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Dale: Test.
Dale: The chat serve is back up!
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changed username to james
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changed username to Colecoguy
Colecoguy changed username to //Colecoguy
//Colecoguy: \\
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changed username to //\\//\\ichael
//\\//\\ichael: (PRIVATE) hi Michael
//\\//\\ichael: heelo
(//\\//\\ichael laughs heartily)
(//\\//\\ichael groans loudly)
(Someone throws a brick at //\\//\\ichael)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
(<s> reboots <o>'s computer remotely.)
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changed username to james
//\\//\\ichael: heelo James
james: good morning
//\\//\\ichael: how are things in Japan?
james: or at least morning. i won't say it's good as i barely got 3 hours sleep.
james: now.. rainy and busy :)
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//\\//\\ichael: glad to hear you are busy I guess it is really early there! :-)
changed username to BobS
BobS: Hiya guys!!!!!
james: it's about 11 am. i'm supposed to have a class now but my student hasn't shown up yet.
//\\//\\ichael: Hello Bob
james: hey bob.
BobS: Michael!!!!! welcome ya'll
BobS: James, how's Miyuki doing???
//\\//\\ichael: Oh well time for a chat then James
james: not too bad. getting big.
james: yeah, if she doesn't show up in about 15 minutes i'll chat for a bit and then take a nap.
//\\//\\ichael: Bob so good to see you here it's been a while eh!
BobS: yes like since toronto????
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//\\//\\ichael: you got it!!
james: she just showed up. i may or may not be back later. pretty tired and i have to teach tonight so a nap is in order.
james: please say hi to everyone for me.
james: cheers.
changed username to rich-c
james: *poof*
james left chat session
rich-c: hello all
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BobS: ok james. good to see ya
changed username to Dr. D.
BobS: ssay HI to Miyuki!!!!!!
//\\//\\ichael: take care cjames we'll let them know you we here
BobS: hey Dr D
Dr. D.: Bye James, on your way out...
rich-c: michael, glad to see you did make it
//\\//\\ichael: Richard Made it too Wonderful
BobS: you been following this virus thing????
Dr. D.: Hi Michael.
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BobS: hiya richard
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hi Bob
Dr. D.: I am virus-free 'cause I'm Microsoft-free.
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone!
rich-c: and the virus isn't on my machine
BobS: hi Guy
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
rich-c: evening, Guy
//\\//\\ichael: hey Rich have been watching the lego robotitic on your site as well as an ADAM screen saver
BobS: EVERYBODY's early this week
//\\//\\ichael: welcome Guy
Dr. D.: Haha...glad someone besides Ron recognized it.
Guy B.: Michael, good to hear from you. How is everything?
rich-c: oh, I'm told Unix and Apple viruses do exist, they just aren't common
Dr. D.: Re: early, I'm early 'cause I gotta go soon...Egg Hunt coming up, I've had too many 20-hour days beginning at 3 or 4 AM.
//\\//\\ichael: The robots are really neat I'd wished I had made it last year to learn more
Dr. D.: Hoping to get some sleep tonight.
BobS: Papers signed boys.......AUGUST 8-11, 2002 is convention
Dr. D.: Woo hoo!
Guy B.: All right!!! Where at?
rich-c: good show Bob we'll put it on the calendar
BobS: rIght mate !!!!!
//\\//\\ichael: sounds great!
rich-c: Dr.D., any chance you're thinking of setting up a backup chat server?
Dr. D.: It's at Motel 666...we'll leave the flame on for ya :-)
BobS: got an awesome conference room
Dr. D.: I never heard any tech specs from Dale about what would be involved...
Guy B.: Sounds like you picked a winner.
BobS: Comfort Inn, right next to where we held ADAMCON 09
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//\\//\\ichael: not a great deal from what i've heard of it Rich
rich-c: any idea if this chat module we're using is still available as a freebie?
Dr. D.: I actually do run a very private chat server on my desktop machine, that is only active at the scheduled times when me and my Friend from Finalnd talk.
changed username to George
Guy B.: Then, we should have no problem getting there.
Guy B.: HI George.
BobS: hiya Geogre
//\\//\\ichael: yes and a better version if we pay
BobS: George
rich-c: hello George - where have you been?
//\\//\\ichael: welcome George
Dr. D.: Hello George.
George: hi everyone
rich-c: when you didn't answer my emails I was afraid you'd caught a virus
George: no. just a bad network
BobS: actually, Yahoo has a chat where you can set up a room, I am assuming it works like Dephi only not a permanent location
rich-c: Comfort Inns are part of teh Choice group - a Canadian outfit
George: my aol was out for a few days
rich-c: george, do get something off to me soonest so we can take a crack at your problems'
BobS: it was between the Sleep Inn and the Comfort Inn; both kinda linked somehow, but the Conmfort won out because of the conference room, a little more for rooms, but it will budget ok
George: ok
rich-c: yes, and as we age we value our comfort more
rich-c: do they throw in a breakfast or something?
BobS: well, George, tell us all what the problem is and we will solve it PRONTO
//\\//\\ichael: Well all have a very early hospital appt in the am. will be back soon to hear more about whats up, Take care everyone!!
BobS: contintental breakfast with hot items too
BobS: be good michael
rich-c: more to it than that Bob; he needs moe help than chat can deliver
Dr. D.: Hope all goes well, Michael.
BobS: oh........bummer DUDE
//\\//\\ichael: on my way take care and will see you next week
Guy B.: Bye Mike, Glad you dropped by.
//\\//\\ichael: poofff
rich-c: see you Michael
//\\//\\ichael left chat session
George: i think it mainly has has to do with aol they have been doing nasty things lately
rich-c: actually AOLs problems may be related to the @Home network bankruptcy
BobS: me don;'t like dat AOL thingy
rich-c: on the other hand it could be local
BobS: vut THAT is MY there!!! :-)
rich-c: my cursor crony in AZ is getting thru to me fine on AOL
George: they have part of the aolplus service in cable
rich-c: and so is my brother's family on AOL
George: the philly area has been very hard hit
rich-c: my brother needed a triple bypass Friday so we have shall we say been in communication
Dr. D.: Applet window is hung...try to be back in a sec...
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changed username to Robert Miller
George: my father had it three years ago
rich-c: well hello Robert - it's been a while
Robert Miller: Yes, as usual ;o) it has hehehe
rich-c: yes, George, now they're so common they're almost a routine operation
rich-c: anyway he came through fine and hope to be home next week
George: yes my father is better than ever and he's 77
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rich-c: my late father-in-law had one at 80 and lasted another 14 years
changed username to Hrothgar
Hrothgar: Stupid thing is misbehaving for me tonight...
rich-c: now we seem to have someone new
Hrothgar changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: No, it was me...
rich-c: or am I just missing an allusion to Star Trek or something?
Dr. D.: I was P.O.ed at the chat applet and gave it a garbage name...
