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james: where is everyone?
james: it is wednesday night, right?
james: i'll check again in 20 minutes. if no one is here i'll see you all next week maybe.
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Pamela: Hi
james: hey everyone. has the chat time been moved?
Rich Drushel: Lots of problems getting in tonight...
Pamela: Nope, still the same
Pamela: Me too, Rich - took forever
Rich Drushel: DST hasn't ended yet, has it?
Pamela: Nope, not till the end of the month
Pamela: James, nice to see you
Rich Drushel: My Mac locked up first time I tried it tonight, had to reboot.
Rich Drushel: Hello, James.
james: hello rich, pam :)
Pamela: I had to reconnect three times and I eventually came in thru the website - the direct connection wouldn't work
james: i was on at about 10 a.m. here and no one was around so i just disconnected and waited.
Rich Drushel: Yes, now that you mention it, me too.
Pamela: My computer was giving me problems earlier - don' t think that has anything to do with it though
Rich Drushel: I was just about to send E-mail to the list saying I thought the chat server was broken, when I got in at last.
james: direct connection? is there another way now to access the chat?
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Pamela: well, you can either come in throug or
Rich Drushel: I think Pam means the full URL to the chat, rather than going to the home page and then clicking on the link.
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: Hi, Meeka
Meeka: hello
Pamela: Did you have trouble getting on too?
Meeka: no.
Pamela: Lucky you
Rich Drushel: One error I got too was that it said my username was too long, had to be less than 16 characters. I think "Rich Drushel" is < 16...
Meeka: got in with no problems, just a little late
james: i can't be bothered with bookmarks so i just accessed the chat through the main page.
Rich Drushel: No bookmarks, I just remember the URL :-)
Pamela: both the website and the chat URL are listed under my favourites
james: i also don't use address books for any e-mail program. got'em all "up here" *pointing at my head*
Pamela: Must be getting full
Pamela: : )
Pamela: or do they rattle?
Rich Drushel: I wasn't planning on hanging around too long tonight, it's been a really rough day, and I'm beat.
Pamela: Well since mine started with sleeping through my alarm, I sympathise
Pamela: I hate full power starts in the morning
Rich Drushel: It ended okay, just some dark detours: daughter Diana (age 8) was hit by a car while walking home from school this afternoon.
james: my head isn't full yet but i do forget things more often than i used to.
Pamela: OH MY GOD! Is she okay?
Rich Drushel: Fortunately, she is only bruised.
james: i hope she's okay rich.
Pamela: What happened???
Rich Drushel: She did everything right at the crosswalk, but the driver who hit her wasn't paying attention.
Pamela: Was she alone?
Rich Drushel: No, lots of witnesses, other kids, other drivers.
Meeka: that figures, everyone is in such a hurry nowdays
Pamela: I hope they throw the book at him
Pamela: or her
Rich Drushel: She got hit on the left thigh as the car turned right through the intersection.
Pamela: Poor darling, she must be pretty shaken up
Rich Drushel: Knocked into the main street, but traffic was fortunately light.
Rich Drushel: She had enough wits about her to give her address correctly, so a police officer came to the house (Elanor was home by then) to call Joan at work.
james: that "driver" should lose their licence. period.
Rich Drushel: Unfortunately, the only message was, she was hit by a car and is coming to the ER.
Pamela: I agree. Wholeheartedly.
Pamela: That's like the message I got to my parents while they were away a couple of years ago.
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Rich Drushel: Well, the driver (a she) was understandably quite distraught, and had at least moved Diana out of the street when the police/ambulance arrived.
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james: people drive really bad here too, i wonder why they bother painting lines on the road.
changed username to Scott
changed username to BobS
Pamela: After calling all over West Virginia, I finally got a state trooper to get a message to them and stressed it was NOT an emergency, just to call home
Scott: Hey guys, I'm in class right now
Scott: But I figured I'd stop in and say "hi".
Rich Drushel: It wasn't an egregious bit ot of negligence on the driver's part, no speeding or markedly reckless operation.
Pamela: Stupid trooper didn't remember to stress the not an emergency part and they were panicked when they finally reached me
Pamela: Hi, Scott -sorry, Iwas busy typing
Pamela: Do they know you're chatting?
Scott: No...
Rich Drushel: According to witnesses, she was looking left all the time for oncoming traffic (to make her right turn), and never saw Diana crossing from the right.
Pamela: Hi, Bob -when did you sneak in?
Rich Drushel: Hi Bob and Scott.
Scott: Not yet...
BobS: howdy ya'll
Pamela: That's a problem I have alot with Toronto drivers too - so busy paying attn to traffic they don't look for pedestrians
BobS: waws it just me or did ya'll have trouble getting on
james: i've been here too long as i'm having trouble visualizing north american traffix.
