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rich-c: test
rich-c: refresh
rich-c: refresh
rich-c: refresh
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changed username to Guy B.
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: Wow, big crowd
Pamela: Hi
Guy B.: Just got here Pam.
Pamela: You mean Dad's been all by himself?
rich-c: Geez, I sit here 27 minutes alone then both show up at once - hi
Guy B.: Now if we can wake up your dad.
Pamela: Sorry, Daddy
rich-c: I'm awake -surprise!
Pamela: I just got home - I had dinner with Katherine tonite
rich-c: where is everyone else - watching Star Trek?
Pamela: Guess so - I;m getting it on tape
rich-c: yes, your mother mentioned that, Pam
Guy B.: Must be. Rich D mentioned that tonight.
rich-c: yes, someone should tell him about VCRs
Pamela: I wouldnt' be surprised if that's where Rich is, but where is everyone else?
rich-c: well, Ron is often late, and james is unpredictable
rich-c: but whre the Slopsemas are I can't guess
Guy B.: That's a good question.
rich-c: still working a lot of overtime, Guy?
Pamela: We're also missing the entiere Slopsema clan, Ian, John,
Pamela: What I can't believe is the weather
Pamela: This time last year, I was in Stratford worrying that I was dressed too warmly
rich-c: did you know they set 60 record HIGHS in Alberta today, and 50 in Saskatchewan?
Guy B.: Yep, going in again this Saturday. Finally catching up with the semi annual reports, but we have more work ahead.
Pamela: Figures, we get the rain and they get more sunshine
Pamela: Guy, this is going to sound like a dumb question, but what do you do?
rich-c: growing webbed feet, daughter?
Guy B.: Finally got the sun today and a little warmer. Been real cool here the last two days.
Pamela: My runners are starting to squish
Guy B.: I'm a Data Assistant.
rich-c: if you get our western weather, it's shorts and tees tomorrow, Guy
Pamela: Which means what, exactly?
Guy B.: I ended up getting my jeans out from my storage crate.
rich-c: we had the furnace on this morning, and the heater in the truck
Guy B.: Well, I enter data into the membership database. I also handle other things as well.
Pamela: I had the heater on in the car too, just a little.
rich-c: you work for AmEx, don't you?
Pamela: Last night when I got home from Barbara's, the windows fogged over on the OUTside from the temp difference in the garage.
Guy B.: Been working for Rotary International for the last 21 years. 8 years in computers, the remainder where I'm in now.
rich-c: reminds me - got to clean teh insides of the Behemoth's windows
Pamela: You??? Clean the car windows??? Isn't this the first time in like five years?
rich-c: Oh, right. Don't know where I got the other idea
Pamela: As in the Rotary Club, Guy?
rich-c: don't be snarky, daughter
Pamela: It's no fun if I can't pick on you once in a while, Dad
Guy B.: Yep, you right! The world headquarters in Evanston, IL.
rich-c: yeah, but I do it every year whether it needs it or not
Pamela: scuse me a minute, there's a cat wreaking havoc in the living room
rich-c: that's got to be Willow; Inky would never get up the energy
Guy B.: Abby is sleeping at the moment.
rich-c: Guy, you might know - is telnet still useful for anything these days?
Guy B.: We use to have that at work, but I believe the company dropped that a few years ago when the Internet exploded.
rich-c: in short, I guess it's been superseded
rich-c: I'm wondering how to connect to my ISP from the road
Guy B.: Exactly. Everything changed when the 90's arrived.
rich-c: we do have a special Canada Direct 1-800 number with very reasonable rates
rich-c: and there's six pages on the website explaining how to use it with a modem and calling card
Pamela: Actually, it was both cats - I never would have believed it if I hadn' t seen it with my own eyes
rich-c: you mean Inky MOVED???
Guy B.: What were they up to?
Pamela: Yes, he actually did move. I found Inkyon top of Russell's chair and willow sitting innocently in the middle of the floor - like I believe that
Pamela: It was the big thump that threw me
rich-c: especially because everything that used to be on the tables was on the floor?
Pamela: No, just when Inky landed on the back of the recliner, it swung a bit. The thump I heard was the footrest coming back down
Pamela: Even if stuff used to be on the tables, how could I tell?
rich-c: at his weight, I'm surprised he didn't recline it fully
Pamela: If he had more room behind the chair, he just might have
Pamela: Would've scared the heck out of him
rich-c: I trust you gave them both a piece of your mind
Pamela: Yes, and Willow his meds - he is over due
rich-c: gets hyper without them, does he?
Pamela: The meds slow down his thyroid and keep the weight from melting off him, and keep him from being super hyper
Pamela: Tomorrow he'll be regularly hyper instead
rich-c: pity you can't transfuse some of Willow's excess over to Inky
Pamela: Guy, sometimes I envy you your dog
Guy B.: How so?
Pamela: I've often thought that the wrong cat got the hyperactive thyroid
Pamela: Well, there are only so many things a dog can get into
Pamela: Cats get into everything!
Guy B.: Tell me about it. Abby would get into the trash can. I solved that problem, but she still can be a stinker at times.
Pamela: The fun part is keeping Willow off the kitchen counters, the dining room table, the coffee table, the desk, the chairs . . . you get the idea
rich-c: and that's when you or Russell are at home...
Pamela: Oh yes, and out of the garbage if there's anything resembling food around
Pamela: Exactly
Guy B.: Jeanene's cat, Zoe. Always like Garfield the cartoon cat. Always hungry.
Pamela: Problem is, with the thyroid, he can't keep anything in his stomach for long so he's always complaining and chasing any food he can get his paws on
rich-c: how's Jeanene doing? didn't she have an operation a little while ago?
