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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hi George
George: hi
rich-c: how's things down in Philly?
George: i just got your email
rich-c: great heavens, that took a while
George: it's wet and cool here
rich-c: we were below freezing overnight and aren't much above it now
George: i'v beenn offline for a while
rich-c: more problems qwith the computer?
George: caught up in the holiday rush
rich-c: know what you mean
rich-c: fyi I was over buying a new coputer Thursday and asked about your USB problem
George: i'm working on 3 different computers swapping out disks
rich-c: apparently it is well known in teh trade that a certain generation of VIA chips are dicey with USB
George: and other assorted hardware
rich-c: why working with three?
rich-c: drawing for two earlier generations to build up the latest?
George: hobby?
rich-c: like, get into trouble and see if I can get out of it?
George: my at&t didn't like the 8.4 gb. harddrive i had to use easybios
rich-c: there are days when what I really want for Christmas is a computer case with zippers
rich-c: what CPU does the ATT have?
George: intel pentium 180 mhz overdrive
George: upgraded from pentium 90
rich-c: that's actually a pre-MMX BIOS then, is it?
George: yes
rich-c: do trust my memory on this, but my impression is 386s were limited to 504 (540 with overhead) drives
rich-c: and the earlier Pentium class could only cope with 2.1 gig max
rich-c: sorry that was DONT trust!
George: actually it handled a 6.4 gig nicely
rich-c: but you could partition the drive and trick the BIOS with software into thinking it was two+ drives
rich-c: do you partition your drives or use a multiple boot?
George: using fat32 i could use my 6.4g as one big drive
rich-c: right, FAT32 will go up to 2 terabytes or something
rich-c: it won't go below 2 gigs though
rich-c: but some of the barrier is in the BIOS and how it reads teh drive geometry
George: my at&t hit the limit at 6.4g at fat32
rich-c: there's probably a way around that but don't ask me what it is
George: easybios
rich-c: that was originally for the small drives - does it work in the gigabyte sizes too?
George: very well with the datalifeguard
rich-c: datalifeguard? that an ATT feature or a program? haven't heard of it
George: from western digital
rich-c: one of those hardware makers in-house specials, then
George: yes to go with their harddrives
rich-c: yes, when I went from 2.1 to 8.4 gig on this machine I was prowling the hard disc websites a bit
rich-c: noticed that a lot of them had specialty programs like that, and others
George: handy info there
rich-c: the web is absolutely loaded with useful info - one gets into overload
George: yes 90% of my online time is websurfing
rich-c: ditto and likewise
rich-c: any specific big areas or do you just wander about?
rich-c: brb - gotta get a glass for my beer
George: mainly hardware and software manufactures
rich-c: thery are very useful, but I like the independent commentary sites too
rich-c: there is a free weekly newsletter I get I think you would enjoy
rich-c: and by the way, their lists are confidential - no spam or whatever
George: sometimes i use and like sites
rich-c: right - Tom's Hardware is good, and I've found quite useful
George: i forgot about those sites
rich-c: would you like me to ask the newsletter to send you a copy?
George: yes
rich-c: will do then when we close down here
rich-c: meanwhile, check out (or karenware)
George: can i call you again it's much easier for me to talk
rich-c: she has a bunch of neat free utilities - you'll like her PTprofiler especailly
rich-c: you can call me anytime you like, George
George: thankyou
rich-c: I am almost always out Tuesday and Wednesday till about 1 - 1.30
rich-c: we NEVER answer the phone between 5.45 - 7.30 p.m.
George: ok
rich-c: and I'm usually online (phone blocked) Tuesday and Saturday afternoons
rich-c: the best time to catch me is around lunch - say about 1.30 as I'm drinking my coffee
rich-c: by the way, have you figured out yet how much memory you have?
George: it's 224mb. i was wrong
rich-c: that would imply a rather unusual arrangement of chips but as a multiple of 32, it's credible
George: i have 32mb 64mb and 128 mb
rich-c: I wonder if that's the source of the slowdown you were complaining about
rich-c: hate to suggest it, but maybe you should try taking out the 32 and 64 chips and see what happens
George: i don't know it counts up correctly
rich-c: it would not astonish me if things speeded up
rich-c: 7x32=224
rich-c: remember all memory slows down to match the slowest chip
George: i'd like to be able to get 2 128mb
rich-c: why do you feel you need so much memory?
rich-c: I'm feeling hypocritical about that last - I ordered 256 MB on the new computer
George: aol says my resources get too low
rich-c: but realistically, I'm doing jsut fine with 32 MB on this one
rich-c: I think that your problem is not with the computer, it is with AOL
rich-c: what are you using to measure your resource utilization?