Pamela: US too, Bob
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Rich Drushel: The lady called the ER before we had left and talked to Joan to be sure that Diana was all right.
Rich Drushel: Diana even talked to her to say that she was going to be okay.
Pamela: Did they charge her?
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings ALL!
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Rich Drushel: Yes, driver was cited with something, not sure what.
Rich Drushel: Hello, Guy.
Pamela: Even I won't use a cross walk these days until ALL traffic has stopped in all lanes
Pamela: I am glad it ended well, Rich but the possibilities boggle the mind
Pamela: Please hug her for me
Rich Drushel: Problem with this crossing was that it was a side street off a main road, with no light. So, everyone has to be looking out for everyone else. Diana is small, and she wasn't seen.
Scott: Got a 100 tonight on a Cisco Quiz. Yay!!!
BobS: so, now tell Pam....about the troupers stopping your folks????
Rich Drushel: Yay Scott.
Pamela: Congrats, Scott
Guy B.: Way to go Scott!
BobS: great Scott!!!!!!
james: hey bob, when did you come on?
Scott: Thanx all!
james: hi scott :)
Pamela: Bob, my aunt had a fairly bad traffic accident a couple of years ago while M&D were on vacation . . .
Rich Drushel: For the latecomers, we were discussing some bad news from Cleveland today: daughter Diana got hit by a car walking home from school.
Guy B.: What's next now, Scott?
BobS: about the time Pam ws referrign to the folks and the cops
Rich Drushel: Fortunately, she is just bruised, and is home and okay.
BobS: but she is OK right Rich?????
Guy B.: That's a relieve!
Pamela: My aunt totalled her car and needed a cash infusion, but I couldn't help her without their help so had to track them down
BobS: AH SO!!!
Scott: I've got about 6 more quizzes, a final and a practical.
Pamela: Ever tried to call the state park in West Virginia? I recommend patience
Guy B.: Looks like you have a full load ahead.
Scott: For Cisco
BobS: James how's the bride and future addition doing?????
Rich Drushel: At this point, Joan and I are probably more shaken than Diana is...
Pamela: I am sure. How are the other girls doing? Are they fussing over her?
BobS: it is HECTIC to be a parent, for sure
james: coming along, though i certainly don't refer to her as the "bride" anymore. ;)
Rich Drushel: Yeah, fussing lots.
Guy B.: Rich, was the accident near your house?
james: we have an ultrasound video and her friend seems to think it's a girl.
Rich Drushel: Gretchen is taking it hard; she still won't go to bed, and is complaining that her stomach hurts (nerves).
BobS: she will ALWAYS be your bride swon.......
BobS: son
Rich Drushel: Yes Guy, about 100 yards from home.
james: ;) i haven't started referring to her as the "old nag" just yet either :D
Pamela: Guess you need to hug her for us too
BobS: well that is GOOD
Pamela: Not if you want to live to see the baby, James
james: :D
Rich Drushel: In fact, Gretchen has just asked me to read her a story to help her go to sleep, so I think I'd better go.
james: i'm worth too much dead so i watch what i say.
Guy B.: Tell her, I'm glad she's all right.
Pamela: Tell her we're all glad things turned out okay
Rich Drushel: Diana is okay, just a big bruise on her leg, and she'll get over it.
BobS: give them ALL a ;hug!
Meeka: give eveyone a hug for all of us Rich
Rich Drushel: I'll tell her all your good wishes (I'll let her read them in person if Dale puts the log up promptly :-) )
Rich Drushel: Good night for today.
Rich Drushel left chat session
Pamela: Good night for now
Guy B.: That will help. Give them a hug from me too. Night Rich
Guy B.: Left pretty quick.
Scott: Hey guys, did I mention that I finally acquired my Certificate of Visual Basic Programming?
Guy B.: Now you can teach me.
Scott: I now have the piece of paper.
Pamela: Scott, you're rapidly becoming our resident guru
Scott: Sure.
Scott: Next to Dale, I know very little.
Pamela: So what class are you in?
Scott: Right now, Cisco Semester II
BobS: well, are getting educated in the world!!!!!
Pamela: Chatting from?
Scott: Friday I have Unix/Linux Administration
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BobS: you better pay attention
Scott: Chatting from the classroom.
changed username to Ronald
Scott: Waiting for other students to finish quiz
Ronald: behold
Meeka: hi Ron
Pamela: So do you need any answers? : )
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ronald: I have arrived
Pamela: Well we can all relax now
Ronald: :)
Scott: Ha!
Guy B.: One thing I did discover is the screen layouts I designed with VBA won't work with older Visual Basic programs. Only VB 6.0. So, I have to print the screens that I designed in VBA out so I can use them with VB 4.
