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rich-c: test
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changed username to George
rich-c: hello george
George: hi Rich
rich-c: good to see you in - see we have a small server delay again
George: where is everyone?
rich-c: guess Dale must have a heavy project in the works
rich-c: oh, they will doubtless turn up - some tend to be early, some late
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rich-c: Dr.D is usually early when he comes, Bob's erratic, Guy runs a bit late,
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: And I made it finally
Pamela: Hi
left chat session
rich-c: how is Kimerley doing with the Linux?
Pamela: Hasn't got it yet - and I forgot to give it to her tonite
rich-c: by the way, we are getting a server/buffer delay
Pamela: I noticed that
rich-c: so don't assume you've been disconnected
Pamela: Hi, George!
George: hi
Pamela: Wow, this is really slow
rich-c: how's the weatehr been down Philadelphia way, George?
George: i'm still new to adam world
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George: warm and wet
Pamela: That's okay, you'll integrate fairly quickly
changed username to BobS
rich-c: well, new to teh enthusiast group, but you've had Adams for a bit
Pamela: G'day, Bob
BobS: G'day mates!!!!!!
rich-c: allo Robert
BobS: whassup??????
rich-c: server delays but we are getting thru
Pamela: Not the temp, not the price of gas . . .
Pamela: run out of ideas
BobS: You can say you heard it here first!!!!!!! ADAMCON 14 held in GR August 8-11, 2002
Pamela: Old news
George: stil need to get the hang of using Adam though
rich-c: yes, we're getting our first hint of winter here - may dip below freezing tonight
BobS: just have to sigtn contract tomorrow or Mon
Pamela: Cool
BobS: thas betterr!!!!
Pamela: Sorry
rich-c: we are already looking forward to it
BobS: ADAM is easy to use George
Pamela: And planning our vacation time
rich-c: wonder how many we'll get for this one?
BobS: can't hurt him, and he is slow, JUST for learning
George: yes but i'm kind of slow
rich-c: but you sure can learn a lot with an Adam
Pamela: Dad, Allyson showed me her new laptop yesterday and now I know what I want for Christmas
BobS: gonna make a mass emailing and threaten to "hurt" some who have been lax of late
rich-c: don't let Bob kid you, fifteen plus years on we're all still learning
BobS: well then make plans to attend ADAMCON George
BobS: it is yust a never ending experience.......
rich-c: what kind of laptop did she get, Pam?
Pamela: An IBM Thinkpad
George: tht would be hard for me
rich-c: which processor?
BobS: actually, I am starting to understand Basic programming, not that I cna write it yet, but it makes some sense
Pamela: Dunno. It's from work and has W2000 on it so I would imagine fairly new
BobS: when I llok at a program, i see what is goin on
rich-c: oh, well maybe you should talk Speedy into getting you one too
Pamela: Oh, sure, like that'll happen
BobS: basically, I "use" and love to put stuff together
Pamela: And take it apart
Pamela: : )
BobS: hooked up another mini winnie hd unit sat
BobS: ya sure......
Pamela: Does this mean I can't put it on my Christmas list Dad?
rich-c: anyway, George, if you work on teh obstacles Adamcon attendance is not hard
BobS: good thing we got extra's.......darn, trashed that one, toss it aside
George: i'm strictly limited in income
rich-c: well, if you'll settle for a TRS-80
Pamela: Do they come as laptops?
BobS: comeon Richard, it is your very own daughter here,,,,,,,give a laptop for Xmas
rich-c: it's a problem we all have in a greater or less degree, George
Pamela: Pleeeeeeeeease
BobS: that is why we don't own a 1 gigahertz machine!!!! :-)
BobS: \
rich-c: but Philadelphia to Chicago can be done as a tough day's drive
Pamela: George, if you start saving your dollar coins, you should have enough by August
rich-c: and Grand Rapids is not quite so far
Pamela: You notice Dad's ignoring me
BobS: right!!!! 3 hours short of Chicago
BobS: naw, he wouldn't!!!!!
Pamela: He's had lots of practice
rich-c: Bob, are you including meals in the Con fee?
BobS: we missed ya lastest week Pamela
BobS: not supper for fri and sat eves, it doesn't look like
George: some say i shuldn't even have computers cause i'm on SSI
BobS: but the rest
BobS: will have to see about it though
Pamela: Well, unlike many, I read my email before logging on and it told me there wasn't gonna be one so I shrugged and sat down to watch West Wing
Pamela: You know what, George - they don't know what they're talking about
BobS: don't believe everything ya hear
rich-c: yes, but the Old Country Buffet stuffs you cheap
BobS: today George, the "outdated" (if we can cll them that) computers are very cheap entertainment
rich-c: wonder if Dale is still in teh process of moving?
BobS: they are right down the street, almost walking disatance, but not quite
George: is anyone near Pennsylvania?
Pamela: Hello?
BobS: don't know, but the server is slow tonight
BobS: no
BobS: HI
rich-c: Does anyone remember where Dale is moving to?
George: my aol is acting up again
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rich-c: the only Adam user aropund Philadelphia is Rich Cossaboon, and he's been very quiet lately
BobS: lots closer to where Jill works
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Anyone out there?
changed username to Dr. D.
BobS: it's the server we are hooked ot George
Pamela: Hi, Rich
rich-c: right, it's an apartment, isn't it?
BobS: Dr D !!!!!!
rich-c: hi rich
rich-c: you're later than usual - putting the girls to bed?
Dr. D.: Hello, is anyone here?
