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BobS: HERMAN my man!!!!!
HLM: hello Robert
HLM: yea it is I
BobS: how;s things?????
HLM: not too bad, FINALLY got most of my stuff moved down stairs... one more bed room to do
BobS: that's good!!!!
BobS: AND, how's the family????
HLM: mini wini still up and running
HLM: Z is doing pretty good, OH her dad passed about 2 weeks ago, but finally things are getting back to normal
BobS: yessir like a CLOCK!!!!
BobS: it is awesome, once we get past Herman Mason's crazy boot up disk, the mini pops right on thru just like a\n ide drive
BobS: give
BobS: Z our sympathiews
BobS: had I knowed that....and had money back when....I woulda got a hd a LOT sooner
HLM: that disk is what makes it all happen sir... just remember that :) thanks....
HLM: hd systems are pretty good... it is usually the support or lack there of that gives it a bad name
BobS: oh horseshit!!!! that disk is long winded
BobS: what does the disk do besides boot the mini
HLM: yea, but it is ACCURATE it rechecks system each boot up, SO you will or SHOULD NEVER loose block ZERO
BobS: how can I make a simple boot block zero disk onlY???
BobS: just "install system"
BobS: and it will make me one????
HLM: use the option that says make a boot diskand make it...that should do it
BobS: ok will try to remember tha one for next wed when we get home
BobS: you just said "USE my boot disk 'cause it is good!!!"
BobS: and we all know that is bs
HLM: ok then only the thin white boot message should come up in center of screen
BobS: Pam had to go out for din din tonight and might not make it here
HLM: ok my BD it tomorrow, so HAD IT BEEN THEN I would be out to dinner MAYBE I HOPE
BobS: how's the unknnown ........coming along
BobS: whats the short one's name agiain????
HLM: pretty good had to go downtown today about her all is pretty good so far
HLM: Ronesha
BobS: ok, will try to get this old mind to member that
HLM: yea it is hard when ya get MATURE
BobS: I'll never remember that.........doesn't rym with anything......cept Ron mitchell
HLM: OK....
BobS: cha..........Ron does that!!!!
HLM: Rich Clee must be on lockdown he seldom misses does he
HLM: Yea he does do that
BobS: Richard is on "walkabout" so to speak....on vacation
BobS: with the Frances lady until about Halloween
BobS: every year bout thsi time, they head south into the states
BobS: was going toward Washington DC I think
HLM: OH ok tell him next time he got to take a Laptop and cell phone with him so he can stay intouch
BobS: he HAS a laptop and said he might be emailing
BobS: cell phone I don't know,
HLM: no phone too much like staying up to daye
HLM: date
BobS: he was having troubles with the van and the finally took the old merc I thin
BobS: think
HLM: yup
BobS: how's gas prices by you?????
HLM: 2 weeks ago it was 1.19 now it is back to about 1.50+
BobS: we aRE FINALLY DOWN TO about $1.40
HLM: for MI that is good
BobS: after the planes into the trade center, it went up to about $2
BobS: we are taking the motorhome with Doug & Meeka this weekend over twards you and down to WV
BobS: and hope the gas stays down
HLM: for one day it went to $5 but the media fined some owners and it dropped down fast should say the county auditor with the media
BobS: yea there are stations her that went nuts too and now the attorney general of MI is after their ass
HLM: that first nite of the dissaster, gas went to 5 bux at atleast 5 stations I know of
BobS: dirty greedy suckers
BobS: they should have simply limited gas and maybe only sell it to you if you were below half tank
HLM: these stations got fined I think 3 grand because 3 of the 5 that was on the news protested, saying they could charge what they wanted.. the other 2 dropped the price when asked
BobS: GET 'EM, the filthy mongers
HLM: my good budy was on the road when that happened, he would of shit bricks to pay 5 bux a gallon, and I think he gets like 6 miles to the gallon
HLM: probably can hold an easy 60 gallons or maybe 50 with 2 tanks
BobS: I take it that GK's wife is not doing well?????
BobS: I know all about the shitty gas mielage on the motorhomes
HLM: oh she is doing pretty good I talked to them both within the last few days... or so I THINK
BobS: well, you made a comment not long ago that he may be alone on the road by the timew of AC14
BobS: that is why I asked
HLM: oh not alone, with his wife, I said I may be comming alone without him... he will be there I am sure, but may be comming from parts unknown that is what I meant
BobS: ahso!!!! he officially retired from trucking then???
