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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobSlopsema
BobSlopsema: hello der Richared
rich-c: hello Bob
BobSlopsema: nobody yet, huh
rich-c: how's life in Michigan?
BobSlopsema: bummer
BobSlopsema: the weather is BEAUTIFUL, maybe some rain tonight or tomorrow morning
BobSlopsema: but temps like spring
rich-c: yes, I was first in - guess teh others are lazy
rich-c: our forecast is very similar to yours
BobSlopsema: no really cold weather in sight
rich-c: this weather I can stand for a long time - like till next May?
BobSlopsema: AND after last weekend when we had frost, I put the boat in Doug's garage
BobSlopsema: so now I have a garage for my car
BobSlopsema: and now????? warm again
rich-c: yes, we have had one or two nights of light frost, but no days below freezing
rich-c: ready now though; we got the trailer winterized and into storage
BobSlopsema: told Judy we NEEDED snow before the 10th of Dec
rich-c: why, you going cruising again?
BobSlopsema: because we go on a cruise and i want to have it yucky here before we leave!!!!
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rich-c: maybe you'll get "lucky", maybe no
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: our great blizzards are usually on Dec. 12th
Pamela: Well, that was weird
BobSlopsema: sokay anyway
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi
rich-c: see you did manage to wake up
Pamela: Still awake but don't know for how long
rich-c: hard day at the office?
Pamela: my limit will probably be about 10:15
rich-c: yes, you have a busy time ahead tomorrow
Pamela: You don't know the half of it - I think I talked to everyone in the Western world today
rich-c: claims or did you draw some switchboard duty?
Pamela: claims - all claims
BobSlopsema: Pamela me sweet!@!!!
Pamela: nothing but claims as far as the eye can see
Pamela: Yes, Bob?
rich-c: well, tell the shops to stop dropping the cars
Pamela: i would if I could
BobSlopsema: welcome ya'll to the cha1111t
BobSlopsema: !!!!!
Pamela: Thanks
rich-c: where's Doug and Meeka and Judy?
BobSlopsema: ok
Pamela: Maybe I'll declare a moratorium on screwing up for a day - what do you think?
BobSlopsema: Judy is on the way
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BobSlopsema: doug & meeka, who n=knows
Pamela: Mystery person, show thyself
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Yay!
rich-c: hello Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy
rich-c: we were just asking about you
Judy: Hello, All
Judy: how are you all
Pamela: Dad, are you experiencing delays between hitting enter and the text showing on the screen?
rich-c: hear you folks are off for another cruise in Dec - where this time?
rich-c: Pam: yes
Judy: I was just stitching
Pamela: Pooped, thanks Judy
Judy: yes we are
Judy: I can't wait
BobSlopsema: southern caribbean
rich-c: I trust you got a deal that has Bob absolutely licking his chops
Judy: what have you been up to, Pam
BobSlopsema: yup, foks are paying for their 55th wedding anniversary
Pamela: But you'll be home for Christmas, right?
rich-c: oh, it's a foursome then?
BobSlopsema: nope, an eightsome
Judy: yes we will be home for Xmas
rich-c: that will keep you-all busy
BobSlopsema: got a brother & wife, and a sister &* husbanc coming too
Pamela: Judy, it was just a very long day - I must have taken fifty calls - my phone never stopped ringing
Pamela: Is this your side of the family, Bob?
Judy: that sounds like a nice way to spend the day
BobSlopsema: gonna have to get themn "loosened up" ya know
rich-c: that sounds more like Monday morning than Wednesday
BobSlopsema: yup
Judy: I had the boys for a while
Pamela: There's no rhyme or reason to it Dad - some days just everything happens at the same time
Pamela: Trust me Judy, you don't want my job
Judy: I will have them a day tomorrow too!!
rich-c: when Ron comes on, he'll tell you about Murphy
Pamela: I like OPKs - kids you can give back at the end of the day
Judy: you at least get paid the big bucks
Pamela: Hahahahahahahaha
rich-c: another day, another 32 cents (after taxes)
Pamela: Give or take (usually take)
Judy: no? not the big bucks
Pamela: Definitely not the big bucks - even my friends think I'm underpaid
rich-c: maybe so, but then they're underpaid too
Pamela: Not as underpaid as I, though
Judy: than you need to get a new job
Pamela: And Allyson, who is working in HR and knows this stuff, has told me so
BobSlopsema: huhuh
Pamela: You know, I've thought that a time or two Judy but . . .
rich-c: talk benefits and stock options as well as cash
Judy: not fun to hunt for a new one is it?