Dr. D.: I am seeing no text in my window here...
rich-c: yes, server is slow
Pamela: extremely slow, plus I got booted once
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changed username to <undefined>
Dr. D.: Okay, a big update all at once.
rich-c: I think they're relaying via the Tombaugh Station
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: Gi guy
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone!
Pamela: oops. hi
changed username to white-ron
<undefined> changed username to BobS
Dr. D.: Late because of Brownie and Girl Scout meetings for Diana and Elanor, respectively, plus running Christina to a sick friend's house to deliver homework and books.
white-ron: yo!
Pamela: As opposed to what, Ron?
rich-c: and how's Ron - up to the armpits?
rich-c: no golf for you today!
white-ron: the ground outside
BobS: Ah, the noble computer whiz is here....... ;-)
Guy B.: Hi Ron, just got here myself after watching NYPD Blue on tape.
Pamela: Gotcha
white-ron: right here on the island even
white-ron: Hi Guy
Dr. D.: BobS, what is this aborted .WAV E-mail you sent me? My mail reader can't do anything with it at all.
BobS: I speeded right up here now that I left and came back
Pamela: George, to answer your question about location, your closest neighbor is probably Rich D in Cleveland
BobS: got me, I didn't send ya anything
Dr. D.: Oh, so George isn't "our" George K.
Guy B.: Tomorrow. I'll be seeing Win2000 for first time as I'm taking a class on that and Outlook 2000.
Pamela: No, he's a newbie so be nice
white-ron: It's a baddy Dr. D. don't open it
rich-c: no, he's in Philadelphia
George: i think i'm loosing the chatroom
Pamela: So, who''s closer?
Dr. D.: I got an E-mail right now Bob which says it's a reply to the post I made to the list a few months ago about the ColecoVision multicart schematic I put up.
Dr. D.: Well, elm on a Unix box is immune to viruses :-) I'll just delete it.
white-ron: oh oh.... more snow on the way - heavy snow warning
BobS: could be is replied to you about something, but don't remember any WAV file I sent anybody
white-ron: aha
BobS: for you Ron?????
Guy B.: Rich C, you have Zonealarm. How is it? The Learning Co. sent me an e-mail offer for Zonealarm Pro.
Dr. D.: The mailer says there's a .WAV MIME type in it, but it's damaged and can't be open.
Dr. D.: opened, rather.
rich-c: maybe it got routed the way our chat is going tonight
white-ron: yup East Coast Vancouver Island
rich-c: you sent it weeks ago
BobS: GLAD to see you gettin it Ron, we are green here yet
rich-c: ZoneAlarm Pro is for businesses.
Pamela: So far no white stuff here
BobS: AND none is sight
white-ron: My latest Norton AV install specifically checks e-mails,incoming and outgoing
rich-c: I think anyone online without at least plain vanilla Zone Alarm or equivalent needs their heads read
Guy B.: Well, they say I can get that and has more features than the free version. For $10 less than at their website.
white-ron: Got that too
George: i'm lost. everything stops then scrolls by in a sudden burst
white-ron: and a router
Dr. D.: Just looked at the purported .WAV E-mail and it looks like spam from someone who's hijacked your E-mail address, Bob...
Dr. D.: Content-Type: audio/x-wav; name="New_Napster_Site.MP3.pif"Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64Content-ID: <EA4DMGBP9p>
Pamela: George, it
rich-c: you don't need the pay-for features - trust me
Pamela: s the server - try going out and coming back in again
Guy B.: I went to their site and I think you're right.
George left chat session
BobS: George. LEAVE and then RECONNECT into the chat, that workied for me
rich-c: yes, george, the buffer handling is strange tonight
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rich-c: it plikely means Dale is using the computer heavily
changed username to George
Pamela: It's working okay now
white-ron changed username to ron
BobS: which email address?????
Pamela: That better, George?
rich-c: and our task only gets a tiny slice of teh processor's time
George: right now its better
ron: just working on some music for the card Bob
BobS: oh, now I am slow
Pamela: Good
Guy B.: Might make sense just getting the free version then, right?
Dr. D.: Bob, it says From: "Robert Slopsema" <>, Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 19:58:43 -0500
ron: got the graphics done
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BobS: AH HA, that address is NO LONGER GOOD
rich-c: yes, Guy, I've had it for a couple of versions now - it works
BobS: I dumped them 2 months ago
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy
rich-c: if you want to know about these issues, go to
Dr. D.: So, someone has harvested E-mail addresses from the ADAM mailing list. My addresses has gotten a huge amount of spam in the last couple weeks.
Guy B.: I dumped Corecomm 4 weeks ago, so mine is gone too.
Judy: Hello, all!!!
BobS: My website is till up @ CORE, but everything else is dead
Guy B.: Hi Judy.
ron: Hi Judy!
Dr. D.: Hi Judy.
rich-c: evening, Judy
rich-c: I thought the Adam list was pretty immune to that
BobS: that idea is NO NICE Rich......the problem IS, just what are they doin with it
Judy: How is life with everyone??
rich-c: after all, only list members can post to it
ron: life goes on Judy, despite my best attempts to prevent it
rich-c: and I hope we don't have any spammer trolls in our midst
Dr. D.: Nope, just subscribe, lie low, collect posts, harvest E-mail addresses from the posts.
BobS: I got an ODD message from Howard Pines tonight, that I had a virus in something I sent him.......
