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rich-c: test
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changed username to Rich Drushel
rich-c: hi Rich
Rich Drushel: Hello Richard.
rich-c: maybe to prevent confusion, you should consider signing in as Dr. D
Rich Drushel: Okay, I could do that...back in a flash.
rich-c: though what my option wil be if Rich Cossaboon ever joins us is a problem
Rich Drushel changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Couldn't find the menu choice for the name change...
rich-c: have you had a chance yet to help Eric Pearson?
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Dr. D.: No, I only skimmed the messages in that thread...I haven't given any real thought to it.
Dr. D.: This evening I was scanning some more ColecoVision Programmers' Manual stuff.
changed username to BobS
rich-c: scanning and cleaning up, I gasther
rich-c: hello Bob
BobS: howdy young-uns!!!!
Dr. D.: There are some sections which absolutely have to be retyped, they are completely illegible unless you know the info already.
rich-c: with more cleaning than scanning, I'll wager
Dr. D.: Hi Bob.
rich-c: well, you have a couple of volunteers, it seems
Dr. D.: Well, for the legible stuff that's scanned already, yes.
rich-c: anyway, Pearson does need some help that's pretty much your baliwick, or Dale's
rich-c: not that Ron hasn't made a valiant and most useful attempt
Dr. D.: I'm out of town all day tomorrow, so it will have to be Friday.
BobS: turkey day!!!!!!!!
rich-c: c'est la vie, but it will be appreciated
BobS: hey Dr D scan me a copy of Powerpaint that printds to dot matrix from the hard drvie will ya???
rich-c: right, you folks have your Thanksgiving tomorrow, don't you?
Dr. D.: Yes, turkey...Joan is actually off work this Thanksgiving, though she has to work evening shift Fri-Sun.
rich-c: Is that Michigander being uppity, Rich?
BobS: ya sure
rich-c: OK, figured you wouldn't be losing your touch, Bob
Dr. D.: Still haven't dug out my MW system...
rich-c: by the way, the saw trick worked just fine - many thanks for the advice
BobS: bummer DUDE
BobS: nno problem, glad to help a "northerner"
Dr. D.: Sunday, on my way back from Dayton, I stopped by to see Pat Williams and Sandy Schwering, two "retired" members of B.A.S.I.C.
rich-c: speaking of niortherners, we got a mis-addressed package in the mail yesterday
Dr. D.: They are now so retired that they made me take all their ADAM stuff...
rich-c: the return address was in Nunavut
Dr. D.: They asked me to convert their game floppies over to ADAMEM disk images so they can play them.
rich-c: good, Dr. D., you can have a basement like the rest of us
Dr. D.: This stuff had to go in the garage, the basement is full.
Dr. D.: 2 complete systems, about 4 floppy drives, a HD system...scads of software.
Dr. D.: Also what looks like a complete run of Nibbles 'n' Bits.
Dr. D.: Plus the usual stack of NIADs.
rich-c: for the cartridge games, the ROM images are easily available
BobS: owwww. a REAL haul, so to speak
rich-c: yes, lots of good stuff there
BobS: jkljlk
BobS: testin.......
Dr. D.: No, they don't have cartridge games, they have non-cartridge games on floppy disks.
rich-c: migod, he;s talking Klingon
Dr. D.: It's getting slow...
BobS: welllll.....Telegames kind of put a stop to that Richard
rich-c: which means shifting them to TDOS and using and and stuff?
rich-c: guess Dale or someone is using a lot of server cycles
BobS: no lie
BobS: no way!!!
BobS: you just put them ointo a disk drive and tell adamem to read it and put it into a file
rich-c: it's the nature of the graphics biz
BobS: works REAL swell
BobS left chat session
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: back in, but for how long?
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changed username to BobSlopsema
rich-c: see were back Bob
BobSlopsema: you are twins man
BobSlopsema: who to kill.........
rich-c: ignore it, one will go away
BobSlopsema: I dropkicked the connection and retried
rich-c: when the applet acts up, it's better not to fiddle
BobSlopsema: true
BobSlopsema: this is MUCH better
rich-c: anyway, we all obviously got dumped
BobSlopsema: things kinda stopped and no talk so i closed it down
rich-c: my guess is that the server was being used for something else and we fell off the prioity list
BobSlopsema: could be
BobSlopsema: taled to Dale or Jill lately????
rich-c: I got dumped then dumped again on atempted reentry
BobSlopsema: they should be inthe new house by now
rich-c: no, I have no contact with them outside chats and cons
BobSlopsema: just got a email for the Dale!!!!