Pamela: you have to weigh the bigger bucks agains the time already invested, the perks, the benefits, the relationships
Pamela: This has always been my problem, that I hang on to a job far longer than I should - I dislike change
rich-c: Pam, your mother wants to know if you have our sept. VISA bill
Pamela: Oops, yes I do Dad - it's in the bag with the other stuff to come to the house
Pamela: Water bill, too I think
rich-c: OK - just remember it tomorrow
Pamela: I will bring it tomorrow
Pamela: In fact, BRB - let me go put it in my purse right now
rich-c: by the way, I have the new Toronto Computes for you
Judy: I am very underpaid, but the benefits are great, the hugs and kisses
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greeting from Windows 98 Land.
Pamela: Okay, that's done - its actually the Hydro bill - in my purse, so don't forget to ask for them
rich-c: did we just lode and regain someone?
Judy: Hi, Guy
Pamela: Hi Guy, how come you're not showing up on my list?
rich-c: Guy - about time you got here
rich-c: but what are you, a ghost?
Guy B.: I'm on now.
rich-c: there's no Guy on the users list
Pamela: Those are great benefits, Judy
Judy: yes, but very tiring
rich-c: interesting, Guy, I bought Win98SE yesterday
rich-c: haven't installed it yet though
Pamela: Really, Dad?
Pamela: Welcome to the 90's
Judy: I know how old I am when they are around alot
rich-c: what inspired you to upgrade, Guy?
Pamela: Problem is, your supposed to be doing the Grandma stuff, not the Mother stuff
Judy: that is not possible around here
Pamela: You're such a soft touch, Judy
Judy: that is for sure, I never learned how to say no!!!
rich-c: I think I'll try installing it on the laptop first
Pamela: Just don't get you riled, right?
BobSlopsema: mister incognito man...........
rich-c: less there to lose if it fouls up
Pamela: Bob, is Guy showing up for you?
rich-c: no, so I guess he may have been not quite in and now fallen out
Judy: nor here
BobSlopsema: no way!!!!! he is silent but here
Pamela: Guy, are you there?
rich-c: things like that happen when you have a newly installed OS
BobSlopsema: YO GUY!!!!!
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BobSlopsema: or is it gEEEEE
Pamela: Aha!
left chat session
Pamela: Nope, gone again
Pamela: Only in Montreal, Bob
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back
Pamela: Hallelujah
rich-c: hey, this time he made it
Pamela: you made it
BobSlopsema: Guy b............who's dat??????
Judy: welcome back Guy
rich-c: did you switch back to 95, Guy?
BobSlopsema: casue win98 sucks??????
Judy: I am working under 98
Pamela: So am I, and it works okay for me
BobSlopsema: why in heaven's name do you want to put 98 on a machine you were happy with in win95????
rich-c: Bob doesn't approve of anything later than DOS
BobSlopsema: it wil only slow down the mahcine
Pamela: Maybe I just have my fingers crossed right
BobSlopsema: no lie!!!!!
BobSlopsema: I find myself going to dos a LOT
Guy B.: Ok, finally congfuring things out. The Athlon is now running Windows 98. My P133 and the notebook Windows 95.
rich-c: maybe he needs USB support, or the new processor or motherboard demands it
BobSlopsema: if you get a faster machine then win 98 ok
Pamela: care to rephrase that, Guy?
rich-c: by the way Guy, I'm still working out a new computer
Guy B.: Yes, that's the reason. I have my Lexmark Z52 as a USB printer.
BobSlopsema: but you WILL notice a definate slow down on the same machine by installin 98
rich-c: got a quote yesterday on the main pieces
Pamela: What are the main pieces, Dad?
rich-c: (don't need monitor, pronter, speakers, floppy or keyboard - have them)
Guy B.: And another reason. Might as well get some experience with it as work announced yesterday that were getting Windows 2000 professional and new P4 computers over the next few months.
Pamela: So, hard drive, CD / CD - R, etc
rich-c: AND XP1600, MSI top of the line mb, 265meg DDR, 7200 rrpm 40 gig HD, 40x16.10 CD-RW
Guy B.: You mead 256 meg of memory, right Rich?
Pamela: what's a DDR? I can translate the rest
rich-c: yes, fingers just got crossed
Guy B.: It's the newest memory. It will work with AMD Athlon CPU's.
rich-c: new type of faster memory, Pam - 266mhz, 184 pins
Pamela: oh
Pamela: It will have to work with AMD, Dad won't go near Intel
rich-c: magazine testing suggests it's a bit better than the P4 1,7 gig
Guy B.: That's why I have an AMD on this computer.
Pamela: Yes, mine's AMD as well
Pamela: K6-2, I think
rich-c: care to guess what I was quoted (U.S.$)?
Pamela: How scary is it?