BobS: mist be same deal. although he emialed me on a new accoutn
Judy: you really sould not try to stop it, Ron
ron: oh
Dr. D.: So I bet a spammer is using your old account name for From:
rich-c: doubt that would be rewarding enough to be worthwhile, Dr.D
Pamela: Boy are your fingers dyslexic tonite Bob
Judy: he tries to type to fast
BobS: AND, I loath phone books, so I don't even have one set up to steal my contacts form
Dr. D.: No Rich, the idea is to steal an identity for sending some spams, make it look like an innocent person did it, so if the spamee retaliates in any way, it's misdirected to an innocent.
BobS: dingers????????
ron: cixelsyd
George: my email for those interested is
Pamela: You Ron are obviously not
rich-c: I'm not getting more than the usual spam from the usual pests
Guy B.: Ron, I hope to setup this Mac Performa sometime during the weekend and see what's on there. Plus finding out how much memory there is, etc.
Dr. D.: Anyone who posts anywhere public with a valid E-mail address is vulnerable to this, actually.
Dr. D.: Oh, I see. At first I thought that "cixelsyd" was some unreleased product from Trisyd Video Games :-)
rich-c: oh, I know that - that's why I have a hotmail address
ron: just wanted to see of all was awake
Dr. D.: As long as I never use Outlook for E-mail, I am safe from the spam, it just takes up space 'til I send it to /dev/null.
Pamela: Save the name, we may need it some day
Pamela: Zzzzzzz. . . .
rich-c: well, you Mac and Unix types are much less vulnerable
Guy B.: I didn't install Outlook Express when I installed Win98, using Netscape Messenger instead.
Dr. D.: In case you all were wondering, I have not stopped working on scanning stuff from the ColecoVision Programmers' Manual.
BobS: it is one of those kerflickety whatchamacallits I thing
ron: we have our moments
rich-c: I use Eudora for my email, the hackers attack it much less
Dr. D.: I just don't have Acrobat Distiller on a home machine, and haven't had a chance to upload a few MB of scans to my CWRU machine to make the PDFs.
Pamela: And how come you can spell that?
ron: appreciate your efforts Dr.D
Dr. D.: Also, I have had to retype some absolutely unreadable pages anyway. 5 pages of code listing, plus 50-line table reduced so small in the original that it was illegible in the nth-generation photocopy.
rich-c: I've heard of several Acrobat programs, but not Distiller
ron: I have the "Mail" program by Apple. Nobody knows it exists....not even Apple
Dr. D.: It was decipherable, in the same way that a damaged Egyptian hieroglyphic inscription is decipherable, but not usable as a casual reference.
Pamela: How does one create a pdf file?
Guy B.: Dr D., how many pages are in this manual?
Pamela: Brr, gotta go close the window
Dr. D.: Distiller is the stand-alone program to make PDFs. It may have been merged into Acrobat proper by now. This is for version 3.0 stuff. Distiller is great when you aren't making fancy indices etc., you just want a PDF from some PostScript files.
rich-c: one buys Adobe Acrobat, daughter
Guy B.: How cold is it up there Pam?
Dr. D.: Well, I haven't exactly counted...I would guess 250-300.
Guy B.: Whoa, so you have a long way to go yet!
rich-c: just click your mouse on teh X in the corner
Pamela: I don't know Guy, I havent' looked at the temp this evening - Dad?
Dr. D.: Not strictly true, Rich; there are now reverse-engineered freeware programs to make PDF-readable files.
rich-c: gettin down towards freezing
rich-c: in fact your Ma says it's hit it
Judy: Why is your window open, now anyway,Pam
Guy B.: Were in the 40's here in Chicago. Translate to Celsius, that would be in the single digits about, right?
Dr. D.: What's done already is almost 100 pages (the announced PDFs). I have maybe another 100 pages of scans waiting to be PDFed.
Pamela: plus windchill
George: i'm stuck again
ron: got a phone call here guys .. back later
Dr. D.: And thus about another 100 pages yet to even scan.
rich-c: right Guy
Pamela: Window's open to get some circulation - has been since about a week ago
BobS: Adobe Acrobat is free, yes?????? I just downloaded it once and it works
Guy B.: We'll be here Ron.
Pamela: I see we're bogging down again
rich-c: Dr.D., Dale was going to give us a URL for those freeware PDF creators but never did
Judy: must be you haven't had the rain we have gotten
George: aol doesn't work well
Dr. D.: Acrobat **READER** is free; Acrobat proper is *not*.
Guy B.: Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download. Acrobat, is one you buy to produce the PDF's.
rich-c: that's Acrobat Reader only, Bob, it won't make files
Pamela: No we had the rain but that side of the building is protected in all but the worst storms
Dr. D.: I don't have the freeware utilities, but my colleague at Wright State does...I will bug him about it.
rich-c: tonight this chat server is not running nearly as well as it usually does
BobS left chat session
Judy: Bob just got booted out
Dr. D.: Dale is trying to crack 128-bit PGP from our Afghani friends, maybe :-)
Pamela: Are we hung again?
Dr. D.: Serves him right, Judy!
rich-c: but if you're unhappy with AOL, Geroge, why don't you get a better and cheaper one?
Pamela: Has anyone tried to reach Dale to tell him about this?
