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Rich Drushel: Hello, all you happy peoples.
Rich Drushel: (PRIVATE) Hello
Rich Drushel: (PRIVATE) Hello
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changed username to Bob S
Bob S: Richard, my man!!!!!
Rich Drushel: Ich bin hier!
Bob S: "define your own self"
Bob S: wait till mr clee gets in
Rich Drushel: I don't know who <undefined> is.
Bob S: prolly rich
Rich Drushel: He won't talk to me.
Rich Drushel: <undefined> that is...
Bob S: anyway, got a great hotel with a BIG meeting room that fits the bill , nice rooms,
Bob S: everything BUT a pool......
Rich Drushel: I think the only time I ever made it to the pool was at 007.
Rich Drushel: And that was because Christina insisted on going.
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: All hail!
Bob S: another hotel (same company, differetn name) has pool but tiny maybe possible passable meeting room
rich-c: see we're discussing site for Adamcon
Bob S: would like pool IF any possibly use it, but the other is better all around
Bob S: ya mon
Rich Drushel: "King" Richard?
Rich Drushel: Has Elizabeth II been deposed?
Bob S: (makes him feel good) "-)
rich-c: there is one, but his last name is Petty
Bob S: :-)
Rich Drushel: Rats, I was hoping for a Rump Parliament or something...
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Bob S: we get nice rooms a full contintental breakfast w/ some hot stuff, complementary meeting room, +
rich-c: naw, Her Majesty is doing a pretty good job, except at raising the kids
rich-c: and everybody loves her mother
Rich Drushel: I won't dare to show my face at 0E, Bob, I will be put to shame...
Bob S: huh?????
Rich Drushel: You got a nicer hotel deal than I did :-)
rich-c: he's gonna need it; our dollar is down to 62 cents
Rich Drushel: Just hope it's attendance-independent for the rates.
Bob S: well, the whole deal is depentant on 10 rooms for free meeting room......
Rich Drushel: Richard, when my high school band went to Niagara Falls in 1976, my recollection is that $CN=$US; is that correct?
Bob S: have counted on 9 for sure, and # 10 could be hospitality f not used........
Rich Drushel: I think we can get 10...that's better than the 15-20 we had to get.
rich-c: could well have been teh case, Rich; there was a time when our dollar was higher
Bob S: only drawbacks are no bacon and scrambly eggs and no pool
Bob S: but that is the case in all we have found
Bob S: close by that is
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rich-c: I can live without bacon and eggs in the morning
changed username to Judy
Rich Drushel: Maybe we were clueless tourists...but when we were there, the US and Canadian money sorta circulated in a mixture.
Bob S: the big hotels don't want us, and the smaller new ones either don't have a meeting room or no pool
rich-c: hi judy
Rich Drushel: The Mighty Mitchell won't, though--guess I'll have to bring an electric frying pan for that crispy bacon :-)
Rich Drushel: Hi Judy.
Judy: Hi, Rich
rich-c: let's just say if you wave a Yankee buck up here now, it will not be refused
Rich Drushel: I'm finally near a computer on a Wednesday night.
Rich Drushel: Not at 1.00 : 0.62, I'm sure...
rich-c: oh yes, the only issue is how fair an exchange rate you'll be given
Rich Drushel: I'm actually in the robot lab tonight, running an extra session which will run 9:30 to midnight.
Bob S: naybe one mornign we can go "out" and indulge.........
Bob S: ahso
Rich Drushel: How you fixed for equipment, Bob?
Bob S: truth be told, the mitchell probably should NOT have the bacon anyway
rich-c: why bother? I always come home from Adamcon heavier than I left as is
Rich Drushel: Pat Williams from B.A.S.I.C. called me last night to ask me to take all her ADAM stuff or she was gonna junk it.
Bob S: last count, about 20+ ADAM's, lots of mem xpanders, etc
Bob S: wanna buy some??????
Rich Drushel: Sandy Schwering's, too.
Bob S: take it
Rich Drushel: Of course, no brainer.
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rich-c: you'll get used to using the alpenstock to get around the basement
changed username to Meeka
Rich Drushel: I'm going to Dayton this weekend, but will be passing through Pat's hometown on my way back Sunday.
rich-c: hello Meeka
Bob S: got most of Bob Blair's left over ADAM stuff from Florida now
Meeka: Hello all
rich-c: the whole family's here tonight
Judy: Hi, Meeka
Rich Drushel: All the systems have floppy drives, which is the main reason not to see them junked.
Bob S: the one and only ADAMnet hd unit, some mini winnie boards, ide hd boards, mem expanders, pralle ports, serial ports
Bob S: you get thye idea
Judy: how was your night with the boys
Rich Drushel: Pat also has a MIDI interface.
Bob S: MR CLEE........also found an EVE sound digitizer, remember those????????
Bob S: I don't and have no access software that I know of
Meeka: ok. they empted out all of the toys, like normal ;)
Rich Drushel: If we got lots of newbies to the next convention, it might be auction bait...but not if it's the usual crowd:
rich-c: never saw one, but remember the tales
Rich Drushel: Like the French knight in Monty Python's "Holy Grail", "Well, we already got one, ya see..."
Judy: is that all, they get the living room stuff and the basement stuff too
rich-c: actually the Eve unit was a speech synthesizers, wasn't it?
Bob S: found a 1985 article iin NIAD describing it and what it does
Bob S: yes, and clock calendar ship incorporated into it
Meeka: yes, but I only have toys in one place ;)
rich-c: thought it was Syd Carter's digitizer that had the clock chip
Bob S: got to email the world I have been amassing by email address of anyone who even bid on an ADAM article on Ebay
Judy: when do you get to go to Sams?
Bob S: nope, this one has it too
Bob S: even has a BIG watch battery inside to run it
Meeka: not sure yet. have to ask Doug
Bob S: didn't know what it was fromt he lettering so the other night I took the sucker apart to look at it
rich-c: never did figure out why Adam needed a clock, but I gather the TDOS crowd have uses for it
Bob S: JUST TO HAVE IT!!!!!! also got a door prize one that Gene Welch made some years ago
Rich Drushel: The EOS designers thought it did, at least the date, since there are date fields in the directory.
Judy: Ryan was in bed by 7:30 again tonight, Dad thinks he hasn't got that daylight savings time yet
Meeka: maybe not.
Bob S: maybe not sessions this year just play time with all the creations and inventions made for the ADAM
rich-c: goody! I'll bring the Adam mouse
Rich Drushel: Well, I'll talk about anything you need covered, Bob, just ask, with lead time.
Judy: good thing I was really tired tonight
Bob S: and the hundred thousand dollar question......?????? WHy did not Coleco put a clock in?????? cost? schematics?
