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rich-c: test
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changed username to Kimberly
Kimberly: Hi Dad
rich-c: Well Kimberly - Hi!
rich-c: And hello Pam too
Kimberly: Who told????
rich-c: running a joint effort, are you?
Kimberly: for the time being
rich-c: good - wait till teh rest of the gang appears
rich-c: you'll have them all confused
Kimberly: she's just finishing up her laundry and then heading upstairs
Kimberly: well it's good to keep them on their toes
rich-c: so she got you to hold teh fort, then?
Kimberly: she was showing me how to log in
rich-c: anyway, feel free to hang around; they're a friendly bunch and like new visitors
Kimberly: I was finishing my homework and she was working on the trays
rich-c: finishing your homework?
Kimberly: I was new last time, now I'm a semi-regular who can be picked on
Kimberly: I started my lasted CGA course
Kimberly: typo
rich-c: oh, there isn't much picking-on on this chat
Kimberly: oh sure!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: really? didn't know you were working on it - Pam's been holding out on us, I guess
Kimberly: Dad I had to sneak in here for a second - did you get my emails about Freecell?
Kimberly: And I haven't been holding out
rich-c: yes, and you'd have got my reply if I hadn't messed up the address
Kimberly: how difficult can pclee
Kimberly: be?
rich-c: no, I sent it to Tamco
Kimberly: That's okay, I'll get it tonite
rich-c: and teh autocomplete on Eudora filled it in with an error
Kimberly: re the CGA course, she just started last year and I really didn't think to mention it
rich-c: you going to change the name now or leave it and confuse everybody?
Kimberly: No, I'm getting up and letting Kimberly have her chair back
rich-c: maybe you should change it to Pamela and Kimberly
Kimberly: I'm back - you're the only one to 'confuse' at the moment
rich-c: I hope that situation won't lasst
rich-c: maybe we got so many last week everyone is worn out
Kimberly: Where is everyone else at the moment???
rich-c: some tend to run a little late - for instance, it's only 6 on the Pacific coast and 9 a.m. tomorrow in Japan
Kimberly: Pamela is leaving now to pick up her laundry and head up to casa Clee
Kimberly: since chez Clee is taken
rich-c: aha, very good, no doubt she'll be back with us soon
rich-c: maybe we should give her "maison'?
Kimberly: Russell laughs at us for chatting on the phone while we're just a few feet away, so he should get a good chuckle out of this
rich-c: well with this, you can get people from all over the world
rich-c: that makes it a bit different
Kimberly: and entertaining
Kimberly: Pamela did get mail from the middle of the ocean and London while I was away
rich-c: yes. tonight I have to warn everyone I'll be scarce for a month or so
Kimberly: where are your travels taking you now??
rich-c: we aren't sure. What's Bush going to do when, and what will the reaction be?
rich-c: and what is the regional weather going to be for the next month?
Kimberly: under the current situation, it could take you a week just to get across the border
rich-c: exactly, and at that prioce we won't cross
rich-c: also, what about gas supplies, and our dollar?
Kimberly: so you're planning on staying up 'north' this time??
rich-c: and we'd love some nice fall weather, but NO early snow!!!
Kimberly: boy, some canadian you are!!
rich-c: no firm plans of any sort as yet
rich-c: we wre toying with running over to Wisconsin if the weather held
rich-c: want to look at Taliesin and other Wright structures
rich-c: maybe go down to Springfield, IL and see otehr Wright buildings there
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Kimberly: I still prefer sun and sand for my destinations. Europe was great but after a while, you've seen 1 museum you've seen them all
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: but if it turns very cold - Chesepeake Bay? the Carolinas?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Kimberly: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, working late again?
Guy B.: Yep, probably through next month.
rich-c: bummer
rich-c: though the way the travel business is going now, be glad you have a job
Kimberly: I thought the car rental business would pick up with the stranded passengers trying to find alternative travel, but Dad said the lot has been full lately at National
Guy B.: Your right. After hearing the latest job cuts particularly in the airline industry. This is really coming down hard.
rich-c: in fact, didn't your company lose a building in New York?
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: oops - looks like Guy fell off
Kimberly: Did we lose him, or is it a faulty connection??
Kimberly: I hope he didn't hurt himself
rich-c: his error, I suspect - I noticed a double entry
rich-c: I think he tried to remove his twin and knocked himself off
Kimberly: I guess Pamela is taking the scenic route back to her place
rich-c: oh, it takes a while to get back and get the computer booted up and online
Kimberly: computers are so literal!!!!!! and touchy
rich-c: I wanted to ask you - how did you send email while you wre away
rich-c: do you have a hotmail account or something?
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changed username to Guy B.
Kimberly: Mom had her own too for Dad to send messages
rich-c: then you'd have used any available computer
rich-c: welcome back Guy
Kimberly: There was a computer room on the QE2 but it was expensive at .95/minute US
Guy B.: I had two chat windows up and then I didn't get any messages. So, I quit and returned.
rich-c: I have bought me a laptop with a modem so may try something when we are on the road
Guy B.: What kind of notebook do you have?
Kimberly: near my hotel in London I found an internet cafe only 1 pound for an hour
rich-c: that was a lot better, Kim
Kimberly: no kidding, but when you're in the middle of the ocean, you don't have a lot of choices
rich-c: Guy, I got a P166MMX/64/2/1g/cd Dell Latitude XPe
Kimberly: unfortunately I couldn't find a place nearby in Paris
Kimberly: can you usually get a phone connection at campgrounds??
Guy B.: All right. You have a Dell too. You like it so far? What do you have on it?
rich-c: our problem is I don't have an ISP with multiple POP's
rich-c: Guy, beyond Windows, really zilch. Downloaded TweakUI and Slowview this evening and will install them soon
rich-c: Will also download Alladin Expander to handle zip files
Guy B.: I installed the latest version of TweakUI and it certainly a lot better than the last one I had.
rich-c: Kim, campgrounds have phones, many have modem plugs, but few have ISPs within their local calling areas
rich-c: I got version 1.33 Guy - is that the latest?
Guy B.: I have two 32mb Simm 72 pin memory boards for sale. They don't work with the P133. I think I have EDO and that system doesn't support it.
rich-c: I haven't looked inside teh laptop and don't plan to
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: I'm comfortable poking around a desktop, but my fingers are not up to finicky work
Guy B.: I believe so.
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Kimberly: don't you want to play with that hardware too??
Guy B.: Hi Bob!
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: Yo Bob!
Pamela: Dada!
Pamela: Hi, Everyone
Guy B.: HI Pam!