Guy B.: How old are the cats Pam?
Pamela: Turned twelve this year in July
Pamela: They're littermates
Pamela: Couldn't be more different
Pamela: Inky the slug, and Willow the whip
Guy B.: Jeanene's doing a little better. She had some scar tissue removed a couple weeks ago where she had the back surgery.
rich-c: glad to hear she is coming along well, then
Pamela: Ouch. Sounds extremely unpleasant. She has our sympathies
rich-c: she had a tough time for a while, I seem to recall
Guy B.: It was making her very uncomfortable, but it seems to help. She has to go back to the specialist. I'll check with her on that tomorrow.
rich-c: do keep us posted on how she's doing, Guy
Pamela: Speaking of which, Dad, did CPL get ahold of you?
rich-c: earlier today, yes. haven't heard any more since they took your grandmother to the hospital
Pamela: (stupid space bar)
Pamela: They called me first, thinking you were already out of town
rich-c: no, we haven't left yet
Guy B.: I will. She will be heading down to see her niece and her mom a week from tomorrow. Her niece and mine too is expecting her first child in December. They are throwing a baby shower for her.
Pamela: Now who's being snarky?
Pamela: Guy, I didn't quite follow that - you share a niece?
Guy B.: I thought I confused you. My niece April who is also Jeanene's niece.
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Pamela: Thank you, that's better
changed username to Ronald
Pamela: So this baby will be a grand niece or nephew - cool!
Ronald: damn computers
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Guy B.: There he is. Hi Ron
Pamela: I agree, but why?
rich-c: hi Ron
Ronald: sometimes I wonder if it's t computer or the guy sitting in front of it
Pamela: I agree, but why?
rich-c: PEBKAC
Pamela: ?
Ronald: Oh I dunno...frozen starts.....icons not showing up,, yada yada
Guy B.: I have two great nieces and one great nephew already from her side of the family.
Pamela: Blue screens of death too
rich-c: problem exists between keyboard and chair support desk term
Ronald: yeah them too
Guy B.: Oh no, not that!
Ronald: Anyway, how is everyone?
Pamela: It said "beginning memory dump"
Pamela: Not considered good
rich-c: cold andwet, but otherwise OK
Guy B.: Going fine here.
Ronald: :)
Pamela: Sent us your weather, didn't you Ron
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Guy B.: Been cool here too. Finally got into the 60's today.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Ronald: weather today changed my golf plans
rich-c: hi Bob, where ya bin?
Ronald: this is not good
Guy B.: There is Bob. Wondering where you were there?
Pamela: Wondering where y'all disappeared to
BobS: Hi there
Ronald: evening Mr. S.
BobS: Howdy all
rich-c: yes, it's making it very hard for us to get the trailer ready
BobS: was over to Doug & Meeka house first
Guy B.: Where's Judy tonight?
BobS: then putting stuff away at home
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changed username to Rich Drushel
BobS: hopefully she will be on in a minute
Pamela: Did y ou get your network problem solved?
rich-c: well, guess Star Trek is over
Rich Drushel: :-)
Pamela: Hi, Rich - Enterprise must be over
Guy B.: Dr D. Made it. How was Star Trek?
Ronald: We were out gorging on Dairy Queen burgers
rich-c: hey Rich, ever heard of a VCR?
Rich Drushel: Not since the girls broke ours about 4 months ago...
Pamela: You forget Dad, he has four girls under 15
Pamela: Even if it worked, he couldn't get near it
rich-c: want to borrow my old beta? I'll even toss in a couple of blank tapes
Ronald: challenging times eh?
Rich Drushel: Early verdict: show has potential, but there were gratuitous things that ought to have been omitted, IMHO.
Pamela: Well, will let you know next week - I did tape it and will watch it over the weekend
rich-c: sounds like my review of our local team's football games
Rich Drushel: ha
Guy B.: You can get a new one for about $60.
Rich Drushel: Pam, Elanor really appreciated your E-mail. She's doing better than she was before.
Pamela: That's great to hear
Pamela: Did she pass on hugs?
Rich Drushel: Re: new VCR, the girls have destroyed 2 of them, and I don't see any further point.
Rich Drushel: Hugs, yes :-)
Pamela: Good
Ronald: two vcr's??
rich-c: yeah, on that basis, let them buy their own
Ronald: how do they do that?
Rich Drushel: Yep, 2 VCRs in 5 years.
Guy B.: Oh boy! The two younger girls?
Pamela: C'mon Ron, you've seen the Amex commercials : )
Rich Drushel: We never would have had one to begin with if my Dad hadn't gotten us one for a Christmas present.
Ronald: yes, I suppose
Rich Drushel: That one lasted 3 years, then they broke the transport mechanism.
Pamela: We managed to wear one out in ten years - gives you an idea of how much it gets used
Pamela: And we have no kids!
rich-c: as I said - wanna borrow a beta - ours still works
Rich Drushel: Grudgingly, I got another one. It lasted until this spring, when Christina (who certainly should have known better) removed a jammed tape by yanking it right out.
Guy B.: I have one thats now 10 years old and still going.
Rich Drushel: Broke the gears and everything...
rich-c: OUC!
Pamela: very ouch
Guy B.: That one is toast.
Pamela: Strawberry jam on toast
Rich Drushel: There are a couple of tapes we have that I wouldn't mind being able to watch, but on the whole, they just aren't careful enough with the equipment.
Rich Drushel: Now they want a DVD player, too...I say no way.
rich-c: I reluctantly feel I have to concede your point
Guy B.: This just came out. But, I have a DVD/VCR combo unit.
Pamela: Guy, you're such a bachelor - all the latest toys!