Scott: Funny.
Pamela: Sorry, I'm very tired and there's no filter between brain and fingers tonite
Guy B.: Hi Ron. I assume the Mac tonight?
Scott: Hmmm...
Ronald: you assumed correct - the iMac
Pamela: BTW, greetings to everyone from Mom and Dad - they're still in Washington
BobS: got a Umac there??? ;-)
Ronald: HALT Pamela?
james: hey ron
Ronald: Hungry Angry Lonely Tired
Ronald: Hi James
Guy B.: Ron, just read an article yesterday about the Mac 10.1 upgrade and being free to all current Mac X owners. Are you planning to get it?
Pamela: Just the latter, Ron
Ronald: I have it.
Pamela: Slept through my alarm this morning and I've been screwed up ever since
Ronald: Helps to know the dealer
Scott: Mac 10.1 built on Unix-style architecture :)
james: hee hee. one thing i like about working in the evenings. i have no need for an alarm :)
Pamela: James, you're endangering your life again
Ronald: some things got fixed from 10.0.4
james: ;) just *snooze* until whenever i feel like it.
Ronald: yes Scott. BSD Unix. It's all there so far as I can see. Can ignore the GUI and go to a terminal if I want
Guy B.: Finally got Windows 98 installed on a 1gig partition on my 13gig hard drive. Seems System Commander will swap the two drives around when I boot it from the menu.
Pamela: I wish that were the case for me, but I have to be up at 6:15 if I'm gonna make it out the door by 7:00
Pamela: However, it means I'm finished at four so there's something to be said for that
Scott: Coooollll!!!!
Ronald: One of the joys of being retired is the unofficial nap
Pamela: I am a great believer in naps
Ronald: which can happen whenever I close my eyes
Ronald: Also not having to get up at 5:50 a.m. to catch the bus
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Meeka: I have the best of both worlds Pam. I work from 10 am until 3 pm ;-
Guy B.: That's what time I leave to catch the train.
Meeka: ;-)
changed username to Judy
Pamela: I am supremely jealous
Ronald: Hi Meeka. Didn't see ya there
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy.
Meeka: hi mom
james: ugh. 6:15? i haven't seen the likes of that in ages.
Ronald: and Judy
Judy: Hi, all
Pamela: It's pretty horrible, I agree
Guy B.: Jeanene will be showing me photos shortly of my new great nephew, Landon.
james: since i work 4-10 p.m. it's perfect for me. i'm not a morning person.
Ronald: remember a bunch of us (6 or so) all waiting for the same bus at 6:49
Pamela: Well, at least I'm not working weekends anymore - that's part of why I got out of retail
Ronald: conversation wasn't to intelligent 'specially in winter
Pamela: There's something cruel about getting up and going to work in the dark, and then coming home in the dark as well
Ronald: That was in Ottawa, so the conversation wouldn't have been to intelligent anyway
Ronald: yup
Guy B.: Same here Pam. Pretty soon will be heading back an hour.
Pamela: i am so not looking forward to that
Ronald: gave up working. It seemed like the right thing to do
BobS: well, look at the bright side, in summer you can doo all that in the light
Pamela: scuse me, gotta go see what the cat knocked down - BRB
james: ron :) intelligent conversation was hard to come by in ottawa.
Ronald: uh oh
Guy B.: Gain an hour of sleep. I know who will wake me up cause her clock is still on the other time zone.
Judy: I think that is a good idea
Ronald: That's right James. From what I hear it has not improved
Judy: to give up working that is
Ronald: only trouble is.....
Judy: after a day like I had
Scott: Full House!
Ronald: I keep volunteering for stuff, so I'm just as busy really
Ronald: but none of it starts at 6 a.m.
Pamela: Okay, nothing breakable
Scott: Watashi wa Scotusan
Ronald: good
Judy: Meeka , do you know where the instrutions for the outside keypad are?
Pamela: If I didn't work I'd have to find something to do with my time or I'd go crazy
Meeka: for what?
Pamela: Rough day, Judy
Pamela: For everyone it seems
Scott: Genki dess?
Judy: we can't find our instruction and we had to replace the battery today
Pamela: Scott, is that Japanese you're attempting?
Meeka: oh....
Judy: yes, Pam I did had to even get help today
james: i think so :)
Scott: Flashback...
Meeka: I will look. them should be with all the other instruction manuals from when we moved in. brb
james: hey pam - i find lots of stuff to do during the day. i've been sanding my deck which has been taking awhile. they did such a shit job on it.
Ronald: workmanship was lacking?
