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Rich Drushel: Woo hoo, nobody's here yet but me.
Rich Drushel: Wo sind die Leute? Wo sind die Kanadiener?
Rich Drushel: Wednesday night, 9 PM, DST has not yet stopped...9:16 PM.
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi, Rich
Pamela: You're all by yourself?
Rich Drushel: Well hey, it's Pam...wondered where the crew was.
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Rich Drushel: DST is still in session, right?
Pamela: Yup
changed username to BobSlopsema
Pamela: Hi,Bob
Pamela: Glad you're here
Rich Drushel: So it is now 9:17 PM EDT.
BobSlopsema: howdy!!!!
Rich Drushel: Hello Bob.
Pamela: Right, Rich
BobSlopsema: any news from the "old folks" ?????
Pamela: Actually, I just popped in for aminute
Pamela: They're heading for home today
Rich Drushel: My Dad is fine. So is my Great Uncle.
Rich Drushel: Oh, *those* old folks... :-)
Rich Drushel: Hope they travel safely.
BobSlopsema: whatdaya mean .....a minute....
Pamela: That's okay, more than one set is allowed
Pamela: I'm gonna go watch the rest of West Wing
BobSlopsema: watch it from the puter
Pamela: That's why I'm glad you're here, so Rich isn't alone
Pamela: Can't see the TV from here
Rich Drushel: I am only here until 9:30 myself, time-sharing with Christina, who has to make a phone call then.
BobSlopsema: I am watching it and it don't seem too exciting yet
Rich Drushel: I'm also cooking...gotta watch the stove.
Pamela: Well, I'll be back about five to ten
BobSlopsema: you mean I am going ot be stood up by all???
BobSlopsema: well shees
Rich Drushel: Not right away :-)
Pamela: And hopefully at least Guy will be here by then
Pamela: See you in about half an hour, okay?
BobSlopsema: ok....
Pamela: poof
Rich Drushel: Bye, enjoy the show.
Pamela left chat session
BobSlopsema: so Richa , how's the whole family and Gretchen (?)????
Rich Drushel: Well, I was looking at those new ROM images that Geoff Oltmans posted about...
BobSlopsema: Gretchen got hit yes?
Rich Drushel: Family update: all are fine, it was Diana who was hit.
Rich Drushel: Her bruises are almost all gone.
BobSlopsema: haven't looked into them yet
Rich Drushel: Gretchen still talks about it in fear, though.
BobSlopsema: REIGHT, the second one up
Rich Drushel: Re: ROMs, those look like candidates for disassembly...wouldn't it be neat if the sound was really there, just turned off?
Rich Drushel: Or maybe someone could then fix the bugs in the game.
BobSlopsema: yes. but.........don't look to this "programmer" to find it
Rich Drushel: I did it with Pitfall; it shouldn't be too onerous to get it to a reassemblable listing.
Rich Drushel: Commenting it, however...
BobSlopsema: QUESTION........Powerpaint using an ADAM ide or powermate hd or minnie winnie...
BobSlopsema: how to print out the pics
Rich Drushel: Hmmm
BobSlopsema: got the thing working but it is the adamserve version
BobSlopsema: and only tries to go to ibm parallel printer
Rich Drushel: Yeah, ADAMserve version you need to put your dot matrix printer on LPT1:
Rich Drushel: But if it's a Panasonic it will print fine under ADAMserve.
BobSlopsema: certainly it must have worked on am ADAM parallel printer for the mini winnie????
Rich Drushel: Yes, 'cause the port 64 driver was hard-coded into PowerPaint.
Rich Drushel: I had to un-hard-code it to redirect to the ADAMnet printer (dev. 13) in order to get it to work under ADAMserve.
Rich Drushel: 'Cause that's were ADAMserve patched EOS to redirect to the server.
Rich Drushel: oops, where not were/.
BobSlopsema: does ol Herman got a version that works with the mini winnie and a paralle printer???
Rich Drushel: If you have the ADAMserve version of PP...not sure what you'd do.
BobSlopsema: bug Herman to get a mini winnie version
Rich Drushel: Yes, the PP-HD patch is perfectly happy to print to a port 64 printer (e.g., PIA2).
BobSlopsema: finally got the thing to work with a 8 block directory
BobSlopsema: only blew up with a 4 block
Rich Drushel: All I did to make PP-HD was hunt down all the references to device 26 (XRAM expander) and reroute them to device 24 (HD).
Rich Drushel: This was because the PP XRAM patches tried to overwrite EOS where the HD patches already were.