HLM: he wants to go on the road permanently but got to sell house first I guess or whatever
BobS: and then what???? work along the way,???? get lottrery money?
HLM: YES, he delivers small stuff in his van sometimes, but yes, both over the road trucks are history
BobS: didn't turn into the bucks he wanted? or just got sick of the travel and hassle
HLM: he is retired more like his wife was doing poorly then, and GK wanted to be with her, and decided she came before the trucks
BobS: sounds fair
BobS: how old is GK anyway????
BobS: guessing late 50's
HLM: they both LOVE to travel they will drive 50 miles for a hot dog, or jug of apple juice... he bought me some pure apple juce that was probably about 40 miles away
HLM: got my by about 3 yrs, and I will be 53 in 2.5 hrs
BobS: well shees, now I feel YOUNG!!!!!!!! I am only 52 and 2 months
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BobS: who der????
changed username to Guy B.
HLM: me, PJ and GK has the same damn who it the oldest arguement every year, she SWEARS she has us both beat
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobS: HI GUY!!!!! missed ya!!!!
HLM: hello Guy
Guy B.: How are you Herman?
BobS: wonder how the old girl is doing
HLM: she called me ONE TIME after ac to tell me her and bob got home
BobS: she is isolatedand won't get on the net
HLM: I got a 2000 hr nite and weekend cell phone w/free LD If my wife saves me any room, I will call her
HLM: that is the OFFICIAL LD phone now
BobS: that'd be nice of ya..........
BobS: you are one SWELL dude you know ????????
BobS: Guy kinda quiet here........
HLM: yea SOMETIMES.... then other times, stand clear
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HLM: he is dozing
changed username to james
HLM: incomming
james: morning
HLM: Hello James
james: how is everyone?
BobS: hiya James!!!!!
HLM: I am great... and how are things with you
Guy B.: Hi James!
james: hey guy.
james: i'm not too bad. keeping busy
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BobS: WHOA!!! company!!!!!
james left chat session
BobS: james in duplicate!!!
HLM: 2 james'
BobS: nope only one now
HLM: ok one left :)
james: that's better. think i killed one of them off.
james: i'll never know if i'm the clone or the original though.
BobS: just look into the other one's eyes!
HLM: hard as I been working I need a clone to help me out
james: small group today
BobS: what you so b;usy doing???
HLM: yea Bob was telling me Rich Clee is on vacation, and Pat is out to dinner
BobS: PAM....don't get her started
HLM: Working I have wired 3 houses in the last few months, got one more to do. I am SUPPOSED to be retired, playing Grand dad
james: unfortunately i won't be able to stay on long. trying to keep my phone bill down.
BobS: how's the schhol going???? and the little mother????
HLM: oh your dial up is LD, you can't get 7&7 or nothing
BobS: Herman, you are NOT old enough to just be grandpa!!!!!!
james: school is going well. i've finally caught up on my finances so for the first time in a very long time i'll be able to pay some stuff off and put away
james: a little for savings.
Guy B.: That's great James.
HLM: that is really good
james: as for my dial up, it is local but tell that to the phone companies here. charging an arm and a leg for local calling.
BobS: well darn shucks James
james: my wife is doing well. no problems so far.
BobS: GREAT!!!!!!
Guy B.: Good to hear.
BobS: 2 little adamites in the hopper...........
BobS: speakin of which...wonder where the wicks are
HLM: before 7&7 I used dial 1+811 I think it is like 5 cents a minute
BobS: until we got cheap LD, I jsut didn't go online
james: what is 7&7>
HLM: probably late as usual... he will pop in about 10 or after and the round one is missing
BobS: seven v\bucks a month and seven cents a minute
HLM: AT&T offers a plan 7 bux and you get dial up, and ld 7cents a minute
james: hmm. that's pricey but not for long distance. you have to dial long distance to go online?
BobS: no got loca;l dialup number
HLM: no dialup is USUALLY LOCALLY and FREE except the 7 bux a month
BobS: LD would get expensive for internet svc
Guy B.: Thought I share some news. I became a great uncle last week. My niece April had a baby boy. Came 6 weeks early. The baby is in St. Louis at the hospital there.
BobS: congraats Guy
james: congratulations.
HLM: I hope she is alright 6 weeks early is a lot isn't it
BobS: heaLTHY AND HAPPY??????