Judy: this is way to high tech for me
rich-c: let Bob and Guy guess
BobSlopsema: $600
Judy: way to much
rich-c: the motherbopard has all the bells and whistles, 266 FSB, RAID
Pamela: Judy, believe it or not, most of it was over my head when I first started computer hunting - I guess you learn the lingo when you hear it often enought
Pamela: however that last bit was over my head too
Pamela: English, please Dad
BobSlopsema: it is the BROUGHAM edition Pam
Pamela: Now carspeak I understand
Judy: no, it is talked about all the time but it goes right over my head
rich-c: the main bus is 266mhz, Redundant Array of Independent Drives
Pamela: And here I thought you were debugging
rich-c: FSB = front side bus
BobSlopsema: ok how much pesos?????
Pamela: So since Guy hasn't ventured a guess, howmuch were you quoted?
rich-c: RAID allows disc mirroring or striping, i.e. lets two discs be see as one continuous one, or lets twin disc both do the same thing simultaneously
rich-c: saves your butt when one crashes
Pamela: like I said, debugging
rich-c: oh, Guy is off furiously checking Tiger Direct so he can sound really authoritative when he guesses
Pamela: HOW MUCH???
rich-c: let's hear Guy's guess first
Pamela: (no patience, this kid)
Pamela: Guy, are you paying attention?
rich-c: I have some idea of US pricing, got a couple of copies of Computer User last month
Pamela: See, he's not paying attention
rich-c: meantime, Judy, what do you pay for a can of frozen orange juice concentrate, name band, 12-1/2 oz?
rich-c: Frances wants to know
Guy B.: Ok, Here I am.
Pamela: there you are
rich-c: OK Guy, what's your guess?
Guy B.: I was getting Yahoo and AIM configured.
Pamela: see?
Judy: about 99 cents
Guy B.: How about $200.
rich-c: that would be about $1.55 Canadian
BobSlopsema: gotta be more than a dollar 55 cents
Pamela: OJ, Bob,not computers
rich-c: depends on teh state of teh dollar any given day
BobSlopsema: oh, ok
Guy B.: Oh geez, when was the last time I checked a price on OJ.
BobSlopsema: what does the price of orange juice got to do with ahything
Pamela: Mom wants to know - don't ask
BobSlopsema: GUY, how much for Rich's computer parts????????
Pamela: So, are you gonna give us an answer, Dad?
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rich-c: Judy, we paid 87 cents for premium house brand today, and $1.47 in Virgina
rich-c: and the Virginia price was US$
rich-c: man, do you folks get ripped off on food
Guy B.: Rich, how about $200?
rich-c: for which part, Guy?
changed username to Ron Powerbook
rich-c: welcome, Ron
Ron Powerbook: Yo
Pamela: Thought that was you, Ron - hi!
Guy B.: The motherboard.
BobSlopsema: MISTER mac.......
rich-c: try guessing the whole package as outlined
Ron Powerbook: yup... large as life
Ron Powerbook: twice as ugly
Guy B.: Hi Ron, Don't need to guess what computer you're on tonight. Back on the Athlon running Windows 98.
Ron Powerbook: aha
Ron Powerbook: Bob - before I forget....
Pamela: Dad is being his usual mysterious, obnoxious self
Ron Powerbook: took your e-mail to the mac club meet last night
BobSlopsema: yes
Pamela: (I love my dad, I love my dad, I love . . .)
Ron Powerbook: and the dealer was there -- ha has no idea where to locate an item like that
rich-c: that's just because you want to get fed tomorrow night
BobSlopsema: YUCK pamel;a\
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changed username to Abrasiv1
Pamela: Sorry, gotta stay in the good graces Bob
BobSlopsema: kinda athought that, that is why I told the guy IF anyone had one they would calll him direct
rich-c: well, Down Est heard from
BobSlopsema: MR abrasive........
Pamela: John, right?
Judy: who is this powerbook person???
Ron Powerbook: He said he's never heard of an optical drive in that size
Abrasiv1: yes john e here
Ron Powerbook: It is Ronald and his Book of Power
Pamela: He bears a striking resemblance to Ron, Judy
Guy B.: That's Ron Judy. He's on his Mac powerbook.
Guy B.: Hi John.
Pamela: Nice to see you John
BobSlopsema: and braggin about it
rich-c: what's the optical drive size in qu3estion?
Ron Powerbook: looks like I've been unpowered
Abrasiv1: is nice being seen
Pamela: Dad, are you ever going to give us an answer?
Judy: ok, I guess I was the only one that didn't know what that means
BobSlopsema: we can't see you John........
BobSlopsema: just see your typin
rich-c: OK but we'd better tell Ron and John what it's about
Guy B.: He's Abrasiv1
BobSlopsema: :-)
Pamela: Please - before we all go nuts
rich-c: I was inviting guesses on a computer package I've been offered
rich-c: price in US$
Ron Powerbook left chat session
rich-c: more or less bare unit
Guy B.: Rich, have you tried
Pamela: Oops, guess Ron's not so powerful after all
Abrasiv1: so...what is it all about?