BobSlopsema: he says the chat is cacelled tonight because he is moving to a new place!!!!
BobSlopsema: hmmmmmmmm
rich-c: well, let's carry on till it boots us off
BobSlopsema: maybe it is up at the new place
rich-c: but once it does I guess we might as well give up
BobSlopsema: y4es, IF we get dumped, hang it up
rich-c: maybe Dr.D got the email and abandoned retrying
BobSlopsema: whatcha know about BASIC??????
BobSlopsema: I will emial him
rich-c: vast fund of ignorance, why?
rich-c: test
rich-c: hope no newbies are trying and being denied entrance
BobSlopsema: jsut sent Dr D and emial
rich-c: hoping Ron will come on; I mailed his order today
BobSlopsema: I need to change or otherwise wreck the christmas disk, hope Rion shows up soon
BobSlopsema: Ron...s in Mitchell????
rich-c: you got it
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: that's likely Dr.D
Guy B.: Greetings All!
BobSlopsema: check yoru emial a minute and you will get Dale's message.....don't know what it means/.....
rich-c: Why hello Guy!
BobSlopsema: has just movef the sefrver
BobSlopsema: or is going to move it tonight
BobSlopsema: HI GUY
rich-c: last time Itried multitasking from this applet it froze me out rst of the night
rich-c: I'll check my email after signing off, but that's it
rich-c: what's the word from Chicago, Guy?
Guy B.: Just discovered that I can't run Netzero on the P133. Not enough memory, even though I have 32mb in there.
Guy B.: Got into the 50's today and will be the same for tomorrow.
BobSlopsema: bullshit, I can here
rich-c: greast heavens, how many banners are they dumping on you, anyway?
rich-c: we were up to 45 today and will be hanging around there next few days
rich-c: the wind was cold but we had sunny intervals which helped matters
Guy B.: Probably too many icons running in my system tray, plus changing the screen resolution from 640 by 480 to 800 by 600 doesn't help. Your right Bob, it should run. I had an older version that did work.
rich-c: what is there about NetZero's software that is grossly different from the usual dialup connection?
rich-c: other than the snooper stuff, that is
Guy B.: You have to use their propietory software.
rich-c: yeah, I know that, they can't monitor your activities otherwise
rich-c: but do you clear your cookie cache and history files regularly?
Guy B.: At least with the Platinum, you don't have the banner ads.
Guy B.: I usually let Norton's fast and safe cleanup do that for me. I have it scheduled to run every 15 days.
BobSlopsema: why I dumped Netrzero !!!!!!!
BobSlopsema: got a local phone co and it is just like Corcomm is, plain vanilla internet explorer
rich-c: I clear all internet files and history at shutdown, and disable cookies
Guy B.: Juno still has their free service. And they have the same platinum service as Netzero and the same price too.
rich-c: that's the kind that works, Bob, like I've been saying all along
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy. Bo'b getting frustrated again.
Judy: Hi, Who are you all?
Judy: that is nothing new!!!
Judy: that should have been how are you all
Guy B.: Are you all set for Thanksgiving tomorrow?
rich-c: in Toronto, all doing fine
BobSlopsema: yes
Judy: are you ready fo r Turkey day?
rich-c: Pam is coming over for dinner tomorrow
BobSlopsema: going to a restaurant, can ya believe that??????
rich-c: ours was Oct. 8th
Judy: yes I am, we are going out to dinner
Judy: How about you Guy?
Guy B.: I am. I'll be spending Thanksgiving at my sister in-law's house. Going to be a few of us there. Jeanene and the rest of the her family are having Thanksgiving at her sister's downstate.
rich-c: keep forgetting that by Illinois standards, you're a northerner, Guy
Guy B.: Besides, I'm going to give lessons on the Internet to my brother in-law. Heaven forbid.
rich-c: aw come on Guy, the internet is easy
BobSlopsema: we are going courtesy of the in laws
Judy: sounds like fun!
rich-c: the only tricks you have to learn deal with security
Guy B.: My sister in-law won't do it. She's afraid he'll screw the computer up. So I volunteered to help him out.
rich-c: and Zone Alarm and a few trips to will square that away
Judy: my whole family is getting together for the first time in several years.
Guy B.: That's great Judy. Are you hosting?