George: HELP
Judy: we have had a lot of wind too
rich-c: no, I think we're just seeing why commercial graphics producers need BIG computers
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: Hello all
rich-c: hi Meeka, gang's all here
Meeka: Yes, I see that
Judy: he said he didn't get thrown out but he wasn't get the same lines as I was
rich-c: I'm sure Dale has a pretty good idea, Pam
Dr. D.: Good morning, Professor Falken...would you like to play a game today?
rich-c: we just have to understand this is the tool on which he makes his living
Judy: hi, Meeka, how did your night with the boys go??
rich-c: he may be able to loan it out a bit at times, but the job comes first
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Dr. D.: Expelliarmus!
Dr. D.: Earth calling Bugs Bunny, come in Bugs Bunny, over...
Dr. D.: Hi Meeka.
Dr. D.: rm -rf *.*
Pamela: Hello?
changed username to BobS
Meeka: not to bad. they trashed the living room like normal ;-)
Guy B.: I was wondering that myself, then the screen flew off. Hi Meeka.
BobS: bye!!!! you wascally wabbit!!!!!!
rich-c: George, is there any particular reason you use AOL?
Dr. D.: DELTREE *.*
Meeka: Sherri forgot her purse on the table though
George: i think i need to go down for reboot
Pamela: accio server
Judy left chat session
Dr. D.: ROTFL Pam...
Dr. D.: We have a (dis)enchanted chat server here tonight.
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Well, I just got dumped
BobS: Judy is leaving for a minute or so and coming back on
BobS: speak to me sweetlips!!!!!!!
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: sorry folks got dumped
Dr. D.: I haven't been dumped, just hanging about, watching the screen update in fits and starts.
Pamela: Dad, close up your twin
rich-c: it will close itself, Pam
Pamela: If our experience is anything to go by you will Rich
Pamela: There, it just did and things are better now
rich-c: I got the notice of disconnection, so I know it was dump and not delay
Pamela: Me too
Dr. D.: Here's hoping my Mac will provide me with some immunity :-)
Guy B.: Whoa, where did most of us go?
Pamela: Hey Rich, my spell worked!
rich-c: I'm sure it's just our getting a very small timeslice on a very busy server
BobS: fits and starts, that's it Rich
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changed username to Judy
Dr. D.: Invitation to spring term at Hogwarts will be forthcoming, I'm sure, Pam.
Pamela: Thank you
BobS: anyway DR D
Pamela: Have you seen the movie or read the books or both?
Dr. D.: All books plus movie.
BobS: !!!!!!! Mitch got me a version so to speak of the Powerpoint for the hd systems
BobS: and we got it working, so don't hunt fer it anyamore
Dr. D.: Whew, saves me from digging into a box of stuff...
Pamela: Saw the movie on Monday and LOVED it
Dr. D.: PowerPoint for ADAM, hey, that's the ticket.
Pamela: After reading all the books twice
Judy: Meeka, didn't get the lines that told how the evening went.
BobS: WHERE dies the program tell the computer there is not a mem expander and to use the workspace file???????
Guy B.: Boy, would that be good for the Adam.
Dr. D.: Hermione wasn't buck-toothed, but that was the only "wart" I saw.
BobS: the original YOUhacker file put it onto the dot matrix ADAM pritner
Pamela: Well, this Hollywood after a fashion, after all
Dr. D.: Bleh Bob, I don't remember the overlay layouts anymore...I'd have to look at my disassemblies.
rich-c: the reviews do say the flick is very faithful to the book
Pamela: Tis
Pamela: But Ms. Rowling made very sure of that
rich-c: next up: Lord of the Rings. Frodo Lives
BobS: not important, just curious IF you recalled
Pamela: Now I have to go back and read those
BobS: as long as Powerpaint works, don't make any difference how!!!!
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Dr. D.: My overly-SF friends here at CWRU are pooh-poohing it for not trying to deconstruct the book. Or else they cite n examples of other authors who did it better etc.
Pamela: *sigh* so many books, so little time
Meeka: i agree Pam
changed username to Scott
rich-c: don't get me started on critics...
Pamela: Hi, Scott
Dr. D.: Pam, once you reread LOTR, or if you remember enough of it now, look at my parodies of Appendix A and The Scouring of the Shire.
rich-c: well Scott - long time no see
BobS: SCott long time no "see"
Scott: Hello. Yes. Long Time.
Guy B.: My goodness. Long time, no see Scott. How are you?
Dr. D.: URLs available upon request.
Pamela: I only read the Hobbit and that was back in grade eight. Russell wants to see the movie so I had better brush up
Dr. D.: Hi Scott.
Scott: Classes have been killing me. Only two weeks to go!
rich-c: I think I still have my copies, Pam
BobS: an then.....???????
Dr. D.: Bimbo and Frito Bugger, Hoggits of the Stye...I will say no more.
Scott: And then... Break!!!
Scott: Then I get to do it all over again.
rich-c: you'd better not, I reckon..
Pamela: Thanks Dad but I think we have them - if not, I will tap you
Scott: 19 credit hours next semester (gasp).
Meeka: brb. gotta go find more klenex. I really hate sinus infections ;-)
rich-c: oh, won't you have fun, Scott
Pamela: Oh dear, poor Meeka
BobS: shees, you ever gonna get done????
Pamela: We sympathize, Scott
Judy: she has not been feeling to well
Scott: It's gonna be years before I can say I am done. Want to get a Masters at least :)
rich-c: Ron has a standard cure for that
Scott: Anyone else taking classes?
BobS: well then get used to it Scott
Meeka: I hope I get done soon.
Meeka: this is the SECOND one this month
Scott: Classes are easy when you're not burned out.