Pamela: It's probably not worth it to buy in US dollars, Guy
BobSlopsema: ithought you talked about all the gadgets and gizmos it had
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rich-c: AMD XP1600 processor, latest greatest Microstar motherboard with 266FSB, 6 USB, Promise RAID chip, etc.
changed username to Power Ron
BobSlopsema: whassa matter Ronald, mac crap????????
Pamela: What happened, Ron?
Power Ron: So much for the book of power
(BobSlopsema groans loudly)
Power Ron: lost the power
Judy: that is better than powerbook, Ron
Pamela: Speak to Harry Potter, Ron
rich-c: 256 meg DDR ram, 7200 rpm 40 gig HD, 56K Winmodem, 40X16x10 CD-RW
Power Ron: idea eh?
Pamela: just a thought
rich-c: care to guess in US$?
Guy B.: You have a point there. Today I get one for a bare bones PC under $200.
Power Ron: What can you expect from a 25 mhz processor
Abrasiv1: 1700 us $
Guy B.: That's slower than Bob's notebook.
Power Ron: indeed..... it is very slow
rich-c: the chip is a bit better than P4 1.7 in real ability
rich-c: Guy, your guess?
Judy: so, tell us all ready, Rich
Pamela: I'm with Judy
Guy B.: For the cpu?
rich-c: I'm willing, I just want to see what Guy thinks
Pamela: See why we conflicted so much growing up? He did this to me all the time
Judy: it will l soon be 11 o'clock
rich-c: no for the whole shebang, Guy
Power Ron: (drum roll)
Abrasiv1: waiting
Pamela: (fanfare)
Guy B.: The whole thing? Hmm, about $600
Pamela: And the answer is . . .
rich-c: for all practical purposes, you and Bob are right
Power Ron: IS......
Guy B.: Not bad.
rich-c: maybe about
rich-c: $25 low
Pamela: Thank you - now we can breathe again
rich-c: but I'm curious about where you got your numbers from
Pamela: So that's about $1100 Cdn, right dad?
BobSlopsema: now,, WHY do you want to spend that much for a new puter when you could buy Ron's mac notebook 25 mhz for cheap?????
rich-c: I've checked this stuff in Computer User and it came out much higher
BobSlopsema: experience my good torontorian
Power Ron: :)
Pamela: That is, if Ron wants to sell
rich-c: yes, but you're not in Boston which is the only market cheap as here
rich-c: and Pam your conversion is correct
Pamela: Not bad then
Power Ron: Not till next Adamcon.... when I will get one of Doug's P166s
BobSlopsema: you forget Richard, I am DUTCH and we are tight with a buck
rich-c: yes, but you still have to have a hungry market
Abrasiv1: so should buy a puter in Boston?
BobSlopsema: si senor
Judy: you sure ccan be, dear
Power Ron: tight as the bark on a tree?
BobSlopsema: Ron, right now, the pricing on Ebay is slightly is EVERYTHING else
rich-c: john, from what I have seen and heard Boston has the most competitive computer market around
Pamela: Why Boston?
rich-c: but that doesn't mean you can walk into BestBuy and get a real deal
BobSlopsema: Ron you HAVE seen those naked tress with no bark??????
rich-c: you need to know your white box stores and what you want
BobSlopsema: them's DUTRH
BobSlopsema: DUTCH
Power Ron: aha..... the pricing on our dollar is also lower
Pamela: those would be dutch elms, bob?
Power Ron: oh ya... the Arbutus trees
Power Ron: they don't got none
BobSlopsema: that's da one!!!!!
BobSlopsema: so Rich when you gonna take the jum'
BobSlopsema: jump
rich-c: and Pam, Boston has Harvard University and MIT - computer demand is high
Guy B.: Well, Ron poofed again.
Pamela: Ron is not having a good night
BobSlopsema: darn mac's
rich-c: essentially as soon as I can dot the is and cross the ts
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Judy: that is because he isn't on 98
changed username to Powerless Ron
Pamela: There's a faint tint of blue coming from the Comox area
rich-c: it will be a major deal - effectively starting over new in computers again
Guy B.: Now he has a new name.
BobSlopsema: that fits
Powerless Ron: Guess I'm gonna have to use a real computer......
rich-c: very little of my older software will run or at least it will need much reconfiguration
Judy: you are going downhill fast, Ron
BobSlopsema: nope, got a keyboard, modem and a lot of grief.......that's a computer
Guy B.: Rich, what Windows are you getting with the new system?