BobSlopsema: fun, fun FUN !!!!!!
rich-c: sounds like it will be quite the bash, Judy
rich-c: how many people will be there?
BobSlopsema: hope not that Rich
Judy: hope it will go all right.
Judy: 25 I think.
rich-c: wow, the restaurant will love that!
Guy B.: Wow, that's quite a bunch.
rich-c: I hear trade isn't what it used to be these days
rich-c: they should give you a private room and wine all around
Judy: probably, great tip for someone
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rich-c: yes, the staff should be pretty happy too
changed username to i-MacRon
BobSlopsema: yea right, what we will get is SCREWED
i-MacRon: yo!
rich-c: Hi Ron, your board is in the mail
BobSlopsema: Ronie me boy!!!!!!
i-MacRon: tks my son
Guy B.: Well, don't need to ask Ron that question tonight. How are you?
i-MacRon: good
Judy: Hello, Ron
i-MacRon: and all of you?
Guy B.: I still haven't setup the Mac Performa yet.
BobSlopsema: Christmas card.....HOW in the heck do I edit the hgr pictures??????
Judy: Do you get a turkey day on the island?
rich-c: nope, he's Canadian
rich-c: had it back in October
i-MacRon: be interested to know how much memory it has
i-MacRon: Oct
i-MacRon: been there, killed it, ate it
Guy B.: So do I. I have some Cd-roms that came with it. Mac OS 7.6.1 is included.
i-MacRon: Now we got Trumpeter Swans all over
Judy: that sort of gets it out of the way..
rich-c: this year it fell on our wedding anniversary
i-MacRon: they come here every year
i-MacRon: Hope you guys celebrated well
rich-c: yes, you're on the Pacific flyway, aren't you, Ron?
BobSlopsema: tomorrow my son
i-MacRon: yup
i-MacRon: we even have a local society who preserve and defend
rich-c: waterbirds are not a local specialty
i-MacRon: wouldn't expect
rich-c: though we apparently have the largest known colony of ring-billed gulls
Judy: what do you eat than?
rich-c: getting some new perching birds, though
i-MacRon: turkey
i-MacRon: or Alberta beef
rich-c: house finches moved in a few years back and are now well established
i-MacRon: but it has to be from Alberta
rich-c: have had a mockingbird around this year
rich-c: and we can expect titmice in the next year or so
Judy: why??
rich-c: Canadian beef is bred for less fat
i-MacRon: from Ontario I remember whipperwills (sp??)
rich-c: whippoorwills are rare in urban areas, but we've encountered them in cottage country the odd time
i-MacRon: thank you
i-MacRon: consider myself duly edumacated
i-MacRon: Rich, now let me get this straight
BobSlopsema: but back to my dilemma.............
i-MacRon: You mean you got the cheque already?
rich-c: we've also had the odd nuthatch and goldfinch visit our feeder, but not often
rich-c: got the cheque yesterday, Ron
i-MacRon: sorry Bob, did I interrupt something
rich-c: unfortunately our postie has us at the end of his walk so delivery is late
i-MacRon: It's a plot I tell you. Mail transitting west to east always takes less time that east to west
rich-c: so couldn't get the order out same day, but did manage within 24 hours
BobSlopsema: got a question for which only YOU can give solutions ronald
i-MacRon: More than adequate Rich
rich-c: I just hope it gets there OK
i-MacRon: oh oh
rich-c: I included the disdc which I doubt you need, and the documentation
BobSlopsema: annual XMAS card for Dec ANN
BobSlopsema: HOW do I edit the pictures?????
BobSlopsema: was going to take old Dec issues and remake them into this years issue
i-MacRon: Oh yes, I was going to talk to you about that. Are we going to do it?
BobSlopsema: but need to edit some pics
i-MacRon: well......ummm.......
BobSlopsema: I was going to take a whack at it
BobSlopsema: BASIC doesn't seem to lod them, PowerPaint won't
i-MacRon: ok... so ..... I have used Powerpaint, importing a variety of stuff from here and there
i-MacRon: using whatever looks not to grainy and horrid
rich-c: I thought Powerpaint could handle any Adam graphics file?
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rich-c: whoops, we've lost Bob
changed username to BobS
rich-c: welcome back
Judy: he should be coming back
i-MacRon: but there's ton's of clips for Xmas in the ADAM world
i-MacRon: which reminds me...... how did you make out with Powerpaint on your HD....seein' as how your source of help
i-MacRon: didn't come through
i-MacRon: I'm disconnected
i-MacRon: Am I still here?