George: that's good my father sill works fulltime as a security guard
Dr. D.: Hrothgar Brynwaeldigfas is the name I use for all the "throwaway" online registration things.
Dr. D.: When they ask for an E-mail address, I say he's got
rich-c: oh, I have a pseudonym too but keep it more plausible
Robert Miller: what do you do if someone else already has taken that????
Dr. D.: If a real Hrothgar wants to come back from Saxony and complain, I'll listen to him :-)
rich-c: add a number - HrothgarII
Robert Miller: Yea right... you should see the spam his decendants now get hehehe
BobS: hi Robert!!!!!
Dr. D.: I would be surprised if there are 10 living people today whose name is Hrothgar, on the entire planet.
Robert Miller: Hey Bob, hows it going?
BobS: GREAT, leave for the Caribbean next week and ADAMCON 14 is set.......Aug 8-11, 2002
Dr. D.: General query: when is Jillian's expected delivery date?
BobS: you gonna be there??????
BobS: \Jna sometime I think
Dr. D.: I knew it was getting close.
BobS: Jan
BobS: of 2002
rich-c: Guy, found me a rather nice compilation software package on eBay last week
Robert Miller: <<< out of touch. Where is it?
BobS: Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) Blah
BobS: Thurs thru Sun
rich-c: Norton Utilities, Anti-Virus, Ghost, Cleansweep, Go-Back and WinFax for $24 delivered
BobS: you SHOULD come!!!!!!
BobS: $300 gets you 4 nights hotel; convention, linch and breakfast
BobS: banquet
Robert Miller: I've had 2 planned now that didn't pan out. Family 1st you know.
Dr. D.: Re: anti-virus, I read that our dear FBI have instructed Norton and MacAffee how to not detect Uncle Sam's official spyware...
BobS: take them along, there is plenty to do here
rich-c: I noticed that discussion and that McAfee at least weren't saying anything for publication
BobS: SHAME on them!!!!!!!
BobS: will have info on my website after Jan 1
rich-c: Bob, teh FBI may have told them how, that doesn't mean they will
Dr. D.: And Phoenix (the BIOS people) are shipping motherboards with built-in network spyware on it.
Dr. D.: Enabled by default, some versions with no way to deactivate it.
rich-c: missed that, Dr. D. - how's it work and what's the point?
Dr. D.: It "phones home" whenever you're on the net...if you use MS stuff, it magically sets bookmarks etc. in Exploder.
BobS: and this bios does what?????????
Guy B.: I have to reboot the system. So, I'll be back.
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: Pentium processors now have the tattletale built in, of course
Dr. D.: BIOS-level internet monitoring software.
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Dr. D.: To deliver unsolicited advertizing to your desktop.
George: oh i'm in trouble
BobS: ALL......james sayas HI, was here but left REAL early.......might be back
rich-c: why, George?
Dr. D.: Maybe someday to even let you boot your machine to an advertizement...
Dr. D.: And certainly to tell Chairman Bill what you're doing.
George: all the sites i've been at
Dr. D.: Of course there has been an outcry against this.
rich-c: yes, but your machine is too old for this business
Dr. D.: You can read about it at Phoenix's website.
rich-c: besides, there are lots of ways to defend yourself
rich-c: as I say, answer my email and we'll deal with it
rich-c: or if it's up this weekend, come on chat at 3 p.m. Sat and maybe we can do some
Dr. D.: Not if it's in the BIOS and the setup program doesn't give you any way to either disable it or even to know if it's there.
rich-c: I thought I saw that there had been such protest Phoenix had already canned it
Dr. D.: Last I read they hadn't made up their minds...but what I read had some baaaad publicity; let's hope it gets nixed.
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Dr. D.: Although next time it might just be there and never mentioned...
George: i'm supposed the be in the U.S. land of the free
rich-c: a partial victory won't do
rich-c: Intel now disable their snoop by default, but I still wont buy a machine if it's there at all
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back
Dr. D.: Hey, the logical endpoint is a GPS in every auto, in every person, with some satellite activation code so that someone can find out where you are "if proper authorization has been obtained".
rich-c: George, some folks define that as free to snoop on you all they want
rich-c: welcome back, Guy, see you had problems getting in
Dr. D.: For a price, of course, you'll be able to buy out of it. For a higher price, you'll be able to override someone else's buyout. Like unlisted phone numbers today.
rich-c: by the way, Dr.D., have you looked at lately?
George: let them as long as they don't come in with smartbombs
Guy B.: Got hung up. So, I managed to end the session and try again. My system resources were down to 5, that's why I had to reboot.
Dr. D.: no, I haven't...never heard of the name. Doesn't sound appetizing, though...
rich-c: it talks about scumware; they're people after your own heart
rich-c: take a peek, you'll find them fascinating
Dr. D.: My brain is about to shut down...I think I'd better adjourn for today and get some sleep.
Dr. D.: Glad the server was back up to you all later.
rich-c: yes, 20 hours is a limit - take care - see you Sat?
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Starbase Cleveland closing hailing frequencies...
Dr. D.: Saturday, prob. not, it's my prep day before the Egg Hunt Sunday.
Dr. D.: Too busy to chat.
rich-c: right - we'll try to peek at the hunt
Dr. D.: watch at 12:30 PM EST and see some LEGO robots.
Dr. D.: G'night, all.
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: nite Rich
Robert Miller: I was there a week or so ago & it looked like it was a live shot of a dark room.
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Robert Miller: Nite Rich
BobS: probably
changed username to WB
WB: Hello All!
rich-c: coulsd well be, Robert - the cam's on even when the lab is closed, I believe
BobS: HI Willie!!!!!
BobS: long time no see!!!
Robert Miller: I'll try again. I'm expecting a mini "battle bots"
rich-c: hello Willie - how's Chicago tonight?
rich-c: well, not quite battle bots, but they are a hoot
WB: Nice and balmy! Extremely nice for Dec. 5.
rich-c: if you'd come to the last Adamcon, you'd have got to build and run one
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changed username to Jillian
Jillian: Hello!
rich-c: yes, Toronto hit 60 today
rich-c: hello Jill - how are you two?
Jillian: Good. Tired. but good. I have only one more week of work.
Guy B.: Hi Jill. Everything settled in your new place?
BobS: had 68 degrees F. here today
George: hello Jill
Robert Miller: <<< Marking down AC on calendar now.
rich-c: wow, you're running up pretty close, aren't you?
BobS: HI JILL!!!!! Welcome back from your new apt too eh?????
Jillian: Well, we're in the new place. hmm... settled? Well no towers of boxes are actually in danger of collapsing.
BobS: Judy wants to know "how you doing???""
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: sounds like our living room, but we moved in in 1965
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B.: Well, let's say your in, but still haven't unpacked everything yet.
changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Hi Dale.
