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james: good morning :)
Rich Drushel: Hello James, we just finished Trick-Or-Treat here.
james: my mother mentioned that. also tells me they got 2 cm of snow too :) meanwhile here it was sunny and 23 yesterday.
Rich Drushel: We had about 1 cm of snow last Friday...cold and nasty, but melted right away.
Rich Drushel: Tonight was a beautiful warm fall night, full moon, clear sky.
james: don't think i'll be seeing snow here for at least a couple of months yet.
james: finished sanding the bits and pieces of my deck yesterday. most of it's been restained too. some of it's in the garage and some of it
james: beside my school outside.
Rich Drushel: Hard to say when real winter will hit here.
Rich Drushel: Some Halloweens it's poured buckets of rain or been a cold whiteout blizzard.
james: i keep forgetting where you are
Rich Drushel: Cleveland, on the North Coast :-)
james: okay, that would explain it. despite what canadians think, the us northeast is no different in terms of weather from the ottawa area.
Rich Drushel: The meteorologists blame everything on "lake effect", so their job is easy.
james: saves them actually having to figure it out.
Rich Drushel: Our house is in the snow belt, so while west siders might get a couple flurries, we east siders get 6 inches.
james: i've heard that. where i am is "cold" and very snowy by japanese standards.
Rich Drushel: Yeah, when they start saying "lake effect sunshine", you know it's baloney :-)
james: ;-)
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Rich Drushel: How much snow is usual?
james: we got alot of snow last year
changed username to BobS
BobS: Howdy fellas
Rich Drushel: Abend Herr Slopsema.
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james: last year at one point we got 80cm in one shot.
BobS: ya sure
james: morning bob
changed username to rich-c
james: yappari :) hi rich.
Rich Drushel: And our peripatetic Clee has returned...
rich-c: Hey, teh gang's all here!
Rich Drushel: In one piece, we hope...
rich-c: yup, under our own power and no corners knocked off
BobS: mornihg james, and Rich x 2
james: yes. i as usual can't be on for too long courtesy of the local telcos. was on for 3 hours yesterdy downloading norton antivirus.
rich-c: right, the yen is getting a beating too these days. Hi James
james: student of mine got a virus in her e-mail and decided to "install" it to her desktop :/
Rich Drushel: I use elm from a bash prompt, no worries about .VBS for me :-)
james: yeah, it's kind of low now but i think any canadian would be happy to see our dollar at that level.
rich-c: Oh dear. what ARE you teaching those kids, anyway?
james: i use eudora. she of course was using m$ outlook express.
Rich Drushel: Bob or Rich, you get many trick-or-treaters tonight?
james: virology
rich-c: yes, but surely you're teaching them not to open attachments?
Rich Drushel: Other than our kids and 3 friends who went with them, we had exactly 2.
james: no, she's self-taught
rich-c: I doubt we've even had ten kids by tonight, let alone the usual 30 - 40
Rich Drushel: Hold a sec, gotta get Gretchen out of the bathtub...
BobS: no we hqad about all the immediate neighborhood kids i thnk
BobS: Judy sasy nshe had about 150
rich-c: I noticed on the trip that the Halloween decorations were few and up late
rich-c: and the really over the top setups were very rare
rich-c: everybody was busy putting up flags instead
BobS: can't recall any decorations around here
rich-c: oddly enough, we saw almost as many elaborate setups in Toronto as anywhre on the orad
Rich Drushel: Back from bath duty.
BobS: good!!! and dry?????
Rich Drushel: Our neighbors across the street had a nice setup, fog machine, good horror makeup, and a wire/pulley system to make a ghost fly an erratic course all through their yard.
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Rich Drushel: Yep, Gretchen is dried and dressed.
Rich Drushel: Hi Guy.
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone. I'm on the P133 tonight. The Athlon is screwed up.
Rich Drushel: It was my turn to sit at home while Joan took the girls out. (We alternate years, I did last year.)
BobS: Hi Guy!!!!
BobS: on Netzero, are ya??
rich-c: why, what did you do to it? Try to install XP?
Rich Drushel: I want XP on my ADAM 486 :-)
rich-c: that's unkind, Rich
Guy B.: No, Corecomm. Expires this Sunday. I haven't reinstalled Netzero on the P133.
Rich Drushel: I know, but I found it amusing that there was an Adam 486 that some poor soul got and somehow associated it with Coleco.
Guy B.: Why do you thibk that?
james: yeah, i read that too and it struck me as odd that someone who can't tell the difference would even be attempting a processor upgrade.
rich-c: give her credit, she obviously doesn't know much but equally obviously is trying hard
BobS: I don't think it IS an ADAM 486.\, probably just some poor mis
BobS: guided lady not knowing what it is
Rich Drushel: I find it quite likely that some clone maker independently would use the name Adam.
rich-c: I have a vague recollection of hearing something similar somewhere before
Guy B.: Anyone want to buy System Commander Deluxe with a free disk update? I'm selling it.
rich-c: there does seem to be a rogue board out there that says Adam on it somewhere
rich-c: sorry, already have it, Guy
Rich Drushel: There is also an embedded controller system similar to BASIC stamps called ADAM (in all caps).
rich-c: anyway, you haven't told us what you did to your Athlon
Guy B.: I knew you had that Rich C.
rich-c: anyway I thought McQ answered her quite nicely
BobS: the Athalon Guy.............
Rich Drushel: Yes, he really had all the info.
Guy B.: I have Win95 with USB on it. Then I installed System Commander Deluxe with just Win95. Then I got Win98. Installed that and that's where the problems started. Both OS's are freezing on me.
BobS: oh,oh
james: what is system commander?
Guy B.: So, I managed to backup what I have onto CD-RW. Tomorrow, I'm going to delete and repartition the hard drive and install just Win98.
rich-c: you mean you have three partitions, 2 x Win95 plus Win98?