Bob S: should have been an EASY thing to incorporate
Meeka: I am now too :-)
rich-c: their way of avoiding Y2K hassles, no doubt
Rich Drushel: Too cheap. Even the motherboard schematic refers to one of the center expansion slots as a "RTC card" (Real Time Clock).
Bob S: maybe they figured people would not use clocks OR home computewrs and the fad would die out
Judy: they do take the wind out of your sails don't they?
Rich Drushel: Look at the AutoDialer, there's an orphaned concept.
Bob S: got wome of them too
Meeka: yes. and in a hurry to
Bob S: that is WHY we need the BIG meeting room, to set up all the ADAM variations and goodies
Meeka: yes and the big one locks too.
Judy: was trying to needle point but even that took to much effort
rich-c: well, I imagine assorted Clees will take two rooms
Bob S: yes, the meetign room locks up well
rich-c: which is 20% of your target
Bob S: planning on it Rich, that is why the August 8-11 date, Pam's request as well as Ron M and Rich D
rich-c: ah, we are firm with that now, are we?
Bob S: and the BIG plus is right next door to the place we had AC09, so Ron can again
Bob S: cross 28th st to go to Target!!!!!!!
Rich Drushel: ROTFL
Bob S: requesteed date, works for all contacted and the hotel is open for then
rich-c: crossing 28th St is just a fantasy - no one really does it and lives
Judy: there are more traffic lights now though
Bob S: SO it WILL be Thurs Aug 8- Sun Aug 11, and get lost on the 12th !!!!!!! ;-)
Bob S: but more hellium drivers too
Bob S: usually on sunday mornnigns about 9 it is crossable
Bob S: hell-yun
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Bob S: about time Pam got here
Judy: it is easy for us to get there though
changed username to Abrasiv1
Bob S: John!!!!!!
Abrasiv1: good evening
Bob S: make plans for ADAM convention Aug 8-11, 2002 in Geand Rapids, MI
Meeka: nto to far for us either
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changed username to rich-c
Bob S: we-uns need new friends
rich-c: Sorry, my ISP pulled the plug on me
Bob S: we are weaaring out the old ones
rich-c: Hi John
Bob S: but now youa re twins!!!!
Abrasiv1: hi rich
rich-c: Ignore that one behind the curtain, he'll go away
Abrasiv1: i'm seeing double
Bob S: and you are drinking singles, yes??????? ;-)
Abrasiv1: nope none of that tonite
(Bob S reboots rich-c's computer remotely.)
rich-c: and that always makes for complications, Bob
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
Bob S: how's the weather still Richard?????
Bob S: still sending warm stuff your wasy to Toronto
rich-c: right now it's so glorious for November it's almost sinful
rich-c: and we're supposed to get at least a couple of days more of the same
rich-c: almost had to turn on the air conditioning in the truck today
Judy: we are too!!!
Abrasiv1: in about 24 hours we will have that nice weather
Bob S: no a/c, but really nice and pleasant
Abrasiv1: but i doubt we will have to use a/c
Bob S: John.......New Hampshire????? yes????
Abrasiv1: yes
rich-c: yes, with any luck, John. Wonder if it will hold long enough for teh NASCAR race at Loudon?
Abrasiv1: got the woodstove going tonite
Bob S: ouch, thata cols????
Bob S: cold
rich-c: the mornings can be chill
Abrasiv1: when is the nascar race?
Abrasiv1: was 19 here the other nite
rich-c: our birds are emptying the feeder every day, and when I go out at night to refill it it is pretty chill
rich-c: Nov. 24, John
Abrasiv1: that is 19 degrees F
Abrasiv1: we will probably have snow by then
rich-c: we were nearer 19C today
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Bob S: supposed to get into the above freezing temps here next week, but 65 till then
Bob S: maybe Dec before we see any white stuff on the ground
rich-c: yes, everyone's been joking for the last few months about Jeff Gordon on studded snow tires
Bob S: right
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi guy
Bob S: HI Guy!!!!!
Abrasiv1: bob s you are where?
Bob S: welcome to the chat, stranger........
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: bob's a Michigander
Bob S: Grand Rapids, Michigan, straight west of Detroit about 2 1/2 hours
Meeka: ok guys, doug wants to watch a movie, so I am going to go for this week. see ya later
Guy B.: Greetings All! Recovering again from another Windows 98 installation. I got hit with a virus.
Abrasiv1: ah...been there once.......not Grand Rapids though
Guy B.: Bye Meeka.
rich-c: nite Meeka, enjoy teh show
Bob S: get a REAL computer Guy, an ADAM
Rich Drushel: Nite Meeka.
Bob S: bye Meeka
Rich Drushel: Howdy Guy.
Meeka left chat session
Judy: bye Meeka
Guy B.: I have one!! In fact two here.
Rich Drushel: Guy, Win98 *is* the virus :-)
Bob S: what, viruses???????
rich-c: don't know where you get them from, Guy
Bob S: I amm thinkin' Rich is right
rich-c: been on too many "warez" sites?
Judy: I hope not that is what I have
Abrasiv1: Win 98...i finally went back to 95......i liked 98 so much
Bob S: buys them at Best Buy
Guy B.: No, some idiot sent me a file and my virus scanner caught it, but I ignored the warning and I couldn't bring Win98 up at all.
rich-c: I just installed 98SE on my laptop - went on real slick
Bob S: have no problem with 95, only got 98 on Judy's puter so the printer usb interface will work.....and that sucks anyway
rich-c: yes, I got it in anticipation of getting a new computer
Judy: mine works just fine
Bob S: either that or the printer speaks french onlce in a while
rich-c: I will NOT get ME or XP!!!
Bob S: me is BAD NEWS according to Doug, he is playing with XP fore work as we speak
Rich Drushel: MS is dropping support for '95, if they haven't done so already.
Rich Drushel: '98 is to go at the end of this year.
Rich Drushel: They want to force a 3-year upgrade cycle.
rich-c: word on teh street is XP is nice if cleanly installed on a brand new computer
Rich Drushel: Wouldn't surprise me if XP has a time bomb built-in.
rich-c: but otherwise, forget it, and there are still hardware support issues
Guy B.: My sister's computer has WinME on it. There have been some problems with it. But, I managed to backup my files to the other computer using DOS Interlnk and Intersvr. Thank heavens that I kept it.
Bob S: what supportl, you just need to know someone who knows computers
rich-c: I am not going to ask Bill Gates permission every time I want to put in a new hard disc or something
Bob S: that is the bummer about XP, you have to ask permission each time to do something
Guy B.: That goes double for me. Isn't worth the headache.
Rich Drushel: Support as in, if your HD dies and you have to reinstall from the original CDs, good luck trying to find all the service packs and upgrade files at
Bob S: what a great world we live in, eh?????
rich-c: well, all we need is for everyone to boycott Bill till he gets the message
rich-c: fat chance, eh?