Pamela: Yeah, but you've got the intellectual stimulation in the evenings
Pamela: way to rephrase, Ron
Judy: got a call from daycare had to go pick up Ryan he had a fever
Ronald: :)
Judy: already had Josh and Michael
james: one might say that.
james: glad i didn't wait another year or it likely would have fallen apart.
Ronald: sounds like Grandkids rule at the Slopsema household
Pamela: Did the other two have a fever too?
Ronald: fever's no fun
james: they didn't let the wood dry properly before using it, so there's sap all over. takes forever to sand and clean.
james: whatever they used as "weatherguard" didn't.. :(
Ronald: been there
Judy: no, they are fine just babysitting for the day
Pamela: Three are certainly a handful - impressed you're speaking adult
Scott: Bob -- How's the ANN disks coming along???
BobS: coming along.......NEW webpage......
Scott: Ooh
Ronald: you guys must have days when it feels good to talk to somebody over age 5
Guy B.: Scott, my webpage has moved too.
james: :)
BobS: I come home for lunch just to cheer Judy up!!!!!! :-)
Pamela: Okay, question for the Americans in the crowd - how come no one uses descriptors like Blvd, Rd, St after street names in the US?
Ronald: you guys all got my e-mail address change eh?
Judy: had to call the great grandparents so that I could go and they stayed until Bob got home
james: smart-assed junior high school kids.
Guy B.: I do, all the time.
james: girls don't stop talking.
Ronald: now now
BobS: yes, Ron,,,,,,BUT got to write it down ya unnerstan
Pamela: Yes, Ron we got it and it's already changed
Ronald: good
Judy: ya, right then I have to make his lunch too
Guy B.: Yep!
Pamela: But at least he can watch the boys while you do!
Meeka: ok mom, I found it what do you need to know?
Ronald: how does it work?
Scott: Nice, Bob
Ronald: (quiet Ronald)
BobS: how to program the remote on the door jamb because it dont' open the door
Judy: how to reprogram it
james: anyways, i'm off to sand the deck some more. the fun never stops. cheers.
BobS: code doen't work
BobS: door don't open.........
Ronald: ain't technology grand!
Guy B.: Bye James
Pamela: Sawdust to you, James and hi to Miyuki
BobS: bye james
Ronald: sand James, sand!
Judy: yesterday we found our new four poster bed, Meeka
james: jee, thanks pam :) *poof*
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Pamela: Welcome
Meeka: ok it says setting access code: a:press the access learn key two times. lights will blink then stay on
BobS: stil in class sneaking the interent Scott????
Judy: we should be able to pick it up tomorrow
Pamela: Is it wood, Judy?
Meeka: b:enter present code
Judy: yes it is
BobS: what is present code??????
Meeka: c:enter new code
BobS: when the battery goes dead, it goes to factory default
Meeka: d:press access learn one more time
Ronald: sounds like one of these intricate processes
Ronald: that people in my age group have trouble with
BobS: I liked it when you could clip wires Ron
Meeka: it says that factory default is 1-2-3-4
Judy: I have always wanted one and I finall y talked Bob into it
Pamela: Remember this folks, we're gonna reprogram the garage door next year
BobS: ok, will try it tomorrow
Ronald: they won't have it figured out before then
Ronald: we'll have to do it
Pamela: Then it'll be even more fun!
Ronald: especially if we're all inside the garage when the door closes
Meeka: where did you find it mom
Ronald: Headline: Computer Group Mysteriously Disappears
Pamela: Man Eating Garage Suspected
Ronald: yeah
Pamela: Film at Eleven
Ronald: :)
BobS: HEY, I am NOT electronically illiterate...just challenged
Ronald: you can do it Bob
Judy: Value City
Meeka: brb. bandit wants to go out.
BobS: VALUE CITY for those that can NOT remember
Pamela: To quote my mom "when all else fails . . . read the instructions"
Ronald: is Bandit on the wrong side of the door again?
BobS: I'd do it now, but it is COLD out there alone
Judy: I had a hard day, OK
BobS: Pam, got the instructions, but lost the suckers
Ronald: poor Judy
BobS: and the funny part is......saw them not long ago
Pamela: That's okay Judy, I know you would - I was directing that to the men in thegroup
BobS: prolly put them in a safe palce, ya know
Pamela: So safe you can't find them
Pamela: or, when you're really frustrated "use a bigger hammer"
Judy: It wasn't going to bad until I had to have three under three
Scott: Class Over. Gotta go!
Scott: Bye all
Guy B.: Bye Scott.
Scott: Sorry I couldn't chat more!
Pamela: Three in diapers -what's wrong with this picture
Ronald: nite Scott
Pamela: Bye Scott
Scott: Nice seeing everyone.
Scott: Bye!!!
BobS: nite scott
Scott left chat session
Judy: no, just two
Ronald: take it the Clee's senior are still on the road?