Rich Drushel: Gang, I have to leave so Christina can use the phone...hope you all looked at my Ugly Professor picture :-) I'm told I'm winning the contest so far with $$$ raised...
rich-c: not yet, but will look - hope you can rejopin later
BobS: bye Rich
Guy B.: No, one partition with Win95 which is FAT32 with 12gig. The other partition is 1gig with Win98 as FAT16. I think both cannot recognize each other.
Guy B.: Bye Rich D.
Rich Drushel: Bye for now...<poof>
Rich Drushel left chat session
rich-c: Why wuold you be using FAT16 for your Win98 partition?
Guy B.: That's what System Commander ended up doing. I couldn't make it FAT32.
rich-c: Weird.
rich-c: anyway, no, they should not be able to see each other
rich-c: in fact, I'd expect trouble if either could see the other
Guy B.: Isn't it. So, in addition to System Commander I'm selling. I'm also going to sell the Win95 USB.
james: gang, i need to go for a bit. there's a chance i'll be on again in about an hour if people are still gabbing ;)
rich-c: you may find the market limited; the USB edition is flakey and incompatible with some of the (% sopftware
Guy B.: We'll be here James.
rich-c: look for you later james
BobS: ok james
BobS: be good
james: see you soon!
james: *poof*
james left chat session
Guy B.: That I found out. It won't work with the Lexmark printer as USB. It will with Win98.
rich-c: not only that, there aer some other programs that don't like it either
BobS: we have an HP usb and got it working once with 98 but now it won't........wierd
rich-c: I was looking into getting it then discovered I wouldn't be able to run certain of my programs - forget which now
Guy B.: Make sure the cables are connected and your BIOS is setup to recognize the USB ports. That's what I did with the Athlon.
BobS: "bill" has the idea taht then you will buy an upgrade
BobS: yes???
rich-c: I'd have thought on your Athlon the USB ports would be recognized by default
BobS: SO, Richard, how was your travel????
rich-c: Actually we didn't travel much - spent three weeks in the Prince William National Forest
BobS: and where is that daughter of yours?????
BobS: which is where????
BobS: prince edward island????
rich-c: which is in Virginia and has a full-hookup campground
Guy B.: I had to set it through the BIOS first before the OS recognized it. And you need the drivers too.
rich-c: Pamela is down with a nasty bout of the flu
rich-c: she also watches West Wing or something on Wednesday nights
Guy B.: Let's see if she makes it.
BobS: and you did what for 3 weeks, traveled about using it as home base??? or just relaxed???
rich-c: does it give you a clue that it was 18 miles by I95 from the Metro terminal?
BobS: no
rich-c: by Metro it's an easy traffic free trip into Washington
rich-c: we actually got a decent look at the Smithsonian at last
BobS: good!!!!
rich-c: took us six separate days, but we put a big scratch in the surface, so to speak
BobS: run into any problems access wise getting around Washington???
rich-c: didn't try to take the car in, period.
rich-c: But even going up and down I95 from the subway could get pretty fraught at times
Guy B.: Can't blame you for that, especially with the heavy security.
rich-c: Sort of like driving into the Loop in rush hour, Guy
Guy B.: Sounds about right.
rich-c: yes, the security is really more than a little ridiculous
BobS: overboard and mostly by untrained personnel
Guy B.: Even Yankee stadium is heavily secured for the World Series.
rich-c: yes, minimum wage, no experience, no training and an ignorant attitude
BobS: RIGHT!!!!
rich-c: that's unfair to the Smithsonian guards who were mostly pretty decent
Guy B.: I know what you mean Rich.
rich-c: even if one twit demanded to see in my glasses case
rich-c: there's a difference between rational precautionary measures and hysterical paranoia
BobS: and right now it is hysterical paranoia
BobS: can't have fingernail clippers on an airplane.......
BobS: GET REAL!!!! whatcha gonna do with them????
rich-c: yes, did you hear about the sirline that won't give its passengers sugar for their coffe because it's a white powder?
BobS: yes, heard that..........gonna have to givre up coffee because I want BOTH sugar and cream
rich-c: and the other one that wont let passengers get up even to go to the bathroom?
BobS: pee on the seat, I say
BobS: or better, the floor
rich-c: better still, get on board with diarhea
rich-c: and use teh aisle
Guy B.: That's getting drastic there.
BobS: that'd be messy
rich-c: well, extreme problems sometimes demand extreme answers, Guy
BobS: I hope before Dec they wise up a little
Guy B.: True and I wonder who will clean it up.
rich-c: but in case anyone's curious, we had no border trouble at all
BobS: good
rich-c: US Customs wanted to look in our trunk, but never gave a thought to the trailer
BobS: reports were taht the us/canadian borders were backed up badly
rich-c: not that the Behemoth's trunk isn't big enough to hold two boards of a terrorist chess tournament
rich-c: but we could have had half of al Queada in the trailer
BobS: minimum wage, un trained.............
rich-c: no, these weer professional Customs types
rich-c: in justice that my expect our easy pass - they've seen us before
BobS: that doesn't make them any better
rich-c: maybe literally, maybe "so to speak". i.e. generically
rich-c: Frances and I would have a hard time convincing anyon3e we represented a threat of any kind
rich-c: couldn't even be going in planning to settle illegally - we're entitled to immigrate anyhow
rich-c: they can't close teh door when you're carrying a US birth certificate
Guy B.: That's right.
BobS: did ya have to show anything like a birth certificate????
rich-c: nope, we had them with us but weren't asked
rich-c: had no problem getting back into Canada either, though I did see some cars ahead in the line getting grilled
rich-c: did throw a couple of trick questions at us, though
BobS: like what.....