Jillian: I didn't want to stay at home and do nothing for too long.
Ronald: Hi y'all
WB: Hello Dale
rich-c: hi Dale, thanks for getting things back up
Guy B.: Hi Ron. Mac or PC tonight?
Dale: So I'm on through the cable modem, but the server is on DSL where Jill is on. We are about 3 feet apart.
Ronald: Great job Dale, given the state of the universe
rich-c: welcome Ron, didn't realize you'd checked in too
Ronald: P200 Guy
Ronald: appreciate all the replies re Krispy Kream - I now know more about the product than I thought I would
rich-c: or than you necessarily want to?
Ronald: yeah
Ronald: will be a while before they get to the ISLAND
BobS: Hi Daole, ron........
rich-c: count your blessings
Ronald: Mr S. how goes it eh?
Ronald: based on your remarks, Rich - that would seem to be a fair statement
BobS: Gut, mon!!!!!!
rich-c: Tim Hortons, Country Style, Robins, - who needs KK?
Ronald: right
Ronald: Although our Robins has succumbed to market forces
rich-c: Dale, do you know if this chat module is still available?
Jillian: Tim's is good enough for me. Especially since I'm more likely to want a bagel with cream cheese than an actual donut.
Dale: Last I checked.
Ronald: you're my kinda girl Jillian
Dale: I am allowed to give it away if you can';t find it else where.
rich-c: maybe we should encourage Dr.D. and maybe even Michael to get it for their servers so there would be backup in case
Ronald: a contingency communications plan
rich-c: with multiple redundancy
Ronald: or is that communications contingency plan
Jillian: we won't be moving again soon. so hopefully all will be well again, rich.
Guy B.: I got a whole bunch of those today with reduced fat cream cheese.
rich-c: unless Rogers gets snarky - that seems the main concern
rich-c: though Michael said something about being able to keep a static IP address
Jillian: I never bother with reduced fat cream cheese. Unless it's strawberry flavoured.
Jillian: I think the static IP address is why we now have both DSL and cable. DSL for stability and cable for speed.
Ronald: :)
Guy B.: Doesn't taste any different, Especially since I already lost 11 pounds.
Jillian: Good for you,
Jillian: guy!
rich-c: and you don't miss the weight either, right, Guy?
rich-c: who's your DSL ISP, Dale?
Ronald: After Christmas I go for my medical, and once again I will be told about........
Jillian: Dale's getting a drink. It's
Guy B.: I'm going to keep getting this down as long as we don't have any snow yet. Abby and I walk 20 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Weekends, it's 45 minutes sometimes.
rich-c: smart move, Guy
Ronald: yes
Jillian: Walking is the best excercise in the world.
Ronald: Comes from the 'take my advice, I'm not using it ' dep't.
Guy B.: My doctor said it was the best thing for me.
rich-c: the younger you do it and the longer you hold to it, the better your life expectancy
Ronald: meanwhile
rich-c: yes, I'm the horrible example of the one whose sins haven't caught up - yet
Ronald: the doughnuts of whatever brand beckon
Guy B.: Abby, my dog seems to know too. Sometimes, she takes charge when we go walking.
rich-c: resist, Ron
Dale: The lets me host this chat and some other things with a static IP address. The cable modem is at least twice as fast...
Ronald: get thee behind me Satan
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Jillian: The neatest thing that I've learned about excercise lately is that 'yo-yo' excercising actually has a good overall effect.
Jillian: Unlike yo-yo dieting.
rich-c: which DSL speed did you choose, Dale/
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy.
Dale: and for uploading 5 times as fast. When I work from home, I often find my self uploading 5 meg files. So the speed is useful.
rich-c: welcome, Judy
BobS: yes, Doug has cable modem and it IS fast
Judy: Hi, everyone
Jillian: greeting, Judy
Ronald: evening Judy
BobS: po folks are in thre back hills
Dale: Rogers is changing the way they manage their network, and plan to change the IP addresses more frequently (it was about once or twice a year previously).
Dale: It is part of the Excite @ Home phase out.
Judy: how are you doing Jillian
rich-c: I'd always heard that on cable a static IP address was a necessity
Judy: is the time going fast now?
rich-c: I mean, if you're always on line, you can't be bouncing around, can you?
Guy B.: It also affected Excite.Com as well. They changed providers too. I have an e-mail address with them.
Jillian: I'm good. Looking forward to next Wednesday(my last day at work) but otherwise good.
Dale: My DSL modem is capable of 8megabit down and 640kbit uploading...but I'm on a consumer grade switch which caps the speed at 1.2megabit down and 160kbit up.
Judy: thats good
Jillian: Time is going fast since we still don't have most of the needed baby furniture.
Guy B.: Jill, how long are you going to be on maternity leave?
rich-c: the down isn't too bad but the up seems kinda chintzy, Dale
Jillian: We have a crib, but I've decided it wouldn't be safe so I'm going to get rid of it.
Judy: I just about finished my Christmas shopping today
Jillian: I can take up to a year. I get full pay for six weeks and 60% after that.
Guy B.: I'm 90% done with mine already.
Guy B.: That's pretty good.
Dale: It is the same hardware that is used for Sympatico High-Speed edition back at the phone company.
Ronald: 20%
rich-c: Dale, what is ica charging for DSL?
Judy: that is great, that will give you a lot of time with the baby
Ronald: we run shower in the west
Ronald: when we run at all
Jillian: I haven't started Christmas shoppig yet. I don't know what I'll do, but maybe Dale will do it on Dec 24.
Dale: The introductory rate is 24.95 for 3 months, then it becomes 34.95/month.
rich-c: I assume you have to supply your own modem
Guy B.: That's cheaper than what it is here.
Ronald: going to Edmonton, so there's the West Edmonton Mall
Ronald: Dec 21 - 24
rich-c: well, all your internet prices seem far higher than ours, Guy
Ronald: wild eh?
Judy: that way you may hit some great sales
Dale: Yes, I bought a GVC DSL modem from them for $220. Other DSL providers ( is one I think) charge about the same.
Guy B.: SBC Ameritech wants $49.95 a month.
BobS: well see Santa when you are there Ron
Jillian: Should be good prices then Ron.
Dale: Guy, I bett that that is US$ too.
Ronald: you see EVERYTHING at the WEM
Guy B.: It is.
Judy: it seems there are quite a few already
rich-c: I noticed that teh US cable companies just raised their internet rates too
Dale: Rogers charges $39.95/month for the cable modem.
Guy B.: I keep forgetting about the difference between the two currencies.
Jillian: Maybe I'll get out this weekend, but I may just stick around home and unpack things.
Ronald: understand that Shaw Cable may consider charging people extra if they're behind a router
Ronald: for whatever is behind the router
rich-c: Only $40 a month?
Jillian: Dale suggests that I leave shopping until I'm trying to induce labour.