Rich Drushel: WinNT 4.0 installs Explorer 2.0. *refuses* to accept connections from Explorer 2.0, so you can't even upgrade to Explorer 5.0.
Rich Drushel: You need a "later" machine already on the net, or a Netscape install CD, to get a browser capable of downloading the Explorer 5.0 install app.
rich-c: try going to Tucows or suchlike - they will have IE files
Rich Drushel: I found this gem when setting up, the RealServer for the robot lab.
Guy B.: Your right Rich C. About time we all told Microsoft, Hands off our computers. We own them, not you.
Abrasiv1: maybe bill gates watched the movie Colussus too many times
Bob S: should have ie on cd and winXX on cd and alything else you might want to install on 1 year old puters
rich-c: Just have to all of us learn how to move to Linux - that'll show him
Bob S: that is like a dos type base is it not????????
Bob S: rich, you are single again!!!!!!!!
rich-c: no, Linux is a flavour of Unix
Rich Drushel: Well, my next x86 machine, whatever it is, whenever I can afford to get one, will have *nix on it of some flavor.
rich-c: yes, I noticed my ghost somehow exorcised itself
rich-c: I have a Linux installation disc from Corel and maybe will try it some day
Bob S: but am I wrong.......thought that Unix, Linux, etc were all plain screen cursor systems, unlike the Win click pics style
Rich Drushel: There are Windozy-like shells available if you want them...
rich-c: no, there's a Windows-like interface, though you can work in a command prompt mode
Rich Drushel: I prefer multiple text-mode windows for *nix myself.
rich-c: Like, there's a Dale and Rich option, and one for us klutzes...
Bob S: yes, that is the one I need!!!!!
Rich Drushel: Not so sure I'm not in the klutz category :-)
Abrasiv1: But can you run programs like wordperfect etc on linux?
rich-c: wonder if the Corel website still has their Linux stuff up?
Rich Drushel: Yes.
rich-c: Biob could download it and burn it into a CD for future reference
rich-c: sure, you can get Star Office which is an integrated, full feature suite - free
Rich Drushel: StarOffice, WordPerfect, these are graphical apps that can run under a Linux environment.
Bob S: have to ahve Doug so that, got no cd burner here, that is still "test" technology, I can't be puttin' $$$ in experimental stuff
rich-c: I'm feeling I need one
rich-c: aside - Rich, you still trying to unload those zip chips?
Bob S: what them?????
Rich Drushel: Do you mean Mac 256K SIMMs?
rich-c: think so
Bob S: I got some of those, gonna hit Dale with them at AC14
rich-c: thing is, they'll likely fit Frances' Amiga
Rich Drushel: I have a box full of 'em, doing nothing. You want them?
Bob S: maybe can be used for new mem xpanders
rich-c: yes, for sure
Bob S: what speed??????
Rich Drushel: They were given to me by a sysadmin here...the box cost like $3K in 1992, worthless now.
Rich Drushel: Don't know, they are for Mac Plus and Mac SE-30 type machines. 8-bit, non-parity memory SIMMs, 30-pin.
Bob S: not worthless, Rich, just a much smaller niche for their use
rich-c: if they work, a few of our Amiga buddies would welcome some
Bob S: gotta have 150 nanosecond ships for the ADAM
Rich Drushel: I took the box ostensibly to take out 4 of them to put 1 MB RAM in an SE-30. Never opened it up to do it...
Bob S: possibly 120's
rich-c: need to be put in, in a certain order, and stuff
Rich Drushel: The box is at home, I trip over it every morning (literally), so I can look for the speed.
rich-c: and on the Amiga board they are very fussy about fitting in
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Rich Drushel: Apple Tech Specs website might say what they should be.
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rich-c: you in and out there, John?
Abrasiv1: no i don't think so
rich-c: thought maybe that undefined changed to you, but guess not
Bob S: nobody here though
Abrasiv1: i was watching too and i could not tell
Abrasiv1: i think they left
Bob S: maybe a bounce in and out, in the wrong place
Bob S: OR it is the mighty Mitchell on that Apple thingy again
Bob S: and he can't get in
rich-c: yes, I suspect teh sysop of my ISP is doing some work on the system tonight
rich-c: had to redial to connect when coming on twice this wevening, and did get disconnect once while on
Bob S: hey Guy!!!! you stil having so much trouble with Netzero??????
Guy B.: No. Maybe it's the computer you're using isn't it?
Bob S: I finally dumped them and went with a little local out of city phone co who throws me right out int he mainstream
Bob S: had problems on ALL computers, and could not get on with a 486 I have at work
Bob S: part of the problem was theri special dialup software I think
Guy B.: Netzero says a minimum P90 with 32 megs of ram. No wonder you had so much trouble.
Rich Drushel: Hehe, NetZero works fine on my 486.
Bob S: I got troubles with a Pentium 266!!!!!
Bob S: I couldn't even get ON with any 486 i got here
Rich Drushel: It complains about not being able to find Outlook, and then goes its merry way.
rich-c: sheesh! my ISP would still accept me if I resurrected the old 386
Bob S: might be the dialups they have around
Rich Drushel: I think it gives up trying to load its advertizing window, and just lets me have net.access.
Guy B.: I reinstalled Netzero back on the P133, haven't tried it yet. But, it works just fine with the Athlon at 850mhz.
Rich Drushel: This is with NT4.0 though, so YMMV.
Rich Drushel: I dial in about once every month or so just to keep the account active.
Bob S: the local phone co is that way.....486 33mhz w/ 9600 baud
Rich Drushel: I got it at some ADAMcon or other.
Bob S: they said they din't thin so, but it does
Guy B.: Netzero recommends at least 28.8 modem.
Abrasiv1: unlike AOL....which wants all and gives little
Bob S: I am j;ust keepin Netzero fore the mailboxes and the free country wide access
Guy B.: At the rates they charge. I can see it.
Rich Drushel: 28.8K is what my 486 has.
Bob S: when we go to Fl this winter to the in laws, I can use Netzero
Rich Drushel: Not sure what NetZero's business model can they give it away?
Bob S: got local $8.88
Guy B.: Both my P133 and the Athlon have 56K modems. My notebook has a 33.6 PC card modem.
rich-c: to me AOL proves only that BS baffles brains every time
rich-c: crummiest and highest porice so-called service around, and most successful
Guy B.: So, your e-mail address has changed again?
Abrasiv1: how true
Bob S: nope, which one you want.......adamcomputer @ @
Bob S: MUSt I go on???????
Abrasiv1: well.....gotta say g'nite all
Rich Drushel: :-)
Abrasiv1: g'nite all
Bob S: got everything forwarding to Netzero and I pick them up there and send out on local ISP
Rich Drushel: bye Abrasiv1
Bob S: mite John. BE GOOD
Abrasiv1: always
Guy B.: They haven't changed. You just got rid of Netzero Platinum then, correct?
rich-c: nnite John come again soon
Guy B.: Bye John.