Rich Drushel: Any further AV equipment will have to be under lock and key...
rich-c: unless they pay for it themselves
Pamela: And only Mom and Dad can have a key
Rich Drushel: At least our turntable still works, because nothing they want to listen to is on vinyl.
Guy B.: Well, I figured on of my VCR's will go kaput one day.
Rich Drushel: I am a sexist pig, but IMHO none of the girls (Joan included) is to be trusted around electronics or mechanical stuff.
rich-c: I dunno - somehow I can't find the most remote interest in DVDs
Ronald: we got up, one down. Both record a lot of golf
Pamela: I went to look for a CD tonite - they wanted $24.99 for it. I think I'll shop around
rich-c: oink, oink
Pamela: OINK
Guy B.: At least we still can play those. Even though I have CD's, I do have a vinyl record collection.
Ronald: Went to the Sally Ann this afternoon... bought 2 LP's at 0.55 each
Pamela: It's all in the training - I learned out of self defense
Rich Drushel: This weekend Elanor managed to kill my PowerMac here at home: turned off the power to turn it off instead of Shutdown from the menu. Evidently the HD was still writing...killed the HD. click click click...
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Pamela: It's not your year, is it Rich?
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Rich Drushel: I managed to scavenge one from a dumpster system, but still haven't gotten everything put back on it. Just got net.access working yesterday.
rich-c: looks like we're going to have lots of blonde stories soon, even if they're brunettes
Guy B.: And we thought we broke everything in sight when we were there age. They are more destructive now than we were.
Guy B.: Hi Judy!
rich-c: Hello Judy
Pamela: No, the toys are just more expensive
Judy: hi,
Rich Drushel: Hello Judy (and everyone else I haven't named by name).
Ronald: Hey Judy!
Pamela: How come Bob's so quiet?
Rich Drushel: Say, any of you look at Pac-Man or DigDug today?
Judy: having trouble using the fingers
Judy: he can't get in
Guy B.: Not yet, I will later before I log off tonight.
Pamela: I got the messages but haven't read them yet
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Pamela: Didn't have time before coming here
changed username to Abrasiv1
Pamela: Well, the population is certaainly increasing in a hurry
changed username to <undefined>
Rich Drushel: I think you'll like Pac-Man alot.
Pamela: Hi, John!
rich-c: hello John
Guy B.: Hi John
Judy: his computer won't let him in
Pamela: Rich, would you like to revise your electronics opinion?
Judy: How is everyone tonight?
<undefined>: wow! after 3 tries!!!
rich-c: oh, is that other undifined him trying again?
Ronald: one eye open, Judy, one foot on the floor
Rich Drushel: There are always exceptions :-)
Guy B.: We your ID there!
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<undefined>: no the undefined should be Abrasiv1
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Rich Drushel: I am prepared to believe that my 5 girls are exceptions :-)
changed username to BobS
changed username to BobS
Pamela: John, are all those extras you too?
Ronald: Hi John
changed username to BobS
Abrasiv1: I have no idea
Guy B.: Alright, we have a set of twins.
Pamela: No, triplets
rich-c: all together now - do we give those Evil Twins the boot?
Abrasiv1: It took 3 tries to get in here
Guy B.: Bob your triplets.
Judy: maybe Bob
BobS: boy, this is the first time i got thru but now I see 4 of myself!!!!!!
Guy B. requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Pamela: Welcome to the hall of mirrors
Guy B. requested to ban BobS
BobS left chat session
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
<undefined> confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
Guy B.: Alright, we got two Bobs.
rich-c: yourjust too impatient - you've got to give the applet time to react
Ronald: gives me such a sense of absolute power does that
Abrasiv1: How many Bobs's do we want?
Judy: now he is locked up so we may both leave
Guy B.: One!
rich-c: is ample
Pamela: Ron, every one is entitled to a little godhood from time to time
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Judy: we are both going thru his compuater and he isn't here
rich-c: well, now we're rid of asll of him
Guy B.: Now Bob is disappeared entirely. He'll be back.
<undefined>: Ok who is still undefined?
Pamela: You're here though - that's weird
Pamela: That would be you, undefined
rich-c: you are
Judy: he is trying to come back
<undefined>: this is wierd
Pamela: I;m not touching that one
rich-c: we hear a moaning in teh graveyard...
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<undefined>: brasiv1
changed username to BobS
Ronald: sounds like a half-materialized semi-amorphous transporter error
Guy B.: He's back.
Pamela: A medium is needed in the chat room
<undefined> changed username to Abrasiv1
Rich Drushel: Watch the technobabble...or is that Treknobabble...
Pamela: John, now you're here twice
rich-c: ah, John fell off and has climbed back on
Guy B.: Now we have two Johns!
Pamela: The latter, Rich
Abrasiv1: Ok now there is 2 of me
Ronald: could be either
BobS: HOT DOG!!! I think I transported myself in ONE piece
Rich Drushel: I guess I'm pretty medium, so I volunteer.
Ronald: head goes on the other end Bob
Pamela: hee hee hee heee
Rich Drushel: Sounds like Doodles Weaver calling the Kentucky Derby in a Spike Jones song...
Ronald: wasn't nice
Pamela: I'm too busy giggling
BobS: something like that
BobS: sure is touchy tonigh
Abrasiv1 requested to ban Abrasiv1
Rich Drushel confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Judy: welcome dear
Ronald confirmed ban
Abrasiv1 confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, All clear, Everyone is single again.
Ronald: Are we turfing everybody tonight? who's next?
rich-c: don'
Pamela: Don't ask that Ron
rich-c: t ask - it might be you
Abrasiv1: Ok i am still here though i have forcibly removed myself
Rich Drushel: "turfing"? What is that verb?