Ronald: same here for Shaw - right now
rich-c: Cogeco just raised their price to $45/month
rich-c: and thatr's for people in a package deal
Judy: how is the new place, do you have a lot more room than you had before?
rich-c: but then Rogers real rate is $50 - $55/mo too
Jillian: We would if we were unpacked. There's alot more storage but most of it is empty right now.
Judy: that does not work, Mandy tried that last year
Jillian: The cats are really happy though.
Dale: Rich, if you don't get basic cable they charge a $10 penalty. But with cable, it is 20/mo for the first 6 months and 40/mo after.
Jillian: Having empty closets and stacks of boxes?
rich-c: I have satellite so have no use for cable
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changed username to Pamela
Judy: put the boxes in the closet
Ronald: Is internet service available off the satellite?
rich-c: and frankly I dont want a cable ISP $600/yr worth - before taxes
Guy B.: My gosh, She's here. Hi Pam
Pamela: Now arriving from Toronto . . .
Judy: not really the answer is it
WB: Hi Pam!
rich-c: Hi daughtee
Ronald: Pamela!
Pamela: Greetings all -Junkyard Wars is over
Judy: Hi, Pam
Jillian: Most of the boxes are actually plastic bins that we are renting. $1.25 a week which isn't bad but does add up.
Jillian: Hi Pam.
Guy B.: No, still going.
Pamela: Hi, Jill
Pamela: We seem to have quite a crowd tonite
BobS: ABOUT time Pam!!!!!
Guy B.: How's Russell doing?
Pamela: He says fine thank you
Jillian: I still have packed boxes from when I was in co-op in the storage unit. My goal for the next year is to empty some of them out.
rich-c: has Kimberly got the Linux done yet?
Judy: yes, but when you are not working you will have a lot of time to empty them.
Pamela: Not yet Dad
BobS: and, and, james and dr d already left...........
BobS: and meeka is not here
Pamela: Jillian, when are you due? And how are you feeling?
Jillian: I've gotten a commitment from Dale to spend two hours every Saturday in the storage unit for the next year.
Judy: we use to move alot and if I didn't need the stuff in a box for a year it needed to be gotten rid of
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Jillian: I'm due Dec 27. and this one's going to be a dancer.
changed username to james
Guy B.: Morning James.
james: wow, full house this morning
Pamela: See, someone later than I - hi James
james: hi pam
WB: Hello James!
Pamela: Tap dancing on your bladder, is s/he Jill?
rich-c: welcome back james
Guy B.: How's the weather in Japan?
Judy: the troub;e is now we are not moving and just adding to the stuff, now I wouldn't want to move..
rich-c: I came in just as you left
james: rainy and damp.
Ronald: On that basis Judy, I just closed my storage unit, saving myself $53.50 a month
james: hi rich :)
Ronald: Hadn't been out there to look at it in a year
Jillian: Mostly between 3 and 4 am.
Ronald: 'LO James
BobS: see!!!! I toldya'll he might come back
Pamela: Dad, Kimberly is having trouble with the 486 - that's why no progress with the Linux
Guy B.: We're unseasonably warm here in Chicago, but that will be changing very soon. Back to winter cold.
Dale: Hi james.
Ronald: Dale, a question
Jillian: We spend way more than we should on storage. I really do want to clear out a box a week. but even a box a month would be progress.
james: i had a very rough night. despite being dead tired, could not fall asleep until 5 a.m. and have been up since 9.
Ronald: while you're here.....
Pamela: Jill, don't feel too bad - we moved almost five years ago and there are boxes I still haven't unpacked
Ronald: give me one more time the syntax for compiling the ADAMEM source in Linux
james: will take a nap soon. i'm in no condition to deal with pre-adolescent girls as things are now.
rich-c: that's OK, Pam, we don't need them back yet
Guy B.: Whoa, 4 hours sleep. Not very good. When are you due at work?
james: hi dale :) how's the new place?
Pamela: Hi, Dale
james: 5 p.m.
Pamela: Sorry, not ignoring you
Dale: make
Dale: make X
Guy B.: Need all the sleep you can get.
Dale: So you need to:
rich-c: Ron, on the Mandrake Linux distribution
Dale: tar -xzvf adamem.tar.gz
james: i can function fine on a lack of food or affection but i'm very irritable when i don't get sleep.
Ronald: distribution should matter not
Dale: then chenge to the adamem directory that you created.
rich-c: if you want an extra copy, sell just the CD at little more than materials and postage cost
Dale: then type 'make X11' I think.
rich-c: I bought a copy of the book Linux in 24 hours today
Ronald: noted
Dale: Just 'make' by it self gives hints.
rich-c: it has the Caldera distribution in it
Jillian: I tend to be irritable and not realize why when I'm tired or hungry.
james: :)
james: i usually know why.
Ronald: C the final frontier
Pamela: Me too - tired is not good for me
rich-c: yes, when I'm hungry I tend to eat people
Pamela: Just ask my Mom
Jillian: Dale usually knows why in my case.
rich-c: or so my wife and daughter claim :-)
Pamela: Just a few nibbles, Dad
Judy: that will go away soon, Jill
james: so i've got a few "new" games for my adam :)
rich-c: tell us about them, james
Ronald: tell us more James
james: picked up pac-man (not dac-man) which seems to be a very good port of the arcade and made by atarisoft.
Jillian: I worry about people who tell me they can get by on two or three hours a sleep a night for many nights in a row. Especially if they drive on a regular basis.
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: yes, Jill, I don't think I fancy sharing the road with them
Pamela: I got dumped!
james: also picked up powerlords, dig-dug and joust and a few oldies - illusions and slither.
Judy: some people don't need as much sleep as others
james: i need 8.5 hours myself.
rich-c: where did you find them, james?
WB: What is Powerlords James
BobS: WB.....wb
Ronald: 8 hours - what's that?
Jillian: True, but everyone needs some sleep. Right now I'd appreciate about 12 a night, but am getting by on nine.
james: did a net search on "powerlords" because i refused to pay $70 on an e-bay auction. came across a guy with a bunch so i bought them.
Pamela: That's time horizontal while dreaming of sheep, Ron
Judy: some nights I don't get to much more than 3 or 4 hours
Pamela: It's called sleep
Ronald: ooooohhh
Pamela: Something I rarely get enough of
james: anyone here played dig-dig? some serious sprite multiplexing going on in that game.
Pamela: Not since the arcade, James
BobS: adam game???????
rich-c: did you get physical carts or images, james?
Judy: how do you get 9 hours????
Ronald: this is a title of which we have not heard
BobS: downloaded it is all
rich-c: retire, Judy
james: yup. only played it once to make sure it works. oh yeah -also picked up defender to test my 2600 adaptor :D
Ronald: nope Rich....that doesn't work
james: physical carts.