BobS: PowerPaint son't load the old pics, and SmartBASIC gives an out of memory error or something
rich-c: he is back - I warned him about multitasking within the chat applet
Judy: he thought that the chat ended
BobS: you are HERE
i-MacRon: think my input has started going west to west instead of west to east
Judy: he wasn't
BobS: wasnn't doing nothing but chattting
i-MacRon: around the other way
BobS: No PowerPaint yet
BobS: freom anywhere's
rich-c: Dale is moving so we may get the plug pulled at any moment
i-MacRon: Ok.... gotta work on that tonight
BobS: that is what I thought happed
rich-c: gather he sent an email warning us about it
i-MacRon: either that or we're bouncing off the Rockies
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BobS: I figured IF i took pics from there and here; put them into an old disk, and sent it out
changed username to Eric
rich-c: hello Eric - Pearson, right?
Eric: Hi everyone
BobS: HI Eric
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i-MacRon: Yes, you could Bob. That was going to be my stragegy - we have lots of carols from various years
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: welcome Guy
BobS confirmed ban
i-MacRon confirmed ban
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changed username to Guy B.
i-MacRon: I voted yes for the removal
i-MacRon: but I can be bought
Eric confirmed ban
Guy B.: Someone get rid of the evil twin.
i-MacRon: Eric!!!
BobS: but sir.....HOW do I load and be able to cvhange the picturesd??????
Guy B.: Hi Eric.
Judy: they were trying to do that
Eric: Hi Ron
rich-c: just leave it, Guy, it will go away on its own
BobS: besides, you look GOOD as twins
rich-c: anyway, let's welcome our newcomer, Eric
Judy: which is the good one?
rich-c: from, I believe, IBM, though not sure where
BobS: OK, Welcome, welcome!!!!!!!
i-MacRon: You haven't used the multi media utilities eh?
rich-c: Eric, has Ron's input given you enough clues to solve things yet?
Eric: Thanks, good to be here. The baby just went to bed.
BobS: no, whassat??????
Guy B.: Well, it's bad enough I was trying to read a file and that's where it got hung up.
i-MacRon: Yes, Welcom Eric.....
BobS: see?????? multitasking................
i-MacRon: hows the cold?
Eric: Seems better tonight, the fever seems to be breaking.
i-MacRon: drink hot rums till you can't see the end of the bed
BobS: ah YES
rich-c: Eric, has anyone mentioned you don't need a Miniscribe hard disc?
rich-c: I had one but replaced it with a generic 80 meg, of which 64 is addressable
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Eric: No, but I was told you could use any IDE 40MB or under.
changed username to George
i-MacRon: correct
rich-c: welcome George - a second new member tonight!
i-MacRon: actually you can use up to 63 meg
BobS: \HI George
rich-c: glad you have chosen to join us, George
i-MacRon: Eric, from what I read of your qualifications, you should be leading us
Eric: Did you determine if the latest IDEPART can format?
Eric: haha
George: Hi everyone
Eric: Hi George
rich-c: hi george - this is Eric's first night on too
rich-c: we're delighted to have two new folks join us
Guy B.: Hi George
i-MacRon: Was going to suggest after your last e-mail - next garage sale where there's a 486/66 or better, with a 5-1/4 inch
i-MacRon: drive - buy it
i-MacRon: actually, even a 486/33 would do
Eric: Good suggestion, I'll look around, maybe eBay. ADAMs are fairly hot on eBay lately.
rich-c: Ron, he could even pick up an original PC with a 360 drive and it would work
i-MacRon: yup
BobS: right.........been there, done
i-MacRon: They come in handy for your newly chosen hobby
Guy B.: Me too. Until it died. Now those drives are in another PC.
rich-c: really, Eric? must confess I haven't looked at eBay for months
i-MacRon: There is a complete ADAM emulator package written by Marcel DeKogel in Holland (Public Doman and downloadable)
i-MacRon: and a set of conversion utilities
Eric: Picked up 2 disk drives the other day.
rich-c: Ron, your suggestion is because the emulator will run on the 486, right?
i-MacRon: Also, Rich Drushels ADAMServe program which will allow you to use the DOS box for hard drive access and comm port access
i-MacRon: yes Rich
i-MacRon: It'll run on a 386, but you don't want to die waiting
rich-c: In Toronto, used 3.5 floppies are on offer at $5 each
i-MacRon: aha
rich-c: George, we're trying to solve Eric's hard disc problem
rich-c: it has stopped booting for him
BobS: justWHAT IS his problem??????
i-MacRon: Told Eric a couple of days back that it looks like he's going to have to low level format that Drive, and i THINK the
BobS: ADAM w. ide card and ide hard drvie????