Pamela: Yes - still hanging out in lovely DC
Judy: Josh is trained already and does quite well
Ronald: aha
Pamela: Have covered about 25% of the Smithsonian, gone shopping for me, headed for the "Newseum" and taken some down days
Ronald: interesting
Pamela: Had some trouble with the car too - nothing major, just minor annoyances
Judy: Mandy is taking a class in Lansing which is about a hour away so she wasn't arround today
Ronald: with cars there are always annoyances
Pamela: I am sorry to report Judy that Dad does not have good things to say about Sams Club automotive
Guy B.: How is she doing Judy?
BobS: Oh, oh
BobS: what's Richard's problem?????
Pamela: Well, they had a tread separation on one tire and Sam's Club wouldn't fix it cos they weren't members
BobS: that doesn't surprise me one bit
Judy: quite tired has to leave at 5:30 in the morning and just got home a little while ago, Guy
Ronald: If that happened to me, it would generate outright profanity
Pamela: Turned away tourist business
Pamela: It did, Ron
Ronald: I can believe that
Pamela: They ended up buying a new tire at a Penske Auto Centre
Guy B.: In college? Where at?
Meeka: ok. i'm back
Judy: we are not members of Sams just went there with friends, Pam
Ronald: Bandit has been seen to?:
Pamela: Mom is always pleased to throw business the way of Roger Penske
Guy B.: I'm a Sam's club member.
Judy: that gets to be a pain, doesn
Meeka: yes. he had to vist almost every tree in the yard, but he finally came in
BobS: take it the tires were also sold by Sam's Club????
Pamela: I gather Sam's Club is like Costco
Meeka: yes Pam
BobS: members only can get the same prices as out in the real retail se4cotr
Guy B.: Yes, they are. Been around longer than Costco.
Pamela: The ones on the car, or the one they wanted to buy?
BobS: some prices fgood, lots not any better from we have seen
BobS: why'd they even try Sam;s????
Pamela: That's where they were sent by the gas station
Pamela: Of course, the tires are hard to come by anyway - double oversize Michelins
BobS: and Sam's had them???? a wonder, yes
Pamela: Dunno. They never got to find out
Guy B.: That guy at the gas station must be the biggest dip stick there is.
Pamela: That was a groaner, Guy
Pamela: You'd think that the Canadian plates would be a giveaway, wouldn't you
Guy B.: Well, to tell you the truth. Some of them don't even know where a church is.
Pamela: Heck, some of them don't even speak English
Guy B.: There you go.
Pamela: At least the Canadian ones don't
BobS: spanish, talk, yes......
Judy: some American's don't either
BobS: plain english, NO............
Pamela: Ethiopian . . .
Pamela: Hindu . . .
BobS: Swahil;i
Pamela: Arabic
Judy: an all over problem
Guy B.: And back so many years ago. You can go into a gas station and they would tell you what and where it is. Now, they don't a thing.
Pamela: That's why I frequent the local Esso - they speak the language in case there's a problem
Ronald: yeah, like "get outa here, you're interrupting my day"
Pamela: Nah, they're pretty good
Guy B.: All our Amoco's here in Chicago are changing over to BP.
Judy: good one, Ron
Pamela: Of course here, Iknow where I'm going
Pamela: Funny, all our BPs changed over to PetroCanada
Pamela: BTW, are your gas prices dropping any?
Guy B.: Well, BP bought Amoco a few years ago and now all the Amoco stations are becoming BP, but still have Amoco fuel.
Meeka: ours are about 1.10 right now
Guy B.: Yes, they have gone down 45 cents in the past month.
Judy: yes, but they are cheaper in Ohio
Ronald: I don't think I wann hear that
BobS: $1.17 US here in GR, but onlypaid $1.00 in Ohio last week
Pamela: Wow, that's good. Best price I've had recently is 56.5 a litre
Guy B.: Were around a $1.39 for regular unleaded at some stations.
Pamela: And remember folks, thats 3.8 litres to a US gallon
Pamela: Ron, how are yours?
Guy B.: Lost Judy.
BobS: she comin back
Ronald: about 3.05 a gallon (converting per the numbers just used)
Ronald: multiply that by .67 and you get what
Ronald: 2.03 a gallon US
Ronald: but then our gallon is 5/4 yours
Guy B.: Whoa.
Ronald: 79.9 cents per litre
Pamela: And you wonder why the Canadians fill up before crossing the border
Ronald: yeah
Pamela: Wow, that's really high Ron
Guy B.: There you have it.
Pamela: Today's price was 64.5
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Ronald: We live on an Island. What do you think!