Judy confirmed ban
rich-c: turf, v. to chuck out
Pamela: yes - modifying turf - to toss someone out on their behind
Ronald: to turf (vt) to fling to the ground
Ronald: to dispose of
Rich Drushel: Never heard that one before; interesting.
Pamela: Aren't you sorry you asked?
Ronald: must be one of these Canadianisms
Rich Drushel: "chuck" I know about.
Rich Drushel: I use it myself.
Rich Drushel: "Turf" sounds like a yuppie football replacement for "tackle".
Ronald: no, 'chuck' can denote throwing something laterally. turn', you're casting it downwards
BobS: I'm still attached as it were, Guy
Pamela: Wow, the slang dictionary
Ronald: sounds good anyway
Pamela: I thought so
BobS: John you are in NH right?
Pamela: now, define boot
Abrasiv1: yes...that is right
BobS: kick, smack, hiot
Ronald: ah boot.....well
BobS: hit
rich-c: start up as in computer
Rich Drushel: "boot" is rightpondian for "trunk"
Judy: something ;you wear on your foot
BobS: what I gonna do to you!!!!!!!!
Guy B.: Or in Garfield's case. Booting Odie off the table.
Pamela: Shoulda seen that coming
Ronald: as in propel forward using foot against butt method
Pamela: Rich - rightpondian? Now who's confusing the issue?
BobS: Rich, no joy in "mudville" as far as travel??????
Ronald: Our airline is on the ground
Pamela: As good a def. as any, Ron
Ronald: it wants gov't money
Rich Drushel: Right and left sides of the pond (Atlantic Ocean), i.e. right=England, left=USA/Canada.
rich-c: we plan to leave tomorrow, or as soon after as possible - maybe next week?
Pamela: I love it
Rich Drushel: The terms "rightpondian" and "leftpondian" are very common on alt.folklore.computers.
BobS: COOL, becasue that's what it will be temperature wise
Ronald: well I tell ya
Pamela: That would be Thursday of which week, right Dad?
BobS: got everything fixed and working????
Ronald: I'm not normally one to be spooked by the thought of air travel
Ronald: but
rich-c: right, Pam
Abrasiv1: where is Rich going?
Ronald: have a domestic flight booked for Christmas YVR/Edmonton
Pamela: Would you believe, Washington DC?
rich-c: travelling by trailer
Ronald: and I'm not looking forward to it
BobS: on "walkabout" for a month with his bride and a trailer
Judy: we leave the beginning of Dec
Pamela: Now is the time to travel, while everyone is still really security concious
Pamela: sorry, conscious
Abrasiv1: where are you taking the trailer rich?
Ronald: but I'm hearing horror stories that it's still as bad as ever
rich-c: down to the Washington area first, I think
Pamela: Just leave lots of time for security checks
Abrasiv1: DC?
Pamela: brb, gotta go get my socks - my feet are freezing
Ronald: Guess I'll have to go back to my old philosophy
Guy B.: They are trying to tell everyone that. But, some are still afraid after what happened two weeks ago and it's hitting the airline industry hard.
rich-c: they say crowds are dow 75% at the Smithsonian, which makes it a good time to inspect it
Abrasiv1: Gotta be in DC in 2 weeks
Ronald: If you're number is up, you'll trip on a banana peel and be dispatched in that manner
Ronald: otherwise you'll survive anything
rich-c: well, if you see a big old 73 Mercury with Ontario plates, that's us
Pamela: My philosophy is, once your on the plane it's out of your hands, so why worry?
Guy B.: That's still going strong. How many miles do you have on that now Rich C?
rich-c: actually we will likely camp in Virginia and take the Metro in
Rich Drushel: I wish people weren't so prepared to surrender all their civil liberties in the (forlorn, IMHO) hope that, if we did it this way on Sept. 11th, WTC wouldn't have happened.
Ronald: right Pam
Pamela: much better - comfy toasty warmy toes
rich-c: something over 170,000, Guy
Abrasiv1: I will actually be in arlington
Guy B.: Wow! I wouldn't be surprised if you hit 200,000 by next year's Con.
rich-c: oh, what takes you down, John?
Abrasiv1: Rich D...i agree
Ronald: In other news...
Ronald: today I was given a Tandy 1000 and a 486/33
Abrasiv1: CEU conference
Ronald: can't win for losin'
rich-c: no Guy, we only add a few thousand a year now
Pamela: Guy, it won't get rolled for a while - they'll only put about 2,000 on it this year
Pamela: Not their everyday car
Guy B.: Oh, do I remember the Tandy 1000. The 1000HX was my first PC.
Rich Drushel: Last week we got a new iMac for the robot lab, and 2 more are on their way.
rich-c: which reminds me - there will be a freebie Adam available in November
Ronald: OS X Rich?
Guy B.: Oh, I guess that will be sometime before that happens.
Abrasiv1: A freebie ADAm? explain
Pamela: Still have to look for the name of that guy who's interested in the car Dad - remind me tomorrow
rich-c: I'm looking at a V8 conversion for the van so we can use it for Comox
Rich Drushel: OS X is installed, but the machines boot to OS 9.2.x, and that works okay for the robot boards. I haven't actually tried the X poart at all.
Pamela: Better yet, I 'll send myself an e-mail
Rich Drushel: oops, part.
Rich Drushel: I gotta go, gang: gotta pick Christina up at a friend's house.
Rich Drushel: Hailing frequencies closed for tonight, sir.
rich-c: OK Rich, see you in November
Ronald: That's pretty much what everyone does Rich
Pamela: so soon, Rich? You just got here
Rich Drushel: Travel safely...