BobS: How ist?????
rich-c: hi daqughter, about time
BobS: solly to late cholly!
Pamela: Sorry, laundry to hang and bills to pay
Kimberly: Hi Bob, nice to see you finally made it upstairs Pamela
BobS: BILLS.........ugly scene that
rich-c: yes, I'm agin them
Pamela: Ya, but it had to be done
Guy B.: But, we have to pay them.
rich-c: especially the ones that play in Buffalo
Kimberly: they follow you wherever you go.....
BobS: yes, but how did ya know I was in the basemtn????? ;-)
Pamela: Especially without Flutie
rich-c: yes, that why bills are in the basement
Pamela: See Bob, Kimberly is downstairs in 106 and I'm upstairs in 507
Pamela: Unfortunately, I ddin't leave the bills downstairs
Pamela: Kimberly can't afford them
Kimberly: cause she knows I'm not going to pay them for her
rich-c: well, if she's going to go swanning around all over Europe...
Pamela: A girl can hope, can't she?
Kimberly: I have a large car repair bill looming in my future
rich-c: what's falling apart now?
Pamela: Everything
Kimberly: the shorter list is what isn't
rich-c: that's OK, I'm still in the process of fixing a van, car and trailer simultaneously
rich-c: tell me about bills!
Kimberly: if you're getting everything fixed at once, what's left to drive??
rich-c: Guy and Bob - we're getting the trailer ready for travel
Pamela: Yahoo, free laundry!
rich-c: so my participation in chats from now to Hallow'een is - problematic
Guy B.: When are you leaving?
Pamela: try non existent
rich-c: when we get the car and trailer ready - maybe next week? - Can't really tell
BobS: thought you were supposed to be alradya gone
Kimberly: those retired people are not on a schedule like the rest of us
BobS: what's amatter wid 'em?????
rich-c: well, things have been a bit disordered of late
rich-c: sort of fell behind with the van problem and are still catching up
BobS: retired........ah, to be so.........
rich-c: your time will come, Bob
BobS: ya think?????
Pamela: Eventually everyone retires, or so we're told
rich-c: well, you may have a pproblem talking Judy into it
Kimberly: do you believe everything that's in commercials??
rich-c: I may not be the only one told I was married for better or for worse, but not for lunch
Pamela: No, but Ihave to believe in that or I'll go crazy
Kimberly: the gov't now wants to extend the retirement age to 67
Kimberly: by the time I get there.....
BobS: oh no, jusy is ALL for retirement and freedom to have me around, like a puppy dog at her heels
Kimberly: it will be 90
Pamela: I'll have been retired for two years
rich-c: Pam, do you have Zone Alarm running at the moment?
Pamela: No
Pamela: Did you get a ping?
Guy B.: According to my latest social security statement. I have to wait until I'm 66 and 6 months in order to retire.
Kimberly: bummer
rich-c: no, but I've had three or four probes since I got on
rich-c: looks as if this new worm is really getting active
Guy B.: That Nimba worm that's going around.
rich-c: McAfee is warning their users to update their virus database several ties a DAY
Kimberly: our workplace debugged for that one today
BobS: you been hit by Nimba yet Rich????
Pamela: Ours too. Once it was done, things worked a lot better
BobS: what's a database??????
rich-c: no, I've never been hit by a virus - but then I'm strongly defended
Kimberly: we should change your name to fortclee
Guy B.: Mine'
BobS: I just don't talk to anyone I don't know....snooty, I think they call it
Kimberly: snobby
rich-c: that isn't a defence, Bob - I've had several viruses come in from Adam names
Guy B.: Mine's been very good on catching files that have been altered especially when I update them.
BobS: ya that too!
rich-c: which antivirus are you using, Guy?
Guy B.: I have Virucide 2001. This program never needs an update.
Kimberly: how does that work??
rich-c: never heard of it. tell me more
Guy B.: Check out Parsons Technology puts it out. $29.95 U.S.
rich-c: I tried SurfinGuard from and it's really powerful
rich-c: but it used so much of my computer resources it slowed everything down hopelessly
Kimberly: catch22 situation
rich-c: and was so paranoid I had problems letting legitimate stuff in and out
rich-c: how come it never needs updating, Guy?
Kimberly: my girlfriend's system in LA is so sensitive that I can't send anything to her from my home address, it rejects it as spam everytime
Kimberly: it's so anoying
rich-c: oh, spam filters just don't work worth squat, really
Kimberly: or work too well
Pamela: I guess some addresses just look funny to the American companies
Guy B.: I'm not really sure. But, the program knows if a file is suspcious and warns you if you want the file removed.
rich-c: no, if it accepts corporate but not individual senders, that is hardly smart
Kimberly: yes, I can send to her from work
Pamela: Yes, but her work address is dot com and her home is dot ca
rich-c: shouldn't make any difference, Pam
Kimberly: I think it's more an LA thing.......
rich-c: in fact most spammers work from .com sites
Pamela: You and I know that, but no one told her ISP that
Kimberly: they always have to be 'special'
rich-c: does she have her own spam filter or is it at her ISP?
Kimberly: I think it's her ISP
Pamela: brb, Russell's leaving for work
Kimberly: by Russell
rich-c: well, she needs to tell her ISP to smarten up or she'll get a new one
rich-c: bye Russell
Kimberly: I've already complained to her
rich-c: some folks allow themselves to be bullied
rich-c: my cursor crony has just been told by AOL that his computer doesn't fit their upgraded software
Kimberly: her provider is ''
Pamela: I'll pass those on in the morning
rich-c: so he's thinking of getting a new computer to satisfy them
Pamela: what???
rich-c: I sent him a list of better, cheaper ISPs
Pamela: I'd tell AOL to go jump
Kimberly: does AOL have stock in certain companies??
Pamela: I think I would do that anyway
rich-c: probably
rich-c: they also have mutal back-scratching deals with thousands
Kimberly: AOL is last on my list of who I would want to deal with
rich-c: well, yes, but you're a bit smarter than he is
BobS: her, here, and trhere, there
Pamela: Kimberly, can you tell if the driers have stopped yet? My watch just went off
Kimberly: don't you mean went on??
rich-c: yes, put your ear to the floor
Kimberly: I can still hear something from that area
Pamela: No,the alarm went off
Pamela: English. Gotta love it
rich-c: somehow I suspect drier timers are not precise to the second
Kimberly: I have fewer obstacles from my place to the laundry room - like no floor in between
Pamela: I closed the door when I came up so it may be difficult to hear
Kimberly: wow, someone who actually closes that door!!
Pamela: Our driers are pretty precise - almost exactly an hour. However, I estimate which is why I;m not sure
rich-c: right, the laundry room is on the ground floor, isn't it?