Guy B.: I have two great nieces and two great nephews now.
BobS: \boy is he old, eh Herman????
HLM: very good you are getting OLD like us now Guy :)
(BobS winks)
Guy B.: It was way too early. Jeanene is going to leave for McLeansboro tomorrow for the baby shower.
HLM: that is good....
james: okay, i'm off. i'll talk to you guys again soon!
HLM: ok nite James
Guy B.: See you James.
BobS: be good James, and safe3 and all that
james: *poof*
james left chat session
HLM: I am about to be a grand dad again about thanks Giving I think
Guy B.: April had a baby gift registry at Wal-Mart. Went there yesterday, a clerk said they didn't have one. Turned out to be they did after I found a terminal. The thing shot out 7 pages.
BobS: ok Herman, who now.........
BobS: how many kids you got between the two of ya's
HLM: my wife's daughter... she has a boy now, and a girl due in a month or so...
BobS: how you know it is a girl???somebody is cheatin!!!!!!
HLM: my son passed July 17th of this year, that was the only one I had, but my wife has 3 kids, and her daughter is the fertile one now
BobS: so you could find something to buy, yes Guy?????
Guy B.: Got a few gifts for her, plus a card.
BobS: same thing, Herman they are yours now
HLM: oh that part is easy, Sears, Wal Mart, and stores like that make it easy like he said she had 7 pages of wish list stuff
HLM: very true Bob...
HLM: Both Boys just went back to the Navy this week... was home for a week with their mom
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changed username to Ronald
HLM: Hello Ron
Guy B.: HI Ron
Ronald: Yo!
Guy B.: On the Mac tonight?
Ronald: Old Mac (LC475)
HLM: No Mac's allowed
Ronald: chugging along at all of 25 mhz
Guy B.: The classic one.
Ronald: yeah
Ronald: so how's all?
Guy B.: Good here.
HLM: Not too bad sir, and yourself...
Guy B.: Just became a great uncle last week.
Ronald: still standing on the right side of the ground eh?
BobS: 25mhz?????
BobS: and it wil ge to the net
HLM: yea for now I spect
Ronald: hey!
Ronald: that's right Bob
HLM: Mac's are smart iti s the CLONE that needs 100 mhz to start up and start thinking
BobS: used to could do that before I switched to a cheapy ISP
Ronald: Well I wouldn't want to browse too long with this one, but for chats it's just fine
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BobS: Judy's here, jsut working at ait
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy!
HLM: Hello Judy
Ronald: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, all
Judy: I was busy playing a game
Guy B.: Judy, in case Bob didn't tell you yet. I became a great uncle last week.
Judy: yes he did
Judy: how does it feel
Ronald: And did you win?
HLM: We told him he is getting old Judy :)
Judy: yes every game
Guy B.: Feels great! I have two great nieces and two great nephews.
Ronald: all right!
Judy: that is great
Ronald: Time marches on
HLM: Sh cheated Ron
HLM: but don't tell her I said it
Judy: they can make you very tired though
Ronald: Judy? Nah!
Judy: not on that game
Judy: I am just getting good!!
HLM: ok just checking to keep ya honest
BobS: she MUST cheat because she claims she won 82 out of a hundred timea
HLM: I only play freecell, and slots on the casino free site
Ronald: And what, prey tell, is the name of this uncheatable game?
Judy: yes I did, Penguin is the game
HLM: RuverBelle I think
Judy: I am past that game
BobS: FREECELL sucks!!!!! can't erven get the gist of it alt all
BobS: now, hearts.........
Judy: he just doesn't know how to play
BobS: that too
Ronald: I can play 3 486's and a P200 simultaneously at freecell
Guy B.: I nevered played Freecell. Only Solitaire.
Judy: thinks Hearts is fun
Ronald: and lose every game
Judy: yuk!!!
HLM: I am a JUNKIE for SLOTS on RiverBelle, and I think Inter Casino
Judy: Freecell is better than Solitaire
Ronald: I do not have a slot machine game. Should have one eh?
Ronald: what's RiverBelle cost?
Ronald: sounds like something goin on in the middle of the Mississippi
HLM: no mine is a download from a site.. I have earned 50 grand I PRACTICE.. if I played real time, I would be on the streets begging bread probably
Judy: we have a CD of those kind of games but I have not tried it yet
Ronald: RiverBelle. Ok willl have to have a look for that
HLM: my wife and I duel side by side, like we are in a casino... best part it is FREE... so I love it...