Eric: Seems the boot sector has gone the way of the dodo.
i-MacRon: latest revision of IDEPART.CoM will do it, but I have to go practice before I start gassing on
i-MacRon: Got your address Eric.
Eric: That's great Ron.
George: are you talking about an IDE drive on adam?
rich-c: yes
i-MacRon: yes
BobS: you got the original EOS boot disk??????
rich-c: most of us have them, some even use them'
George: this is new to me
BobS: that boots the hd with NO boot on the hd and then you can install the syetem
rich-c: that's OK, George, that's why chatting is so useful
BobS: brings the ADAM into the millinium George
i-MacRon: sounds like all Eric got was a TDOS datapack
BobS: that sucks
Eric: I have the EOS boot tape. But it just freezes.
rich-c: well, he bought it in Texas
Judy: well, I will be calling it a night, bye all, talk at you next week!!
i-MacRon: hmmmm......
rich-c: night Judy, enjoy the big dinner tomorrow
BobS: AHSO!!!!!! from the Terry fella, eh???
Eric: bye Judy
Eric: Yep
i-MacRon: yes, because somewhere in the boot sequence, it checks for the presence of a hard drive
Judy left chat session
i-MacRon: and if it doesn't find one it dies
Eric: It does that very well
BobS: did it originally boot into EOS or go directly to tdos?????
i-MacRon: however...... seems to me that there was a message -- to the effect ide hard drive not found ????
Eric: Directly into EOS menu
i-MacRon: Wouldn't be the first ADAM data pack that got zapped in transit
i-MacRon: Eric, did you say you have an ADAM disk drive?
Eric: Never really used the EOS data pack until the hard drive wouldn't boot, so I don't know if it worked previously.
Eric: I have one disk drive and 2 more on the way.
i-MacRon: ok what I should do, or one of us should do is send you the boot program on disk. I have one here that I know works
i-MacRon: see if that makes any difference
i-MacRon: it may, or it may not
Eric: Will do, appreciate it.
BobS: BUT Ron, is it the full fledged boot or is it just the disk you made when installing the system?????
i-MacRon: anybody else closer got one of these setups actually in service?
rich-c: folks, I have just tried my hard disc
i-MacRon: and....
rich-c: it won't boot from my EOS boot disc
BobS: and, and.......
BobS: yes, got them here Ron
rich-c: but it will boot from the TDOS boot disc
i-MacRon: Eric is in Poughkeepsie
rich-c: but when I type EOS from TDOS, it goes to the Smartwriter entry screen
BobS: Eric, email me !!!!!!!!
i-MacRon: oh oh
rich-c: any clues from this? or comments?
BobS: give me your address and I will send the disk. TDOS boot on one side, EOS boot onthe other
i-MacRon: good.... will be faster than from here
i-MacRon: we have the Rockies ya know. Slows things down
BobS: of course, island time is more relaxes
Eric: E-mail on the way Bob.
i-MacRon: that's wierd Rich. Could be that your EOS boot block needs service
BobS: might be next Mon before ai get around tuit but.....
BobS: I will get to it
rich-c: just trying something - brb
Eric: Understandable with holidays and all. Whenever you have time.
i-MacRon: I don't know how people with modern computers survive
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i-MacRon: life must be so boring
i-MacRon: Still think Eric, that the reformat will have to be done.
i-MacRon: but this is less drastic, and if it works
changed username to BAIR
rich-c: tried leaving the hard disc on and shutting Adam off and on again
rich-c: that didn't do it either
rich-c: thought it might be a problem of recognition on the Adamnet
i-MacRon: start the whole thing up again
i-MacRon: brb - going to the other side of the room
rich-c: greeting to Big Bob the Bair
rich-c: thought you said you were going into hibernation
BAIR: hi every one
Eric: Hi
BobS: BAIR !!!!!!!
rich-c: no snow over teh roof peak in Indiana yet, Bob?
Guy B.: The Bair is here. How are you?