BobS: where yu been and who is that with you???
rich-c: the licence number of teh car
BobS: like I 'd know that
rich-c: that's interesting because they always look at it before you pull up
rich-c: so they can type it into their records compute
BobS: 'oops ours in only in the back
rich-c: and what we were doing in the US
BobS: setting up a,.....vacationling
BobS: like you are going to admit wrongdoing........
rich-c: the point I think is to see how long it takes you to think up an answer
rich-c: like the licence - most folks know the numbers of their own cars
rich-c: if they don't, that warrants a bit moe explanation
rich-c: fast as you can type, Guy - what's your licence number?
BobS: mine says MI on it
Guy B.: GSB 73
rich-c: took you a while to look that up
rich-c: surprised you don't have it memorized
BobS: why
BobS: the only time I need it is for camping
BobS: and then I go look
rich-c: you always seem to need it for something - gas on a credit card, campground registration, general b.s.
rich-c: though I admit I';d have trouble remembering the trailer plate as no one ever asks for it
rich-c: but there are so many t4al Safari/Astro vans around Toronto if I didn't know my plate I'd never be able to find it in the mall parking lot
BobS: there are that many????
rich-c: I can't even go around the block without seeing a couple
rich-c: and that's before teh contractors building the new houses arrive
rich-c: of course you have to realize our neighbourhood has a lot of Orhtodox Jews
BobS: huh??? what does taht have to do with anything
rich-c: and given their family sizes, seven or eight seater vehicles can be VERY useful
BobS: ok that what it hass to do with it
BobS: so you stayed 3 weeks in Pr William Natl park......that was all BUT travel time yes????
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rich-c: right - we dawdled going down and dawdled coming home
BobS: well somebody's here
rich-c: also had some minor difficulties with the car
changed username to bair
BobS: that is what retirement is for
BobS: HI BOB!!!!!
rich-c: greeting to the Great Bair
BobS: wonders NEVER cease,..........
Guy B.: It's the Bair. Hi Bob, how are you doing?
bair: hi every one
bair: find
BobS: see Bob???? I TOLD you theya ll missed ya
BobS: how Virginia??????
BobS: and is she still working her tail off???
bair: YES
BobS: well tell her to STOP!!!!!!
Guy B.: And keeping you busy as well?
BobS: all work is NO fun
bair: We now have 1572.00
BobS: wa's that?????
bair: That is in the bank
Guy B.: Very good. Planning on coming to next year's Adamcon?
BobS: that is GOOD!!!!!!!!
bair: for Ann Net News
BobS: that's right Guy, plead with Bair, encoruage him, beg
bair: not sure yet
rich-c: yeah Bob, it';s only up to Michigan, you gotta come
BobS: we get some new subscriptions I don't know about???????
Guy B.: We all missed you from the last two.
bair: no
BobS: Virginaia is going to NEED a vacation about next August
bair: not sure yet
rich-c: or if it's July, that should be better yet
rich-c: reminds me - have you set a confirmed date, Bob?
BobS: nope gotta be August and not 1st weekend Ron says
Guy B.: I'm already plan on going and it would be good for the both of you to come up.
BobS: tentatively 2nd weekend of August, but no hotel yet
bair: how many has completed adam bomb
rich-c: it.s OK, I can live with that
Guy B.: That's ideal for me.
rich-c: just make sure if you make me miss the Molson Indy that thye motel has cable
BobS: when's that
rich-c: CART haven't put out their 2002 schedule yet
BobS: Pam says not July, meeka same, Ron M has 1 st weekedn family reunion
BobS: \well then call them and tell them to work around that weekend
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changed username to Rich Drushel
BobS: hello der...........
Guy B.: Rich D is back.
rich-c: welcome back Rich
BobS: tis Richard!!!! alinve and in the flesh
Rich Drushel: Bair, is that *the* Bob Bair?!?!
Guy B.: We got the Bair on.
bair: hey rich very sorry about the check
BobS: yupper
Rich Drushel: No want it back? Not that I'll ever cash it.
BobS: don't memtion it, 'casue he lost it anyway.... ;-)
bair: no
Rich Drushel: Mr. Bair, we miss you and Virginia at these ADAMcons...
bair: just added it back in
Rich Drushel: Here's hoping we can see you in Michigan or somewheres.
BobS: nope, but I DO want my ADAMCON 13 check one day, maybe at AC14
Guy B.: I was just telling him that. We'ew asking them to come up for next year's.
Rich Drushel: Yeah, I still have all those worthless checks...I will keep 0001 for me, though.
bair: I feel real bad about that
Rich Drushel: I've heard you've not been well, so we understand...hope you can be on the mend.
bair: I think I'm getting there
Rich Drushel: I've been getting too big for my britches at these ADAMcons without you to take me down a peg or ten...
Rich Drushel: :-)
rich-c: well, someone has to explain things to us, Rich
rich-c: or at least translate Dale into English
BobS: \RIGHT, last year, rich thought he owned the place or organized it or something
Rich Drushel: And see where *that* got us...
BobS: jsut because he had his own robot lab too!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."
BobS: :-)
Rich Drushel: Well, I might be able to bring a robot kit for folks to play with, if it wouldn't be viewed as a distraction from ADAM stuff.
bair: well I am making jumps for motor cycles with my tractor
rich-c: oh, we're pretty tolerant of distractions
Rich Drushel: What would be really great is software to make it an ADAMnet device, 'cause that really is technically possible.
rich-c: now that would be fun
bair: sounds like fun
rich-c: Frances would even settle for having it Amiga compatible
Rich Drushel: Yeah, write to block 0 turns on motor 0, or something like that.
Rich Drushel: It would be tethered, of course.
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: just as long as you bring a LONG spool of wire
rich-c: hello daughter, felling better?
bair: remote
Pamela: Hi, sorry I'm late
Pamela: Sorta
BobS: well about time, playing sick and all
Rich Drushel: Trick or Treat, Pamela!
