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rich-c: hi Guy sorry I'm late
rich-c: got absorbed in teh paper and didn't notice teh time
Guy B.: HI Rich. Would you believe I cannot use the sound events panel. It's completely blank.
rich-c: you mean in this applet?
rich-c: or is that on your computer setup?
Guy B.: yes, the panel shows up. But, no sound events are listed.
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rich-c: that sounds weird - which version of Windows are you using?
changed username to George
rich-c: hello Geroge
Guy B.: I do have other .Wav files playing.
Guy B.: Windows 98.
rich-c: we're just looking at a DOS problem of Guy's
George: Hi
Guy B.: HI George
rich-c: so your sound is OK, but the interal schedule isn't. Strange
George: Hi ms-dos?
Guy B.: No, it's Win98.
rich-c: you know the panel in Windows where you can set the sounds for stuff? His is blank
rich-c: Guy, are you getting thestartup and closedown sounds anyway?
Guy B.: Nothing.
George: are you getting any sound at all?
rich-c: but you say you can call up sounds in applications
Guy B.: Some other programs I can use other sounds and they work fine. Just only in the Sound Events panel.
rich-c: basically, that panel is for Windows itself, which then applies some (like a ping for a period) to apps it's running
rich-c: do you have any utilities like Norton or McAfee?
George: sounds like windows has become unstable
rich-c: like, I have an older McAfee program called PC Medic
rich-c: more likely, Georgee, he's just lost a file somehow
rich-c: I doubt the whole OS is about to crash or anything
rich-c: still, it was just after some fiddling including in the sound panel that my laptop decided it was going to hang on exit
rich-c: test
rich-c: I think I may be losing contact - I will exit and return
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to rich
rich: I hope I'm back on now
George: yes i see you
rich: good - now I see you - it was quiet there for a few minutes
rich: has Guy gone off to play with his sound panel?
George: i don't know
rich: he often gives in to the urge to multitask during chats
rich: anyway, did the Wednesday session leave you with any questions?
George: yes
rich: well, toss 'em at us!
George: how do you hook up an ide drive? can you use any pc drive?
rich: OK, you are talking about a hard disc
George: yes
rich: first, whatever size you get, Adam can only ever address 64 meg of it
rich: Micro Innovations (Mark Gordon) built two versions of the IDE interface
rich: one is essentially his MIB3 card, with a boot prom socket added
rich: it fits in the middle slot and also has 2 serial + 1 parallel ports (hence the 3 designation)
rich: he also built a solely IDE interface card that goes in slot 1
rich: both come with specially written software to make things go
rich: in addition, Big John Lingrel of Orphanware also built an Adam hard disc setup
rich: his fits physically in the space normall used by tape drive 2
rich: that's OK because the way the software is set up, Adam thinks the hard disc is tape drive 2
rich: right now there may or may not be some of these available on the used market
rich: and Mark's son and Dale Wick are looking into making the interface cards available again
rich: I think Bob Slopsema may have a stash of them too
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changed username to Guy B.
George: do you need to use memory expansion modules?
Guy B.: Sorry, system got hung up. I got the Sound Events panel back.
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changed username to rich
rich: OK I'm back but I missed some
rich: does that cover what you wanted to know?
rich: test
rich: ok, either the buffer has hung or I've lost my connection
rich: I will exit and re-enter
rich left chat session
Guy B.: Rich, I go the Sound Events panel back. Thanks to First Aid 2000.
rich: OK, I just had an attack on my computer but I'm clear now
rich: yes, I figured a program like that weould do it, Guy
rich: not sure but we may have lost George now
Guy B.: Guess, both of us had trouble. Thanks to First Aid 2000. I was able to go back to the last time I changed the sound events and it made a backup and I was able to restore it.
rich: yes, those utility programs have their uses
George: do you need to use memory expansion modules to run hard drive?
Guy B.: This really helped.
rich: no, you don't need a memory expander
rich: that's what the chats are basically for, Guy, to swap information
rich: George, if you want a hard disc, drop a line to Bob Slopsema
rich: not sure of his email address; he changed this week I think
George: how do you connect a power supply?
rich: but he'll likely be on Wednesday; he's not going away till Dec. 10th
rich: the MI hard discs came with their own power supplies; I'm not sure how Orphanware did it
rich: Guy, do you know?