Abrasiv1 left chat session
Bob S: yup!!!!! no pay, just get 10 hours per month
Bob S: but I am paid thru Nov, IF they don't throw me off early
Rich Drushel: Who exactly was Abrasiv1?
Guy B.: I believe it's 40 hours, they changed it?
rich-c: I have just settled for a hotmail account
Bob S: Lst few days I have not noticed ANY banner bar, not even the little thin one, are you getting ANY???????
Bob S: yes, now it is only TEN hours
Bob S: John from NH
Guy B.: Got the thin banner bar. Comes on in a minute after I log on.
Bob S: can't member his last name
Rich Drushel: Sounded like people knew him, just not me.
rich-c: I think he must live near Laconia - makes him laconic
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changed username to Pamela
Rich Drushel: Ugh, what a pun!
rich-c: hi daughter West Wing run late?
Guy B.: That;s a switch.
Bob S: intyroduced himself awhile back, but can't member last name,,,,old, ya know
Guy B.: Hi Pam.
Rich Drushel: And I don't mean Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bob S: ABOUT TIME lady!!!!!
Pamela: Hi - made the mistake of watching the beginning and was hooked
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: hey, that's what VCRs are for
Pamela: I did tape it - do you think that made any difference?
Bob S: it is just MAKE BELIEVE you know
Judy: watch and type !!!
rich-c: I'm told if you have to watch tv it's one of the better choices
Pamela: I know, but it's intelligent make-believe
Guy B.: At least you can watch it later.
Bob S: Meeka is watchin a movie and the computer phone line must be too short.........
Pamela: Now I have to go back and watch it again so I catch the undertones and undercurrents
Pamela: So, what was the pun?
Judy: \that is one way to have something to watch
rich-c: the nice thing about taping is you can fast-forward through the commercials - saves lots of time
Rich Drushel: Someone from Laconia being laconic...your Dad was the perpetrator.
Pamela: That figures
Guy B.: Oh Rich C. I'm thorough with overtime. Probably for the unforseeable future.
Bob S: Pamela,,,,,,,mark this down.........Aug 8-11, GR MI, USA
Pamela: Is that firm?
rich-c: is that a hint that you're thinking of reviving Saturdays, Guy?
Bob S: yup, one way or the other, will make final arrangemants for hotel next week I think
Guy B.: That depends what I'm doing on Saturday.
Pamela: Okay will do
Bob S: dropped by last Sat, nnobody there...was about 10 min late, but....
rich-c: well, all our remaining football games are on Sundays, so I'm clear
Guy B.: Now I can plan next year's vacation accordingly. Way to go Bob.
Pamela: How many are remaining, Dad?
Bob S: in case ya forget, goto: and yo can see the banner
Rich Drushel: Speaking of Saturday, I'll be out of town this weekend, not sure if I'll be near a net.accessible computer for the chat.
rich-c: finals this weekend, Grey Cup next
Pamela: So three games?
rich-c: yes, one each East and West, then the Cup
Pamela: 'kay
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Pamela: Oh good, someone later than me
Bob S: de round one?????
changed username to Ron's Old Dosbox
Ron's Old Dosbox: Yo
rich-c: well, the late Mr. Mitchell
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Bob S: the old boxer..........
Judy: Hi, Ron
Pamela: Hey, don't kill him off yet!
Ron's Old Dosbox: been away all day at a meeting of old retired f....olks
Guy B.: Per Rich D's suggestion at the con. I finally loaded a help file on VBscript and I going to try new routines for them.
Ron's Old Dosbox: Hi all!
Rich Drushel: Bob, just looked at that URL...why does the link to "ADAMcon 13 highlights" take you to the 13 fee schedule? :-)
Rich Drushel: Hi Ron.
Guy B.: Hi Ron. Interested in another Mac?
Ron's Old Dosbox: Hi Dr. D.
Bob S: got me, cause it was there at one time?????
Ron's Old Dosbox: Whatchya got?
Guy B.: Jeanene's brother gave her an Mac Performa.
Bob S: will have to look it up and fix it shortly here
Rich Drushel: Just take off the fee13.html part of the link.
Guy B.: I have it here.
Bob S: hookay
Ron's Old Dosbox: tell me more
Rich Drushel: So your fondest memory of 13 was what you hadda pay, eh Bob? :-) :-)
rich-c: in justice, Rich, you did pul;l it off quite economically
Guy B.: It has a external CD-rom, monitor, keyboard, mouse and it does have software. I haven't checked it out yet. I believe it's a model 704.
Pamela: I have just one request - drink options other than iced tea!
Ron's Old Dosbox: hmmmm
Rich Drushel: What did you have in mind, Pam?
Ron's Old Dosbox: brb
Pamela: Oh, something really wild, like perhaps pop? or milk?
rich-c: I'll settle for coffee
Bob S: will look into that Pam my dear
Rich Drushel: Jolt Cola for the programmers. (NOT, I think it's icky)
Bob S: and WHTA IS WRONG with ice tea??????
Judy: we will try for all of the above
Pamela: nothing, as long as I'm not drinking it three meals a day for days on end
rich-c: it's so blahhhh
Pamela: And Coke products -that's Russell's request
Judy: I agree
Guy B.: Well, it's Diet Rite or Diet Coke for me.
rich-c: thought Russell wanted cherry 7-up
Rich Drushel: Herman's, too :-)
Bob S: gonna have to have lunch catered in, so can prolly get you something special
Rich Drushel: George K. is a Pepsi man, though.
Pamela: and Ron's I think
Bob S: Gk is COKE no??????
Judy: you will be able to take in any thing you want
rich-c: no, Ron lives on Diet Coke
Ron's Old Dosbox: you guys gonna fax me somehin?
Bob S: Herman is COKE
Pamela: Yes, but it's a Coke product
(Bob S gives Ron's Old Dosbox a can of Diet Coke.)
Judy: we live on diet anything
(Bob S gives Guy B. a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: Don't spill it on the keyboard, Bob
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Ron's Old Dosbox: Guy, any idea what processor is in that Mac?
Ron's Old Dosbox: Thank you Bob
Ron's Old Dosbox: (swig)
rich-c: hey Bob, if you're feeling generous, send me a Guiness!
Pamela: Since i've already got my Coke, I'm okay
Bob S: gotta make up for NO bacon sir
Rich Drushel: Gang, nobody has come to the extra session tonight, so I am going to close down the robot lab and go home.
Bob S: can't, no button for tah
Guy B.: I don't know. But, I can put it together and find out for you.
Ron's Old Dosbox: s'ok. Shouldn't eat bacon anyways
Rich Drushel: Good night, all.
Judy: bye Rich
Bob S: wel;l geez, you hosted it an nobody showed????