Ronald: They got one over at the hospital ECU computer club, but I haven't 'appropriated' the CD yet
HLM: I lost about 3 hundred last time I went to Vegas, that was good enough for me, Now Zandra, she played the NICKEL Machines, and needed a wheelbarrel to get them home
Ronald: It's got several casino type games on it
Judy: Bob is eating and making me hungry , will have to go get something
Ronald: Bob stop your eating
HLM: so apple Pie I know or peach Cobler
Ronald: I just had sweet and sour meatloaf
BobS: just cheese & crackers..............
Ronald: mommy makes it gooooodd
BobS: ummm...sounds good
Ronald: yeah
Guy B.: Well, you're making her hungry.
HLM: I am LAZY went and bought fries and cole slaw to go with a burger I am gonna grill
BobS: "gonna"?????didn't eat yet????
Ronald: I have to do that tomorrow night - going to be out over supper, so tonight I had to eat properly
HLM: no ate the 4 chicken wings on the way home to tide me over til I cook the burger
BobS: ohhhhh
Judy: my, I sure started something
Ronald: :)
HLM: as usual food gets us thinking and wishing
Judy: ok, Guy you may go get something
Guy B.: Had a small pack of Snack Well mini chocolate chip cookies. Filled the bill.
HLM: Last time I was on Pat and Meeka started the Pie discussion
Ronald: computer chat eh?
Ronald: leads to thoughts of food
Ronald: If I were to outlaw food in this computer room I'd lose many pounds
BobS: how in the world does computers=food ???????
Guy B.: Amen!
Judy: is that all we can think of
Ronald: mightn't be a bad idea
HLM: a good IDEA
HLM: we done exhausted everything else already Judy...
Ronald: but I can tell ya right now, the devil on my left shoulder is laughing uncontrollably
Judy: peanut butter cookie is what I found
HLM: Nobody crashed nothing, and all is working well for everyone
Guy B.: Oh a killer!
Judy: it didn't take very long
Ronald: not yet. but give me time
HLM: damn thought you were getting ready to say peanut butter candy... no THAT I can go for... the clusters like or whatever it is called
Ronald: just upgraded the OS on my iMac, so I figure some time tonight all hell will break loose
Guy B.: Got my apartment decorated for Halloween already.
Ronald: well you're not far off Guy
BobS: gonna have a perty?????
BobS: party
Guy B.: Just Abby and I maybe. Besides that's when my next vacation is.
Judy: I don't decorate for that one
Judy: just give out the candy
Ronald: oh is THAT what you do with it?
BobS: peaanut butter clusters, I think Herman.......
Ronald: thought it was for eating
HLM: my wife just shoots past halloween, and does The Xmas Tree for TG, and leaves it up past new years
Judy: that works for me
Ronald: time for me to slice up the pumpkins again. Didn't do it last year, and decided something was missing from the front door
BobS: le3aves it up year around?????
HLM: yea right
Judy: that might be a problem this year with the little ones running around
HLM: no pies from the Pumpkins
Judy: the tree I mean
Ronald: Oh yea, we save the innards for pie
BobS: got to use real pumpkins for that, Jack o' lanterns for cuttin up
BobS: we have poor grade pumpkins for outside
Judy: I like the canned one from the store better
HLM: we left the tree up til Feb last year for youngest son to come home for Xmas... he was out to sea on Xmas... called about 25 hrs early talking Merry Xmas
Ronald: so does Mother
Ronald: and she makes a mean pumpkin pie
Judy: we have had two already
Ronald: :)
Ronald: we're still on food
HLM: I just like the boat load of whip cream that goes on top of it
Judy: Bob finished it at supper
Ronald: now you see, there's where we differ. I get absolutely nothing from whip cream
HLM: shame on you bob...should of emailed it to me and Ron
Ronald: it gets piled on top of all sorts of stuff here
BobS: too small it was..........
Ronald: but I dunno
HLM: oh yea or Ice Cream on Heated Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Pie... Gotta be...
Ronald: gotta see when West Wing is on. If you guys have already seen it, pleas say nothing
HLM: Like HOT rolls and Butter, it is a team
Judy: we didn't watch it
Ronald: ah
HLM: NO just the commercials about it
BobS: should be on by you about 9OM
BobS: PM
Judy: Herman are you hungry?