BobS: MEEKA mom wants to know how it went with the boys tonight
Pamela: You're a glutton for punishment, arent' you Scott
Dr. D.: Always two there are, Master and Apprentice...which are you, Scott? :-)
Judy: how is Doug, now??
BobS: guess George didn't get back........
Scott: Apprentice, Dr.D-san
Meeka: I tild her earlier that it was fine , but they trashed the room like normal and Sherri forgot her purse on the table
Scott: You are master, Dr. D.
Meeka: still snuffing
Judy: Meeka, Mandy wants to know if you can babysit for Ryan Friday night?
Dr. D.: When you can snatch the packet from my ethernet, it will be time for you to be routed...
Pamela: I guess she didn't need anything in it or she'd be back by now
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Fortunately, no illnesses here in Castle Drushelstein (fingers crossed)
Meeka: will have to talk to doug and see not quite sure what is going on yet
changed username to james
rich-c: good morning james
Pamela: Hi, James
BobS: HOWDY James!!!!!
james: morning everyone :)
Judy: hi, James
james: how is everyone?
Guy B.: James, how's everything with you?
Pamela: Good thanks
Dr. D.: Hello James.
Pamela: And how are you?
rich-c: barring Meeka with a sinus infection, most seem OK
james: i'm in high spirits :)
Pamela: tell all!
rich-c: we mean you-all, james
Scott: Any exciting new ADAM-related news?
BobS: ADAMCON 14........Augwst 8-11,2001 FIRM
james: not adam related, no but i now have a flat rate ISDN connection.
Pamela: Yay!
james: aug 8-11 - where?
Pamela: Hoe's you manage that?
james: so i no longer have to worry about when and how long i'm on.
Pamela: Oops - how'd
Scott: Wow, August 11. It's actually during a time when I don't have school.
Pamela: Kentville, MI, USA James
BobS: COOL james!!!!!!!
Scott: I might actually make it this time!!!
james: ntt just made it available here about a week ago. i must have been the first to order.
Dr. D.: Re: ADAMcon 14: Be there, aloha.
BobS: Kentwood, MI
james: other places in the country have had it for awhile but i took three years for us to get it out here.
Pamela: sorry
BobS: or to those torontorians, GRAND RAPIDS
Judy: yes, we have a hotel
Pamela: Any word on price yet?
Judy: they make great cookies
BobS: same as last year
Pamela: Ooooh, don't tell me that
Scott: Maybe we should bring ADAMCon out to Colorado one year.
Pamela: I could get into that Scott
BobS: $300 full delegate,.less for companians
james: what's really great is that i got it for the classroom.
rich-c: well, 2003 is Comox, want to bid for 2004?
moved to room Meeting Place
Scott: Where's Comox?
Pamela: In British Columbia
rich-c: vancouver island
BobS: 'British columbia on Vancouver island
james: in ron's neck of the woods
Judy: they gave us a bag to take home to try to get us to commit and ew had aready decided to go with them
changed username to George
Scott: Wow. Neat.
Scott: Towards the west?
Pamela: He's back - WB George
rich-c: George, you made it back!
BobS: welcome back George!!!
Scott: Or more in the central?
BobS: central east caost of the island
Pamela: North and west
Pamela: Looking forward to a con in Cdn dollars
Scott: Not too far.
rich-c: easy drive for you, Scott - you get a head start
Pamela: Airfare notwithstanding
Scott: Drive?
rich-c: of course
BobS: drive, drove, have driven..........
George: i have major trouble windows came up in safe mode when i rebooted
rich-c: if you've driven it before, you'll understand why
Meeka: yes pam, we are close enough for you to drive here
rich-c: if you haven't you'll understand soon as you try
BobS: well George, ya gotta shut down the puter right...... ;-)
Pamela: Oh I'll drive to MI, but I think I 'll fly to BC
Scott: I've driven from Peoria, Illinois to Denver, Colorado.
Scott: Not too fun.
BobS: gotta fly to Vancouver.......faster
Scott: Nebraska's one looooonnnnngggg state.
Meeka: yes , so will we
BobS: for those of us HARD workin people !!!!
Scott: Fly, I shall.
rich-c: George, you must have shut down improperly
Pamela: Stop in Windsor on the way for free bed adn board and a dose of family too
BobS: well then fly into Michigan next summer and get a head start on ADAMCON's
rich-c: but if you've gone through teh Scandisc check you should be OK now
rich-c: how long since you've defragged your drive?
Guy B.: Hope you can make it to next year's con Scott.
james: well if there's a con in bc, i might be able to make it on my way as a stopover to ottawa. it's an expensive time of year to fly though.
Pamela: Start saving now James - I am
George: it went down normal
james: if it's during the summer
Scott: School's kept me from going the last two 'Cons
Guy B.: Now is the time James.
rich-c: ron hasn't said when he plans it - though any time of year is expensive to fly
BobS: play hooky for a few days Scott
james: yup. dirt cheap now.
Scott: Adamcon Japan?
Judy: save for GR first we need you all!!!!!
Dr. D.: Too many kids now for me to consider driving from Cleveland to Comox...I too will have to fly.
Guy B.: How much more do you have to go on your courses?
George: i only have 23% resources
Pamela: Don't worry Judy we'll be there - lot cheaper to drive to you
BobS: got little tiny hotel rooms but an AWESOME conference room.....that why we picked it
Pamela: Who cares about the rooms, Bob - we're never in them anyway
Meeka: the rooms aren't that small ;-)
rich-c: George, what are the specifications on your machine - processor, memory?