BAIR: not yet
BobS: HI Bair, Judy just now got off the chat, she waqs waiting for you and got tired of waiting
rich-c: Eric, I think I have the same problem you do
BAIR: sorry but i have been watching a show
rich-c: both my original and backup boot discs won't boot it in EOS
i-MacRon left chat session
rich-c: nor will it go from TDOS to EOS
Eric: You mean with the EOS boot, not the hard drive in general.
BAIR: did she want some thing
BobS: no, just to say HI to you and Virginia
rich-c: right - I can access the TDOS part of teh drive, no sweat
BobS: YES BAIR, she want to see your sweet faces in Grand Rapids for AC 14 come august
BAIR: hope every one ahappy turckey day
rich-c: but I just get the flash of the hard disc splash screen in EOS, then default to Adam entry screen
BobS: heck it is practically your back yard
Eric: I must be contagious.
rich-c: yeah watch it Bob, if the snow's gone by then we might come down and getcha
BAIR: we are still talking no answer yet
rich-c: you just don't know how long it is since I've booted up that drive, Eric
rich-c: also everything is on a master power bar
rich-c: but I turned on the ahrd disc after the Adam
rich-c: that can sometimes cause the Adam to decide there ain't nothin" there
BobS: Hello y-all this is manda's boyfriend....
rich-c: hi, back with us again I see
BobS: and i must say a lot better looking than the person who usually uses this screenname hahahaha
BobS: yep they can't get rid of me
rich-c: I assume that's Mandyu's opinion, anyway
BobS: i would hope so
BobS: so how is everone tonight?
BobS: anyone out there?
BAIR: yea
rich-c: Ron, how do I park the heads on my hard disc - quick
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron
rich-c: I want to shut it down
BobS: bob says shift wildcard together ron.....
Ron: back
rich-c: ok thanks
BobS: your welcome
Ron: does it work?
rich-c: the noise from the fasn was driving me nuts
BAIR: ron you can't eat if you don't have some for all of us
Ron: wasn't eating BAIR, honest
Ron: just trying to get near my ADAM which was on the other side of the room
BobS: <-------young ears over here hehehe
BAIR: that soun;ds bad
BobS: what yeawr was the adam created?
rich-c: yes, you need a wide angle lens to do full justice to the portrait of the Snake Pit
BobS: year**
Ron: exactly
BAIR: 1983
BobS: wow i was 8
Ron: speaking of pics Rich... who was that senior gent at the AC02 registration table?
Ron: the one I posted
rich-c: min - brb
BobS: <-------needing to go change my diaper
BAIR: i could look it up in my books
rich-c: Ron, dont know, maybe Doc?
Ron: Eric - just for your info, I'm posting a bunch of ADAMCON pictures I just found on a website, and seeing how many can be identified
Ron: Some of them I don't even know any more
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Ron: Doc?
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: he was, I believe, an MTAG member at the time
rich-c: senior momnet - name wont come to me
Ron: don't you hate it when that happens?
rich-c: hell of a nice guy - former Chief Coroner for Ontario capping a colourful career
BobS: okay i am lost
Guy B.: Me too.
BobS: thank gosh i am not hte only one hahahaha
Ron: yes, I remember someone telling me that
BobS: the***
BAIR: i have the first magazine wrote by coleco
Ron: will have to improve the looks of that site. Don't like the template Apple forces me to use
Guy B.: Which is?
rich-c: he was writing is memoirs on the Adam using a 20" tv screen
Ron: wow
rich-c: couldn't use anything else 'cause the print was too small for his eyesight
rich-c: but the Adam served him just fine
BobS: hahahahahaha
Ron: actually you know, the ADAM did have that advantage at the time
George: i have a 5" screen
Ron: still does actually
BobS: where are y-all from?
rich-c: Ron, give Eric and George the url for your site so they can take a peek at the Snake Pit
Ron: right....
Ron: senior's moment....... wrote it down here somewhere
rich-c: that's my line, Ron
BobS: senior's moment???? where are the AARP cards at?
rich-c: mine's in my wallet, since you ask
BobS: you are only as old as you feel
rich-c: got a CARP card too (Canadian flavour)
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BobS: i've herd you can get kool discounts on golf with that card
Ron: it's getting worse
rich-c: Eric, George, go take a peek when you have a chance
changed username to bair
Ron: there'll be more as 'rounttuits' permit
rich-c: also see to see what we look like
rich-c: or is that .org?