<undefined>: Judy
BobS: too darn high Pam
Pamela: You're right
Ronald: Gas is brought over is great floating vessels
Pamela: I've heard that
Pamela: Named Valdez, right?
Guy B.: That explains why the price is high.
Ronald: or aboard trucks that had to pay for the ferry
Ronald: :)
Ronald: Actually the corporate empire tends to overplay that sometimes
Ronald: costs of bringing goods to the island I mean
Guy B.: Were a higher than Bob since taxes take a good portion of the price.
Pamela: Of course, how else do they explain those prices?
Ronald: In Ottawa it was wierd.
Pamela: how so?
Ronald: I lived 13 miles east of the centre of Ottawa
Pamela: and
Ronald: and the further east I travelled toward Montreal, the cheaper the gas got
Pamela: you're right, that's weird
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changed username to Judy
Ronald: We used to take a Sunday drive eastward when the tank needed it
Guy B.: She's back.
Pamela: Yay!
Pamela: How far from Ottawa to Montreal, Ron?
Ronald: ummm...... about 120 mi I think.
Judy: Yes, my battery died
Ronald: It was about 2 hours
Pamela: Oops
Guy B.: When I go to my nephew's house. He's close to the Indiana border. I can get gas there about 20 cents cheaper.
Judy: and that was that
Ronald: but you didn't have to go all the way. 40 or 50 miles would do it
Pamela: Oh - that reminds me - I have to charge my phone
Pamela: BRB while I go plug it in
Meeka: ok guys. i had better get going. see ya next week
Pamela: There, that's better
Pamela: Now I just have to remember it in the morning
Ronald: go straight home Meeka
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Pamela: Good nite, Meeka
Ronald: niters
Judy: bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Ronald: getting late in the east
Ronald: here it is not late.... yet
Pamela: Yup, almost bedtime - especially if I don't want a repeat of this morning
Ronald: right
Judy: what happeneed this morning, Pam
BobS: oh man a bunch of early leavers eh????
Pamela: My carpool buddy was not impressed
BobS: not even eleventeen yet
Ronald: Do you do mornings Bob?
Pamela: I slept through my alarm, Judy - actually, Russell says I turned it off
BobS: sure, out of here about 7:30
Pamela: I don't remember
BobS: AM
Judy: not good
Pamela: No, definitely not
Guy B.: I have a backup alarm. My dog.
Ronald: man after my own heart
Pamela: However, Ihave a good excuse - I was asleep at the time
Ronald: actually if I went to bed earlier I could be a morning type
Judy: have to have Ryan to the doctor by 9:30 tomorrow
BobS: heck, it is still dark at that time
BobS: probsably would not help Ron
Ronald: I try it now and then
Judy: that is early enough for me to be anywhere
Ronald: civilized Judy
Pamela: I am coming to the conclusion that I never will be - I was in a fog this morning but much better by this afternoon
Ronald: poor mother....golfs with ladies who like to start at 8 am
Ronald: she hates that
BobS: heck by suppertime at 6PM, I am WIDE awake!!!!!!!
Pamela: We noticed that this summer, Bob
Ronald: so do I because I have to drive her to the golf course
BobS: bummer dude!!!!
Pamela: serious downer
Judy: he does better than I do in the morning I get my best sleep after 6;30
Ronald: oh well. Life comes with it's crosses
BobS: so you have to PAY so she can play.............
Ronald: yup...... she bought the car
Ronald: so...
Pamela: After he gets out of bed, right Judy?
Judy: the other night I was playing games until 2
Ronald: however..... you see the joy of being retired.... if the opportunity to nap presents itself at 10 a.m.
Pamela: I know that problem
Ronald: I'm there
Pamela: I'm green
BobS: bed, you people got beds?????? i have to sleep on the floor
Ronald: nah
Judy: yes, or even if he is still there like on the weekends
Judy: ha, ha
Pamela: Do we need to bring you a mattress Bob?
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. See you all next week.
Ronald: Ok Guy. be good
Judy: maybe he will if I can't pick up our bed soon
BobS: see ya Guy
Pamela: I suppose you could always crawl into a crib
Judy: bye, Guy
Ronald: you guys had a bed when I was there. What did you do with it?
Pamela: Good nite, Guy
BobS: be good
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: that is taken
Ronald: oh
Ronald: I sleep with my computers
BobS: she has this idea Ron......
Ronald: it's a strange relationship
Judy: Ryan won't share
Pamela: Don't spread it around Ron
Ronald: :)
BobS: that she "NEEDED" a 4 poster bed, so's I could hang my clothes on the posts at night
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BobS: SO she finally found one
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Pamela: and where do you hang them now?