Rich Drushel left chat session
Guy B.: Rich D. Did you ever try the interactive robot under Windows?
Pamela: Hi to everyone and good nite
BobS: bsay HI to the family Rich!!!!
BobS: and we will see ya later!!!
Ronald: My local dealer here is going to give me a free 10.1 update Saturday
Ronald: with OS9.2 as well
Judy: bye Rich
Guy B.: Too late for that question.
Pamela: he poofed in a hurry
Guy B.: He went off rather quickly.
BobS: must be his carriage turned into a pumpkin
BobS: ya'll styill here
Ronald: brb (need warmer footwear)
Abrasiv1: rich...are you going to visit anything else besides DC?
BobS: Oh, oh, just lost REich and Pam
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: or i am talking to myself
Guy B.: Those Canadians nust be rather chilly up there.
changed username to frances
Guy B.: At least Frances is here.
Judy: hello Frances
BobS: what happened to your other half and Pam?
frances: Hi folks, not here long, up to my eyebrows
Abrasiv1: my screen froze momentarily
Judy: it is rather cool here too
BobS: HIYA Frances, ready to come south and warm weather???
Judy: in what, Frances
Ronald: hi Frances
frances: Richard has gone to smoke his brains
Guy B.: Go figure.
BobS: does it come out his ears sometimes?????
frances: Ronald, can you remember how streets in Ottawa number - out from Bank St. perhaps?
Ronald: as mother says, live and let live
(BobS winks)
Judy: does he go outside to smoke
Abrasiv1: mmmmmmmm smoked brain yummy
frances: Yucky
Ronald: um.....
frances: that's a help!
Ronald: 210 Glouster street was 1/2 block west of Bank St.
Ronald: and numbers got higher westbound
frances: I guess it is not Bank St. then
Ronald: Bank runs north south
Ronald: and the lowest number woud be the corner of Bank and Wellington
frances: westbound - okay, then numbers on Renfrew Ave. run towards Bronson
Ronald: 5000 Bank street is out past Billings Bridge
Ronald: yes, that would be true
Judy: Is Pam still here?
frances: Renfrew runs eat-west, I think - Ottawa confuses me
Judy: I have her on my llist but Bob does not
Abrasiv1: don't see her Judy
Ronald: having trouble remembering Renfrew Ave
BobS: YOU!!!! the rest of us ARE lsot ....hopelessly
Ronald: but then I have trouble remembering most things
frances: it is not a street you would remember but it is where we lived in Ottawa
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: aha
frances: parallel to Carling, I think
changed username to Pamela
Ronald: Carling runs East West
Ronald: more or less
Abrasiv1: spaniel chat is rather shaky tonight
Pamela: I got turfed!
Pamela: Hi, Mom
Ronald: (thrown to the ground without warning)
frances: I have been, ahem, writing a biography for Pam and trying to remember house numbers
Pamela: summarily tossed out
BobS: AH HA!!!! I TOLD Judy that, but whe knew better........naw, she said, Pam is STILL here
BobS: HA!!!!!!!! I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!
Pamela: Think that other undefined is me
frances: Hi, daughter. How are Catherine aND mEGAN, NOT TO MENTION mEGAN'S PAPA?
Pamela requested to ban <undefined>
Guy B. confirmed ban
Abrasiv1 confirmed ban
frances confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B.: Well gang. Got to check the e-mail and get up early tomorrow. So, I'll see you all next week.
Abrasiv1: bye guy
frances: sorry about the capitals
BobS: ok Guy................
Pamela: Saw only Katherine, but everyone is well and healthy and growing like a weed in Megan's case
BobS: be good, and have FUN
Pamela: Goodnite Guy
Judy: NOW I have two Pams
Guy B. left chat session
frances: Bye, Guy
BobS: aw, Frances, now we know you are just one of us.....messing uyp the typing
Judy: Bye Gye
Pamela: Judy, I still have two windows open - I can't close one - it won't cooperate
Ronald confirmed ban
frances: Must see this wonder child before she gets older - this is Graeme Jr.'s birthday, right?
Pamela: There, is that better?
Ronald: Did I miss anything?
BobS: had that problem and finally fumped the whole business
Ronald: now I'm playing phone secretary for mom
Pamela: Yes it is, and I forgot to send a card - darn
BobS: yup, we were talkin' about you!!!!!
Judy: that is all right
Ronald: nice things I hope
(BobS smiles)
Judy: we will just have two of you
Pamela: I have a new picture of Megan, Mom - will show it to you tomorrow night
BobS: PAM, now you have a sister!!!!!
frances: I didn't forget but it will be late. So what else is new
Pamela: How come I can't see this? I thought I closed that!
BobS: and you thought you were an only child......tsk, tsk
frances: Goodnight, all. Got work to do
Pamela: Speak to my mom about that Bob
BobS: have a good trip Frances
Pamela: Mom, can you feed me tomorrow?
Abrasiv1: good night all
Ronald: nite John
Judy: goodnight Frances hav e a nice trip
Abrasiv1 left chat session
Pamela: Good nite, John
BobS: nite John
frances changed username to rich-c
Pamela: (Did I sound pitiful enough?)
rich-c: your mother says yes to both
Judy: wellcome back Rich
Ronald: tears to my eyes was there brought
Pamela: Okay, whats for dinner and can I bring anything?
rich-c: (we're thinking)
rich-c: don't know, but probably not
Pamela: Better not say what I was thinking or it'll be liver
Pamela: Let me know - send me an email
rich-c: would you believe kidney?
Pamela: My acting skills must be improving
BobS: YU:CK!!!!!!!!!