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rich: sorry, gentlemen, knocked myself off that time
Guy B.: To and IDE hard drive?
George: yes
rich: I've lost my buffer, Guy, which question are you answering?
rich: OK, got it
rich: where does an Orphanware hard disc get its power from?
Guy B.: There should be a 4 prong plug from the power supply. You put that plug into the matching socket on the hard drive. It only goes on one way.
rich: that's with the MI, Guy, but the OrphaNWARE ONE IS INTERNAL
rich: sorry for shouting; hit the caps lock by mistake
Guy B.: Hmm, it still should be the same way. I don't have an Orphanware hard drive.
rich: have to find out from George or Herman
rich: actually, I may even have one of Michael's old Adams with the Orphanware setup in the basement
rich: have to take a look at it later see if it tells me anything
rich: I'm sure it can't draw from the Adam itself' 80 watts just wont hack it
Guy B.: Well guys. I haven't had lunch yet, the dog needs to go out and I promised her I take her to the pet store to buy food and see what kind of Christmas gift to find her. See you on Wednesday.
rich: OK Guy thanks for coming by. See you Wed
Guy B. left chat session
rich: George, you still with us?
George: i have a Quantum prodrive will it work?
rich: my understanding, George, is that it's all in the interface
rich: I believe some of the early Orphanware installations were MFM or RLL drives, in fact
George: now you really lost me
rich: How big is your Quantum? And is it IDE?
rich: OK, far as I can find out, with a bit of trickery any computer can be made to support a hard disc
George: 85mb ide non standard
rich: you need an interface card the computer can work with, and appropriate software
rich: in what way is your Quantum drive IDE interface non-standard?
George: it seems to work as a normal ide drive
rich: did it originally come from a Compaq or IBM or something, with proprietary tweaks?
George: it came in a STi 486DLC 40 computer i got at a flea market
rich: that sounds like a generic computer which implies a standard IDE interface
George: exactly
rich: it also sonds like a cheapy - could the Prodrive simply be a low-cost line for Quantum?
George: could be
rich: well, if it answers to IDE commands on an IDE interface, it should be usable if you can find a power supply
rich: beyond that, you're out of my depth
George: it has dos 6.2 on it
rich: Dale Wick would be the best guy for combined hardware/software answers
rich: but he is busy with his business (that supports this server)
rich: and Jillian has only about four weeks to go before their baby is due
rich: well, if a hard disc is to be used on an Adam it has to be totally reformatted
rich: Adam uses a different file system and system file
George: i can probably wait i need to learn much more before i can use it
rich: it also requires a certain special type of partitioning
rich: yes, the learning process will be difficult
rich: Bob Slopsema can likely tell you how to set up the hardware
rich: and Rich Drushel (Dr.D) is really our most knowledgable software person
rich: Ron Mitchell gets his answers by cut and try, but he's done a lot of cutting and trying
rich: and he's the one most willing to talk at length
rich: like me, Ron is retired so isn't tied to a schedule
rich: Dr.D. has a full-time job, four daughters, and a wife who works as a nurse
rich: mind you, he's as efficient as any two other people
George: are most of the group programmers?