Judy: they do have king size beds if you want it
BobS: you can shower, watch tv, and sleep all without moving!!!!!
Guy B.: I will probably fly to Comox as well.
Pamela: Yes, king size beds are good
Judy: not true
Pamela: as long as they're not like rock
Scott: Wow. So we have two more ADAMCons lined up for sure.
George: 500mhz. 204 mb. ram
Scott: Great!
Judy: that is the cruise ship he is thinking of
rich-c: George, you should have nearer 90% resources free
Guy B.: Yep, 2002 and 2003. Start saving for next year's now.
Meeka: only a few smoking rooms though, so we will need prefrence on that issue
Scott: How about an ADAM cruise?
rich-c: what other programs are you running, besides Internet Explorer?
Judy: he was checking on the islands tonight before he got on
Pamela: One for me please
Pamela: and one for Dad
Meeka: sounds good to me
George: exactly someting is very wrong
Pamela: and one for PJ
BobS: smoking.........CLEE'S elder and HLM/GMK is all we figuresd on
Dr. D.: ADAM cruise...some people have called my ADAMs boat anchors, so maybe it would be obscenely appropos :-)
Judy: that would be more money
rich-c: add Pam and PJ
Meeka: htat sounds like both Clee's dad
Scott: Well guys, gotta go. Homework time :(
rich-c: good to see you, Scott. Come again soon
Pamela: Well we don't need a huge boat Rich ther's only 30 or so of us
james: bye scott :)
BobS: ok so we add rooms, now you two will have to pay for a smiking and a no smiking room
Scott: Will start coming regularly after the semester is over.
BobS: be good Scott
Pamela: bye Scott, good luck
Judy: we got the paper work already today, Meeka
Scott: Bye.
Guy B.: Glad you dropped by, Scott. Hope to see again soon. Take care.
Dr. D.: Good luck with finals, Scott.
Scott left chat session
Meeka: that was quick
Judy: she is on the ball that is for sure
rich-c: Folks, let's try and figure out why George has only 23% resources left on a half-gig computer with 204 (?) RAM
rich-c: and Geroge, RAM doesn't come in any packages that yield 204 meg
Guy B.: How does your system tray look?
rich-c: do you have a defctive 256 meg perhaps?
Guy B.: I bet he's going to try to reboot again.
BobS: ok much stuff do you load up when the puter starts....IF you want speed, don't load ANYTHING but Windows
Judy: that is computer talk, don't know anything about it, Rich
Pamela: He's gone again - perhaps to try one more time
BobS: ok, I will have a ;ina colada please
rich-c: looks like George has fallen off again
BobS: pina
Dr. D.: Video RAM and shadowed BIOS stuff could take a bite out of system RAM. (No dedicated VRAM on many new motherboards)
james: 204mb.. 128+64 would give you 192 - what i have on mine.. 204 is suspect..
Dr. D.: 240 maybe...240 + 16 VRAM = 256.
Pamela: pina colada
Guy B.: I have 128mb on mine with an 8mb AGP board.
james: that makes sense
Dr. D.: Shirley Temple
Pamela: sheesh, I gotta upgrade - only got 64 mb
rich-c: I suspect George's unit is very bottom-line so shared RAM figures
Pamela: fuzzy navel for me
Dr. D.: 72 MB in this Mac. 32 MB on my 486.
Guy B.: Wondering what version of Windows he's running?
james: most of my classroom machines have 64mb.
BobS: ok kPam getr me one of those too
Guy B.: 128mb on the Athlon, 32mb on my P133 and the notebook.
Pamela: Check for lint first, Bob
BobS: '32 megs is all I can handle
james: was up until 3 last night. i've got win2k running as an ics host and 6 win98se clients.
james: finally got it working so that the clients could use a static ip. ics normally requires you to use dynamically allocated ips.
Dr. D.: Bleh, what is this, :-)
Pamela: Now you're speaking greek James
Guy B.: I'm getting that at work. New Pentium 4's with Win2000 and Office 2000. Taking a 2 hour course on them tomorrow.
rich-c: that's geek, Pam
Pamela: Well, I didn't want to mention it but . . .
BobS: otherwise known as..........bellybutton dust bunnies !!!!!!
Dr. D.: Parseltongue?
james: what are we talking aboot?
Dr. D.: I think Bill G. makes a good head of House Slytherin :-)
BobS: it's a mainland thing james! ;-)
Pamela: Naw, he's a Hufflepuff
Dr. D.: Gates?!?!?
Judy: I would rather have a white Russian
Guy B.: I've seen WinXP and not over all too impressed with it.
Pamela: Yup, lotsa hard work and not much dazzle
james: wouldn't run it myself. i'm eventually going to get linux to do my internet sharing
BobS: Win 95 was the major upgrade, the rest just seem like bells and whistles
james: but for now things aren't broken so don't need to be fixed.
rich-c: and you need Bill's permission to restorev when it crashes and you have to reinstall
Dr. D.: My internal Sorting Hat puts me in Hufflepuff...ewww, I feel soiled if BG is one, too.
Pamela: gotta get me one of those, but then invite doesn't come till the spring, remember?
Guy B.: And that what I don't like about WinXP. Microsoft being nosy in your computer.
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: Re: WinXP, the latest objection I've heard to it comes from some Christian groups who don't like the eerie resemblance of XP to the Chi Rho symbol for Jesus...