Judy: I would rather stay home than go somewhere and have lliver
Pamela: double YUCK
BobS: just eat the steak part
rich-c: anyway, she makes it up as she goes along - better let it be a surprise
BobS: 'got any ideas where your trip will take Rich????"
Ronald: liver, but NO onions
Pamela: Oh good, Mom suprise - I can eat that
BobS: hearing DC
Ronald: bacon's ok
Pamela: long as it's crispy
rich-c: well, somewhere around there, Bob
Ronald: exactly!
Judy: krispy
Ronald: I have this early childhood aversion to onions
Pamela: I like onions, but they don't like me
rich-c: our favoured DC campground is now asking $40 a night - minimum
Ronald: and I am still an early child
rich-c: they seem to think they're Disney World or something
Pamela: Quite a change from the $12 anight it used to be, Dad
BobS: I like FREE or chaaeap and $40 is neither
Judy: what do they have in them?
rich-c: noise from the Beltway, they're right beside it
Pamela: Well, the sites are paved with gold . . .
BobS: must be
BobS: and smooth TOO
rich-c: actually they're loose gravel, good drainage but they can tilt
Pamela: And I thought camping was cheap - I think motels are starting to look good!
Judy: not the way we camp
rich-c: if worst comes to worst, maybe we'll park at a Motel 6 for $39.95
Judy: WAlmart her e we come
Pamela: It's an option
BobS: scampgrounds should be a lot cheaper now that it is off season
Ronald: Oct 4 we join the world of Wal Mart
Pamela: Heat is good
rich-c: actually there's a place down by Dumfries that's about $20 a night
Judy: is that full hook-up, I hope
rich-c: and it's only 20 miles from the Metro line
Pamela: Welcome to the 20th century, Ron
Ronald: tks
Pamela: wlcm
Ronald: not sure if I'm going on the first day
Pamela: I wouldn't - you're likely to get run over
rich-c: you won't be missing much, Ron
Ronald: well, the north part of the Island
Ronald: There's been one 70 miles south and below for some time
Ronald: but the network creeps northward
Pamela: I disagree, Dad - Walmart is great for a lot of things
Ronald: They do have shirts for people my size at reasonable prices
rich-c: but a lot less than they'd like you to think
Judy: Was that near where we stayed o;n the island, Ron?
Ronald: and until the day when I become a smaller person......
Ronald: I'll take em where I can get em
Pamela: Well, I do really well with craft things, video tapes, toiletries, housecleaning supplies, paper goods and books
rich-c: yes, I've bought video tapes there
Ronald: in
Judy: yes, we shop therre all the time
Ronald: Victoria Judy. Been one there for quite a while
rich-c: how do they compare with Meijer's
Ronald: b ut there's also one in Nanaimo half way between Victoria and us
BobS: Victoria.......Walmart,........thre waterfront.......the chicken place.....the nightline on the water.......WHAT M<ORE COULD YOU WANT??????
Pamela: If I don't get in there at least once a month, I go into withdrawal
Ronald: some SUNSHINE in which to play GOLF
(BobS groans loudly)
Ronald: (whine whine)
Pamela: Want some cheese with that whine?
Ronald: :)
Judy: how about once a week, that is about what I do
Ronald: tomorrow maybe
rich-c: sorry, Ron, you've had your ration for this year
(BobS reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
Pamela: Once a week offer only, Ron
Pamela: nice try, Bob
Ronald: true, we have actually
BobS: AND crackers.....KRISPY
Pamela: I don't have enough time to do it once a week Judy
rich-c: yes, you're allowed what - three days?
Ronald: in a good year
Ronald: actually, I cannot complain. We've had a pretty good August/Sept so far
rich-c: that's about what I'd heard
Pamela: First, I have to shovel out what I already have
Judy: you have to make the time for that, important things you make time for
BobS: our whole summer has not been to good.....OR consistent
Ronald: like golf
rich-c: yes, we're in a cold rain spell now, but seems there's good stuff on the way
Ronald: walking on the beach
Pamela: visiting your parents
Pamela: reading a good book
Ronald: that too
Pamela: Watching Star Trek or West Wing
rich-c: sparrow snooping
Ronald: listening to records bought at the Sally Ann
Pamela: I pencil in Walmart when I run out of TP
BobS: whata Sally ANn??????
Pamela: Salvation Army Thrift store, Bob
Ronald: sorry Bob. Salvation Army Thrift Store
Judy: good idea
rich-c: Salvation ARmy store
BobS: \that is Walmarts biggest asset
Ronald: sort of Anti-Wal-Mart
Judy: all that Stuff
Ronald: get all my computer supplies there
Pamela: Goodwill is fun, too
rich-c: a reputation, not entirely deserved
Pamela: never know what you'll find
Ronald: our Good will went under
Judy: what ever you need
Pamela: I didn't think that was possible
BobS: to bad
Ronald: We have another one... St. Vincent de Paul
Pamela: Yeah, them too but no stores here
rich-c: we can as often do better at Zellers or Canadian Tire
BobS: that will do
Ronald: yeah
Pamela: Yuck I don't go into Zellers if I can help it - always a mess
Pamela: Not enough staff and sloppy customers - sound familiar?
Ronald: our Zellers and the new Wal Mart will go head to head less than 1/4 mile from eathother
rich-c: we go at less busy times so it's more orderly
Pamela: Sounds like some HBC stores which shall remain nameless
rich-c: but if you have to shop on Saturday, yes, it can be messy
BobS: sloppy customers are everywhere
Ronald: maybe they'll both disappear in the heat
BobS: and I do NOT think they all live like that at home
Pamela: "I'm melting"
BobS: meaning????
rich-c: wanna bet, Bob?
