards!" with a big picture of the explosion.
Jillian: That's really cute. How is he faring? Does he understand?
BobSlopsema: then he asked Grammi.....coming out other side? which Grammi rteplied , no it's broken in pieces
moved to room Meeting Place
BobSlopsema: no he is too young to understand it
BobSlopsema: that caption fitsk Dale
BobSlopsema: fits
changed username to bob bair
Jillian: It seemed like that film was playing on our news monitors every time I looked up today.
BobSlopsema: and it "can" just get worse worldwide
BobSlopsema: MR BAIR!!!!!
BobSlopsema: kinda late for you be up, yes?????
Jillian: Hi Bob!
BobSlopsema: but WELCOME anywasy!!!!
neil: i just saw on one of the US TV stations that one of the American papers also had that "Bastards" headline.
Dale: Hiya BobB!
bob bair: yea still learning this new computer
BobSlopsema: well now you got it mastered, you are HERE
Jillian: eventually I changed desks so I had my back to the TV.
BobSlopsema: for 2 solid days here it is all that is on
Dale: Kind of distracting Jill?
Dale: Jill has news monitors at work.
Dale: They normally monitor the markets.
Jillian: distracting, upsetting, depressing?
Dale: But not today. Just the money market mostly.
neil: People find it is repetitive, but they're glued to it anyway.
BobSlopsema: getr the check fro GK I sent ya Bob?????
Jillian: I can understand being glued to it, but I find it overwhelming.
bob bair: just so they take care of the problem
neil: Interesting guy on right now. He evacuated from bldg 2 when the first plane hit, then they told him his bldg was secure, so he returned to his office.
bob bair: yes I got the check
Jillian: One of the managers came by and tried to give me hell for changing desks. (sitting in other people's seats is a no-no.)
Dale: I was jsut watching that on CBC Newsworld.
Jillian: I offered to take a paid day off.
neil: It *is* overwhelming, but it's so much to compehend. It takes a long time to sort it out.
BobSlopsema: shoulda been here earlier Bob.....ahd a WHOLE bunch of people on
Jillian: I want to know all of the details just not yet.
neil: Having been at the top of the WTC before, I find it impossible to believe that it's gone! Despite having seen the building collapse dozens of times, I'd have to see it in person to believe it.
bob bair: I have been tring to make buisness cards and listing to the news almost forgot
neil: Yes, there is such a thing as too much. Best to spread the details out over a period of time.
BobSlopsema: never been there Neil, so it does really mean anything to me......
Dale: Neil, you and I were up there with Esther and Enoch.
bob bair: Be on vacation next week
BobSlopsema: althought the symbolism of THE Wrold Trade Center is the beckoning aura
Dale: Esther was very nervious of the height.
BobSlopsema: VACATION!!!!!! you got time for that??????
Jillian: I read an interview with one of the 14 archeitechs(sp?) who designed the building and he said that if the planes had been smaller the buildings would have survived.
neil: Dale, yes I remember. It took about 20 minutes to convince Esther to get close enough to the windows to see out.
bob bair: just getting away from phones
Jillian: They were designed to withstand the impact of a 707, (about a 100 seat plane)
BobSlopsema: I don't know Jill.......the heat and fire is what got the steel to collapse; fueled by all the jet fuel
neil: The buildings were designed to withstand direct impact by a 707. Apparently the highjackers planned it so that planes would have almost full fuel tanks, ...
BobSlopsema: which in itself WAS the BIG bomb
Jillian: A smaller plane would have less fuel capacity too.
neil: flights with small numbers of passengers, starting close to the site ensured that.
bob bair: they didnot plan this overnight
Jillian: Scarily well planned, well thought out.
neil: It was the heat from the burning fuel melting the metal that is theorized to have weakened the structure to the point of collapse.
BobSlopsema: right Neil
Jillian: I was nervous while waiting for the bus tonight. Never been nervous before. I can't imagine being in NY right now.