Guy B.: Bye Dr D.
Pamela: Bye, Rich - say hi to all
Bob S: bummer dude!!!!!!!!
rich-c: nite Rich, try for Saturday, OK?
Ron's Old Dosbox: when you get a chance
Bob S: see you later Richard
Rich Drushel: <poof>
Rich Drushel left chat session
Guy B.: Ok, I'll try for the weekend.
Pamela: Ron, check your forehead, I think you're sick
Ron's Old Dosbox: my magic mac book describes many assorted Performa's
Ron's Old Dosbox: no just ill
Bob S: was not he the one who tossed a WHOLE bunch of puters last spring????????
Ron's Old Dosbox: all the way from a 68030 up to Power 6400
Pamela: What is this, Bob, a kosher hotel?
Ron's Old Dosbox: shhhh
Guy B.: I can tell you the OS is 7.6.1
rich-c: yes, so now it's time to rebuild the stock
Bob S: then IT IS UNANOMOUS!!!! ????
Bob S: convention is Aug 8-11 Ronald me requested
Judy: here we were most worried about your reaction to the no bacon,Ron
Bob S: thought we could import some if needed
rich-c: Ron only likes bacon when it's crispy
Pamela: So why no bacon?
Ron's Old Dosbox: prolly an earlier 68040 - in which case my LC475 is similar
Judy: shows we don't have to worry about anything
rich-c: no crispy, he
rich-c: ll do without by preference, right?
Bob S: AND!!! ron , the hotel is right across from the 28th St TARGET!!!!!!!
Judy: the hotels don't have it
Ron's Old Dosbox: Aug 8 to 11, sounds fine by me..... no bacon....well hey,
Pamela: You're kidding - why?
Ron's Old Dosbox: not a big deal - I'll just run outside and scream loudly to the neighbourhood
Guy B.: I might have a surprise for you guys when you see me at the next con.
Ron's Old Dosbox: whoa!
Bob S: big hotels don't want us and small ones only have hot and cold contintental breakfast
rich-c: plotting something, are you?
rich-c: like maybe not arriving alone?
Bob S: WITH gourmet coffees no less
Pamela: I think we should make a deal with the local Denny's
Guy B.: No plotting.
Bob S: our local Dennys' sucks for speed
Judy: and cookies in the afternoon
Bob S: we would be therer all day
Pamela: Defeats the purpose, Ron
rich-c: got any good buffets around for dinner?
Ron's Old Dosbox: yeah, your right Pam (damn)
Bob S: yes.......what you want?????
Bob S: oh yea. familiar with old country buffet??????
rich-c: Great American Steakhouse?
Guy B.: I am.
Ron's Old Dosbox: good
Bob S: nope
rich-c: Yes, I have a discount card from Old Country
Bob S: so you are SET!!!!!
Bob S: no wine though I don't think
Pamela: So what's the surprise, Guy?
rich-c: how about Golden Corral?
Bob S: gonna have to go dry
Bob S: can't recall one of those
rich-c: pity - Great American and Golden Corral have wines
Judy: there is any kind of food you could want on 28th street
Ron's Old Dosbox: so it's right across the street from Target?
Pamela: Ya know, maybe we should consider a room with a kitchenette and have a potluck - then we can eat what we want!
Ron's Old Dosbox: I almost got killed there
Bob S: can alwasy breing your own in your pocket and put it in a glass metal detectors or anything at the door
rich-c: Judy says there's even some traffic lights now to let you cross
Guy B.: Well, I've started to lose weight. Lost 9 pounds. Hopefully I can lose 20 by Christmas. So, I'll see how I do by the con. Abby, my dog and I are doing lots of walking.
Judy: right next door to thre one we were at before
Bob S: I KNEW you would love that!!!!!!
Pamela: Cool!
Ron's Old Dosbox: that would be no fun. I'd rather dodge the good folk from Grand Rapids
rich-c: good on you, Guy - that's real progress
Pamela: Ron, you and I are going shopping, okay?
Ron's Old Dosbox: you're on girl
Pamela: Guy, just leave enough to hug
Guy B.: It happens that my doctor ordered me to get the weight down.
Judy: we could drive you there it would be safer
Bob S: good idea Guy
rich-c: doctors are like that
Pamela: My god, a man who likes shopping - will you marry me?
Ron's Old Dosbox: comes from the take my advice, I'm not using it, Guy
Ron's Old Dosbox: :)
Guy B.: Know what started it. The nurse brought in a can of Slim-Fast. That did it. That can is still sitting in my fridge.
rich-c: what really starts it, Guy, is the day you decide you really want to do it
Pamela: Just don't tell Russell, okay?
Ron's Old Dosbox: I have to decide I want to lose weight more than I want a chocolate thingie
rich-c: that is not an easy decision
Guy B.: Your right Rich. I've been trying, but not doing well. Now, it seems to be working out for me.
Ron's Old Dosbox: no
rich-c: funny, I have never been into eating between meals
Ron's Old Dosbox: them chocolate thingies can be pretty powerful at times
Bob S: you don't know WHAT you are missing Rich
rich-c: oh, I know very well
Guy B.: Oh boy, that's for sure.
Bob S: LUV dat chocolate
rich-c: I can even gain weight on three moderate squares a day
Pamela: I'll second that
Ron's Old Dosbox: Now if we could turn chocolate into onions
Bob S: a few peanut butter cookies here and there, some M&M's.......and dont' forget FUDGE!!!!!
Ron's Old Dosbox: then I wouldn't like it
Guy B.: The ice cream will kill you.
Ron's Old Dosbox: yes.... had some tonight
rich-c: oh, onions are great, fried up on liver
Ron's Old Dosbox: arrrrghhh!!!
Pamela: me too - stromberry
Bob S: NO WAY!!!!!!!!!
Judy: who eats liver?????
Bob S: ice cream is good...........
Ron's Old Dosbox: mother feeds them to me when she thinks I'm not looking
Pamela: even the cats liked it
rich-c: I do - I like it
Ron's Old Dosbox: I love liver and BACON
Bob S: that stuff is BAD for your veins!!!!!
Pamela: That's one of the things my mom never made me eat - she hates liver too
rich-c: YEAH, Ron
Bob S: I knew there was another thing about Frances I liked
Judy: you will not get liver at convention!!!!
Pamela: Dad had liver, we had something edible
Ron's Old Dosbox: however I go ballistic if I see even one onion. Some restaurants around here are audio challenged
Ron's Old Dosbox: they have felt my wrath
Guy B.: Love onions with burgers and hot dogs.
Bob S: my kind of VOMAN!!!!!!!
Pamela: that's what you get for talking into the clown's mouth, Ron
rich-c: burgers yes, hot dogs need mustard
Ron's Old Dosbox: they particularly don't listen
Guy B.: Oh yes, that too.