Ronald: and your chewing gum
BobS: but we don't have it yet
Judy: not true he better not try that
Ronald: but it would loose its flavor
Ronald: overnight
Judy: on the floor
Pamela: I thought so
Ronald: on the bedpost
Ronald: enough
BobS: on the chair, thank you very much
BobS: neatly folded and arranged
Pamela: Oh, can you teach Russell how to do that?
Ronald: I'm sure y'all will work it out
Pamela: His mother didn't succeed
Judy: don't believe everything you read
Pamela: we are considering the source, Judy
Ronald: trouble with men is that they were raised by women
Judy: don't think she even tried
BobS: TRUE Ron!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: and they proceeded to ignore everything they learned
Ronald: no!
Ronald: mother now has a second chance
Judy: she says he has been with me longer than he was with her
Ronald: but mostly she gives up
Judy: some people are not trainable
Pamela: Well, I'm constantly saying I'm not his Mom - if he wants to wear wrinkled clothes, so be it
Pamela: Just don't ask me to wash them
Ronald: these are serious matters
Pamela: the classic clash
Judy: I wash and iron but you can't expect them to look like it all the time
Ronald: I find myself ironing less and less as the years go by
Judy: so does Bob
Pamela: If you want a great product, try Downy Wrinkle releaser
Pamela: It's amazing stuff
Ronald: ok
Pamela: Just give your garment enough time to dry afterwards
Judy: does it really work, I haven't seen it in the store,yet
Ronald: our rule around here is we do for ourselves mostly
Pamela: Oh yes, I actually brought it with me to Cleveland
Ronald: except for the division of labor at suppertime
Judy: great, that could be a problem
Ronald: I do dishes and clean up
Judy: I do that too
Pamela: Try the section that has the Febreze in it Judy, that's where ours is
Ronald: Keep telling Mom that the last thing she needs to be doing at her stage of life is cooking for me
Ronald: but she counters that if she didn't cook for me, she wouldn't cook for herself
Judy: Ok, I will look for it, thanks
Ronald: we eat out a lot
Pamela: Judy, get the stuff with the green writing, it has a nicer scent
BobS: in a way, she is right Ron
Pamela: less perfumy
Judy: Ok
Ronald: well the meat and 'taters' is one thing....but
Ronald: now the butterscotch pie
Pamela: I agree Ron - the hardest thing is to cook for one or two - it gets to teh point where you say why bother if you don'thave to
BobS: like you would make yourself one eh???
Ronald: no
Judy: sometimes cooking is not so bad
BobS: like when EAT it
Ronald: I know enough to keep myself alive if I have to
BobS: right !!! restaurant is right doen the street
Pamela: You're doing better than Dad is Ron
Pamela: I don't know what he'll do if he has to do without Mom
Ronald: Last time I visited Rondale Blve, Frances said right out, " I don't feel like cooking tonight. We're having pizza"
Ronald: and so we did
Pamela: Any excuse not to cook
Judy: that works for me
Pamela: But then, she's done it almost every night for the last 45 years
Judy: tonight would have been a good night not to
Ronald: only trouble with the both of us here is that we're both diabetic and have to pay at least some attention to
Ronald: the principles of nutrition
Ronald: and we b oth cheat like hell
Judy: good idea
Pamela: For shame, Ron
Ronald: I know
Judy: not the cheating part
Ronald: what....leading my poor senior mother astray?
Pamela: However, I should talk - green stuff here consists fo the lettuce on theburger
Pamela: (dumb space bar)
Ronald: she's free, white and 21
Judy: that is not good you need the green stuff
Pamela: Yeah, I know. It's a dilemma
Ronald: it's true Judy, and I find I have to talk to myself some nights
Ronald: Actually I quite like salads if one is put in front of me. But ask me what I want and .....
Ronald: well you know
Judy: that isn't the only thing that gives me trouble ( the space bar)
Pamela: Get this - after 12 years, Russell finally tells me he prefers fruit to veggies
Ronald: amazing how men keep this kind of knowledge to themselves eh?
Pamela: No wonder the broccoli was always going bad
Judy: but, you need both for a good diet
BobS: we are polite if nothing else
Pamela: Since I do the grocery shopping 90% of the time, you'd think he'd have spoken up
Ronald: yes, you would have thought so
Pamela: that's my darling for you
Ronald: He's a good man
Pamela: I can't argue with that Ron
Ronald: I met him. He's approved
Pamela: I'll tell him you said so
Judy: everyone around here is good a telling what they don't want but not what they do want
Ronald: :)
Ronald: Think I'm going to stop watching CNN
Pamela: I had to keep him, you understand - he had the parental seal of approval
Ronald: yup. that pretty much does it eh?