Pamela: I only do it when you're around to complain
Kimberly: like Saturday mornings
Pamela: exactly
rich-c: do Saturdays have mornings?
Pamela: : )
Kimberly: it's almost across the hall from my place
rich-c: what a joy
Pamela: Yes, surprisingly enough, they do Dad
Kimberly: really convenient when you forget something like Bounce, soap or money, right Pamela??
Pamela: Exactly
Pamela: Or when you want company between loads
rich-c: by the way, if you're having polecat troubles these damp nights
Kimberly: I try not to notice Saturday mornings , it's my ONLY day to sleep in
rich-c: the paper says Frabreeze fabric softener kills the odour right off - just a squirt or two
Pamela: That's Febreze, Dad and thanks for the tip
BobS: no ,,,,,,Sat does not have morning
Pamela: I have to get in early if I'm going to get through my usual 9 or so loads
rich-c: I have to get some, we have skunks around here that must be totally paranoid
Pamela: Must be the raccoons spooking them
BobS: geez, was ho0i8ng a newbie would stop by
BobS: hoping
rich-c: could well be, Pam
Pamela: any particular newbie Bob
BobS: guy sold an adam to on ebay austins
BobS: 'auctions
Kimberly: Pamela, the L room is quiet now. Your stuff is finished cooking
Pamela: fimble ningers, there Bob
Pamela: Thanks, I'll be right down
BobS: huh????? :-)
BobS: just use the window Pam
BobS: it's quicker
rich-c: Pam's off to get her laundry
Pamela: But much more painfull
Pamela: brb - I have to pay Kimberly back her dollar
Kimberly: if she goes out the window, she'll splat right outside my place. That might be messy
Pamela: Keep my spot warm, I'm not signing off
Pamela: OOOh, gross!
rich-c: OK, just hurry back
Kimberly: I'm sure one of the cats will oblige
Pamela: hurrying
rich-c: I have a newbie in Pennsylvania but he can't get on chat
BobS: Judith sasys......"HI" she is busy cross stitching tonihgt
BobS: and Meeka is here too
rich-c: he uses WebTV and they don't support Java
BobS: and I won't let them on line
rich-c: you mean you're going to make them go get on their own computers?
rich-c: that would be awkward for Meeka at the moment
BobS: nope
BobS: they are just stitchin and wathin and stichin and watchin
Kimberly: it's a relaxing pastime
rich-c: I think Frances is still trying to catch up on the morning papers
Kimberly: which morning??
rich-c: but then I haven't quite finished them either
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rich-c: Kimberly, that question is a lot more apropos than you might suspect
Kimberly: my mother has a pile of papers dating back for months.....
changed username to AdamUser2
Guy B.: Ok, we have a newbie.
AdamUser2: Is this the place to talk of Adam?
BobS: heck I just save them and read them later........maybe
rich-c: hey Bob, looks like your new guy has Arrived!!!
BobS: mayube, mayber
Guy B.: You came to the right place.
AdamUser2: I used to have one, but lost it many years ago.
rich-c: sure is - what do you want to know?
BobS: "lost{"......?????
BobS: we can get ya one!
rich-c: so get a new one - it isn't hard
AdamUser2: I want to buy one, but can't find one aside from the $160 expensive ones at "ecoleco" (Adam's House years back)
BobS: oh contrare!!!!!!
rich-c: had a guy wanted to give me one free yesterday afternoon
Kimberly: I'm signing off, place nice with the new 'guy' now......
BobS: Rich let him have it!!!!
BobS: ok Kim, be gtood
Guy B.: Bye Kimberly
rich-c: I didn't have time to go pick it up
AdamUser2: It was my first computer.
AdamUser2: Got it second hand.
rich-c: besides, I'm a dealer - I sell them, though a LOT cheaper than the competition
BobS: pick what up, you got a whole basement full of ADAM's
Kimberly left chat session
AdamUser2: I spent years and years trying to track down a Buck Rogers arcade machine.
rich-c: Kimberly, night, see you soon
AdamUser2: when I finally did, I blazed through it
AdamUser2: those were beautiful games
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AdamUser2: and SMARTBasic!
Pamela: Where did she go?
changed username to Abrasiv1
BobS: see????? older IS better!!!!
AdamUser2: a wonderful language, until my tape stopped working <sob>
rich-c: Kim just signed off, Pam
Guy B.: I have a million points on that game and it still stands to this date.
BobS: PAM, I told you not to badger Kimberly
BobS: now, she got ticked off and left
rich-c: Hi John, how;s things in New Hampshire?
Abrasiv1: quite nice thank you
AdamUser2: I would love to get a new ADAM, but can I do so without spending mountains of dough?
Pamela: Hi, John
BobS: YA MON!!!!!!!
Pamela: Darn, Ihad things to tell her
Guy B.: Hi John
Abrasiv1: good evening
BobS: and it si NOT like she lives in your buildeing, eh Pam??????
rich-c: How does $100 delivered to your door, rev.80, everything that was in the original box (manuals, tapes, etc) sound
Pamela: Just wanted to let her know I left the loonie I borrowed under her door
AdamUser2: inc. shipping?
AdamUser2: tapes functional?
rich-c: delivered includes shipping yes
AdamUser2: w/ or w/o printer?
BobS: WHAT???????? you should have borrowed a least
rich-c: if not, they'll be replaced, no sweat
BobS: see, Ya'll came to the right place, yes??????
rich-c: with printer. working. with ribbon. with daisy wheel. EVERYTHING
BobS: tha's US bucks, right Rich?????
Pamela: twonies don't fit in the washing machine
AdamUser2: is there any way to power that thing without the hulking printer?
rich-c: yes, that's my schtick to cover the shipping costs
rich-c: no, because the power supply is in the printer
BobS: w;hy do loonies, but not twonies fit??????
rich-c: you can toss the rest of the printer, but not the pwoer supply
AdamUser2: I was afraid of that
AdamUser2: will you still be selling in two years?
rich-c: I have been for the last ten or more, so I reckon so
BobS: TWO YEARS!!!!! amn, gotta stick while the iron is HOT!!!
rich-c: I am unlikely to run out of stock anytime soon
AdamUser2: oh- does anyone know how to connect a CV joystick to a PC?
Pamela: Wash is a buck and a quarter - loonie and quarter. driers are a buck, 4 quarters. go figure. I had enuf quarters but miscounted my loonies
AdamUser2: also, does anyone know where to find a tape-image of SmartBASIC?
rich-c: why do you want a tape image of SmartBASIC?