BobSlopsema: but you have to remember Jill; as bad as it seems, this is just a tiny grain of grief and damage tot he US and the continent and even the world
bob bair: it would be MESS
neil: Lots of panic still in New York. Empire State Bldg. was evacuated earlier tonight on a false alarm.
Dale: It had a big impact on me when Downsview Park had their GIANT Canadian flag at half mast yesterday afternoon.
BobSlopsema: it CANNOT scare us all into hiding
bob bair: THATS RIGHT
BobSlopsema: it has to unify and "tick" us off and then we need to go after the culprits and the countries that harbour them
neil: Bob, but it's a significant effect. About 53% of world financial tranactions occure within a few bloacks of those bldgs.
BobSlopsema: FULL SCALE!! as one reporter said
BobSlopsema: "with Saddam Hussein, we learned you cannot cut off the snakes tail without taking care of the head too"
BobSlopsema: don't just slap them, annilate them
bob bair: yes
neil: I noticed this morning that Raglan Welding had their 3 flags at half-mast and the Brooklin Post Office also had theirs lowered.
Jillian: All I have to do to get angry about it is think of the film of palestin children dancing in the streets.
neil: Have you see the drastic appearance of's home page?
BobSlopsema: but the banks survived, the world lived on, despite the "sore spot"
BobSlopsema: no
Jillian: I know you can donate to the American Red Cross through amazon. Haven't looked at there site.
neil: The home page is devoted to raising money for the Red Cross.
Jillian: About noon yesterday there was an announcement at my office that all of our New York employees were safe.
Jillian: Scotiabank will go on.
bob bair: I have been in few of classes for terrorism this year so far
BobSlopsema: strange as is seems, it aomost appears that most of the employees got out of those buildings
BobSlopsema: good!!!!! pertect us willya?????
bob bair: so I think they new something was up
neil: Even (they of the annoying pop-under ads) replaced their entire website with a sympathy message yesterday. (Products are back now, but the sympathy message is still there.)
Jillian: My office is organizing jitney's to a blood bank next wednesday. any employee who is going to donate blood can do so on company time.
BobSlopsema: survivors are few and far between...........they haven't even found too many dead yet I haven't heard
bob bair: tim just came out and said they are getting big donations
Jillian: Have they not foudn many or are they simply not announcing them?
bob bair: that much falling may not leave much to find
BobSlopsema: appears that they have not found too many
Dale: Last I heard the official number is about 50 in NY so far.
Jillian: Very true.
Dale: They expect it could go to about 2000.
BobSlopsema: mostly fireman and plice and some on street or lobby areas
Dale: It is very hard to tell.
Jillian: I've heard so many conflicting reports as to how many people worked in the building.
BobSlopsema: how do you efficienctly and quickly remove that much twisted steel and concrete to find people
bob bair: that is not high eanough
neil: First priority is to rescue the living. Dead bodies are very low priority at this point. They still expect to find "thousands" (Another bulding is about to collapse)
Dale: Well, I saw several people who were working there in 1993, and they got out and weren't planning to go back to that building ever.
bob bair: I got to get to bed see again
Dale: They left the building when the first plane hit.
BobSlopsema: see ya Bob
Dale: See you Bob.
neil: The most conservative number I heard was 10,000 working in each of the big towers. (50,000 in all 7 buildings of the complex)
Dale: Next time we won't be so grim.
bob bair left chat session
Jillian: I heard a comment from a former fire commisioner of the city, that any high rise fire above 10 stories you can really only let burn.
BobSlopsema: I got to head for the sack too kids
BobSlopsema: atrue jill and let sprinkler systems work
neil: Jill, yeah I heard that too. Very little water pressure as you go up.
Jillian: Ok Bob. Bye for now. Glad to hear adamites are ok.
BobSlopsema: see ya next week!!!! BE HAPPY, CHIN UP and whatever else you need!!! :-)
BobSlopsema left chat session
Dale: See you Bob.
Dale: The Pentagon has gone from 50 to 800 to 100-200 today.