Pamela: I do, Bob - you should see the staff rooms
Ronald: Zellers and K-Mart are pretty much the same thing
rich-c: yes, they're similar
Pamela: They are the same thing, Ron - Zellers bought Kmart in Canada last year
Ronald: in Canada
Ronald: there's still K-Mart Stateside no?
Pamela: Yes - we saw one in Buffalo when we were there
rich-c: well, they bought the leases on some of the stores - Walmart bought the rest
Judy: yes, they did clos e some though
BobS: well, I thought of Kmart right away, but didn't want to knock it
rich-c: yes, they sponsor Christian Fitttipaldi in CART racing
Pamela: It was a superstore - I was afraid to go in lest I get lost
BobS: the BIG K
Judy: the sales help is the big problem with K-mart
Ronald: we have one of those too. The Real Canadian Stupidstore
Pamela: What I can't believe is the hours at the American Walmarts - open till like eleven or midnight
BobS: some opeen all night here
rich-c: help is cheap
rich-c: American minimum wages are disgraceful
Pamela: Try telling that to the HBC conglomerate
BobS: and then you get "cheap help"
rich-c: some states don't have them at all
Judy: we have a Meijer store around here too
Pamela: If you can find a live body at some Zellers, you're doing well
Ronald: wherever I go, there are adequate facilities to spend money
BobS: but a company likek Walmart is subject to federal min wages
rich-c: the ones I've seen are very variable in quality - rather like Albertsons
Pamela: for that, I give Walmart a thumbs up
Judy: me too, Pam
Ronald: is it Meijer or Meyer (As in Fred Meyer??)
Pamela: Judy, I worked for the Bay for six years - it was an ongoing argument - payroll is geared directly to sales
Judy: Meeka was there today, got some great bargains
rich-c: it's Meijer, Ron
Pamela: However, they fail to realize that sales is directly geard to payroll too
Judy: Meijer
Ronald: I stand corrected
Ronald: but I'm sitting down
Judy: is was started by Fred Meijer
Ronald: then there's Target
Ronald: where I bought some trousers
Judy: we have that too
Ronald: off 28th
Pamela: I have to do some serious shopping in the US next year
rich-c: oddly enough, we've never been in a Target, and have seen very few
Ronald: must return to buy more
Ronald: they also had my size
Judy: yes, you can find almost any store on 28 th
Pamela: Must say, the Americans are much better at providing size variety than we are
Ronald: if you live long enough
rich-c: Pam, the Eddie Bauer clearance sale iis on tomorrow and Friday at the International Centre
rich-c: 50% off everything
Pamela: Are you going?
BobS: stay on the correct side of 28th st and you will go home in one piece
Ronald: agreed Pam. That to me is the chief benefit
rich-c: no Pam, too much to do
Ronald: good. That's the way I want to go home
Pamela: What I like is the JC Penney catalogue - everything comes in petite, regular, tall, plus
Judy: we have a Penney store on 28th also
BobS: so many choices.....tsk...tsk
Ronald: Oh hey.... forgot about Mr. Big and Tall on 28th. They had a sale on shirts $9. for shirts I'd have paid $60 plus for here
Pamela: It's like Sears on steroids
Pamela: 28th St in what city, Ron?
rich-c: yes, but everything costs more on the island
Ronald: Kentwood
Pamela: Ah - sounds like my kind of heaven. Wanna come shopping with me?
Judy: I bought a couple last year for Bob there too
BobS: Just outside of the Grand Rapids city limits
BobS: come early...stay late.....
rich-c: someone once crossed it and livedto tell the tale
Judy: yes, Pam we can show you around next year
rich-c: didn't get nailed till she started back
Ronald: will plan on that you guys
Judy: Grand Rapids
Judy: or Kentwood
Pamela: This time around I want to take more time off and meander there and back
BobS: gotta waituntil midnight for traffic to clear
Judy: sounds great
rich-c: you can drive it in a day and it isn't that hard
Pamela: Would have this year but Russell's schedule prevented that
Pamela: And my boss was heading out for vacation so I couldn;'t be out at the same time
Ronald: hospitality chez Slopsemas was super
BobS: haven't made hotel arrangements yet, but planning on first weekend in Aug andd that should present no problems
Judy: we try to please you know
Ronald: yeah
Pamela: That's good timing Bob - my boss uses the last two weeks of July so that's bad for me
rich-c: first Monday in August is a holiday for Pamela
Pamela: theres
Pamela: that too
Judy: right now we do not have a empty room though
BobS: waht holiday????
Ronald: well...... might be a problem for me there
Pamela: Civic holiday - first Monday in August
Pamela: Why, Ron?
rich-c: August Civic Holiday, which the politically correct want to change to Simcoe Day
Ronald: we usually have family over that long weekend
BobS: oh for crying out loud!!!!
BobS: will you northerners get together?????
rich-c: I'm flexible!
Pamela: As soon as I start working for myself, sure
Ronald: Bob...just say a time, and tell us to be there
Pamela: You're unemployed, of course you're flexible!
BobS: but we got to pick a time when ALL can make it
Pamela: Anytime in August is okay for us
Ronald: but if you're asking, I'd have to answer stay clear of the 1st Weekend in August....
BobS: July is bad.....early Aug was picked before Rich D etc had to get ready for school
Ronald: yes.... can see that
BobS: got a calendar???
Ronald: where's my calendar?
BobS: what's the 2nd weekend in Aug
rich-c: what about second half, first week August, Ron?