George: they require 90% resources free to run their software
rich-c: THEY WHAT11111
rich-c: what are they doing inside your computer when it's online, anyway?
George: thats what i said to tech support they are hogs
rich-c: why don't you get a new ISP and save yourself money and hassles
rich-c: every report I've seen says AOL has the highest prices and lowest service standards in ISP-dom
George: i'm too use to them now. and i have my page there its too hard for me to do another one
rich-c: my fear is that you're going to have to bite the bullet on that
rich-c: if they're demanding the resources they are, then you're going to hit a wall
rich-c: my cursor crony in Phoenix has a Mac and AOL told him to buy a new one - the one he has doesn't suit them any more
rich-c: it could happen to you
George: i will change if they raise prices too high
rich-c: by the way, in US dollars, I pay $10 a month for unlimited dialup 56K access
George: i want to find a cheapy dsl
George: multi platform if possible
rich-c: it will be years before you see any decent ADSL or cable prices
rich-c: in fact DSL just went up to $45 a month on AOL, if I recall
George: my computer are hybrid
rich-c: well, if you've got a clue about computers, the "white boxes" are the best value
rich-c: my new one is to be a white box built to my specifications
George: i pay 23.xx standard aol and 19.95 for dsl service
rich-c: well, the ISP charge is on top of your regular phone, of course
rich-c: it's just another number you dial where Ma Bell is concerned
rich-c: sorry, I read DSL as DIAL
George: i haven't noticed any change in rates since i started dsl in 1998
rich-c: prepare for a $5 hike very soon - it has been announced
rich-c: there was an article about it in the business papers a short while ago
George: great
rich-c: that's why I am not on DSL - it just isn't worth $550/year to me
George: they better serve notice or i will go to war
rich-c: prepare for battle!
rich-c: we just had a local fight because Ma Bell wanted to roll tone dialling into their basic charge
rich-c: they got such a violent resistance they withdrew the application
George: i can't afford any price hikes on SSI
rich-c: SSI?
George: disability
rich-c: right - up here the terminology is different
rich-c: by the way, Michael, who was on Wednesday night, is in a similar situation
George: i get $558.40 a month
rich-c: from what we saw of your supermarket prices when we were down there in October, I'm surprised you can eat on that
George: barely
rich-c: that figures
rich-c: maybe you should consider dropping AOL and DSL and settle for a cheap dialup
rich-c: you're not into streaming video or audio or big file downloads, are you?
George: that's why i use older systems
George: i do sometimes
rich-c: that can make a decision hard, then
George: i have tv cards and video cam
rich-c: I look at the value I'm getting for the money and for me the cost of DSL isn't worth the return
George: strictly flea markets
rich-c: I though a TV card was for taking stuff off the air
rich-c: haven't got around to getting a video camera yet
rich-c: want one, thinking about it, just too lazy and preoccupied to research it properly
rich-c: I'm lucky that affordability isn't an issue for me
George: netmeeting was promissing till they tied it to hotmail
rich-c: I'm a retired teacher-librarian so good pension fully inflation-compensated
rich-c: netmeeting is a sort of IRC type thing, isn't it?
George: i used it for video phone calls
rich-c: those sound like fun, though I've never had the urge to try it
rich-c: I'm shy about showing those toppling towers of books and magazines all over the house
George: its good when it works
rich-c: that's sort of damning with faint praise
rich-c: I guess us ugly old farts juast value our anonymity
George: it has its bottlenecks
rich-c: yes, streaming video tends to guzzle bandwidth like there's no tomorrow
George: slower than cnn video phone
rich-c: you need might big pipes to carry it every inch of the way
rich-c: I've only seen one sample of CNN videophone transmission
rich-c: I didn't include it in my satellite channel choice
George: my fingers are getting cramped
rich-c: it happens
rich-c: I'm having muscle problems in my groin area - can't sit too long
George: ouch
rich-c: well, with medication they're tolerable and sooner or later will go away
rich-c: meanwhile, just have to be careful how I walk and climb stairs
George: Nancy just came home
George: she wants to play
rich-c: and I'm expecting Frances any minute - looks like we're hitting closing time
George: yes
rich-c: I'll get that newsletter off to you and also try and suggest some neat URLs
George: thanks
rich-c: see you on Wednesday?
George: yes
rich-c: OK, see you then - bye for now
George: bye
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