Pamela: feeling better that is
rich-c: that doesn't sound too good
Rich Drushel: Ouch, didn't know you were ill...
Guy B.: Hi Pam
rich-c: although once you're over the hump with flu, it does seem to clear up fairly quickly
Pamela: Trick or treat, Rich. Dad, I will tell you all about it alter
Pamela: It's not the flu
Rich Drushel: Too bad you can't see me sitting here in my Captain Kirk uniform.
BobS: anthrax??????
rich-c: speaking of which, Pamela, any idea where all the kids were tonight?
Pamela: No, Bob
BobS: aw Rich and no trick or treaters
Pamela: Sorry, Dad, can't help you there
Rich Drushel: I wore it to work today, even to a 9 AM faculty meeting.
Pamela: Cool, Rich
bair: who wants to watch kids
rich-c: oh, some of them are pretty cute
Rich Drushel: Only one other person wore something, though.
BobS: go over big did ti??????
rich-c: we only had about ten, if that
Rich Drushel: Stodgy bunch, our faculty.
Pamela: The days of dressing up at work seem to be over
Pamela: Dad, in answer to your question about your address book, I still have it
rich-c: one of the clerks at NoFrills today was wearing a witch costume
Rich Drushel: Yeah, I can be both Ugly and Trekkie at Halloween.
bair: start it up agian
Pamela: It's in a bag with stuff to goto the house which never got there
rich-c: long as I know where it is, Pam - I was getting a bit panicky
Rich Drushel: Joan was off today, and came down to campus dressed as a hippie. We had lunch at a local restaurant near campus.
BobS: Capt
Pamela: BTW Rich, I loved your pictures
bair: rich just at halloween
BobS: Capt'n Kirk and a HIPPIE???????
rich-c: from City at the edge of forever?
Rich Drushel: As for the girls, Christina was some kind of black shadow Ninja who was supposed to be on vacation, so she was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and lei over her Ninja suit.
Rich Drushel: No, Edith Keeler was not a hippie...a 1930s pacifist.
Pamela: Dad, its' City on the Edge of Forever"
Rich Drushel: Elanor was a Japanese princess with kimono and chopsticks in her hair. She wouldn't wear a black wig, so she was the only red-headed geisha girl on the block :-)
rich-c: us librarians use a down style for such things
Rich Drushel: Diana was her favorite Pokemon, a fox-thing called Eevee.
Guy B.: That's something different for her.
Rich Drushel: And Gretchen was a ladybug. Joan of course made all the costumes.
Pamela: Those are all really cool ideas too, Rich - did anyone win any prizes?
Guy B.: My nephew Jason went as young Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.
Rich Drushel: No formal prizes, but they all came home with full bags of candy :-)
Pamela: I can just picture Gretchen - cute as a bug's ear
Rich Drushel: I can post photos when they are developed. No digital ones this time.
rich-c: we will look forward to that, Rich
Pamela: ya post!
Rich Drushel: <back in 5 minutes>
rich-c: by the way, Rich, is Cleveland as plastered with flags as the east coast?
Pamela: I think he snuck outon you dad
rich-c: afraid so
Pamela: (darn space bar)
BobS: probably Rich, flags all over here too
bair: indiana is
Pamela: I have to get this key board cleaned
rich-c: just take the vacuum to it, it's pretty tough
Pamela: No, the key is sticking in this case - I'm pretty sure it has something to do with a previous dinner of Russell's
rich-c: must be that cherry 7-up
Guy B.: There's a better solution. Get a new keyboard.
bair: set it out doors in the rain
Pamela: But Guy, that costs money
rich-c: but that could cost almost $10, Guy
BobS: Jean Stone used to clean them inthe bathtub and then let thenm dry good
BobS: and they worked!!!!!
Guy B.: But, you have a spanking new keyboard, problem free.
Pamela: Maybe I should ship it to Jean for cleaning
rich-c: nothing that belongs to a computer is ever problem-free, Guy
bair: I just use a big hammer
BobS: just get a new one cheap and sav3we th old for backup
Guy B.: Ok, even a hard drive will die too as what happened to me just before 2000 with the P133.
Pamela: You know, Bair, I like your idea the best
bair: you will feel better
Pamela: Coincides with some of the ideals I was brought up with
Pamela: : )
rich-c: anyone know where Ron has got to tonight?
Pamela: Right, Dad?
bair: I run over mine with the tractor
Pamela: Yeah, he said something about giving out candy
rich-c: yes, Pam, if it won't work, get a bigger hammer
Rich Drushel: <Rich returneth>
BobS: Ron is looking for my copy of Powerpaoint to run on the hard drvie, I am sure...........
Pamela: Heeee's back
rich-c: which reminds me, Bobn, what'
bair: wy
bair: why
rich-c: s this bit about motorcycle jumps?
Pamela: Cos he forgot to send it last week Bob?
Rich Drushel: Re: flags, Rich, yes, there are flags around most places. I wonder if WW2 was like this.
BobS: RD, yo got a copy of PowerPaint HD edition handy for email????????
bair: Yea two weeks ago my son had 13 bikes here
rich-c: no, not to this extent
BobS: right Pam, couldn't find it
rich-c: there were a fair few flags around, of course
rich-c: but rmember materials wre needed for the war effort
rich-c: and at the end of the Depression money was still scarce
Rich Drushel: Re: PowerPaint HD, I could probably find it.
Rich Drushel: It would be easier to install by block-copy.
rich-c: mostly there would be fairly generous displays on special occasions - 4th of juyl or such
Pamela: You were still living in the States then, right Dad?
BobS: whatever, just tell me when ya send it
Rich Drushel: But then it would have my "personalization".