Pamela: In the meantime, I guess I'll have to settle for peach schnapps and oj
rich-c: Guy, if you want to know about snoops, the
Dr. D.: Of course, MS street address is "One Microsoft Way" in Redmond.
rich-c: speaking of which, how do you like their offer to replace all those academic Apples with Wintels?
rich-c: sure sold the trustbusters a dummy on that one
Dr. D.: "Please doan t'ro me in dat dere briar patch!"
Meeka: MOM, Bandit wants to know if he can have more capachino?? ;-)
Dr. D.: Imbeciles...
Guy B.: Oh yes, I read about that in today's paper. Apple and Red Hat have filed objections to that proposed settlement.
rich-c: yes, and Apple have a VERY good point
Judy: was he sick, he was also eating soap on a rope
Guy B.: They do indeed. After the majority of the schools here run Apple's.
Meeka: What??????///
Meeka: no he wasn't sick
Meeka: he seemed to be just fine
Pamela: Meeka, no cappucino for Bandit untill he learns to use the toilet
Meeka: a little wired maybe
Judy: there were pieces of it upstairs in the bathroom
Dr. D.: Mighty Mitchell is back?
Meeka: well, i guess that his insides will be clean
rich-c: can't tell, he still shows on the list
BobS: that's no lie!
Pamela: Still on the phone I think, Rich
Judy: he must have a stomach of iron
Guy B.: Abby doesn't drink that stuff. But, she does like certain kinds of fruit.
Dr. D.: Then we have another "ron".
james: who's bandit?
Dr. D.: Unless ours has 2 phone lines....
Pamela: Meeka and Doug's dog
Guy B.: Meeka's dog.
Judy: it was Ryan's soap
rich-c: ron's on cable
BobS: little Shih Zhu freom your neck of the woods, james
Dr. D.: No, Bandit is Johnny and Hadji's dog...
Pamela: I think Ron's on cable
BobS: China or Tibet I think
Dr. D.: Ahh Re: cable.
Pamela: Why Bandit, Meeka?
ron: still here guys but long distance phone - call going on forever
Meeka: it's Tzu Dad
rich-c: price is frightful, but then so are the Island's phone lines
james: interesting - whe have a shih zhu named bandit too.
Meeka: he steals all of the toys and hoards them
Pamela: Obviously no dummy
Pamela: My aunt in Windsor also has a Shih Tzu - named Saki
Pamela: Momma was Sushi
Meeka: when we brough him home the people we got him from cleaned behind their desk and found his stash of 10-15 toys that they were missing
Guy B.: Well folks, got to check the e-mail. Rich C, I might be able to make it Saturday. Otherwise, I'll see you all next week.
james: our other shih zhu is named peanut
Meeka: Bandit was the only dog that could fit back there, so it had to have been him
BobS: see ya Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, I'll check in for 15 min at 3 and see if anyone shows
Dr. D.: Good night, Guy.
Pamela: Ciao, Guy
Judy: bye, Guy
james: bye guy :)
Pamela: James, I didn't know you had dogs
Meeka: it also fit with his coloring
Pamela: For how long?
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Does he have a mask, Meeka?
BobS: yup, he gots TWO
Dr. D.: I too need to close hailing frequencies for tonight...first mock competition in robot class tomorrow, and I have to get there at about 7:00 AM to set up the arena.
james: since we lived in canada. brought them over wiht us. bandit is 5 and peanut is 3 i think.
rich-c: right, got your email, maybe we can take a look
BobS: be good Rich, and say HI to the family!
Pamela: so who looked after them while you were here in april?
Meeka: yes. he is tan with a black mask
james: bye rich ;)
Judy: that isn't really his name, Dad renamed him on our last trip
rich-c: night Rich, best to all
Dr. D.: Check out the class webcam at between 8:30 and 11:15 AM Eastern time tomorrow (that's -0500 GMT).
Pamela: Goodnight Rich, say hi to all and distribute hugs
ron: back
BobS: after all he IS a secret agent ya know
Judy: night, Rich
Dr. D.: Someone turned out the lights in the lab tonight, so all you see is a dark room.
ron: cousin from Charlottetown called to say hello
rich-c: long hello, then
Dr. D.: Hugs will be distributed...over and out from Starbase Cleveland.
Judy: well come Ron
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
ron: so what did I miss?
BobS: we talked aboutya
BobS: a LOT
ron: ok
rich-c: much muttering about mutts
james: yeah, we had a good ron bashing session ;)
Pamela: Oh, navel lint, sorting hats, Windows XP - all the usual stuff
ron: saw it all going by, but my single channel mind doesn't respond too well to multi-tasking
Judy: types of drinks we all want
BobS: my computer dont' seem to like multitasking somtimes either
ron: Diet Coke
ron: and a chocolate bar
rich-c: Guiness
Pamela: Isn't that defeating the purpose, Ron?
ron: the ultimate contradiction
james: test
Pamela: Still here James
rich-c: you're here, james
ron: did you decide you were going to have a 'con offshore?
ron: saw that part somewhere
BobS: HEY, nobody TOLD me there was going to be a test on this!!!!!
Judy: the hotel we will be staying in on convention
Pamela: shoulda been paying attn Bob
rich-c: only on the east side of teh Pacific so far
BobS: offshore on a boat!
ron: well sure
ron: ok
Pamela: James, are you gettingthis?
james: win2k on a p200 wiht 128mb ram is a little sluggish.
rich-c: yeah, you're scouting one for us in two weeks, aren't you Bob?
