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rich-c: test
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rich-c: allo Bob
BobSlopsema: YO Richard, lonely at the top isn't it?????
rich-c: you'd better believe it
rich-c: I like to be on time or early
BobSlopsema: ya'll said BE HERE AT here I is
rich-c: yup - appreciate it
BobSlopsema: I will be "slightly" in and out because Joshua needs to play Richard Scarry games
BobSlopsema: will have to bounce back and forth
rich-c: OK, I can live with that
rich-c: I'll stop bouncing when I finish my cigarette
rich-c: hoping one or two newbies may turn up
rich-c: are you running Scary on the emulator?
BobSlopsema: NO. GOT 2 rICHARD sCARRY
BobSlopsema: CDROMS with Busytown and Working in busytown
rich-c: so you're running it on the Adam then
BobSlopsema: both run under DOS on the ibm
rich-c: ah, didn't know about those
BobSlopsema: will work on anything from I think a 386 and up
BobSlopsema: there are LOTS of Richard Scarry thigns out ther
rich-c: I assume they have a bit more content than the Adam one
BobSlopsema: I never realized that Richard Scarry was a s big a draw as it is'
BobSlopsema: we have some vcr tapes of the Busytown poeple aLSO
rich-c: 'fraid I've lost touch with the kid stuff of late
BobSlopsema: joshua (2 1/2) loves Huckle
BobSlopsema: be back in 5 min or less! :-)
rich-c: yes, and you can't get them familiar with a computer too early
rich-c: (refresh)
BobSlopsema: \acka gain
BobSlopsema: back
BobSlopsema: got into Ebay and found ALL kinds of Richard Scarry stuff
rich-c: right, I've been catching up on the Globe & Mail
BobSlopsema: got Josh some big boy underpants too!!
rich-c: I never seem able to find the time for eBay
rich-c: do you know anything about an outfit called CD Micro or iRewards?
BobSlopsema: well you only search for certain stuff
BobSlopsema: like coleco adam fromt he frist open page
BobSlopsema: then you se just the adam stuff
BobSlopsema: nope
rich-c: oh I knowe how to navigate it - there's just so much of interest to me
BobSlopsema: who is the George
BobSlopsema: ????????
rich-c: his name is George Wahl and he lives in Philadelphia
rich-c: has had an Adam for some time but didn't know there were organized users out there
BobSlopsema: seems to me that name is familiar womehow
BobSlopsema: is he interested in being part of the existing community??????
rich-c: actually phoned me for a part - I told him about chat and invited him by
rich-c: he seemed interested
BobSlopsema: should have got his email address too
rich-c: also had an email a short while ago from Eric Pearson
rich-c: I sent a reply inviting him on but that was only about 30 minutes ago so he may not have got it yet
BobSlopsema: course, some of our own don't show up much........oltmans, gordon, rupp
BobSlopsema: eric pearson.......who's that?????
rich-c: true - the list of no-shows is often disappointing
rich-c: a sort of sidelines Adam user, though I've heard from him before
rich-c: anyway, don't know if my email will reach him in time
rich-c: I notice my reminder last night hasn't stirred up Ron or Guy yet
BobSlopsema: course, my own son Doug is kinda incognito also
rich-c: yes, and yet Pamela doesn't have an Adam and is regular
BobSlopsema: yea figure taht out
rich-c: haer the front door - guess Frances is home
BobSlopsema: or s burgler
rich-c: anyway, Pamela just thinks the Adam crowd are seriously nice folks
BobSlopsema: heck we ARE
rich-c: agreed!!!
rich-c: right now I'm stuck with a problem
BobSlopsema: bought the wife new wheels yesterday and spent the day and part of today cleaning up the one I drove so I can take here's
BobSlopsema: what problem?????????
rich-c: I need to drill a 2-1/4" hole in our sunporch panel
rich-c: it's just light aluminum
BobSlopsema: bo to home depot or similar and buy one of them universal cutout tools for your drill and have at i
rich-c: but a 2-1/4" hole saw for metal costs $20+ and the arbor costs another $25
rich-c: I think that's too steep for one hole
BobSlopsema: naw just buy a cheapo one
BobSlopsema: it will do one hoel!
BobSlopsema: hole
rich-c: ain't no cheapo ones - been all around
BobSlopsema: well geez
rich-c: I'm wondering if one made for wood will last long enough to make the cut
BobSlopsema: no universal one with diff hole sizes that all fit one head with the drill ceter and drill shaft with it?
BobSlopsema: yes.
BobSlopsema: especially IF youy put some ordinary paraffin wax on the teeth
rich-c: I will try that then - wood saws and arbors are affordable
BobSlopsema: that is what we use to cut alluminum with using a power saw; simply plywood balde with wax to lubricate it
BobSlopsema: blade
BobSlopsema: you would be amazed with what waxing will do as far as lubricating the cutting surface
rich-c: you have rather more experience with these things than I do - I will give it a try
BobSlopsema: even an oled candle will serve the purpose
rich-c: anyway, what's about the new wheels for Judy?
BobSlopsema: 2002 grand marquis
rich-c: the brand new one?
BobSlopsema: so I get the 1994 and the 1919 Crown Victoria gets sold
rich-c: the Slopsemas must be feeling pretty prosperous these days
BobSlopsema: yup,. pricing on used with 50-70,000 miles on them is 85% of new cost
BobSlopsema: and I got it for 0 down and 0 interest for 3 years
rich-c: gee, you'd think Ford was interested in selling cars these days
BobSlopsema: not anymore, broke now..........
BobSlopsema: right
BobSlopsema: sales stopped after Sep 11.........but now with 0/0 GM and ford and Chrysler are selling like crazy
rich-c: anyway, the Grand Marq is one nice piece of machinery - good genes, you know
BobSlopsema: it is one of the last FULL size cars out there
BobSlopsema: that and the Crown Vic
rich-c: I gather right now car sales are the one bright spot in the US economy
rich-c: and it's the most affordable one with rear wheel drive, not to mention a V8
BobSlopsema: I think so, althought the flip side of that IS.......the car makers are pputting out their money with no return on the investment
rich-c: somehow or other I don't think they're taking a loss, though they may be taking a smaller margin
BobSlopsema: well, they are probably getting a writeoff fro the gov't too
BobSlopsema: SOMEHOW, someway
BobSlopsema: anyway, don't look like anybody is goin to show, so
BobSlopsema: have got some things to do yet, will see ya Wed, yes???????
rich-c: hard to tell on that one, though neither side is likely to make much noise about it if so
BobSlopsema: say IH ti Frances
BobSlopsema: HI
BobSlopsema: to
rich-c: I think you're right. Wednesday it is.
BobSlopsema: be good!!!!!
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