BobS: OR emulator style
rich-c: no Pam, we came to Canada in January 1938
Rich Drushel: Somewhere I (and Herman) have the programs which can put a new serial number on the boot screen.
Pamela: I didn't realize it was that early
Rich Drushel: But I bet I can't easily lay my hands on it (nor Herman).
Rich Drushel: So, an image of my image will do.
Pamela: BRB - meds time
BobS: heck got those but PP won't work
BobS: ANd print to ADAM's dot matrix printer
rich-c: Rich, an item in Langalist this week said one reader was getting administrative pings at his computer
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BobS: only have working the ADAMservce version
changed username to Ron
rich-c: at the rate of 2 or 3 per second - have you seen anything like that?
BobS: HARK!!!!! the MIGHTY Mitchell
bair: hi ron
Ron: I used to be a werewolf, but I'm ok noooooooooowwwwww!!
rich-c: bout time, Ron!
Ron: hello
Ron: trick or treat thing, you know
Guy B.: Hi Ron. On the Mac? Tonight, I'm on the P133. The Athlon is screwed up.
Ron: slumming eh Guy?
Rich Drushel: Well, the most hopeful thing to do would be to fire up my MW HD system and write out the PP volume to disk image, then make it into emulator format.
Ron: iMac
Guy B.: OS trouble.
Pamela: There, horse pills consumed
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ron: Hi Pam
Ron: So tell me Dr. D
Pamela: Glad there's someone later than I was
Ron: who won the contest?
rich-c: did you get many "customers" tonight, Ron?
Ron: 29
Rich Drushel: The exchange of "iMac", "OS trouble", and "There, horse pills consumed" is very interesting...
Ron: light
BobS: if ya got time Rich
Rich Drushel: Ugly Professor? It's still running (through Friday).
rich-c: we got barely any
(Guy B. laughs heartily)
Ron: ah.
Ron: well like I said
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela: Rich, the doc gave me antibiotics
rich-c: don't know what I'm going to do with all those Reeses peanut butter cups
Pamela: they
Pamela: re horse pills
Rich Drushel: Anecodotal reports are that I'm winning, but no firm numbers from the actual contest organizers.
bair: good pills
Pamela: Reese's? Daddy, how much do you love me?
Rich Drushel: Bwahahaha!
Guy B.: Look out Rich C.
bair: look out bob
Rich Drushel: Sounds like Christina talking now...
Pamela: I'll trade you for your address book
rich-c: you got your cut with the pop - don't get greedy!
BobS: send them over here email Rich
Ron: more trick or treaters
Ron: they're getting older now
Rich Drushel: BobS, what's your current E-mail?
Pamela: In fact, lets just say that your address book is history until I get my share
Pamela: Is that fair? : )
rich-c: yeah, Bob, like tonight's?
rich-c: well, you gotta come here to get them
BobS: rslopsema@ ;
Pamela: That's reasonable
Ron: Bob - got your message. Gonna see my guy here tomorrow
rich-c: and what will the address be next week?
Rich Drushel: Thanks, BobS.
BobS: same richard
BobS: might dump netzewro.n but can keep mailbox due to free time per month
rich-c: for the next Adamcon, we should have a contest question about who's email address hasn't changed
Pamela: That's too easy - yours and mine
bair: i would win
BobS: who'd win????????
rich-c: and no others that I can recall
Ron: bair?
Rich Drushel: Ha, wonder if anyone has the address
Ron: is that THE bair?
bair: yes
Ron: hey!
Pamela: Speaking of contests, Rich,are there any further entries in the scavenger hunt?
Rich Drushel: Argh, I never did post the list, did I? Bad Rich, bad.
Ron: Anywy Rich D. that was some pic you sent
Pamela: for shame!
Rich Drushel: New entries are always possible.
rich-c: Bob, you STILL haven't explained the motorcycle ramps
Rich Drushel: We could have another such hunt at the next ADAMcon, if we can disqualify past winners from eligibility for any prizes :-)
Ron: :)
Pamela: !
rich-c: next time, I'll bring my BASIC book and computer tools
bair: I push dirt about 4 feet of dirt for the guys
Guy B.: That sounds fair.
Pamela: Heck, Dad, why not just throw the whole office in the back of the van?
BobS: Frances an Pam are going to have to do an ADAM demonstratin on taking it apart nex tyear.........
Rich Drushel: It's mostly to prevent Dale from intimidating new participants :-)
Pamela: Maybe we could do Russell and Dad against Mom and I
Ron: Actually, Dale was encouraging everyone else to do things -
Ron: like me
bair: He owns 1.25 acres and it is full of jumps
rich-c: maybe I'll even have the laptop working usefully by then
Rich Drushel: I think Judy should be the Mistress of Ceremonies and make me and Dale compete blindfolded...
Ron: yeah!
Pamela: this is getting kinky
Rich Drushel: BobS doesn't have to say if she already has a whip or not...
Pamela: there is such a thing as TMI
Rich Drushel: Too Much I....?
Pamela: Information
Rich Drushel: Ahhh.
Ron: Is this an ADAMCON we're talking about or....what?
BobS: judy says.........anyone who connived to get her involved this past year is in trouble NEXT year
bair: May be Icould do some thing on adam bomb if there would be an interest
Pamela: Good for her
BobS: yup
moved to room Meeting Place
Rich Drushel: I'll be watching my back.
rich-c: yes, given my tools even I can dissect an Adam pretty neatly
changed username to james
Pamela: Hi, James
Guy B.: Jmes is back.
Pamela: Happy All Saints Day
james: hi :)
rich-c: welcome back james
BobS: that is going to be a centerpoint of the convention I think
james: in the middle of stuff. back and forth between the classroom.
Guy B.: Now my typing is slipping.
Ron: Is Halloween celebrated in Japan?
james: no. no candy for me..