Pamela: Guy, did Dad tell you he bought a laptop?
AdamUser2: to run on ADAMEm
Guy B.: Yep, he did.
Pamela: couldn't remember. Now I want one
AdamUser2: until I have sufficient space to setup (and therefore buy) an actual ADAM
Guy B.: Get a Dell.
Pamela: Have to have something to bring to the 'con next year
Pamela: Don't want one that costs the earth though
rich-c: ah - you're into the emulator. Right. Ask Guy, or ROn when he comes on
Pamela: I felt nekkid without a computer at this one
AdamUser2: well, it's a temporary solution until I get the actual machine
rich-c: oh, at the Adam conventions now we end up with more emulators than Adams
BobS: send email to and I will email you a copy of SamrtBasic back.........mark the email ..
Guy B.: Sometime later on, I plan to put up a few images for AdamEm on my website.
Pamela: hence the need for laptops
rich-c: and even at that have an Adam for every conventioneer
BobS: chat
Pamela: definite case of fumble fingers
rich-c: wanna try that again a little slower, Bob?
Pamela: seems to be going around, Bob, I couldn't type worth a darn earlier
rich-c: anyway, Bob, he doesn't want a tape, he wants the image file
BobS: ya sure mon!!!! :-)
Guy B.: He's always having typing trouble. Just give him a few years to perfect.
Pamela: I hear there's a good Adam program on the subject ; )
BobS: I can do dat!!!!!!
AdamUser2: Bob, did you mean the image file or the actual tape?
BobS: when I grow up........
AdamUser2: (sent a moment ago, anyway)
BobS: image file for ADAM EM
AdamUser2: ah
AdamUser2: thanks
Pamela: did you spell it right?
AdamUser2: in the words of a film which preceded even Coleco...
AdamUser2: "You have my gratitude."
Pamela: John, you're very quiet tonite
rich-c: you got any name shorter than "ADamUser2" we can call you?
Guy B.: For information on the AdamEm utilities. Check out my website
AdamUser2: Kevin
AdamUser2: I think I have been to most of your sites on ADAM at one point or another over the last five years
BobS: velcome velcome Kevin
Pamela: thank you Kevin
Guy B.: Wrong address
rich-c: good shot, Kevin. Think you've got the handles for the rest of us (except John)
AdamUser2: well, I might have actually emailed Rich once
BobS: guy, emial that address to me would ya?????? I have to upfate my website pages
AdamUser2: but it would have been long ago
AdamUser2: oh- Bob, I sent that email
AdamUser2: it's subjected "SmartBASIC"
rich-c: could be, Kevin, I hear from a lot of Adam users
rich-c: I'm
Pamela: If you want mug shots of all of us, try and check out AC13 group photo
BobS: lok Kevin, might not get it tomorrow night as we are going out for dinner, but this weekend I will
Guy B.: Welcome Kevin
Guy B.:, right?
BobS: yup...OR
BobS: OR too many others to get ino0t
rich-c: wonder how long that will last?
Abrasiv1: pam....not much to say
Guy B.: Got it. I'll add it to my address book.
Pamela: I think we're the only ones happy with our ISP, Dad
BobS: ';don';tsend me any virus's that wormn into your address book
rich-c: there are days when I get that impression, Pam
Pamela: Well, John, you're balancing me out - I have a tendency to talktoo much
rich-c: though Dr. D. has also had the same ISP since he's been on line
Abrasiv1: I am usually a good listener
BobS: got the email Kevin
Pamela: speaking of whom, I sent an email to Elanor but haven't heard back
AdamUser2: I would seem mighty green compared to you all
rich-c: that is a virtue not to be understanted, John
BobS: haven't "seen" Ian in a while either
Pamela: And it's sooo much fun to "listen" here
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: John, the only dumb question is the one you don't ask when you want to know
Pamela: Not compared to me Kevin - I am the onlyone in the group without an Adam
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Darn space bar
Pamela: Hi, Ron
rich-c: hello Ron, we wre beginning to give up hope
Guy B.: Hi Ron, On the Mac tonight?
Ron: Yo!
Ron: yup
Pamela: ah, a man of few words
Pamela: Ron, meet Kevin, alias AdamUser2
rich-c: Ron, before I forget - vacation looms; I will be scarce here until Halloween
Ron: P200 just got back from the shop Still in the trunk of the car
Ron: ain't life tough
rich-c: what was ailing it, Ron?
Ron: noted Rich
Pamela: ain't it just?
Abrasiv1: i see........a play on words...dumb question ...unasked or unspoken
AdamUser2: yeah, I started using the ADAM quite late
AdamUser2: it was my neighbor's before they moved and gave it to us
AdamUser2: I owned that before a Nintendo or an Apple IIe
AdamUser2: I learned BASIC on that
Ron: Had a meeting this morning, and another this afternoon. If I hadn't spent the middle part of the day on the golf course
Ron: I'd be miserable
AdamUser2: years later, I would discover that AppleSoft was the same as SmartBASIC
AdamUser2: but with a less insightful command interface
Pamela: Dad keeps threatening to give me one, but I don't have room for it right now
rich-c: it's amazing how long it took us to find out some very basic things
rich-c: mind you I can hardly talk; I'm still mostly at sea in Adam matters
Guy B.: Not entirely the same as Applesoft Basic.
Pamela: So, I tag along to the conventions and learn things the hard way
Pamela: Not to mention all the greek that goes through here
Pamela: sorry, geek
AdamUser2: no, but for someone who had never known any other language, I started to believe that "HOME" was the universal clear-screen command
rich-c: bet CLS came as a real shock to you too, then
Guy B.: Text does the same thing, except it will clear any graphics on your screen.
rich-c: see Ron - I really do know at least one DOS command
Ron: nasty one that TEXT
rich-c: maybe some day I'll even know what to do with it
Ron: impressive Rich
BobS: pulling the battery on the laptop is standard procedure aroundf here
rich-c: I knew you'd be thrilled
Pamela: you know more than one, Dad - I know I have seen you use "dir".
Ron: however...... if you use SmartBASIC 1.x, CLS also works
rich-c: squealler!
Ron: I'm not alone
Pamela: That's what offspring are for, to spill your secrets
Ron: around here, that sort of thing happens.....a lot
Ron: some nights, I never know what computer I'm on
Pamela: If it's Wednesday this must be the Mac?
Guy B.: I wonder why?
rich-c: considering the number you have, this is a surprise?
Pamela: eight computers in seven days
Ron: There's 4 Mac's 3 486, 2 AdAms, and a P200
Ron: not a REAL computer in the whole bunch
Guy B.: Anyone need 72 pin Simm memory modules?