Bob S: only trouble with onions is the after burn, and the later little burp to relive the experience
Ron's Old Dosbox: :) rotfl
rich-c: they don't give me that sort of problem
Pamela: Don't tell me, i got Mom's plumbing
Ron's Old Dosbox: I should really investigate my past lives to see where the hatred of onions comes from
rich-c: but then I eat so much in the way of fruits and vegetables that my stomach stays quiescent
Pamela: Are you asking for a challenge, Dad?
rich-c: Uh?
Pamela: I lived with you remember?
rich-c: So?
Bob S: you were probably born ins Vadalia, where the notroious sweet onions come from
Pamela: let's just say I beg to differ
rich-c: I have my morning grapefruit, apple, oranges and figs for lunch, your ma always has veggies with dinner
Pamela: I wasn't talking about what you eat but how you sound
Pamela: Okay everyone, stop laughing
rich-c: well, when the hole is empty, is does echo...
Ron's Old Dosbox: Anybody want some wind and rain to go with the mean?
Ron's Old Dosbox: meal I mean
Bob S: NO!!!!
Ron's Old Dosbox: we got lots
Bob S: our weather is just fine thank you very much
Bob S: but the forecast is to turn yucky and colder next week
Ron's Old Dosbox: several Pacific disturbances
Pamela: ours is too warm - they're threatening us with 15 tomorrow
Bob S: some warm november yes??????
Pamela: However, I'll take it over snow
rich-c: send it over the Rockies to dry it out, then move it downhill for adiabatic heating and we'll take it
Pamela: Dump it on the praries, they need it
Bob S: just so we DON'T get it!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Kimberly
Pamela: Hi there!
rich-c: hello Kimberly
Pamela: Art gone home or is he with you?
Kimberly: Greetings and salutations
Bob S: HI KIM!!!!!
Bob S: whoa!!!! a roman goddess here
Guy B.: Hi Kim. Been awhile. How are you?
Pamela: No, no, no Bob - she is Kimberly, no short forms
Kimberly: Art just left
rich-c: she doesn't answer to Kim any more, Bob
Bob S: know proper etticut too
Kimberly: I never answered to Kim
Bob S: OH, that Kimberly
Guy B.: Ok, Kimberly. How are you?
Pamela: We just lost Ron again
Kimberly: I'm good, sorry it's been awhile since I chatted with you all
rich-c: whoops, we lost Ron
Bob S: oh, oh, storm on the west coast again
Pamela: Did you get your homework done by the way?
Kimberly: That was yesterday
rich-c: well, you do have a few other things on your mind at the moment
Pamela: I know, but didn't have an opportunity to ask todya
Bob S: maybe the Mac was conplaining about not being used
Kimberly: I'm not allowed to hand in the last 3 assignments late
rich-c: what are you studying, Kimberly?
Kimberly: Intermediate accounting - exciting stuff
rich-c: or wait - for a Ca, isn't it?
Kimberly: I'm actually enrolled in the CGA program
Guy B.: Well folks. I can't answer my e-mail yet until I transfer the files from the old system back to the Athlon. And worse, that same jerk has another e-mail attachment that could be a virus on the server. I will get rid of it. But, I'll see about Saturday, otherwise next week.
Pamela: (Pamela's eyes glaze over)
rich-c: right - CGA
Kimberly: but I probably won't finish the whole program, I want a life too
Bob S: bee good Guy, and DO NOT open the guy's emails!!!!! cept at work
rich-c: OK Guy, I'll try to remember to open things up Saturday
Pamela: G'nite Guy - good luck with your whittling project!
Guy B.: I won't open it period.
Judy: bye Guy
Guy B.: Bye All!
Kimberly: Has your vision cleared yet Pamela?
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Yeah - something to do with all that math floating around
Kimberly: Math I can deal with, economics on the other hand
rich-c: oh, you didn't need your glasses changed after all?
Pamela: We won't go there
Pamela: Still do unfortunately
Judy: I will be calling it a night, talk at you all next week
Bob S: heck no........just quit reading so much
rich-c: you're starting young for that cycle
Kimberly: Bye Judy
Pamela: G'nite Judy
rich-c: nite Judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: Problem is Bob, the glasses are for distance vision
Pamela: My arms are still plenty long enough
Kimberly: Here's a topic to throw out there......Art is planning on using Linux to fix my old 486 that Dad wants to use
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
Pamela: Ron, what happened?
Ron: The 486 got it's butt kicked
Kimberly: He's back....hi Ron
rich-c: well, you don't use Linux to fix anything, it's an OS
Bob S: well don't plan ahead nd then you won't have to see so far
Bob S: so now you are mac-able
Ron: Kimberly, hi!
Pamela: try telling that to my boss - she believes in the fiction of time management
Kimberly: he figures it will work better than windows
rich-c: but if you mean use Linux as the OS replacing Windows, that's feasible
Ron: do we have a Linux person?
Pamela: But will your dad understand how to use it?
Kimberly: my boyfriend is a programmer
Pamela: We really need to get Art on here - that would liven things up
Kimberly: Dad understanding computers........yeah right
rich-c: he should be able to set it up so all your father sees is a Windows-like interface
Ron: he should do ok..... Linux is getting more and more User friendly, but it still is not for the faint of heart
rich-c: it just won't crash as often
Pamela: Faint heart never won fair computer
Kimberly: it already crashed more than once
rich-c: in Windows or Linux?
Bob S: unlesds someone sets it up like windows and then you just click away
moved to room Meeting Place
Kimberly: windows
changed username to james
Pamela: Hi, James!
james: afternoon everyone.
rich-c: good morning james
james: better late than never.
Bob S: james!!!! almsot missed the meetin
Kimberly: we figure anything Art can do to it will be an improvement
Pamela: That's true
james: eh :)
Ron: well, it's certainly worth a try
rich-c: you are right, Kimberly
Kimberly: currently it's residing as a doorstop
Ron: Mandrake 8.2
rich-c: Linux demands far less in the way of resources
Ron: or Red Hat 7.2
james: i've been teaching computers in the morning recently
Kimberly: that's part of the plan
Pamela: cause the boats in storage, right?
rich-c: good if you're short on memory or slow
Ron: Hi James
Ron: you can stop sending Pacific disturbances now
Bob S: hmmmmmmm, can I use it on a 386 ond access the3 net?????
Ron: we are wet
Pamela: A second career for you James - so when do you sleep?
Kimberly: if I remember correctly, that's the system I upped the memory on
james: hey ron
james: disturbances? what you don't like tropical storms?
rich-c: I believe Linux will run on a 386, won't it, Ron?
Ron: anti-cyclical depression thingies
Kimberly: can you get net access with it??
james: i've had linux running on a 386 with 4mb ram for what it's worth
Ron: hundreds of miles across
rich-c: I can still access the net with my 386 if I want to try
Pamela: Is that the technical term, Ron?