Ron: aw
Pamela: Have a Reese's peaunt butter cup - Dad had leftovers
james: i prefer chocolate anyways.
rich-c: a little gyoza, maybe?
Pamela: (REESE)
james: :)
bair: bobs give some reeses
BobS: yum,,,,,,,,that is GOOOOOODD!!!!!
Pamela: Hey Bob, that was for James!
james: my student's computer is a mess. desktop full of icons, 15 apps launching at startup, a virus which is pretty nasty. going to take awhile to clean up.
BobS: heck no, I am going to keep them all for myself
Rich Drushel: The plural of rice is reese?
rich-c: consider yourselves emailed one each
Guy B.: Bob, cut that out. Now your making us all want one.
Ron: throw some of those over the Rockies eh?
bair: you are a mean dad to make her beg
james: *punches bob in the face and grabs reese's crumbs from his mouth*
Pamela: Reese frisbees. What a concept
(Guy B. slaps BobS playfully)
Rich Drushel: And you've never had Tim groveling at your feet, BobB? :-)
bair: NO
Pamela: Okay there's enough for everyone - don't fight
Rich Drushel: Well, shame on you then, shoulda grabbed the chance when ya had it :-)
Ron: mine, mine , mine
Pamela: reese, reese, reese, reese, reese reese . . .
bair: I have been a good dad
rich-c: am I going to have to send out anohter round?
james: if anyone is curious i've got some coleco games on order
Rich Drushel: I know BobB, I know.
BobS: yup, rich
rich-c: tell us about them, james
Ron: which ones James
Rich Drushel: My eldest has started to try to yank our chains a bit, and we are restraining ourselves from yanking back too hard.
Rich Drushel: The temptation is there, though.
james: slither, turbo, illusions, defender for 2600 (have the exp module),
BobS: which ones James??????
Pamela: You have a good relationship with her Rich - you'll get through it
rich-c: the critical age is 15 - after that they improve - slowly
james: pac-man, dig-dug, joust and warlords.
BobS: she will drive you NUTS Rich,,,,,,for sure
Guy B.: Well folks, got a big day tomorrow. On vacation this week and I'm going to clean Jeanene's rugs tomorrow and repartition the hard drive on the Athlon, plus whatever else I have to do. So, see you all next week.
Pamela: (Says the voice of experience)
BobS: hang in there and don't give in
bair: come on richd give a little
james: i sort of know what you'Re going through rich given the demographics of my students. 71 students. only 13 are boys.
rich-c: see you Guy; assume Saturday is a non-starter
BobS: say HI to Jeanene
Pamela: G'nite Guy, good luck with the Athlon
Rich Drushel: Bye, Guy.
james: bye guy
Guy B.: I might, depends what I'm doing.
bair: bye guy
Ron: nite Guy
Pamela: That's some split, James
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: actually ditto here; if the Argos game conflicts, I'll not be on
Rich Drushel: I'm not mean enough to be too mean, I don't think, so I don't think that there will be any long-term dangers.
james: yeah skewed ratio for sure. alot of these kids started when they were in 4th grade. now they're in sixth, the hormones have kicked in and i can't get
james: them to shut up.
rich-c: if that's the worst of your problems, count your blessings, james
BobS: aliens take teeenagers at about 14 or 15 and give them back at 21..........
Pamela: As long as they chatter in English, your worries are over
james: one of them brought a whistle to class. i asked her what it was for. she said "in case some old lewd guy comes up to me" at which point
james: she looks at me straight-faced and of course, blows the whistle.
Pamela: What bothered you most James, the Old part or the Lewd part?
james: same girl is learning the restaurant unit i have and i'm explaining what a "booth" is and how it's a semi-private place to sit.
Rich Drushel: Hmm, I thought the stereotype of Japanese culture was respect for one's elders...guess us Americans are de-civilizing them.
james: she then says "oh, so people can have sex there!" and i say "well, we don't normally do that in restaurants" and it took five minutes to calm them down.
james: fifth grade no less.
james: probably the old part to be honest.
bair: I think that is gone
Pamela: That's one for the records
Pamela: I can't wait to read your memoirs
Rich Drushel: Hey, I get to be as old as Jack Benny on Saturday...
james: respect for one's elders? well i don't think i'm quite seen as an "elder"..
james: seriously though, most of the kids are bright, have fun and do well.
rich-c: yes, we got that impression when you had them here in Toronto
Pamela: and you know what, James? They learn better in that environment
james: that's what i'm hoping.
bair: youare that old aren't you
Pamela: a "fun" class is more likely to stick than a structured one
james: the 7th and 8th grade girls take alot out of me though.
rich-c: anyway, Rich, happy birthday, young feller
Rich Drushel: :-)
Ron: birthday?
james: how young, rich?
Ron: ya mean one of them annual thingies?
Pamela: Thirty nine, I'd say from the clues
Rich Drushel: I am also as old as Bill Shatner in the first season of Star Trek, so this is my perfect time to be in his Captain's outfit for Halloween.
bair: rich d do you need a cain yet
Rich Drushel: As I told someone today, I have the right figure and right hairline, too, to play Capt. Kirk :-)
james: and i think my students give me a hard time for being 27. that's still green as far as i'm concerned.
james: scotty, we *need* more *power*..
bair: you are past that age
Pamela: That's still green for most of us
Ron: today everything hurts
Rich Drushel: Hey, that's what I programmed my communicator to say.
Pamela: Like, about 9 years ago
Ron: and if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't work
bair: work out more
james: :) i've been a fan for a long time. watched the original series when i was a kid.
Pamela: Not "beam me up Scotty"?
rich-c: and after a while, even if you're not working it, it hurts
Ron: yep
Ron: had a knee x-rayed today
Ron: zap!