Judy: that does help
Pamela: I was sunk
Ronald: my printer is blinking at me... brb
Pamela: Of course, my dad still wonders when we're going to get married sometimes - common law only goes so far in his books
Pamela: My mom's just glad I'm out of the house
Judy: that is a parental kind of thing
Pamela: I'm sure we'll get around to it some day
Judy: we all want the kids married and happy
Ronald: hefty question
Pamela: Considering my dad, that's pretty mild
Judy: better sooner than latter
Pamela: Well, I'm all for it, now we just have to convince him
BobS: dad?????
Ronald: My sister went through 3 marriages because she wanted to be out of the house
Pamela: If he had his way, we'd elope
Ronald: I dunno
Pamela: No, Russell
Ronald: and Dr. Stephanie is still not married
Judy: just say now is the time and drag him
Pamela: Hmm, I havent' tried that yet Judy
Ronald: or currently at least
Judy: go for it
Pamela: i had it great at home though, and no particular interest in moving out - no rent, free food, free laundry
Pamela: However, true love won out
Judy: yes, Mandy is living that way too
BobS: shees a bed & breakfast yuet
Ronald: works every time
Pamela: Hey, it wasn't my idea - I would have done my own laundry and helped with the cooking, but Mom wouldn't let me
BobS: opps
Pamela: Said it was easier that way
BobS: oops
Judy: t;hat isn't the case here
Pamela: Believe me, I know I had it good
Judy: but she is at least working
BobS: now it sucks to be you, yes??????
BobS: all that responsibility and hard work
Pamela: Naw, now I get free laundry for amonth while they're out of town, and they shop for stuff I can't get here, like Cherry Seven Up
Pamela: And if I call and say I'm coming over, Mom will feed me no questions asked
BobS: well that's worth something
Pamela: I really miss her cooking
Ronald: fax me a can of that when you get it Pam
Pamela: Only comes in 2 litre bottles now, Bob
Judy: the kids come around here quite a bit too, I like it that way
Pamela: But will email one
BobS: how come no cherry stuff in canada??????
Ronald: Because we're DULL
BobS: hmmmmmm
Pamela: Dunno. Have never been able to get it here. Cherry coke, either
Ronald: I dunno
BobS: hmmmmm, you people got to exert your buying power
Ronald: One of these things I come to ADAMCOns for..... and crispy bacon
BobS: STAND up and be counted!!!!!!
BobS: buy Pepsi!!! :-)
Pamela: We have a standing order with Mom and Dad to bring the stuff back when they travel
Ronald: the market dictates
BobS: yes but what about the border guards??????
Ronald: obviously there aren't enough Canadians who think it's important
Pamela: Should have seen the look on the customs officer when they asked what we were bringing back, and I said Cherry 7Up and lingerie!
BobS: when they brign in a trailer full of cherry 7up
Judy: can't you make a request at the grocery store, Pam
Ronald: so far. Only 2. Pam and me
Pamela: They'v enever heard of it, Judy
Ronald: and I live on an Island
Ronald: damn stuff would prolly be 5 bux a can
Judy: I think I will stay here, even though I hate the weather
Pamela: Gonna have to import some more next year
Ronald: Is it that bad Judy?
Judy: rain, rain, rain!!!!
Judy: and cold
Pamela: No Denny's and no Cherry 7UP. I understand
Ronald: oh well. You get no sympathy from me on the west coast
Judy: the Denny's isn't a great loss
Ronald: No Denny's?
Ronald: we got Denny's
Pamela: Not that I've seen
Ronald: in Victoria
BobS: the only good Denny's in the last 10 years was the one in Seattle
Pamela: I liked the one in Cleveland
BobS: our Denny's are slow sloppy and lazy
Judy: you can't get waited on around here, at least not fast
Ronald: which one did we wait at in SEA... no that was IHOP
Pamela: However, I must admit my experience is limited
Ronald: after we went to Dennys
Judy: that was the only one that was ever fast that I know of
BobS: Denny's took us in in Kent and made the convention a success
Ronald: right
Pamela: But did they have crispy bacon?
Ronald: you know, I don't recall
Ronald: now you think I'd remember something like that
Judy: yes, they did!!
Pamela: you'd think
Ronald: anyway guys
Pamela: It's only memorable if it's not what you want
Ronald: Think I'm gonna call it a nite
Pamela: You read my mind, I just noticed the time
Ronald: best to ya's all
Judy: otherwise I don't eat it
Ronald: until next week
Pamela: Ron, you've been hangin out with bob, haven't you
Judy: me to, so good night all
BobS: ok, ok will talk to you both next sweek
Ronald: gets to sound like it after a while
BobS: bu good and be safe
Ronald: be well
Pamela: See everyone next week
Ronald: all of you
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Good nite, all
Judy left chat session
Ronald: poooooffff
Pamela: poof!
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