Ron: Mr. Torvalds wrote it that way
Kimberly: I would get Art on here to chat, but you're all up past his bedtime
james: so it looks like my computer teaching is starting to pick up. word of mouth. once this student finishes, i have a couple ladies in their
Pamela: That's not how I heard it
james: early 40's coming to learn computer basics, word and excel.
rich-c: hey, neat, james
Ron: we're here each Wednesday night Kimberly..... send the boy to us. we'll straighten him out
Pamela: besides, there's always the Saturday afternoon session
rich-c: get yourself a reputation and maybe you can be the village guru
james: yeah, it's kind of nice. it's usually assumed that the only thing a foreigner can do here is teach english.
Kimberly: I don't need you warping him, I like him just the way he is
Pamela: Rumours, they're all rumours
Ron: Ain't nothin' wrong with the computer world that a Coleco ADAM can't cure, right?
james: funny you should say that rich because, not to be immodest, it's sort of started happening.
rich-c: right, Ron
james: i'm looking at starting up a dial-up isp. doesn't do other people much good in bringing down their internet bills but it gives me a dedicated connection
rich-c: to be expected, james. everyone wants to know about computers nowadays
james: yeah, or wants their old 486 to run windows xp :(
rich-c: get a reputation of being able to teach them, and you will be called upon
Kimberly: yeah, even 6 month olds would rather play on a keyboard than play with a book
james: brb
Bob S: anew vocation!!!!!
Pamela: and no vacation
rich-c: sell them on Linux, james
Bob S: in my spare time, i could install Linux on a 386 w/ 40m meg hd and 8 megs memroy.........
Ron: just got a Linux distribution today for the iMac
Pamela: So, Kimberly, what are you doing the weekend of August 8 - 11th, 2002?
Kimberly: Linux keeps making me think of Peanuts characters (Linus)
rich-c: anyway, Kimberly, do get Art to sit in with you on one of these chats
Kimberly: I'll work on it
Ron: the author of the Linux kernal (heart of the program) is Linux Torvalds
Ron: Linux that is
Pamela: If she does, you guys have to be nice to him
Bob S: where can I get a free copy??????
Ron: can't get my fimble ningers goin
Bob S: we are ALWASY nice
Kimberly: I still want to call it Linus
Bob S: can't type for spit, but nice
Ron: download Bob.
Bob S: or do I have to buy it?????
Ron: but it's a 654 MEG download that has to be burned to CD
Kimberly: Rumors, just rumors
Bob S: oh man, and I thought this was going to be an easy thing
Ron: you can also buy it at your local store...... be about $20 to $30 in your parts I'd guess
rich-c: there are a number of other sites too
rich-c: depends on what flavour you want
Bob S: how about putting it on my almost new, almost here 1 gig zup drive?????
Kimberly: August 2002, maybe I'll have a wedding to attend
Ron: actually it's twice 654 megs there are two CD's
rich-c: just get on the net, find out which distribution sounds best
Pamela: You better not, I have a previous engagement
james: 654 megs.. good luck getting me to download that. it'd cost me a fortune.
Pamela: In Kentwood, MI
rich-c: then download it and have Doug burn it for you
rich-c: or use the net to shop for the best offer
Kimberly: That
Kimberly: That's been a long engagement
Ron: Red Hat is the most popular, Mandrake the most user friendly, followed by SuSE, and Debian, and Caldera
rich-c: if you buy it in the store you get docs
Ron: Corel is not even in the running imho
Pamela: It's an annual thing
Kimberly: You know that's not what I'm talking about
Ron: if you buy it in the store, you get one book, which is usually a Teach Yourself series, and also 3 or 4 e-books in Pdf format on the CD
Pamela: yes, and I'm ignoring you
Ron: none of which are of any earthly value
Kimberly: Ditto
rich-c: long as it's the second half of August, all clear
Ron: again....imho
Bob S: hey kids, I gotta leave ya'll also, Judy is going to bed without ME.......bad idea......see you next Wed if not on Sat!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Just don't book it for that weekend, okay?
Kimberly: I'll think about it
rich-c: OK Bob, wed or Sat it shall be - take care
Pamela: Goodnight, Bob - until then
james: so ron, is it true what i read about an adamcon up and coming in your neck of the woods? was it 2003?
Kimberly: Bye Bob
james: good night bob!
Ron: niters you 2 Slopsemas
Pamela: Please don't make me choose
Bob S: BE GOOD and HAVE FUN!!!!!!
Pamela: AC0F, James
Bob S left chat session
Kimberly: you know I like to make your life difficult
Ron: dates you suggested are good by me
Ron: yep, 2003 James
moved to room Meeting Place
james: what time of year, ron?
changed username to Ron
Ron: How did I do that?
Pamela: Remind me why I keep you again? Oh yeah, you're my best friend
Kimberly: Twins
Ron: suspect it'll be July or August James
Ron: but that decision is yet to be made. We've had 'em in Sept and October
Kimberly: Best friends get away with quite a lot
Pamela: I think it's in the contract
Kimberly: the fine print section
Ron: open to suggestions...... later
james: ouch. some major airfare going on there. i checked into it - it's $2200 round trip at that time of year.
james: goes down to about half that in early october...
Ron: that's pretty major
Kimberly: sounds like October is the better bet
Ron: we had ADAMCON 10 2nd week in October
james: which i'd be willing to spend and work in a trip to ottawa to see my family.
Pamela: Well, James, you'll just have to make it worth your while and stay for a month or so
james: i don't of course expect the adamcon to be planned around me but if i can make it to one, i would like to.
Pamela: Wasn't 10 Florida?
Ron: and we would like you to come James
rich-c: pretty dicey taking a trailer through the Rockies in October
Ron: yes Pam it was
Ron: yeah, all of this will have to be duly considered Rich. I wouldn't want to commit right now to a specific time
Kimberly: I think you have a little time to plan
Ron: believe so
rich-c: the way air travel is now, who can tell what fares will be in 2003
Pamela: It's only 2 years - it goes faster than you think
rich-c: or even which airlines will be flying?
Kimberly: will anything be still flying by then????????
Pamela: who can tell whether we'll have an airline in 2003
Ron: exactly
Kimberly: great minds think alike
Pamela: And *that's* why I keep you
Ron: pretty uncertain world right now
Pamela: Because we have great minds
james: i'm told that it's time for lunch and i have a student coming to bring me an old machine they don't need anymore. i'm hoping to make it for the
Ron: But James' preference is duly noted
james: whole chat next week.
rich-c: Kimberly, you're welcome to borrow my CD of Corel Linux
Ron: as is that of Mr. Clee
james: thanks ron :)
rich-c: night james, take care
Pamela: James, we're gonna hold you to that - have fun today
Kimberly: Thanks, I'll ask Art if he could use it
Ron: Kimberly, you're welcome to HAVE mine
james: good night all :)
james: do hold me to it. i hope to be here :)
Kimberly: right now, he's downloading from the net what he needs, I think
rich-c: OK, you or Pam can come fetch it, if I'm not over your way first
Kimberly: Bye james
Pamela: Otherwise we're coming to get you James
james: good bye kim :)
Ron: there's a thought
Ron: we all go to Japan
james: good bye all. sure come and get me, if you can find me..