Pamela: Gotta get that battery checked Ron
Powerless Ron: ya. Keep disappearing
BobSlopsema: picture windows Guy
Powerless Ron: For me that's quite a trick
(BobSlopsema winks)
Pamela: Groan!
rich-c: I just bought Win98SE
(Guy B. slaps BobSlopsema playfully)
Guy B.: That's what I have on the Athlon.
Pamela: (Judy smacks Bob for all of us)
BobSlopsema: OUCH
rich-c: I'll try installing it on the laptop first
Powerless Ron: My son Jeff has gone to the dark side
Judy: he doesn't take that well, Guy
BobSlopsema: unt uh
Powerless Ron: he bought XP
rich-c: maybe that way I'll find out the bad news
Guy B.: Oh no, he fell for Microsoft's hand on XP.
BobSlopsema: Doug is NOT impressed with XP
Judy: leav e me out of this that is h;ow I got to taking a part a computer
rich-c: word I hear is if you buy XP do it only for a new computer
Pamela: Think I'll stick with '98 - at least I know it's foibles
Abrasiv1: i went from 98se back to 95
Powerless Ron: no eh?
rich-c: and then you can still expect grief
Pamela: Hey, you won - what're you complaining about?
Powerless Ron: I don't have a computer around here capable of running it
BobSlopsema: only reason Judy has 98 on here puter is to access the usb ports easily, but the darn printer still won't work
Pamela: Sorry, no you didn't did you
Guy B.: That's correct Rich. It will work only on 300mhz and above. Worst, Microsoft will take over your computer if you have XP.
BobSlopsema: it will run on a 486 66 or higher
Powerless Ron: yup
Abrasiv1: will microsoft take over your computer
rich-c: that ain't what I've heard, Bob
BobSlopsema: think the printer said it would even work on a 486 33 mhz and win98
Powerless Ron: they have ways of t racking things
rich-c: they have a registration module
BobSlopsema: ]have it running on a 486 66 mhz
rich-c: every time you change your computer configuration you have to tell Microsoft
Powerless Ron: ya need 12 mhz or more of RAM
rich-c: they will give you a code you have to typwe in
rich-c: otherwise XP will think it's being installed illegally on a different computer and quit
BobSlopsema: i'd like to use text and the ADAM
Powerless Ron: here we go again
Pamela: MS is taking over the world - let's sic Bill Gates on Bin Laden
BobSlopsema: oh, XP, yes they got pretty stinky about it
Guy B.: By, taking inventory of your entire system. And if you upgrade your computer (adding another hard drive or memory), you have to call Microsoft to let them know. WinXP will not work if you don't let them know. Now, that's going to far.
Powerless Ron left chat session
BobSlopsema: I think bill gatesd is gettign Ron
Abrasiv1: hmmm i guess i would call them frequently just to keep them busy
Pamela: I like the way you think John
rich-c: yes, it's like the spy number in Intel cpus - that's why I won't buy them
Guy B.: I registered my copy of Windows 98, but I didn't give them what I have on my computer.
rich-c: I thibnk I will leave my registration to "later"
BobSlopsema: why register.....SCREW EM
Pamela: Like, about five years or so?
BobSlopsema: unless you have to for some reason
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changed username to iMac
iMac: Send a man to do a boy's job
Pamela: Ron, this isn't your night
rich-c: hey Ron, quit slamming the door when you leave
BobSlopsema: fimble nimgers is back.........
Guy B.: WinXP, you have no choice. Register or you don't boot up.
BobSlopsema: sorry Ron, thought it was Judy coming back in
rich-c: so 98 is my last upgrade till I learn linux
moved to room Meeting Place
iMac: mountains must be taller tonite
BobSlopsema: or the sky is falling
Abrasiv1: i certainly hope that XP backfires on them iin some way
changed username to Mom
iMac: could be
Guy B.: I'm selling my copy of Windows 95 with USB for $35.00.
rich-c: hi Mom - whoever that may be
iMac: does the USB actually work?
BobSlopsema: judy
rich-c: but I susopect the given name is Judy
Pamela: It's gotta be Judy
Guy B.: Has to be?
iMac: I got Win98 2nd edition, and the USB works when the wind is blowing from the north at 38.7 km/h
BobSlopsema: she is embarrassed that she pulled out the network connection and got dumped
Mom: yes, I am back the stool broke the connection
Guy B.: My printer works fine with USB until I ran out of black ink.
iMac: these things happen
iMac: won't operate my cd burner worth a pinch of coon
BobSlopsema: and usb was responsible for that??????
iMac: I believe so, but then I've been known to be wrong
Pamela: Ink is sort of essential to printer operation, Guy
Mom: what is a pinch of coon????
rich-c: I thought burners were ATAPI or IDE?
iMac: you can add whatever coons produce to the end of coon
iMac: Canadianism
Guy B.: Gee Pam. Don't I know that. The color ink tank is Ok. Now, I will buy the black this weekend. Have a raincheck for them at Target.