Ron: what size Guy
Abrasiv1: what size
Guy B.: 32mb. I have two of them and I think they are EDO.
AdamUser2: so often I am surprised when folks I know refer to 486 or 386 machines as "old"
rich-c: well, there's still Amigas available, Ron
Pamela: heck, I'm using an AMD K6-2 and people refer to THAT as old
Ron: buddy of mind was looking, I'll get back to you
Ron: Have had it with trying to keep up
Pamela: as long as I can chat, I don't worry too much
Pamela: And I have to admit, I love internet banking
Pamela: can't remember when I was last in a branch
Ron: well that's the trouble you see, we get used to the new facilities
Ron: Being the world's worst bookeeper, I find the online banking a real neat thing to have
Pamela: the only thing I still pay by cheque is the rent, and only because I can't think of a way to set it up through direct payment or Internet
Ron: Rich - a question
Ron: did you hear any more from the gent who was looking for the ADAM steering wheel thingie?
Guy B.: My bank just made it free and I'm thinking about signing up for it.
Ron: As it turns out, I have 2
Pamela: what, Internet banking Guy?
Pamela: Around here they only charge you a fee if you go into a branch and have an acutal person do the work
Guy B.: My bank just made it available to anyone who has an account. If you want to use the bill pay online, that's $5.95 a month.
Ron: you mean you have to PAY for it?
Pamela: and there you have the difference between American and Canadian banking
Pamela: American banks still believe in service
Guy B.: Just for the bill pay online. If you want the other to view your balance, transfer between accounts, etc. That's free.
Ron: Mind you, I'm paying more than sufficient service charge elsewhere
Abrasiv1: right now banks aren't much better than the old mattress
Pamela: too true, Kevin
Ron: ok I understand
rich-c: we dont see much in the way of charges - senior account and fair balance
Pamela: Sure Dad, rub it in
rich-c: Ron, haven't heard more about the steering wheel
Ron: Yeah, Mom's the same
rich-c: not sure what the status is - forget who was asking
Ron: Me, I'm always broke
AdamUser2: people talk as though JAVA is an old language
rich-c: if it was Geoger, he has other things on his mind
Pamela: speaking of banking Dad, what's the Cdn equivalent to the fee for the con? I need to pay you for that
Ron: Still want to learn Z80 assembler
Ron: and more BASIC
Ron: and LOGO
Ron: and Forth
AdamUser2: Bob, is that SmartBASIC coming?
rich-c: reminds me, I have to get a couple of PCM discs off to Joe Blenkle
Abrasiv1: Logo is interesting
rich-c: cp?m
Pamela: My mother likes Logo
Pamela: it's the artist in her
rich-c: Frances (my wife) is a real Logo enthusiast
Guy B.: She's an expert at Logo.
Ron: and she's good at it
Abrasiv1: i tried some graphics mapping in logo
BobS: patience Kevin, I am UPstairs whilst the computer DOWNstairs is defragging
rich-c: she likes it as a graphics tool and is frustrated because most other users want it for word processing or such
BobS: will have to wait itll at least tomorrow =to sned it your
Abrasiv1: but i am certainly no expert
BobS: way
Ron: Lord there'll be bytes all over the floor
AdamUser2: you have my apologies
AdamUser2: I have never seen so many Adam users in one place
BobS: good things take time my man!!!!
Ron: AdamUser2: have we been introduced?
rich-c: you should come to the convention - next years is in Grand Rapids, MI
Pamela: Ron, I introduced you right after you signed on - you must have missed it
rich-c: we were in Cleveland this year, in July
BobS: heck it gets bsuier
Ron: prolly
BobS: busier
Ron: I'm Ron Mitchell, Comox British Columbia Canada
AdamUser2: that would about bust my car, MI
AdamUser2: I'm out in Massachusetts
rich-c: why, where are you?
Ron: User of ADAMs, and most anything else for sale in a flea
Abrasiv1: where in mass?
Ron: good
Ron: welcome
rich-c: hey, you could make the drive in two days, no sweat
Pamela: Depends on what he's driving, Dad
BobS: BobSlopsema in GRAND RAPIDS site of ADAMCON 14
Pamela: Pamela Clee, in Toronto, Ontario site of AC12
AdamUser2: various parts of the state, depending upon the time of the year
rich-c: like the Berkshires in summer, the coast in winter?
rich-c: those long skinny states give such nice climate variations
AdamUser2: heh, something like that
Pamela: John, should we send Kevin some of your snow?
BobS: SNOW????????
rich-c: very interesting state, been touring down there for a week or so each of the lsst two years
Abrasiv1: no he probably had enough of it last year
Ron: Yeah, you know that white stuff that we don't got out here
Pamela: don't act like you don't know about the stuff, Bob
Guy B.: Well, gang. I'm going to go here. See you all next week.
BobS: ;-)
Pamela: Goodnite Guy - see you next week
(BobS winks)
Abrasiv1: bye guy
rich-c: night Guy, see you when we get back, or next week if we haven't left yet
Ron: Say goodnight Guy
BobS: nite Guy!!!!
Pamela: nite Guy
Guy B.: Have a safe trip, Rich.
AdamUser2: Good evening, folks.
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: thanks - will try
AdamUser2: It's wonderful to see so many Adam users.
AdamUser2: Brings back memories.
rich-c: come back soon, Kevin
Ron: we're here most Wednesdays Kevin
AdamUser2: I hope to.
Pamela: Please come back Kevin - we will always welcom you
AdamUser2: Thanks.
Ron: and Saturdays
BobS: don't BE a stranger; Kev
Pamela: Saturdays at 3:00 eastern
Ron: some of us even sorta remember how the aDAM is supposed to operate
BobS: ya mon
Ron: speaking of which..... Bob
BobS: like a computer SHOULD
Ron: did you ever get that hard drive workin?
BobS: yes Ronald, my man.....
Ron: god
Ron: i mean good
AdamUser2 left chat session
BobS: yuessir I did...or should say Doug and I did...him being 85%
Pamela: Bob, where is the younger generation tonite?
BobS: sitting across the rfoom from me
BobS: stitchin
Pamela: Well, say hi
Pamela: and your lady wife too?
Abrasiv1: a question
BobS: lady wife????????
rich-c: go ahead
Pamela: You know, the one you're married to?
Abrasiv1: are the niad newsletters on line anywhere?