Pamela: Say hi to Miyuki, James
rich-c: know where to borrow one of those Haida canoes, Ron?
Pamela: Rub her tummy for us
james: will do, on both counts.
james: *poof*
Kimberly: Art is supposed to go to China with his Dad next spring
Ron: there's a local canoe club
james left chat session
Ron: d get a discount rate
rich-c: I have a compass
Pamela: I really don't like the sound of this
Ron: neither do I.
Kimberly: it's with a group from Niagara Christian College
Ron: you have to be here now, and see the whitecaps on the dark and blackened sea
Pamela: No the canoes, not the China trip
rich-c: we'll let you paddle amidships, daughter
Ron: and that's in the inside of Vancouver Island
Pamela: Can you say seasick, Daddy?
rich-c: ...burrrrp....
Ron: exactly....... before you leave Comox harbour
Kimberly: I like big ships better
Pamela: Mooom! Come talk some sense into Dad
Kimberly: Good luck
rich-c: she's busy with the Amiga
Ron: here in Comox I've met an Amiga user
Ron: he's just joined the Mac club
Ron: think he's a spy
rich-c: the two have much in common
Pamela: i want the chance to try out one of those big ships some day
Kimberly: any particular destination????
Pamela: Alaska?
Ron: they go by here in the summer just about every day
Ron: big white wedding cakes
Kimberly: warm destinations are nice
Ron: many decks high
Pamela: too warm for me though
Kimberly: crossings aren't too hot
rich-c: Bob and Judy are doing the Caribbean in one next month
Pamela: Yeah, but I can't afford the QE2
Kimberly: which line???
rich-c: don't recall - ask him next week
Kimberly: wait for a discount
Ron: I dunno, but every vessel name ends in 'dam'
Pamela: they don't have discounts big enough
Ron: Prinsdam, Volendam, Rotterdam
Ron: must be Dutch
Kimberly: not on the carnival series
Pamela: Holland America
Ron: yeah, that's it
Kimberly: watch what you say about the Dutch
Ron: I know.... also Bob and Judy are of Dutch heritag
Ron: e
rich-c: it's OK, they're appreciated here
Pamela: nice save, Ron
Ron: fimble ningers
Pamela: you too, huh?
Ron: yup
Pamela: I am very friendly with the backspace key tonite
Kimberly: try slowing down then
Ron: really must buy myself a half decent keyboard
Pamela: nah, there's no challenge in that
rich-c: the...the...the...the... - just practicing
Kimberly: one of those ergo ones???
Ron: actually, I tried one of those recently in our local store....... not sure I like it
Pamela: 100% so far, Dad
rich-c: what kind of connector does your keyboard use?
Kimberly: those split keyboards look funny
Ron: would have to get used to it
Ron: me?
rich-c: no, Pamela
Ron: oh ok
Pamela: Allyson uses one at work and loves it - says the regular ones drive her nuts now
rich-c: I have some spares
Kimberly: it would be hard to switch types all the time
Ron: Oh Rich....speaking of the contents of your basement
Kimberly: you have spares of everything I hear
Pamela: Dunno, Dad - hang on, I'll check
Ron: we talked a while back about a cereal card
rich-c: right
Ron: you still got ?
rich-c: yep
Ron: $55 give or take?
rich-c: think so, plus postage but that wont be much
Pamela: PS2, Pop
rich-c: no GST, no PST
Ron: and that was an MIB2?
rich-c: no, got one of those too though
Ron: or was it a 3
rich-c: maybe even one of them
Ron: or was it an MIB at all?
Kimberly: face it, he's got one of everything
Ron: What I really would like is a serial card that goes in the ADAMlink slot
Pamela: I'd believe it
rich-c: the Dual Serial card is different from the MIBs - no parallel interface
rich-c: not sure, but I think the Dual does
Pamela: Dad, did you get the keyboard stuff?
Ron: ok. Will send money anyway
rich-c: let me check and get back to you, Ron
Ron: if the dual goes in the leftmost slot, that's the one
Ron: ok good
rich-c: Pamela, if it looks like a DIN plug, that's PS2
Pamela: The round one, right?
rich-c: but IBM also have one that looks like an overgrown phone jack
Kimberly: I know those ones
Ron: ethernet plug?
rich-c: don't know if I have a surplus PS2 - have to check
Pamela: Whats a DIN plug?
rich-c: round, with a circle of prongs/sockets
Pamela: Acutally, I might, come to think of it
Ron: small roung plug abut, what, 1/4 inch across?
rich-c: the PS2, yes. The DIN on the back of the Adam is bigger
Pamela: If I pull it to check, I can't answer you
Pamela: but, I think it's PS2
Ron: it has 5 pins, and is larger diameter
Kimberly: details, details
rich-c: it's OK, send me an email in the morning
rich-c: I'm going to have to check out very soon anyway
rich-c: the birds need feeding
Pamela: Tomorrow night is better
rich-c: they are emptying the feeder every day
Ron: and I must tend to some Treasurer duties for a meet tomorrow night
Kimberly: anyways it's been nice chatting with everyone, but I should be checking out now too
Pamela: I'm usually talking to Kimberly in the mornings
Ron: and go install my iMac Linux
Pamela: Bedtime for everyone
Ron: Keep coming back Kimberly
Kimberly: you can talk to your dad too
Ron: well in 3 or 4 hours
Ron: maybe
rich-c: OK, Kimberly let me know if you want the Linux disc
Kimberly: I will
Pamela: Okay, everyone except you, Mr. West Coast
Ron: be well all
rich-c: and Pamela, let me know about the keyboard
Ron: is Saturday still on?
Pamela: you too
Ron: tks
rich-c: Ron, I'll email you about stock, prices and slots
Kimberly left chat session
Ron: thank you sir
Pamela: I'll check and let you know Dad
rich-c: yes, fottball season is over on Saturdays
Ron: right
Ron: Sunday finals
Ron: ok.... with any luck should be there Sat
rich-c: so Guy and Bob, maybe Rich, and I will give it a try Saturday
rich-c: if any of us remember!
Ron: good point... g'nite
rich-c: niters, Ron
Pamela: bye for now - talk to you tomorrow Dad
Ron left chat session
rich-c: Night, Pam
Pamela: sleep tight
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
Ron left chat session
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