Pamela: See, i told you air over Comox was blue
Mom: sorry i asked
BobSlopsema: ok,,,,,,,,,,]
iMac: yup
Guy B.: Now, I have a project that I have to work mostly from home using the company's website.
Pamela: That's one of my stops tomorrow - to get ink for the printer - don't need it yet but I bet I will soon
rich-c: what kind of printer is dry?
Guy B.: My Lexmark Z52.
Abrasiv1: Lexmark rules!
rich-c: there's an outfit offers good priceas
Pamela: Lexmark should, they're bloody expensive
rich-c: they advertise in the Tourbus newsletter
Guy B.: They are good printers.
Pamela: I like my HP, at least so far
Abrasiv1: wow i didn't find it expensive
Abrasiv1: got it on sale at target i think
iMac: my HP 660c will die soon
iMac: It's been dying since the day I bought it
Guy B.: Go to Wal-Mart for the cartridges. Cheapest around. Target sometimes have sales on Lexmark cartridges too.
Abrasiv1: i had a canon....quickly became a boat anchor
rich-c: so far my Canon S400 is holding up well
rich-c: but the ink is expensive
rich-c: at least it has separate tanks and an all-black module
Pamela: My Canon has be come one too - to expensive to fix. cheaper to buy a new one
iMac: they git you with the price of the ink
Guy B.: And printer prices are dropping.
Abrasiv1: had the 600e.......not very good
Pamela: Kimberly has an HP and I liked what it could do so I went with that instead
rich-c: yes, printer prices are almost giveaways now
iMac: honestly believe that a pen and paper was better
Pamela: Guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get a new keyboard next
iMac: but now, alas, my penmanship is illegible
rich-c: let me know what you need, Pam, I may have a spare to fit
rich-c: not that at $10 new ones are that expensive
Pamela: I'm getting to the pointe where I can type almost as fast as I can write, so I often type by preference
Pamela: More legible, too
iMac: I'm good for one page of handwritten material, then I start to scrawl
rich-c: you take after your old man, except you type faster
Pamela: That's an understatement. My handwriting looks a lot like yours
iMac: Like father like daughter
Pamela: Don't forget, I get a lot more typing practice every day too
rich-c: legibility the same either side up
Pamela: Even our signatures are similar
Pamela: Lotsa loops
rich-c: I'm thinking of giving penmanship lessons to doctors
BobSlopsema: printing is alwats easier to read
iMac: Diet Coke time
Pamela: Don't sweat it Dad - until you can beat Bev, you have no problems
rich-c: let's hear it for Adam - long lasting ribbons
iMac: true Rich. I have not yet met a physician whose handwriting I can read
rich-c: neither has any phamacist I've talked to, Ron
Pamela: Someone remind me just before the con to get a sample of my boss's handwriting and bring it a long. Then talk to me about illegible
iMac: yeah, 'bout the same. Our guy is particularly bad, and he admits it
iMac: but in all other respects he's a prince of a pharmacist
Abrasiv1: oh oh...i can read physician writiing
Pamela: Scary part is, people come to me for translations - I'm the only one who can read it
rich-c: it's a constant source of wonderment to me how my prescrioptioins get filled correctly
iMac: you can?
Pamela: I specialize in hieroglyphics
rich-c: I suspect what they do while I'm waiting is phone the doc
iMac: right
Pamela: Dad, what pharmacy are you using?
rich-c: same as your Mom - PharmaPlus
Pamela: At Lawrence Square?
rich-c: yes
Pamela: Whatever you do, don't use the Shoppers at Dufferin and Lawrence
iMac: out here in lotusland, we will pay more for drugs, more for car insurance and more for who knows what else
rich-c: getting some otc stuff at the discont place - Peoples
rich-c: have you had trouble with them, Pam?
Pamela: Ron, I thought ICBC was very competitive
Pamela: Understatement, Dad
iMac: not as of today. They applied to cabinet for a 7% increase in premiums.... also to increase the deductible on comprehensive
iMac: from $100 to $300
iMac: and cabinet approved
rich-c: since I'm on the provincial senior drug plan, cost isnt an issue for me
Pamela: Our comprehensive deductible went to $300 about two years ago
iMac: somebody should explain to these people why we move west of the Rockies
Pamela: However, their garage policy deductible is only $200 - much better than the rest of the country
rich-c: considering what's happened to car and part prices of late, that doesnt sound bad, Ron
iMac: last year Ickey-bickey sent me a cheque for $100.
iMac: now they want it back
iMac: depends on what you
Pamela: Compare at $10,000 for the rest of our canadian policies and all three US states - not so bad after all
rich-c: how did that happen, Ron?
iMac: are used to
iMac: they had a good year last year. they sent everyone money
Pamela: Dad, re Shoppers, ask me tomorrow and I'll tell you the whole horror story
rich-c: maybe too many Toronto drivers are moving out there - plays hell with your accident rate
iMac: right....that's it
iMac: you guys stay east eh?
rich-c: hey, I'm a six-star driver
Pamela: Ditto
rich-c: no at-fault accidents, no moving violations in a half century
iMac: for you guys in the States who don't know..... it's the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia....otherwise known as
iMac: ICBC
iMac: ir Ickey Bickey
Guy B.: Well gang, I have alot of e-mail to checkout between Netzero and Yahoo. So, I shall talk to you all later.