BobS: like as in alwasy??????
HLM: YES can you tell... my wings done hit bottom now
Ronald: stupid TV listings are telling me what was on an hour ago
BobS: huh?????
Judy: there isn't enough meat on wings
Ronald: yeah, go figure
BobS: at 6pm ????
Ronald: we're on an Island you know
Ronald: things go backwards
BobS: tis true me boy........ya AM
HLM: it was SUPPOSED to be a HOLD ME OVER til I Grill the burger(s) but what can I say
BobS: but wee laddie, 'tis bonnie nice place, no????
Judy: when are you grilling
BobS: late, VERY late........
(BobS groans loudly)
Ronald: yup
(Guy B. gives BobS a can of Diet Coke.)
HLM: any minute got the G Forman grill with timmer, and I mixed up a batch of Ground chuck last night, but left some out before patting out the remainder and freezing it
BobS: TANKS Guy!!!!!!!
Ronald: weather has been great since the weekend
HLM: I am kinda crazy I pre pat out burgers, and freeze them, I am told my burgers are like mini meat loaf's
Guy B.: We have a big change in our weather coming.
Ronald: brb
BobS: oh jealousy!!!!!! a George Foreman!!!!!!!!
HLM: yea we do too... from 80 today to 40 or 50 by weekend
Judy: Bob thinks mine are too
HLM: then yours are probably GREAT...
Judy: Ryan had meatloaf for lunch
HLM: the way a burger should be
BobS: HEY, we coming your way Herman, I do NOT want to hear this 40 stuff
Guy B.: They said the 50's by Friday.
Ronald: ok - back
HLM: no stuff... By Sat or Sunday they are talking a 40 degree drop, we were at 79 today
HLM: had heat full blast 2 days ago...
BobS: here too
Guy B.: We hit 80 yesterday, put on the shorts one more time, then almost ripped off my back pocket. Thank heavens for long t-shirts.
Judy: was really beautiful today, would like this weather all year round
Ronald: Spent this afternoon in a curling rink
Ronald: you guys probably don't know about curling eh?
Judy: no
BobS: noope
HLM: No 70 would be fine for me all year... 80 to sweatty working
Ronald: kinda like lawn bowling only played on ice with 40 pound granite rocks
Judy: what is ist
BobS: kinda like shuffle baird
Guy B.: Two guys use brooms so the granite rock goes a long distance, right?
Judy: sounds heavy
BobS: board
Ronald: yeah shuffleboard, that's it
Ronald: ice is 144 feet long by 12 feet wide
BobS: only on ice inswtead of vement runway
HLM: you need SUMA Wrestlers to move the rocks :)
Ronald: and pebbled
Ronald: ya don't pick 'em up, ya kinda slide them along
HLM: OH ok still sounds like work
Ronald: indeed it is
Ronald: but fun, and good exercise
HLM: heavest thing I lift is a FULL roll of wire, my tool box is even on wheels
BobS: you played???? or jsut watched
Ronald: played. Senior's league
BobS: yea but you're OLD
Ronald: 55 and up
HLM: see I am too YOUNG hahahahahaha
Judy: me too!!!!!
Ronald: we've just started - twice a week (Mon and Wed) and will go thru to March
HLM: but NEXT YEAR I will be there ron
Guy B.: Well folks, got to read the e-mail. See you all next week.
Ronald: take care Guy. good talkin' at ya
HLM: ok Nite Guy and good luck with your new neice
BobS: ok Guy, be good and have FUN
Judy: Bye, Guy
Judy: have a good week
Guy B.: I will, still working overtime.
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: guess today wasn't a good day to be on a bus between Louisville and Nashville.
HLM: I heard about that down town had to go see about grand kid again and that was the topic of discussion someone got stabbed or something
Judy: no, nto really taking a bus anywhere
Ronald: true
BobS: driver got cut up by a passenger
BobS: news doesn't know jsut WHO is dead or alive
Ronald: we just had a big political hoo hah about the level of security at our own local airport
Judy: sure can't get the story straight , yet
HLM: damn cur the DRIVER hope he was not doing 55 at the time
Ronald: not good apparently
Judy: about 10 killed
Ronald: yeah, 10 apparently, including the attacker
HLM: and the youngest boy just took bus back to Miss said it was safer than flying
Judy: not so sure
Ronald: that's the scary part Herman
BobS: I don't think flying has ever been safer
HLM: Back to driving I guess nothing is safe anymore
BobS: more security, the "NUT" got his jollies and will try woemthing different next time
Ronald: precisely
HLM: true you can never predict a person who is willing to DIE for his cause... he will do anything like in Texas I could NEVER Knowingly kill myself
Judy: that just seems nuts to me!!!