Ron: .com
George: my url is there's not much there but a goofy pic of me using my video cam
rich-c: you can always echo Meeka's pages, Ron
Ron: yeah we got more pictures in cyberspace that your average nutty computer group
Ron: hey, there's a thought
BobS: hay i know meeka
Ron: Actually the whole idea was initially to put them up there so Meeka could copy them
Ron: but I haven't told her that yet
rich-c: really? I thought Meeka's site predated yours
BobS: alright y-all it was nice to talk to you i guess i best let bob back on here before he starts jonsing
Ron: yes it does, but she only has the later pics
BobS: good night y-all once again nice talking to you
rich-c: I'm still trying to unearth some of my early ones - know I have them, but where?
Ron: Go straight home Bob
rich-c: they aren't with the regular stash of photos, unfortunately
BobS: <----Kris not Bob
Ron: we need a central repository of pics, and Meeka is it
rich-c: when I do stumble across them there will be a whole bunch of AC02 pics
bair: night bob tell judy hi try earlier nextweek
Ron: are ya still on the right side of the ground Bob Bair?
bair: oh yae
Ron: good man
bair: wich is the right side
rich-c: how's the motocross construction going?
bair: added two more hills
BobS: how big a course yo have now??????
bair: last week had 12 bikes
rich-c: oops - slowdown or has the plug been pulled?
Guy B.: Well gang, I'm going to run. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA. See you all later.
BobS: have ahappy day GUy
Ron: yes ..... feast well gain weight
BobS: NOT gain weight!!!!!
Ron: Anyway Bob S.
Ron: give me a week with the Xmas Card. Think I can get to it
BobS: da idea is to eat a little of all and enjoy it all
rich-c: be by on Saturday, Guy?
rich-c: Ron, Frances says she likes your picture of teh Snake Pit
rich-c: she wants to know if you'd like to come by and tidy up ours now
Ron: Or do you really want to do it?
Guy B.: No, feast well, do lots of walking thereafter.
Ron: hah! she does does she
Eric: Ron, is the Snake Pit yours?
Ron: some nights I look at it and go......What a heap of junk!
Ron: yes sir and that's only one wall
BobS: no, I don't care Ron....I jsut didn'twant to bother ya and thought I could do it., but ran into problems
BobS: trying to lolok at the pics
Ron: when we have brown-outs on Vancouver Island, they always come here
Eric: Ron have you ever seen this page:
Ron: Ok well I'll see how far I get in the next 7 days
rich-c: you should have seen his apartment when he was living in Ottawa
Ron: no I haven't eric. gonna load it up and look
bair: most of tims ground
bair: by
bair left chat session
rich-c: Is that a new one, Eric? Haven't checked that site for a while
George: i have to make pies and cookies for t-day
Ron: some things never change
rich-c: whoops, that was a quick exit by Bob B.
rich-c: for today or tomorrow, George?
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changed username to Eric
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changed username to <undefined>
rich-c: sorry - didn't twig to the abbreviation immediately
Ron: e-mail me a piece of pie George
Eric: Got disconnected
<undefined>: BAIR
rich-c: I'll asettle for a cookie - email me a chocolate
George: for tomorrow
Eric: In Smartbasic how do you get a catalog of another drive?
BobS: catalog,d6
Ron: Oh wow! This sounds like a man I can relate to
Ron: Tim Copper
rich-c: just catalog dx where x is the drive number
Eric: Some collection huh
BobS: d6 is disk drive 2, d1, is tape drive 1 and d2 is tape drive 2
Guy B.: See how it goes.
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: Good Lord.. I thought I had a problem
rich-c: do you not have a SmartBASIC manual, Eric?
George: how do you access disk in smartlogo?
<undefined> changed username to BAIR
Eric: Great, thanks Bob. Yeah but i didn't see that in there. What happened to Smartbasic 2.0?
BobS: nuthin
Ron: still around Eric. Nobody used it much
rich-c: SETDEV 4
BobS: SmartLOGO says,.......SETDEVICE # and follow the protocol for #'s
Ron: That's better
Ron: I think
Eric: I asked because nobody seems to sell it. I saw 1.0 and 1.X.
rich-c: It's PD so you have to ask. No one lists PD discs - too many, too costly to do so
Ron: SmartBASIC 2 is public domain
BobS: smartbasic 2 is publicv domain
Ron: echo in here
BobS: huh....huh
Ron: except one part of it can't spell
BobS: true
rich-c: well, we invite new folks to ask questions
rich-c: just shows how eager wevall are to help out
Ron: the problem with Smart Basic 2.0, Eric, was that while it was capable of adding a memory expander to
BobS: no Bair, just curious
rich-c: oh, I don't know, I do it all the time
Ron: contiguous RAM, through bank switching, it took unacceptably long to do so
George: what is the national adam computer council?