BobS: Judy can relate Ron, got a bad foot, starting to lose the green tinge now
bair: that is old age
james: anyways, i have a friend coming over and a computer to fix so i must once again leave you all. i hope to be on longer next week.
Ron: aurhur's itis
BobS: but stull hurts
Pamela: Well that's it Ron, now you done it
Rich Drushel: Nope. My TOS communicator has an 8-second voice recorder in it. So, I recorded myself saying (in brogue) "Enterprise to Captain Kirk. We're ready to beam ya up."
rich-c: right james, we shall look forward to it. Take cre
james: cheers. i'll let you know how the games work out ;)
BobS: be goo Jamesm and say HI to Miyuki (?) did Ig et it right?????
Pamela: G'nite James - was a pleasure
Rich Drushel: Flick it open, it chirps (sampled original sounds), push the button, Scotty talks. People were impressed today :-)
Pamela: How
Pamela: s the baby doing?
james: *poof*
james: miyuki is coming along.
Pamela: feeling good?
james: starting to show. hopefully the next ultrasound will reveal more detail.
james: seems it *might* be a girl though it's still too early to tell.
Pamela: that's so wonderful
Pamela: Tell her Hi for us
james: my wife says they're going to go out and spend all my money. they won't get much i'm afraid .. :)
Pamela: let us know if there
Ron: hey!
Pamela: s anything you need too
james: will do!
Rich Drushel: Bye, James...and I will have to leave now, too. Class early tomorrow...hailing frequencies closed from Starbase Cleveland, sir.
james: ron?
Ron: yessss?
rich-c: OK, Cap'n see you too next week.
james: you said "hey!"..
Pamela: g'nite Captain
Rich Drushel: <sparkles>
bair: bye rich
Rich Drushel left chat session
james: real windows error: out of memor
Ron: hah!
james: abort, retry, *poof*
rich-c: senior moment, james
james left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Ron: Ok, who are the dudes on Enterprise with the little antennae on their hea
Ron: heads?
james: andorians if i'm not mistaken.
Pamela: on the new series? Andorians
Ron: just started here
james: the blue guys with feathers for hair, right?
Pamela: James, are you getting Enterprise over there?
Ron: yeah , something like that
james: no. all i get is the american empire "strikes back" cnn stuff.
Pamela: blue skin, white hair
james: yeah, andorians.
Pamela: I haven't seen tonite's episode yet
james: anyways, will see you all next week!
james left chat session
Pamela: that was quick
BobS: by ejames
Ron: yup
Ron: good week James
Pamela: Bob, where's your younger generation tonite?
Pamela: S, that is
BobS: don't know, they were here until about 9PM then went home.........
BobS: thoght Meeka would come on
BobS: but I guess not
Pamela: Haven't seen her for a couple of weeks
BobS: what's next weeks weather Ron?????????
bair: 5 foot snow
Ron: well, I think our weathermen have lost it
Pamela: Icky - although they're saying a high of 18!! tomorrow
Ron: this week was supposed to be a write off
Ron: but tonight it's great. Yesterday was great
Ron: I dunno
Ron: Full moon is out for the festivities
Pamela: that's too warm for November 1
BobS: so now you forward that yuck nothing our way eh????
Ron: you want it, you got it
BobS: 18 !!!!!!! that is COLD!!!
BobS: ;-)
bair: had a tornado here last week
Pamela: Only if you don't translate it Bob
BobS: :-)
Pamela: With that line of thunderstorms Bair?
Ron: this is not good Bair.
BobS: beautiful here today, and tomorrow and Fri
Ron: were you near it
Pamela: That was weird too
BobS: last wed it was,.......we were inthe right place at the right time and missed it all
bair: lost two factories but no lives
Pamela: Yes, I remember you saying the storm chased you home from there, Bob
Ron: ic
BobS: OUCH Bob
BobS: come anywhere near you?????
Pamela: But property can be replaced
Pamela: People can't be
bair: about 4 miles away
rich-c: anyway, isn't it aboput time for Bairs to go into hibernation?
BobS: I could be replaced by 2-21 year olds
Ron: that's close enough, thank you
Pamela: I disagree, sir
bair: two more weeks
Pamela: you're irreplaceable
Pamela: quit sniffeling
rich-c: at least until after AC13
Pamela: Try 14, Dad
Ron: brb
BobS: AC14 to be correct
rich-c: sorry, after all these years I'm losing count
rich-c: have to go in and chack my t-shirts
BobS: Pam, now, now, dad is getting on you know.........
bair: mind is first to go
BobS: look at them too Rich
Pamela: That's why I'm here, to plague him into remembering
bair: good job
Pamela: Never mind, half the time it's him reminding me
BobS: what good are kids anyway, '
BobS: cept to keep parents in line
Pamela: and to give you insanity - I hear they're good at that
rich-c: yeah, sure you have enough, Bob?
bair: you need kept in line
Pamela: I'll remember that, Bob
rich-c: watch out, Bob. she'll be plotting with Meeka
BobS: probably
bair: 4:00 comes pretty early
Pamela: Me?? Plot?? Never! :)
Ron: well, guess that's it at the front door
rich-c: well, an hour later now than it did last month
Pamela: Is that your alarm time Bob? How awful
BobS: BUT 'tis the bewitching hour ya'll.....and 'tis my cue to wander yonder and head for bed
Ron: sleep well good sir
rich-c: take it easy, Bob
BobS: the bride is yawning and yawing and gaping, etc
Pamela: Bed ...Hmm. Interesting idea.
BobS: see you all nex week????? YES!!!!!!!!!!
Ron: yes!!
BobS: ;-)
Pamela: Yes!
rich-c: we're counting on it
BobS: bye!!!!!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite now
Pamela: You know, I think he might be onto something
Pamela: Maybe I should consider trying this sleep thing too
Ron: you mean the lie horizontally with eye closed thing?