BobSlopsema: bummer
Rich Drushel: But the parallel printer code was never touched in PP-HD.
Rich Drushel: But for a genuine HD system, the time to write to HD vs. the time to write to XRAM wasn't noticeable.
BobSlopsema: ok will bug Herman to get it....only talked to him for about 2 hours to get the nimi winnie working correctly :-)
Rich Drushel: So, the PP-HD patch was a reasonable thing to do.
Rich Drushel: Just don't run it with a genuine tape drive as device 24...whirr whirr whirr.
Rich Drushel: It works, but brutally slowly.
BobSlopsema: IF Christina gets her business taken care of, drop on back later!!!!!
BobSlopsema: right, tape is ssllooww
Rich Drushel: I will...I'm cooking for a potluck tomorrow night.
Rich Drushel: Chicken potpie in a big rectangular baking dish.
BobSlopsema: COOL
Rich Drushel: Top and bottom crust, mmmm.
Rich Drushel: Chicken is done and deboned, veggies almost done, time to make the gravy and start the piecrust.
Rich Drushel: Back in a bit...
BobSlopsema: ok will be hier
Rich Drushel: Auf wiedertyppen :-)
BobSlopsema: :-)
Rich Drushel left chat session
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changed username to Abrasiv1
Abrasiv1: hmmmmmm.......definitely not standing room only
BobSlopsema: HI....nope you are coreect
BobSlopsema: everybody but mwe lefdt for awhile
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changed username to Guy B.
Abrasiv1: has the chat been like this of late?
BobSlopsema: one is watchign west wing and Rich had to give the phone to his daughter
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobSlopsema: nope, been pretty good, BUT up and down and with different foks different nights
Abrasiv1: West Wing....i can't stomach that one
BobSlopsema: hi Guy
BobSlopsema: about time you got herre, was lonesome for awhile
BobSlopsema: pam should be badk in about 15 min, Rich D maybe a little later
BobSlopsema: ya there guys????
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changed username to BobS
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changed username to BobSd>
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
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changed username to Guy B.
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changed username to BobS
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BobS: you here Guy???????
Guy B.: Finally. Getting hung on Netzero. I'm using corecomm. Finally ends on November 4th.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: ho ho.....maybe that's it, I was blaming DFserver
BobS: Dales
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: I am NOT completely happy with Netzero wither
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: com on in
Guy B.: Ok, I'm there twice.
Guy B.: Thank you.
BobS: I can't use it on my 486's at all
BobS: and it hangs sometimes, like maybve tonight
Guy B.: Boy, I'm having all sorts of problems on Netzero tonight.
BobS: and someone else prolbably Pam can't get in
BobS: I ahve had no problems tonight
Guy B.: Maybe it's the chat server. I ended up rebooting six times within the last half hour.
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changed username to Ron's Mandrake
Ron's Mandrake: Evening
Guy B.: Hi Ron, On Linux tonight?
Ron's Mandrake: yea
Ron's Mandrake: just for the frivoloty of it
Guy B.: Bob and I are having problems.
Ron's Mandrake: oh?
Ron's Mandrake: tell me more
BobS: 'Ron, me little leprecon
Ron's Mandrake: yessss
Guy B.: Froze five times on the chat and ended up rebooting five times. I'm using my old ISP which ends on November 4th.
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BobS: I am considering going back to corecomm......
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi, I'm back
Ron's Mandrake: Aren't you guys on hollowdreams?
BobS: POamela me sweet little lassie!!!!!!
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Ron's Mandrake: Re-hi Pamela
Pamela: Hi, all
BobS: nope both on Netzero
Ron's Mandrake: right netzero
BobS: hollow dreams is Doug's server at home using his employer's isp
Pamela: Sorry about that, I wanted to find out what was happening in the fictional Washington
Ron's Mandrake: ok
Ron's Mandrake: Damn. Missed it
Pamela: I have it on tape if that helps
Ron's Mandrake: oh wait.... it's on here, but in an hour I think
Ron's Mandrake: must check
Pamela: I missed some of it too
Pamela: Eight o'clock on CTV, nine on NBC
Ron's Mandrake: right - 1/2 hour later in Newfoundland
Pamela: exactly
Pamela: Ron, what's a mandrake?
Ron's Mandrake: some shockin' good eh?
Ron's Mandrake: Linux operating system
Pamela: Oh
Ron's Mandrake: Mandrake is one of the countless distributions of Linux
BobS: it is make believe Ronald in Comox......