BobS: BUT, have you ever been in a clut???? that iws exactly what these "cells" are
BobS: and they are brainwashed
Ronald: exactly - difficult to understand the mindset that could even think about that
HLM: yea, but at some poing, you gotta KNOW hey, this ain't going right, time to go to the bath room or something and bail before you are in too deep
Ronald: indeed
Judy: you would think so
Judy: but, they are a different breed
BobS: but these people don't understand that, just like the japanese in WW2, they died by the thousands for nothing except honro and elevted place after death
BobS: honor
Ronald: that's the motivation that seems to be driving this
Ronald: something in the next life
Ronald: They sure don't appreciate the value of this one
BobS: blind determination
HLM: well put Honor on a shelf with the rest of the BS, for ya can't spend it, or hold your kids with it...
Judy: it sure has changed peoples mind set, though, more talk fo prayer
Ronald: yew
Ronald: yes
Judy: and what is really inportant in life
Ronald: Been watching two people thru all of this most especially
Ronald: George Bush and Rudolph Guliani
Ronald: I am impressed by both
Judy: me too
BobS: methinks Al Gore is DARN glad he is not in the hotseat
HLM: Why scrape and deny your self all your life to raise a family to die for a stupid cause... I would die protecting that which is mine and that is about all
Ronald: what a way to begin a Presidency
Ronald: ya
HLM: I have never been told what is in the world here after, so I will find out soon enough and I ain't in no hurry to find out
Ronald: Al Gore had good words for the President
Judy: t;hey are quite concerned for the Sears building now
HLM: Yea, the President is at a all time High in popularity but if he don't do something fast, that will probably drop just as fast.
Ronald: just watching CNN here, and they say that even the bus accident this morning assumed a level of impact that it probably wouldn't have otherwise
Judy: that is what they said here too
Ronald: because of how people are feeling at the moment, and the fears they have about more of the same
HLM: the nation is pumped up now I seen where the fortune 500 companies has raised 1 BILLION bux to kill this nut
Ronald: Osama bin Laden?
Ronald: who else?
Judy: but, Clinton could have taken care of him several years ago and decided not to
Ronald: trouble with that is there's more where he came from
Judy: that was in our paper tonight
HLM: Clinton or Gore MAY of even been able to talk through this mess before it happened... Bush is NOT a good talker
Judy: yes, but he is one of the main leaders
HLM: if they freeze his assets it will slow down things anyway
Ronald: I've heard people say that about President Bush - based on what I've seen since Sept 11, I think he's doing good
Ronald: guess he has some help from his handlers
HLM: takes money to learn to fly planes etc. I thing 50 grand to take flying lessons I heard somewhere
Judy: he is sure getting a lot of air time now
Ronald: especially for a commercial rating
HLM: yes, he is doing good NOW, with help and advisors, it will probably all work out ok
BobS: yes but bin laden has millions
HLM: if he can get to it, I am sure they can not freeze it all, but they can hurt him I am sure
Ronald: he'll be down a few pennies I'd expect
BobS: tonight they were talking about the places it is sheltered.....charities, his own banks...
Ronald: Ok..... West Wing 8 p.m. ch 8
BobS: everwhere in everything
BobS: it wil take a long time just to identify it
Ronald: exactly
HLM: finally got it eh Ron
Ronald: took a while. Had to ask Mother. She knows about these things
BobS: well, you watch that; Herman, yoj go eat, and we will go to bed and ......and......well nite all!!! :-)
HLM: it aired about same time here, just the 3 hrs difference in time I guess
Ronald: yeah. hate to cut it short people, but....
HLM: ok Nite to you all... hope to remember next week
Judy: goodnight all, talk at you next week
BobS: have a good week!!!!
Ronald: be good all
HLM: nite
BobS: say Hi to Zandra and Ronesha........
BobS: HA got it eh>?????
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HLM: will do sir and YOU REMEMBERED
BobS: ya mon!!!!
BobS: nite
HLM: bye
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