BobS: yers Pamela my dear
rich-c: no, though they ought to be
Pamela: I miss her too
Pamela: Sometimes it gets lonely being the only female
Abrasiv1: i used to get those and would read them at least twice
rich-c: most of us have big archives of the major newsletters
rich-c: but scanning them and getting them onto a server has proven to be too difficult - so far
Pamela: Dad, did you catch my question about the money I owe you?
rich-c: Joe Blenkle is putting up Expandable Computer News
rich-c: have to talk to your mother about that
Abrasiv1: what would be really good is to scan and burn a cd
rich-c: for programs, Dale has ambitions in that direction - he's not on tonight
Pamela: Okay, if you can advise at work tomorrow, I can drop it by tomorrow evening after my visit to Dr. Kleiman
Ron: damn telephone
Ron: scourge
Pamela: Just ignore it Ron, it'll go a way
Ron: must develop the ability to do that
BobS: that's true John......but I need to retire like Ron and Rich so's I can find the thime
rich-c: that's what you get for going on cable, Ron
Abrasiv1: probably telemarketer
Pamela: Try ignoring it after 6 years as a receptionis
Ron: You will not find time by retiring Bob
rich-c: with dialup you generate a busy signal
Ron: trust me
BobS: i won't?????????
Ron: no sir
Pamela: You don't retire, you just get unemployed
Abrasiv1: i am not near retirement
Abrasiv1: although it certainly sound great to me
BobS: me niether prolly 30 years yet.........
Ron: been near it, past it, behind it
rich-c: as you might gather, John, we range from long retired to just starting working
Pamela: and somewhere in the middle
Ron: 57 long and arduous years have I lived on this planet
Pamela: 29 years for me
Ron: Wonder if there's another I might try?
Pamela: there are rumours . . .
Ron: indeed
Abrasiv1: its better than 57 short years
Ron: actually, they haven't been that arduous
rich-c: but it's too long a trip on a non-smoking flight
Ron: only semi-arduous
Ron: too bad Rich
Ron: true John. You have a point there
Abrasiv1: semi-ardous :-)
Ron: joined another retirement group today
Ron: Probus
Pamela: Hey Dad, maybe we should start a smokers-only airline
Ron: anybody heard of it?
rich-c: nope. what are they good for?
Abrasiv1: sounds more like a doctors visit that probus does
Ron: sponsored by Rotary. it sez here....
Ron: "To stimulate thought, interest and participation in activities at a time of life
rich-c: whats the rest of the downside?
Ron: when it is easy to become complacent and self-centred"
Ron: hmmm.
Abrasiv1: that could be anytime
Ron: mostly retired professional people
Pamela: doesnt' sound like any seniors I know
Ron: no eh?
Pamela: I think you're too young for them Ron
Ron: actually, they seemed a pleasant lot
Ron: some I've seen elsewhere
Pamela: but pleasant is so mediocre
rich-c: I settle for CARP and AARP, but don't participate much
Ron: at my stage of life Pam, I'll take pleasant over repugnant
Pamela: Jettison repugnant and have fun instead
Abrasiv1: i prefer interesting
rich-c: I dunno, the pleasant ones so often turn out to be kinda slippery
Ron: true
rich-c: or have I been watching too many politicians?
Ron: no, you're quite correct
Pamela: Like you've had a choice recently
rich-c: yes, an interesting bastard beats a pleasant cypher anytime
Ron: :)
Abrasiv1: indeed
Ron: All I know is....I've GOT to get a new office chair...this one's killing me
Pamela: How can you tell I'm my father's child?
Ron: doesn't show much Pam
Pamela: not hardly at all
rich-c: hmmm - I want to think about that....
Pamela: too late, you're stuck with me Dad
Ron: Don't think he feels too ill used Pamela
BobS: like father, like daughter
rich-c: by the way, your mom gave me the numbers, I'll email them when I go off chat
Pamela: Not now maybe, but ask him about my teens sometime
rich-c: the day you're wearing your asbestos ears (right, daughter?0
Pamela: Thanks, I'll come by tomorrow nite
Abrasiv1: give him gray hair did you?
Ron: I'm going to go and see what shape my P200 is in
Pamela: exactly. No, he had that before I became a teen
Ron: rescue it from the trunk of the car
rich-c: no, I earned that elsewhere - a fine crop
Ron: so we shall see you's all
Ron: be well
Pamela: we's is sorry to see you go
rich-c: OK Ron, sooner or later, see you, Sat or Wed or when I get back
Abrasiv1: g'nite ron pax vobiscum
Ron: have a good trip Rich
Ron: say Hi to Frances
rich-c: thanks Ron will try
Pamela: go straight home Ron
Ron: :)
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: G;nite
changed username to Jillian
Ron: beam me up
Pamela: Hi, Jillian
Ron: poof
rich-c: hello Jillian
Ron left chat session
rich-c: Ron out, Jill in
Abrasiv1: evening jillian
Pamela: Ron just transported out of here
Jillian: Hey all. Just thought I'd pop in and see if anyone was still here.
rich-c: where is Dale tonight?
Pamela: You're running really late - is the baby a night owl?
Jillian: Dale is sitting on the couch researching some band concert or something.
Jillian: I think the baby will be a night owl out of self defence.
Pamela: I can relate to that
Jillian: We actually just finished supper.
Abrasiv1: well.......fading all have a good week
rich-c: yes, I suspect it's a long time since his/her parents have seen regular hours
Abrasiv1: good night
Pamela: G'nite John
rich-c: nite John, see you soon
Pamela: CU next week
Jillian: Dale says he's not on because he burned out.
Abrasiv1: hope so
BobS: Hi Jillian!!!!
Abrasiv1 left chat session
BobS: nite John
Jillian: He's had a busy week.
Pamela: burned out what?
BobS: burned UP????? ;-)
Jillian: oops s/b he is burned out.
Pamela: Dale Wick, human torch
Jillian: Altough he did have to call the fire dept about his office building yesterday.
BobS: spontaneous human combustion???????
Pamela: Why, Jill?
BobS: WOW!!!!!
rich-c: oh dear, did he work the computer so hard the server overheated?
Jillian: No an enameling oven left on but the fan turned off.
rich-c: he;s into enammaling?
Jillian: It filled the second floor hallway with smoke and Dale noticed as he was leaving.
Pamela: oooh, not good
BobS: stinky!!!!
Jillian: One of the tenants in the building is a jewelery maker.
rich-c: bet he just loved the results
rich-c: fried diamonds, ouch!
Jillian: This is the second time in less than a year that he's called the FD just before leaving the office.
Pamela: what happened the first time?
BobS: not fried, just soft and gooey
Jillian: First time it was a vent fire. This time just smoke.
Pamela: otherwise known as carbon
Jillian: He's suggested to his boss that they might change offices.
rich-c: or builkdings
Pamela: I can't imagine why! :)
Jillian: We went to see an apartment today. 2 bedrooms $910.