Jillian: I don't do much housework and have cut my commute by an hour each way.
james: unfortunately no boxes or manuals but i'm a bright enough lad to figure them out ;)
Jillian: I don't know what I'll do when we're having number 2 and I feel this way.
Ronald: most certainly James
Judy: I just get busier not more time
Pamela: Cutting the commute makes a big difference, Jill
rich-c: if not, Dr.D. has likely been into them and can tell you
james: i love my commute. a 12 second walk from my house.
Ronald: you could write the book I'd imagine
rich-c: I have docs for many of the cart games
BobS: but is PowerLords an ADAM cart?????
rich-c: I can scan them and send them if needed
Guy B.: Mine's an hour and a half by train.
james: it's a "new" colecocart.
Pamela: I live for the day when the transporter is perfected
BobS: ah ha!!!!!
BobS: and you got it where?????
Guy B.: Where can we get it at?
BobS: some guy had a bunch of them???
Ronald: reminds me of a job I had up coast in the mid 70's. My car was farther away from the front door of the office that I was leaving home
Jillian: I'd love a transporter. I really wanted one when we were moving.
james: let me check who made it (have my adam hooked up now in the upstairs of my school, where i am now)
james: have an isdn flat rate service and internet connection sharing set up. great for spreading viruses across your network ;(
Pamela: I can understand that - we moved my sister in law on Friday and it took us from 8:00 am to 6:15 pm, and that was just downstairs
rich-c: why, did goner getcha?
james: no, badtrans and nimda
rich-c: Lindsay has moved?
Pamela: Yup, from 502 to 407
BobS: haven't heard of nimba
Guy B.: According to what I read today, U.S. Australia, Germany got hit with this virus hard. Asia wasn't so bad.
Jillian: I didn't help on the day when we had the truck as I had to work. but the day when we did the final clean up I was up until about 4am.
rich-c: guess she didn't like the neighbours ;-)
james: okay, the power lords title screen reads: "power lords quest for volcan", copyright 1983, NAP consumer electronics. licensed from strongin-mayer int'l
Pamela: No, like the rest of us she's a packrat and needed a two bedroom
BobS: hmmmm previouslyunreleaased game??????
rich-c: now she gets to listen to all that thumping around upstairs
james: nimda (admin spelled backwards), another e-mail worm. haven't been hit by goner yet. got norton antivirus installed.
Pamela: yah, but at least she knows who to complain to
james: not sure bob since i don't have the manual. maybe like steamroller.
Jillian: I heard it only affected AOL and Outlook users.
rich-c: sure, but will Willow and Inky listen?
Pamela: Never
james: i think the guy i bought them from does game conventions. my guess is that he makes the carts.
Ronald: brb good folk
Guy B.: Mainly Outlook and Outlook Express.
james: ie: burns the proms
rich-c: that's one reason I switched to Eudora - less subject to virus attack
Dale: I recieved one copy of goner, but it looked like other viruses, so I didn't install it. It is pretty clever though.
Pamela: what does it look like?
james: i found pac-man interesting for two reasons - it's not, as far as i can tell, dac-man by that gentelman in europe, but actual pac-man.
rich-c: you have an antivirus running, don't you, Dale?
Jillian: I use Netscape for my mailreader and I haven't been hit by a virus yet.
Guy B.: I use Netscape messenger. Don't have much of a problem with it.
james: i would never install a screen saver included with a message like that.
Dale: Rich, my antivirus is me.
Dale: What it looks like is:
rich-c: well, if you disable "hide extensions" you see the second one and are warned
WB: I have to go good people! Have a safe night and may the powers that be allow you to awake in the morning!
james: not a big fan of outlook but so far i've been want for finding a mail client that won't garble japanese.
Jillian: Either my netadmin is too crafty or noone is writing viruses for NS.
Guy B.: Bye Willie.
WB left chat session
Pamela: Thanks, Willy - good to see you
rich-c: take it easy Willie and come back soon
BobS: sounds plausable to be a lot of previously unknown games out ther I would think
Dale: an email message with an attachment called "goner.scr" -- which is a screensaver. The email message has the subject
Dale: "Hi"
james: i have a bunch of them.
BobS: you fdon't just STOp making games without warning that there will not be sold
Pamela: well, haven't seen it yet
james: anyone here played joust? were the programmers just too lazy to put in sound?
BobS: you got a bunch og what?????
BobS: carts of powerLords
rich-c: actually the attachment was goner.scr.vbs
Dale: Then the body says: "How are you ?"
BobS: is it me or do ONLY virus files have a double extension?????
Guy B.: My co-worker and I were talking about that. Since the message has the word Harry. Most people would think the screensaver might be Harry Potter?
Dale: "When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you"
Dale: "I am in a harry, I promise you will love it!"
Dale: -- with the spelling mistake and everything.
james: typically most viruses can't self execute so one needs to fool the user into executing it, hence the double extension on alot of them.
Pamela: I have yet to see it or any of the others either
BobS: had bad trans here, and Ron...and Jerry V and I think in FL
Ronald: tell ya, I'm gettin plumb paraniod about this stuff
Dale: Of course I don't use Outlook, since that is too dangerous with out a software vase anti-virus program.
james: i hate spelling mistakes but mabye because i'm an english teacher.
rich-c: yes, although it can have the single extension .exe
Ronald: most of my mail I get on the iMac first
Pamela: I wouldn't open an executable anyway for just that reason - too many viruses hiding in them
Dale: Our email server scans attachments for the VBScript viruses like ...
Ronald: which doesn't seem to be affected by Winstuff
Ronald: Uncle Norton scans mail coming to and going from the P200
Dale: Kournikova virus...
Ronald: It's only when I actually open one - like one I thought was from Bob
james: here bob:
rich-c: no, most viruses are targetted to Outlook and only operate in Windoze
Dale: The tennis star has her own Internet worm.
Guy B.: I have Virucide 2001 and it warns me, if something isn't right and asks me what action to take.
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left chat session
rich-c: I use McAfee and it hasn't let me down yet
rich-c: not sure Bob but I may have got that loaded message from you
rich-c: but I opened it in Eudora and nothing happened
james: more at you bob:
Guy B.: On the P133, I have Inoculate Personal Edition. Which it's free.
james: the guy mentioned in the article - sean kelly is the one i dealt with.
BobS: not from me...from my old unused no pay for corecomm account
james: did someone say free virus scanner?
Guy B.: I still have to download updates with that program.
Ronald: Yeah, poor Bob. We don't want you think you're a bad person, 'cause you're not ya know
Dale: The Kornikova virus was called had an attachment called kornikova.jpg.pif
rich-c: yes, there are free virus scanners, james, some pretty good
Dale: Which made it executable like a .exe or .com file is.
rich-c: if you can stand the way it slows down your computer, there's one at
Guy B.: F-Prot, I believe is one that is free.
rich-c: it is claimed to be even more effective than McAfee or Norton
Dale: If you go to these have a selection fo free virus scanners.