Ron's Mandrake: true Bob
Ron's Mandrake: but today they obscured the mountains with cloud and wind and rain, so I'm not happy to be here
Pamela: very rude of them I'm sure
Ron's Mandrake: I think they fold them up and put them in a box
BobS: heck, here we have had storms, flooding , tornadoes
Ron's Mandrake: It's all done with 2x4's and scaffolding
BobS: Pamlk, it is coming your way
Ron's Mandrake: yeah, I heard that
Ron's Mandrake: not nice eh?
Guy B.: And did we get the rain today. Now the temp's dropped into the 40's.
Pamela: I know, I hear that it's supposed to become yucky tomorrow
BobS: wintler storm in Oct, with snow and everything
Pamela: And guess who's supposed to be driving into it?
Ron's Mandrake: This week I have a knee afflicted with Aurhur's itis
Ron's Mandrake: hobbling around like an old man
Guy B.: I already heard some parts of Minnesota have a blizzard.
Pamela: I hear that's not unusual for Minnesota
BobS: YUCKY!!!!!!
Guy B.: Of course, they get everything.
Pamela: Seriously yucky
BobS: we came north from indiana today at the auction down there, and just slipped in front a storm
BobS: with tornado and all
Ron's Mandrake: indeed... Minnesota can do that
Pamela: That's cause they're special
Guy B.: Got real dark during the early afternoon here.
Ron's Mandrake: The Lord is angry atcha
Pamela: I got caught in yesterday's thunderstorm
Pamela: Thunderstorms in October - what is the world coming to?
Ron's Mandrake: strange place in which we live
Pamela: Tres.
BobS: in indiana where we were, the sun was shining brightly all afternoon and as we got north, it got dfark and started raining
BobS: Judy sasy....HI YA'LL and is headed for bed to read
Ron's Mandrake: morale of the story is....don't go north
Pamela: Hi Judy - smart gal
Ron's Mandrake: watchya readin Judy?
Ron's Mandrake: I can't read in bed. Fall asleep
Ron's Mandrake: 2 pages max
BobS: some dreary novel fromthe libary
Pamela: I have been known to read in bed all night
Ron's Mandrake: some can
BobS: rather use the puter than read...for my 2 cents
Pamela: "Almost done"
Ron's Mandrake: yeah
Pamela: Rather read than do almost anything else
Ron's Mandrake: prop myself up on pillows and use the laptop
Ron's Mandrake: browse until I drop
Pamela: Problem is, my favourite authors don't write fast enough to suit me
Ron's Mandrake: been reading the "Blind Assasin" by Margaret Atwood
BobS: come on Pam......that will never happen
Ron's Mandrake: only got it as a present last Christmas
Pamela: Ooooh, Cancon
Ron's Mandrake: yup
Pamela: Jeepers, Ron, I would have had it read on Boxing dayh
Ron's Mandrake: I know. I'm slooooww
Pamela: what will never happen, Bob?
Ron's Mandrake: in between computer projects I try to get to something that has nothing to do with computers
Pamela: Guy, are you a reader?
BobS: that the author wil write fast enough to keep in front of you, without you having to read another book inbetweeen
Pamela: Okay, I'll concede that
BobS: Ron, you got Powerpoint running on and ADAM with a HD and printing on a dot matrix???????
Pamela: I have to keep going back and rereading the old ones instead
Ron's Mandrake: Powerpoint?
Ron's Mandrake: how about Powerpaint
BobS: read REAL fast andf then you won't remember it so it wil be fresh when you read it again
BobS: PowerPaint
Ron's Mandrake: don't have any printers hooked to ADAMs at the moment, but that would just be a case of hooking one up
BobS: think the digits are getting old
Guy B.: Read everything related to computers and Garfield.
Ron's Mandrake: Ah.... Garfield
BobS: hAVE YOU got a version of PowerPaint for the HD
Ron's Mandrake: good finicky Garfield
Guy B.: I'm downloading the Netzero software again.
Pamela: If you're looking for a good diversion, try Jeffrey Archers "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less"
Ron's Mandrake: yes Bob, I do that
BobS: besides the ADAMserve one
Pamela: Garfield is good
Ron's Mandrake: yup. Have it on a floppy
Ron's Mandrake: ya want it?
BobS: got the ADAMserve one working , but it directs printing to only the ibm printer
BobS: could ya emial it to me????
Ron's Mandrake: yup
Guy B.: This week a dog is surprising Garfield. So far, Bungee Dog, Sling Shot Dog and Attic Dog.
Pamela: Odie in disguise?
BobS: port it over to the dosbox, send it out and I will deport it back to aDAM......
Ron's Mandrake: you think we can get it straight this time?