Pamela: What building is he in?
BobS: ouch!
BobS: but nice????
Jillian: His office is near Dufferin and Finch.
Jillian: The apartment is beautiful.
Pamela: We have one coming up in December - 2 bedrooms, fourth floor, about the same but no a/c
rich-c: these days ,that price doesn't seem greatly out of line
Jillian: Hardwood floors, full bathtub, windows,
BobS: then in us $$$$$$ about $600......about right for us here
Jillian: ceilings I can't touch, it will cut an hour off of my commute.
Pamela: can't help you there, I must admit
Jillian: Near Don MIlls and Eglinton.
rich-c: what about Dale's commute?
Pamela: Except downtown Toronto, where 2 BR go for about $1500
BobS: an hour longer.......???
Jillian: Dale works from home about 3 days a week and drives to the office when he doesn't.
rich-c: Toronto is a big city, Bob
Pamela: well, her office is in Scarborough and I'm in Weston - the opposite side of the city
rich-c: if it's out of rush hour, Don Mills to Dufferin is tolerable
BobS: Judy say....."them's who hesitate...don't get nice apartments"
Jillian: His will be double or triple. 15 minutes instead of 5.
rich-c: especially in Toronto
Pamela: poor lad
Jillian: We haven't given notice at this place yet. So for two months we'll have two places.
Pamela: Besides, Don Mills to Dufferin is the opposite direction that everyone else is going
BobS: so you rented it?????
Jillian: Very true Pam.
rich-c: you qwill likely appreciate that as you move, especially with the baby due in December
Jillian: We put in an application with the management company. They'll do a credit check this week and hopefully we'll have it for sure by the weekend.
rich-c: lay on some buddies, a couple of cases of ale, and a truck,,,
BobS: COOL!!!!!!
Pamela: Jill, from experience I know that having both places for at least a month is a blessing. You can paint and do other stuff without having to work around the packing
rich-c: should get the move done in a couple of weekends
BobS: Can we all come and see it??????
Jillian: We had planned on having at least one month of overlap.
rich-c: right answer, Jill
Pamela: I've also discovered that it's no different to move across the street than it is to move across the city
Jillian: Dale says if you would like to see it, you'd have to get permission from the people who live there now.
rich-c: oh yeah? try walking across the city carrying a lamp
Pamela: Let me know if we can help - I have a station wagon
Pamela: Try moving your couch from one side of the stree to the other
Pamela: STill have tohave a moving van
Jillian: Thanks for the offer Pam. We may be ok. Two of Dale's brothers own trucks and we have our jeep.
Pamela: (six trips later!!!)
rich-c: that's why we're still in our little old house - Frances finds moving so traumatic, she just WONT
BobS: when could you get physical possession of it???
Jillian: I've moved a couch down the street. The only bad part was the comments from other pedestrians.
Pamela: LOL
Jillian: If all goes well, Oct 1.
Pamela: I can just imagine
Jillian: If we owned, you would need a crowbar to move me.
rich-c: that's quick, just a few days really
Pamela: Me too.
BobS: tha'd be good.......little time to get it ready and move in before things could possibly happen
BobS: meaning little feet
Pamela: It didn't take us very long either Dad
Pamela: Only about a week once we made up our minds
Jillian: I was starting to worry about having to wait until Jan 1 to move.
Pamela: Of course, we then moved on the coldest day of the year
Jillian: We've been looking since May.
rich-c: that would be just what you need
BobS: THAT would have been a BUMMER!!!!!
Jillian: We've seen two types of places. Crummy places that would love to have us as tenants....
Pamela: So cold they couldn't get our diesel moving truck started
BobS: cold then too
Jillian: and nice places that we end up on the short list but not actually getting the apartment.
rich-c: that sounds like our housing market, all right
Jillian: Cold enough for a diesel engine to have problems. Yuck.
Pamela: Jill, if you know of anyone who would like a place in the west end, let me know cos our landlord loves us and always asks us about prospective tenants before anyone else
Jillian: Altough I'd prefer to move in cold than hot.
Pamela: Oh yeah. Made the mistake of carrying the plants across the street. thirty seconds outside and we killed 'em all
Jillian: I'll ask around. Most of my friends live downtown or in the east though.
rich-c: maybe Dale will know someone
rich-c: Pam and her family and friends are slowly taking over the building
Jillian: We don't have any plants and last time we moved the cats each in their own box in the back of a pickup.
Pamela: The cats walked too, complaining loudly all the way. It was rather embarrassing
rich-c: People, it's time us old folks shut down - have to say goodnight
Jillian: Be careful. That might develop into a 'gasp' community! and we don't have those in T.O.
rich-c: hope to see you all next Wednesday, if not, end of October
Pamela: Yes, Lindsay moved in, brought us in, we brought in Kimberly and then Allyson, then Ally brought in Monique.
BobS: hey kids....gotta head up to bed now; Judy is already departed and she'll
Jillian: See you later Rich. and Bob. Good to talk to you.
BobS: tuck in the sheets and leave me in the cold if I don't ge tup there
rich-c: night now. take care
Jillian: Better run, Bob!
Pamela: Pop, don't forget tos end that email and I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnite Bob, see younext week (darn space bar)
BobS: see ya later, tell Dale to get some slelep!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Jillian: 'nite from Dale as well.
Pamela: I suppose I should pack it in too. (what colour is that?)
Jillian: Colour? of what?
Pamela: Seriously though, if you two need help just yell
Pamela: colour of gone
Jillian: Thanks. I will. I don't imagine we'll have more than one weekend of big stuff to go.
Jillian: Did I ever tell people that Dale bought me a sewing machine?
Pamela: I swore I wasn't going to move again until we bought a house, i hated packing that much
Jillian: I can't remember. Oh well something to talk about next week.
Pamela: Yes you did, at Walmart I believe
Pamela: Nice to have clothes that fit, isn't it?
Jillian: Packing I don't mind. It's the unpacking and trying to get organized again that drives me nuts.
Pamela: We never did either - fully unpack or get organized. I think it's in the genes
Jillian: I've only made one dress and I got the neckline wrong.
Jillian: but I made a shawl.
Pamela: That's okay, they'll improve with practice
Jillian: In this place we've mostly gotten organized by taking boxes of unorganized stuff and putting them in storage.
Pamela: I wish that worked around here. So far all we have is the unorganized part
Jillian: It drives Dale batty to have boxes in the house and it makes me stressed to have things just out of boxes with no where to put them.