Ronald: the sicko's who write these things..... what is their game?
Ronald: power?
Guy B.: To leave their signature on your PC.
rich-c: james, Langalist mentioned a website last issue with all sorts of great freeware, including an antivirus
Jillian: To prove that they are good enough programmers to do it?
rich-c: I'll try to send you the URL later
james: i have a theory about who writes viruses.
Ronald: Yes>
Jillian: Why do any vandals vandalize?
Dale: There's a saying that virus writers don't exist for Linux because they can't beat the system, they become the maintainers of the system.
Jillian: Cause they hate Bill Gates?
rich-c: I think it's because Linux takes learning and they're too lazy
Guy B.: I wonder that myself, Jill!
Ronald: there was an article on the Red Hat site a while back - there is, apparently, such a thing as a Linux virus
Pamela: we obviously are not of criminal mindset
Ronald: they were telling everyone how to avoid it...... by upgrading to the next distro
Judy: if they would just use the smarts for something good!!!
Ronald: exactly Judy. Obviously these people know how to program
Dale: The DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks are an example of a Linux virus.
james: personally i think that there is a sub-basement level both at the mcafee and norton offices. just a conspiracy theory.
Dale: It was used about 2 years ago to shut down ebay for a day or two.
Ronald: we just lost our community net a couple of weeks ago. Denial of service. Brought the server to its knees
rich-c: right, james - it's part of the marketing department
Ronald: lesson's learned -- Back The drnd thing up
Jillian: I sometimes wonder if virus writers are really just tech support people who are totally frustrated with users who don't want to learn how to use their computers.
Pamela: I heard that somewhere - like back in July?
Ronald: we thought the isp had a backup...they thought we did
Ronald: and guess what
Ronald: neither did
rich-c: I think that I have heard that song before....
Ronald: Oh probably
Guy B.: Well folks, got to read the e-mail. I'll try for Saturday if I'm not tied up with getting Christmas cards ready. Bye All!
james: bob, did you see those url's i posted? i'll try to get you the guy's e-mail addy the next time i'm on my machine in my study room.
Ronald: Dale....
Jillian: Night Guy.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Ronald: is there any difference between Brute Force attack, and Denial of Service?
rich-c: see you then Guy
Ronald: Nite Guy
Dale: Ron
BobS: bye guy
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: Bye Guy
Judy: night Guy
Jillian: I think I'm about to hit the sack as well. I've got an early ultrasound tomorrow.
BobS: got them james./.....interesting yes?????
rich-c: right Jill, take care - both of you
Ronald: be good Jillian
Dale: Yes Ron.
BobS: and the PowerLords game works????????
james: i thought you might find them so.
Ronald: and...
james: works great.
Pamela: Jillian, keep us posted and take good care of yourself
BobS: be good jill .....and baby Wick !!!!!!!
Jillian: Pumpkin says 'thump thump" to you all.
Ronald: niters Pumpkin
Judy: bye, Jill
Pamela: Well I suppose that's better than whozit
Dale: A brute force attack will make many connections...
Jillian: poof
Jillian left chat session
Ronald: ok
Pamela: Dale, make sure you have pictures of Jillian before she delivers
james: i do detect rather proliferous copyright infringement of my patented "poof" recently ;-)
BobS: why do es he want to do that??????
rich-c: hate to tell you, james, but Zonker was there first
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Ronald: James, it has been there for many years
rich-c: you lose your case to prior art
Pamela: I wanna see that copyright before I comment
Ronald: since our early days on Compuserve
BobS: oh well, we live in a computer worldwhere there is not protection of copyright
changed username to bair
Dale: D.O.S. is usually done by transmitting many broken up packets...
james: okay but don't patents expire after a certain time when they're not renewed?
Ronald: Oh - Rich......forgot to tell ya
rich-c: the Bair has left his lair!
Pamela: Hi, Bair
BobS: BOB.....BOB BAIR !!!!!!! HI
Ronald: my cereal port arrived last Wednesday..... installed, and workin well
Dale: and takes down the server because it runs out of buffer space and the router crashes.
Judy: Hi, Bob
rich-c: terrific, Ron - glad to hear it
bair: hi
Pamela: is that cornflakes or cheerios, Ron?
BobS: serial !!!!!!
BobS: get of the food thing ron
james: froot loops maybe ?
Ronald: sounds like the latter.
BobS: off
Ronald: I KNOW
Pamela: cocoa puffs!
Ronald: cereal
Pamela: serial
rich-c: oatmeal. with brown sugar
BobS: Rice krispy TREATS
Pamela: Dad, you are such a spoilsport
bair: waffles
George: corn pops?
james: speaking of food, i need to eat and take a nap or i will be completely non-functional tonight.
Ronald: anyway Rich...... the callibre of your service is exceeded only by the good looks of the proprietor
Pamela: Harry Potter cereal!!!
Judy: oatmeal, that sounds good
james: wouldn't want to get irritable with the children.
BobS: nite???? it's already here james!!!!!!
BobS: ;-)
bair: home made ice cream
rich-c: comes from having great customers, Ron
Ronald: Oh Hi Bair... who sent for you!
james: need a nap. not enough sleep.
bair: me
Ronald: awwww gawrsh
Ronald: ok
rich-c: likely so, james, so you better get it
Pamela: go sleep, James - we wouldn't want to read about homicides in the morning paper
rich-c: come back next week when Bob's off cruising
Dale: See you later James.
james: yeah, actually i can deal with the hyperactive tweenies no problem. it's the high school kids who don't study, don't show up half the time and don't care that annoy me.
BobS: oh yea....I gonna miss you guys and dolls, eh???
BobS: see ya in 2 weeks james
Pamela: James, you get paid regardless, so why sweat it?
bair: not that much
rich-c: well, just take along your laptop and hire a satellite link from the ship..
Ronald: nuther fone call brb
james: it's not just the money. i'm not going to sit there and have them expect me to feed them answers to their homework.
BobS: I told him to COME TONIGHT or he was FIRED, ron...........good huh???????
rich-c: daughter, james cares about what he's doing
bair: why not
Pamela: I know that Dad, I'm just pulling his tail
BobS: you know Richard, that is NOT out of range....last one we went on in Feb had a puter room.....don't remember what it cost though
james: i'd rather have them not come at all and hold the spot for someone that actually wants to be here and is interested.
james: but yes, they pay regardless.
rich-c: right james - and despite the kidding, we read you loud and clear
Pamela: Just wear your temper out on them - that ought to put the fear into them for next time
Judy: the laptop will be with us for taking pictures
BobS: maybe have to take the chat address and "drop" in on you people
Judy: and playing games on the plane, can't do anythihng else
Pamela: bring a parachute Bob for safe landings
BobS: from a different planet
rich-c: how hard is it to remember ""?
james: you'd think, but the two i deal with are shall we say.. not the sharpest tools in the shed.