Pamela: Which reminds me, i gotta look for my new pink slip
rich-c: night, Guy, see you next week
Pamela: Old one expires Sunday
iMac: nite Guy.
Pamela: G'nite Guy
BobSlopsema: byre guy
rich-c: yes, my renewal is due on the 28th
Mom: hello y-all
Guy B. left chat session
iMac: how's MOm
iMac: ??
Mom: <------not mom
BobSlopsema: that's Kris, mandy boyd=friend
iMac: Ronald....stay away from the jelly beans!!
Abrasiv1: well gotta go have a good week all
Mom: impostor hahaha
BobSlopsema: by John
rich-c: see you next week we hope, John
iMac: nite Abras
Pamela: G'nite John - Hi, Kris
Abrasiv1 left chat session
Mom: peace john
iMac: May the Force be with you
Mom: hello pamela how are you tonight?
Pamela: And what inspired you to join us, Kris?
rich-c: hello Kris - get ZJudy to show you how to change the name
BobSlopsema: Ron how's the weather coming my way?????
Mom: <------old internet freak just not had the time to play lately
Pamela: Well you picked a great group to practice on
iMac: Wind, rain, falling temps, snow at higher elevations. Otherwise fine
Mom: practice i dono bout that lol
iMac: We have a 'series of Pacific disturbances approaching from the west'
BobSlopsema: well. that sucks........Judy say...."BITE your tongue"
Pamela: Ron, take that back - right now!
iMac: bringing southeasterly gales to all coastal waters
rich-c: that's OK, they'll go by to the north of us
iMac: Hey, I don't write 'em
rich-c: up where Ron is, sunset is around 2 p.m. now
Mom: just north
iMac: ya, about tat
Mom: meet us in Wilmington
iMac: that
iMac: my golf season is ended
Pamela: Those of us north of the border get enough snow,thank you
rich-c: Ron, did you get to see the auroras the last fewe nights?
Pamela: (stupid space bar)
iMac: what through the cloud and low scud?
iMac: nope
Pamela: Take that back too Ron
Pamela: Don't want it
rich-c: they were said to be great but we didn't get a glimpse
BobSlopsema: had it here on Mon night I think, and last night nuthin
rich-c: guess we were looking at the wrong time
iMac: Take it back will I not..... send it eastward will I
Pamela: Send it eastward you must not, lest our wrath be brought down upon you
BobSlopsema: YEA!!!
iMac: This is winter a-la- wet coast. not sure which I hate worse. Ottawa's -40 or this wet'n'windy
rich-c: although come to think of it
iMac: (shaking am I)
rich-c: I will soon be preferring a Pacific disturbance to a polar breakout
Pamela: shaking, you should be
BobSlopsema: think the wet'n'windy
iMac: does not require shovels
BobSlopsema: yup
Pamela: or snow tires
iMac: However.... I
rich-c: that's a definite asset
BobSlopsema: pr freezin your buns
Mom: that is a plus
iMac: DO wish there was a way of turning oak leaves into five dollar bills
BobSlopsema: judy's back
iMac: rehi Judy
Pamela: ciao, Kris
rich-c: did we sacare off Kris?
Mom: was helping Mandy pack up
BobSlopsema: yup
iMac: pack up what?
Mom: he is helping Mandy now and should be going home
Pamela: If you discover the alchemy, see if you can make it work on maple leaves too
Mom: he says peace
BobSlopsema: Kris say.........piece
iMac: you got it Pam
rich-c: hey, you don't have to rake any, daughter
Pamela: ICDC
Mom: the leaves blow away
iMac: Poor Nel across the street gets all ours
rich-c: yes, but toronto is planning to ban the blowers
Pamela: No, I just have to drive through all the ones that everyone dumps on the road
iMac: But being the good neighbour I am, I go over and rake them
BobSlopsema: aw you are a SAINT Ronald
iMac: yeah, I know
Pamela: St. Ron - has a nice ring to it
Mom: no, I mean wind blow
iMac: St. Ronald of Sandwich
Pamela: This neighbourhood is lousy with maple trees
Pamela: Thinking with your stomach again, Ron?
iMac: well it is Canada's tree ya know
rich-c: Frances carefully collects all our pear tree leaves
iMac: we got 'em out here too
rich-c: says they make the perfect mulch for her flower garden
Pamela: There's barely a one to be seen in Mom and Dad's neighbourhood
iMac: they do indeed
rich-c: oh, we have lots of maple trees, especially on the north-south streets
rich-c: just look at what you're driving over tomorrow night
iMac: Bob, I have not forgotten about the PowerPaint Image....honest
Pamela: But then, we in Weston have had 150 years or so to grow them
iMac: is Weston that old?