Pamela: I have started a cleaning campaign that I expect will last till about January
Jillian: Part of my email sig is 'Housework worth doing is worth doing half-heartedly.'
Pamela: That's a sentiment I can heartilyh agree with
Jillian: Have you ever tryed the 'Flylady' system?
Pamela: no - tell all
Jillian: I'm working on it now and making a little bit of progress every day.
Jillian: Flylady is a woman who lives in the states and she runs a website and mailing list for clutterers, and messies.
Pamela: right up my alley
Jillian: The basic idea is small easy to do routines that start with cleaning the kitchen sink and blossom into cleaning the bathroom everymorning and more.
Pamela: I shall have to checkit out. The hard part is getting Russell to cooperate - he's a worse clutterer than I am
Pamela: Example: open a can and leave the opener on the counter
Jillian: Right now my bedtime routine is 1)choose clothes for tomorrow, 2)brush teeth, 3)brush hair, 4)put dirty clothes in hampers and 5) throw out one item of garbage.
Jillian: Dale is bad as well. My father was always bad.
Jillian: I think it's a matter of training somewhat.
Pamela: my mom used to be really uptight about cleaning, but she has relaxed a lot in recent years.
Pamela: Problem is, Russell didn't get any training at home - his mom is just as bad
Jillian: the cool thing about flylady's routines is the lack of stress. You don't have to do everything on her list, just the things that work for you.
Pamela: I don't know if I can train an old dog of 40 new tricks
Jillian: My mother was 'born organized' and still drives me nuts.
Jillian: so start with one. :
Pamela: My girlfriend Kimberly is like that - she says "ignore the mess" and there are two things on the dining room table and the rest of the place is immaculate. She's good inspiration though
Pamela: Sometimes just having her up here can help me get started cleaning
Jillian: Most of the women who try it find that when they start, noone notices but about three weeks in their hubbies either notice or pitch in.
Pamela: I don't think Russell would notice if it bit him
Pamela: Still, I have to admit that he's been better recently. one thing I notice is if he's under stress, everything gets ignored
Pamela: After 14 years, I've learned a few things
Jillian: I know what clean is and how to maintain it. I never learned how to get there from the mess I'm in right now before.
Jillian: Lots of people do that, when stressed.
Pamela: Someone oughta write a book on the subject. My dad has suggested a fronte end loader
Pamela: I seriously considered it
Pamela: There are days when I'm sure I;m a changeling - I am so opposite to my parents in everything
Jillian: When I was a teen my parents decided they would clean my room. They got a rake and a shovel and piled everything on my bed and told me to clean it up.
Pamela: After a while, Mom just closed the door so she didn't have to look at it
Jillian: Your parents house is pretty cluttered. At least it has been when I've been there.
Jillian: It's just organized clutter.
Pamela: It is now. When I was younger, it wasn't like that. Mom had a place for everything
Pamela: When they gained more space after I moved out,the clutter expanded to fill the extra space
Pamela: Have you been in the morgue - I mean the basement?
Jillian: One of my friends told me once 'just put everything away and the house will be clean.'
Pamela: Like it's that easy
Jillian: No I've never been in the basement. but the last time I was there, the couch was totally covered with papers.
Pamela: There's a couch under there? I wondered what was holding all that stuff up
Jillian: It is that easy for him. If he wasn't such a nice guy, I'd hate.
Jillian: :)
Pamela: Next time your at my parents place, ask to see the basement. Then picture me living down ther complete with bed, desk, couch, chair, loveseat, dresser and hope hcest
Pamela: Not to mention bookcase and about a ton of books and clothes
Jillian: I also frequent a newsgroup called alt.recovery.clutter. It's somewhat of a support group.
Pamela: Is there a twelve step program somewher for this?
Jillian: If it is bad, your mom might be a touch embarassed and I wouldn't like to make her uncomfortable.
Jillian: Hmm twelve steps... Messies anon or clutterers anon. mostly in the states though.
Pamela: The basement is now completely filled with Adam computer stuff, floor to ceiling, wall to wall with a path to the back room
Pamela: Ruthlessly organized, but completely full
Jillian: Oh boy. Actually I can believe it.
Pamela: You can see why I call it the morgue
Jillian: Definitely. I once lived in an apartment like that.
Pamela: God help me if I ever have to clean out the house. Every Adamite in North America will be awash in computers and parts
Jillian: Once in a while on the newsgroup people post horror stories from their local news. Some scary stuff goes on.
Jillian: Aren't we all now?
Pamela: That's nothing compared to what it would be!
Pamela: There was an article in Biography magazine recently about two brothers who lived in Chicago that never threw anything out
Pamela: They were both dead for months before anyone discovered them, and then they had to go through the window to get into the place
Pamela: They ended up having to burn the place down to get it completely rid of bugs and rodents
Jillian: I think that one got posted to the group.
Pamela: That would be the ultimate horror story
Jillian: Most recently there was a story about a woman who was removed from her house by Social services.
Pamela: So much of cleaning up is just getting up the gumption to do it
Pamela: Was she removed through the window too?
Jillian: As they were cleaning the house up, she arrived home with garbage bags from the places she worked as a cleaning lady.
Pamela: she brought it home?
Pamela: Cleaning lady???!!
Pamela: Really makes you believe in irony
Jillian: She brought home everything!! food garbage, papers, anything they threw out went into her house.
Pamela: Scary
Jillian: She beleived it was valuable and that she would be able to sell it.
Jillian: Meanwhile the social services had hired a disaster recovery crew to empty her house.
Pamela: I;m just sitting here shaking my head,. Un believable
Jillian: They were cutting up her piles with chainsaws to get them into garbage bags.
Pamela: Nice to know there's hope for us yet
Jillian: At that point I think it really is mental illness. I don't think I could go that far.
Pamela: I agree. That goes far beyond normality
Jillian: I think as long as we can recognize that a mess is a mess there's hope.
Pamela: I definitely know a mess when I see one - all i have to do is look around
Pamela: And on that note, i think it's bedtime
Jillian: Yeah me too. Without even turning my head.
Pamela: Start with the computer desk and work outwards?
Jillian: I've got to do my routine! and I think it's time.
Pamela: Yeah, 6:00am comes mighty early
Jillian: I've actually started with the kitchen sink. suggestion of flylady.
Pamela: See you next week?
Pamela: I'm gonna go check that out, but not tonite
Jillian: I hope so. I work until 8 or maybe 9 next week though.
Pamela: Don't overdo and take care.
Jillian: I will. thanks. You as well. and check out flylady.
Pamela: Will do. Good night!
Jillian: nite.
Pamela: Poof
Jillian: poof!
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