Judy: that will be enough, Pam
BobS: but, but there is http in front and something in the back
james: time for lunch!
james: just key in and do a serach on coleco adam. dale's site comes up on about 20 different links.
rich-c: then enjoy, james, till next week
Pamela: say goodnite, James
Dale: Bob, there is a link on the home page.
james: *plif* (and that is now copyrighted!) ;-)
BobS: nope, got to have that little c in a circle to be copyrighted
Pamela: Y'know, it's just not the same
james: *plif* (C) 2001 James De Carlo
james: Inc.
BobS: george, ya still here??????? you kinda quiet lately
james left chat session
Pamela: Bob, when do you sail?
BobS: well, james has that one for sure
BobS: Monday
George: yes i'm trying to take it all in
BobS: fly south at 7AM get on ship at 3 PM
Pamela: We are all envious
BobS: we be back at 10:30 sat night
Judy: it is a great way to go
rich-c: aftyer today, won't you find it cold down there in FL?
BobS: will fill ya in at AC 14
Pamela: ridikkulus
BobS: going WAAAY sounth of FL, to Puerto Rico and then south
rich-c: you sail from Puerto Rico?
bair: sounds like fun
Pamela: I just hope we don't land in winter by getting a foot of snow all at the same time
BobS: weather reports say brown xmas season
rich-c: well, historically, dump day is Dec. 12
Pamela: thank you Mr. Ray of Sunshine - that's Christmas party day
Ronald: got a question for y'all to ponder
rich-c: good - makes another good reason to leave the car at home
Ronald: to change the subject
BobS: yes
Ronald: buddy of mine just phoned
Pamela: Actually, that's one of the few days I do drive in
Ronald: he's buying a new system from a local vendor
Ronald: who has recommended that he choose Windows Me rather than XP
rich-c: we don't know much about Macs
Ronald: anybody got any comment on that
Ronald: These people are coming from a P75 with Win 95 installed
Dale: I'm off.
rich-c: yes, forget ME, get Win98SE - there is still some around
Dale left chat session
rich-c: see you Dale and thanks
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale
Ronald: why Rich
Dale: I'm back.
Pamela: that was quick
George: i won't use windows xp
BobS: Dougs opinion of ME is YUCK...XP he is using to test for work......not complaining too much
Dale: Well, XP is pretty nice.
BobS: except that it takes while to set up all the stuff win95/98 did all by tiself
Ronald: it that XP is such a radical departure?
rich-c: Windows Xp requires registration - repeated every tine you change your configuration
Dale: I'm on tonight from 2000, and XP is very similar to 2000.
Ronald: or is this vendor simply trying to peddle a computer that already has ME installed?
George: i don't like ME
rich-c: really want to have to ask Bill Gates' permission every time you add a new drive or such?
Ronald: I'm hearing about Me what I expected to hear
Dale: XP rearranges everything to be easier to find.
BobS: Win95 works, don't fix it
rich-c: or have to phone REdmond for a password to reinstall after a crash ?
Dale: Of course if you're used to where everything goes, it has all disappeared.
Pamela: why is it necessary to have ME or XP anyway? how different is it from98 SE?
Ronald: valid Rich
George: not on agp systems
Ronald: have heard that
BobS: EXACTLY what doug was complaining about
Dale: Rich, it only restricts changes of more than 4 devices in every 6 months.
Dale: Not as evil as it sounds.
Ronald: would like specifics if at all possible
BobS: WHY restrict anything at all????????
rich-c: Dale, I don't trust Bill Gates peering over my shoulder anytime for any reason
Dale: It also doesn't include USB devices either.
Ronald: look and feel? peripheral support?
Ronald: dependability?
rich-c: as for ME, I have yet to find any writer who has a good word for it
rich-c: but I sure have see a lot of bad ones
bair: i like the usb ports
Dale: With laptops, because almost everything is removable, I think that it has been determined that there aren't 4 things that you can change that it tracks.
rich-c: 98SE supports USB
George: i still need to refer to dos
Dale: The start menu is all rearranged.
Ronald: after a fashion Rich. my experience with USB on my Win 98 se has not been good
rich-c: yes, how do you run ADAMEM under XP?
Ronald: my burner works when the wind is blowing from the north at 8.5 kh/h
Dale: I've mostly used XP in French for testing. So that leave me kinda hazy about what things are supposed to be like.
Ronald: Got this buddy of mine to fone my son in Vancouver. He's got XP
rich-c: I just bought the 98SE upgrade package
Judy: night all, have to pick up some things before retiring. Otherwise Ryan will find them.
rich-c: I plan to use it on the new computer I plan to buy
Dale: Rich, I haven't really tried it, but I'd expect it would work.
George: win 98se has issues with via usb chipsets
rich-c: goodnight Judy, nice having you by
Pamela: goodnite Judy
Ronald: anyway... guys...didn't mean to divert the topic, and I think I have your impressions.... tuvm
Ronald: nite Judy
bair: by judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: I think it's time I packed it in too - the rooms starting to spin
rich-c: what sort of issues, George? I've not seen any literature on it
Dale: XP has some cool features though. And is pretty stable, which is nice.
Ronald: think So George. I tried another box here I was fixing for a friend... my burner worked great under 98se on that
rich-c: get your beauty sleep, daughter, and take it easy
bair: by pamela
Pamela: Bob and Judy excepted, see you all next week
Dale: It is really good at autodetecting things like new devices (digital cameras, etc)
Pamela: Bob, have a great time
Pamela: I am outta here
Ronald: that's the kind of stuff that's going to be attached on this one Dale. The owner is a Photographer
Pamela: poof
BobS: thank you Pamela....will catcha a wave for ya!!!!!!
George: it wasn't designed to run via usb chipsets on processor above 350 mhz
Pamela left chat session
Ronald: how about 200 mh
Ronald: mh
Ronald: mhz
Ronald: can't type either
BobS: farn dingers!!!!!
George: they say it has has something to do about timing loop
Dale: Well, I hate to duck out early, but ...
rich-c: you mean Win9x wasn't?
Dale: I think I have to go.
BobS: gotta go now guys.........can say GUYSnow, the girls are history.......
Ronald: thanks for the info Dale... In know you were on your way out earlier
rich-c: Sounds fascinating, GEorge. Do you know where I could look it up?
George: win 98 se
Ronald: nite Bob... go straight home
BobS: see ya in 2 weeks THANKS DALE for getting this thing back up so quickly!!!!!
rich-c: Goodnight Bob, you and Judy enjoy the cruise
Ronald: hand of applause for Dale
George: i called microsoft
Ronald: (e-mailed)
Dale: Richard, XP includes 6000 new device drivers. With 98 you invariably have to install something from a CD first.
rich-c: clap clap clap
BobS: clap. clap, taht at disease???????