Ron: programs that used the extra RAM were sloooow
BobS: SB 2 was really implemented to add some commands for basic to work with
Ron: a body of governing farts who meet when the moon is full
rich-c: If I recall, George, it was a for-profit user group from long ago
Ron: seriously, Rich is right
BAIR: do they have long teeht
Ron: yeah BAIR ,exept the spell them teeth
Eric: Is any version of Smartbasic able to use relative files?
BobS: before my time, it was,.....I IS young ya know
rich-c: tell us about it, grandpa Bob
Ron: no. you have to get into CP/M or TDOS for that
BobS: depends on what your relatives LOOK like
Eric: or random access if you prefer
BAIR: will see that is why i don't ask queations i can't sjpell either
Ron: memory management was not a strong forte in the 8 bit world
BobS: but we knows what you arte taklin aabout Bair
Ron: oh....ok, yes...... there was a way
Ron: going to a start point or offset then reading the next x numnber of bytes
Ron: like PUT or GET?
rich-c: isn't that what a database does internally?
Ron: here's where I wish Guy Cousineau was still with us
BAIR: i have a cold and i was told not to say up to late happ y T day to every one
rich-c: or Dr. D. had stayed on after we got booted early
rich-c: he'd probably write a patch to do it
Ron: yeah, he'd know
BAIR left chat session
rich-c: goodnight Bair, see you next week
Ron: drink hot rums Bair
rich-c: it won't cure anything but you wont care
Eric: brb
BobS: but trouble is, Dr d is kinda bogged down with family and work
BobS: what's the recipe for hot rums thingies
rich-c: yes, he seems to do enough for any three people
Ron: with that many daughters, there are bound to be other priorities
Ron: In an 8 ounce glass...
Ron: one ounce of water
Ron: 7 hounces of rum
Ron: add cinnamon, put the whole mess in the microwave
rich-c: hang hat on bedpost...
Ron: Repeat as required
BobS: and, and ya only need ONE
rich-c: adrink rum...
rich-c: when second hat appears, desist
rich-c: anyway, George, any questions arising from what you've seen so far?
BobS: probably "what are you guys, NUTS????"
rich-c: naw, the answer to that is obvious
George: sorry i was away starting my pies
rich-c: but we're harmless nuts, at least to everything except the budget
BobS: well troups, I gotta REtire to the four poster bed Judy just got last month.............
rich-c: oh, is that why you got her the new Grand Marq?
BobS: see ya maybe Sat or fur sure nextr Wed
Ron: sorry guys on the phone
George: i have a lot to learn
BobS: ya right
BobS left chat session
rich-c: OK, I'll try to check by Sat at 3 if Dale has it up
rich-c: trust me, George, we all have a lot to learn
rich-c: too little life, too much information
Ron: will sign off see ya's next week
rich-c: curse of our age, and its greatest blessing
rich-c: OK Ron, see you then
Ron: niters
rich-c: Anyway, Eric and George, thank you both for dropping by
rich-c: I do hope you've found it rewarding enough to try again next week
Eric: Sorry...
Eric: had to give baby her medicine
rich-c: right, keep forgetting you're a new papa
Eric: Yep, was good to be here, I'll drop by next week.
rich-c: terrific. Have a long list of questions ready
rich-c: and I'll fiddle with my hard disc and see if I can find an answer
rich-c: if it works for me maybe it will work for you
George: i'll try for saturday
Eric: Probably will. Let me know how it turns out, nite all
rich-c: good show, George
rich-c: we usually come on promptly at 3 p.m. and hang around 15 minutes waiting for someone to turn up
rich-c: if no joy in that time, we go away home
rich-c: Bob sometimes sends an email around the mailing list seeking chatters
Eric: Have a wedding on Saturday, but will try to be here next Wed
rich-c: Nite Eric, will do
Eric left chat session
George: Nite Eric
rich-c: George, I still have to put out the recycling and deal with my email
rich-c: so I'm going to have to close it down too
rich-c: hope to see you Saturday, if not next Wednesday
George: ok, nite
rich-c: dont forget - bring lots of questions
rich-c: nite for now
George: i will
George left chat session
rich-c: *poof*
rich-c left chat session
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