BobS: OR make it a .dsk file for ADAMemulatore and i can put it back
BobS: sure, alwasy do, with a little trial and tribulation
Ron's Mandrake: hmmmm... might just have it on this here computer..... bee rite bak
Guy B.: Nope, this dog disguises himself with a pair of googles and a helmet.
BobS: finally got the ADAMserve version to work, had to use an 8 block up to a 12 block directory......4 block resulted in
BobS: garbage the second run time
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Pamela: Garbage in, garbage out?
changed username to Ron's iMac
Pamela: Ron is twins
Ron's iMac: ok... now I disappear with other one
Pamela: But fraternal
Guy B.: We two Ron's on different computers.
Ron's Mandrake: There's enough of me to go round
Pamela: Neat trick, Ron
Ron's Mandrake: Ok....gotta switch this one to Windoze
Ron's Mandrake left chat session
Guy B.: Notice the spelling!
Pamela: too much hooked on phonics recently Ron?
BobS: cute Ron
Ron's iMac: Cant understand these people with only one computer
Pamela: Well, excuse me
Ron's iMac: :)
Pamela: Does the dead 86 under the desk count?
Guy B.: Have any of you seen the commercial Microsoft is running with WinXP?
Pamela: OOps, thats 486
Ron's iMac: Now while the other is loading.... Bob, not sure if I've got the right version of Powerpaint on here
Ron's iMac: has to be the one for the Hd right?
BobS: wsell, can't you member whatcha got????
Ron's iMac: no
BobS: hd version yes........
Ron's iMac: ok
Pamela: too many computers
Ron's iMac: just want to see what I've got on the emulator
Pamela: Um, totally of on a tangent, did Rich mention how Diana was doing?
Pamela: (man, my spelling is suffering)
BobS: doing well, but little Gretchen is still a little upset
Pamela: Oh dear.
Pamela: I'll have to send her a hug
Guy B.: Glad Diana is doing Ok. Gretchen is still traumatized on what happen last week. It will take time for her to recover.
Pamela: I'll have to remember to ask Rich next week if Gretchen was with Diana when it happened
BobS: think she was lone, maybe not
Pamela: Thought so too
Pamela: Well, that was a conversation stopper
Pamela: Can we try again?
Ron's iMac left chat session
BobS: swure let fly hon
BobS: kjlk;jk
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BobS: whew, thought we got lost again
changed username to Windoze
BobS: what happen to ron????
BobS: ahos, WINdoze is here
Pamela: So what were you doing in Indiana, Bob?
Windoze: Will have to get back to you Bob. It ain't here. Must have erased it during a crash
Pamela: Cute, Ron
Guy B.: So, he's on Windows 98?
BobS: SHipshewana TOY aucdtion today.....took 2 of 3 grandson's and mom down to buy stuff
Windoze: the world hatesa smart A__
Windoze: I have the HD version that Herman sent I know
BobS: bought wsome toys and now got to sell them!
Windoze: it's on a Floppy
Pamela: What kinda toys?
BobS: need HD version that works on ADAM, not ADAMserv one
BobS: oh, semi trucks, old windups formj the 1940;s
Windoze: yes. If push comes to shove, I'll take it right off my own HD where it lives and breathes
Pamela: Bet the boys liked that
Pamela: That reminds me I have a disk to look for
Guy B.: Haven't heard from Dale in awhile about those HD interface cards. Wonder what the situation is?
BobS: had a ball thye did
BobS: don't know
Pamela: Haven't heard from them much at all - moving day must be coming fast
BobS: or at least working on the new place
Pamela: I think they move on Nov. 1
Windoze: to the new apt?
Pamela: yup
Guy B.: Well gang. I'm going to try Netzero again to get the e-mail. So, I'll see you all on Halloween night next week. And my vacation starts on Monday. Finally!
Windoze: moving is stress
Pamela: No no, Ron, moving is hell
BobS: ok, bee good guy
Windoze: oh yeah.... don't be too surprised if I show up late next week. I'm the one who answers the door
Pamela: Have fun Guy, don't eat too much candy
Windoze: and chat time is suppertime when the kids come
Pamela: I may be late too - we usually go for a walk
Guy B.: Don't have any in here. Just cookies and dog biscuits for Abby.
Windoze: usually done by 7:30 our time
Windoze: Abby?
Guy B.: Bye All
Pamela: the dog
Windoze: ah
Pamela: Bye!
Guy B. left chat session
Windoze: nite Guy
BobS: poof, he's gone!