Pamela: Nahhhh.
rich-c: yes, though I think it will be a bit before I start logging sack time
Ron: they say it works ok
Pamela: That would be it Ron
Ron: but I wouldn't know
Pamela: I hear it helps if you lie down
rich-c: depends on how stiff the knee is
Pamela: true
rich-c: did the medicine man put you on medication, Ron?
Ron: well, if I got to bed before 2 am
Ron: it would be different
Pamela: sheesh Ron, you're going to bed as some of us get up
Ron: nothing more than Tylenol at the moment. Have an appointment next Tues
Ron: when the X-ray results are known
Ron: that's about it
rich-c: there are choices; my doctor favours Arthrotec at the moment
Ron: yes, so I understand, but first we must know what we're dealing with
Ron: could be strained ligaments from curling as well
Pamela: Hmm, and he won't give me Vioxx. I don't get it
rich-c: yes, you may need an injection of lubricant or something
Pamela: How come he likes you?
Ron: could be
rich-c: possibly, Ron, but doesn't that get more to the thigh muscles?
Ron: not the way I deliver a rock
rich-c: Pam, what's Vioxx and why might you want it?
Ron: the point of greatest pain is exactly where my right knee contacts the ice during delivery
Pamela: Anti inflammatory - heel pain and early arthritis
Ron: so we shall see
Pamela: Ron, would it help if you quit landing on the knee?
rich-c: our doctor is fairly conservative in his treatments
Ron: yes
Pamela: there you go
Ron: If I was Russ Howard, I would not do it that way
Ron: even the padding there doesn't work
Pamela: I wouldn't want your bruises
Ron: that's the odd part. There are none
Pamela: Really?
rich-c: maybe you should just specialize in sweeping
Ron: an idea indeed
rich-c: limp. sweep. limp. sweep, ...
Pamela: tee hee
Ron: conjures up interesting images eh?
Pamela: slip, fall, !@#$%, go back to serving
Ron: this week they've gone to the spares list.
Ron: I'm not there
Pamela: Which reminds me Ron, I've always wondered, what kind of shoes does one wear on the curling ice?
rich-c: at the moment I am somewhat on the limp and not sure why
rich-c: got a sore muscle in the groin area and rest doesn't ease it
Ron: it's basically a sports shoe, but one sole has smooth slider attached to it
Ron: the other is nomal for grip
Ron: your lead foot has to be free to slide
Pamela: what's normal, rubber?
rich-c: not to mention arthritic knee and sort of hot feeling areas on top of my thign and lower leg
Ron: yes, usually, something that will grip
Ron: you got it Rich
Ron: which is what makes me think
Pamela: Dad, are those hot areas really red and sensitive?
Ron: that's what I'm dealing with
rich-c: not red at all and not especially sensitve - why?
Ron: right - this sensation is definately not external -- comes from within
Pamela: Cos those are my symptoms, including the groin soreness, adn the Doc said I have a strep infection in the lower right leg that was the cause of my "flu"
rich-c: they're OK when I'm walking but not if I stand still for a while
Ron: or sit. Things tend to seize up if I sit
Ron: better if I get up and walk around
rich-c: maybe I should have a little chat with him - probably due for a flu shot anyway
Ron: listen to us old two Pam eh?
Pamela: That's why I'm on the antibiotics - to combat the strep infection
rich-c: yes, as you age you get moving or stop moving, no in-between
Ron: right
Pamela: This is very important gents - if you get those symptoms go to the Doc right away
rich-c: I was wondering, since they're useless against the flu virus
Pamela: This si the same sort of infection that can lead to flesh-eating disease
Ron: yes I know
rich-c: message received and understood
Pamela: Scared the s**t out of me, believe me
Pamela: And yes, Dad, get a flu shot
Ron: Mother and I are going next week. They got a free clinic for people like us
Pamela: Dad don't tell Mom right now - she has enough to worry about at the moment
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: those over 65, those who live with those who are
Ron: those with respiratory issues
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: Dad, you're on twice
rich-c: sorry, someone pulled the plug onm me
Ron: double double
rich-c: one's a ghost but don't know which
Pamela: did you get the bit about Mom?
rich-c: so I'll stay twins since I'll be logging off soon anyway
Pamela: Ron, flu shots are free to everyone in Ontario
rich-c: and Pam no I didn't
Pamela: Don't tell her about the leg - she has enough to worrry about right now
Pamela: We lost Bair
rich-c: right, though I doubt it's the same problem you have
Ron: not here. If I'm not in the category, I pay 10 bux
rich-c: mine has been building and persisting for several weeks
Ron: but I don't because I am
Ron: ?/
Pamela: Yes, it made sense Ron
Pamela: I meant about me Dad
Ron: yes
rich-c: here someone told Mike Harris it was cheaper to innoculate everyone than hospitalize several
Pamela: I'll know more about it Friday - I go back at 3:00
rich-c: OK, keep us posted
Pamela: Will do
Ron: no doubt
rich-c: anyway, about time to pack it in, I'd reckon
Pamela: Yup, beddie byes time
Pamela: Since tomorrow I have to work
rich-c: especially if the program is getting temperamental
Pamela: 6:30 comes much too early
rich-c: that it does - sleep tight, daughter
Ron: right
Pamela: I will. Good night
rich-c: Ron, guess we'd better call it quits till next week
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
Ron: yes sir. Will see ya then
Ron: Not much activity on Sat while you were away
rich-c: I likely won't hit Saturdays till after the Grey Cup
Ron: exactly. I will become a cFL fan shortly
Ron: take care rich
rich-c: unless of course there is no game or it doesnt conflict
rich-c: will do, Ron. See you next week. Bye
Ron: nite sir
rich-c left chat session
Ron left chat session
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