Jillian: One thing I'd like to see is a 'bird eye view map of the WTC site. How many buildings are there? which one's have collapsed? Are any still on fire? etc.
neil: They were just saying on the TV that NY bodies were mostly in pieces. Makes it hard to count them.
neil: There was a pretty good diagram in the Toronto Star today or the "extra" free section printed yesterday.
Jillian: I'll have to check that out at the library tomorrow.
neil: I tried yesterday to find a floor plan at but it's just a "this domain will be donated as a memorial"
Jillian: On Cbc Newsorld they're doing a timeline
neil: Another tourist site about the towers was removed in respect.
neil: I'm watching that.
Jillian: I wonder what happened on the plane that crashed in Pensylvania. Did the pilots crash it on purpose in an unpopulated area?
neil: I'm pretty sure that's the case.
neil: I've heard several times that any pilot would purposely crash a plane rather than have it hit a populated building.
Jillian: What a choice to make. Kill everyone on board for sure or maybe kill thousands, or maybe convince the highjackers to land at an airport and not kill anyone.
Jillian: Did the pilots know about the other crashes?
neil: We may never know where the PA plane was headed but it seems to me that the pilot managed to foil the hijackers plan for that one.
neil: It's the kind of choice you hope you never have to make.
neil: Unlikely the pilots know about the other crashes, as far as I know.
Dale: The pervailing theory is that it was headed to Camp David.
Jillian: What good would that do? The president wasn't there.
Dale: They didn't cancel other flights for an hour, and that's when it is most likely to be heard by pilots.
Jillian: I don't understand the whole mindset of anyone who would contemplate this.
neil: Yes, I'm going with the Camp David theory. Apparently, there's strong evidence that the Pentagon plane was supposed to hit the White House.
Jillian: Ok. It's midnight. I'd rather not dream about this again so I think I'll sign off and think about clutter recovery for a while.
neil: Maybe another pilot-hijacker struggle diverted that one, because the White House is pretty far away (a couple of miles I think)
Jillian: See you later, Neil. Give greetings to Aldine and Don for me and Pumpkin.
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neil: If they took out the White House and Camp David, it wipes out the Presidents usual command centres.
neil: Okay, good night.
Dale: Well, they still have to sort out the 241 planes.
neil: They're all in the wrong place!
Dale: They aren't fueled.
Dale: They need to get those passengers air plan worked out so no one hits each other.
neil: Even if they go where they were going, they;ll be were they should have been two days ago instead of where they sohuld be tomorrow.
Dale: That's true.
Dale: Maybe by next week they sort it all out.
neil: There was a 12-hour wait at the Windsor-Detroit b order earlier today.
Dale: They may have to fly a bunch of empty planes around, and try adn get the crews where they belong.
Dale: I saw a shot of that, and it was only trucks.
Dale: Cars were getting through in reasonable time.
Dale: The trucks stretched for as far as the eye could see.
neil: It's expensive and time-consuming to fly empty planes around, but they'll probably have to do it.
Dale: You wanna beleive that the trucks with produce were anxious to get to their destinations.
neil: I think it's odd that no-one has claimed responsibility.
neil: The US wants to declare war, but on whom?
neil: Ford and GM are shut down. They depend on just-in-time parts.
Dale: A big puzzle. But it suggests why to not take responsibility.
Dale: That's for sure. They are only supplied with about 12 hours worth of parts, if I remember my tour correctly.
Dale: Lots of GM employees in the store?
neil: Not that many people in the store, actually. They seem to be at home watching the news (at least until they get fed up with that).
neil: Even the people who did come in to rent movies are interested in developments in the story.
Dale: Well, things should flow faster in a few days.
Dale: That's the way it seems to be going.
neil: I'd better go now, I'm working in the morning. Siginng off.
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Dale: I'm thinking of making a needed trip to Western NY for a business meeting on Friday, but if the border crossing is 8-12 hours it isn't practical.
Dale: I'll have to do a 4 hours phone call instead maybe.
Dale: Bye.
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