Judy: somewhere warm anytime
ron: Cousin Bob was talking about his latest grand son.... and my attention was distracted
james: yeah, it filters though eventually.
ron: Hi James
james: hey ron :)
BobS: anybody heard for PJ????
Pamela: How long are you two gone for?
ron: Yes .... about 3 weeks ago
rich-c: I'm on W95 on a 166MMX with 32 RAM and doing fine - is W2K that cranky, james?
Pamela: How is she?
ron: doing ok. Had the radical
ron: seemed to be in good spirits
BobS: gone fro a week Pam......Mon thru Sat
ron: shouldn't toss off such news like that
rich-c: yes, Michael was talking to her a few weeks back and said she seemed to be doing well
ron: but that's pretty much the way she told it to me
Pamela: Not a big surprise Ron
ron: NO, I think everyone was aware
rich-c: it takes rather a lot to faze PJ
ron: yup
Pamela: does she have an email address? I don't have one for her
rich-c: no, she refuses to use email
ron: no. she refuses
BobS: nope, don't hink she ever got the ibm up and runnin
Pamela: She used to
ron: last we saw of PJ online was when ADAM got booted off of Compuserve
rich-c: she just doesn't like it, period
BobS: and I do NOT understand it.....the ibm is just like an ADAM and the net is just like compuserve and email is email.......
rich-c: everyone's been pleading with her but no dice
james: well it's a p200 overdrive and 128mb fast page ram, onboard video memory is what's slowing things down i think.
Pamela: I'm sure she used to - didn't you communicate with me while in Floriday that way?
Pamela: we seem to be slowing again
rich-c: a little now and then
BobS: ccc
BobS: nope, stil going fast
Pamela: farn dingers
ron: she was a regular (with capital R) in the good old days
ron: brb (pitt stop)
ron: too much Diet Coke
BobS: it's the digits that get in the way Panm
Pamela: tell me about it
ron: was Scott here earlier?
rich-c: I think the hackers are starting to probe a bit more
Pamela: Yes he was Ron
rich-c: have had a couple of attacks on my machine tonight
Pamela: Still up to his ears in schoolbooks
ron: aha..... the joys of youth
ron: don't do that no more
Pamela: What, youth?
Pamela: : )
ron: you got a point there
Pamela: Age is a state of mind - I'm about 17
ron: slowing down....... the density of the ether seems elevated
james: hmm..
ron: either that or the Rockies got taller
james: brb
Pamela: ok
james left chat session
ron: So Bob.... my son...... a question
ron: if I do the card entirely on the Emulator
BobS: ya
ron: and send it to you as a 160k disk file, can you get it over to the ADAM?
BobS: ya
Pamela: Hmm, it's that time I think - the bed is starting to get louder
BobS: should work on a real ADAM
rich-c: know what you mean, Pam - take care
ron: slowing down again
BobS: be good Pamela!!!!!!!
BobS: shucks darn
Pamela: Thanks Pop. I'm saying g'nite folks - someone tell James for me
ron: go straight home Pam
rich-c: will do - night now
Judy: bye Pam
BobS: now where did he go
BobS: don't stop at the bar or anything girl!!!!!
Judy: talk at you next week
Pamela: I'll try Bob. but Ron, I wanted a Fuzzy Navel
BobS: how about some button lint?????
ron: well.... maybe just one
Pamela: Oh well, tomorrow. Cant' drink that Bob
Pamela: Colour me gone.
BobS: aloha !!!!!!!!
Pamela: poof
Pamela left chat session
ron: Bob, you seem comfortable enough with DCOPY now
ron: eh?
BobS: like second skin man!!!!
ron: all right
ron: think we stay with 160k disk format eh?
rich-c: time for me to deal with the email - have to call it a night
ron: so it is written, so let it be done
BobS: ok rich
rich-c: will give the Saturday time a try - maybe catch y'all there
moved to room Meeting Place
ron: yep... sorry about the interruptions good people, but that's life
Judy: bye, Rich
ron: cousins call when it's least convenient, and you have to talk
changed username to George
rich-c: whoops - here's George
BobS: did you make the WHOLE thing in the emulator Ron????
ron: nite Rich
Judy: they don't call here at all
rich-c: I gotta go but can you folks give him a hand with his problems?
BobS: George!!!!!! got that puter problem fixed?
ron: yes sir.... welll need to add music... not quite done yet, but all the graphics were done with emulator
ron: Hi George
rich-c: George, do try to check in 3 p.m. Saturday
BobS: curious to see if it works out ok, should...........
George: windows died on my main computer
BobS: oh oh
Meeka: ok. i amgoing to get going. i have a few things to do yet befor bed tonight. see ya next week
rich-c: goodnight all
ron: well, it's we'll see how it goes
BobS: bye Meeka
rich-c: poof
rich-c left chat session
ron: nite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Judy: bye, Meeka
ron: I'm off to play piano and see If I can do some carols
George: good nite all
BobS: ok, time to call it a night!
BobS: see ya'll next week
George left chat session
ron: be well all
Judy: I am going to sign off also, so talk to you later
ron: poof
ron left chat session
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
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changed username to james
james: hmm leave for 3 minutes and everyone is gone..
james left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
james: test
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james2
james2: it's a big party and i'm invited
james: how's it going, me?
james2: doing pretty good, and me?
james: great, thanks.
james2: yeah, me too. i gotta go for lunch.
james: yeah, okay, see me later.
james: *poof*
james2: *poof*
james2 left chat session
james left chat session
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changed username to Dale > chat > 2001-11-29
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