Ronald: no
BobS: bye!!! splash!!!!!!!
BobS left chat session
Dale: Thanks. Sorry it had to be down for the Saturday chat, but my DSL connection wasn't working on time. :-(
Ronald: so this Sat we ought to be there huh?
Ronald: must write big note
rich-c: can't hurt, Ron
Dale: Plus XP has cool importer software and "email these images" which shrink it down for the email if you ask. Things like that.
Ronald: noted Dale
Ronald: I know Jeff is happy with it
Dale: Oh yes, and my company's XP print wizard to print stuff at Future Shop is built into the Canadian XP.
Ronald: sounds like a conflict of interest to me
Ronald: :)
bair: nite all
rich-c: I have heard that for industrial users XP has its advantages
rich-c: but that applies only to clean installations
Ronald: you goin' away bair?
bair left chat session
rich-c: the upgrade reportedly has issues
rich-c: nite Bob B
Ronald: what I'm hearing is definately NOT ME
Ronald: either jump ahead, of stay put
Ronald: or rather, back one to 98 se
Dale: Upgrades are notoriously challenging. I've mostly done clean installs, so I can't advise either way. With 9x I've always recommended a clean reinstall about once a year.
Dale: TDOS is much more stable.
Ronald: experience bears that out Dale
rich-c: that's what the gurus I've been reading and talked to say, Ron
Ronald: OH Really! rotfl
George: it probably is
Dale: This is an Adam chat after all <grin>
Ronald: that's right. We must stay on topic. I started out talking about Kreamy Krunchins or something
Dale: ME is a mistake unless it is preloaded really.
rich-c: right Dale and you didnt answer about Adamem under XP
Ronald: well Dale, this is what has me wondering. Are they trying to push a box that's already there and on inventory without fully assessing the user's needs
Dale: Rich, I thought it would be the same as under 2000, but it may be a little different.
Dale: I haven't actually tried it yet. I'll try to remember to try it before the next chat though.
rich-c: since there's no underlying DOS I am curious
Dale: There is still a command prompt in XP, but the old DOS is gone, only cmd.exe available now.
rich-c: not that Marcel and his gang aren't capable of finding an answer
Ronald: don't imagine it would be an issue for most users Dale. For me it is, and that's what turned me away from Me
rich-c: yes, and Frances is eyeing an Amiga emulator
Ronald: in my more perverse moments I still prefer a command line
rich-c: don't know if there's enough disc space on the laptop though
Dale: It with 2000, there is cmd.exe (the usual shell) and for backwards compatibility. I expect that it will run the same as it did in 2000, which I had at the last AdamCon.
George: what about using a boot disk?
Ronald: sure. That's always an option
Ronald: or is it?
Ronald: Will Mr. Gates allow that?
Dale: cmd.exe is really a 32-bit version of introduced with NT.
George: i don't know that
Dale: A boot disk is always an option. But not necessary I expect. I'll try AdamEm under XP and report back.
George: the windows techs weren't clear
rich-c: yes, and 2000 is really effectively NT5, isnt it?
Dale: Internally it identifies itself that way sometimes.
Ronald: good Dale. You may influence a purchasing decision here in the next 12 months
Ronald: if anything is going to be permitted here in the snakepit, it has to run the ADAM emulator
Dale: What XP really needs is RAM. 256 is a good start. But RAM lately has been incrediblly cheap. Less than $45 for 256 megs.
Dale: Linux runs the emulator quite nicely.
Ronald: Ok now there is an issue that may be germain to my friends here. Think they'll only have 128 if they buy this box the way it is
rich-c: don't know if it's still an issue, but Myles Whyte was saying some BIOSs get flaky with over 256 RAM
Ronald: neat..... a little help from my friends
Dale: It does run in 128 but 196 is a happier configuration.
George: and agp cards too
Ronald: ok
Dale: Well then stick to 256 I guess.
rich-c: surely anything that needs over 256 meg or RAM is too bloated to be tolerated
George: nvidia has a problem with ram greater than 512 mb
Ronald: got it for my iMac Rich, but only to allow me to run Red Hat 7.2, ADAMEM, Win98 simultaneously
Ronald: as well as OS X
Ronald: then I really get confused
rich-c: anyway Ron sounds like this unit would use 168-pin SDRAM and that's dirt cheap
Dale: I guess Ron LOL.
Ronald: what surprises me is that it can actually be done
Ronald: Connectix Virtual PC
Ronald: not an ADAM product
(rich-c reboots Ronald's computer remotely.)
Dale: A dos emulator for an Adam emulator.
Ronald: right Rich.... just saw your comment re the memory, but because one of you raised the issue of Memory with respect to choice of OS..... it'll be factored into
Ronald: the advice given
Ronald: yup
Ronald: it does a Passable version of the powerpaint theme
Ronald: on the iMac.
Ronald: Come to ADAMCON 15 and see for yourselves
rich-c: you might want to check some of the consumer computer sites, Ron
Dale: Anyway, I'm sure I phoned a cab to take me away from this chat...
rich-c: try, and
Dale: I'll catch you all later.
Ronald: good point Rich
Ronald: thanks Dale... again, I value your comments
Ronald: and those of others here
rich-c: see you then, Dale. Take care of Jill
Dale: I will.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
Ronald: Soooooo... having thus steered a perfectly good ADAM chat into the can
Ronald: suppose I should fone my friend
rich-c: hey, pooling our ignorance is what it's all about
rich-c: somehow, truth emerges
Ronald: that's right Rich
Ronald: that part has always amazed me
Ronald: is Robert Miller still here?
Ronald: and George?
rich-c: he's on the list
rich-c: yes, GEorge has been chipping in
George: i'm here i think
Ronald: his input
rich-c: George, can you hit the Saturday chat at 3?
Ronald: I dunno.... I still have nights honestly, where if I want to get any real work done, the ADAM works best
George: i hope so
rich-c: horses for courses, Ron - there are thingsw Adam still does best
Ronald: I'm gonna do a post-it-note here somewhere Rich. most weeks, I just plain forget
Ronald: that's right
Ronald: and that keyboard still feels like a pair of comfy slippers
rich-c: we'll be waiting to hear what your buddy decides
Ronald: yeah.... I'm off to fone him..... see ya's later gents
rich-c: nite now, Ron
Ronald: nite.... nite George
Ronald: nite Robert
George: nite ron
Ronald: poof
rich-c: Guess I had better get going too - I have to look up that URL I promised james
Ronald left chat session
Robert Miller: Just back from a looooong phone call... see you guys later. was nice to be back.
George: i need to go too
rich-c: So Robert, good to have you by, ditto George; hope we can get together Saturday
Robert Miller: Nite all. <poof>
Robert Miller left chat session
rich-c: very good, gentlemen. See you. Colour me gone.
rich-c left chat session
George: ok nite
George left chat session
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