Mom: why????
Pamela: Yes, it was a separate village originally - established around 1830 or so I believe
rich-c: oh yes, Weston was a village miles outside Toronto originally
iMac: aha
BobSlopsema: ok, I didn't want to ask because I didn't want ya to get ticked off at me
Pamela: There are heritage houses here that date back that far
Pamela: And some varied architecture
iMac: back to the days of Lord Durham et al
Pamela: Mayor's mansions cheek by jowl with farmhouses
rich-c: now our subdivision was still farmland when I was in university
Pamela: How old is your house, Dad?
rich-c: built in 1953
iMac: was gonna say '57
iMac: fairly close
BobSlopsema: almost it's 50th anniversary
rich-c: yes, the subdivision was started in 1952
iMac: you'll have to break a bottle of bubbly over the front entrance
Pamela: Still, I'd rather have one of them than the new ones going up today - no character, no style
rich-c: but we are a couple of blocks in from the perimeter
BobSlopsema: ]and that was the outskirts of town then yes????
rich-c: oh, ours is pretty generic in Toronto
iMac: agreed. We are becoming a land of single colour single family homes with front facing garages
Mom: you just build it to look old
Mom: that is what we did
rich-c: it was from a period when the National Housing Authority was providing builders with a limited selection of free plans
Pamela: they have a serious UG factor
iMac: even Comox has 'em now
iMac: in places where there used to be old growth forest
rich-c: and yes, when we moved in, we wre in an extra-fare transit zone
Pamela: I haven't seen that many like yours in the city, Dad
iMac: Ours is your standard "walk-in-walk-up Comox box"
Pamela: Now they're practically in the center of the city
rich-c: there are eight just in our block - no, seven, one has just been torn down for a monster house
iMac: what's lot size Rich? 50 x 100?
rich-c: go over to East York, Leaside, and such and there's rows of them
BobSlopsema: Judy's battery died and she is gone. RIP
Pamela: Let's see, you, Rita, the Eirases and who else?
iMac: batteries do that
rich-c: 45 x 120, Ron - close enough
iMac: Ok it's deeper than I thought
rich-c: house is 25 x 40, not counting attached garage
BobSlopsema: kida tight by today's standards
Pamela: Very little house - less than 1000 square feet
rich-c: yes, but it holds its value very well
Pamela: i'm kinda fond of it
BobSlopsema: anyhway kids. gotta head out for tonight also.......BE good till next week OK?????
iMac: that's what I like about this one here.... it's basically 160x 100 with a small corner chopped out at the back
iMac: Dad got it for $1500. in 1967
iMac: sick eh?
rich-c: builders will pay over $300 large just to knock it down for the lot
Pamela: Scary when you're sitting on a gold mine
iMac: yeah
rich-c: Bob, goodnight for now, see you next week
Pamela: G'nite Bob - same time next week
iMac: yu goin' away Bob?
BobSlopsema: bye......
Pamela: Goodnite to Judy too
BobSlopsema: nope just to bed!!!
iMac: go straight home you two
BobSlopsema: will tell her
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
BobSlopsema left chat session
Pamela: I think it's time I turned in - I have a date with my parents tomorrow, you know
iMac: are they buying lunch?
rich-c: right Pam, see you tomorow then
Pamela: Dinner
rich-c: dinner
Pamela: Dad, don't forget to ask me for the bills, and about my Shoppers story
rich-c: OK, will try to remember
Pamela: Will be there as close to dinner time as I can
Pamela: And now, I am for bed
rich-c: anyway, got the Behemoth in the garage now, so you can park in the driveway
Pamela: Oh good, safe from renegade grocery carts
Pamela: : )
rich-c: right - know anyone wants to buy one?
Pamela: I'll be sure and look into that
rich-c: three times I've called, they still havent come to fetch it
Pamela: You may have to bite the bullet and take it back
Pamela: Make sure you get your quarter though
rich-c: naw, our feeder birdies have taken to roosting on it now'
rich-c: havent the heart to evict them
iMac: got a phone call guys, will have to run
iMac: talk next week
rich-c: OK Ron night
Pamela: Okay, good nite to all, I'm outta here
Pamela: poof
rich-c: and so to bed - bye now
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