rich: no, all do a little but the level of competence varies wildly
rich: Dr.D. wrote a new verision of SmartBASIC that works better than the original
rich: I think Dale is using the server - it can cause delays in response on this application
rich: (test)
rich: ok, we're back now
rich: the server we're using belongs to Opengraphics
George: it seems like most have a degree in computers
rich: Dale is a partner and part owner in the company
rich: no, none have an actual degree in computers
George: now i'm having problems
rich: Dale though attended the University of Waterloo
rich: but technically his degree is in mathematics and music
rich: he took a lot of computer courses, though
George: hello
rich: it
rich: it's hard to tell a buffer delay from line troubles
rich: you're visible
rich: Dr.D is a research Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve university - in biology
rich: he studies the physiology of sea slugs
rich: but he's picked up so much on his own he teaches a course in robotics too
rich: he got started when his father bought one of the first, defective Adams
rich: his father gave it to him and he proceeded to get it working
George: messages are not coming through right
rich: to do so he had to make hardware adjustments and learn to write source code
rich: (if you're having serious problems, tell me, click on exit, wait for the "applet disconnected" box to appear, click OK, click refresh and reenter. You will lose all lines above your re-entry point, though
rich: I can usually tell when I'm in trouble becuase my hard disc starts rattling
rich: I also have a monitor which if I watch it shows me if my text is going out
George: it seems to be sticking then suddenly too much come up at once
rich: yes, remember graphis is a very processor and memory-intensive application
rich: if Dale or one of his partners is doing something on the server, the time slice that gets left to us will shrink
rich: sort of like the effect you get on one of the old token-ring networks
George: you have to fill me in so much i don't know
rich: what kind of computer are you using for this chat?
George: amd k62 500 mhz 204 mb ram
rich: well, you shouldn't be having any memory or processor problems then
rich: I'm on a K6-166MMX with only 32 MB or RAM
George: dsl connection
rich: I'm dialup and my modem is only 33.6
George: aol is very quirky
rich: usually the chats go smoothly but every once in a while we do get a day like today
rich: yes, I've heard AOL is no joy
rich: I use a small local ISP
rich: and I think I'm the only one on chat who still has his original ISP
rich: everyone else seems to change ISPs as often as they change their shirts
rich: anyway, you do know that on a multi-tasking computer like yours, you can allocate prioities among tasks, right?
George: i've started my online experience with aol in 1997
rich: yes, my brother uses them, and my motor racing cursor crony in Phoenix
George: i didn't know that
rich: anyway when I went online AOL wanted $30 u.s. ($45 Canadian) for about 50 hours a month
rich: but my ISP wanted $200/yr ($135 U.S.) for unlimited access
rich: guess which I chose?
George: the smart money
rich: and my ISP doesn't snoop on me or keep deminding I upgtrade my softwar3e all the time
rich: anyway, re multitasking: yes, computers can be given a set of priorities
George: i'm signed up for beta testing most of aol's software works best in beta
rich: like they can be told, uses 90% of time for appliocation, 5% for system, 1% to manage email chacking, 1% for chat modules, etc.
rich: any smart business will set it up so when there's multiple demands, the priority goes to the work
rich: I didn't even know that AOL did beta testing
George: mostly their own software
rich: my ISP just tells you to use IE since you have it in Windows anyway
rich: then you can go fetch NN or Opera or one of the others if you like it better
George: i run neoplanet
rich: don't know that one
rich: is it a pay or free?
George: free
rich: what are its strong points?
George: it's cute little browser you can choose your own skins
rich: small but fast, I gather
George: yes it uses ie somehow
rich: well, the major IE modules are integrated into Windows
rich: but then, most modules most programs use are
rich: that's why the look and feel is basically the same no matter who writes the program you're using
George: oh
rich: yes, software developers are not anxious to reinvent the whell
George: does it work the same on the linux systems
rich: so if Microsoft builds say a pop-up box mechanism into Windows, they'll use it rather than write a new one
rich: sort of but not quite - no two linus installations are ever the same
rich: it's open source software so it's under constant modification
rich: there are popular linux programs that provide modules much like Windows does
rich: and again, programmers will use them - invent the wheel once
George: i threw in the towel on linux
George: just too hard
rich: not surprised, I have it but haven't yet worked up the nerve to install it
rich: but then, I have a fairly complex dual-boot setup already, so putting it in isn't easy
rich: or should I say it's easy if I don't care what crashes how hard
rich: the problem with Linux basically is the lack of documentation
rich: that's why outfits like Red Hat can make big money on it
rich: the program itself is free, what they sell you is the service of transcribing it to disc and offering instructions
George: yes
rich: anyway, Frances has arrived home and it's time to get the wine for dinner - I'm going to have to go
rich: think you'll be able to make it Wednesday?
George: ok, yes bye for now
rich: see you then. *poof*
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