Ronald: sec
rich-c: we do traditionally run from Thursday thru Sunday
Pamela: Eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh is the second week
Ronald: Ok August 1st is the Thursday
rich-c: assuming there's still enough customers for the airplanes to be flying
Ronald: 8th - 12th would be ok
Judy: I went to the dentist today, now I have a toothache
Pamela: therefore the civic holiday would be the fifth
Pamela: gotta love my daytimer
Ronald: 3-4-5 of August is our long weekend
Pamela: Sympathy pain, Judy
rich-c: I was at the dentist yesterday - about $300 worth
Ronald: did the toothache present before or after he showed you the bill Judy?
Pamela: Paying for Dr. Closners cottage, are we Dad?
BobS: she blew about $260 US
Ronald: I can top that.... but a while ago.
BobS: bout....oh.......370-380 CA
rich-c: tell her she can only do one tooth at a time, not the whole mouthful
Ronald: $900 for a crown back in june. And I only paid half
Judy: after, didn't have aproblem until I went
Pamela: Judy, you seem to have the order of operations wrong. First you get the toothache, then you go to the dentist
Ronald: Doug suffered most. He didn't get to sell me the laptop
Ronald: rotfl
Judy: never had one before
Pamela: $1500 for a root canal and crown about a year ago - so there!
Ronald: (i cave)
Pamela: (We are the champions, we are the champions . . .)
BobS: no problem Ron
rich-c: my dentist wanted to sell me a crown - said just filling was dicey, unlikely to last
Ronald: :)
Judy: I have very good teeth, but had a cavity that he filled, now it is bad
Pamela: Just had to give me your teeth, didn't you?
rich-c: I pointed out given life expectancy for my birth year, the average person my age is dead
Ronald: ROTFL
Pamela: Hardly average - above average, maybe
Ronald: between this year and next, I'm gonna have to life an extra 30 years to make it worth while...He ain't done yet
(BobS groans loudly)
Ronald: must be another boat payment to make
Pamela: or cottage, or BMW . . .
Ronald: yeah
BobS: yank them babies OUT
Ronald: but Lord help me, I trust this guy
Pamela: Mortgages on those million dollar houses don't come cheap, you know
BobS: falsies are GREAT
rich-c: may the Lord have mercy....
BobS: wouldn't trade for anything
Pamela: On my teeth
Ronald: well that's what caused the problem there. Right side of my mouth, there are more spaces than teeth
Judy: tell Bob not to complain about how much I spend at the dentist then
Pamela: See above, Bob
rich-c: Bob, stop complaining about Judy's dentist bills
Ronald: Bob, don't complain, dammit, about how much Judy spends at the dentist
Judy: you are making me feel much better, but wish my tooth did
BobS: why nbot,k mine can be traded in for a new model, cheaply......
Ronald: is there a satisfaction-or-money-back policy in your land of dentists?
BobS: don't like the color???? change it! don't like the shape>>> change it!
BobS: see what an advantage it is??? :-)
rich-c: no refunds after 90 days?
Judy: this was the fist filling in at least 3 years
Ronald: allow me to take a breath please ROTFL
(BobS reboots Ronald's computer remotely.)
Ronald: yeah Judy, you were to me that you have to go back to the guy and insist that he do the job right
rich-c: anyway folks it's getting to be about that time
Pamela: Or find another dentis
rich-c: especially since I spent the first half hour waiting for anyone to show up
Pamela: how many times do I have to explain that? Am I grounded now?
Ronald: dentis.....reminds me of mantis.... preying mantis
Ronald: preying dentis
Ronald: tee hee
Pamela: Ron made a funny!
Ronald: we are the prey
Ronald: or in this case, Judy
BobS: sorry, Richard
Pamela: Dad, ETA tomorrow between5:00 and 6:00 depending on when I get out of the office
BobS: was unavoidable detained as it were
Judy: we will have to see if it is still feeling this way tomorrow I will call
rich-c: OK, we'll hold dinner, whatever it may be
Pamela: Hmm, mystery meat. Yum.
BobS: oh Rich!!!!! use plates man....don
BobS: 't hold it
Ronald: Yeah Judy, lay your unsatisfied customer routine on him
Pamela: Don'te worry bob, he has asbestos fingers
BobS: ;-)
rich-c: anyway, if I can find an affordable connection, maybe I'll be online - don't hold your breath
BobS: on the east coast it is getting late,..........
Ronald: wherever you go Rich
Ronald: there you are
Pamela: Yeah, past my bedtime too
rich-c: if you see a mailing list posting from it's not spam, it's me
BobS: trouble is, you need to have an isp that will get you on
Ronald: right
BobS: or a freebie like netzero
Judy: but I wouldn't want to start over again
Ronald: meanwhile Judy..... best o'luck with the dentis dude
BobS: raod droppinga that are hot....GOT IT!!!!!
rich-c: anyway I'll take the laptop along, but basically - see you all in November
Judy: thanks, Ron
Pamela: Truly
Ronald: :)
BobS: good trip sir!!!!! SALUTE!!!!!
Pamela: How long am I gonna hear about this, Ron?
Ronald: drive the damn speed limit will you
rich-c: so goodnight all, and see you later
Ronald: nite Rich
Pamela: g'nite Pop
Ronald: must go see about this Tandy 1000
BobS: soooo lllloooonnngggggg
rich-c: coloyur me gone
rich-c left chat session
Ronald: be well all
BobS: see ya next week Pam and Ron and all who aren't here
Judy: good night Rich safe driving
Ronald: yup
BobS: see you and Frances when you return Rich
BobS left chat session
Ronald: and I have disappeared
Pamela: You too Ron - I may be absent next week due to prior commitments
Ronald: which is quite an achievement
Ronald: ok Pam. the world turns onward
Ronald: better quit
Judy: good night all
Pamela: But will be back the following week and will keep you posted on the senior Clees
Ronald: good
Ronald: take care
Pamela: Good nite, all
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: poof
Judy left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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