Pamela: It's magic
Windoze: Ok so I'm looking for Powerpaint HD version.... I almost think I know where it is
Pamela: We have an amazing neighborhood for Halloween - everyone around here goes nuts with the decorations
Windoze: cool
Windoze: I got a pumpkin and a luminescent skeleton hanging from where the plant usually hangs
Windoze: that's about it
Pamela: One of the houses down the street does a haunted house
Windoze: one thing about it
BobS: we just are docile and give out candy..........boring eh?
Windoze: it's a night where I get to match parents up with kids
Pamela: It's very popular. Hundreds of "kids" go through
Pamela: Otherwise you lose track, eh Ron
BobS: but you have the usual scares about tainted sutff too??????
Windoze: yeah
BobS: around here, it will probably be worse this year
Windoze: the neighbourhood is getting younger again
Pamela: I'm sure it'll be worse for us too
Windoze: mostly we give out stuff that's wrapped....wehave some of that going on here too
Pamela: Anything not sealed will be suspect
BobS: heck, the fire stations xray for razor blades and check for pins in candy
BobS: wrapped and bought
Windoze: sick world eh?
Windoze: yup, exactly
BobS: sadly yes
Pamela: Very sick.
Pamela: I don't think I'd want to make the acquaintance of that kind of mind
Windoze: no
Pamela: I suppose I'm naive, but I always am sceptical about some of these stories - I guess I don't want to believe they can happen
BobS: for sure
BobS: sadly, there are people out there who do just those things
Pamela: and much worse
Windoze: there are people who's stairs don't go all the way to the top
BobS: that's true Ron
Pamela: I love those euphemisms
Pamela: one sandwich short of a picnic
Windoze: we just had an incident today...somebody mailing an envelope with white powder in it to our Premier
Pamela: Who is your premier today?
Windoze: closed the Parliament bldgs for several hours
Windoze: Gordon Campbell (today)
Windoze: Liberal
Windoze: former Mayor of Vancouverr
Pamela: Did you hear that Mike Harris is planning to retire next year? Dad is ecstatic
Windoze: yes, and I can imagine Rich would feel that way about it
BobS: will probably happen all over the civilized world
Windoze: copy cats
Pamela: Well, I have mixed feelings. He did some things that needed to be done, but he went too far on others
Windoze: it'll be a cue for sicko's all over to crawl from the woodwork
Windoze: Mike had the courage of his convictions
Pamela: You know, that's why they stopped reporting suicides in the subway - too many copycats
Windoze: I can believe that Pam
Pamela: Yes, and that's a difficult thing to find in a politician
Windoze: so who's waiting in the wings as Premier of Ont
Windoze: ??
Pamela: Beats me. No one has come forward. Re suicides, now when announcing delays in the subway, they say "a personal injury at track level"
Pamela: Like we can't figure out what's going on
Windoze: describes it pretty vividly
Pamela: especially when they take two hours to clean it up
Windoze: We don't have a subway here on the Island ---well we got the kind that sells sandwiches
BobS: that's the kind to ahve
Pamela: at least now they tell us what's happening - used to be we'd sit forever before they botherd to announce anything
Windoze: but if you dug one underground, the place would sink
Pamela: Sorta like pulling the plug in the tub
Windoze: you got it
BobS: we rodel the subway in 1992 at ADAMCON02
Pamela: it hasn't changed much, Bob
BobS: was a good ride, but we got stopped for about 30 or 40 minutes then too
BobS: was a bummer
Pamela: And I'll bet they didn't tell you what was happening
Windoze: odd eh? You know Bob, I don't remember you from ADAMCON 02
Windoze: mind you that was the first one I attended
Windoze: Remember you at ADAMCON 03
Pamela: check the pictures
Windoze: right
BobS: well, kids time to go.......see ya next week; and ron, IF you can find it easily the HD ADAM version
Windoze: will go do that right now my son
BobS: course you do, Doug and I walked with youj to Radio Shack one day at 03
BobS: 02
Windoze: be well both of you
BobS: member now????
Windoze: could be
Windoze: I'll have to think about that one
Pamela: Guess it's bedtime, is'nt it
BobS: course, you were a clelebrity and we were just starting
Windoze: only 8 here, but you guys better get sleep
Windoze: celebrity, yeah right
Pamela: I can't think of a comback for that
BobS: first ocnvention and all, and therte were lots of people
Pamela: G'nite, Bob
Windoze: anyway good folk...
Windoze: good night to all
BobS: see ya's.........
BobS left chat session
Windoze: p'f
Pamela: and too you - Scary Halloween
Pamela: poof
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